Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Ganymede Portal

The Ganymede Portal on the largest moon of Jupiter is the most important location in our Solar System.

It is the strongest energetic pathway in our Solar system which leads to the Galactic Central Sun. Sirius is a midway station between the Galactic Center and the Ganymede Portal, stepping down the vibrational frequency of the Central Sun energy to the degree that our Sol system can absorb.
There is a huge Galactic Confederation underground base on Ganymede which is a central hub for all intelligent positive races working upon the liberation of our Solar system and planet Earth especially.
That base is the main stronghold of the Jupiter Command and they are operating the portal towards the Galactic Center.
The base is located near the center of the Gallileo Regio:
The Ganymede Portal is the main beacon of Light for this Solar System including our planet. Without that portal being open, humanity would not survive the Archon invasion in 1996 and would be now extinct. Exopolitical events have much more influence on geopolitical situation than most people realize. The Archons have cleverly labeled everyone with more that a passing interest in cosmos as a »lunatic« to ensure that people would not detect the real source of the problems we have on Earth.
You can read two excellent summaries of the exopolitical background of the planetary situation here:

You can also connect energetically in your meditations with the Ganymede Portal, as it is the strongest source of spiritual Light in our Solar System:

As the next phase of MOSS will be activated in May, the activity of the Ganymede Portal will increase dramatically. This portal will also be the main transmitter of energies from the Galactic Central Sun at the Event.
After the Event, members of the Cabal who do not choose or are not able to accept the Light, will be processed through a sorting facility, which is located in one section of the Ganymede underground base. Many of those Cabal members will be then taken to the Galactic Central Sun for restructuring. 
The Ganymede portal is purifying the plasma accretion vortex strings (tunnels of Set) that extend from planet Earth beyond our Solar System into the Local Bubble:
While at the same time our Solar System is entering a sector of the Galaxy that will trigger more drastic changes and much sooner than scientists are willing to admit:
Scientific evidence is mounting about unusual activity in the Oort cloud. Astronomers are detecting radio signals which are coming from the Spheres since their arrival in 2001:
Powerful people with much potential positive influence upon the exopolitical and geopolitical situation are reading this blog. For this and also for other reasons I would ask people with deep intel about secret space programs to contact me at for possible future cooperation. 


  1. Thank you Cobra for the fascinating update and many links that demand immediate reading !!

  2. Where is the Galactic Central Sun? Isn't there a black hole in the middle of our galaxy? Is that the central sun?

    I am referring to Nassim Haramein's work with physics.

    1. "Black hole in the middle of the galaxy" is not a strongly proven theory. The dynamics of a galaxy may well be governed by laws other than the crude law of gravity. The visual look of galaxies and thus their internal dynamics is very diverse. So, it's not very certain what "Galactic Central Sun" is, whomever uses this term.

    2. Perhaps this will help explain about the term "Galactic Central Sun"--

      Quoted from:

      Our galactic center and the Great central Sun

      Our Sun is but one of a collection of about 200 billion stars known as the Milky Way, around which it revolves once every ¼ billion years or so, taking its retinue of planets with it. The galactic center around which it revolves is the highest vibration human beings can receive and perhaps process here on Earth. This is possibly because one of its children, our Sun, acts as a step-down transformer and mediator of the galactic center's energy to the denizens of one of its grandchildren, the planet Earth. This is behind the love you’re receiving.

      Astronomers hypothesize that the centers of most galaxies (including our own Milky Way) contain a black hole with the mass of millions or billions of Suns. They are believed to form because of the very dense stellar populations at the centers of galaxies. Over billions of years, because of their propinquity, many of the stars in a galactic core merge into an object so massive that even light cannot escape—hence the term "black hole."

  3. Wow, all of the info & links are so fascinating....Thanks, Cobra, for the update!

  4. Mainstream media support !

    Bengaluru innovator creates super high-efficiency machine that produces power from vacuum
    By Malavika Murali, ET Bureau | 7 Apr, 2015, 10.05AM IST

    BENGALURU: After toiling on it for nearly half his life, 80-year-old Paramahamsa Tewari finally received validation for his space generator - a super high-efficiency machine that produces power from vacuum.

    A prototype of the machine tested by Kirloskar Electric exhibited 165% efficiency, said Murlidhar Rao, former director of Karnataka Power Corporation (KPCL), assisting Tewari.Through an agreement signed earlier, the Kirloskar group company can now enter into a contract with Tewari to commercialise the machine. Anand Hunnur, vice-president, marketing, Kirloskar Electric, did not respond to calls and text messages from ET.

    The breakthrough for Tewari, a former director of the Kaiga Atomic Power Station, came last year when his machine achieved an efficiency of 238%, which means it produced 2.38 times the electrical power provided to it initially, making it the first to achieve this. This essentially defies the Law of Conservation of Energy - and in the case of electrical generators, Lenz's Law, which forms the basis of mechanics and thermodynamics laws that suggests machines cannot attain over a 100% efficiency.

    1. You shouldnt believe in over unity machines until they finally start being used for some good, over a longer time.

  5. Thank you Cobra.......Bring it on!

  6. The amount of awakened people out there nowadays surprises me.

    I work with the public so I get to talk with all kinds of people, I also play games online and talk to people on reddit, forums, facebook etc.

    And it's unbelievable how whenever a "conspiracy" topic shows up (government related, ET related, alternative news related etc) the usual "oooh wait let me grab my tinfoil hat *rollseyes* " is nearly dead.

    Almost everyone that I talk to are positive to those topics, even if partially. There was even this guy once that began talking to me about the tarot, chemtrails and other stuff right out of the blue.

    I'm also seeing a change in the behavior of people. People that I know that spent their whole lives being nasty, rude, cheaters etc are suddenly becoming kind and polite. I asked one of them if he feels different and he said yes but he couldn't tell me why or how.

    I'm very sensitive to energies, and I felt the energies building up all the way from around 2012 until around december 2014. In december the energies felt so strong that honestly thought that the event could happen at any minute. But now, I don't feel that buildup anymore.

    It's not like it's gone, it feels like a cup that is 100% full of water and the next drop will make it run over, and all that's going on right now is from the expectation of that last drop falling.

    This is indeed a great time to be alive. My personal life isn't going so well, but hardships aside I really believe that in the end it'll all be worth it.

    Maybe after the event happens and everything is settled and all borders cease to exist, we can all have a Cobra party somewhere :)

    1. Thanks, Neekian, I have noticed this too, that people ARE awake and they know what's up on some level. (No one has even called me "crazy" lately for sharing these ideas!) It IS startling at times. I can relate to much of what you say, including what I used to go around telling people "It's an incredible time to be alive" before life got so hard. So grateful I found my way here to this information and community.

      I'm also very sensitive to energies, and as much as I a thrilled we have warmer temps (40's to 70's -it's New England, Spring is a mixed bag) I find (like many who are sensitive) that I have been hiding out at home a lot and trying to avoid crowds/engagement, while venturing down many "rabbit holes" of information on line. I had planned to go to the Boston Marathon tomorrow (today?) since I missed it in recent years due to working, but the weather is going to make it pretty challenging for everyone, unfortunately. Strong, raw headwinds and heavy rain is predicted before the race is half done, alas. Part of me is relieved, although as a spectator I have plenty of raingear to stay dry, but I want to be warm and relax, as I have a busy work week ahead.

      I could also have also joined the Midnight Marathon Bike Ride tonight that is a bike ride (not a race) that goes along the 26-mile Marathon route. (The sponsor, Boston Society of Spontaneity, is like San Francisco Cacophany Society. They do a full-attire cocktail party at Burning Man, we do one in Summer on the Beach, and go in the water in suits and evening gowns.) Last year was about 600 people. That would be easy, we go 30 miles or so on Halloween on bikes, in costumes, but the trucks to get the bikes out to the start line sell out fast, so a new ride was started from Boston to get to the start of the Marathon Bike Ride. However, 60-70 miles round trip is a bit much for me, (I live about 6 or 7 miles from the Finish line) especially since my bike has been here on the 2nd floor since last fall, so I have not trained. Plus I'd be forced to socialize, and I haven't felt like doing that lately without a virtual barrier (so you can't see me in my red pajamas :-)

      However, when the time comes, I will be bugging ALL of you to come together for a BIG dance party! God knows we haven't had nearly enough fun in recent years. We're due! Creative solutions often arise from a fun, silly, relaxed mindset. "What if..." (Meanwhile I shall dust off my dance shoes and practice my backwards spinning on one-foot thing, like I used to do...hope my knee holds out!)

    2. I hear ya about socializing. Although I'm constantly doing so, I really really don't want to, all I've been wanting to do lately is rest, not sleep, but actually just lay down on a couch with a cup of hot cocoa and just think and meditate.

      It might sound weird, but lately I kinda feel "blessed" as in something is telling me that everything is going to be okay and i'm being taken care of.

      Sometimes when I close my eyes, I see a face of a lady with these bright, neon like blue eyes (almost as blue/bright as that picture of the Pleiades on the right side of the blog) smiling at me. I don't fully understand the meaning of it all though.

      I also keep having the feeling that I'm here at this place and time for a reason. It's ridiculous how many people I know that are nice people but at the time of the event they would be completely helpless. I'm surrounded by old people, disabled people, people with low income etc.

      Most of them live alone and would probably either panic or feel helpless, so I really want to be sure that I'll be able to help people out as much as possible.

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  7. Thank you Cobra or this uplifting update. So happy to know that we are progressing to a final end to all the misery on this planet and indeed our solar system. Blessings to you.

  8. I AM what I have been waiting on and I wait no more

  9. An Extraterrestrial from a "Galaxy of stars from Ganymede" who calls himself Ingrid Cold, has had contact with an Earth human back in the 1960s. More on that story here >>>

  10. If you want to get rid of the chemtrails in your area and also want to help healing the ozon layer you can build for small money an atmospheric cleaner which is called "Obolix". All you need is an Smoke Quarz Crystal and an Amethyst Crystal which should be as transparent as possible. Then you wrap around each of them the 5 Elements of the earth: Goldfoil, Silverwire, Copperwire, Aluminiumwire and Ironwire in that order. And then all you have to do is mount the Obolix as high as possible so it is connected as long as possbile to the sun and covers most of the sky so it can reflect the sun as far possible back into the atmosphere.

    Visual introductions here:

    How to make an obolix

    More info from the one who discovered it:

    have fun :)

    1. @interstellar.mind
      have you ever tried orgonite? is simpler than your obolix, easier to make.
      metal shavings, crystal and epoxy or polyester resin (cheaper than epoxy).

    2. hey there
      thanks for your opinion
      yes I have orgonite here. but because they have changed the chemtrails in a certain way orgonite alone isn't much effective anymore,thats what i have experienced. If you want to defend "your" orgonite it is ok. I just want to give another easy example how to easily clear up the sky. orgonite is also a great tool not just for the sky but also to harmonize your environment, especially the animals will like it :). I don't care who thinks his stuff is better than everyone elses I just give solutions.
      In the end everyone has to experience for himself to find out what works best :)

  11. Woo~HOO~! Thank YOU Cobra, RM (Viva la Resistance~!) and Galactic Family~! This update feels so different, it is all kind of matter-of-fact, outlining the inevitable flow towards The Event.

    Very interesting to note that you mention radio signals coming from the Spheres inside the Oort Cloud, considering that the Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month and New Year is "the music of the spheres". Synchronicity...and Many Blessings to all!

    Saturday, April 18 - Sunday, April 19, 2015 - The Second Renaissance
    "...Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month and New Year: "the music of the spheres"
    Happy New Epoch!..."

    Lynda Hill's Sabian Symbols: April 13, 2015
    Tuning In To The Music Of The Spheres: April's Aries New Moon

  12. I feel the need to talk about a certain event that I had in 2014 in order to help people understand what a world without the Veil will feel like, as well as getting it off my chest as I've never spoken to anyone about this. I believe in 2014 I had my own mini-Event. I pierced the Veil, and let me tell you there's nothing like it.

    To begin, a little background. I didn't believe in much of this Cobra-stuff at the beginning, my eyes were half-opened. It was only after having a extremely intensive meditative experience that I came around completely, this meditation lasted for around 4 hours from start to finish. Without describing the process of how I got there, because I feel like it was very personal and I'm not sure if what I did could help considering the very personal nature of the mini-event. However, I'll describe the feeling of having this superb meditative experience, and I will say I wasn't without aid, I was listening to this music which I highly recommend(, and doing this meditative format:

    1. Meditate alone
    2. Meditate in the dark to reduce distraction and allow mental images and visualization to appear more clearly.
    3. Listen to music with ambient noise cancellation headphones, basically any headphone that covers the whole ear will do.
    4. Meditate while in bed, COMFORT IS KEY!!

    ..that when coupled with my own...issues... that I was in deep internal communication with I had this experience which I would like to share with you.

    - I felt "bigger"
    - I felt like I was on fire in a sense of a "cleansing" flame.
    - my hands were erect and refused to bend, as if filled with energy in the same way a balloon would be stand erect if filled with air.
    - tips of my hands felt like they had magnetic-esque rings around them. I couldn't see these rings, nor see the energies, but I felt them.
    - my eyes were wide opened.
    - my body as a whole tingled quite a bit, majorly so
    - my ears rung.
    - I felt a sense of immense power and strength, I honestly felt like I could punch the ground, blowing up the world. It was pretty immense.

    At a certain point of my meditative state I felt energy almost exit my body through my eyes, like, I was building up a energy "charge" with my eyes closed then I opened them staring at my ceiling, the energy in my body, my hands, my "cleansing heat" bleed through my eyes and there I could see the Star of David on my ceiling there, on the physical plane, only the star's points were spinning around moving. Doing research, I found out that the shape that appeared on my ceiling is called a Merkaba. Which is a light-construct of sorts. Now, doing more research I'm not sure what I saw was a Merkaba, because it seems to me like it shouldn't have been possible to make one at this point in time? I'm not so sure..

    The next day however, was even more impressive. The mental noise was gone. Headaches, random mental guff was gone. It was like a tempest of the mind that has been raging for so long but never recognized as such due to having zero contrast only to suddenly, have calm waters, to be free as it were.. To describe it with another analogy imagine if you were submerged underwater your whole life, and suddenly you were given a plastic straw to pierce the waters and finally breath for the first time. It's that profound of an experience.

    Not only that this event also filled me with unprecedented amounts of energy, I felt like I wanted to "do" things, have passions, positive ambitions, goals, a need of "movement". However I will confess that I didn't do much to use this energy productively, as I was still confused, very happy but wasn't sure on what to do with myself.

    There's more, but due to the character cap. I can't share, I promise you though when the Veil is lifted it will be amazing. No mental noises from cabal crap, No scalar wave-Veil bullshit. Just peace, and calm, and a sense of what real full "rest" is really like.

    1. I hear ya. Although I have never come that close a full meditative experience like you described, I know how high the energies can be and it is truly amazing.

      Although I gotta say, do not treat it as an unique, once in a lifetime experience. You ARE that powerful, we should all be trying to focus the light as much as possible, the more we pierce the veil, the faster the event will happen.

    2. whaaat? This is way more interesting than the update! Can you say any more? Have you developed a change in habits other than your thinking patterns?

    3. @Surfer, thank you for sharing your meditative experience. It was very helpful and very profound.

    4. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

      I had my own similar awakening experience, but it was a direct realization of the implantation and having foreign consciousnesses inside of all of us, and I worked my way backward and up the chain from there.

      I only found Cobra at the beginning of last year, but everything resonated with me so clearly I felt like I had been rung like a bell.

      In my meditations now, I connect to the central sun, which after this post Im not so sure I am doing that, I feel more inclined to believe I am connecting to the Ganymede portal, and ask to be a galactic conduit. I feel the connection, and I lock it in place. Then I expand the capacity. I will ask to double the connection, then double that, then double that until I get to the point to where it starts to become a bit uncomfortable, and then I leave my body as I jump up as hard and fast and as full of Source energy as I can and start ripping through the etheric aspects of the Veil and grid.

      Im not sure, but Im pretty sure I am swimming through the scalar field, because that is exactly what it feels like....powered swimming. The darkness cannot exist within the light, and taking that kind of energy directly into the heart of their "machinery", which only WE can do because we are already in the system, dissolves and damages the net to the point of snapping.

      They have automatic detection systems that register this and a massive amount of ankle biters come out to attack me and repair the damage, but that feeling of being underwater your whole life and then suddenly being given a straw to pierce into the oxygen is spot on but so underspoken....the feeling cant be described, it can only be felt.

      I push on until I am exhausted and come back to my body, completely spent, but satisfied in the work I can contribute to this liberation.

      Seems to me like more of us need to start doing this, and judging from what you wrote, you would be a prime candidate to do it as well :)

    5. Your experience seem to be quite similar to mine, although yours seem to have been a little more intense. I also had what I call my great awakening experience during a meditation in late February 2014. I had several short visions of different places that I still don't know where it was.

      I also got this intense energetic feeling in my solar plexus area that I described like a bright white light. When I visualised the feeling, it was like the energy source the guy in Iron Man has :)

      My views on pretty much everything started to change very fast. From having been a hardcore science guy and staunch atheist I started to see and agree with other perspectives that I never before would have seen. I could also see how many previous events in my life, from childhood until today, connected together like a big puzzle being put together before me. Everything just started to make sense.

      What is interesting with your story is the part with the hands. I had the similar experience with my fingers and I haven't heard anyone else talk about it until your comment. It started with my right index finger and felt almost like electricity flowing through it, almost like I had something inside my finger moving around. It wasn't unpleasant, just weird, and I still don't know what it is. Today I can induce that feeling anytime I want, without meditation, and it's not only the index finger. Sometimes I even get a tingling/sticky feeling, like there are electric sparks shooting out of my fingers :)

      There’s a lot more to my story, but I’ll save that for another time.

      Victory to the light!

    6. @cuddlez

      Ya, it did change me for the better I think. I still got issues that I need to solve, but it's not as I'd say as soul-crushing as they were. Before that Mini-Event, I wasn't very happy. Now I'd say I'm a lot better than I was previously now that "perspective" and "contrast" has been gained.

      I'd like to think that change for the better is a marathon and not a race. It does take a bit to uproot negative things and replace them with the good, especially if a person has been negative for awhile.

      News though, I talked to a friend of mine, sheepishly revealing that I meditate on my spare time. I wasn't sure if she'd react like "oh that's weird" cos' sometimes people can do that. I took that plunge and she revealed that she meditates as well but was having problems meditating, having trouble relaxing, has anxieties, etc. My advice I gave to you guys, I also gave to her and now she's having a great time meditating, it helps her sleep.

    7. Interesting Mats and Eric especially where you mention tingling in your fingers and/or hands. I gettthe same feeling in hands and fingers after i have done my Tai Chi's the chi moving through the body my teacher told me!

    8. Interesting Mats and Eric especially the part about the tingling in hands and fingers. I do get same feeling after i have done my Tai Chi forms...its the Chi moving through the body, my teacher told me!

    9. Interesting reads. I havent been close to such feelings. What usually happens for me is that I might pursue a feeling during mediation for some week or two but then it kinda disappears and I cant connect to it again (or very weakly). Then it takes a while of mediation before I find another path to pursue and then that disappears after a while.
      I dont know if I should view this as completing steps and moving forward or just having closing doors slammed in my face no matter which way I try. I guess you become a little paranoid :)

    10. I'd also like to add an addendum though, after my Mini-Event experience in 2014. It happened again a few days later by an E.T influence. I say it was an E.T influence because I didn't do anything the night previously and when I woke up the next day, I was in a high amount of vertigo, dizziness, passing out quite a bit going in and out of consciousness, with zero precedent as to why. When it was over and I had control over myself, I felt like I pierced the Veil again. So ya. That's all of it. Upon reflection, I'm not sure if it was initially positive influence or not.

  13. When you have the Cuntanami Stone, do you have the right to deal with corrupt lawyers or some other folks who abuse their power and use their power in the wrong way?

    Are you allowed to do such things in an official way?

  14. The Cosmic Scoop by Ms. Forest
    I am being asked to write about shifting consciousness.
    There is a great deal of stress now on the human population as never before.
    No matter how much you spend, or drink or take drugs, smoke cigs, or pot, or food in excesses it will not help for all you are doing is coving up that which needs to come through an awakening for all on this wonderful planet. Into a place of peace, light and love. No worries no wars no disease everyone working in a positive harmony. Try different techniques. Healers, Naturopaths, Past Life Regression Therapy , Herbs, Tissue Salts, Bach Flower Remedies, Energy Attunements, Paradigm Tools, Gem Stones. Drink fresh water, eat healthy foods do not eat meat, fish, fowl.
    We all have had implants put within our bodies or DNA structures This is why we feel like we are losing it. The negative ones want to stay in control and they use these things to keep you in line.
    Even as a light worker it is a challenge they try to dim my light with mental nonsense I always catch it send it back to sender and keep the white light shinning brightly. I am clearing all implants through a wonderful holistic healer Chris Kehler. I know it has work and continue to do so. I am letting you know the times are getting intense and the government is getting ready to introduce negative space beings as the good guys they are not.
    I have never seen so much darkness out there going on and people think it normal and act on it. Go within ask you guides your spiritual network if that stuff is normal.
    We are great souls led astray by negative beings that feed on our fear and misery. We have always meant to be loving beings and this is what our planet is doing " the cleansing times "
    Peace Ms. Forest

  15. Reptilian, draconian, no one in the universe loves you guys, the soul of you stink, you guys are the garbage of the universe, do a favor to yourself and surrender when disconnected from the Source are Failed, look at you guys do not know what it means feelings, you guys are lucky that evolved beings are spiritually pacific, if they wanted to destroy you guys. Failed, look at you guys do not know what it means feelings, you guys are lucky that evolved beings are spiritually pacific, if they wanted to destroy you guys. Peace ;D

    1. I love them.
      Most of the entities and people caught up in this are victims themselves. That doesnt justify their behavior, only enlightens their situation. I feel sorry for them.

      If they wish to return to the light I will be the first to welcome them with open arms. If not, they will be restructured. Either way things will be back the way they are supposed to be.

      To each and every one of them:
      Im sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

    2. Project to them the very actions of their deeds and that they do feel it.Throw pink vapor at them. I have witness them not liking this and that they return to source.

  16. lol i think that cobra was referring to me when he mentioned about the powerful people. i believe mu thoughts can influence reality really strongly, much faster than the conferance meditations that it frightens me. it pisses me of that people can read me and know what im thinking. i dont know what to do, am i the only one?

    1. No. I'm an Arcturian starseed. Life being difficult is a major understatement. I think telepathy is fine if you live in a pure society and are pure yourself. People can only wonder the reason for our terror. Me too am always afraid of launching my corner of the neighborhood to hell. Hard to believe, but we hold that much influence Cruz our souls are that evolved. Cheer up. I love you and it's almost over.

    2. lol thanks i feel much better learning that there are other people like me. i want to know more about you and how to better manage these abilities. ive contacted cobra and he hasnt replied back : (. do you have a FB or anything that i can reach you by?

    3. How to send you a private message?

  17. Benjamin Fulford is reporting today (20th April) that the US government went bankrupt on 17th April. Any truth to this Cobra? Does this mean the global currency reset and the event are imminent?

    1. I guess it is what one would call a selective bankruptcy, meaning that the US will not pay to whomever they think they can afford not paying...They will try to manage to whome they pay and to whome they don't as best as they can using brute force, where there might any disagreement...

  18. I see this all the time Big Guy. I call it the "Third Eye." Heres my experience. I posted it on a previous Portal 2012 thread, but what the heck, I consider it selfish not to share this stuff.

    Peace and Love through the struggle.

  19. I found this today, written by my hand, inside of one of my notebook's jacket.
    It is not mine.
    Strangely, there is not a name at all. I always write down the author's name.
    Maybe some of you know who's the author?


    The 3 "C"s in life:
    You must make the CHOICE,
    To take the CHANCE,
    If you want anything in life to CHANGE.


    So, dear Cobrasssss, let's DO THESE 3 EASY STEPS!!!

    May PATIENCE and HOPE BE with you at all times!!

    1. I googled it. Seems to be "author unknown". Lots of memes with that quote.


  20. Hmmm - Cobra didn't end the post with "The Breakthrough is Near!"

    1. It gets me that Cobra was posting "the breakthrough is near" on posts back in 2013. I don't know if to believe it all. I would'nt say near is years.

  21. I came across this...

  22. US Corporate government goes bankrupt on April 17th, refuses to acknowledge

    1. Benjamin Fulford - April 20, 2015: US Corporate government goes bankrupt on April 17th, refuses to acknowledge

      "In any case, the plan to create a new Khararia is not going well at all. For one thing, the would be Kharazians (not to be mistaken for citizens of the modern nation state of Khazakhstan) are using not very eager foreign mercenaries to fight for them against people fighting to defend their ancestral homeland. For another, the Western oil companies, who were the source of much of the financing for the mercenary army, are getting cold feet. Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Marathon and Eni have all recently announced they are leaving the region."

      (google translation)

      The Kazakh Hungarians brothers, while the Khazars enemies !

    2. Also - Ben's take on the closing of the Walmart stores within the same article ...

      "There has also been a lot of speculation about why a bunch of Walmart stores located near US military bases have been suddenly shut down.
      CIA sources say there are underground bunkers being built under these stores for the elite to hide in. However, a pentagon source says the Walmarts are being prepared as distribution centers for food and other essential products in preparation for a shut down and reboot of the banking system. Time will tell which of these sources is telling the truth.

      The other odd event is the New York Federal Reserve Board’s plan to move most of its essential functions to Chicago. We have previously noted that the Chicago Fed has been filling its windows with concrete. We have also noted the US Treasury department has been stocking up with water purifiers, emergency food stocks, emergency blankets etc. This is hardly the sort of material needed during an ordinary financial crisis.

      However, please do not get paranoid just because the Feds are, this is not the end of the world but rather the end of the fraudulent fiat money world. For the 99.99% of us humans, this will be a time of great liberation from ancient Hyksos debt slavery."

  23. Alcyon Pleiades 26-3: UFOs offering protection. International Space Station . Chemtrails



    (right mouse button - translated into English)


    ◕(Part.2)-Warning this is a very graphic video i received from my friend a chinese ARA The video has been recorded in a fur farm in China!! not suitable for all..
    ◕Raccoons dogs first cruelly dismembered or mutilated at their paws and then skinned alive while they are fully conscious.. this is totally inhuman and it is a big shame for the entire humanity! these farms are exporting worldwide their products!! the truth must be known for everyone! thank you all
    ◕Watch (Part.1) Here:►

  27. Has everyone seen this?? Jade Helm 15, I found the meaning!!

    1. Evidence links Hillary Clinton with Walmart and possibly Red China. Hillary is listed as on the Walmart board of directors.

      Correlations are mapped between Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs), underground RR, tunnels, and specific Walmart closings. Central Command and Communications are said to begin operating from these locations.

      Walmart Directly Tied To DHS - Inside Info May Have Prompted Store Closures

  28. Is Jade Helm a Trojan Horse? [videos]

  29. Cobra and Rob April 2015... Here... or nearby here:

  30. Ancient sacred temples have codes and we can free them, by using our abilities.
    They where also manipulated and soulparts where imprisoned there.
    For example in Cambodia the Ta Prohm temple. Interesting that there is one part which is not in restauration and by doing research there is a picture with birdfaced humans, they look like initiates, made in stone. I wanted to make an article later, when I have found out more and now I am telling it here already. I have the impression there lays much that has something to do with the basic structure of the prison.
    It is a beautiful Goddess temple with much light, very very advanced light. Could it be it is connected with the Wingmakers? The next capsule maybe? I also have the feeling, it has something to do with a very very old thing, with the Goddess, connected to the Sisterhood of the Rose or something similar, maybe an older Atlantis than the last one. I feel extremely drawn to that temple and I feel very much I have been there and if anyone else feels this too, you might have another key to free some aspects for humanity there.
    Also it is possible that the golden circuit has been manipulated as well and sacred geometry had been overlayed with unharmonius structures within this time space continuum.
    The most powerful symbol is the rose, the Archons have not been able to manipulate it. Everything can be put back into its divine blueprint when it gets taken inside of the rose and it is observed by a positive consciousness.

    There have been dark "manipulators of time". Those beings appeared to me, sitting in front of an atlantian temple. They where that dark, that they can not even be described as "evil". They where so extremely distorted and arrogant, that I have now words for it. They are not agressive. They are beyond all evil that we think is evil. They did not have a physical body but clothes with a jumper. They where sitting in a circle. So I took them into the central sun and as they had no divine spark- they where artificially created- I deleted them (just by intent, that they do not exist any longer). First it did not work, but then, when I also deleted all they have created in all of creation, it worked. I thought this was all, and today I have found more of them and did the same. Many are working on those levels and I share because I want to share. Maybe we can be faster with the liberation then.
    I have also found a new thing, I came to the idea through this beautiful post from Cobra: When I want to clear something (for example the Tunnels of Seth), I now take myself, earth with all beings into the Ganymede portal. Then I imagine all this inside the Sirius portal. And again, like an union, all this is in the Central Sun, which is inside of the Andromeda Central Sun and again inside of the Triangulum Central Sun. This is extremely powerful. And then what gets cleared additionally imagine inside a rose.
    I have experienced a situation and I refused to go into that pain, even I partially understand it with my mind, I did not really go deep into the feeling. When I finally solved this feeling I saw how the matrix started to dissolve. And now I also have found out who is one of -if not THE- spiritual leaders of the darkies and I am now dissolving all of darkness he has created within creation. He is inside of his own prison and does not find a way out. He will get every mercy he wishes for, if he decides so, after the liberation. He wants to go into the light but he is not able to do this on his own.

    I experience it as if I was alone responsible for the liberation. This is not possible. I only can work in a certain direction because there is so much light already present. I have met others that also think they are the only ones. Luckily we are -hopefully- quite some few.

    It may be the same here as it is with enlightenment. When we are enlightened we experience ourselves as God, or one with God. And so I am looking forward when all 7 billion are considering themselves one with Source.


    1. Thank you for that Iliana, it never occured to me to try something like that. The energy does what you tell it to, but if you are specific with it, the work is much more focused and intense. Until now I only connected to the Central Sun, but since this update I have been focusing on the Ganymede portal and I can tell the difference. Much more energy available.

      I would like to put out there that I always give the ankle biters a choice before I send them for restructure. If they want to convert to the light, I let them. I only give about 5 seconds of choose time, but I feel including the option is not only the right thing to do, but bulks up the numbers of light influenced entities and souls that are already here inside of the matrix, which is huge...

    2. "The most powerful symbol is the rose, the Archons have not been able to manipulate it. ": Speaking of the red or colored rose. Just remembered right after writing that I forgot to mention the black rose, but had no internet to correct that. The black roses as a symbol don't exist anymore, in the light there are no black sisterhoods possible.

  31. thanks CObra! I've been a follower, and champion of you and the cause, for years now. I recently read of a major predicted earthquake, centered along the New Madrid fault line, which is expected to happen soonish, and predicted to cause major death. I'm in Chicago, shall I get my family elsewhere? Would you tell me if I should?

  32. The temple guardians with a beakface are actually in the Banteay Srei temple in Cambodia and not in the Ta Prohm temple, but similar way of building and only 25 km away:

    Temple Banteay Srei


    The Ta Prohm temple was of course not built in atlantian times......I don't know....thats why I wanted to write later about must be a special place and before there was maybe as well a temple there.....who knows.... there is a mystery, maybe only for me... I feel the mystery.....and I love mysteries.....yes, okay...sometimes things can be tooo mysterious also......fascinating or irritating? It does not matter, I go through it.....hmmmmm....... :)

    I like this guardian:

  33. When I looked deep into the collective unconsciousness to search what is it, that holds this resistant programming of the collective in place, the symbols came to the surface. So they have steered the mass collective through the symbols, so the masses remain unconscious (=in darkness). It is good now, to put all symbols inside of a rose and to observe, how the black magic gets broken and how they return into the light.


    “The leaders in this counter process are the major BRICS nations and the legal team led by a number of extremely courageous individuals.”

    Please kindly let us know exactly who these courageous beings be and exactly what they do so we can send them our well wishes and protection. The cabals know who they BE and what they DO, The Light forces know who they are and what they are doing, the cabal controlled courts know who they are exactly what they are doing. Everyone knows who they BE and what they do except the SLAVES they’re fighting FOR. The only people who don’t know just how courageous and just how commendable they are are the SLAVES they’re representing. Sounds as stupid as it is! Please allow us SALVES the opportunity to tap into OUR infinite potential to send them a little LOVE and LIGHT!

    “Arrests have so far been on several levels beneath the key oligarchs.”

    Give us the OLIGARCHS! DON’T be SCARED as HEAVEN is behind YOU! Besides at the END of the DAY once ALL is known to ALL they’ll be RUNNING to the jails for PROTECTION anyways! LET us get this aspect of our PARTY started already! At once Give us the “OLIGARCHS” on PUBLIC indictment or let the LIGHT remain IMPOTENT and just like us SLAVES subjected to the FREE WILL and DESIRES of the evil dark human cabals.

    “The first primal point is one of no direct interference. We were therefore obliged to gain the trust, confidence and friendship of those who are now our earthly allies. This procedure took nearly 12 years to achieve.

    12 years are u F’in kidding me!!!! How unconvincing of an argument can ONE possibly make that it took 12 years to “close”?!?!?! How unmotivating was the case made that it took 12 years to come to terms?!?!?! Granted these being were dim, but apparently the LIGHT that was shining WASN’T very BRIGHT either! In this specific example The LIGHT should be condemned for taking 12 years to make a convincing enough argument and NOT praised for the incompetence, poor planning, inability and poor understanding that was exhibited during the first 11 years. Both sides should be ashamed and embarrassed at your efforts, decisions and actions during those first 11 years! Disappointing and utterly reprehensible that HUMANITY had to wait 12 years for EITHER of YOU all to get OUT of your own WAY! Very Disappointing on ALL sides!

    At this very MOMENT and well well past our LIBERATION if anyone has any questions or wonders as to why on April 21st 2015 we are still SLAVES, still to this very day perpetually indebted to the WICKED refer back to the ABOVE. If anyone ever WONDERS why it took SO long and WHY all was ALLOWED to happen for SO LONG the above admission of incompetence and poor understanding of a situation should suffice.

    Also ‘direct interference” is a subjective term and OPEN to interpretation. It’s unfortunate that HUMANITY is and has been subjectated to the interpretations from the same incompetence and poor understanding that TOOK 12 years to make a convincing enough argument. Truly disheartening!

    “Presently, we understand well the difficulties of how this transformation is to happen. We simply ask for your continual positive support in what is a very sensitive series of matters.”

    The LIGHT that I know would and would have long AGO with ALL its weight and MIGHT immediately strike DOWN those that interfere with the wishes of HEAVEN! The LIGHT I know WOULD have LONG ago instilled FEAR and TERROR in those that dare fill the SHOES of those that HAVE been STRUCK! When does the seemingly endless cycle of open communication and negotiation by the Light forces and the perpetual response of terror, murder and deception by the CABALS ever END? Very Ineffective and very unconvincing meetings/negotiations have been going on for at least 20 years now. The LIGHT for once and for ALL should immediately strike DOWN those that interfere with the WISHES of HEAVEN! You have Permission!

    1. Matthew, I have twice in depth replied to your concerns that something has gone wrong, continues to go wrong, and that certain forces are at fault for what you view as mistakes in life. I have not seen your response to my replies that addressed your concerns. I really think you would do yourself well to OPEN to the Divine Intelligence perspective that can't possibly, in the ultimate sense, ever "make a mistake" with its own creation. I really want to say, "grow up", and stop complaining--when it's pointed out to you what's going on, but you still don't understand. You don't ask any specific questions in response to what I've written you either. Maybe you aren't OPEN to the answer of understanding your concerns, or in the extreme analysis, perhaps you are intentionally attempting to cause consternation on this blog and website. I've had read your posts and they keep repeating your same perspective which has limitation of
      "good vs. evil", "light vs. darkness". God has created the possibility of BOTH for Divine Purpose. Peace.

  35. The most messed up and F’kd aspect of this whole dichotomy of endless meetings and negotiations open communication between the cabals, the Light Forces and the AM is that what the UNIVERSE is telling us IS that over the past 13,000 years the more WICKED and EVIL you are the LIGHT will dignify with YOU with its PRESENCE. The more success ONE has being most WICKED and most EVIL the LIGHT will grace YOU and YOUR FRIENDS with exchanges of ideas and thoughts and plans for future MEETINGS. The most DARK and most EVIL get the dignity, respect and LOVE of the LIGHT while the PATIENT and FAITHFULL get millennia of SLAVERY, POVERTY and DISEASE??! The EVIL and WICKED get meetings and direct contact with the LIGHT meanwhile for far far too LONG the FAITHFULL and PATIENT get SLAVERY sprinkled with vague weekly LIGHT MESSAGES coupled with a healthy dose of misinformation and intentional deception. Does this RETARDED past and EVER PRESENT reality really make sense to anyone with half a brain and half a heart???? This is NOT the LIGHT that I KNOW! The LIGHT that I KNOW would NEVER perpetuate, support or sustain in any way the lunacy of the reality we currently occupy! The LIGHT that I know would LONG ago quickly morphed dignified negotiations into conversations on what’s about to HAPPEN!

    I call on the LIGHT that I and many of us KNOW and embody, for the LOVE of GOD immediately strike down those and instill FEAR and TERROR in those who think that they MIGHT!!! PLEASE END THE INSANITY!!! MANY OF US HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!! GODSPEED!!!

    1. Hi Matthew, I don't think they will end it soon... I think we will be still here in 20 years and hear they same stories.. They don't seem to care about our (people like you and me) situations. They give us no signs and no nothing.. they demand that we just trust them.. well that's fairly naive but hey what can we do??? I respect the enormous effort of the light Forces but honestly they no idea on how we perceive time.. (and I think they don't care either). They're already in the light and they have all the time in the universe...


    2. @ Matthew
      I hear YOU, my dear friend.
      And I stand next to YOU, shaking my hands and my head and shouting my lungs out!!!

      I WANT THE "EVENT"!!
      E -exit

      Yes, the LIGHT/THE ONE/GOD/CREATOR, I believe to BE IN CONTROL - is supposed to BE the one who is IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING.
      Is IT a LOVEing one?
      Is IT a CAREing one?
      Is it a FORCE of Love and Compassion?

      In fact, for more than 2 years and 3 months, I had an article about THIS subject. I was ready to post it on Prepare For Change site, but then had to postpone it.... (Because I've been visciously attacked by the darks).

      I think it's time to have it posted there for everybody to read and... TO THINK.

      Because I C.A.R.E.=Communicating as Renegade Emissary

      May PATIENCE and HOPE BE WITH US ALL!! (Just a little more...)

      V -void/dark
      E- entering

  36. A little fire for my fellow light SOULDIERS. Peace and love with a little bit of toughness.

    Be a CHAMPION everyday.


  37. Just keeping it funky fresh.

    We always gotta keep the EGO in check. But until we "break through," we gotta be tough. In my mind, Christ and Mother Teresa were both hardcore "Gangsters." We gotta be "superbad." Haha.

    Thanks for the love earlier Barda.


    1. Hi Cal080810:

      Watched your funky fresh James Brown youtube... and then came across this one....same tune, But this one is a clip from the old TV show Soul Train...

      It is worth watching from start to finish, 6:35 minutes. Great interviewing and answers by James Brown, great hair on everybody, awesome dancing by this young woman on the stage...

    2. No prob, just spreadin the good vibes! Its true, we gotta let our light shine and shine it more than ever right now! Shit is getting real and we gotta stay on our A game! The breakthrough is near!!


  38. Jade Helm in Progress; Potential to Go Live in July for Extractions & Disarmament [video]

  39. Cobra/Rob Potter Interview

  40. Cobra/Rob Potter Interview Transcript

  41. Well my questions entirely got unanswered in the interview so i'll just go snag them and ask directly; Hemp/Cannabis; what is the true history of this plant? [i ask because its been around since... ever] Did the "Creator of All" give it as a gift? is it a plant-version of humans? Or is it just a shortcut to a state of mind? What is going to happen AFTER the event as far as 1 on 1 with the "off worlders"? Will we be allowed to have physical contact on personal levels with our off-world brothers and sisters?

    I've been hearing this strange noise lately, ill do my best to describe it [i really want to know what it is; it doesn't seem to be coming from any physical sources] So. it sounds kinda like... a very high frequency ... bell? Its loud enough frequency wise to be "High" enough it should hurt; but it doesn't. And if you listen to it, it sounds insanely pretty for such a loud sound. It comes and goes, heard in one ear at a time or both. I guess i would describe it as a Loud/High freq Melodious Bell; Just curious if i could get any insight on this.

  42. April 22 is Earth Day.

    Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth

  43. Maybe the good guys should have prepared a competent plan before all of this was set in motion, so long ago. Instead, you drop the ball - we suffer and you demand more from us. Well done. !

    1. Try opening your Heart to the expansive vision of "God"
      who governs all plans for Divine Good. :)

    2. You remind me of me when I want to blame me misfortunes to someone else and ignore the fact we are all in it. If someone dropped the ball we all did... Zeus knows in how many ways and in how many lifetimes we failed to followed through (as individuals=> group) on something that could have helped us all by leaps. Our petti fears kept us bound to a cyclic sick game because we chose it as individuals and enough of us did so thus making for many this nightmare a 'reality'. So indeed waking up from a foreign adopted belief system is no easy task for the one trapped in it and for those attempting to wake you... The need for cooperation is a must both sides.


  45. A mothers worse nightmare...
    the witnesses..just a few out of millions.... and

  46. Please Cobra, explain this: if by chance the event happens today and we are all free. That wouldn't change the fact that still there are mean people, like thieves, rapists, serial killers, etc etc.
    Every thing you write makes it sound like humankind is just a victim of the negative alien races. I believe there are regular citizens who does not have a clue of what's going on but still, they're mean.
    What do you say about it? Thanks.

  47. 4 rainbow in Long Island ! ! ! !

  48. 04/16/2015 Interview ... very very very good.. Now I understood many things... thank you very much cobra.....the breakthrough is

  49. I've had the following dreams and mental "downloads" in the past 7 - 10 days, esp. after reading about "sphere beings"..... Have any of you had any unusual or "out there" dreams or downloads lately?

    1. Dreamt I was watching, in broad daylight, way way above me, way out there past the veil, though I was shown it fairly up close: Fighter jets in the blue skies with their contrails, criss-crossing and maneuvering and shooting each other down and large white "poofs" as they literally vaporized each other. It felt like there was an air war going on straight up above.

    2. Just before waking up several days ago I was being shown a basketball-sized clear, huge crystal sort of huge ice cube (but not ice, it was glass or crystal) with a center "star" of bright blue and this whole big thing sort of emanated huge energy... It was being displayed to me with large "ice cube tongs" and being gently turned over and over so I could see the whole thing. I have no idea what this was other than a very energized thing.

    3. The other morning just before waking up I received this download -- it felt different than a dream -- it came in all at once: I was watching outside a round "porthole" window, as if I were in a spaceship, looking out the window. I was watching the night sky, filled up with beautiful stars. A HUGE HUGE VOICE was saying to me, though it was all telepathic, "All Hands On Deck!" I really thought I was being summoned.

    Anybody else? Got dreams?

    1. My dreams have definitely been active over the past 2 weeks ... the information processed and/or "received" while I dream is different b/c we are not the same personality. In the forefront, I receive information about following my intuition and not to look at following it as some "small feat" ... I was "told" (yes, via a voice in the dream) that following my intuition creates massive clearings on many dimensions. The other dream I received is, "the matrix is falling apart, but yet it is still together and strong" ... as in, "the matrix as we know it is falling apart, but we are reprogramming it to serve us".

      Bet true to yourSelf ! Know ThySelf ... follow your heart and intuition ... trust yourSelf ... do not be swayed by guilt, shame, or other emotions that can pull us from our Truth ! The Truth is so very simple that we have been programmed to overlook it ... be TRUE TO THYSELF ! We are in a time when being present to where energy is being place is very important ... be clear in actions and may they come from the heart ! No action is small ... remember, the most powerful forces of the universe are contained in small "packages".

  50. I know I'm only random person writing here... but, I think that if you follow Cobra's information only, you are pretty safe when considering so called "outside information". So much of it is just a brain-food without any relevant meaning to you or this current Cosmic situation.

  51. Sheldan Nidle’s Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

    7 Batz, 9 Kank’in, 11 Ik 21 April, 2015.

  52. Tx, Cobra. Reassuring info. 4x, "The Ganymede portal is purifying the plasma accretion vortex strings (tunnels of Set) that extend from planet Earth beyond our Solar System into the Local Bubble:" This purification makes Tunnels less able 2 host plasma strangelet bombs?

    FORGIVENESS. Recently reading GoodET, wow! (also very funny!)

    04.05 (Especially those [Secret Space Program fighters] who want *revenge* & are NOT AT ALL enthused about the Blue Avian "Hippy Love & Peace Message"!) ...

    04.06 For these battle-hardened soldiers (men & women) ... the "Sphere Being Message." They just did not understand *how* a "Love," "*Forgiveness,*" "Raising of Consciousness & Vibration" type of tactic was going 2 have any affect on the various groups they had been engaging. ... Many of them are having a difficult time with the "Hippy Love & Peace" message ... [!!!! Right there w/ u all, babes!]

    04.19 Focus on the positive & what you do have control over, Yourself. ...
    The more we do this, the more we create an environment that these negative beings cannot exist in. [This is more about the parasitical entities, who attach 2 & who also direct some Cabal folk.]

    “Forgiveness is the world’s equivalent 2 Heaven’s justice.
    It translates the world of sin (guilt & pain)
    into a simple world where[in] justice can be reflected
    FROM BEYOND THE GATE (blogger's caps)
    behind (beyond) which total lack of limits lies.”
    ACIM TX 26.IV.1

    (Keeping in mind that ACIM may have been a mind-control programming project sponsored by CIA; all that programming-like repetition! Channelers allegedly were CIA /contractors. ...)

    BUT. Heaven's justice; reaching from another dimension of self /perception. That forgiveness ORIGINATES FROM that higher /other dimension of self. Musing on these concepts 4 a while, what I got was that *forgiveness connects *us* 2 r higher levels or aspects of being.* In focusing on forgiveness, in contemplating forgiveness, in attempting forgiveness, & -- when we can -- in enacting forgiveness, we reach out & up 2 r other levels or aspects of being. There is ... congruence. There is *connection.* There is ... expansion ... of perception. Forgiveness reminds us of r larger self. *Forgiveness PLACES *US* IN r larger self.* In conscious awareness. That's what it's 4.

    & in r larger self, we can let go of false bondage. False relationships.

    & in r larger self, we can CHANGE things.

    Equally, 1st reaching up 2 that /those other levels /aspects of self then does enable us 2 contemplate & 2 enact forgiveness more ... fluidly. More completely. As we become more fully our self.

    Be well all.

  53. UFO filmed in a nearby residents during the Calbuco volcano eruption in Chile

  54. - for those who want to hear the battles in modern music (those now and to come) - everyone is playing a part

  55. THE YULIN FESTIVAL OF DEATH HAPPENS IN TWO please, speak up to help stop it now...for the record, this page believes all animals are not meant to be used or murdered for our food...or for any other reason...this petition focuses on the dogs and cats of China...please, sign and share below, by clicking on the pic...and you can also send an email to the president of China below, for more clout...and to make sure all animals are spared of this hell, as all countries are guilty of slaughtering animals....ONLY CONSUME VEGAN...thanks, Animal Freedom Fighters....



    Let's send another email to be sent to President Xi Jinping requesting his help intervening to permanently take cat and dog meat off the menus during the YuLIn Dog Meat Festival.

    Below is a link to a prewritten email, in Chinese:

    *Email address:

    *Copy and paste the note into an email

    *It's important to leave the note in Chinese

    Link to translated versions, for your reference only:


    --> The more emails sent out, the greater the chance of his intervention

    Last year's festival started early so media would be avoided. Let's make sure this year's doesn't get started!


    There's no room in a modern civilized world for a festival where cats and dogs are brutality tortured and slaughtered, sometimes while still alive ~ please take a moment and complete today's action.

    Let's #StopYuLIn2015 together!

    1. Tracey Cooke, Your motive is heartfelt. However, although I also do not condone abuse to animals or anyone, there is a scope of knowledge that you are not considering in your conclusion that everyone should eat vegan or vegetarian. ALL species are evolving, even inanimate matter, even plants. Divine Intelligence is governing all and if it were absolutely right that everyone eat a veggie diet at this time period, then everyone would and they would thrive on it. That is NOT the case, however. I know from my own personal experience. Cobra has also commented that individuals may need to eat animal protein. I hope you can pray or meditate about this and see that there's a much bigger picture. Just as the human does not die when the body dies, the same is true for animals. Peace.

  56. Tejas and Iwi. Get your personnel out of Halliburton NOW.

  57. Blood Pressure will be restored to FULL HEALTH.

    *net split* authorization code Alcyone Harbinger.

  58. BlueBonNets can never be captured iin 2d.

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  59. Bright objects FIXED OR PORTAL THE ISS webcams

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.


  62. I hear about the average persons understanding on this or that.
    And that one is in a higher understanding then the average person and blah blah blah!
    It was this kind of false ego that helped to bring human beings to it's knees. False Gods.
    We are one yes I understand the nuts and bolts of what is going on. Raising you vibration in the light of your personal responsibility is the only way. Then you will see and understand that the statement " average people " Is you being less then they are!!!!
    Ms Forest

  63. Rob – OK. Thank you. I’ve said that many times. People like to hear it from you. So I appreciate that. The other thing I’d like to know and a lot of people have asked this and there is an average person. You and I have an absolute feeling of divine connection. In terms of eternity and the ET situation, we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of years.
    What!!!!!! their is no average person that is false ego! You may have read and spoken to XYZ But 3 It was lost in the I know more and you are average. Guess what you became average you need to apologize.

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