Friday, May 8, 2015

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  1. Whatever.............Just end this................

  2. ? what the signification guys

  3. David Wilcock Major Update: History of 'Old One's', Draco's, SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal Surender, Sphere Beings, and Much More - Notes from Recent Talk

    1. David Wilcock 3-hour conference audio April 2015
      (courtesy of A Man Called DaDa)

  4. Well its about friggin time! Lets clean up this ZOO!
    ...I wish i knew what i was talking about.

  5. Everyone!

    The Conservative Party brand in Canada just lost their most powerful stronghold. In a Provincial election this week, PC Alberta just got ousted after 44 years by the young and social media conscious Alberta's NDP.

    This is being spun by the corporate media as a 'protest vote' of sorts, but this does not appear to be the case at all.

    Total vote for the NDP in 2015: 603,461
    Total vote for the NDP in 2012: 126,752
    Total vote for the Wildrose Party in 2015: 360,101
    Total vote for the Wildrose Party in 2012: 442,429
    Total vote for the PC Party in 2015: 412,955
    Total vote for the PC Party in 2012: 567,312
    Total vote for the Liberal Party in 2015: 62,171
    Total vote for the Liberal Party in 2012: 127,645
    Total vote for the Alberta Party in 2015: 33,867
    Total vote for the Alberta Party in 2012: 16,959

    These seem to be NEW votes. It looks to me like the youth, when engaged, vastly outnumber the traditional vote.

    Mr. Prentice, the former Premier of Alberta, called this election early - thereby doing all Canadians the courtesy of creating the opportunity for a demonstration of the power of the youth vote in Alberta.

    This dramatic shift made has a lot of people across the country (even corporate media) buzzing with excitement. People are calling it the ‪#‎OrangeCrush‬ or ‪#‎OrangeWave‬ - just like they did with the Jack Layton NDP's historic push in the 2011 Federal election.

    Now, here's where it gets interesting.

    The next day, the Harper Government passed Bill C-51 "Anti-terrorism Act 2015" with the full "Yea vote" support of the Liberals and the full opposition of the Federal NDP (plus Green Party leader Elizabeth May).

    Here's an excellent 10 minute speech describing the issues with the legislation by MP Nathan Cullen

    Liberal supporters are not happy. A lot of them are posting long diatribes on the leader's FB page and such about how they will be voting with NDP now. The current leader is the son of the Prime Minister who introduced the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and this new Charter-circumventing legislation has destroyed a lot of peoples' trust and respect for Justin Trudeau.

    Now, of course, this is a much more broad and nuanced situation than a single bill. It's the omnibus bills, the arrogance, the stiffness and the alienation of pretentious holier-than-thou "representatives". As well as their blatant corporatist representation. This absolutely includes the Liberal party.

    This combination of a freak accident of brand momentum with the betrayal of the federal Liberals, I think something unique is about to happen.

    If the youth can see the Alberta flip for what it is - a demonstration of their electoral power - Canada could be in for a social democratic political and economic revolution :p

    Tommy Douglas, the leader of the precursor party "The New Democratic Party" was the Prime Minister who introduced our cherished national healthcare system. Since then, the corporate media have ensured that the corporations-over-people Liberal and Conservative parties have been elected.

    The NDP is made up of Human beings who have invested themselves into other Human beings all their lives!!

    It may be possible that that Canada’s NDP is going to sweep the 2015 October Federal election simply because the young electorate will participate, after seeing reflections of themselves in their chosen representatives.

    NOT through controlled media messaging, but through direct engagement.

    1. We're thinking about starting a new party called The RC (The Right Choice) which will run on the platform of returning the Bank of Canada back to it's original mandate of providing interest free loans to gov't, which would be paid back to ourselves instead of foreign bankers.These Canadian parties are ignoring the court case that was recently won by the canadian people comer vs boc.They (the current parties) seem to be on the side of gov't that wants us to stay under the current system that not only sends 70 billion each year to foreign bankers but is only gonna get bigger every day.It's time for us to stand up and take back our country from these bankers that don't act in the interest of our citizens but only themselves.If you or anyone else hasn't heard about the court case google it or youtube
      comer vs boc.
      I haven't seen cobra mention anything about this either,wonder why?

  6. They are clearing the Lizard Zoo ;)

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    1. A little prayer for peace on CS (and on Earth).
      Author: caroljoyce

      The Earth is deeply, truly changing
      We in care are as one engaging
      So Let us still our fear and raging

      Others can be sorely trying
      Leave us hurt, in pain and crying
      Being misunderstood can leave us sighing

      Yet remember we are humankind
      Peace and wisdom we all shall find
      Let’ s leave anger at another behind

      And so tomorrow is another day
      Let us live it in a different way
      By putting love in all we say
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Posted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 8:00 PM

  8. Well at least an update means something is going on:) its so frustrating to see no real changes though within the political arenas, or local councils governments etc, still same old........

  9. I thought zooming was forbidden