Wednesday, September 30, 2015

L1/L0 SD(PL) disparity detected


  1. I have been focusing on this floating disk of Goddess vortex in Syria few days ago. It happened in night, I felt surgy of energy and then felt 2 simultaneous thing. First was a mark placed on my third eye chakra, it was a symbol i cannot find anywhere, but close in shape to numer 8 and infinity symbol but like opened surrounded by rainbow color, like my chakra got updated. Second thing was an rainbow orb? new chakra? ball thing placed between my red root chakra and dantian.

  2. Is there a list somewhere of what all these acronyms and short hands mean?

    1. Not sure if there is a list, however i have seen definitions to abbrv or acronyms on older blogs. I encourage you to review tje prev blogs.. you might stumble into other pieces of info of interest. Just as an FYI... the semi coded msgs are intended for the RM