Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Great Forgetting of 1996

During the invasion of 1996, the Archons and the Chimera have put a negative barrier at the edge of the Solar System (the heliopause). All beings contained within that barrier inside the Solar System, including all surface humans, all Cabal factions, all subterranean beings (with the exception of a very few individuals), all secret space programs personnel, all Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, Dracos, Reptilians, Zetas and all other sentient beings whatsoever were implanted with plasma implants and tied to Chimera's AI network (the Veil). Vast majority of beings who had connection with the Ascended Masters were having that connection cut. Many memories of spiritual nature were erased with electronic dissolution of memory (EDOM). Many beings who intended to release intel to the surface population were mind programmed and in many instances false intel and memories were implanted. All channelers were implanted and most their channeling connections were severely disrupted.

Strangelet and toplet bomb mechanisms were planted if Ascended beings would reach out and make contact. This effectively made our Solar System a zone with very little Ascended contact. Event the Pleiadians within the Solar System could not reach the Ascended beings directly as the contact was extremely limited.

This is called the Great Forgetting of 1996. This forgetting was so complete that very few people actually remember their spiritual contact with their Soul and with the Ascended beings from before 1996. This forgetting was so complete that many pople will have hard time comprehending what am I talking about.

Now most of this blockage is already removed but everybody inside Solar System (including surface humans and almost all beings from subteranean and space alliances) still have that part of implants that cuts their connection with Ascended beings, tied to strangelet  / toplet bomb mechanisms, controlled by the Chimera. This is the reason why I have not yet released the intel about the Ascension plan, as the situation is simply not ready.

If somebody still doubts that strangelet bombs are real, here is the physics behind strangelet conversion:

In 1999, the Light forces started constructing a Light barrier at the heliopause with the intention of containing darkness infection inside our Solar System and then later clearing it. This barrier was mostly complete in late 2014 and absolutely complete in May 2015. 


Since September 2015 the Light forces made much progress regarding the removal of implants. The implants are no longer black holes rotating inside a magnetic field but just naked singularity portals still containing strangeness producing quark-gluon plasma inside implants' singularity well. All implants are still connected with hyperdimensional plasma wormholes (Tunnels of Set) into an AI-supported network that communicates across the Solar System plasma vortex (Yaldabaoth) and is tied to plasma strangelet / toplet bombs. This network is still connected with RHIC hadron collider and to a lesser degree with LHC at CERN. Those accelerators supply strangelets into the network mostly with gluon fusion interactions:

The Light forces will now deal with the quark-gluon plasma inside implants quite easily, but the quantum primary anomaly at the center of the implants' naked singularity, hidden inside the strong force responsible for gluon binding energy might be a bigger problem:

The implants are the main reason for psychological mechanisms of denial and projection. Those two psychological mechanisms are the two causes of constant infighting between the Lightworkers (You have a big ego! No, you have a big ego!) and Lightwarriors (You are a disinfo agent! No, you are a disinfo agent!).

Those two psychological mechanisms are further enhanced by negative non-physical entities and Archon/Chimera technology of the Veil:

The Light forces have communicated to me that an alliance / coalition of Lightworkers / Lightwarriors, working towards the common goal of planetary liberation, and refraining from constant infighting, would need to be formed on the surface of the planet. Such alliance is crucial for the successful compression breakthrough. Dragon forces have communicated that such coalition would serve as a conduit for the energies that will be released at the moment of compression breakthrough to ease the transition.

If this alliance is not formed, the Light forces have an alternative plan to carry out the compression breakthrough. That second plan is slower, but more secure. Details about that alternative plan will not be released on this blog, I will just say it will not alter much the way an average human will experience the Event.

The Resistance has communicated to me that they will contact Drake just before the Event and give him substantial intel to be released publicly.

Light forces watching the surface population are in constant frustration as the infighting between people, who are supposed to be leaders of change on the planetary surface, does not seem to end. This is why the Agarthans sometimes see the surface population as barbarian. Instead of people being in denial and projecting on Agarthans as being elitists, perhaps they could take a long hard look in the mirror, recognize the inner barbarian, and tame it. It took many Agarthan factions hundreds of years and even millennia of dedicated self improvement until they have learned to live in peace. After the Event as the strangelet bombs are removed, they will be able to help humanity directly and they will interact with people, but they will interact with caution, as they do not want to become targets of people's projections and attacks. 


I have experienced my own share of people's attacks and projections in the second half of September. How predictable - some people are so programmed and behave as Archon's puppets so predictably that I can now even calculate with mathematical certainty when they will erupt.

Here I would like to communicate that I release intel to empower people to think with their own head and expand their horizons, not to create followers. I release intel about the Event not to make people passively wait, but to participate in the creation of the Event actively in whatever way they feel guided. Even on the highest level, intel is highly compartmentalized and on a need to know basis, so I do not know everything and my understanding of the deepest layers of the rabbit hole evolves with time when new intel comes in. Still, my intel sources are very reliable and are not subject to personality distortions, subjectivity and mind programming that the surface intel sources exhibit.

Many people are frustrated as there are no visible drastic changes yet. Any drastic change, such as a major disclosure intel release through the mass media, or a direct physical intervention of the Light forces on the surface, would trigger a cascade of events that would lead to triggering of the strangelet bombs. Therefore, drastic actions of the Light forces will only happen when all strangelet and toplet bombs are removed and pose absolutely no threat.

Responding to the urgent need in the current planetary situation with implants, entity attachments and healing of human psyche, Dragon sources are constantly improving their technology for implant removal, entity removal, auric protection and healing of physical and non-physical bodies. This technology is now available here:

There are massive geopolitical shifts taking place right now that will lead to the final defeat of the Cabal.

It is an interesting synchronicity that super-efficient Russian intervention in Syria started a mere week after I have released the Halafian pottery Syrian vortex healing meditation:

This has brought us one step closer to the resolution of the refugee crisis:


The area of the Hassuna-Samarra Goddess vortex (Syria and most likely soon Iraq) is now the playing ground for the proxy war between the Eastern Alliance and the Cabal:

The Islamic State is now trying to destroy as much beauty as possible before its final defeat:

Years ago, the Chimera has locked many physical Pleiadian hostages in prisons on the surface in Syria and Afghanistan. These hostages were captured by the Chimera forces during the invasion on 1996 throughout the Solar System and later transferred to Earth. These hostages are strategically important for the Chimera since they use them as a mechanism to block the progress of the Pleiadian fleet towards the Earth where they would like to help with the liberation of the planet. These hostages are the real occult reason behind the presence of the US negative military in Syria and Afghanistan.

For all those reasons it would be good if as many people as possible would do the Halafian pottery meditation to help stabilize the situation. The link to the meditation is here:

There are important moves taking place behind the scenes and I cannot report about them, even if I would like to. I will just say that despite the fact that nothing drastic has shifted yet, right now the foundation is being laid for the positive changes that will transform our world forever.

Victory of the Light!


  1. Always not comment on your pléiadian's source... you thinck they are ET who want liberate the planete. They are just an ancient human civilization breackaway who have colonies in pléiades and say you they are ET from pléiades. Thx for rest of your job.


    1. Maybe the Nordics (tall whites) and the Pleidians are two different things as I've read quite a lot and my understanding was they were two different groups.

      More importantly......Cobra is the anti-nano device a good tool, using dc current wrapped around a bucket of solution to extract nano tech/heavy metals whilst standing in it? Read the Sasquatch messages apparently they were warning of being changed into cyborgs and people who have used this trick to remove 'stuff' have found fibres coming out of them. I suspect this nano chemtrailing is even more serious than is being said, its in all food and waters creating irreversible damage to mitochondria.

    2. Look at the Spherebeingalliance logo, same as UN, who is head of UN? Pope? Why do both use that same symbol and is law of one our new religion.

    3. thanks david for an excellent example of how the said infighting and bickering over detail is created.

    4. DUDE!! - Use your own discernment! You don't know Cobra's sources any more than Cobra knows Corey Goodes experiences - Andrew Basiago claims to be a child time traveler - Fred Bell has his experiences - Sylvia Brown - David Icke - Andrew Bartzis ALL have similar stories & diverengent info - I think ALL of them are "trying to help"!!

      Maybe you should seek some "2nd Opinions" & leave it at that dude - Use your own discernment - You have FREE will - Use it & Stop w/ the Gotcha Games. You've been heard. Let it go. or go make your own website.

    5. Just because there are some "Nordic" breakaway groups who have posed as ETs in the past, does not suddenly negate the fact that Pleiadians & other ET races DO exist ;-)

      The reverse of your statement is also likely happening. Some of these Light Force ET groups have bases under the surface, which can then in turn be lumped in with the general, catch-all term of "Agarthans". I'm sure someone as knowledgeable & awakened such as Cobra will be able to make the distinction between the breakaway groups and the real Pleiadians.

      Whatever the case, I'm really looking forward to that Rob Potter interview where he's hoping to talk to Cobra & Corey Goode at the same time. Now THAT will be fascinating, and may help clear up some of the confusion & discrepancies in intel.

      But the main point that both have stressed is to not get too caught up in all the intel details, & instead focus on becoming more Loving & doing our part to create positive change in the world.

      In Love & Light,

    6. after reading this comment it reminds me this part of the articl above:
      "Those two psychological mechanisms are the two causes of constant infighting between the Lightworkers (You have a big ego! No, you have a big ego!) and Lightwarriors (You are a disinfo agent! No, you are a disinfo agent!)."
      "Light forces watching the surface population are in constant frustration as the infighting between people, who are supposed to be leaders of change on the planetary surface, does not seem to end. This is why the Agarthans sometimes see the surface population as barbarian. Instead of people being in denial and projecting on Agarthans as being elitists."
      obviosly many people who read this blog and commenti still dont get it.
      Love to all <3

    7. Cobra : Resistance Movement. This is a group of freedom fighters who live in subterranean dwellings in the upper part of Earth’s crust. They have a constant physical contact with underground Pleiadian bases in Himalaya and under Bora-Bora island. Their official public contact is Cobra.
      In the beginning of the 20th century, the positive Pleiadians from Aldebaran have decided to assist humanity in achieving spaceflight and overunity in order to help them set free from Chimera and Cabal control.

      Corey : CG: The German secret societies had been doing a whole bunch of expeditions. And as they were in the area of the Himalayans, they ran into a group of Nordic-looking beings that presented themselves as alien, ETs. And they were actually a ancient human breakaway civilization that had existed under the Himalayas for tens of thousands of years. CG: But there's was closer to the surface, underneath mountains and networks that reached down to that area. And they called theirselves the Agartha Network. CG: That was according to the documentation. And they had a space fleet, or a space program, that they called the Silver Fleet. CG: Yes, that happened a lot by this group that pretended to be ETs. And later on that also happened by this German group that created a breakaway civilization using technology they obtained from the Draco and this Agarthan group under the Himalayans. they said they were from the Pleiades or something like that originally.

      ET positives (3,4,5ème density) won't liberate us. They just defend their interest and fight againt groupe Orion (archonte-chimera/draco/reptiliens complexe) but they aren't 100 % light.
      WE will liberate alone.

      I understand now why cobra can't confirm présence corey at Super fédération ET. This group "pléiadien" isn't ET but aghartan group who say they are ET from pléiades and liberate us (to protect themself and stay secret).

    8. Dave.. i read the sasquash message for humanity:


      But i also read this channeled message regarding the sashquash http://2012indyinfo.com/2013/08/24/metatron-channel-lord-metatron-via-james-tyberonn-24-aug-2013/

      Found some contradictions ...
      thus discernment is advice...

    9. Personally... i dont care if is the smurfs and gargamel out there trying to help and are the source of the intel... as long as they are in the same page... same goal which is real freedom... is what matters... we already have been told that there has been much switching sides going on over time... wouldnt be surprise if some info comes from someone that had a change of heart... who knows... and even if i knew i would not disclose it because obviously some of us can't move beyond certain history... or mentality. Zeus knows that we never behave poorly throughout our many lifetimes or even on this one. We should not be given a chance after having a true change of heart?

  2. It is time for us to build a true network. No more arguing over details.

    We have the Gaia Confederation for websites, but we also have the Community Connector for meeting local "awake and aware" types.

    There is also Prepare For Change...a lot of work is being done there now, but we need help - self-motivated people who are able to work as part of a virtual global team.

    If you have skills as a translator, computer skills, writing capabilities, etc. please contact us to assist. You can click on the button on the right side of Cobra's blog.

    There is also a very big initiative being developed...one which is being coordinated with many individuals including Cobra. It will be our chance to use social media and email to support the overthrow of the Rothschild agents in the MSM at the time of the EVENT, so that no one will doubt what is going on is real AND positive.

    Heed Cobra's advice, everyone! Let's stop arguing and do what we were meant to do when we incarnated.

    It is time for us to truly assist in planetary liberation as active agents of change...we have the power, and we do not need to hopelessly watch as observers. We can and will make it happen.

    1. Agree with you New Age! Let's make it happen!

    2. Hi new age biscuit, how do I get in contact with you in regards to forming network? Maybe we can look into it together? I like the idea. Anyone else interested? Many thanks. Im in sweden.

    3. I agree. let's cease with the ego here and there opinions. You need to awaken the fire in your heart, so you can use discernment in silence for yourself. If you are not meditating from your heart, you are feeling and speaking from your ego. Being modest and humble are keywords that everyone should practise so we can connect as a light-chain to put the world peace in motion. Love and Light

    4. To all - send me an email at newagebiscuit@gmail.com and put "Alliance/Coalition" in the Subject heading - no other text is necessary as I will not have time to reply. I need to clarify what the correct/best steps are for registering and where to do so - people much smarter than me are working on those issues.

      What I can do is send a Bcc email to everyone who replies with specific instructions and links. I want to ensure I am not disseminating incorrect information, so please be patient regarding a response - I may need a week or two to discuss the appropriate action plan.

      That is a more passive approach. Ultimately, it is ideal for all of you interested to go to www.prepareforchange.net and register for email/newsletter updates. We will be providing more clear directions and updates via our newsletters which arrive roughly once per week.

  3. Dear Cobra and RM, thank you again for this update. It's quite much to absorb. If I can be of any help for the Alliance to liberate this planet. Yes, I too feel the Archon attacks, triggering me to become negavtive. But, I want this planet to be free. At service.

    1. Dude - simply realize that YOU (however small) Chose the "Light" - regardless of how 'flawed' or negative you become, became, could be- LOVE always exists. YOU are never apart of the Creator - You & PRIME creator are linked & 1.

      YOU and the Asschons are technically "1"- Myself, Howard Stern, & the alternate Earth version of Abraham Lincoln are in fact "1" - however diverse we might be. The Asschon attacks are designed to create "Fear" & Doubt in the future....You don't have anyway of knowing the TRUE Future so those 'fears' are merely the peanut gallery cheering for your demise or failure - but You'll never know till that moment comes.....They know this- It's time you thought 4th Dimensionally - cause I think they hate that.

      Their Hunger is not your problem if you don't care

  4. Thank you Cobra for this info. I do not post many times on your website because I've noticed that after you shared something important the so called illuminated people come out with their so called light and you get metaphorically clubbed. I mean seriously, what kind of light does that? Not my kind for sure. I'll do what I'm guided and felt to help as much as I can physically and spiritually. Much obliged for all that you do and been doing and will do. Köszönöm Cobra. Unconditionally as always L
    May all my Magyar ancestors and their descendents from the Sirius system be as helpful as possible.

  5. Thank you for the update!
    Much to read and think about. .... Hmmmm......

    You are reminding me of the last verses of the Hopi wisdom:


    .....At this time in history,
    We are to take nothing personally.
    Least of all, ourselves!
    For the moment we do,
    Our spiritual growth and journey comes to an end.
    The time of the Lone Wolf is over!

    Gather yourselves!
    Banish the word ‘struggle’ from your attitude and vocabulary.
    All that we do now must be done,
    In a sacred manner and in celebration.

    We are all about to go on a journey,
    We are the ones we have been waiting for!

    -Thomas Banyacya Sr. (1910-1999);
    Speaker of the Wolf, Fox and Coyote Clan
    Elder of the Hopi Nation

    1. Very nice, I really enjoyed this! It is time to end the negativity, though I know it is difficult to do- each day holds so many obstacles as we try to stay in the light, and there is still so much negativity that each of us has to endure.

    2. The Hopi: They got it goin' on. ... ; ^ ) ....

  6. Thank you Cobra! This was a lot of vital information, with a very positive ending! Victory to the light!

    Is there in any shape or form already an existing basis of the coalition of Lightworkers / Lightwarriors working towards the common goal of planetary liberation?
    If there is I would be glad to officially join!

  7. There's no way people are just going to stop fighting without something to unify them. There is still so much division. I would so very much love to help but how can we when we are all struggling to even survive. I'm sure the light forces have taken hits too. I would love to see an article on why these dark groups were allowed to do this for so long. Seems like such a long road ahead still that unfortunately me and my mother will not see the end of. We are just given snippets of info here and there. I'm really trying not to be negative but I guess the archons are making me do it.

    1. Stay strong, we will all make it to the grand finale. Just keep fighting!

  8. We need to be Cabal members to afford the light equipment to remove the implants.......

    1. .. perhaps a well or financially blessed individual could buy one or several :) and donated to a coalition or org that can promote it and offer it to the public (for free ¡deally)... that is of course if the individual does not want to do it him or herself... donate it :)... why is that not doable?
      .. i doubt everyone here on earth that wants to do something in a grand scale (with eyes wide opened) for humanity is in poverty.... no successful stock brokers.. philantropist (spelling) reading these posts? Or truly are they all still in deep slumber...

  9. "Light forces watching the surface population are in constant frustration as the infighting between people, who are supposed to be leaders of change on the planetary surface, does not seem to end."

    Who are these supposed leaders, who put them in charge and why are they still in charge?

    1. Good question. A qualified and responsible person rectifies himself after making a mistake.

      "The implants are the main reason for psychological mechanisms of denial and projection. Those two psychological mechanisms are the two causes of constant infighting between the Lightworkers"

      So the light forces just need remove the implants and the bickering stops...

    2. I vote that everyone that wants to assume a role of leadership get that device and zap their implants out for good... then lead. :)... unfortunately if you cant afford that device... hmm back to the drawing board :)... lead but with a warning sign... "im still implanted"... at least you would get support n votes for honesty... well u would get me vote :)....

      I think the answer to your last question Deinos is "us"... -we let them be placed in charged (even if chosen by some other group like cabal)... we let them be in charge. As usual.

    3. "Lead with a Warning Sign: I"M STILL IMPLANTED "


  10. Thank You Cobra.Thank You Sisters and Bros here. My intent and wishes are for the liberation of light from darkness also resonates with you. I Am here for whatever you might need help with. At your fully service in Guadalajara,Mexico.

  11. 26000 years (or more) of brutality, relentless pain and unending empty promises by so many throughout history, implantation and disconnection, memory scrubbing and calculated manipulation, all manor of horrors committed, AI infiltration and mind control......

    Referring to anyone as a puppet does not exude an air of enlightenment nor does it demonstrate forgiveness. I have made this mistake...recently. hostilities we send out are like nails in a fence. We can apologise and take out the nails, but the scars will remain, in both people.

    We are One.

  12. MORE weird dreams but it feels like I've drained a vast lake that separates my Higher-Self (4-D) from my 3-D ego Self & now I'm emptying ALL the crap at the bottom (I'm on the bottom) and now it's just like 4-6 feet of wet silt, mud, & dirt that's accumulated since the lake was clean & crystal clear (Like since Lemuria or Atlantis?).

    Like I'm finding treasures, abandon bikes, jewelry, Old street signs, weapons, garbage & furniture from childhood. With an "OHH, that's where 'X' got lost at" - Like it's been trapped there a LONG Time at the bottom of the lake - No wonder we couldn't find it.

    Like for example- I found the knife that harbored the resentment & fury I had when I murdered some guards who captured & beat me then killed my "Leader" when I was trying to escape to Agartha (or someplace safe) away from the corrupted faction in what might have been Atlantis. I have past life memory and this was one of my earliest lives I can remember. It was the 1st SOUL Memory I have of consciously choosing to KILL another living person. It's taken me THIS Long to process the pain, betrayal, & rage. I needed to coexist w/ my desire to Love ALL but recognize the part of me that justified the killing of another. I have often had sympathy for the Killer (as it was self-defense & I feel they deserved it). However I needed to look into that Self's eyes & acknowledge that YES, it happened & was messed-up but that I need to know why I am not BETTER & more evolved for having been 'Tainted' by #1 the Duality Veil & #2 the passion & desire for Justice & self-defense. Because a part of me LOVES my Inner-Darkness (love the power, the Rush, the Instinct, the Crushing of another who wishes to sub-due you). In the end it's about "POWER" & Control but you need to learn strength thru "grace" (awareness)- or how to LOVE & respect ALL life without feeling like a Victimized Wussy.

    So while "Kill or Be Killed" is important for power & survival (Free Will) - LOVE & devoting ALL energies to the "One" (FREELY) is ultimately the only 'real' Power - I could argue it was the only choice that would bring any 'satisfaction' - I just needed to know how (the WHY) I could make such a choice. I learned in future lifetimes that I didn't like to kill things anyway. Then I realized how confused the Asschons must've been when they delusionally thought they were "removed" from the "One" (and Love) how furious & crazy it must've of been. They've always had a Choice- to look within & retrace their steps back to the LOVE from which they were given life- but they can't cause they're Crazy. So they're kind of like angry animals throwing their poop at the universe because even THEY probably can't even stand themselves at this point.

    But Not Me, I'm fucking awesome and I choose to do so of my own FREE Will w/ Love in heart & a shadow that says "Hey, Don't fuck w/ my Love yo!"

    Sorry if this is "out of place" or felt like a ramble - just a lot of weird dreams lately. Somethings "Churning" outside Earth

    1. Not out of place, Gantz. always appreciate your undaunted sense of humor. In sleep/dreams we integrate our multi-dimensional aspects of self....or at least that's what it feels like!

      Yes, we've been beaten down and yes, we are Awesome, and the love deep inside each one of us, whether dormant or in full bloom, will carry us through.

  13. Woow Cobra that was worth the wait Brother.. Yes I agree but it seems the Tech is just too much for people who NEED it.. that's a big problem.. but I like what you said I love you Cobra and know how hard your job is very hard.. but WE thank you.. we support the Intel and you.. and we will help the best we can.. LOVE LIGHT :) VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!!!

  14. If anyone is feeling down, tired or a little lost.

    If it helps, there is a song named 'Hold on to what you believe'. It helps me to focus sometimes.

    Another one I find that rekindles my focus is 'reignite'. Was made for a video game but speaks so very well to the situation at hand and is quite uplifting.

    Hope can drown
    Lost in thunderous sound
    And fear can claim
    What little faith remains
    But I carry strength from souls now gone
    They won't let me give in

    I will never surrender
    We'll free the Earth and Sky
    Crush my heart into embers
    And I will Reignite

    Death will take
    Those who fight alone
    But united we can break
    A fate once set in stone
    Just hold the line until the end
    Coz we will give them hell

    I will never surrender
    We'll free the Earth and Sky
    Crush my heart into embers
    And I will Reignite.

    This song, for me, is not just about combating an external enemy, but also about conquering the enemy within. That each and every time we have our hearts fire snuffed out...we literally reignite...and keep moving forwards....as one. Because we are one. It's like that saying "the total number of minds in the universe.....is One." Which also means that the combined strengths of all souls are within the one....and as a result, within each and every individual soul. Immeasurable strength. Impenetrable defense. Sure the rain can hit you and it can certainly sting....but it can not harm you in any way that will ever count....and your skin is waterproof!

    1. Beautiful! Thank you.

      I'm deep in that cycle now, in the going down in flames before rebirth phase, soon rising to the new occasion.

  15. thank you so much for the info on implants and the RM progress. It helps reassure me each time I read such a great update that all the negativity that is now circulating on the Tsaunami Day of Nov. 5th to wipe out the East Coast of USA probably will not happen. Now if I could only afford the implant removal devices. Sure wish some group would purchase and offer to rent this equipment so we could afford to get these implants out of us would really be wonderful.

    1. I find it hard to believe that all awakened individuals out there are ALL struggling financially... perhaps a coalition of all those awakened and overly financially stabled individualz would embark in helping humanity from every corner in the world (ideally) by buying one of those devices and setup a location in their local town to let people use it (or showcase it on fairs/powwows etc).. would be nice if free... after all would they need to make money out of that? or at least for a small fee..

      maybe is too early to ask for such coalition ... how about lets start with one person... tell us where that device is available for usage (free ideally) and you probably will have your town turn into a newage tourist attraction..

      Well we can always dream :)

      Ah yea... most likely if that device do work.. it wont only be newagers checking your site... so be cautious... just saying

  16. Wow, that article on attachments. I'm getting the hang of this. I can feel that singularity. I can hear the AI's murmuring commands. I can feel them cause back spasms when I try to be positive. Simulated heart attacks when I look back at them in meditation. The chains were really rattling tonight with all this info.

  17. Cobra,
    First I still wanna thank you for your constant efforts despite all what you've been through, and that you probably have heard it like thousands of times. What you've done to the liberation is definitely no easy task, and probably few beings would sign up for a mission like yours at a desperate time like this.

    I still have this peculiar thought every now and then that what would happen now if you had decided to leave the quarantine when you had the chance years ago. If that had happened, many of us would've never met and gotten to know you more. You made your decision to stay, and afterwards you've experienced a pretty fair share of attacks throughout the years, and yet you never complain publicly that you regret ever making that decision. I don't know what to say. Sometimes I thank you, sometimes I feel sorry for you, and other times, yes, I am quite angry at you because I am programmed and suffer from the primary anomaly as well, and have a hard time dealing with stress and other stuff in daily lives.

    Well, one thing we know for certain now is that all beings involved in the liberation process (lightworkers, lightwarriors, Agarthans, the light forces, etc.) have been bombarded with the similar exhaustion and frustration. We are all too tired to carry on. Nevertheless, thank you, all of you!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Dear "Just Be"--
      Please quit deleting your comments as I'm sure we would all enjoy reading what you have to say.....I'm sorry if I offended you. Love & Light to "Just Being".

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Lol she was being rude?... amazing how our perceptions end up making a fool of ourselves. What you perceived as rude i perceived as kindness... wonder which one of us is making the "wrong" "assumption"... only the holder of the original though knows... for we are too blind and delusional to receive messages free of our self righteous filters.

    4. I have nothing more to say to you. Do as you wish.

  19. Is funding, grants or free products from the Mandala Technology available for those who cannot afford the $6000 price tag? Most people could not afford a stone, virtually no one will be able to afford this technology...although this technology would greatly benefit mankind, the healing and progress that will be made is priceless. For that reason I question why such a device would ever cost so much.. Nonetheless something must be done to get this out to the people who need it and most of those people will need assistance. Does the company or Dragon Sources provide financial assistance for these products?

  20. "This is called the Great Forgetting of 1996. This forgetting was so complete that very few people actually remember their spiritual contact with their Soul and with the Ascended beings from before 1996." - Cobra

    I know exactly what you are talking about Cobra. Thank you for this update. I experienced a major shift in my energy that year. All goodness in the world seemed to disappear and everything fell apart. I was not meditating or channeling at the time but I felt it in my bones and in my gut something was not right. It was as if I fallen into a different universe. The loving energies that surrounded me were gone. A good analogy would be listening to a sweet melody on the radio and then someone turns the dial now you are listening to gangsta rap or heavy metal blaring curse words and singing about death and violence.

    However, I consider 1996 to be the year of my awakening. They may have silenced many light workers but they didn't get all of us. What they did was awaken many others who were sleeping. How could anyone who was spiritually attuned sleep through all that racket. Many years before 1996 around 1982 I planted a maple tree and gave my energy to the tree so I could become a normal person. I call this my "Soul Tree." I was only a small child at the time I planted the tree but I remember having incredible powers before that. At times of great crisis I would go back to the soul tree but the message was always "not yet. The time will come." At the urging of guidance I went back to the soul tree to meditate on Hurricane Joaquin and within hours of the meditation the hurricane turned away from the coast. The time has COME.

    There were many other people within the soul tree network who were also meditating at the same time. All this was done at the request of guidance without the aid of the internet or any technologies. Some spirits were separate from their human forms and are requesting make contact with living selves. Any lightworker who wishes to break through the great forgetting of 1996 should contact their soul trees now. Think back to when you were very young maybe on 3 or 4 years old. Think of an object you may have put your energy into as a child. It could be a tree, a rock, a hill, a pond, a patch of sand something the archons would never have suspected to implant. From this object you can retrieve your memories, your energies, and your powers. This is the oversoul ritual. Find the object and put your hands on it. Begin to meditate and request peace and love to return. This will dissolve any implants you have and reconnect you with what you once were. The oversoul is stronger than the archons. In their arrogance they never understood the old rituals. It is time to take this planet back.

    Peace be with you.
    Victory to the light.

  21. There is a lot to read here.
    Thank you for laying it out for us, Cobra.

    (Also there is an (underground?) beautiful swimming pool to swim in ! Thank you for this beautiful image!).

    It is really not hard to see the big picture and need for unity among us if we apply LOVE and FORGIVENESS to everything.

    LOVE brings us together so we can work together.

    I read recently on Divine Cosmos (David Wilcock's blog) a statement from that website's "Moderator" who wrote words to the effect that "We don't mention Cobra on this website because some of his intel. conflicts with the Law of One book.... and also Cobra sometimes writes things on his blog after David Wilcock does."

    Okay - this decision by this Moderator seems very misguided on a number of levels. I didn't like it when I read this and was trying to figure out how to tell them so, but --- oh, nevermind. They'll figure it out.

    I simply appreciate Cobra's straightforward message and I am trying to hear myself and correct myself on a daily basis.

    Solve things with LOVE.... with FORGIVENESS... Look at MYSELF.... What can I fix in MYSELF?

    It is truly a daily undertaking to clean all these negative programs out, but I have long felt it is worth the effort.

    I was reminded of Michael Jackson's excellent song from the 1980s. Take a look at this wonderful video from the 1988 Grammy Awards. It's over 7 minutes long, but it gets better with each minute... Truly inspiring...


    Thank you Cobra and the RM.

    Victory of the Light !!

    1. Michael Jackson song in the Youtube video shown above is:
      "Man in the Mirror."

      Lyrics as I hear them: "If you want to make the world a better place, Take a look at yourself and make the change......"

      One of his best...

    2. Thank you so much posting this video. It brought tears to my eyes and shivers down the spine.

    3. Megan, I respect David Wilcock and the awareness he has raised. However, often it feels like he views Cobra as competition for a finite audience rather than a potential ally.

      Many who read Cobra's blog have tried to break through those barriers, and it is very difficult. This is one reason Corey Goode has been a breath of fresh air, IMHO.

      A broader alliance and coalition of people who are working together to create awareness and take positive actions such as mass meditations or simply helping to alert people/authorities at the time of the EVENT would be an unstoppable force for change on this planet.

      It is time for us to work together without fighting over details about who or what is right. None of us on the planet has the whole picture, and we will not have that until the EVENT comes. Nothing is more important to our future.

    4. Yes. It is time to work together.

    5. I concur, I appreciate Cobra's straightforward message, too. As for the Moderator, hmm, in that case, sounds like maybe the Law of One book needs an update? ;-) Perhaps they just don't want to send out mixed messages, so they stick to David's insights.

      From what I see, Cobra offers clear intel from his own sources, with no apparent self-serving agenda, so if the moderator is implying that Cobra waits for David's posts before writing his own, that is laughable. Don't forget, David probably got some people killed by prematurely releasing some exciting information this past year, whereas Cobra errs on the side of caution. I do enjoy David's voluminous updates, or at least one of the recent ones was his best ever, IMHO, but I don't know if most people can hang in long enough with his style of connecting the dots in such a lengthy, convoluted fashion, to actually digest the material.

      Cobra does not mince words. I like that.

    6. hi friends, thanks all for responding to this.

      I, too, appreciate what all these insiders and insider-researchers are presenting.

      The audience for this stuff is not finite, however, as Biscuit points out.

      There's room enough in the beautiful cavernous quarried turquoise swimming pool of knowledge for everybody !!

      I like Cobra's non-mincing-of-words too and we all get to swim with him !

      .....Let's go spin that Halafian pottery !! ; ^ ) ....

  22. Wow Cobra! Synch! I've just spent hours reading about implants & entities on Clive's site.


    Your missing-piece info: the anomaly, the Archons, the true motives & intentions of any so-called "Spiritual Hierarchy." _Hierarchy_ as a concept is, in itself, the big clue about any "Spiritual Hierarchy" as being sourced from Archon / Draco social structure/s -- NOT as an innately Light-sponsored organization. The ancient Hebrews copied this sort of Heavenly social structure from the Babylonians who got it from the ETs / Archons ... 1 big spiritual fraud.

    &: "Agarthans ... but they will interact with caution, as they do not want to become targets of people's projections and attacks."

    Yes, just been thinking about that: *7 billion Earth-surface humans w/ PTSD* after the Event. Not so helpful 2 misdirect r rage onto those not responsible. Clear, complete info of r true history & ez access 2 all that info will help -- some! HEALING of all kinds is the priority.


    In other news, my Cabal-minion sociopath neighbors in E AZ, USA, still r aiming psychotronics. Esp microwaves or heating effects. Exacerbating mitochondrial disorder. Feeding my energy 2 Archons?

    BREATHE LIGHT, EVERY1! Be well all.

  23. Thank you Cobra and RM for this update 💜 Now I have answer for all my question to you Cobra... I remember contact with my soul... I remember my contact with Ascendens Beings...I remember my home in Universe and Pure beautiful love💚💝💗💜💚 And.. I remember Archons and Draconian Attacks when my connection was blocked ;( is really hard live like now on this false world and always fight, specialy from 27 of May 2015 was many attacks also on my kids ;( I try keep light, teach kids about truth, together meditate for the Earth but now is to much for us, I don't know how long I can fight, for now I lost my strength. I belive the Event change all, Humans need know what mean true love, pure love...I miss so much for this feeling because this love what most of people know is only little part of true love.... Cobra, iam sure you know what I talking about...
    Many Blessings and love to All 💜

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. "... an alliance / coalition of Lightworkers / Lightwarriors, working towards the common goal of planetary liberation, and refraining from constant infighting, would need to be formed on the surface of the planet."

    Cobra, what sort of Coalition is in need to be formed... New Age Buiscuit has named some that are already running... (as far as infighting within them?? I hope is minimum or nonexistant)

    Is there a specific area that has not yet been covered by these or any other existing groups.... or is just mainly the need of avoiding the distractions/infighting and focus on production... such as truly focus on setting up large/er group meditations... expand on re-educating the public (without making yourself a target would be ideal :)....

    Just wondering...

    1. Very good question. I'm thinking "I've spent my whole life trying to wake people up, and it's never worked." 0% success rate. The Light forces must realize we can't do it on our own and are including us like you do a child, telling us we're doing great. It sucks because humans ARE barbarians and I don't want to be one anymore.


    2.  I did not mean to imply that there is a ton of infighting within those organizations.  What I was saying is that we have done a lot of important work regarding infrastructure of the website and creating communication lines between people both locally as well as globally. To this end, we are trying to create tools to help people connect...and anyone who is willing to work to assist PFC and Community Connector in achieving those goals will be a welcome addition to the team.

      There are always disagreements whenever a large group tries to create a consensus.  It is how these are handled and resolved which is key. Recognizing that we are each a flawed but well-meaning individual, it is important to give each other space to be "human".  Learning to de-escalate interpersonal conflicts when facing tremendous interference energetically is no small task...but it is vitally necessary in order for a large group of people to work together productively.

      The best advice on these matters that I have seen is arguably the simplest.  It is caller The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz, and is based upon Toltec teachings:

      The Four Agreements
      1. Be impeccable with your word.
      2. Don’t take anything personally.
      3. Don’t make assumptions.
      4. Always do your best.

      Elaborations on these are widely available on the internet, and these are so pertinent that I myself am reminded of them often by others!   Needless to say, I have many times where someone needs to keep me in line, too.  I am grateful when others make it a priority to help me take a step back.

      All we really need to do is to learn to get along better and be productive doing so.  This means we have to consciously work on not creating additional negativity via our thoughts and actions.

      The above is simple to write, not so easy in practice, and imperative to obtaining our freedom.  The game (matrix) is rigged to create interpersonal conflict; the key to winning this game is to refuse to play...and to be played.

    3. New Age Biscuit... i dont know if there were any infightning within those groups you mentioned. I just hoped there weren't any... if there was to a minimum. i have not dealt with any of those groups directly except perhaps in getting transcripts. So my knowledge of the innerworkings is nill. Sorry if it sounded that i was drawing them in negative manner. I agree with you that disagreements do arise.

      Really me main goal was to get Cobra to pin point if there were other areas that needed our attention that may not be covered yet by the groups you listed.

  26. Thank you for the information Cobra, love and light.

  27. I have been waiting for this update with great anticipation and it didn’t fail to deliver! WOW!! Thank you Cobra, Isis, RM, Agarthans, and Light forces for all you do for us!! And thank you to Drake and the positive military for all that you guys do!! Now, I hope that people will stop wasting so much energy trying to figure out if this is all for real or not and instead put that energy into positive and productive ACTION! Victory of the Light!!

  28. Seriously awesome job, Cobra, RM, Light Forces et al. Not an easy task - deactivating billions of implants in the surface population. Hopefully the Superwave will do the rest. All right Lightworkers, those who feel that they have only 30 days left, let's take a lesson from a great inspirational movie and science the sh*t out of this. Help is only 140 million miles away.

  29. According to Ibrahim Hassan of "the world of truth" in his sept 2015 webinar:

    1.) there are 4 stages: a) removal of dark entitiy, b) removal of veil, c) disclosure, d) event

    - we are now between b & c, with removal of veil at 58% thus allowing much more intel to be released, 2nd stage completion percentage is 37% - 61%

    2) only 24% of the population is truly awakwned

    3) 90% of the financial aspect is complete

    4) timeframe of the event is 2012-2017

    5) Lucifer now aligned with the light in 2012, satan is sent to the galactic central sun

    6) only one physical archon is left on earth and they are trying to use him as a "router" to connect to their outside forces

    7) 4D = 4-strand DNA, 5D = 12-strand DNA, 8D / beginning of Higher Self = 15,000-strand DNA, Ascended Master = 21,000-strand DNA, 13D "merged" Spirit = 77,000-strand DNA....

    8) there are 4 stages in healing the cosmic anomaly, the 3rd stage is reached during june-aug 2015. the last stage will be done during the event. the source is also now connected to the anomaly and therefore giving intel to the light force were previously it has very limited control of.

    9) the anomaly is located in the orion star system

    10) Hastening the time of the event depends on us increasing our vibration, doing inner work, awakening more people.

    1. If that 24 percent wakes up one person each....

    2. Like i've said before; I've been awakening people myself for awhile now. I will continue to do such, even if it requires heated debates. Not everyone is ready to wake up either; Some are stuck and a hopeless cause for me; Some wake up at the first contact debate, some at the fifth. After the 10th, i will move on to another soul to awaken. It doesn't help its just those like me are the only ones really able to smack some sense into our brothers/sisters. Sigh.

  30. What about M. Keshe free energy generators. Will thei manage to spread them on the planet?

  31. I think this is an appropriate place to vent a dream I just had. I've never in all my life dreamt something so real and vivid and made me feel so much. It starts with me dreaming within a dream in my old house, then I start to feel that everything was moving, like an earthquake it is long and doesn't stop, suddenly y see a house that I will build in the forrest and then it falls apart as it falls I start to see big beams of wood, made up from more wood to expand and release energy. As the beams, start to open y start to cry, but not in a sad way in a release and let go kind of way, but from my mouth i can only hear a baby cry, of a new born. And I start to align to this new born, feeling in some way that he is me and I am him, suddenly I want to go back, after a while I do and I wake up from the first dream I go running to my old parents room and all my family is there and I feel that they all felt something that all humanity felt something as I do my mother sees my naked torso and my tattoos so I go running back for some clothes and I wake up.

    I wanted to share because it felt so different from a dream, it was something surreal and see if anyone has felt the same or dreamt something so intuitive connected to what is happening to the wolrld

  32. Goode described in great detail how the subterranean Earth civilizations view themselves as racially pure in contrast to surface humanity:

    They each described their perceptions of those of us on the surface as uncivilized barbarians who are diseased and genetically impure. They said they were the only ones who had preserved the various original earth human bloodlines.

    Wave after wave of refugees from nearby planets had since co-mingled their genetics with the original humans of this planet, and had taken over the surface world like a plague.

    1. We have already seen this in world war 2. There result was a little bit ugly... more than 50 million dead.

    2. Agarthanazis?? Mhhh hopefully it is not true and they are beyond all stupid race issues...

  33. Thanks for the intel and all the comments. It will take quite a bit before we will some something tangible IMO... for the ones that share this feeling (and the others as well) this image will give you a clear idea http://wobba-jack.com/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2015/10/wobba-jack-tattoo-art-how-do-you-feel-today.jpg

  34. Dearest Cobra, Thank you. It made me cry. You know, I thought I believed and supported you unconditionally. I didn't. In your last interview you said nothing special would happen in September. I did not believe you. Why? Because it was something I did not want. Am I that simple? Only believing and supporting what I want?
    You are the most peaceful and true person I know, never ever harming anybody.
    So, I'm sorry. Please forgive me, thank you, I love you.
    And of course, finally I betrayaled myself.

  35. what the name of the AI system being talk about

  36. I just emailed the The Mandala White Star light technology company COBRA refers to to ask this question:
    "Roughly speaking, how many times would one need to use this device “The Mandala White Star” for “implant removal, entity removal, auric protection and healing of physical and non-physical bodies” as COBRA suggests?

    Once? Twice? Once a month?"

    While wildly expensive for most people it might be possible for group to get together in any particular area and purchase what is needed on a community basis and share it around if one didn't need to use it every day to clear oneself again.
    I'll let y'all know what there response is.

    1. I know others who have the same idea...community purchasing power. Email me if you wish to assist on this matter and I will connect you.

    2. OK, glad to. I'll wait to see if there is any more interest over the next couple of days.. I'm in Australia though, where are you?

    3. OK, I'll be glad to, I'll wait a few days to see who else is interested. I am in Australia, where are you? BTW I'm having a lot of difficulty getting this "reply-publish" function to work on 2 different browsers, so if duplicates appear, my apologies.

    4. I received this reply to my questions above:

      "Hello Brian,
      The device creates a resonant field to shift the vibration of the user to the required result. It is always a matter of external factors effects on lowering the vibration, vs. our resistance to these factors and holding our balanced vibration. How long does it take us to maintain equilibrium and resist external stresses? it depends on many factors, and the Light Mandalas tools offer a way to shift and maintain our mental, emotional and psycho-spiritual states in harmony. depending on the type of implants, they are disabled in the presence of a strong saturating and overriding influence from the Mandala. again its a matter of the state higher energy forces the lower energy to yield.

      An initial program of 3 days sequentially followed by anytime a sense of heaviness or low vibration is senses. the mandala will raise and maintain the higher vibratory state while shielding from negative influences.

      The Mandala Scan is a practical tool in deciding the length of exposure required to reach a certain required state. Since the scan will determine out of the libraries being tested, which factors are the ones with the best result to the user. then the length of the sessions is also indicated as part of the scan results.

      I’m attaching more information and prices for your reference.
      Looking forward to answering any questions you have and assisting you in benefiting from the Light Mandalas System.

      Warmest regards
      Light Mandalas"

  37. thanks for another great piece of info as knowledge is power, and indeed you have been trying to empower and not create followers, but whatever it is, implants, nano-technology with artificial intelligence or just our egos and its fears, our heads and our reactions are really an issue to watch for! I liked these coments on other blogs:
    Kaulipele - "Very interesting story here, and one I sense needs to be communicated. It does explain why many things seem to be going so slowly… for good reason."
    Starship Earth: "I often say that I don’t trust anyone 100 per cent—but of all the messengers we have, I have trusted Cobra and Drake the most, and now they are working together.

    They didn’t always trust one another. I recall three years or so ago Drake said Cobra was CIA, lol, but a lot has happened since then, we have all had the opportunity to prove who we are, and I am comfortable with Drake and Cobra. Starship Earth has always been a “pro-Cobra” site and shared many synopses of Drake’s radio shows.

    It’s disappointing to see Lightworkers bashing each other, and it’s not entirely our fault when we don’t trust someone, as Cobra relates here, but we must rise above this to unify and make this transition. Unifying with someone we don’t trust can be a tall order, however.

    Some people have a very negative energy about them by my reckoning and attack others and for that reason I don’t trust them and question their ethics. Other people gravitate to them, and that’s their thing.

    I go with those who have gained my trust with honesty and an authentic interaction for the 3.5 years I’ve been on the Internet truther scene.

    Some folks just don’t know what to believe, and often it’s fear that we are engaging in something we don’t understand that holds us back. Fearing to do meditations that clearly don’t involve anything negative are one example. We often fear the unknown.

    We’re all on our own journeys and none of us are perfect. I don’t blame the Agarthans for viewing us as barbarians. We have a long way to go, but that’s who we are.

    As Cobra says, there are plenty of people out there on the attack, and when you have comments open on your website you get some doozies. I’ve been called cabal, too, lol. But no matter. We all do what we must do and we WILL get through this.

    I find this an encouraging report. I also see much progress these days when I read the alternative news. Proof would be nice, but regardless, we’re in it for the long haul.

    Thank you Cobra and Drake, for your leadership. Stay safe. I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re looking forward to that “green light”. ~ BP

    P.S. Check out that image of the pool and rocky cavern. That is what I have envisioned for my DREAM HOME! I think some very cool things are on our horizon."

  38. Wow! Wow! Wow! Very very importand information! Thank you Cobra!

  39. Inspiring intel. Light warriors godblessing

  40. The year 1996 was a peculiar year because of several bad events.

    I have 16 yrs old and i remember that we have:

    - a wave of ufo sightings
    - Varginha ufo case. The most important ufo case of Brasil compare to roswell USA
    - We lost a very dear and famous band in a aerial crash
    - we have a massacre 19 of protestors of MST
    - a comercial flight just crash in a residencial area in São Paulo 99 persons dead
    - a gas leak in a mall in SP caused an explosion killing 42 people
    - a great musician and compositor dies. the lyrics of his songs showed the truth about the world we live in.

    a strange thing: all these events were highly transmitted in the media and maintaining a very low and dark vibration (exploration of suffering)

    I personally lost 3 members of my family and one friend inf this year

    Was a very strange and weird times...

  41. hey cobra why dont you do a meditation to remove all the stranglet and top bombs from the solar system next time? i believe it is the logical step to end this game once and for all, all else is a distraction. if you are serious about this please message me because i am. my email is muhibawan666@gmail.com. also i strongly remember exactly what took place during 1996 with precision. i even saw a reptilian face in my dream that was soo powerful that i still remember it to this day. i was put in a lot of shit during that timeframe and i managed to persevere by the power of light. i dont know why im still alive but its for a reason. i can feel it its my destiny to liberate and awaken this planet but i could use support. i dont know if a meditation to remove the bomb threat would be effective but its worth doing. what can go wrong?


    Perhaps, we should look into this area due to the infighting among the lightworkers, lightwarriors. There is lack of leadership like the dark, the light side is always depending on each intel and always have doubt in each efforts. Many intels come from many directions (not always one) and formed the whole picture. But many intrepreted as competition or marketing strategies to sell their products and services due to our current Earth system - the babylonian competite system. If a leadership is claimed forward, perhaps this mess can be solved in time. But the question is who is qualified for this task and perhaps more rages will be arised from such petition too. Hope this will end in good favour and lead the whole light forces to VICTORY!

    May the LOVE be with you always.
    Piperon - The Spiritual Flute Composer.
    The Star Races - www.youtube.com/piperon

    Thanks Cobra, RM and all for the undying efforts to liberate this blue planet.

    1. I completely agree. I would like to add that if those who have resources, like the Dragon societies, those who create the mandala technology, those who have tachyon trchnology....if we start utilizing our resources and just doing what is right by releasing technology and services for free it will initiate change. We all have something to offer and if we can all contribute whatever it is we got with no attachments to the babylonion system then we will see change. But people trying to liberate and heal while making a profit is just slowing things down and manifesting the continuation of monetary system...the "I deserve this or that because I did this" attitude just keeps the cycle going...we need to DO this, whatever we can with no expectations, from our hearts because we know that is what we are here to do. The excuse of "I have to make money to so I must sell for outrageous prices" is obscured. There are other ways to survive without money, there are other ways to earn money if it is absolutely necessary. Taking something so powerful that it can change the world and just keeping it on the shelf until someone pays thousands of dollars for it when we can utilize those resources and create the change we all fantasize about? Why delay?! WE are the change, and I personally believe demanding for monetary exchange for services and products that will speed up the progress of Liberation is hypocritical and delaying the entire process.. Let's create a network of healing facilities around the globe with this technology that Light workers and Light warriors can go to and experience healing. With enough awakened souls undergoing healing it will strengthen the grid and create more stability conditions for the event. These facilities will bring us together, it will inspire people and I am sure that the numbers for the weekly liberation meditation will increase dramatically. People just need the resources, and when they have been without resources and under attack for so long it can be difficult to gain inspiration and the assuredness to gain those resources. So if those who already have them gather together, across the globe and participate in worldwide healing of light workers and light warriors we will be creating perfect conditions for the Event. Our Alliance will gain the strength it needs to work in harmony without fighting, without emotional blockages, without addictions and poor health. It is up to us, it is up to you!

    2. While I understand your point, we are still in 3D and the rent still needs to be paid, if you can afford it. (rents and gentrification are pushing people in the service industry out of town, or in my case, staying with friends temporarily living out of suitcases with things in storage...fun but not fun). I could give my services away free but then I could not pay the rent on the lovely room where I provide services. does that make me greedy? to earn not far above the poverty line and suffer for following my passion, using my gifts to help people? No, it was not intended that I sacrifice quality of life to help others, but that's what I did for a long time, and now look at me. completely my own fault for not taking care of ME first, so I could be strong and balanced to help others. Money is not evil, it is a tool, and trading services is also a great option to circumvent traditional 3D costs.

    3. indeed Boulay... I think however ESG from Maui is referring to those that have the resources to at least spare one device to be released with no strings attached (to help in that way to speed up the process of healing). Or how about someone that is not connected to the manufacturing of the tech... but still has the finance to buy or donate one to humanity and still it won't make a dent on their finances... like I have been pointing out.. There just got to be finanacially successful people out there that could donate or spend $6K easily. To some isn't that like a drop of water in a bucket?
      Or how about a win win situation... lay-away(rent-to-own)... where the investor will get paid certain amount from whichever organization or group "lease/rent" the device ... (even if small monthly installments) that way the organization can still keep the "fees" cheap enough that the average people could afford.. $10 dollars 30minutes or 15mins session or whatever... I take it we would need to do repeated visits.... to rebalance or continue therapy... (guessing here).

      Plenty could be done in such healing centers where those devices could be available .. it may open doors to all sorts of lightworkers to showcase and provide their own unique service... also in an affordable way.. it certainly beats being unemployed...

      in short a cascade .. or a domino effect..

      just a thought

  43. I'm feeling the intensity of light showering beings & I'm working hard to adjust to it & at the same time sensing & feeling the forces of darkness thrashing around in the background (like a marlin on a hook trying not to be reeled in) & it has been a super challenge lately but my higher self reminds me to look toward "the light at the end of this tunnel" that feels ever so close. So we all have to try real hard to hang on & continue to pray for love & harmony to replace the darkness that will fight to their very last breath!

    Also for those who have a bank account with a central bank, our online bank account was fraudulently broke into twice within 48 hours a few days ago so we've finally signed up with a credit union (which I have been putting off as we liked our local bank people but they have no control over this fraud happening in this big bank).

    Much Love & Light being sent to Cobra, RM & all Light Forces on, below & above Gaia.

  44. Those I know who were adults in 1996 (I was only 12), have the screen-memory scenario. The peace of mind and direction they experienced is labeled as ECONOMIC security. I've been labeling that spiritual connection as "being a carefree kid".

  45. I know where I was during the Great Forgetting. I'd moved to a new house and school for 6th grade. The year started out fine, the normal stresses you'd expect. It was only half way through that things got dark and never went back.

  46. great intels thank you :)


  47. Cobra .. thanks for update
    Cobra. do everything possible to rescue the Pleiadians with life.
    I only read messages Cobra..... I only believe what it says Cobra

  48. A big THUMBS UP (YES!! LIKE !!! ) to the Prepare for Change gang over at:

    I'm trying to figure out how to ramp up my support and I'll figure it out.

    Meanwhile: the Radio Show interviews are really good at www.prepareforchange.net.
    The Radio Show audio buttons are at the top of the home page there.

    I listened to the Dr. Dan Rogers interview. He is a medical doctor, has a clinic just south of the border (south of San Diego, California, USA ) in Tijuana, and his website is www.gersonplus.com.

    He and his team treat cancer and a bunch of other maladies (multiple sclerosis and Alzheimers are other big ones) and they have very high success rates -- way up there at 60%, 70%, 80% cure rates.

    He uses the original Gerson therapies (which are very good) and he and his group have added other nutrients, minerals, combinations of cures.

    He also dispels stigmas around medical clinics in Tijuana. The Tijuana, Mexico area has some of the top alternative centers in the world and very advanced treatments for a lot of things.

    There are many many many wonderful and exciting reasons for all of us to come together and be excited about the future.

    Victory of the light !!

  49. Thank you for the detailed post on the current situasion. I would be more than happy to join in this suggested group ! In this regard I will like to share two empowering links about implants and creating / co creating. All this you can do fine on your own without any cost or joining any group.
    Dont forget the power of your own light - you can create the needed changes by doing this " work " every day.

    Thank you and blessings to all !

  50. According my sources, the key to a "light" community is " like-minded, like-hearted and with an allowance for growth".
    "Intel" of itself is not enough because it only speaks to the intellect. The challenge for those who want change is to know the difference between judgement ( a product of duality-consciousness) and discernment ( a quality of the Higher Self.)

  51. All of life is a game. All Spiritual levels are part of the game.

    The game will be protected above all else by those who have a vested interest in keep it going. By both the light and of the dark.

    They are the two sides of the same coin. They are both cut from the same cloth.

    You said it yourself Cobra. It took the Agarthans hundreds even thousands of years to become peaceful.
    And yet you ask the earth light warriors/light workers to suddenly subdue their barbaric tendencies in a matter of days, weeks, months??

    We are the bastard sons and daughters of the universe who have been slammed together like no other race has had done to them.

    We have been shunned from every aspect of this universe.

    We did not create the darkness. We did not create the primary anomaly.

    We did not create the Draco and other negative ET races who have slaughtered us. Enslaved us for countless generations.

    Who have spliced our genes for their own interests and benefit for eons.

    We did not ask for the Agarthans to deceive us and pretend they are our Gods. We did not force them to later tell us they were from outer space. And deceive us further for their own interests. And yet they continue doing this to us.

    We are the monster that has been created by all of those mentioned above.

    And we are getting off the slab to throttle the ones who helped create us.

    Is this not the game they wanted us to play? There are many levels in this game.

    Even the darkness fears it's own death and now shudders at what it has created from us.

    We do not fear death where there is none.

    All will be absorbed by the one infinite creator whatever you alliance or allegence may be. Light or dark.

    All will be forced to deal with what they have done.

  52. Thank you for the update Cobra. Things are definitely progressing. You can feel it now Russia is helping rid Syria of the terrorists.

    I don't want to sound like a broken record but we have a lot to look forward to. Free energy devices from The Keshe Foundation that will be manufactured shortly.


    Please watch the video and read the article at the above link. I am just surprised that this hasn't had wider coverage. We can all get on board with this and it won't cost thousands either. We have a wide readership here and we can all help by spreading the word. Thank you!

  53. For more videos Keshe related:

    Announcement of the plasma devices to be manufactured -10 minute video


    (13 minute video)


    Mike Harris from Veterans Today interviews Mr Keshe 13th August 2015 about the free energy devices.
    (Video is 1 hour 17 mins)



    Please, if anyone has manufacturing skills or can help in any way then please contact the Keshe Foundation.


    Thank you!

    1. Can be anything, like saying a device uses water.

    2. Yes the devices are safe. Mr Keshe says that everything is made out of plasma including ourselves.

  54. Speaking about PUTIN and the way he kicked their isis asses in 3 days, why do the light forces just continue this obscene time delay of years and years of like NINCOMPOOPS ! Are u guys on drugs!

    1. ....Wow, did you even READ the post Cobra made, explaining exactly what the Light forces have been doing to liberate Earth?
      Guess not, otherwise you wouldn't ask such a ridiculous question that can clearly be answered with the information he provided. If it feels like you've been spending a lot of time sitting on your hands waiting for the Light forces, perhaps YOU could remove the implants, the plasma strangelet bombs, rescue the off-world ETS, provide us with a new financial system, create world peace and solve the hunger crisis. Oh, wait, you're just one guy typing away while other people are out there actually doing something? You like being a keyboard warrior so much, why don't you create a blog yourself to awaken others, or create a Meet Up group in your community to enlighten and inspire others to action. Does that seem like too much work? Have some more respect for Cobra and the RM and others sacrificing their very lives for you. You shouldn't ever presume to tell someone how to do their job unless you've got a better idea. Only a real ninconmpoop would do that.

    2. Cobra has said this over and over. The Event can't happen until all plasma toplet and strangelet bombs have been removed. Thank you for reading. Much love.

    3. Marc... i believe it has already been explained several times why the RM can't just flip the switch... we down here also have something to do with the delays... especially our selected leaders are playing a role on that... regardless of who is behind them. I am sure you may have noticed that this process has many layers and many groups involved and many levels of risk... above as below.

      We understand your frustration as we pretty much share it and at times it feels unbearable... however each one of us need to find a way to mitigate our own life and world negative outlook... and turn it around... not only for our own sake but for the sake of everyone involved...

      I meself have gone into outbursts... so i understand your views... bottom line such behavior doesnt make the process go any faster and insults well they do not add to solutions nor heal wounds... i tried that already too.. it only created one more item in me list to apologize about.

      If all the posts are just bringing more anger within you.. step away for sometime...

    4. Hehe but seriously, it's all about not doing more harm than you are saving people from. The LF breathe the wrong way and dark forces increase the harm done to us on Earth. Besides you have control over your life and can make positive changes within it. You can create it the way you want it

  55. By the way, what's so awesome in this intel that you guys could not release it before 28th as you still did not describe the Ascension plan?

    This kind of information definitely helps putting the pieces together and do the work more effectively. I don't see any explanation why this particular intel was held back and makes one question if there's more concretely useful information that is being held back for unexplainable reasons.

    1. You guy seem to know it all better he?

    2. You don't see any explanation why the intel was held back.
      Wich says nothing about any explanation but only that you think when you dont see it, it is not there. Wich is arrogant wrong to think.

    3. The people deciding when and what intel to release to the public are not perfected gods and there is ego playing it's part for everybody more or less.

      It's not rational to trust people you don't personally know even by name because they are calling themselves "Light forces". That's not to say that the intel haven't been proven to be true. I'm just stirring the pot here and hopefully getting some action to that archonic ego-voice in ones head. ;)

    4. The above is said in the presumption that the Resistance Movement and some part of the Light forces are also implanted and subjected to an archonic thought manipulation like everybody else.


  56. "Here comes the Sun
    Here comes the Sun, and I say
    It's all right

    Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter
    Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here
    Here comes the Sun
    Here comes the Sun, and I say
    It's all right

    Little darling, the Smiles returning to the faces :-)
    Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here :-)))
    Here comes the Sun
    Here comes the Sun, and I say
    It's all right

    Sun, Sun, Sun, here it comes

    Little Darling, I feel that Ice is slowly Melting
    Little Darling, it seems like years since it's been Clear
    Here comes the Sun
    Here comes the Sun, and I say
    It's All Right"


    The Clock is Ticking Down - And Accelerating:-)


    1. Excellent, Rajah!
      I still love George Harrison.
      Thinking of the galactic central sun with this song gives it a new wonderful meaning...
      thanks for posting.


    2. I bow in Gratitude for your nice words.

      And I thank You for sharing MJ's "Man In The Mirror."

      Lots Of Love And Light And Peace


  57. This comment has been removed by the author.


  58. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dFKWpJKDwo

    Kann So Stehenbleiben, Süße :-)


  59. Barbarians? Really?
    All of us?
    C' mon agarthans, get out of your comfortable holes and if you are so evolved and educated, you shouldnt speak with so much arrogance and generalization. So much time under the earth, and you have become like blind moles! You just see the negative side, all the violence and uggliness ( maybe down there your source of info is CNN or Fox?)
    Yes, Earth is full of barbarians, but it is also full of beautiful, civilized, evolved people. So putting all of us in the same bag by seeing us all as barbarians is something rude, harsh, uggly , blind and arrogant.
    Easy to say from your crystaline world down there. You guys want to come up here and see reality? Maybe you would swallow your words and start to understand why humanity behaves the way it does. And you will meet a lot of people that, in spite of the harsh enviroment in which are forced to live, have kept their inner innocence, beauty and humanity...
    A harsh enviroment which you never knew and you will never know, directly. Specially the last centuries!
    Despising and judging is so easy when one is in a position of comfort...agarthans, you are soooo human!!!

    1. Great post! :)
      Every coin has two sides....
      Thank you, ger sey!

    2. I was also shocked to see this is what some Agarthians thought about us. I think i was a little nieve to believe that all higher dimensional beings saw us as light beings who are awakening to our true selves aftet such hardship. It seems they have just as many lessons as us to learn. I also did not like the fact that some of there opinions on us about not being pure breed, they are not advanced as i first thought if they are so quick to judge, however as on earth many different groups have different opinions so i am guessing the same applys to argartha also.

    3. We are the most advanced spirits in the worst bodies. There's no disagreement really.

    4. Ha!

      Well said. I have completely closed myself from those scumbags, partly due to reasons you mentioned. They are all bunch of extremely arrogant beings. Generalizing them is bad as well, but who cares. As long as I am walking dead in squirrel wheel and not helped the way I am, I just keep gathering more bitterness towards them.

      When they would need some help at some stage of creation.. quess who is not going to help. As long anything concrete couldn't be seen, I don't care what happens "behind the veil". Enough of fairytales. May it be negativity or whatever but I don't believe to all this shit anymore. I actually have very bad feeling on these issues nowadays. Feels that energies are getting darker and denser all the time. Maybe it's just me but, this don't show up too promising. It's already too late for "ET's" to salvage us. Where would we even go? So you see, it's easier for them to wait the death of our physical body, then we are good company again.

      What a waste this life is. Makes me burst, even EXPLODE from gratitude! Hey "just a few" (trillions of lives during millions of years) wasted life DO NOT matter! It's perfectly "OK" for our kooky friends!

    5. These effeminate, could not endure a life on the surface.

    6. Cobra was just using that as a generalized statement...he meant the Agarthans feel we do not have control over our emotions, and that they are fearful of being attacked by us. And this is true. Objectively speaking, this thread has sent more negativity their way. That isn't to say they don't completely respect and admire us for fighting so valiantly on the surface. Whether you like it or not, we live in a matrix where Archontic manipulation is a constant. As Patrick A said, we are incredibly advanced beings, we just signed up for a horribly rugged mission. They don't look down on us, but are fearful of the consequences that we accidentally create through archontic manipulation.

    7. Well said Ted, although the way coorey goode came across was as if they thought we was barbaric in nature because our genetics are of so many different beings but i am starting to think they are just protecting themselves but at the same time they should be setting examples not spreading more diss info such as they are beings from elsewhere. That rings alarm bells to me even if in there point of view its for the betterment of there people. Whats your take on that?

    8. Patrick A --I like my body just fine, although it and my Lightbody both need a bit or work! :)

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Heh; I've been upset with them about that statement too; Perhaps some of us are barbaric, but alot of us arn't unless forced. Start looking at a person on a individual basis instead of generalized population. There are gems of us up here enduring more pain than most of you ET can imagine. And it isn't easy. You don't know hunger like us, you don't know thirst like us, you don't know polluted air like us, and ALOT of us are at a loss at what to do about it. We have no willing help thats tangible and see-able in the physicality of our reality. Hell why not look at me on a personal basis? I'm sure you'd find someone really genuinely curious at learning what you have to offer in terms of peaceful solutions. And I've lived a extremely harsh life thus far in 22 yrs of this go round. Do you see me going out shooting people? do you see me losing myself to madness even though i've endured enough It could easily be understandable why i went mad? Exactly. We need friends to help us; I'm doing my duty at slowly waking more of these sheep up here, and not all of them will wake up. You want the dark forces to stop murdering you? make surface friends; I'm sure there are more out there like me who would gladly defend you in exchange of teacher/student relationship / friendship. You guys obviously have plenty we could learn from.

  60. Well once Syria/Iraq is safe again, then I suppose there could be a portal opening ceremony there, but for now we have the Halafian pottery spin to assist with distributing the Goddess energies, expelling darkness from the region.

  61. I find it suspicious that no NATO bases put resistance to the passage of the Russians so easy, some are brought in hands

    1. It would have been an act of war in interfere. Because this Russia/Syria conflict is actually legal. Good question.

  62. Thank you, Cobra. My first reaction reading this late last night was "WOW." That is a lot of information.

    Today I explored the links, and it was more eyebrow-raising "Wows". You may not know everything, but you have significant pieces of the puzzle, and you present them in a clear way that makes it easy to assimilate the information. Thank you. I think most of us also appreciate your frankness regarding this community. We all can do better.

    I seem to need a lot of rest suddenly. I was wondering if it was CME's.
    One moment I am fine, and another I suddenly need to lie down, or I fall into a meditative state, drifting as I start to fall asleep sitting up. Any time of day, it comes on suddenly. I assume that we experience this kind of thing due to the need to assimilate the light codes and energy downloads?

    I moved from where I was living, things are in storage, and I am staying at a friend's, in a quiet house, with cats and dogs, which adds to my healing. I have been getting a lot of rest and sleeping deeply these past few days, having REM sleep and crazy dreams. (Cats in my dreams, too!) Cold turkey off of the TV crutch, as there are none here.

    Although I am living with much uncertainty at the moment, I feel strangely calm, and confident that things are moving along more than we realize on the planet. At the same time, I do have an underlying sense of urgency to take action and "get my life together". Yet I also realize that everything is going to be all right, and that one opening, one opportunity, one following my instincts can take me to a new and better reality. I am starting to feel human again. I am starting to feel, despite everything, that just maybe, anything really IS possible! Or at least, I feel cautiously optimistic.

  63. "...You are powerful beings of Light, but this truth must be acknowledged and lived until it becomes a state of consciousness and not just nice words in a book. If an individual is ready to take this step but refuses to leave what is old, comfortable, and familiar he will probably get "wake up calls" in the form of difficult experiences serving to force him deeper and into what he is spiritually ready for. Victimhood can no longer be a part of the consciousness of serious students of truth.

    Most are not aware of how much change is actually taking place. Note world movements for peace, animal rights, freedom of information, and other issues that 20 years ago would not of been considered important by the vast majority. Notice also how people are starting to take a long hard look at commonly accepted beliefs as well as examining more closely the motives and intent of world "leaders".

    You are reclaiming your innate power through listening to, resonating with, and living out from inner guidance instead of blindly aligning with the often limiting concepts of some expert, government, church, or person. You are learning to stand in the power of Self which does not mean that you can never be taught truth from an evolved minister, expert, teacher, or friend. However, the bottom line must always be yours, based in an inner knowing of what is right and appropriate for you.

    We wish to speak of the new energies. Most of you were aware of the full moon and eclipse bringing high light frequencies. Do not believe that "nothing happened" based on appearances for new Light energies did come and are available but the integration of them only takes place as an individual is capable of receiving them. Very few are able to fully integrate high frequencies all at once because the physical, emotional and mental bodies must be prepared to accept and resonate with them.

    Never doubt that your Higher Self will see to it that you receive everything you are ready for as you are ready without effort on your part other than to live out from your highest sense of truth. Always remember that you are being guided, and assisted at all times. No one, not even the very un-awakened are ever left to struggle through a life on earth alone.

    Your job as evolving students of truth is to rest in the awareness that this is a spiritual universe, governed by Love, and peopled with spiritual beings. Do not spend time worrying about whether or not you are ascending or "doing it right". Living out from your highest sense of right in each moment is all that is required...."

    the Arcturian Group 10/4/15

  64. This message made clear to me why many plumbers missed so much. Since the catastrophic Gordon-Michel Scallion, through Dolores Cannon and Jan Val Ellan (in Brazil) and reaching the consecrated Mike Quinsey, Sheldon Nidle and Genii Townsend with its Cities of Light.

    I believe that most plumbers are sincere in their intentions, but they themselves did not know was the degree of contamination and negative influence that was in your messages.

    Still, the contribution of plumbers is great because it awakened the assiduous readers the hope that the Light fill our world. Also raised the action to work effectively for the irradiation of light, and produces interior reforms in these people.

    Now that the planet and the solar system are becoming cleaner, it will become increasingly effective action Workers and Warriors of Light. It is time to increase our pace of work and meditations to accelerate the removal of all devices barely still active.

    1. I have many difficulties with the English language. Please replace the text above the word "plumpers" for channelers

  65. Yesterday I saw a "pillar of darkness" in my hometown. It looked almost like a pillar of light but it was dark. It went from the ground and up to the sun. Any idea what this is?

    1. Very frantic and panicky archons :) They know their time is nearly up.

  66. So does it mean that "chanelings" before de archon invasion were true?, I know they say this kind of contact was heavily infiltrated from the 50´s, so what about Guy Ballard and the I AM Activity the first time Ascended Masters allegedly made contact, which started in the 30´s, and later the "Bridge to freedom", wich many consider the only true contacts made by them. What do you guys think?

  67. "....right now the foundation is being laid for the positive changes that will transform our world forever."
    WOW, I hope to see this transformation very soon. Wonder what it may be.

  68. My intuition was saying they stole my empathic feeling but reason says it is just becoming older and dammaged by the drama of life here.
    Now i know intuition was right again.Thanks Cobra for the intel!
    See the situation in Syria as what for the Nazis Stalingrad was. The beginning of the end for the dark illuminatie forces. Russia wil end the ongoing slaughter of people and the rest of the world wil follow.
    Intuition and feelings can be false to
    while ago i got angry on Cobra because it looked if my comments not where getting posted on this blog while i just was impatiance and had no reason to get upset.
    But i got angry and send negatief thaugts to Cobra thinking he was a just fake and truth is not welcome on this blog. There was kinda blowback the negatief energie i was sending was coming back even stronger and felt if it was from Cobra him self fending of this attack. After this i know Cobra is the real deal and i must be more careful with my energie and thaugts.

  69. Now it is back to Victory to the light...what happened to The breakthrough is near...a never endings of unforeseen obstacles...MOSS why was it said that once this is finished the Event is next. This is just validation that ALL plannings that may have worked in the past in the old energies no longer works...invalid. We are in new energies of NOW and it is directed by a source that is beyond ALL plannings.... it is ALL THAT IS that is directing this NEW PLAN that is beyond ALL plannings...be open to this possibility and not be restricted to what was...ALL is possible NOW.

  70. The greatest secret that WILL be known and experience is we are The One...it is only the belief and perception that another exist...beliefs are what maintains the VEIL. Pure Love is what IS and not spoken of...separation give the perception of good and bad guys...light and dark ones...we are all of these...the Source being of All that IS...is ALL of these...expressing through all physical and non physical form.

    1. Oh ye. Lets not forget to add to me prrv msg... Donating a device would speed up the process.

    2. Forgot to add too. Yes many risks involved.. scam, robbery... but if we dont take a bold move forward we are then destine to go as fast as our slower methods.

  71. Something just dawn on me. Perhaps a go-fund-me or some fund (online) could be created by someone(s) we could trust from this blog (if that is conceivable.. ).. and we all try to pitch in (whatever we could afford even if little) to buy one of these devices... ideally would be to find individuals from different areas in the globe.. to function like hubs... for example 3 devices setup in USA (east, Center, West).. were people could choose to visit for treatment.

    Later on perhaps it could get expanded to include other healing techs out there... is only fair however that those selected get compensated in some way.. ideally... maybe someone could babysit the funding part and once the devices get bought is then delivered to the person or group that will make it available to the public... under an agreement or contract or guidelines we could agree upon.

    Or even better we could make it mobile... the device would spend 3 months under the guardianship of someone(or a group) and then move to another city within same region... of course finding a new guardian might be hard but over time may become an easier task. The idea id for the device to be available in as much cities as possible.. either if done by different groups/individuals or by same group that could go mobile.

    Anyways just thoughts...

    of course i would volunteer for none lol... but i would contribute to it even if $1...

    1. Done july1-4, 2015 - NESARA $1 campaign completed and reserve funds secured. Gofundyourheart, dreams are pre-payed tickets non refundable, yes transferable.

  72. Oh yea forgot to add too.. start "small... maneagable.. and efficiently"..

  73. A quest.. truly "from the people, to the people" and last but not least serviced by the people :)

  74. Wait i am not done :).. perhaps a coalition could be form (volunteer basis at first maybe) that will be in charge of managing the funds.. n to set the guidelines and to make sure guidelines are followed by those that agree to be the device guardians)... all decisions n meeting made public... (allow public feedback/votes) after all is the publics contribution that is buying the devices. If the guardian have concerns or encounters issues or if they themselves need further funding again only pertaining to the task at hand then they would have some group to rely on... (their feedback would assist greatly in improving the process... ) ... in short we would need to find highly trustworthy indv that could volunteer their time... to think of creative ways to beat the matrix of limitations as far as this project is concern. Ok now i am done :)

  75. COBRA...cre someday you will have peace in the face of the earth....?????...MANY NEGATIVE PEOPLE

  76. Found a jewel... guys and gals dont cut your hair...https://www.quantumbalancing.com/hair.htm
    Cobra is this valid?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. yes Silketa... probably those stories of Salomon has some truth to it.

  77. Judging the words, always cautious of Cobra, it seems to me that the Event is not just around the corner; the most delicate phase has just started now and, honestly, I'm not surprised by that. I'd like to add only that, in my opinion, it would have been better to have everything complete right now in order to receive the superwave peak, coming in the next few weeks if I'm not wrong, at the best condition

  78. hostages then. We all thought it was about oil , for fear of the big oil tycoons not possess the energetic hegemony in the world after censoring Tesla's patents and the consequent delay in the process of liberation of humanity, of the debt, world economies manipulated by some few

  79. Ok guys and girls, you can't get rid of me that easily, lol. More information on the free energy plasma devices. This is a must see video!!


    It's not out on youtube yet and you may need to sign up with an account if you don't sign in with Facebook or G-Mail.

    If you don't watch it all please watch the first 33 minutes where the plasma devices are mentioned and discussed, i.e. cost, what they do (the plasma device creates water, food, medicine, heating, lighting and runs your house appliances).

    The box is secure and nothing can break from it. Mr Keshe says it's "giving you the essence of creation."

    How do you get food from the box? This has been discussed in other workshops, but you use the energy of food to transfer to your body for your needs. (A type of replicator.) The energy from the food gets transferred to water and takes care of all your nutritional needs. (I am going by memory on the workshops. One guy transferred alcohol into the water and got drunk from it!)

    Sorry John he didn't show the inner workings of the box. That comes later.

    If you want to hear about the second sun approaching earth now please listen after the 33 min mark to roughly 36 mins. This information is important as Mr Keshe explains why his technology is coming out now and his reasons why everyone will be helped in making their own spaceships.

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.


  81. Regarding REMOVING IMPLANTS, a while back Cobra mentioned the following (as I understood it). (Cobra can correct me if I misunderstood):

    You can use the cintamani stone in the healing chamber to help you remove the implants.

    I believe this Virginia, USA location, below, also has a cintamani stone there on site and the others may have a stone available too. Be sure to check about the stone or bring your own to the chamber.

    From Tachyonis website:


    A planetary network of Tachyon Healing Chambers is being built. You can now schedule Tachyon healing sessions worldwide.

    North America:
    Waynesboro, Virginia, USA contact tachyoncounseling.wordpress.com/

    Stein am Rhein, Switzerland contact rolf.kunz@shinternet.ch

    New Taipei City, Taiwan contact maylywing@gmail.com
    Hsinchu, Taiwan contact anthem.chang@gmail.com

    1. Regarding the healing chamber in Waynesboro, Virginia, USA...
      Try this web address also:


    2. Thank you ! I think this is quite correct.
      I guess I have to go and visit roffy in Stein am Reim. If I am not back before Christmas I hopefully ascended o0 - Why not ??
      I have tried one method he mention - the one with using golden sticks to remove the geometrick shape these implants are surrounded by. But have to say this spesific vizulaisations technique has not give great result..... yet.
      However I will not give up, since I know how it feels to have them gone.
      I manage to be free for about 6 to 8 months. The " divine " sensation of nearly constant bliss Is impossible to forget.
      The key is how to keep them form coming back. But this has now change I assume, with the progress done upon these stations by the RM and like.
      I sincerly hope !

    3. Sigborn: You were free of implants for 6 to 8 months! It must have been blissful...

  82. If you doubt about yourself if you are a being of goodness, try this: Feel yourself inside of a white lotus until you feel completely innocent and pure. Let us remember, it is about the choice, that can be altered at every moment.

  83. Hi everybody,

    We are holding a meditation to heal the RHIC and Brookhaven on Saturday at 10:10 EST! Please join in if you can, here is a Facebook page for the meditation!


    1. I have the fb page saved for tomorrow, lets dedicate our time to this everyone :)

  84. Love is worth fighting for ....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgfcToAjfdc&list=PL_tDYlD_CI4104ZgGQ2e9SI8dLbPCWEmT&index=37......<3

  85. Hi Cobra, PleasE specify such alliance / coalition in your next update or in Rob's interview. If you mean Event support group and other groups in Prepareforchange.net , those groups have been formed, growing and working for liberation of planet. If you mean we should form an alliance that contains all of the lightworkers/warriors around the world , that might be quit difficult and we need some instructions from Light force.

    Hope you can give more details about it otherwise people will be confused.

    1. Yes, indeed. Please clarify further. Are there not enough PFC groups? What is exactly further needed en how?

  86. Perhaps there are SHILLS pretending to be Agarthans, in order to create dissention.

    1. Though I imagine their distrust isn't anything as severe human hatred.

  87. This is a song that I think relates to people about the struggle they go though day to day, by an artist called devlin.

    "Community Outcast"

    This is for everyone everywhere in a state of depression because I know you can all relate, outcast to society:

    I represent for the homeless,
    Let down by a nation,
    More interested in war in this nation,
    When children are sleeping at railway stations.
    No home or money,
    They wish they could call their mummy to put a hot meal in their tummy,
    So at night when the temperature drops,
    I'm asking you to remember what you got,
    These kids go home to a cardboard box,
    They're the soul survivors,
    Warming their hands with a flick and a flame in their lighters,
    All their life they've been frightened.
    On the streets with their head down,
    Knowing deep inside that they've really been let down,
    By a country that's crippled,
    And I thought mankind was supposed to be civil.

    I represent single Mums,
    All alone on their own trying to put food in the mouths of her two sons,
    And the fathers gone, there's no cash flow, lack of income,
    But that's just the way it is,
    She counts fifteen needles pushing her pram on the way to the lift,
    And this is where Blair said it's safe to live and raise kids.
    She finds her way out of the block,
    With two kids in a pram and a rip and a stain in her top,
    She goes to sign on just to maintain the little she's got,
    For her kids sake,
    But they'll never seen a decent life,
    But they can dream and they'll sleep tonight,
    They've been hung out and left to dry,
    The kids are in bed, Mums left to cry.

    I represent for the old folk, that live alone,
    No family or kids at home,
    And all he wants is someone to speak to but nobody rings the phone.
    Sits at home in the dark, no electric,
    Since his wife passed, he can't accept it,
    He feels isolated, neglected,
    And now his council flats infested,
    So he goes to the shop for his papers,
    With a stick and he falls in the mud,
    The people around him all pulled him up,
    But to him that's just a reminder,
    He's old and he's weak with no one to love.
    He sees clouds up above,
    Another bad day in the diary,
    An old man by the many,
    Killed by society, strangled quietly.

    I represent for the people,
    Let down by a nation,
    And left in the streets where it's evil,
    Little kids surrounded by knives and heroin needles.
    Yea I represent for the people,
    Let down by a nation,
    And left on the streets where it's evil,
    Community outcast, cold, tired and feeble.

  88. Hi guys looking for some advice,

    When I meditate, for some time now I see these small black holes amongst my closed eye vision.my intuition tells me these are implants, are there any techniques once I see them that I can apply to remove?

    Have any other here experienced the same?

    Each day we live we are one day closer to the event, at times we struggle more than others but there is always light and make it known when you are not struggling that you love those who are, because we are all ONE. :)

    love and light guys,


    1. If you are conscious of them and realize what they are in reality, the technique suited for you should come from your Higher Self given that you have the connection strong enough.

      That said, you could try to... um... force yourself into them by focusing between your eyebrows and feeling "universal love energy" (goosebumps) from your heart and or your spine all over your body. They probably won't be eliminated such easily but should give at least brief help.

  89. Even WE see ourselves as barbaric. Not hard to imagine more peaceful beings would agree.

  90. 82nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop now available on youtube.


    The first 33 minutes are important. This is where the plasma devices are mentioned and discussed, i.e. cost, what they do (the plasma device creates water, food, medicine, heating, lighting and runs your house appliances).

  91. Hope: The Internet and Innernet
    Through the Internet and Innernet There is Great Hope


  92. The Vision Alignment Project: A Vision for Oneness

    A Vision for Oneness: Much Gratitude goes to Richard Blackstone of Create One Love for contributing the following Vision:

    We envision a world where we understand on an individual level that we are all truly One at the higher levels of consciousness. This vision allows each of us to realize that even though we may appear to be separate from each other in a physical sense, in ultimate reality everything in existence is made up of Source Energy that is in relationship to and interacts with all of life.

    We envision a world where we understand that we are all one in our collective consciousness as well. We see a world where we consciously co-create a new world model through this collective consciousness using the concept of Oneness as a critical component of our creative abilities as a global community.

    This Vision of Oneness is the catalyst for each of us to individually take responsibility for our own thoughts, words and actions and thereby everything that we create into our lives. As we envision the concept of being one with all things seen and unseen we revel in the idea that everything we do in life has an effect on all of life as a whole and we therefore happily create the highest good for ourselves and for all others.

    As a result we see a world where every person realizes that the best way to serve themselves is to serve all others because in the biggest scheme of life we are all One. The Golden Rule pervades our relationships and life choices as we realize totally and completely that what we do for others we are actually doing for ourselves and what we do for ourselves affects all of existence.

    As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
    You can align with this Vision
    by double-clicking the "YES!" Button or Link below.

    Yes! I Align with this Vision. YES! I Align with this Vision.

    Clicking the YES Button will also show you the Total Alignments to date.



  93. GAIAPORTAL: Illusions are attenuated
    9 Oct by Éireport

    Illusions are attenuated.

    Allusions come to the fore.

    Secular writings fail to please.

    Essences of new trials are exposed.

    Eviscerations are primary.

  94. Excellent Info as usual Cobra, I would like to contribute with my humble believe and opinion :)
    Yes "psychological factor of denial and projection". Denial due to our ego: "my clever reasoning comes to the conclusion that I'm right and he/she is wrong - I MUST act!!" or in despite of getting a negative emotion we deny it: "I'm the best lightwarrior, everything is OK it is just he/she did this or that to me and therefore to all goodness in humanity, and it is wrong, consequently I MUST act!!". Projection - when we meet anyone (virtually or not) that I dont like for whatever reasons, what happens is we are projecting our negativity on those people - we project on them our dark side we dont like!!" (good exercise to think about!!!)
    One signal of manipulation is any action towards SEPARATION. If you (anyone including me) write (or even think!!) a word/thought of separation (Us and them, I'm good and those are evil , therefore I will ascend in my timeline and others will remain in hell hahaha) - you are not an enough loving being to "create" the Event.
    Humans - we are lazy due to these implants etc. Are we capable to free ourselves by ourselves for the rest of humanity? - I would reckon almost all in this audience will say Yes!, but what we do? it is our thoughts, words and actions of kindness, Union that make the difference, NO the thousands beautiful words you place in facebook (inspiring yes ... only)
    We can become observers of our thoughts, emotions and monitor these with our consciousness. Try it and you will see it seems impossible. remember "IT SEEMS" that is what our ego/minds tell us. I will tell you IT IS SIMPLE - just look at yourself in the mirror and confront your thoughts and emotions as these arise - in front of the mirror, and just do it anytime anywhere.
    The expression of the Mind is our thoughts, the expression of our Emotional body are our feelings and the expression of consciousness is our behaviour!!)
    The key of Healing (and removal of all implants - I suppose) is in achieving a complete balance and harmony between Brain/Heart or Mind/Emotions and express it with our behaviour (including our physical bodies) - our consciousness - SIMPLE! that is when Spirit engages. You might have the most wonderful loving thoughts and ideas but if you dont have balance - all this is in vain and Spirit (Higher self) will not be with you - you will feel, soon or later - frustration.
    Many many people dont get this - the majority wants to get rid of emotions as it is uncomfortable to have negative emotions and Humans dont know what to do with it - or better get rid of them!!!
    But emotions generate powerful energies (up to us if we make of them positive or negative)
    Again work with yourself, monitor your thoughts and emotions express and elevate your consciousness by behaving consequently - and you will be free IF your goal is to generate positive emotions and thoughts EVEN when "painful" memories come to your mind. No one will be capable of Heal/Save us IF we dont master/control our Mind/ego and be capable of transmute bad emotions into good ones by improving our behaviour - into kindness and Unity.
    Remember separation is the opposite of Love. Separation has its origins in Fear and Arrogance. IA is here and it is conquering mind/hearts - it tool/weapon is called SEPARATION!!
    It is very easy to speak of Truth and Love - but the majority who speak most of it is because they lack it most.
    A human who understand - by virtue of the balance I speak about - Truth and Love would remain silent and will focus to irradiate Love and Truth - Becoming the change that wants to see in the world - enough with talk and more action!!!
    In humility and gratitude

    1. yes, Jorge, well said. i also commented as to the nature of implants and the denial and projection inherent in a lot of light workers being (not to mention most of humanity. Hope it is approved for viewing.

    2. Happy birthday John Lennon. He would have been 75, and our world would have been........?

  95. And yes. Lets express our elevated consciousness by joining the Meditation the Resistance asks us to do - we are the Resistance. Anyone who consciously feel imprisoned and manipulated with the sacred goal of Liberation is part of the Resistance. Feel it with you heart and you will realize - deep in your heart - you are not alone and you are supported by Great Spirit, and aligned to the Divine Plan.
    It is just an incredible humble and great feeling :)

  96. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQI4XQ8_bGU

  97. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pON1hFLsFPY

  98. Message for cobra; these illumanti game cards are seriously accurate, how was this done? And also is hitlers brain out there reserved some how? Very strange cards indeed

  99. In January this year by two days I felt much love, happiness etc, I was meditating and I felt a pressure on his chest then released this Pressure and feel that energy, but when I had the first negative thought I was 4 months non-stop with these thoughts, I want to feel that love again, with the same intensity, but I can feel that energy for a few seconds but with little intensity, I can feel that energy trying to get out of my chest but something stops him.

  100. cobra, thanks for your continuing updates and support. i am particularly interested in finding out more about practical ways to dissolve/remove implants. You say, "quantum primary anomaly at the center of the implants' naked singularity, hidden inside the strong force responsible for gluon binding energy might be a bigger problem. i would like to know in laymen terms what this means especially as for a light worker who is wanting removal. The link you refer us to is way over my and probably most people's understanding. Even if we were to understand this anomaly force at the center of implants, the article has nothing to do with removal of such anomaly. You have given us in the past a few methods. Is there any other ways ? Would you or anyone be able to expound on these ways? You also give a link to the light mandala technology, however most or all of us do not have three thousand dollars plus for such tools. It seems to me that denial and projection are not only key features of our psyche/being that fuels such infighting between light workers, but are key components of our 3D matrix mentality that keep us separate from one another. A lot of light workers pronounce that "love" is the key, but we can not really know this unconditional state of allowance (unconditional love) while still being implanted and having denial and projection as part of who we are or as part of our illusory matrix paradigm. Agree? Comments? Thank you, Arrogate...


  101. Took a Drive this evening, half of it in the dark. Easy as can be ;-)
    PI - MI 9999

    Had a mate on board for about half an hour and shared some good experiences. He really *feels* the Change but doesn't know what's happening to him, so at least a little bit got cleared up for him.
    Great Team Numerology while we were on the road together

    PI - TM 555
    He REALLY liked that one :-)

    Together with Bob Marley 6:19 we both whistled to This One.
    Everything's gonna Be All Right

    Love And Light And Peace


  102. Brother Cobra, I will assist but you must contact me and set up the portal. You know who I am mother father's darth vader. The satan human's call me. I am tired and been under attack since the moment I turned back to home. Give me a platform and I will explain many things. Most important I will bring forth that which make's time and give's the promise of forever. I will do my best to give strength to brothers and sisters to over come ego and work together in a common goal. I do not think I will come out on my own much hate towards me. My dragons are after the snakes I say agian I am tired contact me while I have energy to put fourth works with grace. We shall just make dust of chimera give me a platform and it will be so. No need to keeo me secret the cabal knows I am here and what I am doing so I think the rest should know . Can you understand what it is like for me here? Do not try the free will of my family is hurting me badly and I only want to free them. I will have to speak it will unite them. Have a great now brother.