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Joint Cobra / Corey Goode Interview by Rob Potter Part 2

Here is the transcript and the audio of the second part of the joint Cobra / Corey Goode interview by Rob Potter. 

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Rob Potter: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back with Corey and Cobra for Part 2. An extremely interesting interview. Both of these gentlemen are confirming each other’s intel with a few additions by each. I hope you are enjoying this unification and remembering about the Full Disclosure Meditation, the Secret Space Program conference in Mt. Shasta, as well as we’re having Cobra’s Ascension Conferences coming out. So lot’s of places for you to connect with other light members and become instrumental light bearers or information givers to people in your community.
This is really about letting people . . . preparing for some tremendous changes that are coming to the surface of the planet and we’re looking for clarity in these interviews.
We’re going to talk to Corey first and this first question is from someone. It says, “Corey, you have mentioned that some ET groups have been here with a little bit of service-to-self. Is that correct?”
Corey Goode: Yes.
Rob: Yeah, you have stated the Blue Avians are here because we are a parachute, as you termed it. It seems the Earth’s mess is kind of holding them back from evolving. Is that correct?
Corey: Yes, and that’s the case with all beings that follow the creed or kind of model and tinker and create other beings. When they progress past that point maybe thousands or millions of years later, they cannot ascend to other levels or progress further until they go back and deal with their creations and whatever karmic entanglements they have with them. But we’re not a creation of these Sphere Beings, but their actions that they had millions and billions of years ago somehow had them tied with us to where we have to ascend or reach our next level before they can fully. They’ve gone as far as they can. Their goal is ultimately to return to Source.
Rob: Okay, and this is kind of an Earth-based thing. It says, “If so, this implies they’re here with their own agenda towards progressing.”
Corey: That’s in the answer I pointed out.
Rob: Yeah, they may not be here at this time to intercede otherwise, possibly. Does that make them self-serving as well?
Corey: Yeah. Kaaree used that to kind of punch me in the stomach, because she, I guess, took issue with their position that her people were Service-to-Self. You know, when it comes down to it, if we’re all One and we’re all karmically tied, or we’re all tied on some level, every type of entity would have to be, by that definition, Service-to-Self. Before they can return to Source they have to make sure that we are on the right path or moving on the right path. I guess, in that context, on that grand scale, I guess you could label them that.
Rob: Yeah, it just seems like they have bigger technology that everyone has to listen to them. Cobra, I’d like your comments on that little dialogue there.
Cobra: Okay. The whole galaxy is a living being. It’s a living entity and all cells in the galactic organism are connected. So if one single cell is infected with a cancer, the whole galactic body cannot evolve fully. And no race in the galaxy can evolve fully until the Earth’s situation is resolved. And the division between service-to-others and service-to-self is artificial. It’s a programming attempt to divide beings. Each sentient being needs to first take care of himself before he can help others.
The key is in the balance of taking care of your own needs and then helping others. And evolved galactic society keeps that balance. And taking care of your own needs does not mean stepping upon others. It means creating a respectful cooperation throughout the galaxy and this is what the evolved galactic races have achieved. They have created a civilized society when there are no wars needed, no conflict needed.

Actually, conflict is an aberration. It’s an anomaly. And for most of the galaxy what is happening here is pure madness. They live in a reality of love, in the galactic ocean of love, and for them, what is happening here is pure madness.
Rob: Thank you very much and I would have to agree with that. We’re definitely in a madness situation down here. I would like to make a little comment here. I’ve heard and felt the same thing that we’re all one and that, you know, people are here trying to resolve this situation of what’s going on here. And for those of us down here, we’re the same way. And if we could on the Earth . . . You know, we look around, we’re separated by programs and borders and Cabal. If we could realize we’re all one people and that people are starving in Africa, there’s little children, orphanages, and people that are homeless throughout the world and suffering, that we’re spending money on other things.
We could feed our neighbors. We could realize ourselves as one. And this is coming and this is what this movement is about for people to wake up and for the leaders to be honest and just. We’re going to bring out some differences here. We’ve established a lot of unity. And I’m looking for clarity. This isn’t to emphasize the difference.
Cobra, you have stated that the artificial intelligence that Corey kind of delineates that I would call the plasma scalar field mind-control network, which is multi-dimensional and it is reinforced by physical technology, but you say that it can be turned off and is part of a scalar plasma fence, which is linked to certain Cabal members and Chimera, including toplet and strangelet bombs, the point being that this is a sophisticated supercomputer that reacts so fast that it appears to be sentient. Can you talk about that version of your understanding of this control network?

Cobra: Okay, it’s a matter of terminology. Basically, what we have here is sentient organic intelligence that uses technology, that actually uses technology as its body. Fuzzy logic software program is part of that body. So one person could say, “Hey, this is artificial intelligence. This program thinks and makes decisions.” When in reality, there is a being behind that program that makes decisions and is assisted to a great degree by that program.
So if you would look from a certain perspective, what would appear is that the program is making decisions. But there is always an entity, a living being, free will, which is behind those decisions. And the Chimera group has invented so-called artificial intelligence millions upon millions of years ago and has tried to spread its infection throughout the galaxy through scalar plasma networks. And they were successful to a certain degree, but I would say that the most evolved cosmic races know how to deal with that.
Rob: Thank you. Corey, you have a slightly different version. Could you talk about your understanding? And, I guess, some of this is coming from the glass pads, but you’ve stated that it’s its own thing, kind of like the Terminator or the Borg, as we said. Could you share the information? You’ve said that it’s actually infected multiple galaxies. Can you comment on your version? And then we’ll have you comment on each others comments.
Corey: Some of what Cobra said sounds like a little bit of a mixture of  two different technologies if I’m understanding him correctly. I could be misunderstanding him. There is a scalar mind-control grid that has been around the Earth as long as there have been humans, you know, walking around. We can simplify it and call it a mind-control grid or a control grid.
There are two giant cruisers, or ships, that are not occupied. They are controlled by, basically, what we would call computer program. They complete the circuit of this control grid, most of which is down on the Earth. This is something that can be shut down. They’ve talked about shutting it down, but they think that shutting it down . . . it’s going to be very rough on humanity if . . . It’s the excuse their using for not shutting it down.
But the fact is that newer Special Access Program groups have studied this technology and they’re mimicking it and they’re using it for their own means. The inter dimensional AI signal that I’m talking about is a signal that was broadcast and it came in from another reality many, many millions, if not billions, of years ago. It cascaded its way through multiple galaxies, and in the manner I’ve described, it has infiltrated people’s bio neural fields. It has infiltrated technology and exploited technology, but it’s not technology. It’s not an actual artificial intelligence technology that’s created by organic beings here. It is a pervasive signal that now broadcasts itself through relay systems that it has tricked organic beings into creating for it.
This is something that these more technologically and spiritually advanced beings can deal with. Many, many, many lower-tech civilizations that are a thousand years more developed than ours on the surface are subject to having to deal with this threat.

Rob: Okay. This is completely different. Cobra, can you comment on or have you heard of this other kind of universal AI intelligence? Corey has stated that this intelligence lays nascent in hiding and then comes out, influences organic beings to create technology that it can then live inside. It can actually be in a computer. If you touch a technology, it can infect you and then it can receive from you. It has its own intelligence, he said. Cobra, can you confirm this? Can you say that you understand this or do you have a different view?
Cobra: Okay, my understanding is that this is plasma consciousness that can use technology as a vehicle of spreading the virus. I can confirm that this virus has infected one part of this galaxy, one part of the Andromeda galaxy, and one part of the M33 Galaxy in Triangulum, and to a very, very limited degree certain other galaxies in the local cluster of the galaxies. I can also say that the Resistance Movement has dealt with that issue and for their own society they have handled the issue. So if somebody would like to enter the Resistance Movement, they need to go through a certain cleansing process. It is something like a shower. You need to take a certain shower that removes all parts of that signal before you can even enter their region below the surface.
And they have also assisted quite much in removing this from the surface. They have not been 100% successful, but they have been very successful, and they have actually introduced a certain technology into shower gels through certain multinational corporations. And people using those shower gels were actually . . . they were being assisted in the removal of that virus, that signal. And, again, it was not 100% successful because the Chimera group have their own means in maintaining this, and the easiest way for them to maintain this is with people who are the most mind-controlled and the most under the plasma influence.
Corey: There is a plan that’s a part of the natural process of what’s going to occur with the energetic waves coming in to our solar system through our sun, there’s going to be an event that’s going to completely purge the signal from our solar system at some point.
Cobra: This is exactly what I’m speaking about the removal of this plasma scalar field removal of Yaldabaoth, this octopus entity, and this is exactly the Event. When this plasma field is removed, that is the moment of the Compression Breakthrough.
Corey: A solar event that’s going to have a lot of issues with electrical equipment and stuff like that, but it’s going to be what’s needed to push that signal out while they’re reintroducing some other very advanced technologies that will not be as vulnerable to this signal.
Rob: That will kind of put a shield up for us. That’s great. One more question on this for you, Cobra, was: “He said that this . . .” – the inter dimensional part. You were saying that it’s connected, it’s a technology, it can be turned off. From what you guys are describing this signal still is going to exist but it’s going to be pushed off the Earth but is still involved in other parts of our super-cluster of various galaxies.
Corey: Well, what’s occurring is these advanced groups have created a dampening field that does not allow the signal to broadcast within the sphere of this dampening field like most of them do. And I guess it is a shield of sorts. It effectively neutralizes the signal.
Cobra: Okay, according to my sources, the increased activity of the Galactic Central Sun is precisely the means to erase that signal from the galaxy. So the increased flow of particles, and I’m speaking of physical and nonphysical particles, and waves of energy, it is a purging effect that will actually clean the whole galaxy. This signal will not exist anymore, anywhere.  It’s an anomaly. It’s an aberration, and it will be removed.
And this is what the gnostics speak about when they say “correction of the original sin” and the “original sin” was actually an anomaly, which needs to be corrected and it’s corrected with this new energy which will heal the distorted space/time structure and this signal, which is just one aspect of the cosmic anomaly.
Corey: The information I have heard is that galaxy wide, the signal will usually return after a 1,000 years, which galactic-wide is not very much time after different galaxies have had their galactic emanations. It’s a pernicious problem, but it’s one that can be managed especially as we progress spiritually and technologically and catch up to these other groups.
Rob: Okay, thank you. I had a brief conversation with Alex Collier recently – I’m going to do another interview with him – and he was more along the lines of Cobra that it’s a technology-type of thing and kind of said that it’s a, and from his understanding with his conversation with the Andromedans, that it’s different. So I guess we’ll have to wait a 1,000 years and hopefully disclosure will reveal a lot of this information for us.
I wanted to go into something here. I was going to save it for later, but we’ve talked about the clearing of this energy from the heliopause with a system. Dr. Frank Stranges also spoke about this at a certain point in time . . . and I want to talk about the cleansing technology. He maintains that when he went on board the ship, the Victor One, with Commander Valiant Thor, that they kind of walked you . . . it’s like a magnetic field kind of thing that cleansed him before he could go on board. His clothes were taken off and this type of thing.
I’ve also heard from the past Atlantean, some transcripts I’ve read, that they take this artificial intelligence thing very seriously. Fred Bell had indicated to me, as well as Bob Reynaud of the TerraKor Files, has indicated that when an ET, who has been serving in the Earth situation, before they’re allowed to go back to their planet, they have an extremely prolonged security debriefing protocol, which is really more of an luminous and a soul-energetic cleansing to make sure this AI is not in there. Have you – either of you . . . Can you confirm this technology has been around for a long time and a lot of worlds are very, very concerned when people return from earth how about this? Corey, first, I guess?
Corey: Yeah, absolutely. We were warned and warned and warned by these different non-terrestrial groups not to mess around with this AI signal or these different artificial intelligence technologies that developed from information that we received from this inter dimensional AI signal.
Rob: Of course, the ICC and the Nazis disregard it and that’s our state of being.
Corey: Yeah, yeah. And not only that, they started using this AI’s probable future technologies to help them stay one step ahead. There’re so many times we heard that the Cabal’s going to go down. There’s going to be mass arrests. Well, they’ve been able to stay one step ahead of a lot of the Alliance moves with this technology.
But this technology has not been working for them recently. That’s another thing that’s thrown them in disarray. They’d become so heavily reliant on this probable future technology, and it’s not just using remote viewing and all these different things, but they’re now falling back on them.
They used to have all these different ways of looking at probable futures, but these certain factions became so reliant on this AI probable future technology that now they’re in chaos, because it’s not working for them.
Rob: Cobra, can you comment on the positive light workers that go through this? You say the Resistance members made humans go through that. Is there any of the Resistance or the positive ET technologies when their groups are down here and they go back up? Do they have to go through this cleansing as well? It’s not like you consciously engage this stuff. It comes into you subtly through your subconscious. Is that correct?
Cobra: For the Resistance members that come to the surface and go back, it’s quite a process. They go, as I said, through something that looks like a shower. Then they go through a shower that is actually a scanning device, and it scans their physical body, etheric body, plasma body, astral body, mental body, everything, and removes every kind of infection before they can enter. And then, of course, they have the medical check. They have other checks before they can enter again. And this is quite a procedure. And this is really why they don’t like to come to the surface because they know when they come back they have to go through all that process.
And the surface of the planet is infected and they know that. And they are very careful about this. The technologies to disinfect the surface will be available at the time of the Event, not before. When the Light forces have more power than the occupation forces, this is when the technology breakthrough will happen at the same time as the Event.
I was not speaking about this before, but there are certain technologies that the Resistance have and other Light forces have that will be brought to the surface at the moment of the Event that will disinfect the surface from many things. This is one part of the Compression Breakthrough.
So the living standards on the surface are artificially low also because of this. This infection creeps into the consciousness of human beings and this is why they are so depressed, so uninspired. And I would say the vast majority of human conflicts that are happening are engineered. They are not real. And this is all orchestrated by this technology.
Rob: Well, this is wonderful. It confirms a lot of the information that I’ve had. You buys have both confirmed that this technology exists.
Corey: I realized I didn’t answer your question directly, but yes, full spectrum decontamination is a standard operating procedure for just about any group when you’re mingling with a group other than yours or you’re going out of a controlled environment into what we will call an alien environment for them.
Rob: Yes, I’ve also heard they have extensive psychological questions and answers even after the screening that they’re very careful when a person returns. It’s very interesting. So that’s it, folks, we can look forward to some, I guess we can call them virus showers. I’ll get one and I don’t care if we’re out of hot water, I want one.
So that’s very interesting. I’m glad we cleared up this information in regards to the AI intelligence there for you folks. My suggestion that I talked about long ago in 2012 on Cobra’s portal was my understanding is that it feeds off the mind and your focus, so you can starve this field through entering into the silence and you have the will of your own thoughts and your own decisions to disregard these negative impulses if you hold fast to a virtuous life.
So here we have another question that kind of relates to this event breakthrough plasma field clearing of the Earth. It was noted on the official NASA website – we’ve talked about this energy and the cosmic winds coming from the sun – on the Internet it showed that the magnetic fields of the Earth actually kind of went into kind of a calm state. Can either of you comment on that recent event? Was that a technological thing that didn’t register or was this an actual change in the Earth’s magnetic fields that took place recently? I think it was about within a week to 10 days ago.
Corey: Well, yeah, the Earth’s magnetic field is connected directly to the sun’s, and as the sun is going through these different changes as the cosmic energy is funneling through it through the cosmic web, there’s going to be interaction. It’s going to ebb and flow – the electrical field of the planet.
Rob: Okay, so this was kind of a natural change that had a kind of a . . . it went to pretty much a zero calm state with the cosmic . . .
Corey: The report that the shield drops was incorrect that they went completely down. I’ve seen reports . . . I have a bunch of emails. I had asked about that in my last briefing and I saw the charts and stuff. It did not drop completely.
Rob: No, no, no. It didn’t drop completely, but it definitely changed.
Cobra: I would put it this way. Every planet on . . . and every star has a plasma field around it, and the plasma field around the sun is called the solar wind. And the plasma field around the Earth is interacting with that solar wind. The magnetic field shapes and curves the plasma entity and the plasma entity is not just particle, it’s a living being. And in the case of this solar system, the plasma being is called Yaldabaoth, the octopus entity. And there are many Light forces working on transformation of that plasma entity. It’s actually an entity which is trapped into cosmic anomaly.
And what is happening is that the Light forces are sending energies of healing and transformation in this plasma entity and this is why the oscillation and perturbations in the solar winds are happening. And NASA has released an image or a video animation of a spiral movement of the solar wind which looks exactly like an octopus. This is scientific confirmation of the intel I have been releasing. It’s actually a living being which reacts to our cosmic winds, cosmic forces.
And the heliopause is the area where the solar winds, the solar plasma field and this entity meets the interstellar wind or so-called galactic consciousness. And the galactic wind, interstellar wind, is part of the galactic plasma entity which is called Pleroma in some old gnostic sources. The Pleroma is the light emanation of the Galactic Central Sun and it creates . . . It actually brings light to the whole galaxy. And this interstellar galactic field is an Ocean of Love. So when this, I would say, not-healed solar system entity, this octopus, meets the Ocean of Love, this is where the healing happens. This is one way of describing it.
And the region where that happens is the heliopause. This is why there is so much focus on the heliopause recently. And whatever happens there then, actually, it cascades down through the whole solar system and will eventually trigger the Event on the planet Earth. And the changes in the Earth’s magnetosphere and the Earth’s plasma field, Van Allen belts, is a direct consequence of what is happening in the heliopause right now.
Rob: Very good. And, folks, Dr. Bell was speaking about this in his book, “Rays of Truth – Crystals of Light”, about 15 years ago, explaining, of course, we have various beings that we live in. We are a being and we’re supporting many bacterial lives just as we have a planet that has a life that is part of the solar system. And the sun would be considered the pineal gland. The Earth would be considered the heart chakra. Our sun is considered the heart chakra in the local system of which the Pleiades is the pineal gland and all of this is connected to the one life of the central super universe cluster through our galactic central sun called “Alohae” and then this energy is transmuted to the sun and that people of the Earth, our consciousness, is actually required . . . We have the power to stave off higher cataclysmic events with our attunement to this life force. The Earth is resonant to that. Would you agree with that that the Earth people have an influence on the relationship between the Earth and how it reacts or to the S and P waves of the solar system radiations, Cobra?
Cobra: Yes, of course, because every consciousness has influence on every other consciousness. I would say every cell and living organism of the galaxy has a say on what’s going on here. And as I said before, if there is healing taking place here on the surface of the planet, that creates huge waves of energy throughout the galaxy simply because the Earth is the focal point of the resolution of the cosmic anomaly. And this is not by chance that the planet Earth was chosen with a very highly evolved cosmic architect to be the focal point, the melting pot, of various races when very different, divergent galactic cultures could interact and resolve this cosmic anomaly.
This is why everybody wanted to come here. This is why the Dracos came here. This is why the Orions came here. This is why the Pleiadians came here. This is why everybody wanted to be here to take part in this experience and, on a very deep level, everybody wanted to resolve this cosmic anomaly.
And now we’re in the final phases so why this is happening right here is the focal point of the whole galaxy to resolve this and bring the galaxy back into balance.
Actually, there is an old galactic prophecy of the time when the whole galaxy will be light when the galactic network of Light will be completed and planet Earth and the solar system is the last point to be included in that galactic network of Light. And everybody’s waiting for the transformation to be completely here.
Rob: Right. And we can be part of the transformation. Corey, we talked about my little thing on the sun, if you want to comment on that or Cobra’s stuff?
Corey: Yeah, and what’s playing out here on Earth is playing out on multiple planets within the 52 stars in our local star cluster. The heliopause leaves off with (where) the heliopause of Alpha Centauri leaves off and begins. So these stars in the local star cluster are also connected, not only through the cosmic web, but in a more direct way through physically, you know, directly.
And in our local staff cluster there have been all of these different planets that have had these Draco groups and other groups kicking dirt and causing problems just like they’ve been doing here in our solar system. So there are a lot of things playing out on different planets in our local star cluster. And all of it’s tied together and all of it has to come together in some huge beautiful cosmic symphony.
We’re more focused on what’s going on in our solar system, and we’ve seen many intel about what’s going on in our solar system, but our local star cluster has been a big issue for the wider galaxy. And that is something that is being corrected at this time.
Rob: So we have a lot going on and most of us just need to focus on our own lives really and just raise our vibration. All this is very interesting. Corey, you probably are not aware, but Cobra has put out a very powerful document that I resonated and a lot of people resonated with, and it’s called the Galactic Codex. And it’s kind of like the laws of Hanbury or the code of ethics or the Ten Commandments . . . it’s kind of a statement that is allegedly used throughout the galaxy and determines a planet’s free will.
I’m going to have Cobra break this down for you and then I’d like you to tell me if you’ve heard about this. For many of us, for me, it’s very valid and it’s been violated. And that’s why we’re having engagements with some of these regressive ETs.
Corey: Yeah, I’ve heard of these edicts, these things being set up. They’re slightly different for every solar system, for every culture, depending then on how they developed. The root of them are basically the same.
Rob: Cobra, could you share your Galactic Codex? Is this a galactic codex or is it different solar system by solar system from your knowledge?
Cobra: Okay, I would say that’s the spiritual evolution of the galaxy starts from the galactic center. So, around the Central Sun is the most light and this is where the so-called Central Civilization evolved. And when it was expanding throughout the galaxy, it was creating a network of Light and assisting in the development of other races throughout the galaxy and together they have discovered that there is a certain inner code which is not written anywhere. It is just how things are, how societies, the divergent societies, can co-create and co-exist.
And the Galactic Codex, that has been published on my blog, is just, I would say, an interpretation of that inner truth which is aligned with human mind. So I would say the underlying truth is the same throughout the galaxy, but the way beings perceive or interpret that is according to their own development and their own understanding of the truth. But some basic rules are the same.
There has been a lot of talk about non-interference like it is a cosmic law. It is not. Non-interference was just an excuse for the Archons to keep planet Earth occupied. What is really happening is if a certain entity on a certain planet wants to create contact, that contact should be granted.
And the reason why this contact has not been granted on planet Earth is not because of the law of non-intervention, or non-interference, but because somebody was and still is preventing contact. And if people begin to understand that, we will make one big, huge, planetary leap towards Full Disclosure. To understand why Full Disclosure is not happening now, it is not because there are no beings out there that would like to contact us, but because somebody is preventing that contact by taking humanity hostage.
So when this hostage situation is resolved, full contact will happen. It’s a natural law. It’s our birthright. We have a right to be speaking with our star brothers and sisters. We have a right to interact with them. This is our divine birthright. And this is what I’m fighting for.
Rob: Corey, could you comment on what Cobra has said here in regards to that it’s really not free will that they don’t interfere here with . . . the reason why we can’t be contacted and all that? There is an indication that our free will has been gone around here. It’s more of a safety issue and a hostage. Can you comment on your views on that?
Corey: In the Super Federation, the laws of free will are important and mentioned, but the laws are kind of soft and loose-knit. There’s ways around it. And they have obviously found ways around the laws of free will. Now, the fact that they were having open battles in the skies above developing humans for tens of thousands of years up until very recently, up until the point in time when they signed these accords after the time of Mohammad. That tells a lot. That to me, that’s openly and directly interfering with the development of a world genetically, spiritually and on-going interference with our civilization on a sociological level.
Rob: Right, and one of the articles that I have posted repeatedly, and I hope people will really get, is “The TerraKor Files – An Overview of the Omegan Situation” where it talks about the syndicate and indicates that the reason these treaties were signed is both the confederation, the alliance, and some of these syndicate, dark, regressive ETs had been in major battles that have decimated all sides. And at all costs, they want to avoid this battle. And would you both agree this is why hostile groups can share bases on the moon and yet respect each other’s space sort of. I’ve heard there are incursions and attempts all the time in these bases.
Corey: Oh, really? On the Moon?
Rob: Yeah, the Moon. There’s both positive . . . There’s Nazi bases, Dracos, next door to Confederation and Pleiadian and positive bases. Is that correct?
Corey: Yeah, they’re all kinds of embassies up there. A large part of it’s controlled by a negative group, but with all of the agreements that have been signed, especially on the moon . . . The moon is kind of like Antarctica. It’s all split up and it’s a major diplomatic area, but, you know, there’s fighting going on down in Antarctica. The only people that have attacked or have done anything to the moon has been us. Humans. These lower military Secret Space Program factions have launched all kinds of things at the moon. And they’re the only ones that have done anything overtly hostile. It’s a very delicate balance up there, but none of these groups are going to take a chance of screwing up.
Rob: Right. They don’t want to escalate into a full-blown conflict that could reach galactic proportions in the solar system. Cobra, your comments on the diplomatic relations on the moon and how this tenuous cease-fire to a certain extent is taking place between these various groups.
Cobra: Okay, first I will describe a situation on the surface of the Earth. Yes, this was true there were many treaties signed because if those treaties would not be respected we would have two things happening. We would have Reptilians openly eating children for breakfast, and we’d have Pleiadians rescuing the victims of car crashes. And both things happening at the same time could lead to extreme actions, so this was not to be advised.
And this is why this uneasy treaty has been signed. And part of this treaty is protecting us, so part of this treaty was to protect the light workers and the light warriors. But on the other side of the coin, the same treaty is protecting the most visible Cabal members. So it goes both sides.
And this uneasy treaty is being respected to a certain degree by all beings, of course, not completely. There have been things happening on both sides. But this treaty will be respected until the time of the Event when the surface of the planet will be liberated.
I can confirm that what Corey has described for the Moon, has been happening on the Moon until quite recently. I cannot confirm that is what is happening there recently, but yet we have been . . . there have been many interest groups there with quite strict areas where they could move and they have to respect their borders otherwise they could have mutually assured destruction. And most races have discovered and most factions have discovered that that is not a safe option. So they tended to avoid direct open combat, direct open confrontation, because they understood that it would be the end of the story for them as well.
Rob: Yeah, it’s very sad our solar system is kind of a microcosm of the Earth and hopefully it’s a shame that they even have borders on the moon at this time. Hopefully, this will be resolved. I’m going to ask Corey this question first and then Cobra. Lot of questions about the moon. It doesn’t rotate. Corey, what is your story of the history of the Moon? Is it artificial? Is it brought from another area? Was it a spaceship? What’s the story of the moon from your perspective – it’s history and it’s locked orbit?
Corey: It was a natural formation that was hollowed out and made into a giant ark. It may have been a part of the original defense network that was created by what they called the Ancient Builder Race, which was in operation up until the moment when this Super Earth blew up. It brought down this defense grid that was around our solar system and also protected the solar systems of the local star cluster.
When this technology went down, all these different races that we refer to as genetic farmer races, began to come in and, you know, mess around with us, with our genetics and just doing whatever they wished. Okay, I’m sorry. What was the original question? Sorry, I got off on a tangent.
Rob: That’s okay. You kind of answered it. So for you, it was a . . . It’s a natural created planet or moon that was created originally naturally and that was hollowed out and used as an ark possibly by Ancient Builders.
Corey: There is conflicting information about it from the different groups that have looked at the information when there have been archaeological expeditions throughout the Moon. Depending on the group and their point of view or religious beliefs, they’ve come up with several different perspectives about what the Moon is.
Rob: Okay, Cobra, I’d like you to comment on your understanding of the Moon. Does this coincide with what Corey’s told or do you have a slightly different perspective?

Cobra: The Moon is a natural object which has an orbit that is locked to the Earth and this is quite a natural occurrence through most of the solar systems. It has not been hollowed out, but it has been honeycombed, which means that there have been tunnels dug below the surface of the Moon. There have been tunnels expanded through the natural lava tubes, underground cities and the various civilizations have been using those for quite extended periods of time. And I would say it’s a natural satellite. It’s nothing artificial about the Moon, but, yes, it has been used for many purposes in its past.
Rob: Okay. Thank you, both. That’s great. This is a kind of more for Corey question, but Cobra can you answer. Corey, we’ve spoken about this before, and this is from one person, but it’s not saying that you don’t think there’s positive galactic federation, but, again, your . . . so far in your narrative, you have given us the ICC, the Nazis infiltrating, this kind of hostile what’s going on with the Dark Fleet. We know you’ve gone to these Super Federation meetings.
You’ve told me personally in our private conversations since you’ve interacted with some of them, but it’s kind of lacking . . . This is just a general view of some people who . . . I’ve got a couple questions like this. So here’s a question: “It seems that Corey says that there are many ET races and federations with different agendas. But he doesn’t seem to believe that there is a Galactic Confederation of positive races working for the light. At least it seems he never mentions it really apart from the Sphere-Being Alliance. So the question, Corey, do you believe in the positive Galactic Confederation and do they outnumber the bad guys? And what is your take on their efforts? Are they benevolent?”
Corey: There, again, we’re throwing around ‘positive’, ‘negative’ and all this kind of thing. This Super Federation is a super federation. It’s made up of other federations, and these federations are made up of hundreds or thousands of solar systems, if not more. So this Super Federation could very well be made up of some of these groups that this person mentions, but they’ve not identified themselves in the same manner that people are identifying them on Earth or online that I’m hearing.
These groups, just as I’ve stated, some of them are positive from our point of view. They seem to very much want to help us even though they have their own agenda, which any beings that have their own agenda. Some of them really wouldn’t mind seeing us replaced with what they consider more responsible caretaker beings on this planet. So it runs the full spectrum between the people that are a part of this Super Federation.
For the most part, most of them are what we would call, from our point of view, positive. They want us to progress. They are a part of this Grand Experiment. We’re a part of this Grand Experiment. And if they want to progress, they want us to progress. So that’s the best I can explain on that.
Rob: Okay, thank you. I was thinking, obviously, we have this Ganymede that Cobra’s talked about that my friend Luis has been to this artificial moon, and it is a training ground for guides and teachers. And it’s a group that very much has motherly-loving instincts. It’s like a sore foot. We’re a sore foot in the galaxy and they’re here to mend it through mentoring the human consciousness field. So when I say ‘negative’, I know that’s a judgment and good and bad and all that, but I mean I’m talking about the groups that are working with the government and Agenda 21 – depopulation.
Corey: The Super Federation, they’re a much higher level. Most of the people in the Secret Space Programs are not even aware of these groups. They’re aware of more of the groups that they’re dealing with like these Draco groups or these other groups that have come in that are not heavily partaking in this Super Federation.
Rob: Right. My point being that what I consider . . . When I use the word ‘negative’, I’m not trying to deny an entire race of absolution or changing in any way, but when a race is violating the Galactic Codex, that’s the groups that I’m talking about that would be negative and it seems, you know, the viewpoint from some people is that the reporting and yourself . . . And I know we have a lot more stuff that we’re just waiting to hear. We want to hear details: who you met, what group they were, what they said, what their opinion is, what you could reveal about their positive plans. Do you have anything on that?
Corey: Well, there is some information that I have revealed and is yet to be released on Cosmic Disclosure that we’re having to do a little more editing. I ended up giving a lot of descriptions and a lot of operational information that I was told it was okay to share, but then some of these groups did not appreciate it. So there are still some things that I need to ferret out before I share information, especially in terms of what occurred most recently between Gonzales and I with an incident where I was picked up and questioned by a competing faction that has caused a lot more stress and issues between the SSP Alliance and myself. So I have to be a little bit careful not to rock a already very rocky boat.
Rob: Cobra, I’d like your comments on that aspect between the positive and the negative alliances out there. And are they really communicating? You mentioned the Dracos don’t communicate. They don’t take part.

Cobra: First, I need to say there is a Galactic Confederation that is positive. It’s very real. They have actually saved my life many times, so they are very real, at least to me. And there are many races that belong to that confederation. And it is, from my perspective, the most powerful group in the galaxy, because they live in a reality of cosmic love. And they don’t have any, I would say, bad motivation, any agenda. They simply would like everybody to have that experience. They have a natural tendency to share and expand that galactic love and experience throughout the galaxy and to heal the anomaly which exists here. This is their primary motivation.
And as the galactic network of Light expands throughout the galaxy, more and more races join through a process of integration to this galactic network of light. Through that process their sovereignty and integrity is respected and they enter this alliance as equal participants in the galactic evolution process. Races that don’t want to cooperate are basically mostly races that have an agenda, especially races that want to dominate other races, for example like Dracos.
And there remain negotiations with Dracos, but their negotiations style is not an attempt to find a solution. It is more for them to enforce their own way. So, at a certain point, they have to be enforced. They have to be put in certain situations where they cannot harm others, because by harming other races, they are violating the Galactic Codex.
And every race that oversteps certain boundaries needs to be dealt with. And now races that have overstepped the boundaries inside of the solar system, are being dealt with. It is that simple.
Rob: Cobra, with the great force that will come forward and neutralize these negative forces, perhaps with the technology of the Blue Sphere Alliance which seems to be able to repulse them, what is going to happen to these negative races? Will they actually be arrested? We’ve mentioned that some will be sent to the central sun to have their souls reset. Will some slip through the cracks and continue in other areas of the galaxy? Or is it intended that some of these beings are placed on quarantine status in other worlds where they work things out? What’s going to happen there, Cobra, to these beings? Will we have to revisit this situation in a million years?
Cobra: No. This is the final clearing process of the galaxy. All of the individual sentient beings that belong to those races will be given certain choices. If they want to cooperate, they will be given assistance. There were many attempts, positive attempts, to give them space to think about it and realize that the positive path is the path that makes more sense. If they don’t want to cooperate, they will have to go through the restructuring process, because darkness has a certain time slot in the history of the universe and this time is almost over. It’s game over for them. It doesn’t have any purpose in the evolution. It is simply an anomaly which needs to be corrected.
Rob: Thank you very much. Corey, Cobra has a very positive view of the future. Do you have any information . . . I know you’re dealing with a little . . . a lot of the Secret Space Program stuff, and I’m sorry for the violation of the group that contacted you again, but can you tell me, do you have this kind of confidence that the Blue Sphere Beings indicated to you that this is going to be healed once and for all and that it’s a galactic-wide cleansing and healing that’s going to take place through the planet Earth’s liberation?
Corey: Yeah, that’s very much the entire reading why they are here. That is their purpose. That is their mission. So I have to have faith and belief that it’s going to be the ultimate outcome.
Rob: Well, folks, that was a great interview with Corey and Cobra, Part 2. I hope you enjoyed that. To let you know, folks, they have agreed to do another interview. We’re going to let some time pass here and we’ll revisit this. They both have extremely busy schedules. It was very difficult to get them together, but we’re going to do it again.

Victory of the Light!


  1. Great interview, cheers gentlemen

  2. Yes thanks to you three and all of your supporting crew! Keep it up :)


  3. Thank you,'s great to see you working together....hope we'll soon celebrate the freedom we all deserve... :)

  4. Very good the pictures during the audio

  5. Thank you Cobra, will read right now, because I am back ;)

  6. Yaldabaoth I truly love you, you can feel it and I am here to help you.
    I was here for 972 incarnations and now I am strong enough to help you out.
    I can't leave you alone trapped into cosmic anomaly.

  7. FRANCAIS COBRA-COREY GOODE partie 2 résumé des points principaux par IRINA MYERS (facebook) group :…/
    -Rappel : 8 juillet 2016 c'est méditation planétaire pour la DIVULGATION totale et prière pour notre libération planétaire.
    -Les changements énergétiques et les transformations planétaires se passent à différents niveaux avec l'aide des êtres de Lumière superluminal/supraluminiques de la Confédération Galactique et de l'Alliance.
    -Les extraterrestres bienveillants et le réseau de l'Agartha travaillent avec des technologies avancées dont les pierres Cintamani.
    -Conseils contre le stress et faire face aux changements énergétiques .
    -Corey : certaines civilisations sont là avec leur propre agenda à accomplir.Certaines dans l'optique du "service à soi".
    -Cobra : La galaxie est un être vivant .C'est une entité vivante. Toutes les cellules de l'organisme galactique sont connectées.Donc si 1 cellule est "infectée" alors le corps galactique entier ne peut pas pleinement évoluer.Aucune race/civilisation dans la galaxie ne peut évoluer pleinement jusqu'à ce que la situation planétaire soit résolue.
    -Cobra : Le groupe Chimera a inventé "l'intelligence artificielle " il y a des millions et des millions d'années et a essayé d'étendre cette "infection" dans toute la galaxie à travers les réseaux de plasma scalaire.
    Si quelqu'un veut entrer dans la Résistance, il doit subir un processus de "nettoyage".
    -Cobra : avec les vagues énergétiques venant dans notre système solaire à travers notre soleil , il va y avoir un évènement qui va "purger" complètement notre système solaire.
    Cobra le confirme en parlant de la suppression de l'entité "yaldabaoth".Dès que cette entité est enlevée, ce sera la percée par compression (Event/Evènement).
    -Rob Potter : 1 extraterrestre qui a participé à résoudre la situation planétaire , avant qu'il ne soit autorisé à revenir sur sa planète , il doit subir un grand processus de nettoyage avec un protocole de sécurité et débriefing pour être certain de n'avoir aucune trace de "l'infection intelligence artificielle" pour ne pas infecter sa planète.
    -Cobra : la majorité des conflits sur Terre sont orchestrés/instrumentalisés . Ils ne sont pas "réels".
    -Corey : le champ magnétique terrestre est connecté à celui du soleil.Il va influencer le champ électrique terrestre.
    -Un passage sur le CODEX GALACTIQUE (plusieurs articles ont été diffusés à ce sujet et une pétition).
    -Il y a des bases et des ambassades sur la Lune avec des réseaux de tunnels.(petit historique de la Lune).
    -Cobra : il y a bien 1 Confédération Galactique positive qui aide et sauve des vies.Elle est formée de beaucoup de races/civilisations.C'est le groupe le plus puissant de la galaxie.Ils vivent dans la réalité de l'amour cosmique .Ils ont une tendance naturelle à partager et étendre cet amour galactique à travers la galaxie et guérir l'anomalie qui existe.

  8. Greetings dear friends, thank you all so much!
    What is most present while reading this interviews of Cobra and Corey is not the information but the will and intent of peace and cooperation of all three warriors of light despite slightly different perspectives. In my ear basically it is the same what they are speaking about, and especially the end, so Corey also believes in a positive outcome like Cobra and Rob, so this is wonderful to hear.

    "...there is an old galactic prophecy of the time when the whole galaxy will be light when the galactic network of Light will be completed and planet Earth and the solar system is the last point to be included in that galactic network of Light. And everybody’s waiting for the transformation to be completely here":
    Everytime when I listen to this part I feel something very deep and age-old, as someone would bring a sound to be heard within my soul that has been sleeping for very long. It makes me feel a longing of our whole Galaxy...
    <3 <3 <3 Blessings and Victory of the Light! <3 <3 <3

    1. I so love the depth of your expression, Eliana! You have been quiet for too long!

    2. Thank you dear Phoenix, I am reading here nearly everyday as long as I am not travelling the universe ;) <3
      I could not express how much my life makes sense since I have found out about all of this stuff through this blog. Blessings for you <3

  9. I loved in the intro to the part 1 interview Potter sounds SOOO "Baked"! He's giggling & speaks really slower than usual (listen to BOTH intros it's apparent).

    This PT.2 he's shot out of cannon! "Hey there Boys & Girls! Do you like Interviews??" - He's so jazzed up!

    You know what happens if your SKIP Robs Intro? You Miss ALL this Information. Highlights & Shout-outs include:

    1.Theres the story about Corey Good giving "Thumbs Up" on a Website- How & Why it happened (Now, I'm curious). 2.WHAT? No Ricky Serophico??
    3. Danell Glade gets a VaCa
    4. There's an Orphanage? in Tanzinia & Rob helped kids get Free School Food? in Tanzinia? You can live there & meet the kids- THANK YOU for your Support!
    5.Potter has a FREE Book about Bushes being Nazis (*Spoiler Alert*)
    6.Fred Bell's daughter is working w/ Rob to produce Pleadian healing tech BUT, there's a Younger daughter who can't stand Rob & she's lashing out.
    7.Cintimani Stones - Rob thanks you for waiting so long (3 Months for some).
    8. Mt. Shasta selling very well - This time You will get to go UP the Mountain!
    9. Luis Marteen conference (retreat?) selling VERY well
    10. There's NO MORE Volunteer Positions for the Mt. Shasta conf - so Don't Ask (You're S.O.L)
    11. The LeyLines are CHANGING! the vibrations are being aided by the Super-Luminal Light Beings with not 1, not 2, not 5- 10, 20? nope- 40 different Ascended Masters and giant cintimani stone bigger than your HEAD (probably)- it's pretty Sirius (*rim shot*)
    12. YOU have Natural Forces within you called "La Goonas" (sp?) that are reacting to the magnetic changes & by association affect your personality - Get control of that High Octave boys & girls. It is your Destiny! Don't Stress OUT. Yes, it's Intense but find your "inner whole" & sit on it (wait, what?)
    13. Just Keep forgiving yourself! it's the purging of your lower nature!
    14. God, we're at 14? and it's 10 mins in?
    15. Reharmonize your Energetic field - Chill the hell out & goto the Beach- Rob recommends you "Watch Children"?
    16. Kids live in the "Now" & they're free from FEAR? (so he says).
    17. Rob finished another interview w/ Andrew Basiago
    18. Alex Collier is coming up
    19. Rob would like to share w/ you an Beautiful Article called "The Cosmic Plan" from priests that are South African UFO Contactees one of which is LUIS Marteen!!
    20. Rob wishes you well & victory to the light @12:35.
    21. "WELCOME Back to Part 2 of....."

    People think I'm making a joke here- I actually like Rob's approach to this- I love how many "Trailers" he stuffs in. Look at it like this- He's SOOO Much he wants to share! Imagine the stuff he's NOT Telling you.

    It's GOODE that we all come together over COBRA & Rob...see what I did there?

    1. Gantz, It was really fun & interesting to read your summary of Rob's pre-interview....Thanks for doing this work & you're getting a big smile from me!

    2. Rob, I think our man Gantz should do the transcriptions from now on. Just sayin'...

    3. Gantz, Thanks for the summary of Rob's trailers. Much appreciated.
      Yes, from me, WestCoastUSMegan

    4. Thanks, Gantz. While it might be easier to read transcripts, I like to skim them, then listen (finally had a chance to do so) and then read again. But if you don't listen, you miss Rob's burst of enthusiasm and hearing about his prolific co-creations (unless you go to his site, where that is included in the transcript). A great accomplishment, thanks to all involved!

  10. Is negativity necessary for our collective spiritual evolution? It seems so.

    This is a question and answer from Corey Goode’s website The Sphere Being Alliance.

    Q: The Sphere Beings are buffering the Ascension process, have quarantined the Draco and those aligned with them, yet now they say it is all up to us and they can’t intervene even though they have intervened already.

    “The Sphere Being Alliance is not interfering by holding back the culmination or heaviest point of these galactic waves. (Which David Wilcock refers to as “spontaneous ascension”)
    It is our group consciousness that is making the decision. The Sphere Being Alliance (SBA) are humble servants of cosmic law and our collective free will Choices. Again, it is difficult to try to overlap our 3/4D way of thinking onto other beings in our own Density let alone those of others. All that has been done by the SBA has been authorized by cosmic law on behalf of our mass consciousness which is sort of a higher thought-complex of us beings which makes up the social memory complex we share.”

    The Sphere Being Alliance consists of 5 races ranging from the 6th density through the 9th. If they wanted to come in right now and clean everything up they could. Strangelet bombs, toplet bombs, none of it matters, they are WAY above any of that.

    And this is a question and answer from an interview this year in may between Cobra and Richard and Lynn from Prepare for Change.

    Richard – A lot of people say that it’s necessary for evolution to experience negativity, would you agree with that?

    COBRA – I would absolutely not agree. That was a teaching that was disseminated by the Archons to keep people enslaved. It is absolutely not necessary and it is harmful for the development.

    If what Cobra said was true than The Sphere Being Alliance would have already fully intervened a LONG LONG TIME AGO. Things like the “Cosmic Law” and our “Free Will” would not matter as stated in the Galactic Codex something Cobra fully believes in as well as nearly every other positive being in the universe according to Cobra.

    Here are a few quotes taken straight from the Galactic Codex:

    Section I: The Law of Divine Grace
    Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to positive life experience

    Section II: The Law of Dividing the Conflicting Parties
    Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to be divided and protected from the negative actions of other sentient beings

    Section IV: The Law of Intervention
    The Galactic Confederation has an unalienable and unconditional right to the intervention in all situations where the Galactic Codex is violated, regardless of the local laws

    The Sphere Being Alliance consists of 5 races ranging from the 6th density through the 9th. It seems to me that negativity existing for our collective spiritual growth is a 6th-9th density ideal/concept.

    Now my question for Cobra is what is his response to this? What is the highest density being Cobra has ever interacted with and what is the highest density being/beings that are a part of the Resistance Movement/Galactic Confederation? Also has Cobra ever studied “The Law of One”?? This is material that the Blue Avian “Raw-Tear-Eir” recommended Corey and rest of humanity to study. Thank you for everything you guys are doing. Namaste.

    1. i agree with you, why don't these higher beings come and finish the job? If our collective consciousness is what makes this world and 98% of us are asleep, then most of us think we are already in paradise because we do not realize the corruption and that we are really slaves for the Elites. We would love for the Sphere Being Alliance take out the stranglet and toplet bombs and get this job done. I have all my relatives and friends are asleep, really asleep. a

    2. The hostage situation with the strangelet bombs.And the high level beings can't evolved further until they resolve Earth's situation.
      It stops even the highly evlovrd brings. They are working to neutralise these bombs.

    3. Collective Mind, not Collective Consciousness. Again the wrong concept. If the Collective would be conscious, we would be free already.

    4. When Corey posted an update in which he said the same about the Light Forces not intervening because of our "free will" and "us having to do the work", I posted a response. I will paste that response here:

      1) Corey says the higher beings are sitting back, just chillin', waiting for us to do all the work. I do not believe this to be the case AT ALL.

      According to ET Contactee COBRA - The Light Forces have been working for *years* under the directive of the Source. They have been doing huge amounts of work behind the scenes to clear our all the negative ET's on the lower Astral planes and also on the physical; where the Draco's etc. have been living underground.

      As for the Dark Forces: The Archons/Dracos have been using the AI computer system to stay one step ahead of the Light. They have also rigged everything with Strangelet/Toplet bombs to prevent the Light Forces from interfering in their nefarious plots.

      THEN we have the issue of what the Cabal have been doing to hold everything back.... under the directive of the negative ET's the Cabal have been infiltrating the highest levels of every major corporation and establishment on our planet.

      All of this takes a LOT of work and multi-dimensional planning to sort out and reverse.

      What Corey says about "us having to do the work" is simply BS! We are being helped by the Light Forces even now, right this moment. It's just going on in the background.

      Here's my second point explaining why Corey is wrong:

      2) Most people on planet Earth are unawakened and most will still be unawakened at the time the ET's / Light Forces initiate the Data Dumps / Disclosure at the time of The Event.

      Most people don't even know to "do the work themselves" - because of how well the negative ET's/Cabal have hidden our true history, disconnected us from Source and hidden evidence of the coming Ascension. This is why we are receiving ET intervention in the first place!! Because we are a race which has been raped and had our power taken from us!

      It's literally impossible for us to "do all the work ourselves" unless the ET's come in and save us! And they are doing so right now!

      I have heard Corey and David state that we will not have proper ET intervention many times - that we have do to all the heavy lifting - and each time I feel like they are deceiving us.. probably unknowingly.


    5. In Cobra's posts around Jan. 2014, the concept of Source's helplessness over prime anomaly is introduced for the first time. I have interpreted this in the following manner : Source is all powerful so it should definitely have the power to shoot itself in the foot. But as Source is not suicidal prime anomaly came into existence accidentally (according to Cobra). The Dark Forces cleverly used Source's weakness to create the bombs and maintain the quarantine. Now Source can collapse creation to deal with it in the here and now but has opted for the long term Outsourcing process of dealing with it via the Light Forces (and they have succeeded since the toplet bombs are expected to finally be removed in the near future ). So it is at this point in history that Source is finally on top of prime anomaly. Cobra has claimed a direct connection to Source and that I guess is the highest you can go. Personally I don't like the idea of a lonely entity like Source with no Overseer and no accountability, getting experimental and goofing up by allowing prime anomaly to come into existence. Prime anomaly has also been around too long (since the beginning of creation). So I hope Cobra is wrong about these things ; )

    6. stop passively waiting for a pseudo external flavor
      the solution is us.

    7. @diviniation: Of course Cobra seems to have the most logic and precise overview, this is so obvious. I also wonder if it is possible to completely cut off from mind control after participating in such a program (Corey). Which is good is, that there is SOMEONE who can "confirm" ANY such SSP's/participation in it. So all have their own task. Cobra is boss, thats pretty obvious. If not so many understand that it does not matter, because those who actually DO are the strongest. Fortunately more are awakening, I hope soon 144.000.
      What I (!) am thinking about and I wish no one feels attacked, it is just the "logic" I want to get: "Pittying" (or compassion with) dark forces because they "only wanted to solve anomaly": Is this a distraction, something like the Stokholm syndrome? They are very good in triggering our week spots to such a degree until we miss to realize that we help them to destroy us and we still think it is something good or we could heal them anyway. This manipulation includes/starts also on astral plane/subtle plane. I wonder if that is the last thing the lightforces have to integrate. The lightforces are so programmed that in the end everything must be something "good" or reasonable, explainable and maybe THAT is the illusion, they just can not understand it. What if it MUST be understood to "get" the mystery of "evil". It DOES exist, because it is the opposite of Divine and if it is the opposite of divine it had never a wish to solve or help anything. If the chaos was the opposite of divine order, then evil ONLY (=100%) wanted to destroy life. And BECAUSE the divine is the divine, means eternal, it has to be stronger than the anomaly, which logically would be not infinite, means "limited". This again has the effect Divine DOES solve darkness (and not darkness solves darkness). This can only happen through this tiny little merging, which would mean if I would belong to positive beings (only example) and stop having compassion at the right moment I would be "evil" from perspective of the lightforces, but that would be the point when the light enters into anomaly and solves it. What if the darkies just need this tiny little shift from our side. It does not mean I would have to kill anyone, it is just this spiritual resistance within the mind the spiritual community wants to solve with "more love". What if "more love" is the code: "Okay they still did not get it after millions upon millions of years rape they (=we) are still saying:"Once more"". What if the code that it IS UNDERSTOOD would be just "NO". "NO COMPASSION" (with the devil or the archons etc.).

      By the way, I soooooo agree with all this non-interference stuff. The whole world is in deep Stockholm syndrome and hostage trauma without even knowing about (it.
      This leads to split of personality, so in case I am not healed yet completely, I can only say many greetings from "US". LOL!
      (In case anyone thinks I think this is funny, you must understand that it is more than serious).
      And please remember: I am NOT speaking about becoming an evil nature who wants blindly destroy all dark beings. I am just speaking about this small shift in consciousness, this subtle change in very specific cases.
      I am fully aware that this is not easy to swallow for anyone who calls themselves spiritually awakened.

    8. I never took Cory or Wilcox seriously because unlike Cobra, they never offered any proof or links to reports to back up what they were telling us. I just sense that they don't have the real scoop as Cobra does. Any interview with Cobra is interesting, and if they want to do joint interviews with Corey, that is fine, but for me an interview with just Corey or Wilcox will not draw my attention. Most likely they are being mislead to a certain extent by the cabal. In time we will know the Truth.

      Victory of the Light!

    9. Amazing Grace...
      You should be getting little bits of "in-put"
      Knowing the reason for puzzles you are faced with
      (the best is without any effort from you at all)
      The more you give...
      (can be as simple as opening a door for a person wishing people of Earth would just see then again)

      This is a "spark"... It's yours... It grows... And others can be made "aware" as well
      (You should see me in a room of "Holly Rollers")
      Feather of Light on Tongues of Fire

      Every cell in your body moves a
      "New Way"
      once you win favors of being "Zapped"

      And you are on the path to becoming even more of a

      (cheat-sheet... stand in a door-jam pushing outward from hands at sides for a time... this is the exercise run on auto-pilot... Relax, float your hand
      (every cell moving on it's own, together with mind)

      This is a meditation... you are not casting a spell... and you need no more protection than you would for a dream
      (silly cats with their "strings"... even on fire)

      Ice Cream

    10. Spiritoo, I agree.... I usually do not like if people make more words than neccessary or to listen to infinte lessons where the content is one small percenteage...David Wilcock may have synchronicity dreams and may have knowledge, but for what is it used for.... I only like if it can be used for some kind of action, or at least if it gives me some insight so I can change myself or do something with it or really understand something. This kind of thing never happened when those 2 speak. Cobra can say 1 sentence and a whole new world opens up to my inner eye, many connections are being made, so it can not even be compared. Honestly, Cobra doing interviews with Corey is like Cobra visiting kindergarden. The world does not need more talk, the world needs solutions that bring the cabal down immediately and we as well do not have time to infinetely compare Madonnas dresses. We need to search at the roots. Both, Corey and Wilcock, if they are so intelligent or knowledgeable, why they do not accept they did not know everything about the plasma bombs and they call their listeners to participate in the meditations? This would be such a tiny little thing for them to do, yet it would show ME they ARE great beings who really serve the removal of the cabal.

    11. Actually after doing a bit more research I've found out that the Blue Avians are what Cobra refers to as the Central Civilisation.

      This is from one of Cobra posts "The Alliance Fleet" Tuesday, March 31 , 2015:

      "The large spheric biosatellites belong to the Central Civilization. The Central Civilization is an ancient race, which evolved close to the Galactic Central Sun and is the first race in the Galaxy which reached spiritual maturity many millions of year ago. In some circles, this race is known as the Wingmakers:

      Sometimes they have manifested throughout the human history as physical angelic beings with wings.

      One of their representatives, Iona, brought Goddess mysteries to Earth in Atlantis.

      Millions of years ago, the Central Civilization began to build interdimensional doorways throughout the Galaxy and create the Galactic network of Light. As it did so, it encountered many races throughout the Galaxy, assisting them to achieve the same level of spiritual maturity. All those sovereign, spiritually mature races have created a confederate union which is called the Galactic Confederation (NOT Galactic Federation). As the name implies, it is NOT a hive-mentality centralized federation, but a loose, constructive confederate union of sovereign, mature races.

      This is also from the same post but a bit further up:

      "In March 2001, a certain important operation of the Light forces was completed and the Central Civilization was able to intervene directly into the Solar System. They have positioned spherical midway stations the size of the Moon just outside the heliopause of this Solar System to stabilize the inflow of intense energies from the Galactic Central Sun which was about to become more active at the peak of its 26,000 year cycle. By directing these energies into the Solar system harmoniously, many cataclysms, including those on Earth, were prevented. When the Illuminati detected the presence of these spheres, they freaked out and created the 9-11."

      So my questions now are:

      1. Why couldn't the first race that reached spiritual maturity in our galaxy many millions of years ago, the race that created the Galactic network of Light, the founders of the Galactic Confederation, the Central Civilisation, why couldn't they intervene before hand? Why couldn't they foresee all of these events taking place especially when they were of such a high density?

      2. Can Cobra talk about this important operation of the light forces in 2001 that allowed the Central Civilisation to directly intervene?

      3. Are these same beings the Wingmakers/Central Civilsation behind the creation of the "Ra Material: The Law of One"? Has Cobra studied this material?

      4. In the Law of One it states that negative beings can't go beyond 5th density. Is this true?

      5. This kind of ties in with question 1, but why are these beings that Corey refers to as the Blue Avians putting across this notion to Corey that they can't intervene and that humanity needs to save itself? Darkness wasn't even supposed to exist right?

      6. Why does the Law of One also put across this notion? Why does the Law of Confusion/Free Will even exist in the teachings of the Law of One?
      Our Free Will has obviously been violated from darkness that wasn't even intended to be a part of our creation. The Law of Confusion/Free Will inhibits us from receiving vital information for our ultimate growth and well being. I'm sure Cobra would agree?

      6. To what extent do the Cintamani stones remove implants and which type of implants? Can Cobra elaborate a bit more on the benefits of having this stone and there use at the time of the event?

      7. Can Cobra explain the effects of taking DMT on our mind, body and spirit.

      8. How are the weekly meditations going? What kind of numbers are we pulling? If Cobra could give us an update on that and also the energetic status of Earth and our Collective Mass Consciousness that would be awesome.

      Post is too long I'll do a another reply with question 9.

    12. 9. Can Cobra PLEASE PLEASE talk about the importance of following a vegan or vegetarian diet.(Vegetarianism as a stepping stool)

      Buying animal products supports the rape, torture and murder of billions of innocent sentient beings on a daily basis along with the complete and total destruction of our own home planet. You are supporting darkness that need not exist in our creation.

      Not only that but all animal products are detrimental to your health especially meat, eggs and dairy. Processed meat is class 1 carcinogen and all other meat is class 2. It's comparable an even WORSE than cigarettes and alcohol. The human body isn't designed to process cholesterol and all the other messed up stuff those products contain. Humans are physiological herbivores. We're designed to live of fruit and vegetables.

      All of that aside the simple fact that vegans even exist and that a vegan diet doesn't cause cancer and can infact even cure it is proof enough that it's a viable diet.



      Regardless of everything I said I hope you're all having a nice day. I send you love and light. Thanks again Cobra, Corey and Rob for everything you guys are doing. Namaste.

    13. @Ice Sphere: "Ice Cream"? which sort is it....?

    14. I suggest u post yourr inquiries to the links Cobra has provided fir Qs... Is on the

      I dont have the lunks right now but one is... I think

    15. Personally ig someday I get to ascend or evolve and when I do I hope some ruled n regulations regarding intervention may have changed... If this game has not assisted in prompting for changes... I dont know what will... Watching or experiwncing pain for the hell of it is not my idea of a game... What is the point of evolving if ones hand are bound ...while hearing the pleads for help helplessly... Whats the point of being a warrior when one was made to die like a coward.... Lifetime after,lifetime... Where all,efforts fell short of expectations because everyone involved had to go mad to play a mad game.... Where ultimately the liberation will finally be accomplished but with thevast help from outside not out of creative power to liberate or build from the us.. Cause such powers we used it to destroy instead... As a collective. Sorry for the less than optimistic mode...
      In my opinion the universe failed Gaia and its inhabitants.. But u guess we dont have worry too much cause it will become but a bad dream... u wish at least a dream,that had the best happy ending... To make up for all the discrepencies from all sides.

    16. The dark forces have been developing their hostage leverage mechanisms and at the same time developing exotic weaponry technologies that were wreaking havoc across the Galaxy, destroying entire planets, erasing entire civilizations.

      At a certain point they developed their most efficient hostage leverage mechanism. They have demanded that the Source stops giving intel to the Ascended Masters and to the Galactic Confederation about the clandestine activities and plans of the dark forces or they threatened to destroy large sectors of the Galaxy.

      Since then, the Light forces stopped receiving intel about a certain part of activities of the dark forces. This has created a cosmic energy split between Light and dark throughout all dimensions and was the beginning of duality. On the fifth dimension and above, darkness manifested simply as absence of intel and lack of understanding how to resolve the cosmic situation.

    17. I am putting Cobra's Intel above all other sources. Less of a headache that way. The easiest way to give yourself a hell of a hangover is to simultaneouly process contradictory intel from all the books, web sites and channels out there.

    18. SOS : WE NEED A MEDITATION APP WHERE PEOPLE WHO INTEND TO MEDITATE CAN punch in. The app thus displays those who intend to participate in real time (country wise). Seeing the numbers others will be encouraged to take part and when they punch in too it will be sheer joy to see the numbers skyrocketing.

    19. This website gives a clear example of how a disinfo operation works:

      But again, intel on that same website is nowhere near 100% correct, so you need to use discernment there as well. It is important not to fall into the trap of polarization, seeing one source of intel as completely true (light) and another one completely false (dark). The truth is usually somewhere in between and you need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

      One of the main blocks to discernment are Invisibles, archontic parasites that have infested the etheric brain of almost every living individual on this planet. They live in parasitic symbiosis with etheric brain glia cells and create synaptic disconnections between etheric brain meridians which influence the DNA replication in their physical counterparts - physical brain synapses. This creates mental confusion, thought processes distortion and belief systems fixation. When those parasites are removed by the Light forces, humanity will receive an enormous boost of intelligence and creativity and a great expansion of consciousness.

    20. hmm... I Love-it, but I don't
      Sitting in the woods, only seeing people if and when I choose, I forget how much more the work is for You

    21. I know right. Sometimes I see sometimes I don't. So frustrating for me.

  11. Now that`s some information fella`s!!! Let`s finish this clean up and start enjoying life!!!!

  12. If you want to get to the interview straight away ff to 12:30 some where in that time area. ... I wonder why they split it into two parts? I have to really focus to understand that is going on.

    1. This was the process for me...
      "Corey Who", no intro for the Guru..?
      Core Goode: about me..?
      information technology and communications industry with 20 years’ experience in hardware and software virtualization, physical and IT security, counter electronic surveillance, risk assessment, and executive protection, and served in the Texas Army State Guard (2007-2012), C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computation & Intelligence

      Now read the "first" answer to his
      "first real question"...
      No Event, no Resistance, no Cobra

      Now think about why he states the SSP is secret
      How much would a world slave to work a fleet of (limousine) ships, that can also move 3 and 4 races just to be yelled at by a triangle head.
      Every detail the same as operation C.O.B.R.A. except a few "over the top- off the wall" things
      Down to a Sphere... that has limited limo service, and saw no need to attend any Ascension Conference

      A lame... attempt to show readers of this blog
      "Wanting to follow almost anything"

    2. Sorry, I know you need your space...
      It's just all this, so much about nothing
      Hurts more to just watch
      (I've seen that in you)

      Rally the hostages to try and force an alliance that would've taken place in the background
      and to save the guru from ego, we wouldn't even need to know

      The %1, who would prefer we killed each other off, are stuck here with us
      (limo spaceship shuttle to Elysium)
      Surface population must be too much for the all-seeing-triangle-head (snuff) unless it is the "greed" bound with strings to money

      Moon Day 11 13 Moon Calendar

  13. @Cobra

    Is the last picture an actual likeness of Ashtar?

    1. No, some guy made it...

  14. Thanks, Rob, COBRA, and Corey! Very helpful, and uplifting!

  15. Is the event occurring now? The Mandela Effect is being talked in a big way right now. I've seen a couple of videos now that point out things that are now different in the Bibles that have been on our shelves for decades. I went and checked my own and found this to be true.

    1. I think I figured it out. The Bible changes could be a signal from our descendants in the future. We need to change something. The clue could be here:
      The interview gets particularly interesting at 40 minutes.+

    2. I have my doubts about The Mandela Effect. I'd love COBRA to confirm/denounce it! And if it's real; what's causing it??


    Victory of the Light!

    1. Now that I have also listened, re-read and digested, WOW! I am sure that orchestrating this interview was no small feat! Excellent job, Rob, and thanks to Cobra and Corey for taking the time to explain things in detail. Gratitude also to all those working behind the scenes to produce this fabulous intel release. <3

  17. I wonder why the knowledge of the primary anomaly and this octopus being are not very common amongst the lightworkers.. why don't other channeled beings talk about this? I think it does explain a lot of things, especially health issues and the madness currently present on our planet. It does seem the positive E.T. races are longing deeply in their hearts to resolve this, but on our planet, we have no idea that it exists at all. Lightworkers still think everything is actually light and they tend to ignore darkness, as if it didn't exist anymore. But we are not there yet. We really have to see it clearly what is so it cannot play games with us anymore.

    I think I am working a lot with this primary anomaly energy. There is an energy in my body that I have been healing for years now. It is a very dense energy, resulting in pain. I hope this work does really help in our situation. Cobras words do really help me understand what is going on with me, so I am very thankful! Cobra speaks what I could only hope in my deepest wishes.. all of this makes sense and I am not the only one being out of balance. The whole galaxy is out of balance. I will stay strong and heal this as long as it is necessary. When all of this is resolved we can all just relax :)
    Suffering will be over soon. Much love <3

    1. Very simple and actually you might have known the answer but you want someone to tell you as confirmation. Let me do it.

      The channeling people, basically they don't know what being they channeled with , they have no idea the information that receive from those beings, they can't image that to what degree the Archon's control. Many people become a chess of archons but they think they are doing good...

      Wake up bro, face the truth please.

    2. The dark forces hid the knowledge of prime anomaly 'cause if we knew about it we would take steps to deal with it. As no-one knew about it, the dark was able to maintain the quarantine and even defy Source for far too long.

    3. I must say I tend to AGREE w/ you. The "real threat"- The Patient "Zero" of ALL this Strife & Negativity IS "The Prime Anomaly"- Which are the 'Light Beings' that wanted to experience "Matter & such" and it made them 'Crazy'- they thought there were "Cut-Off" and hence 'More Insane' basically They Are what 'needs to be Healed'- The healing that needs to Happen is what I heard (I think Untwine mentions it?) is called "Contingency" - the State of Being that has knowledge & experience of BOTH "Negativity"(Demi-Urge, ID, Self) & "Positive" (Empathy, Love, Service to Others).

      HUMAN's unlike practically EVERY Other Player on the board have been 'tinkered with' Energetically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, & Ethericly to such a degree- WE have the potential to be BOTH by choice & will alone. I.E. you can be a Serial Killer or Mozart. You can be Prostitute in One Life & come back & be a devout Priest in the next (I've done that). THEY are the Disease - WE, the Rogues, the Wanderers, The Curious, The "trolls", The "System Busters"(Pleadians use that word) are THE CURE! Humans...Unpredictable Ever evolving Pandoric Possibilities made Flesh, forever evolving, forever GROWING, Forever "Knowing"- racking up Points, Leveling Up, Combining New & Ancient truths - Hack & Slash Esoteric Mercenaries of the ALL Mighty I AM. I personally LIVE to make "Dogma" Squeal.

      Negativity is a "Perspective", it's A POV that is the "root-code" of a Negative persons 'Subjective Reality'- Know the code, crack the code, Take the Knowledge, Pass out the Cure, Make some weapons, Make the Antidotes. Assimilate, Comprehend, & Cure!

      THIS is what I use "Negativity" for. HEALING Others. Negativity leads to Empathy (for me when I've digested it). Seriously if "Negativity" scares you & it's like some 'Dirty Experience' you're too Good for- I might question how you'd handle walking a day in "MY Shoes"- I have Empathy for ANYONE who have being Manipulated by this "Matrix" & had their dreams/loves/desires TWISTED by these Loosh-guzzling douche-bags. No One likes to be "manipulated"- These are some Sorry-Ass souless chumps who are so empty of any value they need to suck off another life form for FOOD. They are NOTHING without us- They Know It. They ARE NOT "self reliant"- They got some 'tricks' & fancy 4-D tech but they can't handle 5th Dimensional Vibes & sure can't handle "LOVE" or the fragile rose petal like beauty of Female Goddess pureness of the Law of One! - Female power get's me 'Hard' (cause I'm guy!can't you tell) I an Anti-Hero? Probably. Do I love & serve the Goddess? Hell Yeah. Do I have thirsty blood-lust for smashing the Illusions of others? MOST Definitely. Do I love to pass out 'Lock Pics' in a Prison? WHY NOT? BLOOD LUST- It's how I know I'm Alive. I don't think I'd trade my "negativity" for Innocence any day...I've learned so much. To deny this experience would be fool-hearty.

      Make your choice kids:
      Be Dark
      Be Light
      Be a Hybrid w/ essentially evolved tactics, training, empathy, & unpredictable pluckiness that keeps everyone on their toes...thus the road less traveled by and thus making ALL the Difference.

      Imagine my "powers" after the Ascension. Hide the Cat girls I'm going Inter-Planetary

  18. The atmosphere during these interviews seems to have been very good because I havent heard Cobra so talkative or so compliante before. Nor have so many confusing terminology and concepts been clearified. I congratulate all three for this high level of interaction.

  19. Cobra said in last months interview that there would be a special group meditation to take place on July 8th. All spiritual groups would be contacted and make a mass effort to start the Event. Now I have contacted a spiritual leader in my neighborhood who does crystal bowl meditations and have not heard when this meditation will occur. The time is important. Is this still being planned? what time, I must know real soon to reserve the time and place of this meeting. The spiritual leader has contacted me and wants information but I can not get this information from anyone. Please help!

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  21. Very Interesting Interview! Thanks Cobra,Corey and Rob.

  22. Thank you for the extremely informative and uplifting interview. We are making good progress! Every day make your day beautiful and help someone make their day beautiful also! It costs nothing! This is what you can do when it feels like you need/want to do something to help heal things here. It is all about love.

  23. Fire and Water is decrypted.

    Water Company <==> Pixie Company Parity

  24. With all the craziness & insanity out there now making up disinfo as they go along, it's so calming to read this interview with people working together harmoniously giving us a book full of material to digest and to help us keep our perspectives without joining the people who are to the extreme lately and might even be jumping off cliffs! I look forward to the Event when life is filled with balance; Peace, Love & Light all around us! Thanks for your wonderful interview Cobra, Corey & Rob! And thanks for another interview to come!

  25. Chem trails , yesterday and today have changed to a different variety here in Western WA. They dissapate more quicklyand seem to use fewer of them. The primary and obvious difference is the numerous secondary tendrils which go out 90 degrees and verticle to the primary trail. The overall shape would resemble a spine with dozens of nerves going out laterally ( in two directions, to the right and to the left) . So my dog is being quaranteened inside for 3 days giving this ( now invisible) chemical mix a chance to fall to the ground.

    1. Uhh nope.. I live in Kent and they are spraying very hard and from X to Cross to perpendicular to triangle..

    2. This variety appeared in n cal at least six months ago, maybe longer. They also spray a variety of patterns, not just dead straight lines. No one is fooled who is awake.

    3. Im in Vancouver! Same as usual!!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. They will go on spraying until we are there. They will not stop 1 second earlier. Everytime I see them spraying which is not very often, because I am trying not to focus on this, is, I understand: Okay, we are still not there yet. No Event. Still real people who really really drive with their car to a location to put on their chemtrail-spray-dress and start their plane to poison their brothers and sisters. Real people with a real heart. I try not to think about this. I only use it as a protocol type of thing. Maybe we could imagine them one day awakening from their sleep having a dream when they realize that they are just unable to do this one more single time. We must try to be stronger than our fears and depression, sadness and anger. It is not easy, but the Wingmakers etc. are around the Solar system so we can connect with them and work together with them, they need our participation within our mind. This is why we are here. We just have to go on with visualizing the positive future for all that wish to participate in it.

  26. you donnot require proof oko

  27. Gracias a todos por la información. Da tranquilidad y
    más ganas de aportar energia .elevando las vibraciones.

  28. after reading part 1 & 2 , I can see that there are still quite much differences between both gentlemen's information. It is seems that the

    groups which Corey interacted with are more of "mixed nature", if not negetive nature, at least they are not positive like RM where Cobra
    comes from. And I feel that many of the groups Corey talked about are mostly dark side or neutrality side, some of those people now want to
    do "good thing" by their own way but their plans might not align with the plan of RM or Galactic Confederation. In my humble opinion, in terms
    of information level of Earth situation, Cobra is higher than Corey. What Corey is dealing with is quite much like the integration process
    happening in Agartha world as Cobra talked about.

    What's more, it feels like that Corey might have received so much information that he can't handle properly. An obvious example: Corey: Moon
    is hollowed by Ancient Builder Race. Cobra: Moon is not hollowed but it is honeycombed.

    Who the hell is Ancient Builder Race if this race is so important in history of solar system ? Who told this information to Corey, who they are
    and what is their purpose? We just don't know these critical details. After searching , I get this information: Corey decribed in Gaiam TV
    interviews: The subterranean groups claimed that there had been an ancient civilization that had protected this region of the galaxy for literally
    billions of years. They were referred to as “The Guardians,” and the Secret Space Program referred to them as the “Ancient Builder Race”.

    Ok, now we figure out that this "race" comes from subterranean groups and SSP, one are the groups that we don't know their details at all, one is the group which is controlled by Dark force. Interesting!! How come we can believe Corey tells us truth ? I am not saying he is agent of cabal but he might be another Fulford , telling us the mixed information from the source we don't know about. Don't forget, Cobra at least has decribed his RM/information source in very details, but sorry it is not for Corey as far as I can see.

  29. Second that! Thank you Rob n' Hood n' Goode!

  30. Good news, if Cobra can verify:
    "The negative plasma blob blocking God's light is no more. God is ready to open the flood gates of light. The timeline course of destruction is being corrected. Our friends from inner earth and outer space are making preparations to join us on the surface. The Event is nigh. Things could get interesting next week."

    1. Please let this be true! The waiting seems to go on forever!

    2. Blob?? Is that what it's called now..? I can't keep up.

    3. We are in the middle of "next week" ... I guess so far things aren't getting interesting. Maybe I'm missing something?

  31. I'd like to THANK YOU! for Thanking potter, cobes, & goodey - Why? FREE WILL baby!


    1. Interesting although google translate can give some confusion.

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  34. Very "interesting" (to say the least) last few days and nights :-)
    HUGE Waves of Love and Light and Positive Energies comin' in right here, right now, on our beloved Gaia.

    We'll Make HEAVEN A Place On Earth.

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom and Ascension for All


  35. Thanks to Cobra and Corey for getting together to do this interview. Thanks to Rob for moderating. Looking forward to another one!

    Meanwhile, some very interesting articles posted recently on Prepare for Change:

    ...especially regarding the end of the Mayan calendar, which may have *actually* ended June 4, 2016 rather than 12/21/2012. Link below.

    Plus, this whole continuing saga of Yaldabaoth ("Yaldo") that plasma octopus who appears to hang out particularly just north of Congo, Africa. This article talks about the very unusual "spiking" magnetic fields around the city of Bangui, where Yaldo can be found.

    And south of Bangui is the absolutely HUGE goddess vortex in Congo -- and this goddess vortex is associated with the gravitational forces of the solar system! This vortex area appears to be about 600 or 700 miles (1,000 km) in diameter.

    Well, I certainly did not learn THIS in high school physics.

    Thanks to Prepare for Change for all your articles, which fascinate me on a daily basis.


    We don not wear uniforms, WE ARE united in LOVE and LIGHT

    LOS !!!

    Straight On for The Days Ahead, Brother And Sisters Of The Light


    1. Thank you for your help and support. Much love to you bro.


  37. We start and end as ONE, Gaia

    I AM The Beginning And The End



  38. Gaia of the Waking Universe
    Gaia of the Waking Universe

    A wrinkled Rose snapped back
    And the flies on flowers spreading out
    To all sickness of humanity
    Listen to Our Queen as she is offering free samples
    Of her lovely garden spoils

    Gaia of the Waking Universe
    Gaia of the Waking Universe

    And undulating always like the tide
    The Source's Bride is calling all toward her skirt
    And in the loving folds there we will hide inside
    From any would-be sneak attack
    And Now it's safe to journey back

    Gaia of the Waking Universe
    Gaia of the Waking Universe

    She's Best there was, The Best there is and The Best there ever will be

    My Girl.
    Talking 'bout My Girl ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  39. spirittooJune 5, 2016 at 11:25 AM
    I never took Cory or Wilcox seriously because unlike Cobra, they never offered any proof or links to reports to back up what they were telling us. I just sense that they don't have the real scoop as Cobra does. Any interview with Cobra is interesting<<.



    Agreed 10000000%!
    And i'd like to fill out BETWEEN your lines with a VERY IMPORTANT OBSERVATION of mine.

    Let's put aside all these mambo jambos about being "judgemental". Every time we compare something with another object or person - wheater we want or not - we ARE judging.
    Therefore, to COMPARE= judging.

    My intentions are ONLY for the good of all. I must try to UNITE as many powerfull Lightwarriors and Lightworkers as possible.
    Deep inside, i feel this is one of the most important missions i have to achieve - acting as a PEACE MAKER and a Warrior of Truth.

    I do NOT want to create "she said, he said" scenario.... And it's defineley not my intention to stirring the pot.

    I am just cooking the best meal called "PEACE", on a simmering fire, spiced up with HEALING herbs, so it'll be healthy; easily digested; delicious and satisfying for every palate.
    And then, i put the pot on the table, and ask every single Loving, and caring person to be my guest, and join the fiesta!

    From the position where i am today, this is all i can do in trying to bring them togehter.

    Actually, deep in my heart, i am so hoping that somehow David would be guided to read this, and he would go deep into his HEART, observe with his DIVINE eye and look at the path he's chosen.....
    I Love him as a very young and smart Brother, and I want to see him to stop being an "isolated island", and JOIN THE CLUB WITH THE REST!

    That being said.....
    LET US TALK THE TRUTH, and start with this:

    Q- Has enybody ever seen COBRA SELLING HIS END-LESS KNOWELEDGE TO US, (like David, and so many others do)?
    A- Never. Never. Never.

    BTW, i am not talking about Cobra conferences, which are just a few, and it costs a fraction of Wilcock workshops.

    Gosh, sometimes, Cobra's answers are, literally, out of THIS world, and... The vast knowelde and FAST answers that Cobra has handy at any given moment, makes one to think....
    HE is not from THIS world!

    I've been at many spiritual events, thus, i talk based on my experiences and my observations.
    I've seen many really well known people, famous contactees, professors, and historians, who did their workshops, lectures for FREE, or with a very little charges, affordable to ALL. And there are some who do it based on DONATIONS. To make some extra money, they do publish books, and have them for sale during the workshops.

    Yet, unfortunately that is NEVER the case with David. In fact, his workshps are one of the most expensive ones of all. IF not THEE MOST expensive.
    BTW, i do belive that he is reincarnated aspect of Edgar Casey. However, it's a well known fact, that Edgar Casey did ALL his healings and channelings for FREE. In return, people would donate to his organization! (Just check it out).
    But it seems in this lifetime, he is getting more knowledge on many other subjects, and.... REgressing morally. I wish him to open his DIVINE heart to the DivIne Cosmos, and stop running after the money.
    (I wonder if he's doing any charity work?)

    Don't get me wrong. I understand so well what does it mean to be left with NO money. (Again, talking based on MY own experience).

    I think it would be HONORABLE, if at least from time to time, (and just to show us how evolved and caring he is), David would have a few FREE workshps. For he knows perfectly well, that most people attending these Expos and conferences, are the people who have very little money to pay for his workshops.
    YET, almost in all such events, EVERYBODY, wants to see and hear him.

    1. I never heard of Wilcox until after I found Cobra's site and was researching the different people that talked about the ETs. I stumble on to Cobra, because I was listening to this woman (Barbara Marciniak) who claimed to be in contact with the Pleiadians ... I don't believe she is now after seeing Cobra's intel.

      I found her interesting because she was talking about politics. This cause me to do research which led to Cobra's site.

      I heard about Corey and Wilcox's and listens to some of their interviews but what they said didn't resonate with me. Wilcox's is like Marciniak charging folks for these workshops. The red flag for me on Marciniak was her stating that others stating they are in contact with the Pleiadians were phoney, that she had the real info.

      With Wilcox it was seeing your post about him removing any information on Cobra. People that do those types of things I tend to take what they say with a grain of salt.

    2. To be honest, you're wrong about David Wilcock not backing up what he says.. If you'd watched the recent episodes of his show Wisdom Teachings on Gaia TV; you'd know that he has been covering disclosure-related events over the last couple years - and been backing it up with links to news stories for reference.


    3. But I do agree the amount I've seen David charging for a recent conference was pretty outrageous. (and even charging to watch a recording of the conference on your computer)! In his defense.. he has released much intel in his blog; and we don't actually know how much he makes - and what the overhead costs are.


    4. In fairness I haven't seen Wilcox's show ...just some interviews he had on youtube. What I saw didn't hold my interest, so I never bother to explore his work further. But what I did see on youtube didn't have any links or reference to what he was stating.

    5. David Wilcock is coo coo lol.. he's been predicting things that never happened... since 2012. be careful who you are trusting.. Expect the unexpected. it could be a distraction to something bigger that you may not be prepared to until it's too late.


  40. So there.


  41. I always loved geography. Want to explore the world. When you talk about space and the different regions, can't wait to go there.

  42. Thanks for the interview. The latest Fulford update is quite optimistic as well.

  43. The April 23rd report Cobra stated ... Although it appears nothing is happening, there is much activity behind the scenes. This activity will become more pronounced and visible in May....
    Did I miss something this past May??? Anyone have any info regarding activities in May?

    1. The only advice i'd give you is... Keep an open mind.. don't trust anyone until proven so. Watch what's going on and not jump into conclusion. There's a lot of promises out there and most of them are false hope.. Grasp the situation and decide what's good and what's not.. be the observer not the absorber. I've seen a lot of false hope out there and I used to believe until I saw lots of it not coming true. They say.. "The Promise hope is here and now! Rejoice and you will see freedom for all!. No more chemtrails, No more fluoride and no more President Obama" whatever lol. and see what I mean? False hope.

    2. Probably much has and still happening Spirit but in the background... I am sure if we look closely there might be some tail tell signs around. A lot of rumours floating on the web of course but trust progress is not stagnant.

  44. The audio sounds amazing. Thanks guys!

  45. She's under the Knife that shoots guns. She hopes it's a laser scalpel or something better.

    Make a wake.

    1. This is just a shout out to Medcom, IC Jethro is my brain surgeon. Good on you Jethro. That 6th grade education is serving you so well! Along with that plasma and laser healing tech. Thank y'all. UR fookin awesome! AI

  46. Neil is hard at it:

  47. How can we ask questions of Cobra?
    What does he know about Bashar Channeled by Darryl Ankha?


    2. Cobra supplied this website link as well:

  48. just want to make sure that Cobra and company are working this angle as presented by Anna Von Reitz. I have mucho concerns about how trustworthy the BRICS people are RE THE new monetary system--if the jesuits and communists are in charge in china and the rockefellers and rothchilds have just moved to china-as has been rumored, then is Anna Right??? NOW THAT IS ONE INTERVIEW I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR-Anna and Cobra-- know hudes is cabal stooge all the way-and maybe jesuit too-but not really sure about Anna--wonder what Cobra thinks of her and if he has been in touch with her and her work...what he thinks of her ideas at least. I am trusting the answer is the resistance would not get fooled by Jesuit and cabal infiltrators--but then-look what just happened in Brazil. NOT LOOKING GOOD THERE...nor in Venezuela. This is WAY about my pay grade as they say. sending love light and support to those working to free us all from the bad guys...and from their destructive ways.

    1. tap:
      I have similar questions as you, especially regarding what Judge Anna Von Reitz has been writing. Cobra has commented in fairly recent (2016 anyway) interviews that lots of stuff happening behind the scenes, in our governments, but a lot simply won't happen until the Event.

      I get the feeling Cobra is not familiar with what Judge Anna has been writing... from her location out here on the West Coast of US (she's in Alaska).

    2. Tap: all you need to know is that Goth Childs have one foot in Portugal and one foot in Switzerland. No worries there.

    3. Megan, We love and recognize Alaska and the Judge. And in our economy, "Due Diligence" means vetted well. It's a Texas two-step.

    4. Sorry Hides as cabStooge isn't making much sense to me, she was among 1st to say this of Trump

  49. Here is a working Keshe reactor making visible plasma. We're VERY lucky to see and work with this stuff.

    1. I don't see the visible plasma? Just a blurry thingie spinning very fast.

      This article caught my attention a while back:

    2. Black Goo is probably "appartement" for the Octupus? Can we bring via positive plasma device or just our consciousness Black Goo into the Central Sun and release the Octupus from it, so FINALLY the universe is free?

    3. I referred to the Negative Black Goo. The positive is doing its own part...

    4. Don't see plasma? Watch it again, it's the crazy glowing rings floating in the air.

      There's an article that says Keshe is fake?! Oh wow I should have typed "Keshe" into Google and clicked on the first thing.

    5. Since you obviously didn't read it, It doesn't say he's a fake. It says that his GANS material is a forum of Ormus that's been produced incorrectly and is very likely dangerous to be around.

      Ormus material is a natural high temperature superconductor, and thus very useful is building free energy devices. Even if you make the stuff properly you run the risk of irradiating yourself without proper protection.

    6. Gans is not ormus at all. No part of the process or combination of ingredients is the same.

      I've read everything about Keshe. Watch the magrav videos.

    7. P.S. Those aren't crazy glowing rings, it's copper wire.

  50. Here is a video list of working Keshe power units. I'm making both devices and they're going to be PERFECT. People are going the freak the fuck out when they see what I've made.

    1. I wish you good luck but all over-unity devices so far that I have seen is either promoted by charlatans or by genuinely truthful people that dont understand the problems of accurately measuring power and energy on an alternating source.

    2. We are counting on you Patrick... to get one of those devices going... I will trust you will get one running and let us know and show us when it does work. that is if the dark don't trick you first.. Fight it boy.. fight it :)

  51. Good job on your path and on moving mountains.

    1. Whats happening now? Not sure.. they found Luci? :)
      I was just expressing support and cheering on.... I need to do this now before I changed mood again ;).. Is not personal when I lash out... ;) i find it easy to blame it on the collective lol

  52. I remembered elephant story from Sufi mystic Al Ghazali born 1058-1111 ( Original name Hüccetü’l-İslâm Ebû Hâmid Muhammed bin Muhammed bin Muhammed bin Ahmed el-Gazzâlî et-Tûsî) his book Kimya-i Saadet ( The Alchemy of Happiness). Part is Allahu Telayi tanimak/İnsanlarin korler zumresine benzetilmesi.

    1. Thank you, good help for testing times :). If we love someone we want to see them happy, not guilty.

  53. Almost no electricity enters or leaves a Magrav. Because it's attached only to the neutral line and because of the plasma capacitors, it receives just a micro electrical current which acts as a resonance trigger. This builds up plasma which comes out the other end and happens to turn into electricity because you have it hooked up to a refrigerator. When Keshe says you can use this device to manifest gold or fish, it's true. You just need to hook it up to the right thing, feed it that tiny current, and boom a fish appears in front of you. Of course it all has to be made with industrial precision, but you get the idea.

    The capacitors in the bottom offer huge electrical resistance. It flows from the outer coil through rolled up gans and parchment paper to a core wire then into the main coils. The nanocoating alone can (and should be ideally) complete resistance. Then the same thing on the way out. See they're a stepdown of realities. No conventional physics going on, which is why it works.

    1. Plasma technology is not originating from Keshe, it originates from the Ancient Builders in Atlantis, Pleiades etc.. Just saying ;)

  54. Cobra, I know you very rarely answer direct questions down here in the comments section, but this bit of the interview really caught my attention:

    "And they have also assisted quite much in removing this from the surface. They have not been 100% successful, but they have been very successful, and they have actually introduced a certain technology into shower gels through certain multinational corporations. And people using those shower gels were actually . . . they were being assisted in the removal of that virus, that signal."

    Can you share who makes this shower gel and where we can get it?

    1. Look at what your friends the signal has degraded the most, and ask them.

    2. Such a question should not be answered if Cobra is a responsible individual :)

    3. Try all gels... and whichever makes you feel better? ;) I doubt is one of the cheap-o gels ;)

    4. Well, gosh darn, I did a little search on 'best shower gels'.... :^)

  55. 1) If we are to clean the planet, how come we then have to evacuate (according to Sheldan Nidle).
    2) How much time from “The Event” to “Ascension Chambers”
    3) Who is actually behind the book, The Bible?
    4) Why would this octopus plasma shield, or the entity known as Yaldabaoth, entrapping humanity have SBs & TBs attached to it?
    5) If the Cabal knows they are going to go anyhow, why don't they just activate them (the SBs & TBs) anyway?

    1. #2:
      Ascension Chambers
      Rob – Many people, like Delores Cannon who are quite accurate and all the prophecies have spoken about the earth shift – causing great upheaval for the surface. We’ve talked about this before being further in the future way after the event when the human surface population is . . . Post “meet the E.T.’s” the end of the century has passed. The event has taken place. People want to know if this kind of pole shift and earth changes still considered for a future day? Is everything balanced out. Will some of us be taken to the inner earth into the ascension like chambers?

      COBRA – OK. – information about the physical polar shift is classified information so it will not be released at this time. I can answer the 2nd part. Yes, after the event certain people will be taken underground inside the Agarthan network. Yes, at certain points people will be taken into the ascension chambers.

      Rob – OK, will that be immediately after the event possibly.

      COBRA – Not immediately after the event but soon after the event.
      ---ref rp0714

      Alexandra: OK. Getting back to the ascension chambers, You’ve talked about them at your conferences – for healing and helping humanity. She’s wondering why would the light workers need to go through the ascension chambers.

      COBRA: Because ascension is a huge leap in consciousness and a human being can not do that alone with out the assistance of the higher light forces. Try walking on water and see if you can.

      Alexandra: Good point. right. That’s a good point. Or walk through a wall.

      COBRA: Yes, for example. Because then you can essentially do that.

      Alexandra: OMG. Are you hearing that.
      ---ref am0713

      ALEXANDRA: This is really exciting. One person was asking about our full consciousness coming forward through the chambers somewhere in Agartha. Do you agree with that and would it take 3 days within these chambers to receive our full consciousness or not?

      COBRA: There was a lot of dis information about the chambers, fear, misinformation stating that the chambers are not of the light. Actually, those chambers are very advanced light technology, organic, integrated technology that assist us in reaching our full consciousness. There will be a gradual introduction of those chambers to the surface population at a certain moment around the event. I would say around first contact. They will will be used individually to those advanced light workers that are ready for them before the first contact, but after the event then more massively after first contact and as we come deeper into the full ascension process.

      ALEXANDRA: OK. Wow. This is so exciting.

      COBRA: Oh yes, we are almost there.
      ---ref am0613

    2. # The Bible:
      snips found at:
      Category Religion
      these are some answers from Cobra... read the questions from above link

      COBRA – There is a certain person who has been erased from the Bible. You see, a lot of information, I would say 50% of the information about the life of Jesus has been fabricated. It has been taken from different mythologies that were prevalent at that time. From Mythriism, from Apollo cult, from Egyptian mysteries. I would say the other half was a section of his life that suited the programming cult of Christianity at that time, so you can not make conclusions about his life based on bible if you want an accurate perception.
      ---ref rp1114

      Cobra – I will not go into details. I would say, yes, most of the events, which are described in the Bible, did not happen the way they were described. There was a lot of censorship especially about the feminine presence, which was greatly suppressed in the gospel.
      ---ref rp1214

    3. #4: In short if I understand it correctly it was setup over time as a mechanism to keep the quarantine going.

      • What is remaining is the network of plasma implants, connected with each other through the Tunnels of set, and tied to the plasmatic strangelet and toplet bombs.
      • This implant network was slowly built throughout millions of years across this quadrant of the Galaxy by mad scientists of the Chimera group who were master strategy planners of the Orion / Draco / Reptilian military complex.
      • Everybody now incarnated on planet Earth still has those implants, as we have received them upon or before entry in the quarantine Earth area. They are plasma micro black holes, rotating in a strong plasmatic electromagnetic field. Their purpose is to distort spacetime to keep maintaining the primary anomaly and thus planet Earth quarantine status:
      Best Article:

      • All implants are still connected with hyperdimensional plasma wormholes (Tunnels of Set) into an AI-supported network that communicates across the Solar System plasma vortex (Yaldabaoth) and is tied to plasma strangelet / toplet bombs. This network is still connected with RHIC hadron collider and to a lesser degree with LHC at CERN. Those accelerators supply strangelets into the network mostly with gluon fusion interactions:
      Read more:>

    4. #5
      Rob - Next question: “As the Cabal are soon to be defeated, what prevents them from detonating a strangelet or toplet bomb, because they’ll end up in the central sun anyway? What is to keep them from thinking, ‘We’ve lost anyway so let’s take down as much as possible?’”

      COBRA – Those that have access to strangelet bombs, they are not many and they are not so emotionally polarized, they are more mentally polarized and they plan. They do not react. This is how they were able to maintain this quarantine for 25k years.
      ---ref rp0216

      Rob – The bad guys with the stranglet bombs. Someone’s mentioned this and I think we’ve talked about this. If the dark forces kind of know that they’re time is up, I guess, from their ego point, they really don’t believe it is. What is preventing them from exploding the stranglet bombs if they feel like they might get tossed to the central sun. This type of consciousness might just might out of sheer spite like they do on other worlds, set off a starlet bombs right now.

      COBRA – It is because, I will put it this way, they don’t really believe it’s over until it’s really over.

      ---ref rp0515

      Rob -... Someone asked here, they talk about – why is it so difficult to get the break in the non-physical plane with all this negative stuff going on. Why are the Archons so resisting and blocking the process. Do they know it’s going to be ended and their situation is going to end anyway. Why are they continuously fighting and refusing to surrender.

      COBRA – OK. They went too far in their direction and they are afraid of what will happen when this is going to end. Their basic motivation is fear.
      ---ref rp0714

    5. #1: Evacuation vs Staying --- sorry did not find info on this topic yet.

    6. By the Way: for #3 the Bible
      Constantine the Great created the Christian cult... thus influenced what was to be included in the Bible.

      Cobra Provides an External Link Below: hopefully still is valid
      It is interesting to note that ALF Cabaniss military base is constructed in the shape of Chi Rho, the symbol of Constantine the Great, the Archon who created the Christian cult: 

  56. Thank you Cobra! We read here you had the ascension conference, how was it? I feel the whole energy shifting a lot, thank you for caring for the whole humanity. You are a blessing for the universe, what would we be without you? Now I feel, everything is going to be fine, more than fine. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones! The lightforces up there must be very proud of you.

  57. Sheldan Nidle - Explains 1st Contact (1h:30m) - yT Video

  58. I pray this is true!

    1. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Cobra state the financial reset would not happen until after The Event?

    2. not After the Event: It is part of the Event... banks closing... the arrests.. etc.
      Elizabeth. Describe the Event again for those hearing this for the first time…

      C: OK, I will describe this briefly.

      * The first aspect of the Event is the reset of the financial system. The reset of the financial system will end the current imbalances that are one of the major sources of suffering on the planet. The new financial system will be transparent and fair to everybody.
      * The second aspect of this reset is the arrest of the members of the controlling forces of the Cabal, of those people who were actually enslaving humanity for all those centuries.
      * The third aspect of the Event is finally the truth will begin to be released through the mass media, truth about the planetary situation, truth about our history, truth about UFOs, about extraterrestrial contact, about free energy, about true physics, about everything–will be released finally to the mass population.

      There will also be the non-physical aspect of the Event, which will be a flash, the wave of energy from coming from the galactic central sun. Many people who are more spiritually aware will be able to feel that flash. That will begin a process of mass awakening that will go across humanity after the Event.
      ---ref ew1113

    3. So the info James posted is incorrect. There will be no financial reset until The Event takes place.

  59. Can someone tell how soon is soon or how close is close? I keep reading this from Cobra, Gaia website, sheldan, and every other sight there is on the event and ascension. Soon, close, very close, very soon. At least tell us if it will be this year. And please no one comment on my comment with some bullshit how I don't need to wait, live your life and come back to this, or why does it matter? It does matter. ALL of us are tired of waiting everyday and we have daily real life lives right now to continue. If it's soon enough, I would say f*ck it and go live my life to the fullest with what I have in savings. But because of the unknown I have bills to pay and money to be made to survive.

    1. It reminds me the mentallity in southamerica. When somebody tells u : "I will be there in 15 mins", it actually means in one hour, at least.
      Total disrepect and lack of commitment with the Word.=weakness

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. "if someone were to state when the event was it would eliminate the surprise"

      I'm sorry, but clarify why we need a surprise? I would be more pumped if I were told how close is close and it would raise my vibrations, honestly.

      I have focused on my energy. I am tired. Simple. Let me ask you, what do you do? If you are peace you do not live in the real world, maybe you're a child or you're rich or you're blind to what's going on.

      And ger sey, say what?

    4. Don't hold your breath... Soon, close, or very soon.. can mean 1, 2, 3, 10 years or even 20 years from now... or never.

    5. Trying to live ur life to the fullest I think it should be the common goal for us all, event or no event.

      Do not make current financial plans based on the expectation that tomorrow the event will happen... U may endup more frustrated and/or angry needlessly.

      Know changes are occurring... manifesting perhaps not to our desire speed due to its complexity.... Hold on to the hope and participate on the changes in whichever way calls you... Even on ur very own daily life ... Regardless if u are aware of such forecasted event.

      Remember the timetable fluctuates as to when the actual event will occur... Many variables involved and unfortunately human free will being one of those.

      Just be aware... Participate if u can... But do,not let urself get caught up on UN~obtainable goals that would only be valid when the event has taken place.

    6. I think the date 2025 was given as the culmination flr earth transformation. the event was to happen before,that... So at least we all know when for sure all this madness will be cleared for sure one way or another.

      Thats 9yrs frrom now... Andy if the event is to happen before that then j guess we are indeed close compared to years back.

    7. Would u agree that disclosing when such event will happen may not be prudent?... It will permit the other side to plan a counterattack./measure.. Another false flag or the ultimate act..

    8. There is an occult war going on. It would be silly to tell the dark forces when the Light forces plans on arresting them. I believe things would go much more smoothly if we could catch them by surprise. This is why Cobra has stated: "There will most likely be no advance »Green Light« notifications over the internet because the surprise element would then be lost."

      If you are at peace you are wise. Worrying does no good. You can be at peace and still actively work towards the liberation of the planet. This planet desperately needs peaceful and Loving energies at this time (especially throughout the Event phase).

    9. Please, for the hundredth time, do not read Sheldan Nidle. Disinformation.

    10. Corey Goode and SSP Alliance thinks full disclosure will happen before the end 0f 2017 with all the incredible things they're seeing/hearing.

      The Sphere Being Alliance have blockaded the whole solas system and in the middle of last year the top dog dracos/chimera offered to hand over all of their reptilian and human followers in exchange for clemency and safe passage through the outer barrier. That offer was rejected. Since then nearly all of the negative ETs and the Cabal have into disarray. It has created huge rifts in their alliance.

      That all occurred in the middle of 2015. That should give you an idea of how close we are. As for Cobra he doesn't like to give dates or predictions because of all the possible delays/unseen circumstances but he has already said the positive timeline has been secured (2016-2025). There will be a happy ending. The event will take place sometime between 2016-2025. You can feel it in the way cobra talks, you can feel it within, you can feel it in the air, the Event is near. In my opinion I agree with Corey, I can't see any of this dragging into 2018.

    11. I totally agree with everythingascension has said and the sentiments expressed also.

      These so called messengers have if they are genuine should carry some responsibility and accountability for their words. This is no game.

      We always here the phrase "use your discernment" parroted out. Well my discernment says we are being deceived.

  60. How about some current events instead of all this b.s. cobra. I know you won't post this so ill tell you as you well know you us to be a good source for current events im sure you havr a good reason but now your about this mumbo jumbo that no one cares about whats up .we still love you keep up the good work victory to the light

    1. Cobra is providing the planet population with all sorts of informatjon as you know... To help us understand who we are n our predicament and universal knowledge.... 2. This interview was setup by rob not cobra. 3. When Cobra is able or allowed to share with us Intel on current events he does.

      Not everything we hear or report content may be of every individual liking but be mindful that there are others who this information they found it meaningful or fulfilling.

      to conclude I am sure Cobra is aware we seek updates... And we will get an update when is safe to share.

  61. Hi Cobra
    Iam always thankful for the valuable informations that you give
    As a shaman/healer and spiritual being, iam in directly contact with mother earth Gaia and our Starrelative if its needed
    When you feel its good to compare notes, feel free to contact me
    You have my support
    Heartful greetings from Hamburg
    Om namah shivaya

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. Japanese Translation here:

    1. Great job Shigeru Mabuchi!
      Japan need to know about this informations.
      You are speeding up a process of liberation.

  64. An Infinite Number of Possible Realities
    Await the Observer

    So ponder this: Everything in the physical universe is made up of subatomic particles such as
    electrons. By their very nature, these particles, when they exist as pure potential, are in their wave
    state while they are not being observed. They are potentially “every thing” and “no thing” until they
    are observed. They exist everywhere and nowhere until they are observed. Thus, everything in our
    physical reality exists as pure potential.
    If subatomic particles can exist in an infinite number of possible places simultaneously, we are
    potentially capable of collapsing into existence an infinite number of possible realities. In other
    words, if you can imagine a future event in your life based on any one of your personal desires, that
    reality already exists as a possibility in the quantum field, waiting to be observed by you. If your
    mind can influence the appearance of an electron, then theoretically it can influence the appearance of
    any possibility.
    This means that the quantum field contains a reality in which you are healthy, wealthy, and happy,
    and possess all of the qualities and capabilities of the idealized self that you hold in your thoughts.
    Stay with me and you will see that with willful attention, sincere application of new knowledge, and
    repeated daily efforts, you can use your mind, as the observer, to collapse quantum particles and
    organize a vast number of subatomic waves of probability into a desired physical event called an
    experience in your life.

    Source / Book: Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One

    1. Just wondering? If a lone particle happens to be driven faster than the speed of light, it must then be possible for it to be everywhere (physically) at once. Now...if that same particle were driven by a speed many times faster than light, it could easily create everything, everywhere, but be nowhere for observation. If that particle was split in two, making one half the light, and the other the sound, then our minds would have all we need to manifest reality. Does this make sense to anyone?

    2. The thing is, how to convince your mind all the people on earth participate in your dream? This is why it can not work until one has reached the God-consciousness, master of all matter and all other levels of existence. So if the Saints tell we all can reach Shivoham and we will be in eternal bliss, they are just speaking the truth. This "original sin" that creates this dense experience (some people think it is, must not be me ;) :) ) exists in everyone and everyone must solve it in their own reality.

    3. Newtonian (classical) physics was about trying to anticipate and predict
      events; it was all about cause and effect.
      What does “going Newtonian” mean when applied to your ability to create? It’s when the external
      environment is controlling your internal environment (thinking/feeling). That’s cause and effect.
      Instead, change your internal environment—the way you think and feel—and then see how the
      external environment is altered by your efforts.
      Then when an unforeseen event occurs in your favor, you will be pleasantly surprised. You just
      became a quantum creator. You just went from “cause and effect” to “causing an effect.”

      If your intentions and desires haven’t produced consistent results, you’ve probably been sending an
      incoherent, mixed message into the field. You may want wealth, you may think “wealthy” thoughts,
      but if you feel poor, you aren’t going to attract financial abundance to yourself. Why not? Because
      thoughts are the language of the brain, and feelings are the language of the body. You’re thinking one
      way and feeling another way. And when the mind is in opposition to the body (or vice versa), the
      field won’t respond in any consistent way.
      Instead, when mind and body are working together, when our thoughts and feelings are aligned,
      when we are in a new state of being, then we are sending a coherent signal on the airwaves of the

      Source / Book: Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself

  65. We need full disclosure. No partial disclosure. Earth cannot wait any longer.
    If sheeps cannot handle the Truth, well, we will provide them with vomit-bags!

    1. I dont think is about the sheeps able or not to digest the truth...the truth could be spelled out right now and most will still ignore it after 5 minutes and continue business as usual... I think is more about those that have betrayed humanify or those ghat do not want to lose their ”crown” per sa.

      So disclosure alone will not create the ultimate change.... N besides full disclosure is planned for the event which will be the best time when it wkhld make an impact... If not full disclosure then it should not be called The Event


  66. Time to go Setting Free The Bulls, Baby !

    In a more than fitting touch, the time of the video happens to be 2:25 - they never asked for any of this.

    No More BS !!!

    Happy Stampede Of Love And Light ♥



    1. To the best of my knowledge Chicago used to have the biggest market for trading live stock. And absolutely *everything* about "stock markets" or "stock exchange" is fundamentally wrong.

      Ring the fricking Bell and close those abominations down Forever.


  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. Either I'm just sleep deprived or the energies are crazy today.

  69. Mystery of Mysteries 3
    All in 3 words
    All 3 same
    I just don't know sometimes

    If only solar panels were shaped like Lego's
    The "wall" would be a snap
    Chie power overload..?
    "made in Mexico"

    Some solar panel electro-magnet train tracks
    and why would anybody bother going past the border
    Free..? Solar Disneyland

    Blue Lunar Monkey
    Kin 171
    Moon Day 10
    Wednesday 8 June 2016

    I Polarise in order to Play
    Stabilising Illusion
    I seal the Process of Magic
    With the Lunar tone of Challenge
    I am guided by the power of Abundance

  70. some useful links i have found

    not sure if this is true(below)

  71. "and they have actually introduced a certain technology into shower gels through certain multinational corporations"

    Does anyone know?
    Is this shower gel available?
    Where? Where? Where?

    1. I would like to know this as well.

    2. wileda products made by Rudolf Steiner back in the days. or

    3. The good shower gel product name is Wileda...Made by Rudolf Steiner

  72. I'm getting there's no non-physical archons left anymore. Currently dealing with that octopus abomination. It's the final boss alright but the amount of shit one needs to annilihate to get inside it (pun intended) is ridicilous. Seems like everything there is is just a distraction from the mouse-octopus monster. It's ridicilously well hidden. Like a mouse. And I was not joking when I said it is Satan. It's giving me a six fingered hand and literally yelling "I am Satan".

    Also Source is integrating into every dimension there is and I'm not able to understand how RM is not aware of this yet.

    1. maybe he would even "steal" the cover-name he is using to attract power as he has no own power

  73. (min 2:15: aaaaahahahaha!)
    ...are the 48 months over already? ;)


  74. Lovely New UpDate on GaiaPortal today:

    "Collapses of essentials are observed and surpassed.

    Fluencies are enabled as rhymes are validated.

    Corollaries of Light come to play.

    The Force of Love is experienced in full."

    C'est la vie, and Here We Go ♥ ♥ ♥

    Victory Of Love And Light And Peace




  76. The thing is, how to convince your mind all the people on earth participate in your dream? This is why it can not work until one has reached the God-consciousness, master of all matter and all other levels of existence. So if the Saints tell we all can reach Shivoham and we will be in eternal bliss, they are just speaking the truth. This "original sin" that creates this dense experience (some people think it is, must not be me ;) :) ) exists in everyone and everyone must solve it in their own reality.
    Regards PkCod


  77. Earlier this evening, I felt inspired to go for a ride on my bicycle and rode around a pond where Dini and Me had had a few lovely times together. I distinctly remember Himmelfahrt 2012 when I found a bird feather and tucked it into her hair later that evening. That is still one of the cutest photos ever.

    So I'm riding along, and what do I see? A feather. So I put on the brakes and picked it up. "Oh, look. There's another feather." and another one; and another one; and another one. And a few more - looked like a bird shed all its winter fur (pun intended) right there.

    So I collected a total of 12 feathers without having the slightest idea what to do with them because they are way bigger than the ones I have collected over the last few years and implemented into "The Master Candle" of The LightMachine.

    Lo and behold, My Higher Self advised Me exactly where to put them. In the middle of my living room there is a piece of art consisting, among other things, of three Samurai Swords, and three Lego models: a Millennium Falcon, an X-Wing fighter and a Y-Wing fighter spacecraft.
    I call it "The DeathStar Destroyer."
    They all have little holes so that the Feathers I collected fit in absolutely perfectly. It looks and feels like the feathers always belonged there, and even though it's been less than four hours, it feels like they've been there Forever, couldn't imagine them not being there :-)

    And *that* is TeamWork.
    Thank You, TEAM BRING IT.


  78. Love the idea from "BP" at starshipearththebigpicture,
    THEY are at the Bilderberg meeting - round em up!!! Wish you coupd anyway.I know the RM would do it if it was a wise move

  79. i believe this is the nasa image of yaldabaoth that cobra referred to

  80. May abundant amounts of Heaven's mercy, grace, love, compassion, etc. be fully upon us and with us all in these moments and all future moments. Thank you. I AM enteral ally grateful. Be blessed and may God bless America. :)

  81. Yesterday for the first time i paid attention to Corey's message of Blue Avians and the Sphere Beings. Before that i totally ignore him.
    My inner feelings after reading it, and specially after staring at Corey' s Picture, are good. You can call me simpleton, but i
    can see many things in a face. This is not simple superpower, even dogs can tell wether there is Light or Darkness in a Person. I can confirm that the Sphere Beings are Real. I have seen them in pics from the Meditation Centers i used to visit. People there called them devas.

  82. can we get confirmation on the imprisonment of the anomaly? im told it was just taken somewhere. presumably the farthest depths of low vibrational creation.