Friday, October 7, 2016

September Monthly Update Interview by Cobra

Here is the September monthly update Cobra interview by Prepare for Change. The transcript and the audio version are available here:

You can submit your questions to and many of them will be answered in the next monthly update interview. 

Answered questions from past interviews are nicely gathered here:
Victory of the Light!


  1. Cobra, How tall is Dou Mu ? 18 feet?

    1. No, she is 5.5 to 6 feet tall.

    2. I wonder if she was the lady in pink in cobras dragon portal activation post..?

      I wish I was on one of those ET ships right now :)

      Awesome interviews C thanks a bunch. I loved them both and it was nice to see the good work te Asian Light factions are doing

      Check out my new video guys.. More and more stuff to talk about these days!


    3. Can we all ask post event questions as it seems nothing can be told due to comprimising lives .
      And nothing will change till the event hapoens." nothing "

      So we should ask post Event questions.

      Like how soon will surface humans be able to freely openly communicte with off planet and inner planet beings.

      I truely feel sorry fir inner eath beings " there goes the neighbor hood !"

      There is so much to do after the event it would be nice if those planners would blogg their plans .so we can assist
      Vissualising what post Event will look like.

      The sky everyday is the only true tangible reinforcement I have of change it is getting more beautiful by the day.

      Cobra it would be great to see plans by the planners of pist Event would be great to look forward to pist event . this preevent is getting low energy

      Lets pump it uo with post event plans and expectations
      Thats where our near future is " building our future"
      Lets rock this side of things pre Event questions have come to its useful end .

  2. I am ordering from the universe the event ASAP.
    There was a lot of learning going on from actual situation and now is the time to return to the light.
    The negative side showed its ugly head enough.

    1. I think that if the event happened right now a lot of 'booby traps' in the plasma field would go off and that is trying to be negated.

    2. Higher self divine mind of God/Source please trigger the event NOW- And, so it is!

      Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun
      Please shine down on me
      Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun
      Hiding behind a tree
      These little children are asking you
      To please come out so we can play with you
      Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun
      Please shine down on me
      Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun
      Please shine down on me
      Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun
      Hiding behind a tree
      These little children are asking you
      To please come out so we can play with you
      Oh, Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun
      Please shine down on, please shine down on

      Please SNEEZE down on me =D

      Songwriters: David Whiteley / Raffi Cavoukian / Unknown Pd Writer
      Mr. Sun lyrics © Peermusic Publishing, The Bicycle Music Company

  3. That ship reminds me of babies toy the one with color rings you have to drop on cone :D

    1. haha, donut rings, maybe it is a galactic Dunkin Donuts shop! ;)

  4. I hope there will be less questions regarding politics next time.
    Fake and artificial world of politics it's not worth our time.
    You are very soft about releasing real photos Cobra, what is that new picture? Looks like old medieval spaceprogram ship.

  5. Thanks once again for the interesting interview...Cobra, Richard & Lynn...Much labor & love to do this interview!

    Regarding Hillary, I believe Cobra when he says she's alive but in order to present her image to the public & her supporters, the dark hats have to be using a double & clones to represent her as what we've been witnessing is totally unrealistic to be her every time she's announced as appearing somewhere. This election is darn scary for the US and the world and electing either candidate conjures up thoughts of the US going further down the rabbit hole unless some positive event can prevent one of these candidates from running the country (via the cabal). I meditate on holding the Light daily and will hope & pray that a positive surprise is around the corner.

    1. this is one of the areas where i feel Cobra may be putting out some false information as a sound strategic counter-intelligence measure - supposing Hillary is dead, would you want to confirm that publicly at this time ? it may be wise for Cobra not to (although we know Fulford has decided to say it) - also Cobra says the US election is a distraction - but is it really ? - let us suppose the opposite is true and that what is going on with the daily revelations of corruption regarding both candidates is actually of paramount importance - would it be wise to for Cobra to reveal that at this time? - in any event, we follow our higher heart's awareness and discern for ourselves - and we know the event is very close - in these past couple months Cobra has said as much via some very strong key comments he has made to that effect

    2. So Trump isnt of the light? I cant assume Hillary is either. What to do?

    3. I'm choosing neither Trump or Hillary, but one of the other candidates...The way the process is set up, the electronic manipulation for either for the Dem. or Rep. will be rampant...With the cabal running the show for either of these candidates, like Cobra said, they are just puppets..Until the cabal is sent away to the Central Sun, it's just a big charade...and certainly scary for me and others in the US!

    4. This election isn't anymore scary than any other. It is just that we have awakened to the truth. The masks are coming off & we are witnessing for the first time en-mass the dark illusion of control that we have always been subject to.

    5. @ Unknown ... It's pretty obvious Trump isn't of the Light. The fact that he supports israel is one good indication he isn't. The only thing we can do is help with the meditation on Sunday 16:00 GMT. Like Cobra said as long as the cabal is in power it will be business as usual no matter who gets into office.

    6. Mrpaul. From what i recall if information is sensitive Cobra would usually answer as ' information is confidential' and would not make a false statement deliberately

      Indeed the political circus is bringing foward or to the light some corruption... Still it does not mean that either players are of any benefit to the nation. If they r not part of the cabal now they will fall prey to their manipulations soon enough... Why... because most politicians r not strong enough... N those that are usually dont last long standing why???... Because for whatever reason the light seems to enjoy the role of victim and martyrism which only brings a few moments of joy to humanity or a little flag to remember those good old moments.... Or they leave us with a video or book for us to remember their words for later to be misinterpreted anyways... Is a vicious cycle of mediocracy man... Sorry going overboard now... Topic irritates me.

    7. Right....and Bernie never had a chance.

      Interesting that supposedly his supporters are now "incensed" that in the latest Wikileaks Hillary tapes she is referring to Bernie supporters as a "bucket of losers" when she addresses Goldman Sachs. She needs those Bernie voters... she better be careful !!

      Jill Stein (Green Party) has a lot of integrity but of course she will NEVER get any mainstream press attention.

      If the election were legitimate, she would probably take the presidency.


    8. October 7 at 11:43pm ·

      You know, I TOLD you so! Stop worrying and arguing. I said:
      "Donald Trump will self-implode." v/
      "Hillary Clinton will be arrested."
      "Bernie Sanders will be POTUS."
      It has begun. Wait and watch.
      #Disclosure #ParadigmShift

  6. Robbie Williams recently released a single called Party Like a Russian. It is a high-quality production, but it has a strong "dark" vibe. However, somehow they were able to grasp what happens in the psyche of an average Russian. I myself may not be too much of an average Russian, but I totally recognized a lot of patterns and urges depicted in this clip. From desire to have a personal space station to the desire to be surrounded by slim beautiful women, and yes Russians do not smile much without a purpose.

    My question is, why Cobra pushes Russians as "positive faction"? I struggle to recognize even myself as having a "positive" world-view and consciousness. With real "oligarchs" this gets much worse.

    After all, Robbie Williams and his stylists are probably not going that much far from reality, even if they have a "dark" agenda.

    1. That's a good question actually. Cobra's questionable stance on Russia puts the credibility of the rest of the provided information into question. Certainly, some people speculate that he deliberately mixes in some false information to throw off the Cabal. But in any case it's always a good idea to take any information with a grain of salt, and listen to what your heart resonates with.

    2. Alekseyn I have the answer to your question. Here is what you are looking for
      Please understand that I feel the same toward my swiss compatriot. I have the impression that they are so individualistic or materialit that this world is doom in advance. One of my chinese friend told me the same for his own country. The truth is that we have a sensitivity that is not present in other people yet. A great man Lee Lozowick was very upset and was asking the people. How could happen a mass awakening if an awakening is as rare as the birth of a star in the sky. Well I don't know me nether but I suspect that a change in the field that contain everything can provoke that perhaps. For the moment I advise you to print this email and to stick it in the back door of all the toilet you cross in Russia. Perhaps it will make people think differently. I will do the same on my side :D

    3. ...because the Galactic Wave is coming and it will change people for the better.

  7. This interview was very interesting. Cobra confirmed what Simon Parkes has said in his recent video, that we were very close to a nuclear war back in September. I have always felt that this would not happen and will not go into fear. :)

    Simon Parkes video:

    (1 hour 9 mins)

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    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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    4. I don't recall Cobra saying that ... can you refresh my memory and tell me where you saw that info?

      Cobra stated there are no nukes ... just low level stuff.

    5. Lynn – Has there been any progress regarding the toplet bombs.

      COBRA – Yes of course. There was quite much progress in this area. . . the progress has been such that the Chimera group lost a little bit of nerve in the beginning of September and they wanted to trigger full scale . . . the last remnant of the full scale galactic war in the solar system and they were not successful. Although September was quite a challenging month. Their goals were absolutely NOT reached. (wonderful)

      You have to read between the lines. Cobra just stopped short of saying full scale nuclear war.

  8. I think this interview was about 90% repetitive review for anybody who even casually follows Cobra's intel. I was frustrated by the lack of follow up questions to the few relevant topics that were touched upon but not explained indepth. I think most people could sense Cobra's frustration as well to questions that he's answered and written about several times in the past. Since the interview is titled "Monthly UPDATE", I don't think that I'm alone in my desire and expectation to hear an intensive and detailed discussion of exactly where we are in this EVENT process. I don't know if I had a distorted or over optimistic impression of where we are collectively, but Cobra's closing statements were certainly a deflating dose of reality. Please somebody tell me if I'm missing the mark on this but the message I took from this interview is that we're not even close. :(

    1. CS, you totally hit the spot.....such interviews should be neglected, as it is laughable how this people interviewing him have obviously not a lot of brain for the topics....they have every chance to sort out this ever repeating BS questions....but what do they do? Always repeating the same stuff over and over again, confronting Cobra with stupidity. This devalues the whole process of giving out information to us "muggles" and challenges the obvious intelligence of the person Cobra...! Who shall complain that humanity is not "ready" for the event, when even those people that are so close to the stuff going on, are not bright enough to ask clever and advanced questions? This stuff is too serious to make mistakes.

    2. Just keep optimistic bro, like Cobra said many times, the Event will be a surprise. And yes there are many repeated questions but there still some new questions with interesting information.

    3. CS, I completely agree with you! You just stated exactly what is on my mind. We desperately need an update from Cobra about the current situation. I have the same feeling that we used to be so close and now we are nowhere close. Please, Cobra, give us an update! Thank you!

    4. I agree with you, business as usual I'd say, we are stll going down the drain and there's lot more to go before we touch the bottom... i foresee a 2016 with nothing but bad bews and 2017 as a real nightmare for humanity... hope I'm wrong!!

    5. Look at the positive side of repeated info...perhaps, the new people to this website read it for the first time and needed that information. When they say, it's darkest before the dawn, that might be what we're living in now....And YES many of us are ready for the Big Surprise/The Event. Remember, if things get too bad, The Event will be made to occur, causing more collateral damage than Gaia or we would like to experience.

    6. If you don't like the questions being asked ... no one is stopping you from sending in questions of your own to PFC.

    7. Thats the reason to shift our energys forward to post EVENT
      no intel can be told with lives at risk. Absolutely nothing will change before the EVENT .

      We have more than enough interveiws , with the same answers. The momentum of info has been stagnant, for the above reasons.

      So lets all work on post EVENT
      What is that going to look like.

      If you search you tube for underground bases you can easily see where our stolen money went.

      If you travel the US as much as I have you will see abandon buildings , decaying roads and bridges old abandon homes apartment builds .

      America looks like a third world country .
      Once you get into the heart of a city its ok but as you go out a mile and more it turns into depression ( except for Amish Pennsylvania )

      All that infrastructure money went to building tunnels and underground bases and complete cities.

      Im guessing it will be the newest tourist traps after the event.

      But post event I keep hearing off world technology can fix everything , so where will we fit in.
      Where will be our usefulness.

      If their technology can reverse the planets eco systems from sea to soil and the animal kingdom.

      What truely will we be doing.
      Sitting in lawn chairs watching all this stupendous technology ?

      So I ask where will we " humans " fit in this vastly superior technology of our thousand of years ahead of us technology is bestowed upon us?
      These are the new cobra questions.
      Im as tired and bored as Cobra is saying " during the EVENT...,or after the EVENT ... It will change.

      Lets start planning thinking questioning our post event lives.
      Cabal, illuminati , gone.
      Federal Reserve , gone.
      Negative AI , gone .
      Veil , gone.
      Poisoned food supply , gone.
      Children targeted for vaccines gone.

      Plants and animals respected abuses , gone.
      Clean earth , peace amongst men ! War , conflict ...gone.

      WHAT WILL WE DO?WHAT DO WE , do????

  9. Cobra should start nowadays this blog, not in 2012...

    You are closer and closer day by day, but not close enough...

  10. You are pretty right on with this. I've never read one of these interviews that seemed to accomplish less than this one in terms of encouragement, relevant updates, or adding anything new to the discussion. What I took away from this, however, is that Cobra is basically saying that most of the other sources of intel, specifically Benjamin Fulford and perhaps even people like Corey Goode, are offering information that is either inaccurate or flat out lies. Several of the questions that Cobra refuted were quite specific to Fulford's latest updates. He also stated that most of what is available online is not true. This doesn't leave us with much if Cobra is to be believed as an authoritative source, although he would be the first to say that anything he offers ought to be considered in terms of your own discernment or sense of resonance with the information.

    I agree, that his frustration was apparent in that the questions seem to be repetitive, asking him to continually reiterate information he has already shared, although it was interesting to hear his assessment of the US elections and the status on Hilary. It's really no surprise that Cobra feels that whoever wins is a stooge puppet, and that literally no major or sustainable breakthroughs will occur on a macro level until this ever-elusive and mysterious Event, which he claims could happen at literally anytime (remember Gaia Portal's quite pointed update as far back as June 1st stating we are "very, very close" to this breakthrough?) while at the same time being so vague that he makes it seem like it could literally be years. On the flip side, if he did know that the Event was close, he would still make it seem like it wasn't to throw off the Cabal. (1 of 2)

  11. (2 of 2)
    Meanwhile, other writers are publishing articles asking us to face the sobering fact that a full-scale awakening is so far off as to be unlikely to occur within our lifetime and that the best we can hope for are incremental changes that chip away at the whole until a new landscape eventually becomes apparent generations down the line. So, on the one hand you have the notion that a huge, seemingly sudden and, in Cobra's words, undeniable Event will occur at some point between now and who knows when, which will change everything literally overnight and begin a process of making life here much better, and that until such a time, we cannot even hope to see dramatic or lasting change, so pinning our energy, our hopes, our attention and our expectations on every little shred of evidence that change is occurring in the hopes that we are getting closer is actually a one-way ticket to a nervous breakdown. On the other hand, we have those claiming that change will be slow and steady, yet there will be no massive Event to give us the collective push so many of us have been hoping for all this time.

    What seems logical given this perspective is that all any of us can do is continue to hold true to our own ideals, meditate, and act morally and lovingly in alignment with our own individual truth, our own individual path, in order to best assist the process larger regardless of how it plays out. If the Event is real and not a deception game, as many of us increasingly are beginning to suspect, then when it actually happens we can breathe a sigh of relief and finally feel vindicated for keeping the faith all this time. If it isn't real, well, then the best we can do is whatever we can to be present with our own process, add more love and wisdom to the world however we truly feel called to do so based on our individual experience of life, and continually pull away from these updates, these channeled messages, these sources of intel, and get real about the life we are living and the choices we are making, while taking responsibility for our own experience so that we may be the best contribution to the whole that we can, regardless of the outcome.

    There are no guarantees in life, and nothing is a certainty until it has actually happened. People die every day, so not everyone is going to be here to see it as occurrences such as huge hurricanes, earthquakes, spiritual emergencies and disease continue to be a part of our collective experience. Do the best you can, and live the life you enjoy, rather than the life you are waiting for because Cobra's Event hasn't happened yet. So endeth my catechism....

  12. Respectfully, I feel there is another consideration to the US presidential election, other than Cobra's understanding and perception, that's still part of the Event and emerging New Age transformation on earth at this time.

    I have watched many, many speeches, interviews and a documentary of Donald Trump. They convey a completely different most positive feeling and motivation from Trump than the completely lying "mainstream media" that is controlled by the global elite "cabal," and their "new world order" agenda, to eliminate 90% of the world population and enact totalitarian control over the remaining world population. (I realize that will not be allowed by the Light, but I mention it to inform those who would like to know why the media vehemently lies every day.)

    I have also listened to all of Trump's most immediate family: Melania, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump. They all seem to me to be beings emanating Light. And Donald Trump's relationship with his children is more harmonious than most families I observe.

    I think the Almighty "God," "Source," "may be" anointing and raising Trump up in the political arena, which can transcend previous paradigms we have seen in history showing the cabal controlling any president who is in office.

    In other words, I do not feel that Donald Trump is currently a Jesuit agent or part of any faction of the cabal in any way. Despite his background of errors as a "human being," he learns from his experiences, he's not dogmatic, and despite his strong personality that may "seem" narcissistic, he has used his personality in a positive, constructive way to achieve success. Besides, the election's main purpose is NOT to elect one personality over another. What is at stake is the cabal control over all political parties vs. Trump who is coming up against them on behalf of ALL PEOPLE. He has been studying this issue for decades.

    Just as Cobra and no one knows for sure WHEN the Event will occur; just as Cobra and others do NOT know exactly what will happen regarding the outcome of the election; and many other issues of concern; I would argue that ONLY the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent "God" ("Source") is in a position to determine how creation will unfold according to Divine Will.

    Therefore, I again suggest that people put no one, including Cobra, on some pedestal as all-knowing. Everyone who knows anything, including Cobra, admits that they are not all-knowing as a human being. I invite each person to use their own intuition. Even scriptures express not to put any "idol" worship above the ONE ultimate realization of life ("God"). Or whatever you wish to call it. Physics refers to this as the Unified Field of Intelligence.

    There are no absolutes in the relative world. Only the ABSOLUTE reality of Source ("God") is non-changing and for sure. All possibilities can occur, including Trump being of Light and getting elected and carrying out the Divine Plan in accordance with The Event and New Age of Harmony on earth.

    1. Do consider... That the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    2. So you are saying his talk with Billy Bush was completely made up by the cabal and that he doesn't constantly degrade women? & Trump is for the behalf of all people? Ha hahaha. I guess that we aren't ready if people think Trump or Hillary are of "light"

    3. Well after today's news about the recording of his repulsive comments about women, telling about hitting on a woman for sex while married to Melania, I am surprised there is not a lynch mob with pitchforks going after him. :D

      Like I said, he will self-implode. They'd better not try to put that slimy little weasel in his place, Paul Ryan.

      Sorry but I couldn't resist....the great irony being Paul Ryan acting like he cares about women, when really, he cares more about their fetuses.

    4. The more an event is depending on more variable (ie 'the Event'), the lesser the chances to predict it; and vice-versa (the election).

    5. Sorry, I just don't get-it...
      Do you really see that as a person who would approach "any woman, any place"
      (I think he was shot down in the video)
      (almost a game old men play with nurses)
      (or flirting..?)
      but the vision of a type of woman
      blinded by money..?

      I think you said they have power..?
      (no money... no Trump)

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Sorry, I haven't had the time to read this interview.

    However, here is something related to the previous one. In fact, it's an confirmation of what he said regarding this ancient structure.
    As always, Cobra is the MOST reliable, and an unending library of information!


    Patrick : Ok Cobra now I want to ask some questions about urban myths, the first question, was Taiwan part of Lemuria ? If yes, is there any geological evidence to support this fact ?

    C : It was, I would say on the outskirts of Lemuria, and there is geological evidence in the whole pacific basin of the large scale submergence, not exactly in Taiwan but you have a very easy way of recognizing this on the strain between Indian mainland and Sri Lanka, there is I would say a submerged underwater bridge, that has been part of the surface not so long time ago.

    Watch this 10min. 30 sec. documentary, (from 2014), about that submerged bridge between India and Sri Lanka.

    The Discovery of 1,750,000 Year Old Man Made Bridge (DOCUMENTARY)

  14. Why nobody is ever asking you a simple question: if Trump is jesuit`s agent, why then the jesuit pope is against Trump?

    1. I believe it's called "infighting" ... bad for them ... good for us.

  15. I guess you want to diminish Trump to emphasize that people of the planet cannot do anything against the system without the help of ET`s.

    1. Either way Trump is a terrible person and Hillary is a liar.

    2. Yes if like me you are tired of waiting on ET's print that mail and stick it all around your house, school, bus stop, toilet door. We need action and action is now!


    3. Can we expect an Alexander the Great nowadays? Only if he/she has been working outside the normal parameters,... His/her implants remove etc or reduced for i take it that even ATG was controlled to some degree.

      Other than that only expect players and their game is to be sucessful in a Matrix. To take the path of least resistance.

    4. I don't buy that. I will never, even symbolically, let my sovereignty being diminished. Will I be crush like a cockroach, my essence is not for sell, despite any implant or scalar weapon. I will breakthrough. I will free myself with my own power. I'm free of all your lies....

  16. Know what you mean. Also getting tired of the ever repeating "...we are not there yet" always when you think big changes are on the way. The state of mission reports also change from "clear" to "failiure, alert etc." all the time for years now. For them (ET-Races) it´s no problem to wait for another several hundred years, but for US here on earth it´s frustrating.

    I keep on meditating every day AND take part in the group meditations and so do MANY of us.

    There were "Terms of surrender" released months ago and still the cabal keep fooling us..

    Sometimes COBRA speaks of big breakthroughs and then followed by the message that the plasma plane is far from ready for the event to happen.. Don´t play with our feelings please!

    I decided to leave all forums and Intel Reports when nothing significantly changes until the end of this year. I´m tired of all the promises being made.

    Think I´m not the only one.

    Love and Light

    1. I feel interveiws are becoming laborious to cobra.

      I think all questions should be about POST. Event questions. Also more questions on alein races we will be needing to assimilate into our everyday lives to move forward.
      Where there from what the look like how they live on their planet.

      Why are we still javing men in black harrassing people that disclose ufo sightings.why are they stuck in 1950 blues brothers garb ?

      Every question is " when the event happens everything will be positive."

      So please no more pte event questions . just ask post event questions .would make the interveiws less of a snooze fest for cobra and the forfront of aware people.

    2. BornofLightWarrior: You can post YOUR questions to Cobra in the location that Cobra states above.

    3. I think it is safe to assume that the audience has a mixed interest. Some appreciate that politics and financial info were included. Some wanted some planetary or even solar system history. Some more current events (which unfortunately most cant bedisclosed anyways)...
      So the idea of having a good distribution of different topics is ideal in an attempt to satisfy the various groups.

      You guys know very well how everyone would go up in arms if a whole interview is mainly focused on one subject.

      So at least acknowledge the effort PFC is making to meet the inquiries submitted by the public which include different subjects that you might or not like.

      One point to consider before demanding for questions not to be repeated ... Consider this... that some listeners are new to the topic... Not everyone has read or listened to previous interviews thus their question submittal. Woukd be nice if every had scan thru previous interviews before submitting a question but what are the chances of that.

      We cant place all responsibility to PFC Staffers to do the listeners homework.

      It would indeed be beneficial if repeated questions would not be presented at interviews and instead the inquirer would be directed to the proper archived q/a. However that itself takes much time and effort if there is no system to address such yet. Do remember that many if not all pfc staff or interviewers are volunteers and to many time may be limited...

      So before we start bashing their services at least present before a reasonable workaround.

      Something like volunteering to scan through the selected questions... Or maybe there is a place someone could hint to the pfc staff that a submitted question is repeated and where the answer lies etc... Thus preventing from question being repeated and at the same time the inquirer could find the answer.

      Again do remember at times we get is in my opinion important they get their ears wet one way or another even if ours are already soak lol

    4. BornofLightWarrior:

      Why don't you submit some questions at the location provided?

    5. Cobra, you have an answer so: "when the real Event is going to happen it will be, it can be at any time"; You say as a surprise.

      But how may this be possible as long 'at any time' we are 'for from' or 'there is much work to be done'?

      AS long runner of this blog, the only conclusion is that the Event may happen now (at any time) only in case the Light Forces decided to take some risks due to the situation at a certain moment.

      [Cobra ?]

      P.S. For your long term followers, it will never be a surprise...

    6. But, think a moment: if you leave all forums and this blog too,... what else do you have better to do?

      Unfortunately for us, and fortunately for Cobra and all, there is nothing better to do in this world than to continue following in this concerns.

      I tell you the true... Think more about and try an answer if you find something worthly...

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  18. It's all part of the smoke and mirror game they play.
    Probably he's not completely controllable.

  19. Always wanted more questions about politics and the financial system and certainly got them here. Some think they're irrelevant 'since everything is rigged' but to me it has more relevance to my everyday life than the more esoteric questions (with the exception of those relating directly to the Event and present day geopolitics).

  20. I haven't really been following any of the political stuff, but I agree. No one knows all and God's divine plan will prevail. So, that may very well mean Trump will win. I'm still unsure how I'll vote. I just know I'll vote as I'm guided.

  21. I felt the same living in Central Florida...Help from our Light and the Galactic Family (& all their technology) surely made the big difference in the outcome!

  22. I think trying to raise level of all humanity is a dead end. The "portal" for ascension is definitely open, but it is open for individual ascension. It may be a mistake to work on global ascension. You have to work on your own immortality. This involves focus on YOUR body, you have to raise consciousness of your body, you have to listen to it, be aware of its small and big itches and tingles, the flow of prana, your breath, your spine, your prana blockages. Then open the voice of your inner guide and listen to ideas it gives you, ask questions. You have to connect to your inner star, your cosmic personality.

    There is no reason to assume that mass ascension is possible and some galactic force will do that work. If you meditate, meditate on your body alone. Meditation on light or worldwide peace won't get you anywhere, it will only boost your ego. Don't waste your precious time, the body is your only connection to this reality, and if you want to keep going in this reality on another level, you have to raise consciousness of your body as much as you can.

  23. Keshe technology works. I built all the devices and they work. Buy a magrav, $900 is nothing. It does everything they claim, including the crazy spiritual stuff.


    I've started my own business making them. Look for me on the news in a few months.

    1. 900$ is nothing? I accept your wonderful offer of 900$ of nothing so that I too might have a magrav system. Shall I send you my address?

    2. LOL If you think "$900- is nothing" and don't realize that to some of us, you sound elitist, then buy me one, please. Today is the 9th and I am still trying to pay my rents due on the 1st.

      However, I do think what you have done is cool, thanks for the updates.

    3. I think those organizations creating high tech gear should consider offering alternate ways of payments like by installments. Is probably a hassled but i think more people that coukdnt afford it before may go for it now.

    4. Douchebags taking me literally.

  24. It's a long talk, and unfortunately does not bring us news. Already, I have learned by rote style of Cobra and there are enough answers in my mind before it big lucru..Astfel say that everything read interview after interview so, just to help me get over time rather than physical . My intuition fortunately is often almost forced pull-ahead, any response Cobra.

  25. Thanks Cobra and Prepare for Change.


  26. Cobra has already stated The Event will happen no matter what we do or don't do.

  27. Again thanks for your work C. I (as many others) have experienced heavy energetic attacks by these exotic stuff (scalar or whatever). It was very difficult for me to deal with. I'm still young and can not completely live the life I want to due to this.
    But I have an inner knowing and thank to your information what is going to happen.

  28. Bulgarian Baba Vanga said 30 or more years ago that the last US president will be black. We laughed then because nobody believed that there will be a black president. We thought she made jokes.

    1. Well, he could also be described as "Half white," correct? Obama's mom is white.

    2. It is possible that predictions were based on timelines before 2012 in the way that Alfred Webre explains it.

  29. I think we need to learn to take the good as well as the bad news that comes along in the news and updates.

    It is disheartening to hear when some drawbacks had occurred however it is unrealistic to assume that there will never be any. At least we are getting the information...

    We already have been told many a times why the event has not been triggered yet... Why there has been some delays etc. There are many groups doing what they believe is the right thing at their own time.. righteously so we expect very little from (or foolishly expect much) from our global leaders etc.. However we know good guys are still diligently and dangerously putting their life on the line to keep a hope for humanity rolling... They do it in many ways... Unbeknown to us. This also include you in your own daily life. Everyone on earth are working within the prison boundary and parameters.

    We need to understand that progress is much dependent on the level of fear unfortunately.

    Why did the guy from wikileaks stopped the conference when he was going to release the info on the political candidate... Supposedly because he was threatened... Sorry but that was not expected? and was not included in the "security plan"? If is a known fact that the politician is part of cabal what measures shoukd they have taken to get the information out safely.. If the objective was to expose power abuse from politicians etc ok fine... But as i see it people easily tend to "play the old game". Could he have given a live stream disclosure from some underground bunker... Ecuador has none?... Maybe they should start building one. So we live we learn.. Hopefully better planning next time.

    Btw... There were some claims that a conference made by the political candidate used a computer generated image of her.. I guess a hologram... Whata grand opportunity for the good guys to introduce such capabilities to the general public.... ) But as usual lets wait for the Event to bring that subject up.

    Sorry wandered away from topic.
    Hmm damn lost the thread.
    To be continued

    1. Looks like he finally did release the info but I cant be sure its not just a disinformation campaign.

    2. You may speculate that due to the plasma plane which is not still too clear to allow much more leaks, but only in the amount it was already leaked...

    3. Yes he leaked some afterwards.. But first attempt makes one wonder

  30. Today, after reading the last interview, i'm in a mood of sharing some of my insights/analysis with you.
    And..... Well, sorry, can't avoid critisizing some of you for the bad, REPETITIVE questions. Can we be a little more creative and "spicy" please?

    Oh... the presidential s/election and the candidates. WHAT A WASTE of Cobra's, (and our), prescious time.....
    Who cares? It's simple - Non will make any DIFFERENCE!

    >>Lynn – Is he, (Trump), going to be allowed by the Light Forces to become President of the U.S. if he wins the November 2016 presidential elections?

    COBRA – I’ll say, as I’ve said before, it does not matter who gets elected because this is just the public puppet for the Cabal. What is important is the whole situation needs to be . . . there needs to be a breakthrough in the form of The Event then it doesn’t matter who is president. Before The Event whoever is president will be the puppet of the Cabal. Obama now, Bush before or the new one that is coming in November. It does not matter<<.

    >>Lynn – The polls in anticipation of the U.S. election show Trump and Hillary running very even. Do you think this true?

    COBRA – Yes it is true, but again I would say do not put too much attention and energy into this election. It is a distraction<<.

    Please, dear AWAKENED ONES - be fully awakened and stay awakened.... Look around you, and you'll see that anybody... ANY-ONE.... who's against "them".... Does NOT stay alive, nor can keep her/his wealth or business, and live happily ever after.


    >>Lynn – There is a lot of chatter about the financial re-set and currency revaluation or RV everywhere on the internet. Is it a possibility that we can entertain or that you can you tell us about the substance behind all of these RV commotion currently going on over the internet now?

    COBRA – OK. I would say that unfortunately the vast majority of so-called Intel now in the alternative media is not reliable<<.

    THIS is exactly what i REAL-ized when I posted this:

    HYE ANGELAugust 10, 2016 at 8:07 PM

    From now on, i will stop FOR GOOD, wasting my time and read/watch the few remaining sites/sources i used to check, and the materials they have.

    NOTHING to observe or study- but those few short, yet TRUSTWORTHY intels by Cobra, and the pleasure of reading some of the most wonderfull comments placed by HIS followers. (Sorry, Cobra, though YOU never liked, wished to be called a guru/teacher, there's no better word to describe who we are on this site).
    Well.... I think "The Army of Light Warriors" would be one of the most appropriate title for YOU and for us! ;)))

    So, let me see....
    The number one source who recently I am very disappointed with is; anti-Putin Fulford.
    NO more Fulford.
    NO more Wilcock and Goode.
    NO more RV deep intel.
    NO more ZAP.
    NO more Keenan.
    NO more ANY channinlings by ANYbody.

    I have always Loved and trusted Cobra.

    I'd like to end this chat on this HIGH NOTE, and with the burning desire of having the "October, November or December surprise"=THE EVENT!

    >>Richard – Cobra, what do you honestly foresee as the future of the Rockefeller’s, Bush and Clinton crime families known for their unique cruel, ruthlessness and violent behavior against humanity?

    COBRA – They will see the inside of the galactic central sun. (wow, nice, thank you) <<


    >>Lynn – What do you know about the “October Surprise” that you can share with us today Cobra?

    COBRA – OK. October Surprise is just a general term to increase the hype that something is going to happen when actually it’s not going to happen. So when the real Event is going to happen it will be, it can be at any time, does not need to be October. Everything else is just speculation.

    Lynn – Will The Event be a surprise?

    COBRA – Yes, of course<<.

    May LOVE conquer YOUR hearts, and then - the whole WORLD!!!

    1. I think you can take goode and wilcock off that list. Wilcock is producing information that has already gotten a lot of ppl erased. Just a week ago he did a huge seminar on giants and their relation to annunaki and the cabals lineage. He is currently the leading edge of disclosure with the most relevant information out there and hes working harder than one man should have to. Goode was necessary because before him the ssp was almost entirely unheard of. Between those two and cobra, we have as much accurate intel as we can hope to recieve right now.


    3. But what about Dave Schmidt?

    4. Cobra, we know you are joking saying
      "They will see the inside of the galactic central sun"...

      But, what about common people who will ask for a one way trip to visit the so called 'the inside of the galactic central sun' (by volunteer, as you told in the previous interview) ?

      How looks like the 'fill-in form' to volunteers?? :-)

      [It's a question for our knowledge, Cobra,... we are not manipulated...]

    5. ---- all,... everything,... all that is,... and all that exists... !! ...

      But, what about?... Hmmmmmm!!...

      [I forgot it!... but I'll remember for sure... :-)]

  31. "This blog is the clarion call to those who have come here in this lifetime to be of assistance in the Shift of the Ages. an opportunity to be of Service on this scale may never present itself again."....AMEN!

  32. Anyone else tired of richards constant fear riddled questions? Feels like it takes up time that could be used for better questions.

    1. The questions asked aren't Richard's. He and Lynn are simply reading questions that have been sent in, by people like you.

      The location where you can submit questions is posted above in Cobra's post and is in the transcript.

    2. people like me? i pardon your ignorance. there are TONS of questions being asked and theres bound to be some great ones. they PICK out the questions that get asked. they choose to pick the ones full of fear.

  33. Thank you COBRA for all you do. We appreciate your hard work as well as commitment to Humanity's Ascension!
    We embrace change for it brings Love and Light, manifests our secure Grid and Security System, as it casts out ALL Negativity and Darkness! First Class to Central Sun! Namaste'

  34. This March I raised my frequency very high by accident. I never heard of the term lightworker nor spiritual concepts. But my mind went through a positive feedback system and I was able to perceive many things I hadn’t before. I was then attacked via by what you could call a massive scalar attack. I didn’t know what it was at the time. I felt pressure on and inside my head and all my friends overnight acted very strangely towards me. Eventually my close friends became toxic and distrustful towards me without any reason. Now that my frequency has lowered, it is like they pretend nothing happened. This pressure within my head continues whenever I try to meditate or raise my frequency like I did in the past. Once someone raises their frequency very highly, it is like an alarm goes off and from that point on you are tracked. But information from the positive forces has slipped past the barrier. It isn’t often and it is often a few sentences, but they are aware and called what I went through “an awakening” and linked me to your blog.

    When I found out there were light forces, I typed a thank you note for them in my computer and they responded “it is a service of pride” into the word document. The Galactic Confederation is really out there and helping us out. We could have helped ourselves out of this if it wasn’t for the higher dimensional technologies being used to keep the surface down. This is why outside interference is needed.

    While it is disappointing to hear there is more to clear on the plasma plane, something tells me that this will be accomplished sooner than later. The light forces can focus almost all their efforts on the plasma plane so even if there is a lot to clear, it doesn’t mean it will necessarily take as long as we might suspect.

    1. I enjoyed your account. It wasn't until I had awoken enough a long time ago that I realized the reason for all the unwarranted attacks from others. And yes....... I started recognizing that some unkind thoughts were not my own and someone was messing with me.

    2. I have experienced that my meditation has been hampered and turned back compared to when I started. When I started around 2012 I had progress and felt connections establishing but black shadows kept drawing in over my forehead. Now I can still meditate but only once a week or so and I dont get the same sensations as I did. Since I have no feedback I dont know if this is manipulations or a natural progress and adaptation. My feeling is though that I feel cut off from a part of reality and all I can do is now to help other people around me in "3D".

    3. King Solaris:

      This is really interesting.

      So.... "Somebody" typed 'it is a service of pride' right there, in front of you on your computer and it appeared on your document??? Wow, coool.

      Regarding headaches, of course, there are the obvious things, like 'drink more clear, pure water,' (which Cobra recommends over and over again).....but you can also use your hands, like a magnet...

      Open your left palm to receive "from above" and put your right hand on your head, adjust your fingers over the ache and "pull out" to draw the ache out... You can try more of a "push out" the ache from your head. Try both... one will work.

      Visualize the achey stuff a color, like dark purple or something... Visualize it coming out. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes, and I have to do it over and over again, but it works.

      Others probably have other good ideas for headaches too. You can eat raw almonds on a regular basis.... They have salacylic acid in them (which aspirin has) and they help relieve headaches.

      Don't give up meditating because it gives you headaches.... When you are meditating make sure your crown chakra is open so the energy flows freely from the center of earth, up through your feet, and out the top of your head to the top of the universe.

      You can visualize this, too... What you want is the flow passing through, to release any blockages and relieve any pressure.

      Not sure why I felt the need to write so much... Of course, use discernment and if what I wrote makes no sense to you, ignore !! :)

  35. Living in Daytona beach with 4 different properties and a paralyzed grandma..
    Matthew was redirected by the light and love of this world
    Thank God

  36. Thank You Cobra and PFC group. I think there was some new and some reassuring intel and clarifications.

    I've been sneezing as of this afternoon, but it was hardly of Galactic proportions. :)

  37. Cobra,... you are for us 'the older friend' not the big brothers.

    We come to you as trustful as younger brothers to the older one...

    So, on the other hand you have to accept us as we are. That's our stage now...

    But, remember please: ... All!... All!... All!... All!..

  38. Rob Potter Interviews Tony Rodrigues Space Program Whistleblower:

  39. I have an idea that will make a difference.

    Why don't each of you who has made a comment here send a check for $some amount$ to the Prepare for Change address given -- the address is shown in the transcript -- and make a donation to Malawi?

    This is something very positive you can do.

    The Prepare for Change people have some direct contacts in the villages over there. Think of it! 444 orphans. Probably more orphans by now, as I write this.

    I'm sure they are reading your comments here about the interview and I'm sure they are paying attention to what you are writing.

  40. Those complaining about the questions asked. You can ask some here and maybe they will put them in the next interview to be answered.

  41. Well honestly I'm fed up with these interviews!
    Nothing new.. same old boring questions...
    I'm also fed up with not getting detailed updates on why this process is taking so long.. In one sentence Cobra says there was much progress with the removal of the toplet bombs and in the next he says that the plasma plane is nowhere near from being cleaned.. I'm mean come on.. after this long waiting game we need some details not an ever repeating story ..
    What about the sublunar operations?? what about the chimera barrier in the outer solar system?? what about the various SSP-factions??

    To me it seems like Cobra begins a new storyline with a new problem each time he posts a new situation update.. and it seems that the conclusion of the story never gets adressed afterwards...

    I'm quit pissed of I must say!

    1. To be honest, most info we read are probably just disinformation.