Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Pandora in progress, EELA in progress. HVBN stable. M=10.


  1. Everything is heating up! May these bastards and all their minions go down now, for the sake of this planet, and humanity!

    1. Soon they will all be destroyed!!yeahhh. Yaldabaoth will loose his disgusting head and this will be the beginning of their DOOM

    2. If you're a Goddess Of Humanity, I don't look forward much to pay a tribute to you. For the sake of this planet and humanity. Can't you use compassion as your compass? A Goddess knows all about that. Quite a pretentious name, by the way. I'm just honest with you

    3. She is a true Goddess, and holly anger doesnt deny her divinity. These fake, contemporary, too much "christian" modern generations, are too much soft, coward, sentimental and tolerant. That's why we are all in this passive position. This is a war, since the beginning of ages, and instead of warriors...resisting people, armed with the holly rage, we have a crowd of passive hippies, always with that fake, dead smile, giving the other cheek, opening the legs to be raped. Pathetic!!! This is the modern homo sapiens.
      Look what happened in Europe, the population welcoming the Ausländer with their dead smiles and dead flowers, and now they are paying for it. Now it is too late!! Enjoy hell!!
      Male, warrior energy is lacking nowadays, the majority of population is nothing but a passive, effeminated pussycat inviting the enemy to be violated, never resisting, never putting boundaries, too much good, too much niceguy. Very hypocrite...Verdammt nochmal!!!
      Hail Goddess!! You are a real Goddess

    4. Don't judge them, is their time to be the Evil in the NOW, in other life you, maybe, was one of them too.

      Send love to them, and congrats their evil act they play, b3cause that permit you to be on the good side.

      Forgiveness is the key.

      There's no POSITIVE outcome from any negative action. Including judgment of the evil ones.

      They will pay the price, so big price, some of them will choose not exist anymore to let you live your eternity in peace knowing how bad is be bad. Be greatfull. All of us r indeed the same, no mater the paper we choose to roll, bad or good, it's all part of the game we ALL agree to play.

      Love you all.

    5. I hope the RM gets intel from ben fulford at least every single week we get another full perspective on whats going on.
      I would like to enjoy a plant that sings, a fairy that is playful even a .tachion healing chamber so far away from where the people that need them live its as far away as the coming of jesus always was.

      Where is the intel.the interveiws, the discussions with the dragon families, the other whistle blowers?. In a conversation trading info ?

      The only one talking is ben fulford. Sheldon nidle spews the same words rephrased .nothing new same old history of the past he enters in every report.

      Just very surprizing EVERYONE has become silent .when you need the trueth in current events to see thru the smoke screen.

      We wait for the event, we wait for the elections, we wait for monetary up grades and revalueation.
      I wait for a peaceful, intelligent mothership to take me to places that are good examples of what is capable to build this world into as a designer Im more than interested in what has been done in other worlds .

      Im 61 years old a light worker all my life , I am tired of " WAITING"
      On this planet I can not fly, I can not speak telepathicly.

      My dreams have powers my daily life has no powers. My gods have always been with me.
      We have survived.

      I m done, surviving , Im done waiting , I came here for an marvelous adventure ....

      Im waiting for this election to unfold .Im waiting for ben fulfords monday report ....

      No intel here anymore , is space battles that quiet out there ? I have no clue this is my only window to the unseen world of plasma feilds scalar weapons, achons , chemera RM success , but some one unpluged this monitor as every now and then we get a mere flicker of static on the screen...but can not see anything .... Here!

    6. Trump is winning i can sleep better ..... Still a huge .. Echo around here..... H E L L

      John Kerry told tv anchor he would be in antartica during the elections . He didnt say he was going to the secret luxury base thats there.

      But so much illuminati go there...I know ben fulford said a group stopped rothchild trying to escape there a month or so ago.

      Lots of info on antatica this october into november ( a big secret ," its not the baren frozen tundra they tell us it is "anybody surprized?

      On another note a 55 yr old general assigned to head up the space program was mysteriously murdered whike at the base but called a suicide , family and freinds and investigators , say the facts are not adding up to the story told , anybody surprized ?

      Mercury a planet you never hear about ,( uhmmm I wonder why? Its like antatica DONOT DRAW ATTENTION TO THOSE SHIPS SEEN COMING AND GOING NOR THE HUGE RECTANGLE SHADOW that looks like the obilisque from 2001 space odysee movie opening scene.

      Still no new intel here maybe after the election , maybe the RM have been resting till they see who wins
      Maybe that more intel coming that cobra spoke about will be more forth coming ,

      Fragments of " anonymous " videos have been entertaining in the mean while ,so has the " cosmic voice" on youtube its ground base intel.

      I can only hope they finally took cobra on a mother ship and gave him a very informative tour ....hope he brings me back a tee shirt....

  2. For the italian reader we made this ebook in italian to download for free. All the Cobra posts from 2012 until (nearly) today. Epub format. Download it here

    1. wow, what an amazing service, this is beautifull. Grazie di cuore carissimi fratelli e sorelle....., on behalf of all Italians. Thank you, very much appreciated!!

  3. Thank you, Cobra.

    Are you aware of Dr. Steve Pieczenik Nov 1, 2016
    1. U.S. Intelligence Waging Coup Against Corrupt Clintons
    2. The Clinton Pedophilia Connection

  4. Replies
    1. It's a message for the RM and LF ... not for us. It's in code only they understand.

    2. I found this:

      NovusodApril 2, 2016 at 5:49 PM
      These numbers are codes from the book of Macklamat (sp)

      It was explained in one of David Wilcock's interviews several years back with Niel Keenen. There was a battle going on over who would be M1 controller going on for at least the last 50 years.
      These codes are known to the public:
      In shadow banking there are higher M#(N4-M30) kept off record referring to the secret collateral accounts. Essentially these codes are the "Deed" to who owns planet Earth; the value of which can be traded "off world" and in the higher dimensions. The Earth and its people are being used as collateral to back up the shadow banking empire. Secretly we are all millionaires off record because we are the original owners of the planet and the cabal is just managing our "wealth" on our behalf.

      However, when this is exposed by the "TRUTH" the collateral goes back to the original owners being the people of the Earth. "We the people" are the real owners, not the cabal. Simply leaking the contents of the book of Macklamat onto the Internet would be a death blow to the shadow banking empire. Why this has not been leaked I assume is the Cabal would trigger the Toplet and strange matter bombs.

      Hope this helps explain things. Please pass this knowledge on to others so it becomes more widely known.

    3. this raises the question: can somebody own a planet? and isnt a planet a living beeing of higher order it self that cant be owned by something of lower order? the concept of owning something living seems pretty cruel to me. and yet i see humans do pretend they own other living things. how wise old americans natives where in their relation to mother earth.

      if this higher dimensional trade thingy is true, im sure there is a more subtile layer behind money, or in other words, there is another form of wiser energy that governs this, as money can only be a kind of placeholder for conciousness here.

      we seem to have a pretty common goal. i think we need to find a new way of life without money, but hey, everybody that points in the direction you are pointing is welcome. thank you.

    4. this just came to my mind: imagine a game of monopoly. even if one owns 2/3 of all properties, he doesnt own the game itself. he may dominate the current reality inside the game.

      but: if the players realise that this game is boring and brings all but one to a downside position, they can say they want another game. a friendly group would change the game very fast. and if the host is friendly, it should be an easy pleasure to offer another kind of game.

      so all it takes are people who see the outcome of this game, and the possibility to choose another one.

      what kind of M would the changing of the game be?

  5. M10...Ach!...Thank You my Beloved Koberek!
    my Beloved Brothers! my Beloved Sisters!
    My Beloved Children!...
    i am dancing...dancing...dancing in my garden...
    as We all know...Life Is a Dance...Let's Dance!
    lovingly... to ja ~chinka~...tam

  6. Guys, sorry for this question, but... is this real:, or is simply a hoax?

    Thank you...

    1. Check this video out (Hoax debunked) :-

    2. Piperon, have you forgotten that Cobra has verified the NASA image of the mother ship on the Moon? The particular image that Cobra posted on his blog was the distant aerial shot where the mother ship is the size of a tiny pebble.

      Cobra also said in other blog posts that there is a lot of disinfo and misinfo put out by the alphabet agencies on the Internet in order to create a doubt in our minds. The original videos were probably tampered with. The side effect of this psychological war is that we find it hard to distinguish between the true and fake images (which are deliberately mixed up together). Ultimately we tend to dismiss the whole story as a fake. Someone needs to follow this story up by asking Cobra for more details : which images on the Net are true?

      @Cobra :?

    3. Looks like you can hear directly from Mona Lisa herself!!! I don't know if this vid is genuine....


      Published on 29 May 2012

      This video comprises footage of the secret joint US/Soviet mission to the backside of the Moon that allegedly took place in 1976 and launched from SLC-6, Vandenberg Air Force base. The video also contains a short video clip of one of several professional Controlled Remote Viewers who had worked the "target" to CRV Stage-6, which includes rendering various aspects of the target in clay. In addition, there is a short video sequence demonstrating a fairly recent discovery that, during later Stages of a remote viewing session, when the aperture in the liminal layer separating the conscious from the subconscious is widened (assuming the remote viewer is "on the signal line"), the subconscious mind will yield up information about the target that is responsive to a "blind" target cue--in reverse--which is hidden from the remote viewer's conscious awareness. In this case, data consistent with the story related by Apollo 20 commander (CDR) William Rutledge.

      O.k. looks like the original footage may have been tampered with. A mannequin image overlays the original. So we don't know what she really looks like.

    5. I... don't know why, but, i love so truly much the Pleiadians, but... that girl of Apollo 20 make me feel something that i didn't though i was gonna' feel, maybe because it would be the first image of a extraterrestrial...?, if is true, of course... i don't know... thanks for the help guys, really!

    6. It is quite disturbing to realize that a mannequin image was used to cover up the original. If Shural Hun is still alive and in suspended animation, then it is pretty obvious that she would be looking infinitely better than what the muddy looking mannequin suggests. The Apollo 20 mission has brought her back to Earth. Has the RM rescued her yet and probably revived her....

  7. The situation is explosive. Soft coup!

  8. M is finally coming back down to reasonable levels.

  9. anyone further to elucidate on this? feels positive

  10. Да вы ебанулись чудики, ширево

  11. if you notice...he doesn't mention "TOP in progress" or "EXMOSS" at all. TOP are plasma toplet bombs, EXMOSS is the low earth orbit satellite scalar weapons. Means most likely both were removed recently as I said before in previous blogpost article comment sections.

    I'm not sure what EELA or Pandora means. Anyone have an idea?

    1. Thanks psttsdi. I did notice your previous posts. Most uplifting.

      Thanks to Dragon Heart for this:

      "There is a war going on now on the etheric and lower astral plane during which dark entities are being removed by the non-physical light warriors. This etheric and astral liberation operation is known under codename Pandora."

      I can't seem to find what EELA means. Anyone else remember?

      "EELA is the project to remove the Chimera"
      Thank you :D


  13. Alex Collier

  14. The Hillary Clinton takeover of the united states

  15. Operation Pandora:
    "… There is a war going on now on the etheric and lower astral plane during which dark entities are being removed by the non-physical light warriors. This etheric and astral liberation operation is known under codename Pandora…"

  16. About 4 months ago, i watched this video, and I changed my opinion about Trump.
    NOT that I believed that overnight he will turn this rotten and collapsed country into a place of the riches and happyness.

    As long as the world is ruled by the 1% - NO ONE can do that.

    It's Trump's openness and honesty that captured my heart.
    This man has a very caring, loving and HUMAN heart. A heart that is worried, (at least), for the future of all people of his country.


    If so; WHY SHOULD the RM give Cobra the permission to talk about delicate SECRETS like that?
    See what happened when the darks knew about the DATE NESARA was going to be announced? The very same day, they triggered the 9/11 genocide!

    It's 28min. long video, and includes clips of Trump's comments and analysis from many shows, started from 1980 up to our days.

    "This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected"

    PS: It is NOT my intention in any way telling anybody to go ahead and vote for Trump.
    I DO believe the RM has the most appropriate candidate of all, (like Gen. Dunford?), and her/his identity will be revealed on, or before the s/election day?

    Ummm.... what if..... disguised as a flesh and blood human, ST. GERMAIN HIMSELF, will be declared to be the FATHER OF THE COUNTRY HE HELPED TO ESTABLISH?
    Wow, wouldn't that be awesome?!!!

    1. Hye Angel: I'm glad to hear that you have been OPEN to considering a change of heart and perception about Donald Trump contrary to your opinion of him some time ago. Regardless of what's true, and to be revealed more, it's a great quality to be open to greater understanding and truth, beyond what we may think we know.

    2. Live with the person for decades and even then you won't know him/ her fully. If I go by videos alone, I would have voted for Jack Nicholson, Marlon Brando, etc.

    3. astral traveler: I acknowledge your point of view regarding elections and have replied to that subject in detail, indicating that there are infinite ways God or Source can act to bring about The Event and New Age of Enlightenment on earth.

      Yet, you continue to express your same view, which without considering other intelligent viewpoints, becomes dogma.

      You speak in generalities. Do you know SPECIFICALLY about Donald Trump? Do you know specifically which, if any, of your bullet points of what you think must be done to bring us closer to The Event, are required? What if you're mistaken? What if God wants people to use oil or other sources of energy in a safe way for some time? What if renewable or free energy is not meant to be used yet?

      What if someone in their evolution as a human being is NOT open to meditation or prayer, etc. Does that make them any less spiritual or qualified in their specific role to fulfill God's plan and unfoldment into The Event and New Age?

      I invite you, again, to look beyond your own point of view and consider that each person is unique. Cobra is NOT God. He's dedicated and has gift(s) and knowledge and most everyone here reveres and honors what he is doing. But that doesn't qualify him or anyone else to be put on a pedestal above God, right?

      You write with positive motivation but you seem to write as if you are the final word on what your views are. Is that really true?

      Get over it, man.

      Don't be so surprised that many view the elections as having spiritual implication. EVERYTHING has spiritual implication because there is nothing outside of God. Consider that.

      I used to think that if everyone meditated, that it would bring world peace quicker. It took many years to realize that not every soul has the same dharma and path to follow. God takes EVERYTHING into consideration. He is not dependent on how many people meditate or follow Cobra or anyone else.

      In order to know the workings of God, of Source, we would have to know everything there is to know about everyone and everything, in all time and space, past, present and future -- and SIMULTANEOUSLY, all in one awareness. According to my understanding, there is only ONE BEING that has that TOTALITY of comprehension, God.

      Didn't Socrates say that the only thing he really knew was that he knew nothing.

      Peace, brother.

    4. @ astral traveler. Thank you! Beautifully said. Very clear and true! Thank you.

    5. Trump is a exponent of the Jezuits and Clinton is an exponent of the Rothchilds, so it doesn't matter who is going to win. Both groups are trying to keep their power on humanity by means of their candidate.

    6. divine, You are writing intellectual silly nonsense you know..nothing of god..or you would not be saying cobra is not god..( you sound like you have to much false listen to cobra or anyone else..
      Tara Grace...Daughter of the elohim..

    7. Divine, its not about whether someone is closed of to prayer or meditation..if you are not looking at yourself and your shadow self/false are not sincere..and you have no desire to change..
      you care more about yourself than god..
      and thats that..
      Tara Grace..Daughter of the elohim

  17. Thank you Cobra for keeping the overview. We are all exactly where we need to be, there are always infinite possibilities of serving the Divine Plan and a good approach is exercising to see the great cosmic dance we are dancing alltogether on Earth and with the rest of the universe. I am not sure if there are infinite universes or just 1, however. Logically I would say there are infinite; maybe that is too difficult to imagine. Take care our beloved strong brother of Infinite Light, we truly love and appreciate you and your loved ones, those who share and support you and your mission. <3

  18. Under no circumstances may the computer have your kitten.

  19. Under no circumstances may the computer have your iguana.

  20. I see a lot of negativity in what's happening, this is not the new revolution but the rise of patriotism. Is there something to be happy for?
    In the 90 they did the same, the east revolution has been hijacked by the cabal, the same happens now, do not be naive ! The spiritual revolution will be possible when people will be united! What I see is a lot of indifference and egoism and a naive enthusiasm which will give the power back to the cabal. If the evil of the Cabal is not fought until the last breath of its existence, they will turn back again and again. It is up to us, the resistance must be constituted on the surface but is our decision, our free will who can choose that pattern.
    or not?
    Victory of the light!


  21. The best GaiaPortal UpDate so far:

    "Softness of Inner Gaia inhabitants transmits to the surface.

    Hue-beings respond in the moment.

    hu-beings collapse the veil.

    Fraternities are acknowledged.

    Gaia is freed."



    1. Brilliant news indeed, Rajah. Thanks! Let's see what Santa brings. Lots of early Christmas presents for everyone. :)


    2. "Santa" can only deliver material goods, and noone needs more of those.
      "Keep your toys and your dollar bills, We Want Change!"
      But I know exactly what you mean, Kate, and Christmas will indeed come early. Right On Time :-)

      An hour after sharing the GaiaPortal news I went for a walk through town, touching grass, trees and other plants, telling them all:
      "Spread the word all around: We are liberating Gaia now, GAIA is being FREED ♥"

      The Message is out there, and our friends are spreading it like a Wildfire outta control ♥ ♥ ♥

      Yes, I've played this song before, but keep an eye on Tom Morello on the guitar - after decades of being in Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave the fella is the happiest he's ever been on stage.
      No longer does he have to point out problems, he can finally be part of The Solution. Just like All Of Us on, in and around Gaia - and that makes a big f'n difference ♥

      We're gonna TURN IT UP NOW!

      (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) HIGHER AND HIGHER

      And it IS The End Of The World as we know it - and I Feel Fine

      Love, Light, Unity, Freedom and Peace for All and Forever


      Lars B.

    3. I had such a smile on my face with "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher". It makes me want to celebrate with everyone this time that we are in. Freedom, joy and love for all! Thank you all for keeping the faith. :D


    4. It makes me very happy that I could make you happy and bring a smile to your face :-)
      We are really living in a very special time, and the Best Times are yet to come - soon. Real soon.

      So here's some more Music to make you smile :-)

      29 Psalms - I feel the Heat of your desert Heart
      Leading Me back down the road that leads back to You

      And don't forget who's taking you home
      And in who's arms you're gonna be
      And Gaia, save the last Dance for Me

      Love, Light, Unity, Freedom, Peace and JOY for All and Forever


      Ich mach mein Ding. Egal was die anderen labern ;-)


    5. The Boss knows how to make me smile! Thanks Rajah. Interesting comment underneath the video:

      "I've been fighting some health issues lately and I go to Bruce videos ( with fans) and it just makes me smile and gives me hope, great man."

      Expresses what has been happening with me. So many synchronicities.

      The best is yet to come. Rajah, I hadn't forgotten about your girl and hope you are both reunited very soon. :D


    6. Thank you, Kate. That is so very nice of you.

      Of course I had not seen that comment, that was obviously meant for you to see and not me. And while you were typing your lovely response I was listening to a podcast called "History In The Making" - how's *that* for a synchronicity? ;-)

      So on that note let's find out if there's more to be found in this video:

      Hold On! I'm Coming / Soul Man

      And since you like The Boss so much and he helps you: I was presented this little gem a few days ago. It's only Bruce Springsteen and The Mighty E-Street Band playing an entire show in 2016, recorded in HD of course :-)

      One, Two.
      Ah-One Two Three Four!

      EnJoy :-)

      Love, Light, Unity, Freedom and Peace for All

      Your Friend


    7. Lieber RaJah,

      danke für Deine Liebe die Du uns zeigst. Sie erstrahlt über den ganzen Planeten und weiter, da bin ich mir sicher und somit auch bis zu Deiner geliebten Nadine.
      Schau mal ein alter Song aus den 90ern, erinnerst Du Dich noch? ;)

      So süß, wirklich.

      Happy generation!
      Hey, yeah
      Oh yeah
      Come on!
      Yes, y'all!
      I wanna see you jump to the bass drum!
      Don't care what they do or say
      You must hang on to a brighter day
      Even when the sky looks grey
      See the darkest clouds just drift away
      Walk on up into the light
      Then you can see the future shining bright
      You know time is on your side
      They couldn't stop us, even if they tried (Come on!)
      Get on up and free your mind
      We're the future of mankind
      We're the happy generation
      You're the new, you wanna be
      We wake 'em up and make them see
      That we're the happy generation
      I wanna see you jump to the bass drum!
      Party people will unite!
      Come on!
      Don't care what they do or say
      You must hang on to a brighter day
      Even when the sky looks grey
      See the darkest clouds just drift away
      Walk on up into the light
      Then you can see the future shining bright
      You know time is on your side
      They couldn't stop us even if they tried
      Get on up and free your mind
      We're the future of mankind
      We're the happy generation
      (Let me hear it one more time!)
      You're the new, you wanna be
      We wake 'em up and make them see
      That we're the happy generation (Oh, yeah)
      We can make the future better
      If we could only dance together
      So join your hands across the nation
      And let's unite this generation
      Come on!
      Come on!
      Jump, jump, jump to the bass drum!
      Get on up and free your mind
      We're the future of mankind
      We're the happy generation
      You're the new, you wanna be
      We wake 'em up and make them see
      That we're the happy generation
      So join your hands across the nation!
      And let's unite this generation!
      Oh, yeah
      Let me hear it one more time!
      Ohohoho, yeaheah
      Happy generation"


    8. Thank you Rajah. So many synchronicities happening. :)


    9. Dear Kate:
      You are very welcome, whatever I can do to make people smile I will do. Always.

      Dear Eliana:
      Those words from you are *so* nice, thank you so much. I really need that kind of Support from people like you, Kate, Phoenix, The Portal webstaff and others on my mission. All of your words, actions and Positivity really lift Me up and make me cry tears of joy again and again. Thank You All so much.
      Divine Intervention doesn't happen with a snap of the fingers, it's fricking hard work, and I cannot express my gratitude enough for you lovely people helping Me do what I do and why I have been incarnated again on Gaia at this moment in time.

      That song has absolutely amazing lyrics, and they are all so true! Thank You for sharing some Tekkno - of course I had never heard that song before in my entire 3D-life and probably never would have if you hadn't posted it. Fact! Somebody had to post it, and it wasn't going to be me, trust Me :-)
      This entire Universal operation is All a Team Effort, and I'm glad that you're on board, Eliana :-)

      I am doing what I am doing to free / liberate everybody on, in and around Gaia and not for myself. When WE accomplish that I will get the Love Of My Life back and hold her in my arms. I honestly cannot wait, I miss her so much. But if there's work that needs to be done, it is work that will be done. I am *not* going to cry over missing Nadine as long as there are people dying and children starving on this planet every day. And that's not only a promise, that's a FACT.
      I am not here for my own good and enjoyment, I am here to make things better for each and every single one of YOU.

      Holding Dini in my arms and kissing her again will be the Icing on the Cake. And until All Of Gaia is Liberated I PROMISE you all that I will work My ASS off.

      Gimme a song to play, for Heaven's Sake!
      Woops, that was quick - nice. Thanks, Universe ;-)

      We Are UNIFIED, and Together We Have POWER!

      Inner Light

      Hinterm Horizont

      I AM RaJah


    10. The dark thought they were "oh so clever" by taking Nadine eaway from me via mind-control, but what theay don't realise is that it doesn't make a lick of difference.
      If we were together right now she would look at me and we'd have conversation going something like this:

      "So you want to kiss and hug me, and make love to me?"
      "Yes, very much so."
      "Aren't there children dying out there and you should do something about that?"
      "Well, yes, theree aare."
      "The fucking DO something about that, you jack-ass! Cause if you don't I don't wanna hug and kiss you anyway!"

      And she'd be fucking right! As she always is - bloody wise-ass :-)))

      't was a nice try, dark dingbat dipshit donkeys but all you Stupid Idiots accomplished was My Love for Dini and Gaia being even stronger than before.
      Fucking Amateurs!


    11. Lieber RaJah,
      danke Dir für die lieben Worte. Ja, die schamanische Arbeit ist sehr wichtig und je mehr von den Lichtarbeitern *SO* (AUFWACHEN LEUTE!!) arbeiten desto schneller geht es. Vor allem immer kurz bevor man denkt "Jetzt ist es so weit" mit dem Event kommt irgendetwas dazwischen, d.h. die Kabale hat es dann wieder geschafft es zu verhindern oder sie schicken uns irgenwelche unsichtbaren Entitäten um uns auf die Nerven zu gehen. Natürlich verhindern sie das Vorankommen nur bis zu einem gewissen Grad, denn wir machen ja gute Fortschritte. Verträge, Verträge, Verträge. Löschen, löschen, löschen. Es ist enorm was das für eine Auswirkung hat.
      Ich bin mir bewusst darüber, dass man mit den physischen Augen noch nicht so viel sehen kann, also noch keine Häuser weggebeamt, die Straßen in Berlin entfernt und stattdessen Wiesen, Ufo-Landeplätze und Obstbäume. Doch wenn ich auf den nicht-physischen Ebenen hinsehe oder hinFÜHLE ist es doch ein riesiger Unterschied zu sagen wir vor einem Jahr. Das Gefühl der Absurdität wird jeden Tag größer und da sagt mir mein ganz natürliches Bauchgefühl, dass irgendwann in naher Zukunft die Umkehrbewegung des Energieflusses kommen MUSS. Mittlerweile fühle ich, dass das Event mehr eine TIEFE und RUHE haben wird in einer neuen Weise anstelle von "Aufregung" ; bezüglich der Energie, wie sie sich anfühlen könnte, natürlich nicht bezogen auf die Enthüllungen.
      Hier ein bischen musikalische Untermalung für den Sieg des Lichtes ;) !

      "The paranoia is in bloom, the P-R
      Transmissions will resume
      They'll try to push drugs
      That keep us all dumbed down and hope that
      We will never see the truth around
      (So come on)

      Another promise, another scene,
      Another package lie to keep us trapped in greed
      With all the green belts wrapped around our minds
      And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
      (So come on)

      They will not force us
      They will stop degrading us
      They will not control us
      We will be victorious
      (So come on)

      Interchanging mind control
      Come let the revolution take its toll if you could
      Flick a switch and open your third eye, you'd see that
      We should never be afraid to die
      (So come on)

      Rise up and take the power back, it's time that
      The fat cats had a heart attack, you know that
      Their time is coming to an end
      We have to unify and watch our flag ascend
      (So come on)

      They will not force us
      They will stop degrading us
      They will not control us
      We will be victorious
      (So come on)

      Hey, hey, hey, hey
      Hey, hey, hey, hey
      Hey, hey, hey, hey

      They will not force us
      They will stop degrading us
      They will not control us
      We will be victorious
      (So come on)

      Hey, hey, hey, hey"

      Victory of the Light!


    12. Cool :-)

      Du bist die zweite Person, die mir dieses Lied und den Text schickt, sehr sehr geil. Denn ich kenne das Lied auch, und somit sind wir DREI - magische Nummer.

      We will be Victorious - and it will be Glorious!
      It'll be something like this ;-)

      Ich seh das mit dem EVENT auch so wie Du, das wird alles sehr ruhig, friedlich und harmonisch ablaufen. Deshalb hab ich auch aufgehört Vorräte zu kaufen, die Mehrheit der Bevölkerung hat ja auch keine. Es wird sich gut um uns alle gekümmert werden wenn es so weit ist. Mein Herz *weiß* das einfach, und Mein HERZ weiß es immer am besten.

      Guter Hinweis mit den Verträgen.
      Vor drei Jahren hatte ich hier einen hochrangigen Vertreter der dunklen Seite zu Besuch, er dachte da noch er wäre auf der Seite des Lichts, was sich leider als falsch herausgestellt hat. Er saß hier neben mir und hat geweint und geweint als ihm die Augen geöffnet wurden - "Ich habe Dich gekreuzigt damals. Ich bin so ein Arsch." - "Stimmt, aber ich verzeihe Dir, und alles wird gut werden, auch für Dich." Mit Gedankenkontrolle und einem Besuch in der Psychiatrie hat die dunkle Seite ihn dann wieder zu sich geholt, echt traurig denn er war auf solch einem guten Weg.
      Aber bevor sie das gemacht haben hat er hier noch ein Schriftstück unterzeichnet, und wir haben es gemeinsam verbrannt und somit offiziell ans Universum geschickt. Der Text war kurz und richtig und vor allem BINDEND:
      "The contracts are fulfilled."
      Die Verträge sind erfüllt. Unterzeichnet von DK, Lars B. und RaJah für die Seite des Lichts und von M für die dunkle Seite.

      Folglich hat die dunkle Seite keinerlei Recht mehr sich auf irgendwelche Verträge zu berufen, ihr offizieller Gesandter hat sie selbst für Null und Nichtig erklärt! Und das ist Fakt!


      Ganz viel Licht, Liebe, Einheit, Frieden und Freiheit

      Lars B.

    13. Rajah, too prolific for me to keep up with all that music, would be nice to hear a sampler cd, glad to know I, too, have been in service, not in vain.

      I need to get on that sleep's been a long year...


    14. Oh yes, you are definitely of service and helping me time and time again, Phoenix :-)

      That compilation CD is gonna be quite a large one as part of me job is working my way through all of my favourite songs that I've ever heard in this 3D lifetime. So you better not hold your breath for that to be released until the Event ;-)

      But I heard you calling out for a train, right? Okay then, a train it will be. Not just any train but a Special Train.

      Everyone on board, doors closed, train leaving Right On Time.

      Sonderzug nach Pankow!

      WoooWooooo! :-)))



    15. 52 months ago me and Dini went to a friend's barbecue party. She smelled so unbelievably good and I told her so, but that's beside the point ;-)
      She looked at me and said
      "Wir sind die besten Freunde und jetzt fahren wir auch noch jeden Tag zusammen zur Arbeit und arbeiten den ganzen Tag zusammen. Ich glaub' wir sollten heiraten."
      "Stimmt. Das sollten wir."

      That may not be everybody's type of proposal, but it was a proposal nonetheless. SHE proposed to ME, and I accepted. Of course I did, stupids, it was Love At First Sight and every sight ever since!
      And no matter what has happened since then despite the mind-control and all that bullshit, the engagement was never cancelled and stands to this very day.

      So whatever the dark are doing with her - I don't give a damn! She is not just My Girl, she is not just My Girlfriend, SHE IS MY FIANCEE to this very day!
      And always will be until the day WE GET MARRIED.

      RaJah und Gaia sind VERLOBT und werden heiraten, und das nicht nur mit ihren Inkarnationen Lars Bredehöft und Nadine Mielke.

      Und meine süße kleine Verlobte ist STINKSAUER und wird der dunklen Seite mal so richtig fett in den Arsch treten.
      Zeig's ihnen, Süße!

      I'll let you in on a little secret about the state of affairs at the moment:
      Gaia is PISSED!!!

      Till It Shines

      Ich liebe Dich, Kleine. Für Immer.

      DU BIST Gaia
      I AM RaJah

  22. I have been told that we may be in a war with Russa, Can this be true? Thanks ellen

    1. No, it is not simply true these countries are mere covers for the greater galactic war and of course there is a negative faction who wants war but they will not be successful, we don't need to fear this by meditating and joining weekly liberation meditation you can help with peace efforts that will ultimately lead to planetary liberation the more people we have the less a chance of anything will occur and course compression breakthrough will happen. The resistance movement, earth alliance and dedicated light warriors and of course Et's and certain breakaway groups will not allow these large conflicts to happen as they did in the past. We will be successful in planetary liberation so don't worry.

    2. No, that's what the Cabal wanna everybody believe!
      Thet is waht they wnt. They desperately wnt a ww3.

  23. 42 states have National guard on alert for elections!

  24. I heard an ad for amrricans to rally ip funfs for usa infrastructure.
    Please point outall the vast money stolen and diverted yo under ground cities and tunnel systems that were built under ground connecting north south east snd west nust google it THATS WHY ABOVE GROUND LOOKS SO DERELICT. It was all stolen and used underground.
    The one percenters need to have their assets stolen to finance the rebuikd of the surface

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  26. Even if i dont understand, thanks for the update!

  27. The White Temple of ONE Inner Light

  28. as Tom Hanks said on Black Jeopardy "Let's Get 'Er Done! "

  29. Some offtopic, maybe you heard about girk fit niir alliance? They are of gfl members too. They have scalar field generators. Maybe anyone have it and what experiences of that?

  30. More defamation for the Hilary gang:

  31. The very trigger for the event to take place is being held back by the Sphere Alliance. Cobra has stated several times that these chimea, any dark beings the implants and bombs would be destroyed by this compression breakthrough. And these Sphere Beings are supposed to be on our side? Why are they holding back this galactic event?

    How is it that the Agarthans have been here for hundreds of thousands, even millions of years and have not ascended yet? These magnetic waves from our galactic center happen every 25,000 years.

    Do the math and the Agarthans have not ascended? None of these situations make any sense people. There seems to be a very big game going on here and we are the pawns being pushed around by higher beings playing this game.

    It makes no sense that if everything there is came from the original source, why are we required to spritually ascend in order to be reabsorbed by the infinite creator. Do people really believe the infinite creator will reject any part of itself no matter how positive or negative it may be? Something really stinks about all this ascension stuff and no one seems clever enough to explain these anomalies.

    These are questions that interviewers like Rob Potter will not ask, I wonder why.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I will explain u according the way i understand it. Agarthans do not ascend because they are LOYAL beings, loyal to humanity in this war, till the very end of it. They are with us and they have been for ages with us. They are real warriors and didnt leave the war yet, for a question of Honor.
      Secondly, ascension.
      Do not like this word.
      Return to Source, going back to Source, its the right concept (for me).
      Ascending to the Creator...which Creator? The Creator of this Matrix? The Creator of this insane, disgusting material World? This is not our Home (at least for the people who has SPIRIT). We all have souls and bodies, but not every man has a Spirit. Spirits were stolen from Source to activate the Evolution of this insane creation. Source and Creator are not the same.
      The creator of this material world is the so called demiurg, aka the devil. With no other purpose than to imprison and devour finally the spirits, at the "end" of evolution. Personally i dont want to have anything to do with this twisted creator-demiurg. Neither merging with him!! Screw him.
      My aim is to return to Source. Our real Home. This world neither the "higher" dimensions where we have to "ascend" are our HOME. All is creation of the demiurg, even dimensions with subtler substances. All the same garbage, same prison. I am totally distrustful of the "creation". Not my home, neither my Destiny

    3. How is it that the Agarthans have been here for hundreds of thousands, even millions of years and have not ascended yet? These magnetic waves from our galactic center happen every 25,000 years.

      Do the math and the Agarthans have not ascended?

      The history, timelines, factions involved.... it's all complicated... read Cobra's old interviews, blog posts,... visit Dragon Heart's web site... he had arranged all the info from here in categories...

    4. Hi Joe - You raise some very good points. I've often wondered about all of that, but I wasn't able to form a cohesive thought with it like you have here. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    5. Greeting from Holland Europe, it seems so they say,that the inner-earth is 5D already, and when de surface is 5D in the near future they can come out.I dont know if its true or not, we are the sheeple they can tell us anything .i only know that the bible says that de deception in the end time will be so great that even lots of most holy people will fall into the trap.i really wish a liberation but is THIS it? How can we be sure?

    6. Yep.. the bombs would probably be destroyed after The Event is triggered.. and we would go kabooom!

    7. Well, YES. This is exactly what I want to find out here! Thank you for putting it that way! Why the heck we should lose any next second of coming "paradise"? Delay is in project management NEVER a cheap and good option! I have done SOME projects in my life. I wonder, why all this "millions of ships" out there not just TELEPORT the "right ones" (or the bombs, Archons, implants etc.) out, take the assholes down or out and "Thank you" that is it. Man, if there are that advanced healing methods and technologies, we should not complain about some short-term "shocking".

      There is something called "the deserto-period" and the "involvement-effect" in a project or war-campaign.....It seems that (if this is all true what is given as "Intel") the "management" of this campaign has fallen in to it or fears the "deserto-period" after the campaign...! No joke. Proven in every war-campaign or project!

      The more blabla I read here and everywhere else, the more I begin to smell a rat...

      Thanks Joe, for speaking so openly!

    8. From what I can remember...

      Cobra said there's no life in inner earth as it's physical conditions cannot support life. As he hasn't given details yet nor has the subject been followed up by interviewers I surmise that an etheric/ astral version of inner earth exists complete with an etheric/ astral Sun (Cobra did say that etheric/ astral cities and life in them exists on the surface of this planet as well as other planets). So all those stories of a central Sun and people walking around in an Eden like paradise on the inner surface of the Earth must, I surmise, have been spread by astral travelling psychics. I hope Cobra is wrong about this because it is a pity that such a place does not exist in the physical sense. Another myth Cobra debunked was the Polar entrances. He did mention a smaller entrance in the general vicinity of the Arctic circle through which, if you know how to fly, you could eventually reach hollow earth.

      Cobra has confirmed only the hollow earth concept - massive cavern systems in the earth's crust housing entire civilizations. He also said there was a free for all within hollow earth in it's recent history when hundreds of millions of reptilians had to be evicted. As of now the Resistance and the Himalayan Brotherhood (and maybe some Ascended Masters) have the upper hand. They are helping the remaining Agarthan civilizations with their Ascension.

    9. And let's not forget the stargate which Cobra said is in the center of the Earth. By using this stargate to travel to higher dimensions or spaceships to sneak out of the Veil, many advanced Agarthan civilizations must have completed the Ascension process already. I guess a few civilizations still working on their Ascension process are what's left in Agartha.

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    1. Very nice!
      Think of what we could accomplish if the USA
      would simply decide to be friends with Russia...!

  33. Tim Smith, you're wrong, no one is going to fight and not in Russia we have no faction, advocating for military action with the US and NATO as a whole. By the way, Russian, too afraid of war, we are constantly sdyshim threat from the US government. These clowns invent mythical Russian threat, by the fact that they need a war throughout the world, t. To. The dollar due to the US debt to space by all States, should fail, or nulled by means of war. Yes, we are on the brink of war, but not the fault of the government rossiyskogoo that the last effort trying to prevent a world catastrophe.
    Victory of Truth!


    By Corey Goode With David Wilcock

  35. Corey Goode post dated 11/3/2016. A long one.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. "Hello Incredible Source of Light!

    This is an amazing time on this planet. So much is unfolding at once that is a vital part of our Ascension.

    Please join all of us who are doing a NESARA meditation every Sunday afternoon at 1:00 PM Pacific / 4:00 PM Eastern, initiated by the wonderful Ashtar on the Road community.

    Set an alarm, and just take a few moments at that time, wherever you are, to envision NESARA being fully enacted and announced, in whatever way feels most joyful to you.

    There's also a World Peace Meditation this Sunday, November 6th, at 4:00 PM Pacific / 7:00 PM Eastern, led by James Twyman. Go Here for more info.

    Millions of us across the globe will be raising the level of this US presidential election to a whole higher vibration!

    Another beautiful idea is saying aloud every morning Patti Cota-Robles's "Call For Divine Government" -- I have my own version of this, where I add the announcement of NESARA. :-)

    It may feel like things are falling apart at times. That is because we are birthing something new -- a whole higher form of life on this planet.

    Sending much Love and Light, with gratitude for your presence on the Earth at this time,


    Message to Lightworkers – November 3, 2016
    by Caroline Oceana Ryan

    "We are very pleased to have this opportunity to speak with you again today.

    We are aware that many millions are concerned regarding the upcoming elections in the United States, just as they are concerned about the influx of refugees from countries such as Syria and Afghanistan, or the forced removal of refugees from one camp or another.

    There is also of course ongoing concern for issues of armed conflict, climate change, and economies all over the world, as the large banks and corporations begin to fail.

    And we would say, that these situations are occurring for vital, Light-filled reasons, and not because the world is headed toward disaster.

    These changes as Earth is birthing a far higher frequency than She has held for millennia, and all of you are likewise moving up in frequency, exponentially.

    Understand that as we have noted before now, the time for fraud, exploitation, abuses of power, an apparent respectability that masks criminality, and other deceptions by the ruling classes, has now passed.

    The dark hats will...."

    1. Millions of us across the globe will be raising the level of this US presidential election to a whole higher vibration!

      Nice! Hope that works!


  37. "Pandora in progress, EELA in progress. HVBN stable. M=10."

    So it's meaning event is very close...

    1. Is just giving the RM an update on current operations or status or headsup...or instructions even...

      Those type of messages are seen from time to time..

    2. What the terms mean might help. Pandora is the planet on the movie AVATAR. EELA is what? HVBN is what? M=10 is what?

    3. Please look on these numbers:
      2016 is devided by seven eight and nine, so it is also devided by 24 and 42 and 144 and 14 and 32 and 224.224 years have passed from incorporation of the foundation stone for White House so it is not a case.
      2016 it is a year of chaos, but 2017 it is a year of new begining.
      2017 it is a prime number and numerological sum of 2017 is "1" so it must be a new begining.

    4. Thank You Dawid147...Just Brilliant... ~chinka~...tam

    5. It is not a case tommorrow election with no choose.I is linked with this 224 years cycle
      8x224 is 1792
      9x224 is 2016
      224=7x32 !

  38. OMG!

  39. For me and all I can see in the world, each day is a loop. Identical things on the news, identical things in my mind. I know it's not, somehow I can see it but damn it things still feel so bad no matter what I do.

    Keshe technology works by the way. I made all the devices.

    1. Patrick... have you started working with Cobra about this? Can you talk about what you and Cobra are planning?

    2. Patrick - We are in a loop. I have personally been aware of it since 2013. This Grounhog Day needs to come to an end.

    3. He didn't say much but I imagine I'll donate or sell devices to him when they're ready. The Facebook page The Golden Age of Gans is where you'll see my stuff.

    4. Yes, We are in some kind of time loop. I feel we have to go into ourselves into meditation to have a temporary break from it. The media, tv, politics, military etc etc, is a constant dense cycle based on fear, survival, and materialism. The same old messages and images being programmed to us, and recycled again and again and again.

    5. major fuel for fear, survival cycle is using money, or more precise making profits. it educates us to rivalry instead of brotherhood. i believe in a healthy society, there is only giving, like christmas.

  40. Willem s., Trump is not an agent of jesuits, because jesuit pope is againt Trump. Just because Cobra shared his opinion without real proof doesnt make it truth.

    1. So you are saying... That if there was a chance that indeed they were of same team... The bad guys would not cook up a plan or illusion of friction or disharmony just to please both sides of the fence in order to ultimately the servants (lil us) to please the same master... Weather we go for A or B??

      In addition.. It is i am sure unheard of that even the bad guys would put their own loyal leaders at ods with each other for other alterior motives than the obvious...

      I am not saying that Trump cannot possibly be a good guy nor I cant say that he is.

      Can we really tell for sure who is a good guy when the games that have been allowed to be played for millennia is about how much destruction could be attained or allowed under the cover of the best illusion...

      Generally speaking...
      Really why is there such a surprise or difficulty in thinking someone knowingly or not is working for the darkside... Unfortunately we all are to some degree or other... Weather we like it or not.

      Even if Cobra wouldnt have mentioned about Trump being a Jesuit agent do you really think that anyone was going to make any significant changes worldly... Efficiently and effectively?. Look at our track record.. Historically... Nothing has been accomplished from heart.. But from an iron fist egotistical mentality which lead to failures.... And those who attempted changed by heart were indeed also short of success .. They as well lacked something...

      As above so below... The ones above were so full of compassion they were willing to tolerate atrocities. Wait did i go too far... Not far enough. That bone i have to pick with the so called creator.

      "Rigged Election: HILLARY & TRUMP Caught Partying With Kissinger In Jesuit Gala"
      Hi, Gundars! Read this one, please. Thank you.

  41. Wonderful blog about "STATE OF MISSION REPORT OCTOBER 2016" ! Thanks for the updated post also gives the useful learning that outcomes from your super post. Regards, |

  42. Informative new interview summarizing recent Wikileaks emails

    11/5/16 Paul Craig Roberts: Julian Assange Interview Confirms Hillary Clinton Oligarchy Control (Over Election)

    Julian Assange: Clinton is a cog for Goldman Sachs & the



    Published time: 5 Nov, 2016 05:59

    Video of interview - 27 mins:

    Question is whether the internal, whitehat (positive) intelligence individuals in the various agencies (including the positive military), can effect an overthrow of the cabal (as Steve Pieczenik, the NYPD, and others have suggested).

    In my view, it's a matter of "God's" Will, the unfoldment of "divine intelligence" governing all of life, that will determine the transition from the current "dark" age to a New Age of LIGHT. What Cobra has been speaking of as THE EVENT. No one knows for sure what actually will happen until we witness each moment unfold as it does.

    We're certainly in the midst of an extreme battle between negative forces and the Infinite Source of Light and positive outcome.

  43. Hold on to your hats guys and girls.

    We are at the finish line! :D

    26 min video by Alexandra Meadors and info on humanity's ascension. Here's a snippet:

    " 5) The Portal was opened successfully, granting the arrival of 2.5 million ships waiting to assist Humanity. They are now in our space and will be given full instructions on how to help Humanity for the last phase of ascension."

    1. I mentioned holding onto your hats and have just read this wonderful news from Blossom Goodchild...

      The Galactic Federation of Light state:


      Blossom says, "HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS !"

      Synchronicity! Love it.

  44. This guy observes what the Sun is doing everyday. Solar flares, etc. For anyone who is interested. He's pretty accurate at predicting earthquakes or anything caused by our sun/solar system

  45. The coincidence theorists are lapping up this Cathy O'Brien and Spirit Cooking stuff. I think they're ready for disclosure and other revelations that they might have thought incredible just a year ago. Let's do it.

  46. °°°°°°°<3°°°°°<3°°°°°°<3°°°°°°<3°°°°°°<3°°°°°°°<3°°°°°°°°<3°°°

    <3 Greetings,
    just found this mantra which feels quite triggering, wide, free of prison walls.
    Enjoy <3


    ajai | alai | abhai | abai | 189|
    Thou art invincible. Thou art deathless. Thou art fearless and unchangeable. (189)

    abhoo | ajoo | anaas | akaas | 190|
    Thou art uncreated and immovable. Thou art indestructible. Thou art the vault of heaven. (190)

    aganj | abhanj | alankh | abhankh | 191|
    Thou art imperishable and unbreakable. Thou art unknowable. Thou needs no food. (191)

    akaal | dhiaal | alaekh | abhaekh | 192|
    Thou art timeless and the treasure of mercy. Thou art beyond writing thou art garbless. (192)

    anaam | akaam | agaah | ataah | 193|
    Thou art nameless and lust less. Thou fathomless. Thou art unvanquished. (193)

    anaathae | pramaathae | ajonee | amonee | 194|
    Thou art master less. Thou art destroyer. Thou art unborn. Thou art not taciturn. (194)

    n raagae | n rangae | n roopae | n raekhae | 195|
    Thou art without attachment. Thou art colourless. Thou art formless. Thou art contour less. (195)

    akaraman | abharaman | aganjae | alaekhae | 196|
    Thou art free from action-reaction cycle. Thou art devoid of misapprehension. Thou art immortal. Thou art incalculable. (196)

    °°°°°°<3°°°°°°°<3 <3 <3°°°°°°°<3°°°°°°°<3 <3 <3°°°°°°°°°<3°°°°

  47. "As news emerges that FBI agents have uncovered a child sex ring connected to the Clinton Foundation, internet sleuths have discovered evidence of pedophile “code words” being used in emails from John Podesta released by WikiLeaks."

  48. More from Dr. Steve Pieczenik. He is trying to keep the Republic of the US together. Wants Americans to remain calm. This is 7:41 minutes.

  49. Stores of oil
    Keeps of things that emanate Source
    To bond a Time forever held in stone
    As we pass ever by

    Moon Day 19
    (13 Moon calendar page back 13 Moon Calendar- Law of Time)
    (searching blogger developer blogs)
    (The Portal page view spike, 27,000,000 B4 thank u day..?)

  50. Per anonymous latest leak to be disclosed nov 5?.. I guess is past due..anyways this is found on rumormill... I didnt continue reading until i encountered this spot.

    "These documents were given to us by an American Government official when he had come to learn that this crime had been covered up by Hillary and her staff through methods including bribery and blackmail. He also told us that due to the restricted access to these documents, they would soon know he was the one who released them to us.

    We tried to make arrangements for him to exit the country safely, but he was killed before those arrangements could be carried out. We are still not sure if this is because they became aware of the leak, or if they were scared that he may in the future. In either case, his identity will be made public in this next set of leaks so that he can be honored for the hero that he was."

    You people organizing this stuff really need to sort out the protection or safety tactics... If this whole melodrama is real.. How is this encouraging for those that may even contemplate in the slightest to make a difference in the front lines of exposing corruption.???

    I would like to hear what the definition of "tried to make arrangements ...." means to them.

    Coming from an outsider i can tell you people... you didnt Try Hard Enough ffs!!

    Why is it that you people end up with results as if it was coordinated by novices. You all aware of the risks and dangers and yet the safety net is not present fast enough before the clutches of stupidity (in this case the bad guys) gets a chance to destroy...

    Oh wait... Is cause it was unexpected?... Was a soul contract excuse?... Wat is the excuse for mediocracy in this time and age especislly from you all up in higher ranks of responsibilities... This been going on for centuries and you guys seems to play as if you were born yesterday.

  51. Agree!! I am so sick of this "modern" people as well soon i will get out of this insane zoo and will live in the country, in relative isolation. (few and healthy neighbours) This is the way i will live till the rest of my days...pure nature, animals, few people...

  52. I have read some posts recently about the presidential election, and that it would be a distraction. It was Cobra himself stating that Trump would be a Jesuit agent. Yet, what may happen in the future, he cannot really say.
    Well, I guess the point has been discussed before, but the more I think about it, this argument that the election would be a distraction appears to be problematic to me. Let me outline some of the points I don’t agree with.
    During this election, many topics have come up that were not discussed in public before. For example, the discussion about the Clinton foundation has opened the eyes of many in regards to government corruption. This election has changed the thinking of the masses towards a way which is more open, more discerning. In my eyes, this is progress. And it should be appreciated as such.
    And who was it that sparked this kind of inspiration? Was it the Clinton camp, or was it Trumpland? In fact, Trump hold speeches that went far across the borders of what was thought to be possible before. He was rather outspoken about the media, the elite, and even demanded prosecution of Clinton. What is that? Isn’t this at least something?
    The whole political discourse has changed. So, if he were a Jesuit agent, there has to be an explanation for this. Why should a presidential candidate rock the boat like this? And please be clear about that, since you have to explain why someone would create a wildfire when he is sitting in a wooden hut.
    Right now, I do not see a clear explanation. There is only speculation, about what Trump could do and could not do, that he could hijack the truth movement and so on. But once again, people fail to see that the genie is out of the bottle, that any kind of compromise would upset the population even stronger than before. With the result that if Trump would not keep his promises, people would go up against himself.
    Things are in flux. Nothing is set in stone. Corey Goode and Simon Parkes also appear to be more explaining, let’s put it that way, about the role of the election. They think something is coming up here, especially concerning Clintons’ child abuse. The FBI is working at arrests of many high-ranking government people. From now on, it can happen anything.
    And this does all occur during an election which is - supposedly - only a distraction? Give me a break. It simply does not match the outcomes, things just do not develop accordingly. Apart from that, think about the many people that put their lives on the line. Getting out the truth, trying to bring Clinton to justice. So, once again, what is that? Isn’t that at least something?
    I think we could be a little bit more appreciative about what is happening during the election. At least we could care about the courageous actions of those who are active in trying to expose crime and child abuse. This alone is worth a lot, and will be seen as a heroic achievement in future times.
    If these agents and law enforcement officers would have sit around and waited until the event, nothing would have happened. So be present, clear and active, since that is the only possibility that something will change for the better. Let’s get it done, folks.

    1. Thank you for that enlighting article. That may be the reason why we get no update. Now, things turn out and come to light, if any intel here was true or not! Interesting times we live in, no? ;-)

  53. I am now homeless over my beliefs. I know the universe will take charge. It could even mean my life as a human.
    I understand that. It's not about me even though my ego would love to see some guardian angle come down and "smite" those who were involved. The universe is patient.
    Why do I have to suffer? I guess that's ego talking...
    I just want this on record.
    I'll be waking down the road in a few hours. Any thing material has been taken.
    Will I see results?
    Am I a fool?
    Will I find answers today?
    Will something magical happen?
    Probably not. It would only be a tool for the darkness.
    Good morning to my family. I haven't met many of you. Any that I know of. But I have nudged a few.
    Just sharing my thoughts this morning.


  54. Alexandra Meadors: Urgent Message - November 4, 2016
    Galactic Connection

    Alexandra offers a comforting perspective on all that is disintegrating and coming to light on earth at this critical time. She reminds us to stay in our neutrality and not get swept up by the hysteria, so that we can hold the space as things ramp up in the next few weeks. Election/Wikileaks/Mass Consciousness/Public Perception/Revelations are all shifting as we step up to hold the space and quell the upheaval these events are stirring up. Keep the Faith. Think, Feel and Know that Divine Intervention is something that WE create through our Intention and Love. We can shift this reality for the better and redirect humanity to the most positive timelines by remaining steadfast, committed and calm. We are in for the ride of our lives. Decide to bring your best self to the table, use discernment and bring your best self to the occasion. She then proceeds with the message she received...concluding that Divine Intervention is HERE!

    1. Arrest warrents by Court of Ages:

    2. The woman is some kind of right-wing religious freak. Bushes? Clintons? probably. But NO way my Senator from MA Elizabeth Warren or Michelle Obama, and many others in this list, have any involvement with criminal Soros or pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. I do not believe it. To lump all of these Democrats with these Repugnantcans is ludicrous. Then there is the fact some people were made to comply with an agenda they abhor, by threat or force. It will be interesting to see what plays out in the courts.

    3. Meanwhile, Trump has openly admitted on tape to sexual assault of many women, then as usual, denies the shit that comes out of his own mouth. Why has he not been arrested? He is to stand trial in December on rape of a 13-year-old. Obviously a judge thought there was enough evidence to bring it to trial, but the judge refused to set a date before the election. The problem with charges, trials and convictions that our judicial system is also corrupt. Innocent people get condemned and lawbreakers get away with it. We need to restore the power of the Constitution and Common Law courts before we can sort out this fine mess.

  55. Replies
    1. lol, no worries Phoenix! It doesn't hurt to post a few times as people can miss it the first time around. :)


    10 minute video. Something is starting to happen at Cern.

      Strangelet bombs.

    2. Thanks James. Watched the whole thing. Scary stuff these people are trying to do but they won't get their way. Have no fear. :)

    3. Kate, I never heard of this AWAKEN technology that does more than CERN can, but without heat..which was tested this past weekend...hmmm.

      James Farrell, this in-depth analysis is Fascinating! Quantum Physics explanation of Quantum Tunneling to open an inter-dimensional Portal between Earth and Saturn, when CERN opens the portal to other dimensions, allowing entities to come in...this is quite fascinating!

      I wanted to recall what Cobra had mentioned re: Chimera / Saturn, because of the talk about the entities coming through the Portal from another timeline/dimension being perceived of as False Gods or projections...

      The question is, which entities are coming? Are they really physical entities or holograms of Project Blue Beam?

      The religious perspective is something I usually avoid, but in this case they tie in the science with Biblical revelations, and find a parallel. Very interesting.

      Well Cobra says not to worry about CERN. This process is done at CERN but the AWAKEN process negates the need to use the collider, as this technology is more powerful.

      Really makes one think about the nature of reality. This isn't what I had in mind when I became convinced that we are the Creator Gods. I was thinking more along the lines of thoughts are seeded by intention, which when nurtured correctly become manifestations.

      For me metaphysical and abstract concepts are easier to understand than science, but I see why they need each other for deeper understanding.

    4. This was the first time I had heard about the Awake experiment. I'm just putting this out there, but wondering if they are attempting to use it against us now we are awakening?

      There is another update and it looks like they are already starting to deny this and calling it a conspiracy theory!

  57. May i ask... What beliefs?...

    I am not even going to comment on the universe.


  58. GO!!!


  59. FBI will not recommend Charges for Clinton..............

  60. Keshe health device I made. Feels amazing! This stuff is the real deal.

    1. Patrick what are your goals?... I just looked at the aparatus. Do you want to sells them?... You want groups to be created so more of these get built?

      I think is a great plus that you have demostrated or let us know that indeed they function... We (at least i) still would be wondering if indeed they did if it wasnt for your initiative and determination to get it done...

      But now that we are over thar hurtle... What are your plans from this point on.

      Sorry i have not looked at your other devices.. But i have read the posts..

      Are you planning to go town to town building this for folks?.. :) i know far fetch idea.. Just simply asking who is going to bring these things out of a lab and into the public.. Ideally in an affortable way for all...

      I am not referring to you specifically Patrick...

      I thank you for the initiative...

    2. @Dr. Heart

      Patrick is going to work with Cobra to get all this stuff out to the general public. Cobra may tachyonize them before putting them up for sale.

    3. I'm contacting practitioners to retail through, I'm creating a website for my company Tunnel Plasma, I'll sell stuff on Golden Age of Gans and eBay and through a friend's company and several new age radios hosts. Now that I've developed several devices into an assembly line process I can sell boxes and boxes world wide.

  61. Namaste ! Ambassadors of light !
    Co.bra & RM , hugs and blessings .
    Disinfo much ......
    Lada Ray says """" : [Ben Fulford] “Russian WDS members have also confirmed that Vladimir Putin, who is a fake, gets his orders from the Rothschilds.

    “Recently the internet has been sanitized and all the pictures of the so-called Vladimir Putin over the years have been fixed to make them look identical. However, if you go to a paper archive of photographs and compare them over the years you can confirm the original Putin died a long time ago and that there are or have been six different “Putins.””

    I was a bit puzzled, as I did not “get” this at all. Of course, I do not have Ben’s sources, but it just did not “feel” right to me.
    I would like an answer even if we know that deep Co.bra meeting said Putin ..................
    Thank you
    Gooooooooooooooooooooo Ambassadors , Gooooooooooo

    1. QUADRA Corina: I notice several comments to Ben Fulford's weekly addresses on YouTube are expressing that he has not been accurate, myself included. Therefore, how can we know that anything he reports is true.

      I think Vladamir Putin is now working to defeat the cabal and establish Light on earth.


    1. In front of the CERN building there is a dancing Shiva. I feel they are not able to misuse Divine Energies much longer, it could as well be their end to have put such a beautiful thing there. They do not have divine powers and as soon as lightworkers awake to their multidimensional self, they can create any change. Now it is much easier despite all the hidden things coming to the surface which is just Gaia getting rid of all nasty energies that have nothing lost in "New Heaven on New Earth". We all participated one way or the other -I am aware of this-.
      Namaste and peace to every being.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Now is the time for our 'off-world-allies' to intervene. If Hilery gets in were all doomed! Perhaps this world hasn't suffered enough already,and the Arcons have all been invited to a well planned feast!


  66. Feeling very low have very ominous thoughts about what the Clintons have in store for us.

    Wish i could say better but if the light forces exist they are still not showing their hand or making any significant visible moves

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. People, when Cobra advises us that the US. election is a distraction, I feel he is referring to the distraction from the main stream media, not the information revealed on sites such as this. Go back to April 2012, Fall of the Archons so you can get a refresher course on the big picture. Once the archon agenda has been thwarted, including cabal members (clintons) and Jesuit factions (trump) the long awaited EVENT will take place, and not before. As Cobra has always stated, business as usual until the EVENT. Stay focused on neutrality, Love and gratitude.

  69. I am surrounded by Hillary supporters.

    Let me tell you, it has been tough, mostly because there is an emotional charge that seems to be imbedded -- implanted -- in nearly everyone.

    There is no room for discussion. Obviously our country needs a massive overhaul yet the "problems" (poverty, hunger, the gap between rich and poor getting bigger and bigger each year, education, taxation, health --- you name it, it needs an overhaul) cannot be discussed.

    Yes, it is a distraction, as Cobra has said. What an understatement. The election is one giant mind programming operation.

    It occurred to me that the plasma TVs have been working overtime -- maybe the TVs give out some of kind of signal with certain information presented. And the signals work with the low-orbiting satellites, perhaps? Just trying to put it together.

    Sending love to all of us around the globe.

    Let's visualize the Event happening and the life we all want to create.

    Meditations are coming up! Let's all do them.


  70. Yay, election day in the United States of America.
    The end times of the dark.
    Biorobotic failure:
    The incoming energies also cause clones/robotics to break down and „fail“, „Hellary“, as you call her, is a most common example.
    This happening is „sign of the end times.“

    Trump has a lot of potential for change into a good direction which you can see from the intensity of public bashing. His success would well depend on how hard evil forces will try to hinder him. Other sources claim he had never come this far if he was not an accepted game player. But you should be aware of the fact, that a lot of change is already going on behind the scenes, and every day is a new day. You may just look on who get’s public bashing – these are the promising people. – well, also Putin bashing goes still on.

    CHRIST MICHAEL: We will not delay our schedule just to „see how it goes with Trump“. But if he agitates in our favour we will appreciate it of course.
    On our side we are ready to go. We are going to make it safe for you – don’t forget to contribute your part – and remember the heart frequency of love is something which cannot be copied by any dark one, wherever. These will be the markers for your individual paths of truth, back home.

  71. Feeling stressed? Take Action and Surrender...

    Special Election Day Message to Lightworkers
    by Caroline Oceana Ryan

    Key Time In Collective Human History by Katie Gallanti
    | Shift Frequency

    An Election Prayer by Marianne Williamson

    The United River of Souls by Dana Mrkich
    November 8, 2016

    The Arcturian Group Message for NOVEMBER 6, 2016
    by Marilyn Raffaele

    Is the World Crisis Igniting a Mass Global Awakening?
    By Nanice Ellis - Contributing writer for Wake Up World
    November 5th, 2016

  72. Are we there yet? :)
    (Just injecting a little humor in the US Election Day.)
    Peace, Joy, Love and Light to All.

  73. A "plot twist"????

    Psychic Shares Her View on What’s Coming With and Following the Election: Kim Russo, The Happy Medium ~ Nov. 6, 2016

    1. This is defo the same intel im picking up on!!!! thanks for sharing

    2. Wow, NOW we know what that meant...most of us did NOT anticipate it, although back in JULY, Michael Moore tried to warn us why Trump would win...but I didn't see his article until today (Wed. 9 Nov)

  74. Gotta keep our sense of humor...
    197 Clinton to 244 Trump as of this moment
    More women voted for Clinton
    More men voted for Trump
    No surprise except still too close to call in key states after midnight
    I still want #Bernie to save us from this madness and

    How to move to Canada: Immigration website crashes as Donald Trump election victory looks imminent

    1. I really, really hope that the shallow, Liberal movie stars and musicians do indeed move to Canada..or long as they leave. Good riddance. True Evil was finally defeated...there really is such a thing as Karma...and HRC just got a face full of it! Thank You!

    2. I had a real-life friend on fb who I met ages ago after a 9/11 Truth event at Harvard, at a private residence. this past year I have listened to him rant on fb and go after Hillary, some of which I appreciated reading. But for no reason, in his exuberance after they called the election for Trump, he decided to post a meme on my wall that said "TRUMP WILL BE PRESIDENT - FUCK YOUR FEELINGS!" but I gave him a pass and warned I would block him at the next sign of disrespect. He told me to go move to Canada if I didn't like it. Mind you, this was unprovoked. I expressed my incredulous puzzlement and then blocked him. Nobody needs to move to Canada unless they want to. I might love living in Vancouver some day, but the coast of Maine has much to offer that gives me similar satisfaction. I would even consider Montreal or Toronto. I also do like warmer climes, but not hot.

  75. Anyone awake?.. Watching "as the world turns?"?... Is AM here... Per polls Trump has won. What is next me wonders... Business as usual?

  76. A good friend said yesterday during the day (as everybody in the USA was voting) "I thought the day would feel bad, but in fact, the energy feels celebratory." I had to agree with her -- this morning it feels wonderful around here... And it doesn't feel related to the Trump victory. The energy on the planet has really shifted in the last two days. (...I think those handy spray bottles of "TOPLETS-BE-GONE" have been working....)

  77. So what's going on now Cobra......Nothing has been said or updated for a long time!

    1. Not much,... other than those "earthly" inconsequential distractions, such as whether Trump, or Hitlery, won the presidency, should not be a much of concern,... unless of course you need to work, & feed yourself & or others, & provide yourself w/ a shelter, a car, clothing,.... etc., etc., etc.. In the mean time, you can "now" concentrate again & place all of your focus on the "real" stuff,... like anything 4D, 5D, or plasma plane related, & including anything like good benevolent Extra-Terrestrial humans,... & of course, "The Event" itself,... which is coming soon,... & hopefully before this century is over.


  78. On sunday my Winged Eagle heavyweight championship belt got its Feathers number 14 and 15, and today here's GaiaPortal's newest UpDate ;-)

    "Carryings of heavyweights is abandoned.

    The Light prevails in difficult moments.

    Astro-glances compel the masses to action.

    Readings of the Higher Books commence."

    Nice. Especially 'cause I'm really sick of sittin' 'round here trying to write this book. Fancy that;-)

    Movin' On Up - Getting out of darkness

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All


  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. I'm assuming the Arcons are responsible for this holonovel in which we live. I also assume their hunger for negative energy would force them to create the same. Our languages, and appearances, designed to bring about conflict, would be their main weapons. We would be imbued with with negative emotions, such as: Greed, Anger, Lust, Vanity, and Attachment.
    Up to this point, mankind has taken the bait, 'hook, line, and sinker'!
    A surgeon can operate on anyone, anywhere in the world. Why? Because were all the same on the inside!
    When these little Arconian parasites attach themselves to our negative emotions, we can do terrible deeds. When we become Arcon free, and with our new found knowledge, forgiveness for many of the possessed, will become easier.
    Let us pray that our new president will pave the way for the 'Event'.
    That is the end of my sermon.

  81. I'm guessing that most people are chomping at the bit for a new update, even if there's not much to report. Maybe a little election tidbit? Thank you.


  82. Interesting little tidbit about the "election" and why the cabal and mainstream media were so openly campaigning for Clinton:
    Out of 44 previous presidents 18 were directly related to English kings.

    - President Nr. 1, George Washington, descendant of King Edward III. of England
    - President Nr. 3, Thomas Jefferson, descendant of King Edward III. of England,
    - President Nr. 4, James Madison descendant of King Edward I. of England.
    - President Nr. 6, John Quincy Adams, descendant of King Edward III. of England,
    - President Nr. 9, William Henry Harrison, descendant of King Edward I. of England,
    - President Nr. 12, Zachary Taylor, descendant of King Edward I. of England,
    - President Nr. 14, Franklin Pierce, descendant of King Edward I. of England,
    - President Nr. 19, Rutherford Hayes, descendant of King David I. of Scotland,
    - President Nr. 22 + 24, Grover Cleveland, descendant of King Edward I. of England,
    - President Nr. 26, Theodore Roosevelt, descendant of King Edward III. of England,
    - President Nr. 27, William Taft, descendant of King Edward I. von England,
    - President Nr. 29, Warren Harding, descendant of King Ethelred II. of England,
    - President Nr. 30, Calvin Coolidge, descendant of King Henry II. of England,
    - President Nr. 31, Herbert Hoover, descendant of King John of England,
    - President Nr. 32, Franklin d. Roosevelt, descendant of King Edward III. of England,
    - President Nr. 38, Gerald Ford, descendant of King Edward I. of England,
    - President Nr. 41, George Bush, descendant of King Edward I. of England and Alfonso I. of Portugal,
    - President Nr. 42, Bill Clinton, descendant of King Henry III. of England,
    - President Nr. 43, George W. Bush, descendant of King Edward I. of England and Alfonso I. of Portugal,
    - President Nr. 44, Barack Hussein Obama, via his mother descendant of King William I. of England and King Henry II. of England

    Alternative candidates like John McCain, John Kerry, Al Gore and others are also part of that huge nutty family. Quite the bloodline of destruction that has been ruling the U.S. and bringing war and chaos to the world if I may dare say so.
    They're all fricking reptoids - and their time is up!

    It was not nice knowing you.
    Thank you for nothing. You're welcome even less.
    Bugger Off!


    1. Trump was selected by the Jesuits as Cobra stated ...

      Secret Service Agent “Trump Has Already Been Chosen Two Years Ago

      ... and let's not forget this quote from one of the guest during an interview with Cobra and others earlier this year ...

      So the next pre-identified, we have Bush one selected Clinton, Bush two, Obama whose real name is Barry Sorbarka and he is the son of an Indonesian Cult leader . And this next president coming up is called Donald J. Trump, and they briefed him in nineteen seventy one, like it or not its Donald J. Trump.


    2. Yeah, it was always ridiculous.
      Just found that interesting and wanted to share it. Fascinating video you posted, thank you.

      If I'd have to describe this "election" stage-play using a movie title I'd choose either "Alien vs. Predator" or "Mett The Fockers." ;-)

      Thankfully none of that matters in the Big Picture. We'll All be Free soon.

      Lots Of Love and Light


  83. This irritates me. I hope the ones in charge are not just now coming to the realization that this is an event to be.

    I found this comment in the rumormill..

    NEW: The NeoCons Will Try To Infiltrate Trump's Govt Trump Must Be Wary Of 'New Friends

    Key word.. "Will try"..

    If the ones in power considers the phrase "will try to infiltrate" as opposed to "already beeen infiltrated" then there is no hope.. back to same game. Where the good guys would later to claim.. It was unexpected. I hope this wont be the case...