Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Security breach deflected, grid ratio stable, ZEOLITE in progress


  1. Victory for the Light.
    Hopefully these actions translate into another major gain for the Resistance.
    Thank you all.

    1. Sounds like the RM/LF kick some cabal ass :) What was wrong made right again. It's going to be very interesting these next few months.

      Victory of the Light baby!!!
      Oh and Happy Holidays :)

  2. I don't know what this means... but it sounds beautiful.

    Thank you Light Warriors and Light Workers!

  3. Hmmm "zeolite" is interesting. People take this mineral to 'capture' bad cells (like cancer cells) and heavy metsls in their system. I thought I read a while back that it was used at Fukushima.

    I am guessing this is a reference to rounding up a lot of bad stuff into a cage (zeolite has a 'cage' molecular structure) so it can be disposed of...

    Just my humble guess...

    1. Good info. Seems very likely you're right. Thank you.

    2. Yes that does sound likely zeolite for health absorbs toxins, so we can look at this as the toxic cabal being bound!!

  4. The black Draco Queen has brought into the Source by lightforces.
    The King, two weeks before.
    What they have caused will be "rewind".
    Very old games come to an end.

  5. What is a Zeolite?
    What is a Natural Zeolite Detox? Natural Zeolite is the one substance you can’t afford to be without in today’s world of increasing toxic food and water sources as well as EMF, Cellphone and Nuclear Radiation Exposure. Zeolit (Clinoptilolite or Natural Zeolites) are nature’s most potent natural detoxifier. They are so powerful that they breakdown Nuclear Radiation; including, Cesium 137, I-131 – Iodide 131, Iodine 131 plutonium. Electromagnetic Frequencies (like the full body scanners) at the airport, or even from your household appliances, new smart meters and cellphones can cause radiation poisoning and cancer in humans and animals. Zeolite helps against these too.

    Zeolites also remove heavy metals like lead, mercury, aluminum and nickel to name a few. If you have amalgam dental fillings (filled with mercury) then please take some zeolite Before & After you have them removed! It will save you from getting really sick. Viruses (Norovirus, Rotavirus, H1N1, HIV, HPV, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, etc,), Pathogens and Cancers are also smothered by the zeolite molecule. The amazing thing is that natural zeolites are safe for humans, plants and animals! It only goes after the nasty ones that seek to make disorder and disease in our bodies, as they emit a signature positive charge (healthy cells are negatively charged) that zeolite magnetically traps, deactivates and flushes from your body.

    1. A more "scientific" paper about zeolite confirming many properties.

  6. Geopolitical Overview Intel Report - December 14, 2016
    Received via email.......

  7. Could be related to removal of nano tech and heavy metals from the surface populations bodies.

  8. They r so desperate, they r doing everything to stay on power, that's the only thing they know, stay in power. I never see before so much attempt to the 504 in so short time.

    Their plasma master is crumbling, losting leg by leg and all of them will become lost on their on behavior at once.

    I hope that one day all of them become part of the light by choice, and threw the experience gain in darkness, start help the light vigorously.

    I don't know if us r the last remaining group of souls playing with darkness trying to reach the light, but if it`s not. Soon as some of them shift to the light they will be glad to become our first line.

    We r all brothers and sisters, no matter how bad some oh us r with each other.

    It`s all part of the game in any case, all to one day, no one will wanna be a dark one here.

    And part of that come from that now we know how bad bahavior darkness is.

    Service to the self don't generate light to all.

    Forgiveness their behavior is what all of us have to practice, it's difficult, but that`s the most powerful action light beings should have on their pockets.

    Don't act like them upon them. Set you free from that bad job, don't hate them, don't give force to negative waves.

    Just see them like bad bad children who just need a lesson.

    We r all One. Like it or not is a right, respect is duty.

    Peace has to start in our heart first, so them may we will see it all around us!

    Shine like you want others shine to you.

    1. Well said.. we are 1 mind. We all must forgive and love and move to the next era of peace and prosperity for ALL

    2. astral... I understand.

      You dont have all the pieces of this soul game..

      Darkness is just a choice.

      There's only injustice from the narrow separated human vision.

      Darkness is just a paper role that we as a collective choose to not agree anymore.

      That's why the light forces become to help.

      Those who is the victim now was the capataz in another life, you have to agree with all you experience in some level!

      There's no injustice or mistake, just people paying their debts from another life or experiencing the bad, to never do the same.

      The big chance here, in this time is the possibility to step up of the wheel of carma as a colective.

      There's no way to happiness, The happiness is the only way!

      Free our self from low energy, as a colective will make this world a place with no "injustice".

      We all co-create this reality. All you see is a result of what we all as one mind choose to experience.

      See by the separation we believe we r in, is a lack of know who we really are!

      Peace to all start with only one staying in peace no matter what.

    3. "We are One", "forgive and compassion", blahblah hahahahahaha

  9. I love it! "zeolite"...gets rid of those pesky toxic ele@elts rn the body politic...

  10. Bring on the ZEOLITE baby!!!!Yeahhhhhhhh!


  12. Cobra stated:

    "This process has reached the point where the Resistance Movement can more actively intervene in the situations on the surface of the planet. Resistance operatives are now doing this by giving tactical support for the pre-Event liberation operations to positive factions in the militaries of the United States, Russia, China, India, Egypt and some other countries."

    Ok, so I am connecting this statement above with the Zeolite comment. Zeolite is a mineral that removes toxins. Wonder if the Resistance Movement is now removing certain toxins i.e. chimera and their cohorts? Operation Zeolite. Just a guess!

  13. Clean all and deep please!
    Jaya Maa


  15. Oh...
    The best part of Gen. 2..?
    (yes, I'm still reading that far ahead)
    "But there went up a mist from the earth"
    (After... man was made)
    even church TV can't grasp...
    After man was made... No Body... Gen. 1
    "crystals of steam to power the Earth"
    "both a reflection"
    um... google "science project- drill hole in volcano"

    I think it's the "plants for meat"... no "body"... plants for meat"
    "every seed- the full Plan of God"... that seed will not change the Plan in any way... "Dominion"
    No Body

    The Breath of Every Thought
    Even Before the first Word

    And After the "World" was Spoken
    Both Halves became a "reflection"
    (((Echo))) of every Breath
    From Every Thought
    Creating Every Word

    I stay here... and You...
    "Be fruitful, and multiply"
    "Reflect" (do what I just did)
    "Reflecting"... You "just be"
    And on the 7th day... That Time was "finished"
    As Time Began

    1. Each Earth...
      Man as God... Male and Female
      (no "body") "Echo"
      You be (One God) here... ((( )))
      I go to Earth
      (the only way an Echo moves physical)
      To run the "Plan of God"


  16. I'd just like to let you guys and girls know that there are enormous Energies od Universal Love coming in at the moment once again.
    Don't be surprised or scared if you should feel a little woozy or "under the weather" at times.

    In the last few days they first caused me to stay up and about doing things for 31 hours straight. Then I was sent to bed where I stayed for the next 18 out of 19 hours, getting flashed. The Energies are not as "raw" and overwhelming as before, but they're really really Powerful nonetheless.

    Also, here's the latest UpDate from GaiaPortal:

    "Elements of Rainbows harmonize.

    Standards of Light are followed.

    Masters of Inner Works are called to the fore.

    Sparrows of indigenous ones are heard, and followed."

    It really is All HAPPENING :-)

    Lots Of Love and Light to All


  17. Coalmont. British Columbia is where you can find Natural Zeolite in very large quantities....there is a business there that sells can Google the info.

  18. wow!!! it seems a very positive news!!!
    Thank you Cobra~~!!!!

  19. It is going RED.

  20. Thank you so much. Victory of the light!

  21. In attention of RM!

    "The 2016 NDAA becomes law, blacklisted “fake news” sites now subject to treason investigations."

    Remember from Cobra's older interviews with Rob Potter:
    "there will be prevented",...or, "there will be simply not allowed"...!...

  22. I would love it if the RM videoed the "disposal" of Yaldabaoth. It will be an historic event which will never happen again.

  23. Zeolite can and is also synthesized to be used as a carrier. Perfect for chem trails

  24. Cobra, have we to look more attentive to the image named 'Cobramedia' in your latest update?
    Is there a message which must be read? Is it true?

  25. As we navigate our way through the Great Unveiling of our time I found that there is a need for a laugh in the midst of all this horror and last-minute media induced hysteria. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did writing it. <3

  26. Amazing times we are part of! Positive thoughts thanks to all ETs and all on the ground! Meditate Sunday, Victory of the Light!

  27. Yaldebaoth unplugging first tentacle @ 23%
    Looks like it is raising 1% per day.
    With this speed, it will take over 2 months to chop it off.