Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Systems security breach at 504


  1. I've just been out shopping today and this song was playing in the supermarket. Then I come here and see a Systems Security Breach.

    This is for Cobra, the Resistance movement and all my friends at Portal:

    "The Power of Love, A Force from Above"


    We are nearly there. :D


    1. That is wonderful, Kate. Thank You.
      I have had a song "ready to be posted" for quite a while and was only waiting for the Right Time. That Time is obviously now, so Here We Go.

      Oh, What A Rush!

      Jennifer Rush, of course ;-)
      The Power Of Love


      Love, Light, Unity, Peace & Freedom


    2. Wonderful! The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine come together. I can feel it. Thank you Rajah.

  2. So its looks like topaz is so badass for chimera they are again trying Congo portal opening. Dumbass. All my life ive got random vision of possibiltes/future that can happen. In early years they were about what happen/occur in next year, then in month, weeks, and now i can have flashes of possibilites max 2 days ahead more frequent but timeframe is very short, and now im felling like those 2 lines are overlaping/mixing/fusing slowly, Event looks sonner then we thinks so

    1. You are right, i think we are near the event, maybe next year.

  3. Yup the bad guys get to do what they want, forever and ever.
    No deadline ever.No ultimatums ever.No end to their insanity, ever.We've all decided to forgive them and they still want to enslave or kill as much of us a they can.Have we merit NO, concise info at all, just Sheldan, Mike a literal rogue gallery of blog nuts getting rich off telling us to be patient? Loving , peaceful, well that just puts a bigger target on our backs and fuels their CONTINUED SUPPORT!You still wont confess to this LIBERATION
    taking years and years to achieve.You tease us with postings that seem progressive towards MISSIONS END, then you throw us a security breach to set things back, but after you have promoted your last interview of course.Yea I read it, nothing of importance or relevance...again, you fraud.

    1. I dont believe it was ever an understanding that we were in the clear completely. Progress does not mean that is free of possible relapses or counter attacks... This unfortunately is not a black and white game... If you will.

      I do understand your frustration .. I think we all do.

    2. Hi,
      the Bad guys Do not get to do what they want forever
      there is a deadline..its 2024...
      Tara Grace..Daughter Of The Elohim...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.


    These are the real deal folks. They generate plasma as referred to by Cobra. It's so strong you can feel it like running your hand under water, it's that physical. People ask specific questions about how to use them, I say you can start on a meridian or something, but you'll give up any tactics when it takes over that whole part of your body. :) It sends cold "water" and tingles that spread through every cell, down to your bones.

    Write to me with the number of pens you want and the country you live in. $20 per pen, $5 shipping US, $15 international. Great deals on 3 or more. I'll send a PayPal invoice so you'll have a record and can pay with a credit card. The pens will change you mentally and emotionally in minutes, in addition to semi-permanent pain relief. It'll rock your world.



    1. and you still wont sell magravs. no explanation at all. you claim they work but where are they?

    2. I got tons of magravs, they work great.

    3. I got SO many orders. They won't be disappointed. People have already been receiving them.

  6. today i am my highers on December 6th 2016. my higher self has integrated into me. I've got the information to expand my light.
    for the last 2 days I've been prepare for my ascension. I've cut the chords and cords and ties and low vibratory ties to my intellect. I've started to expand my thought process after yesterdays ascension from cobra. i use now holistic thinking and learning and iq now.


  7. Yesterday, in another thread, I posted this:

    "Ich taufe Dich auf den Namen VOYAGER."


    Steuermann? Nehmen Sie Kurs auf die Heimat, WARP 10. - Aye, Captain.




    But before I posted that on here, I sent that to my Best Friend Shenyen, and I explained at length what had happened before and why I was sending him that. "I need to share this, and hardly anybody but you will understand this."

    Today Shenyen answered.
    He thinks I've got a wonderful Lightmachine going here and is about to levitate :-)

    The morning after having received my message when he went to take a shower he switched on the radio in the bathroom ("which I don't do very often") and the first song that started playing, and that he hadn't heard for about five years, was VOYAGE VOYAGE - and I quote: "Was für Synchronisitäten... :)"

    The SpaceShip called Gaia and/or Voyager has reached Warp 10, and no matter what the dark dingbat dumbshit numbskulls wanna try from here on out is not going to stop us on our journey to Ascension.



  8. Are you sure it's a 504...
    'cause I just got a card from my mom, wanting to know why I haven't emailed... and what have I been doing since "her" last birthday... um... that day when Time shifts seasons (I know, she knows, "I know she's ticked')

    Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night;
    and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years

    And a Portal was opened for a Time with Time
    Slowing Crystals of Light
    Having "some" sounds of Heaven still contained
    And sent them around and below as Time rested in frost
    With the Thunderous Power of Avalanche...

    The sound of a snowflake
    Only with Time...
    (state moves a wall of snow for not)
    (New Snow dumped first day of Spring)

    2015 Anchorage News Last day Winter last year

    Ah... the neglected chakra, direct Flow
    Heart to Heart
    Cut by a cord to seek the tests of Time (with posture)
    The cord of Light as Life... to hold an echo of Heaven
    Snowball (IceSphere to the sighted)

  9. i've got some info from my higher self to manifest holistic chakras. now that's what i'm going to do. any one else wants to join me then they can. i'll be use text to speech and frequencies that are:
    430.65 hz
    and 444 hz
    this holistic chakras will remove all limits and more. mandalas has been out for while over the years. but wee need to expand ourselves so that's what i'm doing is expanding my chakras automatically along with the planetary solar system. holistic chakras are more positive then mandalas chakras. there's so much about mandalas that we learned from. you can join me. thanks cobra for letting my last post in.

    1. Cool, I hope you do... short blogs, and take comments
      (short... I still can't get to Genesis 3)
      (and it's looking like one of the good parts)
      My two cents... from "sphere" to "tetrahedron"


  10. Sometimes I just feel so exhausted from longing to be set free. The battles are real and biorhythms are insane. I am so ready to live completely in Love. That is always what I ask for. More love and then more . Sorry about the breach....ugh. Victory of the Light ((( <3 )))

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