Saturday, April 1, 2017

Security breach deflected, evaluate SIMORPH / VTXMORPH


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  2. Uray, jippie, hurra, juhu, Jubel, Freude, joy, traumwandlerische Sicherheit, trust, poljot, all inside, es ist soweit. RaJah you inspired my comments and the spiritual energy itself is just so uplifting and great.


    1. Awesome, Jana! My pleasure, I'm really glad the Message worked - actually: better than I ever imagined :-)
      Dankeschön, Jana.

      So, EVERYBODY!!! Let's give The Multiverse the Greatest Show they have ever seen.
      Right Here!

      And We BRING IT!

      It's The END Of The World As We Know It - And WE ALL Will Feel Fine

      People *have* THE POWER!

      Higher and higher and HIGHER WE GO! :-)

      Ain't no stopping us.
      "Call me when you go and Wake 'em Up!"




  3. Approved.


  4. Thank you to the ones watching the 504. It's a tough job.

  5. The best Intel on what the light forces are accomplishing is available from Sgt Pattie Brassard on YouTube and Facebook.
    Victorious is The Light !!

    Rockefeller is gone I'm counting on Bush Senior,Henry Kissenger ,and Dick Chaney to follow suit as predicted. Nothing makes more progress then cutting the welds of global slavery...
    I'm on a mission to save experimented on ,and enslaved humans and unwilling extraterrestrials .With all the Might of The Light I will free them all .

  6. Great Improvement in Yaldabaoth Universal Dissolution
    - HEAD -

    ENG Head Removed @19%
    ITA Testa Rimossa @19%

    The Ligth Celebrates!

  7. Do I change "reality" by giving you gold...
    (my new best friend)
    Keep your "reality" by making you covet gold...
    (employee of the month)
    Simulating Suffering from "fear of no gold"

    Or prove gold has nothing to do with (reality)
    only a virtual projection of
    "fake authority"
    A rendering of "dust"
    Outside The Gates Of Heaven

    To "fade" or not to "fade"
    (only made to look like a question)
    For the Coast to CoastAM (radio show) "chat"
    By Jimmy Church
    (two C2C chats each month for Coast Insiders- $8 a month)
    Fun chat, not much was posted to chat... I hope a message was sent
    (if a human claims to "teleport")
    any person, any artifact, any place, any time
    (how would digging-up stuff ever prove anything)

    "Fade to Black" is a radio talk show... along side "Twitter", and even open "chats"... pay like netflix for web cam (free Thursday)
    Fade to Black... as transparent as it gets
    Got Church..? (did you really "get that")
    Gobekli Tepe, and a common ground for radio waves

  8. Thank you, This is what I visualised yesterday :)

  9. "In the near future, Major (Scarlett Johansson) is the first of her kind: A human saved from a terrible crash, who is cyber-enhanced to be a perfect soldier devoted to stopping the world's most dangerous criminals. When terrorism reaches a new level that includes the ability to hack into people's minds and control them, Major is uniquely qualified to stop it. As she prepares to face a new enemy, Major discovers that she has been lied to: her life was not saved, it was stolen. She will stop at nothing to recover her past, find out who did this to her and stop them before they do it to others.

    The above is the official description of a movie, the Ghost of the Shell, released yesterday in the theaters in the U.S.

    GO. SEE. IT. It's dynamite!!
    Pirate it, stream it, I don't care, watch it, listen, pay attention to details and most importantly think of it Not as some futuristic science fiction but as it is categorized: "Action, Crime, Drama".
    Indeed think of it as something that has already happened as per some accounts in , say, Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAP) that no one is supposed to remember after "de-programming"...suppressed memories - never mind talk about openly (even to your beloved or your colleagues!) - unless truth gets out as "approved fiction"…fed to Hollywood producers who produce entertainment and turn into dramatized form through amazing artists who create their vision into virtual reality on the silver screen.
    In general..shows about…well, how about molding gifted beings with HUman DNA and enhanced abilities, exploiting them and turning them into weapons!! on a barbaric global chess board with big bets on life! - - -

    I'd describe the movie as a mix of The Blade Runner and The Matrix, in the modern day few years later, during which time our collective consciousness has raised to levels of understanding and questioning "How is it all even possible we let this happen? Right under our noses."
    My one critique is that, instead of naming it the "Ghost of the Shell", a more appropriate title would maybe have been the "Soul of the Shell" for a better mental picture of what it's really about.
    If you like this movie, you'll love the "Host" (2013).;)

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    2. I love you SsI IThanks for asking me a wonderful yet way too all-encompassing question! I'd love to answer but can't, it would require a complex essay or something,,not fit (or very smart either heh) for a comment post but… if I squeezed it to the core, into one simple sentence, it'd prob be: Justice and 'Freedom.

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  10. I had little doubt that this was a futile attempt. The light/love is too strong.

  11. Hello Cobra. I would like to know more information about the Reptilian bases in Africa under Lake Kivu. The Negative Tutsi governments of Uganda and Rwanda under President Museveni of Uganda and President Kagame of Rwanda have ordered the deaths of millions of non-Tutsi Africans. Are these leaders under mind control? Or under reptilian possessions or entity attachments? Are they Archons or reptilians incarnated in human bodies? Where do the Tutsi originate? Are they a reptilian bloodline? They believe they are Royalty bloodline and are superior to other Africans. How do they contact the Lake Kivu reptilians without technology or detection? How can Africans defend themselves against the Tutsi? Because right now, many people feel helpless and defeated? Any Intel on how to defeat the Tutsi negatives would be greatly appreciated. There is also a lot of Pentecostal prophets with (for a lack of a better word) supernatural powers. These are negative entities who orchestra entity possessions by calling these "Holy Spirit" and trick people into freely giving their concent to possessions. Any information is welcome concerning the lake Kivu reptilian situation and those of the Tutsi and Pentecostal churches.

    Concerned African.

    1. The last news photos I saw on-line... They look so much more like "desh"... newer stuff, more cover from facial recognition soft ware, uniforms, guns, and trucks

      The simplest "mind control" would be...
      "Follow Orders, or suffer with the rest"

      Now both sides need "more guns"... and it won't be "tongue talking Pentecostals"
      (Robbing your Future to kill for Land they "Covet")
      Or... we could "Pray" for a solar powered rail road track that might even "power" a city

  12. The Matrix is cracking....

    CNN Insider Claims McCabe Involved in Pedogate
    Posted on March 23, 2017
    (FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe)

    Latest Terrifying Contact With CNN Insider
    Posted on March 11, 2017

    I cannot see them succeeding with these twisted plots!

    Insider Confirms CIA Controls CNN
    Posted on March 10, 2017


    Cabal Exposed
    NBC News: Hillary Clinton ‘Covered Up’ Pedophile Ring At State Department (Video)
    By Editor on March 30, 2017

    1. ---Anyway, my point was that these stories are popping up in MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!!

      We're getting closer by the hour.

  13. God Bless and Protect the Whistle-blowers!
    -and all who work for the Light.

  14. For the end stages...... they are giving one heck of a battle!

  15. Secret Space Programs, Aliens, Inner Earth Civilizations & Atlantis - CLE 2017 Corey Goode

  16. Fun fun fun until daddy takes the T-bird away.

  17. EXCLUSIVE: World is 'about to be told ALIENS EXIST and are HERE on EARTH'

    GLOBAL governments are preparing the world for an imminent announcement that intelligent aliens exist and are already here on Earth, it has astonishingly been alleged.

  18. Hello,

    The light is in expansion here (Pyrénées France).

    There are more and more orbs of light in the sky!

    Nikolas from France

    PS :Yaldaboath 19% Universal Dissolution :

  19. My twin flame and I will be meditating daily on this intent:
    My intent for this meditation is to help transmit the conscious thoughts of those beings of light on planet earth whose daily struggle involves such fear as pain, hunger, capture, submission, war, violence, hate, rape, torture, separation from family and source. Those benevolent beings located on the other side of the veil, including all dimensions 5th and above, such as all loving creator Gods, angels, and all light beings that cannot hear the constant cry for help from the unawakened humanity currently held hostage behind the veil, we are here and we all want to be free again! As the meditation continues, imagine vivid thoughts of each one of those fear topics, showing those benevolent beings on the other side of the veil how crucial it is that every single one of them use as much source energy possible to intervene and stop this madness from going any further, NOW!!!!!
    Love and gratitude.

  20. I am sharing this because I needed it today. I was the closest to giving up I have ever been last night and I even asked to be released. I guess *I* knew better because here I sit, listening to the rain, and up popped this on the Gaia Portal this morning. Have a good day, everyone.

    Haverlots coalesce and concentrate assets for humanity.
    Sparrows fly in symbolics through the darkened landscape.
    Elements of Light arise nonetheless, in the hope-losts.
    Weather changes for the drenched.

    1. Never give up Bebe. We're all in it for the long haul! Yes, GaiaPortal was excellent today. :D

    2. Thank you, Kate. I shouldn't be surprised at the synchronicities, but I still always am. And truly grateful. I took a bit of a respite today and I am back. :)


    3. Yes.
      If I had given in to to the hardship and the pain I would have stepped in front of an oncoming train years ago.

      But I *didn't* - and if I can can deal with this shit, so can you, Bebe!
      And so can Everyone Else!
      'Cause if We give up the dark side wins - and the dark will never *ever* win! Not in this Universe and not on My Watch.

      NEVER GIVE UP!!!

      Don't Stop Believing - never ever!

      Just a "city boy" - born and raised in ITZEHOE!!!!


    4. RaJah, you're exactly right, if you can deal with this shit, so can I (and everyone else). Thank you for the proverbial kick in the ass. :)


  22. I knew you folks in the RM and LF could do it. Thanks for being there.

    Anyone remember where that interview about the RH negative blood is? Happy meditation today. :)

    1. I just did a quick search and was going to post the links up when I noticed someone had beat me to it.

      Check the thread you started Spirittoo. The answers are there. :)

      It's under your comment:

      "Never mind all that ... just wonder if anyone can direct me to the interview where Cobra talk about it."

      Must say that your reply made me laugh!


  24. good its deflected, attacks needa stop. i sense that need to stop anything that starts attacks beyond other borders. and btw money does start competition on many levels. it is therefore against brotherhood.

  25. Replies
    1. Agreed. I come here now and then only to see cryptic codes and happy comments. I sure wish someone would explain or point to something that would explain.

      Well, that said, gratitude to all who work for the Light.

  26. For your consideration.

  27. The best Intel on what the light forces are accomplishing is available from Sgt Pattie Brassard on YouTube and Facebook.
    Victorious is The Light !!
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