Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Black alert at 504, black grid ratio alert, N danger


  1. i ask The Lord God to help Cobra and the Light Forces, and for the protection of all Lightworkers and Lightwarriors.

    1. all Lightworkers and Lightwarriors shall to come together.
      they are 'the hug group' on the right on this page!

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  3. Give them more JUSTICE of MA'AT!!!!

    If I understand correctly, when the dark ratchets up attacks it authorizes the Light Forces and higher beings to intervene more directly.

  4. I send my light and love to all warriors of the light. Push them back, we are the stronger force of love and light. Victory for the light!!

    1. Excellent point. They feed off of our negativity so we won't give them any! Love & Light!

  5. The dark forces want us to fall apart and freak out. Don't fall for it. This battle is in our energy fields. Hold light as best as you possibly can family of light! Let's support our family in the sky as much as possible!!!

    Shine on...! Victory of the LIGHT!

  6. I recall a listing of all the codes in a post from a long time ago. Would you please repost or perhaps elaborate on the latest events?

    Please and thank you.

  7. Right now there's a whole lotta shift going down! ;)

    April 5, 2017

    Highlights include:

    INTENSE ENERGY WAVES - The energy extremes are being felt worldwide - many have gone through mini ‘dark nights of the soul’ as they clear their lower energies in short, sharp bursts. Releases which ULTIMATELY LEAD TO GREATER CONNECTION and pass fast, but can be intense while experienced.

    DAILY REPETITION - the action ‘key’ ‘to breakthroughs right now is REPETITIVE PRACTICE of anything that feels GOOD, and OPENING to you and your LIFE-FORCE. Keep practising what brings you BALANCE.

    FIRE will play out on THE WORLD STAGE IN APRIL - globally and interpersonally. Be mindful of this, internally and externally and maintain your balance as much as possible.

    Sensitive beings are experiencing the collective CORE EMOTIONS right now - ANGER and FIRE are strong energies in the collective, and SADNESS/GRIEF are the undercurrents of those energies. These are moving across the planet. If you are feeling them, remember to EXHALE AND RELEASE THE COLLECTIVE ENERGY regularly.

    Over-givers will be called to SERIOUSLY CHANGE their behaviors this month - it is time for over-givers and those who identify as nurturers, or ‘Bringers of Love and Light’, to learn about discernment in a DEEP way. April will bring core energy lessons in this area, resulting in you strengthening your energy and life-force, rather than mindlessly giving energy, love and light to sources who cannot receive it, or cannot use it wisely.

    HIGHER ENERGIES and celestial guidance is here and stronger than ever - we can learn to access them via our current RE-PATTERNING. This will come through continually directing your behaviors and connection to a frequency of BEING that works for us, more than what we are ‘doing’ at this time.

    Let your DESIRE of well being and alignment be the driving force and lead the ‘doing’ in your life (rather than the mind and its habitual patterns). Investigate what you WANT to do, rather than what you think you SHOULD do this month.

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    1. Thank you Phoenix for your help

    2. Thank YOU sooooo much, dear, for the link!! ;))) Gosh, the part about the over-givers is just awesome. That is exactly what i've started doing a couple of months ago. I am NO longer the brainless over-giver. The more i gave, the more i became attacked and harrased by the people who recieved from me, (including my own 2 sisters).
      It's time to receive whatever is that we, THE GIVERS, deserve....

    3. Thank you for sharing this information :)

    4. I love Lee Harris, discovered him years ago before he was so well-known and loved -and he had hair back then, too! ;) He used to live in Colorado, so imagine my sense of irony to learn that, now that I left my beloved Marin County, California, he now resides there. I recognize most of the backdrops in his videos.

      Listening to him speak is calming, and employing his wise advice has always helped me cope and stay in balance. I had the fortune to make it to one of his live workshops, which was a delightful group exchange, as there was a lot of resonance in the situations exemplified in questions people asked, with those of us who chose to remain silent and not share. There were a lot of "AHA" moments and a lot of love in the air.

      This is how I imagine it will be when we all here on Cobra's blog can meet at last, because the world will be a giant "safe space" for all. <3

    5. HYE ANGEL, don't feel bad for having an open heart. Recently, for over 2 months, I got caught up in a LD Honey Trap kind of connection, which was delicious at times, but took me on a roller-coaster of emotions, and caused me to question reality, and even my own sanity.

      I know other Lightworkers are also being targeted for this distraction as well. I know of a young gal in another country (related to a friend) who nearly went off to marry someone in a far-off country. But with help of family and law enforcement, the I.P. was traced to a suspected human trafficking ring in that country. Everyone is thankful that she didn't go. It is unfortunate that some will manipulate emotions of the open-hearted in order to prevent their focus on Lightwork, or to get money out of them. (She lost a lot of money, and ended up with a broken heart).

      I think such experience occurs to help teach us discernment, teach us to listen to our own wisdom and intuition, to pay attention to red flags, yet still be willing to keep our heart open, but without letting others take advantage of us.

      Also, I have not spoken to a certain family member in months. I love her, I forgive her, but I am not going to engage or participate in her toxic games. Hoepfully that will shift for the better. I can't change her, but I can change my inner self, which will positively effect my outer world.

      Love to all. Hang in there!

    6. Current Ascension Symptoms many of us are experiencing:

      Ceila Fenn: The Shift from Carbon base to Crystalline Silicon Structure bodies

  8. Hi Fellow Warriors of Light,

    I am developing a new digital currency called SmileBUX that is "founded" on the abundant nature of our smiles. My mission this incarnation is to shepherd this currency into the New Age. I believe it will be one of the soulutions that frees us from our current financial enslavement.

    Please check out the following link -

    I was "transmitted" the blueprints for the currency nearly 5 years ago in 2012.

    My incarnation this lifetime has been nothing short of miraculous. From peddling alcohol with the Mafia to inventing a new currency founded on smiles, I have been shielded from death multiple times from "higher" forces, including being just a block away from the Boston Marathon bombing.

    I would love the feedback and spiritual support of this community.

    To the situation Cobra is referring to, I'm sending as much Love and light as my eternal soul will allow.

    And to, Cobra, Thank You, brother, for ALL that you do!

    With Much Love and Gratitude,
    Matthew Goodman

    1. Beloved Mathew,
      A great idea basing on smile, I like it!
      May you have all the success in this due course.
      Thanks Cobra, RM and everyone involved.
      May the LOVE be with you always!

    2. Thank you, may the LOVE be with you as well.
      And may we all be SMILING as ONE soon!

  9. This sounds so frightening. What do I do? Where/who do I send light to?

    1. keep here together!
      it's not time to be frightened. show more manliness!

    2. Send energy to the earth and visualize the victory of the light

  10. Wonder if this will bypass...

    This is ENDGAME

    or its more directly an end to long con

    yep I was grant a vision of this possibility:
    Darks went over, Light got fed up, possibility of slower stable transition dissolve, LIGHTS UP, partial false disclosure, full forced disclosure [I will not say what RM done(s)], healing/system reset, new paradigm start etc.

    Post theme :P :

    Genesis - I can`t dance

    Genesis - Jesus He Knows Me

  11. I would ask you about manifestation in reality and about using merkaba drawning on paper as tool for this, but this isnt time, good luck good job, all writen in stone, set in stone, consiousness in motion, We both know this, good night and good light.


  12. Fuck Fear
    Drink Beer

    NO FEAR!!!


    1. I had two last night. First in a long time. Best sleep in months. I guess we're getting ready for the final showdown...the calm before the storm, as they say.

  13. Hey Cobra, a little background info for you.I am amazed as to how much ambiguity is not presented in this forum.Why, you ask ?

    For one you always declare steps forward/steps backwards postings, you give so much importance to ascension while the veil is still up and running you claim that our common vision that will manifest The Event, yet between your postings are long intervals of...well...NOTHING and now this last posting, this is a worry point now, are things going wrong ? Do you care enough about us to explain what this means...

    "Black alert at 504, black grid ratio alert, N danger"
    you just up and leave this dark message(YEA DARK MESSAGE)
    and effin vanish...again.How many days are you going to let this steep in our imaginations to decipher its meaning.

    Please remember that WE the "mere mass" STILL only get "bread crumbs" of info. Between your BIG LONG GAPS of
    postings "we" are at the mercy of Dinarchronicles, Sheldan Nidle, Mike Quincey, Drake, Neil, Benjamin, who are the
    Now you have a "Black Alert" and YOUR JUST LEAVING US WITH
    THAT ? See what happens next, leaving us hanging on that !

    1. Either you're an internet troll, or incredibly selfish. What are you doing to bring light and peace?

  14. keep strong!
    it will be deflected.
    there will be prevented.

  15. Schu' is whitening again...

  16. What can we do to help? Light.

  17. Light will repulse this attack.

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  19. Should SOTRs come together, matter in groups or not!

    but at least to strength 'the hug group'.
    (on the right of this page :-)

  20. Action is picking up between the RM/LF and the cabal. They must really have the dark ones rattle to cause all these alerts ... black alert is about as bad a you can get.

    I have faith the RM/LF will handle the situation.

    Victory of the Light!!!

  21. Amber Alert: Merkel, TX HRF7519 1996 White/Tan Chevrolet Suburban issued @ 2:07pm local time.

  22. May the Light prevail, may the Source protect its beings, energies and entities of love.


  23. They're All WASTED!
    "Who?" - "Who?"


    Totally stole that from Phoenix B. :-)



    Lars B.

    1. Nope, not stolen from me, I'm just another messenger sharing what passes through my consciousness, especially things that help me, so it might help all of YOU.


    2. And you're doing an awesome job of it :-)
      Thus enabling me to work in one of my favorite sayings here:

      "If you steal from one person it's called plagiarism. But if you steal from a lot of persons it's called RESEARCH." :-)

      Totally blatantly stole that phrase from somebody else as well 'cause I like it so much:-)

      And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I know. This has got to be done as well of course ;-)


      And I did!
      Only shortly after I wrote that last post I was flashed with Energies, couldn't keep my eyes open any more and went to bed. Where I had to stay until 2 pm the next day...
      Managed to stay up till 7 pm, and then it just got Extreme again. For the next 18 hours it was just Intense, and I knew something important was up.
      To say I wasn't happy when I learned about what the U.S. corporation did in Syria would be an understatement. But we'll retaliate!

      At least We also got a new GaiaPortal UpDate, which is great news:

      "Treasons exposed, closings follow.

      Knights of Illumination ride for the masses.

      Upliftments are communicated and experienced on all levels.

      Harbingers speak clearly, and remove the doubts."

      Lots of Love and Light



    3. "If you steal from one person it's called plagiarism. But if you steal from a lot of persons it's called RESEARCH." :-)


      -or perhaps it is "private research" :)


    4. Ooooh, that sounds even better - I'm buying what you're selling here, and I'll take it:-)

      Not for the first time, probably not for the last time:

      Victory of Love and Light


  24. Tachyon Particles For Physical & Spiritual Healing? Get the Truth This Wednesday!

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    1. Your interpretation seems correct to me, only one suggestion, the negativity has to became visible in order to be released, so actually is a very positive post because it is a chance to release a great amount of negativity. It is up to people if they have the courage to sustain this action, therefore to confront the negativity! Courage is needed!

  26. Stay in the Light! <3 <3 <3

  27. what does this mean? What is the meaning of these messages if nobody understands them?

  28. I do not know exactly what that means but it seems to be something very dangerous. In fact I foresaw that this would happen since last Sunday I could not do the meditation weekly because I was completely tired mentally and irritated. I felt mentally attacked by outside forces that took my focus

  29. Victory to the light!

  30. Cobra:

    Do you need to suggest/organize/call upon a world-wide meditation in the next 72 hours or something to counteract this black alert?

    Let us all know... <3

  31. Spirittoo, you spoke too soon! Black alert! I'm pretty sure it will be sorted out very quickly. Just a little blip in the grand scheme of things.

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  33. Two Steps From Hell - Protectors of the Earth

    " The world we live in is a dangerous one.

    Evil lurks around every corner,

    awaiting its unsuspecting prey,

    ready to strike on the first opportunity and tear apart the balance.

    Peace becomes strife and pleasure becomes pain,

    and soon enough the drums of war once again echo through the night as swords collide and men fall motionless.

    Hate takes over all it encounters,

    spreading like cancer and destroying all that was ever good.

    It is only a matter of time before the last pieces of hope will be consumed,

    and the world will fall into eternal madness,

    never to be cured again.

    But then, there is us.

    We, who refuse to watch our only home burning down under the shadows of war.

    We, who pledged our lives to defend our existence from the threats it encounters with every day that passes.

    We, who go first into the fierce battle,

    fighting not for kings and queens,

    but for the future of this world.

    Like bright torches radiating power and hope,

    we vanquish the darkness and bring back glory to our kind,

    standing proud upon the ashes of our opponents with our heads held up high.

    Weapon in head and dedication in our mind,

    we face the unknown without fear,

    ready for any challenge it will bring.

    This is our world. These are our people.
    這就是我們的世界。 這就是我們人類。

    And we will not let anyone change it.

    We are the guardians. We are undefeated. We are eternal.
    我們是守護者。 我們是不敗的。 我們是永恆的

    We are the Protectors of the Earth. "

    English from:
    Chinese translation from:

  34. Very heavy attacks are happening right now :( going insane. Plz resistance get control of the plasma plane.

  35. Refer to email, and yes, the choice of Timeline during the Paradox on the March Equanox, is this effect...

    1. ~~~~
      "Yaldabaoth's Pleroma will be Subdimentionally Quarintined, that's the "Victory" we want to make in April 2017, else we will have Option, the Quantom Choice, to be Lost to the Dystopian Timeline Darkness"

  36. Lol, the chimera vs the whole fucking galaxy, including all light races and the fucking central civilization themselves. GOOD FUCKING LUCK CHIMERA. LMFAO.

  37. May the Light seize this opportunity to take down the dark once and for all! Go LA and RM

  38. Wait a minute...what if this is actually a GOOD message? We do not know anything about the types of codes used for/by the RM. Just sayin'...I feel good!

  39. This really makes me angry...wish I can do something besides meditation and waiting...I want to join the fight for the human race...tired of this system we all are in...everyone deserves to be free besides forced to live they way they want us to...may the light forces end our suffering and bring us closers aND rid the parasites that plagued humanity for millenniums

    1. i often wonder... if everyone at a soul level is asked individually what would be their choice

      "to fight with eyes wide open" or "continue blinded in this illusion"

      both can lead potentially to getting killed.. so why choose slow death(current illusion) and to do it again and again and again for x lifetimes.

      If you asked me.. this game is fitting for a madman.

    2. How many in the population (shown the truth as is) would not put their life in the line to seek that one ultimate freedom from this matrix (as a whole)... the one to determine freedom or imprisonment.

      I think you could not find any braver and loyal souls than those that have gone thru any type of oppression themselves.

      So i turn to those that liberated Planet-X for I am sure they can surely understand the statement above.

      So it only leads me to conclude that indeed Someone or something must care for humanity enough to not let it be destroyed... The question is who.

      Although I believe there are many Agendas toward humanity and Gaia...

      I am betting that is due to Gaia's request (as it is claimed) that we are still standing.. Other than that... a wake up call would be considered overdue.


    "Tentacles Removal 04-05-2017 – Universal Dissolution Accelerationg @22% Great step forward toward the universal dissolution, we are starting to see the start of the real Planet Earth Liberation".

    1. Thank you so very much. This is a great website EVERYONE. I had been wondering about percentages and this site has a great visual depiction of the chopping away at Yaldoboth octupus-like dark plasma enity.

  41. Thank you Cobra and team of the Light!

  42. ... disclooosuure...

    Super Soldier Talk - Elena and Tony Rodriguez – Exploring the Secret Space Programs

  43. Because of the serious situation
    this is our new daily facebook meditation
    starting today Thursday April 6 at 4 pm utc <3

    On Sunday April 9 we start shortly after
    Weekly Ascension Meditation <3

    Please join share and invite <3

    Here is the link:
    Violet Flame for Long Island

  44. Exactly, requires real Justice of Maat.

  45. After I read all comments I sense that there are a lot of 'worriers' and 'warriors' with either a 'fight'-attitute or filled with frustration,even anger.Some even make a proud point of being a lightworker and asking how to help.Since we are all family,I'm asking myself and you: Whom do we think we are feeding with such emotions??? Yes,we are in a fight,but our fight is happening within us.Why is it,we can be wouned up so easily to go into these low vibrationel emotions??? The answer is within us.If we do not clear ourselves first.If we can not stay calm and peaceful in the face of danger,knowing it's just an illusion,if we can not stay balanced inside,how can we then dare to call ourselves 'warrior of the light'? How can we help? Let's just do and think only solution-orientated for the highest good of all.Let's not fall into the trap of wallowing in our fears,frustrations and disappointments.WE create the Event by simply being joyful,helpful,compassionate,not only to others,but also and formost to ourselves.I love you all!


    There is nothing to lose. Love will win

    Hold on