Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Alert downgrade to red


  1. Important update from Cobra: Monday, June 12, 2017
    Vacuum Metastability Event

    Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have completed „certain operations“ and are now intensively dissolving the head of the Yaldabaoth entity.

    Anomalous plasma filaments of the Yaldabaoth head together with toplet bombs are coupled with the black stone, a top quark-antiquark condensate.

    The Light forces are now working directly to disable the black stone and remove the remaining toplet bombs and the progress is going according to the plan.


    1. Cobra, are we now entitled to consider that the Light Forces have taken control of the plasma plane around Earth, of dissolving the head of octopod, and of accelerating the dismantling of all toplets and of the black stone as well??...

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    1. I bet they will be jealous.

    2. unknown, you may well know this and don't give a sh*t, but I bet you're going to be removed from here, when you continue with this style of posts.

    3. Mora than unkown...unbearable!

    4. Baghor@
      You, the everlasting moralist...
      We are enough about your alleged morality... still from PFC website...

      By the way!... You as a man, had you ever invited a woman to channel divine feminine energy and anchor it on the planet, while, you being the man to support her?... (as Cobra told at conference...)

      Hmmm... Marian Baghor...

    5. Baghor@

      be quiet!... and rest assured...
      I am censored...

      Your bet is not educated guessed!... I am censored for other concerns,... more common sensed,... not what you would be glad for...
      Be quiet!...


    6. And, by the way, Baghor...

      Do you somehow know what women have behind?...

      Had you ever slapped a nice lady on her naked ass crack??...

      Hmmm... Marian Baghor...


    7. Lynn – Instead of facing the concept of morality on just what is right and wrong, would you say that morality is like a concept of compassion and evidence as well.

      COBRA – OK, morality, I would actually agree with that description you made. It’s actually. . . true morality is a reflection of the inner voice of the soul which tells you what is right and what is wrong. It’s not somebody outside telling you that. It is simply your inner voice which doesn’t want to harm, but that wants to create good. (thank you)

    8. These are links to porn. Do not click on them.

    9. >when you get triggered by the human body, haha

    10. The essence of ego
      self assurances that your "flow" is so strong...
      Others would prop you up to be
      The Flow of Creation
      #"Will" that happen in "It's Own Time"
      And we Pray

    11. @unknown

      we ,the surface population with a sense of your messages for inner earth

      hmmm marian baghor should be quiet or censored

    12. pornography should not be acceptable here.

      @sandor gyori: marian baghor should be censored for what? opposing porn? you are clearly not right in the head.


    13. What is interesting here till now... is that this topic gained the most interest...

      Scroll down and up the comments and you will find the most of replies and controversy here...

      And... look again the 'outer earth' image and the meaning of pornography,... and possible you have much much more to comment... :-)

    14. @bwest

      you might be 100% right, or you could be partially right, or you could be wrong, who knows ? who ?

      ( no sense of humor ? )


    15. and,... on other hand, the scope of posting here the 'outer earth' image is rather due to the energy felt behind this image,...

      in fact the two girls seem rather like becoming conscious about their feminine energy, but not still understanding what happens with them,... or what to do with this feminine energy...


    16. ... and why not... awaiting for Marian Baghor or one of us... to tell or to invite them to channel divine feminine energy and anchor it on the planet, while,
      he (or us) being the men to support them... (as Cobra told at conference...)


    17. ...spend time in nature (and water as well)... as Cobra tells us to do...

      Put it this way:... if her feminine energy (let's suppose if conscious about) helps her to not feel or to get cold...

      And what if in this way may she try to anchor it on the earth?...

    18. Unknown say goodbye to onanism and get yoursel a real chick. Onanism is bad for the brain

    19. ger sey@

      I 'frequently ask questions' you!!...

    20. @unknown

      do not give up ! you are a shiny pillar of bright light! the people attacking you are justin bieber fans (also known as the beliebers)...yaldaboth's spawn!

    21. Yo did you even look at Marian's profile..? It's a lady, genius.

      Although I think in this instance your posts are funny and welcome, It's probably worth noting that the website you linked does in fact neatly fall into the category of pornography according to the definition you found on Wikipedia.



  3. Preston James Update - Were ETs involved in 911 ?
    Were the Twin Trade Towers turned to dust by super high-tech Alien ET technology?

    by Preston James

    Was the attack on the US inspired by ETs?

    There have been reports from low to mid level insiders that ETs may have been involved in the attack on America on 9-11-01.


  4. Rejoicing, but alas, for what damage has been done?

    Healing to London and those lost.

    Glad to see that the American congressional Republicans targeted in an attack today are going to be fine. I can't shake some intuitive sense, unfortunately, that this is a crumbling cabal presidency false flag, trying to create a demonized enemy out of the president's political detractors. The writing is, to judge by the fruits of those involved, on the oval wall.

    Maybe I'm wrong! There are plenty of very pro-president people among the awakened community, I've noticed. I guess we will continue to watch the fruits of their actions, and see if they act toward the seeking of truth, or toward the repression of others who are seeking the truth.

    1. Sounds like you are starting to awaken a little...stick with it and use your Higher Discernment. Stop watching ANY of the Lame Stream Media as they are all lies and an Agenda.

    2. My Higher Discernment led me to this (and countless other) realizations, and it is not remotely news to me. I started to awaken in the late 1980's. "Lame stream media" is a term used by American conservative political propagandists.

  5. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... ehehehe! ;)


  6. thank you Lightwarriors and Lightworkers and Cobra.

  7. A huge and disgusting dictatorship is emerging... beside but simultaneously with the planetary liberation.

    It's the dictatorship of 'higher interest', 'higher purposes', 'the highest good', so on.

    In a word, the dictatorship of 'higher/highest', beside of which each of us seems allegedly absolutely unimportant.

    And, of course, putting this in a galactic context now.

    We are slowly, but surely educated to give up our power to this 'high', now, this time, not to a higher authority, but to higher interests, good, or purposes...

    And... as any dictatorship... it needs to have you (in fact all of us) at its disposal. So, it shows us an unique way to follow.
    It is, obviously, the 'service to others'. The other one, the 'service to self', is presented as the opposite way, which allegedly works against it...

    And so, we are subliminally learned that 'the evolution' works like a war. In fact, a process in which you have to be involved, pro or con, and to 'go' with the wave in a certain direction, for the 'higher good and interest'.

    In any way, you are silently taught that you can not, you are not allowed, to remain or to be neutral.

    You have to be involved, to be put on rack, either for you or, or, preferable for others (STO). Of course, for the 'higher good', 'higher purposes', 'higher interests', so on...

    You are attentioned that there in not a 3rd way, between service to self and the service to other, so, you have not a choice to remain uninvolved!!

    And, to be better 'indoctrinated', you are told that being in 'service to others' you will feel yourself blissful and in full joy and happiness...

    1. you bring out some thought-provoking points!
      personally, the general understanding of STO is limited. i have generally assumed it is well-intentioned, but it still feels like something that is imposed "from the outside/in", when in truth it goes like this... when we are in alignment with our full true nature and when we follow our greatest bliss, we naturally desire to be of value to others, for we innately recognize that "others" ARE us! it's the same instinct that leaps from a chair to catch a falling child... no thought, just a pure impulse of love. this is true STO... not as a "should", but as an expression of our authentic true nature...

    2. Wow, from where is that? or where this is happening?

    3. Sorry but seems like rambling with no clear point at all. My Higher Discernment says no, thank you. I prefer to only allow in the positive.

    4. Some say "numb" & some say dumb
      with no tipping point ever..?
      "Who told You, you were blind"
      (And See...)
      The Portal

  8. Red Cats
    UFO-eye_small (name of .jpg) "Don't be an ET Slut"
    This after they re-wrote The Lords Prayer
    "Way to cover your Cake, even after it's trumped, and the Pope drops it on your head (not posted in Shame)
    Just a little Out of Tune
    I would like to assure "Your" assistance as MM&M OC 1
    (MOC 1) Masters of Mass Meditation Operation Cobra Won
    (might be a place 2 also "represent")
    Around 2PM They are open to any help
    I never got the disclosure link to open
    could be my PC
    3hr show
    Ephesians 6:12
    against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness- spiritual wickedness in high places
    Twittering the Feed of Prophets
    That Any Time will Hear by All
    @ The Herd

    1. @IceSphere
      I'm enjoying the sun and the warmth it brings lately.

    2. MOC 1 online...
      Targets painted
      Weapons Check:
      Bridges made Fast, check
      Tears of Stone, check
      Breath of Life, check
      Chakras, check
      Circles of Any Drum: Thunder of God
      (The Sound of One Hand Clapping)
      Trippe Check
      All systems Green
      "City of Light"
      "You Rock"
      (Roger RaJah)
      The Portal
      Have A Not Messed-Up Day

    3. Can that "shirt" you are saving
      Be used to show the World
      The Space You Anchor
      (any Time zone)
      Noon- 3PM L.A. Time zone Saturday...
      Archive of Light
      The Portal

  9. hmm... didn't see the u tube, yet
    Have to wonder if that was to cover the price of an SSP
    Why keep it a secrete except for Shame
    Paid to Fail and fail to try and win
    (the war, everything)

  10. For the Long Island meditation I visualize Brookhaven research facility as having a sign on the grass that says Brookhaven Park. Most of the buildings are still intact as a memorial with kids playing in the grass.

  11. Thank You, thank You, thank YOU!!!!!!!
    Day by day, I'm regainig the hope of being here during THE EVENT, and to see THE REAL COSMIC LIGHT at the end of the WHITE PILLAR/tunnel! (not the fake one put as a trap by 'them").
    🙏  ❤️ ❤️

    1. @HYE ANGEL
      Day by day make your heart a sanctuary.
      In sanctuary, there's no need to look anywhere else.
      You are loved beyond comprehension.

  12. If you are reading this, know that you are the most bad ass person on the planet, and you can go kick some butt! If someone is talking shit to you, don't let it "stick" to you, throw it right back at them with full force, show em' watcha got, cause you're a freakin BADASS!!!

    Besides, who likes talking shits? Sounds like a japanese toy: ONLY 420,69 japanese money stuff, get yours today for a nice discount of 1%, buy 3 and get 2! Buy now! Limited supply!

  13. The Chimera are gping down the Light wins! What time PST is the violet flame over long island meditation anyone?
    Head of yaldoboath entity I assume black stone and other tech are making this plasma veil work.. take down the black stone does plasma head dissolve instantly? Any timeframes as to when this may occur just curious :)

    1. You can check the time for the event for your time zone here:

    2. You can check the time for the meditation for your time zone here:


    3. we understand that this event is here the meditation... :-)

  14. Today in the afternoon Lightwarriors were attacked by Archon. A strong feeling of anxiety about the matter

    1. Definitely felt that today. At least we're aware that the anxious feeling is fabricated by outside forces and did not originate from within ourselves.


  15. Standing In The LIGHT OF LOVE

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom


  16. Replies

    1. The retarder pedal is released for moment...

      Is needed even a bit of acceleration on downhill...

    2. Maybe you can try to send positivness and help, while disclosing a username, as part of the Full Disclosue... how do you see it?

  17. I am feeling very strong negative energies around me, I have never had a strong experience like this.

  18. What's wring with the 4th Reich? It would be a better world than this nasty pigsty of a world we are living of "democracy" and "freedom" created by the winners of the 2world war.
    Truly a better world to live in

  19. Your assertations are absolutely correct. Many who voted for Trump are awakened young people who are aware of the cabal/ the deep state's existance and want them all taken out.

    We can also count 4chan's /pol as allies in this fight (they're the ones who were the first to look at the Podesta emails), despite their issues.


  20. Rockin' in the FREE WORLD


  21. There is a global meditation going to happen during the Summer Solstice. We should use the awesome energies of that time to uplift the energies of the planet. Let's bring the Event NOW !!


  23. Unification and Separation, a personal story

    i still feel that uniting people in the community of light forces "on the ground" is key in the last phase until the initial stages of The Event
    we unite groups by focusing on our similarities rather than our differences and find things that we can do together that have the same goal
    i also find that many light groups do not yet interact with each other, so i feel that creating more connections in the light community (especially between leaders) is also key

    it's interesting to notice that in the last few months there have been a lot of attempts by the dark forces to stop unification between the light forces
    i have also experienced several situations where this happened with several of our own groups, both online and offline

    it's interesting to notice that i now also find myself in a situation of a more personal nature, where the energies are trying to create a separation between our most needed mutual collaborations
    so i am writing this here in an attempt to both twist this situation towards the light as well as thwart these attempts of the dark forces to (re)create separation

    i want to live in a world where we all share everything freely with each other and there is no more need for "giving credit" (or "earning money") since all stems from the One Divine Source
    yet in practical terms it can sometimes greatly help to know who exactly created what so that when one finds something that they like, they can find the origin to get more of what they like


  24. (continued)

    my most recent story in this realm, on which my own trauma is based, starts at the end of the last Atlantis era, where i was responsible for an electric grid node on the planet, which was also connected to "the second moon of Atlantis"
    after a devious move from the dark forces, they were "authorized" (through democrazy) to invade also this space that i was responsible for, where i experienced total shock for not comprehending how they were able to enter this sacred space, on which most of the trauma i experience today is based

    after this invasion, myself as well as others that were responsible for the power grid were forced to watch (on a large screen) the destruction of many civilizations and large groups of people around the planet that didn't surrender to the dark forces' rule
    i didn't take this experience very well, and felt responsible for this act of extreme violence, especially because the technology that was used to create the destruction with was powered by the energy grid that i was responsible for

    so, this experience and my emotional response to it, served as an anchor point for my own dis-empowerment through-out the last 13,000 years, where i often allowed others to take advantage of what i felt responsible for, including my own creations
    it was only in the last 16 years or so that i have started regaining my own empowerment and encouraged others to do the same, where i used all of my emotions, including anger, to power a win-win situation

    the trigger that i am experiencing now, that i would like to share here, is that some of my recent creations were copied (in this Cobra/PFC community) and distributed, and either without credit, or credit to others was given
    now, i feel grateful that my work is being shared and i do not require credit for my work, and i would love to see more people sharing freely and out of a feeling of generosity
    yet i also notice some mixed feelings in myself, a bittersweet feeling, which i'm sure is part of the transition phase

    any of my attempts to correct the situation has either led to no response or a removal of my work entirely, due to fear of being scrutinized i imagine
    i would love to see more people in this community standing their ground and being open and transparent about their own feelings, so that, when for example feeling afraid of something, that we can easily offer consolation or instill safety by sharing our intentions, which are often completely identical

    i feel extremely fortunate to have loving physical angels in my physical life that can offer me support and nurturing when needed in situations like these, where deeply rooted feelings come to the surface and just need a place to go
    when allowing these feelings from a space of awareness, these can be then directed in a constructive manner, so that everyone can see it for what it is, and no negative effects are experienced (no chaos is created)

    thank you for reading :)
    and much love to you on your journey to full reconnection with your Divine Essence; One illuminating with Love, Grace, Mercy, Appreciation, Gentleness, Patience, and Humility

    1. Fascinating tale Teasy, thanks!! You've got me thinking I should start digging into my past lives, something I hadn't really felt any urging to do. But you remind me that they could be having a profound impact on me at this rather crucial time...

      Sorry about the attribution problems you've had! This might not be a new thought to you, but it occurs to me that on the level at which it really matters to your soul's growth (where those "treasures laid up in heaven" are tallied), attribution is automatically accurate. If your words are out there having an impact on people's lives, you're charging positive polarity from it whether the reader knows you wrote it or not. Whether someone gives you earthly credit for it or not, the benefit to you of them passing your words along is the same regardless.

      ...and thus...

      Victory of the Light!

    2. Beloved Teasy Love,

      I am so glad to have read your posting about your past live in the Atlantis timeline. And able to transmute the negative energies you had been carrying is a wonder sign of reclaiming back your Divine power. I was a high priest in the Lumeria timeline and I perished together with mother Lumeria when the flood came much earlier. We were trying to save as many Lumerian as possible but the onslaught of the flood came much earlier due to the crystal core destruction (caused by the Atlantean power surge weapon) under the seabed (that is the reason why I dislike crystal in this life, sorry folks). We were only able to move 16,000 Lumerians to the inner Earth instead of the original planned 65,000 of them. And those who survived formed the Agartha network now. Those who perished like me incarnated as the common human doing this Divine's mission now.

      I think UNITY will be possible after the event cause the infighting without a true leadership cannot brings all the lightworkers together. This is similiar to the Orion war after the emergence of the Merlin Archetype that promotes unconditonal love to the two factions (Human and Draco) that were having the Orion Galactic war. They were the neutral force that stalled and ended the Orion war. Both sides signed the treaty of peace but still there are rogue groups that doesn't aligned with this treaty and wrack havos here on Earth (their last stand). So, likewise there will be lightworkers group that does not align with each others too.

      May the LOVE be with you always!


    3. @ Fuse: thank you for the confirmation and words of consolation.
      indeed when we spread light in our own unique way, this has an ever-lasting effect.
      i have been telling myself this in this, as well as many previous lifetimes, for encouragement and strength.
      yet i have found strongly in this lifetime, that when we feel left out or have a need to be seen, heard, to have meaning in the world, or whatever the need may be, to empower ourselves (using the energy of positive and especially negative emotions) to speak out to the world what our feelings and needs are, so that we offer the world an opportunity to fulfill our needs while we embody this human vessel.

      @ Unknown: <3

      @ Astral Traveler: thank you for writing too :)
      indeed, these unification initiatives are picking up speed and even creativity now, where more and more people are jumping onboard to embody and practice this unification energy online as well as in their every day life.
      we are still receiving a lot of encouragement and guidance from the higher realms to expand this unification energy in our reality at this time, to make sure that we come together and stand united, in very specific and physical ways, to make it impossible for the Cabal to retake control of this beautiful green-blue Orb.
      (see short description)

      @ Piperon: thank you for writing, dear Piperon.
      i remember what you are speaking of, as i see very clearly where i was when that happened, and i see very clearly the perceptions as i read through your story.
      so, nice to see you again, Piperon ;)

      there is a beautiful writing that somewhat describes my own experience in those last moments, which may be very similar to what you experienced!
      i remember those last moments, where i was mostly focused on reducing the energetic trauma to be incurred later on, serving as an anchor point of light.
      yes, those were quite different times :)

      i strongly feel that we can bring many light groups together by voicing that unified action (and meditation) is needed to bring about the change-over that almost everyone on the planet is anxiously awaiting.
      i feel this will lead to "The Unification of the 144,000 Warriors of Light" as recently channeled by Magenta Pixie:

      "There are so many of you spiritual teachers, channels, leaders, wayshowers, elders and adepts. Yet you all appear to be working alone, and with your own agenda. Do you not think it is time for you all to get together and be in contact with one another so you can work as a team? The world is in a dire state and you are all very much needed, but how can you continue to help the planet unless you join together as one? There is, after all, strength in numbers. You yourself have said 'united you stand', so why then do you not stand united and come together?"

      @ Astral Traveler: what you write about light group members taking the initiative to create unification is right on par with the visions i have been seeing.
      i feel that we can encourage leaders from all kinds of light groups to "see the light" of unity and be open to opportunities (creative initiatives) to physically come into action (not just online) to embody the energy of unity in a multitude of ways, for example by simply organizing physical meditation groups at the same time that we do online meditations, or finding things that we can collaborate on, no matter what it is.
      i find that every time we collaborate on something that we have incommon, that leads to a mutual goal, it builds the energy of unity.
      now, all that we need to do is act upon and share this initiative :D


  25. To all you who are disturbed by the invisible actions of the cabal, consider this: The cabal have limited resources and while YOU are taking heavy attacks, one or more OTHER lightworkers may be able to work (relatively) undisturbed, because of it.

    So! ... DON'T keep feeling useless/discouraged. We don't get to choose all by ourselves what comes to us, there's dynamics and freedom involved.

    Seek to stay alive and get along and then do what more you can what the situation allows.

    Love and Light!

  26. Hoax Exposed, Hoaxsters exposed – Corey Goode (with references to Cobra)

    June 14, 2017 by Danell Glade

    (Me – Thank you Dr. Salla. We are truly in an information war i.e.: you’re a fake, no you’re a fake and a liar, no you are, no you are, blah blah blah). We know Corey as well as Cobra has been under multiple attacks – from ? ? government? CIA? Compromised or jealous individuals? Maybe it’s that Voice of God technology affecting these people that claim “they are the one who knows”? Anyone outwardly attacking light workers is being compromised in some fashion – so this is a warning to our readers: Know what is going on. You are now aware that this technique is in use. It is across the board against many light workers. There is direct and subtle peer pressure (social engineering) attacks against lightworkers/warriors work, intel and the twisting of information to purposefully create doubt in your mind. They are also using plasma/scalar weapons. It is planned on multiple fronts. It is well funded. Do you want to go “back to sleep”? NO!!!! Stay awake – stay aware. Stay Centered – question these “Negative nellies”, shills and moles. Better yet, stop tuning in to their B.S. and keep on meditating with us. Keep tuning in to legitimate positive intel. Keep doing your mission. Keep working on your own soul. What you focus on is what you create. What we focus on is what we will create. Let’s create that golden age.)

    see also:

    1. Beloved unknown,

      Well, this is not news, I had been attacked since the beginning when I started my mission to awake the sleeping masses with my The Star Races - A short introduction to the Star Beings. And they do all kind of things to make you sick, taking every opportunies to kill you, and make the lightworkers to fight among themselves (Divide and Conquer), etc

      And lately, it got worst - sending many looligans to my youtube channel and posting comments I am aligning with the Devil spreading disinformation, has no true in what I am doing over youtube, etc. And telling others to UN-subscribe from my channel saying I am Anti-Christ. And trying to trigger my lung cancer on my right side too. The onslaughters never stop and not ending, this proved that what I am currently doing is authentic otherwise they would leave me alone.

      And for a common human to post 88 races from ths atar requires lots of brain cell, and this is quite impossible. Check out yourself :-


      May the LOVE be with you always!

    2. Love you piperon, keep making awesome vids and music.

    3. I agree Piperon, you've done some excellent work! Please keep it up! Love & Light!

    4. @ your back
      were you able to use (promo code) f2bacon for 2 or 3 months "free" ($5 after- last I looked)
      Modern Masters

      Only a game (4 U) if you can "work" in other dimensions- 2D jump to 3D...
      I have 2 parts of a puzzle
      3 months free podcast hosting
      And how to use that block of Time- in game
      A podcast quest that reflects changes- game on

      I think podcast can take a fee
      and you-tube just deflect for you

    5. Hey Piperon,

      I think I can say this in the name of all veterans who know You;

      Can You join us and repeat?

  27. Looks we have very good news \o/

    Syria: SAA declares eastern countryside of Palmyra IS-free

    BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:30 A.M.) – Syrian Arab Army (SAA) fighters gained more ground against self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria’s Arak Triangle area near eastern Palmyra according to a statement from the Syrian Ministry of Defence, Wednesday.

    Footage showed SAA steadily progressing, firing on the last IS positions in the Mustadirah Mountains.

    SAA forces will push on toward the town of Sukhnah along the Homs-Deir Ezzor Highway. Sukhnah is the last major IS stronghold before the Deir Ezzor Governorate.

    Video 1:36

    1. the eastern side of palmyra free.... just the eartern side and just now?...

      what is wrong with this picture...

  28. Thanks - I cruise over to watch D. Icke periodically.

  29. folks
    have you heard about 'the fight' on august 26
    lets do ourselves and everyone a favor and stop this from happening
    keep the loosh tank empty for these dark guy hacks

    it is obvious to this alpha centaur that the fight is scheduled to occur during important Light force operations

    Tuesday/Wednesday we have a huge opportunity
    please honour yourselves and show up for the meditation
    Thank You

  30. Dear Mr and Mrs Dark Guys
    that all you got?
    surrender to the Light - it is the only option at this point
    1 dude can take you down
    think about that

    1. love that :D it's how i sometimes find myself talking to "them"....

  31. Made some needed improvements. Inspired by compression breakthrough.


  32. Like it or don’t, there WILL be change, baby,... there WILL be change.

    This is KP

    Whether one is on this path or that, there’s always points where a choice is made… go this way or that way. Using these tools or those tools. Old ways or new ways.

    I’m feeling that at the moment. Something has moved within, and there are definitely changes in how I’m going to BE on the path I’m on. May be a new path. Maybe new tools.

    Maybe others feel the same.

    Nothing feels “same” anymore. Nor can it stay in that imaginary place… of “sameness”.

    This message appears to be finished.

    Aloha, Aloha,...
    Aloha,... Aloha,... Aloha,
    Aloha,... Aloha,...


    (I believe I'm not the only one who got this email on June 6. I wanted to post it in here, so more people would know about it. But! Suddenly, the very same day, my computer got "sick" ;))))


    An Urgent Plea for Help
    Dear Event Chronicle Subscribers,
    I took a few days off to help my family begin clearing out my Grandfather's house. Grandpa is 94 years old and recently had to move into assisted living. It's been a very trying and difficult time for my family as my Grandparents have lived in this house for 60 years and it will soon be torn down. This is why I've been occasionally taking a couple of days off here and there recently. Many people don't know this, but The Event Chronicle is run by one person.

    I was very busy for the past week, and it being around the first of the month when bills are due, I was unfortunately not keeping an eye on accounts. I sat down at my desk this morning to get organized, go through my news feeds, and get back to work on the website when I quickly discovered that The Event Chronicle was disabled last night because there was not enough money in the account to cover the hosting bill.

    I came up a little short this month and wasn't able to cover all of the expenses. Usually when I run short for the month I put the balance on credit cards. I started this project in 2014 and during that time I've spent approximately $10,000 to keep this website up and running. After draining my small saving account I began to stay afloat by using credit cards. The problem now is that my credit cards are maxed out and there is no more wiggle room.

    I know many of you love this website as much as I do, as I receive kind emails from many of you. This truly is a work of passion that I feel strongly guided to work on this project. Things were going pretty good up until all of the "Fake News" hysteria, and our little website landed on Prop Or Not's "fake news" list. It has been a bit of a challenge to make ends meet since the assault on Alternative Media began. Our little website landed on this list among other larger websites such as; Activist Post, Collective Evolution, Drudge Report, Freedom Out Post, Gaia, In5D, Natural Blaze, Ron Paul Institute, RT News, Antimedia, True Activist, Waking Times, Zero Hedge, and many, many others we all know and love.

    Both Google and Facebook have since changed their algorithms to obscure alternative media websites and this has hurt me and many others in the alternative community, as well. I hate the ads as much as everyone else, but it's what keeps our websites going and it's what pays the bills. Many advertisers have pulled campaigns from alternative media due to the George Soros-sponsored Prop of Not list. The Event Chronicle brings in exactly half of what it use to since the assault on Alternative Media began. I hate to admit it, but at this point it looks like they are winning. It is making it impossible to pay our bills, eat a proper meal, and keep our websites running... especially for the smaller sites like The Event Chronicle.

    I'd like to take a moment to reaffirm my dedication to you the readers, the truth, and to exposing to cabal as much as I can to help aid in exposing and taking them down. I don't want to see them win and squash alternative website like The Event Chronicle.

    If any of you are able to help with funds to get our website back up and running I would appreciate it greatly.

  34. (Continued)

    If any of you are able to help with funds to get our website back up and running I would appreciate it greatly. There is an immediate need of $148 to pay the outstanding hosting bill, and another bill for $79 is coming up in a few days for the CDN (Content Delivery Network - this serve's the website's images to save on bandwidth so the hosting bill is much smaller). Any funds received over this amount will remain in The Event Chronicle account as a buffer to help with future expenses.

    Our PayPal address is:

    I appreciate you all so much and I AM grateful for any help you can provide.


    Editor, The Event Chronicle

  35. ...all we shall be
    is growing by leaps
    in a love that knows no bounds

    and we will Rise on spirit wings....

  36. So what do you folks think of what has been happening the past few days with the shooting in Washington ... cabal stooge? Angry man with cabal taking advantage to push their agenda?

    Are they trying to "Seth Rich" the one congressman that was shot in the hip? He is in the same hospital that Rich was taken to expected to survive the shooting, but ended up dead. Will he die to further what ever plans they have to create chaos?

    UPS shooting?

    Fire in London? Cabal or just a bad accident?

    The build up by US on Syria's borders? Acts of desperation?

    1. Steve Scalise, bless his heart, was the target because of his ties to white supremacists. The cabal, I intuit, triggered a prepped angry liberal to take out Scalise, in the hopes of causing white supremacists and angry leftists to rise up against each other. They failed, as the shooter was intercepted and killed by two African American police officers who were part of his security detail and were both shot while heroically saving the lives of everyone present.

      I'd suggest all of the things you mentioned are likely connected to whatever efforts the cabal attempted during this alert, and I'd add also Otto Warmbier, the American student who was just handed back by (cabal run) North Korea in a vegetative state. They're hoping to get Americans riled up and calling for further action against North Korea. It just doens't seem to be working.

      Here in our new energetic environment, with the Light ever more present, it seems that their efforts at manipulating the populace aren't what they used to be.

    2. Fuse above says Scalise had ties to white supremacists...... I haven't read this anywhere.....(could be true, but I don't see it).

      More likely is that he - Scalise- announced (you can find the Youtube video) around May 25 that he and the House of Reps are going after child trafficking.

      Who knows what evidence he's sitting on?

      I think he is the #2 guy in House of Reps (Scalise is the Majority Whip, so just under Paul Ryan, right? I read all this stuff quickly, so am not sure I'm 100% right).

      I tend to agree with others that shooter was a programmed patsy to carry out this violent act which "achieves" (a horrible situation, but for evil people, it achieves a lot).

      Let's visualize them all in love -- everybody shot, all their families, so many family members affected by all this!

      We can mentally send them healing and love.



  38. More good news

    "ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi reportedly killed in Russia-led airstrike – MoD"

    The Russian Defense Ministry said on Friday it is checking on information indicating that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was reportedly killed in a Russia-led airstrike in Syria.

    Russian Su-34 aircraft and an Su-35 multirole fighter carried out airstrikes near the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) stronghold of Raqqa in northern Syria on May 28, the ministry said. The strikes targeted a meeting of high-ranking Islamic State chiefs where Al- Baghdadi was reportedly present.

    The meeting was gathered to plan “routes for the exit of militants from Raqqa through the so-called ‘southern corridor’,” the statement read.

    “According to information, which is being checked through various channels, IS leader Ibrahim Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi was also present at the meeting and was killed as a result of the strike,” the ministry said in a statement.

    Among those who were killed in the strike were Emir of Raqqa Abu al-Haji al-Masri, Emir Ibrahim al-Naef al-Hajj, “who controlled the district from the city of Raqqa to the settlement of es-Sohne” and IS head of security Suleiman al-Sawah,” the ministry added.

  39. Hi everyone,
    I am needing a bit of encouragement/advice. I feel stuck, I guess I would say. It's like I have no emotions at all. I am not sad, but it feels like......I am just here existing from day to day. I had my awakening in October of last year, and have experienced some amazing realizations, but for the past month, I feel nothing. Does anyone possibly have any insight or thoughts? Love will abide~

    1. Try this:

      My apologies if this is old information to you. Knowing that helps with helping, and if you don't know of it, well...enjoy!

    2. I felt the exact same way for the entire month of May. I became very jaded about the Event and ascension. I didn't even want to meditate. Not happy, not sad, just like you said. It started to worry me because it went on so long. Then over the course of a day or two in June everything turned around again for no reason. Now I'm back to being excited about our future. I'm sure you'll come around like I did.

    3. dear new beginnings,
      it is my understanding that what you are experiencing is being at zero point or neutral emotionally. it is part of the process of becoming the observer of what is going on in 3D rather than allowing yourself to become entangled in the "drama theatre" that surrounds us everyday. now is a really good time to work on forgiveness of past encounters. i used hopo opono solidly for 9 months while monitoring my thoughts and using this to neutralize emotional triggers from my past.
      i make it clear that i am not diagnosing your BEING it just sounds very familiar to what happened to me about 2 years ago and has continued to this day. it takes a bit of getting used to given we are used to living a highly charged life producing "loosh" for the dark ones. take time to sit with this and undertake your forgiveness process. this is going in rather than looking without for consolation.
      hope this helps,
      ;pve and light to you

    4. It goes up and down for me. For some things I hear about I have no feelings for what so ever, usually some kind of terrorist deed. For some things I feel anger although I know that it is not good/of any use to me. For other things I can get a lot of "Love" flowing from me.

    5. Strange..?
      (last line)
      "It's not About You steven"

    6. I have been feeling "nothing" the very most of time since some years ago, already. Here's my interpretation what it means: Under threat of heavy atrack/psychic manipulation, you have "configured" yourself to "function" in a way that is hard for the bad guys to read/find out/understand, which makes it much harder for them to manipulate you into doing something they'd want as well as much harder manipulating you against getting to do what you should. You may be going to play an important role and really know what you're doing - but without letting them know beforehand. I guess you also didn't remember, maybe even puposefully semi-consciously forget, the rare remembered dreams that feel important.

    7. there are lull times when there is a major focus on dissolving yaldabaoth or monitoring of chimera movements. something i realized is that nothing escapes the law of focus. the spirit isnt always profoundly present. thats the reason for prayer. we must connect with them. ive also been feeling this lull and its hard not to get really bored or eat gluttonously but whatever you do, always remember prayer is your most relevant and crucial tool.

    8. Do not panic. Please, check out Ascention symptoms. Read/watch as many N-E-W ones as possible, because they all have something new added to the list.

    9. say you feel nothing. I feel like the answer you are looking for is, then change. If you don't want to feel nothing, then feel something. You can choose what it is. There isn't any reason for you to refuse to take responsibility for your own feelings. Own them, and if you've "lost" them, then find them, claim them. Surely... this isn't something you need to ask for permission to do. Look up the word integrity and work at it.

    10. ;)
      Wow! Thank you! Thanks for ALL that responded, and giving your own personal advice. I felt every bit of it:) I will look into all the suggested advice given to me. @benjamin mentioned dreams, since my awakening last October, I have had no recall of my dreams anymore. I am aware and know that I do dream every night, but now I don't remember them. In the past, I would most the time wake up and remember some. Also, I wake up dripping wet with sweat. Could this be an ascension symptom??? I have searched for an answer to this, and I haven't found anything yet. Love will abide~


    Friday, June 16, 2017MJ-12 E.T. Disclosure - New Documents Leaked To The Public - June 16, 2017

    Preston James Update - Complete Exposure - June 15, 2017

    This Solstice, Let’s Shake Up The Field Together

    Alex Jones: Secret Pedophile Cult Is Being Rounded Up And Brought To Justice
    Published on Jun 15, 2017

    Friday, June 16, 2017Grenfell Tower Fire in London is Evidence That WTC 7 Was An Inside Job

    Friday, June 16, 2017MJ-12 E.T. Disclosure - New Documents Leaked To The Public - June 16, 2017
    MJ-12 Ultra Top Secret

  41. Hey Everybody!

    Next member of the cabal died.
    Helmut Kohl former Bundeskanzler/ Prime Minister of Germany who proceeded the complete slavery of all Germans died this morning.
    Good day for Germany.

    With best wishes from Germany,

  42. Please forgive me if I sound ungrateful.I would like a answer on the total distruction of our earth and air through the chemtrails in our skies. We talk about the suns energies helping our DNA.Yet what sun. What see and get to feel is extremely limited. SO I ASK HOW IS IT THIER STILL DOING THIS GREAT DISTRUCTION.FOR U OUT THERE WHO FOLLOW COBRA. I ASK U WHAT ARE WE TO DO. WHEN WILL ALL THAT DISGUSTING DISTRUCTION ENDING. PLEASE PEOPLE A ANSWER.

    1. the answer to all those "when" questions is simple.. "after the event"


    2. Hi Suzanna.

      Just like you I absolutely despise what is being done to our beautiful planet via chemtrails. Over here it is 5:50 in the morning and already they are spreading chemtrails via commercial planes all over the sky for over an hour, making sure it will be an "overcast" sky on an otherwise sunny day.
      It is disgusting, it really is. During the daytime there's not a lot I can do about it, but once the sun has passed the horizon I am able to eliminate any and all chemicals from the sky so that it'll be a clear sky during the night while I Shine My Light.
      "This junk does not belong in this reality!"
      And it all just disappears. Wish I could do that during the day as well, but I can't. Sorry.

      However, chemtrails and spreading chemicals all around is "only" a symptom of the real illness that has befallen this planet. The alien invasion.
      Fighting and dissolving chemtrails is important, but that is a fight against only one symptom of the sickness. There is so much more bad shi!t happening, so many more symptoms.

      Our fight is against the entire sickness, not just the symptoms that are visible. Our mission is to exterminate the perpetrators behind the chemtrails so that this toxification of Gaia ends, and so that All of Mankind can be Free.

      Nonetheless: Chemtrails DO NOT belong in our reality on Gaia, and We can make them disappear with the Power of our Minds.
      I know for a Fact that I can do it after sunset, and it always works. I wish I could also do it during the day, but that ain't my job. *shrugs*

      Anyway: Maybe this will help.


      Lots of Love and Light


    3. I haven't found a way to end chemtrails, but I am doing agnihotra every day.
      It helps to cleanse the atmosphere for every being near the fire.

    4. COBRA has stated many times that the damage being done by chemtrails has been greatly reduced. i personally have used both organite and stating my will to break up the chemtrails and disperse them. we are powerful enough to deal with what is being done all we have to do is understand that fear and anger will guarantee the continuation of chemtrails. in my area it has dropped very significantly. the spraying used to start before dawn and by mid morning we were whited out, now, in this area we may see one trail every couple of months. counter acting all the nefarious actions put upon us is OUR RESPONSIBILITY not COBRA'S. there are ways and means of undoing what they are doing we just need to look into what others are doing rather than curl up in a ball and give up or as we humans like to do make it someone else's responsibility. i have been doing all this for 4 years and i am happy to say that chemtrails no longer cause me any concern at all.

    5. If you don't like the chemtrails, use your mind. Imagine the jets unable to fly. You can always choose to not live around chemtrails, and you won't.

    6. We have stood and sent mental energy to bring our ET friends and break up the chemtrails. It works !!

      You can stand there, watch them spray and mentally send a message and visualize the chemtrails being erased in the sky.

      We watched them break up 3 days ago as they were being sprayed....... The trails were NOT STICKING.

      Also, yes, Cobra said a number of years ago to pay attention to what you can do -- eg, drink a whole lot of clear water... keep yourself really clean...

  43. A few days back I had difficulty breathing and my throat hurt. It was similar to an Asthma attack (I don't suffer from it at all). At first I thought it was only my problem but then I herd mother (she practices Theta healing) say that a few of her patience had breathing problems as well. Is this a global/localized attack with scalar weapons or radiation or Archons ? Did anybody else experience difficulty breathing, coughs, asthma attacks in the past week (11 - 16 of June)?

    1. Yes they target your throat chakra the most, because the throat is related to getting info out. Love to you

    2. Well that explains the constantly growing pain in my neck since 3 years ago ... Thank you for the answer, love to you as well. Oddly enough, within a day since I posted my previous message on this blog, I felt a sharp relieving feeling in my head and I could breath deeply again (best I can describe it is, it felt like an implant suddenly collapsed). My deepest love and gratitude to whomever was involved in this.

  44. Today I had regression hypnosis where I was talking with my higherself, and one of question to him was about flat earth. And he actually showed me it. It was transparent egg form with flat bottom, and on the bottom I saw flat earth map. Egg was on a stand and stand looked like dirt, and under dirt it was lightnings going on towards top. After I saw infinite numbers of those eggs. Hypnologist asked why people under hypnosis see globe planets, answer was: Because they all see other dimensions and all these physical "eggs"coneсted to planets in other dimensions, and because creating universes and galaxies in physical takes a lot of energie. Decision was made to create small simulations.
    Hypnologist was in shock after session because he never heard about flat earth and he promised me ask his next clients same questions to confirm flat earth...

    1. why dont you ask him about archons...
      maybe he can get introduce to such concept.. in fact dont even call it archons.. something like... who really is behind all the world manipulation..etc etc

    2. then again maybe.. he feel freak out all together

    3. I didn't start believing in the flat Earth until very recently.

      Did the "egg" shaped Earth look something like this?

      From my understanding the Earth is only temporally been made flat. The Earth WAS round but then it became flat while the planet makes the transition from 3D to 5D. Back in 2012 Gaia fully ascended into the 5D but humanity was not ready to ascend so Gaia created a fake Earth for humanity to reside on until we transited the 4D portal. After the Event the Earth will go back to being round because humanity will be fully 5D by then.

    4. Reading this thread feels like i'm deflating my brain like a Flat Earth...

      You know the transition from 3D to 5D is not physical right..? We're not gaining extra physical dimensions. It's an increase in frequency. We as humans are energy beings at matter's most fundamental level - and so is the planet we live on.

      Everything in nature is made of sacred geometric 3d shapes because that is the form vibration takes
      when it is channelled through space. Look at Cymatics to confirm this. It doesn't even make sense to have a flat earth. It honestly does sound kinda "stupid".

      To ascend upwards from 3D, it's like going up an octave on a piano. The note sounds pretty much the same but it's vibrating twice as fast. subdividing a dimension into 12 sub-dimensions is like dividing an octave into 12 semitones. 4D is just a higher "note" than 3D to put it simply.


  45. Replies
    1. Join me in portugal dont leave this realm.

    2. I wonder how many have already done the same,... ???

    3. You sound weak, don't give up up

    4. I'm still here, just going thru my cycle.

    5. Whew, thanks buddy, scared us there. The cycles, they are a-ragin' of late.

      So I got a right ear signal pop's usually all left ear pops accompanied by dark attacks for me, but this one was right ear, followed by a telepathic message to get my stocking-up of emergency supplies finished in the next couple days.

      I just reached out to see if it was okay for me to share this, and the answer was a chorus of voices shouting YES and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE. (I'm paraphrasing, but isn't telepathy all paraphrasing?)

    6. Ravshan Rakhmanov not weak tired, I have been sexually assaulted at the age of 2,10,13 to 19 and dudes just trying stuff throughout my life here, I just wanna go home, and the reason I said you sound stupid is cause Cobra a has stated many times the earth is not flat, I feel he is even getting annoyed that people believe this, it's disinformation stop believing it.

  46. Some of the strongest attacks are happening right now :(.I send love to All lightworkers

  47. take a break from it brandon... is the only thing i may be able to offer as advise.

  48. the cabal keeps disrupting twin flame consciousness.


  49. This is for Gaia.

    All I can think about is You

    Love is the Only Thing that's still True

    True Love will never die
    Love Conquers All

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  50. This comment has been removed by the author.


  51. GaiaPortal's latest UpDate from earlier on is pretty sweet.

    "Missions of the past are released.

    Praetoriats congeal and are removed.

    Fossils are recognized.

    Pleats of Light are straightened."

    Sooo . . .
    In other words . . .

    Out with the Old and in with the New - and definitely NOT the New World Order as planned by cabal, chimera and their henchmen.

    We ain't deaf, We ain't dumb, We ain't blind.
    But We sure play a Mean PinBall!
    Starting the Final Ball.

    Pinball Wizard

    Victory of Love and Light!
    New High-Score Comin' Up!!!


    1. Check this band out. You'll dig them.


    2. Thanks, mate.
      A few years ago I was presented one of their songs, and I liked it. I'll check them out again, try and see if there's a message there that I might have overlooked.
      Cheers :-)

      Lots of Love and Light


    3. The message is strong and clear from the get-go with the first song. This is their most fully-realized album. The lyrics still hit me like a full-powered steam train. Powerful stuff.


    4. You are absolutely right of course.
      What I meant was if there's a message in there that *I* shall pass on. See, I don't pick the songs I post just because I like them or the lyrics but because they contain hidden messages "to whom it may concern." ;-)
      And I don't look for what to post, the songs are sent to me.

      A perfect example is this new one which just showed up out of nowhere. I've never heard of the artist before, but there is "something" in the bass playing.
      And, oh boy, what a stage outfit! :-)

      This is THUNDERCAT

      Lots of Love and Light


  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. There is a certain secret to not getting attacked anymore at all by the dark.

    The secret is very simple: do not attack them first and only defend yourself if they attack first.

    As someone with schizophrenia and OCD, I seem to make my own problems out of thin air. Sometimes I don't know who is attacking me or if it's just my imagination utterly fooling me.

    The dark love to play with my sensitive emotions, but it only strengthens me and the Light. I notice that the metaphysical/plasmic entities like the Chim and Yalda love to directly attack our minds/our soul essence -- there is a certain spot on the back of the head that they especially like to target, just like in the movie The Matrix.

    They like to attack all areas actually, including all over the head, as the scalar attacks are mostly focused on the crown area. They are clever bastards as they can actually make the mental attacks seem as if it is someone else doing it to you, like your old friend -- these are the hallucinations I keep getting. But I know it's those slimy bastards tricking your mind.

    They are sick SHAPESHIFTERS; do NOT fall for their lies! I'm sure they are miserable as fuck too (so why don't they just surrender to the Light already and be at peace?).

    Aside from rambling, though, this is the technique: you must ABSOLUTELY, at ALL COSTS, keep ignoring every single attack they thrust upon you. I know this is difficult, but let me continue by saying that you must NOT fear their attacks -- and, if it comes, accept it as nothing but an illusion and keep moving on. You must not fear or anticipate the attack.

    Now, with OCD, I can start panicking and obsessing over absolutely nothing -- like a piece of dust in the room or something similarly nonsensical. If I keep hallucinating that my old friends are attacking me, and if I keep attacking them back in my mind, the attacks are endless and the Chim/Yalda Group keep getting stronger.

    They will smell your fear and keep taunting you.

    If the dark, shapeshifting entities keep attacking you, breathe them in, turn them into internal light, and keep moving on like not much has happened.

    Keep repeating this, ignoring them, treating them like an insignificant, bratty child, and the attacks will continue to fade away until there will be NO MORE attacks.

    If you keep this rhythm, you will be serene almost all the time. The very MOMENT you feed them again and attack the invisible entities back, the whole dreadful cycle will REPEAT.

    I found that if I continued not attacking them back my OCD and schizophrenia actually CURED and I had almost complete mental peace. The moment I started feeding them with my fear energy and believing in their lies again, another dark revolution would occur in my whole being.

    "Love is the great protector".


  54. don't know what is: educated guess, or inner guidance...

    a new notion comes into scene: it's 'compromised lightworkers'...

    as the educated guessing told us, it comes after the 'compromised vortexes'...

    and it comes not from unknown 'unknowns' posting in this page,... but instead comes it from a most well known 'unknown lightworker'...

    it's he, who proposed the 'tachyon chamber project':



    1. This is a good one, and should go on the blog. Cobra answers questions that aren't just past retreads, and talks about the negativity people have been talking a lot about in the comments. Thanks for sharing.



  57. Experiencing an utter uptick.

    This is DOOM

    OP: Interstain

  58. There is a global meditation going to happen during the Summer Solstice. We should use the awesome energies of that time to uplift the energies of the planet. Let's bring the Event NOW !!


  59. 26 years ago I was guided to this little band from Seattle. None of my friends had heard of them, and they weren't interested in giving them a listen when I said that we should play the album at our little sit-ins.

    I don't think that any of my friends from back then have listened to that band to this very day very much.
    But I've got every album, most of them on CD and vinyl, and they just radiate the Power of Love and Light.

    I've said it before: I've never been privileged to see them live in concert, but they are very very special.
    And just a short while ago they were inducted into the GoshDang HALL OF FAME.

    This is Peral Jam.

    Given To Fly


    Yellow Ledbetter

    See, fuckers? WE STILL STAND!


    Mankind! What's got the whole world faking it?


    1. I AM *that* Man
      And I know you will find me again, Dini. I Love You.

      Better Man at the Hall Of Fame




  60. P.P.S.:

    Future Days


  61. Here is an additional video I created about The Event.. i used the song Tonight in Babylon :)

  62. astral, i will watch it... thanks for posting! "West" :)

  63. I don't get it, what is the point of coming on here if you dismiss cobras information?

    1. its either paid people, or just people with different opinions. you can call them out on it and see how they respond. if they respond with hate or attack you its paid people most of the time. if not they just have different opinion than cobra.

      the flat earth believers are either brainwashed by cia propaganda or disinfo agents.

    2. Yeah I know about the paid government trolls Corey goode talked about them and Alex Jones and of course cobra

  64. Happy Father's Day to all the dads and single moms.


  65. I'm hoping for major movement 'well before' the end of the year. (I realize we all are).

    Let's all do the solstice meditation !!

    Tues June 20 -- West Coast US Time: 9:24 PM

    which is also just after midnight into Wed June 21 in New York City, at 12:24 am

    Wed. June 21 -- Paris, Frankfurt, Berlin, Oslo: 6:24 AM



  67. Excellent video! David is right, you can't fight the matrix from within the matrix rules. "Come out of her my children." "Ears to hear and eyes to see." "As you think, so you are." Connect with Source so that you know what is true. "I am not good, only the Father (mother/father) in heaven is good." We think we are good, but until taught by the ultimate teacher, Source, we will misjudge.

  68. Cobra,

    Feel like posting the Summer Solstice meditation information?

    (Summer Solstice lands on Tuesday pm June 20 in some locations and June 21 am and pm, on the East Coast of US, into Europe and Asia)

    Here's one place where it is advertised. THANKS.


  69. I faque aaall!!

    P.S. pleeeaseee post it 'aaas-iiiss'...

  70. I appreciate , so very much, the intel that Cobra alone, provides, unlike any other. I do re -read and the progress is so very important. In balance , for those who may enjoy the info.

    Although, coming from a far more physical intel perspective than Cobra. One may feel encouraged by the second hour of yesterday's podcast by Drake Bailey under www.blogtalkradio. It is this broadcast specifically and the second hour specifically that I am recomending on Sat June 17th.

    In contrast to Drake's postcasts in the last several weeks, this one is far more positive. He DOES talk of the importance of the Solstice ( it is on Wednesday, pls spreak word about that meditation and join in if at all possible) as well as an upcoming dollar shift as soon as a certain referendum is signed. He will not give a date but says that all parties involved have been informed. He says that this change has been " requested" for July 4th weekend. BUT he is NOT saying that it will necessarily be able to occur on that date. He seems to think that this is going to happen quite soon.

    He is no longer warning of civil war in the U.S. . He does not think that the militia will be needed. Although there still could be some interuptions ( I assume that he means of the power grid or something similar). He feels that Soros is dead but has not been able to confirm this. U.S . riots ( paid protestors) have decreased in his view. Much to be positive about, this is why I am sharing this. Also what Drake has to say , he said has been confirmed by certain ( unnamed) ETs as well as 6 other intel sources.

    For my own discrnment, I like that Drake and Cobra are aware of each other and appear to have a very positive relationship.

    For the good of all concerned.

    Victory to the Light and to our Hearts!


    1. @Edie
      Thank you very much for this exciting info!
      Unfortunately, i'm having lots of computer problems, and i can't open and check my files to find the link/date of an intel posted by Cobra. But here's what i remember. More than a year ago, in one of his intels, Cobra said that DRAKE is designated to be the spoke person, the announcer of ALL the important changes in the USA, when the time is right, (or something like this). Coming from Cobra Himself, it means Drake is not a "fake news".

      I hope somebody will find that intel and post the link.

    2. Hye Angel.. i think there was another piece of information presented later on.. i cant recall exactly... it was a bit different from the original opinion.. somethinh happened.

      i think is best to present the Q to PFC... else we would just be guessing at this point imbo..

    3. @HEY ANGEL
      Indeed, Cobra stated in his message of October 6, 2015: "..The Resistance has communicated to me that they will contact Drake just before the Event and give him substantial intel to be released publicly..."

    4. i missed that note.. 2015.. wow.. ok well tgere it goes u were right Angel

    5. I listened to most of the Drake interview.

      I stopped before the last 30 minutes.

      He talks "around the subject" a lot. For me, it is difficult to "extract" nuggets of information from his talk.

      If anybody has figured out some specific intelligence that he is giving us, can you let us all know?

      I could not hear anything specific -- but heck -- this could be my problem... I don't know.


  71. I'm sure many of you have noted that we are using this blog's comments section as a general communications platform, rather than as the feedback and discussion on the particular blog article to which the comments "belong". The comment function is is designed and well-suited only for this latter kind of use.

    Since Sunday morning I have been busy preparing a Discussion Forum to provide a supplementary communication and information platform for us who share the awareness of what's really going on on earth, or simply put: For us who know the information from "The Portal" is very true.

    The forum is a work-in-progress but you can already have a look at so you can send me suggestions/feedback by email or by registering and posting it in that very forum.

    1. Thanks Benjamin ... It's always good to create new spaces to help make people aware....


      Some of us have been around here for a while, and we do use the comment section as a general communications platform, which I think is okay...

      In any case, Cobra hasn't kicked us out yet.

      (Most of us won't comment much regarding a Cobra update regarding an alert downgrade to 'red,' which is not meant for most of us).

      We do check in with "one another." Which is useful.

      The comment section, to me, is kind of fun, like the proverbial "water cooler at the office," (before all these techie gathering places like Facebook came along) and was the gossip and news reports of the day are reported to others.

      Sometimes we just share music videos !!

      Sometimes I just like seeing names I recognize !!!

      Who knows, perhaps Cobra even thinks of some of us as "old friends."

      I will check out what you are creating, however.... :)

    2. That is a wonderfull idea! Thank you!

  72. Cobra is a gift.Everything becomes clear and logic what he says.For many years as I read his informations I understand more and more.Many thanks for his hard work.


    1. This is what we are here...

      The group...

      [on hight of this page]

  73. Synchronicity/Awakening Others Report

  74. "Do or do not...
    There is no try"

    Be The Portal


  75. Cobra, or had you somehow leaked something?...

    And the RM told it 'stop!'?...

    Hopely will it come back with improved sound...

    P.S. or are the rumors true, about... shifting timelines?... :-)

  76. 1.54PM Wednesday afternoon Adelaide, South Australia time.

  77. Replies
    1. May I say, I'm glad you're still here.


  78. New Majestic Document Reveals US Diplomatic Relations with Extraterrestrials

    Written by Dr Michael Salla on June 16, 2017. Posted in exopolitics research, Featured

    A new leaked Majestic-12 document was released on June 14 which describes a variety of extraterrestrial related encounters with humanity.


  79. Censored comment!!... [no bananas, no nakedness]

    subject: GoldFish Report 'Uniting the Light'.

  80. Thanks Bob Steve...

    And most of Asia probably is late morning into mid-day Wed. June 21...

  81. This is something that must be read by many, so i'd rather not put my reply under the ORIGNAL posting.

    @unknown -June 17, at 4:52AM
    Dear "unknown Lightworker", you said;

    >>The dark love to play with my sensitive emotions, but it only strengthens me and the Light. I notice that the metaphysical/plasmic entities like the Chim and Yalda love to directly attack our minds/our soul essence -- there is a certain spot on the back of the head that they especially like to target, just like in the movie The

    So, based ON YOUR OWN VERY SANE AND WISE WORDS, i say to You;

    Yes, we got another "unknown" who IS - but it's not You. (That's why i stopped reading all postings by "unknowns", and missed reading yours).

    The mental conditions you've been said you have, are a part of MODERN medical definitions of PUTTING DOWN the MOST EVOLVED souls! (And it's not hard to guess WHO's behind all these). I heard this coming from a very prominent and awakened psychologist. According to him, that's another way of keeping most of the Starseeds under DRUGS, (not medicine), and tampering with their PRECIOUS DNA!

    Her's another great and perfectly SANE statemnt by you:
    >>I found that if I continued not attacking them back my OCD and schizophrenia actually CURED and I had almost complete mental peace. The moment I started feeding them with my fear energy and believing in their lies again, another dark revolution would occur in my whole being<<.

    In fact, back in Armenia, this was a common knowledge. Our elders would say that people who were coined as crazy, insane, were very old souls, and were in direct communication with the spirits. Especially during their ceasures, when the dark and the Light would fight for their soul.

    You're doing great, dearest soul! Just keep ignoring them... (no hate. no love)

  82. Pedo Arrests and Disclosures Continue

  83. We are in a hostage situation here. Come on mate, I know you know this.

  84. David Icke is my spirit animal. Love that guy. Yeah I have also asked for a collaboration between heavyweights many times... I wish it would happen! I want to see just how much David really knows.


  85. PS: Watch this funny video - Can't Stump David Icke:


  86. Today we welcomed a new Member to the Family here as my new Cintie arrived earlier on. She's currently sitting prrominently on top of the one I already had, getting accustomed to the Frequencies of Love and Light and Music in here :-)
    I already sent you an email, but Thank You once again, Arbre Solaire, for your kind words and your hard work.
    Also, a huge Thank You to whoever made it possible that Cintamani stones could be acquired without having to pay. Simply awesome, I am eternally grateful for that.

    And THANK YOU ALL for what you are doing each and every single day to help liberate this beautiful little planet called Gaia.
    One of these days you will all be in the Hall Of Fame of this Universe.

    On that note:
    This just arrived just now.
    Everything at the right Time. Step by step, little by little, day by day :-)
    It ain't a sprint, it's a marathon that we're running and winning here.

    SUPER JAM: Rockin' In The FREE WORLD

    Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom for All


  87. I would like to share something with you. In the last week when I was sleeping at dawn I felt attacked by dark forces (beings of the shadows) which tried to dominate my mind, a kind of invasion of possession. However, I remembered the COBRA mansion in its posting by mentioning the goddess AMATERATSU and the female divine. I summoned his help and his solar disk protecting me astrally and instantly everything was calm and I could sleep peacefully.
    Thank you COBRA and thank you to all the lightworkers. The fight goes on
    Victory of the Light!

  88. just been listening to some of your old interviews and felt compelled to thank you CoBra for your patience with us.
    It is a virtue indeed and yours has been tested at length, lol
    Thank you!





  91. Inner Earth is internet capable.

  92. We are in a time when we are waking up, together, to grow in the collective oneness like we were in the times of Lemuria before the great fall began, before the great splitting up of the love consciousness began.

    At this time, CAEAYARON, and The Great Federations of Light, and the Great Divine Lord, SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT are urging us to learn the higher ways of love and to understand the power we are being given when we desire to link back into our Lemurian Light Codes with the Divine Pineal Gland Activations of CAEAYARON.