Monday, August 20, 2018

Irreversible HVBN failure, Y4 protocol activated, GBNF activated, beta VTXC absorption into gamma initialized


  1. So, addressing the witchcraft problem might be useful right about now. If you want to manifest genuine Goddess energy (you know,... Life Herself) a bit more easily it would probably help for the female population to not be operating unlife energies (since very nearly all witchcraft is practiced by the female, that could be a thing).

    1. We can go to sleep early and wake up well rested with a good song to go about the day for all. Open heart song from the creator not spelling. Songs for everyone

  2. For everyone who can read this commemt (including cobra) i ask you to gather your higher self and lightforce contacts to send a private but collective message to all the galactics/commands and higher dimensionals/angelics:
    (who are involved with the liberation)
    We ask for more serious intervention for humanity and the safety of this planet! We ask for more protection and coverage! We ask that you take every kind of action to apprehend all hostile forces of every kind on every level and to neutralize all weaponry!

    It is done!

    1. I do not know what is happening behind the scenes. I am sure that the Pleiadians and others are doing everything in their power to help us, but I would still like to second what josh sainty has said:

      We ask for more serious intervention for humanity and the safety of this planet! We ask for more protection and coverage! We ask that you take every kind of action to apprehend all hostile forces of every kind on every level and to neutralize all weaponry!

    2. I and my friends support this claim.

  3. “If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Martin Luther King Jr.
    “The first step towards true enlightenment is to lighten up on yourself.” ― Bashar
    Uranus Retrograde = 7 August 2018 - 7 January 2019
    With Uranus, simply 'expect the unexpected'.
    Only up to 20% of population will evolve-awaken from the dream state during this cycle.
    “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch
    Certain individuals upon passing the test - saturn(karma, dna release) will change the world.
    ALL PLANETS DIRECT MOTION™ begins January 06, 2019 and ends: March 5, 2019
    See you on the flipside within 5 month from today.

  4. Looks like the light forces had a backup plan. I'm so proud of you all. Meanwhile on my end I felt a negative presence after meditating a few days ago, and I felt my throat close up. The presence literally was choking me. It eventually let go and I was then sent a warning on my computer. I never experienced something like this before, and I didn't think it was possible. But I read your article on the Archon Grid and I realized it was very true. Whenever I raise my frequency I always feel my psychological pressure points being pushed. And now that doesn't work they are resorting to worse methods. I'll be alright. But these beings are oppressors of the human race. Now I know why no good spiritual leaders haven't arisen in so long.

    1. I started trying to figure things out in my late teens and early twenties and began to develop strange speech issues like 'blocking'. I believe it is neurological and from the anomaly trying to stop me. I made serious efforts to connect with similar minded people and figure out if one of them was my twin flame and we were all 'hit' and separated. When you try to 'grow' you are penalized.

    2. Its a real lonely and disheartening battle. Few believe or care if you tell them. I feel suffocated at times but considering how much i have to be thankful for, diligence is due.

    3. (certainly. many of them have almost childhood when they put their lives on a blind track. in the Vatican there is such monitoring technology ...

  5. Reading comments, i see anger and sadness, passivity and crying who made mistakes?
    Ok. I'm living here and i agree, this is not the heaven.
    But we have to do everything until we can. And we can do more than you think at this moment. Because we are light and strong!
    Fortunately, wee can't use high technology guns (somebody commented he can't do anything without guns). Don't do the same as they. But do everything what you can and do it every day. You will do it better and better, you will be stronger and stronger, you will see more and more of the truth, you will feel what you have to do.
    You will not search who did fault and who is the cause of the problem. You will do the right thing to solve the problem.
    There was very big clearing by the weekend-meditation, it was wonderful again. I was grateful very much for everyone. Thanks for everybody.

  6. Are we talking about beta and gamma timelines? Am I correct they are merging together?

    1. beta has gone we are in gamma timeline....

      I see that timelines started to merge...

      Also that the only end off all timelines is victory...

      Some timeline are smooth then others...

      No timeline to WW3 or mass destruction.

      We will do it!

  7. Greetings everyone,

    ⚕️Quantum K(Physical, Emotional and Spiritual healing(Free)⚕️
    🌟 Returning to our original blueprint 🌟

    I discovered couple of days ago, a website called Quantum K allowing you to take a step forward on your personal healing journey.

    It's based on the combination of sound, colour, fractal geometry, harmonics and symbols.

    There is Quantum K1: it's a 24 min video with fractal geometry, harmonics and focused intent to offer deep healing to your mind/body/soul.

    Quantum K2: Prayers (follow the link below for the full descripton of this experience)

    Quantum K3: Quantum K 3 is an album of music inspired by the writing of Rumi the I3th century Persian poet.
    The album comprises of four tracks with harmonic sequences embedded within each.

    Track 1 ... Gratitude 263 214 748 111

    Track 2 ... Peace 526 102 258 744

    Track 3 ... Joy 206 345 417 899

    Track 4 ... Connection 526 936 457 100

    I thought that it could be interesting for some of you.

    It's Free, so don't hesitate to take a look.

    I wish you a radiant day 💖✨

  8. Onward to the Victory of the Light!!!


  9. The Board is the same, and now it's Time to stop playing Checkers and switch to playing Chess.


    I AM

    1. More like games such as "Risk" and "Stratego".

  10. "The collapse of the hvbn (positive timeline) is irreversible. Y4 protocol Start, GBNF start, start to absorb gamma from beta VTXC!"
    How bad is this?
    Why or how is this happening?! What are the implications here? There are so many unanswered questions...why or how did this come to be?? There seems to be no end in site! This is discouraging, sorry.

    1. Believe in the plan. We are ok and will be ok.

    2. Dont bother about the coded messages. We have no idea what they apply to. Is it failure for the good or the bad? Why but energy into it? Forget about trying to understand them. It will do you no good. Look at the world around you instead.

    3. When you are feeling discouraged, meditate. This is the single most important thing we should be doing each and every day to assist. 15 minutes a day, that's all. At any time we can call upon our higher selves, the Ascended Masters such as Sananda, Ashtar, Archangel Michael, St Germain, and our various guides. They are all happy to protect and assist us. You are in realty more powerful than you realize. Don't give (((them))) the satisfaction of making you feel powerless and discouraged.

    4. ~slow clap~

      Way to go, light

    5. Everyday the event is coming closer, you need to feel it and know that no matter what, we will reach our goal. It is unstoppable and the cycle is built into the cosmos for this to happen now. Know this and be at peace.

    6. Slasher, you are right. We are suffering about those coded messages, and they even aren t for us! We don t know exactly what is going on. Only making assunptions about (good? bad?).
      Let s keep doing OUR part on it, high vibration, meditation, love energies to our fellows and good vibes to the LFs. 🌹

    7. Why even post coded messages not for us here?

    8. Shermen Potter, if you read the subtitle of the Portal:
      "This blog is the official communication outlet for the Resistance Movement."
      It is not meant for us, unless when it is meant for us… in other words we are useful when we do meditation and other things that we can do and know about.

    9. The coded messages are for the RM...this blog is intel hub for them, though Cobra often posts info for us as well.
      Love and Light to you!

    10. Because there would not be too many posts keeps us busy if nothing is being said people wont pay attention

  11. Thanks.

    Dear COBRA.
    Dear Lightworkers.

    "Absorption in the initialized range."

    Victory of Light.

  12. Omgoddess what's going on?

    I just feel SO MUCH LOVE for everybody and a huge connection with the sacret feminine. I will keep my vibes and send them to earth and all .

    Hold the light everyone! Hold the love.

  13. sounds bad, does it mean things will speed up?

  14. Consider this a generic list of possible uses:

    - Healing yourself or others of illness, disease, etc.
    - Removing pests from your home without chemicals.
    - Removing pests from crops without chemicals.
    - Teleportation (moving your body around the globe with your thoughts alone).
    - Levitation (raising physical objects into the air e.g.. pyramid stones).
    - Assisting with creative artistic endeavors.
    - Personal protection.
    - Psychic warfare if you are under attack.
    - Removal of alien implants in your body.
    - Accessing other dimensions and realities.
    - Gaining secret knowledge.
    - Reading the mind of others.
    - Remote viewing (invisible cameras inside places of your choice).
    - Telepathic communication between individuals.
    - Wireless, invisible telephonic transmission (say good-bye to high phone bills and great if a disaster hits and all the phone lines are down).
    - As an FM stereo.
    - Military applications.
    - Removal of harmful ELF, electromagnetic frequencies surrounding you.
    - Broadcasting music or images (my speciality).
    - Tapping into satellite systems.
    - Remote viewing beyond the planet to other planets.
    - Interdimensional warehouse construction.
    - Making water taste better.
    - Programming water to have particular qualities to enhance personal development.
    - Invoking the Light.
    - Spreading Love more creatively to anyone or anything.
    - Winning the lottery.
    - Dematerialization of physical structures.
    - Breaking down time/space grids around your house for truly multidimensional living.
    - Accessing higher levels of consciousness and help from higher sources.
    - Inducing brainstates and altered states.
    - Programming specific energy patterns into anything.
    - Transferring the energy of ancient power sources into psionic, radionic devices.

    The list could go on and on.


  15. Key to Freedom Meditation at every 4 hours

    Public · Event · by We Love Mass Meditation and Zeeva International


    UTC Period Name Facebook event link Guided audio

    4 hours interval
    3 7 11am
    3 7 11pm
    Every 4 hours - Key to Freedom Meditation:

    KEY TO FREEDOM MEDITATION A ... GUIDED version [432Hz].mp3

    1. is this frequency advisable?

    2. Is 3pm UTC 8am Pacific standard o
      Time or 8 am LA time?

    3. Unknown, UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, successor to Greenwich Mean Time in Europe. There are some sites that help you convert…

  16. Yeah, whatever that's supposed to mean. I'll continue reading up the Q posts coming from the White Hat alliance Trump is connected with. They give us a lot more information than this as far as progress is concerned.

    1. Remember, a war is going on. There are victories for the bad guys too. It's a back-and-forth thing but the light is winning.

    2. They are messages for the RM, not the public. How you take the information posted here is up to you, but don't try to imply that one source is more important than another, it will only create more division amongst those who want liberation.




      Over the years, I have developed a very dark sense of humor. I mean its really inappropriately timed, and dark sometimes.

    2. Um ALÔ para os ASHTAR, que estão realinhando as Órbitas do Planeta Terra.

      Um ALÔ para os Arcturianos, nosso professores e Mestres.

      Um ALÔ para o Comando SIRIAN PEACE COMMAND.

      Um ALÔ e um agradecimento aos Pleiadianos por nos entregar a cura completa que aliviará as dores e o flagelo da humanidade para sempre. ALOHA!

      Um ALÔ para COBRA o nosso grande interlocutor junto dos TODOS OS Trabalhadores da Luz.

      Um ALÔ aos Povos Intraterrestres da Terra, em todos os Continentes.

      A humanidade da Superfície está imensamente agradecida pelo VOSSO Trabalho para a Libertação da Terra. Os nossos corações se enchem de alegria quando enquanto aguardamos o desfecho final de O EVENTO.

      Vitória da Luz.

    3. Oi! Fiquei muito feliz ao ler seu post. Gratidão! É bem assim que me sinto...tenho uma certeza enorme que estamos muito próximos do Evento. Gratidão! Vitória da Luz! Eu escolho. Eu acredito.🕊🌎💖

    4. Honrado também em lembrar aqui dos irmãos que foram mantidos no anonimato há éons; Os Cetáceos, e as Nações Humanóides aquáticas lacustres e oceânicas. Toda a vida aquática deste Planeta, e os vindos de outros Planetas. Sejam todos bem vindos. Agora nós sabemos que vocês existem e estão aqui. Nos perdoem por poluir os mares. Vamos trabalhar juntos para a despoluição em breve.

      Vitória da Luz.

    5. Os humanos da superfície se acostumaram a rir, mesmo que estejam em desvantagem em seu mundo.
      Mas a alegria contagiante aqui vem dos irmãos Pleiadianos. Eles são alegres e felizes. E querem que nós os humanos saibamos de sua alegria em estar nos ajudando a vencer cada tarefa para a Libertação de Gaia.

  18. From my feeling, we got a counter attack from the dark ones after our meditation from 11.08. I don’t know if they put on their scalar weapons again, but what I know from clairvoyant fellows, that last week was extremely tough concerning the energies and demons are trying to attack and occupy people, especial light workers, trying to trigger beef and bad situations.

    Also after disclosure, that the Chimera are actual arachnid beings, I see a lot of spiders or people running into spider webs at the moment.

    After meditation, I had a dream, where I saw a kind of underground tunnel system filled with these arachnid beings, but they got neutralized.

    Today I dreamt, I was a kind of soldier or guard at the time of the French Revolution (at least the uniform remembered of that time – and the weapons: simple breechloaders). Me and my comrades had to protect some high priestesses and had to flee from an underground stronghold. Outside a group of dark magicians on horses prepared an ambush on us. We know they were waiting for us and we prepared for battle. But somehow we managed to make contact to another negative group prior and managed to turn them against the dark magicians … so they would fight against each other and we had a chance to flee … weird stuff going on at the moment – but fits to the energies and the actual reports.

  19. People's self-interest hinders the forces of light

    Since March 8, 2018, the Mjolnir project of the forces of light on earth has been hindered by people's own interests. If enough plasma-top-bombs are removed, a better strategy can be applied.

    The Ascended Masters only know the situation on earth because they were physically present here. Since they ascended, the situation has changed. They are not aware of the new situation unless we explain it to them. But that doesn't seem to be working.

    The increasing energies are reflected in people's behaviour. Dealing with each other is more influenced by light than it was a while ago. But not everything has improved. People's self-interest is one of them. In fact, my impression is it's gotten worse. Perhaps it is because people are slowly becoming aware of their long oppression. But not all the conclusions they draw from it are correct.

    There are a lot of things that my superiors don't take care of anymore at my place of work. Colleagues no longer do preparatory work when it benefits others, even if it ultimately harms them. I observe the same behavior in the wider environment.

    When the light forces here began with Mjolnir on 8 March, they had not expected this. From the middle of April, there were more and more alarm messages to the resistance movement.

    But: remember the Goldilocks principle, which the forces of light follow.

  20. Feeling extreme irritation and low mood I wonder if this is to do with the above ...

    1. If it wasn't for the enormous buzz i keep these days id not dream of keeping an even head. Total transition. Like a long irritating bus ride with no stops for fresh food or water.

    2. Last week, for a few days, I didnt sleep. I wasnt tired at all and didnt yawn once. It has never happened before.

  21. What ever you/we experience is perfect on all levels. If you are mad/sad/happy/glad...outstanding. We must and will release all the pain.
    Remember we will be floating down the stream life is but a dream!


    Key to Freedom meditation now every 4 hours
    (3 AM, 7 AM, 11 AM , 3 PM, 7 PM & 11 PM UTC)
    Instructions for Key to Freedom meditation can be found here:

    Here is the related page with countdown timers (will be updated soon):

    Here is the link to the guided audio

  23. Yes,... It is difficult to deal with something that behaves just like an infection, yet has its own consciousness....
    Very, well, dificult...

  24. I'm a little confused about Mjolnir. I thought it was worthy of a name for "Thor's Hammer". Based on the last report it sounds like maybe it should have been called "Thor's Feather Duster". And, why is the blame on surface population that it was not as effective?? Yes, of course, we are all not performing our missions optimally - we are constantly under attack here and fighting for survival. After decades or more of planning Light Forces did not anticipate that basic idea, and then blames ground crew?? Then uses Thor's Feather Duster weapon?

    Also, for RM and LF, you always ask us to "Make This Viral". Let me update you since your time reference is very different than ours. WE CAN'T JUST MAKE SOMETHING VIRAL ANYMORE. The cabal has total control of social media now and suppress anything they don't like. There is No MORE Viral organic info transfer via the internet or social media. That was valid 10 years ago, but we know you all only think in 10 year swaths of time and progress and not living in our time reference, where a couple months is a long time!!
    Sorry, just had to give some feedback.
    We will try harder here on ground, too.
    Victory of the Light

    1. Thor's Feather Duster! Awesome. Like excavating dinosaur bones. The Light Forces aren't blaming the surface population, they admit it's the toplet bombs and other things the Dark has done, they're just mentioning it as one aspect of the situation. The surface population IS really lame. Try talking to random people about things like UFO's and psychic abilities, 99% of people don't get it. Even in the age of the internet where it's clearly laid out for all to see. It's nice there are some people who get it, at least it's not zero, but the population almost couldn't be worse.

    2. Cabal control of social media is NOT the reason we can't just make these meditations go viral. The real reason the call to meditation gets ignored is because the message is incomprehensible to the average person. They have no clue what we are even talking about. They say:

      1. Cabal, what's that?

      2. Chimera, what's that?

      3. RM (resistance movement), what's that?

      4. Pleiadians, what's that?

      5. Liberate the planet, Why?

      The questions just go on and on and on. And every time they ask a question they want hard PROOF as an answer. It is always with the PROOF. No proof then no deal. They want something they can see with their eyes before they commit to any meditation. That is even if they know how to meditate and can do complex visualizations. Doing so requires a functional 3rd eye which 99% of the population does not have.

      The 3rd eye is the reason WE "the awakened" don't need any proof in the things Cobra writes. We know it is true because we sense it on a deeper level and can see it through the window of the 3rd eye. The regular population of the Earth cannot see these things. They are blind and have no possibility of awakening in this lifetime. There is not going to be any additional help from the surface population. The truth is we really don't need it.

      Cobra said a long time ago one person achieving complete understanding of the situation would trigger the event. This is the real truth. All it takes is one person achieving true enlightenment to break the system. We don't need 144k. That is just some biblical prophecy, completely made up. We just need one person to fully wake up and stand in their I AM presence to achieve final victory.

      To that I say Victory to the light.

    3. I feel what you are saying. Coming from a good family that are good people....its frustrating that my family is still asleep. Its true of what you said in regards to some people never being able to awaken. Stay well. Victory of the Light.

    4. 'Cobra said a long time ago one person achieving complete understanding of the situation would trigger the event.'

      I am trying at all levels to achieve complete understanding from a state of pure consciousness, or non-duality. I know others are too. Wish us luck.

  25. We can do this! It just means the breakthrough is closer than ever! Remember cobra its so important for us to hold the light. Light warriors unite now! break through the darkness with the light now! VOL

  26. Think about the children and the lives we will have soon- look at all the ships on the last post. They are here to help and we will succeed. Focus! Hold the light for the children if you cant do it for yourself! Thank you so much cobra for all you do and all the suffering you have endured. I too have lost and sympathize with you whole-heartedly. I wont let you down and no matter how tough i will help bring us into the ultimate reality. VOL!

    1. I'll be happy once the ships physically land, and I get to step aboard and leave with them.

  27. I call upon the Light Forces to bring justice and healing to the situation on Earth. I call upon Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Angelic Realm, Agarthans. Enough is enough. We humanity ask for physical intervention. So be it and so it is

    1. I call upon the Light Forces to bring justice and healing to the situation on Earth. I call upon Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Angelic Realm, Agarthans. Enough is enough. We humanity ask for physical intervention. So be it and so it is

    2. I call upon the Light Forces to bring justice and healing to the situation on Earth. I call upon Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Angelic Realm, Agarthans. Enough is enough. We humanity ask for physical intervention. So be it and so it is.

  28. Wish I knew what all these shortcuts mean? Hvbn, y4, vtxc, gbnf?? Don't get it, im participating partially but want more...

  29. 请问尊敬的COBRA先生:6月份他们关于将会接走一些地表战士的计划是取消了?还是依然存在?能不能强烈建议他们立刻开始这个计划?请他们好好保护好最好的战士,多听听牢笼中清醒人士的建议。我们应该开始越狱计划了。我们现在跟监狱里的越狱行动没有任何区别,越狱的人从来不会想到保证让每个越狱者活着,而是希望能活几个是几个。逃出去的人再想办法带着更好的计划去救更多的人。不要再幻想能一次性解放地球了,可能这也是黑暗势力的想法。这样就能最大限度的制造混乱和业力去拖垮光的战士。从而让我们反而什么都得不到。谢谢 希望他们能听到。 张靖楣

    1. 有关这方面的行动是在秘密进行着

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  34. I'm subscribed to recieve emails about updates but they don't get sent out anymore. When I try to resubscribe it tells me I'm already signed up to receive emails. So either this website isn't working properly or someone behind the scenes is trying to suppress this blog.

    Anyone else have this happening?

    1. Hey Steven,

      I know that it is happening for a lot of people for the main youtube channel that I follow. And some of her videos have been delete (not much).

      Have great day!💚

    2. I think you should check your trash can

  35. I have been reading more Saint Germaine writings (Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence, The I Am Discourses.)

    Do a quick internet search and you will see these titles.

    Over and over again we are told in these writings that LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe, that DIVINE LOVE is what will heal our earth.

    We all need to align (myself included) with much more with love and use it to cleanse our emotional and spiritual selves and this will have a great impact on helping the planetary liberation.

    Don't hang out in this negativity, angry at the light forces for making mistakes... Instead, go within and connect with your own love source and see what needs to be healed inside of you.

    And then send the Light Forces and the RM some love.

    I am writing this to remind myself as much as to tell all of you.

    And by the way, these writings are so inspiring.

    You will feel instantly uplifted if you read them.

    1. "We all need to align (myself included) with much more with love and use it to cleanse our emotional and spiritual selves and this will have a great impact on helping the planetary liberation."

      This is very difficult for me.

    2. David: It's tricky. One of the most courageous things we can do is look at ourselves. But we need to do it.

      "Where am I injured?" "What pushes my buttons and WHY?" "Why do I immediately respond with anger with ____(fill in the blank)____"

      Right below the surface of our anger is the sore point that needs to be healed. It's right there. We just have to be willing to look at it.

      I have trouble with it too.

      We can, however, do all this with love if we just change our vibration...

      Saint Germaine talks about all of this, which is why I mention his writings.

      The people who "push our buttons" are some of our greatest teachers. Chew on that one for a while... :)

    3. I live in the southwest burbs of Chicago. ...I feel this area is greatly affected by negative energies considering 2 particle accelerators are in the area.....Fermi Lab and Argon.
      I've been getting almost manic-like fluctuations of good/bad vibes for no reason it seems. Like when I am having a good day, I get what feels like energy attacked (for lack of a better term). Seems like the dark are trying to step up every time progress seems to be made. Stay well David from Chicago as well as everyone.

    4. @Keith Swynenburg I live in the same area. Are you interested in meeting up? Shoot me an email at (just copy and paste it, so you don't get the spelling wrong)

    5. @WestCoastUSMegan, Thanks for the St. Germaine links. I have never looked into him very much. In first grade I really liked a girl named Leah St. Germaine, and she broke my heart. She even looked like a Pleiadian. My mother was extremely insecure and jealous of blonde haired women, and would tease me to the point where I was crying and ashamed if I so much as looked at a blonde haired woman. I was just a little boy and looking back it was so weird of her. Later on I learned of St. Germaine and the Pleiadians and things kind of clicked. The archons used my mother against me so the Pleiadian features and St. Germaines name were suppossed to bring me fear and pain. I do not believe any of it was a coincidence, and my mother and father are two of my biggest buttons.

      @Keith Swynenburg, David Chicago is more of a pen name I use, and I believe you are right about chicago. Thank you.

  36. 可能致命的HVBN流量中断,Y4协议就绪,备份参数RP +,THETA潜在估值0.85,遗憾的是最大PHI值超标。请求紧急协议调制,评估GBN矢量安全参数和网格比。

    HVBN , GBN和网格比在之前的代码中多次出现,都是比较重要的代码,根据经验,网格比代码的出现预示着一个阶段即将结束,但这次柯博拉非常罕见的用了遗憾这个词,可能和之前的自由冥想没有达到临界质量有关,如果超过临界质量就极大加速事件发生,甚至触发事件,遗憾这个词可能是对错过一个重大机遇的惋惜,也许PHI值在合理区间就能触发事件,猜测PHI代码可能和启动事件有关,或者代表了启动事件的必要条件。

    1. Hello Z16:

      I ran your post through the Google Translate-O-Tron and here is what I get... Thank you!

      The potentially fatal HVBN traffic is interrupted, the Y4 protocol is ready, the backup parameter RP +, THETA potential valuation is 0.85, unfortunately the maximum PHI value is exceeded. Request emergency protocol modulation to evaluate GBN vector security parameters and grid ratio.

      In the previous code, HVBN is related to cleaning up Chimera, which is a cleanup target. The HVBN interruption should represent a smooth cleaning in this operation.
      HVBN, GBN and grid appear more than once in the previous code. They are more important codes. According to experience, the appearance of grid than code indicates that a stage is coming to an end, but this time Cobola is very rare. Regrettably, this word may be related to the fact that the previous free meditation did not reach the critical mass. If the critical mass is exceeded, the event will be greatly accelerated, and even the event will be triggered. Unfortunately, the word may be a pity for missing a major opportunity, perhaps the PHI value is within a reasonable interval. It is possible to trigger an event, guessing that the PHI code may be related to a startup event or a necessary condition for a startup event.
      At the end of the code, the grid ratio is evaluated. It is likely that the removal of the non-physical plasma top quark bomb is completed, because at the end of each major phase there is a grid ratio evaluation code, in the previous physical top. When the quark bomb was dismantled, a series of evaluation codes appeared. Combined with the information update of Cobra on August 15, it was basically OK to enter the final stage of the demolition.
      The removal of all the top quark bombs is a necessary condition for triggering the incident, and it is also the biggest obstacle. The removal of the top quark bomb is bound to promote the event and enter the sprint phase of liberation. In the update on the 15th, Cobola explicitly mentioned the earth one month later. The situation will escalate and more detailed liberation and promotion plans will be announced. This has never been seen before. The whole situation feels like playing football. Now it is the last leg. It can also be perceived from the energy that the energy that enters the body during meditation becomes very strong, unlike the previous softness. On August 17, the cloud ship of the Asta headquarters also entered the ground table, and it was concluded that the low-level ground track was basically cleared. The liberation of the horn has been blown, ready for the final charge!

    2. 感謝Z16分享,我也覺得就差最後一腳,冥想時的能量真的跟以往不一樣,情緒的變化也是,一直感受到事件已經發生!!

    3. Thank you West Coast Megan, you one clever woman, thank you Z16 for sharing your thoughts :)

      Here are my associations on the topic:
      1. Dismantling of the bomb might have something to do with Novaya Zemlya that Cobra has mentioned:

      2. Autumn 2018 as the final/decisive phase of the activities by Ben Fulford, spokesman of the White Dragons:

    4. Okay, you guys, more google-translate-o-thon results here: :)

      Thanks to Z16 for sharing, I also feel that the last leg is the same. The energy in meditation is really different from the past. The change in mood is also the feeling that the incident has occurred!!

    5. I hope you guys are right about the fall. If yaldeboath is indeed 98% gone as some claim, and most chimaira and exotic weapons are gone then fall sounds plausible for the event.

  37. Hey, Cobra.....PLEASE BEAM THIS SONG INTO the solar system, and beyond....think of this as a distress signal.

    IF the Pleiadeans and other light forces keep CHOKING......maybe we can get help from someone who CAN get the job done and FREE this GOD DAMNED PRISON PLANET.....

    It's time Planet Alcatraz gets SHUT DOWN!

    1. Potter u must be new in the blog. You remind me of the different phases some has gone thru but they made it thru eventually...

      hang in there.

      If u gey too fixed on the updates or expects changes by the day you will wear yourself out in frustration..

      If the information in

    2. If the information in the blog resonates with you.. take it as is ... progress report..

      They r doing whatever they feel they need to do... weather we fedup of conditions or not...
      They got information we lack. So it would b foolish to think they will just change their plans because of our scattered moods.

      If u wish to provide ideas do so but remembee to include more than wishes n desires..

    3. Wishes and desires are all I have LEFT, Dragon.

      See, the things I need to get MY happiness is direct, physical ET go with them, to travel the stars with them, to learn from them, to be finally give the chance to get my body changed to that of a woman (to match the woman, inside me, the REAL me, who is screaming and begging to come real), to be given the life span of the aliens(80-100 years is not enough, not to me), and to physically step foot on an alien see the locals...and find my REAL home has never, EVER felt like home to me...more of a pilgrim in hostile, unholy land. All my eggs are being put into the ET contact basket...when I can have ET contact, THEN all shall fall into place for me.


    4. @Shermen Potter Don't let anyone silence you. To me, you're a breath of fresh air, and exactly what this blog needs. I, too, desperately need physical ET contact, so that I can be rid of my health issues and have my targetting dealt with.

      Thank you for speaking what so many of us here feel. If we keep putting the pressure, maybe we will finally receive contact soon.

    5. So is tgat what i did..silence him..?


      Great example there psyhedelic...

      If your idea of pushing for liberation is to display how weak we think and feel we are at a constant trend is actually helping.. think again kid..

      One thing is informing of our situation. guess what they already know.. and if there is a need for more feeback they have provided a platform to provide such.. remember the pfc webpage to provide feedback... pergaps he could formulate his observations in a more diplomatic matter other than insulting those that supposedly you seek that will listen

      If your idea of making a diference is supporting the approach you propose think again.

      You have spent some time here to know whining doesnt help...

      In addition... the fact that you choose to stay stuck or not in a mindset does not mean is fair to for other to linger in the same state of mind... or be trapped in it... he can choose either one... i will present my perspecrive.. if that helps him to view the world different ...then i done my job.

      we all have challenges in our lives... the world knows it.. pikachu knows it... no point in pounding the same drum to death imho.

      Either we come up with solution n support or we live exactly like the archon wants us to live.. feeling hopeless.. disempowered...

      You choose your role... he will grow to choose his... I will voice my perpective when i see someone hitting walls... and hurting their knucklea at it.

      If anyones comfort zone is to look outside for their daily solutions and blames ... it doesnt mean is the only fit for the rest.. some may just need some clarification some different views to grow out of a state of mind... n our world is alL about perception...

      What i do is not shut people up... i try to advise... i did that with you just as i am doing with him... he has a choice just as you do...

      You may feel please his view resemble your comfort zone... is it fair for him tovbe in it?
      Is that the right approach...
      At least give the kid alternatives and if u could comfort him bring ease on his worry that is accomolishong a whole lot more than pushing to feed on anger n blames...

      i have been there.... and if i could assist someone skip that turmoil state a little than i feel i done my job.. is all his choice...

      We need to grow up fast...
      you as an awaken individual need to step up kid.

      We spend way too much time displaying how weak we feel and e are...
      So much... we believe it...

  38. There is much to …….! Let's do it!

  39. I feel an know that all beings of light, the lightforces do all they can to solve the situation in the best way for the liberation of the earth and humanity. I think we on earth do not have an idea how hard and difficult these operations are. Thank you to all our helpers, the galactic federation, the ashtar command and all light beings who work for us.
    Love, light and consciousness - Victory of the light :-)

    1. @Aoween Hmmm, yeah, hard and difficult with all those instant health-regenerating medbeds and interstellar travel capabilities. Poor Light Forces, they have it so bad compared to us....

    2. 'I think we on earth do not have an idea how hard and difficult these operations are.'

      I bet it goes both ways and we will look at each other after the event and say "Whoa, thats what they were up against. How did they do it?". Most wouldnt even believe my stories, even I have had trouble with them, and they are mild summaries that are difficult to put into words.

  40. Just passing it on with love.

    Affirmation of Cleaning Care and Healing. By Divinity .

    We have received a request from Commander Ashtar to tell all Lightworkers and Warriors of Light to continue making the statement every day, if possible more than once a day. This will help trigger the Event.

    Mass meditations for the same underlying affirmation will be of great help, it is possible to create groups for this purpose, the moment in which doing this meditation and affirmation is not fundamental, the number of people making the statement together can still make the difference .

    Love and Light!
    Acceptance of the Purple Orb Energy

    Before accepting the Energy of the Purple Orb you need to take root by taking three deep breaths and imagining you are a great big oak with your roots going from your feet to the center of Gaia (Mother Earth).

    To activate the Orb, it is enough to say "I accept the Energy placed on top of my head", simultaneously extending the same, to all the members of your family.
    The Affirmation of Cleaning Care and Healing
    I intend being Infinite Awareness
    I intend to be Infinite Love
    I intend to be infinite wisdom
    I intend being Infinite Magic
    I am grateful to have been completely healed.
    Thank you, Universe, to Fill, Clean and Protect my Being, Home and Family with: The Central Sun Energies, the Lion Gate Energies, the Aquarians of the Aquarius Gate, the White Light of the Holy Spirit, the Angelic Fire of the Dragon, the Sacred Angelic Fire, the Silver Violet Flame of Venus, the Golden Violet Flame, the White Light Silver Golden (Energy of Light that conveys knowledge and wisdom of the higher realms) and the Energy of Healing of Gaia in every thought, word, action and feeling that I've ever had, I'm having and will have.
    I invoke the Holy Rope of Light in the Heart of Creation
    I invoke the golden ray of Christ
    I invoke the Crystalline Consciousness
    I invoke the Silver, Purple, White Light.
    Universe, I want to do my part,
    Today I come to present you a petition
    I want to be completely protected, I do not want energy-frequency weapons to work.
    I invoke the Sacred Fire, the Sacred Flame and the Holy Light in the artificial intelligence virus.
    I intend the artificial intelligence virus is filled with all the Sacred Fire, the Holy Light, the Holy Flame.
    I intend these, and all the viruses and etheric weapons are filled with Sacred Fire, Sacred Light, Holy Flame.
    I intend that all the Holy Energies, the Flame and the Light are put into artificial intelligence, ethereal weapons, dark entities, frequencies and viruses.
    I mean, I invoke, I reaffirm that all the Sacred Energies permeate the artificial intelligence virus, the Etheric weapons, the Frequencies and the Dark Entities.

    So be it, so be it, so be it,

    So it will be.

  41. Three Important Points To Know
    Three Important Points To Know - Ashtar. By Gabriel RL .

    Greetings, family! It's nice to be here again.

    How are you? Are you noticing how you are coping with the new frequencies that come to you every day?

    I just want to tell you briefly. You see, all these high frequencies that have arrived, you have worked on three fundamental points.

    So that you can believe more in yourself and outside the schemes that have been imposed on you for a long time. Do you understand that?

    More self-confidence, more ability to follow what you really want and believe to be the best for you.

    Greater harmony with your innate power, no matter what they say, no matter what threats; you will not shrink back because you are in possession of your power.

    This is too big, my dear!

    Furthermore, this self-confidence is reverberated to the point that others will follow. Are you tired of being denigrated, dodged? Here is the point where everything changes. Allow only these frequencies to help you.
    Focus / Concentration
    You are increasing your power of concentration and concentration.

    The old frequencies, for eons, have deprived you of this high capacity for concentration and to have a goal, a focus on a goal.

    For a long time you have walked round! Now, oh! ... Now you have an allied reference point in a superconcentration.

    Did you notice that now you can connect with your inner divinity much quicker than before?

    At least most of you, yes, because these new frequencies entering the Shan (the Earth) simply provide this.

    And once again, you are an example to others, because they see you, they analyze and ask themselves, "How do they do?" And then: "If they can, I can too!"
    Here is a very important point: if you really want to do something, if you trust yourself, focus and focus on something, you need discipline.

    Dear Gabriel, take me from the Internet: what is the discipline?

    "Discipline -. Female noun
    1.1 The set of rules that regulate the life of a community, spec. religious, scholastic, military; the observance without reserve of such norms ...
    1. 2. Domain of own instincts, impulses, desires, pursued with effort and sacrifice; voluntary submission. "

    We update all this:


    A set of particular inner qualities that maintain the deep connection with your personal divine will, combined with a focus and tuned primordial determinations with the original and loving source that ensures uninterrupted a POWERFUL WILL AND DETERMINED TO FOLLOW CONTINUOUSLY.

    My dear, with this you are more than unbeatable, unstoppable, inviolable.
    All these powerful frequencies that are coming to you have determined, in particular, these three very important points for the next movements you will meet.

    I do not want to scare you and I will not, but I want you to know that many people on your planet will need your collaboration, both physically and spiritually.

    Gaia needs to make her adjustments and necessarily some moves occur for the liberations of old chariots.

    The plate tectonic adjustments are taking place and a little more will occur, but all of this is monitored by our fleets.

    Know that we too need help, especially yours, that you read this message of mine.

    For this, be determined in your self-confidence to convince yourself that you are important in this process of updating an entire system, knowing that everything will be better and wonderful for a complete paradigm shift.

    And for this it is necessary to concentrate and concentrate on all the tasks, whether it is physical and / or spiritual assistance to many who will look for them.

    And, of course, discipline. DISCIPLINE. Be open to new frequencies for all that is happening to you, whatever it is, you will need these three points that I mentioned, are very active and, of course, all of them are connected with your Divine Faith.

  42. Empathic Being of Gratitude | The Team via Peggy Black

    Message from the ‘Team’
    Empathic Being of Gratitude
    Peggy Black and the ‘team’

    We are here honoring you and also inviting you to honor yourself. It is a simple practice, yet we assure you when you truly begin to honor and appreciate who you are, both as a physical being and a vibrational being of energy, your life will shift in amazing ways.

    Your world exists because of vibrations and frequencies. When you clearly understand that you are responsible for the vibrations and frequencies you offer to your world, you will become the master you are meant to be.

    Empathy is one of your many gifts as a divine being. It is a superpower, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. We have observed that most humans have learned to suppress or repress this ability. There might be a select few in your life with whom you feel safe in sharing your feelings as well as allowing yourself to feel theirs.

    Realize that you are always reading energy; this is done on such a subtle level you are usually not aware of it. Being empathic is who you are. You are a vibrational being feeling the vibrations of others. Most feelings are communicated silently through vibrations alone. You feel them, however you might not recognize or acknowledge what you have picked up. Often when you do feel some vibrations/emotions, you dismiss, ignore, distract yourself or even deny what you are experiencing.

    We understand that when you realize you are connected to the entire energy field of this planet and all those dwelling here, it can be challenging. So we are inviting you to begin with some simple yet personal expressions that will open the door to your power and honor your gift of empathy as well.

    Everyone has an energy signature that is created by their thoughts and beliefs as well as by emotions felt and expressed or felt and repressed. Their energy signature is always interfacing with those they encounter each day. When two people pass on the street or in the marketplace, there is always an exchange of energy. It is how ideas, beliefs, thoughts and emotional vibrations are exchanged. It is an energy transmission.

    This exchange can often trigger some unconscious beliefs, insecurities, or repressed emotions. When this occurs, your mood or behavior will shift. This exchange can also offer the experience of elevating your state of mind and mood.

    Either way it is important to remember to simply state, “All energy that does not belong to me I send back blessed and transformed. All energy I have sent forth, I call back blessed and transformed, and integrate it with grace and ease.” This is the same as washing your hands when they are soiled. No judgment, no issue, no story; it is simply and powerfully transforming misqualified energy. If the exchange was loving, pleasant, informative, sending it back blessed and transformed elevates its positive action.

    This conscious action is literally offering blessings of grace to everyone you encounter. It is also adding blessed and transformed vibrations to another’s field. This action is healing for all.

    You are in control of your personal energy signature. You might begin to play with and practice offering an uplifting signature. Your core energy or vibration as a divine being is the frequency of love, joy, gratitude and appreciation. So when you consciously begin to offer heartfelt appreciation, gratitude or joy for being alive and embodied, it feels good to you and to those you encounter. These are powerful coherent vibrations that imprint the quantum field. They are also broadcast to the empathic abilities of everyone. Others will always respond to your offerings of love, joy, gratitude and appreciation.

  43. con'd from previous post.

    These coherent vibrations/emotions guarantee an uplifting response from your reality. It is one thing to be thankful for material things in your life. True authentic gratitude will unlock the mysteries of fulfillment. Gratitude, appreciation and joy that you exist and get to play and expand in this hologame are among the highest frequencies you can offer.

    Expressing gratitude will free you up, will shift your daily reality in amazing ways. The frequency of gratitude also creates a vibration that will begin to attract all sorts of synchronistic events into your reality.

    Remember, everything in the quantum field is frequency and vibration. Genuine gratitude has a high vibrational or energy signature that is similar to unconditional love. When you are offering gratitude you begin to connect with this field in a profound manner. You begin to resonate or entrain with the language of the universe.

    When you express genuine gratitude for your life and blessings, you energetically open the universal doors to more of the blessings and goodness to flow to you and your affairs. The universe begins to connect with you through your empathic understanding. The universe speaks in the language of energy and vibrations. It speaks through synchronicities, “meaningful coincidences” which appear to have no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. Synchronicities trigger awareness. Begin to pay attention to all the hints from the universe that you are being guided to your highest and your best.

    Remember you cannot convince yourself to be grateful for something. Your gratitude must come as a true feeling of gratitude for what you are experiencing or witnessing in the moment. While it is good to appreciate the material things you have, we are speaking of a higher, more coherent feeling that shifts your consciousness. When you witness an act of kindness, or a beautiful sunrise or experience a loving action from someone important in your life, it moves you in an emotional manner. This is gratitude in its highest form.

    This level of gratitude is your power and your magic. It will attract and resonate with more incredible moments and experiences. This level of true gratitude will literally shift any reality.

    You become master of the vibrations you are offering to others and to the universe/quantum field. You know that others are empathic and you are uplifting their field simply by radiating a coherent emotion. You feel gratitude because you are meant to use your feelings/vibrations to heal others and help heal the consciousness of the planet.

    We invite you to remember that every moment of your life is holy. Be alive. Pay attention. You truly deserve the honor of your own awareness. Be in your gratitude and experience it fully.

    We are here to assist and support you in remembering your magnificence as an energy vibrating being of divine consciousness. Rest in your own knowing that we stand beside you in gratitude. We acknowledge you from our deepest level of this vibration. the ‘team’

    ©2018 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. Notice is given that the creation of videos by people other than the author, channel and scribe is prohibited. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, you credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.

    There are other inspirational channellers on this website too if you are so inspired to read.

    1. Thanks Philip....very inspiring.
      Blessings,Adami I Am ��

    2. Thanks, philip campion, for presenting us with these great reminders.
      Victory of the Light!

    3. Thanks, philip campion, for presenting us with these great reminders.
      Victory of the Light!


  44. We'll Be GLOWing in the dark

    From The Rose Bowl:


    I AM

  45. Force yourself to feel love peace and joy no matter your circumstances, and see what happens. Very few people will do this for their own reasons but the people who do, life becomes good despite the fact that whatever was creating trouble for you remains but becomes ineffective ( lack of better explanation using this medium) AND MEDITATE even for 5 minutes in your car while parked....

    1. Precisely, let us lead our collective selves to the land of infinite Love/Light!

    2. no need to force yourself to feel Love, peace and joy. Simply remember that these things are your essence.

      Probably not healthy to force yourself to feel anything. Let the emotions pass through you. Respect them, recognize them, bless them and say your good byes as they flow through you.


  46. EverGLOW

    Good Vibes.

    I AM


  47. Normally I wake up and lay in bed for a minute or two before my alarm starts and plays this song here.
    No matter if I'm on Early Shift or Late Shift. I don't need an Alarm for Night Shift :-)
    I just lay there until the song tells me to Get Up and Rise & Shine - and take a Shower.

    Today I "slept in" and was Still Dreaming when The Music Awakened me.

    Adventure Of A Lifetime

    I AM

  48. dark flailing increase. if we kill them we feed dark. on physical plane we must remove their financing and contain them. the rest is up to higher dimension consciousness.

  49. Saudi Arabia is going to chop the head off a woman activist. The same Saudi Arabia my country sells billions of dollars of weapons to help the Saudis commit genocide of the Yemen people. When can I join the resistance movement to stop these evil people? I'd gladly leave everything behind to stop them. I'd sacrifice everything, including my life to bring these people to justice. It is in my veins. But I'm sitting on the sidelines watching people's apathy.

    1. There are quite a few of us here on a ready-steady mode... hopefully the "go" comes as well. In the meantime, let's do our inner work so that we can be more useful when the action comes :)

    2. @Foxy Fiske Same here, man. I'd gladly do it, too. Even if it means not seeing my friends and girlfriend for a while, it's not like I can afford the money or have the health to see them now, anyway. Instead of suffering and doing nothing, I could be working with the Light Forces and helping them.

    3. Foxy, I hear you.

      I think many people are overwhelmed and also are simply fed mainstream news a lot.

      Canada recently tried to call out Saudi Arabia for their human rights violations and immediately Saudi Arabia started boycotting Canadian goods.

      Those who are awake are scared.

      But most are so mind programmed that they don't even know they have apathy.

      They are just trying to get through the day, pay their bills, have some down time (when they watch television, which keeps them in their "box.").

      Little by little the light is breaking through, though.

    4. Foxy Fiske@ I live in florida in the U.S. and our gov does this.



  51. Leaving The ‘Wait Club’ For The Event. Tolec & Maree Batchelor Join In - & Special 144k Lesson

    August 22, 2018

    The Unknown Lightwarrior

    I’ll be blunt & honest about one thing … The Event (and all the freedom that comes with it) will come like a thief in the night.

    Unexpected …

    Unannounced …

    … whether you’re ready or not.

    “Oh … but I am ready!”
    Oh yeah?!

    Well … are you ready to have your most dearly held beliefs & paradigms on ‘spirituality’ & understanding of energy ripped away from you, and replaced with a … let’s just say, a deeper level of reality?

    … no matter how ‘conscious’ you think you are?

    Are you ready to see your most dearly held cherished ideologies & your sense of self that is invested in these ideologies … both 3D political … sociological & cultural, not just spiritual … fall like a house of cards, and discover you’ve been lied to all your life?

    That you were living a lie.

    Is your current incarnational false persona/identity ready to be thrown in the washing machine of seeing its world collapse, with no clue of what’s next?

    Because we all know “how well” the false incarnation identity handles the unknown, right?!
    :- )

    1. dio-living the lie:


  52. You BETTER get ready for it, because the simple truth is;

    your internal wiring

    neural pathways

    sense of ‘self’

    cellular memories

    habitualized behavior, perceptions & reactions

    inability to see internally to notice what actually pisses some people off about you, etc ( … we've ALL been there :- )

    … are effectively entities that are PETRIFIED by the incoming Higher Self/True Self.

    Don’t think it’s all going to be “beeeauutiful” and love & light.

    Well … it will eventually. But only if you can MATCH the frequency of such a higher frequency world full of abundance, freedom, joy, and relationships that are not run – or destroyed by darkness.

    Your true identity can match this frequency, (and it already has).

    Your false incarnational self … can’t.

    So as the last in this series of episodes focused on MAKING the Event happen WITHIN you, to ironically FORCE it to occur externally … I’ll be having a serious chat with our special guests Tolec & Maree Batchelor about ‘leaving the wait club’, with critical & empowering clarity on things like:

    what’s really behind most people’s intense desire to wanting the Event now – (get ready for a ‘little’ shock).

    Blue Avians say “focus more within” … Discover the unspoken revelation of why they’re saying this. It’s a LOT more than just healing & uncovering your power.

    death, will occur for many, if there’re not ready enough. I’ll be discussing the 2 forms of death that may occur for many.

    how being lost in – or too invested in the phenomenology & ‘waiting for the latest intel’ in the hope of getting out of jail … is the new drug, for the awake & aware world. And how the Higher-Dimensional beings are concerned about this.

    seeing your way out of the spiritual healing jungle

    actualizing the God within, and actually DOING

    stop playing the waiting game, and do better in life

    being happy & stronger BEFORE the Event

    clarity on the old saying: "The Gods Help Those Who Know They're Gods"

    what are the biggest blocks to this??

    restoring TRUST in thy SELF

    freeing yourself from the 'whens it gonna happen' ... the internal psy-op

    the ‘NO isolation & loneliness’ culture, here at Ground Crew Command :- )

    your True Identity is your only ticket out of jail. But do you know the cell door is open?

    learn how to ACTUALLY find YOUR true self.

    1. @unknown Sounds like another show where rich lightworkers talk shit about people who are suffering from major health conditions, poverty, and targetting, blaming them for not doing enough to make The Event happen. I don't need ro listen to a 2 or 3 hour show, or however long it is, to see where this is going.

      If I had my health back and money, then I'd gladly be elsewhere, and not venting my frustrations out on this blog. I intend to finally visit a Tachyon Healing Chamber this coming month for 5 sessions, but we'll see what that leads to.

      If the Higher Dimensional Beings are truly concerned how 'waiting for the latest intel' in the hope of getting out of jail is the new drug, then they'd be doing more to help us. Quit blaming the victims, and make it easy for us, for once, dammit!

    2. @psychedelicpiper

      This was NOT at all about blaming anyone for anything! I listened to this Blog Talk Radio show last night (before bedtime) hosted by the Unknown Lightwarrior. The discussion part lasted around 90 minutes, and it really resonated with me. They were discussing ways to free ourselves from the ‘waiting game’ so many are frustrated by... Basically by going within and talking to one’s higher self, using self-realization to determine how to make yourself stronger and happier BEFORE the Event...getting yourself cleared and healed, releasing all the crap accumulated over lifetimes that’s holding you back from being your true self, and raising your frequency to be prepared for the Event energies.
      When we are in a constant state of waiting and being sad/angry/frustrated that it hasn’t happened yet, we are dragging ourselves down, which is what the dark ones want and need to feed off us. We need to deny them that, to learn not to see every disappointment as a crippling catastrophe to us, but rather as just another bump in the road, and keep going. And when we see that we are being triggered by the dark to react in a way that lowers our vibration, to just say NO. Seek healing from an outside source if / when necessary, connect with others to help one another, but learn to trust in yourself first. I loved this statement by the Unknown Lightwarrior: The Gods help those who know they are Gods! The discussion was nothing less than a totally positive and uplifting message. Go within and manifest happiness for yourself in the now...which will be even better when the Event does happen.
      It was noted that this show would be available to download in a couple more days, for those guided to hear it again. I personally would recommend it to anyone struggling with ‘waiting’..😉😌


    3. I'm with Psychedelicpiper, manifesting with intention is not what it's portrayed to be. People who begin to think more positively and notice a difference in their life never had real problems to begin with. They were doing it to themselves. Ask anyone who was helped by therapy, they'll say something like "I blamed myself for my parent's divorce for years but I finally worked through it. Therapy is so great, you should go!" Or "It took years to realize how abusive my family was growing up." Wow good for you but your problem is you're a mental/spiritual infant. You were doing it to yourself. They act like everyone can fix their lives just by wishing it. It feels like being lectured by children. Let me show you what it is to have real problems, and be deeply affected by them, that's the key. Maybe they have cancer and a great deal of pain, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's affecting them on a deep level. I'm sure everyone can come up with some nasty SOUNDING problems, but I can tell by their attitude if they're really hurting.

      I went to a Tachyon Chamber. It's pretty cool, you can really feel it, like a calming electrical wind that goes THROUGH you. We need a lot more than this, but you may as well do what's available. Try to do as many sessions as possible. There is a permanent healing effect so it's worth it. It fades some in the following days, but I'm definitely changed.

    4. 'Blue Avians say “focus more within” '

      The blue avians existence is questionable. According to CoBra there is a central civilization. According to others they are birdlike humanoids.

      'how being lost in – or too invested in the phenomenology & ‘waiting for the latest intel’ in the hope of getting out of jail … is the new drug, for the awake & aware world. And how the Higher-Dimensional beings are concerned about this.'

      A lot of these people dont know what to do. They are probably doing a lot of work out of body while they 'sleep', but in the physical, things are 'complicated'. Thank you for posting unknown.

    5. The Blue Avians are definitely the Central Civilization. Cobra says they've also been called the Wingmakers. He's mentioned many times they have planet sized (and larger) sphere ships positioned all around the solar system adjusting energy coming from the sun and galactic center, just like the Avians. He says they put the moon in place. Corey says they're the Ancient Builder race who made stuff around the solar system billions of years ago, so that matches too.

      This article shows the size and location of Central Civilization ships. If that's not the "Sphere Being Alliance" then I don't know what is!

      My friend discovered another interesting Avian parallel. He was telling someone about the Avian's message as per the Law of One. The person said "that sounds like the Hermetic Principles." My friend looked up more about that, Hermes was of course the WINGED messenger and is sometimes portrayed as a full bird-person, not just winged shoes.

    6. I LOVE Blue Avians :) On a more pragmatic side, if we have insects bugging us, we really need birds! Please come Blue Avians, we have some really dishy spiders for you here :)) Yummyyyy...

  53. The No Longer Dormant 144,000 Juggernaut

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    Important fundamentals coming your way, that will finally explain to you how we can get MUCH better traction, as far as the collective attempts to liberate the planet (PER OUR SOUL MISSION).

    So hold on to your crystals … lots of cool stuff coming your way that will BOLSTER your resolve & love for your soul mission here no matter WHAT you’re going through right now …

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    The Unknown Lightwarrior

    1. Please check your hyperlink for www.lettersfromthe as it incorrect :)

    2. The above link is wrong, it should be

      and it redirect to the following site :-

      Not sure whether this is purposely done.

  54. I have to admit that amongst all this Up/Down etc etc one thing has stuck with me over the last year or two and especially 2018....Cobra mentioned that as time rolls on many tidbits/partial disclosure narratives/disclosure snacks/tech advancements will be visible in Mainstream media....i have seen a lot of evidence of this...and not just in a "join the dots" or "correlation"vein...just straight up....anyone else?

    1. Yep, I've noticed this as well myself. Which is why I consider cobra a good source of information/Intel.

  55. Hi Cobra,

    Do spiders from Mars that Tony Rodriguez describes in his interview with dr. Michael Salla have something to do with chimera?

    I would appreciate if your sources could provide some more info:
    - are the spiders artificial/mechanic or organic?
    - what is going on in Mars? Are the stations Rodriguez describes cabal's SSP? If yes, why are the in war with spiders?
    - Are there also good spiders?
    - I was surprised with the "dream state" Rodriguez had with them and how they knew his memories… How come?
    - Haven't your sources said that all other planets have been cleaned already?
    - The Ashtar C. link that you have provided says that we will be going to Mars en masse. Why and how?

    All this being said, I meditate and send loads of light on Mars regularly...
    Thank you very much for any info :)

    Victory to the Light!
    Victory to the Light!
    Victory to the Light!

    1. David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

    2. More questions keep popping so I'll park them here :)
      Thank you in advance Cobra if you have any info on this...
      - how long is the life span of the insectoids that have built this "matrix"
      - what's their relationship to Baphomet, fallen angels and other creatures that try to eat and/or rule humans?

      Having asked all that, I bow to Light Forces that came here to help us. Thank you Pleadeans, thank you RM, thank you Ashtar, thank you Arcturians, thank you Agartha, thank you Galactic Federation… I have no words to tell you how much we need you and - now. We'll do our meditations in abundance and you… please be fast :)

      Victory to the Light

    3. I believe the chimaira were from the andromeda galaxy. How much interaction they had with mars I cant say.

    4. Also look up the spider mastermind from the old doom games, which took place on mars, phobos, deimos, and earth. They have everything from cern, demons, possessed soldiers, doom33 references, and all back in the 1990s.

    5. Thank you David Chicago, you are such a resourceful guy! :)

    6. Thank you LighthouseSouth and Rainbow Warrior.

  56. Off subject..Since when did social networks start asking for copies of your drivers license ? I was on my email for the first time in a very long time.. I found a special invitation on my LinkedIn account that I haven't been on in years.. I went to sign in and they told me I needed to update and change my password.. but for security reasons they needed my driver's license picture front and back I'm on many networks LinkedIn was boring but I've never been asked for my driver's license before.. that's just too much information to give out for a social network.

  57. (WestCoastUSMegan and Z16 gave a good enough explanation ... they figured well...

  58. ...
    Então, isso pode propiciar discursos terrificantes que vão falar-lhes de Julgamento Final, de Apocalipse, de destruições colossais.

    Vão falar-lhes da necessidade de se protegerem, de acender velas, de previsão de alimento, um período, de qualquer forma, terrível.

    Ele é terrível, o período, mas ele é terrível para o ego.

    Ele é terrível para a pequena pessoa como para aqueles que já abriram uma das Coroas, isso vai ser um estado de êxtase absolutamente incrível onde as experiências que alguns de vocês vivenciaram a certos momentos (durante seus alinhamentos, durante seus trabalhos de meditação, durante momentos muito precisos), vão encontrar ao que vocês acederam, de maneira multiplicada.

    Isso vai ocorrer, precisamente, a partir do primeiro dia do desdobramento da Luz Metatrônica, exceto para os mais adiantados de vocês.

    Então, é claro, ao nível coletivo, vocês entram em cheio na irrupção das outras Dimensões em sua Dimensão.

    Isso passa, também, pela generalização das observações do que vocês chamam de extraterrestres.

    Isso vai passar, também, pela revelação, em seus céus, do aparecimento de Embarcações Multidimensionais gigantescas em seus céus, mesmo à distância.

    Então, certo número de elementos está, atualmente, preparado.

    Se vocês querem saber o que isso será, olhem os vulcões, olhem as águas que invadem tudo, olhem a Terra, em sua 3ª Dimensão, que se rasga para deixar o Fogo do Espírito, seu próprio Fogo, aparecer.

    Vocês irão viver, exatamente, isso, em vocês, se vocês aceitam (durante esses momentos finais, tais como foram descritos), esta etapa final que dura certo tempo: o Fogo do Batismo da Ressurreição, ou seja, sua Transfiguração e, para alguns de vocês, sua Ressurreição, quer dizer que naquele momento, não haverá mais freio para o acesso à sua Multidimensionalidade.

    O Corpo de Estado de Ser revelar-se-á, em toda sua percepção, na Consciência, aqui, que vocês têm no corpo que vocês habitam.

    Vocês irão, literalmente, viver o Fogo, em seu lado o mais espiritual, o mais Vibratório e o mais maravilhoso que for possível....

  59. Was just wondering if anyone can remember Cobra commenting / answering questions, regarding the Hale Bopp comet of the mid 90s.

    Was this really a comet as stated by the mainstream media at the time? Or was it a reptilian/draco ship? I think I can remember Alex Collier saying it was reputed to have "changed direction" a few times on its course through the Solar System. Was this in connection with the 1996 archon invasion?

  60. Caro COBRA.

    1. "Chegam os Dragões Elevados!"

    2. "Chegam os Dragões Elevados! Reverso também chega. Protocolos especiais ativados para superações."
    Fonte: PVSE/SdE.

    Vitória da Luz.

  61. This is almost like I am getting cursed for lack of a better term. My father has endstage dementia. Constantly cursing at me and telling me how much he hates me. I was living in his home to take care of him which he made impossible and he is throwing me out of his house with no place for me to live. Please pray for me to find a loving place to live. and my pets.