Saturday, September 1, 2018




    "With the term vitriol (from medieval Latin vitri├▓lum ) [2] in hermetic alchemy , reference is made to various vitreous , particularly strong and acidic materials such as vitriol , sulfuric acid , or other metallic sulphate , used for example as a mixture of sympathy powder .

    On the metaphorical level it actually indicates the alchemic procedure of the Great Work , which consists in dissolving the person's hardest and most selfish aspects , as well as the grosser physical elements, to reassemble them in a noble form and reach the realization of the philosopher 's stone.

    The term also comes as an acronym , VITRIOL, formed from the first letters of a famous Rosicrucian motto , [3] first appeared in the 16th century work of the alchemist Basilio Valentino , Azoth , expressed in Latin : « Visit Interiora Terrae, Rectifying Invenies Occultum Lapidem ", which means" Visit the interior of the earth, working with rectitude you will find the hidden stone ". The phrase continued sometimes with the words Veram Medicinam , to indicate that the stone is also the "true remedy " for any disease in this case the acronym became VITRIOLUM.

    To this end it was necessary an acid such as vitriol, able to dissolve even the hardest stone and cause the most radical transformations."

    1. nice meaning vitriol and acronym.... both cases refer to positive scenarios. i'm ready to go to the RM

  2. I had some vitriol get cleared I cussed out a bunch of people nurses and everything
    cruel and bitter criticism.
    "her mother's sudden gush of fury and vitriol"