Tuesday, September 18, 2018

504 Omega sequence initialized


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    1. i agree. in fact the Event is NOW

      We are the Ones we've been waiting for.

      Shout outs to RM, LF and GF but im a Hood Nigga who Doesnt Give a Fuck and I AM removing all the fascists with or without yall...



  2. Does it refer to Operation Omega Pheonix?
    or cleaning the Omega Grid?



    1. So 6:54 PM PST on 22nd ? LA time

    2. Basically you just have to click here and you will see the exact time for your time zone


    3. Nice idea !
      Yes, "Unknown,"
      it would be 6:54 pm Saturday Sept 22, "LA Time"...

      This is Saturday Sept 22, 7:54 pm in Denver
      It would be 8:54 pm in Chicago - Minneapolis.
      It would be 9:54 pm in New York - Washington- Miami

  4. Cool - that seems to have an air of finality to it !!!!

  5. https://2012portal.blogspot.com/2012/12/theomega-grid-tacticalreadiness-of.html

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  7. Never mind, scratch my last post. This is referring to the Omega Grid.

  8. OMG how exciting!!! I feel like I should be doing something more than normal meditation. Interesting this occurred after Trump releasing redacted Fisa memo. Love to light workers, dont give up now!!❤ VOTL!!!

    1. I just wanna go with the aliens and get my body changed to what it should have been.

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    1. I AM indeed. Lets BE and END THIS SYSTEM ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!



  10. I don't know what it means,but I hope that event and disclousure will be soon.

    1. Yes, these days are growing unbearable... at least for me.

    2. i just got hit with something that really set the record straight on who my friends are. a wave that made me wanna purge and suddenly my roommate is losing her fuckin mind. guess im glad i aint gotta worry about losing my place.


  12. Something has changed in the energy. Physical reality is linking up too. WHETHER THIS BLOG IS REAL OR NOT THE REALITY IS HAPPENING TO YOU! The reality is happening to you not the external source. Find out whats moving right now as the energy has not been this way and is love. Gaias body opening.


    1. the entities we are all fighting right now are nearly the purest form of evil. they've created these other vile things which float through the air and are invisible to humans. these vile things (reptilian) will approach a target and communicate to the target in the same way as a friend. when the target accepts communication, the vile thing will invade the target and cause the target to experience disgusting thoughts, or disrupt the awesome thoughts helpful to our collective cause. these vile entities can also short circuit key meridians leaving the target bedridden and can create thoughts which cause havoc in relationships.

      if anybody out there has experiences similar to talking to yourself where you are "imagining" a friend approaching you for a favor or to get rowdy, force the "friend" to identify him/herself so that you don't get one of these vile reptilian entities to ruin your pure thoughts (and our collective journey).

    2. @Unknown,
      'if anybody out there has experiences similar to talking to yourself where you are "imagining" a friend approaching you for a favor or to get rowdy, force the "friend" to identify him/herself so that you don't get one of these vile reptilian entities to ruin your pure thoughts (and our collective journey).'

      Everyday for twenty years.

    3. it's a very difficult situation, I know. recently, I got the tachyon generating pendant along with tachyon water and those helped out a bit. but overall, a very difficult situation. my best hunch is that help for everyone is on the way.

  13. Wiii, Omega?!? Yes, yes, yes!!!
    I am sure there are many more letters in the alphabet of the Light Forces, but if Omega is the last blow I wish you hit them really hard. Let's finish this quarantine!
    We are ready for intergalactic coffees with our space siblings. Hallo family, mi casa es tu casa! In the meantime I anchor Light and do my meditations, but at the moment I admit my smile goes all around my head.
    Victory to the Light!!!

    1. I pray this is the last hit/obstacle...i have serious suicideplans, for now....if the event not happens this year..it ..i can say it millions of times..it MUST happen right now. We all are totally fed up....tired..sick, because of the endless wait for the event, which seemingly never comes. I will experience the event in good healthy condition...not exhausted..alive..i want experience it right now...alive. So, please no more endless delays/operations, before the event happens..its ENOUGH NOW! And enough is enough. Please bring on the EVENT now! No endless meditations anymore.....Bring on the event now!

    2. giving into that fear and suicidal thought is exactly what will hold you here on this planet in the negative timeline.

    3. please, stay alive! ... We gonna all together reach it!

      And please look good to yourself! Get professional Help because of your serious planning.... don't do it! Stay alive!!

  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcvSVS8f77Q

    Michael, conduza tudo com fé, amor e justiça divina !

  15. http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2012/12/theomega-grid-tacticalreadiness-of.html

    Are light forces finally ready to take down the Omega Grid?

    1. Thank you very much for sharing Steven, in this case it is even better than I thought. All is falling into place :)))

    2. Thanks Steven. I'd forgotten about the Omega Grid. Talk about synchronicity, today I was watching a film called The Box. Yes, a square, black box with a button. A mysterious visitor asks the recipients of the box if they want to push the button. Won't spoil the outcome but there are a sequence of events from agreeing to push the button. How weird is that? It turns out to be a Weinstein film. Looks like they are trying to give us certain truths.

    3. I have not seen The Box but I have already noticed that some Weinstein cartoons are whistleblowing and I personally thank him for that. For example "Escape from Planet Earth" is about what happens in Area 51 where ETs produce technologies that the Cabal is selling us. Also, it is an anti-pedo anti-cannibalism and pro-family cartoon. I highly appreciate the fact that my children have something reasonable to look at. Moreover, in the intro they turn the M6 logo into W9.
      More than a year ago I have concluded that Weinstein is a relatively good guy and got an idea that they will take him down for his whistleblowing. And they did. I am still on his side though… It feels kinda stupid to watch how the satanic cannibalistic pedophiles in charge of media are taking down an ordinary womanizer…

    4. Lighthouse South: Weinstein is WAY PAST being an ordinary womanizer. But surely you know that.
      He is facing criminal charges.


  16. MASSIVE PLANET****VERY VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO****PLEASE SHARE***This was taken today on September 9, 10:58 AM Salem, Indiana. It is in our sky and it is MASSIVE AND IT IS NOT ALONE!!!!! ...pictures are on my timeline https://www.facebook.com/maria.g.hill/videos/10217240678074405/

    1. Some look like the 'ships' that I have seen before. Some I am not sure about. Thank you.

    2. Is the egg shaped object in video the huge sun looking object? I assume it is surrounded by ships.

    3. Ahoj Karle.
      Hovoris cesky? Odkud pochazis?
      Ano, videla jsem video hned prvni den.
      Zdravim te.
      Love and peace.

  17. I uploaded some of my old art on my google account. Some of it is a little weird, but most always liked it. I think you can just click on my name and scroll down the page.

  18. "When the Omega Grid is taken care of, the Event will happen. I do not know yet when that will be. I will report about the situation as it unfolds" from Cobra blog

    1. So is this to energize or deactivate the omega grid? Is this the grid the pyramids make up or something different? Thanks!


  20. Omega... This seems to be the last... I like it!

  21. Dear COBRA ,

    Please have a special look for Brazil, we will have elections soon and the candidate who is in the front ( Jair Bolsonaro)is a murder, Nazi, homofobic, racist, sexist and favorable to many bad things. He preaches back to a medieval Christianity, chasing fag disdaining niggers and indians, favorable torture, use of weapons and brute force.
    The majority of the population is hopelessness of with politics and politicians, and a majority of fanatics evangelical, see in him a savior to moralize the country.
    In recent studies he was with a third of the electorate.
    People in Brazil seem bewitched for this man.
    Help us.



    2. Isso é uma piada?
      Não entende que os comunistas, socialistas são na verdade funcionários da Chimera ?
      Bolsonaro vai fazer a.ruptura da Cabala escura no Brasil, ele é detestável em suas atitudes mas é um mau necessário, caso não compreenda isso sinto muito pelo seu sofrimento no evento.
      Namastê !

      Faço uma oração pro seu eu superior acorda lo de vosso sono profundo.

      In english:
      This is a joke?
      Do not you understand that the communists, socialists, are actually employees of Chimera?
      Bolsonaro will make the rupture of the dark Cabala in Brazil, he is detestable in his attitudes but it is a necessary evil, in case he does not understand this I am sorry for his suffering in the event.

      I pray to your higher self to wake you from your deep sleep.

    3. I pray people could just explain things on here, as info to share, without calling others lairs because it does not fit with their information and ideas. This way, we can all learn from each other. I did not know about Brazil and am truly sorry. It looks like it will be one of the places that receives help the soonest After Africa maybe. God bless you. are creating freedom along with the Galactics, by co-operating and showing that we can, though we have very different backgrounds.The English political system is tearing others to shreds and forcing them to resign, like a continuous barrage of complaints about everything except what actually matters.

    4. Não consigo compreender como uma candidatura que ofendeu e ofende negros, mulheres, indígenas, homossexuais e a resistência ao regime militar tem vez e voz, e principalmente entre as pessoas que se autointitulam "imitadores de Cristo".

      Eu tento mas não consigo entender qual é a parte do discurso desse homem que os cristãos conseguem associar com o discurso de Jesus.

      Um homem que defende a tortura e fala em homenagear um coronel que introduzia ratos na vagina de mulheres e torturava crianças; que celebra o regime militar e fala que deveria acontecer de novo, e começar matando uns 30 mil ("se vão morrer inocentes, que morram, em toda guerra morrem inocentes"); que diz a uma mulher que não a estupra porque ela não merece - o que deixa implícito que, na visão dele, há mulheres que merecem ser estupradas; que diz que teve quatro filhos homens, mas na quinta deu uma "fraquejada" e veio uma mulher;

      Um homem que diz que seus filhos nunca se casariam com uma mulher negra porque foram bem educados: que filho gay é "falta de porrada"; que combate com unhas e dentes a descriminalização do aborto, mas diz que bandido bom é bandido morto - ou seja, o importante é nascer! Depois que nasce, se viver num ambiente totalmente miserável e desestruturado e virar bandido, aí pode morrer; mas se for um pobre esforçado, trabalhador, estudioso, também não pode ter acesso a cotas, tem que competir de igual pra igual, para entrar numa Universidade ou num concurso público, com quem estudou nas melhores escolas e fez os melhores cursos preparatórios. Afinal, cota é coisa pra vagabundo!

      Um homem que é claramente racista e preconceituoso ao dizer que não entraria num avião pilotado por um cotista, nem aceitaria ser operado por um médico cotista;
      Que diz que os Direitos Humanos deveriam ser jogados no lixo - só lembrando que são os Direitos Humanos que nos garantem a liberdade até mesmo de chamar de "mito" um lixo desses.

      Esse homem diz que irá governar para as maiorias (se referindo aos "brancos", heterossexuais, cristãos e "defensores da família tradicional brasileira"), mas quem quer governar para as maiorias deveria governar para os pobres!

      Jesus ensinava a defender os direitos dos pobres, das viúvas, dos marginalizados e esquecidos pela sociedade, e não há uma palavra no discurso de Bolsonaro que faça alusão a isso. Muito pelo contrário!

      Jesus não governaria como Bolsonaro, não! Não há amor no discurso desse homem, e cristãos deveriam praticar o amor que tanto pregam!

      Quando forem escolher um candidato, observem se ele tem preparo em conhecimento político e econômico pra governar um país - não é o caso de Bolsonaro; se ele, como governante, teve uma participação importante em projetos de lei - também não é o caso; se ele é realmente tão honesto quanto diz - me desculpem, mas também não é o caso. Pesquisem sobre o crescimento vertiginoso do patrimônio de Bolsonaro e seus filhos, sobre os parentes que ele colocou em cargos públicos, sobre os gastos dele com campanha usando dinheiro público e sobre a "doação" de 200 mil que recebeu da JBS, entre outras coisas.

    5. William,
      evil feeds on evil, seeing through this otica, evil necessary is nothing more than a negative action. I believe that lost is the person who believes that a president will change a whole federal manipulative constitution, surrounded by a majority of corrupt politicians, THE SYSTEM IS FAILED! What we can do individually is to pray and watch.

      o mal se alimenta do mal, vendo por essa otica, mal necessário nada mais é do que uma ação negativa.Creio que perdido esta a pessoa que acredita que um presidente irá mudar toda uma constituição federal manipuladora, cercado de uma maioria de politicos corruptos, o SISTEMA ESTA FALIDO! O que podemos fazer individualmente é orar e vigiar.

  22. Victory of the Light!!! ✨🙏🏼❤️🌈

  23. Very, very interesting new video by Allison Coe:
    I highly recommend watching :)

  24. Victory of the Light! Divine Intervention for the greater good on all levels and layers NOW ! SO IT IS

  25. Omega https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcvSVS8f77Q

  26. We need to use the electoral process to remove fascists and elect independent democratic socialists, greens, progressives and conscious libertarians. We the people need to lead, not the deep state. Thats called; democracy <3

    I AM building democratic socialism here there and everywhere. I love how the word "socialism" triggers something in you....interesting :-)

    Politics matters. Too many in this community, like Benjamin Fulford, have fallen for the lies and deceit of Trump Cult and co. Afrikans will NEVER compromise on ending European male supremacy and the borders designed to maintain this evil.

    Bernie 2020

    In Canada, I recommend we swiftly replace corporate liberals like Trudeau with NDP. Fascist conservatives cannot be trusted. An Orange-Green coalition like in BC can provide good model for Fed.

    We can work together to TAKE OVER Canadian State, adopt proportional representation, basic income guarantee, right to housing and commence a real and broad Truth and Reconciliation on ALL the War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. We are also building a United Americas for Peace and Justice. We will not allow our lives to be worked out behind closed doors. We the People are in COMMAND!

    Fascists like Harper, Trudeau and others within the State and in corporate sector need to be arrested/removed for their role in this satanic evil capitalist system. Those in deep state/civil society who know of these crimes yet are not doing anything must also be neutralized. We have waited enough. We demand MAAT NOW! FULL DISCLOSURE NOW!!

    I dont agree with Cobra that taxation is theft. Taxing the Rich for a basic income for all is JUSTICE!

    Until we see these infamous prosperity packages, the HARD LEFT will crush all thee fascists and expropriate the rich everywhere by any means necessary. Promise ;-)

    "What we want we'll Take!!"

    You've got your Plan. We've got ours. We will not sit idle while the 99% are exploited by greedy capitalists, alliance or fascist.


    Talk is cheap. The Time is NOW!


    1. Easy tiger! :) Let's use the right words. Canadiant politics are Not fascists. They suck, they do not deserve to lead the country but not fascists. And taxing the Rich, well I thought the same, untill my wife got promoted several times and finally her salary on paper looked great..well just on paper! Her income tax is almost 50%. She works her ass off, to sponsor people like you who are more than willing to "distribute", someone else wealth.. This is Communism! Believe me, I have lived in a Communist state, and you dont want to live in it. Yes, there should be basic living allowance that will keep people away from becoming homeless and desperate, but it should be Everyone's effort.

    2. left and right are not solutions.

      And we need to be like Star Trek....as in NO MONEY.

    3. Yes, exactly!
      The only working way.

    4. @Hope The Builder Actually, Benjamin Fulford's views on Trump are now exactly the same as Cobra's.

    5. @ Hope the Builder

      There is no democracy. Secret societies rule this world.
      Pls watch this clip... an excellent TV anchor Tim Russert has lost his life over showing that Skull and Bones rule US and the world. He has asked the same questions to Bush jr. and Kerry (both presidential nominees) and he got the same replies.
      I can't find a better clip so here is one... please take ONE minute of your time and take a look:

      You know, it's the old Roman saying: "Bread and games". When we play with left and right we are mostly unable to discern that both candidates work for the same handlers.
      What was the difference btw Bush and Obama foreign policy? None. Or that one that Obama started more wars and got a Peace Nobel Price. Looks good with his fake smile, that's why…
      Democracy, hahahaha!

      And greens? You would vote for greens?
      I would too if Soros has not financed them.

      In this constellation I would rather have a billionaire that has a bit more independence because he has money and army then NGOs financed by the evil ones…

      I have been a democrat and a green all my life long. Not any more. Now I judge individual candidates, do research and choose who to vote for regardless of left-right, communist-capitalist… these are all deceiving toys for the mind.

      Only meditation and lucidity are a good way out of the matrix


  27. "When the Omega Grid is taken care of, the Event will happen. I do not know yet when that will be. I will report about the situation as it unfolds."

    1. Then we learned of the exotic weapons of the chimaira, and that became the number one problem. The cabals omega grid sounds a lot like doom33, or something. That is why I am not sure what CoBras message to the resistance, '504 Omega sequence initialized', is actually about. The downed satellites were a good sign, but to me this is simply code that could mean a number of things.

    2. The event must happen within days now..not anymorelonger...or i take an overdosis sleepingpilss...barbiturates, to commit suicide.....its ENOUGH NOW! Me..the world is exploding literally/laterally, in violence....negativiti, right now, before our eyes. I even say now...or blow the whole planet up....our souls will be safed/rescued..and go to a higher world..OR, let the event happe right now..NO EXCUSES ANYMORE! I totally flipping out now, in anger..dissapointment....suffering..and all the unbearable hell we all experience.....or blow up the whole universe/planet..or initiate the event right now...NO EXCUSES! Its NOW...or...............N E V E R!!! Hope my message will be heard.

    3. @Unknown, I dont know who you are or what you are going through. You can look back through the comments at my experiences. I would recommend you to try to be as positive and well intentioned as you can, and try to connect with any beings of light, like the Pleiadians.

      You seem to be pushed to the edge right now, so anything that buys you time and distracts you, has value. Even bad things like tv, video games, junk food, etc, can have some value under the veil. For example, if I was attacked at night, I would burn some sage and pray or meditate, then watch 30 minutes of comedy on tv, or until I felt it was safe to try and go back to sleep. Over time the archons had less ability to harm me and I learned that I had abilities to use against them that I did not know about.

      I can tell you for a fact that the feelings of deep, heavy, hatred, and suffering is from a human mind and body interacting with the anomaly. It is not really you. When I was in my late teens, I fully immersed myself in the anomaly. I didnt understand what I was even doing, and it was really bad for a while. I had constant desire for death and worse.

      When you interact with one extreme, it can make the other extreme really stand out, like a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. One thing led to another and I started slowly growing and changing for the better.

  28. 504 has been hard-fought. 504=9. discernment says synchronicity potentials are rapidly building. surface d-day is now palpable. magic sword was a key end-stage turning point.

  29. 看来,上面的老板以前太保守了。想的过多。其实冒点风险也是非常值得的。我们都是久经考验的精英战士。不怕为战斗付出。请继续。千万不要再犹豫不决。谢谢所有战士的付出。我们现在应该更坚定立即解放地球和地球上万生万物的要求。决不向任何威胁妥协。我们就能赢。它们就怕我们不怕死,因为它们比我们更害怕被消灭到连灵魂都没有,它们非常清楚它们的业力。

    1. google translate:

      It seems that the boss above was too conservative. Think too much. In fact, taking risks is also very worthwhile. We are all tried and tested elite warriors. Not afraid to pay for the battle. please continue. Never hesitate. Thank you all the soldiers for their efforts. We should now be more determined to immediately liberate the requirements of the earth and all things on earth. Never compromise with any threat. We can win. They are afraid that we are not afraid of death, because they are more afraid than we are to be destroyed, even the soul, they are very clear about their karma.

    2. I am with you, though mixed motives.

  30. https://twitter.com/mikatnuotio9

  31. Well, we have been talking about removing or dissolving Omega gird since 7 yars.J don't know how many procents is this process advanced?

  32. May 4th 2014

    Project 501 Update

    Alpha timeline with HVBN until intersection has an increasing probability of p=0.9. Alternative beta timeline with sporadic YXRs, converging into possible LEVSF pivoting to next HVBN before intersection, has a decreasing probability of p=0.1 due to increased grid ratio.

    Beta strategies have been modulated.

    Intersection probability peak comes close to omega convergence point with an antarionid RM intersection which includes P501 and all hyperphasic intersections in the optimal sequence order. Alpha and beta timelines converge into one as we limit towards the omega convergence point.

  33. Thank you to every being in the universe that is fulfilled with love and desire for The Event!  :-)

    I recorded a Song called "Wake up Humanity". Feel free to listen, share, translate, cover and re-record it for free! The Song can you find on my YoutubeChannel (RomeoMovies82). There you also find a Song called " Blue Birds, Love & Free Will".

    If you are a Musician and Singer please do write and record Songs about Full Disclosure, Free Will, SSP an Cosmic Peace.

    So we could reach more peopels to get in touch with this mind blowing themes! Music and Singing has a high vibration to touch the heart and emotions to wake up more and more humans.

    Victory of the light

  34. https://www.disclosurenews.it/en/ascending-to-your-home-planet-allison-coe/

    Another of Allison Coe's clients describing the event. A LOT of this is very similar to how the event is described in the book The Crystal Stairs that Cobra mentioned a couple of months ago. I mean a lot of similarites.

    Also, the client says that group meditations CAN bring the event faster but a single person cannot affect the timing.

    Very cool read.

  35. Beloved Fellow Lightworkers, my joyful ancient family! Extreme gratitude, for all of your hard work and nonstop efforts to the Victory of the Light! We can feel it with every ounce of our being!
    “504 Omega sequence initialized”
    Please join me at sunset today in a (non-denominational) 25 hour fast, coupled with the world-wide magnification of Yom Kippur, in which we can all ask God for forgiveness of our sins here in this free-will duality, through our pure intentions and prayers.

    To shine our Light on the Goddess vortex of Syria, ancient Israel vortex, to clear the Omega grid; that operations continue in our favor, with minimal pain and sorrow, for The Ultimate Price has already been paid! I thank our kind Creator for the mercy afforded to us; for lifting the veil, for returning our sanctity and wisdom to us. Thank You Ascended Masters

    I am Jackie, Sisterhood of the Rose

    (Yom Kippur means “Day of Atonement.” Simply put, fasting is a vehicle for reflecting and repenting for your sins. ... (The period of repentance lasts from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur, where you seek forgiveness from people you have hurt, including yourself.)

    December 6, 2012
    “The only factor now preventing the Event is the Omega Grid.
    The Omega Grid is a small group of physical Archons within the black nobility families in Italy that have access to biochemical weapons through Jesuits controllers (which include Hans Peter Kolvenbach) that handle people within negative military worldwide that have access to biochemical weapons, of which chemical weapons are the most dangerous.
    They now hinder the progress of the Light forces by threatening to release chemical weapons in Syria. Chemical weapons in northern Syria add up to hundreds of tonnes, enough to kill hundreds of millions of people. Even with the direct intervention of the Galactic Confederation, casualities would be many. Northern Syria is the area of a very important energy vortex which triggered the rise of the Goddess conscious Halafian neolithic culture. The Cabal is controllng this vortex for the last 5500 years and not willing to let go, since it is one of the most important Goddess vortexes on the planet. The other vortex that the Cabal is controlling tightly is the Israel vortex, which holds the light key codes for Atlantis. This area was the first to be re-colonized after the fall of Atlantis and was the home of Natufian culture.”

    1. Well 2 get the Omega as Black Nobility. What timeline are we on if gamma as aborted?

    2. The Bible Was rewritten and misunderstood. Jesus's reference to sin/repentance just meant you missed the mark try again. He never actually threatened anyone with the wrath of God. There is lots of excellent material by Grad Braden on the essential parts missed out that would have helped us live decent and reasonably abundant lives. I don't want and cannot, you have the right to believe what you will but this fear of God, atonement )it means At oness, is a deliberate program and not from the divine. That's my view.

  36. In the next 40 days from September 18, 2018 - October 28, 2018 Liberation from Karmic Chains for the first- wavers, will start moving into the fourth density. Majority until the break·through (The Lifting of the Veil) with the "Wolf Moon" in January 2019.
    There is no twin flames reunion until you are free of karma and connected to your true self( higher-self) on the other side of the Veil.

    1. Hi YOYO. How do you know the event will happen early 2019?

    2. I took on all my familie's and soul group's stuff I am trapped.

    3. Well can they take mine as a favour, I made a bad mistake taking on lots of other people's and I am fading.

    4. Since Aug.26, the Spy Satellites went Down we are finally FREE. This is happening as planet is moving into new space in the galaxy, Earth magnetic grid is changing with entering realms of higher frequency.
      It takes 5 month on the 3D level to see the final result of this activity.
      The Pre- event started on March 19 in the 12 astrological sign(pisces) Sign ruler: Neptune (modern) Jupiter (ancient) which means completion. Sagittarius (♐) is the 9 astrological sign which means ending and new beginning. Ruling planet: Jupiter
      ring a bell - Jupiter Ascending
      Sidereal astrology
      Sagittarius (Dec 19 — Jan 19) - ascension begins
      Capricorn (Jan 20 — Feb 13) - become your trueself
      Number 10 means activated = 2019 without 20 is (1+9)=10
      The Weeknd - I Feel It Coming on January 19,20 with the moon in cancer(home).
      The solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, dubbed "The Great American Eclipse" was a total solar eclipse visible within a band that spanned the entire contiguous United States, passing from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts.
      This eclipse was the initiation for the changes happening right now. On January 2019 will be 17 month. Number 17 means victory.
      The few who will enter in position of power with this event will be able to do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING
      Let`s not mistaken the SOLAR FLASH EVENT that will happen around the Solar eclipse of April 8, 2024

    5. Interestingly, December 19th is my birthday.

  37. Dear COBRA.


    Victory. Victory. Victory of the Light!

  38. I’m not as hopefull about this update. To me, 504 Omega (ending) sequence initialized means that the 504 mission that was being modulated didn’t work and is in the process of being aborted, unfortunately.

    1. (tracking started ... on omega 504...

    2. That was I got also. Omega being not what was wanted. If Beta is gone something has to be in place,it feels very sensitive, Cobra is saying nothing.

    3. Better to get suicide, and go to heaven, than wait......for how much more years for an event, which will maybe never come..or maybe over 100000 years. No...i totally have given up this thing by now..im sorry. Enough is enough. In 2012 the event was supossed to happen...2013...2014..2015...2016..2017, and now, its 2018....Still typing..reading posts/comments here..and...Still...NOTHING! Im affraid....when its the year 3000...still no event. Yes, im sorry friends..but im totally flipping out now.....im totally suicidal....totally at the overend of my rope....i want leave this planet, as soon as its possible. Much love and light to you all, who have still patience left.

    4. Seriously dude get a grip, we are ALL waiting for this to happen.

      And it will happen, the energies on earth have changed remarkably in the last year alone.

      Leaving now is like waiting hours in line, then giving up just as you are getting to the end.

      You will be so pissed in heaven watching us down here chilling and bathing in loving energy....

  39. Thank you to all the light forces! I hope you guys felt my meditation of gratitude last night. I was amazed by the light shooting from my vogel wand!


    Victory of the Light!!! :) :) :)

  41. "The Omega Grid is a small group of physical Archons within the black nobility families in Italy that have access to biochemical weapons through Jesuits controllers (which include Hans Peter Kolvenbach) that handle people within negative military worldwide that have access to biochemical weapons, of which chemical weapons are the most dangerous:"

    Posted by POTUS @realdonaldtrump via Twitter:
    "Today, I took action to strengthen our Nation’s defenses against biological threats. For the first time in history, the Federal Government has a National Biodefense Strategy to address the FULL RANGE of biological threats!"

    Coincidence? Mathematically what are the chances? Cobra posts Omega sequence 1:55am Trump's tweet posted 2:21pm, after Cobra. Quite an amazing confirmation.

    1. I assumed there had been a lot of things not going well so switched timelines from gamma omega. Only a guess. What does Trump mean exactly though. He cant really let out the bio weapons without it all getting out?

  42. Im just gonna sum it up here https://youtu.be/Xf1S9U2ghrI
    💗💗💗😍😍😍😘😘😘 love everything

  43. Disregard that last one😂😂😂 take #omega https://youtu.be/Rpq35wyDi7I

  44. PURGE. that was HEAVY. big wave of something that made me wanna vomit then suddenly im being bombarded with complete nonsense!

    1. Totally agree, I minute filled with bliss and love for all, and then later depression and anxiety.Going inward in meditation has helped.

  45. Hi! There will be an unprecedented, very powerful eclipse on 12/26/2019 that will have the influence of 8 planets. Many say that this eclipse is the determining factor for the future of the planet and humanity ... does anyone know anything about this eclipse? Gratitude!! Victory of Light !!🕊🌎💗

  46. Fractal Worlds: https://youtu.be/QOAsxHlggmk

    If you can watch and visualize this, you will understand what many realms' fabric exists of. In Superstring Theory (M Theory), through quantum mechanics, to a field theory of eleven-dimensional supergravity. The many Strings which consist of our known dimension, unified to a four-dimensional spacetime, three spatial dimensions and one time dimension.

    "One notable feature of string theory and M-theory is that these theories require extra dimensions of spacetime for their mathematical consistency."

    When Length, Width, Depth, Time and Space; are defined from a higher perspective, it becomes; Volume, Planck Time and Distance. Our World Volume, or dimensional Brane, is one in a sea of Brane initial conditions and dimensions in the Omniverse.


    Therefore, transition your tethered 5 Senses (Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste, Hear), Eye of Ra depicts this, away and expand using the 6th Sense (Mind). This will allow for a transition into a higher perspective's sense.

    When I do this, I know I am there, when I see Stars and Lights in the Darkness of the Eyes Closed; Literally. Other senses, like shower white noise, aroma, meditation, and other mind expanding substances. Imagination, like a Daydream, leads you to venture the rift and divide between realms. This can also be seen within dreaming.

    You can be there, if you so choose. Other realms, such as Amduat, Amenti, Hell (Saturn Top), Heaven (4th Dimensional in general), and other places.

    There even exists Dragon Isles, the dream of flight, of The Elders of Thuban. We shared pictures, told stories, explained visualizations, spoke through Skype, and imagined together. That was the birth of the beautiful shining realm we shared as Thubans, The Dragon Isles.

    Establish a link, a desire, and go forward upon it. That is the passage of the mind.

    - Fates De Whynot

    1. String theory told me who done it, when they described it as being a ET managed virtual reality.I thought it as natural!

  47. Canadian Parliament 1st Mass Meditation, September 2017:



    "The guided meditation was led by Jon Kabat-Zinn, a major force behind the growing interest in mindfulness worldwide, and an internationally known meditation teacher."

    Canadian Parliament 2nd Mass Meditation, September 21, 2018:


  48. Getting Ready!!!❤️ Love and light to you all!!!❤️

  49. Mindblowing session from Alison Coe:

    Article, but not the video, translated in Dutch. I'll make a Dutch transcription. For me it is recognizable. I once shared with my female friend the observation of a kind of dead persons (our partners at the time), dead in an emotional way. I saw it with my previous partner when we were in a garden in the moonlight. Different from what I was used to see with humans. When you listen to Alison it could be very acceptable. And then many more people could have that experience.

    1. It is but not really different to that Ascension material channelled on his August. He said the plan as to remove a substantial part of the population.I was devastated as cannot get a high vibration now due to worse pain. I did loads of Judi Sartori's transmissions last night, I feel like I have been been beated up. Too much at once also. I grew a terror of being shipped out, with a load of people I cannot understand. I would not cause any bother just sit and lie down and meditate. said those that won't go will die. I aim am for the latter. It was very upsetting material really.Nobody has any idea, I know they won't listen. Then Wham. Families spit up.Where in the Universe would they all go, it is very overpopulated, and who will hive house space to the worst maybe of the worst planet.How will they support themselves and find a place to live. We complain about mass immigration, we understand part of the plan. Other planets will surely complain about Earth seeds taking their houses etc. Just seems ruthless,I don't want to witness it, i they don't try send me. The worse part Ashtar said 20 years, then "expect to live like this another 5 years. Odd people were not getting upset at that, unless they didn't read it. Thanks, I am not sure I want to know any more. I got complete bliss when my HS joined me it only happened about 3 times and I never connected with her again, I am trying hard to be as she would want me to be, bliss beyond any comprehension.

    2. With love, just be yourselve, only be yourselve the way you want to be. That's all that matters:) Much love.

    3. @Indi Fernandez, I am skeptical of channelings. If the removals happen I am certain you will not be one of them. The archons are spending a lot of resources to suppress you, that does not mean that you are incapable of reaching a high vibrational state.


  50. All Eyes On 144k Equinox Mass Meditation on 22nd/23rd Sept. MAKE The Mass Arrests Happen, Counter Equinox Dark Rituals

    September 19, 2018

    The Unknown Lightwarrior

    No show this week … for several good reasons I can’t speak about, except one … and that is the gathering & building up of our energies for another major confrontation during which our ‘partners in contrast’ will be doing heinous dark rituals on the 20th & the 23, (no citation provided, due to graphic details … and I refuse to link to such stuff from this sacred blog).

    So all our focus now has to be on the:

    144k Equinox Mass Meditation on 22nd/23rd of September

    Exact time & links for the official live broadcast & time-zones are below.


    Find out what YOU can do right here, right now...

    ....to help trigger The Event!

    A Lightworker’s focus must ‘primarily‘ be on the energetic battle & mass-transmutation ahead of us. That’s our assigned role. If you’re serious about making the Event happen ASAP … that’s the attitude & perspective to have.

    It’s ok to be disillusioned & or jaded. [Energetic/Spiritual] war can be like that.

    But I don’t need to tell you that ‘the big one’ is about to drop … if it hasn’t already … and the White Hats NEED our support!

    Here’s why … and here’s what they’re dealing with......

    The logistical challenges of:

    rounding-up the over 51,000 people named in the sealed indictments....

    nevermind the 1 million+ luciferians guilty of murder & pedophilia .....

    all the while doing their utmost to insure it goes smoothly, without significant outages in goods & services.....

    not to mention the still unactivated MK Ultra victims/super soldiers that haven’t been neutralized, and could be activated by the Cabal with a simple phone call and instructed to ‘run-amuck’ once the mass-arrests are triggered, (hint: mass shootings in every US city).

    and then there's dealing with up to 50% of the population FREAKING OUT when they start seeing the mass mobilization of law-enforcement & military in full riot-gear & battle-dress … thinking that Trump has finally triggered his “fascist take-over”. Courtesy of the Cabal [establishment/mainstream] media.

    plus God-knows what else the Cabal will trigger to make the Mass Arrests a complete disaster.

    … it's mind boggling....

    There’s LOT’S of moving pieces & MASS coordination of multiple law enforcement & government bodies the White Hats are wrestling with … to pull all this off, and because there’s so many people involved, it’s impossible to prevent leaks to the Cabal just before the shoe drops.

    And so from the comfort of our homes, we need to throw everything we've got into this week’s 144k Mass Meditation, to put Gaia & humanity on the timeline where:

    The mass arrests happen within the soonest possible time frame

    It all goes smoothly … with no disruptions to goods & services (which can de-stabilize things -just what the Cabal has been praying for).

    No mass shootings or demolition of power plants or water services occurs in any city, and all MK Ultra victims/super soldiers are found & neutralized.

    … and that it’s all over finally, and America liberated....which means the rest of the world too.

    As Corey Goode & Wilcock have been reporting … law-enforcement & military personnel have been practicing inside hangars & warehouses breaking down doors & interior building maneuvers & arrest procedures for over a year now.

    Careful what you wish for.

    You may just get it.

    I felt it very pertinent to include this old adage, because … if you think it’s rough now; wait till the Mass-Arrests!


    1. I know you and understand your role in the main. I do not agree the light workers main role is the mass arrests etc etc. If we do not improve our behaviour, however hard our life is, then you get some jerks (not all), helping arrest some more jerks. I sew this safely in the role of the resistance. Many of us need to heal, well all of us bar 972 aprox, and wake up. Then we can really help others, which is hat I believe we are here to do. Our own behaviour must be got under control.I have said before, I think we are in danger of creating too many meditations, there are so many, not many will go.We will achieve more by doing the big ones and doing the rest to try wake up, in quiet and stillness. Only my view I am fine with non agreements. I could be completely wrong.


  51. Everyone has been looking forward to the mass arrests, to the point where they can't focus on anything else.
    BUT …

    If one thing goes wrong during this massive process of sucking the poison out of the host’s body … it could easily spiral into a huge disaster that will make what we’re already going through now look like a walk in the park.

    I just want (and need) to make sure you & I are on the same page with what we’re dealing with here.

    This is not a message of fear (… though unresolved internal issues could interpret it that way).

    This is a heartfelt message & call-to-arms based on clinical realism … and shining our transmutational LIGHT on the possible negative timelines to transmute them out of existence.

    Timeline wars are VERY real. Gaia's timelines have been hijacked for the very last time.

    Installed in the year 1410, the giant outdoor clock in Prague is the world’s oldest astronomical clock still in operation.

    That’s the focus of this upcoming 144k Equinox Mass Meditation!

    Keep your powder dry … and get ready to stand your ground.

    …. because YOU'RE just as involved in this as the White Hats.

    To give you a taste of what it’ll be like during the mass arrests … There’ll be daily 144k mass meditations throughout the 3 to 14 day period … depending on how smoothly & orderly it all goes.

    So make sure you start stocking up on water & canned food, enough for 2 weeks, if you haven’t already. (This equals your vote to trigger this NOW.)

    As Alex Jones always says … “if you’re receiving this transmission, you ARE the Resistance”.

    I couldn’t agree more.

    There’s already been a delay

    ... with the ‘National Emergency Test Broadcast’ being delayed till Oct 3rd, from the original Sept 20th date.

    This just goes to show it’s up to us to shut-down any further delays & negative timelines to the mass arrests, through our energy work/mass meditations.


    144k 22nd/23rd of September Equinox Mass Meditation - Details

    Day: Saturday/Sunday

    Date: September 22 (23rd for most of the world, except the Americas).

    Time: 9:54 pm EDT (US) (the 144k will start at 9:15pm EDT)

    For your time zone, click here & scroll down to your city/town (alphabetically listed):


    At the time mentioned above (9:15 EDT, and the times listed in the link above), click this Ground Crew Command radio link to join the live broadcast of this 144k mass meditation … And I’ll see you there!


    Onwards to Victory, Freedom, and Love.

    The Unknown Lightwarrior


    1. We understand the seriousness; ironically the way toconnect with HS, or a way, is through joy,doing what you love; Many of us, due to our awful circumstances cannot, so it is a lot on those who can. I never think of mass arrests, not that I don'think they won't happen or don't mattter, I do. I don't think most of us focus on that, reading CEL, it is more any drop that we might interpret as invent tomorrow, has to be kept away from us by Cobra.. Something big is up, I can tell how quiet he has gone relatively. I cannot think above him, the Resistance and the Galactics, I am willing to take important strategic advice re the planet only from them. There are some wonderful high vibe meditations and transmisssions, activation that I think are mainly safe now. Judi Satori, the quality of the stuff she is giving out, if what is said about it is true. She has given out a technology that helps us stop being stuck re healing, as mos of us cannot raise our vibes enough to re-genesis. I would rather focus on that,keeping the corner of my eye on e know who. I can do nothing about the mass arrests,except trying to give out peace when I can. Peace seems to be the most important thing now. Namaste

  52. September Equinox Meditation
    Sunday / September 23, 2018
    1:54 am UTC

    "At the (Fall) equinox the Sun enters Libra, bringing energies of Justice, Balance, and reconciling opposites. / ... assisting us to take action, trying new different approaches and insights to / assist the healing process.”
    - Untwine

    “At this equinox, we have an opportunity to heal our core wounds/ ... reconciliation and forgiveness within. / Using this special planetary alignment to bring healing within all of us and humanity, forgiveness to self and others, will assist us to take action to connect with people and nature with a new different approach.”
    - We Love Mass Meditations



    1. Love and Forgiveness, radiating from within our I AM presence the peace we seek to see in the outside.... Yes, thank you all for all your heartfelt efforts in this unborn New <3

      Pearls of Love for EveryOne, edges of our hearts, lets wash them round....

    2. Hope to join all of you then, brothers and sisters (at Spring Equinox, in my case).🌹

  53. Gave an important paper on computer science to my mentor. I couldn't do it without the light forces support keeping my thoughts together. Thank you, thank you!

  54. The Event- White Pillar Of Light Group Meditation


    Scheduled for Sep 19, 2018 @ 9pm EST usa

  55. Cobra, if sexual union is important for twin flames and humanity in general...then the attacks happening to reproductive health care and birth control concern me. If war ends why should women put themselves at so much risk with no avenue to help them if something goes terribly wrong?

  56. Dear beloved Lightworkers,

    please if any of you feels treated unjust by other lightworkers forgive them immediately. It is easy to forgive "the ignorant" and more difficult to forgive those who should know and do better. Please do it anyway. If we great lightbeings are not able to be in peace with each other how can we expect anything from the rest of humanity? That may sound as if I think we are something better. No. I am just speaking from one player to another within a battlefield which I do not wish to be in. Right now it seems we have a certain task within a tiny fractal, that is all. I do not know what the yet "unawakened" will fulfill in the future.

    Let us just be aware that we all have spots left for healing. Let us be conscious that a fight between lightworkers is nothing personal. We are just being triggered and the only one that can do the healing is ourselves.

    Let us be friendly and encourage each other. It is not so important what exactly we do. We all try to do something meaningful. We all try to have an impact. We all do our best.

    Which counts is the flow of love we allow to move between us. Let us not be afraid. Let us be curious how the love feels.

    The motto for the New Time, where we will all be each others Lovers, is: "I am good, you are better."

    If we all do this, we will do little "fights" who loves more. "I love you more". "No I love you more".

    Can you feel this?

    Much love...

    "I am good, you are better.... I love you more..."

  57. Several times I have been thinking how meditation helps the Light Forces and the Resistance movement. The answer came to me as a comparison. If we imagine that the Earth and its surroundings are an obscure, dark space in which the dark beings lie, every time we meditate, we seem to burn a candle and bring the light in this space leaving no place for darkies to hide, and then for the Lightwarriors are much easier to accomplish their missions of liberating and purifying the Earth. It will happen anyway, but in a darkened space it will be longer and more complex. Let's continue to draw light into the planet's light grid with our meditations, accelerating the final victory of Light! Love and Light to all!

    1. @Jānis Mežeckis, I agree. Within yaldeboaths body is the earth and us. We are in the belly of the beast, figuratively and literally. When we reach very high energetic states en masse, that energy is multiplied exponentially. I believe the higher energy of the agarthans below us, and the pleiadians above us, sandwiches yaldeboath to the surface.

      With us doing our meditations, it is three points of dissolution, one above, one below, and one within. As we weaken yaldeboath from within it makes the light operations more effective.

  58. Like I read in the comments, are several dates for comming massmeditation comming.

    23.09.18, 3.15am CEST
    23.09.18, 3.54am CEST
    and every Sunday on 5pm CEST
    and some more.

    There are many groups which everyone has its own date and meditation-target. I seriously don't know which date and time is now right when so many peoples are saying different things. Im confused. Does all this groups not just can announced united and clearly which all dates are now fixed. Please let me know.thank you.

    victory of the light

    1. Therefore, we suggest doing a September Equinox Meditation at 1:54 AM UTC on Sunday, September 23rd.



  59. 17.9.2018


    Lidé Země, je čas, kdy vstupujete do podzimních dnů. Tento čas je velice zásadní, neboť mnozí překročí hranice, které obestírají tuto realitu. Mnozí začínáte chápat, že se nelze vracet, není cesty zpět. Jste stále vedeni, abyste sami sebe zbavovali svých bloků, svých zátěží. Ano, toto je neustále vyzdvihováno. A je to také velice důležité. V tomto čase jsou mnozí z vás velice unaveni, neboť nesou na svých bedrech nejen starosti své, ale také svých bližních. Je to čas silných emocí, ale také odpoutání se. A odpoutání, pokud není z vlastní vůle, představuje nositele mnohých bolestí. Vyplavují se mnohé smutky, které jsou zraněními duše z minulých inkarnací. Vibrační úroveň vzrůstá a s vámi, lidé Země, to souvisí velice úzce, neboť i vy jste vedeni, abyste slaďovali svou vibraci se svým okolím. Chápeme, že je pro vás těžké, prožívat mnohé stavy. A zřejmě vás neuklidníme, pokud řekneme, že vše, co vás potkává, bude i nadále pokračovat. Vy však můžete ovlivnit to, jak toto vše budete prožívat. Stav lidstva je žalostný. V tom smyslu, že je zde stále velké množství sobectví, manipulací a negativního naladění. Stále je zde patrné odpojení od světla u některých bytostí. Mnozí jsou spojeni se svými iluzemi do té míry, že jsou schopni i za ně bojovat. Je potřeba vnést světlo do tohoto chaosu. Je potřeba nalézt v sobě samých místo, kde se cítíte šťastni, kde se budete léčit. Mnoho pochybností vás však provází. Svět se změnil a často si připadáte ztraceni. Chápejte ale, že tak, jak půjde čas, budete přicházet o všechny své jistoty. Až nakonec zbude prázdnota a vám nezbude, nežli se jí oddat. Uvolnit všechny vaše představy a nastavení a být připraveni na cokoli, co přijde do vašeho života. Teprve v té chvíli budete uzdraveni, neboť naleznete svou vnitřní jistotu a nedotkne se vás žádná z vnějších ztrát. Lidé Země, nepochybujte o sobě samých. Určitě jste mnozí viděli světlušky, které poletují za noci. I vy jste jako světlušky, svítíte sami sobě na cestu. I přesto, že se vám zdá,že procházíte temnotou, i přesto, že máte pocit, že se ztrácíte a strach, že zabloudíte. Pokud si ale budete uvědomovat toto své světlo, nikdy ze své cesty nemůžete sejít. Vše je již rozhodnuto. Je potřeba neustálá práce. Nečekejte, že kdokoli cokoli udělá za vás. Ano, bude vám pomoženo, avšak to nejdůležitější je vaším úkolem. Ctěte lidi kolem sebe, buďte si oporou. Mnozí tuto silnou dobu nemusí zvládnout, neboť budou pokračovat odchody duší, i nadále se vše bude stupňovat. Věci se budou dít náhle. Teď je to tu a za vteřinu už je vše pryč. Nyní je to takto a během okamžiku se vše obrací. Náhlé zvraty, které však ještě více povedou k emoční destabilizaci a rozkladu mysli, neboť mysl nebude schopna si mnohé věci logicky vysvětlit. Můžete mít pocit, že se ocitáte v jiném světě, ale také se děje to, že jakmile na něco pomyslíte, ihned pocítíte odezvu. A proto velký pozor na své myšlenky. Lidé Země, tato doba vám přijde zmatená mnoho z vás již začíná pochybovat i o sobě samých. Ale právě vy jste těmi, kteří jsou klíčem k dalším událostem, k tomu, co čeká všechny bytosti, k tomu, co čeká Zemi. Buďte pravdiví ve svém smýšlení a připravte se na časový a dimenzionální skok, který může mnohým navždy změnit jejich život. My však jsme s vámi a milujeme vás.


    1. Translation


      People Earth is the time you enter the autumn days. This time is very important, as many cross the boundaries that surround this reality. Many people start to understand that they can not come back, there is no way back. You are still led to strip yourself of your blocks, your burdens. Yes, this is constantly highlighted. And it's also very important. At this time many of you are very tired, because they carry on their shoulders not only their worries but also their neighbors. It is a time of strong emotions, but also a breakout. And detachment, if it is not by its own will, represents the bearer of many pains. There are many sadnesses that are injuries to the soul from past incarnations. The level of vibration is growing, and with you, the people of the Earth, it is very close, because you are also being led to reconcile your vibration with your surroundings. We understand that it is difficult for you to experience many situations. And we probably will not let you down if we say that everything that meets you will continue. But you can influence how you will experience it all. The state of mankind is pitiful. In the sense that there is still a great deal of selfishness, manipulation and negative attunement. There is still a disconnection from the light of some beings. Many are connected with their illusions to the extent that they are able to fight for them. It is necessary to bring the light into this chaos. You need to find yourself in a place where you feel happy where you will be treated. However, many doubts accompany you. The world has changed and you often seem lost. But you understand that as time goes by, you will come up with all your certainty. Finally, there will be emptiness and you will not be left to marry her. Unleash all your ideas and settings and be ready for anything that comes to your life. Only at that moment will you be healed, because you will find your inner confidence and will not touch you with any of the external losses. Earth people, do not question yourself. You have certainly seen many fireflies flying overnight. You are like fireflies, shining on your own journey. Even though you seem to be going through the darkness, even though you feel like you are getting lost and afraid to get lost. But if you are aware of this light, you can never stray from your path. Everything is already decided. There is a need for constant work. Do not expect anyone to do anything for you. Yes, you will be helped, but the most important thing is your task. Honor the people around you, be your support. Many will not be able to handle this strong time, as souls will continue to continue, and everything will continue to grow. Things will happen suddenly. Now it's here and in a second everything's gone. Now it is like this, and it turns around in a moment. Sudden reversals, which will lead to emotional destabilization and decomposition of the mind, as the mind will not be able to explain logically many things. You may feel like you are in a different world, but it also happens that once you think something, you will immediately feel the response. So be careful of your thoughts. People of the Earth, this time comes confused, many of you are already beginning to doubt yourself. But you are the ones who are the key to other events, to what all beings expect, to what is waiting for Earth. Be true in your mind and get ready for a time and dimensional jump that can change many of them forever. But we are with you and we love you.

    2. Google translate:


      People Earth is the time you enter the autumn days. This time is very important, as many cross the boundaries that surround this reality. Many people start to understand that they can not come back, there is no way back. You are still led to strip yourself of your blocks, your burdens. Yes, this is constantly highlighted. And it's also very important. At this time many of you are very tired, because they carry on their shoulders not only their worries but also their neighbors. It is a time of strong emotions, but also a breakout. And detachment, if it is not by its own will, represents the bearer of many pains. There are many sadnesses that are injuries to the soul from past incarnations. The level of vibration is growing, and with you, the people of the Earth, it is very close, because you are also being led to reconcile your vibration with your surroundings. We understand that it is difficult for you to experience many situations. And we probably will not let you down if we say that everything that meets you will continue. But you can influence how you will experience it all. The state of mankind is pitiful. In the sense that there is still a great deal of selfishness, manipulation and negative attunement. There is still a disconnection from the light of some beings. Many are connected with their illusions to the extent that they are able to fight for them. It is necessary to bring the light into this chaos. You need to find yourself in a place where you feel happy where you will be treated. However, many doubts accompany you. The world has changed and you often seem lost. But you understand that as time goes by, you will come up with all your certainty. Finally, there will be emptiness and you will not be left to marry her. Unleash all your ideas and settings and be ready for anything that comes to your life. Only at that moment will you be healed, because you will find your inner confidence and will not touch you with any of the external losses. Earth people, do not question yourself. You have certainly seen many fireflies flying overnight. You are like fireflies, shining on your own journey. Even though you seem to be going through the darkness, even though you feel like you are getting lost and afraid to get lost. But if you are aware of this light, you can never meet from your path. Everything is already decided. There is a need for constant work. Do not expect anyone to do anything for you. Yes, you will be helped, but the most important thing is your task. Honor the people around you, be your support. Many will not be able to handle this strong time, as souls will continue to continue, and everything will continue to grow. Things will happen suddenly. Now it's here and in a second everything's gone. Now it is like this, and it turns around in a moment. Sudden reversals, which will lead to emotional destabilization and decomposition of the mind, as the mind will not be able to explain logically many things. You may feel like you are in a different world, but it also happens that once you think something, you will immediately feel the response. So be careful of your thoughts. People of the Earth, this time will come confused, many of you are already beginning to doubt yourself. But you are the ones who are the key to other events, to what all beings expect, to what is waiting for Earth. Be true in your mind and get ready for a time and dimensional jump that can change many of them forever. But we are with you and we love you.

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    3. It sort of resonates, but my problem with so many of these channelings is this has been going on my entire life.

  60. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6136563/Four-UFOs-spotted-flying-presidents-Scottish-golf-course.html

  61. https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/strange-cloud-formation-puzzles-bay-area-1/1444948601


    MI6 says cabal rule could collapse within three months

    1. It's always within three months or the next few months.

  62. Overall this blog has been a negative experience for me, the posts do not help me and trying to decipher the coded information translates to more confusion. I'm going to delete this bookmark, goodbye cobra.

    1. please continue to help the cause by participating in group meditations

    2. Operations going on that will benefit humanity can not be compromised to fit your understanding. The time will come, be patient. We're all in this together. Love and Light.

  63. Social media was the one place left i could outlet my voice without having to fear of judgement and harrasment. As of this year, that is no longer true. The internet in useless to me, goodbye.

  64. https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2018/09/healing-emotional-state-protocol.html

  65. https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2018/09/september-equinox-meditation-at-154-am.html

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Holy crap. Did they put them there to destroy all the secret knowledge the Vatican has collected over the centuries?

  67. hey cobra when you will post something new you said that you will post something but you did nt post anything, and for months you are not tell us nothing


  68. It's not like I don't know what day it is today, okay.

    Lightning Crashes

    Thank You for the New Shoes and the New Bike that I got today in 3D-world. Greatly appreciated to take The High Road as, appropriately,
    "New pathways begin"
    According to

    RAvel - Bolero

    LOVE and LIGHT

    I AM DC

  69. cosmicwolf55555-----.....what we have going on in this sooooon to be a former slave colony prison construct is an energy uprising of course.....hahahahaha..........the massively powerful devinely sanctioned and engineered orchestrated liberation processies,now busting down the veil of illusions,of highly illegal crimes against prime creators natural laws.....energy never dies.....interface to a new sunrise.....the chrysalis leaves the dorm.....and the next world is born.....energy uprising55555.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU4tp0cZpU8

  70. Finally received my Sisterhood Tachynized Jewlary....took awhile to get


  71. Initial D
    Dejá vu



    Initial D

    I AM DC

    1. Rajah
      I had a dream that showed me what 504 is.

      HTTP Error 504
      504 Gateway Time-out – The server didn’t respond in time

      504 means the ability of humans to see reality and communicate with ETs, IDs and GCS (First Source). 504 isn't a place. It is a Standard Frequency.

  72. the reptilian aspect is more ancient than all the rest
    think of the dinasours
    we got here by being seeded
    how do you think they got there?
    this place was first being used by reptilians before the arcturians seeded the original race
    the ones who now make up all melinated races
    blacks and so on
    so the reptilians have been here all along
    quite ancient and advanced
    the original race is sasquatch
    the arcturians
    the blond ones
    our seeders
    they are the most advanced form of the reptilian race
    thats why we are reptilian!
    theres different races of reptoid that were among the orginal seedings. over time the arcturians advanced their processes and in themselves went from reptilian looking to the humanoid blond form
    so at first they were seeding reptilians long before earth was born
    the more advanced they got the more advanced their seedings
    eventually their original seedings caught up
    and were attempting to do the same with genetics only they werent as matured
    this is where the divide started causing the orion wars!
    so the more crude reptoids seeded dinasours and their ancestors the arcturians wiped out their project because they already had their own plans and simply werent around to see what their children had done.
    the children of the arcturians at one point became our keepers known as ANUNNAKI
    there are MANY, and we are among them.
    the seraphim and the nephilim are the arcturians and their creations.

  73. Wednesday, June 26, 2013

    Project 501 Report

    “The third major intersection probability peak comes close to omega convergence point with an antarionid RM intersection which includes P501 and all hyperphasic intersections in the optimal sequence order, p=0.4. Alpha and beta timelines converge into one as we limit towards the omega convergence point.”

    Here’s the link


  74. so will light forces remove that ban of no ascesion code activation before Event? The discussion is still ongoing or it ended? It quite boring waiting for others

  75. 09/19
    V5: Melissa anchored and conscious. 100% anchorage. Reverberation in waves.

    Attention Alpheus! Special Updates in Progress for New Protocols.

    Spells manifest to those who believe.

    Old gods are tamed and referred to High Consciousness.

    Tentacle holders initiate appropriate disconnects.

    Gaians explore surface temporarily. Energy analysis in progress.

    Reverberation of SPECIAL SINGING in progress! Special Projector Anchorage in Terranos de Emissão! 55% (non-regressive).

    S.E.N.S.E: INTENSE REVERBERATION INITIATED. First Movement: 49% non-regressive.

    Special AM Projector in proper reverb >>> 29% (non-regressive.)

    Attention Terranos! New transformational waves sent! Specific attention for: 03h03 - 06h06 - 09h09 - 12h12 - 15h15 - 18h18 - 21h21 - 00h00 - FIRST WAVE 1/3.

    Allies X - Special clones started. Authorization granted.

    Temporarily, end of transmission.




    (https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2018/09/comando-ashtar-diretrizes-para-agora.html?m=1 )

    Greetings! We are the Ashtar Command! We have seen how you have made several particular questions about some movements both on the physical plane in which they reside, and in the spiritual areas. Of course, they also know that we, at all times, ensure that the greatest amount of information / answers come to you through various means, and regardless of how you react or not to those responses, whether or not they resonate with your particular truth , we send them because we know and feel that your deepest Self is prepared to receive them.

    So, what we are going to inform here, for some, may be too much to hear, for others, normal, and for others, it may certainly bring even more questions - which in this case, as we have already said, we see no problem in sending responses, by whatever means. Know and be attentive to them. If they do not hear us in their hearts because they are too troubled or simply refuse to listen through the various sensations that make them feel like answers to their questions, we can not take responsibility for not assimilating the ideas and answers sent by us or for any member of the large family. Be able to silence to understand and assimilate; can decode. Know it!

    Family, we are approaching our fleets by shifting them in constant approximations. In this, those who have been instructed and guided to other areas become revolted and attack us in their ways. This fact gives us even more authority to move forward and disarm them with our high technology. Recently, you may have realized, in your ways, that your local Sun is largely surrounded by our fleets, so you may also perceive greater brightness in your night. This is not only caused by the brightness of your Moon or the number of stars seen in your particular Sky, but also because our ships tend to use the atmosphere of your Planet, giving it greater luminosity and ensuring that the environment remains more secure and pacified .

  77. "Battles" may sometimes appear to be occurring in their skies, a fact already seen and publicized by many. But we want you to know that, by no means, the battles of our incoming fleets and the unconfederated fleets seen in their skies are similar to those you have experienced on the ground. We did not go to war; we simply disable the weapons or any actions that come against us.

    There may be shots fired from our ships against the nonconfederated fleets, and these shots have three particular effects. First, it disables nuclear power directed at us. Then it paralyzes the bodies of the attackers, preserving their life and consciousness, and finally disintegrates part of the negative impregnation in these attacking beings, accumulated in their fields for the eons of time, thus giving them the chance to think for themselves and review their attitudes.

    You know, dear Family, we will never disrespect life in any way. We will never violate our conscience. All the consciousnesses captured by us that are in disharmony, causing conflicts and wars in your world or wherever you are, when embraced by our fleets, are respected and honored, and we desire that you on the surface act in such a way, for you they represent us in soil. This point, we conclude.

    Do not worry or fear the destruction of your Planet. We will ensure that this does not happen. But we want you to truly be open arms for the transformations that have taken place on Earth, and your hand in particular will ensure that the entire transitional process occurs in the most harmonious way possible without stress or despair. Do not be frightened by what you have seen or seen. Do not fear the news of solar waves, or the closure of observatories, for we send clear signals of our presence to all of them. Many knowing that, inevitably, our presence will be increasingly felt and seen, abandon their posts, insecure with the huge visibility of our fleets already in their skies. Do not be afraid to hear of the need to keep enough food and water for seven (7) to fifteen (15) days.

  78. And this is not to put them in desperate rush to their supermarkets and water supplies, but to simply be aware that those who still hold the temporary power of certain areas of their Planet may want to torment them with false news of "national security" character, closing their supermarkets and delaying water supplies. We are not saying that this is going to happen right away, but they plan it and we, along with our surface allies, are creating gaps in their ideas, delaying and nullifying all the processes developed by them in their final despair over their Planet's dominion. One thing is certain: nothing they do will be enough to stop the immense wave of higher consciousness that is dominating the Earth! THE LIGHT IS!

    Before some of you speculate about the truthfulness of our message, we advance that those who truly know about us and recognize our presence within, know that we would never invade their personal space, we would never argue against you in any way, in the end, we would never force them to believe in us, for that would be a violation of ourselves. We leave everyone free to feel in their hearts the emanations we give them in the act of our message. Do not fear the lack of water. It will never end! Do not fear the lack of food as there is enough for everyone on your Planet and even outside it. Do not fear lack of electric energy, for the Earth is abundant of free energy, just like the whole universe! Do not fear threats against you, for our presence will guarantee LIFE as a whole. Just do your part as collaborators of the Major Plan, preserving life in itself, taking care of your own bodies, minds and spirits. So they disable any weapon against you, whatever level it is. Threats of the scalar type do not access higher fields of consciousness and, when they access, do not have total efficiency in their action. You, as Lightworkers are, in fact, bombarded with these weapons countless times and we see them with our own eyes render the action of these weapons only with a smile. Know: THE ONLY THREAT DIRECTED TO YOU IS NOT THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF WHO THEY ARE, and you no longer suffer this threat.

  79. A few words about plasma weapons: we're rendering them useless.

    On tentacular conscious plasma: the Love of their hearts is engulfing and dissipating the darkness that surrounds it. What will remain? The pure and eternal consciousness inherent in every being. Recycling and restoration is a programmed fact, but with much Love.

    About Kid Abductions for Rituals: We are infiltrating several of our surface members into their secret societies for reverse rituals, and we are, of course, preventing many of these situations until their complete annulment. Can we do more? Yes, you dear ones of Earth, stop complaining and raise your consciences. When they complain, they are easy targets; when they distribute Love, are indestructible pillars of Light and nullify these movements.

    On the grid of Siriana stones (cintamanis): a powerful Angelic Field is forming, increasing the flow of the Ley Lines, accelerating and clearing the entire old plasmic field of the old consciousness on the Planet, accelerating the descent and support of Angelic Forces and updating the Planetary Grid.

    About the massive reincarnations of twin souls and the like: courageous and determined souls secured their first support, often refraining from their personal wills to ensure that movements took place. They understood that deep down, what did not seem like their personal will, indeed was, because they perceived fields more enlightened of themselves and guaranteed a greater awareness for themselves and those around them. They also ensured the opening of Portals for the arrival of more unified beings for the indestructible implantation of the New Age based on Love without forms, concepts or prejudices. LOVE ONLY. THE WAVE OF TRUE LOVE HAS COME, AND NOTHING CAN STOP IT.

    Dear friendly souls, these are our guidelines paired with your most conscious and confident USs of their importance in the performance of this Great Plan. The seas are filled, the volcanoes are sifted, the tectonic plates are buried, which blows the winds of change. Anyway, there's a team working: us and you. Is there anything to fear? Is there something you can not do? Is there something so scary coming? No! There is not! There is something coming, and no matter what our dissatisfied friends do, say or threaten, it will happen. It's already happening. It is now, at this time. What is? IT'S YOUR EMPOWERMENT! THE SAME THAT YOU FEEL NOW! And who can stop it? (Smile…)

    We are your family who, for ages, remain by your side. For ages, we exchange ideas, we cry with you, we smile with you, "we fight" with and for you. This is one of the happiest moments of our lives, know it! We love you infinitely. Also know that!

    We are the Ashtar Command.

    Gabriel RL: Thank you, dear Commando!

    1. Your messages makes my Heart sing like the Nightingale, singing sweet nocturnal sounds in the darkness of night.
      I Am sooo Very Grateful for your messages, for your Love,for your support...,words simply cannot truly express how Much. I Am sooo looking forward to Being with you all again.

      I AM That, I Am,
      I Am Adami, I Am Love 💜

    2. Zdroj: https://www.sementesdasestrelas.com.br/2018/09/o-grupo-tempo-e-espaco-em-espiral.html

    3. Thanks for posting the translation. :)

  80. That you did not understand the messages for the RM is how it's meant to be. We officially don't belong here.

  81. Terug aan het werk gaan... Ja, de pauze is voorbij. Aan de gang mensen!

  82. Physical reality is the physical manifestation of our individual and collective Mind. There is no separation between mind and matter. What is experienced is the mind in its physical expression.

    Our Mind manifest our world all the time, 24/7, so we witness ourselves in ALL out there, the tree, the rich, the poor, the sorrow and joy. All the time!

    Take this truly to heart, sit with it and start shifting your mind to clear images of your desired experience in the Here and Now moment. Knowing it is so in the quantum field the instant you immagine it (all possibility already exist there always). You draw your desired reality into physical expression as your focus and dedication grow stronger than your old Minds physical expression! Time lag between wish and experiencing the wish is only the experienced time it take for us to to embody the energy of our wish. Like attract like.

    Creation is a gift and a responsibility.

    This is how we create and co-create. So be a walking beakon of the New Mind, the New World you wish co-create with us. Hold that Mind, that energy through out the day.

    I fill this moment with the love energy tsunami from Source. Full disclosure for all. Cosmic balansed Law based on the love frequency, meaning justice is served and brought the current inbalance between service to self and service to others related energies into balance. Prosperity, abundance, Joy and love for all.

    I AM; abundance, prosperity, joy, divine balansed justice. I am health and love and I sit and walk in the energy of thankfulness for this wonderful manifestation, this New World!

    Love and Light!

  83. Element
    El = God
    Ment = Mind

    Element realm.

  84. Please let the event happen right now.....i totally give up by now..no more talk...meditations, but the event now! Wre waitng nw for almost 10 years.or more.

    The astral planes will be overcrowded, with suicided light workers, who have given up, if the event still not haopen very soon.

    Me include.

    How much i gonna say...bring the event....NOW! Within this year.

  85. The only meditation i believe in, is a Trigger the event meditation. That will let the event happen, at the end of this mediaation.

    Lts organize such a meditation within a month, and we will have the event next month.

    Otherwise, i give up by now.

    Enough is enough.

    Please the event now!

  86. Can you see the big picture?...

    Can you perceive all working together?... all levels... all fronts... both sides?...

    Can you see the dance of the light and dark?

    I AM...

    I Can...

    And we are just there... on the verge... when light is the major ingredient to all we are...

    The human experience in darkness will soon end...

    The human experience to the I AM just started...

    We are all ONE... can you see that?

    Good and bright days ahead... time to the faith jump...

    I'm ready!


  87. I am writing about the books from the Three Bodies Problem series. Finally, I found the context in which Cobra refers to books. I will only give some generalities so as not to spoil the reading. In the books the idea of "dark domain" is given as a way to prevent an attack from a dark forest. The Earth is in such a dark domain that does not let through tachions, the speed of light is limited in the solar system, Chimera protected itself against aggression from the outside in this way.

  88. Q just basically confirmed extraterrestrial life and SSP:

    "Did NASA fake the moon landings? Have we been to the moon since then? Are there secret space programs? Is this why the Space Force was created?"

    Q: "False, moon landings are real.
    Programs exist that are outside of public domain."

    "Are we alone? Roswell?"

    Q: "No. Highest classification. Consider the vastness of space."

    Huge drop, very huge drop IMO.

  89. When will med bed be available? All people ? (offworlder technology)

  90. 20180920 Schumann resonance data

    A1 reach 69
    A2 reach 81
    A3 reach 62
    A4 reach 60

    Q4 reach 57


  91. https://www.flydenver.com/great_hall/denfiles


  92. I highly recommend watching Aluna's video on the event, sounds like it is very soon.


    Love and Light, Breathe in and Breathe out! xxx

  93. Time to put your champagne in the cooler! :D ♡


  94. All Of This

    We'll TAKE what is OURS
    And No-ONE gets hurt



    I AM DC


  95. Here comes The Big Boss:
    Let's GET IT ON

    Expert Timing
    Fast as Lightning




    I AM DC

  96. For those who feel guided:

    Secret Space Program/Nazi Eugenics/Operation Brain Drain/MK Ultra Techniques/Ascended Abilities Disclosed in the Netflix Show ‘Ascension’


  97. Cobra can only leave clues , the dots are available to be connected .

    March 2017
    180 chimera members left

    August 2017
    80 chimera members left

    **100 chimera removed in 6 months**

    In October of 2017 a “large segment” (around 20 members my guess) of the previously 80 remaining members was removed. Leaving us w/ around 60 chimera since early October of 2017

    LF’s have now had twice the time to remove half as many members. I think have recently or they’re about to remove the final handful of spiders .

    Why was cobra able to reveal their identity recently?

    Here’s where it gets more interesting

    Cobra has stated 3 aspects needs to be met for The Event.

    Removal of

    -TOPLET BOMBS ( Approx. 18-24 months ago the toplet bombs reached the distance of the moon . Toplet bombs are now near our satellites or below.

    -YALDO ...gone in 2-12weeks Heavily likely Especially due to the upcoming solstices and full moons remaining this year. Cobra has stated these 2 things help clear anomaly .

    -PRIMARY ANOMALY (naturally removed /healed at the moment of the event )

    Combine this with interesting intel releases regarding starseed preparation this year alone!

    -sexual healing
    -soul families
    -sacred union

    -firing the grid
    -firing the grid update
    -contact dish
    -entry protocols
    -Gamma Timeline
    -planetary Ascension Process

    “strategies and protocols ...will be implemented as soon as the critical mass of TB’s is removed”

  98. I read some pfc articles today about pedophilia in high places.




    I also read one on pfc about the elimination of strong males and a guardian article clearly making fun of actors/actress mark whalberg, daniel craig, robert downey jr, gweneth paltrow, and tom cruise, and something clicked. Yes holywood is horrible and vain, but first thing I saw was a picture clearly making fun of whalberg and I saw that he dedicates time for prayer and family.
    At first glance he seems like a good and just man.

    They are all in films that could be described as soft disclosure/predictive programming and are portrayed by the article as vain and self centered. They are all white people. At no time were the black rappers and athletes, or fake liberal white female popstars even mentioned, who are guilty of the same behavior or worse. It was mostly seemingly wealthy, famous, straight, white male actors.

    I dont know if these actors are involved in satanism or not, but I do think they are insiders, at least to a point. Is their a schism in holywood forming, or is it the same old 'make money building them up, then tearing them down, all the while keeping the public distracted'.



    I will list some of their films at another time that have a lot of truth in them.

  99. I dreamed you talking to me Cobra and you were telling me, since I pressed the red button I knew 501 would fall and I said so this is ok or not? so if 504 means Japan 501 what did it mean?

  100. Does someone have a problem about login to this blog?
    Yesterday I was not able to login to The Portal. As a result of testing, Safari in MacBookPro was the cause of the unable of login, maybe. Because recently I was updated Safari to version 12.0. After update, it went wrong. But I don't know how to fix. When coming here, I use FireFox now.

  101. After unchecking "Prevent cross-site tracking" in Safari 12's preferences/privacy, I'm able to log in.

  102. The blog is not letting me reply to any comments. Just checking to see if this goes through.

  103. A message from Kevin Annett via my mail:
    ITCCS Breaking News Bulletin:

    Dissident Catholic Clergy in Nine Countries Challenge and Threaten to Separate from the Church of Rome over Child Abuse

    (A Complete Report will be aired this Sunday September 23 on Here We Stand at www.bbsradio.com/herewestand, at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern and 11 pm GMT)

    Brussels: (9/20/2018 1600 hrs GMT)

    Yesterday, the ITCCS Central Office was contacted by a network of dissident Roman Catholic clergy who on Sunday September 23 will be releasing to the world media a "Legal and Moral Declaration of Non Cooperation" with the Roman Catholic hierarchy. The group, which includes senior clergy and Bishops, has operated clandestinely within the Church since 2014, but is now surfacing publicly. The group has authorized the ITCCS to release its Statement to our affiliates and to assist them in their efforts.

    To quote a spokesman for the group,

    "The proven murderous actions towards children by the Pope and senior Vatican officials prevents us from associating with them any longer ... We are not lobbying for change. We are separating ourselves from that which is not the Church of Christ."

    A complete report and the Statement itself will be announced this Sunday September 23 on the ITCCS public media voice Here We Stand (see above link). Accompanying this report on the air will be updates of a growing revolutionary movement in Ireland, featuring front line activists of the Take Back the City movement.

    Please tune in and let the world know of these historic actions. And join us in the global fight for liberty!

    Issued by the ITCCS Directorate, 1600 hrs. GMT, 20 September, 2018