Saturday, September 8, 2018

Drastic systems security breach at 504


  1. Sending lots of love to the light forces... now!

  2. Process updates

  3. We got a major situation on our hands. Whatever allies and contacts are availible, we need their help quickly. This is something that could endanger A LOT of people. Here we have an interesting tweet mentioning a “dry run” in regards to some suspiscious flights with mass numbers of sick people entering multiple countries. Combined with what Obama said about “walls won’t protect you from disease or terrorists, I suspect the cabal is plotting a biological terrorist attack on a GLOBAL scale. As someone who used to study microbiology, this link alarms me. This means that there is a new strain of ebola that is significantly more contagious. Given that I suspect ebola was man made, it means that “they” have finally suceeded at fixing the major weakness of ebola that reduced its potential as a biological agent...ability to spread.

    Putting two and two together, I believe that the pathogen to be used for this possible bio terrorist attack will be this new strain of ebola.

    As for likely times to strike, I suspect either 9/11 (satanists love anniverseries) or 9/22 (fall equinox is an important date on satanic calander).

    For motive, likely to get ahead of the FISA declassification.

    1. Stop eating meat and dairy.
      This will automatically raise you vibration and just put your attention on something more positive.
      You will never solve a problem by giving it attention,you solve it by ignoring it. Like Daniel in the Lions den.

    2. We all need to keep our immune systems strong, then.

  4. I would like to tell you guys about some movies that seem to contain soft disclosure and interesting info.

    The first is 'Chain Reaction' which came out in 1996, which according to CoBra is the year the archon congo invasion started. Scientists discover a free energy source, and a joint corparate/pentagon organization does everything it can to stop it from going public. Keanu reeves is in it, who was also in movies like 'the matrix', 'constantine', and 'john wick', all of which contain soft disclosure themselves. An entire post could be wrote on reeves films. Also in this film is Mogran Freeman, who was in the christopher nolan batman trilogy, which has more soft disclosure. Some others are rachel weisz, from 'constantine', and brian cox who was in 'x men 2' which has projects similar to mk ultra.

    The next film is the 'spider man' trilogy from the early 2000s. Besides the possible connection between spiderman and the chimaira, the green goblin, is a mix of transhumanism and maybe mk ultra. The goblins suit also reminds me somewhat of a reptilian. Willian dafoe, who plays the goblin, was also in john wick. 'Spiderman 2' has doctor octopus, which is definitely transhumanism, and maybe a reference to yaldaboath. 'Spiderman 3' has the black suit, which looks so much like black ooze or goo, which I have seen before. I believe it is a part of the archon grid/yaldaboath/anomalous plasma, and it even has a big spider symbol right on the suit. I am reminded of the dark plasma shadow spiders.

    The third film is 'batman mask of the phantasm'. It was one of my favorite films when I was young. In 'kill bill', bill talks about how superman was born superman or kal el. He wakes up everyday as superman and his disguise is clark kent. He says that bruce wayne puts on a costume and becomes batman, but he is still just bruce wayne.

    But in mask of the phantasm you see it is increasingly difficult for bruce wayne to be himself, a famous millionaire, but being batman becomes easier and easier. He starts to become batman. Bruce wayne, the identity put on him by his parents and society, starts becoming the disguise. I believe it was his destiny. His love interest does the same, becoming the phantasm. They were both devastated by the darkness of the world and tried to resist, and there story ends in tragedy.

    Then in 'batman beyond' you see an old and broken man, unable to be millionaire bruce wayne, or vigilante batman who has been destroyed because of his resolve against the evil of this world. He could not sit by and pretend evil did not exist and be selfish like everyone else. As far as fictional characters go, I have a lot of respect for batman and always strongly identified with him. I do not regret resisting this darkness and being on the side of the pleiadians.

    1. we can add "THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE", THE JASON BOURNE MOVIES, EAGLE EYES, ENEMY OF THE STATE, CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR there are many, many more that have exposed the nazi agenda and deep state agenda. the TV series that discloses SSP and alien agenda is the STARGATE SG1 series.

    2. William Dafoe just appeared with Maria Abramovic life story/play.

      Bob Wilson's Life & Death of Marina Abramovic

  5. What they so afriad of? Maybe this:

  6. The End of Kings.
    Read it on from Edward Morgan:

    Translated in Dutch, Het Einde van de Koningen:

  7. It will be necessary to clear the graveyards and the relics that are in the vatican's physical possesion (bones and preserved body parts of the saints, martyrs, prophets, etc...). Necromancy is a cornerstone of the 'religion' practiced by the dark. It also directly ties in the human sacrifices and tortures that they commit to their negative energy grid. The bodies and the relics acting as anchors on the physical plane. Also these relics provide an effective dna/rna sequence that can be used for energetic targeting.

  8. Yes, the dark has inflicted this practice upon all life forms that it has interacted with, to one degree or another. Plants, animals (all forms including insect/reptile/mammal/aquatic/avian, etc...), single cell life forms, etc...
    Yes, also planets and stars, more than once or twice.

  9. Peace and love to all the existence!

  10. Replies
    1. Japanese Mafia INAGAWA KAI

      The light worker Takkyu Ishino is intimidated by the Japanese mafia. Currently, it is invited to Inamikawa 's Northern District and is under torture.
      Please pray that Japanese police will start investigating. Ask for help.

    2. Hallo
      Is that mr. Takkyu Ishino the musician?
      I am very sorry to hear this…
      Could you try writing to Benjamin Fulford about it?
      Maybe he can publish the appeal online... He has a big following in Japan and worldwide, as well as friends in high places...
      Kind regards & Victory to the Light

    3. I requested help request by providing information directly to Benjamin Fulford. Because we are in a situation monitored by Kabar power in Japan, we can not make direct contact but gradually the light has penetrated inside the police in Japan. Security violation 504 Takkyu Ishino We ask the world's light workers the meditation for damage recovery and the arrest of Japanese mafia all at once.
      thank you! Victory of the Light!!

    4. Why are they torturing him.

  11. Love and Light to All 💙🌎💚

  12. Cobra, do you control and check everybody who are working with you in the surface, in every country (translator or other)? I hope there is no a traitor among them.

    1. As a general rule... Unless you got strong telepaths/mind readers as secutity guards it would be very hard to discern who is still in the same page.. imho...

      so if that is not available you will have to hope whoever is in anyones team they have strong backbones cause they will be tested.
      Lured.. entrapped, blackmail, coarse, or fooled all depending on the methods used passive or not...

      In short.. unfortunately here on 3D.. expect the unecpected...

      I once read a story.. first lets assume it did happen even if it didnt we basicaly can conclude darkness actions are not always so black/white.

      Anyways the story goes...
      A reincation of Hitler was present during the Time of Atlantis when there was a dispute between the two groups the highlly spiritual n the warmongering group that was aiming to take control of the administratoon of the powerful crystals thus the landmasses... those crystals at that time where being guarded by the priest...

      After several failures of not able to have Control over them crystals to weaponize..i believe a truce was reached... i believe it was agree that both group would share i suppose technology n knowledge however the priest still had admknistration over the crystals.. supposedly back then there was a council and after some arrangements who knows after how long.. it was agree there will be some of the aryans(warmongeres) to be allow to be represented in the council(i take it some degree of trust overtime was gained)... note the council would determine the use of the crystals among other things i suppose...

      The Aryans were not trusted comoletely do lets say there were 5 in the council.. 2 seats would be taken by the Aryans rep. The other 3 by the high priests.. thus 1... individual offsetting the balance..

      Anyways... here is where Hitler comes into the picture...

      the story goes that he was an eloquent speaker.. charismatic even back then... i cant realky remember more details except that he managed to convince one of the high priest to aligned with the view of the aryans...
      I dint recall details as i said... but the rest is history... you can probably guess what happened next

      The final vote when it happened it benefit the Aryans.. and hell broke lose after that as tgat is when the moon of atlantis (i think it was the name and tge largest crystal) was destroyed from the misused...

      So the moral of the story is.. you may have the greatest of intent (assuming the high priest did)... but his naiveness in the manner of deception of others even during peacetime can bite you on the ass..

      the bad guys understand we are too trusting especially if time can be used as an easing pill to bring down your guard...

      when they cant pull a stunt by force they will switch to the passive aggressive ways. Even if it means kissing someones butt in order to steal their trust...

      Is as they say... once you get someones trust/loyalty is possible to make them do atrocities.

      Our trusting n tolerant heart has betrayed us here n there... but mainly cause we r so disconnected...

      But if the story is true back in atlantis... i would not be surprise history will try to repeat itself... n the badguys when pushed to backdown... the badguys will choose the sidelines for a while in hope they can slowly but surely regain the upperhand.

      Thus is important this theory that darkness will be wiped out for good is truthful... cause knowing man n beast i can probably guess if darkness remained... it will just b hiding...

      And honestly another Lord of The Ring episode would b n overkill.

      Sorry Iam... i ended up blah blahing more than i intended to... :)

      Just wanted to share the story i rem... note again i dont know how trutful but that is irrelevant as we know is not surprising darkness can have a shade of light... that may confused even the most spiritual die-hards... at least on 3D

    2. 'Sorry Iam... i ended up blah blahing more than i intended to... :)'

      Dont worry, I do that everytime I post something.

      I dont know but he was definitely one of the greatest public speakers in recorded history. So much so that if you are a white male speaking passionately about something people compare you to hittler. I believe it is an incredible psy op and is one of the reasons the kalergi plan is even possible. It is the demonization of passion and a strong unified people in europe.

      The germans, italians, french, russians, and haitians have resisted the jesuit order. They got hit with the world wars and communism. In the u.s. the alternative media is falsely portrayed as crazy rascist alt-right. Law abiding gun owners are portrayed as the cause of mass shootings. Free speech is called hate speech.

      Hittlers escape to south america shows he was an actor in the 'great play'. They even call it 'the theater of war'. He seems to of been controlled by knights of malta and columbus as well as the jesuits. The german public were blamed for the whole thing. Rajah has talked about the basic law in germany and seems to know a lot about the psy op against the germans.

      According to david wilcock, hittler was hannibal barca reincarnated. If it is true maybe he was involved in the story of atlantis. There was a book wrote called conversations with the furher where hittler confided in the author that the vril or thule (I cant remember which) went underground and met blonde haired blue eyed superman. Sounds like pleiadian agarthans to me. Some alternative media are distrustful of the pleiadians because of this, but it doesnt mean they are bad, it means they were trying to help and communicate with the surface.

    3. Yes... i believe in one interview Cobra shared that the vril contact was an attempt to try to break thru matrix...

    4. D.C why was he compared to hannibal..

      Btw..i dont know if hitler was a great military leader.. .. he perhaps a great speaker... he had assistance though otherworldly and on the ground.. anyone can lead to succeed if they have prior critical info which he was being provided...

      He was just a front for the powers behind...

      But for sure apparently we cant take away the fact he was a charismatic public speaker.. so i heard..

      Question.. when people reincarnate.. dont they have some resemblance to a past life.. regardless gender.. no wait that is with cloning or doubles?

      I was looking at some sculptures from hannibal but i realize now i was trying to find some similar features which would point more to the topic of cloning than reincarnation now that i think about it

  13. 504 security breach..they need a better firewall this happens every month. How is the chimera group still able to operate?

  14. Greetings light family! This post feels like yesterday's news to me. There was a seemingly small incident that made me feel violated. My good nature, and habit of giving the benifit of the doubt was taken advantage of. However, I kept my cool, and called the responsible party out without being ugly and aggressive. Hopefully, my assertive response is also reflected in the outcome of this 'security breach at 504'. I said NO to being further violated! With love and light, Cherie.

  15. Please pray for idlib

  16. The light worker Ishino Takkyu is intimidated by the Japanese mafia. Currently, it is invited to Inamikawa 's Northern District and is under torture. Please pray that Japanese police will start investigating. Ask for help.

  17. I feel, this meditation was successful! Im happy to was part of. I sens infinity love and light to all ligth beaings, to all animals and other light forms...😍 victory of light!

  18. Love and Light. Please let the positive Event come now.