Tuesday, December 4, 2018

LSIP failure


  1. Monday, October 29, 2018
    Project 501 Update

    LSIP is not yet supported due to unfavorable grid ratio.


  2. Consequence of interaction with primary anomaly:

    The source → Creation
    The soul → Personality
    Free will → Evil

    The responsibility for the consequences lies not with the primary anomaly but with the acting being.

    1. Free will with implants, bio chips and toxic food and water and fake news, money system, and fake history..then yes evil but look at all of us we are not evil imagine if no chimera or dracos no neg et interference

  3. 把需要的人接走吧。那个漏洞在地表搞不定。

    1. translate: 'Take the people you need. That loophole is uncertain at the surface.'



    Subject: The light emitting diode and related devices as an antenna for scalar waves broadcasting...

    In fact a 'solid state plasma' like antenna,... but using light emitting 'solid state' components.

    Discussion to come...

    * * * * * *

    Rediscovering Spontaneous Light Emission:


  5. Optical Antennas:


  6. Repeating this for Pipes.

    (Psychedelic Piper, and I use the nickname "Pipes" with affection). :)

    Do this every day, several times a day. Every time you think of it.

    Get really relaxed.

    Say, out loud or mentally, and FEEL "I am bringing in my Mighty I AM Presence now." Say it and feel it. Feel yourself bringing in the rush of your soul and energy from Source.

    Say it over and over again.

    Then REQUEST and FEEL St. Germaine.
    Talk to him.

    Say, "I AM bringing in my I AM presence and I AM bringing in Saint Germaine.

    Request help from St. Germaine.

    Say, "I AM healthy. I AM Healthy. I AM Healthy. I am getting healthier each day."

    Say, "I AM Wealthy. I am wealthy. I am getting wealthier each day."

    Say: "I AM tuning into my own strength and my own health."

    Say: "I AM bringing in my own God presence."

    Say: "I AM in full and complete health. I AM manifesting what I need every day."

    Visualize yourself engulfed in a drenching violent flame, coming from source, bathing you. Lie there in it.

    Do these things over and over again.

    You can also call in Archangel Raphael, and ask him to help you with your healing.

    Keep doing these all day long, over and over. Lie there, deeply relax, visualize health, visualize yourself doing everything you want to do AS A HEALTHY PERSON.

    You need to affirm what you want to become. By using these affirmations, you will become what you affirm.

    Do not give up.

    There is a whole set of really good books developed by Godfre Ray King and one of them is "The I AM Discourses." You can find this book and others by Godfre Ray King if you do an easy search.

    Godfre Ray King and his wife had numerous encounters with St Germain in the 1930s and they put together the books and the St. Germain Foundation.

    These days, Peter Mt. Shasta has had interactions with St Germain too. He lives in Mt. Shasta, CA and has numerous youtube videos. He gives more "modern" interpretations of St. Germain.

    Because Cobra has mentioned St. Germain numerous times and healers I know talk about calling in st. Germain, I think his teachings would most likely help you, Pipes.

    Here is the youtube channel for Peter Mt Shasta:

  7. I see a lot of people get their hopes up for the Event, it's not going to happen soon. Look who says "soon", aliens that live 1,000 years. You going to trust that?! It's kind of sickening actually how they live like gods. They're like the elites of our planet but much worse. I heard someone else say that and I was like "couldn't have said it better myself!" I've always thought that. They're just chilling in paradise, feeding their human contactees messages of false hope for decades. Some family. They care about us the same way we care about wildlife. I highly doubt there's any kinship. They treat us like lab rats just like the Dark forces. Sure they're a kinder master, but it's still the same relationship. Oh well, you can always take the 12 gauge "ascension chamber" out of here. Myself and many other Lightworkers are going to take this route because the Event is not going to happen soon enough for us. And even then, the whole point is to get out of here, why wait? I should have done it years ago. Wait for an ascension chamber? That makes no sense! This is why fear and cowardice is so bad, it's gets you stuck in a lifetime of misery when I could have just stepped off stage a long time ago. I should reconsider this again. It's supremely logical. Going on living through the humiliation and pain is what's desperate, emotionally charged, and irrational.

    1. Nothing changes just because you rid your shell. Relying on the astral side to free you is no different than relying on the future.

      The astral is the future to us. You'd be met with the same resistance only with even less critical thought processing.

      If you suck at feeling your way around here, it doesn't get any better there.

      If this information upsets anyone then use that as motivation to transform your mind.

    2. You call yourself a light worker yet you encourage suicide. Begone evil.

    3. 'Oh well, you can always take the 12 gauge "ascension chamber" out of here.'

      Thats what I wanted in my late teens, before I knew about any of this. It is one of the things that led to some good but brief supernatural activity and a ton of bad activity too. One of my friends and an uncle both used 357 magnums on themselves within the last few years. Quite a few family and family friends have died horrible cancer related deaths as well.

      What is weird is that I do not grieve. I immediately process it and move on. I even met the uncle on 'the other side' days later and talked to him. He felt really stupid. Five other family members had 'dreams' about him within a week of his death.

    4. The astral is amazing. All our problems stem from the physical. It is an instant fix. Haven't you read any near death experiences? There are institutes, scientists, and researchers who document this stuff. The after life is entirely positive, it's science. Just because I have brain chemistry imbalances doesn't mean I'm a dark soul set to go to dark realms (which are few and limited anyways.) I think happy, and act positive all the time. When I'm rid of this shit body, I'll be happy and in positive realms all the time. It's a great idea and I'm still going to do it.

    5. @Patrick Kehoe

      Sorry, but I want the good stuff to happen while I am still alive...and physical.

      One should not have to wait to die and THEN get all the good stuff....Since this is my FINAL reincarnation, I BETTER have SOMETHING GODDAMN GOOD HAPPEN IN IT! After all the mental, physical, and ESPECIALLY EMOTIONAL SUFFERING....I DEMAND something good, I feel I have more than 'paid my dues' for what I ask for to happen.


  8. When Soros gonna kick the bucket?How old is he? 110?

  9. "LSIP is not yet supported due to unfavorable grid ratio.

    All surviving alpha and beta timeline fragments are in process of integration into gamma timeline. L3 sequence will be completed at T11 point with LSIP activation. L0 sequence will be completed at ECL2 point with possible PHOENIX KEYHOLE."

    So just as soon as we as a collective stop reacting to our emotions enough this LSIP would be used by us as a tool rather than a weapon. Which means those of us who are higher in frequency are also the bigger culprits for failure in the moments we succumb to our infernal nature. Just like the cintamani.

    I myself am desperate to understand my daemons motivation. No clues as of yet have changed anything but I shall be speaking with rosine shortly.

  10. Solid-State Plasma Lighting: The Benefits and Target Apps for LEPs:


  11. Could be related this

    2018-12-04 19:14:50.0 84.12 N 93.14 E 10 mb 5.1 A NORTH OF SEVERNAYA ZEMLYA
    2018-12-04 19:14:37.7 85.39 N 90.12 E 2 mb 4.8 A NORTH OF SEVERNAYA ZEMLYA

    With this?
    Thursday, December 7, 2017

    The Light forces are also purging all negative factions that were trying to hide in Antarctica and above the Arctic circle, especially on Baffin Island and on Novaya Zemlya:



    In a massive operation in late November, about 80% of the infrastructure and personnel of the dark forces has been removed from Antarctica.

    1. Is there proof? Corey Goode? I ask because wldnt the dark respond if the galactics were clearing dumbs or bases in Antarctica?


  12. Turn, Turn, The Dance goes on



    11.111 Aufrufe
    Am 04.12.2011 veröffentlicht



  13. And if You want it Too
    Then there's nothing left to Do

    Let's Start A Band!


    Come ON!


  14. Once again, here's my Christmas poem to share with you all for this year on Youtube: "Christmas Love Conquers All"

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  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhbvzTdrkDA&feature=em-uploademail
    Flying Sport Model Alien Craft Bob Lazar Explains! 2018

  17. What happened to the site www.stillnessinthestorm.com? Since yesterday it is offline (error 404).

    1. UK England here, 7.30am Friday. It's up and running

  18. Wonder if GHW Bush his gone to his Eternal home In the Central Sun Yet?

    1. Central Sun is not an eternal home for anyone. It’s a karmic recycler for damaged souls so they can start all over.

    2. This is not true because Rockefeller soul was destroyed.. If I remember correctly.

  19. Maybe... stop failing? That would be nice.

  20. Ex SSP Super Soldier Randy Cramer Joins Us. Build Up To ‘D5’ and The Solstice Mass Meditation begins + Much More

    December 5, 2018
    The Unknown Lightwarrior

    The need for impromptu mass planetary clearings these past few weeks & days has become increasing thick & fast. All a sign of:

    Darkness ‘kicking up’ from its recently cleared safe-havens and attacking out of desperation.
    Deeper level darkness which starts seeing what’s happening, and having not yet been cleared … attacks the biggest threats to it's existence from amongst the Lightworker population, and thus it exposes itself.
    The physical Cabal using what’s left of their weaponry, causing more exposure of said weaponry.

    … for example, late last night....

    I was lying on the bed, about to go to sleep, and I started seeing about 4 rough looking outlines of ‘rings’ layered over each other at different altitudes, above & around me … gradually spreading outwards.

    At first I though it was the ET/EDs breaking through the veil/grid, but after a bit of introspection … I saw that it was an anomalous negative vortex/wormhole being opened up by a physical Cabal low earth orbit satellite.

    You can imagine the rest, (actually … don’t imagine it, lol).

    So I had to get into ‘work-mode’ and clear that, because lots of entities jumped in (on the opportunity) too. And today a major planetary clearing was done on it, as well.

    Al this turned out to be necessary preparation for'D5'.

    I can’t give the details of this planetary clearing. It’s too sensitive. I’ll just say that – cosmic anomaly is to darkness … what water is to fish!

    I was ‘allowed’ to see the negative, vortex opening beam from the satellite, because help from the physical plane was needed to prepare things energetically for ‘D5’ to have the desired effect on the planetary liberation process.

    And me seeing this negative anomaly vortex, followed by the massive attack, was what allowed me to understand what had to be cleared.


    1. 'I was lying on the bed, about to go to sleep, and I started seeing about 4 rough looking outlines of ‘rings’ layered over each other at different altitudes, above & around me … gradually spreading outwards.'

      I have had many disturbing experiences around sleeping and waking. It is tough to make sense of them.

  21. December Solstice in Universal Coordinated Time is on
    Friday, 21 December 2018, 22:23 UTC

  22. Still no comments..

    Well, anyone of you who are working on critical projects know that it is never finished debugging/constructing until effective completion..

    ..and, then, following phases just keep on presenting themselves for ongoing further unfoldments

    It is just infinite, no?

    Everything is unfolding as it should :))

  23. Anyone know what happened to Arbre Solaire?
    His youtube channel was used a lot from this blog, he had some great videos but his channel has been deleted.
    Also released videoes credited as Solaire Studios.

    Anyone have these videos?
    Some can randomly be found but at lower quality and with wrong music etc.

    1. Some of his videos were moved to vimeo.com 🙂


  24. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tritium_radioluminescence


  25. http://www.militarysystems-tech.com/suppliers/betalight-self-luminous-gaseous-tritium-light-sources/betalight-bv


  26. https://www.betalight.nl/en/outdoor-tactical/torch.html

  27. I'm interested in finding out what this means. Any clarification on what this acronym stands for would be appreciated.


  28. Tandem dual-functioning multiple-quantum-well diodes for a self-powered light source:


  29. Dear COBRA.

    We're out of patience. I know that.
    Things are not always what they seem to be.

    It is as if there are 10 ways of seeing things, 10 insights. But we do not see them because we have only begun to see 5 or 6 ways of seeing these things.

    We are making progress. And we are close to the fullness of knowledge.

    Victory of Light.

  30. Replies
    1. The French are kicking off because their government wants to raise tax on the fuel (gas, diesel, petrol)

  31. A couple years ago I put a shamanic killing spell on critical darksiders. I guess it worked! ;)The spell is powered by the human and nature collective anger at being attacked. There is a planetary energy like an angry cat let out of a box, that fights back when threatened. It's channeled into an attack against a real enemy of the planet. The spell is triggered when the pendulum balanced in the web (symbolizing that planetary energy) is knocked off balance by the wind or some other force of nature like an animal or falling leaf. I set it in a remote mountain location where nobody including myself has been since. Maybe it's been waiting to spring this whole time...


  32. Oh please no, tell us Bush did not escape and is on his way to re-incarnate into a ruling-class family... again.

  33. Did you miss it?

    Return To Your Truth: Ex SSP Super Soldier Randy Cramer Joins Us. Build Up To ‘D5’ and The Solstice Mass Meditation begins + Much More

    Ground Crew Command Radio /Return To Your Truth:
    Ex SSP Super Soldier Randy Cramer Joins Us. Build Up To ‘D5’ and The Solstice Mass Meditation begins + Much More
    December 4, 2018 | The Unknown Lightwarrior

    Incredible interview, mind-blowing intel! Reasons for hope and determination -we are almost there!

    Here is Randy Cramer's website:

  34. the website linked on this blog, theeventiscomingsoon.com seems to be down, maybe permanently.

  35. 要望ですが瞑想が出来ない方の為に

    1. translate: 'Desired but for those who can not meditate
      Why do not you make cobra people, such as healing music to rewrite subconscious mind?
      For example, subliminal music where events occur,
      Subliminal music where mass arrest of Kabar occurs,
      Subliminal music where RV happens
      With such music, rewrite the subconscious mind, activate the law of attraction, if the collective consciousness changes, the event also
      I think it will be quick. Is not it?'

  36. https://www.foxnews.com/world/frances-macron-scraps-fuel-tax-rise-amid-fears-of-more-protests-violence

    the real causes are not fuel taxes as the government want us to believe but an awakening of conscience on a corrupt government

  37. I used to make comments about how certain actors had a lot of predictive programming/soft disclosure in their films. Here is what Ahuwah Zeus has to say about hollywood:



    It makes sense. If these people really are this evil then they would enjoy dangling the truth right in front of the public, knowing they will never see it, all the while making lots of money off of that same public.

  38. The media in Australia announcing 'the end of the golden age of banking' here with the royal commission into the industry revealing much.

    1. and no one has been referred for arrests for their crimes. same as usual ceo resigns someone else comes in and gives the same old platitudes "not on my watch"...." we have taken measures to ensure this will not happen again"...."we were shocked and horrified to see the extent of the corruption". blah blah blah! lock 'em up and then we will see what happens.

  39. https://peterpansblog.wordpress.com/2018/12/04/personal-notes-from-ascension-conference-sao-paulo/?fbclid=IwAR2MD13CFwPXlmOdWgb7X7MgHKTyF1SHgEhO8GX2NXll-QO-umTRJD4n8ow

  40. as everyone loves in their own way the Galactic Wave of Love can mean something totally different for every individual..


  41. I woke up with this One playing in my head about three days ago.
    Now is The Time.

    These are The Days of Miracles and Wonders
    This is The Long-Distance Call


    Don't cry, Baby.
    It'll All be Good



    1. The Right Time

      Say again?
      This is the Right Time




  42. Thank you, my beloved Co.Bra.

    VotL!!! ��������

  43. Thank you, my beloved Co.Bra.

    VotL!!! 🙏😇🌎💝

  44. What is LSIP, my beloved Co.Bra?

    VotL!!! ������

  45. Some interesting news about the Event:

    "December 17 2018 - Flash from the Galactic Central Sun Imminent". Can be delayed, but there seems to be a high probability that it may occur. Very Exciting news! Thanks once again Cobra and the Light forces both here on earth and out into the cosmos.

    Victory to Light.


  46. World Turn Around


    And NO SHIT


  47. can we get a physical illustration of the toplet bombs ?

    1. It’s impossible to illustrate something that exists in another dimension.

    2. Great question I try to picture when meditating to dissolve using white Source light but no frame of reference visually speaking

    3. only cobra talks about these toplet bombs
      i don't know if this is the real reason about the non interference of the light forces
      think about it
      disinformation is necessary

  48. Thanks David. There is a lot of amazing research on this Ahuwah Zeus website. Cobra has mentioned it before.


  49. https://youtu.be/0C82G-lmsCI

    I AM DC