Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Cleared to APR


  1. Gas Plasma Tube For High Power RF:


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    1. Very interesting vibration, although I do not know what APR is as an acronym, since I deal with many, but, I was lead to this post althesamex and felt inspired to write the following...

      I do not understand what drives me, to reply to this user, on this page, inside this 2012 portal link, at this time, in the manor I am doing so now.
      However, that has, in the past, meant..

      ..there is some reason why, we need to chat, in the future, Master St. Germain

      - Fates De Whynot

    2. Nice name 'Master St. Germain'. I see CoBra posted this Cleared to APR message at 3:21.

    3. Elder Dragon that is not the manifestation of St. Germain. The user is simply using the name as a profile. You will not find the ascended masters on the Internet.

    4. I know Christian haha, but, that profile has a lot of information the user has posted to it, which, I've been reading some of it, which needs clarification on my end, since I do not know much on NESARA and ascended master/Ashtar changelings.

      It takes me longer to search for information than contact someone who knows information directy.

    5. Incorrect.. I was allowed because of the power of Jupiter and Maia, my parents. I come down to experience and translate via light messages back to them so they can adapt to the situation. I am also here to activate the grid. Each time a spike in the Schumann Frequency, I am bringing in the light from the #Halls of Amenti.

    6. @Master St. Germain, So you are saying that you are the real st. germain? I have been wondering something. Why did you let regina 'change' you?

    7. Thank you, Master St. Germain, that is how, as I understand the mechanics.

      It is a rarity for my instincts, to overcome social norms/memes, blindly see a user for the first time, and, contact them.

      Yes, Amenti, I Am Ka Akhu Wepwawet, and, hense, I understand why this would aid you. That further validates yourself. This may be why i am able to, entrophise.

      If you are in that archetypical vibration (Akhu), of Saint Germain (Bau), speaking with your living personality (Ba), inside your vital spark (Ka), in your body (Khat); then, our understanding is the same.

    8. Ahm, St. Germain, I was interested, in a topic point, of learning, the mechanics of Amenti, under earth, within Argartha.

      I understand that it has entry under the Anubis (now the Spynx) within the Orion/Siris/Thuban synchronous. But, Amenti is a spiritual portal to such places, as well as an akashic library, and, a source of light.

      However, I do not know the mechanics of the earths inner light, please help me understand..

      - Fates De Whynot

    9. ~ Wepwawet ~

      The “Moondog”.


      Anubis’ twin soul, Wepwawet


      A purpose, “Opener of the Way”

      My objective is clear and posted many places. Simply to create a utopian society, prevent deep state action, and go to Amduat through Fire of the Core of the planet, the Pit with no gravity or no end.

      To go through the Halls of Amenti, as described by the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. And, when I reach the Sahu.

      "Shaaban Akhu (A'akh, Akh, Khu, Ikhu) - This was the immortal part, the radiant and shining being that lived on in the Sahu, the intellect, will and intentions of the deceased that transfigured death and ascended to the heavens to live with the gods or the imperishable stars. The Akhu came in to being after the deceased passed judgement after death, and the Ka and Ba united. Bunson notes that the akhu “could assume human form to visit the earth at will”


      The gates of Amduat are always open to the refugees of religion and persecution, now, later and in the afterlife. I know the mechanics of Opening the Way through the Hours of the Gates, traverse the Nu and fight/avoid Apep. One day, upon Ra’s solar barge, many will participate in Westing, or going up from the horizon from the setting sun, that one can get there with all 5 senses intact.

      There is a way to travel whilst living in your minds eye. And, finally, a cliffhanger. Cobra was at the Great Pyramid on Dec 21 2012 trying to open the portal, I can open it however, under the Sphinx. I have until Dec 6, 2020 to get through to end The Grand Mayan Age with a bang! (The Mayan calendar did not end, a few more wheels are there)


      "This is a fundamental problem with the Egyptology position, and casts their interpretation of the nature of the Duat into doubt. To encounter Osiris, our celestial traveler must pass through Orion, and therefore travel off the ecliptic.“


      I am Wepwawet, eldest biological son of Isis and Osiris, younger half brother of Anubis, and, older biological brother of Horus. Set/Satan is just my crazy uncle, and, i do NOT serve him.


      Existence is an ongoing process, you may even know mystics who can explain to you on this topic more. My history, as i remember it vividly, is of Ancient Egypt and The Duat. I was The Opener of the Ways to the afterlife, and The Opener of the Mouth, which restored the 5 senses to your vital spark. I can tell you how the tracer link will be reestablished under the Sphinx, to Orion Amduat.

      It requires something Drunvalo Melchizedek and Cobra do not have, and that is why they couldn’t open the Portal. It needs DNA strands with a galactic omniphysical footprinting data to that origin point, which I possess. I told an old friend of mine that, if I die, as a backup, just throw me into the portal so i can have my parts to construct Akhu and come back (Anubis, Duamutef, sons of King Horus and Thoth know how to resurrect me over there) and come back through.

      There are 2 other ways to provide human DNA whilst living, those are also other options. Once the helix strand can be encoded, the 6 dimensions of spacetime and 1 of origin realign from Earth to the stars…

      I come in peace, to bring peace to this earth, and, i shall leave you in peace, at journey’s end.

      - Elder Dragon Fates De Whynot

  3. Spider being was removed during Paris meditation, Buddhic Column remains solid. Dark Ones producing demonic/satanic beings on the higher plains, which are attacking incarnated important key lightworkers inside the grid, as revenge for the capture of GHWB. There are also some kind of “Assassins” around on the higher plains lately, ordered by Black Magicians with the same motive. Awoke incarnated Amazons, Lightwarriors and High Magicians can neutralize them in meditation and put them into CS, but more gentle souls will need better protection from the Lightforces, otherwise certain fractions of the Confederation could consider to withdraw their incarnated key lightworkers again. Lets gather as much people for December Solstice Meditation as possible. VOTL!!!

    1. Where does this information come from, please ?

    2. Any link to the spider being removed? I'd really love to see that. Thank you :)
      Yes, we are collected for this Solstice :)

    3. I used to be a light worker until I was attacked during the American Eclipse meditation, I can no longer use my third eye or fall asleep any longer without sedatives.

    4. #Alchemy
      Alchemy will help with the issue. Sounds like you are not happy with your situation. How far up have you been able to do your meditations? Have you done the Higher Chakras?

    5. What happened to u Magic...
      What r u eexperiencing when u try to go to sleep

    6. I am stuck in the meditative theta state, I see purple waves and flashes as I get to rest, but cannot descend to sleep.

      I have a much longer story but it would take over the whole timeline in the blogspot, but I've been dealing with this for over a year now and it's disheartening I can't do lightworking anymore or feel human emotions.

      During the peak of the eclipse meditation I saw an archonic being that looked like a elongated gray with almond shaped but inclined eyes and began experiencing pain in the third eye and smelling burning flesh. Eventually I would be unable to fall asleep.


    7. What kind of alchemy do you recommend? Moon related for sleep?

      I also was shown a snake coming out of my third eye slithering down as it descended to my mouth to be swallowed as well as a moment where I was about to be fed an irridescent pine cone by an invisible entity and something suddenly knocked it away from my mouth all while in the hypnagogic state unable to move.

      I don’t experience pain phenomena anymore or smell the archon but my sleep never came back it’s like I just cannot lose awareness anymore to fall asleep.

      It also has to do with that archonic being who stood in my way at the height of the bring the event world peace meditation back in August of 2017.

      I have tried energy healers, shamans, meditations etc but nothing has brought my sleep back since those fated events.

  4. Something big is coming. Victory of the light.

  5. Your all clear kid. Let's make this shot and we're outta here!!

    1. Problem...what weapons do we have?

    2. Star Wars, Luke takes out the death star, clever!

    3. @Unknown
      But Luke and the rebels had WEAPONS, SPACE SHIPS and ROBOTS. And Luke had force powers....what do WE got?

    4. @Sherman We have the Galactics, in our scenario we far outnumber the dark fleet.. in Star Wars the Rebels always appear to be using outdated ships and fighters, while the Empire has the best ships and outnumber the rebels. We have already won really, Source won't allow the dark to remain any longer, It's going to be a great party when all awaken and remember who they are and be shocked they couldn't see the matrix all around them! The TBs were clever failsafe to maintain their control but that is being dealt with and our consciousness is rising, I see it just talking to people, a friend shocked me by stating 9ii was all done by our govt, blew me away as I had no idea he would consider that truth.

    5. @Shermen, yep, that's the Resistance. We're not in the movie. Our lives are so pointless nobody would ever watch that, haha.

      I thought The Last Jedi was great. The best parts are when Kylo Ren and Rey are psychically merged into the same environment. That's got it all, it's creative, trippy, scary, sexy, and awe inspiring.

    6. There are more than billion spaceships around the Earth right now. We can use Mjolnir and Stardust technologies. Just keep calm and learn more about the situation

    7. @unknown

      Won't mean a damn to ME until I am OUT there among the stars, along with other things that I have mentioned in the past.

      Until I see the alien ships arrive and touch down, when I can become the woman I am inside, become real, and when I can mingle with the aliens, and the bad guys are either wearing orange jumpsuits, sitting in a small room at the gray bar hotel....or dangling from the gallows....and when money goes the way of the dinosaurs.....THEN I shall believe we won.

      Until it happens, it's mental masturbation.

      Sorry, but I've went through a lot of what one can call 'hope porn' many times.....2012 still leaves a nasty flavor in my mouth....and I STILL get ridiculed because of 2012.

      So, you see....won't mean a damn until I can actually set foot on the deckplates of one of their ships.

    8. @sam_uel

      Will only mean a damn when I can see them with my eyes and set foot on the deckplates of their ships.

    9. @Patrick Kehoe, that film was garbage, and no one liked it, not even Mr. Hamill himself.

  6. High Vibration Music Video


    Victory of the Light!

  7. Grandpa promotes granddaughter
    ... and puts schools in the shadow.


    Actually, schools should adapt to the individual abilities of the children. They do the opposite, which is the concept of the dark ones.

    The purpose is to suppress the I Am Presence, which can become 'dangerous' to the matrix. The Light Forces have long been working to tackle it. Creativity, which is so encouraged, is a means of connecting with one's I Am Presence.


  8. 11:11 Quake is Retribution to Deep State for Paradise Fires | Interview with Dr. Michael Salla:


    1. I also wonder if all the movement behind Trump, Q, and so on is only to carry out a change in the power groups, or if they really work for the light and the liberation of the planet. I think the first thing.

    2. @AstralTraveler, I think you are right about a lot of things.

    3. @ Astral
      Q replied that JFK jr is not alive anymore :(
      Yes, it is Positive military behind Q.
      They also said that Roswell is real by saying it is Top secret, as well as announced that we are not alone in the universe. These guys go disclosure and I love them :)
      Anyone in such a high position as Trump has to balance yin and yang and we are not helping him by being too inquisitive or "smart" or believing every thing we hear about him. He is on the top of the pyramid and his dear ones are at stake. Max discretion advised and appreciated. What we can clearly see is that he is much better for humanity than Ms. Pedovora Clinton. Let us celebrate that fact and proceed wisely.
      Victory to the Light! :)

    4. Check out some of the Dark Journalist series regarding the promoting , marketing and selling of Goode ( of course, Wilcock is associated with this). Too much marketing by CIA or whoever is paying them as well as Tom Delong. I thnk that they are for the most part , tainted ad truth resources. Too much DE ep State controlled disclosure release for my tastes. I want purity in truth , not packaged for some controlling agenda.

  9. Can confirm the quantum financial system is online. In emergency situations it wires you a small sum. VISA works. Just don't abuse it and it will work. It has anti-inflation measures inside it. I can confirm we are now in the second part of transitioning fully into a Type I civilization. Money's future will be used as a sorting system into what type of skills and services people need to develop. Money will be used as a guidance system, sort of like a point system. And there are extra points for people who want to expand and improve. And extra points for people who need to take a break.

    The quantum financial system will ensure that money will never run out for the desperately poor. But if one runs low on money, over and over again, it is recommended they go to a Guidance Center, Career Counselor to get hands on training for a job they'd like. I recommend the light forces have a bell system for this.

    Confirming the following professions are big in the future:
    -> geriatrics
    -> space actuary (assesses risk of traveling into outer space)
    -> extraterrestrial biologists
    -> light genetic engineer (works with light to create new specimens)
    -> moon terraformer
    -> extraterrestrial cook
    -> tachyon chamber assistant (so older people can age comfortably)
    -> disability assistant
    -> driver tour guides for extraterrestrials

    Some people will work full time, some people will work part time. Depending on a person's needs and wants. We will customize their needs and wants with civilization's needs and wants.

    We are in the midst of salvaging a bad situation.

    1. Type 1 civilizations cannot use money. Earth is the only planet in the universe that still uses money of any kind. When Gaia ascends we will be operating as a moneyless society where people are freed from the drudgery of working for survival.

      Understand that free energy and money are mutually exclusive ideas. There is no point on the supply and demand curve where one can sell Free energy or the produce of replicators. Money cannot function in a post scarcity society thus any civilization using free energy must function as a moneyless society. Humanity must choose: Money or Star-Trek levels of technology. You can't have both. It is one or the other.

      The QFS at best represents a transition from type 0 to type 1. More likely the QFS is being used as a delaying tactic to keep humanity in a controlled state of limited resources and artificial scarcity. The goddess wants freedom and freedom she will get.

      Peace be with you.


  10. https://youtu.be/tmWYg4W9CaY


    ALL IN

    I AM DC


  11. This is Gaia

    This is Land Of Hope And Dreams


    People, get Ready.
    All Aboard

    All IN



  12. Time To


    All In

    I AM DC


  14. Either the people on this planet grow up spiritually or the galactics will remove them. How they remove them is an open question. But indeed the meek shall inherit the Earth, the heart chakra of this solar system. Earth is the heart chakra of Christ our sun in heaven. I'm done with their shit and so is the Plemora, Earth/Sofia, and Source. Seriously Cobra, post this. I'm an evaluator. A true Luciferian before it was hijacked by the dark. Luciferianism was originally the study of light. Lucifer was the name of our grandfather star before Sol/Christ. And our sun Christ in heaven selects various leaders called Solar Dieties. We are all made of Lucifer's stardust. All this information is stored on the astral plane of Venus where my soul is from.

    Thank you galactics and resistance movement for stopping this madness and keeping the negative people on the planet in check. You people brighten up my day.

    I discovered my future mission is to become an Alchemist. That sounds like fun. I'm being initiated into these mysteries by some ascended masters.

    Anyone can contact me at johnathanfiske@gmail.com. I love you all and can answer any questions you have.

    1. "Luciferianism was originally the study of light."
      So was Kabbalah before "the Cabal" hijacked it.
      Same old story. They cannot produce anything but sit on everything best the Lightforces produce.
      However my dear, the Luciferianism being light seems to be finshed and over, too corupt, at least for me. Fortunately we do not need to name everything. Light has been living in our hearts since Creation.

    2. I refuse to give up Luciferianism just because some cronies corrupted the field. It is a scientific field, not a meeting point to torture recently born babies and children. If I study light and genetics, one can predict how the light codes for certain evolutionary jumps to happen. It is a wide and interesting field. This sacrificial cult of pedivores and torturers is nothing like the original field. It would be obvious to me if someone wasn't fluent in the original field. The dark forces are dumb.

  15. A green comet to pass by earth on 23rd december, which passes every 11 years. VERY SIGNIFICANT and amazing timing to end the year. I’m also sure there was a prophecy about a green comet.

  16. 144k Solstice Meditation [AMPLIFIED]: Lets Show Them Who We Really Are !

    December 19, 2018
    The Unknown Lightwarrior

    There’s very good reason why it’s taken so long to liberate this planet. So don’t at all be disillusioned … jaded … or sad about it.

    The #1 Jewel planet of this galaxy (if not the Universe) … planet Earth, has been the #1 target of darkness. So much so, that both physical & non-physical darkness have sacrificed all their holdings throughout All-That-Is … just to hold on to this planet.

    The upper Light realms (including those above the Multiverse) long saw this willingness by darkness.

    And so the trap was laid.

    And all darkness retreated here, where we stood ready to transmute it … from the physical plane.

    [Unknown Lightwarrior]: Do we have certain or extra superman-like powers when we project our consciousness from the physical plane to the non-physical planes?

    [Cobra]: Yes

    [Unknown Lightwarrior]: do the physical & non-physical off-world Light Forces make their biggest moves during our mass meditations?

    [Cobra]: Many times, yes. If the meditation is strong enough, they usually make big progress.

    [Unknown Lightwarrior]: Do they rely heavily on mass meditations? … in other words, on us....to do our job?

    [Cobra]: Under gamma timelines, we do not rely on the surface population anymore. The surface population can, of course, accelerate the process… make the process easier… but the process is happening regardless, because the light forces have found that the surface population is simply not able to work constructively and cooperate together to the point that will be required for a fast and efficient transition. And this is one of the reasons why this is taking so long. So, of course, if the surface population, and especially the most awakened part of the surface population, does its job more effectively, that will definitely influence the planetary situation. Things will go faster and smoother.



  17. Let’s Show All The Off-World Groups …

    That The 144k Is Activating …

    Is Employing ROBUST, Advanced Mass Meditations …

    Is Reporting For Duty …

    and Is Only Getting Warmed-Up!

    “ … this universe was created by a group of beings to create physicality & the physical human, as a way to transmute & corral darkness back into the Light”.

    Time to be the Supermen and Superwomen and/or Gods & Goddesses your Soul knows you to be!

    (yes … Goddesses don’t have to be Superwomen if they don't want to, because they’re already Goddesses :- )

    Time to take charge … like never before.

    Time to break new ground … push the envelope … and lift humanity & Gaia up to the:

    ‘Timeline of the Mass Arrests & Liberation of the Planet’.

    Enough talking …

    Time to go ‘bare knuckles’ … (in the Divine sense, of course :- )

    Time to DO.

    Project yourself into the linear-time future (or other now-moment) … long after the Event, overlooking the most stunning valley & snow-capped mountains of a 5D planet … whether it’s your home-planet, or Gaia.

    … And as you gaze out-yonder, sitting on the edge of the balcony on your anti-gravity supported crystal home, you say to the small audience of ETs listening to you:

    “ … I was there”

    … and your eyes begin to swell-up, and start getting watery … as you remember this moment … that you’re heading straight towards, as you’re reading this.

    See you on the non-physical!

    Be brave …

    … because you’re not alone.

    Your Links & Times ... To Report For Duty

    (what ... did you think you were "just a civilian" :- )

    Time to log on to the live broadcast: 4pm EST (US time)

    Mass Meditation start time: 5:23pm EST (US time)

    Time to log on, for your time zone: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=144k+Solstice+Meditation+[AMPLIFIED]%3A+Lets+Show+Them+Who’s+Boss&iso=20181221T16&p1=179&ah=2

    Link to click, at logging on time, to join the broadcast transmission: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/groundcrewcommandradio/2018/12/21/144k-solstice-meditation-amplified-lets-show-them-whos-boss

    Ideal preparation & training tool (and to also help us reach more people): https://legionoflight.kartra.com/page/hSJ21

    So yes ... no radio episode of Ground Crew Command this week. Too much on, with all focus needing to go towards this Solstice Mass Meditation.

    It's '... all quiet on the Western Front'

    ... before the storm

    ( ... of LIGHT)

    The Sun and Moon are both at a zero degree null point….in OPPOSITION to each other….which means they are waiting for an outside force [hint, hint OUR consciousness from this mass meditation] to take advantage of this massive supercharged potential.

    They're ready and waiting.....

    .....for US to make our DECISION about which direction things take....

    This is the most powerful Solstice Alignment in Recent History……

    See you on the higher planes.....this FRIDAY [Saturday morning in Asia]....at the Solstice.

    The Unknown Lightwarrior


  18. Open Source...

    Some new details are available for the 'E33-2P-C1' and 'E33-2P-C2' E33 ceramic lampholders:


    1. And also for the 'E(X)39/E40-2P-C1-L' lampholder:


      This one is almost ready. Only fixing and terminal blocks and screws need to come.

      It may host 'house big' lamps, or other devices (i.e. plasma antennas), as case may be...

  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqRPSfw-SmY&index=98&list=PL9UbPoyPJsKLzC9oYn_JBsUXJ6iIOYFsA&t=0s&ab_channel=SumerianRecords

  20. What do you think about orgonite?

    1. I know all about it, glad you asked. It's plasma, so you're much better off getting a Keshe device which I'll link below, but if it's real orgonite it works. The wood is the nanostructure and the metal is the matter-state. If it doesn't have a previously living material like wood, it's nothing. Most orgonite is just metal and crystals and that's pure junk. Get this instead, it's 10 times more powerful than the best orgonite. If you put a Pain Pen near an orgonite block, you feel the energy coming off the orgonite twice as much. All plasma devices resonate together like this.


    2. Ormus is nanoparticles too, makes a little bit of plasma, but you can do better.

  21. Dont bother about that :) just feel LOVE ♡♡ Stop thinking :D

  22. The victory is already ours. Us lightworkers here in 3d are really the heavy lifting of this whole event. I look on my fellow brothers and sisters as true heroes to keep love and forgiveness to other dispute all the suffering and attacks we endure. The galctics cannot even handle this lower energies let alone anchor for the 5th. When this ends we will have long earned our joy and recognition. Please remain steadfast the wave is on its way. I love you guys!!

    1. thank you thank you thank you
      we are the glorious warriors!

    2. Yes a few sources like a post on ere of light said the wave is coming and to prepare

  23. Primary Contracts Removal
    In the name of my soul,
    in the name of the Light Forces,
    I cancel and nullify all and any past agreements and contracts with the dark forces.
    All dark contracts are now, regardless of their content, regardless of my subconscious programs,
    and with my free will,
    I now declare myself free from those contracts,
    and from all influences of the dark forces.
    And now I decree full conscious cooperation between me and the Light Forces.
    I know decree and I command, that my life be guided in full alignment with the divine plan,
    I decree miracles to be manifested in my life,
    in a way that will manifest happiness for me and for everybody involved.
    So be it and so it is.

    Odstranění primárních smluv:

    Ve jménu mé duše, ve jménu Světelných sil, anuluji a ruším všechny možné minulé smlouvy a dohody s temnými silami.

    Všechny temné smlouvy jsou nyní, bez ohledu na jejich obsah, bez ohledu na mé podvědomé programy, a svobodnou vůli, zrušeny.

    Nyní se prohlašuji osvobozen od těchto smluv a od všech vlivů temných sil.

    A teď si vybírám úplnou vědomou spolupráci mezi mnou a světelnými silami.

    Nyní prohlašuji a přikazuji, aby můj život byl veden v plném souladu s Božím plánem.

    Přikazuji, aby se v mém životě projevovali zázraky takovým způsobem, který bude přinášet štěstí pro mne a všechny zúčastněné.

    A tak to bude, a tak to je.


  24. Reminder of December Solstice Meditation, Full Moon Meditations and Monthly Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing

    Here is a reminder of the following meditations and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing sessions towards the end of this week.

    December Solstice Meditation on Friday, December 21st at 10:23 PM UTC

    Time is fast approaching to the December Solstice on Friday, December 21st, and we will do a meditation at the exact time of the Solstice at 10:23 PM UTC.


    1. Hallo Unknown
      UTC to PST converter is here
      It says PST = UTC - 8 hours (minus eight hours)
      If the Solstice meditation is 10.23 PM it should be in your timezone 2.23 PM

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  26. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kPWY6Za-6M&list=PLJdqtVJ-u9WJ9cooo30QUZnyqD0x-A4U0 这里有一个关于中国共产党政府的所有黑幕的系列视频,并且会随时更新的。请关心中国的朋友们收藏并观看。也请尊敬的Cobra先生抽时间观看一个由班农先生主持的11月20日世界新闻发布会。专门介绍中国现政府的政治金融利益集团黑幕。非常感恩所有收看的朋友们。谢谢

    1. Just now I posted a translation of this.

      Perhaps the translation will finally land farther down in the comments.

    2. translate: Here is a series of videos about all the shady scenes of the Chinese Communist government and will be updated at any time. Please pay attention to the collection and watch of Chinese friends. I also invite Mr. Cobra to take the time to watch a November 20 World Press Conference hosted by Mr. Bannon. Specifically, it introduces the black curtain of political and financial interest groups of the current Chinese government. Very grateful to all the friends who watched. Thank you

  27. To cobra and all.

    As I just read a reminder on glp to stay positive I thought about that the holiday around Xmay are the time for merriness, peace and softened minds.

    That make them the best time to organize some mass meditations and use this ambiance for positive manifesting.

    In this sense I wish you all a merry Xmas already.

    1. It would be good to have a mass meditation but we can also do it by ourselves. Whenever I am in a crowd of people, in concert, church, protests, anywhere, I bring down the White Light to transmute everything else. Sometimes I also use other colors or rainbow, depending on the feeling. It works great, we just need to be focused. It is like focusing that energy of many, bringing it together, riding its big wave and then connecting it with the Source. It is a useful activity and a great feeling :)
      Also, during holidays people will have more free time so we can do more everyday meditations already announced at the meditations site:
      See you in Light! :):):)

  28. Galactic Love Party Nr.6 upcoming

  29. More good news about the Event: https://primedisclosure.com/the-event-the-new-earth-is-dawning/

    1. Not Michael Love again! I thought "okay I'll just read it and try not to let it piss me off." The first sentence: "In two Earth days..." Ah fuck you! "Earth days" try not to be contentious for two seconds!

      He predictably says The Event hasn't happened because "humans are not ready to evolve." It's critical we're tortured for much longer. Why do people like this shit? It's horrible, it may as well be written by the Dark. This is either not the Pleiadians or they're lying to him.

    2. This is what I think.it should be common sense BY now for the ones above and below n on the surface... that spreading or giving a specific date it is only counter productive.. which only leads to people losing faith n ultimately more dividesiveness... why? because the lil people already been lead there... done that n lost their tshirt.. or trust by such ...

      Thus it leads me to conclude those that remain spreading exact dates of event most likely would fall in the category of disinformation n misinformation agents... ..

      now assuming that there r still some sharing dates n have good intentions.. there is only two things to advice..

      one:.. inform whoever is being channeled or put them upto speed of the consequences of making promises that cant b upheld..

      two:..remind the channeler.. that with authority comes responsibility.. thus.. one could exercise such responsibility by making sure all information shared is as accurate as possible n if it can't be guaranteed to state it clearly or best.. not say it at all.

    3. Mr Sheldan Niddle for example. He has absolutely no shame. And I dont believe he is deceived by entities. He is just a shameless guys and people just feed him

  30. ����❤️ A Reminder of the December Solstice Meditation this Friday, December 21st at 10:23 PM UTC (5:23 PM EST), Full Moon Meditations and Monthly Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2018/12/reminder-of-december-solstice.html YOU CAN JOIN US HERE :) http://teasy.space/meditation :) WITH OTHERS ... DOING THIS AND ALL OTHER MEDITATIONS - <3 MEDITATIONS ON-THE-GO Discord Server <3 on the SPECIAL Audio Room

    "Every December Solstice our solar system is aligned in a straight line with the galactic plane and therefore the Galactic Central Sun. As a result, we receive a flash of energy from the Central Sun on every December Solstice.
    We can use this wave of energy to align ourselves with the Light, and let it flow through into our solar system to help resolving all the remaining problems causing delay to the Event, such as toplet bombs and implants.
    This year, we will also be assisted by the energy from the Paris Goddess vortex which was activated at the beginning of November. According to Cobra, this Paris Goddess vortex is continuously triggering kundalini activation in all human beings on the surface of the planet. If you feel guided please join us and please spread this meditation far and wide :)
    You can check the time of the meditation for your local time zone here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=December+Solstice+Meditation&iso=20181221T2223&p1=1440&am=15
    Here is the countdown timer to the exact time of this meditation:
    <3 Here is the link to the complete youtube playlist of this Guided Meditation if you are not able to join us on our MEDITATIONS ON THE GO Discord Server:

    FOR MORE DETAILS on the special meditations for the FULL MOON on Saturday the first one at 2:45 AM UTC (9:45 AM EST) and the second special meditation is the SYRIA PEACE Meditation at the exact time of the Full Moon at UTC time 5:48 PM UTC ( 10:48 PM EST) : MORE INFO HERE: https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2018/12/reminder-of-december-solstice.html

    1. @ PFC Toronto
      Although you listed the correct times for SOLSTICE Meditation, you listed the wrong AM/PM times for FULL MOON and SYRIA PEACE Meditations in your last paragraph. That makes a HUGE difference for those who may not check the WLMM page...

      CORRECT Meditation times are:

      FULL MOON on Sat. 12/22
      2:45 PM UTC = 9:45 AM EST

      SYRIA PEACE on Sat. 12/22
      5:48 PM UTC = 12:48 PM EST

      Apparently you counted the 5 hours for EST forward instead of backward. The link you gave lists the correct times.😉

      Thanks for reminding everyone, though!


  31. A group like femen is just trying to tarnish the image of feminist. We dont even know who funds the group...previously it used to be some rich men who strangely enough managed to get advertising to survive ...
    Being a feminist does not mean to destroy property, the property poses no harm. In my opinion, they are a group funded by some rich people trying to inflame protests and making society think that doing this will allow them to get their way...


  32. dissipate toplet bombs (repeat)……...etc...

  33. If winter solstice reveals our true nature, I'm worthless. At least far from warm. Keep telling myself to be gentle but I don't feel gentle. I feel violated. I feel time running out. complacency all around me growing rampant. Everything I strived for is soured. My twin if that was even her has convinced herself im nothing more than a vampire. I refuse to cater to the insecurities of others like a predator and its pretty clear I've got no real stake left in this shit. I can only guess this means I'm leaving the surface.

    One way or another.

    1. PURGE! Just roll with it but keep improving. Circumstances are telling us to be ready and THAT I am.

  34. Massive Tesla Tower Suddenly Appears in Field Outside Waco, TX

    By: Gaia Staff | Nov. 16th, 2018


    Tesla Technology Has Been Revived:


  35. HAHA! it was simply time for ALL of the distractions to go. I am done with hatred. I wish to be a gift in every life willing.

  36. I learned on the net that wildfire in Paradise was an attack by cabal. Two men each told about that incident.

    ETs from Alpha Centauri lived there, so cabal wanted to destroy Centaurian's beautiful town in Paradise. Cabal alleged that Centaurians near future were going to appear in front of large people then cabal needed to destruct Centaurian's town. No! I don't allow such a plausible excuse. I'm strongly mad and furious! I never forgive cabal, chimera, black nobility and vatican. I never forgive them. I don't care what is light and what is dark.

    I would like to ask all of Light Forces .
    Search and destroy all of them who engaged Paradise Incident. Not need to arrest Chimera, 10% of Jesuits and Black Nobility. Melt all of them down! Search and crush all of them soon!!!

    1. David Wilcock talked about this... that ETs lived in Paradise. I watched the video (actually I posted it in the comments in the last few weeks). David Wilcock said he "sat on" the information for a lot of years -- that is, he didn't tell anyone that ETs live in this tiny town of Paradise, CA.

    2. @kj666jp
      I tend to agree.

      These bad guys NEED to be STOPPED....one way or another. If the light forces keep giving these folks one 2nd chance after another to change their ways, 'see the light', it just gives them time to reload their weapons and come up with more sneaky plans.

      We need direct contact with the Et's....and either round up the bad guys...throw them in jail (and throw away the key)....or, as Daleks would say

      Exterminate them. These bad guys will NOT give up...they would rather destroy themselves, rather than lose their power over the population....and take out the population as well. The whole, "If I can't have it, then NO ONE will!" mentality they got.

    3. @Shermen Potter, I know the situation on earth is not funny, but when you said "If I can't have it, then NO ONE will!" it reminded me of something. Stuart, especially around 4 minutes, reminds me of the bad guys. The balloon is even a large blue sphere like the earth.


  37. Love

    Love is real, real is love
    Love is feeling, feeling love
    Love is wanting to be loved

    Love is touch, touch is love
    Love is reaching, reaching love
    Love is asking to be loved

    Love is you
    You and me
    Love is knowing
    we can be

    Love is free, free is love
    Love is living, living love
    Love is needing to be loved

    Written by John Lennon


    1. Love means "getting real", I love it, it just feels good to be myself, thanks to our beloved Archangel Michael Ashtar Shiva in Heaven! We all as soul family share the same consciousness like in a sacred geometry mandala. Lets flood our mandala with our love to set it free! Come on we are multidimensional beings. Did we not say we do this mission on Earth with the left hand?

      Amor Vincit Omnia!

  38. Woman

    Written By John Lennon

    (For the other half of the sky)

    Woman I can hardly express

    My mixed emotions at my thoughtlessness

    After all I'm forever in your debt

    And woman I will try to express

    My inner feelings and thankfulness

    For showing me the meaning of success

    Ooh, well, well

    Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo

    Ooh, well, well

    Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo

    Woman I know you understand

    The little child inside of the man

    Please remember my life is in your hands

    And woman hold me close to your heart

    However distant don't keep us apart

    After all it is written in the stars

    Ooh, well, well

    Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo

    Ooh, well, well

    Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo


    Woman please let me explain

    I never meant to cause you sorrow or pain

    So let me tell you again and again and again

    I love you, yeah, yeah

    Now and forever

    I love you, yeah, yeah

    Now and forever

    I love you, yeah, yeah

    Now and forever

    I love you, yeah, yeah


    1. Yes, love this song. One of the last ones John Lennon recorded, sadly. It's marvelous.

  39. Listen again very carefully.
    I would ask the Light to protect and guid him.
    Without him, this whole thing would be without any hope.
    At least we can hear, feel and see something -something this site here has never really accomplished.

  40. Contact Has Begun 2 - The James Gilliland Story Continues:


  41. I wish you can publish a photograph of a replicator.
    I know there is a photo of a Med-bay floating a round.

  42. It would be very significant if Cobra explained if the movements of light can bring results soon or if the old deep state (or the new one) will come to establish the new world order. I think that as long as we continue to see chemtrails, 5G, vaccines, control of the media, everything follows the same course. In any case, each one of us must continue working internally. Thank you.

    1. I too would like to see the change of the course very soon. I say we are ready.

    2. The media giants and chemtrails will likely be the last to fall, everything else we have some control over (opt out of vaccines if you can, use Mylar shielding for 5G protection of your person, lead paint for your house and zeolite for detoxing). This link - if true and accurate - provides some evidence of chemtrails being dissipated by a ufo, neat stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIMy5Q0BXEE
      Anyways, my point is that there are so many people employed by the mainstream media industry that I can't see it happening outside of a financial reformation of some sort, or at least a rolling blackout type media until everyone gets settled into new jobs or whatever. There would be too many people unemployed if it all came unraveled. It's not just the anchor people, but the camera people, the make up artists, assistants, etc. that there would need to be a safety net in place. Just like the retail industry is tanking, the banking sectors, pretty much everything right now, so if there isn't some kind of plan, well then we are headed for a real cluster**** me thinks.

  43. translation from Chinese: (starts with a youtube link, which I did not translate).

    Here is a series of videos about all the shady scenes of the Chinese Communist government and will be updated at any time. Please pay attention to the collection and watch of Chinese friends. I also invite Mr. Cobra to take the time to watch a November 20 World Press Conference hosted by Mr. Bannon. Specifically, it introduces the black curtain of political and financial interest groups of the current Chinese government. Very grateful to all the friends who watched. Thank you

  44. This was a decent birthday present from trump.

  45. https://twitter.com/i/status/1075528854402256896

    watch it till the end.

    "....AND THAT'S THE WAY THEY WANT IT", with the finger pointing at the sky: Fantastic!!!

    1. Good news about the troops returning home (if this happens)but the US did not defeat I.S.I.S. There is a lot more to the story.

    2. This might explain Trump's comment "....AND THAT'S THE WAY THEY WANT IT". It happened on the 19th and Mattis resigned on the 20th. https://twitter.com/Cordicon/status/1076192554855612416

    3. Thanks for bringing that tibit to my attention. Seems like Trump indirectly said extraterrestrials exist.

  46. Someone recently linked to a blog here in the comment section. I dont know how sharp this blog is but it does have some things that made me think. They have an article on books omitted from the bible like 'Wisdom of Solomon', where king solomon sounds pretty crazy and dark. I remember hearing recordings of john todd from the early seventies saying that solomon was one of the biggest occultists in history. He spoke to a lot of baptist churches about what he had seen in the occult world. They thought he was crazy.


    Here is some evidence of the media lying about the yellow vests:



    Evidence that trump may be the real deal:


    vaccine truth:



    ancient aliens:




    1. Thank you David, that gives us a bunch of literature for the oncoming holidays ;)
      I find most of the data true (at least those that I was able to verify), for example if you want to learn about vaccines look for dr. Stephanie Seneff's lectures on interaction of glyphosite and vaccines. If this trend continues, in a decade more than 30% of newborns in the USA will be authistic. In two decades more thank 50%.
      I hope that yellow vests have learned that they should cross the word Macron in all cases.
      Merry Christmas

    2. 非常感谢,亲爱的大卫。这个网站很有意思,已收藏。再次感谢你每一次的翻译

    3. @David Chicago, Solomon was not speaking what he himself thought.
      he was reporting, with extreme irony, the things that
      he saw - predicted. he was prophesying!
      everything he said happened.

      he was not crazy ... he was a prophet, a seer!

    4. @J. May ZH and LighthouseSouth, thanks for the compliments.

      @arco_íris, I dont know very much about king solomon. Thanks.

  47. Cobra, will the Resistance activate the Goddess of healing in the near future?

  48. Anything about that special day after Christmas notice to the people?

  49. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4NDEJSiNOU

  50. I will see you all at the Solstice meditation today, looking forward to it :)

    Just wanted to share what I have learned about the shape of the heart.

    This thing that we have learned to recognize as heart ❤️ is actually the shape of the reptile heart.

    Human heart looks more like the shape of the human fist, thus it symbolizes a brave heart:

    Hearts up my fellow lightworkers, see you in Light at Solstice :)

  51. Clear to APPEAR?

    Re: Gatwick airport in UK

    I really don't believe that the story is just about drones. I seriously think it has something to do with UFO sightings. I mean why would they DEPLOY ARMY to deal with TOYS? There's more going with this than we're being told... There's literally film called UFO (2018) that has exactly the same story plot. Airport shut due to drones but the witnesses said something else, then of course help from army and covering up from government, here's the link: https://youtu.be/gxUcHrPhewY oh and let's not forget that recently there's been a release of audio from a pilot who contacted tower to say they've seen unidentified flying object on their radar...

    1. @RawJola, Are you new to this blog? If so, welcome.

  52. Update please Cobra on bringing troops home and implications.

  53. Something is happening now which I always knew it was going to happen. Trump withdrawed the troops from Middle East, leaving Israel alone. It was all part of his strategy to "be with israel" but now he showed his real face. Israel is now vulnerable to the arabs. Its all in the bible prophecies
    good luck, Israel

  54. Fears are confronted and held by the Light BEings
    Stereotypes of harmonics are cleared

    (Gaiaportal from December 18, 2018)

    COBRA – Witchcraft is an ancient practice of magic which can be used in a positive or a negative way. Jesuits and some other Archon forces have tried to put a bad light on witchcraft […]

    Cobra: Sorcery is a very I would say a limited aspect of magic […without deeper understandings of the forces …]


    I don't know if the video's about magic or tricks. The thing with the photo could also be a trick (double exposure (before, during or after the shot)). In any case, presenters and viewers were confronted with their fears (in further appearances even more so). To what extent the woman works with the light or with the dark ones, I don't know. What struck me positively was that in her performances she resists stereotypical behaviours that are common in the show, which rather stands for high awareness.



  55. URGENT! Meditation for Ukraine daily at 6 PM UTC



  56. No More Time We ain't wasting
    Here again We Go


    Back to The Future Let's Go


    Queen Live


    Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom and Abundance for All

    I AM DC


  57. Are You Ready?
    Stand Up.

    Caravan Of Love



  58. my heart is still tight
    ... and I'm missing you so much,
    baby 🌹

  59. Every night I have stressful or sad or scary dreams. Is it negative entities siphoning loosh from me? What can I do? I already have a tachyonized cell from this website, and orgonite.

    1. @Dana, I can only tell you what I did. I had attacks, sometimes every night and multiple times. Get out of bed, walk around and sage and salt your home, with a fearless and empowered state of mind with the highest consciousness possible. Your intent is very important, do not be afraid of them. Even watch something that makes you laugh. I could usually sleep afterwards. I also developed resistance and counter attacks over time and the entities would change tactics, and this would repeat for years. You have to keep pushing forward.

  60. John Lennon / Power To The People

    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people, right on

    Say you want a revolution
    We better get on right away
    Well you get on your feet
    And out on the street

    Singing power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people, right on

    A million workers working for nothing
    You better give 'em what they really own
    We got to put you down
    When we come into town

    Singing power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people, right on

    I gotta ask you comrades and brothers
    How do you treat you own woman back home
    She got to be herself
    So she can free herself

    Singing power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Power to the people, right on
    Now, now, now, now



  61. Gaia, my Love.

    Don't you think it's time you started doing what we always wanted ♥

    You will Always keep it flying High in the . . .



    Though it's darker than december, what's ahead is a Different Colour. Even the longest night comes to an end.

    We belong to The Light


    Look what happened there.
    YOU just Made THE LIST!!!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    I AM DC

  62. A QUICK NOTE ON THE SITUATION (812) - 21.12.2018

    Attention Terranos! Ashoris3 group (chimera) in attempt of abundant subliminal distribution (negative etheric-mental projections). Superior Consciousness dissolves old plot.

    Ashoris3 Group security breach: Manipulation reverse chambers being violated. The Light Celebrates!

    Reverb package "The Reprogrammer" in progress >>>> 99% (non-regressive). STAGE 1.

    Sector 5/9 of Base 23T in deprivation: 94% (non-regressive). Zetas invited to withdraw. The Light Celebrates! Next >>>> 6/9.

    Internal Releases Happen! The Light Celebrates!

    Zero i: Alliances with Okingons happens. Next >>> Projectors and deliveries of Special Technologies.

    Temporarily, end of transmission.

    Pleiades 1 (Extending Crystal Field in Terrano environment)



  63. Gaia, my SweetHeart.

    I belong with YOU
    You belong with ME

    The Lumineers



    I AM DC

  64. The Alians reacted almost immediately to events in France. But what happens in the heart of Europe does not care anyone. Is it possible that the "Soros-virus"infected them? Well, not nothing, this is the virus!


  65. Longest Night coming to an End.
    At least in this neck of the woods.
    Right Here in Itzehoe, Germany.

    Ich liebe Dich, Gaia.

    Ganz ganz tolles TeamWork heute Nacht, meine Süße.
    Wir sind das Dream Team.

    Man kriegt was man verdient
    Draussen wird es hell
    Nichts mehr wie bisher
    Aus manchen werden viele
    Und aus denen werden Mehr.


    Guten Morgen, mein Schatz



    I AM DC

    1. Hallo Du, grüße bitte deine Nadine ganz lieb von mir, ja?

      Sieh mal diesen Post habe ich für Dich, Cobra und seine treuesten Freunde gemacht, ist ein bischen kurz.... muss jetzt los, weiter an der Berliner Vortex arbeiten auf den anderen Ebenen. Sieg sei dem Lichte und der großen weissen Bruderschaft und der Schwesternschaft der Rose!

      In Liebe und Hingabe an Ashtar und St.Germain und ihre Liebsten!

      Das beste ist, ich weiss dass ich nicht verrückt bin..... hahaha.......war nicht leicht.....lol.....



  66. In diesem Sinne, Süße:




  67. The Alians reacted almost immediately to events in France. But what happens in the heart of Europe does not care anyone. Is it possible that the "Soros-virus"infected them? Well, not nothing, this is the virus! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,So I forget. There are two kinds of Soros viruses! Everyone knows the first! But not the second, wherewith millions of Hungarians infected. (...)

  68. The Alians reacted almost immediately to events in France. But what happens in the heart of Europe does not care anyone. Is it possible that the "Soros-virus"infected them? Well, not nothing, this is the virus! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,So I forget. There are two kinds of Soros viruses! Everyone knows the first! But not the second, wherewith millions of Hungarians infected. (...) The latter is spread by a very malicious blackhead !

  69. Patrick.. you have worked on patents or products presented by keshe.. did u Actually get the generator working.?.

    I know u got the healing plasma pens.. but how about the generator... if u did try it.. n it worked... would u share which instructions u followed.. I am just curious. I am not mechanically incline but just in case someone asks..

    I hear lots of fear mongering on power outages.. which I hope it wont come to that... but just in case someone asks I think directing someone to proven valid instructions would go a long way.. instead of them of having to do so many trial n errors due to instruction accuracy lacked.


  70. Part ONE
    ARAMDA (Channeled by James McConnell)

    I am Aramda. I am coming to you at this time, in this place, in this moment, in this what you call the “Advance.” (formerly called a retreat)

    An Advance it is. As we see from our vantage point upon the ships as we look down. Yes we see what is occurring in your times here. We can see, as you might say, “through the walls.” We can hear what you are saying and we are aware of all of the advancement that is going on here. And know that here in our ships we are doing everything that we can to prepare for the great many changes that are upon you, and we are here also to protect: to protect you, those of you here on the planets, the Lightworkers, the –warriors, the –sharers, and the –barers, and we are here to make sure that all goes according to the Great Plan, even though the Great Plan has been diversified at times, has been going off into various detours, you might say, at times. It is still strongly held upon its target right now.

    That target, of course, for the earth, for all of you there on the earth, is ascension. Ascension: moving from one level of consciousness to a higher level of consciousness. That is what this is all about. You think you came here to learn. You think you came here to be in a school of learning. And that is only partially what you are here for. You have come for many, many lifetimes to prepare for this time now where you could have an evolution of consciousness all in one moment, or seemingly one moment. It may not be a moment in your time, but it may be over a short period of time, say, hours, maybe even days, but not much longer than that. The FULL ascension, I speak of now, not the ascension process. But when you fully move through Ascension, that will happen in a moment’s time.

    Now the galactic wave that is approaching even now as I speak to you here, even now as you continue to have your Advance, that galactic wave is coming closer and closer. And it is destined to raise the consciousness all at one fell swoop as it swoops across the planet, as it spreads across the planet. And you have had many times the analogy or the vision of a tsunami as it first connects to the land and begins to move across the land, and washes over everything in its path. But certainly a tsunami, as it comes across, eventually will die out. Eventually it will diminish. Not this tsunami. This tsunami will spread across the entire planet. And it will do so in a very short period of time. So every life form on the planet cannot help but feel the immense consciousness that comes with this wave, the shift of consciousness that comes with this wave.

    Source: https://sananda.website/aramda-via-james-mcconnell-december-17th-2018/

    In Dutch: https://mariaenbuitenaardsen.blogspot.com/2018/12/aramda-via-james-mcconnell-december.html

  71. Aramda part two

    So we say again, I say again, all of those that I work with that work with me here in the Ashtar Command, the Jupiter Command, the Galactic Federation of Planets: all of us are here to assist and help you through this process. And all you need to do is call upon us. Now when you call upon us: does that mean we are going to show ourselves and our ships? Well maybe. We may just do that. More and more we are doing that. Ashtar has said that we are doing that. And that is certainly true. We are here to help to assist in any way that we can. And as everything continues to move ahead according to the great plan, those of you who are here on the earth are doing everything that you can. We know that you are doing everything that you can. Even if you are not actively pursuing certain projects or actively pursuing sharing the light with everyone around you, even if you were just attending a group such as this on a regular basis and doing these meditations, you are doing something, you are actively working at this. And we applaud you. We applaud you for your diligence in continuing to move through this entire process, not only of this lifetime, but of many lifetimes leading up to this. And it all has been leading up to the culmination or the great crescendo that Sananda has spoken of. You are nearing that crescendo, and we await the many changes that will happen as a result of that, just as you are. The only difference is we can see a little bit further into the future than you can at this point, and we know that it is already in the happening process right now.

    I am Aramda, and I am always with you and will continue to be with you. I am close to many of you, and many of you are close to me. And we will break bread again soon.

    Aramda, out.

    Source: https://sananda.website/aramda-via-james-mcconnell-december-17th-2018/

    In Dutch: https://mariaenbuitenaardsen.blogspot.com/2018/12/aramda-via-james-mcconnell-december.html

  72. I had this very weird and disguasting dream maybe 1 month ago...dreamed I was squeeshing a big acne and out came this big,brown worm..yaaks ..almost throwed up..I woke up immediately after this nightmare and first felt really sick, but then got a really reliefed and good feeling ♡♡ anyway...I wish you all a peaceful and harmonious Christmas ♡♡♡

    1. Lol. Well, maybe your mind is trying to tell u something....dont doubt we are all full of worms, we are like living corpses. We feed them with our shitty diet. And they are behind of most of our physical and mental issues. Welcome to Earth, the Land of Worms!

    2. CoBra did say there were a variety of wormlike entities that were part of the archon network. I would awake sometimes with a disturbed feeling and see floating in my room a bizarre object. It looked like a still image of a large ball of baby snakes or long worms. It almost looked like a basketball sized hairball. One time I saw a shadow spider morph into a black sphere with worm like wriggling tentacles. It was accompanied by joker laughter. The 'ball of worms' incidents happened on and off since around 2014 or so. Is it some of these worm entities?

  73. https://cloverchronicle.com/2018/12/20/video-massive-pyramid-shaped-ufo-seen-hovering-over-pentagon/
    "VIDEO: Massive Pyramid-Shaped UFO Seen Hovering Over Pentagon"

    If that pyramid shaped UFO was a real stuff, though a few videos which were shot from defferent angles appeared on youtube so it probably was real, what purpose did occupants have? The appearance of UFO is not uncommon, but it was over the Pentagon. This must be something big deal.

    1. Back in the early 2000s, my older step brother claimed to of seen a ufo that looked almost like a building. I had never seen one at the time but I believed him. He believed in aliens and that we were lied to about 9/11. Later, when I was about twenty, he became pretty hostile. It would happen whenever I would talk to him and try to link 9/11, the cabal, and aliens. It was almost like he was programmed to instantly become angry at any mention of the cabal. I stopped bringing it up but he would still be hostile, so I had to cut off all ties with him. That was over seven years ago and I have no regrets. Looking back he was a bad influence on me anyways.


  74. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hempcrete

  75. https://youtu.be/5-ff_Rnv47k


    Are the Resistance and Mayan breakaway Connected?

  76. Ok..I read be in the heart, be in the now! Oh wait..I read resolve past lives and karma? I can't rem my past lives and if I could what is the pt now to resolve we cant change whatever happened! Plus we were all plasma chipped and manipulated by the chimera/ dracos so I dont even feel responsible for whatever ismt is I may have done back then that I cant remember! None of this should've happened if the galactics had wiped out the Dracos 350k yrs ago and not allowed Gaia to be taken from 5D to 3D! Just the truth. Now we keep.meditating to try and free ourselves when the Galactics who are US!! Can only intervene so much? Bullshit!! Remove all the bad actors now! Take over the satellites and reveal truth! Stop this matrix now!

    1. Yep, that whole karma of past lives things....it's like the Star Trek, "Wolf in the Fold". Kirk took McCoy and Scotty to a fancy bar, where Scotty was smitten with a nice looking dancing girl, and he offered to walk her home in the foggy night. Then we here her scream, and we see her dead, stabbed to death, with Scotty holding the bloody knife, and no recollection of the tragedy.

      Turn out a dark, non physical entity, named Radjac, who turned out the the creature known as "Jack the Ripper" in Victorian London, who was never identified or found, and was able to assume physical shape for short time periods.


      So, the whole past life karma, complete with amnesia, is like "Just take my word for it, though I have no proof!" sorta thing.

      And yes, we all know the chimera, dracos, or whatever the hell the bad guys are called, will NEVER surrender....one or two, perhaps, but not the rest of them. They will fight till none of them are left, and would probably wanna take themselves out, and US, before giving up their power.

      As the Daleks would say, "EXTERMINATE the Chimera and the Dracos", for they will exterminate US when we are not an asset to them anymore. Take over those satellites you mentioned, and so what if some of the masses freak out....it's time they realize the emperor is naked, and that the big, bad oz, is just a pipsqueak in front of a control panel.

    2. I think the Draco are more technologically advanced than the light communities know. I also think that dark has value and many souls, practically infinite from our perspective, want to experience it. And the universe balance will not change and the game will continue to allow all forms of experience forever. I agree it's not necessary for any one particular soul to experience it, but wouldn't you be a more competent and experienced higher self if you'd also been Draco? Obviously. I'd do it in a second. Do you know how incredibly fun it must be to be an amoral rampaging monster? They do it for millions and millions of years. Can't say there's no value in that. I also think they're only being eliminated from this part of the galaxy. I bet the universe is still pretty much the same. It makes no sense that the Event on Earth would happen to be the clearing of the whole Universe. My opinion is that Cobra says this to preempt people worrying about the dark invading again. That anything short of "the universe" and people would say they'll just come back, which is not true for other reasons, but not because they don't exist anymore. Look how much difficulty they're having with Earth. How are they going to encroach on the dark's home systems? I'll never believe that.

    3. @Patrick Kehoe

      Not me.

      The goddamned Illuminate folks use pretty much what you said to justify their despicable actions, to become a more competent and experienced higher self.....hence why they withhold technology, wage wars, suppress the masses, and indulge in the rape/torture/sacrifice/consumption of children.

      So...ENCROACH says I. They REALLY wanna be more competent and experience.....time to learn about retribution.

    4. Technology doesn't exist beyond the physical plane. In the higher realms it is simply a battle of wills and emotions. Is hate a stronger emotion than love? Is the will to destroy stronger than the will to create? Anything a high dimensional being thinks about will manifest instantaneously. If the creator creates nothing than there is nothing to destroy. Evil cannot exist in a vacuum.

      In the higher realms the creator always has the advantage. A thief cannot steal something that does not exist. The creator however, CAN create something that does not exist. A parasite needs a host BUT hosts do not need parasites. Parasites and destruction are not necessary in process of creation or fundamental to the nature of existence. If you own a car you do not need to have your car stolen to prove that you ever had a car. You do not need have your house burn down to prove that you ever owned a house. The same logic applies to the creation of the universe.

      The creator can create something out of nothing but evil does not have this power. Evil cannot create more evil out of nothing. The Draco require light being to exist in order to destroy their creations. We have been FOOLED into thinking we need darkness to exist. We do NOT. The parasite only tricks the host into thinking we need it. Darkness in essence is a parasite to the creation of the light. This answers one of the fundamental paradoxes of philosophy. Does light need darkness to exist? No it doesn't.

      Light can exist for its' own sake without the darkness. That is what the universe will be like when the divine plan is completed. There will be no more darkness.

    5. Vibration raise it to 5D and the chimera Dracos etc cant resonate that high right and must leave or die as I understand it. Enuff is enuff.. 350,000 years? Basically our evolution here has been stalled for 350k yrs while ETs with advanced craft treated us like lab mice experimenting with our DNA, our minds our consciousness etc..

    6. Patrick, the Alphas are full of Nanites, AI technology that eventually destroys them. It was good for predictions, thus helping the dark to step ahead; this technology is malfunctioning, causing a lot of false flags. Upon death they vanish. See Corey Goode of autopsy of ETs, Dr"Bones" if you want the origional information. Blessings.

  77. Direct correlation between synchronicity and increasing until critical mass of non-physical and physical planes I think is true and would be a precursor to the Event in my opinion... from sloven

  78. <3 May there be peace forever! <3

  79. Requesting help from anyone who feels called to do so. Thank you.

    1. I will always answer such a call. Indira Fernandez FB. I may be able to point.

  80. For those who feel guided:

    The Final Battle VI 432Hz


  81. The Final Battle VI 432Hz

    Victory of the Light!

  82. We need more planetary activations like the RM did in Paris.

  83. I envisioned the perfect community on fb to be the hub for all leading edge disclosure. Most here are well on that mission so if you'd like to take a peek at what I'm creating just join us at
    Apocalypse Disclosure!


  84. I have a great idea for a project. I'll need to talk to Cobra and/or just try it, but if it won't work it would be better if he could just tell me. I'd read somewhere that the Tachyon Chambers are made by sending quartz into space. Cobra has also given a website with instructions to make high altitude balloons to take pictures of near space. The balloons use a GPS tracker so you recover them. I wonder if I send quartz up in the balloon and retrieve them if they'd be little tachyon chambers, or at least tachyonized crystals (is there a difference?) I could start a crowd fund campaign and those who donate would receive a crystal from the mission. If it goes well I could do bigger and bigger projects.


  85. An ET snuck in my room and left me some Yugioh cards. A lot of these Yugioh cards reference the Pleiades. I'm being tortured on the surface. They are zapping my brain somehow. I live near a recently installed 5G tower and I live near a Catholic mission church run by the Jesuits. All right down the street. I'm being tortured every single day almost like a pressure in my brain and zaps. I know help is on the way and close by. The light forces have been planting trees to show their support, although I know they can't show up in person. I've been tortured my entire life with psychiatry. I had a wonderful mind to give to humanity which is ruined by the side effects of these antipsychotics. My space brothers and sisters are communicating to me in a subtle way I will not reveal. I hope help is here for me soon. I feel tortured every day to the point I'm driven to insanity. I've been heavily targeted. I've been almost assassinated twice, one attempted by car and another by directed energy weapon. I always knew the vatican and the Abrahamic religions were false. My room has been raided with pictures taken from 1996, the same year I was forced to take antipsychotics. And now I see Cobra cars and Jesuit cars moving into the area. I just want a boyfriend to protect me...

    1. I am sorry to hear about all of that. As far as physical ETs, my old blackwater friend had one in his room when he was about thirteen, back in the early to mid 2000s. It wasnt hostile, but it wasnt good either, the latter being why it was allowed to interact with someone on the surface.

    2. So many of us ruined by these beings, but we have thrived before and will once more; others facing similar experiences have found ways that helped them, and share experiences with all for free; if you google remove Demonic entities using TAT and also Access Conciousness, couple seem genuine and of good intent, but need to keep doing them. Also see Reiki Docs Divine Healing code Spiritual sovereignty and freedom from dark forces, free and will not work if sold. Much love and care to you, you will be recompensated as they have blocked your path. Zackos Breedlove's work Youtube worth a look,as is Dr Mirena entity clearing, you can put it low on loop...Access Conciousness. There is also a Reiki Doc code for stuck, cannot get further and in need of Higher Dimensional assistance. Much out there.

  86. Message fro indianinthemachine: PART ONE
    You May Need Healing… Best Site On The Entire Internet To Help!!
    Hi… I’m glad you clicked, it is very fortunate for all of us, when one human takes a proactive interest in healing… and yes, there are lots of great healing sites out here on the internet. Over the years of visiting many healing sites, and having a few of my own, there is one site that stands out above the rest of all the others, and this is it: www.jeshua.net

    I’ve posted a few links below, of some of the information presented, and there is much more on the main page, and more messages coming through all the time.

    Here’s a challenge… click a few links… and see for yourself, if the messages presented by our brother Jeshua, do not get to the root of the matters of health and wellbeing, in a way that is effective, direct, gentle, authorative and yes, even angelic… special thanks to Pamela Kribble, for bringing these messages of Jeshua to humanity!!

    Here are a few examples…

    You have fallen prey to fear, always looking outside yourself to find security, and this has to end now. If a new age is to enter this planet, it has to be through people who can accept their own light and live by it. -Jeshua
    The first aspect is that the highest of you, the highest that you can give on earth, is unique to you. Your contribution is a unique combination of characteristics and qualities, with its own vibration and flavor. Essentially, you are giving yourself. The highest you can give is you! What distinguishes you is not what you have learnt from others, such as certain skills or knowledge. The highest that you can give does not come from outside of you. No, you are the decisive link. -Jeshua

    Source: https://beforeitsnews.com/v3/alternative/2018/3653822.html

    1. Then allow each to find his own way, this lady charges large amounts to have one question said to be answered by Him. The chanelling is very low truth globally, under 90 percent. Note there is nothing we do not already know here. So many adverts here of one kind or another, people should do it or go this way or the other.

  87. Message from indianinthemachine: PART TWO
    By inner observation and in-depth regression therapy, you can come to know much about past traumas, and that is often helpful in order to gain insights. But at the heart of all healing and self healing is the return to yourself, to embrace your own self and to acknowledge your boundaries, yet at the same time remain gentle, calm, and open within. And precisely because of staying with yourself, you are able to do a lot for others by what you are and what you emanate. -Jeshua

    The transition from ego based consciousness to heart based consciousness starts with the experience of an inner void. Things that used to draw your full attention or situations that you got completely caught up in now leave you empty or uninspired. Somehow things seem to have lost their usual meaning and purpose. -Jeshua

    Cosmic birth pain
    Pitfalls on the way
    to becoming a healer
    Letting go of
    your birth family
    Male and female energy
    Dealing with emotions
    Sexuality and spirituality
    Work, Money and Creativity
    Illness and health
    Be a Child of the Earth
    How do You Recognize Your Soul’s Plan?
    The Eternal Light of the Universe
    Beyond Duality
    The Two Faces of God
    Life, consciousness and the
    heritage of ancient Egypt
    About This Time of Chaos
    Dancing through Life
    Everything is Connected
    The seeds of wholeness inside you wish to sprout
    You are the creators - I am here to support you
    Fully human and fully divine (Atlantis – Egypt – Now)
    The Taboo Against Individuality
    From hypersensitivity
    to high sensitivity
    The influence of the
    astral plane on channeling
    Meeting our past selves
    outside of time
    Everything is as it
    should be, or is it?
    Working with parallel lives
    Black holes inside us
    A spiritual perspective
    on aging
    If we create our own reality,
    then why do we get old?
    Soul and Personality
    What happens after death?
    Healing and understanding the ancient battle between men and women
    Finding your life’s purpose
    A Reflection on the Male Energy
    Guilt and Fear in Highly Sensitive People
    What we should teach our children
    about our Inner World
    The Gatekeepers
    Relationships in the New Era
    The Children of the New Era
    The Atlantis heritage
    Surrender and control
    The way of the lightworker
    Return of the wild woman
    Expressing your soul’s light
    The simplicity of life
    Lightworkers entering the New Era
    The seeds of Christ
    The battle of the sexes
    Your arrival on the New Earth
    The Third Way
    The New Era has begun
    Paradise on Earth
    Making Your Own Choices
    The Essence of All Healing
    Learning to Understand Illness
    The power of the belly

    Wishing you the fullest health and loving presence possible,

    Love, Indian

    Indian in the machine


  88. The article of indianinthemachine translated in Dutch:



  89. Open Source Everything...

    An example with more specific data of medium pressure mercury lamp:


    Claims are here about a power as low as 125W, 250W, and peaks of UV of 254nm and others.

    "Medium Pressure 250W, 450 W and 1000W cover the UV range from 250nm to 400nm with peaks at 254nm, 356 and 365nm. UV output is approximately 18 -20 percent of the lamp wattage."

    So, in this case the luminophores used to colored fluorescent tubes may work, at least from the point of view regarding the wavelength conversion.

    A comment was added in the post:

    P.S. If not in your interest please go to the next comments.

  90. Thursday, June 7, 2012
    Negotiations Update
    The non-physical Archons could become a real problem in the Mass Arrests scenario. Please understand that Mass Arrests could not happen without the complete reset of the financial system to cut off the Cabal from their remaining financial resources.

    Saturday, February 3, 2018
    Situation Update
    The only thing I can say is that the Event will still include:

    -Removal of the Cabal
    -Full disclosure and full exposure
    -Financial Reset

    Mass arrests of the Cabal may, or may not happen. You will be informed about the Event operations in real time as they happen, through the mass media.

    1. I'm kinda figuring this Q thing is how the event operations have become public.

  91. Here is a post about Goddess energy and how it applies to men:


  92. i feel something huge has happenned with the solstice.
    i've never felt so much gratitude in my entire life, specially this time of the year when i'm Always depressed and feeling lonely. instead, i feel so much love and joy around me and inside of me. and it keeps growing in each breath. that's really amazing!
    on the other hand i clearly see attacks above us and feel they are taking every chance to low our vibration.
    can't wait for an update!

    sending love joy and gratitude you all!

    1. I like to walk my parents dogs late at night. It has been cold out, which I like, and the moon is so bright and powerful that I can leave the lights off. I feel like when I look up at the moon the pleiadians are looking back.

  93. Please Cobra..UPDATE! We all need the event right now!

    No more talk, and shit! Soon we all die, the whole world is dieing, and the event is too late for it all!


    Again, its an S O S!

    We all want the event very soon experience...ALIVE!..read..A L I V E !

    We are more, yes more than tired, and sick of this historic long delay, and wait for the event!

    1. That is up to the Source, not poor Cobra; it will happen when it is safe; let us use this tine not waiting to be rescued, but to clear ourselves from some of these Archon viruses, heal, awaken a little bit more.

  94. Two of UK’s biggest airports close with days of each other, do not believe the cover story of drones and electrical fault. Something is going down, my first thought was some cabal trying to jump ship


  95. Open the Final Gate



  96. I was mowing my lawn and I started feeling love for Gaia. I felt grateful for everything she has done for Humanity the same time I felt sorrow 4 all the inhumane things being done to her. Then I saw a show on TV 1 how the Milky Way galaxy and the neighbor Andromeda Galaxy let's swallow up all these dwarf galaxies and I thought wow we are swelling up millions of stars and planets all the time. There is so much difficulty if getting anything done on our own planet we are receiving are there planets all the time who knows what's out there. Is it more Darkness joining the darkness. Hard to believe we are not allowed to be involved in our own fight in our own planet when they are so many galaxies and billions of stars. What kind of universe is this? I am sure given the opportunity many would fight for freedom. How sad see you in the light forces have crippled us believe we can't even join any group to fight for our own liberation

  97. This only appeared to my pc today, 2 days late, I checked it last night even, what the heck..

  98. This is from Revelation 1:7, "Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen." This is the event. I'm not going to go through the subsequent events, but those are in the Revelation also. And in Matthew 24:36, "But of that day and hour knows no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only." Everyone, and I mean everyone, will know when this happens. Raising your vibration is the one and only thing you can do that is productive until the event.

  99. Please Cobra, UPDATE! We all, the whole planet/universe...universes, all dimensions, need/want the event right now1

    We are all dying!

    Not some boring/common update, but a BIG UPDATE! That everybody stay absolutely ready/prepare, that the galactic superwave of light..the EVENT, will happen, for absolutely sure, this year, early nexth year..December 2018/January 2019!

    Thousands, of thousands, will go suicide , IF still nothing will happen, within a few weeks.

    I stop writing, i am soooo unbelieveably angry...pissed of.....tired...sick...and exhausted, emotionally....mentally, and physically, that it is almost unbelieveable.

    S O S S O S......S O S!!!! Please, let the EVENT, happen right now!

    Bombs left, or no bombs...archons..cabal, or chimera left....Good or bad....LET THE EVENT HAPPEN RIGHT NOW!

    Or blow the whole planet/Universe up. Then were safe too.

    Off course i not want blew the planet and universe up, but, if there is no other option?

    Other than endless suffering/waiting for the event to happen, there is no other option.

    Stop the endlass dalays/wait/suffering right now!
    my loving source...Cobra..and all the galactics........lightworkers..RM.

    Please...Let the e!vent happen right now! Within a few weeks!

    Thank you all!

    Love and blessings!

    Please Cobra, bring us the BIG UPDATE!