Sunday, December 16, 2018

Yellow Vests and the Vortex of Paris

On November 10th, 1793, there was an activation of Goddess of Reason and Liberty in the Notre Dame church in Paris:

That church was the location of the temple of Isis in Roman times:

Where initiates into the Goddess mysteries still meet today:

Exactly 225 years after the activation of Goddess of Reason, certain Goddess priestesses of the Resistance Movement came to the surface in Paris and did a special planetary kundalini activation.

The activation was taking place from November 8th to November 11th, 2018, during the meeting of the world leaders in Paris. The second basement DOES exist, although the waitress denied it.

This activation served as a trigger for planetary kundalini awakening where people will finally rise up against the oppression of the Dark forces.

One aspect of this planetary kundalini activation was for women to start reclaiming their sexual energy and expressing the beauty of their bodies.

The effect of the activation was felt immediately on November 10th in Louvre:

And at Arc of Triumph:

And the next day, November 11th, a few meters away from Donald Trump:

Since November 11th, 2018, the Paris Goddess vortex is continuously triggering kundalini activation in all human beings on the surface of the planet. This is the occult reason for the success of the Yellow Vests movement, which is a grassroots movement against all oppression.

The movement is quickly spreading globally and is expected to have a drastic impact on global geopolitical situation:

You need to understand that we are now very close to solar minimum and as the solar activity increases in the coming months and years, the revolutionary spark in humanity will only get stronger:

This weekend, more women protested in Paris topless:

They were evoking the archetype of Marianne, Goddess of Reason and Liberty, whose energy was activated in Paris 225 years ago:

Goddess wants liberty and liberty it will be!


  1. Thank you Cobra.

    This excerpt, "The second basement DOES exist, although the waitress denied it" was posted on the Q boards a few months ago. Another piece of the puzzle fits into place!

    Here's the qanon link for those who don't know it


    1. It was posted on 2012portal Friday, November 9, 2018. Q hasnt posted it.

    2. which number ? I dont remember reading that on Q

    3. Not by Q. Maybe on 8chan by someone else?

    4. Cobra posted it! It wasnt long ago

    5. @ UnknownDecember 16, 2018 at 9:21 PM

      well... ��
      there are restaurants next to churches and restaurants that belong to a monastery.... ����



    7. BS:

    8. Not posted by Q.
      Search for all drops here:


  2. Once again:


    I swear: We never asked for any of this.

    And now we'll make it all right.



    1. Almost to the day it was 5 years ago that I wrote my first words on here.
      For years I posted as RaJah225 - and nobody understood what it meant; some rather unfunny assumptions about the number 225 were made.

      And FINALLY it is ALL coming TOGETHER.

      The song is called TWO TWO FIVE

      And here's the lyrics:

      She stares at the screen, at the little words of green
      Tries to do remember what to do next
      There's a trace of frustration that crosses her face
      Searching for the key she should press
      And I would help her if I only know how
      But these things are a mystery to me too
      And it seems that the Corporate eyes they are watching
      She fears for her job and the moments are passing
      I stare at her nametag and I think to myself
      Both you and I, we never asked for any of this

      So let's take a walk up past the chemical works
      Where the sky turns green at night
      And we'll talk about getting away from here
      Some different kind of life
      But even in the freshest mountain air
      The jet fighters practise overhead
      And they're drilling these hills for uranium deposits
      And they'll bury the waste for our children to inherit
      And though this is all done for our own benefit,
      I swear we never asked for any of this

      This golden age of communication
      Means everyone talks at the same time
      And liberty just means the freedom to exploit
      Any weakness that you can find
      Turn off the TV just for a while
      Let us whisper to each other instead
      And we'll hope that the Corporate ears do not listen
      Lest we find ourselves committing some kind of treason
      And filed in the tapes without rhyme, without reason
      While they tell us that it's all for our own protection,
      I swear we never asked for any of this

      And here is the Full-Band version Live

      Victory of Love and Light

      I AM DC

  3. How come when maidan happened, you called it 'cia coup', but yellow wests are suddenly totally grass roots fighters for liberty?

    1. The force behind it?

      Give example please..

      "Maidan definition, an open area or space in or near a town, often used as a marketplace or parade ground..."

    2. 'Maidan' is also the name for the protests in ukraine ~2013-14.

    3. Macron is a pawn of the Cabal, former banker of Rothschild, one manifests against him 😉

  4. I have read these posts for about two years now. This post sent energy all up and down my chakras. And so it begins...

  5. My father has Dementia and I have been trying to become his conservator. The government has gotten involved and is taking all his property and finances and is removing me and all his pets with no place to go.

    1. Soullvx, I would lock the doors, get some help/friends/local media and get a lawyer, a good one that would do that for popularity if possible. You do have some rights but you are probably not informed about them, pls go get some consultations.
      Doing meditation and connecting to your soul family during the day should help too as you would get guidance and inner peace. Opportunities are all around us, we should watch and listen.
      As a last resort, you can paint yourself in silver and go protest topless, it is "in" at the moment ;)
      May the Force be with you!!!

    2. 我爸爸也是患老年痴症十年了。非常抱歉听到所有你的遭遇。为什么你不能拥有父亲的财产?你可以照顾他,就需要动用父亲的财产。这也违法?

    3. translate: My father is also suffering from Alzheimer's disease for ten years. I am very sorry to hear all your experiences. Why can't you own the father's property? You can take care of him and you need to use your father's property. Is this also illegal?

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you for your devotion and gratitude ❤🦁😇⭐👽

  7. Thanks for the update
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  8. From what I understand we are heading into the "Grand Solar Minimum" which happens when the sun's maximum on the 11 year cycle is canceled out by the more powerful grand solar cycle. This will trigger a "mini ice age" that will last for 20 to 50 years. The grand solar cycle lasts about 230 years. It is the Grand Solar cycle that causes the rise and fall of empires not the 11 year cycle.

    This grand cycle was responsible for the French revolution due to it causing crop failures thus forcing the peasants to rise up against the nobility. Previous grand solar minimums caused the fall of Ming China, the fall of Carolingian Empire, the fall of Rome, and the Bronze age collapse. The cycle lines up perfectly for the fall of the current globalist world order. Revolution is definitely coming.

    If the sun is going to sneeze soon it because our sun is catching a cold.

    1. Johnathan Swift predicted the grand solar minimum in his book Gulliver's Travels originally published in 1726. In a segment of the book Gulliver encounters the flying island of Laputa. When Gulliver speaks with the learned men of Laputa they tell him they are concerned with the health of sun. The Laputian scholars predicted the sun would dim and freeze the earth. This was supposed to be satire but was it really. It turned out to be true.

      Makes me wonder what else is true in Gullivar's Travels. It is interesting that the cooling sun prediction is mentioned in the same chapter as the flying island. The secret societies often hide the truth in works of fiction. The island of Laputa floats in the sky via the power of anti-gravity magnets much like modern UFO whistle blowers tell us anti-gravity really works. Keep in mind this book was written nearly 300 years ago. However, ETs have been visiting Earth for 1000s years and technology like this likely existed since the time of Atlantis.

      It has been covered up and hidden away because humans don't remember their history anymore. Disclosure will change that. Hopefully soon.

      Peace be with you.

    2. I first learned about gullivers travels in high school. I always identified with gulliver for some reason. He saw and understood things that made him seem crazy to everyone. It made everyone else either very alien or hostile, and gulliver became very quickly alone.

  9. The yellow vests made protest in israel, but the israeli elites hijacked the protest and the peopke are unaware as they try to promote TISA afreement instead. Israel needs help from the light forces to be really awaken.

    1. It's a pity but it's also a fight. An opportunity.
      There should be some naked women coming your way to rescue Israel (and all of us) real soon ;) :))
      Mileikowsky Netanyahu not put out yet?

  10. Za slovenske bralce:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podporo Dogodka na Facebooku:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  11. It's too late for some of us, Cobra. Much too late. I am not going to last much longer. I am sorry, but this is goodbye.

    1. contact me

    2. Dear young man, again? You can as well spend next 30 years talking like that, being up and down, waving farewells. Or 70 years?
      Can life be something more, something else, something good?
      This too will pass.
      Keep breathing. Keep walking.
      How does your Soul family feel about all this?

    3. No, hes right. Its way too late.

    4. Live your life in a higher frequenty. Live your life from your heart. Live your life on the best way it can be, with courage and kindness. Be the change you will see in the world.

    5. I'm with Piper on this one. It won't pass. And we can't breath, or walk, everything hurts. Can't work or have relationships or enjoy simple things like movies. And definitely not in contact with soul family. I don't even know what that means. Some aliens from my last planet who are chillin' up in their ships watching me wait to blow my head off? I hate them! I've been so crushed and my life so small, I can only sit around and wish to die. (I'm not trying to rip on you Light, you're just trying to be nice, thank you.)

    6. @LighthouseSouth and @FrankW I had to leave Denver, Colorado early where I could have met up with a few lightworker friends, including Patrick Kehoe himself, back to my house due to scrotum pain.

      It's come to the point that urinating and simply the rubbing of my clothes when I walk around causes an increase in burning sensations in my testicles.

      So while I do agree I made many excuses in the past, now it's a physical health matter that is really setting me back. I did see a healer, and hopefully that will have a positive effect on me. He said he opened up all my lymphs. and the matter should be resolved within 2 weeks. Kind of early to tell at the moment. Also ordering some zeolite liquid online, and Patrick has also been so kind to send me some things in the mail, as well.

      Hopefully, within a couple weeks I can be back in Colorado. It's so easy to find a job out there, I feel like an idiot for not discovering this earlier, but I'm not quite sure anymore where my life is heading due to my health.

      I hope I don't lose my balls, and I hope I don't remain tied down at home because of this condition. I left for healing in Colorado as soon as it got to this point.

      This is still the same DMSO issue I've been dealing with for the past 3 months, which has affected my lymphs from being able to detox, and where my body still continues to absorb toxins, in places where I never even used the DMSO in the first place.

      I sure hope it does pass. I honestly realize I do not want to die. Nor do I want to be sick either. I realize the error of my ways more than before now, and even forgive my mother for her abuse. I actually humbled myself by praying to God with her just now over my condition.

      I also straightforward told her what she has been doing wrong, and what she should do to change. For once, she didn't protest.

      Spiritually, I am doing everything right. The concern is physical now, though. I seriously hope we start seeing physical healing happening for lightworkers prior to The Event. We wouldn't be so obsessed over The Event and lashing out in the comments if we had just this one thing available to us.

      And I know I lashed out over my living conditions and mental and verbal abuse as well, but I fully realize now how I could have left and easily gotten a job. Even without money, with the proper research, I could have convinced my dad to set aside a fund, and I could have set aside some money as well. You can literally get a job the first day out there. This trip to Denver over the past few days has been most enlightening.

      Cobra, please ask the Light Forces and RM to make further moves in the direction of physical healing this 2019. We need more than Command PB Stardust. I still don't see why key lightworkers can't simply be healed in our sleep and have our memories erased. There needs to be more movement in this direction.

      You can still keep the toplet bombs and the Chimera on Earth, and keep the healing confidential by wiping our memories, but at least make some moves where lightworkers can begin receiving proper help now. It's like chess, the Light Forces need to push them back more, so more positive work can be done.

      And let's be honest, some people have already received miraculous healings over the past several decades. So why not us?

    7. There must be some good vortex energy and underground entrances in denver. I hear good things about denver, then bad things about it on cabal news. Also the cabal military installations and the denver airport are built there. The cabal like to take a good vortex or opening and put something right on top, like a base and fencing and guard posts for miles.

  12. "You need to understand that we are now very close to solar minimum and as the solar activity increases in the coming months and years, the revolutionary spark in humanity will only get stronger:"

    Coming years? What about light forces got enough this year and interact quickly? What about toplet bombs only 30m layer and we work regularly to help the light forces remove it? How we can calculate with years and years without the event? I'm sure these lines will trigger many people who thinks event come much sooner than years.

    1. quote from Nov 30th post: there is a greater Galactic cycle that could supersede the solar mini ice age cycle before that happens and reverse that trend, but it will inevitably lead into what some people call the Solar Flash and is in fact a Galactic Superwave

    2. I admit I got triggered when he wrote years.. For fudge sakes this is a long train..

    3. Arpad, forget about the Event. It will happen when it happens. Instead, focus on what is happening on the world stage. Change is coming with or without the Event.

    4. Dear Paul I'm focusing that too and I know Q is legit but they selling the nothing burger too. No real change can happen before mass arrests, deep financial reconstruct etc. And many ceo and politicans resignation won't effect our life better.

      Ofcourse we have to work on our lifes but many of us want things what isn't possible before the event, like how could we leave the planet etc so self work have it's limitations too.

    5. I am also triggered,first he gives us hope as if we are few weeks away and then he mentions years,this only pushes people away from participating in meditations,few months ago maybe around 2 months he wrote that there are only 30 meters of tomplet bombs left,now he mentions years.I do not understand this.

      This is becoming suspicious to me.....

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Have you heard of nudists? They are naked around each other all the time. They have self control to think about other things than sex when seeing a naked body.

    2. I agree with this sentiment. I say "who made our bodies?" The Dark. Did they program our behavior to benefit them or us? Yyyyeah. It's a concept most people can't grasp, that our bodies would not benefit the incarnating spirit, but benefit the vile "farmers" of Earth. Sex is a horrific, soul crushing trap. A dirty trick of the mind so we'll bang out more babies for the Dark. I doubt it will ever be good, but especially before the Event, do not engage.

    3. The real question is,

      Why do we have so much fear of our own bodies and feelings?

      Look how extreme it can get. Look at the middle east where women must virtually wear bee keeper suits to even go out in public.

      We think we're more mature and civil about such matters in the west, but this is really a learned behavior problem.

      Don't the animals seem even more civilized than we in the west are on this specific matter? Animals are almost always naked around each other and they don't seem to suffer the mental constructs we do considering such an idea.

      We've been trained to accept violence as normal, but it taxes, damages and kills life.

      We've also been trained to see sex as abnormal, but it impassions, heals and makes new life.

      Perhaps pumping our minds with beliefs that cause fear in relation to sex is the problem.

      Animals don't suffer beliefs like we do. People with thicker fear generating beliefs around sex generally have more sexual problems in their lives, as individuals and groups.

      Belief of what is real determines how we will feel.

      Become aware of how you feel and the beliefs that made you feel. Then, you can question them, change them, and feel better. This is self-control.

      It's no coincidence that some of the biggest sources of fear generating misinformation about sex are the same sources compelling people to give away control over themselves, through control over their own belief systems.

      Your beliefs are your operating system instructions for your thoughts, feelings and actions, you.

      Who should control you?

      It's really up to you.

      Don't be fooled by those who control others with fear. If you don't know why you're afraid, you shouldn't be. If you do, you can question it. If it's based in reality, deal with it. If it's an illusion, see right through it.

      The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, because that fear stops us from identifying and overcoming the beliefs that make us fear.

      Fear will protect us, but only if it's correct, because of us.

      We should remember to balance acceptance with protection.

      Before we judge others, we should ask ourselves as we act, who we are protecting and who we are harming?

      What is real? Harm real people for our illusions? Many do!

    4. Sex is the honey trap for us the fools to bring more slaves to this System. Definitively its satanic , no animal is hot and obsessed the 365 days of the planet with sex. It drive us mad, it overpowers us to make unrational decisions. But we can use this impulse like a weapon against the Devil. And the name of this weapon is Tantra.

    5. May be you come from a culture where women don't show their body. In Fance people are more open to nudity and the beauty of the body.

    6. @Lux

      you rather we be like robots, Vulcans or Victorian era people? :P

    7. @ Omar

      people in the 1800's victorian era will loonies....all obsessed with 'respectability' while suppressing needs and urges.

    8. Steven, the self control may also stem from the fact that the nudists may not always be their optimal physical self. Not to be narrow minded, as we are all amazing infinite spirits, but lets be truthful, many nudists simply do not care how they look on the outside, so I imagine self control is easier :) just the truth

    9. I am going to give two perspectives on this that I have. On one hand we have the belief in modesty and self control, something that materialistic decadent societies dont have. They seem to be easier to control too. But maybe Im wrong on that. The scene in gullivers travels where the horse asks him why he wears clothes comes to mind. His answer is modesty and to keep up from being preoccupied with sex all the time. I really like the gullivers travels with ted danson, even though I have never seen the whole thing.

      On the other side, we have 'let it all out in the open, acknowledge it, and deal with it. Repression is a band aid'. Black sabbaths 'I' comes to mind. Suppressing something also gives it a cool factor because the public is so immature. They then copy it and lose all sense of originality and identity if they ever had it at all.


      I am anger
      Under pressure
      Locked in cages
      A prisoner
      The first to escape

      I am wicked
      I am legion
      Strength in numbers
      A lie
      The number is one

      I - I - I
      Everything that I see is for me

      Yes, I am giant
      I'm a monster
      Breaking windows
      In houses
      Buildings of glass
      Rebel rebel
      Holy outlaw
      Ride together
      Don't try it
      The power's in one

      I - I - I
      I am standing alone
      But I can rock you
      I - I - I

      On the edge of the blade
      But the knife can't cut the hero down

      I am virgin
      I'm a whore
      Giving nothing
      The taker
      The maker of war
      I'll smash your face in
      But with a smile
      All together
      You'll never
      Be stronger than me

      I - I - I
      Right here on my own
      But I still rock you
      I - I - I
      Don't follow behind
      Just leave me on the outside

      I - I - I
      I am standing alone
      But I can shock you
      I - I - I
      On the edge of the blade
      But no one makes the hero bleed
      ( No, no , no )

      I am hunger
      Feed my head
      All together
      You'll never
      Never make the hero bleed
      ( No, no, no )

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Normal, vulgar sex leads to ruin, selfdestruction and misery in this very life. I am not talking like a Victorian Puritan, I am talking about reality itself. Repression also leads to same thing, and also to perversion.
      But Tantra , for me, its the only way to live sex without repressing it, and without destroying yourself, using its tremendous power to grow and transmute yourself, for your benefit and that of your partner. Also Cobra mentions Tantra as a Sacred Way

    12. Penso que a mulher é capaz de emanar, projetar e envolver seu parceiro com o que de mais belo,nobre e elevado pode oferecer, da mesma forma o seu companheiro é capaz de perceber isso, receber e emanar o que de melhor tiver a oferecer.Para então consagrar essa união, e se disso houverem filhos, teremos sido abençoados. mas os dois precisam compreender da mesma forma. Como a ligação entre átomos para formar algo novo que aprendemos na escola. Mas se a mulher for bloqueada pelos diversos motivos não será capaz de emanar nada, bem como o homem pela forma como somos educados, e nada disso acontece. Acho que o Cobra quis demonstrar que a mulher está se empoderando...

  14. Thank you Cobra, great update. Ah! A World Full of Beautiful Goddess's, now that would be Nice! There appears to be a void opening up between the Awakened and the Entrained masses who unfortunately have not yet opted for the Red Pill but stick to there Blue Pill mentality, not for much longer tho I sense. Time to Wake Up Sheeple....
    Victory of the Light!

    1. There may be a third option to the red and blue pill. Some cannot or will not take the red pill, but they cannot take the blue pill because they know something is wrong with human society. So they go crazy, almost like a machine malfunctioning. Maybe its all this energy blasting the planet and its slowly breaking down programming, so the wetware, or general public, are malfunctioning. Maybe they will all take the red pill later. Maybe the event will be like a giant red pill.

    2. True enough David, many are in transition, as the energies get stronger they will shed the programing and see the Light! The Event will sort the stragglers... ❤️

    3. We need direct ET contact and we need it YESTERDAY.

      We'll all be DEAD or elderly if we have to wait for the sheeple to wake up on their own, and that's IF the even god damn do it.

      SOME of us want to see the good stuff while we still live, you know.

  15. the feminine energy is felt by all and I think that it is the thing that dreads most the French government

    joan of arc


  16. Thank you dearest Cobra ✨ Victory of the Light ✨🙏🏼❤️🌈

  17. 12-Strang-DNA & Transformation

    Guillermo Ferrara (*1967)
    Italienisch-Argentinischer Schriftsteller, Forscher und Philosoph

    „Die DNA ist deprogrammiert und wir haben nur zwei funktionierende Stränge (…) wir haben zwölf latente Stränge, nutzen aber nur zwei. Wenn sie sich zu aktivieren beginnen, fühlen wir, wie eine innere Kraft aufkommt (…) Wenn die der DNA innewohnende Macht zu erwachen beginnt, hört der Mensch auf ein Opfer zu sein, dass von einem völlig programmierten System beherrscht werden kann.“

    Francis H. Crick (1916 – 2004)
    Britischer Physiker, Molekularbiologe, Neurowissenschaftler,
    Entdecker der DNA-Struktur, Nobelpreisträger für Medizin 1962

    „Auch wenn der genetische Code fast universell ist, ist der für seine Strukturierung notwendige Mechanismus zu komplex, als dass er auf einmal aufgetaucht sein könnte … Er muss von einer Intelligenz zusammengefügt worden sein, möglicherweise durch das Einwirken einer außerirdischen Zivilisation.“

    Gregory Stock
    Nordamerikanischer Wissenschaftler, Biophysiker und Autor im Bereich der Biotechnologie

    „Es ist wichtig, dass wir die enorme Größe der heute stattfindenden Veränderung verstehen, um zu erkennen, welche Art von Transformation wir miterleben werden, denn wir befinden uns wahrhaftig in einer Zeit des Wandels, und nicht nur in einer Zeit des Wandels der Geschichte der Menschheit sondern einer Zeit des Wandels in der Geschichte des Lebens.“

    „Ebenso muss erwähnt werden, dass Wissenschaftler wie Professor Sam Chang vom Humangenomprojekt bekanntgeben, dass 97% der nicht kodierten Sequenzen der menschlichen DNA Nicht-Menschliche genetische Codes sind und von außerirdischem Leben stammen.“

    „Somit ist die sogenannte Junk-DNA, von der es sooft geheissen hat, sie sei unbrauchbar, nicht so wie man sagte sondern trägt etwas höheres in sich, da sie von einem Programmierer außerhalb unseres Planeten geschaffen wurde (…) Es wird sogar bestätigt, sie habe ihre eigenen Venen , Arterien, ihr Immunsystem und sei fähig , all unseren Medikamenten gegen den Krebs standzuhalten.“

    Victory of the light!

  18. Thank you very much for this encouraging post cobra. Power to the people!!!
    Please pass our thanks to the Resistance ladies for coming out and activating the vortex. We will do what we can to keep it alive.
    I must admit the idea of a mini ice-age and naked protests do not go together well in my world. I would rather leave my tits home and take a flamethrower out to warm the situation up. Ok, just kidding.
    And yes, I don't think Mr. Trump needs police to save him from topless women. Geeez, they have just spoiled the party.
    I am still connecting to my Soul family and the Source expecting the Event to come and for the Gaia to ascend. Nothing more nothing less, nothing else. I am willing to skip all the parties in the meantime.
    Victory to the Light and Light only!

  19. When I give it a second thought… the 50 years of ("mini" haha) ice age makes me not feel good. I thus apply for working underground if I can take my whole family with me. A linguist, psychotherapist and an engineer - very useful people when warmed up :)))
    I can do meditations and connections anywhere ;)
    Aside from joking: what are the odds of the Event and Disclosure happening from your broader perspective Cobra? I would appreciate any info when available. Thank you. Victory to the Light! :)

  20. hello all,

    Can I ask why are different versions of the ashtar command logo?
    Also, never give in to fear, remember it is your perspecive that defines fear, instead of fearing the unknown or the dangerous, think of it as a experience. Stay away from drugs and mind altering substance including alcohol. Remember, everything you see can be manipulated but not your feeling of truth. Be non bias and trust yourself, see things from both angles, conquer your worst fears.

  21. Eye AM the Event 😁⭐😎😆👽😇🦁

  22. 有需要关于中国共产党和中国政府,朋友们。请先看看这个美国总统现任特别顾问班农先生主持的一个新闻发布会。

    1. translate: There is a need for the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government, friends. Please take a look at a press conference hosted by Mr. Bannon, the current special advisor to the President of the United States.



  23. Goddess wants liberty and liberty it will be!

  24. Replies
    1. when the solar activity (CME etc.) is a its lowest

    2. Like we have "circadian rhythms", our sun experiences cycles of maximum & minimum activity, which range between 7 & 11 years. For "Solar Minimum" 2019-2020 (7yr sun cycle), 2023-2024 (11yr sun cycle),... or "Solar Maximum" 2030-2031 (7yr sun cycle), 2034-2035 (11yr sun cycle),... Apparently these "sun cycles" are either 7 or 11 years appart, & there is no way of telling ahead of time what they are going to be like, until after the fact. So,... so much for "predictability",... Best Case Scenario - 7yr Sun Cycle "Solar Minimum" 2019-2020 - "The Event" happens here, if not,... wait for the next 7yr Sun Cycle "Solar Maximum" 2027-2028 & "The Event" happens then. And so,... (cross your fingers) Worst Case Scenario - 2035.

  25. On closer inspection, I perceive a consciousness in people in my environment to oppose oppression.

  26. /and what about the some toplet bombs?
    I think they've been destroyed by long ago.(!)

    1. yes aren't the TBs the focus of the GF once gone the event can be triggered? if all are awakened consciously, we wouldn't need protests in the streets, cars set on fire, all would see truth more easily, the sleep walking would be over.

    Rosine can help heal you if you are suffering from depression and feeling like there is no hope. She was able to identify and remove an entity that was attached to me causing me to have crazy thoughts. She is the real deal contact her for help.
    If you are headed to Sedona make sure to book a session with the most powerful tachyon chamber that exists.

  28. Thank you beloved Cobra. I am faszinated by your skill to overlook important historical events and to mark the correlation between the hidden and obvious ones. To even be aware at so many things at the right time.

    The link about Marianne inspired me to have the idea why it seems so difficult for german people to connect with the Goddess energy: The meta reflectors.

    Marianne is a meta reflector connected to collective subconsciousness of France. In Germany we have the main meta reflector "Adolf Hitler". Honestly except maybe in school when I had to, this is the first time I write his name and it feels still scary. I was always so afraid of him in school during history teachings.

    Maybe this meta reflector is blocking people in Germany to connect with Goddess mysteries?

    I feel like someone who is in a labyrinth trying to find the painting at the wall. Noticing symbols, signs, patterns, whatever pops up. In this case I would send the meta reflector "Adolf Hitler" into the Source via my intention, visualisation and consciousness. I would ask the Source for AES (analysis, evaluation, solution).

    Goddess wants liberty and liberty it will be!

    ♡♡♡ ainsi soit-il ♡♡♡

  29. hey cobra you know that the femens are financed by soros to protest against trump and putin?

  30. hey cobra you know that the femen are financed and founded by soros?

  31. Saint Genevieve, Saint Patron of Paris

    Hi, blessed beings;
    There is also Saint Genevieve, Patron of Paris, born 419 A.D.
    Her feast day is celebrated on January 3rd.
    She is definitely assisting in amplifying the Paris Goddess vortex.
    Here is a 3 min educational video.

    Victory of the Light!

  32. If you look at the Russian Opposition web sites, you will clearly see tons of Russians "helping the yellow vests" on the streets of Paris, creating havoc. I don't know about the Priestess in Paris, but Putin's KGB and GRU are working hard in France, Belgium, Holland and few other countries, to create anarchy and "prove" that the EU is useless. RT , one of the major Kremlin propaganda tv channels is constantly creating a totally manipulative picture of the yellow vest movement. I fo not accept anarchy and breaking store windows and setting up cars on fire and assulting police officers. This is Not of Light! And I Doubt that the Priestess Paris wants that. People should be free and not manipulated!

    1. Narrative of Russians "helping the yellow vests" may be propaganda created by cabal, or not may be. I don't know.

    2. it's not true, it is a pacifist movement pinched by the corrupt French media in the pay of the government.

      most breakers are infiltrated by the police with hammers and others, what interest? it is a huge manipulation of the government that can no longer manage this situation
      all means are good to divert this movement even the attack of Strasbourg on 11 December

      RT et spuntnick are still our last chance of credible info

    3. @Julian, think of all of the government/cabal provocateurs who infiltrate and hijack every single group or movement and cause chaos. Then the cabal mass media who distort and control the coverage of their actions. But you blame rt and putin.

  33. I can't be part of your movement anymore Cobra. Marianne hates LGBT people, especially transgender people. Good luck Cobra. I'm hanging out with the native American spirits. The original ones who love transgender people. And would support me getting an abortion if I was raped, unintentionally pregnant, or sexually abused. Marianne wouldn't give a shit what I would feel. And neither does most of the population. See why I want to leave the planet? I'm going out and just saying it. I'm the son of Lucifer. The computers told me. I'm the son of Lucifer...see why we just can never get along? I'm on the wrong planet.

    1. Everything changes. An entity that was once dark may not be always dark forever.

    2. It's just a dumb archetype, I don't like it either. Me, Cobra, and any real ascended beings care about you.

    3. @Foxy Friske.

      Another reason I personally need the ET's to come to become the woman who is trapped in this wrong, male body. Conventional earth methods wont help me....I'd be like a Monty Pyhon actor in drag at best....or a Vega impersonator at worst.

      See, I don't want to be a chest beating, John Wayne macho man....nor do I want to be what's known as a 'twinkle-toes' such as John Inman...for both of these are still masculine.

      I need to meet the aliens so I can get the change I KNOW that they are capable of giving, as well is longer life span...for the average human life span is both a JOKE and an INSULT, especially compared to the ET's.

      Sorry, folks....but I want to be something other, and far more, than a genetically wounded mutt/mongrel....which, let's face it, is what humans seem to be, now. Long ago, in ancient texts, we lived FAR longer than we do now....WHAT HAPPENED? I DEMAND and INSIST that either the ones who genetically wounded/raped us be FORCED to restore us, OR at least have someone who can undo this tampering to restore us.

  34. Dear dear dear beloved Topless Paris Ladies, THANK YOU!!! I am with you, Half december in winter. YOU ARE GREAT!!!

  35. Thank you for clarifying what this is about, Cobra

    This one's for you, Rajah!:
    the sisters of mercy - marian

    first and last and always;

    In a sea of faces, in a sea of doubt
    In this cruel place your voice above the maelstrom
    In the wake of this ship of fools I'm falling further down
    If you can see me, Marian, reach out and take me home.....

    I hear you calling Marian Across the water, across the wave I hear you calling Marian
    Can you hear me calling you to
    Save me, save me, save me from the

    Marian, there's a weight above me
    And the pressure is all too strong
    To breathe deep
    Breathe long and hard
    To take the water down and go to sleep
    To sink still further
    Beneath the fatal wave
    Marian I think I'm drowning
    This sea is killing me

    Was ich kann und was ich könnte
    (What I can do and what I could do)
    Weiss ich gar nicht mehr
    (I just don't know anymore)
    Gib mir wieder etwas schönes
    (Give me something beautiful again)
    Zieh mich aus dem Meer
    (Drag me from the sea)
    Ich höre dich rufen, Marian
    (I hear you calling Marian)
    Kannst du mich schreien hören
    (Can you hear me screaming?)
    Ich bin hier allein
    (I am here alone)
    Ich höre dich rufen, Marian
    (I hear you calling Marian)
    Ohne deine hilfe verliere ich mich in diesem Ort
    (Without your help I am lost in this place)

    CHORUS [repeat Marian til end]

    1. Thank you Phoenix. I'll add your comment to the article on my Dutch blog

    2. Here is Leonard Cohens song Sisters of Mercy:

      Your reaction is here, nameless:

  36. * December Solstice Meditation *

    "We are approaching the December Solstice, which will occur on December 21, 2018 at 10:23 PM UTC.

    ... every December Solstice our solar system is aligned in a straight line with the galactic plane and the Galactic Central Sun. As a result, we receive a flash of energy from the Central Sun on every December Solstice.

    We can use this wave of energy to align ourselves with the Light and let it flow throughout our solar system to help resolve all remaining problems causing delays to the Event."

    December 21, 2018 at 10:23 PM UTC translates to...

    Friday / Dec. 21st in:
    Los Angeles at 2:23 PM PST
    New York at 5:23 PM EST
    London at 10:23 PM GMT

    Saturday / Dec. 22nd in:
    Cairo at 12:23 AM EET
    Taipei at 06:23 AM CST
    Sydney at 09:23 AM AEDT
    Auckland at 11:23 AM NZDT

    YouTube Playlist:

    We Love Mass Meditation:


  37. Cobra,... but please!...
    please Cobra...

    Are we allowed to ask when will ladies have the courage to protest bottomess??…

    We promise!... we'll not longer be asking about when the Event...

    … :=)… :=)…

    Do something Cobra!... :=)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Life shouldn't be one size fits all. There are so many unique ways to be an individual and live.

  39. In the coming months and years... not sure why people are hyped this is the most grim update so far. This process can take many more years up to 2025.

    I myself have fallen victim to false expectations and reliance on external conditions. Even though I know all parties within the light forces are working for the same goal. The process is dynamic and no one knows when this will be. Most importantly it's not wise to wait for any external condition. We all must work on our consciousness regardless who rules the planet.

    But most importantly regardless of defeating the cabal or not. This planet will continue to do it's function as a spiritual school for realizing spiritual truths and ultimately dissolving the ego and attaining God consciousness.

    Replicators will not help us evolve spiritually it will make our environment more comfortable. Actually the demons at the top of dark forces alliance are pushing us towards that goal by forcefully pushing us from our ignorance and complacent.


    1. But, what happens after 2025,... if all... "the process is dynamic and no one knows when this will be"??…

      Are you or anyone else sure that the years till then are enough?...

      What happens then?...

    2. There's a time after the event. Even after the event not all people will wake up immediately. It is a process until everything is restored.

    3. Daniel.. it saddens me to think that most likely indeed any major changes will happen until the 11th hour.. why.. cause I lost faith on the outside processes n policies based on the little that I know and all I had observed.

      This is not to take away the efforts being done.. nor to sound ungrateful. It is just this nagging feeling that whatever has transpired was never enough. It all points back to us.. we have been one hell of lousy guardians.. that can't be contested .. it is a fact at least by me standards.

      As little and unimportant as I may be.. I am not impressed by what I have seen.

    4. ...And, not all are interested to go on 'a school' for spiritual evolvement, as you believe...

    5. @Unknown.
      Damn right, some of us had enough of this so-called 'school'.

  40. It is important that women express openly their sexuality and show their bodies but always connected to the heart. Otherwise it becomes another way of control and manipulation that the Dark Forces are pushing women into.

    Here is an example of the Australian Model that wasn't allowed into the Louvre openly showing her Satanic beliefs:

    And the naked Mariannes with those bloody red robes and their dark look feel pretty Satanic to me. Would love to know who is really behind them.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Seriously, I rather see beautiful topless women protesting than a bunch of angry violent guys breaking things. Dark is also the way we see things from our own perception.

    3. I don't know sure but my pendulum says that this model is not a satanist...

      We need both sex and love. We don't need sex nor love.

      We don't need to walk naked around as consensus. Someone may do, someone else may not do. It's free will of each. Take it easy.

    4. 这是我不能理解的。女人要表达自己的意愿,为啥非要脱光衣服?不能跟男人站在一起说话么?只有正常,平等的形式去自由表达女人的思想,才是真正的女性主义的表现。

    5. Andoni.. I don't understand what your link's purpose is.. it shows only that she had been part of the entertainment Industry. I do not think Cobra stated she had been Free of all influence.. n controls at all times.

      People come on.. stop looking for any opportunity n excuse to deconstruct or construct what does or does not agree with us.. by applying a general idea or example as if it explains every individual one.

      Omar... first we r not living in an ideal situation... energies get interpreted most likely in many a ways by each individual in every level of society which must likely would lead to different responses... to make a statement that u actually fear that the ultimate response of this force behind waking up everyone(not just women) is that all women will actually be let to be naked is imo narrowminded...

      What I see when I read your responses r your programmed fears showcasing... oh but that goes weith most of our replies not only both of you.. if u read most responses on this blog chances you will get to know what is everyone's biggest insecurities n fears as they r being highlighted right before our eyes .. without failing.

    6. Andoni and Omar I agree with both of you,please contact me here

    7. I agree too about those red -robed, grey-skinned, topless chicks in Paris. They gave off a very satanic vibration. Not loving whatsoever. I cant believe those woman were from the light trying to do good. Also...I am a woman who is comfortable with my sexuality and I fail to see how a bunch of topless crazy looking chicks running around will make the light forces job any easier. If me it looks like dark manipulation of goddess energy. These links your showing dont look or feel right to me Cobra.

    8. Doesn't it discredit a person either gender when they are naked protesting? People instantly dont take them seriously. I dont. Hmm we need class and dignity as we grow consciously. Everyone needs their DNA turned on via the energies and we need all control measures removed like implants, chip, fake media so all can be sober if u will vs drunk on the 3D illusion. Peace and Love to ALL!

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Allright.

      Question: What could be the real deal of priestesses of light influencing history here?

      If you read carefully Cobras post, he informs us that "it just happened"!


    11. Thank you Leesunicornfarm
      You are a woman and you explain it better then all of us.

    12. translate for J. May ZH: This is something I can't understand. Women want to express their wishes, why do you want to take off your clothes? Can't you talk with a man? Only a normal, equal form of free expression of a woman's mind is the manifestation of true feminism.

  41. Hi! Free visit at Tachyon Chamber Ljubljana, Slovenia for this holidays.

    Victory of the light!

  42. What a confused post.
    Nothing resonates with the said.
    Dark woman who have not the slightest root of light and we shall believe that?

    1. I resonate with the said.
      The confusion comes through the programming and the implants.

    2. I agree. Her spotlight-seeking behavior is not what I consider an attribute of divine femininity.

    3. I am a bit confused, about the too much empheses about sexual energy although I am not against it and Ido understand the power of sexual/ kundalini energy. I also know that, ascended masters living in their lightbody don't practice sex as humanity at this stage. Many starseeds / lightworkers want to ascend, so more clarification would be nice. I think too,that since the hippy are women, at least in the western world and especially in France but,in middle and easten Europe as well, have already claimed their sexual energy and sexual liberation. To me marching topless in red cloack with zobie like mask a bit wierd. Like in "Eyes Wide Shut." I think women don't have to reveil certain body parts to reclaim their sexuality. To me less is more, in a mystical way,it is rather sensual, a deeper beauty and godess like.

    4. 非常正确。作为女人,性不是重点。自由才是正道。如果不能正常的,平等的自由的跟男人去说话。我宁愿不发声,也不脱衣服~~要靠裸露去表达,本身就是不平等条约

    5. translate: very true. As a woman, sex is not the point. Freedom is the right way. If it is not normal, equal freedom to talk to men. I would rather not make a sound, nor take off my clothes~~ I want to rely on nakedness to express myself. It is an unequal treaty.

  43. From a male, a question to the other males:
    Why is dangerous when women are expressing their beauty? is it because they would be free? is it because they would have their power in their own hands? Is it because if they would have the possibility to decide all about themselves, we, male, would not have as much power as we have today? Why not to question the male ugliness, created by thousand years of dominance, hate, jealousy and war ? Why not to search for another kind of salvation than the weapon-isation of our entire culture and existence. Is it not that the entire world became a box ring because the male thought they can manage the entire life, when we male, in fact, are nothing without women. So, what would happen in the day we will think again with our brains and hearts and ignore the other parts of our bodies?

    1. The only way for a woman to express their beauty in our hyper-sexualization society is through the expression of her nudity?


  44. The French people have to use the right formula for the liberation of France. The slogan of the french revolution writed by Robespierre was in purpose wrong, Robespierre was an illuminati and did it in purpose to prevent the liberation of the entire planet during a cosmic window made for it.
    Now again we are at the same moment, and its the reason why its such chaos in Paris /France, so please don't spoild this second chance. The slogan have to be Fraternity, Equality , Liberty, and not Liberty , Equality, Fraternity. Let me explain why, if we are all brothers and sisters, we are equal, and if we are equal we are free, so please, from now on use Fraternity, Equality, Liberty and you will see that it will be the end of despotism of impostors in power, and the come back of peace and harmony in this world. Love your country and don't accept the NWO.
    Who sows misery, Harvests anger....

  45. Pensavo lo stesso, le donne in rosso messe molto occulto, mi delude tutto, i protesti violenti lo vuole cabala, alora sono pagati da soros e macron, causare uno stato di forza militare

  46. I smiled when Recreating Balance site mentioned Vipassana Meditation! Thats amazing! I double my recommendation now, to use your holidays and free time (if you have them) to make a ten days course. It will definetively improve your mind. You wont regret it. The site
    Good luck!

  47. Cobra's job is to show us that whenever people of the Earth (Trump, yellow vests etc) do the right thing, all the credit straight away goes to extraterrestrials and not to those people. Thank you, Cobra for enlightening us how insignificant we are!

    1. @Gundars Mednis

      Time we MEET the ETs' in person.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. That's not true.

      We all know our position and respect each others. This is not a competition game.

    4. You obviously could take it to that extreme while others may also believe that perhaps this war is about joint efforts.... one cant happen without the other.. but if it makes u feel better to feel like yet again we are victims then be my guess.






  51. @Daniel: when the first wave ascends they are beyond time and space. They can do anything from there. For example liberate the masses from the influences that is blocking their free will while simulating they "create by free will".

    Light is infinite.

    Learning from Emerald Tablets of Toth:

    Light and darkness are of the same nature: Light is order, darkness is disorder.

    Darkness transformed is LIGHT OF THE LIGHT.

    This is what we do here: instead of complaining how long it will take and wondering if we will ever make it, we must see, we came here to create the LIGHT OF THE LIGHT by diving into darkness without becoming it.

    No single thing is lost, no pain ignored, no sacrifice forgotten.

    The Source will balance every bad thought that has been thought against you. The Source will give you justice for every unaccepted gift you shared. The Source knows how much you faught. The Source knows everything of us. Not inside space time construct, because the Source has been blackmailed. But afterwards and partially constantly in between, the Source will be informed about EVERYTHING which happened inside of here.

    The Source is ever creative and ever loving and you must keep what you have. You must endure until it is done, unconditionally.

    Then you will receive everything that you truly deserve. Don't complain.

    Victory of the LIGHT OF THE LIGHT!

    1. @Inana Eliana

      WHEN is MY injustices and misery and disappointment be taken care of?

      WHEN can I meet ET's in person?

      WHEN can I get my body to be finally feminized to match the inner, real me?

      WHEN can I get the life spans of the ETs?

      WHEN can I finally get to step on board a starship and travel the stars?

      WHEN can I get to set foot on my REAL home planet, somewhere, light years away?

      And given how this will be my FINAL reincarnation (the past 39 years as a human, as a male, and on this prison planet has TOTALLY turned me off of EVER incarnating EVER again), I DEMAND to be allowed to have the FEW things I have EVER asked for personally in this damned life.

      I can't 'endure' forever, you know.

    2. When CoBra said Star Wars is..... Well, I'll paraphrase...."Star Wars is Non-fiction disguised as Science fiction".....
      I watched a marathon session.... In the latest one....a very old looking Harrison Ford, playing Han Solo, says "I used to think The Force wasn't real. Well, it turns out I was wrong. It is real"......

    3. @Shermen Potter:

      Whoe are you?

      Are you your body? your thoughts? your words? No, you are your eternal I AM. Your eternal I AM presence is beyond that. Where your eternal I AM presence resides there is no suffering, it is beyond space and time. Therefore your eternal I AM also includes the state of your being which is already completely redeemed.

      Now you need to connect with that part and allow the parts of you which exist in lower frequencies to be redeemed. Just accept the redemption and feel the release.

      I know that it is not easy but comlaining does not help. And trust me, no matter where I write or say anything I am being tested always if I mean what I say. So it costs me a lot of nerves to share my insights. Will find the cause of that also and will remove it. I have a right to be happy and that is why I invoke with all my power my redemption which already exists within my eternal Oneness.

      Namaste <3

    4. @Sherman: Gaia Lucifer is just my other profile (Inana Eliana)....

    5. So WHAT if I am eternal? As I said before...this is my FINAL reincarnation...NO MORE AFTER THIS! Therefore, I god damn DEMAND to the have the FEW things I EVER asked for personally in this life.

      Meet the aliens

      Go with them

      Be transformed into the WOMAN I SHOULD have been to begin with

      Be given the life spans of the aliens to learn, evolve and downright LIVE...and not be a genetically wounded primate

      MY I AM presence DEMANDS IT!!!!!!

      And accept WHAT redemption?

      ARE the things I asked above to have in this life TOO MUCH to ask for?! Am I THAT unworthy or undeserving of happiness?

      IF there is some all wise, all powerful, all loving creator and has the NERVE to appear in front of me right now....I will kick in in the GROIN....form what I seen of this STUPID WORLD, that creator HAS to be a woman would be THAT cruel to give the life I've have to me.

      And I am not the only one who feels this way.

  52. I feel it's more a matter of vibration than beliefs.
    Women feeling empowered even if it is not the way you believe it's better surely evoques the powerful energy of the goddess.

    the feminine vibration is rising more and more!
    The goddess is arising!

    1. Higher vibrations lead to clarity of thoughts. Clarity of thought leads to better evaluation. Better evaluation leads to a change in beliefs. At the end of the day, their inextricably linked. Namaste.

  53. Fed Will Be Blamed, Arrests Will Be Made, Timing Is Everything: Bill Holter:

  54. Thank you so much Cobra ! we hope Event is coming soon, personally I will make all in my power to bring the Event to occur. I need one or two Cintamani stones, one for me, personally, one for my region, to be planted near my house, I have a beautiful garden with many old very big trees and yellow, white and red roses in circle !! I hope to buy them soon ! Victory of the Light !!!

  55. How is the event affected by all this? All I care about is the Event so that evil people will be gone from power. That is a good starting point for many...

    1. We are all co-creators. There is no sitting on your hands and waiting for The Event. We have waaaaaaaay more power, 7 Billion vs the 13 ruling families. The biggest secret on the planet? Our controllers need our consent for everything. What the world is in the beginning stages Withdrawing consent. We've had enough of the Elites pushing us around. We, the People, demand Freedom, and Freedom it shall be.



  57. Open Source...

    Some new details are in place for our high voltage/high power EX39/E40 lampholder:

    If you are in domain, enjoy it,... it's for us, for this movement, and upcoming LCs. You'll nowhere find a better one, assure you!...

    And more details to come 'soon'... :-)

  58. December Solstice Meditation
    Friday, December 21st, 2018
    10:23 PM UTC

    "... during every December Solstice our solar system is aligned in a straight line with the galactic plane and / (the alignment) can help to dissolve the implants put into the surface population. This can / speed up the process of planetary liberation."

    Some of the instructions for the Solstice Meditation:

    * Visualize all physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups, Lightwarriors and Lightworkers around the planet being surrounded by the pink Liquid Light of EELA (the Sirian angel of Love).

    * Visualize this Light anchoring deeply within all Lightwarriors and Lightworkers, connecting them even further with the energy of the Goddess, preparing them for their special tasks at the time of the Event.

    * Visualize the Violet Flame purifying all human beings on the Earth's surface, liberating them from all programming, control and suppression.

    * Visualize the White Fire of AN clearing all remaining negative weapons on the physical, plasma, etheric and astral planes.

    * Visualize everyone re-establishing the connection with their higher selves and spiritual guides.

    * Goddess wants Ascension and Ascension it shall be!

    12/21 @ 10:23 PM UTC: Fri, Dec. 21st in the Western Hemisphere.
    12/21 @ 10:23 PM UTC: Sat, Dec. 22nd in the Eastern Hemisphere.

    Guided Meditation:

    More Info:

  59. How can one join the resistance?

    1. Welcome. This has been disclosed in previous CoBra posts. Search the archives.

  60. I have just heard someone blaming the Goddess of Reason for the chaos (negatively) in Paris....

    1. Be careful who you follow. The dark forces want us divided. They need us divided. Their tricks do not work anymore. But, alas, nothing can stop the great awakening. Nothing.

  61. Does anyone else realize all of the wasted time since the chimera/dracos/archons took over earth, what 350K yrs ago? if earth was meant to be a free will classroom in duality why were the dark ETs allowed to establish such a solid hold in it and completely compromise the learning here? Free Will isn't even a solid defense because we are a collective and what happens to humans impacts the Galactics right so they were controlled as well just not directly but consciously it held them back right? I realize we can't change the past or can we? :) Ok, I see updates on era of light stating "the light has won" pleaidians are now on the surface removing the remaining dark cabal etc. Though every young man would love to see naked women protesting, does that garner the attention we want to awaken the those who are still too programmed/conditioned to stop and see reality? I like that people are rising up we just need to make sure the message is clear, "you are in a matrix, the prison walls are falling"

    1. "If earth was meant to be a free will classroom in duality why were the dark ETs allowed to establish such a solid hold in it and completely compromise the learning here?"

      The problem started off world on another planet when a group of arch-angels fully exposed themselves to the "Primary Anomaly." The Primary anomaly acted like a virus that stared spreading to anything it touched. When an angel comes into contract with primary anomaly they become an archon. The virus quickly spread across the galaxy and throughout the universe. At this time the light forces had no way of curing the virus or even stopping its' spread. There was for a time a real possibility the entire universe could be infected and become ruled by darkness.

      The tide in battle against the dark forces turned when another group of arch angels tricked the dark powers into quarantining themselves via an act of self sacrifice. This stopped the spread of the virus but it was too late for the Earth which had already become infected. The angels protecting Earth got the virus and turned into cruel archons. Millennia pass and eventually the virus is cured. Slowly one by one each planet infected with the virus was cured an liberated. Currently only the Earth remains under quarantine. We are the last planet to be liberated.

      Watch this video if you really want to understand the history of the primary anomaly.

    2. Patience is still needed. But make no mistake, it is accelerating. Exponentially. Nothing can stop what is coming. NOTHING.

    3. Oh man, channeled by "Michael Love". That one hurts my solar plexus. That whole site stinks. Articles like "Messages from the 9D Arcturian Council". Whew, I don't know about that. I'm sure some of it's real. I've been reading this stuff since I was a kid, back when it was only books, and they've been saying the same thing through hundreds of people for decades, so there's certainly a real force behind it, but it's just so worthless. Both the real messages and the psyops and archons. That's Earth for you, where the good guys are as bad as the bad guys. I listen to a lot more Christian stuff these days because at least I know it's made up human bullcrap. I just enjoy the lessons and interesting gruesome stories. People rip on the Bible and say it's only what people read into it, which is absolutely true, but that's what's good about it. The Bible itself is gibberish, but people have created a whole interesting philosophy based on meaningless quotes. It's like a blank canvas to put the human story on. With New Age, the canvas is still blank. Or worse, has rainbows and dolphins on it. I think dolphins are hideous monsters. Fuzzy things are much better. But who asked me.

    4. @Pre Order Promos
      One can be TOO PATIENT, you know.

      Won't do ME any good if I'll be dead or elder when the good stuff happens.


      We need the good stuff to happen YESTERDAY.

    5. @Patrick Kehoe hahaha I feel exactly the same about Michael Love.

    6. @Novusod, I like what you said in the video comments:

      'This whole documentary can be explained in one sentence:
      "We are NOT physical beings having an spiritual experience, we ARE spiritual beings having a physical experience."
      We suffer because we have forgotten who we are. We suffer because the world's main religions have it backwards. They tell us everything is the opposite of what it really is. This virus you talk about is really just amnesia. We have forgotten our spiritual origins. We are not physical beings. We are spiritually divine beings. The TRUTH will set you free.'

  62. In France life is good! What he needs is to activate kundalini here in Brazil, whose people deluded and under mental control, elected an ignorant, fascist and puppet US candidate. And already it begins to suffer injustices of all type! If changes happen here, against all this oppression, then I can believe it!

  63. Look here, these one may be if it might be to be...


  64. I don't know what to say or think.
    In 2013 the Love of my Life was taken away from me by dark forces and mind control, as some of you are very aware of. I always considered getting back together with Her after the Liberation of Gaia and the Final Victory of The Light to be the cherry on top of the ice-cream.

    After all these years of seperation I still miss her so much.
    Every single day.

    And today I found out that she's pregnant from another man.

    So there goes my little happy ending, I guess.
    I knew something was up but *that* is quite a downer.

    Can I cuss on here without offending anyone? Thanks.
    That fucking SUCKS!

    Then again, I totally Love her nonetheless, and if she is to give birth to a new child being born on Gaia then it s MY fucking JOB to help make this place a wonderful place where her child can grow up and live a Free Life full of Love.

    So poor little Me, boo-hoo-hoo.
    This Mission is not about Me, it is about ALL Of Us.

    And I ain't quittin' till THE JOB is done.


    Quitters never win.
    Winners NEVER QUIT.


  65. Cobra, what is the role of the Goddess Dou Mu and how has this changed (if at all) in light of ongoing galactic activity and the progress of the confederation of planets/light forces etc?

    Additionally, are other goddess archetypes physically incarnated on the planet, as Dou Mu is, and are they aware of each other?

    Thank you.

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.


  67. Fuck it :-)

    I AM DC

  68. Taking apart all symbology involved, I personally prefer this kind gestures than women marching naked in the cold of the winter:

    Our bodies are temples indeed but that does not mean we have to expose ourselves. We are not trophies and we are not performing to feed men's imaginations. If that happens is an indirect consequence, not because we want it unless if we want it!

    What I want to say is that women are much more than a vagina with legs. We are the mystery behind this feminine power. As men are their omnipotence behind their masculine power. We love that. Is what is there that makes us go deeper and deeper and deeper... Is this discovery, more than bodies naked but the presence that emanates from them.

    Goddess wants bliss because that's Her magical way. Let's manifest Her completely healed, celebrating Her beauty in the pure innocence of our hearts.

    1. thats what I want to hear
      thank you
      you are wise

    2. Big like from me Rosa. I also feel good with wrapping the clothes around the mysteries of womanhood and get a bundle of beautiful roses ready for a brave march outside :)


  69. Gaia?

    This ain't Kansas ;-)

    You're The ONE

    I like your Bluff.

    ALL IN

    I AM DC

  70. December Solstice Meditation 2018 ...

    Pillars of Light:

    The Liquid Light of EELA:

    The Violet Flame:

    The White Fire of AN:

    The Event restoring Oneness, Peace and Prosperity to Earth:

  71. Thank you. I was surprised you didn't include the November 11th seismic wave.

    Ask the light forces to declas this.



  72. Let us keep in mind that our collective thoughts involved with increasing vibration, clearing dark entities and bringing positive light to this planet can energetically bring about new discovery in the field of quantum physics...

    “UFO Update” December 17, 2018
    "It's neat how these UFO's seem to be coming out of these columns. These were taken in Salem, Indiana. Here is a link to the photos."

    However I don't recommend to use facebook.

  74. Below link it's very useful knowledge to verify what Cobra's comments about the christian.. Gnostic mystery. take a look

  75. To be aware. Eastern communists aren't angels.

  76. I would like to remind the bloggers of this site... that there r some individuals/bots that sole purpose is to add discord... we know people(bots) join chatrooms to engage.. n trigger others..

    Is part of disinformation.. misinformation propaganda...

    Some may b individuals others r auto-respond scripts/bots.. that may look like legit comments...

    Just be aware of this... as it would most likely nowadays be hard to discern.

  77. A post I found...
    QAnon” Sends Warning From US Generals To American People After Washington Plunged Into Darkness

  78. Do we know exactly the vortex position in paris? Thanks a lot
    Victory of the light

  79. Ok.. I believe you people are aware that a good chunk of this battle is being played behind the scenes... where efforts are made to influence the masses by both forces... now u also aware that pretty much resistance members would risk a lot if they sorta come out in the open not to mention their life... in addition u also aware that the individuals that both forces have at their disposal and attempting to influence is us with our many flaws n virtues.. with our many control mechanisms still in place..

    yet it seems that you people actually are expecting mother theresa(if she was truly a saint) to be leading some major movement... or any other figure u feel would be pure n fit to represent the light..

    I am sorry to tell u people.... but seems ur expectations are being kept too high... which is good to have for self improvement but at moments of being realistic toward the volatile and often chaotic world I think it would be wise to bring such expectations a few notches down...

    We keep on labeling individual or group actions from our own filters.. . n how clear r our filters from our own specific fears?

    How are we to really say that a person influenced by certain force should be behaving in certain way especially when we know there is still yet so much to clear...

    In the forefront chances r not everyone is awake to your own specific ..level n understanding..

    People in paris.. perhaps on a great deal are pushing for liberty for a 3D matter... although their efforts goes beyond that or will lead beyond that unbeknown to them(maybe in a spirits level they r aware .. as being part of their contract).. yet u guys rush to grade them in terms as fit or not fit for light...

    I am sorry to say but we are yet from a full healthy functioning society.. the light is working with what it got.. and what the light has to work with is a population of generations of dysfunctional programming...

    Weather we like it or not.. those people in the forefront with their vices n virtues are trying to be part of change in their own way. However light works thru them... weather is against our own beliefs of what is appropriate or not...

    If such movement in paris was being organized by some intellectual highly spiritual avatar walking among us and with them .. I would understand ur grading system.. other then that.. I urge u to be a bit more realistic when "grading"... the spark of light can be interpreted in different ways by each individual.. people will just do what if feels right for them even if it feels awkward for others... has nothing to do with being satanic..or not..

    We do daily tasks that supposedly were implemented way in time to be ritualistic to feed the negativity. Yet we are unaware of it..

    Ladies n gentlemen we r far from being free from negative behaviour or patterns.... even when we think we clear all level of such force... so let us be a bit more considerate for those that are making efforts to create change in their ways... especially when they are not fully clear of all negative influences..

    1. @Dragon Heart
      So, what you are saying, we don't have a chance in hell, and might as well settle to be happy little slaves?

    2. If your not feeling the same way about the motives of the naked Paris chicks... thats cool with me boo. They might be just be doing some undercover lightworker stuff I dont understand... Or not.
      They are for real creepy. Dont get all mad about it .😘😘😘

      Creepy Paris Chicks