Friday, March 22, 2019

SD2 APR clearance approved


  1. Holy Source Returning to Meditation
    1.Relax your body and mind.
    2.Connect your "I am".
    3.Connect the divine source.
    4.Become part of the Unification Optical Grid
    The purpose of this meditation is to align the heavens and the earth with the divine source.
    It wants you to be aware of the eternal connection with the divine source.When you realize the eternal connection with the divine source.This relationship has been manifested.
    Eternal connections are not disturbed by anything.
    The power of divine origin is the antidote to all abnormalities.Negative is an anomaly.We are Unification.Infinite * infinite = unity.We should have such power!
    It's time to return to the sacred origin!
    It's time for the divine source to come!
    *The Unified Light Grid is a project of the Bright Forces.The Light Forces plan to create a grid of light in one throughout the universe.It will bring the power of divine origin to the whole universe and the surface of the earth.Now all information about it needs to be kept strictly confidential.It's as sensitive as a top quark bomb.This meditation is part of the plan.The Divine Source is now guiding the completion of this plan.
    Victory of Light!

    1. If you feel guided. Please pass this message. It is unconditional. No changes are allowed.


  2. iPOT Video 3-23-19… “Q Anon/News – Blockade Removed” (covers #Q #QAnon posts 3161-3166)


  3. Had an interesting dream this night.

    My former work colleague told me his parent were missing and they were not picking up their phone. He then shown me a letter from some company saying his parents are no longer available as they had ascended from 4D. I told him to check if its not a fraud but it may be genuine. In real life I don't talk to people about ascension etc but in that dream I felt it was the right thing to do so. So I started to speak regarding vibrations, ascension, 5d etc

    Some time has passed in my dream and I was in my childhood home. It was getting dark as sun had set. Suddenly I saw the flat was filled with golden light. Outside the window there was a golden sphere, source of this golden light. All people in the flat were sleeping and I tried to wake them up so they could see this light too. But I couldn't get them awake. I understood that no matter what I do they will be asleep and the light came for me only.

    I then had a feeling the time had stopped. The sphere started pulling me towards itself like a magnet. I felt good and realised I was ascending . As I was being pulled I thought that I couldn't leave my wife and daughter behind and that everybody I know is still on earth. The light then pushed me away towards the flat.
    I then thought the energy of the light was great and felt good and was missing this already so the light started pulling me again towards itself. Then I thought again about my family and decided I couldn't leave. The sphere of light disappeared. It got dark again and I woke up.


    1. Usually this sort of thing may be a metaphorical message. It reminds me how when I woke up I became estranged from the rest of my sheeple relatives.

      What this dream was probably saying is that embracing the truth may end relationships with those you previously formed as the new information changes how you see everything around you.

      The way the dream ended showed that you are still heavily attached to your familial connections. There are no right or wrong choices here, you choose what you are most comfortable with.

      If you still have doubts find a good psychic who is into the stuff talked about here.

    2. Beautiful description of our process and particularly our heartfelt desire to bring our loved ones too,which I believe will be so.And it's all happening on Gaia,we ascending right here and niw

  4. Grid ratio temporarily stabilized, probability increase fluctuates in the hundreth, and thousandth degree. P=0.82-0.855.

    Anomaly dissolved but energetic imprint still a residual pattern on the etheric grid. Move to clear through a repatterning of grid awareness into a comprehensible physical construct.

    Arcturian intervention ongoing in the subjective sense to enact higher vibratory awareness through coded art and past designs of energy principles. Surface awareness of RM goals and methods timed for release concurrent with next cosmic flux. Until then, be like water.

  5. Whatever it takes ! final stage

  6. Bring on the EVENT, right now!


    No empty promises/endless talk anymore right now! Which never came/come true.


    Were DONE with this endless delays/wait shit!

    Start the EVENT......RIGHT NOW!


    Arrest/take down ALL cabalmembers, right now too!

    Before they do more harm to us all!

    Please..EVENT right now.

    Hurry with this endless shit!

    Thank you All.

    1. Think you should write a letter of complaint to your soul /higher self

    2. What if YOU ARE THE EVENT?Then you could take responsibility for your feelings and see the bigger picture,rather than as it seems now that you see it as something outside of you ������

    3. That's the best plea you've made Unknown, it made me laugh. I'm so with you on this. but we look for a positive to keep us going forward.

      What can we do to make our lives better today? Then let's do that and gently move towards the event as best we can.

      We do the meditations to speed and smooth the process to the event, we share info with our peers and democratic representatives, and those in positions to make a difference. we work on our self love, our self acceptance, our traumas, our diet, our sleep, our life direction to make it more in line with our soul's reason for being here. We do this even as we are ready to check out of here from our difficulties.

      If we make it we make it. If we die before it, well we die with the knowledge we worked towards human and planetary ascension and our next incarnation will be easier for it. I'm saying this more for myself than anyone else but if anyone benefits I'm glad. Love to you all xx

    4. @Kerin Faulker

      PLEASE...spare us the 'we are the ones we been waiting for!' speech.

      When ya got evil, dark forces as the sure IS something 'outside', coupled with that we have no super powers or weapons.

    5. @loveandlight

      Speak for yourself.
      This is my FINAL reincarnation, NO MORE after this life. I'm DONE, I'm TIRED, I feel EXTREMELY OLD.

      I am NOT going to risk ANOTHER miserable, thankless lifetime, not to mention getting my memory wiped again upon birth...thus, making all the pain and suffering I went through for NOTHING.

      If I am denied what I need so badly, from ET contact, I will, in addition to NO MORE reincarnation slavery, die with HATRED on my lips for being ABANDONED by everyone outside this miserable prison planet, but also abandoned by the universe overall.


  7. Can the higher dimensional entities apparently now involved with our liberation override the dark side technology (toplet bombs), thereby allowing the Event to unfold?

  8. So the long awaited sequel to" the OA" is out on Netflix.An interesting scene in which the OA (Original Angel) inhabits herself in another dimension and channels a huge octopus (Yaldabaoth, the Demiurge???) on a stage in front of an onlooking audience of elites. When the octopus starts to strangle the OA, Her helper who is called "her brother" steps in and slays the octopus. The OA is charismatic and inspires the best out of people and brings the unloved and the unloving together to act in a the most loving and faithful way. To believe beyond belief, and then some... to have faith beyond faith, and then some. The OA has a dogged determination and inspires unlikely heroes to be as determined as she is, against their own doubts and fears. Hmmmm!

    1. I see that today... also when the detective first go find the girl a big 66? apear on top of the screen. 666?

      May this is they trying to seed us with their believe.

      On the tape they hear after this... clearly she talking about been raped by the creature.

  9. Thank you Cobra and LF!❤️✨

    To everyone who may feel so guided, this Heart Radiation meditation was shared yesterday on fb by Therese Zumi Sumner. It is from December 2017, and she suggests we do this a few times per week to help counteract the actions of the cabal, to help manifest full disclosure and the Event.❤️

  10. My phone clock paused on 11:11 for 3mins, the clock when you first turn on phone changed, but the one in the upper right hand corner stayed 11:11


    1. Very cool! I too see 11:11 alot. All will be in shock to learn how it all was designed to distract us all. I now cant watch sports..go to work..see anything now.and not see the ego and control inherent in it all to force us out of the heart. Ahh all will be set right soon and all will learn about past lives they lived on both sides of dark and light

    2. Hehe nice. Always does me good to 'stumble' upon the 11:11 time on my phone clock.

  11. Want to know the real history of the world? Three podcasts that will open your eyes to the truth that we are not allowed to know ... history is written by those in control, ie, Deep State. But these 3 shows will reveal a lot of hidden history.

  12. 22 июня произойдет соьвсоб

  13. LOVE is in the air ♡♡♡

  14. Syrian Democratic Forces declare total elimination of so-called caliphate and %100 territorial defeat of ISIS. On this unique day, we commemorate thousands of martyrs whose efforts made the victory possible. #SDFDefeatedISIS

    1. Yes we do. Well said. I assume CIA backed the isis/mercenaries.. clearly if the US and Russia wanted them taken out their advanced weaponry could easily have done it.

  15. Article: #Q #QAnon 3-23-19… Several Q posts from today… “You are witnessing the collapse of the largest pre-planned and coordinated propaganda event in modern day history”


  16. Article: SerialBrain2 new article (link only) and an And We Know premiere at 0400 HST (1400 UTC) 3-24-19… “BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS within the 21 next days. It’s really beautiful to see!”


  17. Implement standard abbreviation list of codes and tag for future reference.

    Define goals in relation to subjective awareness and 'The Portal'

    Outline repeatedly the basic structure of Unity both as a blueprint of energy and the mind. Crop circles would be a suggested form of such information and could be elaborated with Arc-turian guides

    Discuss telepathy and interconnectness.

    -The subjective awaits at The threshold, building, it could form a foundation, but, distorted scientific concepts of the world and self consciousness remains an obstacle ,that will fluctuate the grid as the influx continues. Potential spike of expansion in P to 9 depending on how we incorporate the shift in information.

  18. Yes really , now i feel the improvement ,feels better again. Indeed something was succesful. Thank you light forces

  19. Eu tive um sonho, o qual eu estava no meio de arvores muito altas e simplesmente aparecia uma nave gigante, ela vinha crescendo de longe e chegou na minha frente enorme branca, eu entrei e me mostraram como funcionava lá dentro, tinha um retroprojetor que mostrava muitos trabalhadores, era um tipo de trabalho mecanico, mas n consegui identificar o que era, apos isso apareceu um ser em minha frente que emanava muita luz, uma luz tão forte q eu n conseguia olhar direto para a foto, tive q olhar p o lado e vi um senhor presente com uma tunica branca, essa luz me passava uma felicidade muito grande, eu não conseguia parar de sorrir. Simplesmente me fizeram uma proposta, não sei qual é, só sei da minha resposta que foi eu não posso, preciso avisar meu pai e minha mãe, nisso voltei rapidamente e acordei e tive uma crise de ansiedade bem forte.