Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Pandora / GCOM in progress, ANNABELLA fully operational, internal YXR flow / multiphasic recovery in progress. Surface GDS coding and VTXPOS requirements fully enforced. Projects 310 and 061 in progress. Minimum M / HP requirements met, SD requirements not met. 


  1. We gotta put our collective foot in the SD


  2. No gaia posts in a while, next one should be really good.

  3. Connected to the soul

  4. Thank you very much Cobra ��
    Victory of the Light

  5. Can't you give information because the Light Forces can't do anything real?
    Are they just looking quietly until the Matrix world collapses?
    CDC To Impose Medical Martial Law Over Measles

    1. Very, good question. Nothing happens here, only in virtual fantasy world, maibe. I'm very taiert to hearing over and over this bullshit. Whay, Cobra don't reports this story at other places, non public...! Most people who come to this blog, don't understand his language! I'd done trust this source. I'd like to see finally facts, but absolutely nothing happens, this is only tactical game, nothing else!!!
      Wictiry of light...!!!

    2. They can‘t do anything real, that is pretty obvious.. theyre dealing with something that is over their heads.. so you have 2 options here: either you paint rainbows and write some fancy comments about some channeled message from the 999th dimension unicorn on this blog or you stop investing your hope here and search for another way out of your dillema(s)..
      The LightForces won‘t help you.. you have to search your way out of this mess the hard way (on your own).. and it‘s damn hard but it is the only way out..

    3. 've been waiting for a long time for something physical to happen and not always behind the scenes ... That brings us nothing here in this prison ... be it a new financial system or finally high arrests


      I saw this video today. I don't know anything about the possibility of realistic operation to the surface society. But at least I can say that it seems like huge amounts of ETs come from somewhere to our solar system.

    5. @Beckjack.

      I don't buy that. The bad guys caused all this trouble, yet WE, somehow, have to deal with it, alone and unaided?

      Sorry, but I call "Bullshit!" on that. One can't do much of anything when in prison, and this lump of rock we are on IS, in fact, a prison planet.

      To me, it's alien contact or BUST.

    6. @Sherman

      So what are you gonna do? Sit around and wait for someone to come riding on a white horse to rescue you? Well, that ain't happening. Why should the light forces liberate us anyway? They don't owe us anything. If we don't make an effort to get out of this prison, we don't have the right to ask for anyone's help.

    7. @Ryuga Hellsing.

      As opposed to what?

      And listen....CAREFULLY.....many of us, myself included, DID try....and failed. The bad guys are too powerful and too slick to take on alone.

      Look at what the bad guys have, shall we?

      1: Big guns, and the willingness to USE them.
      2: Advanced technology....and some of that INCLUDED ALIEN well as some your "we have to save ourselves!" pre match pep talk goes out the window, pal. All we have in our use is prehistoric JUNK, aka 'monkey technology'.
      3: Near unlimited wealth.
      4: A ruthless and spineless media with a gun pointed at their heads.
      5: Legions of brainwashed men and women in uniform...taking an oath to serve...and die...for their masters.
      6: The unwashed masses....monkeys with MEGA Stockholm Syndrome and soo damned brainwashed.

      So, YOU tell ME how WE are supposed to take on the evil empire and destroy it, alone and unaided.

      Also, this whole "I'm gonna fight, even thought I know I am gonna die!" routine is for the birds. That's just macho chest beating.

      And we have a god damned RIGHT to ask for help, pal.

      Oh, lemme guess...if YOU see a homeless man dying in the street....he has NO right to ask for help....and the way YOU sound, you'd just tell the dying man, "GET A JOB, YOU BUM!" and walk away, yes?

      This might SHOCK you.....but one of the jewels in the crown of wisdom is being able to ADMIT one of the two following lines:

      1: I don't know.

      2: Please help me.

      YOU wanna fight a fool-hearty, idealistic crusade....GO RIGHT AHEAD....have fun with that....just remember what I said when the Storm Troopers pump your guts full with several magazines worth of lead...or when you get fried by a directed energy weapon.

      We need big time help, sorry to burst you fantasy bubble that OOZES MACHISMO.

    8. @sherman

      As opposed to...working on yourself? Get the idea of fighting the 'bad guys' out of your head. This is not a video game. Focus on making YOUR life better better. Ask for help, but remember you have to do your part as well.

      We are ALL unwashed and unclean as far as the ETs are concerned, so I'd suggest not looking down on anyone. You can try to put me down all you want. But I refuse to let other people fight my battles for me while I waste away in the holding cell that is my body. My efforts may be meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but being a macho alpha male is better than moping around imo

    9. @Ryuga Hellsing

      Sure.......we're on a prison planet, the elite, inbred families and their dark puppet masters are ATTACKING us, day in and day out. One can't not live much a good life when the empire keeps attacking us with chemicals, radiations, war and directed energy weapons.

      I'm not going to dedicate myself to sing 'rainbows and lollipops' or tiptoe through the tulips whilst the empire and their stooges have me or any of us in the sights of their gun barrels.

      As like in this big of dialogue from Star Trek:

      "That was a difficult admission. Another man would have been humiliated to say those words. Another man would have rather died than ask for help."
      "I understand what you've done here, Q, but I think the lesson could have been learned without the loss of eighteen members of my crew."
      "If you can't take a little bloody nose, maybe you ought to go back home and crawl under your bed. It's not safe out here. It's wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it's not for the timid."

      - Q and Picard

      *Puts the cowboy hat, sunglasses and a fake beard on you*

      Have fun, Macho Man.

  6. The image of sacred origin incarnation
    1.She is a goddess!Only the goddess can carry the infinite power of divine origin!
    2.Truth surrounds her!Infinite resonance!Infinite excitement!Truth knits the most beautiful clothes for her!We are part of these truths!
    3.Her eyes can see through all illusions!She only sees the real thing!Nothing can hide her!She understands everything!She shares our feelings!She doesn't need to experience anomalies to understand things!She knows everything!She has absolute logic! This logic explains everything!She is our imaginary god!
    When she looks at you!Sadness is dispelled!Infinite joy fills you!
    When you look at her!Perfect yourself!You feel it!You also know that she is divine source!
    You will be God with her help!Just like her!
    We can ask her to look at herself!Let yourself be filled with infinite joy!Let her watch the earth and all life on it!Let her watch the darkness!Let darkness and anomalies be dispersed!
    This will bring God's intervention!She is a manifestation of divine origin!Here she comes!She's in this universe! She's everywhere!
    Holy Source is with you!
    Victory of Light!




  8. In this episode Robert from Despejando Enigmas is talking with Rashell of Temmer, an extraterrestrial woman from Taygeta (Pleiades), an ambassador between the races and the one who occupied her post in the Earth's orbit the longest. It is the same woman who had meetings with President Eisenhower and for the first time she is here to tell her experience of that event. Revolutionary!

  9. Бог в помощь Дорогие🙏


    Some new details now available on the page:

    And, a new size of ellipsoidal lantern, full of 'natural numbers', is available:
    ELLIPSOIDAL 'CLOSED' LANTERN - SHORT 432x285 (on the bottom of the page)

    Its case is half of a prolated spheroide of 326x473mm, with a lens frame opening of 285x432mm (frequency numbers).


  11. Taygetean Pleiadian Message (Rashell of Temmer)

    "talking to Rashell of Temmer, a woman from Taygeta (Pleiades), an ambassador between the races and the one that has occupied her position in the Earth orbit the longest. It is the same Taygetean woman who spoke with President Eisenhower and, as she reveals in this video, she formed a part of the secreto esoteric Vril Society, directed by Maria Orsic, also a Taygetean Pleiadian"


    In this episode Robert from Despejando Enigmas is talking with Rashell of Temmer, an extraterrestrial woman from Taygeta (Pleiades), an ambassador between the races and the one who occupied her post in the Earth's orbit the longest. It is the same woman who had meetings with President Eisenhower and for the first time she is here to tell her experience of that event. Revolutionary!



  13. ISLANDS and AREAS of LIGHT - Infrastructure Development

    Subject: Electricity

    The three-phase of 220V/50Hz voltage supply, with no-active neutral – a horrible compromise between our new 'breakaway civilization'... and the never ending collapsing world establishment system...

    Imagine a world with free energy only, with no reminiscence of an earthling power grid of 50/60Hz 'standardized' voltage supply.

    Or, try to 'unlearn' (or imagine to forget) all what you learned in school about electricity distribution, and imagine a world in which only Tesla's free energy and wireless power distribution has supposedly been developed.
    If it had developed that way, it would have shown it altogether...

    Imagine, as an alternative for our Areas and Islands of Light, the 400Hz / 115V system.


    1. Consider also the Ufer Grounding, as a preferable and most reliable electrical earth grounding for our Areas and Islands of Light.


    2. ISLANDS and AREAS of LIGHT - Infrastructure Development

      Subject: Electricity

      … … Geomancy, lampposts, lightning rods, sacred geometry patterns, 400Hz free energy distribution, servers on 400Hz, DC distribution, the first-contact 'Cosmodrome', lightworkers unity, flood-light and back yard lighting and poles, the 'Free Energy Plant', household free energy device, and,… who knows what more…










    7. A particular case of Ufer Grounding for our Islands and Areas of Light infrastructure development:
      the stone masonry footing with plain concrete bed


    8. The main concern of Areas and Islands of Light has to be the 'rising of consciousness', 'spiritual development' and 'first contact',
      but not developing maintenance jobs.

      So we have to develop an infrastructure with as less need of maintenance as possible. Isn't it?

      Let's do it together!


    9. We also have to 'forget', to put aside the nowadays 'standards' and 'regulations', at least to the extent at which it does not fit our interest of the Light Communities development...

      We have to draw our own instead.

  14. Wow!! Very positive!

  15. 9/11/1999 Whistleblower still alive after torture and attempted assassinations by us gov:

  16. One again...START THE EVENT RIGHT NOW!


    Im/WERE DONE! With this endless shit...wait!

    NOBODY, is going/wanting to wait ANYLONGER!

    1. I second marias statement.

      Those of us who stopped playing the victim role are plenty prepared for any duration.

      As cobra stated any one of us can get our lives in order within 2 years and as being on year 2 now i guarantee thats a FACT!

      Its all about you to choose for yourself.

    2. And considering the state you seem to be in, i PROMISE you dont want the event right this minute. Talkin about experiencing ALL of your fears all at one time.

      Thats not a fate i would wish on anyone as i have experienced it when the chimera induced a kundalini activation the same day trump was forced to missile strike syria 2 years ago in april.

    3. I join: Don't speak for me either!

    4. It is many people that want the event all the ill people ,pore people who don t have food on the table or water to drink congratulations unknown you speak in the name of the one who really suffer not the other who its fine and enjoy their life like it is now.this way the event didnt come until now because its ,many people which enjoy the satanic world that it is now only because they enjoy their health and money and not caring by the others who are in pain and suffering

    5. @le soleil
      Not true. I consider myself having a good life. That doesn't mean that I don't feel for people who are poor are ill, etc. I come from family that was poor. Everything that I have came as a result of hard work that I done. I was negative but I managed to turn this around. I takes hard work though not just begging `event now'.
      I too wish event would happen now.. I too got some worries but I try to make my life the best I can. I try to see glass half full rather than half empty
      There is a life outside this blog.. Start living and stop waiting for ETs event and so on. You are doomed otherwise..

    6. Again don't speak for me please.

    7. @Klodi

      Sorry ,but there is nothing that humans, and earth, can give/help me that that the stars and the Et's can't

      I DARE anyone to tell me what humanity, aka 'the stupid monkeys', and Planet Alcatraz can offer me that the stars and ET's can't.......I could do with a good laugh.



  19. From beyond the Matrix
    Marilyn Monroe - A breath from beyond the Matrix.

    1. Marylin and Diana are reptilian!

    2. It's true their lineage is reptilian, but any spirit can incarnate into those families.

    3. I don't think they are reptiles, but rather that they belong to an order such as Ordo Bucintoro, who before their incarnation gathered on the higher astral and mental planes and tried to avoid as many Archon traps as possible.

    4. they are not forces of light ! wake up! that's a lie!

  20. All sounds positive, I think most on this blog are wondering how the dark ones can stop or influence any actions of the Light forces considering their numbers, technology, having Central Race here now and having Source behind them. All are from Source even the dark ones can Source not just call them back to itself to remove them?

  21. "I Am" instead of "what do the others think?"
    Soap bubbles that others see as reality were treated by her as if they didn't exist.

    The I Am Presence of only one person has calmed the Earth's energy grid.

  22. Dictator Victor Orban is preparing, to pass Hungary to the Jews. Hungary calls for immediate intervention by the Light Forces.
    I think Cobra knows it. ---The big "issue", at present, could be prevented.

  23. Please COBRA in case of the Event or three days of darkness please announce the population before at least one day before to prepare with water and food.thank you !

    1. Better to prepare now. It will be sudden, he doesnt know when it will be with accuracy. NOBODY knows. Those who claim to know the date are nothing but charlatans.

    2. I also don't have money enough to keep stored food for family and animals in such advance.

    3. By surprise MAY be,
      Fear nothing you must,
      Safe always you are.

    4. I have done a big cook up and frozen the meals. It's easy to do, anyone can do this

    5. @Aquilla: there might be NO electricity! Also keep dry food and water as all systems might be down.

    6. @ unknown: me too. But I also decided in a way it's their choice, as adults. I gave my adult children many chances to read for themselves. One is half convinced and one is not. They don't live near me. I am fine in between.

  24. Question: I have a few vegetable plants in my garden, because of many snales covered in mulch (mowed grass). Yesterday I discovered that around a few of the plants the mulch was some 10 cm. away from the plant and snales were already busy. I even wonder if they are from my garden, because they could not get in the middle, where it's now 'destroyed'.The section is surrounded by a wirefence to keep the cats away, with small square holes.
    I wonder if this could be done by an animal, or is it human work. The work seems quite to the point. It's not a mess.

    1. Crunch up some egg shells after you've used the egg and sprinkle them on top the soil around your plants, the slugs/snails will leave your plants alone. Also no chemicals :)

    2. Ah! Ethan thank you. Egg shells is no problem and if they are moved or removed it's certain that it's human work.

  25. Marilyn Monroe lived a day longer than Diana (I couldn't take hours into account). I wonder if this is a coincidence.

    Marilyn Monroe - 13211 days
    Diana - 13210 days

  26. Q: Will there be free energy devices prior to the Event?
    C: Only if an investor can provide this without belonging to the old financial system. Until today this has not been accomplished, so my guess is that it will be delayed until after the Event. P: Haverá dispositivos de energia livre antes do Evento?
    C: Somente se um investidor puder fornecer isso sem pertencer ao antigo sistema financeiro. Até hoje isso não foi realizado, então meu palpite é que vai demorar até depois do Evento. Free energy through the air via the antenna.Energia livre pelo ar via antena.

  27. Looks like a'lotta trolls were waiting to post on this. No toll.

  28. Social dynamics song:

  29. Everybody calm down. Shaktiput is experienced by every person at the event. What's he doing with him then? Well, that's another question.

    1. What excactly is Shaktiput?

    2. Shaktipat or Śaktipāta (Sanskrit, from shakti "(psychic) energy" and pāta, "to fall") refers in Hinduism to the transmission (or conferring) of spiritual energy upon one person by another.
      Shaktipat - Wikipedia

  30. Correction: Marilyn Monroe lived 4 days longer than Princess Diana.

  31. The event is the Veil that is already here. It is not from the "Archons" or what you may all call the "negative" forces. They have been called many things, however, they aren't "alien" beings, they are empirical. The Veil isn't just on Earth, but everywhere in the Universe. It would be ignorant to think that this would only be here... It happened to start here, that's all. No one can stop it as Aliens and Humans aren't Empiriacal no so called "light" forces... that's a charade you are all being played by to confuse you. If you are looking for empirical truth, as that is the time we are in and the Veil is all about exposing it... one has to go as far as connecting their mind to their heart... the answers you seek are within you, your autonmous will. Don't look for some external savior... you are all you need. As far as those "chosen few", hahaha chosen by whom? Cobra, Alien beings? Talk about ego run a muck.

  32. The event is the Veil that is already here. It is not from the "Archons" or what you may all call the "negative" forces. They have been called many things, however, they aren't "alien" beings, they are empirical. The Veil isn't just on Earth, but everywhere in the Universe. It would be ignorant to think that this would only be here... It happened to start here, that's all. No one can stop it as Aliens and Humans aren't Empiriacal no so called "light" forces... that's a charade you are all being played by to confuse you. If you are looking for empirical truth, as that is the time we are in and the Veil is all about exposing it... one has to go as far as connecting their mind to their heart... the answers you seek are within you, your autonmous will. Don't look for some external savior... you are all you need. As far as those "chosen few", hahaha chosen by whom? Cobra, Alien beings? Talk about ego run a muck.


  33. You find here much more than the title of the video tells...


    1. It doesn't bother you that she has no idea who's COBRA is?


    2. Breach@

      Who has no idea? Goshia, Asket or Swaruu?

      We have rather find the truth, beside to bother.

      Yes you are right, but Cobra has also to give us a point of view, if this chat (on earthling physical internet) took really place.

      However, intuitive research give that it might be true, at least to a certain extent.

      We have to find more...

      You and others, please come in with more to have a broader idea about...


    3. For instance, what might be the truth about earthling humans on a planet in Centaurus?

      Alfred Webre told me he has an interview with one of them...

  34. Pedro Daun
    14 de abril às 19:41 ·

    Documentário: Carro DAUN movido por radiofrequência / Usina Elétrica Fulmênica.
    Tempo de exibição: 20 minutos.

    Para entender todo o projeto, pare o que está fazendo e assista o documentário do início ao fim. Em configurações selecione 360p para uma visualização melhor.Pedro Daun
    April 14 at 19:41 ·

    Documentary: DAUN car driven by radiofrequency / Fulminic Electric Power Plant.
    Display time: 20 minutes.

    To understand the whole project, stop what you are doing and watch the documentary from start to finish. In settings select 360p for a better view.

    The DAUN - Unipolar Amplifier Device, mentioned in the documentary, has to be used in the RECEIVING ANTENNAS of the Fulmênica Plant, in the residences and in the DAUN car, otherwise none of the 3 systems will work.

    With the Fulmênica Plant, it is no longer necessary to use hydroelectric, thermoelectric and thermonuclear plants. Besides the DAUN car, this is how we can protect the environment.

    Next project: VRA - Aerospace Resonant Vehicle. There will not be any kind of electric motor or combustion. #CarROUNUN #Carolina #PedroDaun #DAUNCar #LIVroDAUN #MarcaDAUN #ONGDAUN #ONU

    O DAUN - Dispositivo Amplificador Unipolar, mencionado no documentário, tem que ser usado nas ANTENAS RECEPTORAS da Usina Fulmênica, nas residências e no carro DAUN, caso contrário nenhum dos 3 sistemas funcionam.

    Com a Usina Fulmênica, não é mais necessária a utilização de usinas hidrelétricas, termoelétricas e termonucleares. Além do carro DAUN, é desta forma que podemos proteger o meio ambiente.

    Próximo projeto: VRA - Veículo Ressonante Aeroespacial. Não vai qualquer tipo de motor elétrico e nem a combustão. #CarroDAUN #UsinaFulmênica #PedroDaun #DAUNCar #LivroDAUN #MarcaDAUN #ONGDAUN #ONU


    It's time to begin, isn't it?
    I get a little bit bigger but then I'll admit
    I'm just the same as I was
    Now don't you understand
    I'm never changing who I am
    So this is where you fell
    And I am left to sell
    The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell right to the top
    Don't look back
    Turning to rags and giving the commodities a rain check

    1. @ Joshua. I want to say something. I don't wanna say anything. Let's close our eyes for all the horrifics on our path to heaven and use our hands to find the way like blinded. We are all in this. Let's all give hands and support each other, whispering reassuring words. For nothing's gonna stop us. I love you.

    2. Don't worry Joshua, many of us get bigger or bigger than we want, like me:) And weare all the same, as we are our soul and not our body. We HAVE our body and that can be nice.

  36. When your dreams all fail
    And the ones we hail
    Are the worst of all
    And the blood’s run stale
    I want to hide the truth
    I want to shelter you
    But with the beast inside
    There’s nowhere we can hide
    No matter what we breed
    We still are made of greed
    This is my kingdom come
    This is my kingdom come
    When you feel my heat
    Look into my eyes
    It’s where my demons hide
    It’s where my demons hide
    Don’t get too close
    It’s dark inside
    It’s where my demons hide
    It’s where my demons hide

  37. I was hoping for an indication
    I was seeking higher elevation
    Ay, ay, ay
    Ay, ay, ay
    I've been shaken wakin' in the night light
    I've been breakin' hiding from the spotlight
    Ay, ay, ay
    Ay, ay, ay
    The more I stray the less I fear
    And the more I reach the more I fade away
    The darkness right in front of me
    Oh it's calling out and I won't walk away
    I would always open up the door
    Always looking up at higher floors
    Want to see it all give me more (rise, rise up)

    I love you all.
    May we each rise to glory in quick fashion.


  38. "Hope it will be" against "I am"
    "Hoping it'll work out," is connected with the primary anomaly.
    "I Am" is connected to the source.

    "Hoping that it already will" is connected with "creation without purpose".

    Through the bubbles of heaven, it is much easier for us to create if we focus on the light and not on the old world that is breaking away.

    It is also easier to create higher dimensional bridges for the forces of light through meditations and visualizations. They have a lot of work on the etheric and plasma plane through what the Dark Ones have accumulated there in 25,000 years.


  39. We'll get higher and higher
    Straight up we'll climb
    Higher and higher
    Leave it all behind
    Oh, we'll get higher and higher
    Who knows what we'll find

    So baby, dry your eyes
    Save all the tears you've cried
    Oh, that's what dreams are made of
    Oh baby, we belong
    In a world that must be strong
    Oh, that's what dreams are made of
    And in the end
    On dreams we will depend
    'Cause that's what Love is made of

    Love, Light and StarShine

    I AM DK


  40. Time is running out
    Let there be no doubt
    We should sort things out
    If we care
    Like we say we do
    Not just empty words
    For a week or two

    Make the world
    Your priority
    Try to live your life
    Play a part
    In a greater scheme
    Try to live the dream
    On a wider scene

    Let's come together
    Right now
    Oh yeah
    In sweet harmony

    Let's come together
    Right NOW
    In Sweet Harmony

    And never forget that
    People Have The Power
    The Power to dream
    To Rule
    To wrestle the Earth from fools!
    YOU have THE POWER

    Love, Light and StarShine

    I AM DK

  41. I recommend spending time figuring-out how to leave this abomination of a matrix, one and for all.

    1. I say the light forces outta just PULL THE PLUG and DESTROY IT, for it serves NO useful purpose.

  42. Article from Indian:
    Lost Lizard People City Of Gold Under Los Angeles... And Other Buried Lizard Cities On The Pacific Coast!!


  43. I wanna give homeopathic medicine information. It's cheap and very helpful. You need to know a few things first. It's not as allopatic medicine of course. It developes by experience under their student before being on the market. I've been on a homeopathic school for 2 years. I had the wrong expectation but learned useful things that I want to share.

    The most important is for inflammations: Pulsatilla. It's my most favorite because inflammation is one of the most common disruptions to our health. You can use Pulsatilla for all kinds of inflammation on your body, from top to toe.
    Homeopathy has different strengths that are indicated with a letter and number, for example D6. I don't know enough to explain it flawlessly, but the higher the number, the stronger the means. It's about the dilutions. The same must apply to the letter.
    There is now a homeopathic holiday folder, with special application in a short time. It has become my favorite. From this I provide the information. The medicine exists of very small granules. Be very careful not to lose one out of your hands. You might not find it. Down here a small bottle costs 10 euro. You'll have a lot of granules. So, for inflammations take

    Pulsatilla C30. The first day you take 2 x 6 granules with 15 minutes in between. The symptoms may get worse the first day. That is a sign that the body is responding. But no worsening is not a bad sign.

    If really nothing happens you take 6 more granules (at once) on the third day.
    Good luck.
    Of course you are welcome having questions.


  44. We're in The End Game now.

    Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture (Full with Cannons)



  45. It is pretty simple.. you are what you seek... the answers are within you...what part of that isn't obvious? Of course there's much deception out there... divide and conquer isn't anything new. This a battle for the autonomy of will, this is where all your answers are. Deception always comes with complexity to confuse... lol.. nothing is that complex, humankind makes it so. I see you follow the iconography of "religion"... the most deceptive of all deceptions.

    TRUE EMPIRICAL LIGHT does not interfere with your personal destiny as it honors the gift of autonomous will. Human beings are also "aliens" on other worlds aswell... so what makes us different from them? Nothing. If you think there's an Alien/Fake Pleidian/Light Force waiting for the chance to save your ass, that is laughable... because clearly their best intentions aren't there for you as they are "interfering". The one thing most disregard is the strength of light of the autonomous will in your SPIRIT.

    You seem to know it all... blessings upon you... I only share what has been shown to me as I peel the proverbial onion layers of my own journey.

  46. Yesterday I bought a book called The green Chemist. I could not find information like ISBN. It's a book from the Pharma world. But useful stuf, though these days sometimes hard to find. But we go on.
    Here is something that I know from a friend and brings much inconvenience: a nail bed inflammation.

    I found a description in this book that mentions this. About Tea tree oil. The oil goes through healthy parts and thus is really good for nail bed inflammation.

    You need to make sure you get Tea tree oil of northern regions that contain terpinen-4-ol. Those are anti sceptic, even while the bacterie Staphylococcus aureus is resistant for most antibiotica.


  47. Life of Pleiadian Races and Civilization on Planet Erra

  48. Based on Pleiades1 messages, we are now really already very close to the end.

    1. I read them but I see nothing indictating we are close to the end.

    2. I'll believe it once we can SEE these things happen.

    3. Yes, event right now..or lightforces ET,s..please go home, if you cannot liberate us/start the event.

      WERE...DONE..TOTALLY, with this endless delay...wait for the event.

      Lots of suicidal people go suicide if the wait continues..including myself.



  49. Hi Cobra,

    I am currently invested in some crypto currencies. Alt-coins are showing a lot of promise in terms of ability to fund new projects independent of the matrix. They are usually ERC-20 tokens, also known as Smart Contracts.

    Instead of IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), new coins are made public by Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).

    I recommend for those who have the means to create a new crypto coin (programmers, and people who can cover the legal issues) volunteer to Cobra efforts to make a new token for the Islands of Light, since they will need money and the system won't be helping them.


    1. How know.....stop using money?

      The Et's don't use money.



  51. I'm not an ally of the light forces, in fact I disagree with a lot of things that have been said on This blog. but I also realize certain changes are occuring in my life which will make it impossible for me to live in the current world. It is for this reason that I pledge allegiance to the light temporarily.

    However, Lucifer, Belial, Lilith and the other demons of the empire will ALWAYS be my true guides


    1. I disagree with quite a few things that are being said on this blog as well. Have been since 2014, just FYI.

      That being said, I AM a Representative of The True Light, and as such I deny your quest to join us.

      Your plea to temporarily join the Light for your own personal gain only to revert back to the dark and the demons later on is hereby DENIED.

      The Source, The Universe will transform ALL forms of darkness into Light, no "and"s, "if"s or "but"s.
      You are either ALL IN or you will be ALL OUT.
      Demons were never wanted here, and they along with their worshippers will be transformed one way or the other.

      There are NO MORE shades of GREY.
      You either fully commit to the Light or stay lost in the dark withe the demons.
      The decision is entirely up to you.

      But You will NOT be a part of the Light temporarily only to remain a deciple of the dark. ALL dark will be transformed and/or eradicated.

      WE do not need YOU.
      If you need The Light, then YOU need to CHANGE.

      I AM DC

    2. Who is DC? My comment is a statement, not a plea. I intend to operate alone and not as part of any group. So I fail to see why I would need your permission to do anything.

      Demons are aspects of gods/goddesses humans decided to abandon a long time ago. They are dark, but not evil.

  52. Love and Light. Please let the positive Event come now.