Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Grand Cross

Clearing of the Chimera group, primary anomaly and toplet bombs continues. Our Flower of Life meditations in last few weeks along with other factors were strong enough to eliminate most dangerous potential outcomes and the planetary liberation process can continue in a slightly more balanced way.


Still, the Light Forces are asking everybody to meditate as often as they can and as often as they feel guided, until the moment of the Compression Breakthrough, to assist in stabilizing the energy grid around the planet utilizing Flower of Life mediation:

There are big changes taking place in the universe. For the first time since the creation of this universe, areas completely free of quantum fluctuations primary anomaly have appeared inside the universe. They are not stable yet, but this is the first sign of the beginning of the new cosmic cycle and the coming cosmic vacuum metastability event:

This will not lead to the destruction of the universe as physicists falsely claim, but will simply push the universe into a more stable state in which primary anomaly and thus evil will not be possible.

Current increase of activity of the Galactic Center is only indirectly related to this, but it is still another indicator that we are getting closer to the Event:

While we are speaking about cosmic changes, we might note that NASA probe has detected a plasma anomaly shockwave that collapsed the Alpha timeline in January 2018:

Another sign that we are slowly approaching the Compression Breakthrough is China bracing for the impact:

The arrest of Epstein has brought the reality of child abuse into the mass consciousness of humanity:

According to sources, the Cabal has considered Epstein to be a security threat and he was taken out of his cell by the Cabal agents on August 10th, a lookalike was put into the prison cell and murdered there, whereas Epstein was taken to a secret Cabal location in Manhattan, interrogated, and ritually sacrificed to Moloch the next day, August 11th.

Illuminati were doing many rituals on August 11th, 2019, to connect with the energy of the grand cross solar eclipse which occured exactly 20 years earlier, on August 11th, 1999:

The grand cross solar eclipse in August 1999 took place during the fixed grand cross astrological alignment which involved Sun, Moon, Mars, Uranus and Saturn:

Alignment on August 11th, 2019 showed fixed grand cross astrological alignment which involved Mercury, Pallas, Pluto and Eris:

Both alignments were peak moments of purification of the primary anomaly which dark forces tried to misuse, but were also peak moments of great cosmic revelation, when the Source sent powerful signals into the universe, which now lead to creation of first areas without quantum fluctuations primary anomaly.

With Epstein gone, deeper investigation would find many ties to DynCorp:

Deeper investigation would also uncover the other big child abuser:

It would uncover the programming sites:

And many layers of child abuse networks:

To start clearing all this from a higher perspective, a meditation has been announced:

Along with the clearing of child abuse networks, there is more awareness about distorted programs about sexuality that the Cabal has enforced upon humanity:

Meanwhile, the Cabal is leading a campaign against the healthy, assertive masculine principle through extremist feminism and tries to change men into docile sheep:

The Cabal has also hijacked the Me Too movement and changed it into an instrument of psychological manipulation which tries to portray all men as abusers in the eyes of women and sow distrust:

Extremist feminism has nothing to do with the Goddess energy, on the contrary:

And many women do not agree with it:

Unfortunately, the Cabal is very active, and they have attacked the Congo vortex with Ebola virus:

Perhaps it is now time to expose the creators of the big pharma and bioweapon experimentation, the Rockefellers:

The Light Forces have communicated that the Jesuits are trying to ignite civil war in the United States by polarizing the population into division and hatred between political right and political left. You need to understand that both sides of the political spectrum have been equally infiltrated by the Cabal, and both sides equally contain many good people.

And at last, little inspiration:

Victory of the Light!


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    1. *∆∆* New Blog *✓✓

  2. Thanks cobra may we be truly free in the near future..

  3. Sounds great, thanks for the update


  4. Thanks for the update
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  5. Love and Light to All!!!

  6. thank you Cobra but what about the plans for the ascension?? No news about short plans in the earth?.. Many websides said that the galactic Federation said WE are not ready for ET contact or any kind of contact... What is really happen right now ? Is the timeline for get better stopped? What about the jubile?
    Thank you again for your update.

    1. Anyone claiming to speak on behalf of Angels or ET's is more often than not talking out of their ass. There's a reason channeled material promises spectacular events on the cusp of manifesting but never do.

      The notion that "Humanity isn't ready for contact" is just another way of sowing doubt in our minds and discouraging us from moving forwards.

    2. On the contrary, about ET contact: We are MORE THAN READY for ET contact. It is the ET's themselves who ARE NOT. This is obvious. Keep the faith in God and the Angels and Love. It is all we can do.

    3. I personally wanna SLAP Swaruu and flip off the Teygatans....they know how to get your hopes up and then walk away....telling us we are not even allowed to see their faces or even hear their voices.

      Like another elite country club, and we peons are not in it.

    4. @Jennifer

      I am looking for aliens....NOT god....NOT angels.....

      ...ALIENS. For THEY can help ME......IF god exists...god has NOT listened to anything I ask for. I'd changed into a girl by now, and out among the stars IF god exists/gives a damn.

  7. "Know yourself, know the universe, practice meditation"

    Victory of the Light!

  8. The Event

    can't happen soon enough!

    1. at least you can read about epstein's all over again....

    2. It’s just pure bs man... I mean to have the balls to came and just saying like “the Cabal kill Epstein and we just sit and watch because it’s better and yeah keep doing what doing and we gone also do what we do” (bs and nothing)

  9. 1 HOUR of The Best Relaxing Music | Bamboo Flute | - Meditation - Healing - Sleep - Zen - Peace

  10. Follow Q & SerialBrain2 which will show active the Earth Alliance is in control. There is much more positive movement than what was reported here.πŸ‘

  11. Thanking dear Cobra

  12. This resonates with me. Women and men need to see through the bogus narrative...same as the races. The media and certain entities are trying to divide. Epstein, wow how sick are these people to have a sacrifice like this to Moloch!! Dark to Light!!

    1. I DON'T, Apex.

      He made his bed, lat him lay in it, now.

    2. We have so called lightworkers also trying to force him into the galactic central sun. Moloch is a blessing. Idk whos more evil, the convinced "bad ppl" that do what they know to be true or the curious "good ppl" that judge with impunity things that also live inside them.

      Everyone whos ever been molested knows exactly what im talking about. If your enraged by it, its because its got hold of your soul.

    3. It's called JUSTICE, Josh.

      Many of us are TIRED of seeing criminals made to look like the victims, and the victims made to look like the criminals.

      Epstein, Hilary and Kissinger can all FRY in the galactic central sun for all I care.

      Welcome to the WAR ZONE, Josh.

  13. Dear C:





    Your lost brother!

  14. Thank you for this update. Love to all.🌹

  15. I welcome the Event, it is a constant state of mind. Let me know if I can be of use in the "hands on" material world.

  16. But if we are observing strange activity at the galactic center right now, it means this happened 25,000 years ago, not right now :/ light takes a while to get from there to get here. If something is happening there right now we would only observe it in 25,000 years at the future.

    The Solar System (and Earth) is located about 25,000 light-years to the galactic center and 25,000 light-years away from the rim.

    1. Except time doesn't exist. And even in mainstream physics time isn't constant. It can speed up or slow down depending on speed, mass, gravity, etc. Also theoretically things can travel faster than light through wormholes and such. And if the Source can't make things travel FTL, then it shouldn't be possible at all. Who knows? Maybe everything we can see around our planet is a huge wormhole which ETs use to show us only what they want us to see.

  17. Thanks dear Cobra ✨Victory of the light ✨πŸ™πŸΌ❤️🌈

  18. On and on and on and on we go. Now its slowly getting closer to the event. This is just getting ridiculous. Where is the power of the light forces and God`s Angels and helpers??? I thought the light was always more powerful than the Dark? Just get rid of this evil scum once and for all!!!!!!!

    1. When will you understand that it is because of us that everything is slow? We are being held hostage, and so is the planet, and it is to save us without much loss that the Forces of Light are slowly going there. Moreover, do not forget that we are for many in the slowness of the events

    2. If all you wanted to do was destroy the world you just need a Cobalt Salted Nuclear Bomb.

      What Toplet Bombs can do is a million times worse.

      That's why the Liberation is taking so long.

    3. Unknown, you claim to be equipped to heal readers here with your expensive products and services - but you're here complaining while you still don't even grasp that Earth is being held hostage.

      How is anyone supposed to take you or your website seriously?

    4. I just hope we'll be still alive to see the good stuff happen.

    5. Corey Goode said we can only help ourselves up until just before and after the biggest moment of planetary disaster that is the greatest threat to the planet because universal law prevents any direct help except in those most dire moments. In other words we have nothing to worry about if we as individuals just keep doing good works as best we can until the actual final timeline comes when the final outcome for us is established. It is obvious to me the universe is designed and constructed in a way that all final outcomes are destined to be for the good of all and that the final outcome will contain no evil. It is also apparent that most of the evil we experience comes from illusions fostered by false ideas that are actually not compatible with life as established by the Prime Creator. This may mean that evil is an illusion that if it is ignored and not validated it's actual existence will eventually subside. Meditation seems to be the best tool to shield the mind and sole from the illusions of evil.

    6. Agreed. RIP off the bandaid. How was Epstein removed from a maximum security cell with 24hr security so easily? How can the dark ones operate so freely? We are told millions yes millions of light ships are now around earth and their tech is beyond what the dark can stop. Epstein being killed just proves the dark are not being stopped. Teleport the cabal players off planet. Remove them. Take over the media satellites and broadcast truth about wars, 911, child trafficking, toxins in food and water, chemtrails fake news, satanists, true earth history. School is starting here for our kids makes me SICK as I know it is all a lie!! Had hoped the wave would arrive this summer. The qhht's all say imminent and this yr.. keep meditating..but our daily thoughts are powerful too! Being kind, in the heart, service to others, doesnt that help more vs 15 min meditation? I will keep going but when will we have serious disclosure we keep hearing about on era of light and other sites? Why did Trump initiate the text alert system if he isnt going to use it?

      I actually feel bad for Epstein being allowed to be taken not protected by the Alliance I dont get it.

    7. @Rusty Hill
      So, you mean universal law means "let the peasants eat cake!" , eh?

      Will only mean a damn shit to ME if contact happens when I am still alive and young.

      Right NOW.....I wanna kick the 'prime creator' in the NUTS.


    8. divinasion@

      Which is his website you claim about to be equipped to heal readers here with his expensive products and services?


    A word in the benefit of Light Communities development...

    Now, posts will come again on our blog:

    Subjects into discussion might be, for those who have interest, about the 'half wavelength' and 'quarter wavelength' power transmission.

    We have to try to 'unlearn' by ourselves as we learned in school...

    1. A subject of discussion and research...

      'half wavelength' and 'quarter wavelength'... Which might be of interest for 'short distance' (i.e. inside a light community) for low power transmission?

      A post with useful links will come 'very soon'...


    2. High-Frequency, Half-Wavelength Power Transmission Scheme

      "The half-wavelength power transmission scheme has some unique advantages and disadvantages for power transmission. This paper presents a new concept to take advantage of the scheme while overcoming its main limitation. The concept involves a power generation transmission unit. This unit generates and transmits power at a specific high frequency so that the distance between the generator and the receiving end is equal to a half-wavelength of the voltage/current of the system. As a result, a far-away generator becomes electrically located at the receiving end as if there is no transmission line separating the sending and receiving ends. The proposed concept represents an innovative and promising scheme to transmit a large amount of power over long distances."

      Now!... put it how may it look like in the case of our Light Communities, to transmit a small amount of power over short distances...

      If you are an awakened electrical engineer, please come forward to carry a discussion about.

      Our (sooner or later) upcoming Areas of Light will need it...

      P.S. And forget to think the power transmission in the disgusting terms of 50/60 Hz! Our up coming post-Event society don't need it at all.



      For now, the only reliable 'out of 50/60 Hz' for small off-grid communities solution is the ELVDC 48V.
      It is 'scientifically proven', and a standard is already in place, the Indian Standard 'IS 16711 / 2017'.

      So, this is how you can nowadays go (scientifically proven) off-grid, stand alone, and... 'out of 50/60 Hz'.

      The other subjects on our blog, as are the UHFAC microgrids, and the now in discussion one,
      are for 'further developments', still not 'scientifically proven', and 'out of order' considered by the disgusting 'mainstream science'.


    5. Discussion will also come about the 'all DC' power transmission, especially, let's say it, the 'all in DC' 'hallucination', or 'illusion',... how do you want to call it,... and,

      the replaying of 'the war of currents' that has to be replayed, for both of them to 'win-win' their part,
      the DC on one side, and the HFAC against the 50/60HZ AC on another side.

      We are supporters of the LVDC distribution system, but only up to a certain extent, for now at least to the point of the first Islands of Light development,
      - so, if that's also your case, try to envision the 'only DC' in the long awaited 'free energy' world.
      And, try to understand that you have to avoid to fall in another kind of 'indoctrination'... That one of the 'only DC' world.

    6. "I. Introduction. Half-Wavelength transmission line (HWTL) means that the line length between its sending and receiving ends is about half of the wavelength of the AC current carried by the line. Power transmission at this distance has one very attractive feature: the total line impedance becomes virtually zero (for lossless line). As a result, the sending end can be considered as just at the receiving end [1]. In recent years, the scheme regained the interest of industry and academia due to worldwide power system developments [2]–[4]."

    7. What's even the point of this? In a recent update Cobra said that the light forces won't be waiting for islands of light. And if we'll have ET contact before that, then the whole AC/DC debate is pointless. Because we're gonna have access to technology that's millions of years ahead of ours and I highly doubt they're using the same type of electricity we do.

    8. Hey! anami!

      Come into discussion please!
      Let's think that soon after the Event, you as spiritual one, will be nominated in a position of decision maker, in concerns of the improvements of 3rd dimensional word, according with your expertise.
      Why not?

      Give us briefly, what steps would you consider to do at first?

    9. The same for Trobpy…

      How will you 'solve' the crevasse between the Event time tech and that of millions years ahead?

      For sure, you will try to identify some common items, in order to have a starting point.

      Otherways, you have to follow anami's advice "get a clue. If you can't get a clue perhaps buy a clue"...

  20. Thank you for the information.... I think...
    A lot of this is horrible and I can only read parts of it at a time.
    It takes my breath away.

  21. Victory of the Light drawing ever nearer! ✨🌎✨


    Check this out, often her messages resonate with me πŸ™‚

  23. The next area to be completely free of primary anomaly -Earth :)

  24. What can i say. The last part of inspiration was quite amazing. For me art is like a magnet. Time to time i try to get rid of it. Becouse i have my minds concerns- that i am wasting my time, dont doing it so well that i can show it to others, that i dont get money from it, that it is silly to draw something at age 29, that it isnt manly enough to draw, that its take to much time- to get good result.. but somehow i am still doing this. Becouse it sometimes calm me down, sometimes i learn something new, sometimes i succesed and draw something good. But it definetly reminds me about childhood. This is my instagram profile nothing much but its something i guess for me- @sketchingforfun_

    1. Matiss, you have a talent, you should continue to develop it. Be responsible and support yourself while you hone your art, that would be a true masculine quality.

      Yes it does take time, years even, but that's true for developing any skill.

      I like your drawings of the horses!

  25. If you would like to join others doing the meditation for the dark locations simultaneously in a more social setting online, feel free to join our online meditation initiative here:
    (under the heading "Blessings from Al Nilam")

    We post details about the current daily focused location every day to make this global meditation initiative easier.
    Let's come together to set the tone for manifesting the world we want to live in!

  26. That's why the Mgtow movement is growing like a mushroom. I find it a little bit extreme and reactive, but viewing the current behaviour of the "modern" women, IT'S THE BEST THING MEN CAN DO NOW, at least until the Event. For their own Survival. Most of these young girls are so toxic nowadays, they just like A.I. Few are able to resist that programming, the strongest and the smartest. But they are just a minority and they are outcasted and hated by that A.I. Feminist Collective. It is sad.
    Yes, men are increasingly turning their backs to women and affirming themselves.
    The current state of society is insanely apocalyptic, time to survive and be strong.

    1. Good thing you don't live near me then. Young men are just as toxic here.. and why is MGTOW the best thing men can do now?

    2. I am not supporting DIRECTLY Mgtow neither feminism, on the contrary, I am the first to support healthy equilibrated Love relationship between man and woman. For those who can achieve it, and keep it, bravo! But nowadays this society, specially youngsters, is soooo much rotten, sometimes I think irreversible rotten, there is no other way

    3. Well put! I love mgtow, it gave me the kick to get divorced which was the best thing I ever did. Until the implants and genetic codes are fixed, it's absolutely best for the genders to stay apart.

    4. Je suis totalement en accord avec vous sais fou comme cela est visible maintenant. Merci cobra pour votre publication que l'amour et la force soi avec vous✌🏽☝🏽

    5. Happily married to my wife, but it takes time, commitment, honesty and sacrifice to integrate two individuals into one balanced life.

      Not all relationships can work no matter what efforts are made, but to write off the opposite gender entirely is absurd.

      MGTOW is,at best,a self-centered and lazy existence, or at worst, just another tool (like neo-feminism), peddled out by the same old negative groups. I'm sure it's all rather amusing to them.

    6. Its not an attack agains women. I love women-real women. But these modern girls are nothing but BIZARRE AND INSANE CARICATURES of real females, same like "machos" are caricatures of real males. I am equal in my appreciation, @divinisation, dont worry I dont take party on any side. I meant toxic because they are intoxicated with this feminism, specially third wave. Its horrible! They are monsters to be avoided, even worse than men, specially because they are protected by the State. Oh, what a hell the world is! Happily, it wont last forever.
      No intention to worsen Gender Sex, peace

    7. *"no intention to worsen gender war", I meant.

      James Taylor, glad for you.
      Keep on.

      After all...what's wrong in being selfcentered? Self is the Real Center of Life. Why always "the other". The other the other the other...they hammer us the whole life since we are kids, that the other is always more important than the One. Relationships are good, but the Ultimate relationship is with the Self. Being Self centered is not the same as being selfish or egotistical. For me the latter, is USING THE OTHER for owns benefit. The world is full of egotistical people, specially in relationships. It is very hard to find real balance in a couple nowadays.
      Mgtows are just going their own way, nothing else. Many are following a spiritual path, to discover themselves. It is a way of life. Buddha was the first Mgtow!
      It is good to live life not judging other's decisions, not thinking "oh, I am right, they are wrong". Better to understand and not critize. Even feminism is not only a fashion or an agenda. There is something real in it. At least the firsts waves of it.
      But yeap, everybody agrees the last wave is really insane and toxic.

    8. James Taylor with the predictable, pro-matrix, hater comment every time.

    9. @gerSey

      Image the hell it is for someone like me, a woman who was FORCED into a male's body (and an UGLY one at that) because some rat fuck son of a bitch Archon wanted a cheap laugh at my expense (bad enough I was forced to incarnate here, but put in the wrong body at that).

      @James Taylor
      I gave up on relationships with humans......EACH time I think I got a goes down in flames....often before it starts. I have this horrible luck that each time I think I found a good one.....that person always, and I mean ALWAYS.....disappears on if they never existed.

      And thus, after 19 years of miserable failure after failure, I finally gave up on humans as candidates for lover in 2013. ONLY an ALIEN will do, now.

    10. @Patrick
      Yes, Typical reply of Matrix-Status Quo- defender.

    11. Patrick Kehoe, I'm afraid you're you have the wrong idea about me my friend. I do not hate anyone, nor am I 'pro-matrix'. I'm just a normal guy striving to do good, both in my work and in my personal endeavours.

      If I recall, a certain someone once claimed that they become sexually aroused at the prospect of all life being annilated on the earth.

      I don't argree with a lot of what is published on this blog but I have followed it since its inception. I never commented for years, but slowly more and more unstable individuals have spoken here. And sometimes I remark against it.

  27. Grim news indeed. It really serves not to read news (alternative or otherwise) too much and be happy that we didn't have to go through what those poor little kids / monarch slaves did and do even now.

    Makes me question why souls are even allowed to go through such torture. Makes me kind of angry about our higher selfes that allow this experience in an incarnation. Because the one that's screwed over is the incarnated lower self. Or maybe I just don't understand it.

    1. earth is a reincarnation TRAP. The Archons FORCE or TRICK souls to come here. And, sometimes, they put a soul in the WRONG gender body, like my the Archons can laugh more.

    2. No I agree what benefit could this be for any soul. It isnt. Then again if all is an illusion the now and prior lifes why are we told over and over we must clear our past of negative experience? But weren't those intended for growth? Nope it seems we were all here being used for 350k yrs. So it took 350,000 yrs to decide to free the humans slaves/hostages? See my pt here..crazy right. Even the yeshua story was hijacked making him a savior..further disempowering people.

    3. Archons will soon not laugh anymore. We will laugh at them, the way they'll explode like popcorns in the galactic central sun. It is going to be fun, Pop pop pop!

    4. @gerSey

      I'll believe it when I SEE it. I have a score to settle with a particular Archon who put me in the WRONG gender body. I want to make that Archon understand the TRUE meaning of PAIN.

    5. Like in the end scene of The Crow movie, when Brandon Lee transfers all his pain to the main villain, in a concentrated way. Like this is going to be.
      Too much pain Humanity is going the hell are the evil ones going to respond for it?

  28. [Flower of Life meditations ... were strong enough to eliminate most dangerous potential outcomes]

    Because of all the participants in the meditations and visualizations and so on.

    But "strong enough" also means that more could have been achieved.

    The transition can be very, very rough if star seeds don't do the work they came here to do.

    1. 1% covets more more wealth than all of Earth combined...
      with your help,
      the churches are being compelled to look at how=>
      Only going after the "lowest fruits" is futile,
      & full support of their worst fears=>
      All Satan needs to do is watch...
      as what they call good works
      can cause men to think they have a right to be angry at God
      Every seed contains The Plan of God... & is Creation
      Man is part of Creation
      (God's likeness, M & F, dominion= responsibility)
      1 Adam became a living Soul [after] Creation
      (& depends on connecting to it's higher self)

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Mass Meditation for Truth, Love and Planetary Peace on September 29, 2019 at 5 PM in each Timezone.

    Date of the Mass Meditation: September 29, 2019
    Start Time: 5pm Local Time

    This meditation, by virtue of being face-to-face, in the open air and in front of the instituted buildings of Public Authorities from all over the planet, will require some travel logistics to the specific places, so for the comfort of the participants, we will start at 5 PM - Local Time of each Nation - with the formation of groups starting at 3 PM. Within 24 hours the meditation will go full circle around the 24 Timezones of the planet allowing people, under their own current Timezone, to participate effectively.

    A great call is being made to the hearts of every awakened being on Planet Earth, which understands the urgent and vital need to make use of our Collective Power and Love so that, united in a single song, with one voice and one intention, we can manifest in a great Collective Mass Meditation the community's decision to have access to the TRUTH that has been denied to us, to the benefits that have been denied to us, to the harmony between peoples that was sabotaged by a system based on slavery for debt, control and power of a few and to the detriment of millions left to their own luck, abandoned and massacred by a global mechanism that manufactures poverty, penury and death, besides manipulating and subduing all rulers.

    Together we will announce to those who use the weight of the pen, the money, and the weapons, that the lightness of our united hearts has more force than all the tactics of subjugation, domination, and control.

    In this collective meditation, the effective participation of each AWAKENED SOUL will act as a cell of a powerful mandala of light and unity, made up of people from the most diverse lines of religious, cultural, intellectual and spiritual activity, acting together as a powerful beacon of healing, with a focus on the need to regenerate our current planetary reality.

    In this way, we ask you to receive and resonate with this call, to evaluate it in your heart.

    We want to invite you to help us transform that call into the greatest meditation ever promoted in favor of Unity, Truth, Love, and Peace of all times.

    We are all aware of the pains that afflict our planet, but instead of focusing on the problems, we want to show that we can change the reality around us through our peaceful actions, manifested through our CO-CREATIVE POWER, acting together as a Collective Consciousness. In this way, we will be able to act upon the regeneration, cleansing and purifying of our planet, based on our expressed FREE WILL.

    More information in this link bellow:

  31. Not only china is bracing for the impact:
    "Germany Prepares Stimulus In Case Of "Deep Recession"
    Mon, 08/19/2019


  33. video list of High Priestess on earth..


  34. Thank you cobra thank you RM and thank you to all light force. light love happiness to all.

  35. Jefferey Epstien is still alive, and was moved by hillary and the mossad, into Isreal, and then moved to DEEP UNDER GROUND BUNKERS....MY HIGHER SELF, AS I AM A WALK IN....THANKYOU COBRA

  36. The Light Forces have communicated that the Jesuits are trying to ignite civil war in the United States by polarizing the population into division and hatred between political right and political left. You need to understand that both sides of the political spectrum have been equally infiltrated by the Cabal, and both sides equally contain many good people.

  37. What about that 2 weeks things a previous posting mentioned?

  38. Also, what of the Teygetans saying we're not ready for contact?

    Wanna SLAP Swaruu for that.

  39. Thanks for the update! I am moving forward with more confidence and I am looking forward to the coming changes.

  40. How was Epstein taken from a secure prison cell unless the guards and others are dark? Why not teleport him off planet then?

    How does this serve disclosure.

    Thoughts are powerful think positive, be kind and service to others. We must be close.

  41. It always shocks me as some people crush the another group of here that "dares" to express their complain about how bad the situation is. Don't you guys think that that good guys deserve life, and you are so indignant when they express this need? Yeah "toplet bombs" and all that stuff is scary as hell, and you are resentful when people complain about it?

  42. From the alt market article

    Everyone knows of course that men are savages. But after a long day of raping, how could we possibly have the energy to go out looking for a steady supply of fistfights? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  43. Our teams are fighting. Ashtar is in her place. I communicate this to the people of the countries and to the general public. -AM


    3D pattern of picture.
    Look at middle point and unfocus eyes.

  45. Been seeing certain beings in the dreamstate again who are likely mutated from previous nuclear cataclysms. These beings need to steal innocent energy to survive. There are two options: The first is to send them to the GCS. The other option is to provide them with the restorative technology (which already exists) to heal their soul matrix so that they no longer need to vamp energy from the innocent. Those who are interested in being judgemental about this are part of the problem. I'm only interested in solutions. I've been seeing these beings off and on for several years. Requesting immediate action. Thank you.

    1. @Info Finder, How do you know what happened to them. I have seen some pretty terrible entities. The safe bet was that they were demonic. I dont think they can be helped.

  46. Sorry Cobra but here you just confirmed that the light forces are useless when it comes to even protect one person from being killed...

    The only think I don’t get it it’s how the hell the so called “Light forces ”who supposedly have been working for years to bring Epstein in front of the justice, somehow they manage to bring him in and in just a matter of weeks the Cabal eliminates him as easily as an adult takes a candy from a child hand! 🧐

    I mean are you serious?! How the hell you can’t protect one singe fucking person but you want to liberate the hole planet?!

    And now after this incompetence the next question is: why in the hell will someone from the surface will EVER work his ass to bring someone to justice when he will know for sure he is gone end up dead (it’s clear now that light forces are a fucking joke, they cannot even protect an insect from being killed) or the man who is after is gone end up dead in matter of days?! No one with a little brain will ever move a finger again!

    And to be honest I can’t blame them at all... you guys just blow up opportunity after opportunity to take on the Cabal!

    I may understand that it’s not an easy thing but at least don’t fucking blow up things that some people work for (and they put their skin on the stick now) years!

    I am being completely honest, I am not usually here to complain about 1000 things every time, and i don’t wait for someone to come save me from my own shortcomings.

    But you just managed to blow up a hole fucking opportunity and after you just come and say “yeah, you know Epstein he was taken out and killed and we just watched that happen and you guys should meditate more to bring peace to the world” and all that bs that we hear it from at least 10 years now!

    First of all I meditate because I feel and I choose it, not because Cobra and some “light forces” tell me to do it!

    And specially if I will do it because Cobra after this big fail I will definitely think twice before I do it!

    It’s time for me to leave this blog, something it’s rigged here, anyway I was not coming here “to be saved” or to complain but much more from curiosity.

    And I was always suggesting people to meditate and focus on themselves first (cleaning their trauma and garbage) and move on!

    It’s clear that Cobra it’s not what it seams to be!

    And if you really know something about responsibilities you should rename this post to “Big Fail” instead of telling us how easy the Cabal fuck you hole operation in mater of hours!

    For people who are tired of bs I suggest to go on YouTube and watch such people as Sadhguru, Jessica Delmar - Abe, or Aluna Ash and they will find much more real information than this bs on this blog!

    I expect this comment to be banned as well, I am not a troll, I don’t work for the Cabal, I just smell bs from miles and I don’t like when people don’t take responsibility when that fuck in things!

    Peace to you all and be blessed in the name of the supreme love!

    1. As Scotty said, "the only effective diplomat I know is a fully charged PHASER BANK!".

    2. I understand what you are saying... but it should be clear by now that actions by the good guys or by the ground group not necessarily happens automatically or at a flipped of finger... it happens in a slower rate because the threat has not been eliminated....

      I heard somewhere that informations and names are already in the hands of the good guys.... i would assume probably for along time..

      What this event.. the inconsistencies etc.. are bringing people into a newer awareness...

      It had raised much red flags in many... they are more willing to consider now other than just plain suicide narrative.

      if we were at the full disclosure point then i could understand ur frustration.. but at this point in time .. the ease to disclose all at the moment is not feasible.

      Now supoosely when some of the main bad guys have die the light forces have gone n seek out their souls to be captured...

      I dont know what happens in this scenario...

      all i can tell u is that we are not at the point of full disclosure.. however u cant take away the fact that societies lil dirty secret are finally being drawing out.. it needs to be in order to be sorted...

      So no the good guys did not fail... under the circumstances they accomplished to bring into the public eye finally the signs of major isssues not to be ignored anylonger

    3. Don't shoot the messanger. Cobra doesn't claim to be our saviour.

    4. Yeah same. I stopped believing in most of the things this blog writes about and I had previously done what I could in taking part in mass meditations and such. At this point I only visit it out of curiosity alone while my belief in any "event" and such is gone forever. What I do instead is to work on self-empowerment rather than bothering about the issues of this planet. Whatever happens to it I just don't care anymore. And then I'm not some "Cabal agent" or whatever either.

    5. @DH
      Will only mean a damn to ME if it happens while I am both ALIVE and YOUNG enough to enjoy it. Hell, it's the only reason I bother to live anymore these days.

      Self empowerment or improvement won't mean much while on Planet Alcatraz.


  47. On a weekend I wanna wish it all away, yeah
    And they called and I said that I'll go
    And I said that I'll call out again
    And the reason I ought to leave her calm, I know
    I said, "I don't know whether I'm the boxer or the bag"

    Oh yeah, can you see them, out on the porch?
    Yeah, but they don't wave
    I see them 'round the front way, yeah
    And I know, and I know I don't wanna stay

    Make me cry.

    Yellow Ledbetter



  48. Thank you COBRA.
    Dear Souls, if/when you feel triggered or overwhelmed; pull back, look at the bigger picture...Be Objective/Witness without Judgement, filtering through Compassion and Gratitude (huge one) the situation or person (sounds easier than it is). Practice Self-Care in all you do. We have got this.
    Victory of the Light!

  49. Clearing of all False Matrix Grids with Assistance from the Alpha Leonis/Lyrans, Aurora Groups, Uther Pendragon and King Arthur Lineages and Goddesses/Priestesses of Avalon

  50. Vitoria da Luz!!πŸ•ŠπŸŒŽπŸ’™πŸ›Έ

  51. Thanks Cobra,
    Please check out my blog guys where I will shortly be releasing a follow-up article about the Compression Breakthrough early now since Cobra's post has led up to it, it is a difficult subject for me as one of those things my alien team πŸ‘½ and I are in deep contact with but is exceedingly hard to divulge to surface humanity.
    Bear with me as I try to collect the intelligence to communicate.

    1. Well, divulge to me, then.

      I NEED to meet aliens....BADLY.
      Only thing that gives me any will to stay alive anymore.

  52. I am also considering releasing to the public a certain map I hold, as trust levels seem peaking, I have hidden this secret until then, please support/follow me @ as the greater the audience & support I have the more information I will leak out.

    Please note that I deal with mostly very feminine issues/creativity, & a lot of the military, evil, & scientific aspects are left to my crew (males & some strong females). So while I have the information, it may not be related so much logically to happenings but instead the past & future of our Universe & where that is going and as a community how we participate & also the fundamental functioning elements of the universe & those who strive to build & maintain it.
    Please check, I have had direct alien contact since I left my ship as well in 1989 to take my husband here for healing: starmapstasis.blogspot

  53. Thank you for the lovely article. Meditation continues...

  54. Take a look #TheAlienLight on Twitter.

  55. The Inner Circle Life of Lightworkers--The Unspoken Financial Gap

    Prior to the main article, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to an old couple that have always been there for me throughout these years. Their words of encouragement, understanding, and most importantly, honesty, have gotten me through today. From our interaction, I graduallhy learn the exchange of some honest opinions are actually "possible" within this community.

    In the following lists my observation of this group, "as objective as possible". Like a great many others before me, I am devastated by the similar frustration, doubt, grief, and indignation. I'm NOT a saint. I have feelings: the kind of average-hostage-Alice-who-has-fumbled-around-and-stumbled-on-the-ultimate-key-to-raise-my-vibration-so-as-to-exit-this-so-called-insane-negative ETs'-amument-park-and-still-is-not-being-provided-the-long-awaited-proof-yet feelings.

    Disclaimers: This article is NOT to defame Cobra, or any other lightworker, workshop owners and employees, or simply anyone within this group. We all once had our own fair share of abusive remarks and taunts, and neither one of us like them. The purpose of this article is to illustrate and discuss the possible reasons behind the leaving of former lightworkers. Hopefully, we are also looking for clarification from Cobra himself on many issues. I repeat, this article is NOT to defame Cobra, or any other lightworker, workshop owners and employess, or anyone within this group.

    Why Are Former Lightworkers Leaving?
    Does this sight look familiar to you? --- A wave of former lightworkers leave, and another wave enters this year, next year, and the year after that. In group discussion, everyone cannot wait to discuss the day when and how they started their missions with the excitement and eagerness so profound, but few of them ever wonder what happened to the former lightworkers. "They leave because they are never meant to be! What a sinister deed for someone to always look outside for evidence!" Is that really so?

    People leave for various reasons. For some, it is the lack of hard evidence, for others, it is either their financial, physical, or even mental conditions that no longer allow them to continue, and for still others, it's both. But all the aforementioned reasons pale in comparsion with the lack of support from the group, and the prevalent accusation of "working for the cabal" or "evils' minions".

    part 1

  56. The Unspoken Gap
    How long one can put up a fight against the tyraany is, in fact, determined considerably by two factors: finanical and physical health conditions. For the first 4 to 5 years, most people can still somehow manage to persevere despite the constant delay. We think our health and finanical problems could all be resolved once the breakthrough reaches the surface. A year later, we tell ourselves the same thing. But after another year, we find ourselves "gradually" losing the capacity for getting through the status quo, simply because we become less and less finanically-independent and our health conditions are deteriorating at a pace that no types of "current" medical technology can repair.

    To people who are urging others to "call for more help from the positive ETs" or "try working on your financial abdundance", I would simply say that they are missing two key factors to the financial- abundance-and-the-magic-of-crystals-or-violet-flame equation: the AMOUNT of wealth that one currently has at disposal, and the SEVERITY of one's illness.

    I believe EVERYONE will be able to resolve her and his finances at a great ease, once everyone is granted the similar amount of financial resoures that are either passed down from their ancestors, or they already had accumulated a certain amount of wealth when they were young and now are retired or semi-retired. I also believe EVERYONE will be cured of their diseases easily, if it is NOT chronic diseases, cancers, or other incurable diseases like Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and Parkinson's diseases. I think few even apprehend how depressing pouring all your money therapy after therapy while NOT getting any better is.

    part 2

  57. The Myth About Financial Abundance Protocol And the Missing Factors
    Before manifesting one's financial abundance, one has to a.) withdraw money from the bank and b.) invest. I'm all on not putting all our money into the bank, and that we should manage our money wisely. But the funny thing about the success story of manifesting financial abundance is that people within this group RARELY tell you that investing could, sometimes, be quite "risky". The more financial resources one has on hand, the more risks one can take. I'm NOT saying it does not frustrate at all for people with numerous financial resources available. All I'm saying is that losing money isn't something that is to the liking of the have-nots, either. It does not take a finanical degree to know investing INVOLVES RISKS, and yet many people within this community are already raving about the magic of financial abundance protocols, as if it were as easy as waving a magic wand, and bibbidi- bobbidi-boo, buckets of Gold are at your door. Even an insurance company will tell you there are risks to investing.

    If manifesting abundance is so simple, thousands of lightworkers' lives are already improved. Poverty-stricken regions in third world countries like Africa would have no longer existed. The world hunger would have already been resolved as well. Who needs a replicator to do that, if manifestation protocols are indeed that magical? And who even waits for the Light Forces to bring down the cabal and distribute Saint Germain's funds to all lightworkers and people all over the world when one can "simply" pass down the knowledge of abundance to others so that world hunger and poverty could all be stopped? I'm NOT saying I don't believe miracles or any of this. All I'm saying is free energy and all other types of advanced healing technology is NOT released yet, and until it is, with the current resources we have, the effect is quite limited. So please...some people gotta to stop exaggerating and spreading unconfirmed or untested medical results. You are making it worse by dissuading others from seeking professional help and delaying their treatment. For some who have always made their clarification, and offered their honest opinions, I do appreciate it!

    Speaking of financial abundance protocol, do people EVEN do their own research about what "exactly" financial abundance protocol is? First and foremost, the liberation of the mentality that "I don't deserve a good life". Second, refrain from borrowing money from relatives, having credit card loans, car loans, or personal loans from a bank, and use credit cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay LESS OFTEN, so that the shadow government or business tycoons know less about your consuming habits. Third, invest in gold, jewelery, or other valuable metals, real estate and so on so forth, rather than despositing it in the bank.

    Even with that knowledge in mind, one still has to face a fundamental question: where is the money to invest? And once again, another good question: how many risks I can take. I agree the first abundant protocol can easily be implemented, but what about the second and third one, especially when someone is already so caught up in financial burden?

    part 3

  58. The magic of financial abundance protocol is one that enchants a great many, but rarely few would elaborate on HOW they actually make that money, and admit the risks involved. It's definitely NOT something through which one stikes it rich overnight by enchanting Mantra. Some people are misguiding others. Worse yet, those people rarely mention the financial backgroup knowledge required to invest. For instance, a person who knows stock market for 15 years has more edges in investing than a person who just begins her research. And if a person knows nothing of real estate property, she will keep losing money buying the wrong house.

    "Nonsense! I know nothing about investing, about stock market, real estate, or cryptocurrency, and yet I'm raking it in." Well, then I assume that the major source of the finances probably come from selling stones online or shops with 15 to 20 emplyees or less. To be honest, I don't see there is anything wrong with this business IF THEY ARE TRULY ASSISTING THE BREAKTHROUGH. However, one cannot help wondering do these workshop owners, or Cobra's business partners, ever understand what it feels like to juggle work, liberation and family issues? When one's occupation is in line with liberation, the biggest and major hurdle--finance--is settled. Do they know what it even feels like to have an unsteady job or shift, to give up one's dream job so that one can continue their missions, or the overwhelming stress to make both ends meet, to pay one's medical bills, phone bills, electricity bills and other forms of bills that are too numerous to count? I'm NOT saying people of this occupation don't have these problems or never sacrifice anything. I'm fully aware that some of them do sacrifice a lot just like us, or probably more than us. But too few of them would even show their understanding and respect to others working for them. I have to admit that, however, the truth is we are not even showing enough understanding or respect to them, to Cobra, to Corey Goode, to David Wilcock, or any other whistleblowers, EITHER.

    You know how the fabric of society is torn apart? By dividing the haves and the have-nots. I have something you don't have, and you have something that I don't. By labelling. People tend to label others based on different ideology, races, cultures, and religions. In politics, for instance, we have the left wing and the right wing. But doubt is the most powerful catalyst, intensified by misunderstanding and the lack of sympathy or empathy. Hence, duality is formed. Rifts arise. Trust severed. Heart strangled and hopes smothered. And people, beginning to turn on each other.

    Are we really planning to keep playing this mind game with the cabal, or are we finally going to lend an ear to those who have different ideology, doubt, or fear? Decades ago, former lightworkers have encountered the exact same conflict. Corey Goode and his team now also encounter the same conflict. I assume this happens to any party whose aim is to bring down the cabal and help usher in a new era for the humanity. I'm pretty much sure there are already quite a few who do lend an ear, but there NEEDS to be more. More doubt will keep coming up to the surface, and like it or not, no one can handle all of them at one time, as long as we are still caught somewhere between the old and the new era. Those doubt will HAVE TO BE DEALT WITH NOW. And we have to start having more compassion for others. Now or never. If you don't have doubt of these sorts, good for you! You don't have to be gnawed at by this great confusion like many others who have had their fair share of. But please do show a bit of your compassion for others.

    part 4

  59. The Little Amount of Donations Received to Help Lightworkers

    Not so long ago, when a renowed site finally lauched a donation to help lightworkers worldwide tide over their great financial burden, everyone is thrilled to hear about this great cause and all looks forward to the result. It is a great cause indeed, as far as I am concerned, and a noble and nice gesture, but what takes me and everyone by big surprise is the little amount of donations received at the end of the event.

    I highly doubt that this number is gonna resolve the predicament of even just one lightworker alone for good, let alone thousands of them worldwide. I'm NOT mad at this site or the fundraisers, but mad and also baffled at the sad truth that most people would rather fork out hundreds buying stones, crystals, or lands for contact dish project, or investing in other projects to push the breakthrough forward, instead of lending a hand to their "so-called" sisters and brothers when they have the chance.

    "Can't Cobra make a donation?" "He can donate stones, but can't organize a fundraiser?" "If Cobra can't because of the tomplet bombs, well then, can Cobra, at least, give 'a piece of advice' to people around him?" "And if he does give a piece of advice, is he frustrated by people's reluctance to lend a hand?"

    I have been bombarded by numerous questions of this sort, for like a thousand times...and I honestly don't know the answer to each one of them... I think these questions truly deserve by one... I don't think now is the time to shun away from questions of this type anymore... People can combat the cabal without proof for the first 5 to 6 years...but not the rest of their life... We deserve answerS...Not just "an" answer... People keep telling me "At least we will have scientific proof from the SSP in Corey Goode's group, with a great number of academic essays released that detail how our consciouness affects the universe as well as public Q & A sessions as to how a particular type of free energy works from scientists in various fields, devling into the laws of physics behind the craft and the technology." That, I can't argue...and I can only cross my fingers, hoping one day in the future Cobra is right...

    part 5

  60. Ever wonder why coherence is never achieved in this community? BECAUSE WE NEVER GET DOWN TO THE SPECIFICS, COMMUNICATE AND HELP CLARIFY THINGS. We frown up people having doubt like this. We accuse them of being "too programmed", "evils' minions", and "a dark agent working for the cabal".

    And you know what the most intimidating part is? You never get to know about others' intentions. Why? Because there are all kinds of people in and out of this group every year. From the most benevelent ones to the most unscrupulous. I have personally met people being defrauded of what little savings they hardly come by. I have also met women being molested by someone who claimed to be their twin-flame or soul mate, but is, in actuality, no more than just a pig. Two cases so far have gone viral on the Internet in my region. One of the girls was even offended by an executive in the group, who is now expelled, but had worked for at least a year here. People kept asking if there is more. Not frightening enough?

    With so much chaos, disorder, mistrust, and the lack of proof for so many years, one's trust for this community has already been tested to the limit. And some of us are even pretending one's financial and physical conditions never pose as a problem, lecturing people for not doing good enough while neglecting the cabal having EVERY resource they need to crash us. Ever wonder why it is so hard to bring down the tyranny? Because it REQUIRES TIME AND RESOURCES. The recent protest in Hong Kong serves as a best example of how the powers that be can easily crash its citizenry. Even with millions of people taking to the street, the local government keep playing dumb. Three months into the protest without income, how much longer do you think they can hold on?

    People gotta to stop pointing fingers at those who used to fight side by side with us... I'm NOT saying not a single person do that in this community; in fact, there are a few that I know of personally and from the comment section under each of Cobra's post. But this is apparently not enough, if I have to be honest... There needs to be more, and SHOULD be more people putting themselves into other people's shoes, instead of just paying lip service and being so pretending, accusing people of being so programmed or 'puppets of Archons'...

    We are expected to set our course torward a Galactic Society. What does this even mean to you? And do people ever understand what a Galactic Society truly denotes? You think I'm so fake and pretending as well, why don't you try for yourself and see what it feels like? You think it is like taking candy from a baby to try to give people a little bit of understanding while being surrounded by all aspects of stress in your life, be it financial or health, or the alienation from your family and even close friends? See for yourself whether you will be devoured by lonliness, frustration, indignation, resentment, and yes oh yes, despair and revenge. I already told you I'm not a saint. I'm not less frustrated than anyone else is, keeping asking myself how come teamwork is even harder to achieve than I had expected.

    Because we never talk and we never communicate, even for just once... I would simply say I've waited long enough for Cobra to offer explanation for way too many things that have long kept perplexing me. And I certainly have waited long enough for Cobra to be the one that stops the infighting within this community. He could have been the leader who shows us teamwork, but chose to sidestep that. During the year around 2013 to 2014, several devoted former lightworkers had also wondered why Cobra only placed his focus on holding worldwide seminars, updating posts, selling stones or crystalls, and finding business partners and building tachyon chambers rather than being the glue that holds us together.

    part 6

  61. Maybe we place too much pressure on him. His mission, if and only if he is indeed the person he claims to be, is to be the spokesperson of the Resistance Members, and therefore, relaying intel to us. But deep down inside me, inside everyone, we expect a little bit more than that. A former lightworker once said, "Cobra and the positive ETs will never know how frustrating it is to achieve group coherence until they finally get their hands-on experiences." I can't say I don't agree with that, but I would like to offer gratitude to Cobra as well for the things that he had once inspired me.

    If what Cobra says is true, then we never show enough understanding and respect to him. But I cannot say Cobra's preoccupation with "being the spokesperson" does not affect me at all and those who have left. The task is way too demanding and people are under a lot of stress. There is too much confusion... and too less clarification... and we are either not knowing the way, or too burnt-out now to initiate the very first communication across all parties within this group... If there is a summer camp for that, please, do let me know.

    So what now? Seems like we are left with only one option: communication. It has a psychological basis. If any relationship is to be fixed, communication is the key, no matter how long it takes. Only after that can our respective thoughts and feelings gradually sink in both sides. Then mutual understanding will occur, bit by bit, step by step. No shortcut.

    Another article addressing other reasons will be posted once it is completed.

    To conclude the article, I would like to point out again that I'm NOT saying everyone who is selling stones, or in any healing workshop, or simply anyone in this line of work or community, has no financial burden, health problems or others. I know many of them are just employees or volunteers, and simply work under others, and are met with financial difficulty just like a normal person is. Some of these people even have to move from place to place, or have suffered from chronic diseases for a long time, and it's nearly impossible for them already to take care of themselves. I am also definitely NOT implying all managers or owners of workshops, or even Cobra, disregard the well-beings of their employees and lightworkers. Some do this truly for the benefits of mankind. Others simply want more than that in their pockets. It's quite complicated. And the longer you stay in this community, the more difficulty it is for you to tell who is who. Still, I would like to give them the benefit of doubt, so won't be giving names for fear of wrongly accusing them. But I might be proven wrong in the end, so if you still have doubt then don't take my words for it and do whatever you feel is the right thing to help others and the society. I surely can relate how confusing it is, and I'm sure there are still some people in or out of this group that are willing to exchange their honest opinions with you.

    So sending my best regards to these people, and my deepest gratitute to anyone that has been willing to lend more than just a ear and hand to them. I would also urge people to always exercise a bit of caution when interacting with strangers and open their minds a bit at one time, so that they will know they are never alone.

    part 7


  62. Siriusly, there must be some VERY fucked up shit 'behind the scenes' that we don't know about... it this drama is still ongoing... i don't know understand how any benevolent extraterrestrial race who was our relatives continue to allow this activity unless this planet was involve in an equally drastic hostage quarantine situation. I don't like following conspiracy theories, i just want to know what the fuck is going on around here?? Is this planet still a slave quarantine or what? What do we need to do in the next 5-10 years to change that? Can we make a list besides extraterrestrial intervention or planetart annihilation?? Apparently im supposed to remember my past lives and just get over, well dangit - Ill keep tryin


  63. I do appreciate your work though, thank you very much cobra. You are love...

  64. Sadly we see nothing as usual. Each time I do anything to try and help, energy work etc. Severe depression follows along with, total despair. Here in the UK we wont ever see any liberation. But seems the entire planet keeps getting the hollow promise. As nothing, NOTHING ever hgappens to bring about freedom. Just more of the same.

  65. Za slovenske bralce:

    Vabljeni v naΕ‘o skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podporo Dogodka na Facebooku:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  66. To: assist in stabilizing the energy grid
    The purpose of 2012Portal is to provide star seeds with information so that they can work more effectively to liberate the planet by connecting with their spiritual Guides and their Higher Self.

    The woman in the video corresponds to the spiritual guidance.

    The bear corresponds to the star seed, which immediately follows the spiritual guidance. Other fabric figures represent star seeds that want to participate in the liberation process but have no connection to their spiritual guidance. The captured men correspond to light forces in difficulty due to poor cooperation of star seeds. The violet light stands for the power of the I Am Presence of star seed.

  67. Is Monsters Inc is about adrenochrome / loosh?.

    Children's fear is energy in the movie.

    1. @artistofmassmeditation, Yes. Lighthousesouth and myself commented a while back about it. She also pointed out the movie fear and loathing in las vegas, which is full of references to reptilians, adrenochrome, spiders, etc.

  68. Cobra said there is no time anymore to create islands of light,what does it means?

    1. The event will occur in less than the time it takes to build a proper community. That process can take years however the mention that we should be less focused on islands of light and more on our personal development indicates that established communities wont be necessary for the breakthrough. The collective light quotient is nearing a level that will sustain the event without collapse of the society.

      IOL are ideal and innevitable however the window for a truly graceful transition closed by the end of 2017.

      Personally, the only one who hasnt underestimated the demiurge and his shadow is the almighty father and the reason he has allowed us all to doubt is so that we might remember to put our full trust in him.

      We all grow decadent. He is the fire that burns away stagnation and forgetfulness. We forget him too often so he reminds us.

    2. That the Event is close at hand ��

    3. I'ts been roughly 2months since then. So, you can be prepared.

    4. Got no more trust in god(s), Josh.

      God(s), like everyone else, needs to EARN my trust.


  69. Thanks A Lot Cobra......Namaste Chef.....


  70. Thank you COBRA for what seems to me like great news. Positive progress of clearing of the Chimera group and toplet bombs is always good news. Thus, while the Cabal continues with there pathetic shenanigans, we all need to keep our heads together and do our part. Spread the word of your knowledge, keep up the meditations. Do your part instead of whining like little babies about how terrible everything is. We all need to stay positive, and continue to spread the word no matter how crazy or weird you think you might sound. The more people we get on board will speed up the process of planetary liberation....peace and love to everyone.

    1. Simply 'spreading the word' without anything hardcore tangible does not work, it never works.

      We need DIRECT contact.....we need PROOF to offer...otherwise we're all just bunch of folks like Heaven's Gate.

    2. Yeah, I'm ready to jump the wagon and start explaining to people everything that happens when it actually starts happening. I already had my share of being called crazy for questioning how the governments control every aspects of our lives and redistribution of money through socialism further takes our power away. People just don't want to be free. And even moreso don't want to believe in aliens or any kind of "liberation" which they are not asking for and can't even comprehend. If liberation from government oppression is unimaginable to most people, then just try talking to them about aliens and cabal. Impossible.


  71. Modelling & Analysis of High-Power , High-Frequency Wireless Power Transmission

    High Efficiency Wireless Power Transfer System for Medium Power

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  72. 1975 NASA JPL Goldstone Demo of Wireless Power Transmission

    "The June 5, 1975 NASA JPL Goldstone Demonstration of high power long distance wireless power transmission successfully transmitted 34kw of electrical power a distance of 1.5km at an efficiency of greater than 82%. At the time, it was the world record for high power long distance wireless power transmission, and it may remain the world record yet today".


  73. I'll gladly take the nice license plates with 3333, 7777, 888 or 9999 that I just saw.
    But I'm pretty sure that this one car, parked just 30 meters from my house, isn't meant for me:

    IZ - RM 501




    1. Driving school car today:

      IZ - RM 33

      Using the blinkers / turn indicators and checking the mirrors is essential.
      You'll learn how to drive this thing correctly someday, don't worry. With a little bit of practice even a Stick Shift isn't all that hard to operate.



  74. Thank you! This morning before I woke up I actually see The Flower Of Life ♡♡♡

  75. society wanna play crazy. ok. crazy we can play. strangely?. i muster the presence prerequisite for nonsense, defy your logic always omitted it. mastery is rubbery. you tell me your name looks away. i did not catch that saying your way. excuse me.

    told me play the debt charade then make offspring now namaste. excuse me? i think you mistaken my logic confounded. i am not that way. normally i just stay. equilibriated and cordially willing the recalibration required for this and your nonsense. bless me this outward proposition spells stranger, never endangered as always observing distanced detachment. savvy?

    the homeless neighbor the wealthy. societal state of entropic distopian strain amid the night and day nine to five serenade. excused. always. returned to spare these tokens for transit on the last line to formality, how are you. answer me riddled, i do what i choose after cautiously considering truths. who knows what is where, societal reply, i fuck and do, show me yours and tell me sharing. is lost placement given freedom granted, depends who asking.

    i once watched a man walk the late night hour with a blanket ranting audible alone with no phone. intriguingly tragic, i observed the safe distance. he was broken and bifurcated or at least entertaining such deviation. i wondered. how long did he hold out before society spoke too loud with its long reaching glance intervening intrusion mapped. he walks alone at night with a blanket speaking alone. hm. i did believe and do continue belief the i leaving shelter at that hour to encounter such a person distincted resembles profound blessing

    savvy? i met my kin of all orders. studied the viable and arranged observational study the outlier. nothing of value occuring surface level. technology and luxury, society with governmenting. they building fancy rooftop restaraunts near me but closed the atm vestibule due to the homeless improperly using it for sleep or extorting the docile. now i have to enter the building and place mister nice when i would rather be silent. ya. take your logic with salt grains and drink it, then compare it to the sugary societal creations abounding and remember. some of us are always watching.

  76. Yea the Cabal is doing this, and the cabal is doing that,
    That bad Cabal...bad..bad Cabal.

    uh Hi we're the "light forces" acronym for "do nothings" with cosmic intensity, we CHOOSE to leave that bad...bad...very bad Cabal where
    they are...unchallenged, un-arrested, we don't even so much as wag a finger at them.

    We're the light forces a group of useless, eternal beings that live thousands of years potentially, our job is to "feed" you words like
    "soon" with no intention of informing any of you that we need your energy of love and peace, so we can saturate it, absorb it then completely scam you over with shallow statements of "liberation".

    We mean nothing with any of it and as the "new vampires of the realms" have no intention of liberating anyone and full knowledge that you feed our need and we'll keep"dry humping" all of you for MORE ENERGY with ni liberation...ever. Suckers

  77. Journey To Truth BBS As You Wish Talk Radio Saturday 8-17-19 8pm PDT

    THIS WEEK: Journey To Truth Podcast Hosts Aaron Kuhn and Tyler Kiwala.

    Is mother earth and the human race truly experiencing what many are referring to as the "Great Awakening"? Are conspiracy theories really just theories? Has the truth about who we are and where we come from been suppressed and hidden away from the public eye by the elites who control this planet, in an effort to maintain a sinister agenda? After years of research, thumbing through leaked government documents, listening to eyewitness reports and whistle-blower testimonies. We believe that not only is this possible but may very well be exactly what is taking place on this planet. Thousands of people are waking up and demanding full disclosure. We began Journey to Truth Podcast in hopes of shedding light on this reality, giving people a chance to come forward with their experiences and discuss the importance of waking up to these truths and what this could mean for the future of humanity. One thing is certain. The truth is wildly stranger than fiction!

    Aaron Kuhn is a researcher and activist in the Disclosure/Awakened community. He was a devout Christian for most of his life until he was 25 years old when he had his "awakening". Through questioning and researching anything and everything, he came across people like David Icke, David Wilcock, Jordan Maxwell, Dolores Cannon, Project Camelot, and others. He started putting the pieces together about ETs, what's really going on on our planet, our true history, the true nature of reality, etc. After 5 years spent in isolation doing his own research, In 2017 he attended his first ever conference, "Eclipse of Disclosure" in Mt. Shasta, CA. It was there that he became connected to this community for the first time. The next year at the "sequel" to that conference called Dimensions of Disclosure, he met Tyler Kiwala and they ended up creating the Journey to Truth Podcast together. The rest is history.

    Tyler Kiwala is an experiencer, independent researcher and passionate disclosure activist. Most popularly known in the awakening community for Journey To Truth Podcast, hosted by himself and fellow disclosure activist Aaron Kuhn. Together they have created a platform for discussing any and all "controversial" and eye opening topics without limitations in an effort to spread awareness to the masses. Tyler is in the process of developing his own YouTube channel where he will be creating content that takes a deeper look into some of the lesser known truths of our world that are hiding in plain sight.

  78. priority analytics. a glimpse into that which is levelled. keyed on command to download from outside. most make not sense but personality at their level, focused oddly and spreading as distraction infecting minds. land of the false alpha mixed with queen lullaby. male female equally bespoken in each description. always singing the personality if not believing they lead most properly. a space of illusory tops with climbers camped nay stopped spreading farcical prompting data stop, their personality believed it at top and defied to look further on, downward gazing at what can be noticed, strange estimates lazy with a chance of paradox containing. why stopped have confidence is illusion of experience subjective. they believe to see is believing and limit perceiving through the believing that what limited perceiving is complete nay safe unto self until another explores beyond and maybe perhaps .. convinces the to move on. rarely noticed for alpha protocol sires. that ground is low-lying without perspective . listen . instead of projecting self in constant demonstrations of independence, form up perspective, take the vicarious lessons elsewhere, as not all are worth notice nor worthy to be speaking, go learn things however you receive. i have noted many false leading false teaching personalityTeachers and i omit but cringe at the thinking - many scroll this space and intake what it says. allof it. i skim and omit the majority lost feeble should have been silent but now for reasons is presenting tragic personality ranging confusion boundaries and emitting its discrepancy, comments. many of you are following posts and overtaking in hype what is misunderstood wildly misleading selves, your own included, consider me stating for the future what have been missed. this comment section is, nursery for the unproductive the distracted the unlaid the should be doing better but thinks proclaiming event or victory serves all profoundly. get offline and do something major, grow mindBody. not everyone should be noticed especially the obviously early. i stay on plane5 and absolutely embrace 0 to 20 plus what graces. opportunity came, presence left. now i amuse myself and the think i tried to teach the fallen is just my personality, tell me they're off and i'll try to turn them more time.this time surely. seeing the same people doing the same shit day after day after strange disconnected without priority logic is sad to the progress. as if your illustrious event was waiting on one more comment, one more opinion, today i'll trigger world changing society shattering change via comment. you possess questionable analytics. it would benefit you to disappear and progress it self things then maybe return fucknMaybe. i am ok, i ma ko, ok am i, until next time

  79. please ask the galactics to stop the burning of the amazon rainforest.

    1. They HAVE to interfere with this. It is essential!

  80. CObra, are you?

  81. Very depressing update.

    Why arrest Epstein if alliance couldn’t protect him.
    I wouldn’t have believe that light forces are so incapable of protect Cabal people whose are ready to testify against Cabal.
    How anyone in the Cabal network will anymore testify against Cabal when Lightforces and Alliance couldn’t protect Epstein.

    How long we have to suffer in this f*cking concentration camp and hellhole. Looks like it at least according this blog suffering doesn’t stop shortly. How many Starseeds must to die or commit suicide before something real will chance in this 3D reality.

    Light forces have tried to remove toplet bombs maybe about 2-3 years. If remaining toplet bombs are in the implants of starseeds and cabal people then event will happened not until 2025.

    My trust to light forces have dropped very low.
    Light forces haven’t been able to remove The Veil, implants and microships in our brain…

    And finally why cobra don't give anymore audio interwievs!

  82. What about the planet situation with all this massive attack against Amazonia? What are the information about that? Please, in my country everyone is scared with the situation.

  83. the event is before all requiring higher frequency. proclaiming victory does not rise frequency alThough declaring your disposition as of the light after serving high function vibes logic of a signature. i hereby describe the prerequites required to say


    one must consider such statement the end, their name, a handshake, greeting their formal exit from connection, a stamp of declaration or a seal for verifying approval.

    one does not simply say good day, suppose one may but it is higher logic to salutate after making acquaintance, has your output brought audience reading closer higher better than prior? did you serve light's purpose? are you on the mission sufficient to be example of its presence?


    the way to be in honor of this phrase is to update the kinfolk and in so doing have frequencies raised overall. to simply use that phrase as your callSign veritable nickName brings shame to those resonating beyond yourWay. one does not win victory by waving the flag, one does not receive glory remaining encamped nor will one receive the merits of the rank without words beyond claiming the callSign. if i were a navySeal and ranAbout proclaiming SealVictory all i'd be doing is becoming a target of proximity and discrediting the honor the rank keeps inherently.

    do something new. show restraint. rank.

    the goal of the lightworker is to raise frequency sufficient for the victory. do that work honorably and let victory follow. many tooMany are basking in the notion that a comment will herald victory, because they surrounding were waiting for your opinion, while the person in question frequency remains still needing update. so entranced by concept the comment that they wake each day to contribute, eagerly seeking an entry, anxious to show their allegiance in misguided innocence attributes very little. i too support light forces but nobody need see those words to attain their ascension. ascension is a personal victory for the overall planetary liberation agenda as no person ascends who is not worthy.has not risen.did not accept. the logic has been stated, that many will be reallocated, due to them not being ascendant, and i will surely not be with them.

    who are you following? many unworthy stand behind LightVictory and are of present not helping ascension but begging for the event. sure you maybe found crystals good meditations love to light but sitting overweight with societalMind makes unworthy of the callSign

    how am i?

    1. You claim you're closer to liberation than all others but you're trapped by a phrase. So aware.

    2. the entire article was about transcending that phrase as scrolling this page reveals more phrase-sayers than viable contribution. read again signal not received

    3. the answer OK i am ok. i do not say PHRASE. because. i. am. ok. but the many misinterpret seeing cobra say it, as cobra brings word of the mission He is cleared to say it. many tooMany are bandwagoning the progress and not actually progressive progressing progressed. seriously. .. crabs in a bucket, hold each other back, when one tries to get out, another crab holds it back. fact i must defend my stance after such output displeases my intrigue. i wish you all serious progress. i am as intrigued as seriously displeased. there is always an alpha to stand independent, always a broken to dismantle pure structure, always another to motivate i endure



    They are awaiting ETs 'to give them'...

    They do nothing...

    They only claim: should them be given...

    They have a single question... "when the Event will come?"...

    they consider that nothing is worth to be done,... because 'there will be released the new technologies'... and 'there will be given to them'...

    they are going to be given to them access to technology that's millions of years ahead...

    they ask for respect from others...

    they await that: there will be given to them...

    they are too 'spiritual' to do something, and should it be given to them in exchange...

    these are they:... 'should it be given to them'...

    they know that "it's written in the stars",... and it has to come to them...

    should you give them!

    should them be given!!...

  85. as if to hide oneself away, head down, but posterior high in the air, whispering to himself, "victory, victory. let it come." wanting some calamitous cathartic event, meanwhile doing nothing but standing in a darkened corner, waiting. as stated above, dissemination of the message to friendly corners helps to spur the event, rather than just sitting there like a toad on a log wishing your time away.

    Epstein, then, represents merely one component of a larger body, and only network in a totality across the globe and beyond. The surrogates must be flushed-out, exposed, sort of the reverse mechanism of the old Grand Guignol or even the old Witch Trials, in which complicit hands are broken. Death is not what I mean, explicitly, but certainly justice or reckoning, whichever brings satisfaction to flustered society, who even now, acts as if that particular evil has already passed, with only the one piece on the board removed.

    Yet this is not chess, and Epstein not a king, so the gambits continue, still.

    "Do something new. Show restraint." I will puzzle over this one for some time, for this is all we are doing, acting outside of a controlling paradigm as autonomous units, but paradoxically, also showing our rank in respect to our companeros in the interest of the light.

    To the independent mind.

  86. The stategic genius of the light forces shines through once again I see. How the last remaining negative forces hold out is a mystery, surely the rate of liberation would increase exponentially.

    Let's see, light forces have,

    'Source' providing all Intel to ascended masters regarding earth situation.

    Galactic confederation with specialised liberation units, who knows how many personnel this involves.

    Resistance movement from planet x.

    An actuall Goddess incarnated on the planet.

    Both the galactic and cosmic central races, beings likley beyond human famothing in their technology, spiritual development and wisdom.

    Billions of cloaked ships around the planet preventing negative groups passage.

    Advanced technologies designed for earth situation, columns of light, Mjolnir etc

    Supposedly positive side of earth militaries.

    Billions of humans praying and meditating every day, and they have been for thousands of years.

    Light forces supposedly have stripped all but one etheric layer of exotic technologies, reptillians all but gone, all physical weaponry gone, dyson sphere choking our solar system gone, cosmic entity Yaldaboath gone, archons gone, 'lucifer' gone, black stone gone, some Chimera gone etc etc etc

    And yet, the earth still can't be liberated just yet..

    1. Lucifer is the last one to go.

    2. Not to mention inability to show a single proof of their existence.
      Like, I know we're supposedly held as hostages here. But then there's no way for us to win, right? If I was the person responsible for the toplet bombs, etc. and I preferred to die than lose, then I'd just wait until there's only a few toplet bombs left and detonate them at the last moment.
      How the hell are the light forces planning to stop that from happening? The dark forces are either too scared to flip the switch, in which case we can finish them at any moment. Or they are prepared to die when they're about to lose and they'll set the last few bombs of no matter what we do.
      Is there any way to prevent that? Maybe some negotiations? But if Earth is their last stand and they're all supposed to be sent to the central sun after defeat, then they have nothing to lose anyway and negotiations are pointless from their point of view.
      So whaw I'd do as commander of light forces is to flip the switch, start the final clearing of darkness and hope the dark ones are too afraid to blow the planet up. There's no point in prolonging the suffering of people on the planet if the outcome is entirely based on the dark one's decision and it presumably won't change no matter what.

  87. After 26,000 years of imprisonment, I AM FREE!

    Hi Cobra ;)


    Daddy Lynux is pissed...

  89. Pushing the Balance
    Your Help...
    some of these links might be
    time sensitive
    (this is a test they ran 8/21)

    ... um, from yesterdays video
    If you open my comment- from the 8/20 video
    (use the lowest volume you can)
    check links in the comment
    (God's residual in-come)
    one of the last comments I left on his videos
    Video Comment

    Pretenses have exposed and are released
    Hangers are hung
    Ferrous motivators are released
    Energetic impulses are felt and accepted
    Followers of the Hue-man path expand
    Gaia Portal

  90. I think that Epstein is not dead. Probably, he's in IsraΓ«l.

  91. I know it's easy to get disheartened and so forth, but it helps to go on jogs like this guy. Some say it lowers testosterone for men to go on daily jogs, but unless it's taken to the extreme, I disagree. It's at the individual's own pace. It doesn't have to be a marathon.

    1. gonna take more than jogging to feel better.

  92. Jeffrey Epstein is alive! There is no doubt about it!


    "Jeffrey Epstein was extracted from his jail cell by the Earth Alliance as they were aware that the Deep State Cabal was planning on assassinating him.

    Jeffrey Epstein, unwilling to face justice, knew this and therefore he took the deal to have his suicide faked and be publicly pronounced as dead.

    In addition, his death has sped up the process as the FBI raided his private island yesterday on Monday, August 12th.

    He will spend the remainder of his life in GITMO, never to return to public eye and in return will provide incriminating evidence to the Earth Alliance.

    The evidence provided by Jeffrey Epstein will take down hundreds of high profile individuals simultaneously with DECLAS."

    Taken from here:

    1. "There is no doubt about it!"
      Yeah, except it's from the site that promises currency reset, revaluation, redemption, 800#'s, return gold standard and on top of that declas, disclosure and the mass arrests every damn week for years on end and has yet to show for itself a single correct prediction.
      I was following it for abouj a year or so until I gave up and admitted that it's a scam or a cult. Thankfuly I didn't buy any worthless currencies or bonds. Just 10g of gold which at least has and will have some value forever.


  93. Sound horoscope theory
    The length of the zodiac is imagined as the virtual string of an instrument. This string supplies the tonic keynote.

    Two celestial bodies are "playing" at a time on the string. They compose a sound when forming an aspect (astrological angle). In case of two planets aligning on 0° respectively 360° the tonic keynote is playing.

    When standing opposite by an angle of 180° the celestial bodies "play" an octave.

    It is always the longer part of the string that is playing. When the planets are forming an aspect of 90° - which is an astrological square (first quarter), the sound of 270° is playing (last quarter). These aspects divide the length of the zodiac - the string - into one fourth and three-fourths. The tone of the 270° aspect is a quart (musical interval).

    As soon as the octave is completed the scale goes back to the tonic keynote. The same applies to every other planetary aspect. The 120°/trigon and 240° aspect counts as a quint on the scale. The stock of tones depends on the amount of aspects in use. The movement goes up and down like a wave forming the tunes of the time.

    The planetary music is composed by the cosmos but the sound is manufactured by human beings.

    Used aspects and notes
    frequency (Hz)


    Astrodienst Sound Horoscope
    Please do consider: You need a current version of Flash Player on your computer to watch the sound horoscope. This software is usually installed on most computers. In case the sound horoscope doesn't pop up, please follow the link to update your computer with Flash Player.

    Mundane sound horoscope
    The sound is based on the planetary constellations of the current time - i.e. the mundane constellations. The planetary movement is displayed in fast motion, i.e. through multiple duplication. Thus it is made sensible for human perception.


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  96. More of Swaruu and Taygetans saying we are not worthy

    What a bitch Swaruu is.

  97. Clearing of the Chimera group, primary anomaly and toplet bombs continues.
    Year after year , never-ending, ha~

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  99. This comment has been removed by the author.


    "Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump..."

    Prime Creator is hungry!

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  102. It's my birthday! :D
    "Will you still be sending me a valentine, birthday greetings, bottle of wine?
    If I'd been out 'til quarter to three, would you lock the door?
    Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm sixty-four?" Ha!

  103. my friend's kids supremely enjoy battleRope

    i lost artifacts during the journey necessary

    never look back unless you like wasting time

    there are lights in the sky masquerading as stars to the eye until frequencies rise sufficient for their kind to interact with the masses all lost in personality since atlantis

    a species under attack

    they get locked out, the personalities, whether it be sex exercise or what instills confidence prematurely

    locked out and confidently lost

    distant from spirit with churches abounding more as a bookclub focused on their one book

    give me the establishment and i download the archive desiminates choices to the congregation what shall we grasp for next week, same topic we choose every week, how to find spirit in life

    of all those books would be highlighted
    The Kybalion and all Hermes Trismegistus
    my preference but we would keep it moving

    because some books just show it clearer

    and how can i be certain i found all the keys

    to my people would be freedom of considering i am lost and they may help me

    to the people would be freedom in democracy as all may be lost. savvy?

    as the highest logic prevails

    none of these books reference exercise. zero. none. not one did in my studies. that means we need to make addition. to counteract societal nutrition. i would form thinkTank on groupThink to serve all. the book of transition. as the Kybalion written by Three Initiates i would ascribe one from our time with nobody's name but everyone input. everyone. what worked for you, how has it helped you, input all your truth, we will forget you, your logic will prevail

    a book charting path to spirit, first output of new governance

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  105. This comment has been removed by the author.