Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Final Battle Update Part 2

Galactic Confederation and Resistance forces have managed to erase the Draco fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC).

The only Dracos remaining now are those physical and non-physical Dracos who are directly employed as servants to the Chimera, and the naturalized Dracos who mainly came to planet Earth more than 25,000 years ago, entered the incarnation cycle in humanoid bodies and are now incarnated as politicians, bankers, lawyers and other members of the surface Illuminati Cabal.

A very small number of naturalized Dracos also came to planet Earth in the 1996-1999 timeframe as they entered humanoid clone bodies in underground bases and then entered the surface Illuminati Cabal as lookalikes and doubles of many politicians, and they are still part of the surface Illuminati Cabal.

With the IBC gone, the only Cabal network still remaining is the surface Cabal network. Surface Cabal network will be properly addressed only after the Chimera threat is significantly diminished.

The main problem now remaining is the Chimera with their advanced exotic military technologies, especially quantum superposition toplet bombs. The Light Forces are continuing with the operations, now focusing on the removal of the Chimera fleet in Medium Earth orbit and Low Earth orbit, and clearing of the Chimera underground bases.

In underground bases, the Light Forces are using Mjolnir quantum cannons and sonic weapons to remove as many physical Chimera spiders as possible. Some of those spiders are huge, measuring up to 10 meters / yards in diameter. There are huge spider nests in Chimera underground bases, and all together they form a spider web , a negative leyline construct which is the antithesis of the Flower Of Life leyline grid on the surface. Although many of these spiders are being removed by the Light Forces, the Chimera replenish the nests with fresh spiders which are materialized from quantum superposition state with advanced manifestation chambers. As soon as the quantum reservoir of the Chimera spiders will be gone, the Light Forces will be able to clear Chimera underground bases completely.

Now they are focusing on removal of the key Chimera spiders which form the backbone of the Matrix system in quarantine Earth. They have already managed to remove the spider queen, who was responsible for destruction of Goddess temples in Atlantis and destruction of the Goddess mysteries in the first and second Archon invasion. She was the force behind the Inquisition and more recently the force behind global child abuse networks, using Mothers of Darkness to do the dirty work (warning: graphic material):

With the spider queen gone, the child abuse networks on the surface will now slowly begin to disintegrate as they are exposed to the surface population. Many Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, especially those who hold the Goddess energy, were directly or indirectly traumatized by the spider queen in many incarnations, and those traumas will now begin to heal. Etheric spider poison which she and other Chimera spiders were emanating and using in their attacks, and was destroying many soulmate relationships on the surface, will now begin to dissipate and clear.

Exposure of child abuse networks is now going mainstream, as Taiwanese Dragon and other sources are exposing Hunter Biden and his involvement in those networks:

Taiwanese Dragons decided to go public with Hunter Biden story and intel about Chinese counterintelligence operations against the United States as a countermeasure against mainland Chinese threats to attack Taiwan. Dragon sources have repeatedly said that they will organize full disclosure of mainland Chinese secret space programs in the event of any aggression towards Taiwanese national sovereignty.


As the day of the US elections draws near, there are important astrological configurations taking place. The first one is the Jupiter-Saturn synod (heliocentric conjunction) on November 2nd at 6:52 pm UTC. Jupiter-Saturn synod will effectively trigger the Age of Aquarius for all Solar system beyond lunar orbit. At that moment, a massive operation of the Ashtar Command will commence and it will require a complete reorganization of all Ashtar Command fleet beyond lunar orbit.

It is interesting to note that the following mass meditation starts only 38 minutes after exact Jupiter-Saturn synod:

The second aspect is Mercury turning direct on November 3rd at 5:50 pm UTC. This aspect will ease the tension and uncertainty somewhat.

The third aspect is the completion of a certain cycle on November 3rd. Nothing more can be said about that.


Second wave lockdowns are now being implemented in many countries, and it is still very important for as many people as possible to join our daily anti-lockdown meditation:

Lockodown concept was engineered by Chinese Cabal members in tandem with Tedros Adhanom:

To control the surface population with Covid apps:

This is going too far, and we need to correct the planetary timeline back into the optimal Ascension timeline. Therefore we will be doing a Timeline Correction mass meditation at the moment of triple Jupiter-Pluto-Pallas conjunction on November 11th at 11:11 CET (equals 10:11 UTC), and you can join if you feel so guided:



The moment of this meditation will have Paris ascendant conjuncting the Galactic Center and Paris Goddess vortex will be activated to its next level.

If you are in France, you can join the Paris Sisterhood of the Rose group here:

Or Versailles Sisterhood of the Rose group here:


Exact time of the meditation for different time zones is here: 

All videos for this meditation are gathered here:


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to co-create the trigger that will shift the timeline back into the optimal timeline for the Age of Aquarius

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light

4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize this Light shifting the planetary evolution back into the optimal timeline. Visualize it removing all remaining darkness on Earth, healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize soft pink Light of the Goddess embracing all beings on planet Earth and healing their emotional bodies. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth. Visualize your perfect life in the new Age of Aquarius.

Suggested time for our meditation is 20 minutes.

This is now the final battle:

To win our bright future:

Victory of the Light!


  1. I dreamt of a big wave of lightblue-white energy traveling through the surface, like a supernova explosion. It was so powerful and yet so tranquil, I wanted to touch it. I extended my hand and as soon as the energy reached my palm, I woke up. Is this how the Event flash will look like?

    1. You will overcome the darkness and return to the ETERNAL LIGHT.
      -A message from bluish silver light-

    2. I had a dream about a year ago where a plasma wave of fire was washing over the EArth and purifying it in the divine flames. I turned away from it and as it engulfed me I finally felt peace. I was free.

    3. Hola me llamo la atencion tu comentario ya que yo tuve un sueño muy parecido donde se abrio el cielo y entro una columna de energia muy poderosa especialmente azul y en milisegundos quedo todo inundado de esa energia, era como un tsunami. No se como sera el evento pero creo que podria ser asi.

    4. Si creo que va services asi. Porque yo tambien lo vi.

  2. Victory of the light !!! the best it yet to come. I hope we see after the us-election many arrest from us draco cabal members

  3. 💜🦋🌿☀️🌸🧚‍♀️


  4. This is a redemption song.

    This is

    Keep on keeping on, all.


    1. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. There's a lot of messing with this song, which proofs it's a danger to 'THEM". That's a good sign:) The Styx, let's cross it!!!

      Styx - Fooling Yourself

    2. ... and... let's go in the name of God...
      I don't really know how to put it.

  5. i give it a good estimate of two years before its all over or at least very close.

    1. what? this foolishness has gone on long enough. the resolution should have been done in 2012 and here we are over seven and a half years later. This needs to end and end NOW. I'm done waiting--not suffering any longer--

    2. @Yeayep

      I concur. Time to SQUASH the spiders, make them EXTINCT, and takeout their human puppets.

    3. The COVID tracing app is already here and its a token you have to carry around for everything including most workplaces and its being done in Singapore.

      If whoever supposedly tests positive for COVID has his token data downloaded and your token is on it, you are put under Quarantine. Its going to be done by end of this year.

      2 years? I will probably be dead in less than 1 if the surface Cabal isn't dismantled by then.

    4. yea and the covid pcr test is testing for a chromosome in human DNA--weigh the facts and decide for yourself

    5. John's comment may have been intended to rile people up on purpose.

  6. Cobra, I desperately want to be healed, is there anyway the ETs can possibly help me? I’ve been suffering with health problems, I’m desperate for help

    1. You can search Cobra's website for Command pb stardust

    2. Check out MMS.

    3. Infelizmente MMS é só mais uma panaceia, e por trás de alguma panaceia sempre tem algum esperto ganhando dinheiro.

  7. didn't the light forces put the bombs on lockdown so they couldn't be triggered why are they even a factor also how much more resistance can the cabal put up and why is their physical presence respected anymore on the planet?

    1. "Quantum superposition" means they are hidden in possibilities. They "do not exist" until they are taken out of this state.

    2. You are right.I thought the bomb was not a big obstacle anymore, but i am wrong.

  8. This gives me hope. I recently exploded like a volcano of grief and pain and trauma release for 48 hours straight and thought I would die. It came out of nowhere. My soulmate became possessed by some kind of negative sexual demon energy and left me earlier in the year after a long struggle of trying to wake him up or get that energy out of him, unsuccessfully. I hope he will be finding his healing.

  9. Thank you Cobra.
    A spider queen. Wow.
    Let's all do these meditations that Cobra is asking for!
    Victory of the Light

  10. Well....there is just always another thing isn't there.
    We should be grateful for all the hard work of the warriors everywhere and the lightworkers doing their best to keep an even keel for us energetically on the planet. Keep on meditating!

  11. 27.oct(beijing time) I fiannly break through it from cabal of china, sth or mermaid? guide me to swim out of deep ocean direct to out space!!! among the stars!!! wowow.....2 years....2 years....cabal of china/usa spy/watch/mind control me,prevent me contact anyone....

  12. The removal of the Illuminati Breakaway Complex and the Draco fleet went faster than I expected.

    Much faster than I had expected.

    And now the Chimera group is getting a lot of "loving" attention.

    I am very impressed with the progress of the Light Forces!

    New mass meditations I have already expected.

    I'm sure that many on this blog have already been expecting new mass meditations and will be motivated to participate in them if the feeling is there that the Light Forces are progressing quickly.


    I don't know why so many people expect the event on December 21 2020.

    Maybe because many believe that this conjunction will trigger the event?

    Of course I wish the event for mankind as early as possible. Independent of a date.

    I am not saying that this is not possible. I just want to understand it.

    Victory of the Light.

    1. >Lightworker GER

      The link below is why the need for the Event has taken on a new urgency.

      The Covid Tracking apps are not on the horizon, its here and its a physical token you have to wear on you to go everywhere including work.

      If whoever tests positive for COVID has his token data downloaded and your token is on it, you are put under Quarantine. Its going to be implemented by end of this year.

      In Arrowflashbr's case Brazil is implementing mandatory vaccines.

      We don't have much time.

  13. Have faith and continue your own individual awakening everyone.

    I created a music video to uplift, heal, and awaken using the great song "Aloha Ke Akua".

    Please check it out and share:

  14. Cobra ... Hye Angle ask me to ask you what is the current status of Yaldabaoth? Thank you.

      Use this link, it will show you how far we have come. Only another 6% to go

  15. So much for 'securing the timeline' after 1M+ anti covid meditation, eh?

  16. I mentioned about the Dark holding major positions in politics, banking, etc any recent Martian video about the sonic weapon. Sync? Hahaha.
    Well Done, light forces. GODSPEED!

  17. Good progress-lets pray meditate and really dig in to elevate the good to GREATNESS. Put that little extra effort in to finally get over the hump. The Chimera groups are the root of this negative Matrix grid and we need great energy to rout them from off their positions and bring this engagement to a proper end.

  18. Victory of the Light, Love to All

  19. Спасибо Кобра, спасибо команда Аштар💜💜💜🙏🙏🙏Всем Воинам Света на передовой Спасибо! 💐💜💜💜

  20. The anti-lockdown meditation doesn't make sense at this point, because "cabal middlemen, city mayors, health officials and other authorities being inspired to resist lockdown instructions" are either under control of the draco, or are draco themselves. Thus, there's no stopping them unless overthrown with aggressive action. In addition, the meditation obviously isn't working. Knowing that the meditation isn't working also weakens confidence in the meditation, which weakens the meditation's power.

    The surface population is obviously not awakened enough to take a strong enough stand. Aggressive action will have to be taken on the surface population's behalf, and nothing short of that. It was previously stated that Delta Option would possibly be activated just after the election. That's what will most likely be necessary, and nothing less, unless the light forces themselves directly intervene for the surface population.

    Mentioning of any kind of "correcting the planetary timeline back into the optimal Ascension timeline" makes no sense, as the Ascension timeline was previously stated to be secured.

    1. Very well put, I like a critical mind instead of endless “VOTL” comments

    2. One can modify the meditation accordingly. It's up to the ones doing the meditation to decide. One could, for example, do a meditation for the removal of all draco/draco possessed cabal on the planet surface. Guess I'm not afraid of the consequences for mentioning this.

    3. Also, one could do a flower of life meditation for the removal of all the mentioned remaining chimera.

    4. Removal of all mind-programming/implants from cabal possessed by draco/chimera.

    5. (Cleanse the possessed cabal with light. Delete the draco incarnates.)

    6. Also, use really potent light. Light that's so bright it can't be looked at. Really, really strong, beyond bright, ultra-potent, light of all light.

    7. Meditation still help. But again, I go against the cabal but don't think the lock-down idea is that bad. Though apparently the EU country govern didn't do it well. Also, if you don't agree with the lockdown, then any way to prevent the spread of COVID ? It's pointless to negative an idea without any replacement.

    8. I like your critical thinking starlight432.Please do an interview with Cobra.Otherwise it will be a conversation about the US election, Q, and similar shit, and we don't want that.

    9. thoughts have POWER and so yes thats why meditation is hence impactful.

    10. Concordo com Stalight432, as meditações não têm q ter um objetivo firme pra destruir as forças do mal.

    11. VV, I already addressed these concerns about covid. There are basically two choices: have a very statistically small number of global deaths from covid (this will be probably be around 2 hundredths of one percent of the world's population or less - 0.02%), or continue with the lockdowns to the point of collapsing the food supply, which would end up killing a huge number of people by comparison. So metaphorically, the choice would be to allow a couple trees to die in the forest, or cut down almost the entire forest just to save the two trees, in which case if these two trees were somehow saved from covid, they would probably die anyway from starvation or looting. I would go with the option that has the least number of causalities, following Sweden's example. Both choices lead to negative outcomes, but the lockdown choice would make covid deaths look like nothing at all when people run out of food from the collapse of the global economy. What's to stop the cabal from shutting down essential personnel if the cabal are allowed to continue with their plans?

      It's also mostly the elderly that are dying form covid, as they were mass murdered in nursing homes by having covid csases spread in nursing homes on purpose.

      Also, there are suppressed cures for the virus.
      Also, it was stated that case numbers are being manipulated.
      Also, there is herd immunity at a much lower level than what is stated by the mainstream media.

      I'd rather not keep having to explain this to people, so I previously made a blog post addressing at least the food aspect of the lockdowns.

    12. B and Tortured💫Soul, yeah I get tired of all the hype. I try to look at the 'bottom line.' I fail to understand why many others here don't address various problems. As far as an interview is concerned, I don't know. I'm not affiliated with anyone to do that. Who knows though.

      Cmonsomebodygivemeahighfiveinheretoday, sorry, I didn't mean to negate the power of meditations, but felt that the anti-lockdown meditation needed modifications to be more powerful.

    13. @starlight432 oh no no you're fine lol im sorry that you felt that way about the statement. now it was meant to address what VV said.

    14. @starlight432 Totally agree! It’s a logical disconnection to say that “we need mass meditation to stop the lockdowns” but on another side “the light forces cannot touch the surface cabal”!

      Well, guess what!? The suface cabal it’s the one who is doing the lockdowns trough their minions!

      So either you “touch them” either you don’t talk!

      Also, I will keep repeating until the end of the days: meditation with no action it’s pointless! I been doing meditation for more than 10 years and I know what I am talking about.

      Meditation it’s good for calming the mind, get inspired, etc. but if you meditate for a specific goal that you want to accomplish on a physical plane and after meditation you don’t put the real physical work as well in it, it will never work!

      This is BS since even me I was know from April at least that is gone be a second lockdown in October-November!

      And now I am supposed to believe that the light forces didn’t even read the internet at least to see the cabal plans leaked everywhere?!

      @VV On which planet are you living?! The virus has been eradicated since April! The rest after are the fake positive tests, fake spikes in order to justify the lockdowns and the economic collapse, all supported heavily by the fake news media cartel!

      And how can you even think that the lockdowns are good?!

      Do you even know why they are planning the lockdowns?!

      Do you even know how many people have lost their jobs because of the lockdowns?!

      Do you even know that after the collapse of the economy they want to install a worldwide crypto currency’s at their control and you can’t do shit anymore otherwise you will lose you “free money”?!

      Do you know what is the result of lockdowns (for people to be forced to wear masks even outside) when it’s proven that you will get health trouble?!

      Do you know that the chains of food production will stop in the case of continued lockdowns?

      I will suggest you at least to learn the facts before to tell some BS that the lockdowns are somehow good!

    15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    16. >Starlight432

      I am also frustrated that the timeline has shown to be this easy to sidetrack.

      Its like the 1.1 million Mass Meditation never happened. Wasn't the positive timeline supposed to be secured by then?

      Right now the average stress level of the population is a lot higher than it has been since the end of the Cold War. Concentration for meditation will be harder now with other worries on their mind.

      The Light Forces should have factored this in their plans by now.

    17. I think what Cobra means is that Chimera is getting really dangerous as they are cornered. So while the Event WILL take place ASAP we need to meditate to ensure a smooth transition.

      Hope the Parisians are able to get it up enough to do a better job this time.


    18. We NEED DIRECT ET CONTACT, and we need it YESTERDAY!!!!

      Contact is LOOOOOONG overdue folks.

      Or is this one of those BS things, like Star Trek First Contact, where the ET's ONLY show up AFTER most of us been killed, and living like what is seen in Road Warrior movies?

    19. Mary Magdalene, Delta option:

      "A certain “special forces group” would initiate removal of some factions of the Cabal within USA only. None of the Chimera, Archon, Black Nobility or Jesuit members would be touched in this operation. They would keep a low profile and show a friendly face. All other factions of the Cabal within USA would be taken care of. “Special forces group” would provide tactical support for Positive Military to carry out the operation. Mass media would be freed from the Rothschild control and US dollar would collapse. Limited disclosure would begin immediately.

      This change within USA would trigger a strong international reaction and we would have an unstable and chaotic transition towards the Event. Worldwide financial system would go through extreme volatility, but would most likely not collapse. There would be a worldwide purge of lower Cabal members. Mass media worldwide would gradually release more and more intel. Definitely there would me much more intel coming forth about the matrix we live in."

    20. Ad, I was actually pointing out that the meditation in its current form is too diluted. Did you compare the modifications?

    21. Ascension2020, if you've been doing meditations for the last 10 years, I'd say you've definitely earned the right to say that! Maybe the meditations are better for personal manifestation, but not planetary, as a form of personal manifestation magick? If everyone did them to liberate at least themselves, that would end up liberating the whole world. I don't know. Meditators/positive magicians are a minority.

  21. Draco fleet erased! Chimera fleet under attack!
    Queen spider gone!
    CNN reporting 130k covid cases misdiagnosed!
    Arrest Joe Biden next.
    Thank you Galactic Federation and Alliance!
    Cobra thank you!
    Victory of the Light!

    1. wont be satisfied until ALL draco and chimera are gone completely. settle for nothing less.

  22. Thank you for this. So much suffering that has taken shape in endless forms.

    In order for this to end quicker we must take responsibly for the situation in whatever way we feel we're capable of achieving. If we don't act then by the laws that govern, we're technically in support of it by the virtue of not acting. This is the brutal destructive truth.

    So let's do our part, in these final parts. So as to end the suffering on all levels, to heal. And to finally move on from all of this.

  23. ❤️ Do you find yourself feeling challenged in doing the Flower of Life and Second Lockdown meditations?

    Please join us on our Meditations-On-The-Go platform:
    ***** *****

    Our system is fully automated, and you can be alerted using reminders for each important meditation!

    We host all important meditations from Cobra/WLMM as we are affiliated with the We Love Mass Meditation initiatve <3

  24. Avatar Adi Da’s Divine Emergence in this realm

  25. Mention of November 3 and map of US, can’t help but think of the election.

  26. German translation of this article can be found here:

  27. Thank you, Cobra. I will definitely be participating in the meditation on the 11-11-2020! I would not miss it for the world! Namaste!

  28. with the chimera we have a minimum of fun for the next year.there will be many unnecessary victims ...

  29. The Illuminati Breakaway Complex has been a problem highlighted on this blog for a long time, as well as the Draco fleet. Good riddance and my only regret is I wasn't the one pulling the trigger on them with a .44 Magnum Colt Anaconda revolver.

    Chimera are the upper level cesspit and therefore being the worst of the worst I anticipate difficult battles ahead.

    I hope with the Light Forces and RM being seasoned enough at this point, delays can be avoided.

    If they go ahead in Singapore with this CoVID token highlighted in the previous short post, this token will also apply to work places. I do not want to use the token which is just a prisoner tracking device by another name. This also means I will be forced not to work.

    If I run out of savings, which will be roughly 5-6 months time I will have fewer options on hand and will have to make some difficult choices with selling off investments I had stacked up so as to benefit from their higher returns and escape the cycle of mere survival day to day. That includes Silver I bought for the Silver Trigger meditation over a year ago.

    So I sincerely hope the Light Forces can ensure this does not last longer than latest January 2021, or at least put a stop to the immediate problem of the token being implemented so I can work and avoid the above situation.

    For Final Battle themes I prefer going back in time to games when they were about having fun.

    Raptor Call of the Shadows (released April 1st 1994)
    Track 1:
    Track 4:
    Track 9:

    Take your pick. The original videos on Youtube have been deleted as was earlier anticipated, so these mirrors on Bitchute are the only ones left. Apologies if some might have issues playing them on this platform.

    1. Spec Ops, I'm also worried about CoVID plans in my country.

      In Brazil, the government is planning, starting early next year, to either impose mandatory forced vaccination (to make matters worse there's a historical precedent here, because they did it in early 20th century for smallpox), or implementing a social credit score style system where people will face sanctions if they don't get vaccinated. So I urge the LF and RM to also give a bit of love and attention to the situation in Brazil, please.

      I also congratulate on your good taste for vg soundtracks. Raptor: CotS soundtrack sounds really fitting. Great game from my early teen years.

      For battle themes from video games that I think suit the war against the dracos, my personal suggestion is the Ace Combat games soundtrack. Here's my favorites from there:

      Ace Combat 4 - Operation (pre-mission briefing song):
      Ace Combat 6 - Invasion of Gracemeria:
      Ace Combat 6 - Bartolomeo Fortress:
      Ace Combat 4 - The Northern Eye:
      Ace Combat 4 - Invincible Fleet:
      Ace Combat 6 - The Dead Sea:
      Ace Combat 6 - Siege on Silvat:
      Ace Combat 4 - Comona:
      Ace Combat 4 - Lifeline:
      Ace Combat 4 - Deep Strike:
      Ace Combat 4 - Breaking Arrows 2:
      Ace Combat 4 - Farbanti:

    2. Mjolnir was specifically designed to make short work of the dark. Like in days/weeks/months. And it has just proved itself. It was first deployed in 2017(?) but had to be withdrawn in a hurry because the only thing it couldn't deal with effectively was the vast array of plasma toplet bombs which the Chimera had on a hair trigger.

      Now only the toplet bombs in quantum superposition state are left. Since they are not as dangerous as their plasma counterparts, they won't stop Mjolnir from executing Wipeout sequence 3 as quickly as the previous two sequences.

      So I am making my Event wishlist now.

      Even before the Event,:

      1) arrange for regular door delivery of food and medicine to all Lightworkers/ warriors. The pandemic must have pushed most of them over the edge and they won't even be having a large stock of necessities in case the Event turns out to be too long drawn out. Reaching out to all Lightworkets and others in need should be easy for the RM with the toplet bombs on their way out soon.

      2) Those who would like to be evacuated off the surface or to Islands of Light should be allowed to do so. Islands of Light should be insulated from post Event chaos by creating them in isolated areas and equipped with replicators.

    3. @Ad

      Interesting idea of yours, making an event wishlist. Looks like this might be a good time, as we are hopefully approaching the Event. My personal Event wishlist:

      1) FULL disclosure of EVERYTHING through mass media with no holding back on names and events. Focus should be primarily on the present situation with the Cabal cartel and 19th+20th century history, and then gradually go over true modern history (including all the dark meddling) and ancient history. To the NPCs who can't take it and will go bonkers over having their beliefs shattered, well cry me a river. We fix the damage later and as we can. However I think most people are more resilient and better prepared for the truth than we give them credit for.

      2) Mass arrests. Not only high profile Cabal members, but carreer criminals such as narcoterrorists and other violent criminals, and corrupt people and politicians on state and municipal levels who might not have a direct link to the Cabal, and also unethical, corrupt corporate CEOs and executives, ALL of them must be dealt with with extreme prejudice, worldwide. Later we sort out what kind of punishment or treatment to do with them.

      3) Supressed technologies must be disclosed and rolled out asap, not in a matter of months but weeks, as quickly as logistics allow. First priority must be medicine and medbeds. Second priority, free energy generators and power sources, first in power plants connected to the grid and on a second phase, portable household generators should be distributed to allow people to be less dependent from the grid.

      4) Implementation of debt forgiveness and UBI. However priority should be given to 1. poor people in third world and developing countries, 2. people who are really strugging with debt related to health treatment, house mortgages and paying food and bills. NOT to people who became heavily indebted because they wasted money on the latest iPhone, designer clothes, designer furniture, daily Uber Eats orders, a series 5 BMW and yearly leisure trips to Ibiza and Dubai.

      There are probably other things but these are the main points I think of now.

      Like Ad is suggesting, if there's need to do deliveries of food and medicine, or equipment such as household free energy generators and replicators to lightworkers, lightwarriors or other vulnerable people, I'm willing to volunteer myself to help with that (as long as the CoVID-19 situation is dealt with since I do have comorbidities and I'm in isolation).

    4. >arrowflashbr

      I guess getting in Bolsonaro wasn't enough.

      The irony is the areas that are the most dangerous like Syria and Libya are also the best places to avoid the lockdown measures because everyone's too eager to kill each other with bullets and wearing a face diaper just makes you an easier target.

      Thanks about the video game tracks. 'Raptor' was a great game. I will listen to the Ace Combat tracks later.

      >Ad & Arrowflashbr
      Not much I can add on to the list, especially with the medbeds as my service training wear and tear injuries from decades ago catch up with me with age.

      Except get me some real women that aren't poisoned by feminism.

    5. In the case with contact tracing, I too would refuse to go to work.

      In the hopefully unlikely case that the cabal are not stopped, and allowed to completely enforce their NWO plans everywhere on the planet surface, physically fighting back will be necessary, by any means necessary. For those who own guns (if your country allows you to own guns), you would use your guns to protect yourselves. For example, if anyone tries to force vaccinate me, I will open fire, because by that point I will be fighting for my survival against a direct threat to my survival (this vaccine will be a threat to everyone's survival). For those who don't own a gun, you would have to resort to other means of defending yourselves. You would probably lose the battle, but by this point there would be absolutely nothing to lose anyway, so you mine as well take a few of them out with you. I don't like saying these things, but it unfortunately needs to be said.

    6. >Starlight432

      In this era of darkness Truth is not meant to be said in sweet pleasing tones.

      Too many believed government is the answer to running civilization and this is the result.

  30. I give many thanks for this update Cobra!!! I will be there for the meditation for sure. Victory Of The Light....

  31. Get ready for a surprise.🇺🇲🇺🇲🤯🛸

  32. I hope that in the meditation on November 3, these quantum superposition toplet bombs will be completely removed by the forces of light.

    1. Everything is possible. Although I think we will have to wait until 1221 for the big event. (There may be a preparation period.)

    2. @AnniusCatillius

      Preparation for WHAT? The longer it takes, the more painful it will be...especially for folks like me.

  33. Just guys, can anyone of you explain me this: they wanted to make event in 2012. Almost all evil is gone but we are seeing worse and worse situation on the surface. What's the benefit of these victories of we gonna be like in jails soon? Pleidians will save this planet for them? What to wait after 10 years?

    1. see thats what i said earlier. There has to be a structure in place in order for victory to be lasting and secure. The infiltration has been terrible for a long time and it has been deep in the system and human psyche. More persons were more asleep in 2012 than now even alot of us, still in 3-D mindset. When we've been in that mindset for generations on end, and then later on, we finally decide to start to awaken from that, will it be easy as can be? NO it won't and the negative forces will fight you like crazy to get you back under their control. The awakened ones have been a minority on this planet always have been from day one. The reason why its worse now on the surface is because people have been conditioned to remain spiritually asleep for generations--yes its THAT BAD--anyway, ur here now and so we push forward till total victory is accomplished.

    2. there has to be a structure in place to minimize and hopefully eliminate resulting chaos like what we're seeing now. again the control matrix grid has in been in place for time to make the final push!

    3. We need outside, tangible help. I got NO desire to throw myself back to the wolves again, and possibly become a martyr, or like Copernicus, and be thought crazy for years after.

      One can be TOO patient, you know. Will ONLY me a damn to ME if I am alive and young enough to enjoy it.

  34. primo cosmic grade awesome.....

    thanks very much mr cobra fine sir.....

    thanks very much all resistance forces.....

    and thanks very much galactic confederation forces.....


    and of course if any earth surface based lightforces members see a surface illuminati cabal member at a restaurant.....if you see one at a gasoline station-of course report in to the local constibulary....such creatures in human bodies are easily enough recognizable,as of course when they smile they smile like a reptile.....hahahahaha.....


    smile like a reptile.....
    in their human avatars.....
    wrath of the draco.....
    infiltrating brainwashed minds.....

    often hybrids in disguise.....
    mission is deceit and lies.....
    worship of the black sun.....
    they are the filthy ones.....

    assholes of the galaxy.....
    mauraders of the lowest kind.....
    draconian insanities.....
    has no place in goldentimes.....

    smile like a reptile

  35. Thanks light forces and dragons for the October surprise . Exposing the Biden crime family . Please protect all the light forces and all those bringing truths to light . Please protect Tony Bobuluski and his family . Good help us to get through this final battle . Hey light forces . Here’s a little tune to use while you Wipe ‘em out ..

  36. Thanks for the update!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  37. from the cosmic memory files.....

    a recent memory i have had is of a cat hunting an insectoid on mars.....

    the panther leopard like small sleek muscular very fast cat-probably a little smaller than an adult cheetah.....

    the cat hunted down an insectoid that was approximately 2 and half feet long,one and a half feet tall,and about a foot and a half wide.....

    the cat showed exceptional speed and strength when it pounced on top of the insect - and quickly carved into the top forward area of the insectoids body.....the effective method utlized by the mars cats to neutralize their prey.....

    the cat looked medium to dark beige/brown in colour-with thin black stripes - these stripes in a head to the tail direction design.....

  38. The best is yet to come!
    The nightmare is ending!
    Love is coming!
    Healing is coming!
    Galactic reunion is coming!
    Where we go one, we go all!

    1. @Ambassador of Earth

      How much LONGER do we gotta wait? Tired of being a 'patience warrior'.

  39. Removal of all the remaining baddies guarantees a secured Ascension timeline. The removal of al remaining baddies is guaranteed, therefore the Ascension timeline is guaranteed.

    1. @Starlight432
      But, how much LONGER must we keep WAITING?

    2. Sherman, I'd give it January 1st or sooner and all the baddies should be cleared out. I'm not an authority on that though, but phase 3 should be completed before then to finally get some very seriously needed changes for the surface population. In the very unlikely case that this doesn't happen, we will all perish, including the light forces, because the timeline will collapse. My latest 'intuition' is that the sabotage caused far more damage than previously thought, which is why it's being implied that the timeline is in jeopardy. Maybe it's not guaranteed after all. Nothing ever is in this world unfortunately.

    3. I'd say that if the surface population's 'vibratory state' goes too low because of NWO plans being actualized (the surface population's vibratory state is probably rapidly going down every day from what I'm seeing), this would have absolutely devastating consequences not just for earth, but all creation, because of the current time regarding the pulses from the GCS/event. The surface population needs to have a high enough state to be able to process the energies, and if not, the energies would... yeah, this is bad, because the energies are probably already being buffered to the max. Partly speculation from me though.

  40. A few breathtaking articles from indianinthemachine:

    1. Does Covid Even Exist? The World Has To Ask This Question To Move Forward!

    Operation Dark Winter Connects Directly To Cooviid Events!

    3) What Does “Dark Winter” Really Mean?

    4) Biden And Trump Talk In Code!! Joe Biden Talks “Dark Winter” And Trump Says, “It’s Going To Be A Great Winter”… What Are They Referring To?

  41. Thank you, dearest Cobra.💖🙏💖

  42. explain one thing to me after those years.why do there be a few other obstacles with each obstacle removed?

    1. Because Earth is full of traps, traps, sub-traps, sub-sub-traps, and so on. Only the elite of the elites light/soul/starseeds choose to be here.

      Hey, you are of those ;)

    2. because thats how DEEP the control system has been entrenched in the planet and the human mind. yes ITS THAT BAD--hence thats why we need your help! time to buck underneath this buckeroo and get it done!

    3. we are in a world of duality, the very nature of the dual world is change, nothing is ever definite, that's why we will switch to 5D after the event.

    4. if you worked on your negations, you would know. it's like an onion. you think you're done and it's another layer. it took tens of thousands of years to create a hierarchy of power. it can't be torn down in a few years ...

    5. @11:11
      Explain WHY I am here, then. I don't recall choosing this co-called 'life', and sure as hell not choosing to be a man.

      It MUST be torn down in a few years....we can't go on like this. There comes a time where even the toughest go "fuck this shit!" and give up if nothing good happens. We need DIRECT ET contact, and we need it YESTERDAY! Contact is loooooooooooong overdue, folks.

  43. Please understand: China's civil war is NOT end yet. Both authority didn't have any peace agreement.

    In the second civil war between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, the Chinese Kuomintang lost to the Communist Party and retreated to Taiwan in about 1949.

    Since then, mainland China and Taiwan have been in a situation of "divide and rule across the strait."

    This does not mean that Taiwan is already an independent country, because Taiwan’s sovereignty still belongs to China. The Republic of China (the former dynasty of China) is also China.

    1. Broadly speaking, China includes "Mainland Area" and "Taiwan Area"
    2. Two countries representing China's regime (Mainland Area: People's Republic of China) and (Taiwan Area: Republic of China). The constitutions of both countries clearly state: Chinese territory, including Taiwan. Taiwan is not yet independent.

    First declare that I do not agree with the war. But I think the dragons in Taiwan need to understand:
    First, If we wish to make the cross-strait issue to clam down , apparenently the Taiwan people need to "give up" the idea of ​​Taiwan independence and "re-member" Chinese identity. So as to not provoke the negative sentiments towards Taiwan of the Chinese people? I don't see the Taiwan dragons spend any effort on it.

    Second, do not underestimate the Chinese people's nationalist ideology and determination to regain Taiwan. If the cost of war is considered and willing to pay, how can the Chinese government be prevented by so call "disclourse"? I can't understand this logic.

    Finally, even if mainland China does not attack Taiwan, I support the Taiwan Dragon's "disclourse" very much.

    1. CCP is son of the Jesuit and it must be wiped out.

    2. I hope Galactic Codex Section II (The Law of Dividing the Conflicting Parties)

      Can solve the China-Taiwan issue

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. 1949中華民國就消失在國際舞台 他們只是託管台灣 台灣人應該有自己的意志 要成為中國人成為台灣人 都要透過 公投形成 共識 我也不反對 台灣成為中國的一部分 但這要以台灣的主體 形成決議 就像美利堅共和國 是由50個國家 結盟而成

    5. According to the free will principles,Taiwan's people have the right to determine their future identity.

    6. 對不起!請原諒我!謝謝你!我愛你!



      "世界大同" 是進行式
      終級目標是 "大同世界"

      這孤島尊循創立 中華民國 的人 孫中山 先生的想法在進行。

      中華民國憲法是行三民主義 五權分立是 孫中山 先生參考 美國憲法 而提出

      這裡引用 孔老夫子 的文章也是 孫中山 先生創立中華民國(R.O.C.)其中一個很重要的想法:












    7. Taiwan is indeed an independent country in essence, and the future of Taiwanese is determined by Taiwanese. Many people have always viewed Taiwan from the perspective of China and never respected the opinions of Taiwanese.

    8. @shudixingzi

      government lies and manipulates people all the time.

  44. Love and Light!! Very good news :-)

  45. En Español,en castellano, y con esmerado cuidado :)
    Greetings Cobra, LF. VOTL!

  46. Thank you.

  47. As part of our Facebook group Planetary Shifters we have been conducting meditations and energy work to shift and anchor the timeline weekly for the past 4 months. We have recently uploaded a couple key meditations to YouTube and will continue to do so over the next few weeks, so as to gather more energy for this process. One of our energy work/meditations here below

  48. Thank you cobra.

    Cobra, are native reptilians part of the IBC that has been erased?

    Or the native reptilians are still a threat.

    Thank you for being able to clarify.

    1. I am not sure but i believe the IBC are or were the nazzi who established new berlin in antartica.. ..

      Dont quote me on it

  49. Thanks Cobra for the update.
    French translation.

    Traduction en français:

    Victoire de la Lumière !

  50. Thank you Cobra & Light Forces. Deep gratitude to you All for carrying out the Epic mission that is now nearing it's completion. Please, to those who's glass is half empty, understand this Galactic war has been raging for millions of years and is about to end "Forever more" The chimera are formidable foes and will not go quietly. They have many layers of fortification and fall back plans. This war is fluid and quantum and although the ending is nigh, the way to it will have many twists, turns and setbacks, we have seen many of these. So just a little bit more effort and patience and we will reach Our goal - Victory of the Light Indeed!

    1. HOW much more patience, Victory?

      Won't do me good if I am dead, or elderly when the good stuff finally happens.

  51. Thank you Cobra for the update. So much has happen in 2020.Was reminded in meditation recently we do not always understand why things happen as they do. We have to have faith there is a master plan. So much to be grateful for. Also grateful so much has been revealed before the election. Hold all in love and light. Will help with the meditations. In gratitude, love and light.

  52. Queen Spider Video Game Disclosure:

    1. Humanities:
      I looked briefly at the first youtube.

    2. @Goddesspower, dont look up the insects from resident evil or metro 2033. I used to collect japanese card games when I was a kid because they were incredibly addictive. The queen of the insect cards in yu gi oh was called the spider queen. Its still boxed up somewhere in my storage closet. Did I mention that those card games were addictive?

    3. @Longstar117

      Useful, I say, since they help one with battle strategies.

  53. Exciting times for all of us to be here! We are advancing and making good progress. A few more obstacles to overcome ( and we will) but we always knew they wouldn’t make it easy for us. Thank you Cobra and thank you everyone! Victory is near! VOTL ❤️❤️❤️

    1. @AD will only mean anything if we are alive to see it.

  54. Norbak, may the light n love guide you, your lessons will never be forget

  55. This totally resonates with me. I'm definitely feeling and seeing with my third eye all the trauma from those past lives. Currently shedding density energies that look like spiders and gladly sending them off to the light. Thank you Light Forces for all you do!

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. thank you cobra, thank you RM, thank you Light Force and to all brothers and sisters. power to all love to all happiness to all abundance to all. victory of the light, victory of the light, victory of the light.

  58. Hello cobra again.

    Can you talk about the native reptilians in the next uptade please.

    I really I would like to know what is the situation with them.

    Thank you and god bless you.

  59. The Masterplan

  60. yes of course there is no surprise about Tedros Adhanom because he is part of narrow evil group that divided Ethiopia by ethnicity and been destroying the country for more than 40 years. him and his ethnic group are nothing but a narrow greedy fearful blood suckers. just for everyone to know that Tedros Adhanom is part of a criminal organization that killed millions in Ethiopia and around Ethiopia they are pure evil the kind of group that they shouldn't live among human. VICTROY OF THE LIGHT.

  61. Found this on Ancient Origins:

    The Deadly Victoria Hall Stampede Tragedy

  62. Detailed info on the brutal attacks of the Chimera/Cabal towards Starseeds and lightworkers and the Earth quarantine status (that was more or less lifted already).

    Facebook blocks my blog for a reason, they do not want any of this information to surface obviously (just try to post the link yourself).

  63. Translation of this article in Japanese in form of a video - can be used to invite people to join the meditation:

  64. God bless you and the Resistance Movement, Cobra. 🙏🏻💗😇

  65. But what about the Maitre and the Vlash? They call other regressive races all the time! I know that the Federation protects the earth from the most invasive and violent races of other galaxies but the Maitre and the Vlash enter the earth and they have many hybrids here on the surface, they are killing many women in Mexico, especially women !! they cannot resist the energy of the goddess and the hybrids do sacrificial rituals, many of them are in the cartels, please tell me that the Next will be the Maitre and the Vlash with their hybrids.

    Thanks for the great news, I can't wait for all of this to end and I can feel safe.
    I can't leave Mexico because my mission is here but I already want to go home.

    Victory of light 💜

    1. The vlash is what the Karistus call the reptiles, so that would be the Draco too I assume


    Pentru a participa la Săptămâna Îngerilor și Arhanghelilor este necesar sa va înscrieți. Vedeți mai sus cum se face aceasta

  67. Translation of this article in German in form of a video - can be used to invite people to join the meditation:


    1. Friends Of Earth!

    For The Cause Of Light We Are Here In Unity!

    For The Expansion Of Consciousness Throughout The Multiverses, You Arrived In Agreement To Forget And Dream

    2. Then To Remember And Understand Peace Will Be When The Many Realize They Are One In Creation.

    It Is Entirely Possible To Settle Into Your Being Of Divinity And Know Perfect Peace Now! Your Peace Does Not Depend On The Outcome Of A Political Party, ...

    3. The Opinion Of Another, Or Your Memories Or Projections Of The Story Of You In False Identity. In These Sacred Moments That Many Find Chaos And Believe The Answer Is Outside Of Them, These Words Are For You!

    4. You Are A Complete Soul That Can Never Be Harmed! You Are Here To Expand In Light And Observe! As You Become Still, You Understand The Essence Is So Much More Than This Story!

    5. As You Breathe Deeply, Pull Your Energy Into Your Heart Space. Find Presence Here And Be Still. Focus On The Area Of Your Beating Heart With No Thoughts. Just Be. This Is Your Soul Communicating In Silence.

    6. As You Fully Know By Now, There Are Variables With Each Thought And Decision. There Is Nothing To Worry About, As Your Soul Knows The Way Home And Will Guide You Back To The Path That Is Best For You, Over And Over.

    7. You Cannot Fail And You Are Completely Free Of Perceived Moments Of Past Memories That Float Into Your Conscious Awareness And Tell You That You Failed Somehow!

    8. No, Beloved Ones! The Perceived Mistakes Always Had A Blessing.

    You Might Have Met Someone Special At The Bank, When You Were Called About A Problem With Your Account. You Might Have Had A Dental Problem And In The Office, You Meet Someone With Words That Nourish Your Soul!

    9. Your Business Might Have Closed And You Wonder If You Did Something Wrong!

    No, Beloved One! A Space For Something New Has Been Created And Grace Will Always Fill It With The Possibility Of A Much Better Outcome! Look For The Gift That Is Always There!

    10. You Are Love And So Loved!

    In This Waking Dream, You Are More Than Enough! Without Knowing You Have Friends In High Places, You Would Still Make It Through!

    11. But How Grand And Comforting To Know There Are So Many Present Now Among You, Watching And Waiting For The Moment To Shift In Densities With Power And Love!

    As You Watch Your World Change, Also Watch The Skies! Do Not Be Concerned With Dates And Times.

    12. Allow Your Being To Become Peaceful And Trust That The Best Is Yet To Come!

    We Are The PLEIADIAN COLLECTIVE And We Rise As One!

    We Love You So! +++

    🙏💖 Cleopatra Thijm

    Always thank you My Dear!!!
    Victoy of the Light 💜💜💜🕉️

    1. @Anja Centralsun

      Sounds like another long winded, pre match pep talk to me.

      Need a lil more than silent cheerleading.

    2. Thank you 😊💜
      This is beautiful and uplifting. 💜

  69. I’ve seen a chimera spider. About 21 years ago I was in a deep sleep. All of a sudden I woke up and there was a humongous spider coming down from the ceiling. It was about four times my size. I screamed and rolled away from it and it disappeared. I’ll never forget it.

    1. @Lesley, that may of been a very large plasma spider. Or your right and it was a chimera. It sounds like the plasma spiders I have seen but a lot bigger.

  70. Thanks to the One Creator
    Thanks to the forces of light
    Greetings dear Cobra and members eager to evolve and know the light and connect to the endless light of us soldiers waiting for the divine order and the divine will
    Dear Cobra, First of all, I'm not sure if you and I are on the same path
    Because my findings from the Creator and creation that I have been looking for knowledge, evolution and salvation since childhood are all about the hardships, failures, injustices and misdeeds of irrational people and the signs and wonders of the unseen and knowledge without study or cyberspace. Has been achieved..
    So I used to believe that there are few people who believe and feel with me, and I came across your page in complete disbelief, and most of what you wrote was knowledge that was already in my mind and I was a little confused.
    This seed has been in the minds of human beings who can not look directly at the sun from birth .. I can say that like a lock and a code for not paying attention or ignoring or not caring about the issue of why you really can not think!
    But at sunrise when all the creatures wake up with the sunrise carefully and without thinking that your eyes are bothered
    You will feel the light of the Creator
    . And dear Cobra, I believe that to fight the disease and germs, Corona can be made from the fungus of awakening, or in the language of people and stimulant consumers, can be used to kill germs, but because it can not be raised anywhere or the opinion at first, this feeling I had to raise here ..

    And today is my birthday 1993.10.29 and I am from the ancient and historical land of Iran and I am waiting for awareness and service to the Creator and in the way of my Creator ..

  71. i was visited by some insectoid hybrids, a male and female.
    during this visit, the area started manifesting all these creepy crawly's and they weren't small, they were huge like 1 Meter+ in size.

    1. @Gunnz, isnt it interesting that of all the non human intelligences the insect types are the least talked about?

  72. Good news that the draco fleet and IBC have been finally deal with!

    However, I think that the meditation about corona lockdowns it’s come a bit to late!

    Since April 2020 the cabal was planned (and even say that in public under the name of the “second wave”) to make at least one month of total lockdown from the beginning of November 2020.

    They have been since 1-2 months ago leaked plans all over the internet about the plans for the second lockdown.

    I am i supposed to believe that the light forces they have no clue about this and they just wake up now in the middle of lockdowns?!

    Or is this another one of 100000 times when the light forces underestimated the power of dark forces on the surface of this planet?!

    Meditation without physical action it’s worthless (as it was proven by the +1 million people who meditate in April 2020 and a accomplish literally nothing (and I am talking about tangible results on the surface of the planet not some mambo jumbo effects in some higher dimensions.)

    Also there is some logical disconnection here: the light forces said clearly that they can’t touch the cabal on the surface of the planet no matter what they do, and on another side we are told to meditate against the lockdowns!

    I mean why the cabal will give a damm about any meditation if they know no one can touch them anyway?! Specially when meditation without action it’s useless?!

    So I was already know since July 2020 that it’s going to be a second lockdown in October-November, but somehow the light forces miss that information?!

    I don’t know, but something it’s not quite right in this rapport.

    1. Please visit the Welovemassmeditation blog, we have meditations to stop coronavirus, globally and in Italy, End of Coronavirus Meditation,Meditation against the engineered second wave lockdowns (also about corona virus). Many meditations has a schedule - each 4 hours ! We can do meditations all day, it is on a large period of time, from march 2020! Active meditations> !!!

    2. I know things seem frustrated but i belive would be beneficial to read some of the previous posts to clarify some of of the ideas that brings us to a point of frustration.

      The light forces were aware of the possibility of more lockdowns.. as an example on this post dated september the 23
      Speaks of them and request for meditations to be done.

      "There is still great possibility for the Cabal to try to impose new covid lockdowns for about a week, and moderate possibility for the Cabal to try to impose them in the next three weeks. ..."

      The bad guys as you know is not going to stop attempting to imppse lockdowns until they are completey apprehended. You can bet that goes with any other sabotage they could think off. Such as creating new damaging vaccines as we have also been told.

      The work is being done in all levels.. the clearing.. some obstacles can be tackle more direct some cannot for whatever reason. We dont have all the details to determine if they are not doing al they can... and honestly i do believe we being a lil shortsigghted thinking the ones busting their butts and putting life in the line are not doiing all they can in a safe manner for all. We turn a bit selfish thinking that this is just about us or us individually.. and we at times forget this is not a black and white "game". The minimum they asking is t meditate... last but not least i will not comment regarding the results of previous meditations because that info could also be found on previous posts and honestly we are too far in this game to get drawn again into thinking meditations do not helpt etc... the answer is bury in some of those posts. Wheather we truly believe it helps or not... what is so painfully diffult about spending 20mins of our time for a good cause.. what if does help..

    3. >Ascension2020

      Agree with what you said, as you can see with some of the long posts I made recently of where I live I am staring down the barrel of the Cabal.

      Too bad most of the people I have the misfortune of sharing this country with are eager to line up to be tagged like animals. The CoViD tracking is not even on the horizon, its already here for Singapore.

      I can only ask the Light Forces for assistance to expedite the clearing of Chimera so as to deal with the surface level Cabal as my options to survive get narrower in the coming months.

      If you can meditate, do it. If you can pray, pray hard. Under the current state of duress I am skeptical my efforts will yield results but I am doing it anyway.

    4. I'd rather go in all Rambo, like in First Blood 1, 2 and Rambo 3, with phasers, blasting away bad guys.

      That way, something TANGIBLE is happening.

      All I ask in return is to be fixed.

  73. The best thing we can do is raise our vibration, and help others. Thank you Cobra for the Intel. Look after yourself. Blessings. 💛🧡💚💙💜❤🖤🙏🌍🌈👽

  74. I forced myself to get up early and do the 9:30pm UTC meditation. Looks like we are close to the final stretch and we all need to chip in to help the light forces.
    The only help they need is the meditation. I feel we should all do this whether we believe in it or not.
    I’m looking forward to “wipeout sequence 3 complete” and then I will point out a few cabal members who need to be removed first :))

  75. Хочу сказать, что вся эта история с ковид, стала очень выгодна всем чиновникам коррупционерам,министерству здравоохранения, местному здравоохранения.докторам.Потому как государство доплачивало медикам за ковидных больных.Они занимались приписками... Тянули до последнего, чтобы сосать деньги из государства.. Украдено много миллионов долларов, уже подвержденный факт.Подделывали статистику. Да заболевание пневмонии унесло жизни, но не больше чем обычно. Просто эту статистику никто никогда не выводил на всеобщее обозрение.Умные кавычках деятели воруют на выделенных для малообеспеченных людей, детей деньги. На лекарства завышали цены, где то и прятали, чтобы в аптеках поднять цены и устроить ажиотаж, якобы лекарств нет. Из-за этого начиналась паника у людей. Очень благодарна нашему Президенту Касымжомарту Токаеву, который начал рубить коррупцию на корню. И смотрит на все совсем под другим углом. Очень радикальными мерами,перестраивает такую большую машину, Республику Казахстан.Ему сейчас очень непросто. Он как один в поле воин. Свет ему в помощь. ♥️

  76. Победа Света!💛🌍💛♥️🕊️🙏

  77. Dear Cobra, I am so glad to see your precious update part 2, really good news and we are very optimistic now ! to have mass meditation in near future is already a blessing, a way to change our timeline and to live in a much more appropriate Ascension timeline, to vanish all viruses, people's anger and disapointment, to bring new waves of love and light and abundance (not only on material level) in people's life ! I thinkm if I live better, my energy field will influence other's around me, being at a high vibration of joy, peace, trusting in our great future! Each line in your post fulfilled my soul with joy and my heart is smilling, we are not alone, instead we have Light Forces fighting heavily for our planet Earth, for it's liberation,cleaning every obstacle in the way of Ascension and the Event, in fact! I let your words to speak - now in romanian, as you are the master of the words and knowledge, I am aware of the breadth of this information and share it within my blog. I hope we can meat in the upcoming mass meditation on november 11th 2020, the most powerful people who have the deep desire to change this sad situation and shift it in much better one ! see you my dears, all 144,000 and far more ! The link: much love and light !!!

  78. The Chimera spiders remind me of the spiders in Tolkien's books The Lord of the Rings and the Silmarillion Ungoliant and Shelob. Ungoliant was like dark energy that took the form of a spider.


    Who was Shelob? | Lord of the Rings Lore

    Was Tolkien on to something???

    1. Spirittoo, I also relate the spiders to Tolkein's Novels. There is another scene in 2nd Hobbit film 'The Desolation of Smaug' where Bilbo fights the spiders from inside a spiders nest.


    2. Oh yes he was!
      There are so many things in his work, like the creation of the world by sound (the songs), the submersion of Numenor, also called "Atalantë" (Altantides), and so many other things ... he was certainly a highly inspired man!

    3. And the Doctor Who story, "Planet of the Spiders"

  79. Thank You, is a very big understatement. No living Man, that I've met, has ever thought that they would recieve such news. This victory is literally the best news I've ever even heard of. Thank You, One and All.

  80. re: Our Bright Future, images of Avatar make me cry. Not the story line or the music but how it looks. It makes me feel so homesick.

  81. Cobra, FIY; The city meditation time chart on, We Love Mass Meditations website has New York, Eastern Standard Time at 4:30 p.m.. I believe 9:30 UTC time is 5:30 p.m.

  82. I was thinking that the light forces have their hands full with clearing out the chimera fleets and physical spiders at the moment. Once that's been addressed, it should be no problem at all for the light forces to completely remove the cabal from power.

    I was also thinking that since the IBC and draco fleet are eliminated, the underground resistance would have their resources free to take action against the surface cabal. Things should be changing very rapidly for the better for the surface population very, very soon. If not though, and there is a second wave lockdown, then yeah I too will definitely be going 'wtf' and so forth.

    In the meantime here's a suggested change for the anti-lockdown meditation at step 5:

    5. Visualize second wave lockdowns being canceled, with human incarnated cabal middlemen, city mayors, health officials and other authorities being completely and irreversibly cleansed by the light from all draco and chimera entities, implants, and NWO mental programming, allowing them to embrace the light and resist lockdown instructions. Visualize all Draco incarnated cabal members being completely removed by the light. Visualize the course of events on planet Earth shifting into the most positive timeline possible, shifting away from all epidemics and away from the lockdowns.

    1. (Meant as a reply to Ascension2020's comment. I must have accidentally posted it as a separate comment.)

  83. Very positive news, been keeping a close eye on Taiwain lately, as I remember Cobra's words:

    "Taiwan will have a very important role in the Event which can not be disclosed yet.

    A very indirect hint:"

    As for the lockdowns:

    Some truths regarding the lockdowns and why they should be prevented:

    Now, about this statement made by Cobra on this very post:

    "Although many of these spiders are being removed by the Light Forces, the Chimera replenish the nests with fresh spiders which are materialized from quantum superposition state with advanced manifestation chambers. As soon as the quantum reservoir of the Chimera spiders will be gone, the Light Forces will be able to clear Chimera underground bases completely."

    A similar method of artificially creating life has been allegedly proven by british amateur scientist Andrew Crosse here:

    Fictional, simulated visual representation of the battles against the chimera spiders and defeat of the spider queen can be found here:

    Thank you for the update Cobra and thank you for reading.

    Victory of the Light!

    In humble service of The One Infinite Creator, In Loving Service,

  84. Hunter Biden Has Flipped, Biden Family $300 Million Stash In Switzerland… Rudy Guiliani Freestyles One Of Greatest Speeches Ever, A Summary Of Joe Biden’s 30 Year Crime Spree, Saying Joe Biden Is “The Prince Of Darkness”!!

  85. This Is A War Against Western Civilization Says Canadian Man In Epic #GoFuckYHourself Trudeau Message!!

  86. A nice checklist for your supplies:

  87. 25 Plants You Can Eat in Nature (Foraging for Food) (Video)