Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Timeline Situation Update And A New Cobra Interview

Timeline correction meditation on November 11th was quite successful with about 80,000 people meditating, and we have managed to stabilize the Ascension timeline to a certain degree.

Exactly at the moment of our meditation on November 11th at 11:11 am in Paris, the following movie was released, reaching an audience over 2 million strong:



On November 11th, a Portuguese court has ruled that coronavirus PCR tests are not reliable and can not be grounds for quarantining people:


The following photo was taken at the center of the major energy vortex on Mt. Jade on Taiwan on November 11th:



In the first days of December, the Light Forces have managed to clear all Chimera fleet from Near Earth Orbit: This is an important step towards the liberation of the planet, as now the Light Forces are able to use Near Earth Orbit much more freely for their liberation operations, and this has unleashed a huge amount of positive energy in Near Earth orbit. This energy has already precipitated towards the surface of the planet and resulted in disclosure attempts such as the following one:



And in sample returns from the Moon and asteroid Ryugu:



Another attempt of nearspace flight is scheduled by Virgin Galactic for December 11th:


Artist groups are using this new Aquarian energy to plant monoliths across the globe.

Crop circles have been appearing since September, hinting at our meditation on December 21st.

The first one is depicting the winter solstice:




The second one is showing the astrological configuration at the moment of the grand conjunction on December 21st:




Asteroid Pallas has already entered Aquarius on December 7th, and the energies are slowly beginning to build for our main meditation and for official entry into the age of Aquarius on December 21st:





Until then, Pluto Eris square on December 10th, becoming exact at 22:06 UTC and a total Solar eclipse on December 14th at 16:14 UTC will be moments of great tension and therefore you can help stabilizing the planetary energy field with the Flower of Life meditation at those two moments if you feel so guided:


Saturn will enter Aquarius on December 17th at 05:04 UTC, and Jupiter will enter Aquarius a few days later on December 19th at 13:08 UTC. We will use the energy of Saturn and Jupiter entering Aquarius to meditate and visualize reaching the critical mass of over 144,000 people or more participating in our main meditation for the Age of Aquarius activation on December 21st.

Light Forces are asking as many people as possible to do these two preparatory booster meditations at the exact moment of the Aquarius ingress for Saturn and Jupiter

You can find the exact moment for both booster meditations for your timezone here for the first booster meditation:


And here for the second one:


Guided audio for both booster meditations is here:


Instructions for both booster meditations are here:

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to reach the critical mass of 144,000 people or more meditating for our Age of Aquarius Final Activation.

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light

4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe, then through M87 galaxy, then entering through the Galactic Central Sun of our Galaxy, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize this Light activating Soul star chakras of millions upon millions of people, presenting them with the possibility of joining Age of Aquarius activation. Visualize those who feel so guided actually participating, their number far exceeding the critical mass, and the activation itself having a massive positive healing effect for all sentient beings on Earth and stabilizing the Age of Aquarius positive timeline.

While we are preparing for our meditation on December 21st, the final battle for the planet continues. The Light Forces are now clearing the Chimera underground bases with full force.

There is also a very intense nanotechnology war going on, where the Light forces are trying to remove the coronavirus with stardust technology, and the dark forces are using their counteractive nanoweapons to accelerate the spread of the virus:


Despite all that, we are slowly getting closer to the herd immunity:


Which can last for years or decades:


And with asymptomatic cases not being infectuous:


All this paints a completely different picture of the pandemic:







The awakening is now going mainstream and the dark forces can not stop it anymore. What is happening now is that also people who are deep within the system are revolting against the system itself. This is exactly what was happening on planet X in the last three weeks before the liberation in 1999. It will take a little bit longer on Earth, but this is a very good indicator how close to the breakthrough we are.

Police are protesting against masks in Valencia:


Police are supporting the protesters in Paris:


Supreme court rules against the lockdowns in Austria:


County sheriffs are refusing to follow lockdown orders in many counties in California, Colorado, Virginia:








Florida governor holds firm against mask enforcement:


Florida requires all coronavirus test results to clearly display the number of amplification cycles used in testing:


And finally, forced vaccination law is abandoned in Denmark after days of strong public protests:




A new Cobra interview has been created to prepare us for our main Age of Aquarius meditation on December 21st.

You can read the transcript here in English:




































And Chinese:


Or watch the Youtube video here:


Victory of the Light!



  1. As alwyas, Victory of the Light!!

    1. Latest update by WLMM about the Age of Aquarius Final Activation :

      Here is a table of all guided audios for this meditation produced so far. Due to change in YouTube terms and conditions recently, advertisements can be shown in ANY videos, even those without applying for monetization (We Love Mass Meditation did not and will NEVER monetize any of our videos).

      Therefore, we strongly recommend everyone who would like to participate in this meditation to download the mp3 version of the guided audio in order to avoid any unexpected disruption during the meditation.

    2. Banner ad for 21st December 2012 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.


    3. https://youtu.be/JGfqb-p5b1s

      Galactic Codex — Anchor !!!!

  2. Can you feel it, my fellow light warriors?

  3. Yes💜go go go!
    Victory of the Light! 💜

  4. So these mysterious monoliths are positive? Interesting, and good to know. My hunch was that these monoliths were neither positive or negative, but simply some viral marketing campaign for some sci-fi movie, tv series or video game...

    One thing I'm a bit disappointed with this update (and previous ones) is that there's too much focus on the pandemic. I'd like to see more detail on the war against the Draco and Chimera and takedown of their forces on the surface, and the situation with cosmic energies. The way I see it, in the grand scheme of things lockdowns, masks and the like are not really important issues, what's important is stopping mandatory vaccinations, proving the harmful effects of vaccines, showing evidences of the links between 5G and COVID, and disclosing the harmful effects of 5G to the mainstream.

    Seems to me the LF aren't focusing their energy and efforts in the most optimal way.

    1. The detail that you're looking for regarding the Draco and Chimera has already been given in previous updates that have mentioned that the Light Forces have cleared the Draco fleet away from several weeks ago--that was already mentioned from before--and the update was given here that the Chimera fleet have mostly been neutralized since the start of this month so for me that's proof positive enough that there is sufficient activity taking place there.

      The main takeaway from this update is that things are overall becoming more stabilized in a more physical sense (which is what we want after all) and so further assistance is being asked so that more meditation can ground the energy better so as to make the transition smoother. Now is the moment to really push hard, no backing down now, how much do you want it?

      Again, we are almost there.

    2. People's reactions against those lockdowns and corona stuff are vital to measure and understand how much we can get united. We MUST unite against it and liberate our own planet. Perhaps its still difficult for you to understand and realise that WE will liberate ourselves...spread the meditation! Get as much people as you can! You will free the whole world!

    3. Cobra knows we being sprayed with pandemic news 0-24 so he have to counter it

    4. No they are very focus just read the interview. All the bio chips are cleaned in the vaccine so no biopuce and no nano technology in the vaccine just bad toxic materials in it.

      So the resistance have cleared the vacin of all the bioships.

      Now cobra have said that the resistance movement are clearing the Chimera undergrounds with all of their power. That's means that the spiders are practically gone and the resistance can attacks the undergrounds now! That's a huge progress.

      Cobra said in the interview that the majority of the native reptilians are gone again that's a huge success.

      Now what is left is:

      Chimera bases(are being taking down right now)

      Chimera fleet on the earth orbit

      And the archontes, reptiliens on the non physical level ( they will be all cleaned when the solar flash arrive)

      And the cabal and dracos in the cabal but this is not important and will be gone after the event!

      So we are very close 😁😇

      And their are progressing!!!

      Let's sharing the meditation worldwide!!!!!

    5. Please read/listen the interview Cobra had done. Link is at towards the end of this update.

    6. So who is removing the monoliths? Same group who constructed them or the cabal?

    7. After seeing the last recent monolith at foot of Thor tower Glastobury, I understood that these are malevolent objects or those that are meant to laugh at lightworkers. Who and why would place such thing on leyline vortex obstructing the tower itself? These monoliths are available on Etsy, the cheapest 10k$ but mostly at 45k$. Who is sponsoring this? Artist are usually not that rich.

    8. @Everyone

      Guys I haven't read the interview yet, thanks for pointing. Going to take a look soon.


      True but we are also being brainwashed 24/7 about vaccination and 5G. And I'm seeing no form of mainstream disclosure at all, not even veiled disclosure, on these fronts. At least with COVID there is some news about the inneficacy of tests.

      @Patrick G

      Good question.

    9. So monoliths are of human origin despite the ground not looking disturbed? How.would they bury them?

    10. @Unknown

      They aren't buried deep, some aren't buried at all. They aren't too heavy since they are hollow on the inside (they are made of a steel tubular frame, and some kind of outer paneling to give their appearances). All you need is put a good weight at the bottom side to give it a low centre of gravity and make it stable.

    11. Additional info on the monoliths.


    12. @Juarez

      Can't be done by ourselves.

      Many tried, and were destroyed...and I am in NO hurry to become a martyr.....we need DIRECT ET contact and help for THAT.

    13. It seems that your hunch was right. A friend of mine send me a photo of one monolith being an ad campaign for jeep. Monolith being stationery for electric car filing. Also she sad that netflix is setting them up for some series they are about to make. It seems that monoliths have been erected around the world with different purposes, some artistic installations also...This can not be a coincidence.

    14. @Radhika

      Nothing is ever a coincidence--because it is all coming to a crescendo sooner than later

  5. THANK YOU COBRA!!!❤️❤️❤️
    This is awesome news, and will be busy reading all these links for awhiile!🤣🤗

    So looking forward to these meditations and reaching beyond critical mass!
    WE’VE GOT THIS, brothers and sisters!
    Love to ALL🌹


  6. Polish translation:


  7. I recently got Amazon Prime a few months ago and I am absolutely amazed at how much of this stuff that is going on right now with the deep state agenda that has been documented in TV shows from the last 2-4 years prior to it attempting to get played out.

  8. Wow! Thank you Cobra!
    Thank you to the Light Forces and Victory of the Light!

  9. thank you cobra, thank you RM, thank you all light force and thank you to brothers and sisters. peace to all, happiness to all, abundance to all, and love to all

  10. I hope the forces of light will clear up this corona madness soon .. It is getting more and more radical

  11. Hooray - Victory of the Light!!!

  12. Thank you Cobra!!! awesome period of time filled with wonderful meditations created by you!! ethernal gratitude and be sorounded by love and light, protected and always with us! Victory of the Light!

  13. I agree with every point you're making. Instead of worrying about a virus that has a 99.7% survivability rate I would like to see him focus more on the more or less mandatory vaccinations, it's side effects, contact tracing (for which they will use 5G), "health" passports that only are given to people who agree to vaccinate and disruption of the food supply and what we can do to protect ourselves for what's to come.

    I do understand though that the closer we get the victory the harder it will be to share info with us since you don't want to compromise the resistance and/or Light Forces.

    Anyway, I'll sure be joining the booster and winter solstice meditation to do my part!

    Victory of The Light!

  14. We also need physical action right now. More marches, protests, and civil disobedience. Intent always has to be followed by action.

  15. Nothing won't ever stop the imminent coming of the golden age. I'm here till my last breath

  16. Deutsche Übersetzung:


    Übersetzung des Interviews:

    Alle(s) Liebe

    max for Gaia

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  18. Thanks for the update!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

    Entrevista traducida al castellano

  19. Interview transcript in Portuguese: https://portuguese-br.welovemassmeditation.com/2020/12/entrevista-com-o-cobra-para-ativacao.html

  20. So those monoliths are created by humans....? The ones look like prisms.

    Victory of the Light!

    1. About the monoliths. Here is a channeling with information about them.


    2. Thank you. I have already read it and that's why it confuses me when cobra says they are done by a group of artists.

    3. >5th Dimension
      Cobra himself said in the above interview that it would be unwise to trust channeling information at this point.

  21. Join our meditation also on facebook (it's an alternative link to gather energy on social media too and attract more people!) Vitória da Luz! Gratitude for your work COBRA!

  22. #AskTheExperts – Doctors, Nurses & Health Care Professionals From Around The World: “The COVID Vaccine Is Neither Safe Nor Effective” (Video) | Healthcare | Before It’s News


    lightforces doctors and such stand up and give the house of humanity a name…..bravo zulu…..you want to hear from experts-here it is…..hahahahaha…..

  23. thanks a lot cobra fine sir,the superfierce lightwarrior......bravo zulu.....may the day come sooooon when lovely mother earth and her creatures are truly free.....namaste lightforces everywhere.....

  24. My child is visited by the non physical spiders. I do not see them. I was targeted individual but I lost. Can someone help with advice how my child should battle those spiders. They show up almost daily. My child is young 3yo.

    1. @Lalena, I detailed some of my experiences with shadow or plasma spiders on my blog. They are pitch black or black violet and bigger than a normal spider. Is this what he sees? Maybe you could give more details. Burning sage seems to help clean up bad energy, so when they show up they may not be as strong but I dont know how to stop them completely.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You should fight them away with Arch.Michael blue sword.I with my best friend also saw the spiders many times.They are very afraid of the Blue Sword.

    4. Never 'fight' them. I used to have them in the house, not so big, depending on what you measure. With legs 4 / 5 centimeter. I always caught them with a big glass and a thin peace of paper. Once you have them on the bottom, there's nowhere they can go.I was not afraid of them, but i really respected their speed and their courage. I brought them outisde. They also want to live and look for food.
      I also have spiders in the garden in summer, lots of small ones. I went laying between them while sunbathing. They love the warmth of the sun. Always a few were there very quitely enoying the warmth. Just like us.
      I think the first step is to accept them as they are. My first moment was when I realized I am how much? (100.000? times bigger. And they never can beat us fysically, only with fear.
      Poor little monsters:)

  25. Ok great thank you cobra let's hope the event comes soon


    BLAST OFF! 🚀


  27. Clouds above Kamchatka:
    As I recall Cobra said there is an underground Ch. base

  28. Dear Cobra
    Please help me understand...
    Is it correct that :

    1. Only God source can send the solar flash.

    2. Regardless of what is ready as soon as the solar flash happens it will trigger the event

    3. The light forces has some idea of when plus minus God source will send the solar flash.

    Thank you VERY MUCH!

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  30. meditation inhale rainbow of colors to all tissues and cells with inner peach and happiness---exhale vibrate out in a ripple across the planet rainbow light of colors and world peace and total happiness at every core of peoples existence

  31. Beautiful✨❤️✨
    Love and Light to you all, brothers and sisters. Victory of The Light!

  32. keeeeeep going!

  33. Victory of the Light!🧘‍♀️

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Seems like protocols 771 and 12-21 don't work for everyone. Some people are reporting great results, but they haven't been effective for me either, despite trying to use them daily multiple times for a few weeks. For me, command 771 does seem to sort of work but with very weak and fleeting results, and command 12-21 does not seem to work at all - Either I can't reach them or they are ignoring it.

      I do believe in these accounts from people who have success with them, because command PB stardust has always worked great for me and it still does, but also doesn't work for everyone. Command RCV stardust is difficult to measure and evaluate but I do believe it's effective for me as well.

    2. My last couple of questions were not posted also. I agree with you for unsensored questions

    3. I believe you are much stronger than you may realize.

      Choose your focus wisely my friend. Shine bright like the Star you are.

      "most people think unconsciously that their personal reality is creating their personality. If your personal reality is creating your personality than you're a victim. But if your personality is creating your personal reality you're a creator. So now they're causing an effect, they're no longer living by cause and effect." ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

    4. @STAR and arrowflasher, I think I figured something out that makes perfect sense. Earlier this year during summer my bothers girlfriend moved out and the house felt lighter and more clear. It was incredible. My younger brother did the same afterwards and again the house felt better. They were both archon puppets and they took a lot of their anomaly and attachments with them.

      As a result I had less attacks. When I did have one 12/21 seemed to work, not perfectly, but it still helped. My brother moved back in late November and I was met with paranormal attacks and headaches immediately and 12/21 did not work as well. The more anomaly around the less these protocols probably work.

    5. yes, they work if you do it properly.Concentrate better, nothing more us necessary.
      It works for all the people of my big group.

    6. As soon as I pronounce Protocol 1221 three times, someone immediately strangles me and that day there are troubles. You write about anomalies. But aren't the high-tech Pleiadians themselves able to cope with anomalies or clear a place. And in general, the excuses for what and how someone else works is the placebo effect.
      What do I have to say the protocol 20 times for them to hear? It seems to me that all these protocols are fiction and no Pleiadians on their ships come to the call - there are billions of us who pronounce the protocol and that billions of ships rush to the place of call? it's all a lie! protocol fiction.

  35. Thanks Cobra. I check this blog almost every day and read every comment, it is the only forum I have ever posted on and I am happy to have found a place where I can listen and learn from such different Lightbringers who I feel like I know. Thanks to everyone for helping me get through a rough time and it's not over yet.

  36. hello friends, any prayers for my sister who has just gone to the hospital would be greatly appreciated, she is a bright light
    but could use some love sent her way right now....love and light :)

  37. "Artist group" who places monolithes does not have to be Earth human, GFoL says it is monitors, receptors etc. and a lot more are to come 🌠

  38. German translation of this article:


  39. German translation of Cobra's interview:



  40. Thank you,beloved Cobra.🌹🙏

  41. Well I am not feeling it at all. What is the current odds for a US civil war? What is it at now? That is the vibe I am feeling. Things will get violent here. If Biden wins, it was a stolen election and I will unregister to vote and never vote again. The US will no longer exist and the Deep State will have won. There will be war as millions of us will rebel. If Trump wins, so many people have been brainwashed that violence will happen and Antifa and BLM will be sent out to riot and burn. I am buying more guns this weekend. Please address the violence that will be coming or else how it will be averted because I just don't see it. I will go down fighting, not sitting and meditating. I will not be passively destroyed. I will actively fight back. And I do not want to hear it is the wrong way. BS! There are people actively engaged in war right now according to this.

  42. I have been feeling the love pouring in for over a week now. I kept saying to myself I bet something positive happened and they cleared more of the negative beings. Wonderful news. I have been feeling the agitation the last two days and have wondered what is going on with the grid. Anyway, love to you all. We are finally at the end. See you in the 21st. xo, elizabeth

  43. Regarding the interview:

    ---"Cobra: There would need to be much more mutual support between the Lightworkers. They could create support groups supporting each other physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This is what needs to happen. There is simply far too little support between the Lightworkers and that needs to change immediately. "---

    I would like to add what I know, that these group need not to be physical. They can be energetical, invisible ties of love.

    There's so much negative stuff around that if you go around physically speaking about even LOVE, many people freak out. mentioning something about the positive whatever entities, ufo's, pleiadian etc will easily at some point affect one's public image negatively and take out some important realtionships bc many want to avoid "ufo people" whatever.

    Note about the non physical stuff of course, only connect positive and loving energies which if you don't know, ask, and if you don't understand, don't take this advice :D

  44. That news about Israeli ex security chief saying "galactic federation" and ETs exist just hit the biggest mainstream portal in Croatia aswell: https://www.index.hr/mobile/clanak.aspx?category=magazin&id=2237333

    The veil is lifting, VOTL!

    1. Will only mean a damn when I get to MEET the Et's, and go WITH them.

  45. Cobra, thank you for the interview. ❤️❤️❤️

  46. Excellent update and very important at this time, confirms that we are winning! This is the last stretch on our path to Victory, Jah bless all!

  47. "And what it ends in 2043 is all the major planets and asteroids, which were before in Aquarius will leave that Aquarian field. And we will be so far beyond our current state in evolution that it will be completely different situation."

    Well, that at least confirms that the Event has to happen sometime befeore 2043.
    I appreciate that Cobra isn't giving us any specific dates or months when the Event is "supposed to happen" and then delaying it each time like most channellings. But at this point I'd like to know if it's a question of months or years.

    Before I was excited about the physical Cities of Light being built. Then about reaching the 2nd and 3rd phase of transition and the Bubbles of Heaven. And now about entering the Age of Aquarius.
    But ultimately none of these things have changed anything on the planet's surface and I have nothing to be excited about anymore.

    So let's hope that the Aquarius energies will finally have some impact on the planet's surface early next year. The entire solar system beyond Earth got liberated, there are no more DF's fleets, IBC is gone, and parasites and implants will start to get cleared after December 21st. So it's finally time that we should start seeing some changes on the surface. At least people feeling better, less angry and violent, more awakenings, and maybe less sickness and pain.
    Can we at least hope for these things coming next year with the Aquarius energies? Or is really nothing going to change for the next who knows how many years until the Event happens?

    The LF's need to understand that this is not a problem of just waking up and doing a meditation at the right time. It's a problem of what's the difference between doing this and going to church every sunday? I very much dislike organized religions on this planet. And this just feels like swapping Christian God and satan for LF's and DF's, praying and going to church for invoking protocols and participating in mass meditations, and going to Heaven for waiting for the Event and ascension.

    I don't want to just blindly believe anymore. I want to feel and see that any of this is real. Otherwise there's no point in doing this instead of going to church and hoping that the Christian God will let me enter Heaven when I die.

    1. We will see beauty and miracles IF the vaccination drives are stopped in their tracks right now

  48. I think the t-shirt with AQRSEQ lettering would be Quite popular!

    1. ???? Do you know what the message means???

      I mean if you don't know sometimes i am really wondering if you are a bot.
      So much of no sense in many comments 🤦🏽‍♂️

    2. It means Aquarius Sequence 💜

    3. Cobra:"Asteroid Pallas has already entered Aquarius on December 7th, and the energies are slowly beginning to build for our main meditation and for official entry into the age of Aquarius on December 21st"

      That is the reason Cobra had posted AQRSEQ on7th...

  49. V slovenščini: https://zmagaluci.blogspot.com/2020/12/sveze-novice-o-casovnici-in-nov.html

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku: https://www.facebook.com/groups/220306748080801

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  50. Booster Meditation Details shared here:


  51. Victory of the light! ������☀️

  52. Doctors and nurses have been wearing masks for their protection as well as others for a hundred years. What is the big deal with wearing the damn mask at the stores? In Japan, some people wear masks as fashion. Seriously, no one is taking away anyone's freedom by asking you to wear a mask. This virus is real. I have a friend in the hospital with it as I write this. She wore a mask but others around her didn't. And my uncle died of it in the summer. He did not wear a mask because he believed Trump. Wake up, people. Stop whining and grow up. Wear an effing mask.

    1. Oh. 🤷‍♀️ Are you trolling here? 🤔
      Waky waky, love. 💖

    2. ...We thought the world was flat for years too!

    3. How long are you here? Nobody ever said that the virus is not real! People are getting sick and die of course... We all know someone that was infected.
      But we believe that it is pre - orchestrated and there are many reasons to believe this if you see all the illogical movements and actions by the governments, media e.t.c. that need hours of discussion... You are here because you want to see the other side, i guess. So, search it (not only from mainstream sources)and then you are free to make your own conclusions...

    4. Masks are meant to kill us , nothing else

    5. You are whining, read again your message and think again.

    6. @Stav

      You are absolutely right that it is pre-orchestrated, governments are saying and doing lots of illogical things about it, and they're using it to push vaccinations, contact tracing using 5G, social score, etc. I also think the letality and contamination rate of SARS-CoV-2 and the strength and intensity of 5G signals are connected.

      What most people who aren't subscribing to the mainstream notion don't understand, is that these things and the idea of wearing masks aren't mutually exclusive. While all this is true, and while the authorities, corrupt mass media and Cabal are taking advantage of mask wearing to make the general brainwashed populace more willing to comply with stricter measures, this does not mean mask wearing is harmful or useless against the virus. Wearing a mask does help in preventing the spread of the virus, potentially reduces by 50% the initial viral load you take if you do get infected by breathing contaminated air, and its an act of common civil decency and courtesy.


      You are absolutely right, as well. I have used all these arguments in past comments, but it's useless and pointless trying to reason with anyone who has decided they will not wear masks because they're uncomfortable, like spoiled children refusing to eat their vegetables...

      it's all so tiresome.jpg

    7. @L, I am sorry about your friend and uncle. The virus is real but the pandemic is not. This virus is deadly to some but the overall numbers are exaggerated. Its not real or fake but somewhere in the middle. The real threat is gov lockdowns and economic collapse which could kill far more than the virus. Did your uncle have pre existing health issues or not and also what was his age? Your friend wearing a mask and becoming ill with the virus means that the masks probably dont work. Rense.com has lots of links about the questionable masks, the dangers of the virus, the agendas behind the stretched numbers, etc. We are not being asked to just wear a mask but to isolate, shutdown, take a dangerous shot, and initiate into a luciferian high tech NWO. The alternative is dangerous freedom with some deaths till end time/corona madness ends. Again sorry about your uncle and friend.

    8. >L*
      Sorry, most of us here aren't the kinky masochist type.

    9. I am sorry I didn't cover the mask part with my reply.
      In my opinion, it is not too harmful to wear a mask when you are getting indoors (into a store e.t.c). I agree with you and @smasharrowbr on that. Now for those who are working and wearing a mask for 8 hours, I am not very sure if it's potentially harmful in the longterm, but it's for sure very difficult for them and their breathing.
      So, I wear mask as well. Well, it's actually mandatory where I am, but I would wear it by my own as well.
      But in my country, it is mandatory now to wear a mask even outdoors, on all occasions even if you walking in a village with no one around at 100 meters which is stupid..!Last year, it was only mandatory if you were waiting in a queue or greet other people which makes sense. But now it doesn't make sense to wear it everywhere. I don't think that it is possible to be infected just because someone surpassed you in the street! The stores are closed here anyway so there are not many people on the streets... This is an example of fear-based restriction without reasonable justification.
      So I use my discernment about what makes sense to me and what is not. And we don't have to agree to everything we see here as well. We can think critically and decide for ourselves... It's true that most people think in a "black and white" way which means they don't think critically and get affected by anyone much more easily

    10. Mask wearing IS HARMFUL , at least long term i'm sure it could affect lungs brain blood circulation etc in most negative way , there is no acceptable reason or justification to restrict one's breathing in ANY way. This is unacceptable especially for those of us in the natural health community. Wake up and stop spreading propaganda of the mainstream medical crime syndicate here , that has nothing to do with lightwork. And putting masks on children's faces is not only the height of ignorance but outright evil.

    11. I refuse to wear a mask. If I am approached I tell them I have a medical condition ... end of discussion. I have done the research and there are a lot of doctors and scientists that are showing how the mask does not stop a virus and can be harmful with long term use. You think people that study viruses uses the kind of mask most people use. They use an entire suit for protection.
      Here in Ohio they are impeaching the governor for the unlawful mask order. And rightly so because he does not have the authority to do so.
      This illegal mandatory mask mandate is for subjugating the masses and has nothing to do with protection. Here in the US 19 was used to steal an election. They use this lock down to destroy small business, while corporate business are allowed to thrive. There is plenty of evidence on the web of how they are stacking the numbers to push the scam. People that die of other conditions are listed as dying from 19. If you look at the over all death numbers you will find they are lower than the previous years. The corporate news won't tell folks the recovery rate is in the high 90% range.
      If people want to be sheep that shuts up and obeys without question ... okay ... fine ... but don't expect the rest of us to follow suit. This is about taking away our freedoms under the guise of this scamdemic. I lost an Aunt because of this phony lock down and when this is all over they will pay for her murder and others that died because of it.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Be kind be grateful be loving be humble be the Light.

    2. Om Mani Padme Hum is my mantra which I listen and chant almost all the time.

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    The booster meditations will be the stepping stones where we "ride the waves" of a number of Astrological alignments, presenting unusually high potential for not only rapid disillusionment in many areas for the surface population, but with the major influx of positive cosmic energies on December 21st, creating a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide!
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    See you soon! ������

    1. Great combination of meditations today...It truly felt amazing.
      Thank you!

  55. Give thanks for this winning news. We have come a far way. Much love and light to you brother Cobra for this update. Victory Of The Light....

  56. Thanks Cobra for the update.
    French translation of your post.

    Traduction du post en français:

    Victoire de la Lumière !

  57. Thanks again Cobra for all your work and thanks for the interview.
    French translation of the interview.

    Traduction en français de l'interview :

    Victoire de la Lumière !

  58. Many thanks for the update. I think the WeLoveMassMeditations Team did quite a good job once again, thank you for your efforts and inspiration!

    I have spread the news of the upcoming meditation in my social circle, and these are people who are open for it. Most of them are very sceptical about the current plandemic, especially regarding vaccines, lock-downs and mask-wearing. And I think they may be quite right.

    Also, the current election fraud in the US. has come to the forefront among many people. The upcoming revelations about it will further support the idea that times are changing. And I think it is some kind of excitement and adventure in the air, which gets people to participate in the meditations much easier.

    These times I consider to be most inspiring and interesting. On many levels. The only think I miss a bit are the Cobra conferences and the get-together with international friends. But once again, times will change. And I am grateful for the options provided by Cobra and others in the field.

  59. Draco and Chimera Fleet cleared! Underground bases being cleared now! Truth rising people protesting against the tyranny!

    Thank you to everyone involved! Liberation Now!

    1. Why so much people are confused about the chimera fleet?


      Cobra said above the earth orbit!!
      The chimera fleet is still there in the EARTH ORBIT!!!!!

  60. Of course dear Cobra, we will be there! We will do everything to help obtain the necessary critical mass although we are in the midst of a move with a lot of material things to settle and a more expensive rent, that is not great! (a few streets from where we live but for much better energies, a quieter place, a more welcoming home !, in short just what we needed to live this age of Aquarius! That's great!) V and M-H


  61. Alpha




  62. This just showed up, and it is lovely.
    It's got lots of dolphins in it, too. ;-)

    This is
    The Ocean

    And while we're at it, this is

    Beautiful Planet Earth


    1. Oh Rajah! We're all so full of next week. It's getting more and more Fiesta. Thank you for your dolphins. Yes, lovely. And I love you.

  63. Victory of the Light is so near !!!

  64. There is more another indicator of the breakthrough; solar activity.

    The new solar cycle is already beginning and its activity is more and more increasing!:


  65. https://davidicke.com/2020/12/09/the-crocodile-tears-how-apt-of-psychopath-health-secretary-matt-hancock-and-what-it-says-about-the-mentality-behind-fascist-britain-and-the-fascist-world/


    breaking news-the cabals f list actors and proclaimed health experts now begin to cry like crocodiles news pick of the day.....they may fold under questioning.....hahahahaha.....

  66. from this article-quote—–She was found dead this morning by her 10 yr old child. She was a former Merck pharmaceutical employee turned whistleblower. She started the non profit group Learn the Risk to expose the Big Pharma drug cartel. she wrote she would never take her own life.—–unquote…..


  67. The problem is that you believe Trump is against the Deep State. Sorry to break it to you, but HE IS a part of the deep state. It's understandable that you're afraid for your safety with all the end times' madness going on, but being involved in pointless, political violence is precisely what to avoid as all of this is orchestrated — and wanted — by the Dark Forces. Never forget the big picture and act accordingly. A reminder of COBRA about the elections:

    “Many people are worried about the outcome of the US election. Light Forces have communicated that whoever becomes the president, it will not influence the overall plan for the planetary liberation. They have also asked people to release the emotional attachment and emotional investment in the outcome of this election, as generated energy of worry, anger, fear, frustration and uncertainty is gathered by the Archons, amplified and distributed through the planetary energy grid. [...] That said, neither of the presidential candidates is without flaws and both have a certain degree of involvement with the dark forces [...]”

    1. Still, I dont want that CHILD MOLESTER, Biden, in any public office.

    2. In my view, Trump will be president for a year, followed by an acting president for a year, and then -in the new state- there will be a brand new president-elect for up to eight years.

  68. I've read that the Yellowstone's activity became unusually high these past months. The Cabal might want to trigger a cataclysmic explosion in order to pull a “Taking you with me” scenario should they would be terminated in the immediate future. Hoping the LF will be able to prevent any attempt of the wicked Cabal to engineer a disaster once they'll be on the brinks of defeat.

    1. I thought it is the Prime Creator or the Galactic Central Sun that is causing things like Yellowstone to blow up because the "Earth is ascending"? That along with causing mega-tsunami that Cobra mentioned would happen some time after the event. Why would the DF or Cabal try to destroy the Earth when the Prime Creator/GCS is gonna destroy the Earth anyway when the Earth ascends in consciousness?

    2. @Concerned Person according to Cobra the primary anomaly has no reason to exist. It's just a random function. So by extension we should assume that DF and Cabal's actions ultimately have no reason either.

    3. I don't know. From what I've read so far (and forgive me if I'm wrong, I'm relatively new here), the Event would be a flash of pure, love energy that would allow the Earth and its denizens to significantly evolve, although the Earth/Gaia would be left unharmed; I've never read anything about the Apocalypse, although all of this is very unclear for the moment. We would be like the other Galactics.

  69. Thank you Cobra, WLMM, IGAG, PFCJO.

    The interview in Hungarian/az interjú magyarul:

    And the Age of Aquarius Final Activation in Hungarian- a Vízontő kora végső aktiváció magyarul:

  70. Thank you humanity! Finally good news! Thank you to all you allies of light!

    I wished for these things to happen earlier but it is finally happening - one lifetime more as less than I should be, but it's finally getting done.

    Thanks again!

  71. I am glad for one thing which I read in the interview;
    Earth spiders are in no way connected to chimera spider beings.

    I won’t be jittery of them anymore...

    I am super excited to see former super confident big guns becoming quiet and sober. Most importantly they have stopped being flashy and appear to be in hiding from social media at the very least.

    And Sherman, let’s hope our time comes early next year, when we all get what we really really desire!!


    In the name of God, as soldiers of God, with all souls from the other side. We lightworkers ask for and offer support in forming ONE light entity and do our work. Let's work together as one group, together with the beings of heaven. Let's spread our arms and reach out to one another to form a unity, with our hearts open, in the service to humanity, animals, trees and plants and all that is good.

    1. 💜Very good Idea Maria💜
      Thank you 🤗
      Love and Light!


    2. Wonderfully said, Maria.
      I AM in support of that statement with every bit of my Eternal Self.

      It is
      Time For Love

      Love, Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom


    3. Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️ Just let's do it:)

  73. JC Kay has RV'd the CV rollout:
    Recycled fluvax?
    DF don't have the Key to the Matrix so can only fake it.

  74. X22Report: The Central Bank Of Central Banks Just Kicked Off The Great Reset! - Must Video (And not the Global Currency Reset!)


  75. X22Report: Countermeasures Initiated, The Constitution Will Destroy The Deep State! - Must Video


  76. I am so bummed to say that I will not be able to do the meditation with everyone over at we love meditation live on youtube. I am still going to do them though. But my youtube account was "terminated" for spreading TRUTH BOMBS! And I am am not allowed to make any new accounts. Sorry... I love you all of you.

    1. Zackster: we go with God❤️❤️❤️

    2. Where there is a will there is a way brother

    3. @zack, its evidence you were doing the right thing and it shows the cabals fear and vulnerability.

    4. Well... I was able to see the live stream today while the booster mediation was going on. But I was just not able to chat, comment, like and I can not subscribe to anyone's YouTube channel anymore. And I have to actually search someone YouTube channel down every time if I want to see if they have posted any new videos. But I was able to see the live stream and all of you over there chatting. The highest number of people viewer was not near as much as usual today. Probably because everyone was out at work. ( Like my wife... she normally always participates but had to work today.) Either way I always put the screen up to full view where the chat does not show while the meditation is going. The chat actually distracts me for some reason while we should be mediating. Then I usually chat and send hearts after the mediation normally. Hehehehe So really other than not being able to chat or comment and me being added to the count of viewers I was not effected. I do enjoy getting to chat with ya'll when the meditation is not actually going, though. I didn't let it bother me to much. Kind of feels like being in jail, though. hehehe But all and all it went well. I love you all. Looking forward to the Dec. 14th meditation.

    5. Hey Zackster, its true I have missed you during this meditation! And you are someone who never skipped one. But I also felt that we are much more than those small number of 370 participants or something that have been shown by youtube. And you can feel very honored to scare them that much!!!!

  77. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPd8RzuiOxg&feature=youtu.be

    A Call to Canada's Police Forces: Defend the Health and Liberty of the People!

  78. ... and we can give it a few minutes of attention on 11.11 hr. in our own daily life.

    I shall post this call (to Unite) every 24 hours.

  79. I have always agreed with Cobra, but I am confused about Cobra's intel regarding the covid-19. The main reasons are as follows:

    1. Question the current anti-epidemic method, but no actual anti-epidemic method

    Cobra does question the current anti-epidemic methods in some countries: including lockdowns, wearing masks, and nucleic acid testing, but even if these methods is not that effective and deny these methods, then what methods are more effective? This is my personal Traffic light theory. Is it because Traffic light system cannot prevent all car accidents , so we should directly deny the current Traffic light system? Before replacing Traffic light, should there be other more effective traffic system?

    In addition, China did use the methods currently questioned by Cobra to fight the epidemic, and the fact is that mainland China has achieved success in fighting the epidemic, which Cobra has confirmed before.

    2. The price of herd immunity, shall we support the spread of the virus?

    The principle of herd immunity is probably to allow most people in society to become immune to the virus after being infected.

    If Cobra agrees with herd immunity, it also puzzles me.

    Since most people must be infected in order to achieve the same group immunity effect, should the governments of various countries go the other way, speed up the spread of the virus and allow more people to infect, does it mean that the dark forces should be supported to spread the virus? So as to acheive the herd immunity ASAP?

    Herd immunity also has a certain price. If you are infected with a disease, even if you do not consider the harm to the body or even the consequences of death, the cost of treatment in Western countries (such as the United States) is also very expensive. Even if the poor person is cured, they will have to pay a huge monetary price. To put it simply, how many people need to be infected with Covid-19 and how many people will die because of Covid-19, and what is the price that the entire society needs to be paid in order to achieve the effect of herd immunity?

    Indeed, I really don't like the current anti-epidemic methods, but I also have some doubts about herd immunity.

    1. 1. the most effective anti-epidemic method would be for the world to return to the same measures that were taken in 2019... precisely, nothing. health is not a mandate dictated by society, it's a personal responsibility.

      2. regarding herd immunity, see number 1.

      god giveth and god taketh away.

    2. @R, great questions. Herd immunity with casualties is how we evolved and short of divine intervention it will continue to be this way. The herd immunity thing is interesting because covid1984 may be a bioweapon designed to mutate too quickly for immunity resulting in the need for constant drugs and shots from the cabal. Stardust tech may keep it from mutating too quickly so this may not be a problem for us. I am convinced covid was supposed to be far worse than it is now and we have received help. We notice because we are trying to awake and align with a great future and the reality of light forces, paranormal, ascension, etc. The rest of the public are more caught up in the matrix and sometimes treat this thing like the spanish flu which it is clearly not.

      As far as the traffic light analogy the test has been shown with a 50 to 90 percent false positive rate, elon musk being a famous example. Traffic lights work most of the time and when they dont they are fixed. People debate what viruses even are so dont count on a real test happening. At some point we have to take the masks off and reopen business. People will die either way so I think dangerous freedom is how it has to be.

  80. One for sure. The plasma chambers in the laptop and the plasma chambers in the forehead & temple are in very good symbiosis with each other. The relationship between them is too good. --Regardless, I was very happy with the update.!


  82. Just work on yourself people everyday and don't be distracted by the mainstream narrative.

  83. India vaccine rollout by december 25. Will this be allowed to happen ? https://bit.ly/37M8Ha8

  84. That disclosure was really surprising to me, and Cobra did mention it in this post.

    Like I have always said, I do think the expectations of people going bonkers or panicking over this are heavily overestimated. Most people I talk to even on the street or neighborhood, already distrust governments about anything and they do humor the possibility of governments secretly interacting with aliens. Most panic and hysteria would probably come from a minority of religious zealots and mentally unstable persons, and smug people who make skepticism a lifestyle.

    The disclosure of the satanic cabal with their depopulation and enslaving agenda, and the true history of civilization since the Roman Empire with many cabal members live and deceased being persons the general populace hold in high regard, would be a more concerning matter in that regard than simple disclosure of aliens.

  85. I can already see the slowly arriving energies of the Age of Aquarius in the behavior of some people I meet on the street.

  86. Famous British musician standing up against Covid vaccine being mandatory 🤩🤩🤩

  87. Recent 💜UFO💜video from California :


  88. Interestingly, NBC removed that article only several hours after being published. Its about former Israeli space security chief saying extraterrestrials exist that Cobra mentioned here.

  89. From erased nbc article: "The White House and Israeli officials did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment. Sue Gough, a spokesperson for the Pentagon, declined to comment.

    A spokesperson for NASA said one of the agency's key goals was the search for life in the universe but that it had yet to find signs of extraterrestrial life.

    "Although we have yet to find signs of extraterrestrial life, NASA is exploring the solar system and beyond to help us answer fundamental questions, including whether we are alone in the universe," the spokesperson said in a statement."

    Best thing is that this news is cruising around the globe in huge number of articles and social media networks... As Cobra said" The Awakening is going mainstream and they can not stop it!"
    Victory of the Light

  90. Don't Blake Cobra for what hasn't appeared just at the moment. A lot depends on us.Why didn't all of you gathered on that page didn't take part in the last meditation on november? Why???
    We have reached the óptimal number but not more...
    What is happening with you all who visited this page, who are many..
    Why those lightworkers haven't joined that meditation? Because, evidentally, not all of you joined it...Numbers are brutal...What's the matter?? ARE YOU SCARED?



  92. From Indian: Saskatoon SK Canada Freedom Rally Goes From 10 People One Week, To 500 The Next… And Look How Premier Responds Like They Are Criminals When He Could Be Thanking Them!!


  93. From Cobra's interview: Cobra: There would need to be much more mutual support between the Lightworkers. They could create support groups supporting each other physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This is what needs to happen. There is simply far too little support between the Lightworkers and that needs to change immediately.


    (Cobra: Flower of life, you can use flower of life in your preparatory meditations before December 21st in your daily life. And when the main meditation happens on December 21st, it is very important to do the meditation exactly as it was instructed, exactly as it was published on the website to achieve the maximum level of coherence, at exact moment, the exact moment of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction. So we have a very strong laser-like signal, which with all people completely harmonized can unify the goal.)


    (Cobra: It is again, not about invoking St. Germain on December 21st. It is to invoke him... his presence in your daily life. And you can have his image, his picture [and] meditate upon that picture, or you can just connect with him during your meditations.)

    So let's Do what we can :


    In the name of God, as soldiers of God, with all souls from the other side. We lightworkers ask for and offer support in forming ONE light entity and do our work. Let's work together as one group, together with the beings of heaven. Let's spread our arms and reach out to one another to form a unity, with our hearts open, in the service to humanity, animals, trees and plants and all that is good.

    Take some time to remind yourself 11.11 hr. every day.

  94. robert hodginson-quote—–im a traditional physician…..i spent my life in evidence based medicine…..and i adhere to one of the most important tenants of the hyprocratic oath,which is first do no harm…..before you even think about treating someone,first do no harm…..—–unquote…..

    Robert Hodkinson on the COVID Situation – Prepare For Change


    breaking news-big bobby hodginson exposes the demons medical industrial complexes true mandate,a mandate that is obviously in direct opposition to true healing modalities…..someday this war is going to be over…..






  96. SONNE



  97. https://beforeitsnews.com/space/2020/12/1000-mile-huge-ufo-closed-to-the-international-space-station-09dec2020-2520174.html


    ladies and gentlemen madame pleiadiun mothership says hello-above my paygrade of course.....hahahahaha.....

  98. A call from Blossom Goodchild from 7 december to speak loud the mantra:
    I AM the light
    I Am the love
    I AM the truth
    I AM
    on december 21. Look on her website for the time.


    1. B.t.w. It's always with the galactic Federation of Light.

  99. We will reach over one million people meditating on the 21st december, Believe it and we will achieve it. The universe is listening all the time so start sending out the right signals and tell the universe we will reach more people meditating successfully than ever before. This is the great awakening, shine my brothers and sisters

  100. "Cobra: What would help a lot are more unity among the so-called Lightworkers. I know this is not realistic, but if there are really, if we would achieve more unity, that would create a very strong harmonic resonance field that would allow Light forces to do things faster and more efficiently.

    Cobra: There would need to be much more mutual support between the Lightworkers. They could create support groups supporting each other physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. This is what needs to happen. There is simply far too little support between the Lightworkers and that needs to change immediately."

    This is the same problem that I see.

    I often try to ally myself with other lightworkers. To create a kind of community. A kind of family because I know that many lightworkers have incarnated into very bad families.

    But the will, the motivation to do that has to come from the lightworkers. I mean nobody can force the lightworkers to do that. The free will has to be respected.

    But then the lightworkers don't have to complain if the final liberation still hasn't taken place.

    I don't need to keep reminding the lightworkers why we are here. You are all active on this blog. You all know why we are here.

    Most are far too busy arguing or complaining.

    I know it takes way too long and we have all made mistakes. But instead of judging each other or others, we should help each other do better. We are all capable of learning from mistakes.

    I don't judge any lightworker who needs a break. If you need a break, then take a break. Everything is fine. When you feel better come back. It is not necessary to be perfect.

    When a lightworker or someone who has awakened falls to his knees, help this wonderful being to get up again.
    "Don't worry, everything is fine. We are here for you." Remain friendly and respectful of each other.

    Give a hug or lightful words.

    Send energy of light, love, encouragement, motivation or whatever. Give this being time to heal its emotional body a little. There is absolutely no problem with that.

    No one needs to swing their lightsaber all day.

    I mean...

    Is it really that complicated?

    You all have a choice.

    Your free will decides the course and speed of the planetary liberation process.

    I have no family to motivate me or heal me when I am wounded. No one does that for me.

    There is no one who is there for me when I have a hard time.

    All the motivation, the healing, the strength, no giving up....
    It all comes from myself.

    No one does that for me.

    In hard times when I see that other Lightworkers need help I try to send healing even if I am severely wounded myself.

    I wish the other Lightworkers would understand my statement.

    1. I see your point and I understand completely. I would be so happy and feel so grateful if I knew only one lightworker in person that I could talk to and exchange good thoughts and support.
      So many brothers and sisters seem to not be able to stop fighting at all. But I remember when I was younger I did the same....

  101. The Cabal has retaliated.


    Is Professor Fourtillan’s psychiatric confinement related to his appearance in the documentary "Hold-Up"?



  102. Dear Ones!

    Have your heard about the wonderful book:


    "The book contains articles, interviews and experiences that can help you get closer to understanding how Tachyons work.

    The goal of the Pleiadian Tachyon Chamber book is to introduce this magical technology more widely in the circles of the awakened members of mankind."

    The book also includes an exclusive interview with COBRA.

    You can read more about the book here:

    And a testimony about the Tachyon Chamber (from the book of course 😊):
    “This is a fantastic device from our star brothers… Thank you to the Phoenix group and Cobra for installing it and making it possible for us to experience this… I feel that this is just the beginning. I can’t find words to describe what I felt in the chamber… the only words that are close are infinite love and gratitude. Something I was always searching for but didn’t find it. Until now. I am so grateful, grateful, grateful to you! Thank you”
    P. J., Hungary

    Don't miss it 💛😉💓💙

  103. https://youtu.be/JGfqb-p5b1s

    Yess!! Let’s do this !!!

  104. "My Multidimensional HS, I still need answers" "Why"

    I was born with the wrong sign
    In the wrong house
    With the wrong ascendancy
    I took the wrong road
    That led to the wrong tendencies
    I was in the wrong place at the wrong time
    For the wrong reason and the wrong rhyme
    On the wrong day of the wrong week
    I used the wrong method with the wrong technique



    There's something wrong with me chemically
    Something wrong with me inherently
    The wrong mix in the wrong genes
    I reached the wrong ends by the wrong means
    It was the wrong plan
    In the wrong hands
    With the wrong theory for the wrong man
    The wrong lies, on the wrong vibes
    The wrong questions with the wrong replies


    I was marching to the wrong drum
    With the wrong scum
    Pissing out the wrong energy
    Using all the wrong lines
    And the wrong signs
    With the wrong intensity
    I was on the wrong page of the wrong book
    With the wrong rendition of the wrong hook
    Made the wrong move, every wrong night
    With the wrong tune played till it sounded right yeah



    Too long