Thursday, December 9, 2021

Divine Intervention Activation Update and Another New Cobra Interview

Time is slowly approaching for the Divine Intervention Activation and the energies are rising as we are gaining momentum. For the Planetary Liberation Petition, the critical mass of 144,000 signatures is almost guaranteed, and for the meditation on December 21st, thing are looking good as well.

Signing the petition and doing the meditation will  actually increase our collective power:

Our booster meditation on December 4th was very successful. The number of daily signatures for our petition, which was averaging about 2000-3500 signatures per day, has jumped to 4500-5300 signatures daily immediately after the booster meditation:



December 21st, 2021 is the turning point of a certain cycle and is in fact the most powerful day of this year.

SpaceX CRS-24 mission to the International Space Station, which has a certain important significance for breaking the quarantine status of planet Earth, is expected to be launched on that day just a few hours before our activation:

If everything goes according to the plan, I will be able to reveal the classified aspect of the SpaceX CRS-24 mission in a few months.

On the very next day and just a few hours after our activation, the James Webb space telescope is expected to be launched:

James Webb space telescope might play a significant role in finally confirming the existence of extraterrestrial life. It will be deployed to L2 Lagrange point, suitable for near-infrared observations.

The energy of the December 21st portal will be so strong that a certain think tank is expecting a financial default of the US:

And another group is threatening with mass destruction on that day in Japan:

According to my sources, neither of the above two drastic scenarios is expected to happen on December 21st or shortly thereafter.

The remaining time until December 21st is decisive for how many people join us for our activation and how much impact our activation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide. Youtube videos are the easiest way to make this viral and many short version promotional videos and longer guided meditation videos have been created in 31 languages:

The main page with instructions for the activation is here:

Many people are supporting our activation.

Benjamin Fulford: 


Laura Eisenhower:

Sementas das Estrelas: 

Prepare for Change:

Era of Light: 

Dollar Vigilante (at around 35 minute mark): 

SDV News TV: 

And Michael El Legion:



All articles, videos , interviews, facebook groups and meme posters about the Divine Intervention  Activation are gathered here:

Our activation is being promoted on Portal 2012 telegram channels in over 20 languages:

Youtube channels have created playlists of promotional videos for our meditation in many languages: 

Playlists of promotional videos for the Planetary Liberation Petition are here:

And a playlist for guided audio meditation here:

Guided audio meditations downloads in MP3 format in over 30 languages are available here: 

A playlist of short inspirational videos for our activation in over 15 languages is available here:

Promotional anime videos are available in English, German, French, Spanish, Telugu, Chinese and Japanese:

Live stream for the meditation will begin at 2:15 pm UTC on December 21st here:

If we wish to achieve an impact on the physical plane and reach the critical mass, tt is extremely important that we do our meditation exactly at the time which has been determined by the Light Forces to have the maximum positive impact, which is at 4:00 pm UTC on December 21st. Timetable for other time zones is here: 


Doing the meditation earlier or later, or doing it in a significantly different way will NOT help us reaching the critical mass, as we are living on a physical plane that is subject to laws of space and time and if we wish to influence the physical plane, we need to do this with laserlike precision, especially timewise and with unified and focused intent.

It is extremely important that we speak out aloud three times both decrees, as specified in meditation instructions (step number 5 in meditation instructions):



Failure to speak out the decrees aloud would significantly decrease your contribution towards the critical mass for the meditation.

Exact instructions for the meditation on December 21st are published here:

And the link for signing the petition is here:

Another new Cobra Interview has been conducted by our Asian teams to bring even more awareness about our activation.

The transcript in English is here:

In German here: 

In French here: 

In Italian here: 

In Spanish here: 

In Portuguese here: 

In Romanian here: 

In Slovenian here: 

In Croatian here: 

In Polish here:

In Hindi here: 

In Telugu here:

And in Japanese here: 

The Youtube video with audio in English is here:

And with Chinese subtitles here: 

Victory of the Light!



  1. ...
    But, of course, the shadow incentive prevails once again for the self-help community is a very profitable arena.

    Healing all the psychological and emotional damage that we have suffered due to our artificially scarce competitive and deeply exploitive neofeudalist system that keeps the majority of the world's population in destitution.

    It's as if the system consciously creates more problems in order to service them, isn't it?

    Never fix things, just service them to keep market share, revenue, economic growth, and all of that.

    Therefore, a large cross-section of damaged, unhealthy mentally ill people is actually a good thing for our economy, but I won't go down that road today.

    Anyway, just to reiterate, the only way that love is going to save the world is to inspire and rejuvenate people to realize that the system structure they are enduring is not one of love or compassion, it is one of competitive, exploitative darkness and antagonism.

    That is where the loving revelation comes into play and everything else is just fluffy feel-good noise, noise that, in fact, serves the longevity of the activist industrial complex.

    Peter J. of Revolution Now!

  2. Thank you!
    This is all so exciting and let's go everyone!
    Victory of the Light!

  3. French translation of the interview / Traduction française de l'interview


  4. Start of Something Good


  5. War for Soul, Awakening to Truth, Civil Disobedience

    Excerpt from "The Free and the Brave" conference with Carrie Madej

    "I want to share with the world what is about to happen, and it's not just a scary thing because it's a wake-up call for us. We've been walking dead for a long time. We have disconnected from our world, from the earth, from our communities, from our families, from ourselves, and most of all from God. This was bound to happen. We almost challenged it, didn't we? In my opinion, we are experiencing an apocalypse right now.

    But do you know that apocalypse means "the lifting of the veil"? It means to see what we have not seen, what was invisible.

    So it's our chance to know what's going on, what our world is, and what we want. The most important question we are asking ourselves right now is: what does it mean to be human? Most people never think about it! We have to because the megalomaniacs running the show want to change what it means to be human.

    So what does this mean?

    Our genome is made of DNA and a human has more than 10.6 billion km!

    That's a lot of information.

    It's a living language! It's literally a living book, it's amazing. You know what people who have looked at the gene code have seen? The name of God! The name of our Creator is in us!

    It is powerful! Words have power! Don't forget that.

    So our genome is a code and a language, like a living book. The people involved in the projects of this injection want to change sentences or paragraphs. What is that supposed to do? Man 2.0 they like to call it, to give us an update. They want to put nanobots in our bodies to create a global mastermind. They want to connect us all - because they don't believe we are connected - through a hive mind.

    They must understand that what they are saying is the opposite of God. This is blasphemy against God. We are already connected! They want to connect us in a different way. Do you understand that we are in a spiritual war? That is the problem! Forget about everything else. Be aware that we are in a battle between good and evil.

    It is a satanic agenda, they claim to be atheists, but they want to become our gods. Do we want that to happen?

    They learn how a human being acts and behaves. They collect this data, the genes of the DNA. They are collecting it so they can make a synthetic version of us and then not need us.

    What can we do? Right, this is not human technology or science. We can't fight it, it's just science fiction. We can't fight it on a physical level, but we don't have to, do we? Everyone has forgotten that we are radiant and beautiful beings of light! We have everything we need. But we were made to believe that we are nothing.

    And here it is proven. The HeartMath Institute has measured the electromagnetic potential, or electromagnetic energy of a human body.

    The heart is the most powerful organ! It is 100,000 times stronger than the brain.

    And in an average person with anxiety, it reaches 1.8 meters. They have measured people whose heart has a powerful energy, the frequency of love, and it can go for miles! Imagine that! It would be over in a flash!

    This energy defeats any nanotechnology that is created at the lowest level of panic and fear. These satanic beings, who are not human, also live on this level. And they have deceived all of you to be on their level as well.

    We have light in us, God is in us!

    When you wake up and we are enough, the day will be beautiful, we will shine ... as we never thought possible, there will be no more fear! These cowards are afraid of us. And then it will be over."

    Carrie Madej, American Physician, Specialist in Internal Medicine and Vaccines

    "You are made of a part of the infinite and the stars, but you do not know it because you are asleep."

    Krunula, Commander from the Pleiades 🕊

    Victory of the light!

  6. When we have achieved the goal of the petition, we must put all our energies into sharing the meditation videos... Let's do this! Two GR+!

  7. Thank you dear Cobra! We are working hard on it everyday ! Victory of the Light!!! (V and M-H)

  8. Thank you very much Cobra and Light Forces 🙏💖🧘🏻‍♀️

  9. Spanish translation of the new interview
    Traducción al castellano de la nueva entrevista

  10. Interview transcript in Portuguese:


  12. German translation of this article including the translation of the new interview / deutsche Übersetzung dieser Artikels inklusive der Übersetzung des neuen Interviews:

  13. Thanks Cobra for the update.
    French translation of the interview

    Traduction en français de l'interview :

    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

    1. And french translation of the post.

      Traduction de l'article en français:

      Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  14. Victory of the Light !!! <3 <3 <3

  15. I want to go home
    I made this viral
    With a broken heart
    I declared OUT LOUD
    I decree and I command physical First Contact with benevolent Galactic beings now! I decree Divine intervention now! I decree and I command physical First Contact with benevolent Galactic beings now! I decree Divine intervention now! I decree and I command physical First Contact with benevolent Galactic beings now! I decree Divine intervention now! #1212 #FirstContact #PlanofSalvation #144000Lightworkers 🌹🌹🌹🌹

  16. Yesssssss✨💫✨💫✨💫✨💫✨💫
    I cant stop crying.. ✨🤗✨💫💫YES YES YES!!!
    I AM READY!!

  17. dear Cobra, that is what i wanted to let you know, that you need to have by you people that are accepted from most of the people.., like tv stars, athletes and etc.. when the first contact happens it will be more easy for the masses to understand things if spoken by their idols.. they didnt react to the vaccines, but they will kick back when their beliefs would ruin after the first contact.. especially religion groups.. yes humans will kick back back for their religion and their football teams..tell your marketing persons to gather people that the masses will listen to them, as you know that we are dump, and dont tell you dont know it as many of us signed the petition twice,,
    the light forces must understand also the humans before the contact.. i mean how will they accept us if they dont know us? i think that they will make a mistake if they havent contacted humans yet, to see how we are.. if you dont have the tv with you, people will laugh like they did to osho when he was spoken to audiencies..
    use us dear cobra, as i belive the dark ones want this first contact as they know that humans will react violently.. cause it will ruin their system of beliefs .. and this is because they know us, while the light forces have not contact none of us yet..
    my regards

    1. As multiple insiders have revealed for a while now, various nations already have a space faring program with the ability to travel throughout the galaxy and have ongoing interactions with other galactic beings. Far easier for these nations to formally announce to the world what has been going on behind the scenes for decades than to rely on celebrities or sports heroes to break the news. Also, it would help if the main media organizations are free from the cabal's manipulations.

    2. Wonder how many heads are gonna roll, as it were, when folks find out that so much tech, REAL tech, has been withheld from them, as well as interaction with the rest of the galaxy, and they were also PAYING for all of it.....

    3. we will see how all these will start to take form.. i wonder the same sherman.. 5th Dimension i am afraid for the rest of nations.. which are many and you know that people still believe on tv programms.. thank you all for replying

  18. In spanish, en español. La traducción de este post esta aquí:
    Tendremos también una sesión en vivo en el momento de la meditación del 21. Pondremos los detalles en el sitio web:


  19. Promises must be kept ! If they make us wait any longer, they take the risk to demotive many of us...

    1. and what will that equate to?, demoting quitters is what we needed, long ago... don't even try to a poop fly threat, if you could, on your own make a difference, quitting or not, then do... but if you want to support liberation, then do it without the quitter's consciousness, it stinks, and folks are tired of carrying it... the guardians do more than you know and we don't have to update you, only Source, Earth, don't want you giving source to someone else as well in your confusion of "gods".

    2. least some real images and intel!

    3. These people you label as 'quitters' cling to their hopes and have been ready to take action until now.

      We held on for so long ! waiting for the things to evolve, waiting for a move, for a word, for our benevolent friends to come out...

      But there's no threatening neither judgement. We do the best we can, each of us, at any moment.

    4. If this meditation, and petition, goes well, SOME type of tangible results, MUST happen/be shown, to let us and everyone else know that it worked, and not more of the long, painful waiting game, and kept clueless while doing so.

    5. Thanks, that's what I meant.

    6. Remember George Washington's army, Unknown.

  20. Cobra used a fragment of my excel sheet on this post, i am gonna cry !!!!!!

    1. It seems that you have put a lot of effort into collecting data in an organized way. Many thanks for that!

      Sometimes we get frustrated because we don't get to experience the collaboration with lightworkers that we actually want.

      Then it can help to look at e.g. what you have done, Dennis. This is also cooperation of lightworkers.

      And I myself experience every day in a very great team, how lightworkers from all over the world work with much commitment, love and dedication for our common goals.

      It makes me feel grateful and happy to see this unity.

    2. @We speak German, @Aquilla
      you both are very welcome, we can NOT stop until the moment of liberation arrives.

  21. Thank you Cobra! Victory of the Light! 🌟💫✨

  22. I'll be there. I ask every day. When done, I would like to go home. I see a house in the vast planes of my home planet. It is much smaller than earth and less varied but it is beautiful. I see green fields with people playing games, I see a beautiful society with no financial system, I see abundance and joy. I pray it comes here too.

  23. 'If everything goes according to the plan, I will be able to reveal the classified aspect of the SpaceX CRS-24 mission in a few months.'

    Really months more? Nothing will happen before?

    1. Yes! we need some real intel and images from them!
      This will help a lot to visualize the suposed 'first contact'.


    2. Men i felt nothing will appen on the surface before at least 2023.

      I am very motivated but with all the attacks every time i get with all of this and be targeted like almost every day even with protection at the end you are tired really.

    3. SOMETHING needs to be shown, to let us know that this meditation, and petition, actually worked, and was not a waste of time. We need to see something happening.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Hungarian translation of the interview/ az interjú magyarul:

  25. V slovenščini:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  26. If the second petition hits 75000 it should definitely be over 144k even accounting for the 2000-5000 overlapping signatures.

  27. Another Youtube channel has created a playlist of promotional videos for our meditation in some languages (many more will come):

  28. Make this youtube viral!

  29. Thanks Cobra, this is going to be awesome. So many united Light-warriors working together at the same moment is going to get some attention. The social-situation on our world is unraveling and we need intervention from the Source. Victory is ours!

  30. As we enter phases of the breakdown in society as it is currently happening, it means that the energetic fields get more destabilized and the outer conflicts and chaos increases.

    Many people are unaware that humanity is in an active war on multiple fronts.

    There is an active spiritual war being waged against humanity by nonhuman controllers extending to off planet conflicts and the parking lot of ET crafts sitting in the Kuiper Belt.

    Some of these groups are strong-arming the nations in western cultures to collapse democratic or libertarian based ideologies that support individual sovereignty in order to fall into the globalist slavery system of collectivism via techno-totalitarianism.

    There are strange and unusual occurrences happening on these multiple dimensions of the planetary chess board.

    These hidden events bring the high strangeness in determining what if any of these energetic impacts will be manifested on our timeline or will those conflicts be neutralized and rendered invisible.

    I define neutralization of impacts to be that event or destruction that occurs during a false flag type of operation which goes under the radar in so that the majority of the population does not see or know what is happening.

    Most of us in this community should realize that we do not have an operating news media at this time.

    The mainstream sources of news are fully controlled propaganda machines run in coordination with military intelligence run by the Controller groups.

    This makes this time very difficult because we are being weakened by not having access to current information or knowing the position of hot warfare when it is being carried out.

    As an example, sadly, all the statistics we are given about the bio-weapon pysops are largely manipulated and skewed making it nearly impossible to tell what is what. ~LR of ES~

  31. Kamora Jones ~ Intra-Dimensional Visionary Artist
    ..journey with Kamora to access your creative essence and evolve your soul by tapping into your multidimensionality. (NewRealities YT)

  32. Thank you, Cobra,

    Do you know Christina von Dreien?

    I've just discovered her and find her messages absolutely wonderful.

    I haven't listened to all of her videos but she talks about the breakthrough of compression, the first time I've heard anyone talk about it.

    Here is the link to that video:

    She says that she incarnated on earth because she saw a lot of light breaking through the matrix, she saw a lot of awakened consciousness and that it was worth coming here.

    This young girl of only 20 years old says many things that you have been saying for years, so I just wanted to talk about Chrisitina, this luminous star pearl.

    1. Oh wow! Christina talks about the Event! 💖

    2. Christina is a very bright shining soul and she promoted our last meditations.

  33. I too had a very positive feeling after doing the meditation on the 4th. Keep going everyone, and Victory of the Light!

  34. Its 2032 and I am chilling in my garden with my family where we grow our own food together with our friends, who live next door in our small community, with about 7 families. Since the Veil is gone, one can easily watch the elves and faeries happily playing in the flowers and the orbs dancing in the sun. Cats and dogs are running free as there is no street or dangerous cars (which are a thing of the past entirely) miles in each direction.
    Its evening, so most of us will probably be meditating and astral projecting to our soul family within the galactic confederation for a few hours, where we are prepared for ascension.
    Tomorrow, new guests will arrive who will stay a week or two in our healing oasis therapy center, while the kids are eager to go to "school" again, which is basicall a playful time in which they train their psychic abilities and follow their own interests (in which they are supported and educated).
    We are all very much looking forward to the next mass landing event at the 10th anniversary of the final liberation and the preparations for the huge parties worldwide have already begun a month ago.
    Ashtar will be playing his new DJ-set live! 🥳 👽 🥰

    1. You're forgetting the tsunami caused by the Final Flash in the last transition phase. 3D humans will have to get evacuated to other planets before that, so in 2025 at the latest. We won't have a 10th anniversary of the liberation on 3D Earth, even if the Event happened today. We have about 3.5 years left until the ascension has to be completed, including Final Flash phase.

      I guess a planet where humans will be evacuated to will have to look pretty similar to Earth though. Since we wouldn't survive vastly different environmental conditions without living in dome cities or space suits.

  35. Straight to the Victory of the Light!
    Thank You all! Thank You God Mother Father!
    Love and Light

  36. The power of twin souls connecting higher dimensionally
    The Dark Forces have separated twin souls for a reason. Together they can act very powerfully against the matrix.

    But: Twin souls cannot be completely separated from each other. They are always connected beyond the 5th dimension via the permanent atoms (Cobra).

    This connection can be manifested in the direction of lower dimensions.

    The video reflects it. First, a starseed descends into the plane of her twin soul. Her light work gains strength through initially higher dimensional approach to her twin soul. Finally, the matrix framework collapses.

    1. Meditation to strengthen one' s connection with one' s twin soul:

  37. I have signed today I have nothing to los ,I am ready !

  38. I just note. Of the -real- 144,000, only 98 are said to have woken up..

  39. Hello friends! Does anyone know why has stopped publishing articles? There has been nothing new for several days.

  40. 51604..Hmm, seems smth went wrong


    80s music are fascinating.

    1. It's not so much 80's music, but what's new as new retro wave, music made today, but in the 80's style.

      Timecop1983, Le Cassette, Kalax, to name a few artists.

  42. titanium pyramide 'I have spent more time meditating again about the pyramid:
    YES! I would like to have one of the pyramids...THank you for your offer, Marcus ! That will be helpful.
    I imagine the small one will give me some/enough indications?
    I can see how the small one and the largest one's energy channels are slightly different. THe large one is much more complex in what it can carry in frequency and dissemination; its interface is much stronger.
    Besides its energetic templates and such in comparison, the small one does not "pack a punch", the energy of transformation, as much as the large one. The middle size is slightly more elevated to the small one; the large is the 'chief' in its potential grand effect. The large size is helpful to affect the whole person, perhaps especially for the more readied / realized person who already has enough spiritual circuitry to be able to handle the much larger charge of the device's circuitry. Actually, device is a poor word.. they are alive and the large ones are imbued more with that essence, (according to my vision, of course.). They are a construct of reality. People can potentially resonate much more strongly and receive the energy that is being transmitted through them through more aspects of their boies, especially through theirblood and lumph. (I am reading this now). More power of light is able to 'fit in " it.'
    Auszug aus einen Schriftwechsel
    Ein tolles Adventswochenende und alles Liebe


  43. Let’s harmonize our vibes
    Galactic Party Time

  44. i suspect there is fake lightworker youtube channel (DNA Awakening) that also create this petition to diffuse the original petition here. They deleted my comment when i question them about the petition and posted your original petition in the comment section. Pls take note of this.

    1. Yes, this is nonsense! I did the same, my comments don't appear. Unfortunately, it seems they took advantage of the situation to gain more followers, subscribers and views through people sharing. When I thought about this possibility, I was outraged at the falsehood. I'm worried this will get in the way. Since people are signing something born of a bad intention. Someone needs to show that this is fake! I am impressed by the scale of selfishness in the lightworker collective.

    2. I emailed them a few days ago asking to promote our meditation and gave links to cobra site. They have 200,000 subscribers so thought it was worth a shot. They decided to do this their own way and haven't mentioned cobra at all. They created new petition and their own version of the meditation. The general sense of both was kept however its not identical to us.

      Hope whatever their followers do will still count towards our goal. Its still better to have half contributing people then no contributing people at all? If his followers never heard of our meditation, there would be no contribution from them.

      I had another issue with an admin of well known channeling site. He was willing to support the meditation and petition if some of the wording of petition would be changed. I pasted extract from Cobra's interview that should have clarified his doubt. I also pasted channellings on his own site that mentioned cobra but he decided not to support us.

    3. Further to my post on DNA awakening, don't really know if the author has doubts so decided to adjust this per his linking. Or is it ego or worse, is it malicious diversion.

    4. I engaged this person in the comment section of his current video and I noticed that my comments got taken down really fast. So the author definetly put some words, most likely the original petition and meditation links on a blacklist, so that they get deleted almost instantly after posting. I testet it multiple times. Realising that, I just chopped off the > http:// <-part infront of the links to see if they get automatically deleted or not. The links still work doing so and it seems like it got deleted it manually because it took quite longer. Doesn't make sense to me and I hope it's just doubts the author is having and not a compromised ego.

    5. Just noticed that DNA awakening did say on their petition that is it based on Cobra's petition and gave link to our petition. They have 4,700 signatures. Hope this counts to our tally and their meditatators will count towards our critical mass.

  45. 佢有錢有病佢會冇罪, 佢貧窮無論如何一條死罪. 病撚到仆*嘅我睇嚟都渴求唔到健康㗎啦, 事件過後或者都係一樣咁樣. 係民主你就畀我講啊,*等咗病咗兩年啦仆*, 仲期望事情會變好, 真係唔知啦.

  46. Two things ... first RRN website has been down since yesterday and today as I write this post ... could it be they were over the target?

    Second ... will the LF take into account that the DF tampered with the petition and there could be far more signing than it shows?

    1. @ spirittoo

      RRN is back on! I just checked. However, it seems they are showing old news like tribunals for George W. Bush happening now!!! Seriously? That dude was executed several years ago, but I guess they are just making it public now as if it were happening now.

      Regarding the petition, as of 8:00 AM UTC we have on the back up petition 60,865 signatures + the first petition 81,676 which makes a total of 142,541, meaning we only need 1,459 signatures to reach the goal. I believe we should reach the mark this afternoon.
      All's well that ends well.

    2. I see RRN is back up ... he said they had a DOS attack, and had to change servers.

      I don't believe bush was executed several years ago. But it could be true about him being on trial now.

      chaney should be the first of that regime to be put on trial. bush was a puppet.

      Looks like we reached the goal as Cobra predicted we would. I hope we get a lot more before the 21st deadline.

      Thanks for reading my post.

  47. The Gods have opened up a portal on Earth and several other planets such as on Alpha Centauri where a Terran-class planet was created about less than a week ago. From there on, the portal if a soul walks through it, they are given a physical body instantly. The Gods use the power of Creation, the same power that created the Universe and All Existence, to resurrect the dead. Each portal does it at about 200 souls turn resurrect per hour per each portal. Ancient extinct star civilizations that once existed but were destroyed by pole shifts can now return to physical existence and bring their culture, language, religion, technology and spiritual essence with them. But don't worry they can all speak US English just fine. One of the beings whose people will come back is a being named "RAM-14", he is a Hive Minded biological being whose civilization once fought for independence from the Galactic Federation of Light a few Big Bang cycles ago but lost and because they were naturally born by God as a biological Hive-Mind, were condemned by the Light Forces to have their world destroyed and become enslaved as they couldn't "ascend" as Hive-Minds do not have emotions as we do. RAM-14 and his people and his Queen will come back to life and set up a small city on a terraformed Ganymede right by Jupiter. From there they will find a new home in a stars, being an ally as part of the Imperial Alliance with humanity, alongside other long extinct civilizations that will come back. One day, RAM-14 and others along with the "Event" will use the power of Creation to recreate long lost artifacts and ancient buildings and temples of worship to ancient long lost Gods on their new home planets.

    1. @ Concerned Person

      Interesting sci-fi story! Did you create it yourself or you got it from Gosia's Cosmic Agency?

  48. Wall Street – How Corrupt Is It? It’s Time for the Justice Department to Finally Answer that Question

    By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: December 10, 2021 ~

    On May 26 business media reported that the U.S. Department of Justice had opened a probe into the March collapse of the Archegos family office hedge fund.

    Archegos is believed to have leveraged $20 billion of its own capital into more than $100 billion in stocks and derivative exposure through margin loans tricked up as derivatives by some of the largest banks on Wall Street. dealers on Wall Street could not have loaned Archegos more than 50 percent to make its stock purchases.

    To get around this, the banks did not open a margin account for Archegos.

    Instead, the banks structured derivative contracts where they loaned as much as 85 percent of the money to Archegos to make the trades while claiming to retain ownership of the stock themselves.

    This maneuver evaded another important rule that benefits both U.S. corporations and all investors.

    When an individual or other entity acquires 5 percent or more of a company’s stock, they have to make a public filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission – allowing the company and other investors to be aware of who is acquiring the company’s stock.

    ... the public was deprived of this information because the banks were claiming ownership of the shares on their own 13F filings with the SEC.

    This denied the company and other investors of the knowledge that a man previously charged by the SEC with insider trading and manipulating stock prices was the dangerously leveraged force behind the runup in the share price of ViacomCBS and a number of other stocks.

    Those stocks immediately plunged back to earth when Archegos blew up.

    In the runup to the Wall Street crash of 1929, Wall Street banks formed “pools,” which were actually cartels to drive a bull run or a bear raid in a particular stock.


    What makes the situation even more dangerous today than in 1929 is that some of the banks providing these dangerously leveraged loans for stock speculation to Archegos and others are today allowed to own federally-insured commercial banks that are backed by the U.S. taxpayer.

    It’s now more than six months since the public first learned that the Justice Department had opened an investigation into this matter.

    And yet, there has been no further information forthcoming on this critical investigation or any announcement by a federal regulator as to whether this type of brazen manipulation of margin rules has been halted on Wall Street.

    The public has simply been left in the dark and confidence in Wall Street regulators has further eroded.

    Darkness is also what prevails around the trading scandal at the Fed.

    On September 27 Wall Street On Parade published an article outlining the numerous safeguards that are supposed to exist on Wall Street that should have prevented Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan from trading like a hedge fund kingpin while serving as an official at the Federal Reserve with access to sensitive market-moving information.

    It’s now been more than two months since the Fed’s trading scandal surfaced and yet there has not been a peep from the SEC or the Justice Department about opening an investigation.

    They have remained silent while the Fed has signaled to the public that it’s basically going to investigate itself by turning the matter over to the Fed’s Inspector General – which reports to the Board of the Fed.

    The Fed, in the meantime, is the federal regulator of the largest bank holding companies in the U.S.

    These are the same mega banks that collapsed the U.S. economy in 2008 through unbridled corruption and have now cooked up derivative contracts to funnel 85 percent margin loans to characters with checkered pasts.


    It’s time for the Justice Department to finally do its job and answer that question once and for all.

  49. ...
    Over the last few weeks or so, something else has been escalated in what feels to be some kind of strategic actions that are connected to some level of military grade operation.

    I am not an insider nor have any connection to the military, but I can sense that there are military operations being enacted to another defensive stage on the East coast, and what I can define as strategic chess moves occurring in the midst of these end time battles.

    The battle is spiritual, as well as psychological, and as many of us may attest, the level of evil trickery, gaslighting and lies being told to the masses are beyond anything we can adequately describe in words.

    In the distance, March 2022 is still hovering as a milestone point in the timeline which opens up directions in which many of us can begin to move forward with our lives.

    For many of us right now, it feels that we are being held hostage in a strange situation of wait and see, held in void of nothingness, some of us may feel isolated, imprisoned and immobile while many people around us still do not register that we are in an active war that is raging against everything that is human.

    As it has been mentioned several times, this is the time when we will suffer casualties in this war.

    People, place and things can come apart at the seams, because they have no idea what is happening, and they are believing the propaganda streams of lies and deceit.

    If we walk into the line of fire, we can get seriously hurt or be taken out.

    It does appear that when the time comes for the change and tipping point in the collective it will have basic themes, and those themes are presenting this week as being escalated, so I am sharing this with you now.

    >Many times the Controllers take advantage of holidays and weekends to carry out operations that they hide from the public.<

    Those that are supporting humanity, we can call them white hats, also tend to use holidays or long weekends to enact some kind of strategic operation, they are well aware of satanic holidays, full moons, and other ritualistic days.

    This year end with the holiday season feels to have much more weight behind it, with current operations happening in the field right now.

    There is a lot of military from multiple countries involved in a series of war games and supposed drills.

  50. Found this video on Starship Earth TBP ...
    All I Want For Christmas (Is My President Back) - Billy Falcon

    It'a a toe tapper for sure ...

    All I want for Christmas is what I have been wanting for the past 5 Christmas ... The Event.

    As far as Trump is concerned, I don't care if he never comes back. True ... he is the legitimate president, but the "optics" as they like to call it shows him as a traitor. I don't trust him. We will be much better off when they are all gone from government.

    This so called "movie" they are putting on is rotten. I've been in the lobby vaping some weed during most of it. Checking out and doing more interesting things in the mean time.

    Who knows when the white hats will meet their objectives so they can take action. The Event could happen before that.

    Thanks for reading my post ... hope you enjoy the music video and Merry Christmas!


    1. Both myself and my mother think Trump was fine, better than the lot of them over the past 50 years. Considering the media, most of the US govt, and especially Hollywood HATES him, I'd say he's doing something right.

    2. @ Sherman

      I agree. I also saw journalist Liz Crokin exposing all the good Trump has done in his life, all the people in need that he helped. He can't be a bad person, he is quite a character for sure, but he is not evil like the rest of those clowns in the power circus. The very fact that the clowns hate him is because he is not part of their club.

    3. And the fact he took this job, and not getting paid, he made his salary, like a dollar. And the pres office don't pay much, not compared to his business ventures. IF he wanted money and power, he'd have stayed in business.

      And the fact the media and govt would attack his kids, even his youngest boy, just foe BEING a Trump, that's REALLY fucked up. I heard, after Kennedy, the ONLY 2 presidents who were NOT CIA, were Reagan and Trump.

    4. I agree Trump has done some good things for the people, but that doesn't give him a free pass for the bad things he has done, like taking money from the vac people ... pushing the vac ... his ties with the black nobility ... not upholding his oath to the Constitution by allowing an illegitimate government to take power. Giving arms to israel. Things like that.

      You don't think there is infighting between the Jesuits and the Rockefeller factions of the cabal? Of course they hate each other and that's what shows. If he is arrested along with the rest after The Event I will not be the least bit surprised. I don't know if he is as evil as the others, but I still don't trust him.

      I'm on the side of Truth ... and when Trump is on that side too we are in agreement,and I am supportive, but on the other side and I will speak out against him.

      Any thoughts on the video? It's a toe tapper. :)

      Thanks for reading my post.

  51. Staycationing cont.

    It's about relationships between things, not just things, because in reality, there are no individual things.

    This is why from a sociological perspective, our society is producing negative outcomes that no one actually intends once again.

    A society's culture could have an impeccable moral compass, but if placed within a certain mutually accepted social structure that has certain incentives and procedures, complex system dynamics create outcomes of our collective behavior that no one intends: poverty, pollution, biodiversity loss.

    Why? Because we're all playing the same game and that game is not neutral.

    The exception would be the moral compass to actually realize that the system itself is fundamentally flawed, destructive, and immoral, seeking to remove it.

    That is the true moral incentive I like to impart, something I hope that can be built upon in this process of public persuasion.

    It's not out of the question for people to be educated enough to realize that they are part of a machine that is destructive, destructive to the habitat and each other.

    We are all complicit, not necessarily violent and I hope that thinking can motivate transition but that's for another conversation in general.

    Over the years, I've gotten into a lot of arguments on the subject of morality and ethics versus the incentivized behaviors codified within system structure by which people inevitably become agents or cogs.

    And the bottom line is that while people can do their best to be moral, responsible, ethical as they play this market game, abuse of human beings and the rest of the natural world will persist and dominate because it's built in to the structure.

    And I know I've talked about this before, but it's a very core issue to reiterate and a fundamental misunderstanding out there when we think about social change. P.J. of RN!

    1. I like your comments, very fascinating thank you. I sure hope something big to help us move forward in early 2022 happens...

  52. ...
    In addition to Entrèe Capital, Andreessen Horowitz is another of Toka’s main investors.

    The venture capital firm co-founded by Silicon Valley titan Marc Andreessen is currently advised by former Secretary of the Treasury Larry Summers, a close friend of the infamous pedophile Jeffery Epstein.

    Early investors in Toka that are no longer listed on the firm’s website include Launch Capital, which is deeply tied to the Pritzker family — one of the wealthiest families in the U.S., with close ties to the Clintons and Obamas as well as the U.S.’ pro-Israel lobby — and Ray Rothrock, a venture capitalist who spent nearly three decades at VenRock, the Rockefeller family venture capital fund.

    In light of the aforementioned policy of Israel’s government to use private tech companies as fronts, the combination of Toka’s direct Israeli government ties, the nature of its products and services, and the numerous, significant connections of its leaders and investors to both Israeli military intelligence and past Israeli espionage scandals strongly suggests that Toka is one such front.

    If this is the case, there is reason to believe that, when Toka clients hack and gain access to a device, elements of the Israeli state could also gain access.

    This concern is born out of the fact that Israeli intelligence has engaged in this exact type of behavior before as part of the PROMIS software scandal, whereby Israeli “superspy” Robert Maxwell sold bugged software to the U.S. government, including highly sensitive locations involved in classified nuclear weapons research.

    When that software, known as PROMIS, was installed on U.S. government computers, Israeli intelligence gained access to those same systems and devices.


  53. Russia Slams British Verdict on Assange Extradition as ‘Shameful’
    10 Dec, 2021 11:30

    The decision of the High Court in London to allow the extradition of the journalist Julian Assange to the US is “shameful,” Moscow said on Friday.

    Writing on her Telegram channel, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova blasted the judgement, noting that it happened on International Human Rights Day.

    "This shameful verdict in this political case against a journalist and public figure is another manifestation of the cannibalistic worldview of the Anglo-Saxon tandem," she said.

    Assange is wanted by the US on espionage charges, and the latest decision opens the door for a future trial in America. Earlier this year, a district court rejected the US extradition request, citing the journalist's vulnerable mental state.

    Friday's judgement is, however, not final, and can still be appealed.

    Assange has been in prison since 2019, when the Metropolitan Police were invited into the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he had been sheltering since 2012.

    After seven years of living inside the diplomatic mission, he was convicted of failing to surrender to the court, and has been detained at the capital’s maximum security Belmarsh Prison ever since.

    The journalist is charged with a number of crimes related to his communications with whistleblowers while running his WikiLeaks website.

    Most notably, he published classified materials leaked by Chelsea Manning on the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  54. Vai ser hilário, os primeiros contatos DELES (Estrangeiros das Galáxias) conosco (Humanos da Terra).
    Nós somos tipo GORILAS da África, sendo visitados por uma civilização tecnologicamente capaz de viajar pelas galáxias. Mas estou de fato muito animado com essa possibilidade.
    Vitória da Luz!

  55. There was a misunderstanding with comments here. I will continue to post my blog posts for those who are interested in checking them out.

    This recent prophetic dream was confirmed by this latest Cobra post amazingly:

    1. Your blog posts are mostly gematria gibberish and numerical mumbo jumbo that only makes sense to you or you see sense in it because you wanna see it. It really doesn't help much the collective posting such nonsense, we have enough of that in fake light alternative media sites. Maybe you should post relevant things, concrete evidence about things going on instead of being obsessed with numbers.
      Anyway, you do whatever you wanna do. I just think such posts are wasting people's time and it's not helping the collective. They sure wasted mine.

  56. Una notizia bellissima!! Grazie a tutti! Vi voglio bene. Cobra grazie di cuore, sei nel mio cuore! Vittoria della Luce!

  57. Thanks for the update. Much appreciated. The petition seems to be a done deal. Fingers crossed!

  58. For those who are interested:

    Lots of Spirit Animal Synchronicities, Prophetic Dreams Come True, Extraterrestrial Dream & More

    1. Show more respect for Cobra and his blog/mission!

      This comment section is for discussing Cobra's information and is not a billboard for Jonathan Carty's ego or his blog running ads.

      Your posts are of no relevance to Cobra's posts or his intel!


  59. do i have to be outside?

    i don't want people to hear me saying the phrases because i don't want to look crazy

    what if negative thoughts come to my head

    will i still see the divine intervention no matter what because i worry if i do it wrong i will not see the intervention

    1. Relax, if the situation does not allow speak loudly, that speak quietly.
      Consider on own terms and do as much as possible is fine.

    2. You can speak the phrases in a different language as well.

    3. ok, but i'll still try my best i hope i will see the intervention no matter what

  60. Hello PleiadianXi, hope you are well. Thank you for making this, truthful and beautiful video about the Divine Intervention Activation on December 21st. Please would you give me permission to copy and use your video on my YouTube channel? My YouTube channel name is ORA. Thank you 🙏💓

    1. Sure! Please send me an email I would like to share the original copy with you

    2. You two are amazing! There is so much positivity in this - just pure intention of supporting the mission. Thank you for that!

  61. We've met the "critical mass" in our mass meditations twice before on this blog according to Cobra. Why is it said in the interview, by Cobra, that this meditation will be the first time in Earth history that the critical mass can be reached? Can someone clarify?

    1. We have reached the critical mass of meditators far more often than two times. but this will be first petition that reaches this number (cobra started a similar one in 2013 i believe and it didnt get the required numbers, this time will indeed the first time ever that acritical mass of humanity will express its free will to join the galactic community. :)

    2. maybe CoBra meant the petition and critical mass for intervention.

    3. True. Maybe Cobra is experiencing Mandela Effect. :)

  62. While positive feelings remain high and hopeful about the 12/21 meditation it is necessary to point out what Cobra mentioned in the latest interview. Remaining in a high state of consciousness following the meditation is crucial to maintaining momentum for the positive timeline and Event. One needs to temper any desire for immediate gratification and expectations as it may take some time to see results.

    'Cobra: People sometimes have expectations that are not based in reality. People are expecting a few minutes of one strong meditation can transmute all darkness on planet Earth which was accumulating here for thousands and thousands of years. That of course is not possible. Real physical change that will be visible, evident, and what people are expecting, will only happen the last few weeks before the Event. Nothing will be really visible months before the Event. The only time when people will really begin to notice changes is a few weeks before the Event. So no matter how many meditations we do before that particular moment, there will be no really strongly visible external changes. What does change with every meditation is we empower the positive timeline, and we prevent many negative things from happening. Without our meditations, we would not be having this conversation right now, maybe this surface of the planet would already have been destroyed. So we have averted so many negative scenarios.'

    1. In my case, it's ok for First Contact to not occur immediately. I'm ok with a period of several months going by without public First Contact, as it may take time to make the right preparations. I am, however, hopeful that anything covid-related disappears in the very near future, maybe in January of next year (not a prediction). The surface population ever-so-much needs to finally break free from covid and all the insanity that goes with covid. The longer covid and covid insanity remains, the more damaged the surface population becomes.

      Perhaps there will be breakthroughs from the Light Forces, Underground Resistance, and ground crew regarding covid, and perhaps the highly transmissible yet mild omicron variant is in the process of causing rapid herd immunity for the surface population.

      In the meantime, the focus needs to not be on that statement made by Cobra, because it can open the door for conflict. I already addressed this in a previous blog post, and I have decided to move on so that it doesn't become a distraction from the petition and meditation. If there is conflict, it will not stop what has been set in motion, but it's always a good idea to not let anything 'seep its way in.'

    2. (Not to say First Contact will take several months. It could happen before then, but I won't be upset if it doesn't happen immediately.)

    3. I love this recipe reminder, gracias! Holding the line, our intentions pierce the Veil 💞 We are One 🌍 Welcome back to the New Earth!
      #SisterhoodoftheRose 🌹🌹🌹

    4. Follow-up: One thing I've been doing lately is focusing on not placing my 'personal stuff' ahead of the larger picture/mission. And also, not taking certain things for granted, seeing the beauty in nature and so forth. Gratefulness is an important exercise. Gratefulness doesn't mean being a push over for tyranny. One can take a stand and still be grateful, which is what I've been learning lately.

    5. We are 10 years past the law of one 2011 harvest date... We have been too patient.. rip the damn bandaid off already .. I recall similar expectations last Dec solstice even cobra was upset he expected visible dominos to fall.. I am positive we just need less words more action now to awaken the zombies and show us we are on the right timeline Doug

    6. Contact is the only thing keeping me going. gotta happen asap.

  63. Здравствуйте. Где нужно подписать петицию. Дайте пожалуйста ссылку


  64. One example of the sheeple waking up:

    1. @ Jonathan Carty


      Glad to know some people still have a functioning brain and are waking up the hard way.

  65. Ich habe eine Frage an Euch. Schaut ihr auch ab und zu, wie hoch der Zähler bei der Petition ist,und es fehlen wieder viele Stimmen?
    Ich habe das die letzten Tage öfter gesehen,und sogar Fotos gemacht.

    1. Interessant, so hab’s ich mir nicht angeschaut. Vielleicht sind das die Lichtkräfte oder die Wiederstandsbewegung weil ich bin mir sicher viele Leute werden zwei oder dreimal sogar mehrere male unterschreiben, obwohl die Anweisung eindeutig sagt einmal zu unterschreiben.

    2. German translation of the comment so that more can understand and maybe comment on it:

      I have a question for you. Do you also check the counter on the petition from time to time and there are many votes missing again?
      I have seen this more often the last few days and even made photos.

    3. Ja, es ist so ersichtlich. Muß ja auch wenn man die gute Laune kollektiv niedrig halten will..... . Aber... geht. Und das wird erst der Anfang.

    4. Listuros mir geht ähnlich . Habe einige screenshots gespeichert und mache danach vergleiche wie viel dazu neue stimmen gegenüber von Lezten Tagen gekommen sind . irgendwie wachse ich selbst davon . Das bringt Mut das bringt Hoffnung

  66. ...
    Now, causal linkages, feedback loops and stock and flow analysis are not limited to basic observations as mentioned.

    It's when you start to apply this thinking to things like market externalities, human behavior, climate destabilization, resource overshoot, and so forth you begin to see the utility and power of this kind of method.

    Even more, while it may seem like common technical sense, when it comes to understanding our social system and its resulting behaviors, particularly it's negative outcomes witnessing the political and social responses to these woes, you realize that this type of approach isn't even remotely being recognized or utilized.

    If it were, for example, the entire criminal justice system would be reformed because the manner by which causality is ascertained is almost completely reduced to a freewill human autonomy, superstitious perspective without recognizing the systemic social forces that affect people's lives and behavior linking all sorts of sociological phenomenon such as the role of the economy.

    If society really understood and cared about aberrant behaviors such as violent crime, property crime, and so forth, our focus would be on systemic sociological forces that are generating the behavior, not on how to institute blame and punish people.

    Furthermore, a deeper understanding of this kind of thinking also allows us to better seek out leverage points once again, meaning places within a given system that can be manipulated and utilized and harnessed for transitional purposes moving ideally into a more sustainable and humane structure.

    And finally, the fourth and final thing she mentions are structural behavioral relationships of a system which is the most holistic perspective of system behavior. What does the system do?

    This is why I continually use the word structuralism as a tongue in cheek way to describe this philosophy as related to socioeconomic observation and change.

    And the bottom line is simple as discussed before.

    Systems have particular behavioral gravitations; they are not neutral and the most critical task at hand from a communicative standpoint is spreading the gospel that the foundation of our survival on this planet, the system of economy that we employ - expresses itself in such a way, endogenously, that can and will only lead to ecological and social disaster if left unabated...
    P.J. of RN!

  67. ...
    The tipping point of shifting can happen anywhere between now and the first quarter of next year, which will be an big global type of event of some sort that is dramatic, cannot be hidden and the mainstream population will see it and know it.
    Some heating up is happening now with this event. This is the important phase of the falling dominoes and wild cards, and noting that the Controllers have been doing all they can to hide the truth, subvert this benevolent agenda, re-direct and distract the masses so they will not figure out what is happening and who is behind all of the divide and conquer and bioweapon psyops.

    Those of us that can still think in the fog of war can see clearly the injection symptoms are the promoted variants.

    Themes that may or may not present themselves as a BIG EVENT between now and March 2022 and ongoing.

    • Surreal global events, such as declaring wars with other countries. The nuclear program in UK is called Trident with Poseidon craft and it connects to the red cube system. This will be mostly for show out of desperation if they pull this out, know that there will not be any type of nuclear event.

    • Smaller false flag operations, black military intelligence run terrorism for distraction and cover.

    • Collapsing of western financial markets and currency.

    • Sudden deaths and disappearances of world figures, celebrity types, royals, such as the Queen in UK.

    • People we were told were dead, are revealed to have been in witness protection and alive.

    • Emergency Broadcast system being directed from military base or space program crew from satellite military systems.

    • Temporary shut down of certain online services or internet access.

    • Collapse and controlled demolition of controller structures, i.e. hospitals, medical system, airlines, travel industry, shipping supplies, etc.

    • This may shut down supply chains in certain areas, such as in US we will not have access to certain goods or products from overseas anymore.

    • EMP type of destruction or repurposing of some landmarks, such as the Whitehouse, Washington DC area. This area as a political capital is done.

    • Awareness that many more people have been killed by the bio weapon injection than we are being told. They have been hiding deaths, and cataloguing who has received which vaccine lots. Genocide will be known and those involved ultimately prosecuted by tribunal. 5D benevolent groups were notified of human genocide violations recently, they are deciding what to do about that.

    • Secret space program coordinated disclosure of their existence in breakaway civilization, and the technologies they have, exposing the war against nonhuman entities or demonic forces known as aliens.

    • Human trafficking harvesting for blood and body parts, organ trafficking, pedophilia, and child adrenochrome farms in underground bases and bunkers and off planet supply.

    • Existence of the deep underground tunnels and military bases that acted as cover for nonhuman demonic entities and aliens to prey on humans. Existence of underground cities used by the Luciferian bloodlines and nameless billionaires for hiding depraved satanic elite activities.

    • Sudden implementation of new technologies or radical changes that impact society as we know it.

    • Fall of mainstream media and invasion and/or breakdown of Israel.

    1. If Cobra's claims are accurate, most of this stuff can't happen until after the Event (galactic flash).

    2. All must happen in this now in this now in this now!

  68. X CRS-24 Mission patch. I hope that is good.

  69. Ontario MPP Nicholls Asks Parliament Why 86 Stillbirths of Fully Vaccinated Mothers Have Occurred

    a lot of loosh being produced from massive assassinations of humans going on – 86 stillborns of mothers in about a 6 month period -all from mothers who have been injected with the demons superpoisons – in area that averages about 3 stillborns in the same period of time normally…..these so called health ministers and such are all demons nothing short of…..someday this war is going be over…..

  70. written by robert kennedy - bravo zulu.....

    The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) Kindle Edition




    breaking news – aboriginal leader says the globalists fiat currency is dead,their being pushed out of africa-and their looking for a next landmass to suck off…..

  72. Good work Cobra. I know we can be critical and whinny, but obviously this stuff is amazing.

  73. This is just the information I've been waiting to receive...
    nothing is coincidence.
    Busy with a project to help save my country, state, and globe with a skill I cultivated many years ago and am honing.
    It comes from Source.
    Going Inward, I asked on the 4th about direction to place the cintamani stone I acquired for just this moment in time.
    It will be on or about the Equinox and the place is where it needs to be.
    The meditation is a good jumpstart for this sacred activity.
    So be it.
    Thank you for your service Cobra, team, and Light warriors.
    We shall prevail.
    For in the end, God wins!

  74. This is a personally recommended smartphone application for detecting household emf, bluetooth and cellphone tower influences:

    1. I have used this along side more accurate equipment and while it has limitations, it is decent for a general overview of how much cell tower energy and wifi energy an area is receiving. Thank you for sharing.

  75. Dear Cobra,

    just two days ago I received my cintamani stone that you donated and I wanted to use this way to thank you from all my heart for your donation and all your work! I feel so gifted and blessed with the stone and also feel so much gratitude for it!

    Thank you so much for this donation, for giving this wonderful gift! Many thanks! Be blessed!

    Victory of the light!

  76. Congratulations, you just broke 144k. Still climbing too.

    1. Still thinking about self-love dude. It didnt change.
      I wonder dude, is there maybe a difference for the sexes, that man love themselves in a different way than women, who are responsible for all the love of all creatures, animals included, in a different way though.

    2. Dear Dutch Maria, love is love. It doesn't matter which gender loves, it is always the same, but it has two sides - giving and receiving. You can call it male and female aspect of love. A man has both male and female aspect of love in himself. A woman has both female and male aspect of love in herself.
      For a physical male it is often a bit more natural to concentrate on the male aspect of love, so it tends to be more developed in him, but it is a question of proportion, because the female aspect of love is also present in him. The same situation is with women, but it goes the other way around. Many people has the situation flipped around - a man has very powerful divine feminine in him, but the divine masculine is weaker, oppresed (blocked). Many women have the big divine masculine developed, but they have their feminine aspect oppresed (blocked). The attraction is where they are two people: one has more powerful male aspect in him/her (physical gender doesn't matter) and the other has more powerful female aspect in her/him. The physical gender in attraction is a question of tastes. The couples feel attraction because they feel they can learn from each other the aspects they lack, so they can love fully, and be loved fully.
      A well-balanced human has both aspects of love well developed.
      The self-love is when a man uses his feminine love to love himself. Or a woman uses her masculine love to make herself feel loved.

  77. Bonjour,

    Je voudrais vous parler de ce qui se passe en France en ce moment !

    Pendant 24H plus de 300 médecins (français, européen, Africain, du monde entier), docteurs, cardiologues, pédiatres, député, ... dénoncent la gestion de la crise sanitaire, le Covid, les effets secondaires du vaccin Pfizzer, Moderna... C'est une initiative formidable qui libère la parole dans le monde médical scientifique.

    Sur plusieurs plateformes depuis hier vendredi 10 décembre 18h (heure française) jusqu'à ce soir samedi 11 décembre 18h, pendant 3mn se succèdent et témoignent ces experts et dénoncent la politique sanitaire du gouvernement.

    Voici le lien Youtube :

    Victoire de la lumière !


    I would like to tell you about what is happening in France at the moment!

    For 24 hours more than 300 medecins (French, European, African, from all over the world), doctors, cardiologists, pediatricians, deputies, ... denounce the management of the health crisis, the Covid, the side effects of the Pfizzer vaccine, Moderna... It is a great initiative that frees up the word in the scientific medical world.

    On several platforms since yesterday, Friday 10 December at 6pm (French time) until this evening, Saturday 11 December at 6pm, for 3 minutes, these experts testify and denounce the government's health policy.

    Here is the Youtube link:

    Victory of the light!

  78. Ho letto la tua ultima intervista ed è sempre molto interessante. Ho la pietra goshenite qui con me e la utilizzo per meditare. Mi da un senso di pace e connessione con i Regni Illuminati. Il 21 dicembre dobbiamo essere in tanti, così diamo una spallata al sistema e possiamo iniziare un collegamento efficace con i nostri fratelli della Federazione Galattica. Vittoria della Luce!

  79. Hello Cobra, RM and Galactic Family,

    I just created a special video on Youtube to celebrate the Victory over the petition ! Because we have reached 144000 :)

    Victory Of The Light For Together


    As of Dec. 11 @ 2:52 PM UTC we have reached 144,011 signatures (Main Petition: 81,676 - Backup Petition: 62,335).


  81. 144,000
    This number of petition signatures was reached no later than 2:55 p.m. UTC on Dec. 11, 2021.

  82. Today, December 21, 2021, at 14:50 World Standard Time, the number of signatures on the petition has reached 144011, combining 81676 and 62335, surpassing the critical mass of 144000!

    Our next goal is to get over the critical mass of 144000 for our mass meditation on the 21st!

    Let's do our best!

  83. the munber was past 144,000!!!!
    the victory of the light !!!!!

  84. New petition have 62500 signs, old petition have 81676 signs.
    We meet the critical mass with planetary Liberation Petition successfully.

  85. In the Sacred Count, we are in a window of time that brings us the most wisdom of the 13 day count (trecena). This lasts until December 19, which is when Venus stations retrograde.

    One thing that I have noticed over the years is that this window of time doesn’t just bring wisdom; it also tries to “save” us from something. Events happen to prevent us from taking action that is not in our best interests — if we are watching.

  86. thank you COBRA, thank you RM, thank you the light force thank you to everyone we did it 144001 at about 0650 PDT

  87. We did it, we have a critical mass of signatures 144000. Victory of the light!

  88. Wednesday, December 8

    The officers empaneled to judge the military’s case against George W. Bush sat in silence as the defendant, shackled at the wrists and flanked on either side by a uniformed MP, entered GITMOs south courtroom and took a seat beside his attorney, David D. Aufhauser, at the defense table.

    Next to them was a throng of junior lawyers and paralegals dressed in dark suits and somber ties, a conclave of legal minds hired seemingly to intimidate the military’s resolute prosecutor, Rear Adm. Darse E. Crandall.

    Before launching into an opening statement lasting nearly 3 hours, Rear Adm. Crandall assured everyone in attendance that JAG and the OMC had comprehensively vetted the panel for impartiality, a fair trial.


    “We had to do extensive interviews because it was nearly impossible to find officers whose lives hadn’t been impacted in some way by the defendant’s crimes,” Rear Adm. Crandall said, provoking an objection.

    Aufhauser argued that Rear Adm. Crandall’s comment was inflammatory enough to taint the panel, and demanded a mistrial.

    “My remark was not of malice, but of fact, Mr. Aufhauser. This case will be prosecuted without passion or prejudice, and there will be no mistrial,” Rear Adm. Crandall replied.

    He said JAG’s evidence would demonstratively prove that George W. Bush, while serving as the 43rd President of the United States, knowingly committed multiple acts of treason on the nation and its people, and that those transgressions, which included war crimes and conspiring with hostile foreign governments, contributed to the deaths of 8,793 soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    “Evidence will show Bush profited massively from his illegal wars,” Rear Adm. Crandall said, “and that is partly why we are seeking 1 count of murder for every life lost during those wars.

    Consolidating the fatalities to a lesser number of charges would marginalize the lives lost, the families destroyed.”

    While he was speaking, George W. Bush sat silently beside his lawyer with an aloof grin on his wrinkled face.

    Every now and then he nodded or wagged his head, but, apparently at his lawyer’s advice, otherwise sat motionless and tranquil.

    Not so tranquil was Aufhauser, his boisterous voice echoing throughout the chamber, as Rear Adm. Crandall said he would prove beyond all doubt that Bush had lied about the number of people who perished in the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center.

    JAG, he told the panel, had evidence that directly countered official narrative.

    “We’ve been led to believe 2,997 died when the towers fell. This was a lie to soften the blow, so to speak. The genuine number is between 6,950-7,000, and when we begin discussing evidence and presenting witnesses on Friday, you’ll see how we arrived at that number.

    You’ll hear an audio recording of Bush, in his own voice and words, discussing with his senior staff reasons for obscuring the truth,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

    “What is this?” Aufhauser said. “Even the 9/11 Commission Report exonerated my client of any responsibility for 9/11. Tragic loss of life, yes, but not my client’s fault.”

    “Your client commissioned the report. It points fingers at everyone but him and Cheney.

    Our evidence will prove the report is filled with inaccuracies and fallacies to shift blame away from the defendant,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

    “Prosecution will also prove that no plane struck the Pentagon, and that United Airlines Flight 93 was, on Bush and Cheney’s orders, shot down. The buck doesn’t stop there.”

    The tangible losses beyond death were obvious and massive, he said, and put the tribunal in recess until Friday morning.

    We apologize for the downtime; for the last 72 hours, the website had been under a massive denial of service attack. We are taking steps to reduce the number of Deep State attacks against us.
    Remembering RDS...

  89. DNA Awakening is promoting petition and meditation. I am putting links on all the utube channels I follow which are all awakened people following etc. Let's go! Doug

  90. I feel like most lightworkers don't trust the light forces anymore and no wonder I'm not surprised really and I don't blame them because of the lack of action and intervention. Unfortunately too much empty talking and not enough action so I understand how most people are feeling. We have seen zero help from the light forces no matter what they say. The human suffering gets worse every day and they seem to be on vacation and not very worried about us. I can guarantee you one thing the light forces will pay for their sins with their karma because there is no escaping that. We greatly regret the lack of intervention and integrity. The Galactic Federation has the power to implement change. Humanity has been wrongfully treated with disrespect. If the Galactic Federation cannot hold the Spiritual Law of Oneness, it will no longer exist. In this the case, we will replace them with completely new Guardians with Divine Light Resonance. The Galactic Federation has already been put on notice and is fully aware of what is stated here. We will not allow this corruption to go unchecked any longer. Unfortunately all this Is just empty talking and nice stories which doesn't serve anyone until there is real physical Action taken against the dark forces this is not helping anyone we have just more stories with no physical action. we waited many years we want to see something. I want big cabal players arrested and a sign to the earth people.

  91. Together united nothing can stop us, we win, Victory of the Light!

  92. Success of cooperation between

    Partially awakened humanity (hu-manity (Gaia portal)) and

    Awakened humanity (Hue-manity), which is higher dimensionally connected with its twin souls.

  93. If the Russians do not attack Ukraine, there is no need to worry about Ukraine.

  94. We have broken the barrier of the 144.000 signatures already! VOTL!!!
    81676 ( + 63.006 ( = 144682 (CET 19:20 11.12.2021)

  95. O ceticismo é a minha maior virtude.
    E pessoas como essa do link não trabalha para a Resistência. Mas se algumas pessoas acreditam nele, eu o vejo como uma infiltração para os Rothschild.

  96. We should use the COMMAND 12 21 Protocol
    right before& after the activation

    Victory of The Light

  97. Booster meditation effect (4)
    Indicated is the approximate number of signatures of the petition per day.
    At the moment (11 Dec, 11:05pm UTC) the number is 81,676+63,652=145,328 votes.
    Blue: Over 144,000 votes


  99. It feels like energy has shifted in last day or two, since we passed 144,000 on the petition.
    Things feel lighter and more positive.
    Anyway, let's do it on December 21 !

    Victory of the Light.

  100. Now that the total, along with the 89k signatures originally, along with the new numbers, making it 145K+, what now?

  101. many people criticize Cobra's work and have come to ask me why to follow or support information as difficult as quark bombs or giant spiders. but many people also don't understand that many of us, and my person particularly supports Cobra's Intel not just for intelligence and consistency but for spiritual experience and inner guidance. For this reason to exemplify this I would like to report a spiritual experience I had in 2011: Well I was in the worst phase of my life at 37 years old, and because I was in a very difficult phase, close to 11/11 I intensified my meditation practice, at the time I didn't know Cobra and didn't even read the channeled message. After meditating I lay down and in a lucid dream I was taken to a university that I don't know where it is, but it was very modern and very beautiful. there they took me to a class, the students seemed to find my presence strange, a very beautiful girl seemed to look at me like someone who thinks WTF who is this? but the teacher received me and I sat down in some comfy chairs, I didn't seem to be dressed or pretty properly for that class but then class started. The professor started talking about wars and technology and evolved into graphics that I don't remember well, but he started talking about the immense danger to quantum bombs, it was the term he used that I remember, he said that humanity didn't know but there was already a huge risk and explained a little about it, but at the end of the explanation he spoke of the devastating effects and said that to give an example he was going to turn on a hologram projector. Then he told me to stay calm and turned off the light something simulated a 3d explosion image and I saw the land being rented now a black hole, and all the souls were trapped falling infinitely into a dark compact void. I woke up, but I woke up in a panicky heartbeat and went out of my room to drink water terrified of that "dream. Years later in college I read a little about quantum physics and saw an article about the danger of quarks acceleration. In 2014 I met the Cobra blog and then he talks about the alienlet bombs is toplet, so I woke up that it wasn't just a lucid dream, but a.serious warning of something on the.astral plane. a confirmation. after that many other things came and i'm telling this to give For example, many of us support this knowing that this information can be real to a lot of people, although it seems crazy to others.

  102. For those interested, more wise words from the Acturian Council.

  103. This is your control-group for how a manufactured world pandemic
    ... is eradicated
    The Bureau of Prisons
    Of 134,423 federal inmates in BOP-managed institutions and 15,113 in community-based facilities (144,000)
    ... a spike of 30 inmate deaths for the last 6 months
    There are 265 federal inmates and 237 BOP staff
    who have confirmed positive test results for COVID-19 nationwide.

    Currently, 41,804 inmates and 8,581 staff have recovered.
    There have been 271 federal inmate deaths
    and 7 BOP staff member deaths attributed to COVID-19 disease.

  104. Interesting you chose the day after Venus goes retrograde...
    Intresting and suspecious

  105. We should now realize that the content of what Cobra is writing about is much deeper than what he is writing about.

  106. I don't even want to write this, and I hope it's unwarranted, but if this continues, we will be nothing but seaweed

    Or stardust!

    Our petty conflicts are really meaningless!

  107. Yesterday I got my cintamani and since then I am rereading all your posts in a meditative state to manifest them all.
    I wanted to thank you for the stone on facebook but you blocked me..
    So I do it here;
    Thanks a lot dear Cobra! ❤
    I can't find words to describe my happiness about it.

  108. @Cobra

    If we indeed decree and command physical contact, and 'they' do indeed respond, what's in it for them, and are there any strings attached that we should be aware of?

    Also regarding : 'Visualize benevolent Galactic beings responding to these decrees and physically contacting you and all others who made the same decrees.'... mentioned in the 'MAKE THIS VIRAL! DIVINE INTERVENTION ACTIVATION DECEMBER 21ST, 2021'. Again if they do contact us personally, what exactly is expected of us?

  109. Sign the petition please

    sharon and ivo of Vega

  110. Don't lie about the results, but don't be defeatist either.

  111. Hi everybody ❤️ my video about cobra ans elon Musk. In french sorry !!
    VOTL ✌️


  112. Ocean Rain



  113. ...
    With Israel’s child abuse rates overtaking America’s by June 2012,[113] and by mid-November 2013 Israel’s leading organization to combat child sex abuse, the National Council for the Child, announcing that “the rate of child abuse in Israel is higher than it’s ever been,”[114] a mere month and a half later in 2014, Israel suddenly lifted all requirements for obtaining visas to enter the country.[115]

    So, when child sex abuse is at its all-time worst, Israel seemingly by design, facilitates a steep rise in its sex trafficking at its worst rate too.

    As a highly sought destination nation, in 2014 the Tel Aviv government gave a huge boost to the growing international sex trade, opening up the former Soviet Bloc Eastern European trafficking corridor for the fastest growing organized crime on the planet to thrive like never before in Israel.

    As a direct result, it was predictably flooded with underage girls and women, trafficked in huge, never before seen numbers from Ukraine, Russia and Moldova (See last chapter).[116]

    It’s also no accident that back in 2014, the US State Department NGOs also happen to illegally overthrow the Ukraine government and install its own fascist anti-Russian puppet regime.[117]

    While Israel appeared to be intentionally permitting conditions to worsen for its rising population of abused children, it somehow gets to keep its coveted US State Department “Tier 1 status,” no doubt through the applied motto for nefarious mutual promotion – “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.”

    Then, the very next year in 2015, Israel and Belarus, infamous for its sex trafficking and human rights atrocities, signs a deal to waive all visa requirements between them.

    No one can claim they didn’t know as Israel’s open border in 2014 had already driven the sex trafficking trade to unprecedented heights.

    After coming up with a written plan to eliminate sex trafficking in 2013, Belarus reneged, not only failing to convict any violators but even stopped investigating trafficking cases altogether.

    Knesset member Meirav Michaeli took to social media, admonishing her government for fenagling the no-visa travel accommodation:

    Belarus is a central country of origin for human trafficking – women and children, men and handicapped people. It is a poor country with no protection for human rights.

    The fact is that the US and European countries demand a visa from Belarus.

    The visa-free agreement with Belarus means the same thing as a human trafficking agreement.[11

    #bestkeptsecret #epstein+911

  114. Here in Thailand we have now reached 67845 (8:25 a.m.) signatures on and if we add the 81900 that Cobra mentioned we had reached on the Change2 site, before it was taken done, the total should now be: 149745. Congratulations everybody. WE DID IT! YEEEEEEES!!!