Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Alert downgrade to red


  1. Great effort to staying in the Higher Self everyone.

  2. I wish I knew what any of these codes meant.

  3. That is a relief. We all hope (and pray) we may turn this dangerous corner soon. Let's keep our visions full of light and hope for the world that is emerging, where bubbles of Heaven coalesce.

  4. Now in Chinese mainland,CCP and Jesuits is promoting medical tyranny.

    Can RM liberate Chinese from CCP?

    1. Im in china mainland now...the main problem is shanghai and the northeast provience.Accroding to the information i know,there is going to be a big coup.Luckily,many chinese dont believe the goverment now,really a lot.their minds is changing,and i coudt feel it exactly will lead to the event

    2. All things are related with collective freewill...

      They've choose that way...

      When the collective is tired of things, things change...

      All the push by darkness is pushing against them too...

      One day it will change...


    3. Thank you. It's just what I wanted to write also

    4. You must first get rid of the hatred of the Chinese Communist Party. This extreme hatred is imposed on you by the Jesuits, and the Jesuits use you as a conductor to transmit dark energy to the surface.
      Your situation is not a minority, there are many people who are affected by this darkness.

    5. @Unknown
      how many MORE days?

    6. In Chinese mainland, people's slave energy is very heavy and most of them is foolish.

      RM need realise the real situation in China.It is the most core base for Chimera and negative dragons.

    7. And all that toxic, industrial waste can't be helping them, either.

  5. In Italia invece sta arrivando il sistema cinese a punti per i condomini. Chi non rispetta le regole condominiali assurde gli vengono tolti dei punti fino a perdere l'alloggio. Sempre peggio. Mi spiace ma chi dice che le cose migliorano non fa altro che alimentare questo sistema draconiano cercando di medicare. Le fette di salame sugli occhi servono solo a non vedere lo sporco.

  6. Semjase dove sei? Cobra se non sbaglio parlava di te su come avresti voluto aiutarci. Se ci sei batti un colpo. Rimango in attesa. Ma prima che sia troppo tardi grazie.

  7. Dear Cobra. Everything What You says is That True!! And for Others is The Light of Victory Now!!💛💛 Ascending Master🌟🌟

  8. @all... Please meditate all together every day minimum once at day ❤️ we are more ❤️

    1. Good idea, what about every morning 8:00 am o clock UTC? And please don't forget the full moon meditation on April, 16th, 6:55 UTC.

  9. Humans on the surface are really hard. Today, I saw a middle-aged man sitting in a wheelchair and buying bread alone. Right in front of me, I watched him roll the wheelchair with difficulty, and the bread he bought was hanging on the Behind the wheelchair, my heart hurts very much. I really want to help him, but I am afraid of hurting his self-esteem. My eyes are wet.

    1. Hai ragione, troppa freddezza e mancanza di sensibilità in questo mondo. Puoi sempre tentare un approccio molto calmo e graduale, secondo me sarà contento di questo. Ciao. 🙏😊

    2. Welcome to life on planet gulag.

      This 'life' is NOT living..... merely exist is NOT enough...... merely survive is NOT enough....

    3. @Sherman
      Yes, many humans are in a survival mode. Especially those who have a job afraid of loosing it and don't stand up for their rights, because of the financial slavery system on our planet.
      Many live in quiet desperation.
      And many lightworkers' quality of life is reduced to a vegetative quality of life and not living at all.
      However focusing on our soul, immerse in it's dimension more and more and seeing the world from the souls' point of view, gives us, this stage,..may be not happiness but peace.
      Victory of the Light!!

    4. THAT is not even close to giving ME peace, not one damn bit.

      WHAT are WE going to get from all this? OR is this gonna be a "you'll get the good stuff in the NEXT reincarnation!" crap situation...if that's the case...FUCK IT!

      And I myself am NO light worker, or light warrior, don't wanna be one, either.

      and what of that mother FUCKING 'divine intervention' we're were PROMISED back in December, with the petition, and the meditation (which I took part in, and, as usual, got ATTACKED, and felt SIIIICK for several days after) and go the numbers needed, and cracked, WHAT GIVES?

      As I said many times, George Washington's army needed an solid, tangible victory to keep fighting....for right NOW, we're in that position Washington's men had....little to no supplies, little to no weapons, leaving bloody foot prints in the snow.

      What GIVES, light forces? ARE we nothing but expendable items, the pawns, as it were? If so, if I soul is coming AFTER you, light Rambo, first blood part 2, light forces.....

  10. Walking your own path...
    ...connected with the Higher Self

  11. Replies
    1. The toplet bombs. Very intensive cleansing of the primary anomaly lasts until april 24, but this operation may take until mid-liver. ...

    2. Mid-liver haha, more like lower colon.

  12. The universe has laws. No one is an exception, not even Putin ...

    1. @Unknown

      Laws are only valid is people agree to obey them, otherwise they are nothing but words.

    2. Exactly!

      There are laws that apply to everyone and everything.
      Whether you believe in them or not,
      whether you want them or not.
      See also the 7 hermetic principles.

      Every universe has its order.

    3. Isn't the Galactic Codex a collection of laws?


  13. Beginning of a new era.


    1. Hi Rajah.11:11

      Victory is only one step away from hell

      No thanks, I have enough of a matrix to break through 😁 I don't need another wall.
      And I'd love to be the Goddess I am and get pampered you know.
      Because warrior is good but it's not my true self.
      Don't worry, everything will be fine.
      This is the music I love right now, it's the theme song of our spiritual marathon, it keeps me going before we start.

      Kisses Rajah 😘
      Kisses DK 😘

  14. Please hit reset earth button. Thank you.

  15. As usual, it's been the same for years....

  16. black red black red black red
    command 12 21 command 12 21 command 12 29
    I hope the light forces can do something to stop it all...

  17. We need an intervention now. People are going crazy and killing each other around me. The society is at the height of its depression! And the Lightworkers are succumbing!

  18. So ready to see the 'alert downgrade to world peace' post ❤

  19. Are we done with the dark night of the soul yet? I think I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. @angel


      Karma is an ARCHON deception.

  20. Good news at least!

    Here is the most bizarre video of babies who are trying to crawl at 2 weeks and STANDING at 4 months. They hold their own heads up within days of birth. Their eyes are black (i.e. no whites). There are many videos in this showing all of these. This happens if both parents are vaxxed! It is the weirding thing. Watch here:

    Their abilities show they are amazing, but everyone is panicking a little. Please watch these amazing babies. You see them at the end for quite a few minutes.


      @Psychic, please research anything to be shared, and not insult your brothers and sisters

    2. is this bad will it go away in time because i don't want my own kids (if i have any) to be like this, i know is not their fault but idk what to do

    3. MY question is will these kids live long? The darkies want to reduce the human life span to about 60 or so.....I can see these kids aging faster than anyone else...they might be more 'efficient', but will die sooner, to prevent the onset of being a 'useless eater', as Kssinger would say. I would NOT be surprised if this is the case.

  21. NASA scientists will send a new message into space to make contact with aliens.
    A team of scientists in partnership with NASA plans to send a radio message into space using a high-tech telescope with detailed information about human life, including a caricature of two naked people.
    Researchers led by Jonathan Jiang of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory published ( ) on the preprint server an article about Arecibo's updated message to the extraterrestrial intelligence in the Milky Way galaxy.

    "The 13-page message, titled 'A Lighthouse in the Galaxy', is intended to be a basic introduction to mathematics, chemistry, and biology that draws heavily on the design of the Arecibo message and other past attempts to contact aliens," according to (https: // ) Scientific American.

    "The transmission also contains a newly developed return address that will help any aliens pinpoint our location in the galaxy so they can start an interstellar conversation."

    1. NASA mostly already found aliens....but not saying anything.
      That god damned Brookings Report.

      Read "Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA", by Richard Hoagland and Mike Bera.

      NASA, and JPL, are run by Nazis, Masons, and Magicians (Alister Crowley's lot). JPL was founded by Jack Parsons, a follower of Mr. Crowley. And Elron Hubbard, yes, the Scientology guy, also had a hand in it.

      NASA = Never A Straight Answer.

    2. How ironic they have ETs working with them

    3. The great minds of Nasa must be proud of this accomplishment.. however someone could reach that same milestone if they use some sort of smoke signal... or just mainly post the message on facebook or stand in the front of the white house and draw attention from news outlets... done.

    4. And I highly doubt the aliens use RADIO.....HELLO!!!!!

      The aliens would NOT use dinosaur technology.

  22. Something positive and tangible from Germany

    The mandatory vaccine for people of 60+ has been declined by the German Bundestag:

    Also, the mandatory tests for Kindergartens and day care centers are going to be dropped in Bavaria at the beginning of May:

    I posted screenshots of these articles on my Telegram channel, just in case they are going to be deleted:

    Let's keep holding the most positive timeline possible!

  23. Many greetings to all beloving starseeds, lightworkers, lightwarriors who are living now in China.

    Myself I am Caucasian and from Europe and I send to every country in this world my love and my light.

    I am now mentioning specialy China because I saw videos what is now going on in China with the lockdown.

    Dear chinese starsseeds, my siblings from the other side of this planet, please keep being strong. You are doing great. Liberation is coming. Thank you for holding and anchoring the light!

    One day we will have a big party, with many starseeds from all countries from this world!

  24. Well, the Milky Way is 200,000 light years in diameter. If we only attempt to communicate in our sector, 50,000 light years across and at the speed of light, our first broadcast would take thousands of years to reach someone and the same amount of time to get an answer back. The people who sent the first message will be long gone by the time an answer is received, if any, and then what?

  25. Anyone else getting attacked lately?

    Yesterday, for NO reason, I got soooooo sick. I was puking all day, and feeling like a truck ran me over. The darkies are taking a lot of cheap shots at me, anyone else?

    1. Yes me too . Felt horrible , even now am not much better

    2. My cat is sick. I'm sick. My car is falling apart. I can't afford everything. I'm just about done.

    3. Yes me too! Let’s see what happens after April 24!

    4. Try to stay away from electrical areas... phone n tv etc Especially when sleeping. Change bed locations from time to time.

    5. I don't know if it's directly attacks or not, but I never get sick;
      this past month I had covid (for the first time), and seemingly 2 other viruses after... I haven't been sick for years...
      I know that a partial reason was lowered vibration trough engineered emotional conflicts with my relatives related to the Ukrainian war, since my family is Russian-Ukrainian.
      Still very alarming.
      Anyway brother, hang in there 🔥💪🏻

    6. The dark force mainly attack my emotional body.
      In my experience, doing this meditation every day is very helpful.

    7. Sameee, attacks in the mental plane trying to stop free will.

      We beed a planetary situation uptate

    8. By mid May, if nothing happens, I say we will have a right to demand explanations.

  26. Still waiting to get a video of a craft ... I saw a ridiculous video where they were saying you want us to see the crafts, but that is not true in my case.

    Still wondering why some of my comments especially the question to Cobra not getting posted ... why is that?

  27. please let there be a way where we don't have to leave earth and keep the possessions that mean something of value to us like drawings, family heirlooms or just anything of sentimental value because how can we leave stuff that means the most to us but let's hope this does not happen and we can liberate the earth without needing to leave it

    1. I personally WANT to leave earth, get to live a real life. IF giving up any stuff here is a price to pay, I'll pay it, for I've not had much enjoyment on this planet, anyhow.

    2. Well think about it. If planet gets liberated... and one will be able to travel beyond planet... what would stop you from carrying your valuables... or teleport them somewhere else.. or get ur own space truck to haul

      Why worry right now about such when no one can provide you a clear and definite answer.

    3. @DH
      Yep. I'm sure the space ships got some small nook to put one's things in. And to me, valuables are just stuff....a piece of paper or a piece of gold is only as valuable as you make of it.

      Leaving it all that junk behind for a REAL life among the stars, is a price I'm all for.

    4. Sherman i understand. I dont think peoples valuables would need to be leff behind... and i am referring to valuables could be piece of art... audio n video stuff etc.

      I think based on the info for RM recruitment there is some indeed restrictions and is understandable they would want u to only take a small bag amount of possessions... but rem the reaaon why they are being to assist on the liberation.

      Afterwards. I dont know if there will be much attachent to the posessions from this timeline once we take a peek into a whole new world...

      However.. i do could see artists holding some of their work as precious and who knows it may make nice souvenir.. collectors items.

    5. I'm ready now. I just need 15 minutes advanced notice to be ready and boom, I'm set.

  28. Replies
    1. Something new and interesting appears here since a while...

      Mandala Violet shield:

      However, as long as it is in the VUV (vacuum ultraviolet region) it is known by the 'mainstream science' as dangerous for human exposure.
      On the other hand, as being here in this movement, we know and claim to be open to all possibilities.
      Therefore, we strongly advice you (potential users) to ask and follow for all precautions the manufacturer will recommend for the usage of this device.

      And as said,... to be open to all possibilities 'the new world' will bring to us.

    2. In respect of the idea of vibrations with specific frequencies that are used to prevent harmful energies but instead to broadcast positive ones, some post were also made on our blog, but for only visible light to carry this kind of frequencies:

  29. Wellsir ... I started watching this video on bitchute by someone called bluewater. It is entitled "clones are real".

    Correct me if I am wrong but didn't Cobra state that the dark forces could no longer make clones? A guy by the name of Don Marshall claimed to be a clone and talks about cloning centers.

    Anyway it went into more than cloning. It talked about the black nobility and their worship of the black sun. It discuss the Trumps and time travel. The Greys ... The Pleiadians

    Did Cobra also state that certain things had to be in place to time travel, and that time travel was complex? The video mentioned The Event, JFK, Q.

    The last part was hard for me to believe. There were a lot that I had doubts about. Especially what they said about Trump and the Pleiadians don't buy that for one minute.

    But for those of you that have the time ... the video is long 1:01:00

    Anyone that does have a chance to see it let me know what you thought.

    Thanks for reading my post.

  30. I can see that the mighty Galactic Confederation is comprised of many factions. Some of these different factions are headed by people who are more mental oriented rather than heart oriented. I, a Taygetan starseed, and my Pleiadian and Lyran family and ancestors are calibrated to some of the highest sensitivity, and pure energies of Unconditional Love, Compassion, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Mercy. Taygetans, maybe especially Errans, are also most solidly defiant to corruption, loss of freedom, and violations of The Divine Laws of the One Creation. At this point, I can see certain "mental oriented" factions of the Galactic Confederation are behind the New World Order and The violations of Universal Natural Laws being long committed/allowed on our Mama Gaia's surface. Humanity is an experiment in the minds of these people. They want to see how far they cab push our buttons, and how we respond. They are not necessarily evil at all, just not as spiritually conscious as The Lyrans and descendants from the Pleiades. Diversity is good. We are all part of the whole. This experiment with Humanity can now come to pass. The Human body is a hyrbid of up to 23 different ET races including up to 4 unique reptilian types of people. Souls here for the Human experience can be from any variety of those star nations. I recently experienced a 3d to 4d interface and mental link with a white scaled reptilian woman. She was very feminine and girly, very sweet, much like a human woman. I felt her range of emotions and heard her very feminine voice in my mind while seeing her in perfectly clear 4d vision with my pineal gland. She extended her mental energy out to merge with mine and it was quite an experience. She had reached out to me as I was in a meditative state and able to tune into her realm. I asked long ago for a connection like this but was caught by surprise in the moment and had to pull back and away after a couple minutes as the energies were a little overwhelming for me to take in. She is good. Not so much different than a human woman and about the same size and shape with large red eyes. The factions I am speaking of in the GC are not reptilian. Maybe they are more like Spock of Star Trek. To these factions: You have had your time to experiment. Now the Law needs to be applied in full God/Goddess force. I AM COMMANDING YOU TO CEASE, DESIST, AND REVERSE ANY AND ALL HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN THIS NOW! Stop attempting to experiment, control, and push agendas on Humanity Now! You are only drawing these manipulations and violations onto yourselves. The "royal" white scaled Reptilian Woman and her lizard men friends seemed to be full of positive vibes and were very cool. They seem to want to connect with Humanity and be friends, not eat or manipulate us. If these people are cooler than some factions of the GC, maybe these minority, corporate acting, bureaucratic people should work more on opening their hearts. White scaled Reptilian woman had a very nice heart energy, by the way. Hi Taygetans! SEE YOU all AGAIN VERY SOON. PEACE<ABUNDANCE<UNIVERSAL NATURAL LAW ARE HUMAN RIGHTS

    1. @Joshua
      They better end this 'experiment' I, personally, do NOT consent to be a guinea pig, and jump through their hoops, for their own benefit.

      And IF the Confederation REFUSES to stop....and if I die on this soul is going to be coming for Obi Won said....strike me down, and I will become more powerful, and in MY case, more terrifying than anything that can imagine.

      Ya hear me, Confederation bastards? Cross me, leave me to die on this rock, in this hideous masculine human body....throw me to the dogs....

    2. Thanks Sherman, but just chill out a little bit Brother. I do appreciate your intensity though.. Believe me, I can get intense too and know how to focus and project it. I am NEVER willing or going to attack anyone. I am a Teacher and a Warrior in the sense of protection only. I reserve my powers which I have been developing and refining for eons to protect myself, and all others who need protection such as Women, Children, Animals, and Nature. The big headed, small hearted, unattractive, uncool, scared, nerdy, non love making, imbalanced minority factions I am picking up on in the GC will have to learn how to be COOL, and how to just be nice and hold their own fucking space without worrying all the time about trying to manipulate and control others movements, perceptions, experiences etc. Don't worry, These people are not immune to God's law of manifestation, what they put others through...

    3. I have to say...The Cabal and their ET overlords are not in control of themselves, so they spent most of their time trying to control others. So lame, Really? These souls are in Human bodies but are not even able to fully use and command their Human bodies, they can't fully activate their hearts. Certain aspects of the human heart do correspond to parts of the human brain. These people have closed heart centers and they stand out among us now more than ever, WE CAN SEE, WE CAN FEEL. These malevolved people have unlawfully manipulated, violated, and conditioned Humanity to operate from only 10-15% of our brains on average. They are afraid of Humanity. Afraid of our power when we control our emotions and activate our entire God being. They have to lie, cheat, deceive, exploit, harass. And they commit atrocities which are unimaginable to any normal Human soul. Law of Manifestation. I couldn't imagine what it would feel like to be taken to the galactic central sun and at the moment of being casted into...being completely erased..forever. Wow. Now that's epic scary. I might be willing to work with some people, some family members who have not committed atrocities, if they wish to hike up the mountain to a higher vibration, developing on the spiritual path. If the light powers don't take you out, cast you out, or to gitmo, if you are looking for a teacher...Maybe healing can be done and miracles can transpire. I have already connected with and experienced certain reptilian people, I can most likely easily handle just about any Human who seriously wants to heal and be the light. No problem. It's obvious that the Draconians and Spiders are partially responsible for HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, now I am focusing on pinpointing exactly who in the GC has been pulling the manipulation strings and hold them accountable, have them explain, and reverse the damage. Maybe they just need to have a good cry and heal...Many Bad actors can change, take lessons, develop, and become good actors for sure.

    4. @Joshua
      Can't simply 'chill out'. I got EVERYTHING invested in the first contact basket, as it were. And to me, if I'm a warrior, it's the kind that is on the offensive kind, like Samus Aran from Metroid.
      I personally want to get RID of being nerdy, uncool, unattractive, and not to mention human and masculine.

      Right now, I got a bone to pick with 'god', seeing as how 'god' ALLOWED all this crap to happen in the first place, which includes MY so-called 'life' thus far. Sorry to say it, but the only good archon is a DEAD archon.

      And why would any ET want to inhabit a human body is beyond me.

      I have NO sympathy with the 'bad actor', they made their beds, let them lay in them, now. Like Darth Vader from Star Wars...I have NO sympathy for the jerk. I did not shed a tear when he died in the movies, I said, "'Bout time".

      I myself am gonna need MEGA healing, otherwise I am going to become a Charles Bronson like vigilante before it's all said and done.

    5. @Sherman your crying is really funny, stop being a victim. You choose this, we all choose this. You are not helping anyone and yet you are still alive. What you make up in this world is entirely up to you. No one will save you

    6. @Sherman. Having a Human body is a gift and yes a choice we have already made. Why would you want to give up your Humanity and divine Masculinity my Brother? You are what you believe you are so if you believe you are nerdy, unattractive, uncool, then that is going to be your reality. I bet you are really not of these things at all and others don't truly see you like that. You are a eternal soul, you are a warrior. We are all having an experience. We are all frustrated. God is the natural creation, You are a spark of God too Sherman. Take some deep, full breaths. Our friends on the Motherships didn't answer the call to come here and toil in this Babylon system. WE DID. I believe that you will be fine Brother. The best way to battle the dark is by holding and broadcasting FEARLESS LOVE! Want power? Ignite your Love. I am asking you my Brother, to not forget to love yourself, have compassion for yourself, have gratitude for everything you have. Do you have any idea what horrors right now that Russian people living in Ukraine are facing? You are American right? You have food, clothes, shelter, and guns? You aren't helping anyone if you choose to act as a vigilante. You have as much power as anyone else to create what you want. 3d is all energy too. Really Bro, keep it al together and ignite your powers of Love, compassion, and gratitude. Just holding those energies brings us closer to the event. You are tuned into Cobra, you are tuned into the light! It's easy to be corporate and mainstream, much more challenging to be tuned into the world of the occult and working for the light. Don't forget who you are. Emotions are just energies to acknowledge, never to act upon.

    7. @Sherman. Email me so we can chat a bit Sherman. I want to be your friend. Also, how about starting a new hobby, past time again, or new workout. I've been doing Animal movements like the lizard crawl (forward and back) in my backyard and it has been working wonders for me to clear my energy. Hope to talk to you sometime soon. Much love Bro

    8. Ahhh, another of the unknowns giving me a lecture.....

      ...I did NOT chose this...even cobra stated we are not all here by the first bit of his 'soul family' post. And is this NOT a universe where folks help each other...service to others, galactic codex, and all that nice stuff, hmmmmmm?

      Sorry, but I NEED outside help....wake a mile in my iron boots before YOU cast a judgement.

    9. @Joshua
      HOW is being HUMAN a gift? We have pathetically SHORT LIVES....80-100 years, TOPS, and we AGE...we fall apart, get old and ugly. We have NO super powers.

      And I HATE being a man, I hate this masculine body. And yes, I am ugly, nerd, scrawny, bald, flabby, hair in places I don't want it, no hair in places I want it.

      I do not CARE for this 'experience', and NO, I DID NOT chose to come here, damn you. so STOP saying I chose to be a human, and a man.....PLEASE...STOP, NOW.

      And please don't call me 'bro' I hate when people say 'bro'.

      I NEED to become the ALIEN WOMAN I was before, and SHOULD be NOW. So, YES, I want to give up my humanity and masculinity....YOU might be fine being a human man....good for you...but it's NOT for the rest of us. Look at some of the mega hardships transgender people have to go through, and at least SOME of them, like Bailey Jay, were fem to begin with...I did not have that privilege.

    10. No need to entertain what other people's minds, mouths, and fingers are projecting. I am an adult and don't worry about what other people think or say. Everyone has their own thinking and this is called diversity of thought. Diversity is good. If we were all thinking the same things we would be called "Liberals" hahahaha The liberated are autonomous and not able to be triggered. There is a spiritual solution to every problem. Realize that IRON BOOTS CREATE STRONG HIPS. When the iron boots finally come off, you will be stronger yet...

    11. Pfffft, I will NOT be thankful for an iron boots, life, sorry, Josh. Never going to be thankful for a life of hardship, I do not believe in purposeful suffering.



  33. Que comece o evento meus amores. Gratidão a Deus Pai/Mãe. Liberdade para toda a Humanidade, agora e para sempre

  34. everyday i go to outside, see many people unhealthy,surfing, hurt with pain or get hurt,,,,,but they really try to live in good ,they work hard, they really wanna… many of them normal peoples...i lived in china, many times i walking in street with heartbroken and tearing......
    blessing all life . for free, health, joy,abundance,understanding, divine love, ,,,,everyone can connect the soul and source by themselves, everyone is only unique kid in universe,,,
    and thanks for all working with pure kindness beings behide.
    i am with u!
    send my divine love to all!
    Bringers of the Dawn !!!
    Light must come !

  35. For those who are interested:

    Prophetic Dreams Come True, Cobra Post, Solar Flare Synchronicity & More

    1. Jonathan, would you please be so kind and explain why you keep promoting your blog here? The shared content has nothing to do with Cobra at all. Just because you constantly mention Cobra in the headline and claim to be prophetic doesn't make it true.

      You didn't make an appreciative comment on the birthday post or the post about Isis Astara, yet you promoted your content-less blog here. To the post about reaching critical mass at our last big meditation, you first shared one of your posts here and only then commented on our success. This clearly shows that you are always all about you and not about Cobra, this blog or the readers of this blog.

      What I see here is a self-absorbed, attention-seeking guy who twists everything around him until he finds "evidence" that confirms what he fantasizes (not to mention your claim that you are Jesus Christ, which is so ridiculous I won't even go into it) and then tries to take advantage of Cobra's popularity by sharing his posts here.

      At the beginning of your posts (I purposely don't call them articles because there is no content) you always hypocritically write that discernment should be applied to everything on your blog, yet when criticism or doubt is expressed, you attack.

      So why don't you just explain your behavior and prove me wrong IF there is an explanation that can prove me wrong.

    2. Egomania is psychiatric term used to describe excessive preoccupation with one's ego, identity or self and applies the same preoccupation to anyone who follows one’s own ungoverned impulses, is possessed by delusions of personal greatness & grandeur and feels a lack of appreciation.

      Someone suffering from this extreme egocentric focus is an egomaniac.

    3. I love this constructive criticism. Everyone needs it sometime, and it takes energy and tact to pull it off. It's a certain combination of compassion and guidance. Kudos to the unknown

    4. The prophetic dreams coming true seem to really make someone angry. It's usually the same two usernames which comment under my comment, possibly being the same person. Over the years I've learned that it is a colossal waste of time to argue with people online, because you never know who you are arguing with. It could potentially be a gov't paid troll(s) or someone else whose intent is to waste your time and distract you from your mission.

      I also find it strange because they aren't attacking anyone else's blogs here. Hardly anyone follows my blog so not many people are seeing it. Not only that but no one is forced to look at it nor is there any critical intel or information being shared there.

      Here is something from that blog post they are trying to dissuade people from looking at. On March 31st one of the dreams predicted three events which all came true. This is included in the link I provided.

      The first detail in the dream was seeing Arbre Solaire upload more videos to their channel which has been happening.

      The second detail was seeing Nancy Pelosi without any context or anything. Then it was announced April 7th that she tested positive for

      The third detail was attacks on myself and/or the 'portal' which was an important part of the dream which I believe was referencing this blog which is called 'The Portal'. The attacks have obviously happened in the form of comments here so it seems this detail came true.

      The only thing the Cabal can do is attempt to dissuade people from looking at my blog and seeking other information that they don't want anyone to look into. Whoever this person(s) is, they are obviously clever and are good manipulators. Self-awareness is key here along with common sense and discernment so you can make up your own mind about what you find.

      Additionally, I would reiterate that just before these attacks in the comment section began, I had a dream where I was being chased by Jacob Rothschild and when we had a confrontation, he was made of nothing more than paper, which I interpreted as him being all bark and no bite, totally harmless:

      The prophetic dreams and synchronicities speak for themselves and stand on their own merit. I try to report things accurately and honestly. The powerful dreams and synchronicities are supporting this blog and I have been seeing almost every Cobra post before it happens.

      The attacks really began when the prophetic dreams were coming true in big ways. I'm guessing the attacks will not stop until the breakthrough so it would be good to keep in mind that the Cabal will stoop to any low to prevent the light from advancing.

      Peace and love.

    5. I've already said before that if they want me to stop, they will have to eliminate me. I live in Prescott Arizona, they know what I look like and what my real name is. That's not an invitation, but it's the only way I will stop. Psychological manipulation, ad hominem attacks, energetic attacks, nightmares, etc., will not work.

      These abilities are getting stronger and something changed just before and especially after the December 21st mass meditation. Now the Higher Ups are communicating regularly when solar flares are going to happen. And based on what I've learned from shows like 'Stargate: Atlantis', these abilities are not uncommon for those who are on the path to Ascension:

      May those who oppose/attack the light live in interesting times.

    6. Correcrly if i am wrong but i dont think is against any rules or regulations or illegal to post people's journey whether is sharing their experiences or dreams or website. Arent we here to support one another.. does his website contain any esoteric knowledge... is about predictions.. well thats close not website promoting viagra. Please be a lil more supportive with one another. Now if u feel that his teachings are really out there and he is more hurting himself or others than helping.. then speak to him as a brother or sister...

      The second time i hear about his claim of being Jesus. My friend Johnathan.. i hold no ill feelings toward you but i will speak openly with you. I know very little of reincarnation... i would need to walk on your shoes to understand the feeling behind such claim.. and your history etc.. but i will be honest... in my opinion if Jesus Chris was to reincarnate or was reincarnated you can be sure he would be here doing some major global changes and global awakening even by his younger years... he would have been assisted tremendously from above and below. Maybe you have a strong connection to that period when he walked amomg us... maybe u were one of the deciples(spelling). maybe he commmunicates to u.. point is.. making such claim that u r jesus u do understand that is almost like shooting urself on your foot... making that claim in todays sociery without backing it up and prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt would work against u... play the game smarter not harder is all i am saying. There will be the right time to disclose who you really are...

      Walk at ease me friend. Now lets hope people can walk passed that dip on the road and learn to appreciate whatever effort you making to awake other without having to remind u of every stain left behind during your growth period.. listen when they speak even if at times they may be rough at the corners. If it has merit it wpuld be wise to listen. If does not then let go what does not serve the highest good. If you are honest to yourself you would recognize the message as helpful or not regardless how it was presented.

    7. @unknown, CoBra allowed the comment and link. I dont see what the problem is.

    8. Unknown. I think you are too focused on what johnathan does or does not do for some reason... is good that you care enough for the blog to monitor... but to take notes on how much people participate isnt this a lil too much... as if there is some merit system.

      The main question in my opinion is. Are his beliefs hurting someone or himself...

      I have to ask what makes his beliefs of less value from being heard compared to tons of others out there. Many ideas and beliefs being posted here and everywhere else are mostly based on our own microcosm.. from our impressions with limited/foggy filters... so everyone needs to read all info with due diligence. That is probaly best advise to give in general to all. The youngman is growing out of his shell.. you may opt to help him grow straight or beat him down on every step he takes...either way his growth will happen slow or fast... however is your choice how you want to impact that stranger.... n his growth.
      Again is good that you seem to care for the blog. I would however suggest to look deeper into you as far as motive for this focused on him. If he was outright spamming flooding i would understand your nitpicking. Be well

    9. We can see Jonathan, but we do not know who is the unknown... Everyone has a right to be themselves as long as they do not violate others. Hold your own space, be yourself, and allow and accept others as they are. We are all highly complex beings, especially the older we get here in this 3d "matrix within a matrix" Babylon bs exploitation system. Constructive criticism is required at appropriate times, and is the way to see different perspectives. Check this out peeps: I am an American Man trying to have a relationship with a Soviet raised Woman of near polar opposite astrology. She is constantly criticizing me and even belittles my "sub par" culture and lack of "refinement" She has helped me see a different perspective and wake up to some of my deficiencies, but, this experience has also made me stand my ground and realize more of who I really am. Also compels me to consider being with a Woman who simply accepts me as I am, and doesn't treat our relationship like a chess game...oh boy lol

    10. @Jonathan Carty:

      Thank you for your comments!
      It gives me a bit of the hope back, that common sense still exists.
      Indeed there have been always haters, trolls, narcissists and other kinds of negative people literally everywhere.
      To be honest, in the meanwhile it's not really a joy for me to spend time on reading comments here, but even I have to accept that all the negative people won't stop with their behavior - no matter what you do.

      So, I absolutely agree that - in most cases - debating with online people is futile and a waste.
      As the saying goes:
      "Against stupidity the very gods Themselves contend in vain."

      Since the covid madness began, I started to feel more lonely.
      Not because of being alone (I am used to that my entire life),
      but because, the overall quality of social interactions has been extremely lowered within a short amount of time!

      Seriously, I am too old for kindergarten and drama...

      So again, thanks to all people who:
      - have common sense
      - take responsibility for their lives
      - do what they can do; and who are not just passively behaving
      THOSE people make the difference!

    11. @DH:

      I call this:
      Making 100% out of the 1%.
      So in other words: It's framing and not only done by the mass media, but also done by common people (in such cases, then mostly unconsciously).

      And to be honest, I have read much worse - and above all - less constructive comments than Jonathan's and I don't see his postings as spam.

    12. I'd like to add some more details here about these individual(s) who are commenting and attacking.

      This started some months ago in the form of getting emails from someone with the same kind of wording. Basically a black hole where nothing I said would make a difference to them. The only solution was to either go away and/or die.

      They used different email addresses and never identified themselves. They commented on my new posts and after ignoring them in the comments and emails they gave up and started attacking here. Same kind of wording where nothing you say will make a difference.

      But they messed up twice and showed their hand. They did this by telling me that I do not have telepathic abilities, when in fact, I have demonstrated this on the blog countless times. And of course everyone is telepathic, it is a basic function of life in this Universe. It's a muscle that needs to be exercised to get improvement.

      The second time I knew they were full of it was when they commented on this blog that my prophetic dreams were not coming true. They deleted this comment, but I saw it before they got rid of it. Oops.

      So all of these things told me they are only out to attack the information and myself. Plus the dreams are communicating to me when an attack is coming and so far they have been correct. Unfortunately people are falling for these tactics here and I must admit whoever this is got to me as well for a little bit. But again, they showed their hand and now I don't believe or take anything they say seriously.

      In a strange way I actually appreciate the attacks because they are a validation of the work. When you get attacked like this, it is for a good reason.

      And the dream telling me that Jacob Rothschild chasing after me was pretty crazy. I don't know if it's actually him or not commenting here but if someone starts having prophetic dreams and synchronicities like this, big ones and regularly, that's probably a problem for them because they will do anything to keep everything the way it is. They will take an attack all the way to the point of murdering someone if necessary.

      But as David Wilcock mentioned, they can't just kill whoever they want. It has to be authorized and so far this body of mine is still here so there must be some kind of divine protection happening here. One thing that really made them angry was making and distributing orgonite. They really don't like this stuff and it just made it all the more important to keep making it and giving to anyone who would accept it, in addition to burying them around 'death towers' (cell phone towers) which would start to restore balance to the area which I personally witnessed in addition to other people making/buying orgonite and reporting the same thing in their own communities.

      And at this point they really don't have anything to lose because their Matrix is collapsing and they mostly likely intend to take as many people with them as possible.

      So anyways, just wanted to include those details so everyone here is aware. It would be a good idea to just ignore them and try not to get sucked into what they say and keep thinking for yourselves.

      If Cobra wants me to refrain from posting here to prevent anymore conflict/drama I will stop if he tells me. Thank you and victory of the light <3

    13. They claim my blog is content-less so let's add some content here.

      If you were curious why there is a such a big 'zombie Apocalypse' movement going on over the years, esp recently, a guy named Mark Passio clarified this. He was a former Satanic priest and his information/knowledge is priceless. He rubbed shoulders with the powerful people of the world and was appointed to his position by Anton LaVey, the founder of the Satanic Church.

      He said these zombie movies and everything are about the general population. The Cabal uses symbols to mock those who don't have the knowledge they are hoarding. They possess incredible knowledge about the Universe/human psychology and metaphysics, which they don't intend to share with anyone and use it negatively. If they do share it it's usually mixed with lies, half-truths and/or distorted/perverted (Inside Job on Netflix).

      The zombies are the everyday person and this is how the Cabal perceives everyone else. So all of these people wearing zombie shirts and have zombie decals on their cars are just going along with this mockery and don't realize it. Mark said the Cabal referred to the general population as 'the dead'.

      Another thing that is important part of their ideology, which some call Satanism, but Mark said they don't call themselves that and that they are basically a cult with no name (but sometimes he would hear them refer to their ideology as 'the old religion'), is eugenics and creating a race of people who are genetically perfect and eliminating the rest.

      I always wondered why in the movie 'Divergent', they had the people living in Chicago and in a later sequel they escaped and were taken in by the Bureau of Genetic Welfare which was founded at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. They love to put their plans and ideas into movies and tv and this was no exception.

      The zipcode for the airport is 60666:

      Once we understand the ideology, a lot of things start to make more sense and come into focus.

      Another interesting thing Mark said was that he heard the Cabal refer to the police and military ONLY as their dogs, their pets.

      Mark's lecture on these things was one of the most important things I've found in my years of doing research. It connected so much and I highly recommend people check it out:

      That's all for now. Knowledge is power and victory of the light!


    14. You just keep doing what you're doing, Jonathan.
      As a matter of fact, the more these "people" tell you to stop do more of what you're doing. :-)

      As I told my critics on here as well, nobody is forced to open the links or pay attention. If they don't like your posts there is a great invention: the wheel.
      Meaning the one on the computer mouse which can be used to gently scroll by the posts.
      I do that all the time on here. ;-)

      Keep up the good work for the Victory of the Light, brother.


    15. your doing excellant works bro - and we do go on missions in the ether world absolutely....sometimes we remember it -often we dont for security and such requirements.....namaste - may the force of love and light continue to shine so bright in all our super powerful lightforces soldiers here in theatre of war operations.....

    16. Jonathan. Good thing the unknown one criticized you in this case. You held your ground and revealed some of your lightworking and knowledge. Over the past decade I really haven't spent time reading comments or posting much. I see you now. I have had an orgone pyramid on my wifi router for like 15 years. Of course I unplug my router and TV at night, turn off my phone and cpu, sleep with a little gold and silver under my mattress, and Amethyst under my pillow. Keep up the good work down there in good ole' "Prescutt" AZ. Full Blessings my Brother.

  36. Y cuando se implementa gesara para este mundo que está doblegado y confundido ?

  37. I can understand that there are a lot of Selfishness, Factions and Agendas that intertwine in this infinite story of the Earth. As you can believe a Liberation and even Ascension, with all this Mess, someone must explain it to me.

    1. Impossible to explain(for me) (complicated) . Think we are winging it all together = people of earth +gf+rm+++all else ,, think there is no exact point where we end and how,that is my opinion. All is fluid and ascension ha ha,, that one is complicated even for some who comment here and think they are advanced= they don't even know what happen to you and your body here and now if you ascend today on planet earth. Gandalf the Gray and Gandalf the White is best you have to picture it, Gandalf the White say something like this to Aragon and Legolas when he came back after fight in forest (those 2 say :hey Gandalf so happy to see you and he say hmm Gandalf?? hmm yes yes I remember him I'm Gandalf the White) so don't worry about that. All paths leading back home so just try to have fun and do what makes you happy. This shity reality is same real as you make some in your mind = Neverland or Narnia. They just made big efforts to make their real in this 3d existence. Don't Worry Be Happy

    2. @BBB
      i'll be happy when I am with the aliens, my body restored and living off this planet.

    3. La questione relativa al corpo di molte persone che secondo te non è pronto per ricevere le energie ascensionali, non deve diventare una scusa per ritardare l'evento. Ognuno dentro di sé, sa quanto è pronto. Inoltre la situazione di chi soffre molto sulla Terra è così drammatica che deve aggiustarsi al più presto, anche a scapito di coloro che ancora non sono pronti. Io non sono preoccupato per me, non ho paura, vada come vada, è un mio problema il fatto di essere pronto o no, così vale per tutti gli altri, ma questo tormento deve finire al più presto per Madre Terra e per tutti coloro che soffrono veramente. Ciao.

  38. Thomas Sheridan parallels with the common theme on this blog especially after the 28 min mark


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  40. Taking advantage of spiritual opportunities for personal growth.

  41. No matter what they have done to me, no matter if they target me or hunt me down, I am always there, for my family for my brothers and sisters, for my children, for my other half, for Gaia, I am a Being of Light, a Sovereign Being, divine justice will be done.
    I fight for us because we are One.
    I fight for this world of tomorrow.
    I will ignite them with Light and Love.

  42. Black red yellow green don't know how long these things will go on.

  43. Our Might

    The effect of this "own version" may stand for the effect of our I Am Presence when we resist the pressure to let the dark ones make us conform.
    Conformity versus co-operation
    In order for lightworkers to work together, a connection to the High Self, the Spiritual Guidance and the I Am Presence is important.

    This is what the dark ones try to hinder, for example, through equalizations of people, which are a false construct of unity and are meant to suppress the connection to the High Self.


  44. What a Wonderful World this will be.

    Love, baby, Love. That's the secret.
    Oh yeah.


    1. Hello Rajah (11:11)
      Hello DK
      Baby ☺️ Yes love is the key.
      Kisses boys 💋

  45. the end of the wipeout sequence 8 is in June 2022, but the Event is not in June 2022. It remains to be resolved with the level of the bomb layer.

  46. I see 3 destiny for humans. The first will see to continuation of the trans-human uni-sex agenda. This path will eventually lead to humans looking like the little grays. Long-life but no sex life or enjoyable food. . Sounds fun. The second path will involve a certain civilization pressing the real "Reset Button". Only those in the tree of life will be allowed a new beginning. The third path, the cabal is removed. This option will require humans to get off their arses. You've been warned. Discussions as to which path will be allowed are ongoing but will end in the near future.

    1. #3 aint gonna happen naturally.

    2. There's nothing to discuss about this.
      Cobra has given us more than enough information regarding our future.

      Some people should really start to read every article from Cobra's blog, beginning with the first:

      Links of all Cobra interviews can be found here:

      However, most of us are lacking of intel, so it's no wonder why it's so hard for many to believe that we will have a brighter future.
      But... even with information, people still have to do their part.
      I mean, even if people would know everthing they want to know, would it change their attitude?

      I have the feeling that I knew something about toplet bombs/exotic technology, before I underwent amnesia - that they may have been used not only for the earth situation, but in other star systems as well, maybe in Orion.

      Everything new and unknown seemed to be crazy and impossible...
      ...until people got used to it, nobody talked about it anymore and it became the most normal thing ever.

    3. I recommend a quick extinction for humanity AND the cabal (unless humanity shows it deserves the event).

      Justice and judgement can be done after death. Only the animals and a few people would survive.

      Either way, something must be chosen fast. It's a total lack of respect with those who deserve it (only God knows who does).


  47. It's not a crime to be innocent, these things we have not done
    But you're not some little child, spring is past and gone
    Well I know my craving heart and I've seen your vicious eyes
    And I think we know the truth, both you and I
    Don't flutter your lashes like a little girl
    And ask me why it's such a cruel, cruel world, no

    Don't ask any more stupid questions
    You already know the answers to

    Well you can kill with the best of them but your smile remains so sweet
    When someone comes to eat me alive, I like to see their teeth
    If you really want I can name the names
    Be an angel of death at the children's games, so

    Don't ask any more stupid questions
    You already know the answers to, I know that you do
    There comes a time in your life you've got to grow up fast
    And I think that your time is coming now here at last

    It's not a crime to be innocent, these things we have not done
    But you cannot run forever, spring is past and gone
    Waiting in line at the fortune teller
    Waiting to hear some more pretty lies, he says
    Don't ask any more stupid questions
    You already know the answers to



  48. She stares at the screen, at the little words of green
    Tries to do remember what to do next
    There's a trace of frustration that crosses her face
    Searching for the key she should press
    And I would help her if I only know how
    But these things are a mystery to me too
    And it seems that the Corporate eyes they are watching
    She fears for her job and the moments are passing
    I stare at her nametag and I think to myself
    Both you and I, we never asked for any of this

    So let's take a walk up past the chemical works
    Where the sky turns green at night
    And we'll talk about getting away from here
    Some different kind of life
    But even in the freshest mountain air
    The jet fighters practise overhead
    And they're drilling these hills for uranium deposits
    And they'll bury the waste for our children to inherit
    And though this is all done for our own benefit
    I swear we never asked for any of this

    This golden age of communication
    Means everyone talks at the same time
    And liberty just means the freedom to exploit
    Any weakness that you can find

    Turn off the TV just for a while
    Let us whisper to each other instead
    And we'll hope that the Corporate ears do not listen
    Lest we find ourselves committing some kind of treason
    And filed in the tapes without rhyme, without reason
    While they tell us that it's all for our own protection

    I swear we never asked for any of this.





  49. We are old, we are young, we are in this together
    Vagabonds and children, prisoners forever
    With pulses a-raging and eyes full of wonder
    Kicking out behind us again

    Thunder And Consolation.


    1. And Gaia look how cute they are they do this in duets 😁🤣
      Naughty boys wait until she is fully awake .
      Kisses boys 💋

  50. Hi there! Terje her.
    Calm down a bit, see flowers grow, sky is blue you know. The things we thing, reapit, calm down, common sense.
    Med beste helsing LunaSolus

  51. Unsafe levels of Uranium have been detected in two-thirds of public drinking water in the United States. Midwest and South at highest risk.

    Australian Senator confirms that Vax contains nanotechnology self-assembling inside for suicide (suicide? - haven't heard this before)

    Judy Buyington is "Restored Republic via a GCR Update"
    At around the 20 min mark they go into amazing detail, all stuff I never heard before, about QFS. Such detail. Worth a listen.


  53. I can always see 11 11, 12 12 recently.
    Today I am calmer than in the past.🌟

    1. Yep, last two month are much more easier. Nicer colours, better sounds, always a ringing in the ears. But very easy going. Much harmony. Best regards

  54. China has carried out a mandatory and crazy tyranny of medical blockade again. Humans on the surface have experienced countless wars, epidemics, vaccines, and sometimes, watching the suffering of human beings on the surface is more painful than their own pain. There's really no way to put it off until 2025 or beyond 2030.

  55. Sometimes I think to myself, if I experience all the pain in this darkness alone, I can free all surface humans and lightworkers and light warriors, I really want to do all the pain myself, because watching others suffer, really more painful than myself

    1. Hey Love,, I do it opposite,, I say I'll dance for people or beings who are stuck and in pain,, it is very nice feeling, I do some like movie lines,, like during the song I just have fun. Don't box yourself,just fly just put positive music with good beat and imagine any positive scenario during song,, like Event or days after event, imagine all people in good mood giving you high 5 just for fun when you walk your streets in your town. Somtimes during song I call out countrys by name, like USA get Ready India get Ready and so on and what you get back while having fun with people with reality in now is probably better feeling that anything you can experience now. And it's free and available every day when you are in mood for Dane Off or Show Off,, Fun Off. Lol I could give you 100 examples how to do it but you will have your way

  56. Am really sick and tired of this boring clownshow. In my view the strategy and Agenda of the "light forces" is being pulled through at the cost of sacrificing a large part of the surface population. Especially lightworkers personal needs are totally disregarded which places many of them between the opposing agendas of the light and dark but also being left to fend for themselves faced with a massive unconscious population. Beaten and crushed from all sides , so to say. At least that's how I often feel on this planet. If the "light forces " have any significance and power in this
    universe , they MUST come now and end this cabal freakshow in a VISIBLE way. Take them all down now

  57. I had a little German poem in my mind, which I want to share with you here:

    Die Menschheit, die immer noch pennt,
    rennt von Trend zu Trend.
    Die Menschheit, die immer noch nicht erkennt,
    in was für einer Illusion sie umherrennt.

    Doch das interessiert sie nicht,
    stattdessen, sie sogar von "Freiheit" spricht.
    Sie scheuen alle der Wahrheit Licht,
    kein Wunder, warum sie so sind, alle dicht.

    Dieser Wahnsinn hält einen auf Trab,
    doch auch für ihn läuft die Zeit ab.
    Die Blinden erwartet ein großes Beben,
    die Klugen und Weisen jedoch, das neue Leben.


    1. Wir sind frei
      Zu leben und zu zeigen wer wir wirklich sind.

      Zeitenwende - Wir sind frei


    2. Thanks for the kind words @Libra earlier and for the beautiful poem. I used Google translate to translate it into English and loved the honesty of it.

  58. Taking too long
    Taking too long
    Taking too long

  59. Seems more a black alert than red. Fucking black alert i hate you.

  60. For the first time a few days ago I heard the term 'Zero Point' referring to the moment the magnetic field switches from one polarity to another. The theory is there is a time period between the end of the original polarity and the new polarity where there is no magnetic field. This moment of no magnetic field is when everything becomes fully discharged and the moment triggers the planetary event that actually affects the whole solar system as a whole. In this moment is when all of the big physical changes begin occurring. If I am understanding this correctly this is a galactic event because of our solar/galactic polarity connections. The polarity event is a 24,000 light year thick wave traveling across the galaxy like a magnetic wave affecting the polarity of every solar system it passes through. This is what is 'so to speak' pulling our polarities around the planet and solar system at this moment.

    So, we are obviously approaching our Magnetic Zero Point Galactic Event. I will be seeing you all basking in the rainbow on the other side!!!

    1. The elites know it! So, they staged all the chaos around the world at the moment. Ever wonder where are they now? Maybe laughing at us from their luxurious bunkers?

  61. Please clear this alert. It's affecting lightworkers!

  62. Advancing one's own evolution

    to return to Source

  63. at least 70% of humans have their ummune system largely compromised and are prone to stokes and heart attak for life due to the jabs ... Well ... it is time to stop all this NOW at ANY cost or very soon the remaining 30% will be also forced to be ruined to death and therefore there will be almost no human left to rescue to live in the awesome new golden era. so it is time NOW to dare risky solutions!

    1. Yes, good idea, we don't care about toplet bombs, there are bombs up to the surface of the planet connected to each other, let's go, we just need one that flies and Boom Gaia and her avatar, probably consequences on the universe and all the multiverse since all the universes are grouped in this one . Cosmic firework 🎆🎇

      On that note they are starting to distribute iodine tablets in some areas of France 🤔 which are not located near nuclear power plants...


    2. Only the "known" people or elites will stay and live in a new golden era without "troublesome slaves"....

  64. Ésto ya dura demasiado, estamos muyyyyyyyyyyyy cansados,EVENTO YA!!!

  65. Leggendo sul blog vedo che si scrivono sempre le stesse cose. È normale in una situazione stagnante come questa. Questo blog è diventato una valvola di sfogo di ognuno ormai a parte qualche eccezione. Questo succede perché fino all'anno scorso eravamo tutti proiettati a meditare per arrivare all' evento. Poi abbiamo fatto la meditazione e firmato la petizione per l'intervento Divino. Dal momento che l'intervento ad oggi ancora non c'è stato, molti di noi, non avendo più una scaletta da seguire per un obbiettivo e senza più resoconti, si sono spazientiti molto. Siamo entrati da un po' di tempo in una situazione poco interessante e piena di imprevisti dove il lavoro che ci è richiesto è riuscire attraverso le meditazioni ad aggiustare le situazioni spiacevoli che di volta in volta ci piombano addosso come conseguenza delle decisioni che vengono prese dagli attori più importanti di questo mondo. Un po' sono sincero mi sono scocciato di fare il parafulmine senza mai vedere un vero margine di miglioramento tangibile. Il nostro lavoro è diventato meno attraente di prima. La forza di volontà deve essere 10 volte più forte di prima ora. Ho il dubbio che con questo andamento molti di noi andranno al minimo. Per riaccendere un po' di motivazione ora deve succedere qualcosa che ci sproni un po' e questo per me deve essere l'intervento Divino promesso. Che ognuno faccia la sua parte cari extra terrestri soprattutto Pleiadiani. Sta diventando noioso e troppo doloroso qui su questo mondo disperato. Ciao.

  66. Tomorrow on Here We Stand, the Voice of the Republic and the Resistance
    Sunday, April 10, 2022 at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern, 11 pm GMT on

    A New Alliance to stop the Tyranny:
    Chilcotin National Congress signs a treaty with the Republic of Kanata -
    Arrest and Reclamation Actions to be launched

    Hear an exclusive interview between Kevin Annett and Suzanne Holland, the Ambassador of the Chilcotin traditional nation, that announces the details of their nations' treaty and how it will stop the Corporatocracy on the ground!

  67. from the healing bath house files.....

    add some sodium bicarbonate some diatomaceous earth some borax to bath water.....

    soak in that for an hour - voila - this is a great cleansing of the skin and also helps clear the pours of the skin and draw out some of the excess germs and bacterias and such that have accumulated while navigating through the matrix.....

    we want to study of this stuff before engaging in such activities of course....

    at the same time many state medical systems continue to hand out massively expensive poisons to the humans like their giving away candy-no thank you you can keep your candies from hell-hahahahaha.....

  68. @Love it is a thought provoking comment. I understand the feeling of watching people's, children' s animal's suffering. I already get upset because of a neglected neighbourhood dog's crying. Being too compassionate is sometime unbearable.
    Often asking myself; how can the Galactic Lightforces and the Throne of Grace witness all these?
    My only answer is that obviously they are focused on a bigger picture, knowing the liberating end of all these madness. But still....

    1. I usually don't dare to watch too dark things, because it makes me sad.

  69. a song for whitney the loveliest of all.....


    lets ascend the volume and intensities of love and brilliant light here on earth now as best we can muster of the we break free completely of the now super fast collapsing prison matrix....

    often we are touched by anothers soul transmissions and such.....when whitney left her physical sleeve here on earth - i was touched from her amazing voice transmissions that emit through a troubled world.....

    after i posted this song on line-they sent a message to me saying that i was whitney fanfreak or something like that - i guess so then if you say so - hahahahaha.....

    while i was writing this blogpost - i have been visited - as i turned and looked out the window a very large raven had just landed on the top of a fence right outside the window.....


    from this webpage-quote-----Hidden Knowledge: Native American Raven

    It was and is by far one of the most honored animals to Shamans due to their apparent shape shifting abilities as well as it’s ability to bring clarity to those issues that they could not comprehend. They believe that the hidden secrets are tucked away beneath the wings of the Raven, only to be let known to those who deserve and are ready for such enlightenment.

    As you can tell the Raven has always been a much revered and respected animal within Native American cultures and still to today holds a special place within their hearts.-----unquote.....

    So the next time you find yourself confused or puzzled by questions about the world, you might consider calling upon that wise old raven to provide you with the ability to see the real truth.

  70. It's not looking like that proposal went over too well.

  71. Who made a show of good faith, and who didn't?

  72. Who is being reasonable and who is dumping bodies in the streets so that they can take pictures of them?

  73. Human beings are a "recycled battery". From our born to our death, we invigorate the "known" groups with our life and everything. Whatelse is truly belong to us? Nothing! Now, the "known" people can have this land and enjoyed this so called New Era without any "recycled battery" polluting the Earth. AI-Robot will be ~A breath of fresh air~, and we can only cry for help from the "unidentified species" in nowhere to be seen... \\ o_O // what a joke to be a mind twisted and deluded human beings!

  74. As Cobra told us after a successful meditation on divine intervention, war (cleansing, removal) on non-physical planes on the planet's surface escalated. It has finally touched the surface of the planet at least on the non-physical planes and will lead to the complete liberation of the planet on the physical plane as well. What has been happening in recent weeks on the planet's surface is likely to result to some extent (the leverage mechanism of darkness) because of this situation on non-physical planes. It forces darkness to rush headlong, making things more open. Our friends up there help us, they intervene on non-physical levels. This means that the divine intervention we have requested is proceeding as currently possible. We have to endure everything that happens on the surface for a while (necessary time). While the divine intervention also touches the physical surface of the planet. Things don't go according to our ideas that's true, but in the end we get what we wanted. Thank you for every removed entity, for every part of the removed veil technology, for every bit of removed primary anomaly and subquantum anomaly.

  75. Thanks also, Cobra, RM, and to all those who have gathered like a magnet on this blog - thank you!
    - A photo from this blog was looked at, someone watched it over the years to see how it changes and what it is now ???
    The cosmonaut is unchanged as a position, but ozn moves ....
    Now it's interesting up close or on the surface of the earth haven't you noticed the ozn movement ???
    We don't know much and we don't have the strength anymore ... and we want the event so much now ....
    Please Cobra forgive us impatience ....
    Event, Event - come on now ... !!!!
    Thank you all, beautiful lights!
    Victoria Lumini - Yuhuuuu, Yupyyyyy .....
    Peace and event!

  76. Guan ShihYin ~ She Who Hears the Cries of the World


    The Jewel is in the Heart of the Lotus or The Jewel of Consciousness has reached the Heart’s Lotus

    Seed sound of the Universe

    Jewel – the intention to become enlightened, filled with compassion and love

    Lotus – symbolizing wisdom and how the lotus grows from the mud but is not tarnished by the mud

    - Representing the immovable, the indivisible

    Kuan Yin Mantra

    May light and love and power shine upon your ways.
    Master Djwhal Khul

    Hold the Light!

  77. ...
    Proceed as if the emotional body were as still and lovely as a quiet pool on a windless day, its motionless water clearly reflecting the sky overhead, the surrounding trees and cool ferns. Then carry the attention on through the astral plane to the plane of mind.

    Lift the attention straightforth to the highest point possible in the world of thought, and keep it there -- held steady, poised, alert.

    Say the Group Benediction

    May the Holy Ones, Whose pupils we aspire to become, show us the light we seek; give us the strong aid of Their compassion and Their wisdom.

    There is a peace that passeth understanding; it abides in the hearts of those who live in the eternal.

    There is a power that maketh all things new; it lives and moves in those who know the Self as One.

    May that peace brood over us, that power uplift us, till we stand where the ONE INITIATOR is invoked, till we see His Star shine forth.

    May the peace and blessing of the Holy Ones pour forth over the worlds.

    Peace     Peace     Peace
    Master Djwhal Khul

    Healing The Earth ~ Seven Cosmic Light Rays

    Hold the Light!

  78. The numbers of those able to do meditations for liberation are dwindling because of the suffering. Will this not affect the outcome?

  79. It's ALL betrayal
    I hope this will give the right person hope. You needed this.
    Dive in betrayal and hate. It's all there. I love you.

  80. Wellsir ... RRN is reporting the white hats have capture another one of the unholy ... Fauci as with Chaney I wonder if this intel is true. The LF didn't ask us to help them get Chaney when they hung him. Why was that? They couldn't reveal he was dead? RRN did so why not? Or is the report false? I don't know which.
    Here is the report ...

    Special Forces Arrest Deep State Dr. Anthony Fauci

    US Special Forces on Saturday scored a major victory in the war against the Deep State–the arrest of Deep State mastermind and plandemic architect Dr. Anthony Fauci, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

    The “White Hat” partition of the US military, he said, had for “a very long time” attempted to shadow Fauci but often lost his scent because the Deep State doctor used every trick in the book to delay his inevitable capture. When in public, Fauci was well-protected and often surrounded by at least a dozen armed guards and civilians who would have been caught in the crossfire had the military grabbed him in the open. And when travelling to and from events, Fauci used decoy vehicles to reduce risk of being captured. The decoy vehicles, our source said, often held Fauci lookalikes or even mannequins that someone had built and painted to resemble him.

    On Saturday afternoon, however, the military caught a break.

    “We got very good intel that Fauci on Saturday had minimum protection—two guards—and was leaving his D.C. house for a visit with his wife, who he hadn’t seen in months. The Deep State kept them separated because they thought we’d target her to get to Fauci. We’ve known all along where they hid her, and we were hoping for just such a stroke of luck,” our source said.

    Fauci’s wife, Christine Grady, had been staying at the Ivy Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland, under an assumed name.

    Special Forces in civilian vehicles discretely tailed Fauci’s car to an underground parking garage near the hotel and made their move. They boxed him in, drew weapons, and ordered Fauci’s guards to toss their firearms out the window.

    “Fauci’s security complied, and Special Forces dragged Fauci from the vehicle, subdued him, and carted him off for processing.”

    Incidentally, the arrest took place shortly after Bloomberg TV aired a taped interview with Fauci. During the interview, Fauci predicted a Covid resurgence and told host David Westin that the US would likely have to reimpose mask mandates and programs to encourage citizens to get more frequent booster shots.

    Our source jokingly said JAG has evidence proving Fauci’s a prophet.

    “Fauci seems to have an uncanny ability to look into the future. He has prerecorded literally thousands of videos about Covid that foresee what’ll happen one, three, and five years from now. In one video, he’s sitting at a desk in front of an electronic clock and calendar, and the date reads August 4, 2023, and Fauci’s going on and on about a new Covid variant that’s swept the country and pleading with citizens to obey new stay-at-home mandates. The breadth of these, I’m sure, will be shown at his military tribunal. The charges against him are astronomical,” our source said.

    Those charges include treason, mass medical malpractice, and seditious conspiracy, and criminal homicide, according to a military arrest warrant.

  81. Something global is happening right now..strange weird(or not) feeling

  82. When machinations of the dark ones
    are uncovered through the Work Of Heroes

  83. Recapture of the lower mental plane
    To overcome the long influence by the False Ideas Concept of the Dark Ones on the Lower Mental Plane, one should train common sense and practice "unlearning what one has learned" by questioning.