Thursday, June 23, 2022

Planetary Situation Update

There are massive, tectonic changes happening behind the scenes, and not much about that can be reported for tactical reasons. Therefore the posts on this blog are a little bit less frequent.

In the last few weeks, there have been huge victories against the Chimera fleet. There are two subfactions of the Chimera, the first one called the Orion subfaction and the second one the Andromeda subfaction. The Orion subfaction is mostly located in underground bases and is being wiped out. The Andromeda subfaction has infiltrated the surface population in the last few years as they realized their final defeat is near, and they will be a little more difficult to clear, as they are using humanity as a living shield.

The Light Forces have managed to infiltrate the Chimera chain of command undetected, and are now corroding the Chimera structure from within. Most of the negative scenarios for the planet have collapsed, but there is still one quite improbable, but very dangerous scenario that has yet to be resolved.

The Light Forces have completed the construction of both Dyson spheres, the one around the Sun and the one around the Earth. The Galactic Confederation fleet is thus ready for the arrival of the Solar flash, they just need to liberate the surface of the planet and prepare humanity as well.

Earth's magnetic field is already 25% down in its strength, and strong solar flares that are expected during the coming Solar maximum in the next few years can collapse the Earth magnetic field to the degree necessary for the magnetic excursion, leading to the physical polar shift:




On the surface of the planet, there are strong geopolitical shifts happening as well.

First, Russia is busy preparing for the implementation of the new gold and commodities backed global financial system:

That will include a international reserve currency based on a basket of currencies, exactly as I have predicted on my blog more than 10 years ago:

And a stablecoin cryptocurrency backed by gold:

Behind the scenes, the Russians are also quietly preparing to release free energy technology, and they will do that as soon as the power of the dark forces is diminished sufficiently that it is safe to do so:

Situation in China is a totally different story. A few years ago, Dragon sources have communicated cryptically: “Xi has lost the mandate of heaven”. This has now become mainstream knowledge:

Xi is under heavy Jesuit influence and is trying to hold on to power, becoming more and more dictatorial:

Not everybody in China is happy about this, and the Shanghai clique is trying to remove him from power. This is the real reason behind the Shanghai lockdowns, as Xi is using lockdowns to block the activities of the Shanghai clique:

Although, on average, Chinese people can tolerate more abuse than Westerners, they also have enough, and beneath the surface of the Chinese society, a revolution is brewing:

Chinese financial system is on the verge of collapse, and the authorities are misusing Covid apps to block the citizens from accessing their banks and their money to prevent bank runs:

Xi has also signed a decree to legalize “special military operations”, obviously targeting Taiwan:

As promised, Dragon sources have immediately reacted with disclosure in Chinese mainstream media on the same day:

Evidence is coming out that the Chinese have deliberately released the coronavirus from the Wuhan lab:

Even Tedros Adhanom has admitted that the virus may have come form the Wuhan lab:

The same lab also experimented on monkeypox:



There is some interesting intel coming out about the vaccines:

And about microchips in medicine pills:

The World Economic Forum is still trying to enforce their version of the Reset:

Now it is their do or die moment, and they are trying to terrify everyone:

By engineering a systemic collapse of the Western civilization:

The system is far more resilient and adaptive than they expect, and their attempt will fail.

They will fail:

And we will win:

We are not there yet, and a meditation for peace is needed in a potentially emerging conflict between Russia and Lithuania / NATO:

Flower of Life meditation is also needed, to stabilize the planetary Light grid, bring more Light to the planet and help purifying it from the remaining anomaly:

Victory of the Light!


  1. Thanks for the update Cobra! Can anything be said about what % of global politicians, religious leaders, and celebrities are really just CGI, actors, or clones/A.I.?

    1. And the Stealth Archons and Subquantum Anomalies, how's the cleanup?

  2. Thank you so much Cobra❤️ for this long-awaited update.. Great news! And huge thanks to to the LF upon completion of the Dyson spheres!❤️

  3. Thanks for the update!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  4. If they are using us as shields, any weapons we can use against them?

    1. Yes, meditation and kumbaya.

    2. One of the weapons one can use is to utilize the teachings and techniques of Neville Goddard. You can start off with "At Your Command" and "Your Faith is Your Fortune" books (Neville's books are in public domain).

      Here's the audiobooks to listen to:

      And a dedicated community for success stories and guides. Here's their wiki, and you can post in the community if you have more questions:

      Feel free to learn and practice his teachings while you "wait" for the ETs to "deal with the darkies"; that is, if you still haven't managed to protect, save and heal yourself and those you care about, once you're through with the studying and on with practicing Neville's techniques; after all, there's still an element of "team-effort", my fellow co-creator.

    3. @Azure
      Thing is...all those who I 'cared about' disowned me. So, apart from my mother, I'm on my own.

    4. @Sherman
      I have a different paradigm, so I can say that it doesn't matter who did what to 'you', because it doesn't truly have any effect on your own ability to change your 'reality' which your Focus determines, unless you allow it to.

      I recommend to listen to the audiobooks I posted, then come back here. Perhaps once you're through with at least those two books, you will see what truly is the problem and where all of these "Super Saiyans" are that you fail to see.

  5. Two things:
    "The Light Forces have completed the construction of both Dyson spheres, the one around the Sun and the one around the Earth. The Galactic Confederation fleet is thus ready for the arrival of the Solar flash, they just need to liberate the surface of the planet and prepare humanity as well."

    This seems to align with the first scenario of the Event, with the polar shift being around 2025.

    "Earth's magnetic field is already 25% down in its strength, and strong solar flares that are expected during the coming Solar maximum in the next few years can collapse the Earth magnetic field to the degree necessary for the magnetic excursion, leading to the physical polar shift"
    This one being the galactic pulse and us leaving Earth which can be around 2025 first scenario or around 2030 second scenario.

    Keep in mind this are speculations by Cobra about the dates, so it's not 100% accurate but it's the best we have for now.

    As always, Victory of the Light!!

    1. Don't wait for the Event ! It will be at the same time as the pole shift. 😞

    2. The Event must happen months before the polar shift, otherwise there will be no time to save humanity from the tsunami.

    3. The Event will be the pole shift.

    4. Esattamente. Secondo il mio punto di vista prima arriverà il flash solare per l'Evento, poi lo spostamento dei poli per la pulizia finale.

  6. Polar shift

  7. I think we've all been feeling the turmoil

  8. Victory of Light
    Dates Are Important


    Mjolnir :

  9. A wonderfully encouraging report, indeed! Next 5 weeks shall prove interesting and worthy of our patience. Thank you for the update, Cobra.
    Dyson completion is heart-warming and worth celebrating. Keep Shining Those Internal Lights, Everyone! Much love and power to the liberation of the earth and her human race! We could not do this without our Special Federation's Help! For that, I am most grateful. Shine On! Love and Peace

  10. As shown in figure🖐🏼

    At the end of this picture is the answer. I encourage you to share your inspiration and guidance.
    I didn't take cooperation seriously at first, which may be the beginning of cooperation.
    I hope you and I will never forget to cooperate.

    Cobra: And the second factor is there is less cooperation and more egoism and more stupidity among the Lightworkers than anybody expected.

    but I would say the more people hold the Light, the more people cooperate in a positive way, the more people develop and manifest common sense together with a spirit of cooperation, the more, the easier our roles will be.

    Yes. And of course, most people will not take me seriously and they will still not cooperate, and we will have more mandates, more of the same until the breakthrough happens. This is most likely what would happen. I'm not very hopeful again, I have seen enough of human nature to see how people behave.


    The above information will be sent repeatedly to deepen the impression.

  11. ✋🏼"The last line of defense before the Light forces can physically intervene on the surface, are the so-called pits. Pits are secret military bases up to 30 meters underground, which were before owned by the Illuminati Breakaway Complex and are now operated by the surface Cabal. Some of them hide members of the Chimera. They can not extend more than 30 meters underground, because the Resistance can now clear most of the locations that are deeper, but can not yet intervene closer to the surface because of toplet bomb deterrence mechanisms. There are about 1000 such bases worldwide, and two main ones in Ukraine are below Odessa and below Azovstal metal plant in Mariupol."

    Meditation to clear all underground toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits:

    1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

    2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to clear the toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits so that there can be physical intervention from the Light Forces on the planet surface for planetary liberation.

    3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.

    4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this Light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

    5. Visualize a band of the Violet Flame, the Fire of An, and Pink Light, each one for a few minutes, extending 30 meters (about 98.5 feet) below the surface of the planet, clearing all toplet bomb mechanisms and clearing all underground pits. The Light Forces/Underground Resistance can also be visualized to be clearing all toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits with the Light/Flames. If unable to visualize, focus on the intention. Be one with the intention and know that this clearing is happening.

    6. Visualize the course of events on planet Earth shifting into the most positive timeline possible, with the Light Forces physically intervening on the planet surface and building an active partnership with the surface population, bringing Earth into a new and eternal Golden Age.

    When I tried this meditation, pictures like this came up🌟

  12. holy moly this is insane! Let love fill our being and bring a greater peace on earth and throughout the rest of the universe.

  13. "Earth's magnetic field is already 25% down in its strength, and strong solar flares that are expected during the coming Solar maximum in the next few years can collapse the Earth magnetic field to the degree necessary for the magnetic excursion, leading to the physical polar shift:"

    it's over, I stop all this, always new enemies, new deadlines, now years of waiting? There will always be something that will delay the event, if it ever happens one day...

    1. It's called distraction social engineering to prevent your personal empowerment. Use common sense.

  14. Top Takeaways :

    -Massive, tectonic changes behind the scenes

    -huge victories against Chimera fleet.

    - underground bases being wiped out.

    - corroding the Chimera(surface) structure from w/n.

    - Most of the negative scenarios for the planet have collapsed

    - completed the Dyson spheres

    * "It would also be beneficial if people reread old articles from this blog as then they will be able to put fresh situation updates into a broader context. "

    Cosmic Q Map :

    All Cobra mentions (posts/interviews ) of the Financial Topic will be out hopefully by end of month . Much needed clarity will be on that upcoming post & well needed for all perspectives out there on this subject

  15. Thank you, Cobra and thank you Light Forces. Wow. We all appreciate your liberating us ! VOTL !

    1. It's good that you're free.

    2. I am free. And I will become much more free as we proceed, as will everyone.

      And that is all I will say.

  16. Very interesting about the Chimera. In the last few weeks I've seen several dead spiders. Many more than usual. Documented this in an email on June 7th:

  17. Don't know if Cobra will let me get away with posting this again but I understand if not. For those who are interested:

    Sleep Deprived, Divine Messages Still Coming Through, Solar Flare Synchronicities, Another Possible Hilarion Ascended Master Contact, Russia/Lithuania Telepathic Message & More

  18. アガルタネットワーク(カナダ)を公開します。









































































































  19. Finally a update thanks cobra and votl

  20. another super prmo intel update by our fine and superfierce lightwarrior mr cobra-bravo zulu monsieur.....

    somehow i sense when cobras going to release a planetary liberation update-others have wrote of such also of course.....

    one time i was going to some light rays intitiation sessions cobra was offering us-and i got confused to which direction it was located in i stopped walking and was looking in all directions -and sooooon somehow someone arrived and gave me information on the location and time of the light rays intitiations operations that were taking place-just a concidence of course-hahahahaha......

    the earth surface is shifting massively absolutely-including here in canada.....

    heres a well known hockey player in canada - theo fleury who i think is also onto something growing faster and faster-and eventually manifesting a ready lightforces driven political machine and such,to replace the cabal controlled machines now collapsing worldwide-if you will.....

    theo fleury-quote—–The Freedom Convoy raised more money in a month than the NDP has ever. That’s what scares them. The new opposition party.—–unquote…..


    a new military veterans group has manifested in canada - -and we are growing each day-and are affiliated with other groups such as police nurses etc.....

    from the V4F website-quote-----Veterans for Freedom (V4F) is a grassroots organization comprised of Canadian Armed Forces veterans who are mobilizing a nation-wide movement of peaceful, lawful, civic action. We join our brothers and sisters across the country to restore fundamental freedoms for all Canadians, and to honour our Fallen, who made the ultimate sacrifice for these freedoms. We stand on guard to uphold Canadian laws that are governed by the Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We call on all able-bodied veterans in Canada to STAND-TO.


    may the great earth surface humans continue to unite - in prime creators supremely brilliant super sacred sunlight.....

  21. Warp speed now! 2 weeks = 7/7 portal🌟Go #GalacticConfederation !! We keep praying🙏🏼We keep meditating🌈 for the Victory of the Light! #SisterhoodoftheRose

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  23. 🖖🏼😇What do you think the source looks like?
    Surrounded by golden particles, this is what I think.

  24. Another picture about hands, this time holding together.🙌

    1. My thoughts were:

      Only look down on others, if you are trying to lift them up.

  25. The Final Battle🌍✨

    Synchronize with one of the pictures.

  26. May it illuminate our way forward,

  27. Whats the point in expecting free energy technology from the Russians and gold back crypto currencies if humans are still expected to be removed from the planet when the pole shift happens?

    1. Yes Dougie, I thought this too

    2. Well, first, there will be the removal of the cabal. (Event)
      Then, everything suppressed will come to the surface (knowledge, tech, traumas etc.).

      The point of releasing advanced technology is not only to end slavery, but also especially to support the healing of every human on earth.

      So, there will be massive healing first, before people are being migrated to other places.

      And even if everything on earth's surface is being destroyed for cleansing purposes, I think that rebuilding infrastructure will be child's play.

    3. To use it on another planet?

    4. Hahaha! From the Russians, this is funny! They are the largest producers of gas, oil and coal. This is a good joke ...🙂

    5. @Unknown
      They might be forced to give up the mineral slime and black rocks....which I have no problem with.

    6. Unknown, your the joke. Get out of here with all that negative crap. We have enough already in our daily lives. Why are you here if you don't believe a word Cobra says? Go join the Democrats.

  28. Thank you to the Resistance Team - let us all keep the focus to the final Victory of the Light!

  29. The nearest light✨🌏

  30. Hey Corbra how you doing! thanks f_or the update Victory of the the light...

  31. Wow talk about synchronisity lol🙊...

  32. Lots of updates, Thanks Cobra!
    Trying to get my head around China.
    Amazing job. Glad we are winning!
    Victory of the Light!

  33. Why dont u post more memes cobra it will help the awaking community on with twitter ect.

  34. Or start a channel like memology with memes and light workers memes are very powerful of getting the word out

  35. thanks Cobra, once update per month will do, If there is no significant things to talk.

  36. I mainly use Google translate to read this blog, but I knew english. There is an interesting fact. It is interesting to note that in the passage "In the last few weeks, there have been huge victories against the Chimera fleet", which originally means light wins, Google Translate translates it as a major victory for the Chimera fleet.

    1. I don't know what your native language is, but maybe you should try Deepl, it's a bit more accurate than Google Translate:

      However, Deepl supports less languages.

  37. Interesting that I don't see Cobra speaking of Pope's possible resigning here.

  38. Blessings Dear Cobra and LF's ❤

  39. Mulțumim Cobra pentru informații. Le așteptăm.

  40. Thank you brother, thank you to all those who fight behind the scenes, thank you for this update that will give hope to some who need it.
    My brother Rajah is right today is a perfect day to boost light and love and God knows how much this world needs it.
    I have been wondering for a few days what meditation would be perfect outside of the usual meditations and it has become obvious.
    For those who feel guided.
    Global Heart Meditation
    A lot of Love and Light for All.
    We are One

  41. Hopefully there will be signs before the event as cobra said, I want to know it's happening before it happens,,, in November

  42. Please help solve the problems of Chinese mainland!

  43. I don't understand ~ how many exceptions still need to be cleaned up? How much time will it take to liberate?

  44. This update sounds positive. Victory of the light. I have a question for anyone with experience with the tachyonis products. I looked at the site a couple of times and was considering buying something. I was considering that the tachyons can create protection, slow aging, expand consciousness, etc and was considering what I should buy. I bought a cintimani which I wear while I sleep and I have gotten fair protection from it. Patrick Kehoe said that the rose quartz spheres were the best cost wise. Are all of the tachyonis products permanent tachyon generators? Should I buy a larger cintimani stone? If anyone is willing to share, what did you buy and what did you experience with it?

    1. The true med beds will be free/no fee for usage. Do not be deceived.

    2. Is not about the size or carat of the stone, is more about how you deal with. The size may be important when you do grid work, because of the impact that it generates on the place, ley line, level of trauma that needs to be transmuted. Otherwise you don't need to have a stone in physical form as possessing it to benefict from its metaphysical characteristics, the only thing you really need is to discern that everything is connected, and you can plugin to all the cintamanis placed on this planet or elsewhere. When you do, do it with high level of respect and love.

      This is what the Tachyon really is, the zero point or Source/Consciousness and Manifestation, where everything is implicit, and from where everything sustains their existence. You heart is a portal and a generator of tachyons case you didn't know. That's where you connect to the Soul/Counsciouness, and that's exactly why the darkness do everything to shut it down in order to held the Soul into a captivity state and destruction.

      Cintamani is not a stone for protection, it is mainly used for unblocking and precipitation of what was surpressed or held as for psichic reconnection, healing and spiritual progress, specially connected to the Spiritual Hierarchy from Sirius (where came from). If you want a protective stone, amethysts, lapis lazuli, black turmaline, onyx and shungite, are best for that purpose.

      Remember, a stone is a fragment of consciousness in crystallized form, it has a will of its own and chooses where it wants to go or be. When we have a stone, we don't really own it any more than it owns us.

  45. German translation of this article / deutsche Übersetzung dieses Artikels:

    The first Planetary Situation Update since July 13, 2021.

    Please note: The translation of the link "Peaceful civil disobedience" will soon be added to the German translation. / Bitte beachtet: Die Übersetzung des Links "Friedlicher ziviler Ungehorsam" wird in Kürze der deutschen Übersetzung hinzugefügt.

    1. Ich bin schon gespannt darauf und ich habe das Gefühl, dass ich da meine Inspirationen mit einfließen lassen kann.

    2. Thank you for answering my question earlier.

      I am leaving some of my inspirations regarding "peaceful civil disobedience" here:

      Strategies for active and passive resistance

      Generally speaking:
      - Act as effectively as possible with as little effort as possible = effeciency
      Also very important:
      - always behave PEACEFULLY!

      - asking questions
      - Participate in peaceful actions that are especially effective in mass (and there is more to this than just taking to the streets)
      - saying "no" when you actually mean "no"
      - telling the truth and your own opinion (especially when someone asked for it)

      - playing for time, delaying things
      - Boycott, minimalism
      - Omission
      - Ignoring, show oneself unimpressed
      - Use of subtle messages during communication, thus showing how one thinks (body language, choice of words, etc.)

      I am going to post my thoughts in German again on your blog.

    3. Due to the importance of the content of this link

      "They will fail:"

      the German translation of this article was also added at the the end of the German translation of Cobra's article.

      Aufgrund der Bedeutung des Inhalts dieses Links

      "Sie werden scheitern:"

      wurde die deutsche Übersetzung dieses Artikels auch an das Ende der deutschen Übersetzung von Cobras Artikel angefügt.

    4. @ Libra

      Thanks for your comment regarding the peaceful civil disobedience. I have already approved it.

      Still working on the translation of it, as I translated the other text first.

  46. unknown
    June 21, 2022 at 12:10 AM
    One year from our latest post on the blog

    We are also in 'Radio Sillence'... 🙂

    1. But, here is no so much 'RADIO SILLENCE':

      There will however be unnamed posts on which comments sections will we post links that may be of interest for Light Communities development.
      So, if there may be still an interest, please visit from time to time.
      With kind regards

  47. Thank you Cobra for the update.
    French translation of the post.
    Traduction de l'article en français :

    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  48. Less frequent updates...
    Earth magnetic field down to 25%…
    So, we are already very close!
    I understand the more present silence and it’s time for me now, to speak some words.

    Since there has been a lot of criticism towards the light forces which I can partly understand (but at the same time not), I want to comment on this as follows:

    I understand that people are desperate and yearn for visible results. I understand the feelings of insecurity, doubt, impatience, and in some cases anger. I also understand the statement that the LFs don't know at all what it's like down here (but this has already been admitted), especially when it comes to beings who have never had an incarnation on Earth.

    What I don't understand however, is that the LFs are being accused for no reason, that they are being accused of doing nothing and just chillin' up there. I also don't understand all these when-comes-the-event questions, which have already been answered MULTIPLE times in some way. And what I don't understand even more is that some people think that the LFs are not better than the cabal.

    Also, I'm giving 2 shortened quotes:

    - "[...] We are trying to create something really beautiful, something really important, and there is simply no interest. So you see the Galactic Forces are observing all this, and this is why they have reservations. There is simply not enough unity; everybody's having their little garden, their little group of followers, and doing their own thing, which is understandable from the Galactic perspective as much as they understand human psychology, but they cannot take things seriously if this is all they see, if you know what I mean."

    - "[...] Real physical change that will be visible, evident, and what people are expecting, will only happen the last few weeks before the Event. Nothing will be really visible months before the Event. The only time when people will really begin to notice changes is a few weeks before the Event."


    Out of personal experience, I can absolutely confirm this.
    In 2020, I went to a small demo a couple of times (about 50 - 60 people).
    I got to know different people who had an interesting view of things.
    They enriched me and I enriched them.
    But this group of people got split out of different reasons like:
    - fear
    - concentration on differences instead of commonalities
    - unnecessary drama

    Basically, those are the same kinds of issues I see everywhere over and over again.

    Doing the exact opposite of unity however, will SLOW DOWN the entire process of liberation. That should be actually self-explanatory by now!
    And then people are wondering why everything takes so long...
    Of course sometimes we can't work with literally everybody - then we should go separated ways peacefully.

    As you can see, people have indeed a LOT of potential - but they must work on themselves more.

    If we unite more,
    then everything else will follow.
    then the good stuff is going to happen!
    Fortunately, some kind of collaboration exists already.

    I plan to add more to this post, so please stay tuned!
    Thank you for reading so far!

    1. Addendum:

      Everyone, who is reading this blog and who has basically the same goal in mind (planetary liberation, a better world) has the privilege of having access to unique intel - your inner guidance has led you here, it's no coincidence.

      This also means that especially we bear a great responsibility and that our words and actions have a great impact on the whole. More than some of you may think (every empath will know what I mean)!

      The more you raise your awareness, the more you are in a state of solution-oriented thinking. If you manage to get into this state, you have already made a big step forward.
      And this also means that you ask: "What can I do that helps everyone (including me)?"

      However, every situation of everyone of us is unique and I can help only in a limited way and you have to find the answer to the aforementioned question on your own.
      I am good in giving inspirations and I like it to get inspired on the other hand.

      Fortunately, there are some people who know this already and are already doing their best and I'm grateful for every single being who is using their common sense.

      To come back to the question "what can I do?", I give you a tip:
      Concentrate on the little things that can make a big difference.
      Be it a smile, a "thank you", giving a helping hand...
      Be creative, there are many ways to embody the change and many ways of peaceful resistance.

      Without going into details:
      There was a certain person recently (I think someone knows who I am addressing 😁) who had a great positive impact on me and who gave me strength again to keep going. This person didn't do much to help me.

    2. Addendum 2:

      When it comes to collaboration, it seems to me, that some people have unrealistic expectations.
      Do you remember the statement that even the Galactics had some disagreements on how to liberate planet earth?

      Yes, after the Event, everything will become much more easier and much more positive, but there are still some things that will remain the same:
      - You won't be able to please everyone,
      - there will be always different views and
      - not everyone will agree with your thoughts and ideas.
      - the world doesn't end when things don't work out between people sometimes.

      What I want to say is, that we can work together AND have differences at the same time!
      And personally, I don't want Equalization, I don't want to be just part of a bee hive, if you know what I mean.

      Another problem I see here is the way of communication.
      Because we have been programmed and traumatized, many people tend to take things personally, more or less.
      Due to childhood traumas, we didn't really learn how to communicate properly and especially communicating our feelings.
      And this is IMO a great reason for unnecessary kindergarten and drama, but we can work on it, if we are really honest with ourselves.
      Out of experience I can tell you that this process can take many months and years - congrats to those who already have begun with their shadow work!

      When it comes to communication amongst people within the lightworker community, there are 2 major factors that influence the success:

      - Most of the communication is done over the internet and mostly only by text messages. So, we are missing additional information, because we don't hear a voice, don't see facial expressions or body language!
      - Cultural backgrounds and language barriers. (and even the use of translators can lead to misunderstandings)

      Considering the 2 aforementioned points, we can say that the chance for misunderstandings and conflicts is extremely high! (PLUS all kinds of attacks that come from the dark forces!)
      I noticed this quite often during my experiences in my life.

      With this being mentioned, I want to emphasize again, that deprogramming ourselves is absolutely crucial!

    3. Wow, thank you for these meaningful comments, Libra.

      I must admit that the behavior and comments of some here sometimes bring me to a point where I doubt I can still be understanding.

      And I would so much like what you wrote to be understood and acted upon. I know how hard that can be, being in the situation myself where I no longer have any sympathy for certain comments here on this blog.

      My admiration goes out to Cobra, who has to read all these comments, approve them, and manage to remain emotionally neutral, even though some comments here definitely have the potential to cause discomfort or hurt.

      When I imagine that the LF read everything on this blog (and they probably do), I wonder what image they get of us - those who consider themselves "woke" and spiritually mature?

      Does what there is to read here hold the potential to deem us evolved enough to be ready for acceptance into the galactic community?

      Most of the comments here are wonderful - in content and in the way they are written.

      But there are also the other comments - aggressively written and/or inappropriate in content (e.g. constantly repeating one's frustration or making unsubstantiated statements or putting oneself (with dramas) in the center of attention or attacking the LF or making demands or ...).

      Then I wonder if or to what extent these comments have an impact on the perception of all of us and if there is understanding for the image that is created or if it is seen as a sign that we are not yet ready for contact/acceptance into the galactic community. Are we perceived as a whole/human community or is there differentiation?

      It is like a glass of very pure water. How many drops of ink can be dropped into that glass of water before the water is no longer clear but is seen as cloudy/dirty?

      Would we want to get in touch with someone who insults us or attacks us or does not value and respect us or only makes demands or does not acknowledge and thank us for what we accomplish or makes our work more difficult by their behavior? I dare to say that I can answer this with a very definite no.

      Would the LF do it? I don't know. Probably they can muster understanding.

      Still, it would be great if everyone tried to make sure the drops they put in the glass of water were clear, or at least not dark ink.

    4. @ We speak German:

      I also sometimes thought that what is being commented here, could be seen as some kind of blueprint of the human spirit, especially because this blog is the link between the awakened surface population, the RM and light forces in space.

      Also, I had often the feeling that I am being monitored by the light forces and that I am already communicating with them beyond the physical level - my dreams are confirming that.

      Of course, humanity is not ready to be integrated into the galactic society yet. To a great extent, this is obvious, since humanity has been observed and visited by aliens for thousands of years already.
      But on the other hand, I would say that you can't take just mere observations as measure for being mature enough to be integrated into GS - all the unique experiences (which you can only understand by living here on the surface) have to be taken into account.
      I think that the positive ETs have quite accurate technologies for measuring, like scanning the overall consciousness niveau and measuring how many people are taking part in mass meditations (I still wonder how they do that).

      Nevertheless, experience beats knowledge and wisdom is a whole another level.

    5. @Libra
      Hope your wrong on man not being ready....I'm sure as hell ready to return home to the galaxy...and not be stuck in the sticks of the galaxy for life.

      Contact is the ONLY way this sick world is gonna get well. No way in hell will this place get better naturally on its own.

      And I personally want to have a long overdue reunion with my space family, my real family, and my special someone, whomever she is.

      The ET's need to look at individuals, not society/species as a whole, otherwise it will only lead to mega disappointment, as well as resentment.

    6. @ Sherman:

      First contact and galactic society are 2 seperate things.
      As far as I know, first contact will happen before joining the galactic society!

      First contact is something big and official, but of course, selected individuals will be contacted beforehand and as you own property, you have an advantage.

      I dunno when it will happen, but I remember that it will happen suddenly without a warning.

  49. @ Gaia:

    You said in the last post (translated from French):
    "In fact, what I want to tell you is that on this planet many people are unwell in their bodies, for whatever reason, and through the suit, you can change or repair it.
    It's your soul the real you.
    That's just what I was trying to explain to you."

    As you noticed, I got emotional triggered, got very angry and some people will understand this.
    However, I am trying to explain it for everybody one more time:

    We all surely agree that life is meant to be a beautiful experience, that we all want to be free and that we want to express ourselves.
    But here is the thing:
    Sometimes, there are things, we can't just change on our own like the sex of our body.
    And even with HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and surgeries, you won't get your desired 100% results, gender dysphoria will be still there.
    That's the reason, why conventional methods won't be sufficient for me and why I need high tech, too.
    Also, under the current circumstances, for me, it wouldn't be worth to start transitioning now for a couple of reasons.

    In turn, because we can't fully express ourselves, we will begin to suffer more and more and this suffering can become very cruel!
    You know, life is much more than working until the grave.

    I mean, if it really would be that easy, if I could alter my body like people are changing their clothes, well then there would be no pain.
    But as you can see, the reality is totally different.

    It should be also in the best interest of everyone that every being has a RIGHT to positive experiences, as you can read in the galactic codex and this right is NON-negotiable!

    And I am sure that, once I will be a woman again... well, THEN you can call me cute, not before! 😁

    1. @Libra
      And hormones and operations won't help me. The damage from puberty has been done. Balding at 16 (and to pour salt into the wound....EVERYONE in my family, on both sides, have a FULL HEAD OF HAIR, not a single bald one amongst grandmother on my mom's side, who I think is a lizard, is balding, but that's due to her getting hair done like she has for the past 50 years....a cotton candy, helmet style, which involves harsh chemicals....and her hair is like a thin 'shell', but , as I said, that's to her own fault) and to add to insult, I can grow a full beard fairly fast, which I hate passionately, since I abhor facial hair of any kind, for facial hair is the quintessence of masculinity. Hell, I was already SHAVING at around the age of 13. The Archons really went to town on me...and I want to kill them all and dance in their blood.

      And having a family of conservatives, many of them Christians, who take the Catholic style, did not help. I could not risk getting disowned by my family as a scared teenager. My options were less than limited, they were non-existent.

      I too, evoke Galactic Codex, and the light forces are obligated to help, both legally and morally.

      When I get restored (hell, just make me LOOK and SOUND like a girl, and make me alien, and that, for me, would be enough), I'll take cute, but what I'm going for is drop dead, smoking gorgeous, sexy, that any gay or bi alien girl will be hitting my up, ASAP.
      Like her:
      Like her:

      You get the idea. Already have a dozen or two outfits planned and designed, I just need the good guys to show up and make it happen for me.

    2. @ Sherman:

      I see, you have some taste!

      For me, it's very similiar.
      My overall definition would be: cute AND sexy.

      Some time ago, I found images of an asian woman who comes very close to my imagination:

      And I bet with you that with a shape like this, I will make some people drool! 😂

      I want to become definitely smaller, about 5' 5'' or 5' 4'' - right now I'm 5' 9''
      or to define it in other measures:
      From about 1.78m down to 1.60m - 1.65m.

      About clothes I'm not sure, since I think that most of the modern fashion is too simple and boring, but what I like for instance, is lolita fashion!
      Oh and I will need a bigger closet, too! 😂

      I also remember a dream I had about 4 weeks ago, where I was on a spaceship and looked into a mirror. I saw a fine, feminine face with blonde hair (and the right tone) I liked. 🥰

    3. Oh and did I mention already, that's especially sexually frustrating for me?

    4. @ Sherman:

      What I find even more awful is that so-called conversion therapies exist.

      "Conversion therapy is the pseudoscientific practice of attempting to change an individual's sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual, their gender identity from transgender to cisgender, or their gender expression to gender normative using psychological, physical, or spiritual interventions."


    5. @libra
      For me, I'd probably dress like, well, what ya seen in the videos.
      Heather Thomas's character in that movie had nice fashion tastes, always loved those sexy 80's styles.

      And Kana, better known as 'Asuka' in the west/wwe, was, an is, a fashion model as well as a gamer, and she always wore nice stuff, check her out online.

      Yes, I been sexually frustrated for a looooong time. Gonna see if the Et's can make me into a hermaphrodite girl, like a sterio typical Futa. I wanna more than make up for the past 30+ years.

      As for those 'therapy', I think they also used electro shock, back in the stone wall days. You won't believe how many 'awakened' folks want to see trans, and to a lesser extent, gays, pretty much, well....gotten rid of, wanting to create what I'd call a Abrahamic paradise.

      As for dreams, the one that confirmed me that I was an alien woman was back in 2005. I THOUGHT it was the grown up version of a kid my friends just had that year..but she looks NOTHING like that. Through my own methods, I confirmed the woman in my dream WAS me, alright. Sorta like actress Lala Ward, when she was VERY young, in the 1960's. like this, hope the link works. Only difference was my hair was curly, like Farrah Faucet had in the 70's.

  50. Short reminder:

    English Guided audio for peace between Russia/Ukraine/Nato can be found here:

    But read also the recent post by WLMM regarding Lithuania and Russia:

    English guided audio for the Flower of Life meditation can be found here:

    For more guided audios in other languages, please visit the We love Mass Meditation channel on Youtube.

    1. Meditation for Peace between Russia and Lithuania - English guided audio:

  51. @ Gaia:

    To answer one of your previous comments:
    I am also not amused when people are insulting planet earth, but you must keep in mind that being transgender is a severe trauma and thus, it makes our blood boil when we read ignorant or even hostile comments!

    Some of us have worse experiences and are getting beaten or even murdered! (similiar to homosexual people)
    And everything just because we want to be ourselves.
    We have nothing done wrong and also, we are NOT pedophiles or criminals or whatever!
    If you look on Youtube or Reddit, you will only find normal people like you and me.

    I wrote another comment here, where I try to explain the issue again.

    And because of all this hostility and ignorance, I just can't shut my mouth every time.
    Otherwise, I stick to my phrase:
    Walk in my iron boots first!

    1. The trauma is internal conflict. More than likely, you were a strong, powerful gender in a previous existence. Now, you agreed to come back, in this life, as the opposite gender. This will and does cause confusion. Not by knowing who you are; however, but because the dark uses gender as another form of separation and division among us. The Creator loves you, regardless of the earth suit. Bathe in the divine love of Our Creator, and the external world's opinion matters not to your true happiness and mission. With love and peace....just be you.

    2. Yep...even some of the gay community are transphobic, if you can believe THAT.

    3. @Chromosome XX:

      Yes, it is an internal conflict, but not only that - it made some options in my life completely impossible so far, like relationships.
      Most women simply don't want a sissy, but a "real" man, so in other words, I am appearing and behaving too feminine according to society standards. But fuck it!

      I can't tell you what my plans were before I came to this planet, but...
      Regardless what others think, my plans are still the same!

      Sorry, but the Divine love is NOT enough!
      In fact, I am preparing to finish this miserable chapter of my existence!

      I mean:
      Would you enjoy it if someone would force you in a body of the opposite sex, right now?
      Or generally speaking, would you mind, if someone would force you to anything else you don't want?

    4. @Sherman, I believe that it is because they don't like what is being engeneered throught this whole thing of the ABCLGBT+, or whatever alphabet they use. I'm straight sexual oriented, I know gays ans lesbians and I do not consider them at the level of these strange creatures that start now to appear in order to traditional basis family and the educational of the younger. Gays and lesbians are natural the way they live life besides that many feel hurt because of the patriarchical laws that have ruled society and preffer women, or a women world, because women tend to be more opened and create more acceptance to non conventional love expressions. However, they respect the heterosexual oriented not trying to impose their ways, as they do not advertisethemselves like a neon flash light in the night about their preferences by the single fact that what belongs to the intimicy must keeps there, that's the rule of elegant people. And yes, they laugh when they see these strange ABCLGBT+ creatures because of the level ridiculousness they portrain themselves by option.

    5. @ Rosa de Vénus:

      I would be a bit more careful with your judgements, if I were you!

      Generally, there are 2 things that have to be distinguished and what people seem to forget sometimes is:
      a) the cabal agenda
      b) people who are actually suffering and just want to express themselves

      If you consider human psychology, then you'll know that people are looking for affiliation and identification (especially young people) and I see nothing wrong about that.

      One of the strategies is that something is portrayed in the mainstream in a way people think that this is the only truth - so regarding LGBTQ+, it would mean that many people think that those kind of people are just some idiots, "trannies" and the like which cannot and shouldn't be applied to everyone who is trans!
      In fact, many trans people are unseen, unheard and suffering in silence - they are constantly "behind enemy lines" which is sadfully true and there's an article, which describes this agony very well, although it's basically hard to describe:

      And if you take a closer look on Youtube and Reddit, then you will see normal people and not the "strange ABCLGBT+ creatures"!

      I understand that people find it horrible that the cabal tries to influence children with their trans agenda, but I absolutely don't understand that trans people are lumped together!

      There are also many teenagers who are suffering - especially they.
      Some people argue that it's "just a phase".
      Well, you can't prove anybody your innermost feelings, right?
      But even if not - facts are facts, regardless what people think.

      If you had a child who is feeling like a man/woman instead of the assigned sex at birth, what would you do?
      Would you support your child?
      Or would you ignore its feelings, because of the "strange ABCLGBT+ creatures"?
      In case you ignore it, the probability would be very high that your child would eventually commit suicide.
      IIRC, then the suicide attempt rate for trans people is about 50%.

      Honestly, for me, it's always so hilarious to see that people who have absolutely NO fucking clue, are always those who are trying to teach others who are affected by a matter (in this case trans) and who on the other hand, HAVE indeed a clue, because they are experiencing the issues!

      As always:
      Try to walk in our IRON BOOTS!

    6. In fact I'm being polite when compared with the gays and lesbians that I know. And yes, they truly hate this thing called LGBT+ movement. In their words, they consider that they are being ridicularized, and by no way they feel represented by this ideology. From here is possible to imagine the variety of terms they apply to adjective the strange creatures, from considering that these LGBT+ ruins their business for the bad image they transmit, to the damage that this ideology induce to the minds of the young generations, or the destruction of the basis of society they know and contributed to make it better. In comparition to the hetero sexual, these are reactive and the first to say NO to what this have become. They are altive enough when they state it and no way show weakeness while judge. In their words, to feel sexualy oriented by people of the same sex is not a crime when both parts involved freely consent. However, not recognizing the gender when someone birth and pass the rest of the life trying to convince to not accept what by nature was give, that's a case of psychiatry...

      From my point of view and in general, I feel a lot of confusion on both sides that becomes an opportunistic loophole for free harvesting. Nothing benefits more than the plans of darkness.

    7. @chromosome

      WRONG. I did NOT chose to be the opposite gender. The ARCHONS did. TRY to think that such a concept actually happens, that free will DOES get violated.

      And like what Libra said, 'divine love' is NOT enough. IF the divine loved me, I'd be an ALIEN WOMAN right now, joy riding through some asteroid field....and NOT in this incorrect, ugly, masculine human body.

      and PLEASE...STOP calling it a 'suit'. I want to grab a cinder block and bash it over people's heads when I hear them say that.

      And I CAN'T 'just be me' until I get fixed. Like Libra said, walk in our iron boots a few miles for a bit.

      Transgender don't impose their ways too, if you think so, you been either watching too much TV, or too many 'awakened' media sources.


    8. Spare me with the "iron boot" salute as if estating that a pain of certain group is the ultimate pain from any others. Telll that to people that are going thru other afflictions such as indv with cancer, . missing limbs etc.. or kids or adults being rape and murder under our noses.

      dont lose sight of who the enemy are.. is not one of you.. whether u want to play the role of victim or not.. flash news we are all being played... every group are experiencing tremendous pressure and the bad guys are using our weaknesses to make sure we get on each others throat...
      By now it is not hard to figure that indeed the bad guys are using every single card to make sure to dilute and destroy society ..families and partnerships.
      who has the right answer.. probably not one sole group.. not one person.. ..

      All i can say... look beyond our pain and our prejudice.. from those that support or misunderstand us.. and find a common ground. Maybe those who u think they have no F* idea may have some point that u wish not to even acknowledge becausee u are too drown into your own pain.

      If we cant find a common ground .. this ping pong game will is pointless... and frankly gives no merits to anything we claim... why cause it exposes us as being as inflexible and narrowed minded as those whom we want to call out as being.

      No one should be in the predicament we all are.. especially kids should never be placed in the middle of the adults match.. that is where the bad guys have us... that is by design where the bad guys have placed the kids at and we have allowed it.

      What is the wholesome answer.. what is the healthy answer for a kid.. how to protect them from the grip of the bad guys.. wholesome here is key.... wholesome is not what i want or what u want...

      And please dont anyone give me an iron boot answer... because that will invalidate anything attempted to be said... we are grown enough to know pain is relevant... and anyone can come up with a bigger pain than mine or yours.. so dont use pain as a shield or excuse.

      What the world needs is love as the song says...not excuses... and we are full of them

    9. @DH:

      First of all...
      I do NOT think that my pain is the ultimate thing,
      I am NOT using pain as excuse!
      I do NOT expect that anyone is understanding me,
      I am NOT only speaking for me... I am speaking for all trans people at the same time. 😉

      In fact, I am pretty good in the meanwhile dealing with this pain, if you believe it or not.
      People know a damn about me, but maybe that's good. 😂

      The cause for my and other people's reactions... all the ignorance and hypocrisy everywhere - especially coming from so-called "spiritual" and "awakened" communities - even with an explanation attempt beforehand, the ignorance continues. 🤷‍♀️

      And yes you're absolutely right:
      Further continuing this "ping pong game" is pointless!
      And I can't take some bullshit comments seriously anymore, it's better to laugh about that I guess. 😁
      At least I tried to make my point...

      Oh and before I forget it:
      Wanna still try some iron boots,?
      They are free! 😂😂😂

    10. @ Rosa de Vénus:

      We are not done talking!

      You said:
      "However, not recognizing the gender when someone birth and pass the rest of the life trying to convince to not accept what by nature was give, that's a case of psychiatry..."

      Well, let's say, I try to make the best out of my current situation, BUT... I will NEVER accept or even embrace my current form, never!

      The quoted phrase of yours confirms your ignorance and maybe even hostility!
      But it's always the same with humans: They don't even try to reflect - they attack.

      And what do you think, psychiatry can do, hm?
      Just for you, I am giving an excerpt of an interview:

      Transsexualism (after the Event)

      Rob - "What is transsexualism? How will it look like possibilities of body corrections after the event? What’s going to happen with some people who have done sex changes?"

      COBRA – "OK. At a certain phase after the event, and closer to the first contact, people will be able to experience transmigration from their current body into a body of the opposite polarity. So if somebody is a man and would like to experience life from the perspective as a woman, he will be able to be teleported into a female body at that time. Through some of those experiences, some people will be clear their sexual identities and heal some of their traumas from the past."

      With emphasis on:
      "Through some of those experiences, some people will be clear their sexual identities and heal some of their traumas from the past."


      And as I mentioned before, I have no problems when people don't understand (and most can't, realistically).
      Also, not everyone has to know that I'm trans - in fact, it's the opposite because of "being behind enemy lines" and thus, I tend to be silent most of the time.

      And yes, as DH already mentioned, we are all being played out against each other.
      But... I can't always shut my mouth when people are encountering me with their ignorance or even trying to convince me of something.

      If you have a right to make your point, then I have this right, too!

    11. @DH
      Being forced in the wrong gender body is a disease of the spirit. Hell, the Archons raped and violated my soul.

      And don't try guilting us into being shamed for expressing our pains.

    12. @Libra J. M. Aquila: "The quoted phrase of yours confirms your ignorance and maybe even hostility!"

      No. You read or interpreted wrong. I quoted the gays and lesbians who do not like the trannies. That statement is from them, not mine. My point of view was expressed at the end and in a separated paragraph. Read again and pay attention please.

      To not take the risk to be considered transphobic, I would add this. In my perspective the trangender people are victims to a certain degree, on the other hand, they are also responsible since they were free to do whatever they want even if that result into something they may regret after. I don't see things separatedly but as a whole. I see the drama in a much more complex and perverse way than this tiping point of turning people against their own body, the social fracture of turning people against each other, the oportunistical gains for the pharmaceutical and physicians, etc.

      Time to make the homework: who was Alfred Kinsey and John Money?

      Everyone, watch this documentary case you haven't: "What Is a Woman?" (

      Subtitled is Portuguese:

      I watched this last night exactly after my last reply. So, I guaratee there was no influence even I do agree with Jordan Peterson. But let's take it seriously because that's what matters. The problem here is not so much the adults but the youngest. That's really what concerns me about, because they are the first and the most injured victims from the process. Also their families. And here, independent of the biological sex that was born or and the ideologic gender that each one identifies as, we all have the social and moral duty to question is is legitime that the state, medical and educational institutions interfere how parents educante their children when they are minors?

      Watch the documentary, really worth it.

      To finish. @Libra J. M. Aquila, is not nice when you call someone ignorant only because that person does not match with your views. Don't let that a disagreement becomes the spark for starting a war. Do you want see an adversary? The mirror shows you the reflex of the your first and last enemy. Self-honesty is a virtue. Stay in peace and remember that you are welcome. <3

    13. @ Rosa:

      If you read all my comments on this blog post alone, then you will recognize that I have indeed intelligence and the capability of self-reflection.

      And then it wouldn't be necessary to mention self-honesty.
      In fact, I am so self-honest that it shocks most people!

      I am aware that not everyone takes me seriously.
      But facts are facts.

  52. Big Thanks Cobra!☀ And we keep the Light and we Love You!💛💛☀☀

  53. Thanks for the update Cobra!🌹🙏

  54. In Spanish, en español:

  55. Can Cobra Clarify who release the covid19 virus? I remember it's back in 2020 -2021 you mentioned it was released by an USA (cabal) agent, so which is correct? It seems to be contradicted it-self.

    1. Hi R, it was written in the past post from
      2020 end time madness:

  56. I want to comment a bit more on the "Klaus Schwab" article:

    As I always say:
    A plan is what it is: a plan.
    It can work, but it doesn't have to!

    Just imagine what it would be like in the Covid case, we would let politicians and co. just simple babble.
    I know, it's a very idealistic thought, but this "pandemic" exists only because the majority has either actively or passively agreed that we have a "pandemic" since 2020. The majority has agreed to this "pandemic" out of fear, ignorance (or both) as naturally as someone agrees to T&Cs (and let's be honest: who reads through something like that?).

    And speaking of T&Cs:
    This resistless consent also comes from the fact that people are made fainted beforehand. Those who are already overwhelmed by work, family and other stress; those who have to fight for survival will (in most cases) resist less, "you just want to have your peace" - but fortunately the tide is turning more and more in our favor.
    There is still a lot to improve, but everything could have been worse.

    And of course, it's also completely true that everything starts with your thoughts and where you direct your energy.
    Balance is important here as well:
    E.g. you shouldn't let yourself be too overwhelmed by the fear porn, but on the other hand you shouldn't just ignore everything and just be passive.
    This is exactly why I try to inspire people from time to time to become more efficient (without being too cramped, nobody is perfect).

    Of course nobody can know how it will go on, but it is still up to the sum of all free will decisions on this planet and some decisions weigh more, some less (but "lesser" decisions are more effective in the mass, though).

  57. I always agree with Cobra.
    But I have other thought:
    1. "Chinese financial system is on the verge of collapse"
    Can't agree yet. It's seems to be some banks of Chinese Province appear funding problem, and it's a act of criminal, it's too early to say and a weak connection to "collapse"....... Any other specific proof?
    2. "misusing Covid apps to block the citizens from accessing their banks and their money to prevent bank runs"
    It's a misunderstanding..... The official central government and the law don't allow such action. A few officials have be punished
    3. "and the Shanghai clique is trying to remove him from power. This is the real reason behind the Shanghai lockdowns, as Xi is using lockdowns to block the activities of the Shanghai clique:"
    Not sure , but in my perspective, China official principle against Covid-19 is "Zero-COVID" , lockdowns is a must to ensure a low spread speed of virus and run all citizen level pcr test.
    I think Shanghai is trying to learn the west "give up" principle which brought a punished from official central government.... Honestly I do feel terrible for the Shanghai's "give up"
    principle .

    4. "they also have enough, and beneath the surface of the Chinese society, a revolution is brewing:"
    Well, It's a conflict based on the lockdown principle, but it's a month ago.... and Shanghai is already stop the "lockdown". Do you think that the citizen will still as angry as a month before? It's hard to say it can become a revolution....

    It comes back to the arrangement against Covid-19, "Zero-COVID" , "give-up" or "both"?
    At least, The fact is that China lockdown principle is a way that the least people die. Correct?

    So "Chinese people can tolerate more abuse than Westerners" seems to be joking... Or, more deaths is a better option or "less abuse" compare to "lockdown" ? I doubted.

    1. Well, apart from small protests, we've yet to see the Chinese people do a Marie Antoinette on the Chinese Communist leaders as of yet.

      Look at the Romanian Revolution of 1989 as an example.

  58. "In the beginning was the unconditioned awareness of being, and the unconditioned awareness of being became conditioned by imagining itself to be something, and the unconditioned awareness of being became that which it had imagined itself to be; so did creation begin.

    By this law – first conceiving, then becoming that conceived – all things evolve out of No-thing; and without this sequence there is not anything made that is made.

    Before Abraham or the world was – I AM. When all of time shall cease to be – I AM. I AM the formless awareness of being conceiving myself to be man. By my everlasting law of being I am compelled to be and to express all that I believe myself to be.

    I AM the eternal No-thingness containing within my formless self the capacity to be all things.

    I AM that in which all my conceptions of myself live and move and have their being, and apart from which they are not.

    I dwell within every conception of myself; from this withinness, I ever seek to transcend all conceptions of myself. By the very law of my being, I transcend my conceptions of myself, only as I believe myself to be that which does transcend.

    I AM the law of being and beside ME there is no law. I AM that I AM."
    - Neville Lancelot Goddard: "Your Faith is Your Fortune"

  59. These two articles (linked by Cobra in this post) are really absolutely worth reading:

    "They will fail:

    And we will win:"

    They clearly show that passivity, "closing your eyes", waiting for others to do the work for you (waiting for the savior/others to bring about change), victim mentality (whining, blaming others), focusing on the negative things and not solutions, insisting on one's own opinion/view/assessment and not reflecting feedback are NOT the way to bring about change.

    And most importantly, they show possible solutions - they describe the current state (acknowledging the problem; that's important, but don't dwell on it!) and then possibilities for what each of us can do.

    The two articles refer to different circumstances - one to industrialized countries and the other to a so-called developing country (I am aware that a discussion about political correctness could be sparked here, and would like to add that I have used these terms for the sake of simplicity and do not associate any value judgement with them.) - and thus no one can actually say that this could not be implemented with them - at least to some extent (e.g. networking can be accomplished by EVERYBODY).

    I really hope quite a few will read these two articles and be inspired to "do something (or more than already)" that both thwarts the other side's plans and supports our side.

    Perhaps reading the two articles will also help to inspire one or the other to get out of victim mode - at least in part - and simply try out an approach other than always focusing on the negative, other than always whining, blaming and seeing oneself as helpless/incapable of action.

    I mean, what does one have to lose?! At worst, nothing changes in the personal circumstances or the emotional situation. Isn't it at least worth a try?

    And when one does that - i.e. no longer focusing only on oneself, which may even have caused one to lose all touch with reality and interpret behavior/statements of others very one-sidedly/wrongly - one may find that one feels better, simply because one no longer feels attacked, threatened, disadvantaged, unable to act, etc.

    Thanks for sharing these articles, Cobra. May they help to take self-responsible action.

    I would like to make a brief comment about our friends in China, because I am afraid it is most difficult for them to implement what has been written above, and yet there are those who do.

    What is happening to you right now (and here I don't just mean what is happening in general, but in particular what is happening to those from our - Cobras - community) is unimaginable and it breaks my heart.

    Unfortunately, there is not much/nothing we can do for you from the outside, but I am sending you as much positive energy as I can. May you get through all this in one piece and healthy (physically and mentally). We love you!

    1. I think, we both experienced some kind of synchronicity.

      As you know, I prepared a long comment + 2 addendi regarding unity, "what can I do?" and communication issues which I posted here further above.

      And now, with the new planetary situation update, we get some information regarding this exact thing about responsibility, co-creation, common sense etc. 😁

    2. How do you slay the dragon, alone and unaided?

      Without weapons, tech and super powers, adhoc, we are victims. Otherwise this war would have ended long ago. Not like we can build spaceships, photon torpedoes and light sabers and go up there and fight, nor are we Dragon Ball Z fighters. Even those damned Sholin Monks, who people say are sooo powerful, have yet to even bother fighting the darkies, etc.

      We NEED outside help, or this war will never end.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. What about the corona tribunals? Will they come before the solar flash?

  61. Thanks for the update Cobra. At this time you may know quite well that I not mask to soften of or to make it pretty. So, it's gonna hurt the way it is.

    In my country we have a traditional saying that is "Quando a esmola é grande o pobre desconfia" / "The poor distrust when the alm is big." I sense this applies to the possibility of a planetary mass evacuation. To corroborate it, historical data from the 20th century is rich in quantity of mass extinction events and nobody from outside intervened to prevent it. So, what would be different from now taking into consideration the high level of complexity to address such operation in order to save lives when is more easier let them die, using a backup to suply a new terraform project?

    Don't like it but seems more realistic the possibility of let everything perish by its own than to make the effort of trying to save it. And by dying, that's not the problem. The real problem is the level of trauma and endoctrination suffered by the Souls that keeps them into captivity life after life, conditioning all possible experiences by the lack of liberty from a diminished light. In this chapter, it is notable that many of the readers are confused by the logic order of the steps of this event, if the mass evacuation takes place if before or after the solar flash.

    About the really mean of Ascension. At this time, everyone should formulated its own designation for this term, however I must confess that I found terrible how it is presented most of the times, that basically says that we need to ascend to be "ascended". I truly feel that is not not the case. Ascend is nothing more than remembering, that is more or less, return back our consciousness that was held into captivity by Morpheus(/sleep), a forgetfullness state generated from the density of unconsciousness while submited into immersion of any kind, if by contract (voluntary) or by force (non voluntary), in order to sustain an experience of whatever nature.

    From here is easy to start to understand that consciousness is the true matter from what we are made from, as its plastecity and volaticity applied to or in which aspects is presented, mantained to generate us as an expression, as a Soul. From here we start to get used to what was were before we came in to this, through the enlargement of the horizons of the conscious field, we start noticing that we do make transversal moves all the time that permeates more than a level or perception like communly the 3D. Our thoughts and our feelings are the vehicle from where our conscious field navegate through multidimensional or multifrequentials, being this 3D the most limited and fractured state where we can be. This metaphysical explanation is more credited to explain the real reason why a physical intervention at the 3D level is suspitious to occur than a transference of the Souls/Consciousnesses without their physical expression. Of course, the death of this physical expression must occur if not an atomic transmigration, however death is just a ritual of passage and not an end.

    There are different author stating that ascension means that the death of the physical body. I can't agree because many died and have not "ascend" (did not remember who they are). I do agree that the solar flash may incinerate us all, making instantly perish this physical vehicle and leave us in a state of letargy while we trying to recover consciouness back. And as more matrix they are, more difficulty to overcome and go back to their natural state on unlimited state of consciousness.

    Meditations may help but the key to all of it is an emotional powerful state of mind. Do not expect the Event more than the empowering yourselves like Jedis do.

    1. We need SOMETHING. I've YET to see ANYONE become a 'Jedi' or Dragon Ball Z powerful. We ARE, remember, genetically raped.

      And I'm in no rush to die, thank you.

    2. It's not about being alive or dead. Goes deep.
      It's about the [fucking] mindset that prevails in the afterlife.
      This is what determines whether you are freed or enslaved.

      [As] the problem is not only in genetics but in the suppressors that have been placed and that, of course, are embedded into each one's mindset. In this case, death is an advantage >>> for those who really seek liberation <<< as the discharge of the old body desatach from the absurdity of the current world, in which, the otherside offers a vast opportunity to change our mind into something higher and much more expanded.

      Jedi and other siddhi powers... Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they don't exist. The limit is really in your imagination. ;)

  62. God bless all the DNA Data Banks cooperating with Andromeda spider archons, Babylon Reptiloids, Orion Dracos, or any other subfactional infiltrated humans, including NCBI, EMBL-EBI, CNGB, DDBJ to be abolished forever. Amen.

  63. Magnetic Pole Shift Update & Current pole migration position: As of May 17th to June 17th we moved another 5.16 miles. The North Pole continues racing toward Siberia. So we are 35 miles from the 40 degree mark. Average speed has currently been 5.11 miles per month. If we move 5 miles a month that would put us at around 7 months away from the 40 degree.

  64. And like i commented a few blogs back, liberation of the planet has come in the form of russians... just like the Cicada3301 music track message, remember that one:
    Ursa Major (Bear) will bite the hand triumphant hand that feeds it

  65. V slovenščini:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  66. Victory of the Light !!! <3 <3 <3

  67. Thanks for the global update, dear Cobra! Updates for the planetary situation in general is so important, we need to read a lot, because your statements are highlighted throughout your post, through links to other reliable sources, great information and interpretations from you, are still there. Here are the links to my translation into Romanian language and into Italian also, please let me share to our audience and help them to understand well your precious intel post:
    Romanian post:
    Italian post:
    Also, we have a large page on our meditation blog, with all the urgent meditations, updated:
    Romanian page:
    Italian page:
    Timetable for implants clearing sessions:
    Romanian page:
    Italian page:

    Victory of the Light!

  68. Thank you very much for this update. Dissolving the planetary and individual anomaly is most needed right now.
    Subliminal affirmations helped in the most powerful way to manifest all of that and help with the Ascension process !!

  69. According to Alex Collier, an Andromeda contactee, there are no dark malevolent Andromedans. All Andromedans are benevolent and trying to help assist humanity. Just saying.

    1. Maybe Cobra was referring to the Andromeda star system rather than the race.

    2. Similar to .. "all reptilians are bad"... ? What are the chances.. in the billion years the universe been operarional.. specially during its infancy and during the struggles of galactic wars (where not all were evolve spiritually) is it possble that everyone in a specie remained untoched by darkness. I find that hard to believe... is it even possible. So were rhere offshoot... rogue members that may have deviated from path.... back then when darkness ran rampant.. planets conquered and destroyed... i


    4. This Alex Collier .
      "In July next year, in the first three weeks of July 2022, we will be hit by the light from the supernova in Cygnus Alpha that exploded in the early 1600s. Although now gamma rays have started to arrive.
      Gamma rays travel at twice the speed of light.
      So we are starting to receive them now, but the light itself will arrive in the first three weeks of July 2022.
      And I understand that this band of light, as it travels through our solar system we will not have night for three days..."

      Well I guess we'll be able to verify that very soon.

    5. Alex Collier refers to beings from Andromeda constellation. I believe COBRA means beings from Andromeda Galaxy whom called as Maitra. Tall gray wrinkly beings.

  70. @Sherman .
    Thank you so much for giving me a laugh with your lizard grandmother.
    I don't blame you, Gaia doesn't either, according to fm144 after the event she wants to have a moment of peace alone, I can understand her, I sometimes feel the need to cut myself.
    I am sure you are a beautiful person.

    I know how to feel other people's emotions it's a very emotionally draining gift.
    We are what we call home.
    "Les gueules cassées de la guerre"
    Emotionally, physically.
    I am sometimes angry, but mostly at myself.
    And I often feel that way.
    A bird with broken wings.
    Kisses to both of you 🤗🌹🕊️

    1. I have the gift of empathy, too and yes, it's a double edged sword, but I like it anyway.

      I hope, that you understand the issue of Sherman and me at least a bit better now.

      And I'm not angry at you anymore, but I still appreciate more alone time.

    2. I'll feel beautiful once I've been restored, Zou.

      And I feel a need to cut the DARKIES, chop em to pieces, while they are still ALIVE and AWARE of what's happening to them.

  71. Replies
    1. The most basic of which is a single ring around a planet or star.

      Watch the Star Trek episode, "Relics", shows a fantastic Dyson sphere.


  72. Now on the street tonight the Lights Grow dim
    The walls of my room are closing in
    There's a war outside still raging
    I say it ain't theirs anymore to win
    I want to sleep beneath
    Peaceful Skies in my Lover's Bed
    With a Wide Open Gaia in my eyes
    And these Romantic Dreams in my head

    Well we made a promise we swore we'd always remember
    No retreat, baby, no surrender
    Like soldiers in the winter's night with a vow to defend
    No retreat, baby, no surrender

    No Surrender

    I'm Ready to Grow Young Again.


    1. Hmm, so I didn't know that version there brother 😜🌍
      Kisses 🌹💖🕊️✨

    2. ;-)

      Encore une foix:



  73. Grazie mille, Cobra per il tuo aggiornamento che diventa «CIBO SPIRITUALE» come l’«ACQUA VIVA» che donna Potere, Soffio, Coraggio, Determinazione per andare avanti e proseguire con la propria missione di vita!
    La Forza e la Potenza dei Jedi che ognuno di noi possiede (dentro se stesso), ci guida per andare avanti con la nostra azione.
    La chiave centrale è: «STARE NEL PRESENTE!!!» con la totale consapevolezza di fare/dare tutto ciò che è umanamente possibile. Per quanto possiamo viaggiare in mille altre dimensioni, non scordiamoci che viviamo in un corpo di carne, involucro della 3D →4D →5D. Buona Ascensione!!!
    Un abbraccio a tutti i Figli/Figlie della Luce! Victory of the Light!!! VOTL!!!
    For all of us - The Light - The Album Leaf -

  74. I noticed that some terms like "pole shift", "solar flash", "Event", "mass arrests" and "ascension" still cause some confusion and unnecessary fear and people are wondering what will happen in what order.

    Maybe it would be helpful for some people to have a look on the following article:

    However, it would be nice if there will be more clarification about that in the future, if possible.

  75. Must be one of those atmospheres in the upper reaches of the chimera
    🐙=😇 ?🤔
    🐙=🐙 ?🤔

  76. Can these Dyson spheres be seen because there are no images showing Dyson spheres around the Earth and Sun. It would help to have some proof

    1. The starships of the Galactic Confederation are usually not visible for obvious reasons.

    2. Yea, plus it would give the power mongers of this planer reason to shit their pants, which NEEDS to be done.

    3. We need contact, and we need it YESTERDAY, 3k14Pi

  77. Meditation to protect Lightworkers in China:

  78. There are alot of inflitraitors in the truth (or untruth) movement and JS made a video, ppl use alot of discernment when watching this movement :

    1. Now, while the statement "There are alot of inflitraitors in the truth (or untruth) movement ..." may well be true, Jordan Sather may not be a reliable source of information.

  79. If the Resistance Movement is not going to denounce russia for their war and constant murderous aggression, I'm done working with them and will no longer promote the meditations.

    1. Vai em paz.
      Você tolerou todas as guerras da OTAN no mundo. Porque agora se tornou intolerante?

    2. They did! Cobra said Putin was following Jesuit influencers by starting the war. That's the worst possible condemnation.

    3. I sent that article to someone back when it happened, and they too came away with the idea Cobra supported the war. Just because he's not CNN froathing at the mouth every single day making Russia seem like a cartoon villain. There are subtleties to reality, and people need to actually read the articles because he doesn't repeat himself like TV propaganda.

  80. completed ... both Dyson spheres

  81. Amore, compassione, gratitudine, ordine, disciplina , forza di volontà, umiltà, altruismo e rispetto , sono per me le caratteristiche che dovrebbero avere i guerrieri di Luce. Non è facile avere la piena padronanza di questi requisiti fondamentali. Ma è lì che voglio arrivare. Voglio essere la mia versione migliore ,quella più pura. Cobra ti mando un abbraccio per ringraziarti. Vittoria della Luce!

  82. We are seeing that Trump is being compared to a snake, and called a snake, all kinds of lies that animals on the earth are a hoax including gorillas and koalas, Neptune is an inner planet, Atomic bombs are a hoax - well i've even visited the sites in Japan that were bombed. Suddenly Shariraye has gone off, plus the intel she is receiving is gloating about how she keeps putting up the lies. I tried to email her to check it's from real OJ but I got in big trouble from her. So, it's all happening with Shariraye. We will see how it turns out.

  83. G.H.REES Andromedan Portal ATTENTION!!. The planetary hyperlodge ''HONG'' of SHANGHAI, CHINA, by direct order to the Space administration of China via the masonic lodge of HONG KONG, has ordered ''AOA'' Adeptis Ordo Atlantis London (Masonic hyperlodge of the West and Russia) along with its Space administration counterparts , namely NASA of the USA and ROSKOSOS of Russia, to coordinate their movements pertaining  to the announcement of the imminent arrival of ‘’SPACE FORCES’’ on planet earth.
    The Chinese Space administration also knows the identity and point of origin of the incoming aliens. Therefore, with this message of G.HREES astrostrategics, we wish to inform only the Space administrations of the USA and Russia, both of which are totally oblivious to the true identity and origin of these incoming aliens.
    1).Identity and origin of the incoming aliens:
    These incoming aliens are Kronian(Saturnian) Andromedans who turned against the authorities of the constellation of Andromeda in our local galaxy, and who teamed up with SIN-SION(ZION)-SINA-JEHOVA, leader of the two draconian war planets Selene (MOON-LEVAN) and Lilith, in orbit around earth as super heavy satellites. These Kronians reside in areas around the North Pole. They have made an agreement with draconian leader SIN-SION-JEHOVA to pretend they are coming to earth in peace and as law-abiding non-rebelled Andromedians, originating in the constellation of Andromeda , pretending to restore the old (through Zeus) andromedian sovereignty on planet earth. Their true intention will be to reign over planet earth through supposedly Greek planetary governors, only for 7 years from 2023 till 2029, during which they and the Greeks are to commit crimes against the draconian Chinese888 and Koreans777. Both Chinese and Koreans are products of lunar genetic engineering who first invaded Atlantis 13,500 years ago, thereby instigating a world war between Greece (Hellas) and Atlantis 11,600 yrs ago.
    At the end of the seven years , the Kronians will abandon the Greeks and their planetary government to retutrn to their North Pole residence by 2030. At that point, the the draconian space forces of the MOON, in collaboration with the Chinese and Koreans, Russians and Islamic nations, will launch the third World War (actually the fourth) to bring about the genocide of armies and civilians, against the nations of NATO and SEATO of the West, due to their participation in the crimes of the false 7-year supposedly Greek planetary reign against the armies of R.I.C axis (RUSSIA-ISLAM-CHINA+KOREA).
    2).End result of the 3rd World War:
    For the 2nd phase of WWIII, HONG CHINA, and its subordinate lodge of AOA LONDON, have masterminded the genocide of of the armies and civilians of Russia and those of Islamic nations by the Chinese+Korean armies. This genocide will be the result of various hostilities between China, unified Korea, Russia and Islamic nations regarding the allocation of all conquered lands and looting of the already massacred countries of the US.E.J (USA-EUROPE-JAPAN) axis , that is the members of NATO and SEATO during the 1st phase of WWIII.
    True incoming Andromedian recognition criteria:
    1).In the case that following their arrival on earth, the incoming aliens do not fully break up and destroy the countries of China and the two Koreas, then they are not law-abiding  Andromedians but rather Kronian rebells against Andromeda.
    2).In the case that the incoming andromedians do not destroy on their own both China and the two Koreas , and if they also ask for the help of the western armies of US.E.J axis of NATO and SEATO , then they are not true andromedians but again North Kronian rebells against Andromeda , and allies of the MOON draconians.
    For all the above as well as additional planning of HONG, their North Kronian allies of the draconian MOON, and AOA LONDON, as it is evident through mathematical analysis, G.H.REES have already informed the Andromedian forces at the four outer planets of our solar system, via signals to hollow earth Andromedian communities.


  85. So far, only Benjamin Fulford calls a spade a spade: Jews have taken over the planet. All the governments of the world, except, it seems to me, Iran, are controlled by the Zionists of Israel, England and the USA. Their ideology, which admits that all the people of the planet except the Jews, are cattle that can and should be killed without mental anguish explains the problems of all countries of the world. Find an official, actor, businessman or politician who is connected with Israel, possibly through citizenship (obtaining Israeli citizenship is impossible without passing an exam for knowledge of the book of Tanakh, where it is written that all the people of the planet are cattle not worthy of existence and taking a solemn oath to serve Israel and its interests). If any public figure whom you suspect of a policy of degradation and destruction of "his" nation, ethnic group, state is associated with Israel (especially if this person has a Jewish surname, name), then you should know that he destroys you so that his "people" will populate your land when you will be destroyed. As it is written in their "bible": "the men of the lands that you want to occupy must be killed, their wives and daughters must be taken as slaves for sexual pleasures." At this point in time, the "state" of Israel has an average of 3 children per family, which is more than in Uzbekistan during its entry into the USSR. Do you think it is possible to support so many children in a small desert country under constant rocket fire from Iran and an atmosphere of perpetual religious tension?

  86. Currently, the Jews have two projects for resettlement from an aggressive environment for them. Both projects are carried out by the Jewish sect "Chabad" (Hasidim). The first place is occupied by Ukraine, part of which until the 11th century was part of the Khazar Khaganate (before, Benjamin Fulford incorrectly indicated that the current economic and political elite of the United States, England and Europe belonged to the so-called "Khazar mafia" - this is not true, because originally Khazaria, or The Khazar Khaganate consisted of the local indigenous population and problems for it began since, during the political instability in this entity, part of the elite accepted Jews who profess Judaism.Further, part of this elite intermarried with Jews through marriage and converted to Judaism, then they nominated the ranks of the head of state and since then problems have begun for the surrounding states.The need for Jews in slaves and material wealth resulted in the enslavement and robbery of the peoples surrounding Khazaria, which some time later was put an end to by the Russian prince Svyatoslav Igorevich, who began the destruction of the Khazar state with the liberation of the Slavic tribes from slavery among the Khazars. Knowing "and historical claims" of the Jews to the territory of the State of Palestine (it has now been proven, including even by the Jews themselves, that the Jews never lived in the territory of Palestine), they may have the same claims to the territory of Ukraine (the Hasidic communities of Ukraine massively bought land from the administrative authorities of Ukraine starting since the 1990s, after the destruction of the USSR by Jews and their coming to power over the republics (states) of the former USSR. The second Jewish resettlement project is Russia. After the destruction of the USSR and the seizure of managerial positions in the former Soviet republics, an era of slow genocide began for the indigenous population of these countries through the destruction of national economies, the inculcation of anti-natural values ​​(LGBT), the destruction of family culture, the culture of work, education, ART, the corruption of children and women, alcohol, smoking, drugs. Possessing a predominantly Slavic population of the countries of Eastern Europe (including historical Russia, without the territories of Siberia and the Far East). Judging by the same information about the number of children among Jews, only Russia becomes a place where Jews will take refuge after the world chaos they have created.

    1. UAU!
      Tenho fundamento que indicam que você está mostrando a direção certa das coisas.

      Clif High – A Máfia Khazariana.

  87. I felt great reading the update the night of the 23rd and then on the 24th the next day I felt drained and floored. I just laid down outside for a while instead of lifting weights. I walked afterwards and saw a rooster walking down the street as well as an owl perched on some power lines. I saw baby owls too.

    The following video was made shortly after the update. Daniel seems to be getting some downloads.

    The New Earth Metamorphosis/a Planet Reignited With New Life

  88. Replies
    1. Beauty is subjective.

      I don't see any reason why something as malleable to thoughts as a lightbody would be restricted in its forms/how it looks, other than the personal perception of the individual.

      Hermetic Principle of Mentalism, people; The All is Mind; The Universe is Mental.

    2. Beyond all yours hopes.

    3. Lemme get my physical body fixed first.

    4. I want my physical body fixed too. I'm extremely skinny and can't go anywhere without getting negative reactions from people. I want to be physical forever.

  89. How come people spawn over night for abortion rights and not protest against cabal and world economic forum human rights abuse vaccine mandates bloody hell i have no faith in humanity wtf is wrong with this world.

  90. Thanks for the intels Cobra!

    Q is back too

  91. 👽?😁

    After the critical mass of signatures was reached, the Pleiadians have communicated that the legal basis for their intervention on the surface of the planet is now established.

    They will start contacting first the individuals who are participating in the Contact Dish project:

    Since Galactic Law overrides local laws, this contact will be established regardless of the local laws in the countries where people will be contacted. The Pleiadians have stressed that they want to initialize the contact as soon as possible, but will NOT contact anyone until the basic safety of contacted individuals can be assured, and for this the Dark forces on the physical plane need to lose more power. They do not wish to say when the contact sequence will start, but when it starts, it will start suddenly without warning.

    People who do not own land will be contacted also, but for that contact they will need to be in nature at least 60 meters/yards away from the nearest human being to avoid implant / biochip interference, and as far away as possible from the local military bases.

    As soon as this contact happens, and even before, it will trigger strong emotional reactions among the surface population. Remain calm then, and use common sense.

  92. Ladder of Light✨✨

    As soon as there is enough anomaly removed and enough Light present on the surface of the planet, much intel will be released and everything will be much clearer for many people.

  93. They have committed their crimes in past incarnations, for example, during old lives they have sacrificed Lightworkers and incorporated their Soul parts, due to which they lead a pretty good life during later and also current incarnations, as the life and prosperity energy of the sacrificed Lightworkers continues to constantly flow to these Dark Ones (very often incarnated Reptiloids).

    The sacrificed Lightworker, on the other hand, will lead a rather dreary existence in this and past incarnations. Neither "The Secret" nor "Law of Attraction" would help in this case... one has to get these Soul parts back first, for a successful manifestation of a reasonable life in this highly occult Earth Matrix.

    1. Then the "Law of Assumption" by Neville Goddard will definitely work; or even better, combine all those Laws with Neville's and you have a formidable combo on "fixing yourself" be it Soul Fragmentation or other incidents.

      I personally believe it's about time individuals, even in these kinds of communities, stop clinging to self-limiting beliefs e.g. "I can't do X unless X happens" etc., when they can utilize their own Divinely-given Administrative Powers over this Matrix to collapse their reality and rewrite it however they wish.

      All they have to do is to acknowledge the scope of how powerful they truly are as a Co-Administrator/Creator of this Matrix/Illusion and any diseases, illnesses, or even Soul Fragmentation is fixed. They can even pretty much bring about The Event now and eliminate what needs to be eliminated (Chimera, Anomaly, Cabal, etc.) through the Law of Assumption, Living on the End (Living in the State of Wish-Fulfilled), and utilizing their Divine Administrative powers through Decrees, and Imagination that is imbued by pure emotions, thought, willpower and intent.

      "Your focus determines your reality"--Qui Gon Jinn

      The only hope a normie Cabal weakling could do against the Divine Administrative Powers of the individuals in this Matrix that they are corrupting is to spread self-limiting beliefs and ideologies e.g. "You can't do X unless X happens", and brainwash the hell out of an individual so that their perceptions of themselves are that of a powerless weakling, unable to do anything, and thus their Divine Administrative Powers--ever impartial--will project just that to their own reality, plain and simple.

      In that regard, Soul Fragmentation and any forms of diseases and illnesses can be corrected and fixed; and that's just only the tip of the iceberg as to how powerful you all truly are, as Co-administrators of this Matrix/Illusion.

  94. So I'm listening music from YouTube and sometimes while I'm in let's say higher vibration music change sound like to analog ,,don't know anything about it but I know reproduction of sound sounds
    different ,,is that possible?

  95. If the pole change occurs in 2-3 years and not in 2017-18, the event will come soon. As in cinemas; coming, coming, coming, coming. So, soon. Anyway, I feel like something big is emerging.

  96. Ciao Cobra, grazie! La traduzione in Italiano è qui:


  97. She knows what it takes to make a pro blush.
    She'll take a tumble upon you.
    Roll you like a Dice.
    All the boys think She's a Spy...