Monday, July 11, 2022

A New Cobra Interview

You might want to read a new Cobra interview, which is posted here:


It has been translated in many languages.

















Victory of the Light!


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    3. Q. Approx. how long post liberation will ALL Earth humans have new, young, healed bodies?

      A. Most humanity will be evacuated and after being evacuated they will go through a certain alignment and healing process on the Motherships and then they will have youth, healed bodies. Most humans will have quite dramatic healing before the EVENT but I would say the final transformation will happen on the Motherships.

    4. Q. As big fans of 80’s music as the decade with high vibrational music infusion, was 80’s music inspired by the Pleiadians?

      A. Many of it yes…actually I would say since roughly 1983 until roughly 1987 there was big influence by the Pleiadians inspiring musicians throughout the world.

    5. Please consider making a bit longer interview with questions submitted by the audience.

    6. Thx Rin.. no need to also include me nick. What is important is that the general info gets posted. It can be modified/corrected and further guidelines added as you did. Thx

    7. Good to know that the Pleiadians like 80s music! So they probably like hard rock and metal. It will be cool to party and go to rock/metal concerts on the Pleiades after we are evacuated. Today's music sucks baaaaad and there's no new and interesting music to listen to except for a few metal bands.

    8. i hope they have food and other forms of entertainment because it would be cool to see what they see as fun

    9. @Unknown

      youtube channel
      New Retro Wave

      80's style music made today.

    10. @Unknown

      You'll probably like this music. It's vocal techno

  2. Fulford update us pretty intriguing

  3. Goode Update With Cobra Context

    Q returns once Chimera's weakened

  4. German translation of this post (the German translation of the interview will be published very soon) / deutsche Übersetzung dieses Posts (die deutsche Übersetzung des Interviews wird zeitnah veröffentlicht werden):

  5. Thank you CoBra and Light Forces. Victory of the Light.
    Who else has seen clouds like the above picture and the pictures in the link? Are they all over the skies at this point?

  6. Nice interview. The questions I would ask during a friendly dinner with Cobra.

  7. アガルタネットワークを公開します。






























































































































  8. Questa tua intervista mi ha restituito la forza e la gioia di vivere. Grazie Cobra

  9. Thanks Cobra. French translation of the post.
    L'article en français :

    French translation of the interview.
    L'interview en français :

    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  10. Grazie Cobra! Un'intervista stupenda! Mi ha dato molta forza e ritrovato ottimismo. Un abbraccio! Vittoria della Luce!

  11. It seems the 2025 Event is going to be the option that fleshes out ratern than a 12-15 ish months fimeframe unfortunately.

    1. Thank you COBRA! It is amazing and wonderful to have a new interview and many questions to be answered!
      Yes, we can witness a delay of the Event, even if the awakening movement is stronger and occurs much faster than we thought previously. The surface population is not awakened in a very large percentage, and we also already know, that the Event will occur, partially, due to the interaction with the global consciousness (growing more and more) , these are interconnected and influencing each other. On other hand, we still have enough implants in the surface population and toplet bombs are not cleared yet, to have a doubt in a very forthcoming wave of energy from the Central Sun, through our Sun toward the Earth. If the Light Forces encounters difficulties to clear the portion near the surface and the large underground bases put a pressure in time, being so many and even recently discovered, the hostages situation also persist and can be resolved but not so quickly, I guess, the Plan of the Event will be changed and we have to wait more for the Event. It may be a bit of joy for some of us, to live more time on the planet Earth, and hopefully without so much suffering, but others will suffer to not be living the Event this year or unless in 2023, and are forced to not leave the planet so fast ... But, I hope things may change this year and the next one will bring us the huge love energy and will wipe out all the negativity and darkness/anomaly from our beloved planet and this Solar System too!
      The translations soon will be available! Million thanks dear Cobra, we need these type of intel so much!

    2. Maybe the solar flash and pole shift in 2025. I feel like major awesome things will happen in the next few weeks/months, not years. Remember, we are co-creating this reality. The more people focus on wonderful stuff happening now, the closer we are to it manifesting.😎

  12. Questo era esattamente ciò che attendevo. Ora finalmente posso serenamente affrontare ciò che accadrà 😊

  13. Saludos Cobra ..una pregunta .Cuanto tiempo pasará entre el Evento y el Cambio de Los polos..una aproximación.

  14. German translation of the interview / deutsche Übersetzung des Interviews:

  15. This is indeed far too long... It should never have lasted this long until 2022. The forces of Light seem to have underestimated the sleepiness of the masses.
    So there will be no "soft disclosure" but an accelerated process with, certainly, the flash of the Galactic Central Sun (the Event) and for those who wish it, the long awaited return in the Vessels.


  16. Amor fati (Amore nei confronti del destino) NCSWIC! WWG1WGA! VOTL! Victory of the Light! Vittoria della Luce!!!😊🙏✨♒💫🌬⏳✴💜

  17. Since the flash won't begin until 2025, all we can hope for is liberation.😞 At least if we can get our freedom and a new currency then there's hope we won't suffer till right up to the event.

    1. Ok so you read it howni did ..liberation ...then event but cobra has stated many times no RV until after event so I don't know how we get liberated without the financial system being nesara ??

    2. *sighs* MORE waiting.......

  18. I think if I were a cow or chicken or pig, I would be quite happy to go off and live in a beautiful, natural environment and never have to see earthlings again.

    Thank you for the interesting interview, Cobra.

    1. @GoddessPower made my day😂 ,thank you!💙💜💙

  19. Fantastic interview! 👏
    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH COBRA, GF, RM for everything you've done and continue to do on our behalf!



  21. u are always in my heart…i see u touch u in my heart.

  22. Polish translation:

  23. Thanks for the interview!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducida al castellano

  24. V slovenščini:

    Prevod intervjuja:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  25.   As shown in figure🖐🏼
      At the end of this picture is the answer. I encourage you to share your inspiration and guidance.
      I didn't take cooperation seriously at first, which may be the beginning of cooperation.
      I hope you and I will never forget to cooperate.
      💓New Discoveries🎉 🤗
      This is a hand pulling other hands
      diffused💧 resonance💖 resound✨
      We speak German:
      “It is like a glass of very pure water. How many drops of ink can be dropped into that glass of water before the water is no longer clear but is seen as cloudy/dirty?”
      “Still, it would be great if everyone tried to make sure the drops they put in the glass of water were clear, or at least not dark ink.”
      5th Dimension: Words are a powerful form of energy and whether the intent is negative or positive and it can influence changes in perceptions
      Most people know what they should do, don't they? 😂The answers are more readily available at a young age
      It's more like people have made their own choices on the premise of knowing this fact clearly.🤗
      Someone's comments can have some synchronization with my content, and I look forward to the increase of such linked content in the future.It looks like there is cooperation in information.
      Cobra: And the second factor is there is less cooperation and more egoism and more stupidity among the Lightworkers than anybody expected.
      but I would say the more people hold the Light, the more people cooperate in a positive way, the more people develop and manifest common sense together with a spirit of cooperation, the more, the easier our roles will be.
      Yes. And of course, most people will not take me seriously and they will still not cooperate, and we will have more mandates, more of the same until the breakthrough happens. This is most likely what would happen. I'm not very hopeful again, I have seen enough of human nature to see how people behave.
      Ladder of Light✨✨
      As soon as there is enough anomaly removed and enough Light present on the surface of the planet, much intel will be released and everything will be much clearer for many people.
      The above information will be sent repeatedly to deepen the impression.

  26.   ✋🏼"The last line of defense before the Light forces can physically intervene on the surface, are the so-called pits. Pits are secret military bases up to 30 meters underground, which were before owned by the Illuminati Breakaway Complex and are now operated by the surface Cabal. Some of them hide members of the Chimera. They can not extend more than 30 meters underground, because the Resistance can now clear most of the locations that are deeper, but can not yet intervene closer to the surface because of toplet bomb deterrence mechanisms. There are about 1000 such bases worldwide, and two main ones in Ukraine are below Odessa and below Azovstal metal plant in Mariupol."
      Meditation to clear all underground toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits:
      1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.
      2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to clear the toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits so that there can be physical intervention from the Light Forces on the planet surface for planetary liberation.
      3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.
      4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this Light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.
      5. Visualize a band of the Violet Flame, the Fire of An, and Pink Light, each one for a few minutes, extending 30 meters (about 98.5 feet) below the surface of the planet, clearing all toplet bomb mechanisms and clearing all underground pits. The Light Forces/Underground Resistance can also be visualized to be clearing all toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits with the Light/Flames. If unable to visualize, focus on the intention. Be one with the intention and know that this clearing is happening.
      6. Visualize the course of events on planet Earth shifting into the most positive timeline possible, with the Light Forces physically intervening on the planet surface and building an active partnership with the surface population, bringing Earth into a new and eternal Golden Age.
      When I tried this meditation, pictures like this came up🌟
      ✨The last line of defense before the Light forces can physically intervene on the surface
      👊😆There is a strong urge to connect the two.

  27. Many thanks for the new interview it was a good read. Thank you to all who were involved.

    Made some changes to this one hopefully will be able to share it again, if not I understand:

    Huge M-Class Solar Flare Dreams/Synchronicities Come True, Many Solar Flare Synchronicities, Spirit Animal Synchronicity, Possible Cobra Dream, Possible Telepathic Contact with Ascended Master Hilarion & Much More

  28. Thank you Cobra!
    Exactly about most people not waking up. They will be ushered away anyway. 2025 seems good to me!
    I also got not many will go back to Earth. Not me. Will be fascinating!

    1. Like the only time i would ever come to earth is for events and stuff that about it.

  29. Nice to the pt interview what I am confused about is now there is "Liberation" and then "Event"?? So we could be liberated but not see a change to the financial system until post Event which could happen in 2025 but didn't we also read the pole shift could happen in 2025?? Also aren't there supposed to be 3 ascension waves after the Event wave?
    How can anyone prepare for the Event if we are still debt slaves?? Wouldn't it make more sense to liberate and enact nesara now and inform the people about all the manipulation and the crimes then get them ready for the event?? Many are dead asleep no clue literally they still think 911 was real and the fake pandemic...incidentally no lab ever isolated any cv19 virus SO WHAT WAS IT??

    1. The event is the liberation of planet.. disclosure occurs.. financial reset... changes will be happenjng in a major scale in all areas or dimensions.. the post event is the preparation of the masses.... healing.. contact with other beings..preparation for ascension .. evacuationon etc....

      So how much time there will be for prepararion is the question.. if not much. Everyone will be evacuuated. N process continues elsewherr.. is my underatanding

    2. Yes...I know what the event is but the interview clearly stated liberation then followed by the event how long not sure but we can't wait 2.5yrs more to be liberated.mass die off due to bax will have happened and massive drop in vibration if things get worse...

    3. According to this interview:
      1) liberation happens soon, before 2025.
      NESARA/Financial Reset happens here, mass disclosure as well.
      2) Event happens. Cobra estimates around 2025. Personally I thought the Event was the liberation, so I’m not sure what the Event is anymore. Maybe 1st contact and the first wave of evacuations? @Cobra, any clarification that we can get on this at this time?
      3) The rest of the evacuations and the pole shift happens, creating the New Earth.
      4) I’m gonna be partying non-stop as soon as the liberation hits, that’s all I know 🤷‍♂️😆

    4. @DougJames and others, as I understand it the situation is somewhat fluid but here is the general order of events. Sometime between now and 2025 to 2030, the event happens. This triggers the full liberation, disclosure, RV, etc by the light forces. Sometime after this is the evacuation of earth and the solar flash triggering the pole shift. Some of us will return after. The event and pole shift are two separate things.

  30. wow...what a fantastic interview...all good questions and answers...thanks to all involved

  31. 😊👌and recent light

  32. A. There might be or there might not be but the time is running out so people will be exposed to quite accelerated process which might be quite overwhelming for many beings because most of humanity has chosen to neglect and deny so much. But we cannot wait for the masses anymore, the transformation needs to will be a bit shocking for many but there is no way around it anymore.

    Anyone please explain...there is Liberation then Event? Are there still 3 ascension waves or was that scrapped? I thought Event occurs humanity is officially awakened then yes some humans who are ready ascend others stay and help the rest of humanity prepare for the following 3 ascension. Waves. Is this not accurate?


    1. It seems liberation is near cause the banks are canceling people account in china and other places of the world

    2. I think some things has been modified.. but is my understanding.. liberation of the planet is the event.. then there are other stuff happening after the event.... healing, prepararion for ascension, evacuatio etc
      The event is not just one act... .. u got pre event, event and post event activity..

    3. It seems to me according to this interview:
      1) Liberation of the planet happens before 2025— mass disclosure and financial reset happen here.
      2) Event happens, Cobra estimates around 2025. I think the Event is 1st contact and the first evacuation.
      3) Rest of evacuations happen, and the polar shift occurs, creating the New Earth.
      4) I’m going to be partying non-stop as soon as the liberation happens 😉🙌😆

    4. Wasn't Cobra always stating that nothing significant will change until right before (a few weeks to a month) the Event? Why would it suddenly change without an official explanation on the blog? The problem is that the DFs and Cabal won't lose significant control over the Earth's surface until right before the Event - when toplet bombs are almost cleared and masses start waking up.

      So, if any liberation is soon, then the Event has to follow right after it.

    5. @Ezra

      Hope the aliens get here, sooner.

    6. @Sherman me too, as always. But I hope you can find a pocket of comfort at the point of the liberation, financial reset, and disclosure, my lady. <3

  33. Ficam dúvidas para eu. Se a humanidade será evacuada, porque haverá então energia livre, replicadores e reset financeiro? A evacuação será só em locais atingidos por cataclismas?

  34. I've always seen them. They are iridescences or pieces of solar arcs, I don't see where the wonder lies.

  35. Dear Cobra! Here is the Italian translation of your new great interview, thank you so much !!
    On "Il Portale Cobra" (Italian Telegram Cobra channel):
    On Blogger:

    Victory of the Light! Vittoria della Luce!

  36. Love the questions (and answers ofc!), thank you Cobra :)

  37. There probably won't be a single word of truth in this when he first claimed that it had to happen by the year 25, now by 30, then successful meditations were supposed to shorten it, but that didn't solve anything either...

  38. Replies
    1. Same.
      Jeff Dunham's puppet, Walter: When the governor calls, you don't hang up and strap yourself back in the electric chair.

  39. I will just live in my death star style space ship and travel the universe and dimensions

    1. I want the Enterprise-J or the USS Franklin.

  40. Addition to our food:. There's iodine in it, or needed. I read that to most people there's a lack. Far too little. But its available in seefood with large differences in quantity. Kombu is the richest. Here you can buy it in health stores. Usually in dried form. It is recommended for 5 grams per person per day, but I also get sounds that it is almost impossible to overeat. Make soup and sprinkle it in it. 5 grams per day Kombu.

  41. Another 3 years of being tormented by the cabal?? Who knows if we'll still be alive by 2025...

    1. I lived for 30 years in fear and pain, now I'll have that 3 years to heal myself and prepare for change :)

    2. @Blu

      We need TECH to heal, and I can't heal what I need healed on my own.

  42. Here is the Romanian translation, sending it with much love and consideration to you and your audience!
    Romanian Cobra Channel ("Portalul Cobra"):
    Romanian blog:
    Victory of the Light! Victoria Luminii!

  43. Io ho capito questo: ci sarà un pre Evento di liberazione. Poi ci sarà l'Evento. Poco prima di questo molte persone svilupperanno un'auto guarigione.subito dopo verrà sostituito il sistema finanziario globale con uno più equo e giusto. Tra l'Evento e l'inversione polare magnetica terrestre saremo in una fase preparatoria. Dopo l'inversione dei poli arriveranno le astronavi madre per l'evacuazione della maggior parte dei ultimo avverrà lo tsunami per la pulizia finale. Grazie, Vittoria della Luce!


  45. 🌟💛Ovdje je link na prijevod ovog intervjua na hrvatskom: Uživajte u čitanju i neka vam vrati osmjeh na lice! Pobjeda svjetla!🌟 Thank you Cobra🌟💛 This is a link of this interview translated in Croatian. Victory of The Light!🌟💛

  46. Telugu translation:గెà°²ాక్à°¸ీ-జాగృà°¤ం-మరిà°¯ు-à°¹ీ/

  47. @ Cobra

    Thank you for your interview.

    Why didn't the Galactic Confederation, at the moment the dark forces developed their dark technology millions of years ago, eliminate the dark forces immediately ?

    1. Yes and it read as if the dark forces forced Source not to act!? What the hell...if I am source I start over...redo ...what a mess it all is now...I mean what has been happening to the children that's beyond and duality learning tool went off the rails

    2. Maybe the Confederation didn't have any weapons or way of fighting the Dark because it was the first time in our universe's history that higher evil beings came into existence? Hard to fight when you never even imagined the concept of fighting.

      As for why doesn't the Source act - Cobra explained that the Source isn't omnipotent. It couldn't just immediately dissolve the primary anomaly when our universe came into being. It has to observe and understand it to dissolve it. So, maybe that's why it can't just immediately destroy the DFs either. I mean, Cobra never told us that the Source would ever actively destroy anything. It's the LFs that have to bring evil beings and souls to the Central Sun.

    3. Earth was NEVER a school, my facebook friend properly said it, "A PRISONER OF WAR CAMP".

    4. Severin i dont think there was a galactic confederation bavk then..n if it was.. probably at its infancy.. not strong eenough.. or vast enough.. remember there were galactic wars.. who knows what was tge state of affairs back then.. maybe similar to star wars.. darkness was overtaking one area after another until good guys were able to rebuild n regroup.. n grow . Imho

  48. Great Interview! Thank you, Cobra.💞✨✨✨💞🙏

  49. Thank you very much Cobra.⭐⭐💛💛💛

  50. Thanks a bunch for answering so many important questions, Cobra. Victory of the Light!

  51. It seems like those 70 billion souls have not recinated for a long time good i am never reincarnating again

  52. Hello Cobra. To be clear, in this interview you are talking speculatively about an event for the year 2025. Do you mean a solar flare and the subsequent shift of the poles, or the liberation and arrest of the cabal? You said that the solar flare and pole shift could happen by 2025 estimate. And the release and arrest event will happen earlier. But now you say that liberation will not take place until 2025? If so, it's moving into the future again - bad news. If you mean a solar flare, then it corresponds to the previous estimate. Next, I would like to ask one question if it is possible to answer it. It is logical and for tactical reasons not to give information about all the actions and plans of the forces of light. But if possible, to make at least a brief balance of what the forces of light have achieved in recent times. What is the situation with the primary anomaly, what is the situation in the astral, on the etheric plane, what is the situation with the removal of non-physical dark entities. How does the removal of the so-called the veil - of the technologies that maintain it, etc. I think that the surface population deserves at least this information (of course if it is safe to publish it). For example On January 12, 2016, you wrote about the partial removal of ethereal infrasound technology that suppresses the human vibrational frequency. He wrote at the time that more than two-thirds of this technology had been removed. It's such a humming sound, and seven years later, you can still hear it occasionally. Thank you for running this blog, thank you resistance movement for all the hard work. I thank the family from the Pleiades in my heart, even if I sometimes grumble in my thoughts. Not directly at them, but at this situation. We must never allow this in space again. Best regards, Rado

    1. Quite right, Rado. Despite COBRA's efforts to inform us it just ends up being more confusing each time. There is no plan given, time frames are all over the place, successes are diminished over time, we have no idea what is next. Hope is shrinking as conflicts and hate around the world multiply daily, and so-called Lightworkers smugly tout their superiority over how awake they are. Whatever you think is going to happen over the next several years, you'll be mostly wrong.

    2. You will have to read previous posts...i cant rem which one. But it talks about the flares.. galacfic event. event etc.. point is. At 2025 is forecast to occurr some 3 major heavenly phenomenom.. the pulses.. again u would have to read about them.. the idda was to have rhe liberation of the planet way before this was to occurred.
      As u can tell we are running out of tims.. in the mean time.. there are plans to shield earth fro those pulses...
      Thus giving some more time for the population to prepare which includes rhe triggering of event=liberation

      He is forecasting the event=liberarion will happen. BY 2025... now how fast we will be processd? .. or maybe an eemergency evacuation plan will be triggered..
      tm dont think the exact move is written in stone... they will know when the rime comes
      So if the liberarion happens on 2025 or 2030.. it all depends on diff factors.. he is not giving you a specific timeframe..but he hopes the liberarion does happen on 2025..

      Dont confuse the liberartion event with the celestial events.. those are two diff events...

      Ideal was to have the liberation of rhe planet before rhe celestial events. But things obviously were bit more difficult and slower than originally planned. Thus the olan gets adjusted when need to.

      They might opt for an emergency evacuation.. humanity will be remove from harmsway.. before earth goes thru her changes

    3. @ Sky Rider, It is, especially with those lightworkers.
      @ DH, I have been reading this blog since 2012 when it was created. According to what you wrote in your comment, I have studied it better than you. In this last turbulent phase of the war, things change as they go. Much of what was said here years ago no longer applies. I definitely understand the difference between a solar flare and an event - a cabal's liberation and whining. A solar flare may come in 2025, but no later than 2030, Cobra said. That's fine. And liberation - Event, happens a little earlier before the flash. Specifically, in this interview, Cobra talks about the Event for the year 2025. In February, Cobra himself gave a speculative estimate for the event - liberation, something between 3 - 15 months. I don't fixate on it, and I understand that only he himself said it, not the forces of light. I just wanted to know if there have been any further delays if he is referring to the 2025 release, not the galactic flash. And that's what I specifically asked him. Also, if possible, let him write at least some info about what the forces of light achieved, because he hasn't talked about it for some time. Of course not tactical info. And by that I mean the spheres I asked about in the comment. No info on which countries are going to Brics and the like. Some people are really tired of the last one, there is a lot of different suffering on a daily basis. If liberation is delayed, it will destroy more and more. The worst part is that it's the real lightworkers and incarnated lights of the galaxy who pick it up in the first place. That's how it's set up. Those who laugh at us consider us incompetent - that we don't know how to move competently in this rotten chimera system - in finance - and they don't understand that these are attacks on us and they pat themselves on the forehead over our thinking and information, so they are fine , in good condition. Pampered by the system, they are more likely to live to see the liberation - the event. And those who work and are under attack may not live to see the event. So that's why I'm asking and it definitely doesn't matter when it will be.

    4. @Radovan
      IF I myself don' let to see it, I will NEVER forgive the light forces, nor creator/god/source, whatever you call it, for being left to rot on this planet, while both the darkies, and the brainwashed sheeple keep lashing out at me...essentially being betrayed and abandoned by those who HAVE the power to help me and others going through this. I never wanted to incarnate here in the first place. And if I'm left to die on this prisoners of war camp of a planet, I'll be a wondering soul, full of murderous fury at BOTH the darkies and the light forces....lashing out at anyone who comes near me, even if they want to help, and that's if the cosmos is lucky.

      If word: Unicron.

    5. @Sherman
      Don't worry too much about that. In the best case scenario you will die before seeing the Event and be picked up by the Galactic Federation anyway and taken aboard their ship for healing and restoration but without realizing your silly retribution and vengeance against the dark forces as this agenda does NOT belong to you. In the worst case scenario you will die prior to the Event and before you have time to become the god of chaos Unicron, you will be taken to the Galactic Central Sun for disintegration and joining Source to start the evolutionary process from scratch. In both cases you win, but not in the narcissisistic vengeful silly way you imagine. So chill the fuck out!

    6. @Unknown

      NOT good enough, pal.
      For IF I die before the good stuff I want will then be TOO LATE. You seem to not pay attention to the fact that this will be my FINAL incarnation. NO MORE after this. IF I die on this planet, as a human's all over...the light forces abandoned me, betrayed me....left me to ROT on this prisoners of war camp of a planet. ANY shred of healing will be irrelevant, for I will NOT consent to it....for I was not able to trust, nor depend on the light forces to heal in me in life, WHY should I trust them in death, hmmmm? No, they TRY to 'help' me, I'll lash out at the lot of them....for all their 'healing' will do is simply slap a band-aid, and expect me to be all happy and forgiving, like some Stockholm syndrome Jesus and tee da tee da....and the light forces trying to make up/cover their asses for NOT being there for me when I called out for help....and just sat there, twitteling their thumbs. Why should I wait for death and THEN, maybe, get what I want? Why can't I have it now, while I am ALIVE? What makes ANYTHING that YOU said ANY different than what Abrahamic religion has to it the pearly gates for Catholics and Christians....72 virgins for the Muslims, and whatever the Jewish folks think they gonna get....hmmmm?

      So, NO, I do NOT win, either way...the darkies win if I am denied what I want in this LIFE....YOU might be fine with dying and not getting what YOU want in THIS life....but, guess what...I am NOT you...and THANK GOODNESS I am NOT YOU.

      So, NO, I will NOT 'chill the fuck out', sparky. This is my FINAL lifetime...I REFUSE to simply wait, and HOPE, that, somehow, things come out right in the end. My faith died decades ago, mister.

    7. @unknown,
      Shitting on anyone on here only shows how you feel about yourself. Keep your impolite comments to yourself and get on with your inner work; we’re waiting on you.

  53. It's been decades and yet no fruitful results whatsoever. Guys, please don't put high hopes onto any sources. No one will come and save us, remember that.

    1. Then you signed our epitaph, Mariasan. We sure as hell can't save ourselves, not without weapons and real tech.

  54. Many thanks and blessings to you Cobra! Stay strong and when this is done, we shall meet at the temple to have libations🙂

  55. I think everyone will follow his or her path.. everyone ascends on their own time..n besides ascension is a processs...
    My understanding is that when the event happens. Everyone will be affected.... adults as well kids.. even fact every kigdom..dimension.. seen or unseen...
    As it has been presented .. people will be going thru a healing and cleansing process... i have no doubts kids too.. everyone has been affected ny the current programming


  56. @ Cobra

    Why is the Galactic Confederation does not yet completely handle these primary anomaly near, next to the surface with their technology ?

  57. Dear Cobra big thanks again and we Love You!💛💛☀☀ I look forward to meet with You! And Your Our Big Heroes as have been said! ☀☀

  58. Dutch translation:

  59. There are there are different ways of looking at dimensions. In general the dimensions are or can be described as: 1) Physical 2) Astral 3) Causal 4) Mental and then the 5th Dimension or Soul Plane is above the Great Divide between duality and pure positive. The Fifth Dimension, and above is pure positive or pure love only. I wouldn't expect there to be planetary confederations or unions as they are not necessary imo. It makes sense if the Earth is on its way to the mental plane that it would stop at the astral plane for a while (two years according to Drunvalo) so we do not have to be in complete shock by jumping three planes at once.

    1. @Sky Rider. Is humanity present on planet Earth with the dimenion physical, astral, causal, and mental. Aren't these 4 characteristics players in the field, when it's about manifestation on Terra Firma? I don't understand exactly how humanity would jump three planes. Isn't it part of our evolution to move from physical awareness to astral, causal and mental awareness? I tend to think that our figuring out how the presence of our "I am" can flower from the trial and error, in a veiled condition, while experiencing our instinctual, emotional, and mental capacities. The sacred marriage between left and right brain and the illumination of the secret heart space Drunvalo teaches about.

    2. Devon, wow you are perhaps making this too complicated. We are taking our "physical" bodies with us as we ascend from plane to plane, refining our vibrations as we go. It is more than increasing awareness, which you can do now, at any moment.

    3. Sky Rider, I would've liked your comment to be an explanation so that I understand your point of view. It isn't, and so I stick to my own point of view. Statements aren't always helpful, see?

  60. En español:

  61. Thank you Cobra for this information. We are close!

    1. May all children and good people be safe as well as all animals and those I foget. Bless us all.

  62. Thank you fot the interview.

  63. Gracias. I love you. ❤️❤️❤️

  64. Very interesting! Questions that I wanted to ask about the dimensions were answered, thank you! I still have other questions of how the densities interact and comunicate with each other, we'll be looking forward for the next interview, Victory of the Light!

  65. Thank you for this well needed interview.

    Arabic translation of the post here/ الترجمة العربية للمنشور هنا:

    Arabic translation of the interview here/الترجمة العربية للمقابلة هنا:

  66. In portuguese

  67. Portuguese translation of the interview:

  68. The music influence of 1983-1987, was that more along the lines of ideas being placed in artists' minds or was it literally being made by those in disguise?


  70. Hungarian translation ~ az interjú magyarul:

  71. inspiring, proceed to final victory !

  72. here is the link to Hebrew translation for the interview:

  73. So, because this update doesn't share big intel I thought I'd share some of mine. Let's talk about hostile entities.

    I've been dealing with entities for quite a long time, and have been fighting them 1 on 1 astrally, semi-physically and psychically(headache-warfare) , to the point where I've communicated with them over the astral plane/dreamstate and "telepathy? (jury is still out on that)" The altercations got to the point where some representatives of the astral cabal actually invited me to join them and apparently I've offended "Set". Wowzers! What a jolly chaotic good time!. And I can tell you quite a few things that may blow your stack..

    1) Some of them don't know what they are doing.

    What I mean by this is that while they'll attack you, viva- "sleep paralysis" or whatever, their "psychic -pressure waves" are all over the place, scattershot and unrefined. The only reason why they seem "strong" and dangerous" is because the objective reality is that people going up against them don't know what they are doing. You have no real training, no real knowledge,no real experience, no real "light" I can say their "power-level" varies from entity to entity the worst one I've dealt with astral/dreamworld. Could read your mind before you even knew what you were thinking about.It knew before you knew. SCARY! I had it fooled for 2 sec by 'scrambling my thoughts' until it adapted to what was happening, then I had to book it out of there fast!... But usually their power-level is low-to med range. I've had an altercation with one entity that took issue with me being a cocky. I was speaking outl oud physically about how strong I was, and it was there on my ceiling corner listening in and getting upset. And proceeded to attack me semi-physically(headaches, which I blocked).Then it attacked me at night astrally/dreamworld while yelling "You think you're better than me!?!" Suffice to say the entity was on the ground very quickly when I shapeshifted(more on this later in a BONUS INTEL) into Darth Sidious (for the memes) and then force choked it, afterwards I tried to be diplomatic after I got a clean victory but the entity pretty much told me to fuck off..LUL!

    2) They get startled and scared

    Yes, it's true. If you manage to do something "off-the-cuff" they'll react to it.. I remember when I was getting attacked by a hostile entity and I projected some thoughtforms. It saw the thoughtforms, got startled, lost "concentration", hissed then left. Ayyy Lamo!

    3) It's all Fake News. Seriously

    So when I do see them physically, sometimes it's a swirling semi-transparent vortex looking thing. Like a black cloud kind of. This is what they look like physically at least to me. However, Astrally, they can project themselves however they wish(sometimes, it depends on the entity). Depending on what they want/need. So if for example you're christian, they'll project as a titular "demon" cos' that's what you resonate with/programmed...I've shapeshifted into something similar. It's nothing special. Don't get fooled by astral parlour tricks.

    4) Bonus intel - Shapeshifting? What?!

    Basically, there's a lot of stuff not being shared ANYWHERE! (even on Portal 2012) on what's actually possible in the non-physical realms, it goes far beyond simple meditation protection bubble spells. Technically, it's very free-form and quite malleable. Those who have a well-developed imagination will do well in manifesting there..There's some "rule-sets" that need to be respected however, but for the most part once the person understands the "game mechanics" of the non-physical planes then you can do pretty much whatever you like. And once you master it completely, then entity attacks are more like a joke than anything else.

    Btw. Don't trust the false angels. they are hostile entities in disguise, trying to get you to worship "God" in church and thus feed it. But..remember God/Goddess lives inside, not in buildings. Be your own temple.

  74. Well cobra you may want read a book call.... "Rules of war" to see where we need liberate to umit the planet.