Thursday, September 15, 2022

Chimera Situation Update

The Light forces have made significant breakthroughs in clearing the Chimera group. They have cleared all underground pits with Chimera presence except the main Chimera pit under the Urim military base in Israel. Twelve members of the main Chimera military command (the last remaining members of the Orion subfaction of the Chimera) living in that pit are controlling the network of surface population biochips and implants through a physical / etheric quantum supercomputer.

The Light forces have begun with the operation of clearing the surface population biochips and implants with full force, implementing advanced Mjolnir quantum cannon technologies. This operation will take some time, but will have a very beneficial effect on deprogramming the surface population, and upon its completion, a massive spiritual awakening of the surface population is expected.

Mjolnir technologies are also used to clear micro black holes from the auric fields of the etheric, astral, mental and causal bodies of the surface humanity. These micro black holes were enforced into human auric fields with exotic dark technologies during trauma dissociation events, and are one of the main elements of dark matrix in the last 25,000 years. These micro black holes, along with the larger black holes in the implants, distort non physical spacetime around surface humans in alignment with the Kerr metric:

The Lurker is being starved out simply by depleting the reservoir of the unmanifested subquantum anomaly, which is being done again with advanced Mjolnir technology which provokes unmanifested subquantum anomaly to manifest as quantum fluctuations, which are then easily cleared.

One reader of this blog has made a quite accurate description of the Lurker:



The only pits remaining now are about 300 pits belonging to the surface Illuminati, and they are very accurately described here:

Unfortunately, some of those pits still contain Pleiaidian hostages in captivity.

There are still certain very powerful members of the Chimera in human clone bodies, belonging to Andromeda subfaction, infiltrated in the system on the surface of the planet, and their structure looks approximately like this:



The plan of the top members of the Cabal is now to destroy the surface civilization with world war and destruction of supply chains and then move into subsurface pits to weather out the collapse and the subsequent Solar flash. After the purge, they plan to repopulate the surface. Needless to say, their plan has several major flaws and will NOT be successful:

They are trying to engineer a new world war by utilizing the energies of the split of the Roman empire which happened in the year 395 after the death of Theodosius, a main archon Roman emperor who destroyed Goddess mysteries and enforced Christianity as the main and only acceptable religion:



Top Black nobility families now want to crush the affluent Western USA / EU / Australia axis, which originates from the western part of the Roman empire and which is under direct Rothschild management. People in the West have become too independent and too happy for their taste:

They are now promoting a New World Order under Chinese control and Russia as the main Chinese underdog (culturally aligned with the eastern part of the Roman empire):

With Chinese influence spreading silently everywhere:

Meanwhile, China is preparing for the Solar flash:

with recent scientific studies confirming solar superflares occuring every few thousand years, which is due now:

The extraterrestrials are just around the corner:

And although our current surface civilization is fake and stupid:

there is already Light shining through the cracks in the Matrix.



You can help that Light by purifying the surface of the planet with the violet flame meditation: 

Victory of the Light!



  1. "You can help that Light by purifying the surface of the planet with the violet flame meditation"

    Understood and thanks for the Update Cobra.

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    2.   As shown in figure🖐🏼
        At the end of this picture is the answer. I encourage you to share your inspiration and guidance.
        I didn't take cooperation seriously at first, which may be the beginning of cooperation.
        I hope you and I will never forget to cooperate.
        💓New Discoveries🎉 🤗
        This is a hand pulling other hands
        diffused💧 resonance💖 resound✨
        We speak German:
        “It is like a glass of very pure water. How many drops of ink can be dropped into that glass of water before the water is no longer clear but is seen as cloudy/dirty?”
        “Still, it would be great if everyone tried to make sure the drops they put in the glass of water were clear, or at least not dark ink.”
        5th Dimension: Words are a powerful form of energy and whether the intent is negative or positive and it can influence changes in perceptions
        Most people know what they should do, don't they? 😂The answers are more readily available at a young age
        It's more like people have made their own choices on the premise of knowing this fact clearly.🤗
        Someone's comments can have some synchronization with my content, and I look forward to the increase of such linked content in the future.It looks like there is cooperation in information.
        Cobra: And the second factor is there is less cooperation and more egoism and more stupidity among the Lightworkers than anybody expected.
        but I would say the more people hold the Light, the more people cooperate in a positive way, the more people develop and manifest common sense together with a spirit of cooperation, the more, the easier our roles will be.
        Yes. And of course, most people will not take me seriously and they will still not cooperate, and we will have more mandates, more of the same until the breakthrough happens. This is most likely what would happen. I'm not very hopeful again, I have seen enough of human nature to see how people behave.
        Ladder of Light✨✨
        get rid🔒 liberate🎉 be reborn🌏✨
        🖐🏼About Handholding🤗
        As soon as there is enough anomaly removed and enough Light present on the surface of the planet, much intel will be released and everything will be much clearer for many people.
        The above information will be sent repeatedly to deepen the impression.

    3. there is already Light shining through the cracks in the Matrix.✨

    4. Go one better and demanifest the archon invaders with a verse spoken out loud.

    5. Will the implants be cleared begore the anomaly itself or both will be cleared about the same time?

      Will all implants be cleared about the same time or it will be faster for some than others?

    6. BIRIMBAU you have some free sessions to weaken the primary implants in different languages

    7. Something Cobra can check with his Pleiadian friends:

      JS - China Experimenting With Earthquake Tech On Taiwan?

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  3. Well, let's keep going then, until we can rest for some time after all "this".
    As always, Victory of the Light!

  4. Lots of good news this month.
    Not sure how long it will take for implant removal? It is the source of human suffering.

    1. i hope we see the extraterrestrials in person soon

    2. You and me both, Dragon. Seen soooo many ships lately...and that weird, glowing orange pulsation in the night sky last week......I sooo need a landing.

    3. i haven't seen any of those but again with reading of what other planets are like and hollow earth i really want this to happen so i can be free to travel to these places (i hope hollow earth has extinct animals still alive)

    4. @Phoenix Angel I suggest we don't forget that human suffering is also the identification with suffering and become that suffering, which is equal to the snake biting its own tail, existence becomes a loop of repetition in suffering endlessly.
      The inner strength of the "I am that I am" in a human being is called for to transform habitual thinking into creative thinking.
      Which is the willingness as in a decision of one's will, to create by transforming suffering as much as creating and accepting the affinity for oneself in one's heart. A starting point, you see?

    5. @ms100dragon100 And do you expect the extraterrestrials to be willing to see you in person? They might not stand the energy of planet Earth's surface at this moment, which is likely. It's one large battlefield right now, with light and dark clashing. We ourselves can bring an end to this.
      Besides, with such a wish you should be very careful what you wish for, and better be specific, even better by first understanding more of those races and the forms they hold, including their intentions and desires.

  5. I wouldn't mind doing more with the violet flame. Sounds good.

  6. Ok grazie Cobra. Avevo appena chiesto un piccolo aggiornamento ed è arrivato poco dopo.Fantastico. ora facciamo numerosi la meditazione della Fiamma Viola. Ottimo aggiornamento. Ciao.

  7. Thanks for the update!
    Translated to spanish
    Traducido al castellano

  8. All GODDESS Interview Quotes

    "The dark forces are leading campaigns against the few true sources, with unsubstantiated rumors and false accusations. They are especially attacking true Goddess teachings and true intel about the liberation of the planet. "

  9. So it's safe to say 2022 will come and go without liberation. 😞 And the etheric spiders are back again on my ceiling at night. Thought they were gone. Waiting stinks......

    1. Waiting indeed stinks! Because we are not supposed to wait ffs! 🤦‍♂️
      How do you guys not get this?
      WE ARE THE LIBERATION! THE FUCKING GROUND CREW! It all lies in OUR hands! Get your shit together and connect with others, heal yourself, get the word out, meditate, protest, print flyers, do gridwork, rituals, anchor goddess energy, transmute collective karma, heal the earth, create new ideas and ways of living!
      We are literally here to liberate the planet and you guys are just waiting with a sad smiley face..

      This is honestly the reason why the liberation hasn't happened yet. Imagine millions of activated lightworkers shining their light in unity into this world and ACTIVELY working for the liberation... how far would we have come already? 🔥
      Please you guys! this is not some bad dream we just hope that eventually ends! We are to become lucid in this nightmare and change the story ourselves!! 💪

    2. Actually we aren't we can't remove the implants for the rest of humanity...we can't remove the remaining chimera...we can't remove the dark cabal unless our military will take action.. the queen died no mention of it by much emphasis out on it by Q

    3. You thought they left? 😃
      Chase them away!
      You have to decide whether you want to be their victim or a conscious, strong individual that sets a limit.

      We are not to wait, but to act, to carry out our mission and soul plan.
      This is our common mission, and liberation can come much faster and more fully as each called to accomplish his mission. ✨

    4. Need WEAPONS, Fluffy, and tech, and super powers. Remember, the darkies have nasty weapons, tech, and brainwashed monkeys on their side.

      Pity we don't have much in terms of fighting against the darkies' weapons.

    5. @Sherman
      The strongest weapon is the active divine potential and the power of the soul. Many of us have incredibly powerful souls. It is extremely important to discover and activate your potential.

    6. @Sheman
      We have a source on our side that is unlimited power.

    7. Fluffy, you assume I have not been doing the work. I assure you I have. But I am in captivity. There is only so much my 3D body can accomplish when I'm not astral traveling. The attacks are many and if I was meant to spend all of my time outside the body then I wouldn't be here in the first place. Escaping is only temporary fix. It is overwhelming and there are no immediate answers to fixing everything at once. Coping is all we can do while holding the light, loving our family and watching the people around us get sick and pass away. There's no right or wrong answer, just stay alive.

    8. @jw301330
      To be fair, I have assumed, not that you haven't put in the work, but that you stopped working on improving the situation. I am sorry for coming off as rude cause I am getting inpatient with people who will just complain.

      But I see there are many who really suffer and whose live feels like a prison. I myself had several times where my situation felt so unsolveable and painful that I wished I could end my life.
      Now that I am slowly getting better over the years by putting in the work, I assume it must be possible for everyone.. But maybe I am wrong in that assumption.

      Still, however difficult the situation seems, I think there is almost always something we can do to improve it - or at least improve our perception of it. Yet again, I can imagine there might be circumstances where it is even adequate to "give up" and just wait.. but would you have come here if it was an unsolveable puzzle? To end up in a state of suffering with no way out? I honestly don't know...

      In any case, I wish you much love and strength for the final phase of the liberation, we are very close now! 💜

  10. I M P L A N T S


    Goddess Wants Peace

    1. Free sessions to weaken the primary implants

  11. AWESOME!!
    Great update and great progress!! 🥳
    Looking forward to the accelerated spiritual awakening of humanity, they are in dire need!
    Let's gooo!! I love you guys! 💜
    Biiig hug for you Cobra, the Resistance, the Galactic Confederation, Ashtar, Semjase, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Isis, AA Michael, Raphael and all the others!
    What a freakin powerful team!! 😄 🥰
    Victory of the Light!


  13. En español, in spanish:
    This is the time when all the work removing implants and working diligently toward liberation will come together. VOTL!

  14. "This entity is very core, the very essence of the random fluctuations we call the anomaly(duality). It has existed ever since the anomaly has existed

    It is the true source of power of the dark forces. When they combine consciousness energies of life(Source) harcested from their batteries and combine it with the random fluctuations of this entity the anomaly manifest within our reality.

    Supressing the influence of the core anomaly on the physical, plasma, etheric, astral and mental planes will drastically reduce the amount of new anomaly generated from the suffering and trauma of the souls within this quarantine. This can also drastically influence the effciency of Mjolnir Cannon Technology in clearing the anomlay around the surface of the planet.

    This subquantum enity is often a model for the depiction of the Prime Evil in various fiction. But calling it the Prime Evil is not quite accurate. It is the potentiality that mnaifested the Prime Evil in this comsic cycle."


    A while back maybe a couple of years ago I thought to myself that I wouldn't be surprised to find out a Chthulu-esque entity existed. This 'Lurker' is in essence like a Cthulhu basically. A big source of big troubles. A final boss if you will inside of a video game, but not quite the designer of said video game.

    1. And Cthulhu is far less evil, he is a joke compared to the lurker. He really exists and is comparable to Leviathan in size.

      Nevertheless you will not want to meet either and even the name drags him towards those who think it - depending on the spiritual height you have, even thinking certain names causes problems.

    2. Either way, they need to be destroyed, Sebastian.

  15. "Unfortunately, some of those pits still contain Pleiaidian hostages in captivity"

    I also want to bring some attention to the non-physical plane.

    Awhile back I astrally projected and was introduced to a couple of ET prisoners that were captured by hooded Set-worshippers. From what I understood at the time the NPN(non-physical negatives) will congregate around places of negativity and use that negativity as "cover" as it were. Or "camouflage".

    I can say this because these "entities" were using a murder or a place of violence as their little holding area. They were forcing the ET prisoners to do obscure occult rituals. And I know they were ET cos' they told me they were and were trying to shoo me away before the worshippers became aware of my presence.

    At the time I was trying to free them but I had "no-mana/no gas in the tank" as it were so I couldn't do much, and NPN's started to attack me. I woke up after that.

    So basically there are NP ET prisoners as well.

  16. Thank you for the latest Intel COBRA. We'll do our part... WE were born for this! 😉

  17. Rothschilds



  18. V slovenščini:

    Vabljeni v našo skupino Sestrstva Vrtnice in Podpore Dogodka na Facebooku:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  19. Welcome, Light that shines through the cracks in the matrix!

  20. Seeing the Two Forces, and a Return to the Violet Flame

    One can discern, as Owen Cook puts it, that what connects to the energy of life, from that which connects to the energy of death. These two forces can be seen both in online and real life interactions.

    The energy of death from human behavior:

    - Promotes that life is only difficult and full of suffering, with a nihilistic/pointless view of life.

    - Promotes one's own ego and is narcissistic, seeing oneself as more special than others, as morally superior to others, more 'in the know' than others while looking down upon others, and so forth.

    - Uses projection and gaslighting.

    - Has a victim mentality.

    The energy of life from human behavior:

    - Promotes that life has meaning and is beautiful, and that life can be enjoyed individually and universally, instead of being full of suffering.

    - Is willing to acknowledge when oneself is incorrect, and makes changes accordingly.

    - Acknowledges one's own ego, but is not at odds with one's own ego, instead using it as a tool for positive change through self-awareness.

    - Uses discernment to be aware of the energy of death, to help keep from being sucked into the energy of death.

    (More could probably be added to the above lists.)


    2012portal's update today confirmed what I was mainly focused on for the last two weeks of August when the anomaly was at its highest density: the Violet Flame. I will be returning main focus to the Violet Flame, and others can also do so if they feel guided.

    Victory of the Light!

  21. Can we please turn off comments before we get people having conversations that have nothing to do with the blog?

    1. That would be a most welcome idea. But I doubt the blog owner would ever do that.

    2. Honestly i don't understand... would you not get same effect if u did not read beyond the post section. Or the fact there are comments forces you to read them all.

      My suggestion... and may take some practice... learn to skip comments. Individual ones or all

    3. @DH

      Honestly I don't understand and wonder if you cannot or don't wanna see the hypocrisy in your comments.

      I see fairly often that you criticize others regarding their comments and then suggest that they simply ignore or skip certain comments.

      Actually, the hypocrisy is already obvious, but I'll explain further anyway.

      While you write comments advising others to simply ignore or skip comments they don't like, you are doing exactly what you criticize others for - criticizing others' comments.

      Why don't you do what you advise others to do?

      I don't mean to attack or insult you, I just want to address the double standard because it's so obvious and you keep doing it.

      Are you doing it because you haven't noticed it before or are you doing it because you think the rules you set for the comments section apply to everyone else but not to you.

    4. There's a reason your mouse has a scrolling wheel on it, Douglas.

    5. Yeah, that is pretty much what the chimera would want…

      Why would anyone of the Lightworkers would want to shut down the most direct place of communication related to the Lightforces and Cobra right on his blog?

    6. F if u dont see the simplicity of the fix of his dilemma.. i cant help u with that.. has nothing to do with hypocracy...

      U would have to treat each case individually first of before u bring about any comparison..

      So i welcome you to disect any comment i have made and to whom if you would like to bring about any claims of hypocracy.. do not treat it all as a group.

      I would be more than happy to explain to you my point of view.

    7. The comments show the passion and interest we all are anxious for something direct intervention on the surface is happening via bio and plasma chip removal! This is amazing and once this happens I suspect and assume all will awaken ..see what we have se n for years and unite again somer can trigger be clear though the solar flash isn't the main event correct? Thanks all

    8. Oh and btw F i do skip comments quite a bit and many a times just in case that is where u think the issue lies. Several reasons why i skip some and one is because i cant read too much.. that does not equal i will have a blind eye to unfairness or abuse... there is a mixture of comments here. Those with ill intent or degree of unfairness i could not ignore.. you could jump on and say aha!! U being critical on those. Well and i would have to say yes.. but a hypocrate no... hypocracy for me would be seeing an unfair comment and not say anything of it

      Btw. Just in case u missed it.. i simply offered a possible solution to the persons' dilema. A practical solution. I find it curious that what u saw was hypocracy.

    9. An alternative would be to read Quora comment section, one of the most interesting on the internet! There is a variety of subjects there especially very interesting questions and answers from cultured people who live real life, travel, read interesting books like Tolkien, etc. No offense to anyone here, but it seems people come to this blog to comment because they have nothing else going on in their lives, they don't have friends or an occupation or a life at all for that matter. They just keep addicted to military Intel of a sci-fi novel that I seriously doubt that is at all true or at least a great portion is blatant disinfo instead of living real life: reading good books, watching interesting films, listen to good music, sing, learn to play a musical instrument, learn a craft, compose music, paint, draw, write a book, poems, lyrics, a diary; learn a foreign language, travel abroad, get to know different cultures and peoples, get a pet, rescue wild animals, feed or care for animals in need or hungry, spend time in nature, exercise, practice some sport, joyride by bike or car and so on. Life is full of endless choices, this blog is not the only option you have in life. Oh yeah, I don't really care what people think of me but before someone jumps the gun and calls me hypocrite, YES, I do many of the things I mentioned as suggestions for people to fulfill their lives other than using this blog as a lifeline. I only come here as a psychologic interest since I study people's minds and behaviors.

    10. @DH
      It seems like you feel attacked. That was not my intention and I had even emphasized that. Can it be that you feel a bit attacked because I might not be completely wrong with my questions and findings after all?

      Anyway - I will be happy to go into more detail about why I feel your behavior is hypocritical and double-standard. You bring up as a justification for commenting on comments you consider inappropriate, but advising others to simply ignore or skip comments in such a case, that you would consider it hypocritical if you did not comment on an unfair comment.

      On what basis do you decide that YOU can decide what is unfair, while at the same time apparently not trusting others to have that ability. It is probably very likely that people whose comments you criticized and advised not to comment, but to ignore or skip comments they didn't like, thought those comments (which they did comment on) were unfair.

      And if you yourself do not apply to yourself what you would like to impose (sorry, advise) on others, then I feel that this is hypocritical and double standards. You can think about it or not, you can accept it or not - I don't care. I just wanted to have it addressed once.

    11. Dear DH,
      "hypocrisy", "hypocrite" (the correct spelling).
      ; )

    12. F hmm not attack and if i was i would still respond same. i am giving you my point of view. It may not be what you want to hear.

      Seems to me you see things either black or white...
      There is a certain inflexibility in your statements that i find hmm not sure what to make of it.

      What i think i hear from you is that.. one should not comment or advise others because then that would be considered i am going against me idea of suggesting others of skipping comments one do not like and yet i am doing it?

      You seem to be clinging to something ... not standing on something my friend.

      I take it this is not like u wanting to argue for the hell of arguing and not consideing certain points

      So i am assumjng is not so.. so

      First... in this blog.. there is a mixture of arguments and comments.. some balanced some not. Some leading to abuse or some to have degree of ill intention..

      Now is important to bring one example at a time. Which i said i welcome u to bring one yet u still speak in general terms..

      Your tactic in my view is like someone trying to cover the sun with a thumb . in other words using the mask of big words like hypocracy where it does not fit..and blanket the rest with general ideas.

      The example you bring again (yet to hear another so i can compare) is that i advise the individual to not read comments if it is bothering him so much. Ur answer to that umbelieably is that i shouldnot reply to him because i already had told others to skip comments if they dont like it. In other words... u are saying if someone is making a horrible suggestion which benefit none at all the blog i should not because i would be called hypocrate. Are u kidding me. I would not argue with you if the response i made was far fetch, abusive. unpractical.

      When did i ever stated one shoudl be quiet in all instances. Have i not mention about looking at each event individually which i am still waiting so i cna make rhe comparison and maybe underatand what u mean.

      Another thing u mention.. that i get to decide what is or not unfair. Honestly it almost seems that u throwing whatever you can just to make a point.
      First of we all have our moral compass.. our sense of right and wrong. I go by heart.. i speak me mind. I i dont make u believe me..i dont force u to believe me.

      People may agree with me and some wont.. i dont go around n try to make them believe me. This go without saying.

      You are welcome to interpret it any way you want it.. but at least as i mention if u would like to discuss this i will await examples.. not general views

      to be frank i dont think i have any other way to explain me views.. i feel i already have done that ... and if u were to post again i fear i will be saying the same things again.

      u will keep the view of me as being a hypocrate. That is ok by me. I have not heard any point really that supports ur statement and that is ok. We dont have to always agree.

    13. >Unknown

      Or go around with a long stick (for hygiene), preferably with a hook on the end and start picking up used face diapers.

      Been doing it for Divine Mother Goddess and no one else so I don't care if no one else cares.

      Used masks because of their size and material compared to used tissue paper have become an environmental hazard. So much for the virus being 'dangerous' leading to a major littering problem.

      I don't normally talk about my 'community service' but this argument was getting dumber than the mathematics debate over whether dividing by zero produces a value VS an error.

    14. @DH

      I see that any further conversation will not make sense, as you don't understand my point. It even seems that you feel kind of attacked (though denying), as you are projecting on me and focusing on this very comment of you I replied to although I made clear in my first comment that I refer to all of your comments in which you advise others to not comment, but skip or ignore the comment. And I never expected any certain reply from you, so your interpretation that your point of view is not what I wanted to hear is simply wrong.

      Now you admit that all have their own moral compass, but at the same time decide that YOUR judgment based on YOUR moral compass whether someone may comment or has to skip/ignore a comment is valid. With every comment in which you tell or advise someone else not to comment, but to ignore or skip, you are indirectly saying that your assessment of the situation is better and more justified than theirs.

      From my point of view, it is hypocritical and double standards to demand something from others that one is not willing to do themselves.

      My original comment was not meant for you to explain your course of action, because through prolonged observation of your comments, I have already come to a conclusion. Therefore discussing some of your comments in detail would not make any sense for me and I don't have the time for it either. My intention had been to provide food for thought, nothing more, nothing less. There was no ill intent on my part at any time. However, I definitely misjudged the situation. Based on many of your other comments, I thought that you might be willing to reflect neutrally. Unfortunately, you seem to perceive my original comment as an attack or insult and I am sorry for this misunderstanding.

      Sometimes it can happen that you are so convinced that you are acting justly and protectively and balancing that you forget the importance of self-reflection because you are acting with sincere intentions.

      We agree to disagree and this is fine. For the avoidance of further possible misunderstandings, I will not comment any further on this subject.

    15. Unknown..there are many spelling n grammar errors. U would spend a whole day if u aim to correct them all. is upto u

    16. Btw unknown thank you for the correction... i will keep that one in mind. I knew something seem odd

  22. Replies
    1. tut-tut. a 22-year-old clone is being buried...

    2. The same about conflict in Ukraine...

    3. People are already tired of hearing about Ukraine. It will be an Afghanistan war style which will drag for years.

    4. it a marker is Q helping awaken and tell us events via markers ??

  23. Good news, thanks Cobra and Light team. I am supporting the Light grid here and hopefully the Lurker dies hungry and quickly. If we take care of each other we will give victory to the Light.

  24. A song to the Goddess... 💜
    Always serving in loving dedication,
    standing firm in my sovereign divinity,
    savely dwelling in our perfect unity.

    For the people's and gaia's liberation,
    for the healing and ascension of humanity,
    always forward to our final victory!

  25. Thank you Cobra! Victory of the Light! ✨🛸

  26. Forgive me for letting you down!
    😥 Much Love!

  27. Trigger the Event now, don't "some time"!

  28. It seemed that the ones who chose Ukraine are actually on the right side. Children of Pan and Saturn wins. Besides, I really hope that CCP will fall down before the Event.

    1. Not at all, there is in both sides, light and dark. Please stop with the right side doesn't exist in this conflit.

  29. The ending will be the free world vanquishing CCP.

  30. Well, Actually...

    I will not ignore people who say this:

    Metatronic Daisy Of Death Vs Krystal Flower Of Life

    The 6 petal flower of life does form cubes, but the 8 petal/krystic petal does not.

    Perhaps the violet flame could be used in the geometry of 8.

    1. I am sorry, but this is not going to go away.

    2. Absolute and utter nonsense! Just another pathetic attempt of the dark to dilute and distort the truth!
      The flower of life and the metetronic cube ARE the most fundamental sacred geometries of this univerese.
      And I have news for your: ALL the supposedly "more sacred" geometries can be derived FROM the flower of life and the metatronic cube!
      Have you ever drawn one yourself? It starts with the circle, the most basic and stable of all forms, then you draw circles around it and keep gowing (btw, there is no "limit" to the flower of live because it extends in all dimensions infinitely). The metatronic cube is just adding some lines to the flower of life at certain intersections to get all the 5 platonic bodies (which have very unique properties in themselves).
      So anyone who has a basic understanding of geometry KNOWS that these are the most fundamental and special geometries.
      This idea of how the cube and the flower represent death or "the fallen creation" is catering to unintelligent egos who get a feeling of satisfaction when they can "debunk" something, not realizing they have become tools of the dark spreading their disinformation. Just look at her eyes...

    3. Fractalfluffy Shard and I both left comments, but they've since been scrubbed. By YouTube's "spam detector" or by her, I can't say. Will try again.

      Her Krystal Flower of Life is ugly AF. It's not even perfectly balanced unlike something with hexagonal geometry.

      It's good to see she hasn't stopped drinking water since making that video (presuming she knows what water looks like under a microscope).... or eating plants (branching out in the Fib sequence).

      "There is a lot of deception in the New Age" she says. ...way ahead of you. 😂

    4. Divinasion, the actual flower of life that is used makes 12 circles surrounding a center circle, each one being 30 degrees from one another (12 x 30 = 360). This forms many beautiful patterns, surprisingly having petals at 45 degree angles.

      I was doing a search on youtube, and there are many others who talk about the hexagonal flower of life in the same way. If you want to make cheap shots, I could find many others for you to make cheap shots against as well I suppose. *Shrugs

      I remember years ago in the dreamstate seeing Earth being enslaved into a dystopia using a hexagonal matrix. I tried to ignore this and many other pointers, but alas, I cannot. The more I tried, the more this came back, so maybe there's a good reason.

    5. Also, thank you to the author of this blog allowing this to be posted.

    6. I can't really tell if you're in agreement with the lass or on the fence...

      One thing I've learned is that the number of people who corroborate a narrative is not proportional to the level of truth that narrative holds.

      For example, did you know that music that is transposed from 440Hz down to 432Hz is actually inferior for two reasons;

      1. All western music uses 12TET (the Twelve Tone Equal Temperament system) where the twelve notes that make up an octave are actually shifted to allow musicians to write and play music in more than one key. Transposing a song down to 432Hz doesn't solve anything, it just moves those modified pitches down 8Hz

      2. Using computer software to pitch shift a digital audio file can actually make it sound WORSE.

      And yet, there are a lot of people in "our movement" promoting this idea of 432Hz music being "in alignment with universal principles" etc.

      Please do point out out anything Fractal or I have said. Personally I would be happy to correct any erroneous statements I've made :)


    7. Divinasion, actually, on Earth at least, the number of people doing the krystic flower of life instead of the hexagonal flower of life is in the minority. The hexagonal flower of life is much more popular and well-known.

      I've been on the fence for the last 15 years, but I'm going to go with the krystic flower of life.

      Years ago, I asked Ananda Bosman (alleged founder of the A432 movement) about tuning the pitch of music from A440 to A432. He told me this only preserves about 30% of the frequencies, and so it's not truly A432. In order to have true A432, the original notes need to be tuned properly from scratch.

      Oh yeah, FluffyFractalshard. I didn't feel the need to even give that one a reply, but here goes:

      FluffyFractalshard, you are incorrect. I tried to make 45 degree angles in the flower of life, but there are only 60 degree angles. Although the platonic solids can be drawn in the flower of life, not all geometries are possible in the flower of life (correct me if I'm wrong). I have been researching the flower of life and comparing it to the krysic flower of life for several years. When I see the flower of life, all I see is a series of cubes anymore, which I then associated with Kerr metric.

      FluffyFractalshard, feel free to reply if you wish, but I will pay no attention to your unreasonably hostile attitude.

    8. One more. This is one of the most amazing stories I've ever heard. Is it only a story though, or something more? Others may make up their own minds.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. 3k14Pi, or, perhaps there is more to the story, and a more complete geometry exists.

  31. Hey everyone,
    those that are interested in wanting to join the 2012 portal discord, you can join using the link below.

    it's a pretty chill place to hang out, talk, and show our own experiences,
    I personally like that I finally have a place with other awesome people to talk about E.T.'s and lightwork, Cobra, Corey Good, David and stuff with.

  32. THANKS Cobra, love you MT soul Brother, VICTORY OF THE LIGHT ❤️✨ EVER EVER

  33. Hope the medbeds come out next year i could keep going if i have perfect health

    1. There were thousands in the spring. So, about 1,5 - 2 months. Especially when Ashtar -starts-, events speed up. Although a lot of patience is needed now . ...

  34. Thank you so much, Cobra and the team. Victory of the light!

  35. "And although our current surface civilization is fake and stupid, there is already Light shining through the cracks in the Matrix" 👏

    Victory of the Light!

  36. Zuvuya is the path that anything takes to return to its source. Though it may take many appearances, the Source is always One.

    We are in the Mirror Wavespell that concludes on the White Cosmic Dog, Kin 130, at the center of the 260-day Tzolkin Matrix.

    This is an invitation to join in the inner realms in our work with these mirrored numbers for this 13 day cycle. And also to keep track of our dreams. Working with numbers and patterns helps us to penetrate the density that is currently enveloping our Planet. The numbers return us back to the synchronic order, which is always harmonic.

    The Tzolkin, also known as the Harmonic Module, is an interdimensional time tool. Its symbols and numbers represent vertical intersections to your physical plane of third-dimensional time that can be tracked on our solar calendar.

    To connect with this Mirror experiment on the Inner planes:

    Write all 260 numbers forward and backward. Study them.

    Subtract the larger number from the smaller one.

    Note the palindromes. Note the multiples of 9. Find the patterns. Play. Study the numbers within the Tzolkin. Listen. This will help further plug us into the interactive intelligence of the Mathematical Universe. Also see:

    If you have been studying this knowledge for awhile, you may also wish to continue this practice to 441 and beyond, and then map the patterns within the Holomind Perceiver.

    Note your dreams in this 13-day cycle (wavespell). This Mirror Wavespell includes the Equinox on Kin 127, and concludes with a New Moon on Electric 6 (September 25). Also, contemplate:

    Wavespell is a 13 day cycle. This cycle is a fractal of the Tzolkin.

    The 260-unit Tzolkin contains 20 wave spells. 13 x 20 = 260.

    Tzolkin is a fractal of the psi bank.

    Psi bank is the cosmic registry and storage unit of the Earth’s evolutionary timing programs. It is correlated with the sunspot cycles (see Earth Ascending).

    The psi bank is the nervous system of the Noosphere (planetary mind). Noosphere is the self-realized Planetary Mind.

    The Noosphere is directly related to the electromagnetic field of the earth. There has been an increase in the intensity of solar flares and coronal mass ejections, directly affecting Earth’s aura. The activity of the Sun, with its increased plasmas and electromagnetism, directly affects our Consciousness.

    When we realize the Noosphere, we experience ourselves as one Consciousness in many different space suits, spread out over time and space, unified by telepathy. This means that you who are reading these words are the same One who is writing these words. This is why we say In lak’ech: I am another yourself.

    “All is a number; God is a number, God is in all.” —Dynamics of Time.

    1.35: Lunar Moon 22
    Kin 118: White Magnetic Mirror
    BMU 422
    Kin eq. 185

    13:20 FREQUENCY
    Crossing the Bridge of Time – by Stephanie South


  37. Lemon Pistachio Cake with Mascarpone Frosting

    Recipe and image courtesy of Indira Hampton (
    3⁄4 cup shelled roasted pistachios, plus more for topping
    Zest of 2 lemons
    1 1⁄2 cups cake flour
    1⁄4 tsp baking soda
    1⁄4 cup sour cream
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    1⁄3 cup whole milk
    1⁄2 cup unsalted butter, softened
    1 cup sugar
    3⁄4 tsp kosher salt
    3 eggs

    3⁄4 cup mascarpone, softened
    3⁄4 cup powdered sugar
    1 Tbsp heavy whipping cream
    1 tsp grated lemon zest
    1 tsp lemon juice
    1⁄8 tsp kosher salt
    Preheat the oven to 350 F. Line the bottom of a buttered 8 x 8-inch baking pan with parchment paper, then butter the paper.

    Place pistachios and lemon zest into a food processor bowl; pulse until finely ground (but not pistachio butter). Transfer mixture into a bowl. Add flour, baking powder and baking soda. Whisk to combine; set aside. Whisk together sour cream, vanilla and milk in a small bowl; set aside.

    In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment, cream butter, sugar and salt on medium speed until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes. Add eggs, one at a time, until fully incorporated. With mixer on low, alternate adding the dry ingredients (in 3 additions) and the wet ingredients (in 2 additions), starting and ending with the dry ingredients.

    Pour the batter into the prepared pan; smooth the top. Bake 35 to 40 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes. Carefully remove cake from pan, peel off the parchment paper, then invert onto a wire rack to cool completely.

    Prepare the frosting: Combine all frosting ingredients in a medium bowl. Mix just until smooth, being careful not to overmix or curdle the frosting. Frost the cake, then sprinkle on extra chopped pistachios. Serve or refrigerate until serving. Makes 8 servings.

    1. 😅
      A rather uplifting and creative troll, I give you that!

    2. I love this comment, I think you've got the right idea... like maybe if some of y'all just calmed down and baked a lemon cake every once and a while, liberation would happen faster lol

    3. Thank you take cake.
      So It's so nice to see delicious recipes on this blog

  38. Cobra说过,事件发生的时候,大家要观想紫罗兰火焰包覆地球,呈逆时针旋转。现在让大家观想这个视频,是暗示事件在近期会发生吗?

  39. Cobra曾经说过,事件发生的时候让大家观想紫罗兰火焰包覆地球呈逆时针旋转。现在:You can help that Light by purifying the surface of the planet with the violet flame meditation:


  40. why is it not written in the message how long it will take? will there be a big meditation or will we wait another year for 5 reports in which something new will appear and slow down again? we are in a circle where nothing has changed and it does not seem believable at all

    1. Are you two guys seriously not realizing that you are being used as puppets for those comments?

      If not, who do you think wants those unqualified comments to drag Cobra‘s work down.

      It is becoming so obvious, it is a shame some people are still sleeping to this…

    2. It may be intentional Sebastian... it is like other sites we have seen ... where robots/programs are used or people that get paid just to do this... would not be surprising. Especially on a site that may be growing... thus Cobra needs to keep a guard up specially if he becomes too popular...

    3. the message is not for you, I absolutely do not understand why you comment on it

    4. And once again “B” comments what the chimera would say.

      On a blog strictly against the chimera, there are obviously still people trying to propagate the chimera and bring negativity towards Cobra. They should probably know that this blog and not even the internet is for them then.
      Actually no one here on planet Earth likes to hear what the chimera would say.

      @DH: yes, these people definately think they profit energetically by posting such nonsense (if not even more, like you indicated). An illusion their energetic sugar daddies will not be able to pay out anyway. Most of these ‘latent sociopaths’ (as Cobra said) get only one thing for promoting the chimera - the way off the Earth.

      That is what will surface a lot more, people propagating the chimera by dragging down the Goddess, Cobra, etc. out of nowhere, just laying open who really ‘owns’ them.

    5. @Sebastian
      "definitely" (it's the correct spelling).
      ; )

    6. For ambiguous things, it is reasonable to ask for more information and instructions.
      This maybe a controversial question, but they just hope to get a clear enough answer. (Translate by google, English is not my native language, sorry.)

  41. We demand the release of our prisoners!$
    Excellent alchemy Galactic Confederation!
    instant transmutations 🌟keep charging forward in quantum waves of LOVE 🙏🏼💯💞
    #SisterhoodoftheRose 🌹✌🏼👽👽👽 nanu nanu

  42. Thanks Cobra for the update.
    French translation of the post / L'article en français :

    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  43. Thank you beloved Cobra, I can't wait for this to ends , It is very sad that certain key light workers have that implant that is making all this damage it hurts me to know that a good person can suffer like that and keep going.

    Did you know about the Jupiter race called Karistus? They are the Angelic realms.
    from this race the Catholic religion take the image to creat the Angelic concept that we know but we are not Angeles from that perspective we are a non terrestrial races from Jupiter, Karistus are the enemies of the Maitre and their reptilian Allies the Vlash.
    If you know about this subject I hope you can share information about them.

    Send you a truly honest kiss.

  44.   There is a little girl named emilico. She lives in a world where she is brainwashed, has no free will, and people are called living doll. She and people were enslaved by shadow master.
      At first, she felt very happy living in Shadows House.
      Shadows House 2nd Season
      Episode 3: 13: 21emilico✨ said this
      I thought I was happy at Shadows House. But when I looked at everyone again,Maybe it's just a "happy" look
      13: 38 Is everyone really happy?
      She is positive and loving. Shining, she influenced the people around her, as if illuminating all the darkness, and she created many miracles. More and more partners around her began to cooperate.
      Without ashes, deep, only shadow
      Loveless, answers, just like a doll
      I'm, absent, nowhere
      Not, right?
      Here Not here, not here, not here I am
      Myself, myself
      2nd Season 💖
      Shall we dance? Let's dance as we go
      despair, desire
      This is the life!
      Shadow life!
      Don't think too much.
      Let's become one.
      So nice So nice Humans are
      Humans are so nice
      ps: Some lyrics Maybe some places are a little strange, but the climax of the video will make you clear at a glance.
      I'm talking about the second video
      and its content gives me the urge to publish this information.💗
      Who's emilico?😂
      😜Maybe you are no stranger to emilico.
      The little girl on the left
      At first, we all shine, just like emilico.✨ Many times, the feedback we receive is often not very positive, the light is getting dimmer and dimmer, and sometimes it even goes out completely.
      Shadows House There is this sentence at the end of the first episode
      Come on, emilico. Be yourself ✨💖

  45.   ✋🏼"The last line of defense before the Light forces can physically intervene on the surface, are the so-called pits. Pits are secret military bases up to 30 meters underground, which were before owned by the Illuminati Breakaway Complex and are now operated by the surface Cabal. Some of them hide members of the Chimera. They can not extend more than 30 meters underground, because the Resistance can now clear most of the locations that are deeper, but can not yet intervene closer to the surface because of toplet bomb deterrence mechanisms. There are about 1000 such bases worldwide, and two main ones in Ukraine are below Odessa and below Azovstal metal plant in Mariupol."
      Meditation to clear all underground toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits:
      1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.
      2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to clear the toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits so that there can be physical intervention from the Light Forces on the planet surface for planetary liberation.
      3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.
      4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this Light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.
      5. Visualize a band of the Violet Flame, the Fire of An, and Pink Light, each one for a few minutes, extending 30 meters (about 98.5 feet) below the surface of the planet, clearing all toplet bomb mechanisms and clearing all underground pits. The Light Forces/Underground Resistance can also be visualized to be clearing all toplet bomb mechanisms and underground pits with the Light/Flames. If unable to visualize, focus on the intention. Be one with the intention and know that this clearing is happening.
      6. Visualize the course of events on planet Earth shifting into the most positive timeline possible, with the Light Forces physically intervening on the planet surface and building an active partnership with the surface population, bringing Earth into a new and eternal Golden Age.
      When I tried this meditation, pictures like this came up🌟
      ✨The last line of defense before the Light forces can physically intervene on the surface
      👊😆There is a strong urge to connect the two.

  46. Cobra thank you for the update! Let's do a a mass meditation like we did in December COBRA


    Thank you.

  47. German translation of this article / deutsche Übersetzung dieses Artikels:

    Please note: Linked article regarding former Illuminati member will be translated and published soon.

    Zur Information: Der verlinkte Artikel zu einem ehemaligen Mitglied der Illuminati wird in Kürze übersetzt und veröffentlicht.

  48. The main pit always was and still is in Central Swiss and makes up at least one third of the country if not more and is still in tact.
    The same loud noises they always did with CHINA RUSSIA USA, they do now since a couple of years with DAVOS GENEVA ZURICH because more people having an eye on that country and to distract from the true and real problem.

  49. Thanks for the wonderfull post Cobra. One question i have is: What gives the DS the power to still be able to hold hostages on planet earth? Does it have to do with the DS fleet in our solar system? How much fleet power do they have? Thanks.


  51. Very very Thanks my Dear Cobra!🌟🌟 And Love with You!💛💛 We keep The Light and Victory of Light is comming True though even through the Stupid Surface Humanity! We look forward to Victory of the Light!🙂🙂🌟🌟💛💛

  52. It is a real pleasure, enlightenment and relief to read your new update dear Cobra! Almost all the news revealed are positive, even the negative ones, are anyway expected and thought to happen, but as you have mentioned, these actions will NOT be successful! However, we need to keep the Light, to meditate and use the Violet Flame as much as possible, and stick together like a huge army of the Light! We love and appreciate YOU very much, and wish you all the best in the world! To help with our translations people speaking these languages, I send the Italian and Romanian translation of the new precious update, here:

    1. Italian:
    2. Romanian:

    Victory of the LIGHT!!!

  53. Thanks cobra for this update, i hope the chimera fleet is soon gone to!

  54. I wonder what happens if the guys storm the main base and shut down the quantum computer.

  55. “With our thoughts we make the world."

  56. It would be nice to talk about what the incarnate are trying to do Cobra, especially with the strength of the heart and the meager means that are ours in this density.

    But also to talk more about the very many timeline changes because the situation is confusing on a daily basis. The good news is that the remaining line mass has decreased considerably (below 300) and many positive portals are available. The bad news is that they are tricky to identify (and reach) for the most part, not to mention that you need a big vibration to get through them.

    The big awake ones are under an impressive mass of attack from all sides. At my level I produced this high vibration videos ( to help the already advanced awakened ones, but the AI sabotages permanently everything I post on all possible networks and I have draco entities around me almost all the time. I must not be the only one in this situation. I'm passing the message here because I feel it's time to do so.

    In any case everything is based on the vibrational heart, it is the only element that cannot be altered by all the parasites gathered in this matrix, especially at this time.

  57. What happened to the "share" option?

  58. please delete last post from me, thanks

  59. Can I have my etheric chips, implants or black holes removed by incorporating the instruction into my Command 12:21 requests?

    If so, which one(s)?


  60. I've already encountered these dark entities starting in 1992, understand their parasitic "lifeless force" and how it feels even (like surrounding energy being vacuumed into an abyss) and how they can take over a meat suit (enter behind the head near the spine/skull region).

  61. The violet flame meditation doesn't have to be done at certain times?

    1. "Free time selection"

  62. CobrA can you speak about what it means now that the Queen is gone.


  63. Open Up.


  64. Deprogramming from
    Destructive false projections
    If one's own shadows are not transformed

    1. Auto-pilot (coming from sub-conscious) is a common occurrence.

  65. Another perspective on the current advances of the Lightforces from the unveiling:

    1. Dear Sebastian,

      thank you very much for your updates. I like them very much because you explain many processes clearly so that I understand them better.

  66. German translation of the article linked by Cobra on the former Illuminati member: / deutsche Übersetzung des von Cobra verlinkten Artikels zum ehemaligen Illuminati-Mitglied:

  67. I developed blurry vision in one eye as a teenager. At around 20 I was introduced to Sun Gazing. A decade on and I've had perfect vision since that point. 😉

    Hope this information helps you!

  68. Libra J. M. Aquila, I agree, in person or in live chat is much better for discussion! Maybe a break is best for me at this time, yeah. Burnout can get really bad. Turns me into Smeegily 😅

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. Do you truly believe that our Brother did not but step into the next battle when He stepped out of this one?

  71. Thank you, Cobra for a really interesting update. There is a lot of good news here.

    Notably: The implants and biochips are now *starting to be removed!* and there will be a massive spiritual awakening of the population.

    I think this is what is needed -- a massive awakening. And then we can do something. As it is, the mind-control is so pervasive that the bad guys can get away with everything.

    Okay, so onward, and victory of the Light!

  72. @Libra and divinasion, diet plays a major role in health which you probably already know.

  73. I choose to stay loving and kind, awake and in touch with my divine powers.

  74. Does the entity the lurker have its free will? I believe this is an important question.

    1. These beings are like animals. If they can get more (food for example) they simply do.

      It is not exactly the ‘will’ because they are just lower lifeforms while the will like you meant it first appears above animal-level (on somewhat like a human level).

    2. @vVv
      I personally do not care if it does or not. It's EVIL, and therefore, needs to be eliminated.

    3. And yes, Sherman is always right here, each of these aliens pretending to have human rights or any rights at all just needs to be annihilated, fast, very fast.

      Same for every cabal-human and any other conscious contractor.

      I see the Earth and everything popular on it bursting of chimera-falsehood and those responsible need to leave here fast. And they certainly do not have any part to decide in what comes for Earth or lifeforms here at all.

      It is actually awkward that they decided anything on Earth at all being the sick alien shitheads they are.

      @Sherman: I still have hope some people wake up or reach a better level of understanding that it is just ultra dumb animals who sit in power and wealth positions on Earth. And that works, exactly as the chimera set it up.
      I still explain, you do not. And you might be right, these people do not even really want the truth it seems.

      It is ridiculous that almost no one on Earth gets these simple measures of hijacking a species, nor sees them - Cobra is definately right with only 500 humans being conscious…

    4. @Sebastian (TheUnveiling33) The best if not, if it has, then this is totally a difference story.

    5. @Sebastian
      This is truth. Always more, they just can't get enough.

  75. I invoke violet fire every evening before going to sleep, as way to protect me. I vision it encompassing the entire planet. I have bought a violet kristal as a way to help this visualization.

  76. Hi cobra thanks for the update still have to go back over it,so there is still Pelaidian hostages they need to be rescued immediately in my opinion iam ready to go.i don't get notifications on your updates anymore for some reason all good,ok I will be pushing harder with training from tomorrow onwards rescue mission the hostages must be saved my soul focus this week,I just want to thank cobra and a couple of groups (who I respectfully choose not to name)for all your help over the years.very much appreciated, victory of the light...

  77. 'The Light forces have begun with the operation of clearing the surface population biochips and implants with full force, implementing advanced Mjolnir quantum cannon technologies. This operation will take some time, but will have a very beneficial effect on deprogramming the surface population, and upon its completion, a massive spiritual awakening of the surface population is expected.'

    - 2012Portal, 'Chimera Situation Update', 15th September 2022 C.E>

    Let's see how the Singapore population of blind obedience, authoritarian loving waste sacks change their behavior to all this.

    Same goes for authoritarian entities like China, Australia, North Korea, Canada, etc.

    Litmus Test Time.

    1. Dear Libra J. M. Aquila,

      the Germans are still a mystery to me. It seems to me that the numerous elephants in the room are stoically ignored. My heart grows heavy when I think of the time ahead. Although I know that worry, from an energetic perspective, does not help. I am still working on myself :)
      Ich wünsche dir tapferes Durchhalten <3

  78. Arabic translation of this post/ الترجمة العربية لهذا المنشور:

  79. If this is felt to be against the goals of the Light Forces, and is seen as counterproductive, I understand if this is not posted here.

    It's just that once I really see something, I can never go back, no matter how hard I try.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. You are so easily impressed with words that mean nothing.
      Please think about it! This entire article does not give one valid reasoning for why using 60 degrees is finite while using 30 should be infinite.

      For one, the article is inconsistent because it talks about a flower with 12 circles (which would be gained by simply doubling the flower of life) while the graphic shows a flower with 8 derived from doubling a flower of 4. (and btw the dia-1, dia-2 and dia-3 all show flowers based on 3 of the 5 platonic solids, triangle(3), cube(4) and octahedron(8) which can all be found in metatrons cube and are, as I said funamental and sacred gemoetries).

      Secondly, the torus, (7th picture of that graphic) is also part of that same sacred geometry and therefore ofcourse looks epic (as it represents the auric field), but can be drawn using any amount of circles - given they all are spaced out with same °degrees) and doesn't contradict the flower of life in any way!

      As I said, the flower of life is infinite as it repeats forever. The idea that having petals with different °dregrees makes the other one more infinite is nonsense, because when you draw it out just a bit further you get a jumbled up, incoherent mess of petals, which can not be sustained - I tested it, try to draw it and you will see.
      Looking at the shape called the vector equilibrium - which is the most stable polyhedron there is (as it only contains sides of equal length AND equal °degrees between them), you can see it is a geometry of 6 and the star tetrahedron - which is the shape of our merakba - fits perfectly into it.

      So this entire article and this whole idea is just nonsense made to sound cool in oder to dilute the truth and sow mistrust and doubt = more separation. Maybe you should look into the works of Nassim Haramein or read the books by Drunvalo Mechizedek and draw some of these yourself to undertand HOW fundamental the 6 flower of life really is. It is simply perfect.

    4. >Unbeknown Universe

      Read his article, saw nothing on attacking Cobra.

    5. Unbeknown Universe, this was not intended to bash Cobra. This is something that's been tormenting me for a very, very long time. Very odd replies.

    6. Very interesting alternative perspective of the different flowers of life:,overlayed%20which%20forms%20the%20Flower%20of%20Krystal%2FKathara%20grid

    7. ...The Krystic flower of life is like a double seed of life, because it's 12 circles instead of 6. The original 6 circles stay the same, and then 6 more are added, at 30 degrees, 90 degrees, and so forth.

    8. FluffyFractalshard, it's true that the pattern cannot be endlessly repeated. I'm curious though if there can be circles like this forming 8 sides that goes on forever. I need to get a sacred geometry software program to experiment.

      I don't see how there are any 45 degree angles in metatron's cube. Or, just because something can be drawn from something else, why not just have the full geometry? Each circle is supposed to be a dimension of consciousness. An endless sea of 6D can never equal a seed that has the capacity of 12D.

      The double seed of life with 12 circles has so many different patterns. In it, I can identify both the 6 pointed star with 60 degrees, and 8 pointed star with 45 degrees, for starters.

      I'm using intuition to see what feels right. And hey, I could be wrong. Thank you for the counterargument. I really want to be wrong about the immortal but non-eternal part. I want E-Asha to be wrong. It would make everything much easier. However, your counterargument doesn't do that, and she can't possibly be making all that up in her video I posted. Yet, I'm not going to say that she is the only one who knows the 'real deal.' I am always trying to find more knowledge/awareness, both internally and externally.

    9. Yeah i apologies wasn't thinking i might not post comments here anymore or i make myself look stupid


    10. Let's connect some dots:

      Consciousness manifests through frequency to create geometry, not the other way around.

      The cabal aren't openly flouting or misusing the flower of life. They aren't perverting it like with the pentagram or swastika. It would be unknown but for pioneering researchers in our movement.

      Geometry is just complex mathematical angles. Even if "they" can derive some kind of human energy misuse though linking perverted symbols to ritual black magic ceremonies, would some indigenous tribal person even be the least bit affected if they saw an inverted pentagram for the first time in their lives without being subjected to a lifetime of conditioning, religious brainwashing and consumption of cult sponsored mass programming events like the MTV awards?

      Do you appreciate how the concepts of fractals, frequency and geometry should fit together? I refer to dimensions as densities because surely that's a more apt description. As I understand it, They're not something external that grow outward like the layers of an onion, they're states. Stacked on top of one another.

      Look at the keys on a piano. They go up in the same twelve notes repeating over and over. They would continue past the frame of the piano if it was practical, but humans only have an arm span of a couple meters at best and our DNA doesn't allow us to hear frequencies past a certain pitch. Those harmonics don't extend sideways, they literally stack upon one another in space. If you play an A note and look at a string vibrating, and then play an A an octave higher, the string will vibrate twice as fast and you get 2 smaller waves in the same space as the 1 from the A an octave lower. This is a fractal.

      All the other notes in each octave are mathematical ratios. You could in theory repeat this endlessly, up the electromagnetic spectrum, through visible light (twelve colours on the colour wheel), all the way up through 4th density, 5th density etc. Logic would suggest, based on this principle, there could be 12 densities because this is the observable nature of frequency. Or there could be sub densities... 24? How about 144,000 densities? Divide that by 12 and you get 12,000. Weird. Or there could be infinite sub densities layered infinitely on top of one another repeating like a fractal.

      If the universe is sound, matter is universal consciousness projecting via frequency to create complex interference patterns which, when "strummed".. or "played" in a high enough octave, create the geometric structures we call matter.

      The defining trait of a fractal is self similarity.

      Take a look at metatron's cube, the hexagonal/star pattern repeats with beautiful symmetry even within that small area. It's probably as self similar as it gets. Its the quintessential fractal, and you can add more sub spheres within that space to draw mini flowers of life, and mini platonic geometries, all stacked upon one another infinitely inwards in that same space.

      I don't know if i did a good job explaining and unifying kinda abstract concepts but hopefully I didn't bother writing all this for nothing and it helps someone. At the very least it has helped to crystallise it in my mind a little.

      On a side note, I'm not keen on having conversations on a platform that is not conducive to it with new blog posts getting created and any threads on old posts becoming defunct and abandoned, censorship issues, and sometimes days between approval. If that wasn't bad enough, now we have TWO threads on the same topic so the conversation is even more sporadic and disorderly. It's a shame this is the best tool we have for discussing and sharing ideas in a movement that's supposed to embody unity.

    11. @Starlight432
      Why are 45° in your mind "better" than 60°?
      A twelve flower has 30° sooo...?

      The thing is, that the argument about which flower is more high vibrational (12 or 6) is futile as they are both valid and dont contradict each other. The 12 one looks equally as beautiful as it also is a fundamental shape of sacred geometry (the torus), but it doesnt make the 6 circle flower of life invalid or even associated with death or whatever they claim. And to imply that metatron himself is a fallen angel.. well yeah I guess you should ask himself what he thinks about that xD

      So for me its clear, this is another pathetic attempt of corrupting sacred symbols and distorting the truth which the dark ones are always trying. I am not saying that this girl is conscious about it, but she definately fell for another psyop and you almost did, too. But I appreciate your humble stance and openness to be proved wrong. I am sorry when my arguments couldnt provide the proof you are seeking tho, so you might need to investigate further. In the end, we each believe what we want and think to know what we think to know.

    12. @starlight and others, Im no expert on symbols or sacred geometry, but I was under the impression like the infinity symbol that the flower of life had many variations?

  80. @Libra
    I'll take a looksie at it in a few days.

    I mentioned it before, but did you see any weird thing in the sky last week? A BIG, orange glow in the sky, which pulsed, like a metabolism...showed up 3 nights in a row, and got closer each night. Neighbor saw it as well.

    -Surface Chimera(Andromedan Faction )

    See 1st pic here :

  82. Are You A Pleiadian?
    According to Dr. Sheldon Nidle and Barbara Marciniak, both of whom have written extensively on the subject of Pleiadians and other extraterrestrials, there are currently over 4 million Pleiadians on Earth.
    They are among us in physical form, walking among us, living next door to us. They may even be reading this article right now!

    If you've ever wondered if you might be a Pleiadian, here are some ways to tell:

    You may be a Pleiadian -

    • If you feel you don't belong on this planet and feel very different from most people around you,
    • If you have always been interested in space and distant planets and are fascinated by the universe,
    • If you are a deep thinker and have an insatiable thirst for knowledge,
    • If you like to surround yourself with lots of greenery and nature,
    • If you feel uncomfortable in large groups and public places and prefer to spend time alone or with small groups of people,
    • If you have vivid dreams about flying or traveling through space,
    • If you have memories of having lived in Sirius, Andromeda, or another faraway solar system or galaxy, they will seem more real than your present life on Earth.
    • If you are very sensitive to loud noises, bright lights, big crowds, and chaotic situations, these things can make you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or unwell—even physically sick.
    • If you're drawn to the ocean and have a sense of knowing about Atlantis,
    • If you have an interest in healing modalities and alternative ways of healing,
    • If you feel a calling to teach, help, or heal others,
    • If the concept of "ascension" and ascending into greater consciousness appeals to you,
    • If you believe we are all one, yet you feel different from others,
    • If you are sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), such as computers and cell phones,
    • If you feel more comfortable being in nature than in cities or large groups of people,
    • If your ears stick out slightly, perhaps just one more than the other.
    • If you often experience déjà vu or know how something will happen before it does,
    • If you are highly sensitive and may be an empath,
    • If you are naturally intuitive, you may have psychic gifts.
    • You may have a strong spiritual connection to the Earth, nature, animals, and/or trees.
    • If you may have had ET or UFO encounters,
    • You may have an interest in sacred geometry, numerology, ancient civilizations, and symbolism.
    • If you have a desire to be of service to others,

    These are the indications that you are a Pleiadian. In fact, many people are not just human but also have some extraterrestrial DNA in them.

    1. To be honest, this is the most superficial description of any starseed ever, not just pleiadians. Please be aware, that mainstream sites like are made by individuals who operate from their spiritual ego and are willing to offer any info as long as it sounds cool to the uninitiated just to see their publicity grow, without having any deep insight themselves.

      As starseeds we have DNA of MANY different star races as we incarnate not only in one but several of them over our billion year long journey through form. However, we do have one original race where we first took form, so it is somewhat accurate to say for example "I am a pleiadian soul".

      One trait I found to be prevalent among pleiadians (which funnily isn't even mentioned in the above list) is that they LOVE beautiful things and aesthetics are very important to them (beautiful people, art, decoration..).
      Here is an anecdote I recall which shows this: when asked about their fleet, one pleiadian responded - not by praising their strength or speed or numbers - but allegedly said "we have the most beautiful ships in the galaxy". 😁 🥰

    2. @unknown, Many reading this will have many of these traits and it should come as no surprise. I have them all.

  83. Dear Cobra,
    thank you very much for the interesting update. It sounds like very big progress.
    I hope the surface Lightworker grid has recovered over the time. It still feels very tense.

    Keep up the good work. I wish you all much light and love <3

  84. Istvan Sky - Avatar Voice Channeling - Bali 2020


  85. Heavyweight Champion of the World.





  88. I got a question about this stuff right here. I got "abducted" myself earlier this year but it was with a "friend" of mine and his friends are the Rockefeller types but I don't judge anybody anyway so I woke up younger looking and with a more natural hair color than I went to sleep with and idk how to get more information. I don't remember

  89. Tribe, Brethren, Family of light: Fear disables the amygdala, our reasoning center of the brain. Fear is an opposite of love. It's the slowest of vibrations. Stay clear of fear and release resistance with yoga, weights, dance, and alkaline forming foods. Invoke the violet flame and get your Merkaba spinning!

  90. Bless go round, may Blessings abound!

  91. All of God's Creatures belong here and I treat everybody like I want to be treated myself even the robots. However, I don't want to be involved unintentionally in whatever it is that these guys are doing. I obviously already am involved but idk to what extent exactly

  92. Mine as Well Go For It and Not Hold Back

    If it truly is the fate of this universe to end up as space dust because it's fallen and unable to be repaired, then so be it.

    I'm not going to argue with fate anymore. If it really is true, there's no stopping it.

    E'Asha Ashayana hasn't had any updates for 6 years and counting, so maybe it's time to finally, and truly, move on.

    And, who knows? Maybe the fate of this universe won't be annihilation.

    The double seed flower of life is still noteworthy, as is the geometry of 8.

    But yes, mine as well...


  94. You can also join all the meditations from Cobra & We Love Mass Meditation
    on our interactive platform Meditations-ON-THE-GO:

  95. 科波拉,你之前的更新中,你发的中国解放军用坦克镇压抗议者的新闻是假新闻。我希望你能够撤销那个新闻,并且道歉

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