Sunday, March 5, 2023

SD recovery complete, concurrent drastic systems security breach / black alert at 504


  1. Clear THE demons, VICTORY OF THE LIGHT 🎉🎈

  2. I had a dream last night in which a good friend of mine told me that the ascended masters told her, that they disabled my "chromosome number 54" (I know we only have 46 ;), because this was the one apparently curses would be "inscribed on", so doing that seemed only positive and liberating for me. I thought in my dream "cool thats how I got rid of all my allergies"...
    Kind of a stupid dream, but feels also meaningful in a way..
    ..and now this black alert at 504 again.. 🤯

    You know what to do guys!
    Let's hold the Light for the victory of Light! 💜✨

    1. Nice! "Sunbomb" I like that! 😄
      My dream too, was oddly specific and its rare that I remember them so clearly..
      ..and funny how they wouldn't let you to join the army, while you might even have felt kinda at home there. I had to fight tooth and nail to NOT get forced into serving, while it would have been a nightmare for me.. as if they knew what would be the worst outcome for us. lol
      Anyways, my commander, I am happy to see you thriving again and fighting for us even at night! 😘

    2. I had a vision of 504 being messed with last night.

    3. I always consider you as an "SG annon" and always pay attention to your comments

    4. @Libra, I’ve always been drawn to military aviation as well. I have military dreams too and have dreamt about past lives in a starfighter, a space carrier, and in an Earth secret space program. I identify as Sirian and know one of my higher selves is an officer in their space forces fighting for Earth’s liberation right now. I almost joined the USAF recently, actually missed the officer qualification exam to become a pilot by 1 point and then realized that it’s not the right time to join them, (if at all) shortly after.

      @Aquilla, what is an SG annon?

    5. @Libra
      BEFORE ascension symptoms, I was in MEGA shape. Could do behind the neck pull ups, could do 600 pound leg presses (on the angled press. 400 on the vertical press), curl with 40 pound dumbbells, and, like I said, had 8 pack abs. Though I still looked like the wimp in the gym....everyone ELSE looked like action figures, I looked like Mr. Bean or Mr. Humphries in the gym, go figure.

      Sadly, when ascension symptoms began, lost the 8 pack, with 2 weeks, and due to not knowing what the hell was going on, I stopped the workouts (I seriously thought I was dying for the first 2 years of the symptoms, only after those 2 years I found out). Whomever is in charge of this ascension thing, I give their report card a BIG, RED F.

      More 'gifts' from the Archons, ya think, Lib?

      I am pretty sure I was some sort of fighter, before, and probably a good one, if the darkies saw to making this 'life' as miserable as possible.

      Hope we get a chance at some justice and vengeance, Libra.

    6. But WHY weight gain? What do we NEED weight gain for? I REALLY feel like Golum when I look in the mirror these days.

      Does source WANT me to have no self esteem whatsoever?

      Been having symptoms since 2010....I lost the whole of my 30's because of this. And, to add salt to the wound, they started exactly 4 months, to the day, that my dad died in my arms. Coupled that I was really considering getting into fitness as a profession, such as a personal trainer....yea.....lost pretty much everything, what little nice things I had, THANKS to ascension symptoms. GREAT TIMING, Source....seems like Source, Libra, must REALLY HATE ME, since it just seems to like making my life one big, diarrhea milkshake, complete with rat droppings for sprinkles.

      And am I going to get those 12+ years I've lost, so far, BACK? And what am I going to get out of this? What am I going to be presented with for 'receiving and anchoring such high vibrational energies aka holding the light.'? What am I going to be presented and told, "THANK YOU very much! THIS is for all that suffering and hardship you've gone through! THIS is for all that PAIN you've been through!"

      And I'd LOOOOOOVE to see the 'normies', aka sheeple, go through this, I really would. Don't know about you, Libra, but I personally am getting fed up being Atlas...for the 'normies'. Like I said, "they don't pay me enough for this abuse."

  3. Don't delay and all armies attack!

  4. Come on LF and RM... you got this!
    COmpression BReAkthrough!

  5. Se ognuno facesse del suo meglio e si comportasse correttamente, questo mondo idiota finirebbe molto presto.

    1. We need WEAPONS, TECH, INTEL, and some SUPER POWERS.

  6. Just finish them already. This has been dragged on long enough.

    1. Yep.

  7. Greetings to you all sacred beings ! I feel guided to share this reminder with you. When we see the world with open eyes it is challenging to stand as a witness to all the pain and suffering. it is with a heavy heart that we must confront the abusers and hold them accountable for their behavior. The pain will flow and be transmuted. The hardship we face will crystalize and make humanity the most resilient race in the whole cosmos.

    Sending Love and Blessing to all!

    Keep holding the light as dim as it seems it soon gonna flash brighT!

  8. I wish every wonderful thing finally come true!

    1. A crescendo feels imminent.
      No universe can tolerate this evil and suffering indefinitely.
      ,,whether through brainwashing or sheer stupidity and arrogance,
      most remain fast asleep, and continue the abuse of the abuser puppetmasters. I yearn for world peace, but alas, I do what I can to be at peace within, loving myself, relaxed, enjoying the waves as the landing craft approaches Normandy beach.

  9. Create degli spazi vuoti nella mente. Avere la mente libera anche per qualche minuto al giorno rende tutti i pensieri più chiari. Il cervello si rinfresca, dato che il continuo lavoro di esso provoca un riscaldamento che a sua volta porta disturbi della psiche.

  10. The mechanism of the water drop is that each time the matrix is uncovered a little, the wounding and low vibrations manifest themselves. Until there is no more hurt and ground vibrations, the hijacker has no energy knife in its hands (or it can no longer use it) and events can naturally unfold smoothly.
    1. communicate with the hijacker, understand and comprehend their history and darkness, sensitise them (may work in part for different individuals, mindfulness is important)
    2. Protect yourself while being kind, hold the light and be principled
    3. always be connected to the planetary multidimensional nature and interstellar beings of love/wisdom/truth and help each other

    It is a marathon and we can almost see the final moments when the water drips through the stone, so don't stop until you cross the finish line!

    Let the water be vapour!

  11. The next two weeks will be a real test according to master astrologer Robert Phoenix

  12. Exactly.

  13. Dear COBRA
    Someone says to hang the Cintamani stones in the air.
    If this is not correct information, please call for a stop.

    URL of the person who is asking to hang Cintamani stones in the air

    I do not understand English.
    Sorry if my translated English is wrong.

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  15. Breakthrough

  16. I had a dream one month back.This dream is about a future update which is coming on this web page by cobra. This is the update " END SHIFT IN FOLD "
    What does it mean really. ?

  17. Seems like the big red button is about to get pushed, again...
    We would make a fine asteroid belt.

    1. I've always thought that would be an amazing solution. Humans are so grotesque I don't see why anyone would want to keep this going. They chased the Chimera here, just end them and put us out of our misery at the same time, it's perfect. I just want a way out that won't get me canned back in an even worse body. The day I hear the Lords of Karma are gone, so am I. No Golden Age is possible while in this ugly body. It's everyone too, yuck. I have to fight back vomiting just at the sight of people. It seems like a mockery of justice to keep such a gross species going. Cobra said some animals would not continue because they're genetically engineered mongrels, well humans are the worst, why continue us? I would think a positively oriented future would need to eliminate that immediately. I think this deserves a serious answer. It seems like it will be the same horrible show just with better management. I'm not going to keep going looking at this same shit in the mirror.

    2. Don't press until those of us who want OFF are off, first.

    3. @Patrick ... It may be they need the Earth intact ... and we just happen to be on it?

      Cobra is there a back up plan if your blog is blocked? Where would we meet?

    4. @Pat
      I'm in NO rush to die. And THIS 'genetic mongrel' want to go home with the aliens so I can get the help necessary to no longer be a mongrel anymore.

      "But as annoying and cruel people can be... I'm strictly against wiping out humanity!" Yea, it's pretty much akin to curing a disease by killing the patient. I just want to get AWAY from humans, and be helped/restored to no longer be one.

      They are welcome to the earth to keep, if that's so. I'm sure I'm not the only one who will welcome the reallocation.

    5. "I understand that you want to get away from here... but wiping out the entire humanity just because somebody doesn't like it? It's kinda like "I feel bad, so must you!" "
      I did not say that, Libra. I just quoted what Pat said and compared that to curing an illness by killing a patient. I did not agree with him, Libra. But you are right, I want off this damned planet asap.

      But I don't even HAVE an earth family I can trust, mine disowned me for standing up to them, and not partaking in their sheeple ways.

  18. PART 1

    Galactic Federation: FREE Energy

    Dear ones,

    This is a message for humanity from the Galactic Federation. We are here to inform you that, based on new developments and research, we are introducing this new initiative on the planet earth.

    The idea is to create a free energy zone here on earth, which will be areas of designation that are provided to supply clean and free without charge or cost energy to those in these areas willing to participate in these projects.

    This new breakthrough in technology will change the entire planet.

    You may not know that you have a galactic federation representative very close by. We're here to let you know we're upgrading your planet's energy supply. No need to panic! We won't be taking anything away from you and making things worse for you in the process, quite the opposite. We'll be installing a new completely free energy source that not only takes care of all your needs better than your current system does but there's so much more to it.

    It not only keeps your household appliances running, but also keeps your car on the road. This works with zero emissions and is completely green!

    By using the free energy source, you are taking back your right to exist on this planet without being taxed by someone else; you take back your liberty right to live without paying for someone else’s pollution. It is time to stop paying your monthly bills for your fuel, electricity, or crude oil.

    The moment you realize that you don't need electricity or heating oil or gas, to be able to live comfortably, is truly magical.

    As we observe, many people on earth are on the verge of destroying themselves because of the choices they have made. Many of these destructive choices are inherent within their belief systems. They have destroyed so much of your natural resources and continue to create pollution that changes the composition of the earth’s atmosphere.

    Today, most systems use dirty and outdated technology as their source of energy. The Earth has become very polluted. This pollution is all around you. It surrounds the planet at certain levels.

    Our free clean energy system will be portable and more efficient for your needs. It's environmentally friendly and will help the planet become more sustainable for future generations.


  19. PART 2

    With the enormous amount of energy that is available in space, the use of completely new energy capture and conversion technology, and the very low cost of energy storage in space, it is practical for this advanced infrastructure component to provide clean and free energy to the entire planet.

    It does not need any wiring; it is wireless, and it is STRONGER. Hence, you can enjoy unlimited technological power for your computer, mobile phone, home appliances, etc., without the necessity of any fuel like electricity, gas, or oil.

    It is compatible with all devices. There's no need to charge your phone or put gas in your car. All these gadgets will work 'ON' 24x7 with this energy without the worry of theft of power because it is wireless Free Energy.

    Are you ready to be part of this free energy movement that will change the world and bring about a bright and prosperous future for you and your family?

    You are about to make the right choice that will empower you beyond imagination! You are about to take your life into your own hands.

    The first phase of free zones will be established by the Galactic Federation of Light. To become available for this designation does not require an individual to subscribe to any specific religion, ideology, system of belief, or way of life.

    The first phase of free energy zones will be strategically chosen based on several variables including but not limited to; land contour, water flow patterns, temperature patterns, the location of hot spots (vortices), tectonic plate movement, tectonic plate stress points, tectonic plate stress points, and residual tectonic pressure points will all factor into this area's selection.

    It is with great enthusiasm that we present to you this gift of new technology. This will provide you with the necessary foundation to allow your civilization to progress on its ascension path.

    The words you are reading now are just a glimpse into the main goals of the Galactic Federation.

    We are here to prepare you and your planet for ascension, and we will not stop until you and everyone else on Earth experience enlightenment and become free!

    We love you dearly.
    We are here with you.

    We are your family of light.


    Aurora Ray

    Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

    1. Prove it!!! Where are these devices-I want one. If It works I will be more tha happy to replicate the technology and share with others.

    2. Dear Aurora Ray, we have been ready for this since Nikola Tesla... so with gratitude we accept 🙂❤ I truly hope this technology can be available for us all not just for a few designated places or people. Thank you in advance 🌺

    3. What Kwadri said.
      IF they exist right now, SEND US some of these machines. We sure as hell could use them, right about now.

  20. I imagine one day soon the future 2012Portalblogspot post will say "Pandora finalized and implemented, no further SD security breach possible, DreamLand 1.0 finalized, All wipeout sequences finalized, All M / DL / MDS / HP and VTX / SD requirements met. Compression Breakthrough ongoing." 😁

    1. Oh yeeeaaahh!! A beautiful vision!! 😍
      Expanding on that, I imagine, that one day, Cobra will post something like:

      "The Final Liberation Party World-Tour:
      Since the final victory of light two weeks ago, the dust has settled and its time to announce a series of parties we will be giving for our lightworker communities around the world sponsored by the St. Germain trust...
      Goddess wants to celebrate and celebration shall be!"
      🥳 😁 🥰

    2. Este dia, será lindo! ✨️🕊✨️

    3. BuT however nothing true coming out.!
      You will read: all was so far more unexpected, that even with all condition met, there is still nothing possible...

    4. @Libra
      Speaking of signs; from the ascension conference notes of December 2022: "The first visible sign will be a rather unexpected geopolitical sign. We are getting there soon."

      Have we not already had those, Lib?

  21. Dear Cobra, where are you getting these signals from? Perhaps you have a meter there, like in your flat for gas and light?

  22. 500

    15 mars 21h CET Émission pour expliquer la dernière mise à jour de Cobra (explications, témoignages, illustrations...)

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  24. Another attack! these beings are irreductible.. what weapons or fleet do they have to do it? LF tactics and strategy I get why it´s cassified, but what the Chimera has or is doing, I don´t see why. Maybe it´s bad for the morale? Anyway, let´s have faith..

  25. That's enough! Remember who we are! The bravest and most loyal! We are strength and power! Surround yourself with blue energy!
    Let's reconnect! Let's unite and start!
    The source is with us!

    Divine Intervention Meditation
    Tuesday, March 7th, 2023
    12:40 pm UTC

    Victory of the Light!


  27. Lightwork - The Magic Flute

  28. This would be ME when my First Contact comes to pick me up:

    1. So sweet 🥰 ,
      I laughed to see you so touched 😅,
      so tender and emotional.
      Thank you for this moment 🤗
      because I believe that we are all a little like that 😁😘

    2. I'll be waiting outside the house, saying good bye to the cats living on my property (maybe take the ones that's injured, as in missing her eye, with me), have a large aquamarine crystal for my alien lesbian lover to give her, once I've been restored, and simply walk into the ship, go to my temporary quarters, and take a nap before setting foot back HOME.

  29. Attempts to nuke American Cities without using nukes is increasing.
    A full collapse of Ukraine was expected within days.
    China supply chain drying up.

    Er, someone put molten lava over McDonalds food and it did not break it down...ew!

    Plastic can be recycled back into oil. The whole reason why they don't do this is because oil is a renewable resource and dirt cheap to produce. Also, if all the plastic was recycled into gas, gas prices would reduce drastically which they don't want. They're idiots.

  30. Many here still have questions. Cobra has done brilliant work guiding us, and those of us who have been with Cobra from the beginning and have read all his posts have a pretty clear picture of 'reality'. It is highly recommended to read All of Cobras updates.
    This book I'm referring to now correlates.
    If interested in a condensed (the Wes Penre Papers is 2500 pages) version of the entire story and our place in it, who you are and where you are from, I highly recommend
    "The Orion Book" by Wes Penre.
    We Shall Succeed
    We Are Spirited Creator God/press's
    And are ready to break free after millennia of bondage.
    The Goddess (And Us!) Wants Peace
    I Love You All Sweet Soul Family ❤

    1. Awesome! thanks for the recommendation!
      Love you too! 💜

  31. Le azioni dei risvegliati e dei guerrieri di Luce valgono di più di 100 domande e 1000 parole.Sempre avanti con forza e coraggio, arrendersi mai, paura 0!!

  32. In the movie "They live (1988)" : Cabel 54... Interesting...

  33. Non sono sempre docile. Ma sono uno che offre aiuto immediato come posso nel bisogno. Non ho molta pazienza e mi arrabbio di fronte alle ingiustizie. Sempre vicino ai più deboli e a chi è in difficoltà. Nei confronti dei malfattori però sono tosto ed in caso estremo anche decisivo. Nei confronti di chi vorrebbe uccidere miliardi di persone non avrei remore di nessun tipo. Il male deve cessare immediatamente! Vittoria della Luce!

  34. Some beings just don't know when to quit. Dark side ought to just roll over and die already. It'd be for the greater good, heh.

  35. So. First step : to spray some Baygon on the TURDS of Karma

  36. Rumors there are that a true abomination is growing up from the side of lightforces against earthling lightworkers.
    The lightforces try to delay the event to the extent at which the lightworkers will go fully soul fragmented at the extent they would be irrecuperable. And in this way to get rid of the earthling groundcrew, because they, the lightforces, are or feel themelves unable to retrieve the earthling groundcrew, after all this battle. Shame lightforces!!

    1. IF that happens, the light forces, as well as the darkies, are going to FEAR ME.

      Like what Obi-Won said, “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

    2. @STEPH, who is Sébastien and turn for what?

      Yea, what Sherman said. Except it’s Obi-Wan* 😉
      My higher self is in the Sirian fleet fighting for our freedom in orbit. He tried to get help to Earth earlier but other ET’s wouldn’t listen. I know he’d be very angry if that’s what Federation was trying to do. This rumor is pure B.S.

    3. I said IF that is the case, Libra. Also, if the ascended masters having such a tough time with the darkies....are they really 'masters'? I gots my questions, Lib.

  37. You are a beautifull expanding...
    Kind regard!

  38. Resistere non può e non deve diventare un'abitudine. Questo lo dico perché molti ancora trovano il bello dove il bello significa accontentarsi soltanto delle briciole. In questo mondo pazzo, malato e decadente è una fortuna per pochi stare su un'isola di pace. Il bello deve ancora arrivare e quando arriverà, guarderemo al nostro passato con orrore, come gli scampati , i sopravvissuti che sono stati ad un passo dall'inferno.

  39. Tell whoever you need to tell not to be the ones who fuck this up.

  40. Everyone monitors everything. Everyone is under surveillance. If you want a chance to stop making mistakes, then do what we just asked you to do.