Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Spear of Heaven

The Light Forces are removing the dark Atlantean network according to the plan. Nothing more can be said about that at this point for strategic and security reasons, but an intel update for the surface population about that topic is expected soon.

All negative entities have been removed from other Universes, and only a very small amount of subquantum anomaly is present there.

Now the full focus is on this Solar System, and on the final liberation of planet Earth. In the last few weeks, a huge amount of subquantum anomaly has been removed from the Solar System.

As a result of this, one part of the Pleiadian fleet is about to return to this Solar System and they will resume liberation operations. Details need to remain classified, but extremely powerful astrological configurations are supporting this move.

The main aspect is Sedna conjuncting Alcyone on May 25th. This aspect happens once every 20,000 years, and its astrological meaning is the return of Pleiadians to Earth at the completion of the cosmic cycle. This aspect will start exhibiting its full power one week before May 25th, and will remain in full force until one week after. It will be reactivated again in December 2024 and in April 2025.

Within that time frame, other conjunctions with Alcyone will support this process:

Sun conjunct Alcyone on May 20th at 10 pm UTC

Venus conjunct Alcyone on May 24th at 2:30 am UTC

Jupiter conjunct Alcyone on May 27th at noon UTC

If you wish to connect and align with the return of the Pleiadians, you can use the following meditation:

Light Forces have begun to decrease the activity of the multidimensional Dyson sphere around the Sun in order to allow more Solar activity to occur since the beginning of May, producing a huge solar storm last week:

Because so much anomaly is gone, some people are already experiencing beneficial effects of solar superstorms:

Strong solar superstorms such as the last one have capacity to disable nanotechnology:

More solar activity will be allowed to occur, and lately we are getting at least one X-class solar flare per day:


As a result of Dyson sphere recalibration, the volume of Mjolnir technology has increased and is now oscillating between 15% and 30% of full capacity.

At this volume, another multidimensional quantum technology of the Light Forces has been activated since May 1st, and it is called Gungnir:

Gungnir is an advanced planetary Ascension technology that is now directing immense amount of Electric fire towards this planet:

It channels huge energies from the top of the Tree of Life (Yggdrasil) to the surface of the planet:

These energies are being distributed by the Solar Logos (the cosmic being that is our Sun), utilizing the Rod of Initiation, effectively starting the process of Ascension of this planet into its fourth planetary initiation:

It is here interesting to note that Gungnir rune has been spotted on Russian military vehicles in Ukraine:

Because of these new energies and because of the operations of the Light Forces (especially Aldebarans) behind the scenes, the Agartha network around the world is being activated. They are opening strong energetic portals in their underground locations in Asia and South America.

In Colombia, the portals under lake Guatavita, lake Iguaque, and under Muzo and Coscuez mines are being activated:

Emeralds are now being activated as green doors through which you can connect with Agartha:


You can read the instructions for the emerald Agartha meditation, along with a lot of intel about emeralds, in Bogota workshop notes:

Bogota workshop was very successful and it laid the foundation for the future work with emeralds.

Here it is interesting to note that the meeting between Xi Jinping and Emmanuel Macron in Paris was taking place almost exactly to the hour of our emerald meditation on Monday May 6th, deepening cultural ties between both countries:

The hidden purpose of Xi Jinping's visit was to prevent World War III, and a flurry of diplomatic activity was seen around the time of his visit:

It is also interesting to see that Xi visited both Paris and Budapest on his European tour, both cities having the strongest Goddess vortexes in Europe.

Another sign is that Eiffel Tower in Paris was hit by lighting on May 1st, just around the time when Gungnir was being activated, and a few days before the Chinese visit:

The dark forces on the surface are beginning to lose one part of their control.

Their pandemic treaty has encountered problems:

Their financial “reset” is also not going according to their plans:

Their ideologies are being exposed:

And more Disclosure is coming:

Victory of the Light!


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    1. light workers community to have an international communication

      invitation code

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      Tachyon Light Workshop

      Anybody can get healing in monthly ascended master and stellar rays healing sessions:

      What the single person can contribute to get rid of the opressors of this Planet, besides the meditation? I mean, in more active way .

      Spread the intel, plant Cintamanis, be kind and loving.

      🖐🏻️ It is time to forget our apparent differences and join forces in our fight for freedom. It is time to admit that nobody among us has total understanding and absolutely correct view of reality. If somebody has a different point of view, it does not mean he is automatically a disinfo agent. So it is time for each one of us to allow others to be who they are. We are all human beings. We all make mistakes. It is time now to forgive. And then join forces. United we stand, divided we fall.

      Archons and their minions will try to provoke you. It is natural and human to feel anger, fear, doubt or impatience. But do not act on it. Just calmly observe your emotions, take a few breaths, maybe play your favourite song and then decide how to act.

      Do not engage in violence, whether physical (rioting, violent revolution) or verbal (attacking messengers on the internet, hateful comments to anyone, relationship quarrels). Violence will NOT solve our problems. Clearly planned and focused action will.

      Focus instead on beauty, nature, meditation. Find calmness within. And when you need to act, act from that calmness.

    2. Sirius Rin - A mondandód végén nagyon jól mondod. El kell érni, hogy bármi történik veled, mindig nyugodt maradj. Bármilyen támadás, legyen az fizikai, mentális, beszéd, stb, akkor is nyugodt maradj, és inkább hagyd ott az illetőt, ne reagáld le semmilyen tevékenységgel. Ha nyugodt vagy, nem tud úgy sem provokálni. A békétlenséghez, háborúhoz két fél szükséges, mert egyedül nem tud senki háborúzni.

    3. The Vatican has announced that it is set to hold a press conference on “supernatural phenomena” tomorrow, and it will touch on aliens and how it will deal with potential encounters in the future.

      According to a notice on the Vatican’s website, it will kick of at noon tomorrow, and will feature three prominent Vatican members.

      Being held to “present the new provisions of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith for discerning between apparitions and other supernatural phenomena,” it will be led by Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandex, Messenger Armando Matteo and Daniela Del Gaudio.

    4. The producer of a new documentary entitled “God Versus Aliens” seems to believe that the Vatican wants to prepare us for the day when humanity finally makes contact with such beings…

      The documentary ‘God Versus Aliens’ is to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and reveal the Vatican’s secrets about UFOs.

      The award-winning filmmaker Mark Christopher Lee says that the Vatican publishing new guidance on apparitions means that the full disclosure about the UFO phenomena is getting closer.

      He said: “The Vatican has been studying UFOs for decades and even has its own Cardinal appointed to deal with first contact. From my research I believe that this new guidance on apparitions is proof that they know that UFOs are more than just physical crafts from other worlds and that they have a paranormal side to them.”

  2. Victory of the light brothers ⚡💖

    1. " Then he mentions two external planetoids Sedna and Hauméa. Sedna in conjunction with the Pleiades will favor the intervention of the Pleiades. And Sedna because its cycle of revolution is approximately, half of the cycle of precession of the equinoxes is very linked to the central galactic sun and therefore brings the energies of the new age. Hauméa in Scorpio awakens occultism in individuals. "

    2. " Because of this aspect, the Pleiadians have become very active 3-4 years ago. These astrological configurations will greatly influence our society. We will see a shift in the financial system and humans’ spiritual awakening. There are also two asteroids worth mentioning. One is Sedna, which represents the cycle of the galactic pulse. Another is Haumea. It will also be in a very strong conjunction with the Pleiades. The Pleiadians will return to the surface world for the first time after the fall of Atlantis. They will stay here from then on.

      Uranus -Pleiades conjunction can increase communications between humans and Pleiadian. Those who have already built their private contact zone should be prepared secretly .

      Haumea is about to enter Scorpio. This will lead us to a new age of Aquarius.

      We are going to witness many very powerful astrological configurations in the coming years. "

    3. " This is just the first beginning. There is Neptune enters Arius, and Uranus enters Gemini that will completely change the landscape. There will be certain change in the society. We will have Sedna enters the Gemini again after 13,000 years. We will have a triple conjunction in next few years : Uranus, Sedna and Pleiades. They are going to make a triple conjunction. Pleiadians will initialize the certain process with their operation. I will write about more about this in my blog.

      Haumea enters the Scorpio. This will bring a rebirth of new age spirituality. All those three outer planets and those two asteroids will make strong aspects to each other in next years. They will activate the huge changes. "

    4. " Uranus will make a conjunction with Sedna. Sedna is an asteroid which creates a resonance field to signifies the completion of the Platonic era. So this will make very powerful astrological effect that happens every 20,000 years. This time, Sedna will make a conjunction with Uranus. And both, at the same time, will make conjunctions with Pleiades. This happens in next year. This will be the most explosive configuration that can trigger the first contact with the cosmic races. I have been speaking about the changes in Pleiadians’ first contact project. But one way or another, they will contact you. And there is another doorway will open that allow them to contact.

      At the same time, all those planets are in a configuration with Haumea. Haumea will also change its sign from Libra to Scorpio. It is an asteroid in Keiper belt, which signifies the beginning of the New Age and revival of the spirituality. So all those shallow and fake spirituality such as all those fake channelings and old spirituality will go through the new spirituality and become much more authentic. This can happen in this year or in the beginning of next year.

      All of these will happen next year, but some of us are already feeling it. We are in before the huge transition. "

  3. EXCELLENT NEWS!! Thank you COBRA for the wonderful intel!
    And thank you Saint Germain, Sananda, Ashtar and Semjase, Light Forces and Resistance Movement for your continual efforts to liberate this planet! 🛸✨️🌎✨️🛸

  4. VICTORY OF THE LIGHT!!!!! 😂😂 🪷



  7. Also, thanks to all the lightworkers behind the scenes who go unnoticed. You're the ones doing the most work out of all of us.

  8. Wow, amazing update! So much great news!

    "a huge amount of subquantum anomaly has been removed from the Solar System" WOOHOO! This is the best!!

    The Pleiadian Fleet is partially returning! WOOHOO!

    The Dyson sphere is decreasing. OMG. Thank you Cobra and Light Forces! So much news here! Lots of reading to do today.

  9. Ok finalmente dopo tante aspettative qualcosa si è mosso in modo diverso ora. In effetti c'era troppo ristagno e la cosa si sta avviando verso una modalità molto più dinamica. Era ora! Avanti così... Grazie Cobra per l'aggiornamento. Vittoria della Luce!

  10. "Vatican preparing 'guidelines' for 'apparitions', 'other supernatural phenomena'
    Apparitions are appearances or communication with divine beings such as saints, angels or Christ himself"

    1. I don't trust anything the VATICAN would say.

  11. After a few months of being somehow blocked from signing into account for commenting(even on my own blog) its nice to be back:

    Creed - Are You Ready?

  12. I welcomed this update. It gives me new hope. I had given up on planetary liberation in my lifetime…

  13. We're holding space and taking the final dark salvos the best we can. I've ran out of descriptions or superlatives regarding the current situation. Much ♥️ to each and every bad ass Lightworker/Warrior residing on Gaia! I'll celebrate with y'all soon!

  14. Victory of the light! May love triumph over fear! 💟

  15. Saludos Cobra. Muchas gracias por la información...Solo creo en tus informaciones

  16. Victory of The Light💫💫💫💫

  17. No mention of the genocide in Gaza
    We will remember the Palestinians got no help from the light forces.

    1. Factcheck: Palestinians elected Hamas way back in 2006 as their official govt & caretaker!!

  18. That is a lot of GOOD NEWS.
    Thanks Mr. COBRA! (Kundalini, Compression Breakthrough)***
    Thank you LF!
    VICTORY of the LIGHT!

  19. Excellent clarifications on the WHO, thanks! Looks like they watered down some of their proposals, and the increasing resistance could definitely block it completely.

    Indeed, energies are increasing! This can be felt in different areas, with the crown being very active at times. I love that the planet can handle the increased energies from the Sun now! On Earth, physical matter itself is going through a transformation!

    Victory of the Light! ⚡💖

    1. The Electric Fire from Gungnir is precisely the transformation of the overly densified matter on Earth. 30% Already..... 100% and then Physical Evacuation would suddenly become Real..

      Hopefully it rigorously burns down the Abyss and the Implants...

    2. La(w)li(e)t !!, since the physical is the result of Source interacting with anomaly, when all anomaly/subquantum anomaly is completely removed, I'm curious what will happen to the physical. It could remain as an optional expression, but all the limitations it previously had would cease to exist. No more ill-will would exist anywhere, so there would be no more abuse of it.

      The abyss as it was and implants would definitely be no more.

    3. Csillagfény432 - A magúra medencében még elég brutális dolgok fognak történni, de ez benne van a folyamatban, így nem lehet elkerülni. Ha vége lesz a brutális dolgoknak, akkor a szkíták tömegesen elkezdenek magukra figyelni a E földön, és elég rendesen beindulnak a változások. A magúra medencében az űrhajók is leszállhatnak majd a változás után. A magúra medencében nem lesznek utána akik hazudnak, és lopnak. Körülbelül 1 évre rá, elkezdődik E földön is, hogy eltűnnek a hazudozók, és a tolvajok. Ez után kezdődik az emberek, és asszonyok igazi felkészülése a megemelkedésre.


      Regions free of Primary Anomaly are starting to emerge in Intergalactic Space. So matter free of Primary Anomaly (even to 100%) is absolutely possible. Also, Ascension has nothing to do with exiting Physical Plane - This understanding came from repeatedly reading Sebastian's Intel. Most of what is meant by Ascension is removal of Parasites, Implants, Abyss, Fixing the messed up DNA, and raising Ensoulment.

      The current Human body is pretty much animal like compared to a more " normal " physical body. So Ascension from an animal like Capabilities to a Godlike Abilities.

      Therefore what you wrote about physical plane without physical limitations is precisely what everything's headed towards.

      Most of us are Slaves to Nature(Genetics, etc.), Therefore Nature is being conquered and altered to adequate configurations.

      Universe won't be "merging back to the Source", Creation will hopefully remain eternally. Again- certain understandings built up by repeatedly wading through The Unveiling Blog.

    5. By most people's expressions Ascension felt like a religious Self sacrifice as such with the exiting of Physical Plane, Remove Ego(Ego is mostly confused with Personality while in actuality it's an Archon concept and most spiritual gurus rather meant to remove implants by removing ego.)

      Ascension is raising ensoulment. Right now, Our souls are hardly incarnated- So we are like Zombies in a way. From Zombies to a Truly Living Physical Plane Experience.

      On the complete contrary it's having the freedom to be in Physical Plane beyond any limit.

      Such common expressions are precisely Archon manipulations. They're extremely adept in developing all the wrong attitudes possible.

    6. La(w)li(e)t !!, it could be the ability to go so Source and back to the physical when all anomaly, abyss, and implants are removed. From occultists, this is known as "completing the circuit." Only this time it's not just energies and thought-forms, but the physical body itself going back and forth freely.

  20. Translation to the czech language :

  21. I am draped in Emerald, literally. I'm just reading the Bogota notes and I fished out a favorite ring, I was wondering what ring to wear this winter. From ebay and only $10, a huge emerald measures 1.5x1.1cm Beautiful colour, gorgeous emerald! Then I dug through my other emeralds and found this MASSIVE bracelet. Five stones, all emerald and the big ones are 2.7x1.8cm, the smaller stones are 2.4x1.8cm. Hello, I'm draped in emerald. So cheap, bought on ebay for $5 or something. I found a pretty emerald pendant with 4 stones all emerald about 0.8x0.4cm. Gorgeous colour! I haven't yet gone through my boxes of stones yet, I know I have a gorgeous emerald necklace in there, other emeralds too. I have to look in those. I know what I will be wearing! Draped in emerald!

  22. I don't even want to wear the bracelet out. I would get so mugged! It's so massive. Think I'll have to leave it at home when I go to the store...

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Okay, that was embarrassing. I just went through 5 boxes. I used to run a business on ebay making jewellery, just for fun. I have boxes with every stone, and this is on top of the other boxes I have. I just stopped selling them one day... that is all my stock, I'm swimming in jewellery. Yes, I have one necklace in emerald, it is beaded. The whole way around. Pretty. Might try wearing it.

    1. link me to your store i'll buy some

    2. Hi WARRI, I don't have them for sale, sorry! Thanks for the offer. That was 10 years ago when they were all cheap. Only cost a few dollars, which is why I'm not too fussed. They are only small boxes. I don't know what to do with them... I'll just sit on them for now.

  25. (FRENCH TRANSLATION OF THE UPDATE) COBRA :Situation planétaire +AGARTHA(Terre Intérieure) +NOTES ATELIER "Nouvelle Atlantide" / Emeraudes / Tablettes d'Emeraudes
    EMISSION EXPLICATIVE vendredi 31 Mai 20h30 CEST
    Chaine Youtube "Prepare For Change Français officiel"

  26. What about Jews and what are they doing in Gaza?

    1. A zsidóknál elkezdődik egy változás. A változás után felkészülnek Jeruzsálem megvédésére, ahogy az Úrnak megigérték, mert jönni fog a Messiás, és ez már biztos.

  27. I just bought a rough emerald, it is 310 Ct, it is 22x22x72mm, from Colombia, eye clean, uncut. Less than $25. Nice.

  28. What is the probability of nuclear war. Because question is, how to survive nuclear war, but who wants to.

    1. Minimális az esélye az atomháborúnak. Azért, mert aki elkezdené, az megy a központi napba, és ott végleg megsemmisül, az életből ki lenne törölve. Ez nem halál, mivel a halált még rendbe lehet hozni. Ezt senki nem kockáztatja meg, mert akkor bizony nagyon buta lenne az illető. Ennyire nem buta senki már E földön.

    2. I think zero they can make them all inert I think and also it may be used as part of the reason to get all inside and inform the world about the cabal and how we will prepare for new earth etc ..

  29. Recent Light🌠🌏🎆

  30. 視界の隅 朽ちる音

  31. Now that Pleiadians are coming back. Are they going to start contact with individuals around the planet? Is this still a part of overall plan? ☮️❤️

    1. I also want to meet them,, just waiting for them to arrive.

    2. Ahhoz, hogy az űrhajók leszállhassanak, a szkíta kelár engedélye kell. Ez csak akkor fog bekövetkezni, ha a magúra medencében a magúr elkezdi a magarokkal a változás elindítását. A magúra medencében (most kárpát medencének nevezik) elég nagy lesz a nők és férfiak elhullása (3-ból 2 meghal), de ennek meg kell történnie.

    3. well I, actually got the contact since 5.1. Don't know will it be good the share. Will it be?

  32. Așteptam informațiile tale Cobra . Mulțumim . Victoria Luminii .

  33. German translation of this article / deutsche Übersetzung dieses Artikels:

  34. Thanks Cobra for the update.
    The post in French / L'article en français :
    Victory of the Light! Victoire de la Lumière !

  35. How can we ensure that there is no other universe still taken over by darkness, if the light forces is not capable to aware the darkness existence in unknown universe?

    1. Ahhoz, hogy a sötétség másik galaxist tudna uralma alá vonni, a sátánnak ki kellene jutnia a fogságból, de ez még lehetetlen. Csak akkor fog kijutni, ha eljött ez az idő is a folyamatban.

  36. Tons of good news! Thank you Cobra!

    Translation of this post in Indonesian:

    Bogota notes in Indonesian:

  37. The ships are coming! The ships are coming! Within weeks or months!


  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Awesome news cobra thanks for update, victory of the light ✨

  40. Thank you Cobra for this powerful and beautiful information! Victory of the Light! ✨🙏✨🌞🔥🌈🛸

  41. Ce poste en français avec schémas et photos :

  42. Traduction en français | French translation :

    par Prepare For Change France Officiel depuis 2013 (

  43. We will receive real confirmation in the next 2 months - depending on whether the Russian Federation signs a pandemic agreement with the WHO, thereby officially giving up its fake “sovereignty” (whose government is 95% made up of agents of influence from Western intelligence services and TNC lobbyists). At least after the “elections” of the absolutely illegitimate Putin, the composition of the “government” and officials did not change at all. I repeat, ABSOLUTELY. It’s a pity for the author of the article about pagan symbols (especially West German, not Slavic) - a few words about this: they are used by several volunteer formations that can only be at the front under a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (headed by the Knight of the Order of Malta, Shoigu, who after the failures 2022-2024, in the managerial field, he retained his position and influence, is not a professional military man and has never served in the army, did not study at a higher military school, and in 1991-93, as head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Moscow Region, he gave the rioters 1000 Kalashnikov assault rifles, which he provided significant contribution to the revolution in Russia). The very ideologies of paganism (of any format) in the Russian Federation are prohibited and prosecuted by law, those who research or believe in it are persecuted in prison or subjected to forced treatment in psychiatric clinics where people are erased with drugs - they are actually killed, leaving only the body in a vegetative state. Now the question is: how are “people” who openly “profess” pagan views allowed to bear arms in a country controlled by puppets of the “deep state” by more than 90% (90% of the levers of government of the Russian Federation are in their hands) and who are allowed to propagate these views in the form of symbols ? By the way: during the detention of the mummered “terrorists” of Crocus Hall, the “fighter” who cut off the ear of one of them had a patch of the Nazi Black Sun from the 3rd Reich (and no one paid attention to this), the symbols and study of the 3rd Reich and related structures are prohibited in RF at the legislative level and are criminally prosecuted under the fictitious article “rehabilitation and/or justification of fascism (in the RF they confuse Nazism and fascism, in fact the RF is already a fascist state because it is controlled by oligarchic clans of Jews representing foreign intelligence services and TNCs in the RF) Well, we continue to wait - what else do we have?

  44. why so-called The forces of light cannot arrange a demonstration of their capabilities to be more convincing: for example, make videos demonstrating technologies that are ahead of our time - weapons, production machines, medical equipment, household appliances. This is quite easy to do on disposable recording devices, especially underground at great depths and not be tracked, then upload these videos to this portal. So far, these are only words, as is the supposed fact that it is possible to influence the Sun manually (the Dyson sphere, which is not visible).

  45. why so-called The forces of light cannot arrange a demonstration of their capabilities to be more convincing: for example, make videos demonstrating technologies that are ahead of our time - weapons, production machines, medical equipment, household appliances. This is quite easy to do on disposable recording devices, especially underground at great depths and not be tracked, then upload these videos to this portal. So far, these are only words, as is the supposed fact that it is possible to influence the Sun manually (the Dyson sphere, which is not visible).

  46. 我們沒什麼耐心了,我們要看到的只有事件,而不是一堆外星人進進出出,浪費我的人生

  47. My state in south Brazil was destroyed by colossal rains and floods. I really wish you could have brought a lillte light on this issue. Its is not ordinary matter...its really the war going on in front of us on many aspects...


  48. Thank you Cobra! Victory of the Light!!!

  49. Hi everyone, we have created a community for Light Workers with the hope of sharing and exchanging information about the truth .
    Our community address is:

    We warmly welcome all of you to come and express your thoughts, perspectives, and feelings, or share your personal experiences. Let us grow together. Thank you, and may the blessings and love of the Goddess be with you.

  50. Join us on the 2012 Portal 3.0 Discord with over 300 members and chat with us over all sort of topics:

  51. Non ho mai creduto alla possibilità che l'OMS potesse mettere in atto una nuova pandemia. Non avrebbe più la presa di qualche anno fa, soprattutto a fronte degli effetti avversi dei vaccini che ora è a livelli piuttosto elevati. Per vari motivi la gente ha preso più consapevolezza di tutto questo progetto oscuro. Quando esprimo disappunto è uno sfogo alla visione di tanta sofferenza sulla Terra. Ma le cose stanno prendendo una piega diversa finalmente. Puntualmente, quando "stimolo" i fratelli della LF attraverso mie constatazioni, poi succede che prendono iniziative interessanti. Se questo è un modo per avere dei risultati positivi lo farò ancora😂. Sembra funzionare. A parte gli scherzi, sono un'antenna molto sensibile per cui avverto molto sulla mia pelle. Tutto ciò è molto difficile da gestire, tuttavia non perdo mai la mia bussola interiore e non ho bisogno di molto per essere contento , già questi risvolti che ha menzionato Cobra sono un buon punto di ripartenza attraverso il "ritorno dei Pleiadiani". Buongiorno miei cari amici e bentornati di nuovo su questo martoriato e bellissimo Pianeta.

  52. CCP's Xinping is the new GOD of Light Forces as per Cobra🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. Congratulations! An infinite amount of space has been liberated in one month, but you cannot liberate this planet for thousands of years!

  54. Did the holidays for the Pleiadians just end or begin? I don't understand why they suddenly come back when humanity was not good enough for them in the past

  55. Wow, amazing update!!! Thank you Cobra!💖💖💖

  56. Hello everyone! Thank you dear Cobra, Light Forces, Resistance Movement, Pleiadians, Aldebarans, and many other benevolent ET races, supporting our planet and humanity on their way toward ascensions and preparation of the planetary event! This new update is so brilliant, full of good and great news, preparing us for the upcoming new update about the whole planetary situation, the secret process which is underway and should have huge result this year! Dear Cobra, special thanks to you, for your very large and significant activity and help, holding so many conferences and workshops this year, a mass meditation and perhaps more will come! To help our audience, I share now the Italian and Romanian translations of this post, here:
    - Italian:
    Cobra Italian Telegram channel:
    - Romanian:
    Cobra Romanian Telegram channel:

    Victory of the Light!!!

  57. For those interested, I felt the strong urge to write some lyrics and use the AI music generator site to make a techno song out of them yesterday. Hours later Cobra posted this Spear of Heaven post:

    Compression Breakthrough on YouTube

    Suno page with timestamp:

    Original Source

  58. “The negotiations between Russian President V. Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing lasted only two and a half hours. Judging by such a short time of their communication, it seems that something went wrong. We are waiting for official statements from the parties on the results of the negotiations.

    From a press statement following Russian-Chinese negotiations

    Xi Jinping:
    "...China and Russia perceive a political settlement as the correct way to resolve the Ukrainian crisis. China's position on this issue is consistent and clear, namely: compliance with the norms and principles of the UN Charter, respect for state sovereignty and TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY of all countries and their rational concerns about the security of the formation of a new balanced, effective and sustainable security architecture...".

    V. Putin:
    "...We agreed with Chairman Xi Jinping to discuss in detail the entire complex of foreign policy agenda at an informal meeting this evening. Of course, I, for my part, will inform the Chairman of the People's Republic of China about the situation that is developing around the Ukrainian crisis. We are grateful to Chinese friends and colleagues for those initiatives , which they put forward to resolve this problem...”

    My brief analysis of China's position on the Ukrainian crisis, as outlined by Chinese President Xi Jinping in a press statement following the Russian-Chinese talks in Beijing on May 16, 2024

    “China’s position on this issue [the Ukrainian crisis] is consistent and clear, namely: compliance with the norms and principles of the UN Charter, respect for the state sovereignty and TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY of all countries and their rational security concerns for the formation of a new balanced, effective and sustainable security architecture.”

    1. Compliance with the norms and principles of the UN Charter is a pro-Ukrainian position.
    From the point of view of Ukraine and its allies, the SVO is Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and a gross violation of the norms and principles of the UN Charter. Unfortunately, this position is supported by the majority of UN member countries;
    2. Respect for state sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries is a pro-Ukrainian position.
    Ukraine and its allies consider Russia an aggressor country that has violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. And to eliminate the consequences of these actions of the Russian Federation, they require the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine, the return of Crimea, Donbass, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions under the control of Ukraine and a return to the 1991 borders;
    3. Rational security concerns - a pro-Russian position in connection with NATO's expansion to the East and Russia's demands to stop it;
    4. Formation of a new balanced, effective security architecture – the position is partially pro-Russian. But frankly speaking, this position of China means nothing. It is impossible to create an effective security architecture in the coming years, or even decades.

    Well, who thinks that China is an ally of Russia? Forget it!

    China is following its own path and will support Russia only when it benefits it."

  59. Arabic translation of this post/الترجمة العربية لهذا المنشور:
    لكي يتم إعلامك فورًا بترجمة جديدة ، يمكنك متابعتنا على تيليجرام:

  60. V slovenščini:

    Vabljeni na našo stran na Facebooku:

    Pridružite se nam na Telegramu:

    Thank you for the post Cobra.

    Victory of the Light!

  61. Cobra thank you for the great update!
    You are the best ❤
    Victory of Light!

  62. hip hip hurra, lots of news, we might be able to be liberated in this lifetime, thank you light forces

  63. Merci Cobra pour ces excellentes nouvelles, Gratitude, Gratitude les Forces de Lumières <3 <3 <3
    Sandrine Veilleuse des Energies de Gaïa

  64. Arabic translation of Bogota workshop notes/الترجمة العربية لملاحظات ورشة عمل في بوغوتا:
    لكي يتم إعلامك فورًا بترجمة جديدة ، يمكنك متابعتنا على تيليجرام:


  66. The White Hats on every level are kicking serious A.., I love it! VOTL!!

  67. Here is Finnish translation of this article / Tässä on suomenkielinen käännös tästä artikkelista:

    Telegram group for Finnish translations of Portal / Telegram-ryhmä suomennetuille Portal artikkeleille:

  68. We are being told in mainstream media, by the London Daily Mail, about Dyson Spheres.... The description here is different than what I recall Cobra has said, but interesting, all the same.

  69. Victory Of The Laugh 🖖🏼

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. From the moves in the geopolitical game and the wars on the surface, to the sun flares and the activities of the LF, the cracks in the dam are multiplying and it seems things finally are begining to precipitate.
    The effect of the flares is being an overwhelming non stop. It happens also with individual steps you may take by doing your inner work: after one of them, for one to three days you feel much better but in an unfamiliar state, like in a silent cloud (though different each time), and then it disappears. Then you think you may have "lost it" but no, it´s been integrated, if you watch yourself carefully you notice that something has changed from before. Normally you have weeks or months in between those situations, but this month of May it´s been one after the other. The first time we had something so strong (though isolated) I think was on May 1st last year, from then I would say we have something tangible on the non physical, that we can sense. Let´s wait now for the tangible on the physical, if there can be such thing before the Event, and what it can be..

  72. I wrote a blog post connecting Sedna, Sedona and the Alcyone conjunction. Anyone able to go to Sedona next week might have an amazing experience connecting with the Pleiadians there!

    1. Super interesting, Vottle... (pronounced Vah-tul) Thanks for doing this.

  73. Bogota - notes de l'atelier de Cobra en Colombie (5 - 6 mai 2024)

    traduction en français par Prepare For Change France Officiel depuis 2013 ( :

  74. We need to be aware of dictators who have committed many evil deeds. Some of their seemingly positive behaviors may not be for positive purposes. If they want to change their ways, they should get our help. If they don't really want to take a positive path, we can only use them as tools.

  75. “All the Russian media are quite rightly indignant about the assassination attempt on Robert Fico. The reason for the assassination is clearly stated to be his, in fact, pro-Russian position. But if I were an investigator, I would have worked out another motive for the murder. The fact is that Fico was categorically against signing a pandemic agreement. The most honest and incorruptible Russian media are bashfully silent about this. And why? Probably because, unlike Fico, the “main fighter” with the West intends to sign this agreement on May 27?”

  76. Cobra, are you insinuating that Russia is a positive timeline because of the Gungnir is on Russian military vehicles? Have you watched the opening ceremony of the "Games of the Future," in Russia. They are very ahead in the game of AI and so is China.

    1. This sign simply indicates that elements of the Light Forces are currently infiltrated into the Russian army.

    2. The light forces and also the dark ones try to influence people. It is often a mixed situation. It always requires discernment through contact with the Higher Self.

  77. En español:
    Saludos a las Fuerzas de la Luz :).


  79. Fires of Higher Light
    Gungnir - for planetary ascension - electrical fire to this planet - energies from the top of the Tree of Life to the surface of the planet - they are distributed by Solar Logos with the help of the Initiation Rod, beginning the ascension process of this planet to its fourth planetary initiation.

    Fires of Higher Light emblazon Portals upon Gaia Earth surface.
    As grids are empowered Galactically, intergalactic connection with Gaia is enabled, and acceleration of Ascension occurs.


    1. Thank you for keeping that wonderful website alive by quoting from it.
      One day, over ten years ago, I just found it in my bookmarks. Hadn't been there before and I was stunned by what the website provided.

      Because of the Universe simply pointing me to it it was the only website I trusted, still is, and I miss it immensely.

      This Jane of the Waking Universe.

      Cheers, Pi

  80. Dear Cobra and my fellows! Here is the translation in Romanian language of the Bogota Cobra workshop, Colombia! Please follow the links:

    Thank you so much! Victory of the Light!

  81. Russian forces are STUNNED by what they just found in Ukraine!!?

    Well the Russians are finding there has been no money spent in Ukraine to fortify the country, and in fact they are just "walking in" to the country. All that American money that was supposed to be spent, well, they just put it in their pockets? What a joke. All the shell companies that American money "went to" are fake.

  82. That disgusting website (zerohedge) being always cited here is very disappointing.
    Yes of course they say things you probably won't hear in traditional media, and that's the only positive thing they do. They are pure fuel for hate, racism, and misogyny and always have been.

    That article on the bear debate is literally sewage water written by an incel... Just read the incel part of reddit, it's the same.

    Most women have been abused or traumatized by past encounters with men thus this seemingly "very stupid illogical fueled by their womanly feeling" choice they make. How hard is it to understand ? And most of those crimes are NOT being reported to the authority. No one has the real numbers.
    How disconnected you have to be from all the women in your life to not understand that ?
    Don't you have a mother ? A sister ? Women friends ? Anyone ?
    WE FEAR WHAT WE KNOW. Even a child understands that.

    Even if it's an agenda being pushed, who care ? Women are afraid of men, that's the hard truth. We always have to be careful, always.

    So either we ask ourselves why they are afraid, or let's just stay a incel and think we are so clever about the "LOGICAL CHOICE" to make. It's very simple really.
    Ask a woman why. What happened ? And they will tell you. Just truly really care for once.
    But no one is asking, they just get mad at us. They just get angry.

    The division (agenda or not) is not coming from nowhere, centuries of violence usually do that to people.
    So it's very easy to further divide when wounds are not being healed, and people who hurt won't EVER recognize the pain they inflict and their dire consequences. "It's not us or me the issue, it's THEM."
    But hey, let's not talk about this, just be mad (and logical of course) it's way easier.

    We reap what we sow, I think it's clearly showing in this case.

    1. I read ZeroHedge daily. I started reading it years ago for its financial analyses, when I was working and needed such analysis for my job. Like many websites, I don't agree with everything that is published there -- and probably every editor/writer on that website doesn't agree with all that is there, either.

      I look forward to the time when all trauma is healed. Peace be with you.

    2. lady sugar. i think u missing the point. many of those links are not because all authors of that site are free of the programming.. in fact how many new outlets are out there that we can claim as holistic and tells fully the truth to humanity. specially in the news.. however some articles regardless who writes them at least touch some topics thats ito be aware of even if we truly dont know the full n real details. Maybe among so many authors maybe there might still be one or two that try to supply some details the best of their ability... even if control still present. the point of listing these links is just to point out that some topics are being talk about or coming in the open. is like when Cobra post links on NASA. we know is part of the illusion but the topic is out in the open.

      i am a bit at a loss about your push regarding women experiencing fear or not. i think it has been established women has been suppressed from way back in antiquity.. so yes therr is much trauma and fear.. the masculine energy aslo was tampered in other ways..

      i think this episode of disapproval has merit if topic being discuss here was about women fearing men or not.. most likely i dont know if many would disagree....

      not sure if this is a call of help from your side because u have experienced some trauma in this lifetime to trigger you in this way... i am sorry if it has. Regardless of reason.. be at ease.. be good to self ...

      links are included here from many sites.. and yea some of the main stream media to just point out some specific info is out in the open as i have mentioned. the more main stream the better cause then we would know the control is lessening. imho

    3. I have a mother, a sister, and a wife.

      My mother and grandfather were abused by my grandmother. My grandmother was literally clawing at my grandfather's face while screaming "I'll make sure no other woman will ever want you!!". Not because he was cheating on her, but because she was abusing him and wouldn't let him leave her.

      My grandmother also gave my mother a mental illness due to trauma. And due to this illness she sometimes abused me and my sister. At one point she even threatened she'd kill me and my sister if my father left her (he didn't).

      Then my sister was being abused at school by a female teacher who hated her for some reason.

      Then I had an abusive girlfriend who I don't want to even talk about because it's too painful.

      All suffering in my family was due to female abuse. So should I hate all women due to my personal trauma and negative experiences? Should we hate all minorities because they're committing more crimes? Should we hate all single mothers because they commit the most child abuse? Is such hatred ever justified?

      Trauma creates delusions. These delusions need to be understood and healed and not affirmed as some kind of universal truth or revelation that men/women/minorities/white people are all evil. Again, these are DELUSIONS. Pain and hatred need to be healed and not glorified. Making excuses for and trying to justify hatred isn't healing. It's only causing more pain. I don't want to be in ever bigger pain or cause anyone pain due to my personal traumas. So I'm trying to heal them on my own and even asking for help from others. But I'm never blaming innocent people for what I went through. It's not all women's fault that all abusers in my life were women. If I blamed you for my grandmother, mother, and girlfriend's faults that would be a delusion.

    4. Tropby you presented a great key word here.. understanding

      also if we were to dig in into what experiences brought about such behavioir on your grandmother.. would help nunderstand.

      definitely seeking healing first by understanding is key in order so you can set yourself free from the pattern of repeating such experiences of being a victim or a perpetrator... as it could manifest in either form depending on individual...

      There is much rebuilding after people had gone thru such traumas... whether perpetrated by a man or a woman. To gain yourself back whole is all worthy... your heart must know this is so. must believe in this.

      as people break such cycles they become the change... the change others are looking for in inspiration .. the change u once yourself sought... and it was right in you.

    5. this my friends is what the core invaders wanted. a fragmented society, frienships, relationships.. families

      yes .. we may be against all odds. but your indomitable spirit is what will help u soar no matter how difficult the challenges are. dont ever give up on yourself.. and also dont believe you are alone.. the more you isolate yourself the harder for a hand to reach u midway.. of course u must be wise in choosing which direction to extend your arm.. n to whom

      best to you i n your journey

    6. @DH
      we need results and contact, etc......not more 'you can do it!', motivational speeches.

    7. sherman. some people opt to deal with reality head on. face their fears and try to improve their life to the best of their capabilities.. life moves on. there is much to be admire in them. those waiting for someone else to do it for them.. let them stay in idle if so wish it. Let everyone follow whatever their heart calls for... what their heart will resonate with. u dont resonate with message.. u do u..
      others dont have to live in anger n frustration n disappointment because u found it to be more compelling... is ones choice. u made urs .. others will choose theirs.

    8. @DH
      Tried...can't get what I need on my own. And calling out for help is NOT weakness, or 'giving up your power' Takes MORE GUTS to ask for help than it is to tackle it alone.

      And I do not know how to become an alien woman, teleport off this rock, or travel the stars on my own....sorry, DH, but I need outside help for that. Compelling has nothing to do with it, so, FORGIVE my pragmatism.

    9. sherman. askinh for help is not a weakness. usually takes team work to make things happen. even if assistance comes in ways we cannot see.. we all being help. at all levels.. visible n invisible.. and yes comes time some tasks require more physical "in your face" assistance..

      now asking for things not available because of the present condition. perhaps helps in keeping the hope alive.. but if you are aware of circumstances that certain things are not permitted/possible for one reason or another n one keeps the focus on that to build up the anger as to why u dont have it when u know is not possible atm i think does more harm than good for the person. it just keeps the dissapointment n anger fixed n alive.. unnecessary anger if i add.. unless u tell me such is what fuels ur heart to remain hopeful. if does just makes sure it dies not consume you.

      there is suppress tech that could make everyones life lot better . healthwise. youthwise.... even if u dont add the extraterrestrial aspect here... you know that too is on hold.

      you will get ur body eventually sherman ... when? whenever that point in time is. many things will be possible.

      We can just hope the speed of change is exponential.... hope for it.. press for it. we can see much has change over time.. some not fast enough to our liking... but we getting there... the effort is due to teamwork.. above n below.

      not just military.. this is effort ny everyone.

      even when and if u change the perspevtive.. which leads to not harvesting anger but hope.. u are adding to the good in unexpected ways.

      If the theme of having a different body is consuming u... perhaps you could refucus that energy into something else that may bring you joy for now. or not. is all a choice.

      at the end .. is a choice Sherman. to stay damming each day or blaming others for what we dont have. Or do with what we have ... you got a canvas of life infront of you. yes we limited but limit further more by ourselves.

      we see this i n others.. and we do it to ourselves.

      you tend to tell people for them to step in your shoes in order for them to see your struggles and to understand you.

      i would recommend to some to step out of their shoes so they may see the broader view of what they may be missing out..

      at the end you the captain of your ship.. the painter of that canvas. whether we limited in resources.. whether there r reasons for it. land whether there is valid reasons to blame core bad guys for such.

  83. Excellent update thank you cobra! Energies are ramping up NCSWIC! Victory of the Light thanks for playing all!

  84. I gather that the Light Forces still strongly disapprove of Russia going into Ukraine. Yes Ukraine is the intended Khazaria, but the Light Forces had a plan that would not result in hundreds of thousands of innocent lives being lost, and a plan that would not have China be so closely tied with Russia.

    The Russia-NATO conflict has long been a source of confusion among a certain number of Lightworkers. Maybe the exact reasons the Light Forces strongly disapprove of Russia's actions could be clarified more in the future.

    I anticipate this comment not having many replies. Or, this comment may have replies from people who believe Russia is doing the right thing, and the reverse. I can see why people would be for it, and also why people would be against it. This matter has long been a massive 'can of worms.'

    1. If the plan of the Light Forces are so precise, they wouldn't lose to the dark forces, and we would not be struggling on earth now. Isn't it?


    2. Human free will is sovereign on this planet. The dark can only try to manipulate him, and the light can only try to inspire him.

    3. yanggongzi2000, a hostage situation could change this. The dark forces often use the surface population as human shields. Hopefully that tactic soon won't be an option for them anymore.

    4. @Sakura
      Free will has been pissed upon by the darkies for centuries. We have the ILLUSION of free will, like George Carlin said.

  85. The UN's Secret Plan to Erode US Sovereignty

    This is absolutely sick. The whole illegal immigrant march into the US is run by the UN and human traffickers. It's illegal to traffic them through certain countries but it's done anyway. The whole thing is horrible and they will all be sent home, back to their own countries eventually. Idiots.

  86. Nella mia comunità è pieno di persone che hanno il cancro e ogni giorno si aggiunge qualcuno. Questo grazie ai vaccini covid.

  87. Cobra, I think you will find this short animation quite apt and well suited to your blog title: Kingdom -

    1. Wow ! Thanks you so much ! I will share :)


  89. In the name of one divine father, I ask you, oh brother from the light, tell us, how many among us are bots, (our life is so hard and we are not getting fit in the society. every moment of our life is painful)

  90. This Is Great Update...We Are So Close Now...So Much Progress Has Been Made. Let's Keep Bringing The Light. We Got This. VOTL ✨️ ✨️ ✨️

  91. Initiation - gaining access to higher-dimensional work
    … starting the process of Ascension of this planet into its fourth planetary initiation:

    Gaiaportal from 13-12-11
    Master codes have been enabled for Global Gaia Ascension process.
    Expect initiation of events in short order.

    Inner application of Higher Intention and Higher Principled morphologies has occurred to a sufficient degree to provide this opportunity for Gaia and all inhabitants, Hue-Being and hu-being.

    In-Lightenment is at hand.

    Gaia Freedom follows.

  92. Can someone kindly direct me to the Bagota Workshop notes please?

    Many thanks in advance

    1. Der Link ist in dieser Botschaft:

    2. Liberty, the workshop notes are linked in the post you are commenting on.


    4. Thank you so very much to all for the link and direction 🥰 ... much appreciated 🙏

  93. Not to fearmonger, but don't be surprised if a part of the internet/electricity grid gets stopped after a Catastrophic Incontrovertible Disclosure event type occurs. I think it might be a possible vulnerability. There's so much going on that even people here are not aware of right now.


  95. Spear of Heaven
    → Spear of Heaven

    Heavenlies shower the grey regions.
    Variants of the dark are collected and Illuminated fully.
    Canada guardians are unveiled.
    Nether regions are no more.

  96. Anyone here actually able to decipher this information? If so, what is your strategy?

  97. I was attacked last night with nothing but a sexy dream. It was from outside, not me. They seem quite desperate. I sent them off to the great central sun to be recycled. I mean, please!

  98. Cobra, according to the financial movements to come. Which cryptocurrency is the safest to invest in?

  99. There are 45 million illegal aliens in America now. Yeah, they just sit around and say perhaps this is bad. Oooh, it's not looking good. You think?

    All these layoffs. Yep, they are laying heaps of people off now. No jobs. Is maybe something wrong?
    I just gotta trust what my guides are saying to me. Lord.

  100. It's interesting that there is a rainbow bridge to Asgard.

  101. Here is the important part of the requested intel from the last Cobra post: "You can read the instructions for the emerald Agartha meditation, along with a lot of intel about emeralds, in Bogota workshop notes:

    Bogota workshop was very successful and it laid the foundation for the future work with emeralds." Many translations are available already! Victory of the Light!

  102. The AI that runs youtube no longer works. For several days, it lists channels you ask it to block completely, yet it keeps offering them up. Or a video you have already watched, you've blocked it, and it keeps offering up the same video. Is anyone else having problems? Stupid AI.

  103. 我累了,馬上讓這個世界結束吧!

    1. That's what the dark ones are trying to do.

  104. Dear Cobra, our Italian people and dear fellows! Here is the Italian translation of the Bogota Cobra workshop, I will share the links on Italian Cobra Telegram channel too, as well as on Romanian Cobra Telegram Channel the Romanian version!

    Victory of the Light!

  105. 皇后雅子を排除するまではネットワークの接続は認めない。

  106. What are the light forces doing about the synchronized microwave pulses in the US? They are frying the American people with this weapon. The light forces need to take action and put a stop to this immediately.

    1. Agreed, the Light Forces need to stop this right now.

  107. I feel quite sorry for the Iranians right now. Looks like their PM and president are dead in the helicopter crash.

  108. An American ( legislator introduced a bill to dissolve the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and abolish the Federal Reserve System.

    U.S. Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) announced H.R. 8421, known as the “Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act.” This legislation seeks to dissolve the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and close its branches throughout the continental United States.

    Recently, Massie, a US Republican representative from Kentucky, published the results of a poll on the social media platform X. The poll asked whether he should pass legislation to eliminate the US central bank.

    An overwhelming majority of more than 115,000 votes supported the idea of “ending the Fed.” In response to the survey, Massey introduced H.R. 8421, ( which seeks to repeal the 1913 Act that established the Federal Reserve System.

    “Americans are suffering from terrible inflation, and the Federal Reserve is to blame,” Massie explained in a statement. “During the COVID epidemic, the Federal Reserve created trillions of dollars out of thin air and loaned them to the Treasury Department to enable unprecedented fiscal spending.

    By monetizing debt, the Federal Reserve devalued the dollar and pursued a policy of helicopter money distribution, which led to the high inflation we see today.”

    The power of the central bank leads to artificial manipulation of the economy. As noted economist Murray Rothbard points out in his book What Has the Government Did to Our Money?, the creation of money by the Federal Reserve leads to inflation, which reduces the purchasing power of money and leads to the misallocation of resources. The Fed has also been accused of distorting interest rates and concentrating economic decision-making power in the hands of a few unelected individuals.

    “Debt monetization is a closely coordinated effort by the White House, the Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department, Congress, the big banks and Wall Street,” Massey argues.

    During this process, retirees see their savings eroded by the central bank's inflationary policies that benefit the rich and well-connected. If we truly want to reduce inflation, the most effective policy is to eliminate the Federal Reserve System.

    If passed, the legislation would provide a one-year dissolution period during which all Federal Reserve employees would be compensated as the government shuts down the central bank.

    In addition, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget will oversee the orderly liquidation of all assets of the Board and the Federal Reserve Banks.

    Legislation to abolish the Federal Reserve Board was first introduced by former Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) in 1999 and has not been reconsidered since 2013.

    One can, of course, speculate that Thomas the Messiah will soon be shot, just like US President John F. Kennedy in 1963, when he planned to push the same law through the US Congress. However, it should be understood that since then the power of the Federal Reserve in the United States has become total.

    And if any Republican is allowed to seriously talk about dissolving the Fed, then most likely such conversations are needed by a gang of scammers from a private office calling themselves the US Central Bank. There are many predictions about the collapse of the global dollar system, but no one has described what it might look like.

    It turns out to be very simple, Congress will vote to enact H.R. 8421. Every dollar bill says “Federal Reserve Note.”, but the Federal Reserve itself will be eliminated by H.R. 8421. That's all. No one owes nothing to nobody. There will be new dollars, this time government ones, and you will have to fight for the old ones, proving that you acquired them legally.

    1. Terrifying.

      I'm trying to understand what you just posted, but this sounds like one of many grave elements that are contributing to the "downfall" of America. Seems also like the opposite phenomenon of the missing trillion dollars that supposedly have a connection with reverse engineering spacecraft and space programs, I guess? I heard that somewhere, but I cannot confirm if this is legitimate (oh, silly me). But I wouldn't be surprised if this were true.

      Rumsfeld made a statement the day just before 9/11.


  109. You should mention that reptilians pretend to be people's soulmates and also Pleiadians. Write more about extraterrestrials. That is a very weird song for positive people.

    Why is there radio silence? It seems that you can not tell us anything about reptilian appearance and their activities except for just some small basic info and you say that light forces asked for it because you do not want enemies to know certain info but logic is that incarnated reptilians and those who are contacted and also real reptilians already know who they are and what they are doing and what they look like and when you do not give us info we do not get to know what we are fighting against and this helps them. I guess that lightforces maybe did not ask for it, for you not to tell us something, maybe for some reasons you decided not to tell us about it. It is normal logic and normal thinking, reptilians know what they civilization is like, why wouldn't you tell us? I doubt positive extraterrestrials asked for it, how does it benefit them that lightworkers know nothing about their enemies.

    1. Why keep repeating this? There is no way a negative reptilian could pretend to be a positive soulmate or a pleiadian. You are being stupid.

    2. Yes they can, and have done so before. OP is not a fool. This is called the "alien lovebite" and they can use veiling frequency techniques to impersonate beings, notably religious figures.

      If the Vatican can pretend being human, why wouldn't their comrades be able to do the same astrally?

      1. OP might want to scroll back throughout internet archives and check for themselves any potential information about the regressive beings and how to counter their tactics, across any medium of information they can find.
      2. Reptilians are very heterogenous like humans, and do not all have the same types of moral inclination.
      3. This is a genuine question to have when learning about counter-warfare tactics. So even if it reads as not entirely appropriate to the situation, it is still a valid question. It is crucial to know the moves of the opposing party.

    3. I've known several people who hook up with weird entities pretending to be 1)Ashtar Sheran 2)a positive human from the ships. Both time fakes. Anyone who hooks up with an unknown just because they hear them is foolish. It's even been done to me, during the time when I was getting to know pleiadians. A very unfriendly pleiadian who was contacted by the human I mentioned from the ship. He was fake, had several humans he was contacting, several earth humans, he had no shame. It took years to get rid of him. He'll probably STILL around.

      As for the woman who was contacted by "Ashtar Sheran" and who MARRIED him, she figured it out eventually. Not that he wasn't Ashtar, but that he was "bad" and proceeded to tell people that. No psychic is ever going to believe the reptilian, ever, unless they are extremely slow or stupid. Oh, this man I know nothing about is my soulmate. Please.

      Technically, any reptilian who proceeds to suck in an earth human, is a rare occurrence and it doesn't last. She's an airhead. It just doesn't happen. DOESN'T HAPPEN. We've heard this same message from bb constantly. He keeps repeating it. Like people need to know. Anyone here already knows it, over and over again. So if bb wants to repeat it again, then I will answer the same - every time.

      There is no way a negative reptilian can pretend to be someones soulmate. Completely stupid.

  110. "The town of Kofu, near Japan's sacred Mount Fuji, is famous for its often record-breaking summer heat, grape wine production and a mysterious incident that happened almost half a century ago. Then its inhabitants, as they say, came face to face with aliens and their ships. This is considered one of the best-documented sightings of UFOs, or unidentified flying objects, in Japan.

    On February 23, 1975, two local boys were playing near one of the vineyards and at about half past six in the evening they saw two devices in the shape of the notorious saucer, which sparkled with orange lights. From them, according to the guys, came creatures approximately 120 - 130 centimeters tall with large heads, long ears and three fangs in their mouths. They, the boys said, had brown faces without eyes or nose.

    The boys ran away in horror and called their relatives. When everyone returned to the scene in a crowd, the objects began to emit flashing lights, then lit up brightly for a moment and disappeared. All this was described in approximately the same words by the boys, their relatives, and other residents of the city.

    Now, on the occasion of the approaching 50th anniversary, Kofu is planning to erect a monument at the site of the incident, for which no rational explanation has yet been found. Someone is still proving that “brown faces without eyes and noses” were part of alien helmets. Others are trying to do soil tests at the landing site and find nothing. Versions about a collective hallucination or a mass hooligan conspiracy of eyewitnesses do not sound very convincing. However, in any case, the residents of Kofu hope that on the 50th anniversary of the UFO phenomenon, tourists will flock to the city, who will also drink local grape wine, which is considered the best in Japan."

  111. Here They Go AGAIN! "Another Wave of COVID-19" Hitting . . . Singapore

    Singapore is seeing a new Covid-19 wave as the authorities recorded more than 25,900 cases from May 5 to 11 even as Health Minister Ong Ye Kung on Saturday advised the wearing of masks again.


    1. It's in connection with the WHO meeting. They are trying to reinstall the timeline. The covid timeline has been permanently removed though, so it probably won't get very far. It's extremely annoying though. 😂

    2. When headlines like such appear, most of the time it has to do with backstage affairs, yeah.

      They are playing Make Number Go Up.

      I wish people would have more interest in understanding biology and its dynamics, as well as biochemistry. That way, we would gain more self-sufficiency in forming a fortress against their easily crafted decepticon virus.


  113. German translation of the Bogota workshop notes / deutsche Übersetzung der Notizen zum Bogota-Workshop:

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. Here is the Emerald Meditation for entrance into Agartha. Thank you to Jagruthi for preparing this guided audio meditation:

    "Cobra told us that we can use this meditation regularly to travel to Agartha and that the entrance we visualize is the entrance to the kingdom of Agartha located in Muzo (Columbia)." - From Bogota Conference Notes

  116. Do somebody knows where we can find real raw emeralds, where to purchase them?

  117. A hydra entity was encountered in the dreamstate.

  118. Somebody knows where to purchase in a secure way real raw emeralds plz?

  119. Grazie Cobra! La traduzione in italiano è qui:

  120. Nitrogen levels are more polluting to the ozone than CO2. I just learned that. In the UK they're considering EV to combat it. Nitrogen is also in urine. If there's excess nitrogen in the environment that means it's in us too. So I wonder if nitrogen is connected to subquantum anomaly. Also if there is excess nitrogen, then it means the kidneys are depressed. Kidneys are ruled by Venus. Venus rules the heart chakra, green. Is that why we're doing emerald now?

  121. It is really a big thrill to see my beautiful norse mythology implemented in the weapons of the liberation of Midgard. Hail Odin. VOTL. Greetings from Norway.

  122. War Crime Allegations

    The chief prosecutor of the international criminal court has confirmed he is applying for arrest warrants for senior Hamas and Israeli officials over alleged war crimes. Karim Khan and a panel of legal experts including Amal Clooney, believe there's evidence to convict Israel's Prime Minister.

    Oh yeah!

  123. thankyou very much mr cobra fine sir and superfierce lightwarrior.....

    and thank you very much all lightforces members here in theatre of war operations.....

    namaste toujours toute la famille de lumiere......

    illusions unwind.....

    the war raged on through the night;raging thunder of the firefight.

    men and women cursed their deities;darkness delivered its disease.

    mortors mark the sky;the soldier once again dies.

    civilians flee the tryranny;of orchestrated disharmony.

    well were shifting out from the line;of illusions that unwind.

    peace makes its way through;portals open up truth.

    so mother earth is cleansed again;expanding higher in transcend.

    the underlords rule comes to end;the stewardship begins again.

    profits stand up to the day;bringing on harmonic ways.

    equality now to overstand;for all the creatures of terra lands.

    well were shifting out from the line;of illusions that unwind.

    peace makes its way through;portals open up the truth....


    earth now shifting out from the line;of illusions that unwind.

    peace makes its way through;portals open up the truth....


  124. 助けてくれ、アークデーモンに攻撃されている!





















































    担当 HAL

    If you want to liberate the earth,

    Rather than relying on external information or others,

    First, turn your attention within yourself,

    Concentrate solely on your own purification.

    These are the matters to be communicated.

    We will also cancel your connection on Twitter (X).

    Although it was a one-sided communication via email,

    Please do not visit our store in the future.

    We also ask that you refrain from any kind of attacks, such as slander or slander, against those involved.

    From everyone involved in Space Bar

    Person in charge: HAL

  125. Guys I had an interesting dream after doing the emerald meditation as best I could. I was in my childhood home backyard, and I saw mercury, except it was a small metal ball floating in the air and lightning struck it, if it was held under the sun. I remember lightning struck it, and a bull came up in the yard. I had to sort of keep it tamed as it was roaming. It looked like me in the face. I remember coming inside the house and my dad mentioned how MERCURIAL (moody) it was. It was obviously strong and I felt like it wanted to go mad. I also felt sensual/sexual energy through me and it, that's how I kept it tamed.

    I'm awake now and the cars outside sound like bulls. All these noises annoy me, and have for the last year or two. Except today they're... Tolerable?

    A post for the dream I had