Friday, May 11, 2012

Clarification about the State of Affairs

Mass Arrests

Mass arrests WILL happen, and it is fairly likely that they will happen within the Window of Opportunity:

The fact that some messengers have been involved in conflicts with each other does not mean that the operation has been stopped or cancelled. The operation is still proceeding in the background without disturbances. Be aware that these are monumental changes and they will provoke some reaction. It is true that all messengers and key players will still be tested by the Archons and other non-physical entities. It is true that people might still be confused. But it is also true that operation for liberation of the planet can not be stopped, it can only be delayed to a certain extent. And I will try to bring as much clarity as possible through this website with further intel.

ET First Contact

Physical contact with positive ET races can only happen after the Cabal is removed. When that happens, I will start posting direct intel (not channeled information) from the Pleiadians with instructions for the First Contact. 

Ascended Masters

There are no Ascended masters or other completely enlightened beings publicly reachable on the physical plane of the surface of this planet right now. The Ascended masters can contact you through your Soul contact and inspire and guide you directly through your connection with the Source. Your connection with the Source should be your ultimate guidance. All external sources of information are to be used only after you checked them with your Source connection.


You need to distinguish between Law of manifestation and Law of karma. Law of manifestation states that we co-create our reality with our thoughts, emotions and actions and is part of the Light teachings. Law of karma states that we will suffer consequences of our past actions and that our past actions are debt that has to be paid off - this is part of mind programming teachings of the dark.


Implants are crystals that were put into etheric and astral bodies of every human being on planet Earth by the Archons and their minions with the purpose of lowering the consciousness and keeping control. All implanting sessions have stopped in January 2010. After that time, the implants are slowly dissolving but it would be much more efficient and faster to consciously remove them. You can ask the Ascended masters, angels and other non-physical beings of Light to help you remove them.

Special Operations

Operation Pandora that I am speaking of has nothing to do with microwave mind control CIA operation. Operation Phoenix that I am speaking of has nothing to do with CIA operation in Vietnam.

World Liberation Day and Japan Nuclear Plant

Closing of Tomari nuclear plant in Japan was not a consequence of World Liberation Day, as some people misunderstood me. Rather both events (World Liberation Day and closing of the nuclear plant) were part of the same consciousness stream that leads to our liberation. Both events were in preparation days before May 5th and then manifested at the same time as a synchronicity.


Cameron Day made such a brilliant comment about Archons and their minions as a response to my article that I will repost it here for all to see:
I call them ankle biters as a metaphor to a flea (or mosquito, or any blood-sucking insect) that lands on your ankle and bites it. They're annoying, but not life-threatening. They are pesky parasites, nothing more. Same with these beings.

However, they have been in near total control of this density and the souls incarnated within this planetary sphere for a very long time.

One example as it relates to the "Lords" of Karma that were mentioned earlier: The "light review" is set up to show a person all of their guilt and regrets, then solemnly offer them a chance to come back and "get it right" in the next life. This is a scam that just keeps feeding more energy into their entropic system. The game is rigged to make a person feel like they've failed so they will WANT to come back. Remember, we are dealing with the most clever manipulators in the universe...

So yes, I'm calling out the "Lords" of Karma as parasitic beings who are perpetuating the system of enslaving and farming humans as an energy source.

I wish this was old information. I'd love to be writing about the ankle biters and their control grid in the past tense. However, it is still very current. Lightworkers all over the world are experiencing psychic attacks, and suppression at this very moment.

If the channels who tell us that all the controlling beings on other densities have been removed are correct; that there are only a few nasty humans left to deal with on Earth, then no one would be encountering the "frequency fences" and other suppression methods that are pushing us back down. Consciousness would be rising so fast that even the barely-human cabal would feel a difference.

This information is coming out because it NEEDS to come out. This is the time of the great revealing, and ALL that has been hidden will be made known.

Imagine if EVERYONE on earth was wise to the presence of the ankle-biters, and knew how to repel them. These beings require secrecy even more than the human cabal. They require us to be afraid of them. Calling them ankle-biters helps a person to laugh at them instead of being afraid.

There is truly nothing to fear -- the worst these parasites can do is make you feel uncomfortable via psychic attack, and drain some of your energy. You can reclaim that energy, send their attacks back to them and have them "arrested" by the true Forces of Divine Light.

If even just a million humans were aware of these parasites and actively countering their manipulations, they wouldn't last long. I'm fairly certain that their remaining time in power is quite short already.

Much Love,


  1. Looking forward to the event!:)

  2. Thanks for this info Cobra! If I would like to describe Archons with esoteric expressions, are they the demons? (the opposite of angels) And do archangels and personal guardian angels exist, or are they just simply ET/ED races helping us from above since a while? Thanks!

    1. This will be a interesting time when the event happens and i know that benevolent races only meet or work with people of a high vibration so we will have to see what happens with so many people of a low vibration not cannot even handle the energies coming to the planet now similar to how it was before the fall of atlantis.Now what i know about the angels/archangels and you will be able to know are they et's or not.All angels possess the same basic abilities. All angels, with the exception of the Dark Angels of course, use discretion when displaying these powers. Most angels are not prone to show off though some of the archangels are known to on occasion. They can appear amongst humans with or without wings at their own discretion. Obviously when trying to blend in they appear without wings though some simply choose to cover their wings with coats. The wings are used for flight but not in the same manner as any earth creature. An angel needs simply to spread his wings out and they can instantly take flight. All angels are stronger than humans, but the archangels are the strongest. Angels can appear and disappear at will. Their bodies cannot be physically harmed by any earth weapon. Magic can hurt them, though very few humans possess enough power to kill them. Angels can be hurt and killed by other angels though. Angels, including the Dark Angels, have weapons created in heaven. These are usually things such as swords and other weapons of that nature. They were used in the war against the Dark Angels and are very deadly to angels. Angels, however cannot die in the sense that humans do. When an angel is destroyed he loses all his powers and his memory as an angel and is reborn as a human. Dark Angels however do not. After their fall from grace they lost certain abilities as well. They cannot willfully become mortal. All of their wings were cursed to be black. When they are destroyed, they become one of two things, shapeless, bodiless, beings that usually proceed into a state of nonexistence though in rare cases these struggling spirits have been known to possess humans. Some however are reborn as an earth creature known as the demon. They can still appear in the physical realm, though they can't appear without wings so they are easy to spot and are currently doing most of their work in secret.

      Angels have the ability to at any time willfully become a mortal human and sacrifice all of their angelic powers though retaining memory of their life as an angel.

      Also angels do not feel in the sense that we do. They have no sense of touch, smell, or taste. They hear and see somewhat like we do. Though their sight and hearing can pick up things that a human's cannot. Along with being able to become invisible they can make it so that humans are unable to feel them. Even when visible they can make their bodies matter less and a person will walk through them just like air. Angels are capable of feeling emotions. They are sad, angry, and happy just like a human. But in addition they have the ability to sense these in others. They can also sense when a person is in pain, or is hungry, or even just out of breath though they themselves can't feel these things. This is something they just simply know.

      Angels cannot make themselves invisible or matter less to other angels though. The best way to hide from an angel if you're one yourself is to appear in human form, without wings. Angels sense things through the spirit of a being, and essentially there is little difference between angel spirits and human spirits.

      Angels also have some telepathic ability. They can speak to each other telepathically and if they choose can speak to humans telepathically. Though most angels prefer appearing to them in disguise.

      Angels can also appear in animal form. Archangels can appear as a lion or as an eagle. Seraphim can appear as doves. Dark Angels can appear as snakes.

    2. All angels are born essentially the same. Angels have gender but do not reproduce in the same manner that humans do. Angels are technically created (by god or whoever)and not born. Angels do not marry though it is not unheard of for two angels to grow close. Angels grow up physically and mentally quicker than humans. By age ten, they would appear to be a human in their mid twenties. At this point they stop naturally aging, though they have the ability to make their bodies appear any age, this ability is usually only used when amongst humans. At this point they are given a choice of two things, what type of angel they want to become and their initial wing color. This color is permanent however, with a few exceptions. Archangels are granted metallic colored wings depending on rank. Cherubim are granted iridescent wings, depending on rank. Seraphim are granted two more sets of wings, depending on rank. These are always white. They can switch willfully between the two, but usually and especially archangels choose not to.

      Dark Angels depending on their parents will become either Archangels or Seraphim.

      Nephilim are completely different. They are children of an angel and a human. All of them were the result of Dark Angels though it is not known for certain how this was possible. Physically, for the most part they are just like humans. Capable of being hurt and killed like any human. They possess all human feelings but no extra sensory angelic feelings. They must breathe, eat, and sleep, unlike their angelic fathers. The only thing that sets them apart is that they require below average food and sleep yet exhibit above average strength and speed. Not superhuman but noticeably above average. They also have wings but they cannot be used for flight since they expend so much energy. They can be used for gliding but an extended flight would take a great deal even out of this creature. Even so with these abilities they were very dangerous to humans, as was the Dark Angels intent. Most were destroyed in the war, but some lived on. Some tried having normal lives but most were outcast and feared. A few live on currently in the outskirts of habitable land. Some lived with various nomadic human tribes, some even marrying and having children with humans.Sirian Attunement
      This attunement connects us to the ancient energies of Sirius that eternally assists earth and humanity. This deep connection with earth and the strong connection with the Goddess that Sirius provides is experienced by many Star Seeds as a loving return to "Home". The Sirian Attunement reconnects us to the deep sense of meaning and well being that we crave as higher consciousness beings, it heals the feelings of separation and motivates us to engage with our life missions. It brings about an expanded awareness of the great cycles of ascension, time and the Goddess. Often there is a connection made to one of the Temples of Sirius that offers specific gifts for us. Here we receive healing and activations, guidance and receive initiations when we reach important points in our spiritual journey.

      Pleiadian Attunements
      Here the Pleiadian Masters work with us to help us to anchor the energies and consciousness of the Pleiades such as unconditional love into our daily lives. They help us to ground this higher consciousness by finding ways to express this in the physical world. They help us to connect to creative energies and help us to be light and to find beauty / the divine in the world around us. The energies of the Pleiades are ideal for artists, musicians and dancers or anyone wishing to develop these aspects of themselves. The Pleiadian Masters help us to find harmony and co-operation amongst ourselves and with the planet earth herself.It seems all related the archangels/angels/et's

    3. I like a lot of your posts Sirian so no offense here, but this sounds completely religious to me. And everything that I have learned to believe about all of this is that religion is just another form of control used by the ankle biters to rob us of our power and incite fear in us. Referring to heaven and God makes it even more so a part of religion. To say "God" places the Source above us when in fact it is not. It may exist in the highest dimension in the highest of the harmonic universes but it is still not on a pedestal above us in any sense. The word god was used by the dark forces to make themselves out to be above man. And to say "heaven" only makes even further religious implications because heaven and hell do not actually exist. Again part of control through fear based religion implying that if we do not do what we are told we will go to hell as opposed to heaven. And the wars of angels and heaven are strongly spoke of in the bible, which Im pretty sure holds some truth but hidden behind many layers of dirt that have been piled in there to build fear throughout all religious people and even ones that are not.

    4. @brando9000 What i was trying to prove and what you noticed were similarities between angels/archangels/and et's now what i know the demons were the evil et races and the so called angels were the ascended masters and the benevolent races and back in those times the veil was even thinner for you to see people's aura's as we can see in some paintings from that time period.Stories about ezekiel's wheel and other biblical scriptures were about et contacts so the post was about the similarities,as i know the origins of different religions and how it was twisted by the dark forces on and off world,and was just trying to prove a point nothing more and nothing less.Namaste

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    6. Archons where the ones who we called and for some of them not redempted yet, the fallen angels. They made what we call the falsified matrix.

      In august 2009 Yaldebaoth the chief of all archons of universe wanted to put a new matrix again in his ufo called "Nibiru". But Nibiru was pushed away from our solar system by the celestial milicias. Hercolubus isn't Nibiru, Hercolubus is the twin star of the Sun and is the star who will make a global reset on this planet to destroy falsified buildings etc to make possible new unified life. Hercolubus is coming very near. I saw Hercolubus in a premonitory dream : sky was red, all destroyed. But don't think nobody will live after. No, after the global reset by Hercolubus, new life will be possible in the interior of Earth for all his new inhabitants.

      So, now to introduce you the Archangels. Ok,

      The Archangels exist. The 7 main Archangels who act for our Ascension are Gabriel, Mikaël, Raphaël, Uriel, Metatron, Anaël and Jophiel.

      I tell you one function of one Archangel, Mikaël. Mikaël is the Prince of the celestial milicias. He's the one who gots a sword of light which cuts dark.

      I think now you got enough information.

      Peace brothers.

  3. Thanks Cobra! Looking forward to the Event as well! This is truly awesome!

  4. This might be funny and I don't know how many of you are familiar with it but this ankle biter dissolution remembers to me what you can read and see in Harry Potter series when they defeat a Boggart (A boggart is a shape-shifting creature that takes on the form of the viewer's worst fear.) by ridiculing it, exact method:

    "The charm that combats a boggart is Riddikulus. The charm requires a strong mind and good concentration. The incantation and wand movement alone will not affect a boggart. The correct way to perform the charm is to push past the fear, and concentrate on something that will make the boggart look amusing. The charm does not, in fact, repel a Boggart; it just forces it to assume a shape that the caster will find comical, inspiring laughter, which will defeat a boggart.[1]"

    Sorry for being a geek but archon-parasites remember me very much to Dementors def:"A Dementor is a Dark creature, considered one of the foulest to inhabit the world. Dementors feed off human happiness, and thus cause depression and despair to anyone near them. They can also consume a person's soul, leaving their victims in a permanent vegetative state, and thus are often referred to as "soul-sucking fiends" and are known to leave a person as an "empty-shell." [1]"

    How to beat them:One of the few ways to shield oneself from dementors is by using of the difficult Patronus Charm to fend them off.[1] The charm summons a Patronus, the magical manifestation of good will and happiness, providing varied levels of protection against the dementors' influence, based on the caster's strength as a wizard.

    I reckon it has pretty much similarities with the situation we face, just thought to share this little idea :)Also I believe they have been feeding off from my enormous energies in the past 2 years, it's time to get back in charge.

    Beware lord-wannabes, increasing light will dissolve you sooner then you could imagine,then after contemplating your great defeat hope you will find your path back to the ever-loving Source.

    1. LöncsVezér, I agree with you because you'll find a lot of similarities in most of our Sci-Fi movies, series, etc. I really think a lot of them are based on "whole" or in "part" Truth. That's not difficult to see, especially when you see life through an "awaken" state of mind.

  5. Cobra/Guys,

    with my friend Bendictus we came to the conclusion watching this short 6mins clip, that some postive friends warned us quite clearly back in the early 2000s, now with the background knowledge it's very obvious they tried to draw our attention to the false promises of the Greys/Zeta Reticulians. This comes at 5:05, however I highly recommend watching the whole video, you understand the big picture watching it entirely:

  6. Hello everyone sheesh Cobra why didn't you say this in the first place. :) thanks for the clarifications

    Received & Understood - karma = sin - same concept only a little more eloquent.
    As far as the light review guided by the Lords Of Karma - WOW I smell Oscar there!! they really are good manipulators.

    What about the purpose for duality have the Archons not served their dark purpose in bringing us towards choosing ONENESS rather than separation. Or am I just muttering the words of a programmed human.

    Just to clarify my thinking...
    It does make sense that if you were planning to take an Angelic race under hostage for food you would have to remove them from their connection to the source. Once done you would have to have some kind of check and balance system put in place to keep the unconnected humans under some kind of control, other wise you would have complete mayhem. Now because we have the ability to reason and are quite arrogant and rightfully so our minds must be keep busy with all sorts of equations and BS that never really makes sense. And because we are curious we keep searching. Since we are powerful beings and could leave this place at will, the concept of payback is put in place so we believe we need to come back and correct things.

    Walla recycling at it's finest! The bunnies just keep on Going and Going

    Wow I need to sleep on this now...

    UP Date on Chem trails
    Sky's have been clear here in Kern county for one whole week!
    - blue blue blue baby and oh so quiet except the hi pitches being beamed into my left ear.
    Feeling the Joy

  7. Now that's about 10 years worth of study in one page! I like information neat and concise like this.

    Now I don't feel so weird for NOT having a life review when I died! I saw a Tesseract and was told to change it to a higher dimension. That was before I knew about ascension.

    I've come to the same conclusion about sin many years ago. Even in the Bible is says "the sting of death is sin and the strength of sin is law". I Cor 15:55 Its a curious wording in that the order is reversed from what you think it would be - if sin led to Eternal death. It implies the sting of death is judgment and shame. There is no death, only transition of spirit and rebirth.

    The model of sin in religion is carried forward into our credit scoring system and credit bureaus. Instead of a sky-god bean-counting sins, its faceless bureaucracy with no financial incentive to get its own data correct. If there's an error,it increases the retail rate charged on rented fiat money, which serves the banking system in keeping credit at the highest price possible for individuals. The credit bureaus exist mostly keep retail credit expensive. A corporation can go bankrupt and end up in better shape than before. An individual is punished for 10 years. Corporations may be "persons" in the Supreme Court's eyes, but they don't play by the same rules as real persons - they enjoy a privileged status.

    The penal system is similarly constructed and with the violence and rapes in our prison systems its truly a hell on earth with no exit but death. There is no "correction" in our correctional system, only retribution. This is to reinforce 'payback justice' as the god ordained order of things.

    The fear of death has been programmed into us, mostly through the fear we are abandoned, unworthy, and unloved by the Source of All. In the sayings of Jesus you will not find "payback justice". Only unconditional love.

    Traditional Christian teachings about sin emerge from the writings of Paul and later writers which posits the theory (perhaps to make sense of the violence done to him) that Jesus death was a proxy death penalty for the inherent sinfulness of mankind (original sin).

    People are taught that law restricts the Creator in his ability to forgive humans for their failings. I've gotten into a lot of trouble in the past for telling my Christian friends that God forgives because God is love and that's what love does. God is not a monster.

    Fascinating to see what lies under the matrix, and we all have indeed been "coppertop" batteries for the darkened ones complete with AI control systems.

    Skies have been clear for 2 weeks in San Diego county. No chemtrails at all!

    1. Well said Ak! Same here, no chemtrails...In the past month I've only seen them once about two weeks ago,two planes only and going in circles.

    2. AK - just a quick fyi for you --> if you look up the word "sin" in the Exhaustive Concordance (back of the book) the original word translates to the concept of "missing the mark" as in an arrow not hitting the bulls-eye - that's all sin is.

      We make it out to be more hideous in our heads because the pulpit likes to pound guilt into us. Once I began to study the etymology of the scriptures, I never went to church again.

    3. Every Christian knows that definition of sin, that is indeed the correct denotation of the word - a term derived from archery, but the connotation attached to that word, through Christian writings and preaching is they are punished for missing the mark - eternally so - hence they need their church, ministers, and a blood sacrifice of God's son to pay for missing that mark.

      They are not empowered to link to the Source through their own heart, instead they are taught to distrust their heart ("the heart is deceitful above all things" Jer 17:9), and they believe they must put dogma ahead of their heart intuition, and at times ahead of actual human needs and love.

      They're expected to expert archers of life I guess. I could go into that more but I sound too much like a preacher as it is.

      Christians are very fine people who desperately want to do the right and good thing. But the concept of redemption taught to them is not only circular and self-referential its a bit of a mobius strip. Since they believe ever word of scripture came directly from the lips of God, they are phase loop locked into this conundrum. I am not sure what it will take to free them from it, perhaps dis-illusionment like the rest of us went through? I don't know. I trust the Source of All has that worked out already.

      God forgives because God is love. It doesn't get much simpler than that. It leaves no room for self-appointed judges to withhold their own love towards others, regardless of other's beliefs.

    4. The most profound and all descriptive thought I had was triggered the first time I saw "The Matrix". There is no spoon.....

  8. Thank you Cobra ! I appreciate a lot :)

    Thanks AK for the breaking down :)

    Thanks to all and One for it all

  9. I've had countless experiences where I have been walking in public before...only to vanish and disappear entirely from view. Apparently they couldn't see me, no one *saw* me during this time but shortly thereafter at some point I could be obviously seen.

    I'm not sure for how long this has been going on....But I clearly am an arch angel. How in the world was I able to jump off such a high rise building, nearly one story up & not receive a scratch?

    Any thoughts about this odd activity? Also unnatural scars, the kind that should permanently affect a finger or toe...were erased through simply my touch. Being able to jump incredibly long heights.

    Finally, I was also affixed with jagged teeth that are incredibly sharp & pointed. Needless to say, living among the rest is bizarre....

    1. Just FYI, one story is around 10 feet and not very high to jump from without damage really. And I dont think angels have sharp pointy teeth. But vampires do....

  10. Cobra, can you give some of your insight in regards to Sirians post about angels? Just curious about others opinions on this topic. Also I was curious if the dark forces psychic attacks you spoke of could occur within our dreams? I never have nightmares anymore for a very long time but I have some very disturbing dreams that I want no part of and wake up feeling like I am a bad person because of them and like I have been drained of my "Good". Had one last night that I was walking around a public building I am very familiar with and I was just randomly killing people I walked by while everyone else was rejecting me and telling me to get lost..... lol. I very much feel like I was attacked in some sense after the dreams and I have strange dreams like this more often then I would prefer to.

    1. If your dreams feel artificial to you, it's highly possible that those are projections from the dark ones to drain you or study you. Command yourself to wake up. I read about it in some of Denise Le Fay's articles, where she describes the artificial dream projections. I had nightmares about very huge roach-like insectoids and always woke up screaming. They were my horrible past life memories, but the dream seemed somehow not natural. So whenever they try project me this vision i always command them to vanish and it works. Since then i had no more nightmares.

    2. I can often command myself to wake up. But at times I am not aware that I am dreaming and do not have control of the dream at that time, although still feeling something very unnatural about the state I am in.

    3. Hi, I pass by and read your message and want to share my experience with you. (hopefully can help you to stay away from nightmares, it works very well to me and my spiritual friends)

      I took a two day Angel Therapy course in HK 2 weeks ago, and my teacher taught us to ask Archangels and Angels to give us guidances in our dreams. I listened to her and did it at night. I keep having 2 - 5 dreams every time i asked for guidances, and afterwards i would understand what messages they were trying to give me. plus, they provide very good protection for me and my loved ones. I have some friends who used to have very dark nightmares, even they been doing SRT, they still have that sometimes. they attended to the same angel class and our teacher (who is very connected to Angelic force) said the nightmares they always had were actually their past lives. they had too much fear and attracted negative energies (from past lives) and she taught us how to cut cords for ourselves. since then my friends dont have nightmares anymore.

      so here's the prayer: (you can change it a bit to make your own version :) )

      Dear Archangels (Michael, Raphael, or any Archangels you want) and angels, please take all my fears, cares, burdens and worries to the universe, mis spell them and made them disappear. Please give me guidances in my dream for my greatest and highest good, which are rooted in love, 100% light and the highest truth. Thank you for your unconditional love, protection and support.

      sometimes i would ask Archangel Michael to bring the indigo light from the universe to my crown chakra, through my body, and form a huge indigo cube to protect us. (Archangel Michael is very good at protection.) if you like you can add this into your prayer too.

      hope it helps. lots of love and light, from HK. x

  11. brandoooo I have been enduring these attacks all my life during dream state, when ever you get close to the source in meditation they come and they love to appear in dreams. You wouldn't believe the things they have tried to convince of. Before you go to bed have a chat with your higher self and tell your guides you want to be aware that you are dreaming. You simply WILL the dream to change when the ankle biters arrive... you can have all sorts of fun with them. After all it is 'Your Dream' Cameron Day gives great advice on his website about how to remove these guys awake but in dream state you must be aware. Good luck

  12. Well I have many dreams that I am aware of the dream state and have done many wonderous things that sometimes feel more real then when I am awake. But there are other times where the control is just not there, I am like a bystander watching it happen but not having any influence or awareness.

  13. I decided to take a look around to see what I could find about Archons
    Here are two links I think some of you may find interesting and informative.

    Good article and pictures of Archons -

    short write up and clip of movie THE LIVE -

  14. So i tried to talk to my friend a bit today about the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command to explain their reasons for being here. He told me he was sincerely worried about me and was starting to think that I have been brainwashed by a cult..... After trying to explain to him that our entire society has been brainwashed on the highest level possible for a very long time I was just finding myself talking to a wall. So we changed the subject a bit because he does believe that we are controlled on some scale by a secret society. So i was explaining to him about the crash of the banks and the new financial system. Told him about what to expect and how we will soon see abundance for every living being on the planet. First response "So if i wanna go and get a Ferrari I will be able to?".... Told him wasnt sure if it will go that far but I did assure him that all humans would be equal with equal abundance. After a bit more conversation he told me that his head hurt and openly admit his brain was too small for the conversation.

    It pains me to see people so close to me so blinded by the brainwashing of the Cabal that they start to believe that awakened people are the ones that are brainwashed. He said he believed that we were not alone in the universe but thought the idea of a Galactic Federation was unheard of.... I just dont get it... To admit belief in ET's but to not believe that there is a remote possibility that they are loving and caring and much closer to the Source then we are. I simply told him that when the time comes and he wants to listen I will be more then happy to tell him what he needs to know.
    Love and light my friends!

    1. brando,

      I know what you mean...when the time comes I think my phone will be ringing off the hook.:)

    2. "You have to understand, most of these people, are not ready to be unplugged.And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it." Morpheus,in Matrix explaining Neo the system

    3. Its funny because as soon as I saw The Matrix the first thing that rang true to me was how real it really was. Not to mention all the others like Star Trek and Star Gates series...

    4. Remember change is scary to many. We may now be crazy by normal person standards, yet there will come a time when the crazies are the sanies!

  15. "We’ve all experienced this more times than we care to consciously admit and it’s frustrating and discouraging when you know it’s happening to you. If you don’t know it’s happening then the whole business is vastly more confusing and debilitating psychologically. Because I’ve experienced an increase in the negatives (by negatives I mean the non-physical, non-human negative Aliens, negative entities, demonic entities, plus the living human’s who manifest the negative Aliens agendas on Earth) trying to prevent me from doing certain things and reaching certain higher levels of consciousness in 2012. I’ve also received a few emails recently from people experiencing this same negative interference too so it seems we need to talk about this more openly in 2012.

    This negative interference can happen at any time of the day or night, but when you intentionally start doing anything that’s going to help you by expanding your consciousness, you can expect that Team Dark knows it and has systems in place to instantly prevent you/me/each of us from evolving, expanding, and breaking free of their invisible frequency fences and restrictions. I could give you dozens of examples of this but the most recent one I and my Mom have been experiencing was when we started using Lisa Renee’s “12 D Shield” technique."
    That's what Denise Le Fay wrote about ankle biters today. She calls them non-physical negative beings. Many people experiencing same things and it is very frustrating to us, but now we know at least something about them. I think that's a really good thing. If you don't know who your enemy is, more confused you get. That's how it all worked and still works. Therefore no matter how hard we try, convincing people to something they don't know even exist is hard.
    Denise Le Fay's whole article can be found here:

  16. I have felt that there is something 'off' regarding reincarnation/karma for a while. But surely our free will counts, if there is free will? I have asked on numerous occasions. that any energy/entity that is stopping my path be removed; so do many others of us, I imagine. Why then, if we ask, do things not get any easier? Could it be us that are blocking, rather than anything external? What is spirit doing, if we are agreeing to repeat traumatic incarnations needlessly. Are they somehow trapped in this astral control system also? Are guides aware of this system?? I would appreciate Cobra's take on this one. In gratitude.

  17. God gave us the tools of forgiveness and acceptance for self-preservation. They forgiveness and acceptance are universal life giving principles. If you do not forgive or accept life on life terms then it is you who will suffer. Forgiveness is the healing balm for our feelings allowing us to choose our response to the adversities of life. The Catholic Cabal's power has come from the reversal of theses life giving principles. Leading people to believe they must forgive all wrongs against them or they will be punished. Thus many can not forgive but instead practice cheap-forgiveness to get relief from the pain they are in. Which is what we have done with this Cabal for thousands of years. Forgiveness is an individual responsibility in that it is preservation of self. It does not change others it changes you from suffering to peace. The appropriate response to wrongs done or mistakes is to apologize. Never ask another to forgive you. It insinuates they have done wrong and heals neither. In Gods eyes there is nothing to forgive. You can do no wrong. Nor does he need an apology. Only humans can do wrong and make mistakes so it is our responsibility to correct our selves. Forgiveness and acceptance are for our benefit removing any blocks to peace and happiness. What many here are calling "entities" are fearful "thoughts" and painful "feelings." Forgiveness is "correction of thought." Which releases or heals painful feelings. Spirit is "thought" and you have free will to think as you please. The consequences of your thoughts and beliefs are all yours. You choose pain or peace from moment to moment. Not a mystery folks. Peace and happiness to all. Your choice.