Monday, May 7, 2012

World Liberation Consciousness Stream 

Our mass visualization event has been very successful. Immediately after our global visualization, Japan shut down its last nuclear reactor:

Although we have not reached the needed critical mass of 144,000 people doing the visualization, we were quite close to that and we were strong enough to initialize a stream of consciousness that can not be stopped and will ultimately result in planetary liberation. 

Here you can listen to what Bill Wood has to say about World Liberation Day and this positive stream of consciousness. Watch the video from 13 to 15 minute mark:

It is recommended that you continue doing this visualization if you feel so guided. By doing this you strengthen the stream of consciousness for planetary liberation. You can do it whenever you like or join weekly group visualizations that will be taking place every Sunday at 7 p.m. local time in every time zone. You can also start Facebook groups for that purpose.

There will be further global visualization events strengthening the stream of consciousness. They will be announced on this website when the time is right.


  1. Time Travelers have followed your time line to the 21-December-2012, and without exception have all found a wall of white light preventing them from going further. That alone should tell you that the end of the cycle does take place according to the Mayan Calendar.

    However, even more interesting is the latest report from another Time Traveler Bill Wood an ex Navy Seal, who followed through many different time lines and found that each one ends up exactly the same, at the wall of light. It tells you that whatever course your life takes and whatever your particular experience, you will all reach that point of change. Where you go from there is going to be determined by your own vibrational level. Some will find themselves in a higher one whilst others will move into another level similar to the one they were in previously.

    Perhaps even more important is the finding that whatever is attempted to alter the time lines and thus the future, no changes can be made to it. Your part in it is drawing to a close as the cycle ends, and unless you wish to continue experiencing in the lower dimensions you will be lifted up again. Subconsciously you have memories of your time in the higher dimensions, and that is why for most of you that idea of Ascension is welcomed.

    Be assured that each soul has its own path to follow, and whilst you may come together in families that is not a permanent arrangement. You attract each other because you have certain experiences you desire, and all of you benefit from the family set up. Of course there are some beautiful loving relationships, and it is most likely you will meet again in subsequent lives. Even in those that prove volatile, there are often souls that already know each other and because of the love they have, will sacrifice it for the purpose of helping each of them to evolve.

    There seems to be so much aggression on Earth, both of a physical nature and in words and gestures. Some of it arises from people being ”disturbed” by the higher energies coming in, as they cannot handle them. They become disorientated and strike out in anger and confusion. In contrast those of the Light become more serene and joyful as they continue to be lifted up. The Light is sorting out the wheat from the chaff, but there is no shame or guilt attached to the slow developers. The sorting out is unavoidable, but it is necessary so that souls finds themselves where they are best served for their evolution.

    We have often informed you of the fact that you are to ascend with your uplifted physical body that will change to a crystalline structure, and that will be unique.

    Remember that you are living out an illusion, and that it is holographic in nature and it is more like a grand game of life. You may come and go as one life after another passes by, but as you have infinite life you will always survive whatever the challenge.

    1. Sirian,

      What will be the final form that starseeds take? Will we ascend into a crystalline structure human body or return to our native physical shape?


    2. My best guess is that it will be unique to each soul dependent on their desires and the paths they chose. All being perfect for them and so beautiful beyond words!
      Love and light for all!

    3. Wow it's like you read my mind lol you explained it so perfectly before i had a chance to answer garbanzo thank you brando9000 for putting it in simple terms.Namaste

    4. I believe Bill Wood said he analyzed data from Project Looking Glass and the Yellow Cube, I don't recall him ever saying he time traveled. I think he was quite specific he never saw either machine in operation.

    5. I think he said he used project looking glass at least once(not sure).

    6. He looked into the machine but it was not active...all he did was analyze the data and asked to see if there was anyway to make Timeline 2 happen...

    7. SiranStarseed forgot to cite its sources.

      SaLuSa, January 25, 2012
      SaLuSa, July 16, 2010
      SaLuSa, February 14, 2011
      SaLuSa, December 22, 2010

    8. No that is form my website up and galacticchannelings works with us also but the majority of the information on the site is not channeled at all.

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  3. Thanks again Cobra. Nice new features !
    5-5-2012 was awesome. I saw darkness being no more as torrents of light pour on all of creation.

    I was just reflecting on how the 'darkest' people who try to impose slavery on us are very sad. I feel very sorry for all of them. I love them. I imagine how sad it is to live in fear of losing your 'power', your 'money', how sad it is to feel this anger towards others, and never really experience the greatness of a hearty connection with another being, never feeling a loving piece of music or the awe of a great landscape or a beautiful sky, never tasting the deliciousness of the light of the One flowing through you, but only the seeming absence of it. Only the desperate attempt to suffocate all this goodness. What is there left for them ?

    Think about how the 'poorest' people on earth, despite all that is 'attempted toward them', still experience those things on a regular basis. How despite all that happened on earth, we might suffer sometimes but we will still have loving, peaceful, hearty experiences.

    Who lives in abundance now ?

    Victimhood is an illusion.

    We are all one. God willingly made himself a child as us, a child who as it was born, forgot everything, so it can learn again and create in that process. 'Dark' people are that child who as he was born and had forgotten, started doubting he could learn again, got scared, and hasn't tried to learn again.

    A good friend of mine shared a proverb with me recently : "the little chick who burnt his bottom wants to find another chick who burnt his bottom". Well if he can't find one he's gonna get his matches and look for bottoms.

    We might have an itchy bottom but we're learning to walk again anyway. And we're holding hands. Soon the little chick with the matches who's still crawling because he doesn't learn to walk will have no bottom to find, they'll be too busy walking around. So all will be left to do is to put down the matches and join the others.

    Whatever you are you are all my brothers and sisters. I love you.

  4. I just don`t get it.

    How does closure of Japanese nuclear plant tie in with visualization regarding arrests of financial authorities? I mean, just think about it - they are two completely different subjects!! My little brother got his highest score ever on a math test a day before, perhaps this is somehow connected to group visualization as well? :)

    And another thing - where does the Cobra`s estimates of number of people involved in this visualization come from? I am aware of at least four different people I know that all joined in without posting it anywhere or spreading the word by any means. There is no registration required after all so how can you tell the number? :)

    1. It's great you mention I forgot to ask. How do you know Cobra the number of people participating? Off-world guys monitoring everyone?

    2. Is there really two different subjects when all is one in a consciousness field ? I don't know personally exactly when the reactor shut off and what not, but i know that all we do affects the consciousness field therefore affects all the aspects of reality. This is precisely why the event 5-5-2012 was created, so we join in intent to affect reality in a stronger way, this has effects on the whole world, and potentially your brother's math tests as well.

      The purpose of all this, including the visualization, is not just, oh OK let's arrest a bunch of people. See the title of the blog up there ? Check that out, "Victory of the light". This is about creating another world. Moving towards a golden age, the spreading of light all over. That includes new ways of generating energy, free energy that is. This is an important part of the transition isn't it, given the kind of pollution nuclear energy is, and the kind of abundance free energy can give.

      Nothing's really isolated :)

      As said in the disclaimer above, Cobra is the spokesperson for the resistance movement, and as said in previous posts, they have contact with ETs who can read our thoughts and who've been assisting earth.

      Welcome on 2012portal :D, i invite you to check out the previous posts to see what's that all about.

    3. I got the estimate from Resistance sources. About 80,000 to 90,000 people were doing the actual visualization as instructed, there were many more visualizing just "love and light". Although visualizing love and light has positive effect, we were hoping for a more focused intent. Nevertheless, our visualization was a success.

  5. "How does closure of Japanese nuclear plant tie in with visualization regarding arrests of financial authorities?"

    It doesn't. This event was reported in the mainstream media starting May 3rd. You can find articles on-line as soon as May, 2nd. The closure itself of the reactor happened at 10:00pm GMT May, 4th.

    1. The reactor started closing down on Saturday at 8.00 GMT am, which is 3 1/2 hours after our visualization.

      All events are interconnected through the unified field. Our intent and consciousness stream was connected to the closing down of the nuclear plant. Many seemingly unrelated events all lead to the same goal-victory of the light.

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    3. An article from the 4th of May:
      Another one from the 3rd:
      I agree that events are interconnected thorugh Source field and that our consciousness is able to make beautiful things to manifest however this time I don't feel that was the case.

  6. Cobra, could you address this information from Tolec please... I know you put up information endorsing these "Ascension chambers"

    Tolec, what about these conversion chambers, portals, doorways, made by technology or "organic" ones - that some people are talking about that we will have to enter in order to make the transition to become a higher dimensional person?

    ANSWER: NO, NO, NO. Absolutely not! No matter what stage of evolution, spiritual awareness or vibration you are at - if you are simply physically here on planet Earth in early January 2014 - you will transform - you will become a higher dimensional person.

    No technology needed whatsoever. No transformation chambers/portals/doorways needed - either created by technology or - by what some people are calling - "organic" ones. None! No matter what anyone else tells you, all you have to do is be here on planet Earth. And, with all due respect to people who have a strong theological belief system, this transformation process that we are about to go through, this evolution our solar system & planet are making, it is not theological in nature. Though, this planet is raising to a higher level of vibration which of 'spirit', fine matter essence, of crystalline nature. Yes, this is accurate for 4D, 5D life and above.

    Remember, this is a natural evolution process for this solar system, including this planet. It is the destiny of this planet to evolve and we are at the beginning stage of this rising in vibration, the beginning of this evolutionary step... at this moment in time [April 2012]. This is my answer and I stand by it. No need to go through any kind of transformation chambers or portals... to become a higher dimensional person. No need. None!

    And just as important - I will caution people against going into these things, even if someone, some being or entity, makes them appear. Please, please be cautious. These chambers/portals/doorways certainly have the potential to easily be a trap. Yes, this is a warning and a sincere one because I honestly care about all of you. And, I wouldn't want you to wait all of this time... and then put your bodies, minds & souls at risk of being captured in a 'transformation'/conversion chamber. That would be a really lousy payoff. Wadakote.

    1. Now i will explain what the ascension chambers do because they have been around for centuries you have ones in egypt inner earth and on the ashtar command starships the arcturians and other benevolent ET'S have them as well.Tolec only deals with lower dimensional beings right now we are already in 4th density/4th dimension when i started to do more research on him i knew he was being controlled and given facts and dis-info.Ascension Chambers

      Within the pyramids of ancient Egypt, initiates were gradually elevated in vibration a little at a time over a time frame of many years. This resulted in the cellular restructuring of their bodies to what is called "crystalline" in form. The final purpose of the initiations in Egypt was for initiates to transcend the experience of death and take their embodiment into the next dimension. In order to accomplish this, the cellular restructuring to the "crystalline" form was a necessity.

      The pyramids were only required by those with a lower vibration (the partially conscious humanoid form) and therefore were deemed necessary to support ascension in this fashion. Each chamber within the pyramid utilised a variety of devices to hold a specific vibration necessary to ascend a form from 5024 to 45,000 strands of DNA. Initiates entered the pyramid for varying time frames and learned to hold the vibrations within the chambers of their own accord.Cristos/Sun Stargate (now called the Ascension Chamber).Your knowledge of light language allows this Ascension Chamber to work at its Maximum operational capabilities. You will experience constant energy surges and downloads thru spontaneous channeling of light language.So what i noticed the majority of people that talk down on the ascension chambers do not know the facts about them and how they have been around for centuries how how they can assist you with you ascension process when the time comes it is your choice to decided your path what you will do i am just here to state the facts on what they do.Namaste

  7. @Aral: You are right, but is not so important.

    I don't know if actually there are people behind the scene who are fighting for a better world, but I simply understood that the liberty is something you have to seek inner and not outer yourself.
    If people will find peace in their hearts also the world around them will be a place of peace.

    Cobra, Drake and all others maybe are just normal people who are trying to give humanity a reason for seek the Truth, and after all, this is what life is all about.

    Personally I was getting stressed by waiting for the Event (like Cobra call it). Almost three months passed and we was said it was imminent. Now I just read that Drake planned it for June.

    From a point of view it can be a neverending wait, but on the other hand I have seen many evolving events happen to me and to many other people I know.

    I'm sure that something is going to happen, and I understood that it doesn't matter what, but the way I will live it.

  8. How many awake people are there approximately? 3 million? Why is the participation so low? The energy was quite strong as i meditated on that day. There is some change of plans or delay lately. The original plan / timeline doesn't work as planned. Has the dark side took hostage of something that we don't know? We are running out of time. After reading Lisa Renee's latest article i understood how far reaching the battle is. There is still lots of battle going on. This project looking glass sees many artificial timelines inserted by reptilians. They even managed to infiltrate the original ascension timeline, so it seems like new timeline has created instead. If we only know what's going around exactly.

    1. Yes, the battle is still going on. I will report about this with new intel in a post vey soon.

    2. Crystal Ball,

      All sources agree; we are definitely behind the power curve in this mess.

      It's time for Luke and Obi-wan to show up and kick some ass!


    3. I dont't get it in a previous post, Dispelling the Fears you stated that:
      "There are no bad aliens left in the universe, this galaxy or our solar system. They have been cleared by Galactic Confederation from the Galaxy and by Resistance Movement from our solar system years ago. There are also none left in deep underground military bases. They have been cleared years ago also. So if you read any reports about battles between Reptilians and benevolent ETs, they are not true."

    4. GB
      I'm sorry to disagree but it appears that your sources could very well be based in disinfo -
      The sources that are aligned with Truth and Light all agree that we are doing rather well, and that it is the dark forces who are in panic mode because their time is up.

  9. My view and practice is this :

    The more time and energy I give to believing and visualizing the Victory of Light, the more power I give to it happening.

    The more time and energy I give to believing and doubting in the Victory of Light, the more power I give to the darkness.

    ( The purpose of a dis-info agent is to seed that doubt & fear, for exactly this reason)

    It's not to say that there aren't other factors that need to be dealt with before this Victory is accomplished.

    But fighting those battles is not my job.

    There are very capable beings both on and off-planet that are handling that.

    My job as a Light Warrior is to purify my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to a state where I can incorporate and transmit as much of the Higher Frequencies and Divine Love as possible.

    I keep it simple :)

    1. i relate to that at the moment

      it is not easy for us with all the info coming, to stay focused. we're working on inner guidance and its alright with it, but going too much into details of who and what and when, for us who aren't involved directly can put us off track. We definitely need to know some, what we can, but we also need to accept our limitations at the moment, and focus more on letting more love and light through us, and around us.

      What will matter once everything kicks off is for us to be strong enough to stay calm, not to fall in anger or being desperate when we start seeing the truth being made official, but to be strong enough to forgive and knowing that what matters now is to build a loving and peaceful world. For me that's the main thing to get prepared to at the moment. That's a lot of inside job, but around us as well.

      When it kicks off, we'll probably have big surprises anyway. We'll need to stay peaceful and cooperative with each other and loving. And very quickly it won't matter the whos and whens and whats to most people, but how to evolve personally and as a collective.

      love and light

  10. Would the group effort here: be helpful to your efforts?

    Or is this in fact, already underway?

  11. The fact that they are fighting this hard for control of us shows r how important humanity must is to their very life existence.

    My personal experience with the parasites.

    I have been dreaming about the vampires all my life and even when I flew away fast and high they were able to catch me. The closer I would come to source in real life, the more they would visit my dreams. They even try and prevent me from astral traveling past their nets! Because I spent so much time fighting them in my dreams as a child I can now create many amazing things in my dream state. You see I had to try and find a way to stop or control the night mare. Now when they come I don't bother flying away in fear I just tell them to bugger off. If they decide to strike at me I make them explode like a blast of light straight to the source. They seem surprised when I stand up to them. They are cocky, mean and nasty. Honestly loving them away didn't work for me. I tried! and they just laughed at me and attempted to bit me! I had to use the power of my will and heart to fight them and they don't fight fair.
    Of course I now understand how duality works and walking our path to enlightenment. I work on regressing people all the time and all their story's are the same. We ARE going to shift. I am thankful for all of the lessons I have learned on behalf of the dark.
    It's just that well sometimes like right now I feel like I've had enough and just want to blow them up! Good thing I can't do it in real life... yet :)
    Won't get an ability like that until I can be responsible with it right * wink *

    I hope I haven't come across as to negative I just wanted to share my personal experience's with these guys.
    I am looking forward to hearing updates and seeing some kind of movement forward by the authorities.
    thanks Cobra & to all of you on this blog.. your a great group to chat with

    1. Lucid dreaming and O.B.E are things I have been experiencing since I was around 12-13. Never knew what it was until I was much older. Every time it happens now I am so excited to be in control and have so much power I can never turn it inwards and focus on the spiritual aspect because it is so invigorating. At the time I am so excited and just go with it then say to myself the next morning "Man I could have done so much more"

  12. I participated in this visualization out of curiosity. At some point I saw a door open and white light was shining from behind. Later on I saw the entire earth immersed in a golden light, then a bright flash which filled the entire universe with the same golden light. Interesting. By the way, the number of participants may seem low because many (like me) did not register...