Friday, August 10, 2012

Beyond the Veil

Beyond the Veil, beyond the confines of quarantine Earth, there is a totally different reality, a totally different universe.

If you climb above the tachyonic membrane that exists 8.6 miles above the surface of this planet, you enter a universe of Love.

The experience on this planet has taught you that life can be mean and cruel. Most of us have accepted this as an underlying basis of our reality, learning not to trust other beings but fear them instead.

This premise is the basis that the Cabal is operating from. It is the glue that keeps their reality together and keeps us enslaved into it.

But we have our Souls. They exist on the plane of the fifth dimension and have direct connection to the universe beyond the Veil.

Whenever we connect with our Soul, we enter a reality where the Cabal can not reach us with its tricks.

Whenever we connect with the universe beyond the Veil, the same thing happens.

So we connect vertically and horizontally. This is the key to our individual liberation. It is also part of the key for the liberation of the planet.

Beyond the Veil, universe is full of Love. Every atom, every molecule, every subatomic particle beyond the Veil is vibrating with that Love. All beings in this universe except most beings on planet Earth are now operating from that Love. Whatever they do is an act of Love. Their every thought and every emotion expresses that Love.

And that Love will soon overflow our planet and set it free.

Be aware of that fact when you make your decisions.


  1. I've been following this blog ever since it was linked to by someone I have a lot of admiration for, few months ago.
    Deep down, I truly hope that all the wonderful predictions that were made thus far will come to fruition and that we (those of us who want this) will all ascend successfully into the 4th dimension when the time comes.
    I also think that whatever will happen will still be unexpected although many of the predictions may feel justified after the event (no pun intended :-).
    It's the beauty of this wondrous and deeply mysterious universe that we have the chance to inhabit.
    I liked this post very much because it talks simply about the reality that a lot of us aspire towards. It no longer matters if this or that happens. It reminded me of the essence of the journey and makes some of the details a tad irrelevant or at least not something to get worked up about.

    1. Do not "hope" as this expresses doubt and is an operative of the ego, shadow, program. Know. Knowing eminates from the heart because we are remembering...who we truly are. The 4th dimension is time and it has come, and gone. It is the timelessness of 5th dimensional consciousness we are attracting to us. Go there NOW, think of a point "in time" when you were in the flow ~ at one with Source and time did not exist. These are peak moments and glimpses of 5th dimensional consciousness we have all experienced ; )

    2. Exactly, Kochece. Very sage advice, nicely presented. Know that your input is recognized and appreciated.

    3. Some people will go to the 4td dimension, some will go to the 5th.

      Time is only a conception, nothing more. Its not a dimension itself.

  2. Cobra,

    thank you for that, truly beautiful, something to strive for.

    Can you tell us what do you mean by that? "So we connect vertically and horizontally."

    1. vertically to 5th dimension, your soul, reality beyond the veil. horizontally to other beings here on earth
      i think

    2. First of all ~ vertically within ourselves, including all chakras cleared and aligned, all negative emotions blocking solar plexus, heart and throat chakras must be dissolved. Expand the healing light of the heart chakra and a quick loving embrace for whatever comes up and let it go. Get your bare souls of your feet on the soil or sand to balance elecrtomagnetically with Mother Earth & Gaia Consciousness.
      If you haven't experienced a Kundalini release to align and activate chakras, examine attachments related to root, sachral and solar plexus energies. Extend love and healing energy using visualization, meditation, purification and contemplation. Unplug all old wiring and totally surrender to LOVE and TRUST the Source of that energy, which enters the crown chakra as it descends fully into your physical self and ascends activating all chakras and your light body. Fully engage intuition and activation of your 3rd eye chakra and it's return to Source. Use circular breathing to bring more light in through the crown chakra creating a clear and unblocked vessel as Source energy fills you with so much light you then radiate it from your heart centre ~ horizontally in all directions to each other. Inlakesh ; ) ~ LOVE this post, thanks Cobra.
      P.S. Absolutely stop focusing any attention whatsoever on outside negativity, updates, events, developments, and news all of which are the results of what we collectively manifested when we were essentially unconsciousness and forgive all because we did not know ! Oh ya, also chant LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVE...the vibration of the ahhh sound is the sound of creation !(LLaaahhhhhvvvve)

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  4. Cobra,
    Thanks, A wonderful confirmation to our inner understanding. Many for us wonder how it has become so FUBAR here and the revelations of the last 20 years have revealed the truth. Step by step we have been exposed to an onion of ever increasing complexity that reveals the "Nature of the Beast". Our souls are beyond this passion play. The veil of forgetting and the hostile intentioned beings and technology that has been in place has railroaded us to our inevitable tipping point.
    The Stage is set and the lights are about to be turned on the cameras are ready! The murmuring of the audience is at a fever pitch. Some are clamoring for "the show to begin". What is missing is the audience participation in this passion play.

    We are the actors, the knowers, the thinkers and the doers, all rolled into one. The fear misunderstanding and doubt and criticism are to be expected. Ignorance and pain and suffering must run its course in each individuals life until the illumination of the stage and the bright lights of truth shine inside the heart of all.
    The alarm bell has rung and the sleep is being rubbed from the grumbling eyes of those who have refused to see. those who have been hoodwinked and bamboozled for to long. the lying the cheating the stealing the absolute Self importance and ego that has run amok in our felling nature and the outer activity of our life's must be tamed. The lion is strong but we must gain control of our senses and our attention must be placed back onto the Stage of reality. Our individual parts are needed notes to complete the symphony of Love.
    This will be a improvisational musical whose only rules will be the golden one. The grand director is waiting in the wings. The critics have prognosticated, the press has derided the truth tellers and misled the truth seekers and financiers have refused to fund the greatest show on earth. Still the show must go on with a shoestring budget with ever-present compassion and omnipotent faith is love and the word of god that upholds, lives in and moves through every particle of creation.
    Sound of god sound check testing one two three.! It is time to shine step onto the stage of reality you have rehearsed this in a thousand different lifetimes be confident and fearless. The universe supports you no stage fright in the light. Let your soul and love light dazzle the ignorance and darkness beyond the stage. The audience and all of those who doubted and feared who schemed against this performance of a lifetime will themselves rise and cheer and marvel at the power of our living truth and expressions of renewal
    Lights Camera Action!...................
    Now the music begins and here comes the orchestra playing the Score it seems this Opera has been going for some time now and many are just arriving for the 3rd and final act.

    1. :::::Throws down her popcorn, Jumps up from her seat, Runs up to the stage and Creates a scene!::::::::

      Very well said, Pottsman!

      And thank you Cobra, for reminding us that "Whenever we connect with our Soul, we enter a reality where the Cabal can not reach us with its tricks."

  5. Here is another little song I wrote I want you to read it note for note


    People ive got a secret i didn't promise not to tell

    If you listen carefully I promise you I will

    Tell you a story oh so sweet and oh so true

    about a rainbow light that lives in me and you

    Its about loving the truth and knowing who you are





    People Ive got a secret and its better than a bigger car

    It goes on eternally and its always where you are

    People I've got a secret and its better than that old TV

    It won't fill you up with crap and I promise you will see

    the rainbow light that lives in you and me

    People I've seen the future and its bright as it can be

    Filled with laughter life and love renewing endlessly

    It's about loving the truth and being who you are

    You great big beautiful star




    "Attention, attention, ladies and Gentlemen thank you fro coming this is a dress rehearsal thank you for coming but WE WILL BEGIN THE SHOW AT THE RIGHT TIME NOT YOUR TIME OR MY TIME BUT THE RIGHT TIME> THERE WILL BE NO ANNUOCEMENT WHAT SO EVER >>>> SO TAKE YOUR PLACES THE SHOW IS ABOUT TO BEGIN"
    with love for the ground crew

    1. Thank you :-) <3

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    3. Awesome, beautiful, brilliant ! Thank you Rob ; )

  6. You are very talented&knowledgeable Rob, thank you! :)

  7. Thank you for the updates and information. I listened to you on the new Program "The Shift".. excellent interview. I am so looking forward to the Shift and the World being filled with Love.

    1. The World is filled with LOVE NOW. Do not "look forward" , look within, it's there, it's here, it's who we are. Beings of LOVE. Let's be impeccable with our words and get intimate and conscious of the expanding LOVE within. Know that when you imagine something in the future it will the future. Merge it and the past into the NOW ; )

  8. " And that Love will soon overflow our planet and set it free.

    Be aware of that fact when you make your decisions."

    Thank you so, so very much. This is just the kind of clarity and encouragement I need right now as so much in my life has been turned upside down in recent weeks.

    It's all about the love.
    That's how I discern what's what: the love.
    That's why I work hard at what I do "down here": the love.

    This is what I needed to remember so that I can be sure that I do what I do from as clear a place as I can be: "Whenever we connect with our Soul, we enter a reality where the Cabal can not reach us with its tricks."

    I have to say, my Soul has asked me to do some pretty crazy shit, but everything out of love and out of love as the 5D+ sees it. Sometimes that looks pretty backwards to the programming down here.

    With deep gratitude for this post,
    Calliope aka Karin

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    2. Again on this point, it's not "down here". The "programming" and your higher conciousness are both within, love the programming out of existence, recognize how it served you through all your "crazy shit." Disconnect the wiring of the finite intellect that is making that judgement and reconnect through the heart ~ we love, appreciate and are grateful for your crazy shit ! The path of ascension is within ; )

    3. Thank you, JOKO311, good buddy!!

      And Kochece -- you are right. It is not "up" and "down" or "high" and "low" from that perspective, just from this one! :)

      The crazy shit has all added up to total goodness from the perspective that is without time and dimension -- I kind of have to understand that I am one of those who came here on purpose at some point to be a system-buster. While total free will may not exist here in this place I am in now, it sure did when I made the choice to enter this reality, at whatever point that was. So I get that to look within and follow that path within is the key. For me, it has been like peeling away the layers of an onion.

      I'm working on this part: "Disconnect the wiring of the finite intellect that is making that judgement and reconnect through the heart..."

      I really like what ideas this sparked! "love the programming out of existence"

      Really nice way to put it, and it has given me a good image or metaphor to continue to do that! :) Thank you.


    4. Thank you CtM ~ Those of us who have been compelled to shine our Light in spite of the compliant ones refering to us as "crazy" can now where it like a badge of honour and courage ~ because we are "renegade system busters, on call 24/7" ; )

  9. Potts, thank you for your wonderful post and song... :D

    Calliope, you've chosen a Gk name for a nick. I don't know whether you're really Gk or not, and your nationality is not that important. To me, you're Greek where it counts (in spirit) and most of the time, I love the way you process things.. ;)

    I'm out of Athens right now, on a short vacation, so access to the net is not easy. Although I don't miss the net, I miss you guys.

    Signing off with the 3 huge L's : Love, Light, Liberty.


    1. I'm TOTALLY Greek in spirit ;-), and have had a couple of dear Greek friends. I'm actually Scottish by heritage (this lifetime -- who knows about the others!! Maybe Greek in one of them!). :)

      I wrote on my blog why I chose the name. I like that she is one of the muses, and especially the muse of epic poetry.

      Love, Light and Liberty to you, too, dear!

  10. Thank you for that Cobra :-)

    This is an old blogposting from me...

    After reading the update from Cobra it maybe relevant to you or others. It's a little ritual I got from my Higher Self/I am Presence and it's about connecting Heaven and Earth and Left and Right :-)

    Sadly it's in dutch and I have not the time to translate it...But maybe if you try google translation...???




  11. " KOCHECE " ~ ( Cochise ) Fearless Apache Warrior of the Light who ultimately forgave the "white man" by accepting him as his brother...for they did not know ; )

    1. Thank you for confirming what I had suspected! Cochise was a great man.

      "Angelsea" -- from the song by Cat Stevens ("Catch Bull at Four" - 1972?) -- I ought to post the lyrics at some point. I find them to be very Goddess. I adopted this as my internet ID after recalling that my first boyfriend gave me that album as a gift and told me that the song reminded him of me.

      LOL, btw my "given" name is Debra (variation of Deborah, Hebrew for "bee").......

    2. Sweet. My given name is Tracy, variation of Theresa, Greek for harvest ; )

    3. ( A work mate started calling me "Kochece" a few years ago due to my relentless and "fearless" activism and it caught on with those in my community who appreciate my light work, while those who don't call me "crazy" ~ I'm good with either because I know who ~ I AM )

    4. And it suits you very well! Everyone who knows me finds me a bit "loony" and I kind of like it that way!

  12. Google "astronaut spiritual experiences" this article prompted me 2 those keywords as sort of looking for "proof" of the veil. I know when I 1st read about the veil I felt right away that I've known about it all along, but since we live in a world where every1 wants hard facts and collaborated accounts. Hope this helps some1. Have a Nice DAY!

    1. I did, it has no results. Care to explain why? ;p

      We have many countries sending many people into space, I find it rather hard to believe if this "veil" exists in such a form that every person sent into space was "in on it" in some vast conspiracy. Especially considering the home-made nature of craft involved in the Ansari X-prize, which had a distance which well exceeded that mark.

      Sorry, but it just doesn't add up.

    2. FYI Quotes have a particular meaning to google. You might not want to put a phrase in quotes you don't want someone to search for in quotes as a literal phrase. ;)

  13. I would like to share with you an encounter I had while meditating earlier this this meditation I arrived at the esplanade of the Palenque pyramid,in Mexico,and a grand priest said to me ",look the children of the rainbow are all ready"I looked out and I saw people arranged in groups of colour in order to form a rainbow and the colours were emanating from each persons aura.The people's mood there was very upbeat , determined and ready to go,very similar to the energy on this blog,Much Love to you all.

  14. Hi Cobra,

    Thank you for this reminder and for such a beautiful, inspiring image! I will keep this image near by...Much love to you and to all the cobrassssss!

    PS- I hope the ads are helping...they're not so bad!

  15. PPS- my favorite ad...Cobra metal detectors by KellyCo! Too funny!

  16. Thank you Cobra! Wonderful post. I just realized I've been feeling "high" all day and this info didn't certainly harm that feeling. Something has changed around 8-8, it feels a little bit like I'm in a new world. With our combined effort we shall send and receive so much light that the veil will disappear into pure light! Let our light be so bright that all the sleepers will awaken to their inner light.

  17. do not send ppl to look for Love else (far) where,cobra. why u doing this?

    1. It's not very far -- only as far as withIN!

    2. In fact you wouldn't believe just how close it really is.
      It is far closer than any thought or any feeling...

  18. and NO, I'm not "new" to this blog. I love u all so very much.

  19. Hello @pottsman. I have a question. Where did you get the phrase FUBAR? I had a dear friend years and years ago in high school who we called Fubar! I don't remember why, but we did. Since than I have never heard or seen the word until now. Are you him? Terry? :)

    1. FUBAR = F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition

      ; )

    2. Damn beat me to it

    3. :-)
      They got it right i think i heard it in reference to some military movie about how the war was being run. I figured it fits. snafu is good also. i am not terry but Rob is my name and nice to meet you wishufree mefree2 is my middle name:-)

  20. Hi guys, can I have your opinion on the following link published on GFP? I do know that the opinions here are very rich.

    I´m not new to this blog, but just not publish often.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Ish, I clicked on the link.......and all I can say is WOW. I dont understand it all, but bottom line, we are rapidly entering a change, a good change!

    2. Very cool! I like this. Thank you for sharing this.

  21. Everything is going smootly. There's some ..distructions, like 'cobra' ,'drake' , ' ld' etc dou...for you to find your own way. Please do. You ARE creating now. !!! . Be aware of that,sweethearts. YOU ARE THE CREATORS. You are. I beg u to be responsible. I so love you , so very very much.

  22. PLANETARY ALERT: Harmonizations Complete… Machines Constructs Dissolving

    Gaia Portal Energy Message for 10 Aug, 2012

    “Requisite harmonization of all anharmonics in 3-5D is complete, as all negatively directed vectors have been reversed. Duality paradigm illusion is finished, as consciousness levels have increased exponentially during the 8-8-12 gate.

    Mechanical operators (machines) are quickly dissolved into the Violet Ray. Those groups of machines now consume each other as no other food is available.

    All Light aligned beings come together as barriers have been released.

    Full planetary awakening follows”

    Seems to confirm Cobra's most recent message...We Are The Mighty Victory of the Light!!!

  23. Just got this message in my inbox. It's happening :-)

    Stay grounded Heart Centered and neutral.


  24. And enjoy the Ride :-)

  25. Great and positive message Cobra!

    Really resonated with me.

    Very uplifting & inspiring, just what i needed today.

    Been a 'heavy day',--emotionally, lots of stuff to deal with.

  26. This is a beautiful Truth that is especially amazing to ponder and truly 'get'. Thank you for this Divine info Cobra! Soon it shall be as above so below in all the ways of Love.

  27. This is a dichotomy that is NOT supported by my own research, my own experience, my own understanding of life. It is a heaven/hell dichotomy. To me, it is a call to forsake our brethren on the surface if we can but find a way to get off. Is that love?

    What I feel I am being told is: WE (the ET) can love, but you can't unless you become one of us. Is that true? Are we really that incapable? That is not what I see or experience. And that is not what I was taught.

    I was not taught that we "have souls." I was taught that we are beings; that we have minds and bodies. I was taught that a being can become free of its body, and even of its mind. But never can a being become free of its promise to help those who have helped it; to love.

    Love is not a promise that someone else made to us; it is a promise that we made to ourselves. What we experience on earth is aberration and gross misunderstandings of that promise, not its abandonment.

    Love exists wherever beings exist. But so do its twisted reflections. It is our challenge to smooth those reflections out so that they are clear again, not to run away from them.

    1. Well... just don't listen to the dark ETs, mate :-)!

      I know lots of beings that don't care about them, that helped them. What happened to them? Why aren't they able to love?

      I don't see love as a promise. No need to promise anything to anybody. It is enough to live in peace and let others live the way they want to. How many of us can honestly do that?

      Love doesn't have any "twisted reflections". There is no space for selfishness, arguments or disharmony, where love is. Nothing that a smile couldn't sort out.

      Just my opinion :-).

  28. Thank you Cobra ~~~~

    I needed to hear this very badly today as allot of confusion is blasting me ~

  29. It's been nagging at me all day...did anyone else feel the warning in this message?
    Xoxo Dear Cobrasssss,

    1. Neil Kramer - The Control System

    2. The day this came out, I could not read the whole thing. Felt it was a "strange one" from Cobra and did not know why, even tho the actual words were pretty common to all lately. It was somewhat surprising from him. Too "nice". Have now come back and feel ok about it. Actually the comments the members make here after Cobra messages are as important to me for processing, as the messages he posts.

      Now, I feel this "warning" feeling is more like - just as always, we are OURSELVES responsible for OURSELVES and so the warning is to just be cautious as the Storm of Change continues. We tend to, no matter what, let our minds wander on choices. We may even feel it is our heart speaking on something and it is our complicated internal grid actually. We tend to "follow" others many times, or lean from this one to that one, when they present good words or feelings. So, we just need to be cautious as it may get hairy in making our choices while each choice or attitude is important. Agree LV!

      I do want to thank Kochece for this comment tho and the link to Neil Kramer! I had not come across him and appreciate that link. It may be "old" but a good one and the man in general is quite informative.

  30. When Love is the only Law everyone is a law unto himself.

  31. Thank you looking and overcoming
    Love Maria

  32. Thank you very much for this post and all beautiful comments.


  33. What a beautiful world/space - a universe of Love!
    Almost must cry when I read this... so touched!!!

    Cobra, thanks for this update, it's beautiful, positive and uplifting.

    ~~ to connect with our Soul Love ~~

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Theo if you had started with your last statement instead of everything above it, you may not have had to type so much. Let go of ego, worry, fear, and mistrust. Enjoy your summer, let the chips fall, concentrate on your own instinct. You are remembering, you just have not realized it. I send you love and light and healing energy for your wounded heart.

    3. Agreed. i've had many doors closed in my life, but every time it guided me to another opening door, towards better potential.. yeah the overall makeup of reality is messed up here, but you/source is still in control if you choose to.. the dark may have set some messed things up, but light/source can always come out, of anything.

    4. I had to remove the comment. After a long day of things getting dark around me - quite literally as rare thunderstorms rolled in and in some cases hail around Athens, but NOTHING except a light drizzle around my neighborhood, certain things became obvious to me and I decided the comment had to go as it was putting out the wrong vibration and allowing things to happen that normally shouldn't, not at this stage.

      Thank you to everyone for all your love, light and support.

    5. Hello Theo,
      I'm sorry to hear about your situation.
      Please Google 'p2p lending' or 'crowdfunding'. These are peoples initiatives to borrow money directly from eachother and circumventing bankloans. P2P stands for peer-to-peer.
      I hope this might provide you with an opportunity out of your current situation.
      Hugs, erik

    6. Glad u r back theo mine is gone also :-)

  35. Theo, now is not the time to give up and deep down inside you know it. And deep down inside, i know you will keep fighting on, the best way you know how. Once you've taken the path to light and upliftment, there's no turning back, so don't kid yourself with thoughts/words such as "I'm done with that"... You're not really done. You're just making a pit stop. Soon, you'll pick up and go for the race (fight) of your life. If anyone understands where you're comming from, i do.
    Sending my best wishes, good enery and light your way.
    Feel free to contact me at

    Κουραγιο και Δύναμη!


  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. From what I understand when the cosmic wave finally hits us it will change our perceptions, when you hurt someone you may feel this hurt as if it were your own, emotions are returned as if you are reflecting them in a mirror back to yourself.

      Decisions you may make even though you make them in good faith may not be the correct path.Think of all parties concerned from their point of view, place yourself in their shoes and think of all possible outcomes to gain better understanding before cementing your decision.
      It may be easier to make a mistake you could regret and feel the pain of the decision as if it were your own.

  37. Thank you dear Cobra for this post. I had asked a question last night on your interview post, and it appears you have answered it above. I have never lost connection to spirit (it was always guiding me and never allowed the lies to penetrate) Occasionally my 3D physical mind thought I was crazy, but apparently it was wrong.

    I do not see the last line in the post as a threat but more of an understanding that the earth and humanity is ok, it is being taken care of, and we should not be hasty about making a decision to leave and move on. Since our choice is to ascend back to source or stay with the earth to continue to help her, and to help those not yet awake when they are ready. Is this what you meant Cobra?

    1. Occam's Razor: "... the law of parsimony, economy or succinctness. It is a principle urging one to select from among competing hypotheses that which makes the fewest assumptions." (wiki)

      I saw klove's question up there, and now see it again down here, too.

      Here's what I think: the average human likely makes several hundred to several thousand conscious decisions per day (I've seen various numbers tossed around, but looking at the mathematics of time and the breakdown of time, it's at least a hundred a day, on a really slow day!). Tens of thousands if you count the unconscious ones.

      I am going to employ Occam's Razor here and out of the number of things that Cobra could have meant, I am going to make the fewest of assumptions and just say that it meant just this: "be aware/conscious/intentional of your decisions when you consider the fact that very, very soon Love liberates earth."

      That's it. We may find that we have to make some huge decisions with what happens in the coming days, life-changing ones. We will also have to make multiple small ones in the coming days. No matter what, big or small decisions, the underlying principle is the same: Understand love, understand that the "me" that is here is not the "real me" but the 5D Soul IS the real me and is rooted, grounded, and surrounded by love, not fear.

      In other words, it's all the same thing, the same motivation that guides all and any decisions: LOVE.

      I don't see any warning, and even if there were one, it would not change anything at all. It's still all the same thing.


    2. HA!! And I got another 44 up there. Wheeeeeee! ;-)

    3. That's how i felt the end of the post too.. we all have plans and i think for many of us, myself included, these plans are being 'updated' big time, uninstall, downloading, etc.., and that comes with big choices.. Cobra's sentence rang a bell for me, and that bell has been ringing a lot lately.. make your choice knowing that soon the situation on the planet will be much different. Instead of investing and getting comfy in that 'house', be aware that you're moving soon :)

    4. @ Eleiny, untwine, CtM and all,

      Warning was a poor word choice. I like untwine's "bell ringing" description. The last sentence of the update seemed to imply (to ME) that our ability to make love-based choices might be tested soon. Plans/routines/schedules be damned...But, that's why we're all gathered here and ultimately what we've been preparing for...I still allow a part of me to be lulled into a comfort zone and when the bell rings it can feel jarring for a moment. A little part still wants to know what?when?where?how? Details, details...

      This serves as a reminder to just BE.

      BE the LOVE, BE the KNOWING, BE the PEACE.
      All is well in our Universe of LOVE.
      LIBERATION is manifesting.

    5. oh, of course. I "should have" read much further down on all the commentors here who would have said what I just said to the first post from Klove on the possible "warning" that you all "had it covered" ;-)


  39. This quote kinda sums it all up for me, maybe others will see truth in its meaning.

    "Let us for a moment consider thought. What is it, my friends, to take thought? Took you then thought today? What thoughts did you think today? What thoughts were part of the original thought today? In how many of your thoughts did the creation abide? Was love contained? And was service freely given? You are not part of a material universe.

    You are part of a thought. You are dancing in a ballroom in which there is no material. You are dancing thoughts. You move your body, your mind, and your spirit in somewhat eccentric patterns for you have not completely grasped the concept that you are part of the original thought.

  40. If you haven't seen Pane Andov I strongly suggest it.

    1. This is what 21/12/2012 is and has always been about.

    2. I'm only 15 minutes in, but this video is extraordinary. I'm having the most interesting things happen to me -- physically, mentally -- even as I am watching it. Incredible stuff. Thank you so much Sommal and Co9 (it was your comment after Sommal's that really made me want to check it out).


    3. I say beware of Pane Andov. My partner fell for his ideas in 2010. He met him in 2011, and drove him around Sydney. Mid 2011, he let our mortgage lapse, because Pane Andov said the only hope was to move to a small patch in the Australian desert. Well, I alone could not sustain the mortgage and from the stress, had a cardiac embolism, which caused a stroke, I have not been able to think straight, or work, so we lost our house to the bank. My partner moved us to another country, and now I am alone, without my children or family, and have now discovered I have cancer.
      Mr Andov's message is not positive, as he is pushing the disaster scenario. He was taken by neg ET's. It is not meant to be a disaster, people. Don't fall for the fear. Take your power back!

    4. Good call, I agree, let us not give credibility to anyone sharing anything that triggers such fear based predictions !
      Debrah, begin to tell yourself you do not use your body for illness, it is fear that manifested in your body, in fact don't call it cancer, call it what it is, fear. Accept it and transmute it, love it out of existence, heal your manifestation from the past in the Now, with your mind, thank Source for your total recovery Now, know it's in play and take action by ingesting natural healing remedies such as


      Believe it, be well, sending you much LOVE and Light ; )

    5. Only absorb that which feels right and cast the rest aside, if it is fear based then ignore it completely, find the truth amongst the fallacies.
      His information about the wave of energy hitting Earth, from my research is correct.....there is an abundance of proof to back it up. As for the rest you must use your wisdom and discernment to read between the lines.

    6. Yes, interesting (a couple of days later) -- I can see exactly what you mean, Debrah and others, from having watched the REST of the video! (my other comment was made after 15 mn of viewing). I can see that not everything the guy was saying is necessarily a "given" and I can understand how he is fear-based and even possibly neg. ET/ED influenced. (Does anyone else giggle when they see the term "ED"? LOL. I keep imagining ET's with flaccid, ummm, "boy parts". Ha. Maybe in the terms of the Greys that is actually a pretty accurate term to use with them, hahaha.)

      Again, I think that Co9 up there has a right idea & I find this is true of me when I watch stuff that is likely disinfo or has some negative agenda to it: "Only absorb that which feels right and cast the rest aside, if it is fear based then ignore it completely, find the truth amongst the fallacies."

      From so many sources I have understood that the energy wave/lightwave/tachyon wave/whatever it is that will come into contact with the earth, is something that is happening & will intensify.

      Exactly how powerful will the wave be? I have seen/understood everything possible from pretty much nothing observable in the day-to-day level (just spiritual shifts internally within humanity) to very real physically-manifesting shifts on the planet and/or with the sun.

      I honestly just don't know, but am hoping for the best, and mentally & physically preparing for the worst. I'm trying to focus on the positive so as to manifest a truly peaceful outcome, but I think there are going to be increased labor pains in this process. It's the way of birth. Kind of normal, when you think about it.

      I use the expression "grain of salt" with a lot of this kind of stuff. I resonate and accept what I resonate with, but hold it all lightly in hand, just as I might a grain of sea salt. :)


  41. ok for those who are interested, and since we're uncovering mind control, i'd like to see how deep it runs in the music and film industry, because apparently they used the monarch programming/mk ultra victims to program us right ?

    i've been researching a bit, so apparently as early celeb victims, we got marylin monroe, the beatles, the rolling stones, to start with ?

    The beatles and rolling stones were manufactured, mindcontrolled and overfed with drugs, the shouting fans in early beatles gigs were paid actresses, the links with Aleister Crowley, Charles Manson are all over, sgt pepper's cover full of signs (mkultra victim shirley temple doll held by creepy figure with bloodstained glove with a shirt 'welcome the rolling stones' on the right, hitler's nephew statue standing in front, etc), susie atkins brought the manson famiy down with her testimony : beatles song sexy sadie : "what have you done you made a fool of everyone you broke the rules you laid it out for all to see you'll get yours yet however big you think you are", emi born out of military intelligence services, rolling stones album their satanic majesties request, them hiring ultra-violent 'hells angels' to do the 'security' in their altamont concert who murdered someone while they played 'sympathy for the devil' and a crew filmed, all of them decorated by the queen, etc etc..

    also that :
    “according to the curator, 95% of Egyptian statues and busts were defiled by early Christians and Muslims because they were used for idolatry. They looked at these as idols and taking the nose off made them ‘non-human.’”

    then in today's industry it's quite obvious (one of many examples

    what's all that madness about ?

    1. I don't know about Beatles and Rolling Stones, but today's industry is not just infiltrated, you literally can't be a mainstream superstar without being mind control victim in my opinion.

      If you are interested, the website is pure quality.
      I could start going into details but in the document, "Music Industry Exposed" almsot everything is in. I was honestly suprised.

    2. thanks LV, i've been aware of how it's been recently, but how deep it's been running for a long time is new to me..

      i think the programming in the 60s was lighter, it seems for example lennon got out after a yeah off, and started working for the light and got killed..

      check out connections between aleister crowley, kenneth anger, charles manson and others, with the film and music industry since the 60s..
      (the writer has a religious point of view i don't really go with but i'm pointing at facts here)

    3. I agree with LV the stones and beatles are not mk ultra but the hysteria an hype mentality that came from these type of groups was copied and used as a formula for distraction and "idol maker" type programs. thse kids are developed to tap into powerful talents latent within themselves. these talents are nutured and developed. the talent is real but the expression and carreer and even lyrics and song choices show formulas are contirved and somewhat controlled.
      Some mk ultra celebs tht have been reprorted by other mk ultra victims are barbara streisand.. how many times has she said she has stage fright and is reitiring only to return. Neil diamond....has had a history of pedophile rumours..the entire jackson family ..that is a mess that seems very obvious to me.... COl Parker Elvis's handler poor elvis, it is generational so look for the children to be in it.
      Epcot center underneath disney is a advanced NASA mind programming center where many mkultra families take "Vacations" and the children are given "tune ups" in mk ultra nightmare classes. The judd sisters reba mcintyre are also reported. and if the disney kids scenario is true. we got britney, jessica christina and others. These last ones are my speculation not based on eye witness but for me if the shoe fits these are victims not conspirators...there are also many reproter in local and national news inflicted with these crimes against humanity and cosmic law by interference of free will! These victims cannot and do not control their actions and many may have been removed form their bodies and what we see is a marrionette weaving a hypnotic web of deciet and lies.
      it is part of the dark and seamy underside of the NWO...let us not dwell or fall into anger or in regards to these type of revelation but rather work harder to radiate the light of understand and truth so these types of things can no longer happen on our world.
      prayer of peace and deliverence for the ictims please including OBAMA
      have no fear spirit is here

    4. yeah i agree the talent is real even when hijacked..
      and yeah it defininitely seems they are victims of manipulation, not willing conspirators..
      stones beatles etc might not be mk ultra per say, that's not what i really meant.. but there's something up with it.. a manufacturing of fame, idolatry, lyrics, energy and themes that seems undeniable to me.

      i've watching this guy's video on hollywood and the occult, sounds like a pretty serious case to me as well..
      here's a dessication of hollywood movies that's new to me

      here's some occult notions, which seems to depict some major players (i don't really take everything said in there though)

      here's this guy's youtube channel with a lot of stuff in it.. resonates to me, and fit pretty well with cobra's intels

      In his last interview Cobra started saying he's been deep into occult, i'd really like to hear more about these subjects from him.

      light love freedom abundance transcendence pleasure and peace to all :)

    5. Yeah, well NOT Dave Matthews Band. They are totally cool.

      Just sayin'. (lol)

      And they are awakened. :) Not every group or musician is a tool of the ankle-biters! There are also lots that aren't and my team uses their tunes to check in with me all the time.

      Had to insert this info so we aren't all scared of the monsters under the bed, right?


    6. and yeah please be aware that some of the links i've given above are a bit tough

      it's just to release and enlighten

      victory of the light

    7. haha yeah Calliope i think there's loads of great music out there and it's a great tool for the light too. I'm a full time musician myself :)

      and as Cobra said, some pentagon forms in DC built by the dark are currently used by the light right ? So yeah i guess some art made by dark can be used by the light.. But what i'm saying here is i think it's good to watch it as it seems to be a tool for them to use our energy for dark purposes we're not aware of.. I think by being fully conscious of the stories and our intent, light can spring out all over

    8. ahh sorry the movie link i meant to post was this one

      sorry guys i post too quick i'll reread myself more next time :)

    9. If you would like to know more about programing and control of entire population you need look no further than the "Tavistock Insitute" I will leave a couple of links below.

      Tavistock Institute Home

      Tavistock...Educate Yourself

  42. Global F.A.C.T. Radio - CONSCIOUS LIVING with Alfred Webre

  43. On this show we will interview credible guests from various fields of expertise such as authors, scientists, public speakers etc who will share their ideas on how we can raise the conscious awareness of the people of this planet

    Our special guest on our 1st episode of Conscious Living is Mr. Alfred Webre, author, lawer and judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission.

    The format for this show is an interview/discussion between the host and guest for the first half, followed by a Q&A session from our listeners for the second half.

    ***Discussing positive timelines and effects of meditation on postive timelines*** I'm listening now. :)- k


    I adore KP and maybe I'm just feeling jaded at the moment, but this quote "We wish to show ourselves to you tomorrow if the conditions are favourable" Seems like a great way to get people's hopes up ONCE AGAIN only to smash them down with the excuse of - oh, sorry, you all weren't loving enough to receive us...

    People in certain groups are already getting very excited about this. If I am wrong or just acting out of negativity, I will eat my words. Gladly. But, to me, this reeks of superiority.

    Let's see, then, what happens tomorrow.


    1. If I were you I wouldn't prepare the confetti.. :)
      Perhaps the conditions won't be to 'favourable'.

      These channeled messages really don't have ANY value. None. Zero.
      The only ones seemingly trustworthy I have encountered so far are Kryon by Lee Caroll,Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch and the Ra material from the 80's.
      From these frequent ones Matthew Ward and Montague Keen maybe, haven't been able to make my mind upon Nidle yet.
      What you think klove?

    2. Is there a page to catalogise these failed predictions?

      Like Sheldon Nidle propechising 1996 december 17 16 million spaceships to come with angels,Blossom Goodchild 2008 october 14 72 hour alien show up, Linda Dillon-Steve Beckow spacetrip february 6th this year, 4th of August 2012 ET show up, and soo many more.
      Can'T believe these scammers are still around.

    3. Linda Dillon-Steve Beckow did NOT say disclosure would happen on 4th August. I listened live to the radio show. It was said that 4th August was THE DEADLINE FOR THE WORLD LEADERS TO ADMIT TO THE PRESENCE OF OTHER CIVILISATIONS AMONGST US. After this date the Galactics would be free to Disclose to us as and when is the proper time.

    4. @LV,
      I don't have faith or trust in any channeled messages anymore. Quite a change from back in March when I was hanging on SaLuSa's every word! I do enjoy Monty's messages and I do have love for Suzy Ward, but her communication with Hatonn concerns me. Another one I don't mind reading is Michael by Ron Head.
      Regarding the message above, I'm just sad that people go through this awakening process only to discover another layer of deception. And many people get stuck in this layer. The floofy, shiny, glittery channeled messages. And those who question or try to engage their rational mind are called "negative". And yes, I know the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper.
      Everyone has their lessons of discernment and I don't claim to have knowledge of THE final truth. But, from my perspective, I see many beautiful people caught up in another web of lies and this manipulation and deceit needs to STOP.
      Someone commented earlier this week that they were starting a database for channeled messages and predictions and their results. I will see if I can find the link for you. They were pretty much told it was a waste of time, but I think it's a great service. If I had known about 2012scenario's cancelled neptune trip, I might not have lost a few months at that site.
      Let me also say, that I do not blame the person channeling these messages. They all have my love and compassion. Let me also say that this is my present moment perspective and I always reserve the right to change my perspective. ;)

    5. @kmcg,

      You're right - it was MICAH the(CAPS LOVING)GUARDIAN who gave the August 4th date for disclosure.

    6. @ LV - here is the link I mentioned...

      (comment on window of opportunity 2)

      "c0ca5a8c-c459-11e1-8248-000bcdcb5194August 5, 2012 12:41 PM
      Hey guys, I've created the backbone for a Database to be able to manage Channeled messages, and to further help us determine in the near future (since a few people have pointed out that channeling won't be necessary in the very near future). That being said, I frankly don't have the time to go through old channeled messages and classify them, nor with future channeled messages. Is there anybody interested in administering what I call the "Channeling Database"? You can see what it looks like so far (I started working on it this morning) at -- If more than 1 person wants to do this, that's fine, I can set up multiple accounts. Let me know if it's something that interests you! :)"

    7. Hey klove,

      It's a shame that after I finished the backbone I was met with alot of negative reactions towards what I thought would be something useful! The unfortunate part is, I don't have the time to be able to manage the various channelings (be it past, present or future), so the site will essentially remain unpopulated.

      The unfortunate part is when someone begins their journey towards enlightement, a crutial lesson they need to learn is being able to discern information correctly, which is a lesson that many, if not all of us, still have trouble with. There are benefits to these channelings providing false or misleading information, as it allows each of us to grow and learn lessons that are necessary to progress to the next stage of our own personal growth.

      Thanks alot for linking back to the website. Even though I can't foresee it getting any more populated than it is, I'm glad that the one or two channelings I've posted could help others distinguish between the disinformation and valid information.

    8. If everyone could contribute a record could be kept here Enable The Light if there is interest I could open a dedicated forum to keep track.

  45. I am envisioning the best and highest, yet there are posts going around that HAARP has been, or is about to be activated in a big way, leading to massive earthquakes and tsunamis that would hit both coasts of North America and Australia. I sincerely and with great respect and appreciation request of our Galactic brothers and sisters to permanently de-activate HAARP and negate any low frequencies that may have been released already. With much gratitude and love, I envision the entire world safe, stable, at peace and rejoicing in the influx of Light. Everyone, please join me in holding this vision, and send out your request for assistance in removing HAARP, those commanding it, and its effects. Much love and gratitude!

  46. Sharpen Your Sword in the Furnace Within...

    A long time ago, a good friend of mine said something that struck me very deeply, and only now, much later in life, do I fully begin to appreciate the depth of this simple statement:

    "Sometimes surrender means saying 'No' to something."

    Everyone in the spirituality/consciousness evolving community loves to talk about the truth, about surrender, about love.

    Everyone wants the pink and fluffy awakening with Angels, Crystals and Khundalini snakes that crawl up the spine.

    Everyone wants the ultimate spiritual lollipop of enlightenment.
    The is topic is perilous, because while important, it can easily distrac t you from what's important.

    What is important?

    Before we talk about anything... whether it's creating from the heart, awakening, or E.Ts and the story of ascension... you have to be willing to be absolutely brutally honest with yourself.

    Only when this ingredient is here, can we begin to have a real conversation about reality, and begin to look beyond the veil, only then can we begin to see what is actually going on, and begin to understand the deeper threads of creation.

    Brutal honesty is the willingness to face what is true, even if it hurts, even if it's uncomfortable, even if it feels like dying, because you're tired of the lies, tired of the noise and the nonsense, and are hungry for the real thing.

    It means begin willing to be utterly exposed, utterly vulnerable.

    To speak the truth one takes a great leap beyond the comfort of childish beliefs, and emotional shielding.

    The real awake ning is a love story, a fire in your heart that awakens, a thirst for truth and for the real. No matter the cost.

    On the real path of awakening, you are Buddha with a Samurai Sword. It cannot be done any other way. You need the heart, but you also need that samurai sword that cuts through the lies. The truth cuts like a sword every time.

    This is not about pink fluffy clouds and rainbow rides. This is a love song, and a battle at the same time.

    Two things get you through on this journey, an open heart, and the sharpness of a samurai willing to kill or die for the truth, out of love.

    On this journey, your mind is the samurai sword, and the heart is the hand that holds it.

    Without either one you're lost.

    Too much mind will send you into dizzying circles of mental roller-coaster rides, opinions and empty realizations that lead to meaningless opinions.

    Too much heart and you'll fly into a haze of wonder and emotion, thinking you're getting somewhere, when you're actually standing still.

    Interestingly enough, the japanese word 'Samurai' means "to serve".

    So the question now is, whom do you serve? Where is your elegance?

    When you ask this question deeply, seriously, and with the brutal honesty of a Samurai this is when the furnace within begins to burn, and the spiritual rubber meets the road.

    1. Now this resonates, thank you. "absolutely, brutally honest " ~ works for me. Sword, check, heart, check. Ready, willing and able, in service to others. So few get it from this perspective and that " it is about the journey not the destination."

    2. I went along with what you are saying, and I asked myself, "whom do I serve?"

      When I looked deep within, I found my answer: Truth.

      I serve The Truth. I want no more lies. No more bullshit veils. I've come to realize that the one thing I want to get out of this life, more than anything else, is THE TRUTH, whatever it may be.

    3. @thislittlelightofmine

      Thank you, once again!

    4. The sword is wisdom........Love/Wisdom/Compassion the correct balance will help you always see the truth.

    5. @klove
      You are most welcome
      We do seem to resonate to the same stuff

      Raymond as well.
      "The Truth What Ever That May Be"

    6. @Kochece

      Not surprised to see that this works for you
      Warrior energy... those willing to lay down their life for the cause.

  47. The path of awakening is really one samurai sword slice after the other.

    It's easy to say yes to something, with honesty and courage, when we say no, and step out into that open field where we feel vulnerable and exposed... something happens there.

    It's really one "No" after the other.

    You believe in something one moment, the next moment you realize it to be false, and you discard it.

    You identify with something for one moment, you actually believe you are some body, and the next moment you see through yourself, and let it all fall away as you plunge into the field of unknowing.

    Is it this?


    Am I this?


    Am I that?


    Every no... pops a layer of insanity off and brings you ever so closer.

    So whom do you serve? Where is your elegance?

    Is it with these dreams and tales you've told yourself over and over again?

    Or is there a mystery before you that is calling from within, that is asking you to dance?

    When a dream appears, when the next thought comes, will you chase her like you've done so many times? Only to end up in that same empty dry place, parched and hungry for reality?

    Or will you stay right here. Unmoving. In the silence of this burning furnace of the heart?

    That burning feeling, you get used to it. It's just the mind's shit being scraped off your eyes by your own willingness to stay still. This is love, and real surrender. This is the silent furnace.

    In Silence the heart speaks, all Universes arise and return from here, and from here, we can begin to see and understand everything quite clearly.

  48. Brothers and Sisters, You gotta watch this!!! Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont tells it like it is!!! Things ARE happening! Much Love to you all!!
    ((((((((((Lightworkers))))))))))))) Suzie

  49. Synchronization of Gaia Portals and Galactic Stargates Commences

    GaiaPortal Energy Message for 12 Aug 2012

    Galactic Stargates requisite for ascending species of Gaia commence process of synchronization with Gaia time portals. All necessary adjustments to be finished prior to the 8-20.

    Vast releases may be expected internally and externally from the viewpoint of individual ascendants. These will be intense, yet rapid.

    Astrophysical anomalies manifest as synchronizations occur with Star Craft traveling via Gaiaportal stargates.

    All permissions have been granted for full synchronization process.

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Big Portal activations very cool get ready for launch!

  52. some of you may enjoy this song :-)

    please excuse the first 13 seconds. i did not make this.

    1. Where are the Constellations that guide me?
      And then I realise that
      We need to use our own two feet to walk these tracks
      And we have to Squad Up and we have to watch each others backs
      With forgiveness as our torch and imagination our sword
      Well I'll tie the ropes of hate and slash open the minds of the bored
      And we'll start a world so equal and free
      Every inch of this Earth is yours, all the land and all the sea
      Imagine no restrictions but the climate and the weather
      And We can explore Space


    2. " And we can explore Space together, both inner and outer, forever." ~ Bill Hicks R.I.P.

  53. Greetings everyone, and thank you Cobra for providing this blog where we can meet and share.

    We have spent many months documenting all of the emotions, blocking beliefs, implants and imprints that we have encountered in ourselves and those we have worked on. We have just finished incorporating the newest information into our blog which includes a greater understanding of imprints and implants, along with a very extensive list. We hope that you may find this useful.

    Imprints vs Implants an Extended List


    E & T

    1. Thank you, Dear Eiya and Tet!
      Your list is mind boggling and thoroughly explains the human experience.
      Much love to you both,

    2. I don't see these as implants or imprints i see them as lessons to be learned and overcome, lessons to bring light into your life from the darkness.

      Some of these can be karmic in nature and purposely given by ourselves because we felt that further lessons needed to be given.

      You cant just command or wish your life's purpose away, if there is work to be done then it needs doing, there are no easy fixes only work in consciousness.

  54. Today is WORLD ELELPHANT DAY! :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Excellent, Joko! Dowse Away! :)

  55. Hello to you all,
    i have two news for you today:

    First, our wiki is online:

    Second, we changed Gaia some minutes ago. Infos about that are on the wiki.

    Much LaL to you all!!!

    1. Thanks Hamourapi! Reading NOW.
      Much Love and Light to you and primeBarakiel!

    2. ok, i must go down 10 minutes with the wiki...

    3. Wonderful wiki, Hamourapi. XOXO

    4. Reading it now, many thanks for this Ham.

      Blessed Love,

  56. just one tip.
    Do not trust in external sources.. like channelings etc.

    if you like the info.. then good! but do not trust it blindly.

    Trust yourself first. Trust in love!

  57. Olympic Closing-Music

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Is this the real life?
    Is this just fantasy?
    Caught in a landslide,
    No escape from reality
    Open your eyes,
    Look up to the skies and see...

    Song cuts and Switches to "Imagine"-John Lennon

    Following performance by George Michael


    1. More Olympic closing- music

      "Wish You Were Here" Pink Floyd

      So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell,
      blue skies from pain.
      Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
      A smile from a veil?
      Do you think you can tell?
      And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
      Hot ashes for trees?
      Hot air for a cool breeze?
      Cold comfort for change?
      And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?
      How I wish, how I wish you were here.
      We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
      Running over the same old ground.
      What have we found? The same old fears.
      Wish you were here.

  58. POOF for AUG 12: Matrix II

    Posted By: hobie Date: Sunday, 12-Aug-2012 17:17:50

    Bob Marley Three Little Birds

    Greetings and Salutations,

    No need to feed into all this hair on fire stuff, the folks in the rafters created the smoothest transition into the new system, possible. The Matrix locked in absolutely last sat night, some insiders still don’t know how it works yet, as evidenced by a few trying to steal recently audited and fully collateral backed account of a vip. Within secs the insiders were nailed and jailed, never to see the light of day anytime soon. This is the same back up to every receiver’s account, so no need for concern. Some hacker was trying to steal names out of the data base…..he is now in an undisclosed location. The evidence you want to ’see’ won’t happen until the word is given to start the ‘announcements’…in the east and the west. This is ’synchronistic vibrosity’ at work.

    Don’t bother trying to find that in your funk and wagnals, I made it up many years ago when I was trying to find a way to describe what I saw at work here. The old system was being taken over by a benign virus that was permeating the entire system. It would go thru every tendril of the old and reestablish the proper order of things. This is what the man was talking about on squawk box the other morning. ‘Putting the old system in a coma’. See it’s coming out now, a new system of finances is taking over. The poor bankers are getting the orders, mess around at your own peril. Wahhh, it’s really over. As they say in the southland, they just didn’t believe fat meat’s greasy’. Oh well. Adults are not keep repeating themselves over and over. Don’t know how many congress members will be returning from their vacations. The proper authorities, have already been called and are on ‘alert’. Don’t worry about a thing. You will be advised, don’t get ‘creative’, not necessary.

    This is about global peace and the folks, who can’t handle the new paradigm, will be departing in various ways, and leave the rest of us alone to pursue happiness. Politics is politrix a game for the plutocrats, the people are just serfs to farm for them. Now they are angling to get the rest of what you have so they can order cuban cigars direct. ‘Discussions in quiet rooms’ is what the man said, because ‘you wouldn’t understand’. Use the good sense the lord gave you in the coming weeks, your paradigm is being shifted for you because you had little knowledge of the way the plutocrats have been working you, using patriotism as a dog whistle so you would stick with them. Shades of ‘1984′, with lipstick on the pig. When you get your pack, turn your back and walk away from them, you don’t need them. If they mess with you, they’ll find themselves in an undisclosed location before they can say, ‘jack robinson’.

    The moment is up for us and the nice lady is readying herself to announce the revals around the world. She will be joined by others so no one ‘poops’ themselves. Good luck and have a wonderful future.

    Love and Kisses, Poofness

    1. Thanks for posting Victory!

      lol..."She will be joined by others so no one ‘poops’ themselves"

    2. if we can avoid people pooping themselves, all the better! ;)

      thanks for the new Poof! :D

  59. Comments at 144! 44 and 144 is popping up everywhere I look,even more so than a week ago.

    1. Ive been seeing 1111 & 1212 on a daily basis, for some time now, although its been 444 for me and has only been in the last couple of months.

  60. We create our own reality. The Truth is whatever it may be.

  61. "China Launching Gold Backed Global Currency!"

    1. This has been coming for more than a year now.....they finally got it together.......the B.R.I.C.S alliance seems to be making some ground. : )

  62. Hallo Cobra family:-)

    Does anybody have any experience with this product ( I was told it is as so important as penicillin(?)):

    Thank you!

    1. These are the people behind this product.

      Are these the kinds of people that you believe will put a genuinely good product out into the marketplace? Are these the kinds of people involved with the old matrix/paradigm that we are trying to break away from?

      These are the questions you should be asking yourself.

      Now, I will tell you what I did in response to your question about having experience with this product.

      1. I clicked the link you gave to the slick promo video/

      2. I asked my Elephant if this product was coming with a Light agenda = no. A dark agenda? = yes.

      3. Because of the YES answer to my dark agenda question, I googled the product name, found the website, went to the page you see I have linked to here, and checked out the people behind it.

      I don't personally want a product that is created/promoted by people with these backgrounds, that my Ellie tells me comes with a dark agenda.

      Of course, I am not suggesting others think my way about this.


    2. Ourspiritualwealth,

      thanks for your time and effort...:-)

    3. You're welcome, Knowthyself. :)


      Having read back my earlier answer, I just want to add that I'm not suggesting there is something actually amiss or wrong with this product, but rather that there may be.

      In the same way that, for example, the Big Pharma products have issues of safety and efficacy, and there is a terrible agenda behind those. That's really what I'm getting at here.

      I'm aware that not all that glitters is gold, so to speak. :)

  63. Hey everyone,

    Just finished re-listening to We are the World by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie,

    If this doesn't bring a tear to your eye, I don't know what will :D

  64. Cobra... can you please educate us on the subject "Return of Phoenixes daughters"?

    At the end of the closing ceremony it was clear message to the masses that it really was an ritual of some-kind of Phoenixes daughter returns... Can you comment on that ? was I imagining all that?

    Light and Love to all you kids.

    1. First I've heard about it on Dec. 14, 2011 from Anonymous that was on the radio show with David Wilcock

      Anonymous: The things you’re talking about, a lot of things will be discussed about the Asian situation next year.
      But there are many Dragons that are interested in the phoenixes rising, the daughters of the phoenix is coming back again and the folks listening will know what I’m talking about.
      They’ll know that for 100 years or more this has all been planned. And that the naughty boys will have to take their lickings. The accomplished number of 505 will really make the lot of the world far more sensitive. And they’ll know when I say that how serious I truly am.

  65. Uplifting of Earth has been finished 9pm Berlin time.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Pentagon informs Netanyahu there will be no greater Khazarian empire.

    Benjamin Fulford August 13, 2012

  67. Not meaning to rain on anybody's parade here, and with all due respect, there may be evidence that HAARP has been at work and is amping up. Any benevolent beings able to put a stop to this, please, would you mind shutting it down before they can do any more damage? And why was Japan's quake allowed to happen? I thought you guys were preventing stuff like this. Please do step in, we would greatly appreciate that! Trying to focus on love and light while the world burns here.

    1. IF you get a chance listen in to this radio show:

      Ashtar talks about why the Galactics have the power to intervene, but don't just do it willy nilly.

    2. @Lily
      This what you mean was not HAARP as we mean it. I don't know, what it is, bit ellis care about. Please keep us informed. Thx.

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    5. Thanks for the replies, everyone! I posted those requests for assistance from any ETs/EDs who can help because it's getting rather intense, there is a young man named Mitchell Coombes on Facebook who claims he is a hacker and hacks into fbi files, and knows when they are about to turn HAARP on to accelerate and amplify earthquakes and other natural disasters to many magnitudes beyond what they normally would be, ensuring massive destruction. He said that he found out that the cabal were planning on doing this again sometime very soon. He warned that Japan would be hit on 3/11 about 5 days before it happened.

      I'm putting out a call for help from sources who have abilities far beyond mine. I mean, how does a group of citizens stop a war machine like that, so heavily guarded? They don't listen to our phone calls, petitions, protests, they continue to do whatever they please despite our protestations. This, if it is a real threat, is a serious issue with global consequences, and if ever there was a time for intervention, this would be it.

      I don't understand why the disaster in Japan was allowed to happen if the ETs/EDs are so concerned about us and the release of radiation, that really seems like a big one for the Galactics to have been involved in helping prevent. Maybe they can only do so much, or maybe they had even bigger issues to deal with at the time, idk. I'm not being ungrateful, just very concerned and a bit confused.

      I appreciate everyone's suggestions though, those are useful ideas and yet, I strongly feel that if something like massive EQs and tsunamis were to result from another go with HAARP, if what Coombes is saying is correct, it would make Japan's disaster look puny in comparison. Please do not go into fear, this may be of no consequence, but if it is a real danger, I hope someone, (Cobra?) somehow, can alert our Galactic friends before the fact and that they will decide to step in.

      Blessings of peace, freedom, safety and joy to all and much gratitude to all beings, including each one of you, who does whatever they can to help manifest these blessings.

      Meanwhile, keep doing those Sunday meditations, I know they help a lot.

  68. @Lily
    You are right. It is the NEXRAD/HAARP technology that is creating the drought.
    Here is the best documentation I could find, that corroborates what I know from Source:

    ADD to that, I have personally witnessed at 3:00 to 4:30 am the chemtrail criss-cross spraying, many, many times during this "2012 unprecedented drought".
    Easy to see during half-moon to full moon.
    By sunrise in the morning, the dissipation looks like long streaked and wispy clouds
    By 10 am the sky is overcast
    There is NO precipitation.This has been drought in these states since winter months with very little snow.
    The stench of what they are spraying is similar to chlorine odor mixed with rotting fruit,
    a sickeningly sweet moldy odor, followed by these symptoms: tightness at the base of the throat, a feeling of intense dryness in the eyes and nose, and a sudden headache.
    TAKE VITAMIN D3 to protect yourself from these chemicals and absence of natural sun Vit. D!

    And here is a documentary of chemtrail investigation:

    If you can stomach these detailed images, there are plenty of scientific examinations to prove this atrocious practice by the dark cabal here:

    How does this relate to the water company?
    First, did you know that several illuminati families have attempted to control water rights in Central American and South American rain forests?

    What would we do without clean water? Think about it.
    How much would it cost to purchase water if it suddenly became scarce?
    Answer: anything we have, because it is a basic need of survival.

    Second, did you know that board members of the water companies in the farming regions of USA decided in January 2012 to offer third-party insurance to homeowners for the water line from the street to their homes?
    Do you smell a rat? Maybe a few thousand of them? Guess again.
    How did the board members know we would have a drought this year?
    Do you think they might have been informed by NEXRAD of the intent to create a drought?

    Third, I won't even go into the number of articles in the local paper here, circulation of 3,000,000 people, about the expected increases in food costs, fuel costs (already both rising), across the board costs due to more meetings taking place about this "natural" disaster.

    It sickens me to go outside and see the earth splitting 1inch cracks in the ground; beautiful, mature trees dropping healthy branches because the wood is too dry; people's vegetable gardens shriveling up to brown wispy ghosts of plants; birds and chipmunks fighting over the last remnants of a puddle in the forest.

    This morning was the last straw for me. I turned on the garden hose, one I've had for 5 years, and this foaming froth spitting out the hose bib stank like formaldahyde and bleach. 
    This was straight from the city water supply. This is what we are drinking. This is what we use to bathe our babies, or clean wounds of children with scraped knees.

  69. @Lily, cont'd)

    The Ellies can access the upper Levels, but some of the dark's minions are like mice on a wheel. They don't know that they can stop doing what they're doing. So it is up to people operating on the 3rd Density to work from the grassroots up.

    RESEARCH THESE THINGS, and make contact. Be persistent and keep good records of your phone calls and letters/emails so you are empowered when you contact them again:

    Board Members
    Date NEXRAD STATION(s) was/were built in your STATE/  and CITY
    (remember, these were your tax dollars hard at work)

    Board Members
    3rd Party Insurance offers, posted on Water Company sites
    Date Implemented

    How to find your local TV Anchors and Meteorologists (weathermen)
    USA top TV Heads

    Lastly, share the results with others of like mind.

    Your heart sent the message and I heard/ felt that you are weeping about this.
    There are many others weeping, and feel powerless, too.

    When you connect to them, it will make you stronger!

    Love and blessings to you all

  70. @Lily (cont'd)

    Please remember to reach out to independent farmers.
    Look for farming co-ops.
    Also, many farmers go for coffee to meet up after they are finished milking cows at 4:00 am.

    Find these restaurants and talk to them about what is going on.
    Be aware that it may take more than one try to get them to trust that you truly care about them.

    When I did meet some of them during the farm crisis in the late 80's, one of them said, "farming is in our blood... what else are we goin to do?"


    1. @the333meg ~ thanks for your detailed message, great links to follow! I am aware of most of what you mentioned but dismayed at the new info you provided. We need this awareness though, so any feelings of sorrow, etc. are worth the info, for what can we do if we have no idea of what the problem is, or don't know the full extent of it?

      It occurred to me that the contamination of your water could also be due to fracking for natural gas. Especially if it catches on fire easily. Burning water, who would have ever thought! To find a source of clean spring water, you can search on

      The chemtrailing where I live seemed to cease for about a month, causing me to think that it was over, and then it was heavier than I've ever seen last Monday. Elderly friends have been feeling ill as a result.

      I hope people reading your comments will follow up and take action as well. An enlightened Master once said, "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water." Meaning, it's all good and very powerful to work in the spiritual realm but the physical realm still needs tending to! So, let's do whatever we can in both realms. It seems like if ever there was a time for all concerned citizens to take a stand in unison to stop any further damage, it is NOW and I urge everyone to please look into ways of stopping HAARP.

      Can someone please direct me to info on these Ellies so many here speak of?

      It is especially important to support your local farmers, good reminder! We are working here on getting a co-op going with them and promoting local organic food.

      Thanks again, and wishing you well!

  71. Cobra,

    Thank you for your oh-so-subtle message within this beautiful reminder.

    I also hope people remember to check past messages for understanding current events, especially if anger arises. Something is working correctly there, but then some research is needed to connect past info to the new, in order to find the balance, and correct the path.

    Thanks for your lesson, now I can go fishing.

    Love and blessings to you!

  72. All Necessary Grids for the Manifestation of Gaia Nueva are in Place…

    GaiaPortal Energy Message for 14 Aug 2012

    There are documents which may only be accessed via Higher Mind constructs, and eyes that see beyond the seen. These are documents of the New Earth, Gaia Nueva. En este momento, todas las personas tienen acceso a este. (At this moment, all people are accessing this). They may not yet possess full access, but it is building.

    Gaia Nueva comes now. Gaia Nueva is already born. Gaia Nueva is being experienced by every single person on Planet at this time.

    Grids which have harnessed the dark, are no longer. They are not needed anymore.

    All necessary grids for the manifestation of Gaia Nueva are in place.

    Patience is valued. High Vision is essential

  73. Cobrasss
    I saw a report that said david wilckcock had contact with 70 other people near london during the olympics.... he has not posted yet or confirmed this on his site and may be a rumour but this source claims that with the govt agents present ,(hhmmm good guy in the military i presume) a ship landed and 12 friendy ets stepped out and started talking to Folks. he said this has happened several times all over the world since january.... dont shoot the messenger it may be rumour but if its true its good news but create a weird atmosphere around david if so i hope he handles it correctly as he is very well known in this regard..
    lets wait and see

    1. Rob

      Where did you find this info... unable to locate it anywhere.

    2. i could e-mail it if you give me your e-mail

    3. Check out my profile for that. And I knew... that I knew you from somewhere... figured it out.

  74. Uplifting finished - 13th August 2012

    Today 9.00 pm Berln time the Uplifting of earth, solar system and galaxy was finished.

    What does it mean for the people? This for example:

    * Now, after uplifting, all people, who die, are free.
    * All bodyfunctions are back to where they belong
    * The system of resonance is working now and replaced the system of karma.

    1. Just wait for the new script of history to enter the scene and you will start to see the change. It will happen in a gradual manner to not cause too much disturbance. New scripts are loaded at midnight in the same way programs are loaded into your computers' RAM. You will feel it if you're sensitive, as the direction of events will turn at that instant.


  75. how can I subscribe to your blog? I cant find a subscribe button anywhere :( and I dont want to miss anything

  76. seeing as the International Space Station is in orbit 220 miles up does that mean the astronauts up there are living in the Universe of Love? They don't seem terribly affected or willing to talk about it.

  77. Unknown May 5 2020 - Very interesting observation. Its also interesting that you brought us back to 2012. Memories of THAT time here on this blog are more powerful than I had remembered them to be. I am unable to reply with my original account. Did you know you would be bring us back here? Is there more to your reason for this post than meets the EYE?

  78. If I wear mask can I ask the light forces to protect me ? Could pleiadians give a protocol for this ? Or is the threat not so big ? Same for "testing" what is the truth about these ?

  79. Vibrаtions of Love!
    Heаling Love!
    I аm filling!
    I feel!
    I Love you very much!