Monday, August 20, 2012

Operation Dreamland

Operation Dreamland is an operation of the Light forces to start a new Renaissance on the surface of this planet. The first Renaissance 500 years ago has been initialized by a certain positive occult group behind the White Nobility in 15th century Florence.

The second Renaissance will be started by the same occult group worldwide and will herald the final victory of the free human spirit over the forces of limitation.

Contact has been made with White Nobility lineages that were involved with the birth of the first Renaissance and might as well help with the creation of the second.

Contact made with Grail White Nobility lineages means restoration of the Magdalene mysteries as preparation for the true revelation of the Goddess.

The Resistance Movement will be the main operating force for Operation Dreamland from the time of the Event onwards. The purpose of Operation Dreamland is twofold.

First, to restore abundance to the Lightworkers. Many Ligthworkers have a belief system that spirituality means living in poverty. This belief system is mind programming from the Cabal. In truth, physical abundance is a natural expression of the beauty of the incarnated Soul and every Lightworker deserves it. The Cabal wants to keep Lightworkers away from money to hinder the progress of the Light forces. The methods of the Cabal range from relatively harmless such as paid disinfo agents posting ad hominem attacks for “Cobra taking $1000 donations”, to moderate such as non-physical negative entities blocking business activities of the Lightworkers and then to more serious such as blocking access to funds that belong to the Lightworkers or outright stealing them.

Saint Germain Trust has been established in the late 18th century by Comte de Saint Germain with a purpose of assisting the Lightworkers at the time of the shift of the ages. Saint Germain Trust will be unblocked as soon as the Cabal is removed at the Event. Lightworkers will be finally able to live in abundance.

The second purpose of the Operation Dreamland is to start disseminating true occult teachings of the mystery schools of the Ascended Masters. In the last 26,000 years as this planet was quarantined and almost completely cut off from direct contact with the Ascended Masters, spiritual teachings have degenerated and now blind are leading the blind. One such example are many channeled messages that supposedly come from the Ascended Masters or Galactic Confederation. What happens in most those cases is a genuine energetic contact, but on the mental plane the Archons come in with their technology and insert messages that look full of love and light on a first impression, but in reality are just recycled phrases.

At the Event, the Light forces will begin to reveal true teachings of Light. In many cases those teachings will be a little bit different from what most people expect, as this planet has been cut off from true Light for 26,000 years and many things have been long forgotten.

There are certain preparations for Operation Dreamland that need to be made before the Event. Some members of the White Nobility have already responded to my call, and if any more from them want to join, they can contact me at  

In addition to that, hundreds of  Lightworkers have also contacted me for that purpose, offering their help. I would ask anybody that wants to be involved in Operation Dreamland to very clearly state their talents, skills, contacts and resources that they can offer. If they can be involved in pre-Event preparations, they will be contacted soon. If not, they will be contacted directly by the Resistance soon after the Event.


  1. I find it very odd to find no comments to this as yet.

    Thank you so much, Cobra, for this wonderful information!

    1. LOL, and I guess "seventh time's a charm" for getting the "captcha" thingy right. Either those are getting harder to read or my eyesight has worsened!

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    3. they have definitely gotten more cumbersome

    4. Although worthwhile to prove that you're just Rob and not a rob-ot, right? "D

    5. @angelsea
      you were number one for this post lets see what happens next post miss smarty pants. :-o or no he didn't oh yes i did just blow a fuse.... robot status revealed 2001 a space odessy computer hal voice; " Angelsea what are you doing .......angelsea don't touch that .......what are you dooooooiiinnngggggg"......beep .........beep!

    6. @Mr. Pottsman -- well, I do see that you grabbed a "444" below! Perhaps that's a good sign for your offer of help!

      LOL, I was just whistling here saying to myself "Hmmm, there's no one else around --- do I dare be the first commenter?"

      LOL, thanks for the chuckle!

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  3. Sounds good

    What's a lightworker ?

    1. Isn't everyone a lightworker ?

    2. i dunno maybe?........ except people with little shark water splashes that look like archons about to eat an innocent little baby on a yellow floatie thing as their avatar. yeah we are all lightworkers except those people.... I am sorry unt I could not resist I am so laughing my @ off right now. I miss you bro and cant wait to see u in the states.

    3. hahahaha miss you too mister bro

      But nononono i want the cash man i'm a true lightworker maaaan

      I got a collection of miniature boats

      I can play a few notes of good effect to pretend i can play piano

      I can get some girls

      I broke the ceiling of my classroom when i was a kid as a rebel act against the cabal

      I can do a camel in chinese shadow play (no joke)

      I'm good with cats

    4. untwine ~ some people are Light Holders, motivated by NATURE, they Light their spaces, carry high vibes, emit much love, and are conscious imaginators. Some are Light Warriors, motivated by COMPASSION, they are active ego annihilators and passionate visionaries. Everyone else is an evolving, motivated by LOVE ~ Light Worker.
      ( Unless of course, they're not ; )

    5. @ untwine

      "I'm good with cats"

      I am so LMAO right now that I cannot even read the rest of the comments!! *wipes tears of laughter away*

      Calliope the Laughing One

    6. Yes, CtM...Untwine's cat comment made me laugh too.

      I think the RM might prefer his skill, "I can get some girls."


    7. "I broke the ceiling of my classroom when i was a kid as a rebel act against the cabal"

      The moment I laugh at your post, YOU ARE TRULY A LIGHTPOKER hehehehe good one!

    8. Oh Untwine this just made me laaaugh so hard .. Tears of joy.. Thanks :)

  4. Great update Cobra!I don't think I have any skills in this area,maybe my skills are blocked but always spreading the light.

  5. Operation Dramland count me in i would like to work with healing chambers and Scalar and Tachyonic field sciences. I would also like to organize and create artistic musical light show experiences to coincide with these scalar fields that we can resonate with and share our group focus and intent into healing our earth mother.
    great post.

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    2. We are all blessed I have to admit I am excited. I think a lot of my friends look at me like the Randy quaid character in Independance day that was abducted. No one believes him least of all his long suffering kids! They think i am in my own little dreamland and one day I will give up trying to share Truth. If they only knew. If they only knew. I am feeling chipper with a dash of humour today. joko your in keep a bag packed by the door. ........but dont put your toothbrush in it we may still have a ways to go!!! hahahahahahaaaaa
      the patient one .......yeah riiiight NOT
      Victory to the light

    3. Hey Rob,
      but you remeber, that all this "ant-things" are peanuts comparing with your own elephant skills?
      Much LaL

    4. @ham i have not forgotten my ellie check out my profile pic just for you

  6. Hello Cobrasssss.

    I liked this one better... THANK YOU.

    The only part I did not like, ( actually it made me to screeeeam !!! ), is the part of Light Warriors living in abundance.... AFTER THE EVENT?! WHY? By then, everybody will be living in abundance.
    How I wish, that The Ascended Masters ( and the others), would start DOING something for their Earth Allies BEFORE THE EVENT, and help ALL the warriors to have the money NOW - NOT later...
    That would make many other Lightworkers to get out from the closet.

    I am asking THE ONE to protect YOU ALL, day and night.

    1. Very many unbelievable things happened and will happen before the event, to make it possible. The event is not "falling from heaven". It's the result of hard work.

  7. Hye angel I Sooooo hear ya...
    i think by being poor we are building character????......just kidding or maybe we are just playing out the inevitable death throes of selfishness until we all start to create another way organically on our own and not pay attention to the god of money.
    No mean it maybe we can have an economy revolve around healing health and art. Less attention on consuming and more on relationships. Hellloo out there? I know we all want that but it seems so much is supporting and attacking this type of thinking and awareness. We really have to push ourselves off a steep and perilous cliff into new context of realizing that a good heart space IS abundance and not climbing and endless ladder and wheel of "Work work zobify work tv traffic sleep work "(not necessarily in that order) :-) . I think we can i think we can i know we can i know we can.... I gotta go back to work in the morning so I better get off to dreamland now catch yall on the flip side....
    the worker bee

  8. I would like to help , I work in energy healing. thank you Cobra.

  9. I am ready. I leave this energy print to contact party. Lets free this world once and for all. You know how to find me.

  10. I am wondering about the "Renaissance" movement in the middle age having been an agent of the true Divine Wisdom. They promoted separation from one another by an emphasis of the mind. All of a sudden, everything could be seen in a box. This is documented via the new art, introducing perspective, whereas sacred art before the Renaissance was based on the field of unity of Divine Consciousness: backgrounds were mostly painted in gold, signifying this.

  11. Hello pots-man ROB!! HA HA HA... (NO offence. We're old, good FRIENDS).
    I Sooooo Thank YA for noticing me ! Thank you for THEE attention. You're very funny and nice.

    By the way Cobra, there is NO doubt that I am ready - to heal, to help, to teach (in 3 languages), to protect, to support, to sing, to make people happy and fear-LESS, and... to serve THE LIGHT in anyway I can. I know I have more "lost knoweledge and talents" that are waiting to be activated, when the time is right.

    Thank YOU, and BE protected at ALL times!

    1. I think, you have much ant- abilities, and sing it well to do many ggod things.

      But you missed the main point: Learn to work with your Ellies!

    2. hye do i know in real life or virtual only?

  12. I'm motivated to assist 50 individuals via spiritual mediation during a minimum, five hour & up to a maximum, five day, intensive.
    Project : Pink Beam ~ Light Body Activation and Integration, on call 24/7, Gulf Islands B.C.

    1. That's very fine.
      But if you would lern to work with your Ellis, you would be able to help 50.000 (or more...).

  13. I would like to help pre or post event. Communications and healing are my forte. I come from a long lineage of goddesses familiar with the Ascended Master teachings. They are all that I AM. Love and Light -- In Grace You Will Abide.

  14. Thank you Cobra and the Resistance for all you do! I would like to extend the offer of any assistance I could be, in any way. Although not particularly qualified or skilled at anything too advanced or involved, I am highly empathic, compassionate and decently knowledgeable of many esoteric/metaphysical/quantum reality aspects.

    I feel my skills might be best utilized through some sort of spiritual counseling or guidance or social work in general. Or even communications or anything requiring organizational skills.

    No matter the job I would joyously, wholeheartedly accept! And I am absolutely willing to learn. I am grateful to just be considered and for an opportunity of this measure. I would love nothing more than to join forces with authentically positive light groups and aid in the healing of our dear Earth and humanity.

    Sincerely and with much love and light.

  15. I wanted to add that I had to sign into an old AIM account to post my comment, but I do not use that account for anything anymore, and am not sure how I would be contacted that way.

    So I felt maybe I should leave my current email address. I hope and trust the information will be safe to a certain extent on a site such as this.

    My email is

    Thanks again!

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  17. I wanna help. Pete: Heavy Equipment and Truck Driver

  18. This is almost totally off-topic, and then again not. I do hope that clicking on some of the ads is helpful in some way to Cobra. (Is that how it works? Or is revenue generated just by them being here whether or not they are clicked on?) What is funny is that my son was just here complaining that the wi-fi signal in his room is horrendous and I told him that I'd research how to boost the signal. Lo and behold, here is an ad for Amped Wireless high power wi-fi router and range extenders!

    I thought perhaps I was pretty lonely in feeling the financial strains and pinches but I guess that's not so. I do feel that much of the worsening I've gone through lately is in a sense training -- perhaps my Higher Self is showing me how little I can get by with? We were being pretty wasteful here in many ways (I feel this is true for most Americans). So I've had a whopping 82 cents in my checking account for a week now and payday is Friday. So what? I've got food in the freezer I can pull out and I'm being forced to be a bit more creative than usual (please note that my creativity does not extend to stealing from my employer or dreaming up ways to rip someone off, including robbing banks! The Ethics must remain intact.......). As long as I've got my internet connection, enough to eat, shelter (yes, hot and cold running water!), place to sleep, clean clothes, and a way to get to work (I guess one would say the tools necessary for doing the work) I am doing a lot better than many who are struggling. I think I'm down to the least I will have to be down to, though I've often been proven wrong :). Just learning to not be wasteful and to be grateful for all resources at my disposal, which includes friends willing to help out when things get tough.

    That being said, my skills and talents lie in the mundane areas of accounting/bookkeeping (bean counter, lol!). I've felt for a few years that I could possibly be of help in restructuring the financial and economic areas. Just want my twin flame with me for that since he was brilliant at figuring out where the money came from and where it went -- truly forensic accounting, no Arthur Andersen stuff here -- Ethics above all......).

    In the meantime, I do feel that I am where I need to be for whatever happens when. Higher Self always manages to let me know when it's time to move or make a change.

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    2. I imagine the adverts on this site are PPC, Pay-per-Click...which means we would all need to be clicking on them in order for any revenue to be generated.


  19. The Future of the Matrix - We are a Fractal of the Creator with Drake Kent Bailey

    1. whoa! same Drake voice as "the previous Drake" voice? Same guy! Yes it is, voice uses same cadence and everything. He is revealing his alchemical type roots! ha, not done listening as yet. At first I thought you were really nutty Kochece but this is breaking news if same person and interesting news even if not... this is strange. BTW - love your dedication page to the kids - wonderful. it's the kids ;-)

    2. Yes, that is the same Drake. That show is actually a continuation of the first interview with Alfred Webre on Monday 8/13/12 on a special program on Drake's radio program. This one is excellent as well.

      Drake does talk about these things on his main show but usually only if directly asked about the subject in the Q&A session, i.e., the Matrix, remote viewing, ETs, telepathy, 5th dimension, ascension, metaphysics, Mayan calendar, etc. Apparently, they had been working on a metaphysics/ET/ascension show with these subjects for a month or so. I think he should interview Cobra - now that would be great! This is not that strange if you listen to all his shows or just the David Wilcock interview. What is strange is people saying Cobra is putting out more "negative" info lately while this might be labeled Drake is putting out more "positive" info. Strange indeed. And strange days ahead ...

      Join us for a 2 hour program that will awaken you beyond all expectations. "Drake" has a discussion with Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd on the subject "ARE YOU ON THE CATASTROPHIC OR POSITIVE TIMELINE?"

      The countless number of you who have been following or listening to Drake are are about to find out that there is a whole lot more to him than you ever imagined.

    3. Hey Sarana, thanks for your comment on my dedication page to the wise young beings, I intend to get back to finishing or adding to it. Cheers ; )

    4. Thanks for pointing this out. I've posted it to my FB page and am wondering if anyone will actually pay any attention to it or just say to themselves "That Deb is such a nut case and here's more evidence so we'll just ignore it." Or start to listen and say "OK, what can some redneck have to tell me that's of any importance? OMG, he's talking about ETs, stop the video!" I've had one friend at work ask me "What were you blabbering on about on Facebook this time?"

      So, I suppose I'm sticking my reputable neck out with these things but figure with enough "saturation bombing" maybe a few more will start to pay attention.

    5. Woohoo, Guardian, thanks for the post. I have been an avid "Drake follower' for many months, since his April interview with David Wilcock, although lately, I haven't tuned in, although I still have plenty of toilet paper! And thankYou, Kocheese for the above interview also!
      ~~~and I dont think that folks were saying "Cobra" was negative, as much as they were saying its harder to "sign on" because the little things that prove you are not a robot are getting more cryptic!

      Victory to the Light!


  20. I would gladly help in any way possible way. I have spent over twenty years in the building trades. I am very interested in assisting with the free energy upgrades to all our homes. But will gladly serve in any capacity. Love and Light

  21. Great news and I would love to help in the movement, I have spent the last 30 years trying to convince people our world is upside down on many different levels.
    I have many intutitive and psychic episodes,knowledge from a young age that was not learned that is beyond comprehension, I am considered a possible indigo and recently developed the ability to spot and be attracted to indigo children and help them and their family.
    Wide knowledge of alternative theories as my research started at a young age, it escalated when I got the call 4-5 years ago to ramp up my learning.
    Empathic, Compassion and an ability to help kids, organisational leader or counselling would probably be my forte.
    My main wish though is to be one of the Earth spokesman/laison people with the arriving ET's.

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  22. So exactly stated here, lightworkers will live in abundance because they deserve it. Where does that leave the rest of humanity? Just wondering.

    1. Great to see you brando!

      I think this will answer your question:

      April 28

  23. TALENTS: I have great control over my mental and emotional bodies—I get less and less triggered, and when I do, am quicker at processing it. Liberation of the planet is my priority. alignment with my higherSelf is my priority. I feel/know I’m very powerful, however, still re-membering in what way and looking to apply it for the most benevolent outcome.
    SKILLS: have a bachelor’s in chemistry. worked a little over a year in an analytical chemistry lab testing for trace metals on an ICP-MS instrument.
    CONTACTS: (ana fountain)
    RESOURCES: I’m very entertaining on acoustic guitar and have a great voice!

  24. Thank you for the update cobra!
    I too would love to help:) I'm a Reiki Master and would love to expand my knowledge in the healing arts, also counselling (like most lightworkers) is my forte as well.

    Things continue to get more exciting everyday, the big event will be glorious for us all and I'm looking forward to having the abundance come to all lightworkers as well as the rest of the deserving world.
    Love and Light

  25. Sounds exciting ! Count me in fer shure ... :)

  26. (Reposting under Current Topic Comments)

    I have read many different theories involving symbolism and geometry that have been posted on some of the different forums and I wanted to share my understanding of the importance of all three of the above mentioned. It appears that those who were around in earlier times actually held a fairly good grasp on these subjects as well, and some of their architecture without a doubt reflects that… I have heard some say that they thought certain geometrical patterns were associated with dark energy or with ill intention, personally I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that, certain patterns may have been used regularly by certain groups, but they were just as often used by others. Symbols on the hand may read a little differently, the way I see it the alphabet consists of symbols that are related to a certain sound, words made from that alphabet create not only the combined sound of the letters but also represent one of several definitions depending on the context used, a sentence of those words represents a direction or idea, a paragraph represents the statement or theory of ideas, etc… Alphabets and Words require interpretation and imagination by those reading them; this can lead to the same paragraph of sentences having multiple possible definitions depending on the context they’re used in and the soul that’s creating them. Symbols, on the other hand, usually represent a fairly defined set of ideas and emotions, something which is much more difficult to misinterpret. Try and look at it like this, let’s say you want to express something you feel toward a significant other, saying the words “I love you” could be taken one of an endless number of ways depending on the circumstance, the environment, the mood, the tone, etc… Take the same two individuals and one of them quickly draws a heart in a frosty window or something similar while passing by on a walk, the idea has been expressed and understood with little to no room for misinterpretation… Symbols have been used by many groups and societies since the beginning of time, some of the symbols created may stand for an entire collection of ideas such as a Country’s flag, or something as small as the love shown by a heart… Misinterpretation of languages and the intent felt by excerpts from them has led to war an uncountable number of times throughout the past. Some of our older languages were built around this concept and tried to incorporate the additional potential of symbolism and the emotion expressed by using it, yet some of our newer languages have failed to take advantage of some of these ideas and have removed almost all the symbolic characters from use...

  27. (Reposting under Current Topic Comments)

    This should be a good spot to bring up how crystals play into the whole equation, quartz is a crystal that has been understood to record sound and emotion to be looped back over time, this is something that you don’t hear about very often, but has been observed by many credible scientists over time… One has to wonder, if we can record sound and picture onto magnetic ribbons or discs, then why are we unable to record sound and emotion into a piece of quartz to be played back upon demand? Or are we? Quartz is something that exists in many different areas and environments, could it be true that our entire existence has been recorded as we experienced it? The subject gives a whole new meaning to the idea of being “a fly on the wall”… Crystals are a powerful item that many think of as insignificant. Crystal healing, by example, is something that actually works and returns obvious results, yet many hold onto the belief that it is that way because those who are using it believe in it, not because the of the physical properties of the crystals, the self hypnosis theory. But this is not necessarily true; you can easily hear or feel the power of a charged crystal with little to no effort if you like. Try this, while listening to a recording of a very low set of hertz frequencies on some headphones pick up a piece of charged quartz and bring it close to your “third eye,” you will physically hear your perception of the tones vibration change as you move it close to your crown chakra. Another example you could try is setting a charged piece of quartz on one of your chakras while meditating, you will begin to feel your skin around it “twitch,” you’ll physically feel the crystal’s energy being absorbed into your body, this is another interesting result that can quickly open one’s eyes to the real power and true potential of crystals (both of these examples are reactions which may not be properly observed until you are in a fully relaxed state, so if interested I would suggest attempting these after having completed your usual meditation or other form of relaxation). Now here’s where the subject of Geometry comes in to play, the fact that crystals refract light and act as a natural amplifier for certain types of energy is something that has been well known, but the fact that the proper alignment of crystals in specific geometrical patterns create unique vortexes of light is something that many still choose not to believe… This is something which is most definitely true, the energy is a type that can now be measured using different technologies we already have, many who have studied it refer to the energy being emitted as a “multi dimensional energy or light,” this has much more to do with some of the different pyramids around Gaia beaming visible fields of light out of them than one might think. Let us ask ourselves this question, if a group of crystals that have been correctly aligned into a triangle or a star pattern results in a unique type of energy being emitted, then how about the right set of crystals being aligned properly into a 3D object which is built using many more basic geometrical shapes also containing the properly aligned crystals, such as a pyramid? There is good reason pyramids have fascinated so many for so long, there are not only objects of great size and beauty, but objects of great power and potential as well, an understanding that was held by many of our great civilizations who we think of today as lacking in “technology”… So personally I would never say that a certain geometrical pattern represents any specific set of ideas or any specific group, but that the geometrical patterns are something used in the symbolism as a result of their significance as tools to any party interested in harnessing the light, no matter what their intent may be…

  28. Thank you Cobra for this very interesting information, although that It seems like Greg Giles blog, needing for volunteers to their suppose projects. Anyhow I’m very willing to extend my help of what so ever I’ll be needed and qualified. GOD BLESS… us all his creation.

  29. Hi Cobra, you know if I am not already doing enough to assist, and there is more yet that I can help with, I'm here.


    1. Making Bacon Sandwiches. (Angel Food)
    2. Making cups of tea. (Angel Drink)
    3. Eating chocolate and cake. (More Angel Food)
    4. Walking from the PC to the fridge. (Angel Sport)
    5. Laughing at jokes, including my own. (Angel Medicine)

    I'm sure I have lots of other skills, but clearly, these are the most important ones.


    1. hahahaha, I laughed out loud reading this one - make sure you make some angel food cake! :)

    2. Great!
      And it is so 100% truth. That's whow the Ellis are!
      But they will not belief, i suspect...

  30. Quite interesting information from Ben this week

    Frenzy of murder, attempted murder and threats of mass terror are all part of cabal death throes

    Posted by benjamin
    August 21, 2012

    On August 10th, Dr. Michael Van de Meer, AKA Dr. Michael Meiring, died in his sleep in extremely suspicious circumstances. Dr. Meiring was a very private individual who had to change his name to Van de Meer a few years ago after getting unwanted publicity when his legs were blown off by a bomb he says was placed by agents of George Bush senior and his Nazi cabal.

    Dr. Van de Meer died immediately after being sent $750 billion worth of bonds from the same batch as the $134.5 billion worth that was illegally seized from two Japanese diplomats in June of 2009. He was planning to cash them on behalf of their Asian owners in order to finance a new international economic planning agency. De Meer was in robust health and full of plans for the future in a conversation with a White Dragon Society representative that took place only hours before his sudden death.

    Meanwhile, the self-described “illuminati grandmaster” going by the name of “Alexander Romanov,” was taken into protective custody last week by the Japanese police following a murder attempt. Japanese underground sources confirm that a group of Japanese hit men are actively trying to kill him. Romanov was a 20-year veteran drug smuggler who risked his own life to inform the Japanese police and this writer that a nuclear missile had been smuggled into Japan for use in a mass murder attack. The Japanese police were either hopelessly incompetent or else in on the crime because they failed to take action even after Romanov told them exactly where the bomb was being kept (inside a compound owned by former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone). The fissile material in the bomb was later used to create several smaller devices that were used for the 311 tsunami and nuclear terror attack on Japan.


  31. If this is what I am meant to be contacted for, may it be so :) my skills lie in writing, music, and poetry - essentially spreading the knowledge, love, and light of my energy. The mention of a new renaissance truly resonates with me. I'm 16 now and I have known my entire life that my purpose is to begin and lead humanity into a very powerful revolution. A revolution of love. A revolution of love, inspiration, and wisdom dissolving the negativity currently holding this planet in a constantly weakening grasp. I will help trigger a mass uplifting of souls. I don't know who I was in past lives. Judging by my dreamtime experiences with some Pleiadians who I know are very close to me, and my path in general, I may very well be one of you; a member of the Galactic Federation of Light. For all I know a more advanced I may be with you at this very now. And now I have found the exact details of what this revolution I have been planning within myself for so long will be. With this knowledge I am truly set for changing the world, as my intent has only been doing exactly so since I came to Earth. I am here for everyone reading these posts and I am here for Cobra. I am here for everyone working more than one job and the CEOs, I am here for the impoverished spirits that are so much of Earth's population, and the rich that are so little of it. I am here for the disabled and the athletes, I am here for the soldiers and the innocent, the drug dealers and the drug abusers, the robbers and the robbed, the police and the convicts, the teachers and the students, the religious, and the followers.. I am here for the rich and for the "Illuminati". I am humanity and humanity is I. The listed all are of I and I are of all the listed. I am a vessel of light and through action I will bring an awareness of this light to all of humanity, on mass scales, through music, mass meditations, speeches, books, and who knows what else. I am wisdom, I am love, I am light, and I am divine, and you are wisdom, you are love, you are light, and you are divine. This revolution has already started.

  32. Sorry to be a buzz kill here and interrupt this line of thought but Neil Keenan is filing new liens this week.

    He is demanding 300,000,000,000,000 Yen from the bank of Japan

    4,638,791,996 Kilograms of pure gold from the Fed

    5,000,000,000,000 Euro's from the European Central Bank

    And 50,000,000,000,000 Us dollars from the Band of International Settlements
    Me thinks some cabal peoples will be crappin their dacks about now

    1. I am willing to offer my assistance but I do not believe this is the right place to provide or post a resume. Thank you for the opportunity and your consideration.

    2. I assumed Cobra intended people to privately email their information.

      However, clearly, some in this community have chosen to post it here.


  33. I wonder how my art will look in 4D or 5D :)
    If an artist's skill could be at help, than I offer it.
    Thank you all

  34. "In truth, physical abundance is a natural expression of the beauty of the incarnated Soul and every Lightworker deserves it.

    Lightworkers will be finally able to live in abundance."

    Everyone deserves this Cobra. Not just Lightworkers.

    1. Without wishing to speak for those who can speak for themselves, I am 100% confident that Cobra means everyone on the planet - but as this is a community of 'light', the posting makes specific reference to those of us, who are and have been 'working' without our abundance.

      Nobody here wishes to live in a world where only 'lightworkers' have abundance, and that is obvious, IMO.


    2. Physical Abundance may- and may not have a connection with money. What cobra probably means, since we're still in the illusion of using money, this is a very good first step to all Lightworkers to feel elevated, but it's not anything to say, they have to indulge with luxurious living but to see what it likes to have the money at be able to afford the beauty that exist in the modern world.

    3. Remember, all genuine lightworkers, or whatever they call themselves, will be immediately aware of ways to share their newly-acquired 'abundance' with those who may still be in need. We do this now, after all, in whatever small way we can.

      If actual 'money' is given to lightworkers, then it will be because it is understood that it will, for the most part, certainly be used to assist all humanity, animals, etc., IMO.


    4. "I am 100% confident that Cobra means everyone on the planet..."

      Of course, I based this comment I made earlier on my assumption that the dark cabal/other dark forces, etc., will no longer be active on this planet when the abundance program/s go into operation.

  35. Hello Cobra,

    Can you please exlpain what you mean by 'the true revelation of the Goddess'?
    Are yo writing about a Goddess principle, an energy, a discarnate entity or an incarnated entity. Or maybe something else?

    Thank you, erik

  36. And another thing, People should not need Money or Currency. Anyone who KNOWS that they are on the Right track in their personal development will KNOW and agree with this "hands down." Where are you at Cobra? What's with these stupid things you're saying to People?

    1. Again, in previous comments/interviews, I'm fairly certain that Cobra has stated that money is to be a short-lived means of abundance, until such time as it can be phased-out and no longer used or needed in the society we are headed towards.

      It may be a little tiresome for you to read/listen to Cobra's previous posts/comments and interviews, if they are not interesting to you????, but I can recommend them as they are enlightening and give some more background and answer many of the questions you seem to be asking.

      And there is NO requirement for YOU or anybody who comes here to be calling Cobra's statements 'stupid'. I rather suggest some of yours could be labelled as such.

      But, I'll refrain.

      Or have I already done that?

    2. @ ourspritualwealth

      I apologise if my comments affected you in a way that you do not like.

      My comments are directed at Cobra. Please understand that. There's no requirement for you to defend Cobra, just as many others seem to take it upon themselves to do so. It almost appears as a Following at times.

      I'm sure that if Cobra feels as though he needs to be defended, he will do it himself.

      I welcome a response from Cobra, himself. After all, that is why I posted a question directed at Cobra. Because I want an answer, from Cobra.

      He shouldn't take it upon himself to be an educator and then disappear when the students have follow up questions. That's not how it's supposed to work. But that's what's happening here.

    3. @ ourspiritualwealth

      The "abundance" you mentioned that will be passed down to those in need... I feel as though this is essentially a two-class system that's being spoken about. Have you considered this as a possibility? Is that something you would condone?

      A fundamental, undeniable TRUTH, is that ALL Life is Created EQUAL.

    4. I'll re-state my earlier point, that if questions have been answered either in previous posts/comments or interviews by Cobra, it's usual for any of us may feel inclined to answer them again here for people like you who have not, for whatever reason, read or listened to them previously. We are a community, I would suggest, but not a "following". And many here choose to assist, advise and help genuine newcomers to this blog.

      You have, yourself Levi,have you not, already been offered lots of genuine care, attention and concern from some of those in this community? Those who chose to see through your extremely rude and aggressive initial posting here, and attempted to give you a 'safe' place in which to share your story - and you did so.

      I answered your comment because I felt like doing so and for no other reason.

      Do you suppose that Cobra can be expected to give each and every troll or genuine enquirer here an answer that has already been given beforehand?

      You must believe Cobra has nothing better to do, and I, and many of us here, are aware that we are all extremely busy with our various projects and efforts towards our collective and individual goals, and Cobra is surely no exception to that.

      You can dig and poke at Cobra as much as you feel inclined, but it will be like water off a duck's back, I'm sure.

      Good luck with your efforts, though.

    5. (Pevy SueAugust 21, 2012 4:19 AM

      @ ourspiritualwealth

      The "abundance" you mentioned that will be passed down to those in need... I feel as though this is essentially a two-class system that's being spoken about. Have you considered this as a possibility? Is that something you would condone?

      A fundamental, undeniable TRUTH, is that ALL Life is Created EQUAL.)


      You are quite determined, aren't you, to interpret every word, phrase and sentiment until it is bent completely out of shape.

      Can you see me yawning?

    6. Pevy Sue:
      "A fundamental, undeniable TRUTH, is that ALL Life is Created EQUAL."

      In fact this is very exactly dark manipulation! This is a dark invetion! We are not Equal. We are equal in value of the life. But thats all!

      We have three very different kind of souls on earth:
      1. The Human souls, which belongs to earth.
      2. The angel group parts, which came here to help.
      3. The prime angels, which were forced here, and shall be killed by the darks.

      This BS of all is equal was made by the darks, to put you on the human weak level, so that many of you don't awake to their real skills and to do peanut ant work! Especcialy the primes are playing in the ant sandbox, doing the "jobs" that the darks invented for them, instead of doing their real jobs!!!!

      And the angels who do all the jobs are realy pissed of this!
      (I was it too, but i gave up on this...)

    7. @Ham, there are human and gallactic souls, the helpers. All are equal, the gallactics are not above the human, they have different experiences and are generally older, at least in terms of experience. None can be placed above the other.

    8. Sorry, I should add some experienced Earth souls are also helpers, lightworkers. Starseeds do not own the manopoly here.

    9. Aradia, you wrote, what i wrote:
      "We are equal in value of the life."

      The rest is BS, sorry for the clear word. You are one of group 3. But you are equal with all...
      No problem, after the event, you will re-learn the rules....

      Oh, yes we have ascenden human souls, who help, too. They ascended before the earth got a trap...

    10. I am going to apologise in advance because I know that I will be treading on some toes here.
      I really cant see the point in this tit for tat I know you know, different values of spirit, these groups those groups, in MY opinion it is not only distracting but utter BS.

      Too many people are trying to create complicated scenarios about simple things, turning them into debatable subjects that really mean nothing in the big picture. People tend to over complicate things that are often quite simple in nature.

      There is ONE simple truth and ONE simple law, and that is that ALL IS ONE!! The semantics are unnecessary once you understand this within the fabric of your being.

      In my humble opinion there are some pretty crazy ideas out there and if we try and make sense of them all then that is time lost on what we really should be doing, and that is internal work. Some of you simply don't know when you are being distracted from the path.

      NO ONE really knows the whole truth, you can lie to yourself or become so involved in something that you honestly believe it is the truth, but if you simply break down the facts you will find that you only think you know, you don't actually know for sure.

      This is the Law of Confusion at work, it is a natural principle that is endowed upon us with a catalytic purpose, and that purpose is to seek!!

      Seek the creator!! this is as simple as it gets, we are all co-creators, creators in the learning, everything we do has one purpose and that purpose is to be the best, most ethical entity we can possibly be.

      I believe that every level/dimension/density of existence is a gradual step up a ladder(seeking)to unity, we are all individualised small sparks of the one creator, our goal is to experience, learn then overcome biases gradually becoming one in unity as a societal complex.
      Many entities with ONE goal, ONE purpose, ONE mind. A very powerful co-creator, capable of becoming a galaxy, solar system, sun/planets, using our combined knowledge to create a new experience based upon and created with our own collective mind.

      This may be a little deep for some yet others may see some truth in it. This is obviously my belief that has taken some time to arrive at and I would not consider imposing it upon others.

      This is just observation, nothing definitive, a little information to consume and digest as you will.

      There is one thing I would like to ask, if anyone can shed some light on this for me I would appreciate it greatly.

      Why do some believe that we are now entering 5D?, this is not a trick question. I have researched this very thing and have failed to find ANY credible information anywhere that supports this theory.
      The Mayans believe we are entering the 5th world, this is as close as I could come to anything this just a belief??

  37. Thank you Cobra for feeding us with the rather unfamiliar concept that we deserve some wealth. I just want the suffering to stop and to get out of this prison/cage as the trapped feeling is intensifying.
    I am wondering how a light worker could be defined? I know many who are awake/ish but are happily doing their own thing and not 'working' it as such.
    I enclose a truly superb description of vibrational levels, the illusiory definition of our reality and how alterations to human DNA have allowed the dark to shift humans from heart to gut, allowing the negative emotional control system to operate. This is the first time I have heard him use the term 'archon' and he explains their mode of operation so well. He can have my share of any abundance to compensate for all the crap he has had to put up with for over 20 years
    Does anyone know how we can help to restore our dna?
    Has anyone seen The Template, Orgional Innocence?

    1. Arcadia, and Cobrasss
      Yes the DNA can be restored. I will give a short explanation (RUH OH here we go again)
      The DNA looks like a ladder that is twisted and it a set specific length about 39.5 inches at birth when unwound and stood up straight.

      This ladder is composed of the sides and steps. The entire make up The DNA is four basic amino acids. These 4 are formed by electrical fields and form all life as we know it. These acids bond to become nucleotides which form figure 8's made up of substructures of horizontal =T's and vertical lines =I. the T's are made of sugar phosphates and the vertical lines are made of hydrogen atom based amino acids. These combinations make up the 12 billion nucleotides in the DNA.

      When you bring in a counter opposing force, event f it is a condensed vibratory frequency, damage is caused. Enter Archon and ignorant humans who destroy themselves by disrespecting the delicate balance of nature and life. In the form of HAARP, Cell phone towers, ELF, vaccine viruses, pollution, poisonous food substances, etc. and a million other things which attack the DNA not the least of which is radiation from nuclear fusion and from the sun as the protective layer of the Ozone is destroyed by fossil fuels.(not hairspray or refrigerators this is joke to mislead)

      The 12 billion nucleotides face each other to form a double helix that we know as the genetic code in every one of the 6 trillion cells of the body. To form a new cell in what we all mitosis DNA must replicate itself! To do this, the "ladder" splits in half and reforms 2 identical DNA stands of the identical sequence. When one ladder separates it becomes a Scalar field antennae and sends out a frequency to the body to "call" the necessary proteins into place to find its other half! Besides the cell nucleus there are constantly at least 8 different types of virus, 4 RNA types with negative charge and 4 DNA types with positive charge. Each pair of Viruses attracts each other to form a Bi-Pole. They do so to protect themselves against magnetic disturbance and to accumulate energy in the following manner.

      Inactive viruses are crystalline in form, but in the active status inside the cell nucleus they reveal a RNA and DNA core covered with protein. They always maintain the properties of a crystal and as a crystal they are very sensitive to high frequency sound. This is the key to shortening life or extending it as far the DNA/RNA goes.

    2. When you are born and as you grow in the process of mitosis the DNA is attacked and each time it replicates crystalline structures are destroyed. Little by little and literally DNA step by RNA step our ladder of life is shortened.! To the extent that once where there were 48 base pairs per turn at birth that by the age of 2 we only have 22. At the age of 50 you have maybe 6 base pairs per turn! So the replicating Antennae are only getting partial information for the cells replication process. Do you see? We are slowly making less perfect and less perfect cells due to magnetic disturbance and stress which is either man made or archon controlled it makes no difference the result is same.
      As we deconstruct these technologies of DNA destruction an begin to infuse harmonious sound light and color frequencies into our daily experience we will begin to restore our DNA and thus our lifespan. The DNA will actually rebuild itself and create once again complete information signals to call in all of the original light beaming from our soul or higher self and IAM presence. This living word or Logic consciousness will renew and uplift the process of cellular life. Imagine your self in down town New York or any major metropolis with all the attendant sounds vibes frequencies of modern society and industry and then project your feelings to a beach on Maui or by a waterfall near Mt Shasta or even inside the Great Pyramid and you will get the idea of the changes in feelings and consciousness that awaits.

      Ascension or healing chambers influenced by our star family and created by us will use advanced forms of technology to access the perfect and intended DNA in its pristine state.

      This science of pre-cursation and magnetic field resonance will be projected in a "NO TIME" application process that will restore the DNA to its original length, in theory. How successful and how powerful these changes will be remains to be seen. The Cabal has used this technology to our detriment so I feel we can see great results when these technologies are used for good. We will see progress in these sciences as the Cabal control groups are dismantled allowing us to fly free to our potential, after "The Event". We will be working with crystals and advanced healing magnetic's which infuse the proper sound and color codes from our overselfs' back into our physical vehicles.
      Hasten the Day Intend the Event
      Victory to the Light

    3. Your all being tricked with this fella be careful!! Look up ashyana Deane on project Camelot or get the book voyagers vol 2 to understand ins and outs of DNA and how we can fix it!! You'll also see how using the name the resistance is like a humorous joke to them but royal slap in the face for us!! The book puts all the pieces together and gives our true history also!! Sent with love to all Nikki xxx

    4. Not all of us nikki, we're here for each other, we're not stupid ; )

    5. Hi Rob,
      read above only, that you are talking about DNA.
      I don't have details, but got this:
      8% of the DNA is in polarity level 4 (only)
      33% of the DNA is in PL 5
      59% of the DNA is in PL 6

      Maybe this info is useful to someone, who know more about DNA, than me...

    6. I feel our DNA is being restored, regardless, but purification of mind and body will surely help rather than ignoring this criteria and thereby hindering the upgrade ; )

    7. Hey Pottsman! I can't wait till all my stranded DNA strands awaken! I see your information here is just what Dr. Fred Bell is talking about in his book, Rays of Truth, Crystals of Light. And btw, your friend, Untwine, is a scream! ~~he's not sure if he's a lightworker, but he wants the cash!~~and he can get some girls!~~lmao!! xoxoxoSuzie

    8. Mamy thanks Rob, great detailing, I enjoyed reading it. I think there is more to the DNA thing though, that it has been eliberately altered by other beings, star beings who visited Earth and took up the offer of free will. We are not using our'junk'(aka divine?) DNA for some reason.Take a look at the template, I think they are probably pretty sound.

    9. In fact the Ellis are healing the DNA for weeks now.

    10. Oops, I read that wrong, Untwine~~ you ARE a lightworker, and therefore want the cash~~

      Listening to the youtube of Drake that Kocheese posted, omg it is awesome!

      here it is again, my friends:

    11. i don't know what a lightworker is, i don't like to put people in boxes very much and for me all are from the light of the One, i don't know who the cash is for but i would always say yes to some if it's ethical, the rest about my skills was just joking (most of them are true though)

  38. Renaissance period is always in my mind whenever I go in the mediterranean sea. I get the feeling of having been there before. Flashes of memories. And when you mentioned it coming back, this hit me once again, my dreams of wanting to experience it all over again, is within me all the time. I always imagine myself being at the balcony, without ceiling with couple of columns with crawling flowers on them. The views are mountains and the sea... very magical.

  39. I hereby volunteer as a lightworker for the true rennaisance. My assignment should be that of style council. I am currently wearing freudian slippers, smarty pants and a strait jacket. You may contact me at

    1. Lol! You are one, you made me smile .What a great name you go by, creates cheer before you write anything. Will have to change mine.

    2. Thank you for the kind words! Actually, I wanted to change thst name, because it's supposed to be Boogiesattva (as in 'just when I thought I was out, They pull me back in.... To boogie!') I think you should keep your name (unless you got an even better one), and keep on a'radia'tin' dem good vibes -;)

  40. On another note, slightly off-topic: i really like this blog or whatchamacallit. My interest in the liberation of this planet and other related topics has introduced me to a lot of groups, forums and people during my twlve years of active searching. The battle between heart and mind, rationality and intuition, left and right brain, doctrination and inner guidance etc. has always been significant. Understandably so, seeing how dogmatic many proponents of new ageism can be. In short, there was always something missing. True integrity maybe? Enter portal2012. I must admit, I take Cobra's statements with a grain of salt. But, by his garden shall you know him. The magician worthy of your attention, that is. And you people, writing in the comments section, are that garden; the proof of the pudding. I'm eating it, though with some added salt for xtra flavor. May light and love flow unconditionally, Insha'AllAhmeNamasté!

  41. Having read this, the words of the Man who walked next to Magdalen came to Mind:

    It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

    We are all God/Goddess ... We can Create and Manifest EVERYTHING we need out of thin air... IF we follow our Heart (Jesus and the Magdalen) and our Soul Purpous...

    Money, time, food, shelter, answers, people... Divine Source WILL lead them to your doorstep or will lead you to that what you are in need for.

    We don’t need a source outside of well mean-ed and intended it may be.

    Trust and Believe your <3

    So... hihi... done “preaching” now something HAPPYYYYYY

    And a little joke:

    How do you make God laugh? Say: "This is mine"....

    In Loving Kindness,

    I AM~---~Marthe

    1. You can do that, can you Marthe? Simply manifest all your requirements?

    2. Thank you. The problem though is that we cannot just create in this reality, it is a low density and there really IS an eternal reality that comprises of many factors, including the will of other beings, some of these do not wish us to have anything. We cannot control these as yet as we are now, most of us.
      Additionally, the religious teachings are part of the programing to make us believe we are deserving of nothing/are guilty/full of sin.

    3. Hey Marthe! Marthe, or Marte, is a quite common name in norway, where I live. Are you norwegian?

    4. @ourspiritualwealth: YES all my needs are being met by and through Divine Source :-) (mhhh nice affirmation hihi)

      @Aradia:Have you ever asked if this is truth...The ONE Truth? Or is this a believe/programming you have...or toke over from others? Where, from which source does this believe come from? :-)

      What about musicians, poets, writers, all the fine arts...the architect, the inventors...they create and manifest! We also do...our body or thoughts, our Divine Light... we are a Creation and Manifestation of ONE :-)

      You create and manifest a meal...a beautiful garden, a cosey and I Created and Manifested this conversation :-)...Nature Creates and Manifests over and over :-)

      Or, if you give your attention/energy to the opposite, you create and manifest a negative reality. Thats how powerful Thoughts, Words and Deeds...How Powerful WE are :-)

      And off course the Holy Books of the World, other books and sources are consciously or unconsciously misinterpreted...Are used for repression out of greed and the hunger for wealth/Money and power. Or are mis used to create and manifest an imbalance between the Energies and an descent in Consciousness.

      But there is more for Eyes that can see...much more...

      “We” know by now that “we” are used, abused and mind and by others. That “we” are programmed.
      And now that “we” know that, its time to take action and responsibility and heal/transform that programming(s), implants blockages or what ever you might call it...Create and Manifest Balance and Harmony IN and AROUND us....and ASCENT back to our own biological, perfect and whole Divine State.

      How?you might ask...There are thousands and thousands...maybe millions of Lightworkers and Lightbearers and fellow human beings who are ready to Teach you (and others) how to do that.

      And a few of them are right here, right now on this site...happy to Serve you...and already did many many times :-)

      You just got to See it.

      @Brageboogie : Yes I know that and its also common in France....But I'm from the Netherlands/Dutch....never the less its nice to meet you...and all the others, the beautiful Souls here :-)



      P.s. Looking at “Don't worry be happy” my eye cacheted the time. Exactly 4.04 minutes long.

      Meaning of that number:

      You've made God and the Angels the center of your consciousness, which has brought you peace and everything else you desire. Ask them for help with whatever you'd like.

      Need I say more :-)


    5. MartheAugust 21, 2012 7:20 AM
      "@ourspiritualwealth: YES all my needs are being met by and through Divine Source :-) (mhhh nice affirmation hihi)"


      So, Marthe, what you are telling me is that you can manifest/create all your requirements on this planet from divine source?

      I quote you, "Money, time, food, shelter, answers, people... Divine Source WILL lead them to your doorstep or will lead you to that what you are in need for."

      If so, my question then is this:

      why is there still poverty and lack in this world?

      Surely any person with the ability to create and manifest all requirements, who was on the light side, would have been sharing the benefit of that with the rest of mankind.

      (They say the famous one you referred to earlier fed 5000 with a handful of loaves and fish. Or was that a myth?)

    6. I wrote above from the three kinds of souls incarnated on earth.
      AFTER "the event" the people of groups 2 and 3 will be able to manifest (materialize) the needed things.
      At this moment it is only able in illegal ways. But possible....

    7. @Marthe, my beliefs are secondary to my overcoming, deleting and dismantling my programing, not vice versa. Blessings x

    8. @ ourspiritualwealth:

      Not I ourspiritualwealth Divine Source. But that doesn't mean we can sit on my couche and do nothing...We all got to work together Source, Spirit and All-That-Is...

      That question I was expecting. And I YOU know the answer. So I skip that one.

      Rember>>>How do you make God laugh? Say: "This is mine"....Off course someone from the Light with that ability (or any other) would share and learn this with everyone else. If I'm such a person? I invite you get to know me and/or Feel and See my Heart and you will know.

      @ Hamourapi: I keep an open mind to that teaching/ statement. But my Heart doesn't resonate with the-three-kind-of-soulgroup.Mhhh will ask my Elli for that...and time will tell if and what will happen after "the event"...if there is one. Hey another question for my Elli :-)

      @ Aradia: Blessing to you to Aradia.

      I'm off dear people untill another NOW.

  42. Thankyou Cobra...Very happy to hear the Lightworkers will be looked after financially. I have invested an enormous amount of time and money in educating myself in Natural medicine, traditional chinese medicine, reflexology, reiki,workshops etc etc and every month it is the same...will I make my rent and bills this month!!
    Just how will they know who to compensate??? just curious!
    I would love to work with the resistance or the Galatics to improve /restore Mother earth. I am a healer but in a former life 9/5 I was a project manager so I do have good organisational skills. I am open to learning a skill or helping out in anyway.
    Love and gratitude to all for your courage.

  43. Hi again folks! I have a question, not explicitly (but implicitly?) related to the topic, but I have no idea where else to post it, so please bear with me, or even better, give me your two cents! As a child, I had a very deep fascination for the constellation of Orion. In fact, it was the only constellation I would stare at in the autumn/winter/spring night sky. Also, I remember always being surprised by how all our tools and furniture are generslly non-ergonomic. Just think of your average knife, fork, pencil, hammer, chair, handheld audio device etc. etc. Sure, they can be held by a human hand or sat on by a human rump, but they sure don't fit. They're not tailor made. I was always very surprised/disappointed by this shrtcoming of human design/engineering. Of course, the same goes for architecture and infrastructure. It works, sort of, but it does not respect human anatomy. Then, a year ago or so, I came across this video presentation, exhibiting stone artifacts found in south america. They were several thousand years old. Some of these artifacts had the constellation of Orion on them, and those that were obviously tools were exquisitely ergonomically carved (actually, it seems no one actually know how they managed to make those tools). Then today, I stumbled upon this transcript/article of the same video. I'm left with a tingling enigma. Is there a connection betweenmy fascination for the orion constellation, my ergonomic tool imperative, and these archeological findings? I would truly appreciate your input. Namasté.

    1. You can get a lot of very good info on this from this blog here:

      Go to her older posts and read her book A Lightworker's Mission. She has had an 8D Orion guide/contact in her life, and what you describe is much like her experiences.

      Hope that helps.

    2. Thanks a million calliope! I haven't checked the link yet, looking forward to. Just had to express my deep gratitude for your concern. These are indeed challenging times for empaths and people waking up to the call of the Great Work of Light. Namasté!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Joko, the synchronicity is beyond crazy for me, number 44 is at the top,daily on the hour and everywhere. I've subscribed to comments here and this morning when I opened my phone I had 44 msgs from portal.The universe,angels are speaking to us, at least that's what I'm feeling.Isn't it amazing?...ask for signs and they will keep coming.
      Great song!!!

      Love N Light

    5. Yes Yoko! This box is an oracle!
      In answer to my last post about the Goddess it said: oHisis.

    6. Holy poop, Joko! You're hilarious. Love it. :)

    7. Yo Joko! I absolutely <3 csn, cn, s & csny myself. That music is like an injection of compassion and light whenever I need it. 'carry on' is one of my all-time favs as well! Not to mention post-rubber soul Beatles. And Joni... Lovemusic.

  44. So long as I'm not peeling potatoes or standing guard somewhere, I'm in.

    1. Good to see you, Greek Dude. ;-) Glad you are back. :) I'm with you, lol. I've been doing some pretty heavy-duty covert clean-up work here in this dimension, and I am kind of tired and also fed up with the a*hole ankle-biters and all they leave behind to clean up!

      I have more to say about this post, but I have been biting my tongue since it was posted and I had a chance to think about it.

      I'm going to sneak my response in here with my hello to Theo (and a welcome back -- *hug*).

      Here's the thing: I ain't doing anymore for free. I've already been a "spiritual warrior sleeper cell" for all these years. Increasingly as I woke up to who I am, I have attracted more negative and intense attention. Now that I am awake and aware, the shit has hit the fan and things are at a rather critical juncture. It's all fine on the one hand -- because I am as awoken as I am (not that I am all the way awake by any means, else I don't actually think I would still be sticking around, lol) I understand who and what I am and where I am going. It's a part of the job, I know.

      I am still very much doing my clean-up work, however, because the System is still very much in place, and very much operational and trying its best to take me down while its shell is still functioning.

      It may be that as we speak things are emptying out, being imploded from the inside. I get that. But I am still very much stuck in the Matrix now, and also having to duke it out on other planes, plus mopping up after. It's messy and intense work. I like bringing order to the disorder, but it wears me out.

      So, I ain't doing any more for free until I am FREE, get it? Because I am kind of doing what I do for free now, hahahaha. But I guess what I am saying is, show me the goods. SHOW ME THE MONEY (in metaphoric terms -- I mean more "abindance" which may not be attached to material things at all. I don't want or need the material things at all, I just want FREEDOM). Then I will be able to volunteer more services than I am already doing. I need relief before I will have the energy to do ANY more.

      I'm a tired second wave Lightworker/Starseed who is rather exhausted from the years of intense work I have been doing to hold my part of the grid, to wake up to who I am, and to face team dark head on.

      While I would love to be of service, after all the service I have already given, I want freedom, healing, wholeness, restoration of relationships.

      Whoever it is that needs to know what my skills are, you already freakin' KNOW! *shakes head*. C'mon. You already track where I am and what I do in any given moment! It's like the freakin' SIMS!! LOL.

      So I don't need to provide anyone with a list of skills -- you (you know who you are, all you P's) already know who I am and what I do. And you can easily find me. This is the part that gets my goddess panties in my crack and makes me want to knock some heads. I should not need to tell you. Can you see me rolling my eyes?

      Two things in sum:
      -- Rest. Relief. Please. Help me be able to help.
      -- You know who and what I am already, Resistance. I've been helping you out all along, perhaps with a different team, but I know you know. And if you don't, well, when the time is right and if I am feeling it, you know where you can find me.

      There ya go. I hope that doesn't come across as too snippy. In going head to head with the AB's/team dark, I have had a lot of physical pain in this dimension and a lot of other challenges, too. All part of the job I signed up for, so it is all good. But it makes me cranky. I am sure that pre-menopause does not help either, HA. Sorry for the TMI, but I am a Crone here. Grrrrrr. Don't piss me off. ;-)

      Calliope the Muse

    2. "abindance"

      that would be: abundance


    3. Calliope the Muse ~ I hear ya sister ! That's the reason for my earlier comment/ad, I have been working the Light as in Warrior for years and my basics are not covered. I have made sacrifices to do so, many and happily, as I was compelled as in called. As a result, I have been targeted by many who can't handle the Light ! At this point while my Ellies are helping me help many, I will be happy to assist fifty cash carrying monkeys who are waking up, a little late mind you, confused and who are willing to trade for my years of spiritual discoveries, experiences and discernment in assisting their Shift to the Positive Timeline. I already contacted Cobra weeks ago after my activation into a full spectrum cosmic warrior and received no reply. Remember the graphic of the geometric multi pointed star he posted, ya, well I had one appear in a vision, totally animated and awesome and a blue spiral of light projected from the middle of it. What was it? What did it mean ? The graphic symbol of it shows up on this site and no reply to my query ? I thought for sure it depicted a star family connection and significant communication ; )

    4. Calliope, i hear ya :). I was just reading your blog earlier today and i read your story. I know from experience how this feels. Much compassion and love to you.

      I think in that case, the P's and RM aren't able yet to give us money or some kind of physical wealth, otherwise Mr C wouldn't be asking for some on his blog..

      I know it sounds weird since apparently they have funds ready and could materialize gold and stuff.
      I'm not sure how to explain it myself. Many of us here have projects and if we had more physical means to set them up it would help much change the world quick.

      I don't think we are their 'employees' though. The St Germain funds are materialized gifts not a salary if that makes sense ? We work together, for each other, not with a hierarchy as we know it ?
      Perhaps the funds are still blocked for our own safety ? This still seems to be quite a battlefield and an intricate one, and we probably don't see all of it..

      I too wondered why they would need the hassle to go through physical applications and set of skills.. However it might not be the P's or the RM asking here but positive people and groups on the surface.

      There's a strong light at play and it's pulling many strings for the highest good. I feel it and see it. Wish you relief and fulfillment of your heart's desires.

    5. Callope, good for you, well and very justly expressed.
      I feel many of the things you do. Thank you for all your work on behalf of us all. I am a transmuter starseed soul and wrecked by all those dark, dense, controlling and harming male energies. To be honest, no amount of money would make up for having had to experience them and I just want to be left in peace. No more !!!I think the exhaustion is at a soul level, our very souls are worn down with it all. May rest come soon and be very, very long.

    6. Aradia -- you said it exactly!! :)

      Yes to everyone, I am glad my message resonated.

      And yes, I know that my soul gladly chose this mission (like Kochece), and there is no amount of payment I could have been given for the joy of doing it for the love of this planet, nor, as Aradia writes, is there any compensation to pay off what I have been through, hahahahahaha!

      It's kind of a moot point, in actuality, this whole 3D money (monkey?) business. It's really so meaningless. I'm just ready for release from the overall construct. I know that is what is being worked towards, so I continue to be patient. Sometimes I still smoke a cigarette when it all gets too much, heh. Damn implant, lol. And I have the occasional internal rant with my higher self and team. They know it's not easy.

      untwine -- "I too wondered why they would need the hassle to go through physical applications and set of skills.. However it might not be the P's or the RM asking here but positive people and groups on the surface."

      Yeah, you're right. I understand that it's the earth dwellers that want this info. I still say they know where they can find me. :) I really was directing the overall message at their "bosses" -- the ones that set them up in the first place in this dimension. I really would like to have a direct word with them at this point, maybe a couple of hand gestures, too, haha!! But seriously, I know that my job is to stay strong, to keep on, and so far, so good. They are not going to get to me again, although BOY do they try. Just had more info not one hour ago that was so directly coordinated by the AB's that I wanted to drop kick one of them. All of them!

      Aradia, here is to the equivalent of 5D piña coladas (virgin, if you are not an alcohol drinker) on a nice sandy beach, with lots of naps. Just until we have recovered. As for me, I'm sure I am going to want more adventures one day. I never stay in retirement for very long. ;-) But I think a couple of millennia to rest for a bit would be helpful about this point. :D

      Love you guys. Thanks for "getting it."

    7. A forever rest would be too short and a beach too bright and may have people on it. No more people!!!! Not ever!!!I am hankering after that dark cave KLove described and will crawl into it with my cat.

    8. Was just thinking of the cave today, Aradia...sounds especially nice right now. (It's so loud in Cobra land today. Did someone turn up the volume?) Must just be me...
      Cool, dark, quiet caves for all who need them coming soon. Hang in there. You too CtM.

    9. Hello Beloved family !

      Calliope -
      With great understanding I hear what you are saying. There are many of us who have been in situations where we thought that relief would never come.

      I believe that there has been some wisdom behind the scenes, or as Poof refers to it - in the rafters, through our pre-incarnated contracts and agreements with the soul group, regarding 'timing'.

      Indeed, some of us are now being challenged to the very depths of our being, and yet alternatively, there are others who have already been immersed in the fires of purification, and are 'somewhat' recovered from it.

      In that way, the call that has been put out by Cobra and the RM will not resonate with everyone, as the timing of it is not appropriate for all.

      There are those who's Higher Self will resonate and respond to it, as is the case in every circumstance in life.

      Be at peace. We are a team. As I said, there are times when some of us are doing the heavy lifting and facing the darker challenges, and others are rested and ready for the next phase.

      It is the kaleidoscope and the tapestry that we are weaving as One in action - each with their own unique role and part to play, at the perfect time.

      For those who chose to answer ANY calling, our compensation comes in the form of serving Source.

      We must BELIEVE that our needs will always be provided for, or we have truly allowed the dark forces to fully infiltrate our minds.

      Sending much love and strength to you and to all, as the finish line is now in sight.

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  47. We've been told by various sources that the Archons and all negative entities are no longer on the planet, nor have access in intervening for quite some time. This post seems to be a contradiction to that. Additionally, sources on the subject matter of 2012 who provide these channeled messages seem to be in agreeance with each other. The only one who is marching to the beat of his own drum seems to be Cobra. These messages just do not resonate with me, very slight parts of it sound as if they could be truth but I feel that the majority of the post is littered with disinfo unfortunately.

    1. "the Archons and all negative entities are no longer on the planet, nor have access in intervening for quite some time"

      Well, I can tell you right now that the ones they have controlled are still VERY much in place, and while even if in name only, there is much clean up work to be done. It's still going on, mate. They may be in the death throes, but there is still activity, trust me, or else my job would be completed already. I can tell you that I am still working on the astral plane, every night, when the me that has a physical body is asleep. I carry the stresses and strains with me as I transmute and clean up the energetic mess they have left behind. It's not easy work.

      When they are completely gone, we will KNOW, but for now they are still very much here in so many ways, perhaps not in the power and strength that they were, and perhaps not all of the deeper, stronger ones that were really controlling things, but their influence is still very much present.

      That is just from me with sincerity and with personal experience to back it up. I know a few others that are doing the same, and they can corroborate.


    2. @z this is not channeled information

    3. Out of my own experience I agree with Calliope there is still work to do! I'm meeting more and more people/entities who are in need of healing/clearing/transformation and information "How-to-do-what"

      Question for everyone:

      Did somebody already look in to/do a search for "the Saint Germain Trust" and "Comte de Saint Germain"? :-)


    4. @zeg:
      There is not the easy answer, you are hoping for. First you have to choose your point of view. Do you look from material (3D) level, or from higher soul level. This choice will bring you completly different answers.

      About SGT: yes, it has absolutly nothing to do with money....

    5. Not just Cobra. I also know they are still there but loosing power. I can feel them. Nobody that really understands them, like John Lash, Divid Ike thinks that they have completely gone. If they were, things would feel different and the physical archons, the cabal, would be much easier to handle. The 1212 scenario is now controlled by the entity 'AAM' thus all posted chanellings will coincide with one another as a matter of course, as they are told what to post.

    6. AAM is helping us now, but he is not in charge. He is a very fine and funny one. And helping us very much.

      I am sure John Lash understand them well, as i understand my feet......

    7. Yes, he's not in charge, but he nags until he gets bacon sandwiches! ;)

  48. Karin Lacy -

    July 13, 2012

    “Make this viral!”

    Dear friends;
    Please study the Keshe Foundation website
    and help distribute the wonderful news:
    On September 21, 2012 the Keshe Foundation is going to release the first phase of its Free Energy Technology systems to all scientists around the world simultaneously, for production and duplication. This technology is intended to be freely available to every government for the benefit of all its citizens.
    It says, “Through the systems we have developed every nation can have access to as much energy, water and food as they need, as well as to new methods of health care and of transport, all at very little cost.”

    Light&Love, Karin Lacy

    Dear Mr. Tavakoli Keshe;
    Thank you so very much for stepping forward with your Free Energy Technology!
    We all have been waiting for you and your team! (smile)
    You have the entire human family behind you, except for the few of the global elite who have been controlling us. Their game is over. The people are waking up. We are only months away from the liberation of our world!

    Dr. Steven Greer states in “The Disclosure Project” that our present global energy situation started with a fight between the industrial titan J.P. Morgan and inventor Nicola Tesla around the end of the 19th century after electricity was discovered. Nicola Tesla’s vision and goal was to provide free electrical energy to the world. The plan of businessman J.P. Morgan was to increase his financial empire. He calculated that the new electricity could be fed through copper wires and metered so that people would have to pay for it. He owned the copper mines that made the wires. To this day we all get our electricity through wires with meters at the end. And in addition the meters are now being replaced with “smart meters” for “Big Brother” to overwatch every hour of our lives.
    The high technology of a civilization reflects its spiritual evolvement. In our predatory system the meters symbolize the means to feed off our energy as human beings. In hindsight we can see why one hundred years ago Nicola Tesla had no chance against the Dark Cabal.
    Throughout history the global elite have engaged in wars to get the resources from other countries, creating endless suffering and tragedy along the way and harming our home planet Earth.
    However, the people are waking up! “Occupy Wall Street” pre-paved the way for the global awakening movement. We the people are taking our power back.

    I will help spreading far and wide your pivotal message about your god-sent technology.
    You contribute a huge piece of the puzzle. It may change the way we live on Earth.

    In great admiration, I salute you!
    Karin Lacy, Lightworker for America

    The Keshe Foundation website:

  49. I had a dream of recent, that I was part of the resistance.. there were 2 galactic beings with black robes on and I felt I was working with them! One came to me and show himself in a blue light like holographic impression of his face and told me I was his lover and he had come for me in this lifetime :P I was slightly wary, but felt OK about it.

    I would like to be of service, I have trained in the healing modalities, energy healing ( Crystal healing and Angelic reiki) being one of my fav's esp where teenagers are concerned. I also enjoy finding out information which can help others :))

    Oh and once when I was giving a reiki treatment, my client literally warped/lifted up off the couch for several seconds..

  50. already wrote u email to volunteer my service.

    enough with non-abundance. let's all welcome abundance & be able to do things which we need to do.

    hugs & love

  51. Hamourapi,
    I am curious is there a description somewhere I can find where you explain how to work with your Ellies/Elephants?

    1. Hi LV!

      I need to know this as well...

      Thanks in advance Ham

    2. First you have to get the connection. Infos, how to, you can get here:

      And we have a skype chat for ligtworkers, who want help in this.

  52. Ham,

    AFTER "the event" the people of groups 2 and 3 will be able to manifest (materialize) the needed things.

    Do you know who is in group 2 and 3 from the people here? Could I be one? :)

    1. sure you are group 3. And almost all here are from group 2 or 3.
      It is the main purpose of this blog, to bring them all together (but i am not sure if Cobra is aware of it).

    2. I don't exactly understand this groups 2 and 3 thing. Am I part of one of these groups? May I have some clarification. :)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Thanks Ham, I know you've said this many times..."wake up"
      I've been awake to a certain level from an infant,mainly a knowing of being blocked and having a purpose here.
      How does one wake up fully? Is it what you mention above? "how to talk to your elephant"

      It's crossed my mind many times and I think I mentioned it here once before,we are reuniting.

    5. @ Prosperity
      I believe that connecting to your higher self is important in waking up. As you improve your connection to your higher self you might end up burying crystals around your yard like I was ordered to do today ;-).

    6. JOKO311,
      How can group 3 be killed by darks if there aren't supposed to be any darks after The Event? Am I missing something here?

    7. I'm ready too. I've been communicating, a little bit, with my elephants lately. It takes them days to answer one question, but I DEFINITELY GET THE ANSWER. It is in a way that I am left with no doubts, and that is what I need right now. Because my little ego brain is really quick to say, that was just your imagination, you silly thing you! Doubt, doubt, doubt.

      So for example, I asked a question the other day and requested that, if the answer was yes, please have one of my children bring me a white feather by Sunday. And if the answer is no, please have one of my children bring me a rock. Not only did my two-year-old daughter bring me a white feather on that Saturday afternoon ("look mommy, I found a white feather for you!"), but, just so I knew my Ellies were listening, they had her come over to me later in the day to complain that she had a rock in her shoe. When I looked, it wasn't a rock but a little piece of mulch. So the message was, we heard your request and answered you clearly exactly in the way you wanted. :)

      So, I've gotten a pretty huge boost in confidence lately from my Ellies in my ability to communicate with them. But now I would like to communicate a little faster. Like, maybe go from snail mail to telegram. Then maybe I can transition to email and then maybe I'll be ready for instant messenger. I tried working with a makeshift pendulum today but didn't work very well.

      Any advice, Ham? Keep in mind I'm a doubter so I need lots of indisputable evidence.

    8. We have a skype chat room with a hand full of people, who are at a similar point, helping each other with it.

    9. @NVision
      When you look to the timeloops:

      See the loops 736 and 1033. In these loops the darks installed all the wappons on earth, moon and the the rest of the system to kill the angels.

      The darks can not kill any of group 3 anymore, they lost the war. So maybe i used the wrong time above... Sry my english skills.

    10. NVisionAugust 21, 2012 1:11 PM

      How can group 3 be killed by darks if there aren't supposed to be any darks after The Event? Am I missing something here?


      Slight confusion, NVision.

      This planet, as Hammy has mentioned many times before in this blog, was made into an angel-trap by the darks, many thousands of years ago. Intention: to trap the group 3's, the primes, and try to kill them.

      The trap worked, but, naturally, there have been ongoing struggles and many battles over that time, in order to free the Primes and ultimately free this planet from it's prison-planet status.

      More info at:


    11. Hamourapi, I have not after checking in the Pre.Por. site, and your posts above, been able to see how to link with the skype chat. Please excuse my kindergarden tech.

    12. Send me an eamil, i will return you my acc and put you in. Klick on my profile, there is the link. Got already permission for you to the chatroom.

  53. Thank you Cobra, for this encouraging post! I have been waiting for St.Germain to open his pocketbook!! I just typed a whole blurb and then deleted it by accident. Could it be because I typed the forbidden word: NESARA? LOL.

    Anyhow, what I was trying to say, in a nutshell, is that yes, we Do deserve to Prosper, even though we have been programed with the "work Ethic" that compells us to grab the "almighty dollar," at whatever cost it is to our soul.

    I myself am guilty of this also, and although I gained a living, I sacrificed my Spirit. Soon it will be all better, though. Keep the Faith, Sisters and Brothers!


  54. oh yeah, and I want to be an assistant in the Healing Chambers! Do I have to pass a drug test? smile!

    1. Marijuana is NOT a drug. It's Gaia's medicine plant. So if I failed a drug test on that basis then the people doing the tests are fuckwits and not to be trusted..

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. @Joko I use a da-buddha vaporizer. Smoking it with tobacco and burning it ruins it. lift the THC off the plant by vaporizing it and it's pure bliss. sativa for daytime and indica for night time. I've never smoked and it's unsane to do so. For the same reason I don;t place my lips over a car exhaust and suck.. Tobacco is slow assisted suicide that they make from the sale and then your eventual illness. addiction is a mind game that is to be overcome by understanding what it is..

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Tobacco is another of Gaia's medicinal plants. Smoking helps with certain genetic weakness, like Parkinson's. It also helps calm the mind for some and helps balance hormonal systems. It is the chemicals added to most cigarettes that are harmful. Tobacco has been used for centuries by the shamans of many cultures.

    6. Smoking it and the experience is a great high, vaporizing it and it's interstellar high. And non-carcinogenic. Then I use the vaped weed which is light toasted golden brown. I sling it in a brownie mix and it gets eaten and that is multi-dimensional high. I eat small amounts of the cake and I can meditate or astrally travel for very prolonged periods of time, like 3 to 5 hours. It's also statring to give me more recall of my actual dreamstate which is the 4th dimensional level of consciousness. This is why our dream state has been manipulated via tech and environmental abuse as much as our waking state. But meditation or waking states can go much further than the 4th dimension. All you have to do to find this out is to go deep inside. You can only do this by being deprogrammed from all outside stimulus that is designed purely to over stimulate our senses.

      But, it's a tool for transcendental meditation. and not a crutch for escaping reality. This is the difference between a marijuana user and a stoner..

      The same can be achieved without marijuana but marijuana is definitely a fast track to this, I have not got time to waste sitting in a monastery for 10 years listening to elders and quieting my mind.

      You pineal gland produces DMT naturally, a huge dose at birth and again at the transition between life experience, we currently call it death. It also spikes in the small fertile hours before dawn and this is when Earth energies are strongest. This is when our dreamstate goes off the charts. But a lot of us wake up remembering very little or fractals of the experience. This is due to manipulation and as the veil lifts then soul remembrance will come to more people. Shamonic experience is not paranormal, it's perfectly normal.

      I use marijuana for meditation but I also do it without, Marijuana just held my hand through the process and shut out the fucking noise that stops a lot of us from persiting with meditation in the first place. So as far as I am concrend everyone should vaporize, eat,use it to treat illness and ailmets and ease the re-harmonization or reunion of mind and nature. And give thanks that Gaia sends us such beauty..

      The Reagan administration could have funded an end to world famine with the money they spent trying to demonize marijuana.

      No surprise that they could not come up with one single reason to ban it over than lies lies and more lies.. When they should have just tried some..

      My Da_Buddha vaporizer was one of the best purchases ever.

  55. Hi all,

    that's what I call a great update :)

    Also a NEW David Wilcock article is out focused on the Olympics symoblism.
    He stated in a previous brief update that he will first publish this and then the continuation of his explosive investigation.


  56. Its now official that THC actively kills cancer cells.....all types of cancer, there is tons of research on this now, mostly in mainstream medicine.

    1. it certainly killed the cancer in my mind, and it's allowed me to have foresight by helping me with the rewiring of my neutrons, it's been a sedative for light body activation symptoms also. it's perfect for when the pineal gland flowers. There is a crop circle of an alien smoking a joint.. I rest my case..

    2. I'm actually in the process of getting cannabis extract oil for a close friend of my family with lung cancer. He's already had 2 doses of chemo, and he looks ok, but it's only a matter of time before it starts to take it's toll on him. He's already started eating entire lemons (freezer dried lemon peels ground up and sprinkled over food) which are said to help and be very healthy for you.

      we shall see how it all goes.

    3. Lots of unconditional love will help him and my thought's and intentions go to him also. Cancer will soon be just another scar on the psyche of humanity and we are healing from many scars. Chemo is poison in itself, but the good guys in the medical profession have a knife to their throats from speaking out and releasing the proper information required to speed this healing process up. But the time for massive change is here.

      My Aunt has stage 3 cancer in her bowel and I pray that she holds out until the cures are readily available and then prevention assures it never returns.

    4. Juicing the buds and leaf is also an option for healing just about everything and when not heated it's not psychoactive ; )

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. When we all have huge crops of it growing in our back yards and are paid to do this then I guess well all have enough. THC should be in the water supply as far as I am concerned.

      You should be admired and aided for cultivating marijuana, it's a very noble plant and it should be honoured as such.

      But we currently hand out huge prison sentences for cultivating one of the cures for a fractured psyche.

      The Cabal and draconian law is totally arse backwards and they are all crimes against humanity. Until humanity has enough.. And I say that time is NOW.

    7. The cremes made from marijuana oil have the most analgesic therapeutic fantastic healing properties I have ever found. I am convinced that the Pharmaceutical Industry does not want the American Public to know about these ointments. It would be the end of pain killers. These cremes are among the most popular items for Senior Citizens at pot shops in Orange County, CA.
      I broke my toe a couple of months ago. Hurt like hell. I reached for the creme, which I had already used on my spine for a miraculous cure to a chronic injury. After I applied the creme, my toe stopped hurting. Completely stopped hurting. I said, "Okay toe, come here and sit in my lap and tell me what's up with the creme, how come the pain went away?"
      My toe SHOUTED back at me, "That's because I'm stoned and you're not!" (My toe talked like a redneck.)
      I figured out, after that discourse, that the ointment reduces the inflammation around the injury and the results are almost instantaneous. No pain.
      My cousin owns a pot shop in San Diego. She says the creme is used by Vets who can't get relief from pain killers. I asked her to mail me ten ointments for Xmas gifts and she said, "I can't. We would go to jail."

    8. Regular doctors in California prescribed marijuana oil for glaucoma. The eye drops work perfectly, but some patients are shocked when they have to pick up the prescription at pot shops.
      End of life care givers in Michigan are now allowed to grow pot for their patients.
      Vote yes for marijuana laws in your state.
      Just so you know, I don't smoke marijuana. I'm like the one hit wonder. Gaga land. Not good for meditation or earth bound communication. But the creme is a miracle drug.
      I'm voting yes.

    9. You should try a sativa then, and lightly vaporize it and not smoke it. I could not smoke weed with a gun to my head. It's more like being anaesthetised. Vaporizing is completely different.

  57. To Pevy Sue and others,

    In reference to your point about defending Cobra, surely you must be aware that many here are both Lightworkers and Lightwarriors.

    Many have known about their 'warrior' status, and others are now coming into full ownership of it.

    There is a wonderful explanation of the difference between the 2 here.

    So having said that, you should be aware that as Lightwarriors, to protect and defend the Truth and the Light is what we DO.

    As you mention, Cobra is perfectly capable of doing the job, but chooses to focus elsewhere, and dare I say, on more important issues.

    This post and previous others of yours would lead us to believe that you are neither in resonance with the information being released by the RM, nor the community here, but feel the need to niggle and nitpick from a defensive/offensive standpoint, about concepts, that most of us have a clear and broad understanding about.

    Which leads to the question.

    What is it that You Do ?

    Surely you must understand that we are headed towards the last leg of the journey, and that in the process that we are all involved with - of becoming our authentic selves - any time spent in the environment of what we are NOT, instead of what we ARE and ARE BECOMING, is a clear waste of time and energy for all involved.

    I wish you peace on your journey, and that you may find the place of your true resonance, both within you and in the within the world itself.

  58. I love this site and all the beautiful creations here but I will only answer the call from a personal physical contact from my star family. They are here and I believe I have met them in projections. But I will only take the call from real beings not a website that has no face. I love you all!

    1. We LOVE you, brando....and your position is noted, understood, accepted, appreciated.

  59. I think i found something interesting, particularly to musicians but to everyone also. Most musicians know that there is a tuning standard, a frequency that is commonly agreed on for people to play in tune together. This frequency is measured in Hertz. The common standard these days is 440Hz for the note A.
    Now most people here are aware of solfeggio frequencies to attune to consciousness. Now what is less known, and new to me, is how and why and when the 440 standard was introduced.

    Okay, by who was it introduced ? The rockefeller foundation, and Goebbels, mostly. Now we get the picture.
    That was in early 20th century, at the same time as fluoride and harmful pharma i think.

    This is interesting because it seems the whole universe is based on vibration that is all tuned together. The whole universe is like an orchestra and all its instruments have to be in tune. If you change the pitch of one of them then it's gonna wreck it.

    The rockefeller and goebbels were very insistent in tuning to that exact frequency, and they pushed against many among musicians community who didn't want it. They even worked together on that along with MI6 as late as 1939 while they knew their countries were going to war.

    Now there is apparently two original positive tunings. A=432 which corresponds to the fibonnacci sequence, and A=444, which gives C=528 which is the solfeggio, and i think is also the tuning plants vibrate at (they even had an experiment with electrodes put on plants to 'record' their frequencies and have them translated into sound, and you see how it responds to environment, youtube singing plants it's very beautiful)

    For those of you who want source and more detailed history here is some

    Now here's something freaky. To go from the solfeggio 432 to the nazi 440, you add 1,776%. !776 is the number written in roman numbers at the bottom of the pyramid on the us dollar bill. *mysterious music* *tadadadada*.
    Now what this makes me think of, is the anomaly, the veil quarantining earth that Cobra talks about. Sound is frequency is color is light right ? Seems like it's all based on putting everything out of tune with the universe ?

    On a positive note, it's interesting to see that John Lennon's Imagine is recorded using A=444 :) ♥♥♥♥

    1. Dude, I needed this so much. Thank you. I'm tuning into some great 444/528 tunes now. I bet music at A=432 sounds good, too -- I love me some Fibonaccis!!

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  61. I see so many here that have moved beyond the education and acceptance of the things going on around us and have become eager to help out or to “do,” so I just wanted to share something that may help some of you along the way. I know that I’ve made references about harnessing your emotion in the past, but to understand this subject will give you a chance to use it to your advantage. One of the forms of this that I routinely use is to write about something that I am either passionate about or something that stirs emotion in me before starting tasks that require my thought and concentration. An example of this is as follows; this morning I woke up and before starting on things that needed my full attention I started to write about something that really gets to me, the spread of disinformation used by some to avoid others becoming fully aware of how things really are, I’ll post a link to it because it’s much too long to be posted here without having any real importance to the discussions taking place right now. But the point is that after writing what I usually plan to be about a paragraph of words, I can’t stop, it stirs emotion which I may then use to accomplish the tasks I originally needed to that day… This is something can really give you some much needed motivation when you’re feeling not so much so, or give you an extra boost of energy when you’re feeling tired… One’s faith and one’s emotion play a large role in both their accomplishments and their creativeness, and much of the time this is the only edge you will need to accomplish what you set out to do…

    The post is at the following address:

  62. Because you're all so helpful and experienced would appreciate your thoughts -
    1) am having major tingling in hands, arms, feet, lower legs, been going on for a few months on and off but majorly at the moment, and
    2) in the wonderful sky tonight and last night I'm sure there are loads more stars (southern England) - and I can see little purple spirals round them when I look for a while.
    Feeling this is all to do with my 'spiritual awakening' though wondering if some of it (spirals when staring at stars) is imagined.
    Any thoughts?

    1. I've had loads of symptoms or side effects of light body activation, tingling in all extremities being a big one. Our DNA and biological structure is changing from carbon to crystalline and as we shift in frequency it is manifest in many different symptoms. Vibrational flu is another term that I find fits well.

      I believe our sky is changing due to drawing closer to the andromeda galaxy but others might argue this.. Or as the veil is lifted we see, hear, experience more. Spirals are energy fields you can see, Torus energy. I see golden and rainbow spirals all the time and more and more orbs also. And I am having multi-dimensional meditation more and more frequently also. I can gauge the energies in the daytime and pretty much predict whether the night time meditation will be energetic or serene, Both are amazing but the more energetic the further I tend to go..

      Another symptom you may experience is pressure in the back or nape of the neck, and also pressure in the pituitary gland deep behind your eyes. The pineal gland or eye of TRUTH is flowering and due to fluoridation and other environmental abuse you can manifest headaches..

      The pineal gland is your portal or stargate to the other dimensions other than visible light. So explore them..