Sunday, August 5, 2012

Window of Opportunity 2

Second Window of Opportunity for divine intervention is about to open on planet Earth. The entry point of that window is Day of Decision on October 21st. The turning point for that window is the Eleventh Gate of 11:11 on November 22nd. The exit point of that window is Day of the Contact on December 21st. While this window is open, the Source will be sending constant flashes of Light directly to Earth through linear phasar flow direct dimensional translation system of AN conversion. On December 21st, AN conversion dimensional translation system will be fully functional on this planet.

This time window is a very probable time frame for the Event. I can give you no guarantees that the Event will happen within this time frame, as we live in free will universe and the war between Light and Dark on this planet is not over yet. However, this Window of Opportunity is exatly that - a great opportunity that we as a collective make this breakthrough.

It is not the time yet to speak about the Day of Decision and Day of the Contact. They may or may not be related to the First Contact.

Eleventh Gate of 11:11 is the final dimensional gate within the doorway of the 11:11. It is a dimensional gateway that accelerates the final completion of duality for this dimensional universe, including planet Earth. You can read more about 11:11 here:

Complexity wave analysis shows that this time frame is one of the most complex periods in the known history. Also, Sheliak timewave goes to zero at the end of this window and a major Mayan calendar cycle is reset back to zero as well. This means that it will be the most volatile, inpredictable time with greatest potential ever. All the major players are involved and stakes are high. 

This is one possible model how things could develop:


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    1. I have a feeling that the Event+Disclosure MUST happen within/before this timeframe.
      Cobra didn't you also say before that by the 21st of December darkness will cease to exist in the Universe? Or you just said "very likely"?

    2. We have reason to expect, due to the uplifting of the planet, which has been ongoing for 49 days now, there may be felt, by some, what we can best describe as jolts - something similar to what one might experience whilst riding in an elevator, when it stops at the designated floor, just before the doors open.

      These 'jolts' may or may not be noticeable, but please be advised that for a period of some weeks it is a possibility.

      There is no cause for concern, we simply offer this advice in order to allay any fears which may otherwise have arisen.

  2. Cobra,

    Thank you! I sensed this is coming, and got a big rush a few minutes ago that you're posting.
    What a ride!

    Please thatnk the Resistance and the Ps for all their hard work, too.

    the 333meg

  3. New Cobra interview by the way, from 3rd of August. 90+ minutes.
    (To skip lady's talk in the beginning, Cobra steps in at 14:45)

  4. Sorry for going on this commenting spree, but I thought you might be interested in some explanations of concepts I received from Cobra earlier in a private message and he told me now it's no problem to include them here:

    The explanations:

    linear phasar flow=flow of light that does not oscillate, goes directly

    dimensional translation system= a system that translates information between various dimensions

    AN conversion= a stargate technology that is based on direct transmission of energy

    nonlinear phasar thrust inversion/conversion=oscillating flow of light that crosses dimensions and at the dimensional threshold gets turned inside out

    electric surge into a Earth light body=a flash of Light from the galactic central sun that will surge through Earth at the time of the First Contact

    Cosmic Syncronization=planet Earth gets aligned with the rest of the Galaxy and the Universe with its vibrational frequency

    Tachyonic alignment=tachyons become information carrier particles instead of photons

    1. These concepts first appeared in 2 very early posts of Cobra, namingly:

      The Plan:


      Divine Flash 4:4:

    2. Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA!!! Thank you LV for including that info and the two former post links! (And by extension, of course, thank you Cobra. ;-) ). That shit be so cool!!

      When I saw the title of "Divine Flash 4:4" I had a shock of recognition come through me. I keep seeing the 44 over the past week so consitently.

      I believe it is the Lightwave trying to crack through something in me, something that has had me in its grip. I feel like I want to burst free.

      Everything here about the tachyons, the Calabi-Yau Manifolds -- I just had a minor "mind asplody" about all of that. This is big stuff.

      I tell you, based on my own personal circumstances as a kind of microcosmic mirroring of events at large in the macrocosm -- well, I know deep inside that something has to burst free very, very soon for things are not sustainable as they are. Big stuff is happening, and right now, just behind the scenes, as mentioned in a previous post.

      I have felt with little physical 3D proof, but some, that I have been working these timelines to help get them sorted out. I see the results in my own existence in 3D, though. They are converging and integrating right now.

      Maybe more in another comment, but I started reading comments here and got so excited about LV's (which Kauilapele also posted on his blog) that I had to write this first.

      Calliope the Muse

    3. LV -- can you contact me via my blog? (the WP one) I have a question for you, if you would not mind.

      Thank you. :)

  5. Resistance Movement,

    Know that we will support you with your global meditation as well as our own spiritual practices. We are all conscious and responsible players in this exquisite series of events during the final months of 2012. God Victory in the Light!

  6. This graph is hard to understand, what defines complete disclosure?

    Thanks for the update, but it seems that the delays have no end nor real explanation when such progress has been made apparently. Its hard to say how we will avoid violent uprising if we do not have some significant disclosure (such as UFO disclosure) soon...

    1. "Its hard to say how we will avoid violent uprising if we do not have some significant disclosure (such as UFO disclosure) soon..."

      As far as I can tell, the vast majority on this planet are unaware of even the likelihood of further 'significant disclosure' as most western governments, even Russia have already released/given public access to their UFO files. The general populace, who may be interested in these things, now have more information than ever before, so they presumably are content to investigate down those lines.

      Many violent uprisings are already underway, or have already happened and settled down, I'm thinking Middle East region.

      Most American's are still snoozing, IMO, and those who are awake are either following Drake's path or this path, or jumping between the two courtesy of sites such as 2012scenario. None of these groupings seem very likely to me to suddenly go off into violent uprising status. Maybe Drake's grouping might, but if they were going to, I think they would have already done so.

      With the ever-increasing amounts of light on this planet, I would rather be inclined to expect less friction, less frustration and almost zero likelihood of violence unless it is the kind generated/created by the Cabal with their attacks on innocents and their war-mongering.

      I say, let's allow for the Light to do it's job, with our help, and leave the doom-forecasting for those more ignorant of the Light's progress than we are.


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    3. It wasn't that in response to a lack of such disclosure that people would rise up violently, rather that without such revelation the clear treacheries that are occuring at many levels of power in our world are bringing about the decay of society and the earth will turn people to more desperation as we saw in the recent London riots. Europe is a tinderbox and something like UFO disclosure would help with healing and a sense of hope/light for these people.

      There are violent uprisings at the moment, and without some kind of intervention or revelation there doesn't seem to be any clear solution or end in sight for these conflicts.

      The populace may have more access than ever, but it is not enough, official disclosure or the mass arrests getting underway provides a real wake up call to the people of Earth...

  7. 2012 calls each of us to ‘awaken’ beyond limiting beliefs and patterns, unite in a spirit of cooperation, and physically support affirmative ‘action’ for the natural good of all.

    The OUTER SPACE SECURITY AND DEVELOPMENT TREATY 2012 reads like a 'story' because it is OUR story; a framework to set us free! Please rally, support, donate what you can, and 'go viral' to ensure this Treaty that recognizes Nation States, Indigenous Nations, and Comic Cultures is implemented.

    WORLD PEACE 2012 IS POSSIBLE when a critical mass of people make it so. Thank you. and

  8. When the people stand......then the ETs will gather with the People.

  9. More evidence of MK-ULTRA

    All aimed at getting guns out of American hands before the dollar implodes and pople wake up to the fact that Fort Knox is empty and their gold has been sold by the banksters 1000's of times over.

    If I sold a car on ebay a 1000 times and everyone turned up to collect it then I would hope that none of them had guns.

    Full disclosure is known to the Cabal and they want to limit our attempts at any insurrection. But they underestimate the power of the lightwave that brings full disclosure.

    1. yes, but this time they made sure the shooter didn't end up in court looking dazed and confused. :(

  10. That graph kinda kills it for me

  11. Hey guys, I've created the backbone for a Database to be able to manage Channeled messages, and to further help us determine in the near future (since a few people have pointed out that channeling won't be necessary in the very near future). That being said, I frankly don't have the time to go through old channeled messages and classify them, nor with future channeled messages. Is there anybody interested in administering what I call the "Channeling Database"? You can see what it looks like so far (I started working on it this morning) at -- If more than 1 person wants to do this, that's fine, I can set up multiple accounts. Let me know if it's something that interests you! :)

    1. Very good idea. Make them accountable.

    2. @C0ca,

      The 2012scenario site has an archive:

      Also it has a comprehensive list of Galactic channelings, sorted by channeler/month/year which may help your admin to locate posts. Of course, it's not every channeler, just a select few that were/are associated with that site. But, it may be useful.

      Here's the link:

      I know I wasn't convinced of the need for what you have created, but I'm very happy to support your efforts.


  12. There is not much time left to wait...or rather do what we can for the remainder of the year. No reason to get frustrated...time is short and everything will become clear soon enough. Peace.

    1. I am no longer interested in TIMELINE probabilities, as far as I am concerned the TIME IS NOW and that is all that I am focusing on "Me" and how I feel, I am no longer looking for anyone elses interpretation or their behind the scenes INTEL, I HAVE TO STAY WITHIN keeping my balance until it is time. Time is moving to no time to keep looking for others to tell us SOME secrets is not what I want to continue to do for the remainder of the year. I just want to go from this point on knowing that everything is going to be ok for all those that want it to be. No one is going to miss out on anything neither are they going to be suprised, all will be prepared for ascension according to their individual decision, and that is that.

    2. The time is always now to do what we can and progress as we are able. Thank you for your comment. Peace.

  13. Stop being upset and believing in this Cobra bullshit.. No real worker of the light put out dates..

    Then the dark cabal could be destroying the whole event..

    Reptilians feed of the negative energy when you get upset or feel hopelessness..

    So stop believe in dates..

    The real lightworkers and our space friends does not put out dates.. Cobra just make you feel sad or upset..

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Speak for yourself, kiKaz!

      Cobra's messages may upset YOU, they may make you FEEL negative things.

      But that does not apply to all of us who come here.

      My advice to YOU, if YOU FEEL this way is that YOU STOP visiting this site, and save YOURSELF any exposure to what you describe as 'Cobra bullshit'!

      Good day.


    3. Ι'm with you on this one 100% dear OSW.

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  15. To Kronos, Samson, DM (Little Tree), Red Cloud:

    I know what you did. We have unraveled it. We have restored what was rewritten.

    Thunder Horse
    White Buffalo Calf Woman
    Flint Fire

    Come Home Red Cloud.

    Canunpa awaits you.

  16. Victory of the Light comes from within.
    Win your battle there.

    ciao my friend


  17. OMG another date('s)...I totaly agree with Allesandro, kiKaz mafaqaz, RizzenEsc, SmuhammVictory, manny hanz, victory comes from within...answers come from within...everything happens in the NOW.

    start RECONNECTING with your Holy Heart (H>S>) only then you will meet your "STARFAMILY" en you WILL HEAR and KNOW the ONE THRUTH from THAT.



  18. I had some great information come from tonights meditation i will share with yall tommorow in regards to tachyon scalar transmissions. And the human vessels invokatioon of light have a nice day I woder what it will be like in the great Pyramid on 2012 12/ 21. Lets get our meditation hats on and ground the light you are the lightening rods.

  19. Because educated people resonate better with proper spelling...
    It's "unpredictable" not "inpredictable"
    Feel free to remove this comment.

    1. Hi Shaman Starseed,

      Nice goat!

      Would you like to volunteer your time proofreading all posts and comments for the "educated" people these little typos have supposedly offended?
      Or, maybe we could discuss proper sentence structure?
      Or, maybe we could get back to supporting one another and discussing the information at hand, rather than nitpicking grammar and typos?

      I vote for the third option.

      Peace to you.

    2. SS, this "spelling" is not for "educated people" is for ALL people on earth...

      Peace to you :-)

    3. WARNING: To all Intelligentia (Is there even such a word? Is this another mis-spelling or typo?)

      Look away now! Shield your eyes! Save yourselves!

      Oh, no! It's Gobble-dee-gook! Aarrrrgghhh!



      (I'm still trying to do that Will-I-Am thingy-jig-dancey-wotsit!)


      I'm off for a cup of tea now.

    4. @ Ion,

      And another one for you:



    5. A little will-i-am fix for you, OSW! :)))



      Cheers, Klove! ;)

  20. and "exactly" not "exatly"
    Please remove comment when read

  21. New POOFNESS

    New MONTY

    Thanks AK!

    1. Thanks Klove! I know Poofness but Monty is knew to me.Heading over to Ak's site..

    2. Poofness "Try it...stiff upper lip, throw your arms up and surrender.Something huge happened last night. See ya."

    3. Did you watch the Rita Hayworth dances to "Stayin' Alive" video Poofness linked? PRICELESS.

      I love Poofness for his sense of humor alone. And his musical choices. Since humor and music are the top two ways my Guides have been communicating with me all these years, I gotta love the guy. :D There is much there that is resonant for me.


    4. HAHAHAHA! The Captcha for the comment up there was "OMpills 11" hahahahaha!

      See what I mean? HUMOR.

      If ya don't know how to laugh about some of this stuff, I ain't gonna trust ya, right-o???

      hee hee hee!

    5. Hi Prosperity!
      I Love me some Poofness!
      So, what do you all think of Monty?
      Calliope, pass around the OMpills, k?! ;)

  22. HAHAHA Let's LIGHTEN UP. No post with timelines we think are too far out, (typos -or not) can bring any one of us down if we stay in the light of love in our hearts. As others have posted here, stay in the moment, centered in your Divine plan to bring all we hope for here and now. The time is now. Be not concerned with supposed limitations or speculations. Messages by COBRA are not put forth with the purpose of bringing us frustration. The INTEL he shares is helpful to see where the majority lies. Be the change you want from within and it cannot help but manifest sooner without. The stronger and more united the Lightworker community becomes, the sooner our will becomes one with the Divine plan and brings it to fruition. Find peace within knowing all is well, right on time.

  23. I am getting so tired of this shit.... I know my own truth and only read any of this anymore just to broaden my perspective.

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  25. great update, thanks for the info Cobra :)

  26. I have a question for Cobra: we know what the law of attraction is. My question is this: will those countries that have purposely made acts against other countries's civilian people and thus killed them, will this bounce back?

    Some example: Greece ruthlessly killed around 300,000 Bulgarians when they invaded Bulgaria during the wars after 1900 years. Also they enslaved the Bulgarians to making them believe that they are Macedonians.

    There are plenty more example with almost all countries in the world. Wont this bad actions bounce back, according to the law of attraction and law of karma?

    1. @lILIYAN,
      Hope you do not mind my commenting here. My understanding is that humanity is operating under a highly adverse negative control system. Behind each evil act is an archon or two. Thus karma cannot be judged fairly and surely must be forgiven.

    2. Of course, i don't mind. Yes, I know, I've been reading on the archons entities and I know we are in their control. However if it turns out that karma is only a prison and all of a sudden it is removed, you do understand how many injusticeс will be left unfinished. Debt and murder, half of the 'top' countries are living on other nation's back. I wonder..

    3. Assuming Karma was a dark invention, a lie, and all the lies and corruptions will be exposed, along with the falling and dissolving of the matrix, I don't see how there will or can be anything left 'unfinished'. I thought we were all here expecting a re-set, an new age. That cannot begin on the back of un-finished old paradigm business, can it.

      Re-set means just that, doesn't it? Start again, fresh. Of course, we all understand that a lot of healing will be required, and the sense, the feeling, the question of there being 'un-finished biz' is surely going to be a big part of that healing.

      If all humanity has been held hostage and disconnected from their souls, there can be no blame, no "Karma" to re-pay and no responsibility for the actions taken whilst under mind control and suffering under the influence of all these energetic implants which enable the darks to enjoy playing with us like characters in a video game!

      Unless I'm missing something myself, this is my understanding at the moment.

    4. Beautifully put OSW. Ditto. Our need to correct perceived injustices are part of the programming and should fade as the implants are taken out. Any kind of punishment must be old paradigm, what we have always known here on Earth as normal. Punishment is not normal.
      It is interesting, but punishment does not even seem to work. I had a dabble in looking at psychopathy, criminal psychology just before I woke up. Practically all serious offenders have offended before, thus prison did not work. The most serious offenders do not seem to be able to respond in the usual manor to triggers that would evoke fear, guilt etc in others. They are wired differently, probably more under Reptilian control. In either case punishment would not be effective even if it was ethically justifiable.

    5. This subject is covered in a channel by Lisa Renee made in November 2011. It also points us towards work that needs to be done to heal and free these fragmented souls.
      We will not forget them…

      History Repeats Itself

      When we have an accurate assessment of the Universal Holographic Reality (as it is strung out into various dimensional timelines of memory imbeds) we can begin to comprehend that the patterns of History always repeat itself. The players may have different forms in time, but the core causation of events (the original distortion, miasma or karmic pattern) repeats itself continually in various timelines until the event is transcended by the choice of higher consciousness awareness. It is this fact that the controllers “bank on” as they have been successful controlling the population by keeping them in amnesia. If we do not remember who we are or where we come from – we are easily leashed and led. Because this is a main leverage point for the controller’s manipulation they do not want any study, philosophy, knowledge or awareness of the hologram made public. If we were able to access this information freely, we would realize how the holographic reality is programmed for mind control and energetic harnessing by the invisible (in our light spectrum) captors. (Harnessing is the capture of energy and body parts for siphon or re-direction into feeding phantom spaces controlled by Reptilian or Orion sources)

      One such example of repeated events in history is the multiple genocide or holocaust memories embedded together throughout the timelines. All such events of the intended genocide of peoples are intimately bound together through the vibrational memory and the complex webbing of soul/monad matrix capture and its mind enslavement. These events cross into multiple planetary barriers of memory which interconnect into solar, galactic and universal memories.

      The race conflict (war over God through genetics and blood) is taking place in physical matter at the lowest vibrational density in order to finish and resolve the original conflict from the highest densities of memory. These conflicts are millions of years old and are completing in this cycle on planet earth now! All memories and information are recorded within the smallest particle all the way to the largest stellar body, spinning out and replicating itself as it expands into the fractal Universes. Many of these memories exist as “alien implants” and are artificial. They have been programmed and holographically inserted by the Controllers.

      The perpetrator and the victim are bound together in the same vampiric matrice which ultimately fragment and distort the being. (This is the Victim-Victimizer polarity archetype, which creates insanity eventually.) As these repeated events are horrific to experience the soul fragments and descends into the insanity of the lower astral planes, unable to recollect itself back into wholeness. All the while these fragmented pieces of what used to be “people” and “living beings”, are lost into the vampiric use of their energy quanta. That energy quanta is harvested and fed to phantom spaces to those who choose to bully, dominate and enslave/kill others for their own service to self motivation. The danger of this during this time of “ascension” is the inertia and “purgatory” state it creates for the fragmented “soul self”. That is one specific reason why there is Guardian intervention at this time to recollect these beings/bodies from these phantom spaces that they have been entrapped on - both on the physical and higher planes of existence. We will not forget them.

      Here is the entire article at:

      We see this as another opportunity for all of us as a collective to help heal and free these fragmented souls.

      Blessings, E & T

    6. Maybe negative deeds combined with karma once served an accelerated growth process.
      But when the opportunity of accelerated growth is sabotaged, then (the natural law of) karma becomes a drag.
      The sabotage was in the the form of installing the programs of blame, shame and guilt.
      This blocks the natural (accelerated) growth process of opening the heart through feeling compassion and the honor/reponsibility of rectifying ones deeds.

    7. @ Iliyan I have a question for you. In fact I require full clarification on your statement about “Greece ruthlessly killing Bulgarians when they invaded Bulgaria during the wars after 1900 years.” etc etc
      First of all, which wars are you talking about? The first Balkan wars or the second? Because some vague mumbling about “1900 years” doesn’t clarify even that.
      During the Balkan wars, things certainly didn’t happen the way you are stating here… if you want to take me up on this, we can do a full analysis. Question is: Are YOU up for this?
      Whatever the case, i insist that you please clarify exactly which time period AND which events you’re talking about, EXACTLY, not vaguely, and (friendly advice) get your historical facts straight before responding.

      By the way, just for your information, now there are over 300.000 Bulgarians living (AND making a living) in Greece right now, and although the Greek situation is dire, they are welcome with no resentment harboured by EITHER side. Is it possible that 100 years from now, some “light minded” person such as your self could claim that we are “enslaving” Bulgarians who immigrated here, because we didn’t deport them?

  27. come on. step out of your shadows. 20 million. loving? unified? our planet would be fixed as you say it will be, if this were the case. there's something that isn't being acknowledged. you're denying my free will. i choose to know your identity. all of your identities. all 20 million of you. you deny me that right. you are no different to anything else humans have experienced on this planet in times past. you're in my planet, my home. i choose to know you. if you choose to remain hidden then that is your choice, your free will being exercised. in which case, i ask the planet itself for assistance. since you take refuge here in my home. i ask that you 20 million, and anyone else who causes trouble/does not belong here/remains in secrecy to be removed immediately from this planet. the planet supports my choice but will not act, yet. other species residing here support my choice but will not act, yet. we do not need a "Window of Opportunity 2." we have opportunity and choices available to us with every breath of air we take. you and your secrecy, your games, are not wanted here. you are not welcome here. i suggest you all pack up your shit and fuck off! don't have anywhere to go? you should have thought of that before you started playing war games throughout the universe. you will not reside on this planet. that is my choice. not yours. you deceive me, and i despise you. in this lifetime, i do not forgive you. i will work hard to forget you. you will be powerless. i will remove you. i will not show you compassion during this lifetime.

    start planning your future's elsewhere, immediately.

    1. They can't come out yet because the cabal is taking us hostage, threatening that if they come out they'll blow some stuff up.

      Why are you attacking something you don't fully understand ? Does that seem wise to you ? Does that seem to fit with your idea of peacemaking and lightworking ?

      Would someone working for peace and light really make a demand such as 'please earth kill these 20 million people because i don't know who they are' ? Especially when as far as you know they're putting themselves on the line to liberate you ? And even though you don't know you still wanna kill.. The only thing here that sounds like 'wargames' to me is the violent language you just used. I ask you from my heart please restrain from that, wait until you really know what's going on before you decide you wanna blow up the place, and please focus on peace.

    2. PevySue,

      Who are you?
      You did not provide any information in your profile, yet you are spitting venomous judgements of the 20 million. As you do to one, you do to The One.

    3. hello "the333meg,"

      my name is levi.

    4. hi "untwine" :-)

      for your first paragraph, my thoughts are. . . i personally am not a hostage to anyone, anymore. i think freely these days. i have had interference from time to time, no doubt, as we all do. i'm absolutely certain of this. i still have interference from time to time but the effects of interference become less and less as you begin to acknowledge truth from within yourself, even if your truth doesn't line up with other people's truth. the ultimate truth is what you feel within yourself. it's unbeatable (until, or unless you choose otherwise.)

      for the second paragraph, you're assuming that i don't fully understand, and that my comments are not wise, nor peacekeeping, nor of the light. I want to ask you one question, what is your personal ideology of peace and light?

      for the third paragraph, well. . . where and when did i say this? which you've put in quotations, 'please earth kill these 20 million people because i don't know who they are' ? then you assume that i want to kill, even though i "don't know." also, i would love to know where in history language produced war?

      the truth is, you don't know what you're talking about.

      what i have said to both cobra and (much more importantly) the resistance movement, who are extra-terrestrial beings with the intent of taking over YOUR/OUR planet because we EARTH BORN human beings treat our planet with such disrespect, is this. . .

      it will not be happening, sorry.

      however i will say this "in fairness," if the planet ever decides to destroy our species because of what we do to it, i will not protest.

    5. "my name is levi."
      But, who ARE you?

      You state that you KNOW of a sinister plan/intent by Cobra and the Resistance movement... and you KNOW their motivation...

      and you KNOW "it will not be happening"

      from which density did you acquire this knowledge?
      Isn't it possible that those particular things you "KNOW" are just archons speaking to you while you sleep, or ELF mind-control by the dark?

      You say "but the effects of interference become less and less as you begin to acknowledge truth from within yourself"

      Are you sure these "KNOWN" understandings of Cobra and the Resistance are not just more interference that does not need to be inserted via ELF/archons as frequently as it used to, in order to keep you in the mindset that their intents are to take over this planet?

      Are you truly "absolutely certain" that "we all" have interference from time to time?

    6. There is one thing in Levi's post that I too acknowledge. That is the fact that the resistance movement is operating in the shadows, i.e. they are in hiding and operate from hidden agenda's. This IS interfering with free will, however positive their intentions might be.
      The same goes for all other galactics.
      I have thought about this conundrum a lot and have not yet found a clear stance on this.

      I do understand that the hidden agenda's didn't start with the RM, but with the archons. But still all of this underground and above atmosphere activity somehow feels invasive.

      I pray that ALL parties come out of hiding very soon....

    7. @erik,
      Google the gallactic codex. The violation of humanity's free will is so extreme. We are denied our basic rights as sentient beings to have a decent physical existence, to spiritual growth, to become enlightened beings without sitting cross legged meditating for 20 years. This is the reason the resistance is now taking action, this is the reason they do have the right indeed. It is not violating our free will because it is REVERSING the actual violation to our free will. The 'ETs are going to take over the planet' is old hat fear tactics perpetrated by the dark for ages now. They could have taken over any time they wished as their technology is beyond what most of us can imagine. What resources could they want here..malaria? A bit of pollution?
      I saw this all very clearly when I found Marshall Vian Summers 'allies of humanity 'and 'angelic presence' channelling. He states that 'God is too great to speak', that there can only be one messenger( him) and that a time will come when we 'cannot be forgiven.' This same man channels the allies of humanity who warn us that ETs are trying to take us over. I saw clearly then that if the dark are going to so much trouble to make us fear a negative take over, that humanity must have an huge amount to gain from ET input. Thus, if you want to stop positive ET assistance, a good way is to make humanity fear and try and repel their helpers. It is an inversion of truth and happens a lot, David Ike explains it really well. I am not doing and I apologise. If you take a look at Summers you may see where I am coming from. The resistance will be killed if they become known and accessible to the cabal. The death toll for those practically opposing them is high and rising. Obviously, this is my truth and I am not a missionary or a prophet. If people disagree, this is fine.

    8. Thanks Aradia. I guess you're right. Any action that restores our basic right to create freely without fear is very welcome.
      I also understand their need for cover at this time.
      It probably signifies what a great big mess all parties have maneuvred themselves and each other in.
      The dark etherics, the angelics, the gactics (both positive and negative), the subterraneans and us surface humans. It's a big mess and us small potatoes are probably the key to unlock this Gordian knot...

    9. @the333meg,

      here's a quote from one of my previous comments "we do not need a "Window of Opportunity 2." we have opportunity and choices available to us with every breath of air we take." there is true power in thought & intent. it's power that we all use everyday. it's what keeps us going day after day.

      you want to know, how i know. i know because i create. it's my choice. i hope we can all understand this.

    10. @ Aradia,

      "The 'ETs are going to take over the planet' is old hat fear tactics perpetrated by the dark for ages now. They could have taken over any time they wished as their technology is beyond what most of us can imagine. What resources could they want here..malaria? A bit of pollution?"

      this is actually a great point, but not accurate.

      they need a place to live. they want to live here. they can live here better than we can. they can live here peaceably amongst themselves and other species of all forms. they know this, as do other species. they want to remove us. actually, they want us to destroy ourselves (there may be something deeper to this, for example, we have to destroy ourselves because they still abide by universal laws. therefore, they will not destroy us themselves.) if we do destroy ourselves, they will literally clean the planet up. there will no longer be any malaria or pollution because we will no longer be here, nor our mess. they're not after resources, specifically. they after a new home and planet earth is looking pretty damn lovely to them right now. this planet is like a jewel in the sky. the possibilities for creation and it's diversity is wanted by many.

      so as always, we need to make a choice. what's it going to be?

      i believe in this (earth human) species, (us.) i believe it deserves to save itself. i believe it deserves the opportunity to exist without interference from either "side." i believe the planet deserves to exist without interference from either "side," and our pure stupidity. i exercise my beliefs in thought form daily. and believe me, these beings under the surface of the planet are listening very closely.

      you may not like what i'm saying, or agree with me, but try to broaden your perspective. simply spend some time thinking about these "possibilities," as one who doesn't necessarily believe might call them. you may find your thoughts take you on a journey you didn't expect.


    11. Hi Pevy Sue,

      What are your thoughts on divine intervention? Do you agree that our free will has been usurped by negative et's/creators? Do you feel a connection to your higherself?

      You have come to this blog for a reason. You are engaging rather than dumping on us and then disappearing, like some others...Perhaps you are looking for a reason to believe again?

      You said you were a believer for ten years. Perhaps the dark channels have disappointed you with their dates one too many times. Understandable. There's a lot of crap to sift through out there. I have been through the ringer in less than one year, I can only imagine TEN or MORE.

      My understanding (so far) is that mankind has been manipulated and imprisoned. There are people/et's/angelic forces here to help. The et's giving out dates and times and blowing smoke up our collective asses FEED off our disappointment.

      You make a good point that it is up to the individual to empower themselves and save themselves. If you are even aware of this situation you are one to help. Don't turn your back on the light and dump on fellow lightworkers out of disappointment from believing in dark sources (if that is the case).

      Spend a little time here. You are welcome here.

      If you don't resonate with Cobra for some reason, there is much more offered on this site.

      Love and Peace,

    12. @Pevy sue, you are correct. The Greys planet is damaged, they wanted to live here. NOT the spiritually advanced races who are trying to assist. I have no need to be concerned with messages from people that show no compassion or allowing, that use judgement, fear and try to direct the beliefs of others as these are not of the Law of One. If I am mistaken, that is fine also as this is how I can learn.
      Sorry, buy I ain't buying into your stuff.

    13. @ Aradia,

      "Sorry, buy I ain't buying into your stuff." i think that's good for you. i think that's a healthy mentality. i feel the same way about others. i'm definitely not selling anything to anyone, but like many, i like to share my thoughts and feelings sometimes. sometimes i feel frustrated and impatient. it happens sometimes. still i feel i am ok at showing people respect, most of the time. if i don't show someone respect, i truly have to believe that they really don't deserve it. then i will make the choice to not show them respect. because i do not respect them. that may not sit well with you, which i could understand. my comment(s) to you which are written above may not be filled with warmth, love and compassion but then again it is only text on a screen. perhaps if we had discussed the above comments face to face, or even audibly, you may not have had the same impression of me. i believe i have some truths to share with people. i also have some stories to share. some may like, some may not. people don't always harmonise. we need to be sharing one truth to harmonise. the fact is we all have not acquired enough truth to harmonise, but we'll get there. we just have to stay on track :-)

      thank you for your honesty Aradia. i value it.

    14. Hi klove :-)

      at this time, my thoughts are that the only entity who will receive divine intervention, if necessary, will be the planet. if this planet was to be harmed in such a way that permanent irreversible damage would be inflicted, then i believe intervention will occur.

      i believe our free will has been left intact. i don't believe free will is something that can be tampered with directly. i do believe we have been deceived into believing things that aren't true, and still are being deceived, so much. however, we're still capable of discovering truth through ourselves, so we still have free will. it hasn't gone anywhere or been locked up by someone who then through away the key. it still exists within every one of us and we're all equipped to access it. we're not all equipped to use it correctly though. which is why we have so many issues amongst ourselves on this planet. the majority of people aren't making the right decisions in their day to day lives, still. we could say that's because we're not informed correctly, which would be true. but that leaves us vulnerable to whoever is informing us. we give them the power to mis/disinform us. or in other words, manipulate us. which is actually us exercising our free will. we're given bad information yet we still believe that we are making informed, intelligent decisions. we're not though because what almost all of us really know, or "acknowledge" may be a better word to use, is what we're being told. so on this planet, during these times, as far as i can see, truth must come from within. which can be done by all. which means, in my personal view, we all have free will. we've had it the entire time. it's just that some dirty magician came along one day and tried to make us all believe that we didn't/don't have it. and we allowed it. we allowed ourselves to be disempowered. that was our choice. that was us exercising our free will. times have changed now. we want our power back. most of us don't even know what that power is anymore because it's been so long. but a great starting point for everyone, including myself, is to understand the powers of thought and intent.

      i do not feel connected to my higher self. i'm not sure what someone's higher self is in all seriousness. of course i've heard the term before. i've read what others have said about one's higher self. but in my own case, i've never had any experience with my higher self that i am aware of.

      continues at next page.

    15. from around the beginning of 2010, to october 2010, i and 1 of my family members were having contact with pleiadians. they gave us information, and would spend a lot of time talking to us just in general, about general things. it could range from sharing some kind of joke together, to something much more serious, like the removal of my family and i from this planet. during this period of time in 2010 we learned so much interesting information. we felt truly blessed to be so lucky. we communicated with other beings who had different jobs (so-to-speak.) we spoke to "transporters," as they called themselves. they were responsible for the transportation of beings from one area to another area. we didn't realise what was happening at first, but we were being introduced to beings who were going to transport us to one of their pleiadian planets. once we understood what was happening, and why we were having so many amazing experiences with these beings, we accepted what was essentially an offering to move to another world. from then, we started talking about it. we would ask all sorts of questions like, what they look like? what kind of clothes they wear? whether or not they showered, washed their hair? what kind of foods they ate? what the planet was like that we were going to? where would we sleep? what would we do when we were there? what kind of lives do people lead on their planet? would we fit in? does the entire species have to agree for us to be allowed to live there? how did others feel about us coming there? so so so so many questions. and so many amazing answers. . . after a few months of this i started to become frustrated by the fact that we would not be given any specific details of our departure. for example, when will this happen? how will this happen? etc. finally, after enough questioning, we started getting answers. . .

      october 2010! we would be leaving this planet. they would arrive over our house and take us in our sleep. a woman would nurture my infant son to keep him calm. my infant son would have lost his mother if we were to go. she was not allowed to come with us due to "unhealthy heart conditioning." and i don't mean that she would have had a heart attack. she was not loving enough to come with us, apparently. i was willing to agree with that decision. i had made that agreement. . . we would be asleep for the majority of the trip except for a short moment where we would be conscious to see the earth from outer space as we left for the pleiades. once we would arrive and our lives began there, we were to be re-educated.

      just before october came around, my thoughts and feelings towards this planet and the human species started to change. at first, i was so keen to leave this shit hole with all of its problems. i never wanted to come back. but then i started thinking, what if i could help this planet and the humans on it? what if i go to this pleiadian planet, get reeducated, then travel back and assist to liberate this planet along with everyone else, e.t's, humans, multi-dimensional beings etc. when i started to think like this, i felt really good inside. it makes me teary thinking about it right now. i realised that i do love humans and this planet, and everything on it. i realised that i care about it. i realised that at one point i was willing to let my sons mother die here, without her child. without her ever getting to know her child. i realised that i had drifted away from being human. once i realised this everything changed. . .

    16. last page.

      october came and went, and we were all still here. no one explained anything to us. we still have no idea what happened to this day. no one ever came and said, "hey sorry for the delay, but things have changed." everyone who we had organised this transportation with, simply stopped talking to us. this damaged me to some degree, for some time.

      the positive side to this whole experience was the return of my humanity. my love and compassion. the negative side to it was that it through me into complete confusion about who's who and what's what. i started thinking, "who the hell were they?" "why did they do this? and for (something like) 10 months?" "if they took us, where the hell were we really going?" "what were their true intentions?" i never got any answers, from them. . .

      the I AM have helped us on many occasions by supplying us with information and understanding. to this day, they are the only group that i have come across, that i still trust. they feel different to everything and everyone else. their energy is enormous. when they speak (so-to-speak,) my body does nothing BUT resonate with truth. the power is incredible, and yet they're no where near me lol, amazing. in very late 2010, perhaps even early 2011, they made their presence known to some. they went to people all over the world and started waking them up. actually that's not correct. they gave people the thoughts and information necessary to wake up. they would drip-feed small bits of information and understanding into the minds of sleeping human beings. at which point, when the human being wakes up, they are presented with a thought, or decision to be made, or perhaps something else, like an understanding perhaps etc. it was/is then the choice of the individual as to what they do with that information, and what comes of their situation. even if they're not aware that they have a situation lol.

      perhaps you are one of these people klove :-) there are many.

      anyway, i still have reasons to believe. sometimes i momentarily feel otherwise, but belief always creeps back.

      i believe that the real positive entities who have humankind's best interests at heart are the most elusive beings of all (with the exception of the I AM, in my opinion from my experience.) the beings who people have never even heard of. that sits better with me than anything else. i feel that this is some kind of truth from within myself.

      thank you for welcoming me.

      live life, love :-)

    17. I can quite understand your concerns if you feel you have been mislead. My instinct says why would any beings wish to take you to another planet when you have agreed to incarnate on this one? I would seriously question the identity of these beings. Remember, not all humans are bad/good either but all have different intent.

    18. I agree, Aradia.

      I've read that any ET's that offer to take you off this planet are suspect.

      I don't believe the Resistance Movement would bother their asses to live underground here, fighting to liberate this planet for us, if all they had to do was offer us all a ride off-world and them come back here to an empty Earth. No. That's just a stupid waste of time them being here fighting, if all they wanted was the Earth. They could have already had it.

    19. @Pevy sue,
      I have read your detailing of what happened to you and have tried to digest it. I realise you are trying to express your very real concerns and apologise for being a bit sharp. Feeling like shit sandwich myself, no sleep again. I am trying to figure how you got from your story to thinking the Resistance is a dark plan itself. Is it because they are Pleiadian or did those beings give you some specific information regarding such an eventuality? Did they specify why they were to take you off Earth? I have heard of many who have had ET contact, I have in a med, but I have never heard of anyone being told they would be taken off Earth. I know ETs have caused a lot of problems for some people that they have contacted. Rob( Pottsman) may have an idea what could have been going on. Perhaps you could summarise your story for his attention ?

    20. @ Aradia,

      response to first comment:

      i agree with you 110%, now lol. since those experiences in 2010 i have come to understand that i shouldn't have someone take me or my family off world. as author and psychic, chris thomas has said, "to go where?" it makes perfect sense to me now. at the time of these events taking place in my life however, i trusted them. i believed them. they hung around long enough that we established somewhat of a relationship with them. we had names to call them by. they told us they had families to travel home to just as we do. they connected with us on an emotional level. we related. well so it seemed. the point of what i'm saying is that we felt as though we were safe, secure and being looked after. what's interesting is that i suspect we were, but not by the pleiadians we were communicating with at the time. but perhaps someone monitoring the situation.

      response to second comment:

      ok... in my home, we have had so many conversations with so many different kinds of entities over the years. some have been positive and some negative (both the conversations, and the entities we were engaged with.)

      very early on, years back, an entity said "do not believe anything you see or hear. a deception is taking place." i have never forgotten this.

      mid 2011, we spoke with beings living inside of this planet. they told us they were there. they said there were currently (mid 2011) 311 underground cities/bases throughout the planet. they identified themselves as greys. they said that in the near future, they were coming to the surface of the planet to live. they said they have been working on engineering a new species for them to continue living in. they said they wanted certain aspects of the human being, but not all. they wanted to combine their dna with ours to create vessels for themselves. one of the reasons they explained was that they are dying and they need to do what they are doing so that they do not die out completely. they said that they would clean the planet and live harmoniously with it and the other species residing here. they were able to present their "case" in such a way, that we would betray our own species. we started thinking "hell yeah! if you can treat the planet better than us, then absolutely! get rid of us to save the planet." it made sense at the time. a few days after this initial conversation with these beings, they began to drain us of our energy. we would become lethargic. they did this anytime we disagreed with what was being said to us. eventually it stopped. i do not know why, how or who/what was responsible for stopping this from happening to us.

      not more than 3 weeks ago from today 7 august, 2012, we (myself and the other family member i have mentioned) had a conversation with 3 beings who claimed to be from different groups. one group was the andromedans. one group were beings from the centre of the earth, not the earths crust. i have always considered these beings to be the guardians of this planet. the other (3rd) group was pleiadian. the conversation was quite simple really and this is it... the pleiadians and the beings from the centre of the earth are considering allowing us to destroy ourselves. they are quite content with us not being here. it was the andromedan who disagreed with this plan. the andromedan believed that we have the right to be here and exist without any interference whatsoever from anyone. the andromedan's words resonate with me very strongly.

      my sincere belief due to my personal experiences in life (and there are still many more than what i have mentioned,) is that this resistance movement, are these beings who want this planet for themselves.

      continued on next page...

    21. i believe light workers have been doing work for them unknowingly, particularly to the planet itself. i do not believe that these entities are evil, as such. i can't stress this enough. people are saying that they could have this planet if they wanted to with very little efforts. all they would have to do is remove us, right? what i'm saying to everyone who reads this is, these beings live peaceably amongst themselves. they take care of their own. they don't have the problems that we have, anymore. they see nothing more than a fantastic opportunity to move into a new and very beautiful home, earth. the only thing standing in their way is us, both physically and lawfully (or rightfully.)

      so let's think for a second, if we were them and we wanted this planet to ourselves, but we weren't willing to kill off an entire species by our own hand and be held responsible, because as twisted as it may seem, we still have some moral code that we choose to live by.. OR, we weren't allowed to kill off an entire species because of someone or something watching over this situation on earth.. what's another way that we could take over this planet?

      let's pretend we're them.. well, humans are already a waring race. they already war with each other and destroy each other. they damage the planet. they damage other species. they've completely obliterated certain species from the planet before, multiple times. so what if for the good of ourselves, the earth and all other species residing on the earth, we simply manipulate the human race into destroying itself completely? that could work right?

      .. there is nothing evil or dark about this as far as i am concerned. it makes perfect sense. the reality is that if anyone is truly evil, it's us. and life itself deserves to co-exist with something better than what we currently are.

      i feel and respond to cobra and the resistance movement with some aggression because in my heart and mind, i'm fighting for us. many of them have already turned their backs on us. and i'm here saying "NO, fudge you and your plans! we humans are gonna show all of you! we DO deserve to be here and we CAN do so much better. we CAN live peaceably together, forever." so we just need to do it now rather than be talking about it. before someone or something who is watching over this whole situation goes, "ok, they've had long enough now. you can move in and take over the planet."

      woo, my brain is tired lol. that's enough from me tonight. thanks for your replies Aradia. i look forward to reading some responses :-) ps, when i wake up tomorrow i will give some serious attention to your suggestions about (Rob Pottsman.) thank you for suggesting that to me :-)

      goodnight everyone. we will rise!

    22. @PS
      I am not sure my consciousness can assimilate yet another conspiracy upon layers of the existing ones, but I will try.
      I do not have your background and experiences yet I have certainly encountered several dangerous, ill intentioned entities and am well aware that getting correct information from anything non physical is tricky. It could simply that you were given misleading information deliberately. It could also be that they were describing a possible scenario. The past and future both contain numerous possibilities and cannot be predicted until decided upon. The other possibility is that they are correct. If so, I fail to see how it will really get any worse as I believe that humanity is under terrible abuse and restraint as it is. Do you think they are working with the cabal or separate? I disagree with you that we do have free will. I would ask though, what would be the Resistances purpose in exposing archons, mind control, implants etc as it is helping to empower some of us. It has helped me immensely. Would they want to take over a partially empowered population? Better to have let us keep on thinking that karma is just, that we deserve to suffer.
      I did not just blindly believe Cobra. I had already known something was dreadfully wrong that the suffering was indefensible, that karma was not just. It was a deep, strong knowing, feeling. Cobra provided the only reasons why, up until now.
      I have researched the archons and some other stuff and found evidence that completely satisfies me at this point. I have had synchronicities and kept finding more evidence even when I was not looking for it. My higher self confirmed the existence of these 'astral entities' and said that there is a light/dark stand off but the light will engulf the dark fairly soon. This is not evidence and my HS may be another rotten entity, but it is sufficient to keep me on this road for the time being.
      To connect with HS, may be consider some form of protection first. Meditate with the intention that is what you intend, guided ones for this purpose are helpful and there are some good ones on You Tube. Otherwise there is no special technique. The energies are such that it will happen. It is telepathic and I feel/hear it inside my chest/heart area now.
      Hope you had a good nap, please have some sleep for me, Love CJ.

    23. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  29. I got a few question for everybody (also the intelligent faltlessly spelling people).

    Is destruction part of creation or is it the opposite of creation?
    Or is there no such thing as destruction, only transformation?

    Does free will apply to destruction or only to creation?

    I look forward to all your answers!

    1. @Erik,
      The ancient hermetic laws state that everything in existence is of a continuum and is of one, of the all. But love/hate, destruction/creation are on opposite poles of the continuum. This is the Hermetic principle of polarity.

    2. Hi Aradia,
      I agree that everything within creation is divided in polar opposites.
      But I doubt that Love that Love is subject to polarity.
      The opposite of hate might be liking, and not love.
      Likewise creation itself might not have a polar opposite, since all polarity is contained within creation.
      What do you think?

    3. I think hate is opposite of love, both extreme ends of the pole with lots of shades in between. One pole can move along to the other.

  30. Thanks Cobra for the update.
    I loved your last interview, the second one on shiftishappening. Was great to hear you tackle many subjects, and it's very very much appreciated how you put things simply and concisely, yet without leaving things out.. To me you say more in a few sentences than some other sources could in hours of talk, and that's great.. Thanks for your truthfulness, again i'm looking forward to more..
    Thanks to all in the light and all my intention for peace, truth and freedom for All

    1. which is the second one? do you mean the one with the girl at a desk? OR a different one could you send me a link here or in private if it is not the one shown here the other day! thnaks bro
      :-) R

    2. here bro :)

    3. (he did two with the girl at the desk)

  31. Cobrasss,
    I wanted to help you all understand the Window and date situation we are getting here from Cobra. I for one do not like dates especially for physical contact with ET/ED's. One reason is contact has already been made with governments and individuals since forever really. The opening and uplifting of the entire planet is a process of vibrational attunement that will affect all life on the planet and the planet itself.

    Cobra has wisely said he cannot guarantee any contact. What he means is no man knows the hour. There are several things that should be clarified. However Cobra is always very succinct in the messages and thus, he leaves a lot of room for conjecture.

    There are probably many different prophecies and ancient records and awareness's of this cyclical event that we are in the middle of and several of them are well known. The Bible, the Mayan Calender and The Lions Gate to name a few.

    In the Mayan prophecy there are cycles within cycles. We have many different planets whose light and gravity influence and affect our consciousness via the charkas and endocrine glands. This is the science of astrology. For those not completely self realized these influences can alter behavior. For the truly enlightened one beyond the influences of the material world these fluctuations have no effect as these beings make their own way and are always walking with truth.

    The surface tension of water is greatly affected by the moon every 28 days and definitely our emotional body fluctuations because of the serotonin levels shift during the various phases of the moon. There is a 33-day cycle, which is in correlation to the magnetic's of the lower mental body/reason and the planet mercury. There is a 44-day cycle of feelings and the rotation of Venus. Thus we have a basis for the science of astrology and Biorythms.

    The 52 year cycle in the Mayan calendar when multiplied many times, is also in procession of the equinox noted in the Egyptian temple of Dendarah in the upper room. The order is reversed however due to a previous pole shift. This precession of the equinox as one "AGE" is 2152.2 years. We are moving out of Piscean age "I believe" into Aquarius "I know". The base diagonals of the Great pyramid are 12,913.75 inches. Twice this number equals 25,827.5 years. Also this time length is known in the Vedic sciences as a day of Brahma. This day is also broken down into Yugas's.

    In 2170 B.C. the Pleiades were on the meridian at exactly midnight were seen through the south passageway of the Great pyramid. For those who read the Billy Meir contact notes Semjase did mention at one point at a certain date a certain star will shine down one of the pathways higher up on of the Great Pyramid. It was intimated by Semjase to Billy, though they did not reveal the star or date, that this was a very important time and would signify great change.

    The Mayan cycles according to a friend of mine formally of Mt Shasta Aluna Joy and also Jose Arguellas the Mayan calendar have several portal or increases in the light wave activations.
    These segments or light activationss for the last 25 thousand or so years are very far apart in the beginning and then in the last 2 years before 12-12-2012 there are multiple increases probably about 7 or 8 of them. {The famous "Harmonic convergence" was one such date!}

    This reason for the many dates at the end of our current time wave is because the light is increasing exponentially. Some one else could maybe give the exact jumps and what they mean better than I. Perhaps Clay dog he seems to be into the Zuvya arguelles info? I know one of the last activation dates means all truth will be revealed immediately and that nothing the dark does will be hidden, we can see exactly what their plans are. I feel this is now happening but what will we do with this knowledge?

    1. The Lions Gate is a book revealing some Egyptian prophecies regarding these activation dates. This book/prophecies decoded explain that these meditation portals will speed up the pineal glands resonance capabilities and actually begin a genetic mutation process that will affect our brains/light bodys' activation.This is occuing right now!

      The Aertherious society has been using tachyon scalar technology since the 50's in conjunction with ET "Spiritual pushes" or periods when The Martian masters are using certain craft, which during a set cyclical periods do feed prayer force into the acupuncture points/ley lines/ Gaia grid of our earth. They tachyon tech's store the member's invocations and prayers and release them at specific portals on the planet to reduce the stress on the earth.

      The earth has crystals and if mankind's collective Aura or Dharmic signature in not in harmony with the universal life forces we will though interaction with humanity and the the Earth and the Sun precipitate earthquakes! There is a long explanation how this works so I will leave it for another post.

      Suffice to say the divine intervention of the ET/Ed family is to mitigate these changes to preserve light and to allow for as much spiritual advancement as possible during this "Time of Troubles".

      We as the awakened ground crew can speed or aid this calming effect by our own meditations and spiritual growth and physical and Etheric Auric purification process. We are key in this and we can do much to aid in our deliverance by humbly focusing our intention and peace in a Scalar wave that will reach the heart of creation.

    2. The following is Semjase's direct quote on Scalar or tachyonic energy: "When you begin to understand and realize scalar waves, you begin to fathom the ultimate light, love and sound of perfect balance. When working within scalar wave technology for the greater good, you become free of all CAUSES. (Emphasis mine)
      Remember a cause is only a moment where goal and purpose meet. Before a goal ends, a purpose (whether is be self esteem or service to mankind), must discern itself. Then time will engage and the unguarded consciousness will uplift itself to a form."
      (me: this is in fact how we create our own reality! or "The secret" "Thought feeling and the spoken word are the only creative powers in the universe" St Germaine)
      Semjase continues; "Scalar waves are a moment of energy that comes from infinity past present and future, and that can be realized now-in this moment, of course only what will always be for you and me.
      The word scalar means to climb in separate moments of time long enough to recognize the progression of unity"
      Semjase the 1980''s

      Semjase also told us that "Crystals amplify thought forms". The quartz crystal is "The perfect synthesis of Spirit and matter in zero time". Tachyon/scalar chambers are aids to increase the potency of healing for individuals and the planet by creating resonant fields of harmony beyond the influence of Archons cabal.

      This technology though not required, for the ground crew does provide protective barriers to the disharmonious "programs" projected on us by 'fallen masters" from Polaris Usra Major, Orion, Ursa Minor, Thuban. These energies are controlling certain portals and are "Sucking us dry" so to speak.

      This galactic enforcement and removal of dark influences is now critical as we as a planet are moving into a closer orbit in relation to the central sun and we must make up for lost time so as not to impede the many life forms from throughout creation with whom our planets life is in a delicate symbiotic relationship during our planetary intiation process.

  32. We may or may not as a whole planet, meet our space family face to face in our lifetimes. I think we will eventually and most likely soon, but never get your hopes up.

    However it is important to remember the change that will occur is a spiritual relationship and one of vibration. Evil souls simply will not be allowed to incarnate here after a certain point because this planet will go through a magnetic dip and the NEW WORLD will not have lessons for those not seeking the light. do not seek temporal material manifestations period.

    Our ideas of a grand new earth may very possibly be far down the road. We may have a drastic pole shift at some point and many may be taken up in ships of light to transmigrate to other worlds. Some may stay here and ride out the changes and slowly rebuild on a world with more water because as the pole shift approaches the ice melts. Eventually the ice will return and reveal more land.

    I do not know and I am not making predictions. However if this cataclysmic event was to be forthcoming would it make any sense to tell us and create fear and panic? We must all take advantage of this extraordinary time of accelerated spiritual growth. The name of the game is ever expanding awareness of light not setting the earths temporal worlds policies and politic's in order.

    For those beings who serve us from other worlds THEY MUST ABIDE BY FREEWILL. Our souls on higher level know this and therefore physical death is of no consequence in the grand scheme or infinite growth. Life is precious an the fastest way for spiritual beings to grow.

    So here's the rub collectively we are still asleep allowing poisons and feeling hopeless just like we are programmed to do. Some of us are rubbing our eyes and truly striving towards the light but WE are RESPONSIBLE!

    Fear not any outcome and scenario you are eternal sons and daughters of a living and loving creative force. Do not project doubt and obsess on negativity but be prepared be very prepared by shining your light. There is no date there is no time it is always now.

    I personally feel those from Agarthan network, the RM and the Heavenly Host will all appear at a certain point. Every knee shall bed and every tree shall sway as Universal peace and harmony will be established and those that remain in their bodies at that time will live on a free world as sovereign citizens of the Universe free to live and learn the ways of light and love and traverse the stars in fellowship with all of creation.
    With love and respect
    Rob sorry it was a long one

    1. Thank you, pottssssman!
      You are real "walking treasure of knowledge", I like your posts...

    2. Potts you are so knowledgeable, I take my hat off to you. I spend so long just reading and learning and reading some more, that I don't have enough time left to spend on trying to meditate and move myself along my spiritual journey. I am so annoyed with myself that I only started waking up less than a year ago. Feel that I just don't have enough time to do/learn/experience everything that I should be yet am trying so hard to be in my heart and be Love.

      So many people on here are confident of who they are and where they are. I admire you all and strive to learn from you.

      Thanks all of you, and Cobra, for helping me in my journey. I'll keep on trying...


    3. Thanks for the love yall. @ trinity and anyone else who is trying to develop practice Kriya toga or science of the still breathe Every cell is connected to the Etheric matrix of love and light your own being is this infinite awareness so need to go anywhere or do anything. Your mind controls your Etheric sheath. Strengthen this awareness of your Etheric double by monitoring your breath form up and down from the central sun to the earth's core. Project from your over self above you head _The mighty IAM down through each endocrine gland pineal, pituitary, thymus pancreas, spleen, gonads/sexual centers these have Etheric counterparts know as chakras.
      This is how spirit animates your forms. The negative forces are attacking this exchange from the higher soul matrix by hacking the earths grids. This dense feeling of limitation can be overcome by discipline to the process of observing the light.
      The light just is! There is no good or bad! Your intent is all that is needed see good balanced light and love in every cell and it will affect you in a positive way. This is the scalar "secret" of the divine plan or imprint which is being downloaded every second via the DNA, though it comes from higher planes into our physical bodies.
      There is no more worthy goal than to pay perfect homage to this sacred light of the IAM presence and its expression through our vehicles. The mind is lazy and we must shut down restart and reboot our conscious mind with an iron will. It is your choice you decision and your gift to make this realization that is deep inside of you. Ain't no body gonna do it for you!
      Another thing that is going to happen as we all start to turn to each other for support is going to be the group OM. By deeply breathing and sounding forth from our own soul note we will be able communicate non-verbal information of scalar awareness to each other through this group exercise! Group and individual OM's will calm and balance the individual and group field and convey feelings of peace and harmony through the excitation and inhibition of various hormones.
      When you are feeling stressed try several deep breaths and many OM's. At the Sai Baba ashram we do this it is called OMKAR 27 times every morning! This OMing will stop epinephrine and cortisol the stress hormones and promote the love hormones. Be awarw this will be felt by the conscious mind as good feelings and love.
      Remember Prayer is talking to god and meditation is listening. I recommend get to a secret place and place your awareness on your own "secret place most high" the pineal gland crown chakra and the IAM at the top of your own individual Auric egg/ torous or mer ka ba light field.
      Ask as a child would for your guiding and guardian angels and all forces of love and light to aid you in your efforts to invoke the light and spirit of truth into your body and soul. See it feel it visualize its energy from the central sun to the core of your being.
      Perhaps some formulaic positive prayers and include your own heart felt desire to all of creation ...then wait in silence and stillness for the answer. Feel the breath form as it moves up and down your body. Feel the light body and the physical body and concentrate on the feelings in the endocrine glands. Relax them all and deep breathe in the light.
      You will know OM TAT SAT. Thou art that! I find gazing into a candle while praying can provide a good focus of the eternal ever-living changing presence of Creation.
      God speed to us all

    4. Rob, (your post)it wasn't long enough :)

      What you wrote here is KEY

      "(me: this is in fact how we create our own reality! or "The secret" "Thought feeling and the spoken word are the only creative powers in the universe" St Germaine)"

      10 years ago I asked God a question in my quiet thoughts, I wanted my answer to come in the most difficult way...the following morning I went to a forest with friends to walk,at some point I saw an open field with a tree standing alone at a distance, I suggested to everyone to take some photos over there.When we reached there, there was a huge tree log next to the other tree.We took turns taking pictures sitting on this log, when I went over to sit, I saw my answer engraved on that log, the feeling that came over me I can't explain, I thought WOW!God answered and wow someone had carved out the name on this log...ever since that day I discovered the power is within, feeling thoughts,imagination (without having doubt interfere)of what I want in my life have happened.

      The second time I had an order on my menu "Love"(like when you go to a restaurant) with God...every detail of my request was delivered.Still together...

      Imagine if we do this together on a large scale, feeling thoughts of what we want, no doubt interference in our thoughts....that is powerful!

    5. :-) you got it right on. the more intense the feeling and the more focuseed the intent the faster the manifestation. Certain tachyon scalar technologys can aid in manifestation also!
      what most people fail to realize isthat for 70 percent of the time they are focussing on outer activity and material hassles and negativity problems trafiic dealing with polution. so most our secret manifesting consciousness feeds this loop of suffering and attachment! By contorling our thought and feelings and where we put our attention and who we spend time with we can actually manifest a different type of reality for our selves... 20 minutes a day is good but constantly living in the presence is even better
      Victory to the light
      ki jai

    6. @trinityprof - I feel the SAME way. too much reading, not enough quiet reflection and I feel the clock ticking away...

      @pottsman - you are awesome and much appreciated. thank you! i will read your post a few times and let it "sink in".

  33. Wow postman that post has changed something inside me. What really struck me is that it is true that we must take this time to advance ourselves Sprituality

  34. Cobra.. thanks for the additional info, and the latest interview, very revealing!

    Keep up the good work, your efforts are well appreciated by FAR more folk than the minority of dissenters.

    2005, -ah yes WOW, the S*it REALLY hit the fan here for me!! (Too much to recount here)
    Took a lot of strength to overcome all the crap that came my way, - from ALL directions.

    ‘Trueman’, - yes I can see that, got a strange feeling when watching that film when it was first shown here in UK on TV.

    Also, same applies/d to the ‘Stepford Wives’, - and many more examples.

    It has been published that the Archons detest humour, so, my advice is ‘get your daily dose of humour’, have a good laugh, swap good jokes with friends.

    Apart from anything else, it kicks in the endorphins which strengthen the immune system. (& lets face it, if as a side benefit, it pi**es off the PTW & dark forces etc,..then that’s great too!!)

    Finally: Some practical advice, which works, from experience:
    If/when you feel ‘down’, -- SMILE, & say Three times, “I am happy”. Don’t forget to Smile though!

    It works, smiling somehow makes us feel better.

    Keep the faith folks.

    p.s. Was it only me then, who experienced Great things at the Olympics last Saturday?(4th August)

    All those UFO’s landing, the ‘human looking aliens’, amazing!

    EDIT: Ah, I’m getting a message, - hang on, ah yes, - I am now told that --,... I was in a parallel time line!

    p.p.s. I saw a badge on the tunic of one fellow, in a reflection in the glass, it said ‘ASAN’.
    Wonder what that meant,….ahhh, it WAS a Reflection!!

    1. hahahah...nice one, Berkut!

      I see that your SAW is also a WAS which could have been a SAW which WAS reflected!


    2. "It has been published that the Archons detest humour, so, my advice is ‘get your daily dose of humour’, have a good laugh, swap good jokes with friends."

      AGREED. And I told ya so. *wink*

      They can't feed off the laughter. Tastes like caca to them, lol. That's why it is the best medicine.


    3. I suggest, in light of laughter being medicine for us, but like shit-sandwiches to the Archons, we should include a weekly laugh-a-thon alongside our meditations.

      Shall we pick a day/time for an 15 mins of ROFL, LMAO, LOL-ing?

      We can each choose our fave video clips to laugh at for that designated time.

    4. OSW: Great idea :) (Smiley face inserted!

      To get us started, here is a link to a great 'Humour thread' over at TOTS-by John Parslow-(much excellent info there as well re esoteric etc-mank kindred spirits)

      I have to say that back in 2005, and at many other times in my life so far, my sense of humour has been a grea 'survival mechanism'!

      Interesting to note that (here is UK) it is often from h most deprived areas (e.g. Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Ireland) that some great comedians come.

      I IMO at times of great stress, 'laugh at life'!!!

      Also at such times I count close family & friends as supporters.
      AAMOF, I receive many of my best jokes from an Irish pal, who has suffered physically for years, ...but still manages to have a good laugh! ( A Big Rasberry to TPTW here,...don't know how to input that yet?!

    5. I don't know about you guys, but keep it up with the caca and shit-sandwich jokes and I won't even need video clips to make me laugh :D

    6. LOL!!

      I just got another really kind of bad & off-color joke as I am listening to the Cobra interview by Deborah from July 31 (the one here:

      So Cobra is talking about how the Archons are "allergic to the Goddess Energy." Then the concept flashes into my mind about my "Bad Tacos" joke on the Stardust post -- anyone remember that?

      Okay (this is really bad & off-color just so you know). You guys know the American slang term for what a "taco" is, right? Oh it's terrible, terribly funny... You know, like what it is to "eat a taco"?!?

      Seriously, the ankle biters are having to eat the tacos (roflmao) of the Goddess Energy, hahahahahahaha!

      Oh so sorry those of you who are easily offended by graphic stuff, but this just cracked me up so much, I could not stand it. :D

      It was not my idea, but theirs. Just sayin'. :D

      (And for those of you who don't know this American slang, I am sure that you can use your imagination for what "eat a taco" could be and thinking of the Divine Feminine and just go from there, right?)


      P.S. Berkut -- almost all of my entire family background is Scottish, from the Highland areas & Orkney. Talk about deprived areas! So we do know how to laugh and it is passed on to me genetically, too. :)

    7. I AM... the Bad Taco!!!!!!

      BWAH HAH!!!!!

      Eat that, ankle biter. May it make you anaphylactic! (Well, mostly may it make you wake up and face the music, and agree to be taken to the galactic central sun where you can dissolve into all there is and get a nice, fresh, restart in all of creation.)

    8. LMAO girl!ahhahahahahaha!!!!! Yes,I remember your taco joke.

    9. Calliope

      You're terrible!
      But I LMAO until I could finally sit up dry-eyed to write something!

    10. @Berkut, I know! As a half-Irish Londoner, I know exactly what you are talking about. Humour is like bread and butter to us!

  35. Team, I have had an awesome weekend! In clearing some things I have had a great increase in Light in my being. That feeling of Bliss one often attains during mediation is lasting longer and longer and being felt througout my day. There is still a stumbling block for me in regard to Positive/Negative ETs. I have great respect for many of the posters on this site, so I am just going to ask your opinion on the matter. Specifically, the "Nordics" have in the past been described as very negative ETs who will appear to be most helpful and loving to us but are full of trickery. Does anyone know of their current status? Have they been "dealt" with? Have they turned to the Light? Your input would be most appreciated and I think will help me a great deal! Thank you!

    1. May be underground Christopher, like sweet potatoes. Well, everybody ist down there right? Reptils, shambalas,cabalas, potatoes, snakes, ants...
      Sorry dear friend, for this type of humour.

    2. McMoff- Humour is appreciated!

  36. I want to share this with all those who are in doubt about the shift taking place and how the shift is being operated by all of us.

    1. Blackbird,Thanks for sharing,awesome interview!!!

  37. We have reason to expect, due to the uplifting of the planet, which has been ongoing for 49 days now, there may be felt, by some, what we can best describe as jolts - something similar to what one might experience whilst riding in an elevator, when it stops at the designated floor, just before the doors open.

    These 'jolts' may or may not be noticeable, but please be advised that for a period of some weeks it is a possibility.

    There is no cause for concern, we simply offer this advice in order to allay any fears which may otherwise have arisen.

    1. Ham: I've been reading your posts with interest.

      However, can you please explain something about these 'eleph-ants' that you keep referring to?

      I am a healer, do absent healing as well, and daily 'positive-Intent, manifestation meditations'



    2. Hi Berkut,

      If you click on Ham's name here, go to his blogger profile, you will find the story of the 'patient Elephant'. I hope this will answer your questions.


    3. OSW, thanks , I will have a looksee.

      The only 'elephants' I know of were in the song-about the one who packed her trunk & went away to the circus',...but I am always willing to learn new


    4. Oh, I remember. You mean Nellie the Elephant.


  38. "It is not the time yet to speak about the Day of Decision and Day of the Contact. They may or may not be related to the First Contact."

    Next time please try to be certain before you want to give out any information.
    Does it sound very difficult to you? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It's almost like some people are feeling forced to come here and read posts they don't like and then get their knickers in a twist so tight they feel obliged to make angry comments, rather than just leave the site and decide it's not for them.

      It's getting quite noticeable today. This latest post really seems to have stirred things up...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


    Silly stuff; Mrs Fledgler, The Funeral.

    The air this morning is redolent with fried bacon and an unparalleled opportunity to 'be seen to do the right thing in public'. Mrs Fledgler is in pensive mood as she swabs furtively at her various fold selection with a grey/white, slightly slimy flannel.
    Mr Fledgler is indisposed and has been quarantined upstairs following an unexplained laxative overdose. He is reading the Daily Star peaceably, interrupted on occasion by little puffs of spontaneous emissions of a highly noxious concentrate.
    As she steps up into the welcoming Hearse, Mrs Fledgler’s brand new black hat crouches uneasily on top of a super springy new perm, rather like a malevolent and disreputable cat. Each time the hearse brakes, the hat lunges diabolically towards her left ear in an acute Easterly direction, causing the lady to expend considerable energy in ensuring it manifests its correct alignment. As she sits upright in the vehicles plush, black interior, palpitating proudly, her dress persists in its spontaneous upward shift, revealing an unprecedented and shocking diplay of patella only partially disguised by a yellow support hose that has the appearance of a severely dehydrated caterpillar.
    On arrival at the graveside, there is a little outbreak of squabble as the ladies fight to stand closest to the vicar, but then the service proceeds in a practiced and well-oiled fashion.
    Speaking of which, The vicar was just annunciating the hymn, 'Immortal, Invisible, God only Wise’ when shouting was heard in the distance. This soon took on an distinctly Irish note, as Joe Macnulty, flushed and exuberant from a previous wake, looms unsteadily towards them, preceded by a thick cloud of foul smoke.
    Little putters of disapproval are emitted from the good ladies, however they are all secretly rather enthralled and hold out hope for considerable scandal..
    Joe is by now experiencing significant difficulty in maintaining an upright position, and as he reaches the periphery of the grave, he finally looses his battle with gravity and drops backwards quite suddenly, at an acute angle of 45%, like a skittle. The shock, which is severe, results in him being parted from his cigarette, which flies through the air and lands accurately but perpendicularly on the rim of Mrs Fledgler’s hat, like a well aimed nuclear interception devise.
    As the veil ignites, the shocked gathering spring valiantly into action, swatting violently at the incandescent hat with rolled up newspapers, brollies and The Bible.
    The force is so severe that Mrs F herself then looses her stability and topples forwards into the freshly dug ground, extinguishing the flames and sustaining a severe penetrating blow to the left occiput on the handle of the coffin.
    As the sirens start to moan in the distance and the good ladies minister to her ineffectually with Joe Macnutly's hip flask, Mrs Fledgler wonders how she will ever come to terms with the shame of ‘having had a public fall.’

    1. Love it, Aradia!

      Thanks. :)

    2. BTW, I thought, when I first read this:


      that it said


      Maybe it would work well as a guided meditation?


    3. You'd go dizzy trying to visualise that lot. You could all end up in a big pile in that grave with poor Mrs F and Joe.

  40. Here is a brilliant & hilarious one to get us started:

    Its still ranked (IMO) as one of the funniest I have ever heard!

    ‘Irish Kid, Becky- Phones Up Demolition Company’

    p.s. Can you all imagine the ‘dark Forces’ cringing in agony when they listen to this?!!...LOL!!

    1. Little Becky: "Fill your boots, man!"

      That is the funniest thing ever! I love her!

  41. Niiiiiice both of you!!

    See, way to shift things around, eh? ;-)

  42. Hey everyone, check out this video about "Imagining the Second Dimension". There's a video for each dimension up until the 10th, I personally stopped understanding at about the 7-8th dimension, but I'll no doubt have to re-learn this within the next few months.

    Hope you enjoy as much as I did,

    1. I just lost the will to live looking at this video...I didn't finish it!


    2. The cool thing is that with the understanding of the dimensional levels, you can almost guess what you will be able to do when living on any dimensional level!

    3. Maybe I will have a re-visit another day. I could get right into it on a different day, who knows.


    4. Definitely worth it :D
      Give this one a try, he explains it very well:

  43. Heehee my avatar was cloudy, happy sunshine!!

  44. Here are a couple of my favorite "ANTI ARCHON MEDICATIONS"

    and one from our 2nd Density friends:

    1. Loved it. Great bird attacks. I have always found it hysterical when geese etc attack humans. For all their intelligence, the human is completely helpless!

    2. lovin' the animal theme to make you laugh ... !!!

    3. Oh god ... so sorry for another post, but all these vids just wanna make ya laugh even more .... :-)

      Calliope you've really started sumthin with your taco joke :-D

    4. Don't apologise dear girl, will watch them tomorrow, xx

    5. :D

    6. You girls are hilarious.
      Love 'em!

      untwine, you win with the barking cat!
      How bizarre! :D

    7. LOL!!

      Oh yeah, the barking cat takes the cake. That was hilarious.

      I sense the LOA working here, don't you? *wink*

      Hugs to you all & keep on laughing. :)


    8. I trust you all will refrain from posting "taco" videos! Heehee ;)
      Thanks for the laugh everyone! For me, its a 3way tie between the guilty dog, the barking cat, and the panting kitten!

    9. Here's another anti Archon medication. You won't be able to watch this video clip of laughing quadruplets without at least a smile on your face. :-)

    10. LOL ! It's not just the barking, but ooops, s/he totally knows s/he got snagged - the tail is a dead giveaway :)

      Oh, and those quadruplets - one baby laughing is enough, but 4 ??? Too much. A shame about that silly laugh track underneath it though - what's better than a baby's laughter to make the world seem right again.

      Wonder how our friends the A's feel about it :)

    11. Dear friend, I AM Love, I have sent this video clip to dozens of people. You are the first one to suggest that there is a silly laugh track underneath it. May I perhaps gently suggest that if you go into your own precious Heart, into the innocence of your own inner child, you will no longer hear a laugh track, but the innocence, joy, and laughter of four sovereign babies.

      The Archons are allergic to the Mother Flame and to pure joy. The Mother Flame exemplified in this video clip is nurturing and receptive to the exuberant joy and purity of her little ones. May she be blessed.

      With deepest Love,

  45. Please brothers and sisters of the light, listen to this 4 minute video

    And tell me how it resonated within you.

    It is called “The announcement”, and it is very different from all other channeled messages etc.

    1. Wow, I never saw anything like that, I think it's is very true "channeling"

    2. The refreshing thing about it, is that this is NO channeling!

    3. And simply telling the point, and not talking about love and light, hmmm... maybe they very serious...

    4. Mmmmmeeeeeeyyyyeeaaaaahhhhhh.


      Okay. Honest? The first :30 kind of made me laugh my ass off!! Maybe I should not have watched it directly after the naughty doggie and barking cat videos, lol. It sounded like a bad sci-fi script, especially that line when the guy says, "You can refer to us in one word: [really dramatic pause] Andromedians"

      hahahahahahahaha! Sounds like a bad Saturday Night Live sketch.

      Okay, besides that, I know there are some truths in this - things that triangulate with my own trusted sources and things that do resonate, so I am not going to throw out the baby with the bathwater just because it comes across as an incredibly goofy video (to me -- don't take it personally if you really like it and it resonates with you).

      Here's what I think, though. We have to stick to what we are doing and not get distracted by this kind of stuff. If the video is in fact true, then the work we are doing to envision the System falling is still in cooperation with the goals or message stated in the video.

      I'm cautious about it, but don't have too much of an opinion either way at the moment. Just the sense that some of it is true, and some of it may not be.

      (Except any time I ever see "Andromedians" again I am going to start hysterically laughing!!! God that was funny. :D)


    5. Dear CM, the "group" this video is comming from is not my cup of tea at all.. but my first impression of the video itself (and going above my bias for the specific group) was rather positive. There are some childish parts in it, and some truths in it as well. That's my take on it. And taling about channeling and channels, it IS a refreshingly different kind of a approach. :)

      ( next time you hear of "Andromedians", laugh because laughter is great , but also remember that ancient Gk texts refer to them, as they refer to Pleiadians, Centaurians, Arcturians etc- so there must be something there...)

    6. It's not so much the word or name of the beings from Andromeda, because I have heard of the Andromedians (and have read they are of one of the highest dimensions, too), it was more the manner or presentation, the way it was spoken. That was just too funny.

      The site that it originates from is interesting, but I question it heartily. Something felt "off" to me. You can locate it by reading the comments from the video.

      I think there are multiple accesses to these things, and the presentation may be useful to someone. We all have multiple ways to get what we need to know, and it is not going to be a fit for everyone.

      I even look at disinfo sites because in fact I can get some intriguing true info from them (the good info ranges from 10-60% if I had to put a rating on it). But it is not for everyone to search for stuff this way. I do it because my intuition tells me to and I am drawn to it, so I go. Sometimes I can really figure out some kind of truth I need to know by looking at its opposite.

      Right now, I need a nap. I am suspecting I am encountering some really challenging -- what to call them? Energies. Denver is known for its dark gov't workings and I do feel there are energies here sapping me. It's pretty profound, and not just jet lag. I noted some interesting chemtrails the other day, too. There is something here that is really sapping me, though. I need to figure out how I can counteract it. I have much work to do here, and if I continue to feel this way, it is going to be super tough to do it.


  46. As i've already said in previous topics, the word love is begining to lose it's meaning and importance, because of so much misuse going round... (this does not apply to kind hearted ,loving and wise people writing in this sacred space).

    As for the contents of this vid... It certainly sounds more serious and logical than channellings (supposedly from positive ETs) telling us on the one hand how bad/criminal the dark cabal is, but at the same time, that the ETs have to negotiate and get the "go ahead" from the leadership (easy changing from dark scumbags, to leaders is it?) before they make first contact with humanity... There are many contradictions in the channeled messages. To my mind, most of them serve confusion, not truth and enlightenment.

    This one is laconic and to the point.

    1. Hi anticonformisttia, your request was: to know if it resonate.
      With me Yes!!! Listen, when I posted on this site a link on Ben Bulford or something like that, I was heavily attacked during the night, and you know what? that link came from the same source like your clip. Ask one Questions boys and girls, why do almost all these Lightworkers (with love and torchlights),channels, contactees... never mentioned or discused anything about the chinese role as far as "ascenssion" is corcern, althought right now, they are everywhere all over the planet.
      No!! Hellen and CHAO-R.H.REES, and Chris Thomas do not channel.
      Also remember, the meditation technicks as instructed on this site, is a good preparation for channeling" so "Achtung.
      Do not believe me,anybody or anything, very-fy please.


    1. That's my favourite number at the moment. Keeps popping up.
      Thank you.

    2. I keep seeing 44 everywhere. 144 is even better. :)

    3. Same here 11 & 144

      Doreen Virtue:
      "1's and 4's, such as 114 or 144 - The angels are emphasizing strongly that you watch your thoughts right now. They counsel you to make a wish, as you are in a gateway that will manifest your thoughts right at this moment."


    has anyone else seen this??

    Illuminati exposed. Sen Bernie Sanders. Please pass this on.

    1. Hi Alan,

      I saw this yesterday on rumormill, but original was uploaded in 2010

      Bernie Sanders is a lightworker!

      Bernie Sanders Goes After Monsanto

  49. Here's a great 5-minute video clip that demonstrates the inherent joy, innocence, and oneness we all share at the level of our Hearts and in our connection with Source.

    May we each "trip [activate] the Light" in our own special way, guided by Source, and assist these freedom fighters and Gaia in allowing The Event to unfold as quickly as possible, in joyous anticipation and peace.

  50. This is the final gate for activation. WE began it January 11, 1992.
    What a trip this has been!

  51. uh oh a channeling it has "information on lions gate" so i will share the link you decide if it resonates

    hmmm ??? synchronicity?

    1. Ahhhhhh, Pottsman, this part explains a lot for me:

      The StarGate opening on August 8, 2012 in the heavens called the Lions Gate allows a frequency of energy to pass through its current alignment with Galactic Center and allow in the Light Energy from the other side of the black hole to enter the Milky Way and link with the Energy Grid of Earth with the vibrational frequency required to return to No Time with the Zero Point Modulators (ZPMʻs) operating at 100% You may be feeling the energies pouring in already 3 days before. It is similar to 72 hours before and after a full moon - the energies build in waves and can be experienced by intuitives as sleepiness, fatigue and lethargy. It is such a powerful force it is like walking through deep snow with wind pressing on you.

      Oh maaaaaaan, I am totally wiped! Just flattened today and it started yesterday really strongly, too.

      Hmmmm, maybe it is not Denver after all...

      Thanks for this link. It's interesting!

    2. Ιt's not Denver CM it's Athens too... it's any place we are I guess... I'm finding it hard to take even a strol (something I love and do often) it's like my legs are been "cut" every time I take a step. It took all the effort and strength I had to walk a short distance to go to the food store today, with the temperature rising to 41 degrees C. in Athens today.

  52. I,m sorry Cobra: If this post had been written in understandable English I would be more likely to take it seriously.

    Written in this way, I can't tell if there is serious workable technology behind this fancy technical terminology or if it's all just smoke and mirrors.

    If you understand this technology, would you please explain it to us? If you don't understand these technical terms, either, would you please ask your sources to explain it to you?

    1. LöncsVezér posted this above ^^^

      Hope this helps.


      linear phasar flow=flow of light that does not oscillate, goes directly

      dimensional translation system= a system that translates information between various dimensions

      AN conversion= a stargate technology that is based on direct transmission of energy

      nonlinear phasar thrust inversion/conversion=oscillating flow of light that crosses dimensions and at the dimensional threshold gets turned inside out

      electric surge into a Earth light body=a flash of Light from the galactic central sun that will surge through Earth at the time of the First Contact

      Cosmic Syncronization=planet Earth gets aligned with the rest of the Galaxy and the Universe with its vibrational frequency

      Tachyonic alignment=tachyons become information carrier particles instead of photons

    2. Iecox,
      The understanding of how energy is transmuted from one Plane and dimension to another is a complicated process because Science, at this point in time, can only observe the physical plane aspect of this inter action. The word Metaphysical means "beyond- Physics". Planes and dimensions are different.

      I do not want to go into a really long treatise here/ (but I probably will) / but I will give you a basic over view here.

      The nature of gravity should be understood so I will share this with you it may help you understand. From Dr Bell's book "Rays of Truth crystals of Light"
      "Gravity is the Auric field of the LOGOIC Plane or our creation universe.
      Gravity is the glue of creation. It is a constant velocity of force! Gravity glues atoms together as a universe, a galaxy or even a rock. Its greater attribute is its stability within its constant velocity as it moves from within the LOGOIC plane outwardly to the physical plane. Because it comes from the Logoic outward it is not subject tot the whims of mind, intellect, perception or any other characteristic created by the outward planes of consciousness and creation that is moves upon. Gravity is the cosmic governor, regulator, stabilizer of all existence". End quote.

      The universe is in a constant state of flux and change is constant and the universe renews itself in a constant ever-living dance of manifestation and rest period. This is the description for the physical plane only as we cannot see or measure the other planes/ parallel realities etc at this time.

      This constant flux between what is and what is properly speaking,infinite potentials. The Vedic science calls this manifestation and rest period using the terms, Manavatara and Prayalaya respectively!

      This is exchange back and forth is between matter and anti matter.
      The universe is literally created and destroyed millions of times in a Nano second! The reality we live in is an illusion of here we are here we are not. The Veda's calls this dance or illusion Maya

      On a physic's level our description that is understood at this point in time (though it is constantly evolving and shifting as our technology and awareness grows) is one based on Protons neutrons and electrons. continued

    3. We are currently also observing "flashes of influences" from the Astral Plane in the form of quantum physics. This is where we are seeing the effects only on the physical plane of finer grades of "matter". These influences at this time from the astral plane are being called "Quarks" "Haydrons", "Omegons" "Leptons" etc.

      Because these "experiments result in a different result each time it is understood that the observer of the experiment influences the "outcome". The names given to these anomalous changing Quantum observations known as 'Foam" are called "Truth", "Charm" "up", "Down", "Strange" etc.

      This aspect of our interaction with all of creation is called "The Secret" and his how we as a people will grow into a new paradigm of understanding and break the chains that our minds have created (illusion) and we will set ourselves free! We have powerful forces allied against us reinforcing "the chains" however individuals can overcome these hostile forces but it is almost impossible. The key word here being almost.

      From the current growths being made in science and the understanding of "The Secret" of manifestation, as is taking place at CERN in Switzerland with the "Higg's Bosun or God particle". We are approaching great revelations that are known but some and vigorously hidden by the few or powers that be. Some are feverishly trying to eliminate or hide the creative principal and really get rabid when the word God is mentioned however the eternal absolute just is and it will never go away.

      You may not believe in God but you "ARE GOD". ?/(ps god believes and knows you!)/The semantics of this understanding and mans zealous attempts to discredit creation are really attempts to deny his own existence. This condition is due to ignorance and cultural prejudice and limited awareness and experience in the current incarnation.

      A very sad and laughable state of mind to be in and is a frustrating attempt by minds own EGO to understand and "Grasp" the infinite. It simply cannot be done. There is nowhere that GOD is not! Science and Spirituality will eventually grow into one homogenous harmoniuos discipline.

      In our basic understanding of the Atom>we see a Sun/ proton and neutron combo with an electron rotating around "A Sun". The different combinations of atoms make up all of reality as we see it on the physical plane.

      There are 4 basic building blocks / carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. The ancient memory of humanity was so destroyed during the Atlantean and Lemurian debacle, that the only left over science that remained on the surface of the planet, has termed what we natives call the forces of nature. The 4 directions or earth air water and fire, respectively.

      The combinations of these 4 basic molecular elements make all that we see on the physical. This reality looks so real and hard to the touch, but it is actually atom's, moving very fast. The electrons are whirling so fast that it only seems solid. In fact this is just Maya again playing a trick. There is actually more space between 'The sun and the planets" than it appears.

      A good analogy of the distances and perspective would be to take an Orange and blow it up to the size of the earth, now we are standing on the orange and we want to see an atom. We look down on the ground and we see a Cherry and we pick it up and look closely at the cherry and what we see is really a grain of salt revolving around a center so small we cannot even see it. This is the size of an atom!

      In other words perspective is everything and is not what it seems. To go even deeper into this mystery is to understand the circle. There is no such thing as a perfect circle! When we try to mathematically with empirical math try to nail down a circle we always come up with PHI.

    4. PHI is always a uneven number and so the circle is not exact in fact it is a SPIRAL. Again Maya's dance or illusion, the creation itself is hiding inside of our own limited perspective.
      We really must just BE, to actually know the totality of ourselves, our relation to this infinite universe, floating inside its own unknowable potential. {There ancient techniques to achieve this level of awareness but that little atom is another story}
      So what our latest "Scientific" description is really of very small particles of "matter" spiraling around in vortexes of fractal light/ packets. To further complicate things these particles are not constant in their movements.
      In fact these electrons in their dance around the proton and neutrons actually move very fast in patterned waves and then they stop for just a moment. Then these particles JUMP to the next location. They even change/jump their orbital paths. This is what gives us the false perspective that things are solid!
      Reality fluctuates between existing there or not. When it is there it is called a particle when it is not it is a wave. The condition in between is called the string theory.
      Now we are all aggregates of various atoms put together right? Or are we more than that? Of course we are more than that we are aware we exist so there is consciousness. I think therefore IAM. Going into deeper reflection and meditation of these understanding will lead to the nature of yourself and cause the ultimate reflection of Who am I.
      One thing IAM not is a physicist so please forgive my layman's attempt at describing such a deep subject I suggest you study these things on your own. I had a friend who was a rocket scientist and a physicist so I have down loaded certain aspects of the Pleiadeans explanations via mental imaging in Scalar/ tachyon chambers over a period of time and can share some of this with you the best I can.
      Cobras cryptic description using unknown terms is confusing and can be frustrating but basically it means that. The universal force of light and life or creation itself is shifting gears and changing the rules of manifestation.
      See "The Keys of Enoch" by JJ Hurtak for his description of how the laws of nature will shift in a "Twinkling of an eye" and we will "go from one father universe to the next" Hurtak states "The "EYE of Horus" or stargates/metatronic givens of creation are now making new rules in regards to manifestion on our planet. His description is certainly more accurate and exact than either Cobras or my Explanation as far as a layman is concerned in my opinion.
      This shift is an aspect of the Scalar wave that is creation itself evolving and providing a way for more growth: see Semjase's description in my previous post way above!

    5. There is a natural change and evolution through the universe and we as ascending sons and daughters, are now growing into a more holistic understanding of ourselves as spirit sparks souls evolving or awakening matter itself by our life's experience inside of a self created, self conscious hologram.

      We are the creator and creation realizing itself. As we grow the universe learns. God has created a self-sustaining perpetually renewable universe that is constantly changing. The freewill that has been granted and built into our program guarantees that eternal present or outcome is always infinite.
      The matter is constantly changing on all worlds, regardless of what plane and how many dimensions. However the absolute infinite spirit or Living word aspect of reality that moves through and lives in creation is beyond all is all at the same time. This eternal absolute creative force or principal is called God is not changing because it is absolute and eternal.
      It is beyond name and form, yet it is a paradox, because the eternal reality is ALL NAMES AND IS ALL FORMS. Confused yet? Yeah I know let it go it not is not in the realm of the intellect you will have to go inside for the direct experience.
      No other person will be able to understand or share exactly your own relationship to this infinite source especially when trying to apply only intellectual cold materialistic thinking logic to this ineffable reality.

      Those who have not had this relationship will do their part in the matrix to dissuade your search or quest for this holy grail Nirvana like experience. My advice is keep searching until creation reveals itself to you. It is a constant effort and never ending journey of renewal and growth.
      What Cobra is trying to say if I may be so bold to postulate is that:
      We are as a planet/being being synchronized with a new more harmonious energy in a clearer reflection of life and light from the central sun. The nature and laws of manifestation are mutating into a new order of the ages as we migrate through the galactic Light waves. The expressions of nature and how reality or light itself manifests onto the physical plane are changing.
      This change is being monitored and aided by friendly forces that are removing and enforcing freewill laws for those unable to achieve liberation for themselves, under current conditions. The errors of more powerful hidden forces/archons etc., are adversely affecting many life streams by their infringement of freewill for their own ends.
      This selfishness itself would eventually die natural death however the galactic forces seek to preserve life as it is precious. The natural death may take billions of years but it is a false reality and therefore was and is doomed for the moment of its own error. The issue is how stop bully's from limiting the freewill of others without being guilty of restricting the bully's freewill. Quite a conundrum for even these amazing civilizations who seek to liberate us peacefully.

      The Galactic messengers themselves are responding to their own understanding of this force and are supporting this shift with the aim to heal the wounds and remove the impediments to life for the those that seek to grow in light and life. For the growth resistant generation influenced or not by hostile forces the ride will be rockier.
      May we all grow and become liberated by our own awareness of the eternal principals of our IAM Spirit Sparks dwelling in all of creation. See it know it serve it and love it.
      With love
      my fingers are tired now sorry again for this excessive post

    6. @pottsman,

      Hi Rob! Can you comment on Pevy Sue's story above?


  53. Since some of y'all are doing the humor thing to help counteract the dark (and the whining and complaining), here is my contribution (sorry, FB is where I tend to get most of my laughs lately):
    (Description for the clickophobic, "America, now available on Mars")

    Sorry, long day, tired, another long one tomorrow, so this is the best I can do for now (that was me whining and complaining). Hoping to be in better form on Wednesday! Good night, All!

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  55. Hi everyone, I was a little bored on the weekend and was looking for something to do, one thing I had been thinking of was to create a space that was community based.

    I have done this before and it has worked very well, the space is managed by the community, there are moderators to monitor it but everyone has a say in the direction, content, look etc so I decided to create this space as a forum that is very powerful and flexible.

    Links, you tube, music, pictures can all be placed in posts, private messaging, email all available from the forum. It can also be used as a posting place to put up the latest channels/info anything really.

    Please don't think I am trying to steal people from Cobra's blog because that is not the case, spending time here I have seen so many people with open hearts, people who believe but still stand alone, yet together. I feel a real community spirit here and wanted to do something to help it grow.
    I am not interested in controlling this space, as I have said this will be done by the members.
    Cobra is more than welcome to be a part of the community, one thought I had was that Cobra could advertise here to make some coin, and the community could still have a space to share...just one thought...........Traffic here will be the same.

    If anyone is interested the site is
    take a look its not yet finished, if anyone has any ideas then please don't hesitate to make them public. Just about anything can be done with this template even linked web pages that are a part of the site. Its all paid for for 2 years including the domain, I look forward to your thoughts and ideas.


  56. This is an awesome and very necessary idea. The community here has developed to a point where I would love to see an entire forum filled with the energies and concepts of the discussions that have been going on here, they've been a beautiful thing to follow and resonate with on a daily basis for myself and I know for many others as well. I'm definitely down to play a part in this - I haven't participated here very much at all despite my presence. But, of course, all is in divine order.

    By the way,something very strange has been going on the past few days. The radio has been constantly and solely playing songs that are complete synchronizations of the moods I am in and the thoughts I'm having. I haven't even been in control of the stations at any point, either.

    And wow. I just looked at the time on my computer while I was about to post this and it was 12:12. What a moment lol.

    May you all bask in the love within.

  57. Here's one for the Giggle Gang:

    An Archon couple go into a fast food place for a meal.

    She sits at a table, and he walks to the counter and starts reading the overhead menu. He scans the board, until he gets right to the bottom left hand corner, where in tiny letters it reads:


    Server: Hello. Welcome to 'Sandwiches R Us'! May I take your order please?

    Archon: Good afternoon. Erm...What's the ARCHON SPECIAL?

    Server: Oh, you'll like that. It's our Special Shit Sandwich and you can choose from 7 varieties of our Special Shit: Pig shit, Dog shit, Cat shit, Cow shit, Horse shit, Gorilla shit or Bubba shit.
    And for the weight-watchers we have our Special Slimmers Shit Sandwich and you can choose from 3 varieties of Special Lite-Shit: Rabbit, Guinea Pig or Hamster Special Lite-Shit.

    Archon: Hmmm...erm...I'll have 1 Special Shit Sandwich with Bubba shit, and for my wife, I'll take 1 Special Slimmers Shit Sandwich with the Hamster Special Lite-Shit, please.

    Server: Okay. And would you like any of our Special Shit Sandwich Sauces to go with those? You can choose from 7 varieties of our Special Shit Sandwich Sauces: Eagle, Owl, Seagull, Pigeon, Goose, Duck or Bluebird Special Shit Sauce? And for the weight-watchers we have our Special Slimmers Shit Sauces: Mosquito, Fly or Flea!

    Archon: Oooohh...erm...I'll have the Seagull Special Shit Sauce for me, and for my wife...hmm...I think she might enjoy the Mosquito Special Shit Sauce - it sounds so exotic!

    Server: Okay. And would you like Fries with that?

    Archon: ...................!

    (Make up your own punchline and post it below, then we can all get more than one laugh out of this.)

  58. I would suggest everyone to listen to Willy Whitefeathers! What a guy!

    Love and light..


  60. That's where the "waiting" strategy is leading Planet Earth to. May Be!!
    Read, pounder, watch out, work on Yourselfs

  61. well every day possibility is higher with HELP. but not forget people REALLY NEED HELP TO UNDERSTAND MUCH MORE but people still have free will to accept help or try to survive by own.




    own story with what have witness in 38 year.

    mitä tapahtuu. what happen.


    Plejadians Pleiades Seulaset Seulaslaiset

    Plejadians Seulaslaiset

    not public facebook page



  62. FAO Rob, Pottsman.
    Hi, if you have time, please could you read the ET visitations described by Pevy Sue, near to the top of the page and give your input on what could have been going on?
    Many thanks, CJ.

  63. load more i wil try but after 200 some tie i cannot post i will post on next page bye:-)

  64. ok i will be brief as i do not generally like to comment on others realities. First of al PS says contact....this seems like a telpathic contact so without physical contact experience there is always room misunderstanding and errors. This happens to us all and is not intended as a critiscism.
    As far as free will goes she is partially right in my opinion...i addressed this in my latest long winded hot air post with the remark that "The key word here is almost" in other words we are free to take the red pill of liberation but it is extremely hard to get a hold of as the bully's are stacking the deck.

    Colllectively we would have blown up the planet with our "Freewill" if not for divine intervention...
    Her feelings that "the aliens taking over the planet is old hat dark trick for years now" is ambiguos to me because the hostile forces certainly allready taken over the planet and are running the hologram by controlling the lifestream matrix.
    We do have freewill but its like an average human jumping over the empire state building it is difficult but you can do it you just need to learn how to levitate first.
    There are many races of many different skin and various phenotypes and genus branches. To be prejudice against all greys due to one particular group would be an error however the Abductor greys ARE NOT FRIENDLY. This group has been removed as part of enforcement actions.
    I respect her and her right to voice her views and her understanding and views in no way offend me or alter my personal experiences and knowings. Thinking you are being offered to leave the planet telepathically is most likely a test of discernment. Dr Bell was offered this in person and he refused and he called it "The Refusal" part of an initiation and a deeper level of understanding and compassion!
    Peace unto PS and victory to the ligjht!

  65. Thankyou, very wise and diplomatic.