Sunday, October 21, 2012



  1. Imagine all the people sharing all the world with no countries, no religions just the brotherhood of man. Thank you Cobra and the RM. LOVE and GRATITUDE to all Lightworkers.

  2. that was great. thank you again cobra

  3. I feel such a lightness! Thank you, thank you COBRA for all your help.

  4. ...Cont'd.

    So, during the meditation, I felt some impressive moments of near orgasmic 'shiver.' I couldn't 'bring in' the blue pillar of light (and neither could my mom who only got pink, then the blue to create purple--coming from my dad!) but that didn't bother me because I know very well my connection is already open, 24/7. I've worked long and hard for that. Anyway, once I imagined all the blue light pillars coming in around the planet though, and penetrating to focus on dear Earth's core, then I had one of those shivers. Almost immediately a sort of 'explosive' radiation of energy spiraled back outwards dissolving blockages and freeing energetic flow. It continued past Earth's immediate sphere to illuminate the universe. Yes, it was that big. The universe suddenly came alive.

    Next I saw all our thoughts, dreams, imaginings, hopes, desires, solutions, offerings and the rest burst from every chrysalis to fly throughout the reconnected and re energized field here, enveloping the planet in vibrant swathes of color and they traveled outward to inform ATI. These 'ideas' were translucent, shimmering butterflies of information in every brilliant color imaginable, and some beside. It was beyond beautiful. Another shiver.

    Have no doubt guys--this is whir-king.

    Just center in the heart and connect the mind, then focus, draw in to Earth's core and release again to receive confirmation.It is done.

    You don't know me but I'm hard to convince of anything. So FWIW, I know the love field of Source awakens here today. There is no thought of turning back. Why would WE? It is the WE that is/are ONE: We are singularity/finity expressing the diversity of the infinite potential of No-Thing, and thereby appearing to be anything at All--according to our heart's desire.

    Just wanted to thank you all, and share a small part of my own infinite experience as kAZ.
    Love, gratitude and appreciation to all 'me' here (you!).

    ICU better now. And we are even more beautiful, with All together.

  5. Almost forgot: Thank you Cobra. Cheers!

  6. Done! Did this meditation in a hot springs, here in CO. Fabulous having the warm mineral waters swirling around me. Imagination went all over the Universe with positive and loving energy. So it is!

  7. i had amazing two days but when i tried to meditate yesterday (3.30a.m. CET) i couldnt. there wasnt anyway for me to get relaxed properly i was so distracted by something, some force i'd say, but i was really trying. :/ i did not had problems with meditations before.. i wish i could have experiences like you

  8. was 4,30 in the morning, I put the alarm on, but woke up before it...I did everything and blue light began to pass trough my body, felt great and full and my body was highly energized, my venter - solid, slab ...
    Then began to repeat - May all people be free, may they be free...and suddenly realized that I AM the one who holds them. And I am freeing them from my own holding...couldn't do it entirely. Wasn't ready to free them... :-(

  9. It's done!

    Have a very nice day and enjoy ALL of your Creations...and remember there is NO good or bad...only expirience <3



  10. Golden Light Sparks Have Commenced

    GaiaPortal 22 Oct, 2012

    Grid points upon the Earth planet have begun a process of “sparking”. Ignition of Higher Light fires within each Hue-man proceeds. This applies equally to groups within various consciousness levels, and includes cultural, social, political, technical entities. No one will be spared from these sparks, nor from the resultant Higher Light fires.

    These fires are supporting the burning of all old 3D-4D Earth paradigms and will continue throughout the 12-21-12 gateway. 11-11 portal is a key to new beginnings, and all higher priority items will be cleared prior to that date.

    Those guided by Gaia will undertake holding of Higher Light and Higher Vision for the New Earth, Gaia Nueva. Any and all may assist. Those called by Gaia are urged to heed Her messages, and follow them precisely, moment to moment.

    Sparks lead to Fire. Fire leads to Purification. Purification leads to Planetary En-Lightenment.

  11. Imagining ... Feeling ... Receiving ...



    FROM 6:00 TO 6:30PM Singing "Imagine"... over and over
    After which, I was guided to concentrate on opening/activating, better yet-taking over- the remaining Portals, Grids, so the Light Compression from above and below would be maximized.
    But I didn't do it alone. It was a huge group of THE EARTHLINGS, who merged and became as a single, ONE, entity.
    In other words - WE, ALL OF US, DID IT TOGETHER!
    That was the best ''IMAGINE"-ation I've ever had.

  13. I participated in last night's global meditation and my experience was incredible! I have been working with energy for some time -- how to feel and use energy with my hands -- which started with my practice of Qi Gong as it helps you learn how to harness and manipulate energy for healing.

    I also attended the 11-11-11 event in Little Rock Arkansas sponsored by James Tyberonn ( There a group of people who had visited a sacred site near Lake Titicaca in Peru stood on stage with their palms up and they transferred a powerful wall of energy (that they brought back from Peru) to those of us who were in the audience. We received the energy through the palms of our hands and it was a powerful transmission.

    Last night (about 15 mins into the meditation) I asked to feel all the loving energy from the human energy chain of 144,000+ souls who were linking hearts and minds to help liberate our planet and birth the new Golden Age. Almost immediately.....I felt an incredible pulse of energy surging through the palms of my hands and throughout my entire body.

    As I would send out more energy to everyone meditating, I felt more and more powerful surges of energy coming back to me. I had never experienced group energy in this way. It wasn't just a steady stream of energy -- the energy was moving and oscillating in a circular, boomerang, fashion!

    I then began to use the energy to promote healing in my body as I have been experiencing many painful ascension symptoms and difficulties in my body due to all the extremely potent influx of energies that have been flooding our planet these last few months.....and almost instantly.....I felt something release from my body and a warmth surged through me that reached the tips of my fingers and toes. This was especially unexpected as I have circulation issues and usually my hands and feet are cold!

    Finally, I sent the healing energy out to my immediate family and loved ones and then to everyone on the planet.

    Those last 15 minutes of the meditation were some of the most powerful I have ever experienced! I felt uplifted, empowered, exceedingly hopeful and almost giddy from the surges of loving energy that were coursing through my body. I could see the thousands upon thousands of blue pillars of light surrounding our planet and it was an amazing visual for me.

    If this was ANY indication of the energy surge that will emanate from galactic center on December 21st, I cannot wait to experience it! It was simply phenomenal.

    I am convinced that we reached critical mass and beyond! I am personally convinced that our liberation is now assured. It would be exciting to have some idea how many hearts and minds we joined with on this most auspicious portal date.

    Harmonic Convergence in 1987 is said to have drawn as many as a Million Meditators around the globe. If they could accomplish that before the internet was at our disposal, I am sure we should have easily exceeded that last night.


    Namaste' and much Love and Light,