Thursday, October 18, 2012

Power of Decision
Our decision is the key that shapes the world. Decision is the spark of free will that ignites the cycle which brings everything into manifestation. 
Humanity as a whole has invited the dark forces on this planet in Atlantis. This was our old decision which triggered a cycle of suffering for humanity. Now, on October 21st, we are making a new decision. We are choosing freedom from all darkness and we are inviting forces of Light. We are deciding for unity and cooperation, we are choosing to be non-judgemental and loving to each other. A beautiful video with a powerful message has been released today:
My last interview has the same main message:
People were asking me what decision can every average person make to help with the planetary liberation process. It is so simple yet sometimes so hard to do: become a more loving person in your daily life interactions with people and learn to cooperate with others in a non-judgemental and constructive way. For those more awakened, you can become aware of non-physical beings that provoke you and push your buttons and choose to act positively instead of reacting from provocation. You can also devote time to hone your skills and talents and find ways to use them in contributing actively to the planetary liberation process. Simply make a decision what you want to create and support it with active visualization, invocation of Light and physical action.
The energies are definitely building up and one of the projects of the Light forces shows great progress:
The Orionid meteor shower peaks on October 21st and will signify the power of our decision:

The hourglass shape of the Orion constellation is the same as the shape of the Antarion Conversion, which is a multidimensional stargate which transmutes darkness into the Light.  You can note that the map for the Window of Opportunity 2 has the same shape, as this Window of Oportunity is an Antarion Conversion stargate in this space and time which transmutes darkness into the Light. This is exactly what the latest Pleiadian crop circle communicates to us:
Victory of the Light!


  1. Dear fellow lightworkers,

    Looks like now is the time. I look forward to standing with you in light in three days' time. We shall stand up for all of those things we've ever believed to be good and right and we shall end the darkness forever. I love you all and I am proud to join with you in this epocha of history.

    Love and light,

  2. Will be seeing all of you there :)


    I am bursting at the seams with LOVE for you ALL and for myself.
    I forgive myself for mistakes made in fear and confusion. I choose to see through the illusion.

    I AM Grateful to be here NOW and choose to see the Perfection in every moment.

    I Align myself with the will of the Creator of All That Is.


    To ALL I have met here, I LOVE YOU more than you know. Thank you.

    To ALL my brothers and sisters working to save our Mother,

    May PEACE, LOVE and BEAUTY Reign.

    Victory of the Light!

    1. You are beautiful Kel ♥

      LOVE REIGN O'ER ME ...


    2. Love YOU Klove! And thanks for the sweet email :)

    3. @ klove
      I want to say what the 144systembuster said - AWESOME! I'm very glad for YOU, my sister. Yes, FORGIVENESS IS THE KEY TO FREE OUR SOULS, AND OURSELVES...

      You ARE a new one in this family (I think...). So, I don't know what should I say? I agree with you my brother...? or sister? I'd rather BE VEEERRYY careful... Just a month ago, I thanked to a woman... turned out to be... A MAN!

      Today's intel is also very AWESOME! Thank, YOU so much!!!

    4. This may help a little bit ;-).

      All who are willing to shift from Lightworker and Lightwarrior and BE the Pilars of Light...the Lightcarriers... for Gaia, Al-That-Is, Spirit and Great Mystery are very welcome to join in and spread the Consiousness and Energy of Forgiveness and Compasion:

      Plug-in your Heart and let the Transmutation and Raising of Consiousness begin!!!

      So it is, and so it will be!

      In Love and Service,


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  4. cant wait for this to start. its very exciting to be part of this. we cant be stop'd. the light will be blinding,they wont have a chance. good luck to us all. see everyone soon. and thank you again cobra. very grateful,PETE

  5. im so very proud to take part in this with the rest of you i cant even explain. ill do everything i can.

  6. Was interesting to hear Graham Hancock talk about Archons a fair bit during his talk in the Origins of Consciousness conference last night. He detailed similar Intel as cobra has in a light way, but didn't' go into depths about how the dimensional aspects of these beings.

  7. Hi Cobra and All--
    Thanks for the post, Cobra. Here are a few things that I believe would boost the energy for this awakening: 1) If you could change the meditation/visualization instructions to include the *heart*, as it is (according to Gregg Braden and others) 10,000 times more powerful in manifesting our desires than the head. This will also keep us all safer, and bring in that powerful starseed energy that we carry (and brought here) to help save the planet, and ensure that we are not bringing in any manipulated energies that could harm us or the planet. Also, I’ve heard it said, and this makes perfect sense to me, that us bringing our own inner heart light OUT, letting it expand and sending it to the earth, is the most powerful, true and safe way for us to awaken and heal the planet. 2) We’ve all heard the old adage, “what you resist persists”. Has the “Resistance Movement” ever thought of changing their name to something that doesn’t automatically increase the power of the dark side, through its very name? 3) As we learn our lessons (thereby finding the value in the dark), we are able to come to compassion—the center—our hearts, and finally end the battle between the dark and light, where we can release ‘the dark’ from playing their roles we contracted with them to play, and we can all awaken (both the *family of light* AND the *family of dark*) and have the *heaven on earth* reality we’ve all been working so hard for. This will end the polarity integration game, and end the age-old battle between good and evil, as we come to compassion and learn our lessons from the roles the dark has been playing for us. This will help to heal the war energy on Earth and save this beautiful planet.

    Thank you!


    1. Much like the word Cabal, the moniker Resistance Movement is probably a mix of various groups & factions. I dont think it exists under such an appellation. If it does, why dont we hear from it from different sources? Also, Cobra has never to my knowledge expanded on its constitution, hierarchy, names of members, etc. except in a reference to Agartha.

    2. Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!!



    4. @ Ananda: Cool pic!!!Love it :-)

    5. @ sophie=the wise one
      Darling, I totally agree with you. I myself, would chose names which are spreading/emitting Love and Light, such as - "THE LIBERATORS" OR "THE TRIUMPHERS"... But, at THIS LAST stages... who cares what are they called? The most important thing is - ARE THEY DOING A GOOD JOB? YES, THEY DO.

      But still, there are a few "masked" ones to be banned from this Family of Light...
      So, LOZION, stop acting. Many of US can see your real face behind the mask. Your "smarty" tricks will make you to become the next one to hear "BYE BYE..." Cobra KNOWS when, and WHAT to say. You REALLY want to learn more? Do some research on OTHER sites...

    6. Everyone is here for a reason, each with his/her own carmic role and thanks to other pearsons who are our mirrors, we see ourselves in them.

  8. I'm glad that you finally decided to many of us's advice and started premoderating comments. The best would be if you had soembody for this purpose, so you don't have to get invlolved with it..

  9. Unfathomable appreciation for every tiny positive message and vibration put out here, on this site as well as behind the scenes, getting conferences/media releases/etc. ready. Thanks for further explanation Rob and Cobra. I am totally on board with holding space for Love, for self and for every other entity. Seeing only positive aspects in everyone and everything, KNOWING we are rising in Love vibrations, only acknowledging this in everyone and everything around us. Simply giving no focus or attention to anything that holds negative vibrations, anything. In awe of what is about to come forth, and knowing that this is first and foremost an INSIDE JOB. Inviting all to make space and time daily to simply be still, breath consciously and appreciate the core of our Being as part of All That Is. So be it!

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  11. As a crop circle maker, and knowing many crop circle makers, I would like to know why it is claimed the recent formation at Windmill Hill is Plaeadian, and others are Plaedian? Are you saying I am Plaedian? Are you saying my artisitc friends are Plaedian? Please enlighten me.
    Answers on a postcard..

  12. Thank you Cobra. Please know that your work is valued greatly by many of us. I reckon the sleeping ones must have already decided on a soul level whether they are ready to move out of duality. My understanding is that a critical mass decision would be 51%? The responsibility of the awake to help drive this is awesome. See you all Sun at an unearthly time in the morning .
    PS: Saw what turned out to be the great white stag and the little fairy people in a meditation yesterday!! The fairy, some of which act as Earth guardians, are not too impressed by humans so I take it to be a positive kind of sign.

  13. Cobra,
    Will you be attending The Moment in Hot Springs, AR?

  14. Together we unify to the Body of Lightworkers (BoL), the Day of Decision is a Decision-Day for Unificiation to work together and make this leap.

    We may understand the factions as different congregations under one roof. Now we concentrate on what we share: our combined efforts to bring down the Revolution of Light towards the next Stage for Human Nature. Doesn't have to be a violent one, but old values will be replaced by new ones. So better not to hold on too long, but also not jumping ahead too impateniently as the lessons of the journey want to be learned.

    That is how I saw it today.

  15. Cobra: Keep up the good Work!

    Just listened to the interview with 'Galactic Free Press'

    Interesting info, thanks, although the audio was a bit hard to hear at times, - very 'sqeaky voice' ("Wwatts up dwock?!")

    Hope the voice soon recovers!

    Suggest a great remedy for laryngitus is: 'lemmon + honey + hot water'



    P.S. Count me in for 0230 Monday morning here in UK (22nd Oct)

  16. Here's another interpretation of the latest crop circle:

  17. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
    All the king's horses
    And all the king's men
    Couldn't put Humpty together again

  18. May the Great Spirit bless and uplift each and every one of you!

    I have come to understand that there is a primary basic key to our collective manifestation. It is not complicated and requires NO effort whatsoever -- only ALIGNING with the already extant Universal Intention -- according to the very best of one's own individual understanding. That is all any individual being can contribute. Yes -- there is a core -- primary -- fundamental -- basic INTENTION -- DRIVE -- DESIRE -- PURPOSE which exists at the very First Source of All-That-Is. And -- aligning with it is really only a matter of acknowledging the creative power of its existence. This assent is its own invocation.

    What is that basic Universal Intention which is the thrust and drive of All-That-Is? And -- not only in 3D but in ALL dimensions and at the most primary root of EVERY Universe in this Multiverse of infinite worlds -- frequencies -- and time-lines?

    The scientific field of the new Life Physics puts it this way: At the quantum and sub-quantum levels there exists a fully interconnected and MEGA-CONSPIRACY -- a Universal Purpose -- A SINGULAR focus -- of unmitigated power ON BEHALF OF ALL LIFE -- IN ORDER TO UPLIFT AND NURTURE EVERY FACET-- EVERY EXPRESSION -- EVERY ASPECT OF THAT UNIVERSAL LIFE TOWARD THE EXPRESSION OF ITS ULTIMATE POTENTIAL -- which is -- in fact -- limitless and infinite way way beyond our comprehension -- and always will be.

    It is this Universal Drive which draws all beings continually toward perfection which has no ending.

    Our purpose as sentient beings reaching out toward new horizons and envisioning a new Galactic Civilization is to become better and better facilitators of that primary Universal Purpose (Intent.)

    Since all of us are at different stages in the development of our conscious understanding -- we will NEVER agree on all the details of HOW the specifics will be carried out. However -- this DOES NOT MATTER. We -- together -- will discover the best methods as we go along. And -- we will begin by becoming the stewards of ALL LIFE ON OUR MOTHER EARTH. WE WILL COME TO REALIZE THE GREATEST AND MOST HUMBLE APPRECIATION OF THE ENTIRE WEB OF LIFE!


    1. @ROB the Santa Claus...

      Because this year is SO, SO SPECIAL, at the age of 58, I've decided to send a letter to Dear Santa Claus... and ask HIM for a NEW, younger, 5D body.
      Could YOU please, be kind and post your address? LOL
      Nice, and jolly looking Rob. DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY!

    2. May be Christmas lovely miracles whole year!
      I love this statement and I love Christmas good miracles, so I decide - May they be! :-)

    3. @ Rob:Thank you Rob...For this beautiful gem you just shared with us...In my Heart I know its True...and for the Beautiful Blessing...That I gladly return.


  19. Count me in! :)

  20. Windmill Hill crop circle. How ironic! I spent two years of my life living and working around that hill! I owned a house about 1/4 mile from there. How very strange! The kid from Arizona would be in that spot for two of the most significant years of his life.

    You know I saw crop circles there, I didn't know what caused them, thought maybe it was UFOs or some unknown ley line energy.

    My boss rented a house in Avebury at the focus of those stones, we had a really fun party at that house, one that I will never forget. Very happy bunch of workers.

    Each year at the Summer Solstice the British police would beat up the druidic hippies who came to Stone Henge on Salisbury plain, in what has to be the most unreported human rights abuse in England. Nobody much goes there at the winter solstice, its so rainy.

    1. Obi-Wan ~
      Check out for fascinating revelations regarding our creation on Tiamat KiEarth. Shift Frequency was offered the compelling information and turned it down shooting the messenger while the message went undetected. Maryjane Blackshear is about to share with the world from memory, the first genesis details regarding the creation of the original species, the Tiamatians. Learn about the Camel's Eye Treaty, the Sacred Sisterhood Covenant and how we human beings are related ~ to Cannabis ; )

  21. As always..Great interview Cobra!!!

  22. Cobra,

    I chechked this crop circle thoroughly and it defo looks man made.

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    1. If false, will it be the end of DRAKE? :)


  24. Thanks for all the information that you provided in your latest interview Cobra. It is much appreciated!
    I liked the clarity of your message, it was simple and direct and it talked to my heart.
    Yes, we should strengthen each other...

    What you say is very true, we can recreate reality through our own conscious decisions and visualizations about the future of this planet and the future of Earth human race. Energy flow is the core essence of every manifastation.

    We need to stay united and work on energy operations collectively, as you introduce and suggest!

    Blessings and love


    My Prayer/Mantra for you...For NOW (and all days to come):

    Gayatri Mantra

    Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah
    Savitur Varenyam
    Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
    Dhiyo Yonah:

    Golden Heart Mantra

    Throughout all realms of experience
    essential nature illuminating existence
    is the adorable
    May all beings perceive through
    subtle and meditative intellect
    the magnificent brilliance
    of enlightened awareness.

    May the <3Force <3 be WITH you :-)


  26. Cobra, that video for the Decision is utterly beautiful, well done to all involved in making it. Tears, tears...
    Feeling sad because I have put your links all over my Facebook page and sent the video to a friend but nobody seems interested. I know it is my job to be interested and that I do not have the right to influence others, but still sad nevertheless.
    Onward/upward, be British about it.
    Below are two links; the first is a protective meditation, Lisa Renne's 12 Dimensional shield. The unity vow is great to do before the meditation; ' I AM GOD, I AM SOVREIGN, I AM FREE!'
    The second link is to a book that came out in the early 1900s in Russia. It describes existence, in its way, and gives a series of exercises to connect to the universal life force energy.
    I have been practising this with a couple of others, for 6 weeks. It has a different vibration to Reiki although I do not know why, and you do not need any empowerments. It is simple, easy and energises and purifies over time. Great for powering up a visualisation.
    Technique: Sit quietly and try to still the mind. The best position is upright with legs un crossed. Simply place your upturned left hand on your left knee and your downturned right hand on your right knee. Relax for 5 mins to begin with. The enrergy enters via the left palm chakras, fills the solar plexus, goes where it needs and returns to Earth by the right palm. People experience different things, depending on their sensitivity to energy. This is lesson 1.

  27. Gaia portal update.

    As a lot are now feeling, this seems to confirm that positive events are indeed accelerating rapidly!!



    p.s. We can all assist by taking part in the big 'Intent Manifesation'-Sunday 21st Oct (Monday 22nd -In UK)

    20 Oct

    {{ Grids and Portal Points Have Aligned… Revelations Come at Quickened Pace.

    Revelations come at quickened pace within and without for and from all those aligned with Gaia grid upgrades occurring at this time.

    Grids and portal points have aligned correctly for enabling and supporting revelation phase prior to Gaia ascension.

    Openings of doors and windows into all Earth planet operations will begin in short order on the 3D.

    >>> Current Higher Receptivity and Visualization is desired from all Ground Light Crew,>>> which will allow and support coordination of all events.

    Grids and associated Portals appear as Sparkling Iridescent Blue vortexes directed toward the sky, channels Inner Earth Light through Earth surface outward.

    >> All shadows are removed in this Light.>>

    >> Higher Self recollection is imperative for all those participating>> }}

  28. 21st October is my birthday :) I'm sure it will be a good one this year and I will be sending Love and Light out on that day.


      There, … I know how I enjoy having my birthday acknowledged…....Lol

      An auspicious day indeed to be celebrating your birthday.
      Have a Great one!

      Will you also be joining us Brits in keeping the midnight vigil to take part in the ‘Decision Mass Med’ at 0230 in Monday morning?



  29. This is an open notice to the remaining blood-thirsty soul-less ones.

    Really? Hear this: THERE WILL BE NO MORE BLOOD SACRIFICE!!! It is anathema to us.

    This is THE Year of the Blue Resonant Storm. You do NOT want to fuck with the Red Kachina.

  30. @REM
    Though I'm guessing you are A man. (because of the language...). But again, I might be wrong.
    I'd rather ask YOU - Are you a brother? or a sister?
    You see, on this site, being a family, it is better to call each others as sisters and brothers, instead of friend/s.
    However - a lioness IS as BRAVE as a lion...


  31. Have a very nice day and a BEAUTIFULL expirience



  32. lots of love from Finland! When i was eleven years old i saw a dream where it was christmas, and i was opening my present. On the top of the packet was a date: 21.12.12 and a text: this will be your best christmas present ever.
    That was thirteen years ago, and every day i remember this dream. I'm so happy to be here right now!
    Peace and love on earth <3