Saturday, November 10, 2012

Are You Ready For Change?


  1. This brought me to tears in the best of ways, I had to immediately share it, after all hope springs eternal, so let's bust the dam open.

  2. Very nice video! Well done! Thank you!

  3. Yes. Love and gratitude.
    This is an amazing time.

  4. Yes, with whole my heart, I am truly ready for greatest change here on Earth with humankind and our stars families together. Let's rock and roll with this great changes!

  5. Video too is short,I wanted more. I guess you can say I'm really really Cobra... I want to be at the Cairo, Egypt. Could you send me energy to be about to be there for this great event. God Bless all of you!
    Tanesha Walker

  6. This is it you guys. I can feel the light flowing through me as natural as a stream flows down a mountain. I woke up today feeling brand new and ready to spread the positive energy and never ending love to my brothers and sisters (just like always).

  7. Latest release from Gaia Portal> Seems excellent & Very Positive news.

    And, YES, I noticed the uplift today.

    Most people greeted me when I was out walking, with a harty hello, even an old lady, aneighbour who never speaks, & she smiled!!


    {{ " Multiple Event Convergence as Gaia Releases
    11 Nov

    Multiple simultaneous portal openings occur at the 11-11.

    Such are aligned to initiate events originally intended to occur on separate timelines.
    However Gaia has requested convergence of all timelines as she releases past timeline structures and codes.

    As of the 11-11-12 11:11, new Sol codes were transmitted into and throughout Gaia and all inhabitants.

    Codes to soften hardened one’s, soften ancient paradigm structures, for release.

    Sol has engaged each and every human on this planet and will not release until decision point of 12-12-12.

    All receive these new codes, and soon will understand.

    Old paradigms, timelines, and ancient structures have cracked, and dissolve with the new codes embedded in Gaia.

    This will continue until the 12-21-12."}}

  8. Cobra Video "ARE YOU READY TO CHANCE"
    Schriftliche Übersetzung in Deutsch!
    Przetłumaczenie po polsku!
    On my Facebook page:

    1. Ich mache es in Deutsch und Polnisch Versionen. :))

    2. I'm ready... :)



      Love and Light to all!