Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Portal 2012 Conference in Austin

Hello everyone!  The Austin Conference with Cobra is just around the corner with what promises to be a very important conference for all of us!  It begins this Friday, 11/9 and culminates in a very powerful portal of 11/11!  

We are now in the throws of birthing a new world. We have the unique opportunity to set that birth in motion... a new energy...profound entrance to the Golden Age. One of peace. My own guides have told me that we are here to transmute the energy.  It may be as simple as that. It begins with a smile, a non-judgmental attitude, an act of kindness, an understanding. What begins in the micro effects the macro.  We have the power to change the entire universe in a single second.   

Texas carries a unique energy – a vortex of independent pioneering spirits. This is the perfect place at the perfect time to bring the strongest of the strongest of souls to push through the darkness and into the light. According to one seer, “The pyramids in Africa were the first galactic and physical vortexes. Physical vortexes are also in Hawaii, Japan and other places around the world. Those in Texas are the more powerful journeys. They're a little bit newer than those that are from 6,000 years ago, because they are above ground, with a summit that points toward the sky at your galactic brothers and sisters.” Hard to say what lies under those mounds in Texas, but I know that Enchanted Rock outside Austin in the Central Texas region was regarded by the planes of Indians in the Southwest with awe. It’s name, translated from the Tonkowa dialect means, “Glowing, Singing Rock”. In periods of direct sunlight it emanates visible energy waves and a blue green halo surrounds it just after sunset.  That is our journey to equally emanate visible energy waves of beauty and peace. 

There is still time to join Cobra and all of us this weekend in Austin:

Help us change the entire world in a single breath.  Namaste...



  1. I wish you all a great experience!
    Let's do it!
    -Victory of the light-

  2. From the ATX but broke these days guys so I hope it goes well for all that do attend. Namaste! :D

  3. Victory of the LIGHT!

    This is interesting. Who are Dave and Debby?
    It was within the first month of the opening of this blog that I started following, maybe sooner. I didn't care for having to use Google gmai, because of issues with privacy to post replies to this blog in the beginning. But within a few months of following this blog, I decided to get a gmail account and joined in the conversations. Back then, within the first 3 or 4 months, there were regulars, a few ones that said they were CABAL and were reforming their ways, and the 'drive-by' nut jobs. Very interesting. Then, those first 'regulars' dropped off and who knows where they went. Myself, I was sort of 'lurking' to see what was happening, going along with the meditations, still, and finding something interesting to say or post. Going back to when I signed up for this gmail account, I choose a favorite website for my user name for my gmail address: Wingmakers. That's also DOT US, not DOT COM. The reason, wingmakers.us is the original with the original message. Over a period of time, wingmakers.us changed to wingmakers.com and really changed in content and message, with NEW administrators that seemed to come out of nowhere. Suddenly, there was a 'store' selling 'stuff', the message went back to a hierarchy way of thinking as opposed to a sovereign integral being message. Huh, what happened to wingmakers? The 'old' wingmakers was no longer and thankfully it, wingmakers.us, was preserved with the original message.
    So my point, again, is I am noticing fundamental changes going on here as well. Who are Dave and Debby? What did I miss? Sure, I suppose folks got on board to help produce a 'conference' and make it happen and yes some may be donors of larger amounts, translators into other languages, that's all good, but what makes me concerned is, where is this all going?
    Can I 'see' the future of this blog compared to wingmakers.us vs. wingmakers.com? I mean, I not anybody say what should be done or not, this is not my blog and I don't have much to say in regards to 'intel', none in fact. To me, everything is common sense regarding the universe and humanity, that is what you would get from my blog, if I started one.
    I have to speak out when I see something going on, that's just the way I am, and I think I see something going on here.
    I did think about this before I composed this. Who are Dave and Debby and how do they get to 'message' to the rest of 'us' in place of COBRA? Again, mind you, I know producing a conference is quite the chore and to keep a blog alive at the same time is a chore as well, one as important as the Liberation of Earth, so there is no reason to go 'there', and I also understand that I do not have to even come to this blog and being here is of my free will. But, in a way, us 'old-timers' did have a hand in getting the word out of Victory of the LIGHT through links, viral messages, etc., so I guess I feel that I am a part of this blog and in my own way, helped to shape and create the message of Victory of the LIGHT. I will not forget to keep Victory of the LIGHT close to my heart, as the weekly meditations, which I have memorized and meditate often as a I can with that message. I'm sure other followers of this blog have done the same thing, and feel that they too have had a hand in helping to build the LIGHT through this blog. Who are Dave and Debby, and does the future of this now belong to 'others' that seem to come upon the 'rest of us' rather suddenly and unexpectedly? I remember a SALUSA message: Expect the Unexpected.
    COBRA: Perhaps some 'formal' introductions as to who Dave and Debby are and what future roll these 'new' bloggers will have with 2012 Portal and the impact of the messages.
    I have to go with my divine inner being and ask these questions.
    Thank you.
    Victory of the LIGHT!

    1. Dave and Debby are organizers of the conferences. I decided to post their own personal message about the conferences. They do a brilliant job in helping us.

    2. Victory of the LIGHT!

      Thank you COBRA, and WELCOME DAVE and DEBBY!
      And Victory of the LIGHT to President Obama!
      Thank you, Thank you!


  4. "We have the power to change the entire universe in a single second. "

    I love that

  5. Ah Yum, Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

  6. The re-election of President Obama is another sign of the imminent Victory of the Light! And even he is or has been a 'puppet', better a puppet of the Light than one in service to the Dark Forces!

    Let's unite together and make the Light even stronger!

    Wish you all the best for a wonderful conference, after it will be great to share our experiences, much love to everybody!