Saturday, January 12, 2013

L1CLR in progress, L0 compression


  1. cobra can post an update of the current situation and what is happening or are we in relation to the distribution and evenemt prosperiter within 1 month or more some days, weeks thank you

  2. I found this this evening, 2010-2015 and what to do

  3. Oh good. I've been waiting for some L1CLR to start!

  4. Good to hear about on-going progress of the light-forces.

    Love and light to all


    Hey everybody,
    check out this awesome video series. This dude named David Wynn Miller talks about all kinds of amazing connections between all the things going on that we've been focusing on so much. Many things that cobra has written about here, in the way of banking, ets, and the truth being laid bare is being talked about here. He has an iq of 200, and is a genius.

    1. That guy is nuts.Puts out interesting theories and interesting grammar.But unfortunately like all high IQ people...he lacks creativity in presentation of his ideas.I understood most of what he said but the important things ...he went trough quick enough so he can speak more about his personal life.But overall interesting view.

  6. Sounds good :) to me it sounds like: Level1 CLeaR in progress, Level0 under compression ... and soon will be clear too :) and coming closer to the surface :), I'd love to hear something like: L0CLR completed :)... hallo brothers :)

  7. You know what would be even better, CoBra completed. Physical ALL CLR. Etheric ALL CLR. All Forces stand down. Peace IS upon us.

  8. Cobra we are a lot more powerful than we think as you probably know. 1983 (Published 1988 issue dec) they did a scientific experiment by having a number of people feeling peace and by that creating peace. They took the square root of 1% the population to emotionally feel peace between Israel and Lebanon without judgement about who is good or bad.

    "International Peace Project in the Middle East
    The Effects of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field
    This prospective social experiment tests a new theory and technology for alleviating violent conflict through reducing societal stress in an underlying field of “collective consciousness.” It was predicted that group practice of the Maharishi Technology of the Unified Field (the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program) during August and September, 1983, in Jerusalem, would reduce stress in the collective consciousness and behavior of Israel and Lebanon. Box-Jenkins Arima impact assessment, cross-correlation, and transfer function analyses were used to study the effects of changes in the size of the group on several variables and composite indices reflecting (a) the quality of life in Jerusalem (automobile accidents, fires, and crime), (b) the quality of life in Israel (crime, stock market, and national mood, derived from news content analysis), and (c) the war in Lebanon (war deaths of all factions and war intensity, derived from news content analysis). Increases in the size of the group had a statistically significant effect in the predicted direction on the individual variables and on all composite quality-of-life indices. The effects of holidays, temperature, weekends, and other forms of seasonality were explicitly controlled and could not account for these results. Cross-correlations and transfer functions indicated that the group had a leading relationship to change on the quality-of-life indicators, supporting a causal interpretation."

  9. How (or where) can I find a better explanation about these plans? I would like to know and (perhaps) to help more conscientiously on them...

    I dream that I had two days before: I participate with many others in a take of something that I could describe in a poor comparison as a castle. The light (with those workers) surrounded this place level by level to the top, then, when there, started, from all these building, to spread this light in a circumference over an over. It seemed to me a work in the anchoring of light and cleaning the dark in Earth. It was quite strong, that I wake up in the night with a strong sensation about this work and kept making the support to the work.

    Love and light to all!

  10. Thanks for your assistance and guided meditation! I had a great 20 minutes meditating at Barnsdall Park in Hollywood overlooking a beautiful day and visualizing what you discussed throughout! Let's keep going with the liberation! Cheers!