Tuesday, January 1, 2013


11:11 complete, 12:21 complete, R10 to R12 duality triangulation activated. Cobra in progress, Pandora in progress, N sections and B subsections removed. Omega Phoenix attempt failure, Phoenix APR request. Major systems/Isidic security breaches, all deflected.  HVBN substable to stable. Delta LOC successful. Midas in progress with M from 2 to 10.


  1. Sounds encouraging !

    Thanks Cobra, RM and ground crew !

    Happy New Year and LOVE

  2. Dear Cobra,
    A few hours ago, I had to leave my guests alone, snick out, and go "secretly" check the site. Somebody was really pushing me, pinching me so hard... I could not resist. :))
    I was reading your "puzzling" words, and despite that I did not "get it" completely, I got so much Joy and excitement!
    Well, We know that These are CODES for the heroic RM warriors, and they are not to be understood by the majority - the "small" Cobrassss. :(((

    But who cares??!
    I CAN feeeeell the energies of these words. I see many "Missions accomplished". Exactly the way you said it would be by the last day of 2012 - December the 31st!!!
    My heart, and my BIGGER self are always with you - day and night. I wish I could do more though.

    Well, here are the juicy ones;
    "Cobra in progressssssssssss". = ready to make the FINAL, deadly attack.
    "Pandora in progress". Could this be the FULL opening of the box of LIES and Deceptions? = to hear our true history by THEM?
    "Omega Phoenix attempt failure". Here, We just need to notice the word FAILURE.
    "Major systems/Isidic security breaches, all deflected". And the key word here is - ALL.

    By the way Cobrassss, are you following how many "powers to be" are getting sick and disoriented? The new, higher energies and vibes are working.....

  3. Don't understand! What is he saying?? What does all that mean in English??

  4. I am keeping my fingers crossed that these multiple actions of the RM, will bring great success.

    Great thanks to the RM, and all light-workers.

  5. Seems like there's been bumps and delays as usual thanks to the kids that don't know when to stop their petty games. Seems like things are back on track though, which is good. Keeping my head up and my energy high.

  6. I wish someday we can all see the RM and thank them one by one.

  7. Will 2013 be the year of "The Event"? The ETs seem to be ready (see link). When will we be?

  8. My New Year Resolution


  9. Happy New Year, Light Warriors! Keep up the good work! Peace love and gratitude~

  10. I love it when our plan and people come together!!
    It is good to see the reflections and outcomes of my tasks... it makes me feel really good, thnx bro!

  11. I'm always surprised to feel how much love and hope is communicated through these short comments. This is rare! Thanks all!


    In the Name of God, I decree that all souls on Earth have the right to freedom of Choice, without suppression or hindrance.

    So be it. So it is. It is Done.

    Say the decree 3 times, word perfectly.


    1. Thank you Aradia ... ♥ this and You xo

    2. Hi Aradia!

      I just wanted to make sure you saw my apology that was a few updates back. I'm really sorry to have caused you pain, and esp. around the holidays, and for my awful timing. Sending my love to you...


  13. It's the moment of the FINAL PUSH -

    Let's all give it everything we've got and get this DONE !

    Infinite Love to All !


  14. "R10 to R12 duality triangulation activated" - A few days ago I had this feeling that I could only describe as me being in a "moment of transition." I felt as though I couldn't progress forward with my personal development, yet I wasn't exactly moving backwards either. The word itself, and the concept of, "Duality" filled my mind when I was contemplating how/what I was feeling.

    Cobra, are you some how "metering" our Global Consciousness? Are there 2 "mindsets" happening?

  15. Every day feels stronger and more powerful than the last. People are waking up. Thank you light warriors.

  16. RE: ‘Attacks by Dark forces’.

    Most of us who read these posts, both here & elsewhere are aware that several lightworkers have been reporting attacks by dark forces(D.F’s).
    Mostly these attacks come at night, during sleep, when DF’s assume people are most vulnerable.

    From personal experience ( 2 weeks ago, & several years ago), I would offer this advice:
    1) Accept that it is human to feel shock, - initially.

    2) Overcome your shock, & know this,…YOU CAN FACE THEM DOWN, MENTALLY, & THEY WILL DEPART!

    3) Gather your reserves, take a deep breath, & Shout - “BE GONE, I know you are there!”

    4) You should know that you have Great Mental strength, & by the fact that they ALWAYS GO, when confronted, that- THEY FEAR US HUMANS!

    5) Also know that by their actions: they are snivelling cowards. Coming ‘like thieves in the night’, - & running away when confronted.

    6) Now, you are prepared, you can sleep peacefully, knowing that if they come again, you are more than capable of seeing them off.

    I hope this might be of help.
    Keep the faith,


  17. I just had fun a dream, i gonna make it short because it really that short..:D i saw rob potter in my dream in a native american suit and i ask him how does Cobra looks like and he pointed at tall whit lovely guy :)

    1. Omitakyase, 144 I was wearing my native american body in our dream but I was pointing to Obi wan kanobi (who is talland white and quite lovely :-). Behind Him was Cobra who is quite short and has wrinkly gretyskin see him here in this picture from Egypt at this link
      warm regards

  18. Hi everybody! I thought I'd share this amazingly vivid dream with you all.
    I saw 2 spaceships floating and/or PARKED over a house in the neighbourhood, they were about a couple hundred feet above the house, not too high, not too low. They were stacked on top of each other with room between them like lenticular clouds. They looked very similar to the craft at the top of this page but a little bit flatter.
    I took out my camera and began to snap the most extraordinary pictures of the whole scene from across the street. I believe they were bronze or matte golden in color and what really AMAZED me was when I zoomed into the ships and saw every single seam and window of these magnificent crafts glistening in the golden sun. And that was it.
    Have a very fine day in the moment of now.

    To the victory of the light!

    www.fcla2012.blogspot.com - First Contact Los Angeles

  19. Cobra, could you please make it clear which patrol group you endorse? Because there are three groups to date and someone - claiming they speak for you - said you are directing us all to all join one group by Carol Fernandez.

    Many thanks!

  20. Con dios como compañero se puede lo impensable el no exige su voluntad es lo mejor su poder no tiene limite es también presiso no caer en engaño