Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Phoenix APR in progress


  1. Cobra, do you agree with Amaranth Red's assessment as follows?

    "Amaranth Red, June 1, 2013 at 10:34 PM

    ...the event wont happen this month nor the next at least, sigh....if only the galactics were more forceful in their surrender it would had been over already in 2011 when they were clearing secret bases."

  2. They Live ...


  3. Hi Cobra - thanks for all of your recent updates. So happy the latest portal opening was a success!! Any chance you'll have another radio interview soon? Really enjoyed the last one.

    (P.S. reading 'Brother of the Third Degree' now as per your recommendation. Halfway through and I don't want to put it down!)

  4. Cobra: The event and new financial system- What about people who are on social programs or families on welfare, or get social security/disability check who have no other funds? The U.S. government does not send cash they do DIRECT DEPOSIT with credit deposited into the bank directly from the U.S. Treasury. Do these people have to then remove the rest once their initial bills are paid or are these people going to have other funds and will they get timely help at the time of the Event?