Monday, June 17, 2013

Fix The World Documentary Released

"How To Fix The World" documentary has been released. Watch it and share it far and wide! You might want to repost the link to it anywhere possible or even upload it to some other medium except only on Youtube and Vimeo as it was deleted a few times there. Obviously this film has hit a nerve. 

The link to the film is here:

Or you can watch directly on Youtube:

You can watch our Weekly Liberation Meditations from 48 to 53 minute mark in part 1. 


  1. Dear Cobra! I have a question for you. If you are authorized please reply for this question.

    The Czech and Serbian police raids against the goverments are an operation from the Light forces or just an non-light/non-dark?

    Thank you for your reply.

  2. I live in Germany and could look at all 3 parts on Vimeo!

  3. Dear Emanators of Light,

    I am fully supportive of this website
    of Cobra and everyone wishing for an
    increase in Light and a New Divine Age
    on earth. I believe, as Cobra expresses,
    we are so very close.

    I just wanted to make a brief comment
    about the Fix The World Documentary. I
    have only seen about the first 20 mins.
    I know that everyone is well motivated
    but I think it's important that we envision
    broad strokes of a major shift into
    enlightened ideas and action, rather than
    have our own agenda of what we might think
    is the way of divine intelligence.

    Specifically, there seems to be a notion
    that there is a climate problem on earth,
    "global warming." My understanding from the
    best scientists and those with spiritual
    clarity, is that is not the truth. It is
    a false propagation from the Cabal who has
    only hired scientists who will endorse their
    false platform. Carbon is not a problem on
    earth, in fact it is an aid. This is not the
    place to debate that topic. The principal I'm
    highlighting is that rather than specific "issues,"
    a whole New Age is coming up.

    Another example is so called "sustainable energy."
    Oil and natural gas have been given evil connotations
    when, in fact, used responsibly they are some of the
    solutions for a harmonious planet when in the right
    hands. I think many have jumped on the bandwagon of
    thinking only certain types of energy are worth
    using. That is not the case when everything is seen

    Also, it's important to highlight that happiness
    comes from within and that most of the world is in
    urgent need. However, that doesn't mean it's bad to
    be rich or to have material prosperity ALONG WITH
    spiritual realization and action that helps the many.

    I just thought it was valuable to bring to light that
    the Resistance, as I understand it, isn't meant to take
    sides on issues that may not be correct, but to initiate
    something far greater and transcendental to all limitations
    and misunderstandings based on the limitations of being

    Perhaps the overall knowledge contained in the Fix The
    World documentary is overall positive. That doesn't
    necessarily translate to an adopt a "specific" agenda
    as outlined by individual "personal points of view,"
    which may or may not be knowledge that is correct in
    its analysis.

    Much Love and Appreciation For This Exciting Time
    Here And Now,


  4. Dear Cobra, I have heard that someone said he was the Chinese representative of Cobra or Chinese Cobra, something like that. Can you tell me if the representative is true or not? because tonight they gonna have a public radio, I just want to make sure I will not be fooled. waiting online,please answer me as soon as possible.

    1. Although I have contact with Chinese White Dragons, there is no Chinese "Cobra representative".

    2. Thanks for stating. Have post this on some of the forum to let people know.

  5. Austria... had no problem on youtube.
    Why not put on torrent, Dropbox or usenet?
    Still having troubles when she talks about humane killing of livestock... we complain that we are treated like animals by the cabal and still we do treat animals the same inhumane way.
    The only humane way is to stop Killing.
    Otherwise we behave the same way as the cabal - using and killing other, "inferior" species.
    I would demand more introspection on our own deeds.

  6. That was uplifting.

    I'd like to give a point of view.
    All these subjects, financial, technology, etc, are very important i get that. However i find that to really trigger change in the magnitude that is spoken of, by Cobra or Hopegirl or others, there's another subject that very much needs addressing, which is the emotional side of people, the global traumatic stress disorder, emotionally suppression that pushes people to denial. Because most people don't wanna understand the changes that are needed and possible because of that reason, they're suppressed. That is why it is not necessarily because the information is known that change is triggered within people, and therefore without.

    We can create structure, with this fix the world project, and prepare for change project. But can we address this : a majority of people aware of these subjects are in poor conditions, that may be financially, that may be isolation, etc. If difficulties are experienced in very basic material things or in basic living/working together, how can those same people make up a model that is to be followed by others ? I think the very first part of those programs, should be about sorting out the aware people/lightworkers situation, so they can help others better. By that i mean, let's walk our talk. Let's first look at ourselves and start gathering physically, so we can create emotional healing, and material sustenance by working together. Let's first decide to be it, before taking a stance of "we're gonna be the teachers of the world". I don't think it can work any other way. We can only lead by example, not by words.

    So like i was saying, i think the first step is the addressing of feelings, desires, experiences. They are too often buried. That creates a number of dis-eases, and immobility.
    So let's address the big lies around 'religious/spiritual/philosophical' movements. They make people believe that abundance, emotions, contact with each other, sexuality, is unholy. Those very things so many aware people struggle with. Let's observe at ourselves honestly and admit what's there so we can heal it. The less we take things personally the happier we are.

    There's a popular saying, 'energy flows where attention goes'. It's been manipulated and misinterpreted. It does not necessarily mean that you empower what you focus on. Sometimes it is necessary to focus on your trauma, on what's wrong, so that energy can flow to it. And that energy that flows to it will heal it.

    So, i have not yet watched part 2 and 3, maybe this is addressed there. But i still wanna post it because i think this is so important.

    1. Hey there,
      I saw your post on cobras Blog,

      Just sayin, I think you are right on. This problem has stressed and plauged me and been a central focus. Not only the really tough emotional climate but also the ragged condition of anyone who doesn't want to serve the system.

      I've been thinking of how to create different kinds of spaces where different attitudes and consciousness are encouraged. A kind of zone where people can question and build and live differently...according to ideas that they decide worth living for.

      The problem is the way I've been going about it, is to learn about all the mechanics of how to buy land, how to create business and all the varied many liscences, permits, taxes, and etc that you must go through to create any building, "place" or business.

      So much of this revolves around money and laws its nauseating to contemplate.

      I've also found it really difficult to successfully organize anything with competent, serious people, so the real power that comes from teamwork is lacking. I think one way to try and change this is to build a monetary profit into the framework of the project so people can transition and profit much smoother than trying to drop out the system altogether.

      To me, architecture, land use laws, and the interwoven web of employed people running the world as we know it, need to be reworked into a synergy that isn't built around feeding a financial black hole known as the us gov and all the military expenditures.

      I don't know whats going on with those sectors except for it may be wisest to try to just make them unnecessary, which would mean undertaking infrastructure and socia change projects at a local level. The problem is that the government has this financial and legal strangle hold on any body doing anything, so it inhibits our ability to change and expand way more than it should.

      Another problem I feel is that, our voices are not organized enough. Perhaps this latest FTW video is a little evidence of that.. but, although our cries as people are being heard more and more around the world, where is there being pro-active and functional organization that is taking tangible steps towards generating the kind of environment we seek?

      Though many want to move away from the corporate model I think forming a formal organization with formal postions that is in alignement with discharging these solutions is needed, and that means gathering strength from the framework the cabal has utilized to get ahead.

      This in my mind would have several branches. Acquiring land, buildings or space to hold conferences, have offices, give classes, house materials, and promote benevolent causes. Generating some salable product that gives income resource to fund more risky projects, like

      -alternative energy research
      -alternative agriculture development
      -social justice,

      and so on, you get the idea.

      The key is the frame work and making it dovetail financially with the current system.

      Please synergize your thoughts with me if you wish..

  7. Thank You for that!

    I recently have been encountered another amazing documentary called 'Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview' and I'd like to recommend it to You all.
    It examines the current social transition from an 'enlightened' scientific perspective and I think it is suitable to awaken many of the non-awakened ones or at least to trigger their concious awakening process.

    Here it is, with subtitles in various languages:

    Enjoy & share it, please!

  8. I wish the transition will be peaceful as possible and no chaos will be made like this global protest that is happening in the world at the moment. Heal the world~

  9. What do you choose? Power or Inner Strenght...

    I wish you all lots of Joyfull and Enjoyable Moments for the Time to come!



  10. This is a wonderful and inspiring documentary. Kudos to everyone involved! But being a light warrior for 20 some odd years, I'd like to say that NOW would be a great time for the Event to happen. It's long overdue.

  11. Hi Cobra,
    Is there anyway you can give us intel on what the Resistance team is doing to circumvent the insane push right now by the psychopathic elite to kill us off slowly by poisoning our planet by using Glyphosate? It is also harming our bees which will eventually affect pollination. I don't need to tell you what that would mean to humanity. What can we do about this?
    Thank you,
    White Fire

  12. Hello everybody! I want to share this Hungarian languages website blog:

    Thank you.

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  14. Hello, Cobra. I would like to reply to a china friend Xana Jiang, this is a misnomer. Should not be "representatives."

    I definitely regret it sorry because misnomer about this word “representatives” .

    In addition, we say is that Chinese friend "Jedi" . I think you know him, Mr. Cobra.

    He participated in several parliament. Jedi hope that China also has support for actions related organizations . and i will say sorry again ,Because the term "representative" is that I made ​​on the blog in China. In order to facilitate the expression
    ,Not jedi

    Mr. Cobra told you a happy thing,,,, jedi have put this blog article content translated into Chinese. . And try with China Lightworkers groups, cooperation. . . (my english not good ,Please forgive)

    1. Jedi is a good friend of mine and he is doing a wonderful job in China!


    Beautiful isn't it??! <3

    "The star cluster Pismis 24"

  16. If you havent already, please watch the awaed winning documentaries by Peter Joseph.
    It is very similar to this documentary Cobra is showing us, however it gives a lot more info, not really on our Galactic family but more on exposing.our government and it gives an amazing outlook on how we can change our world and bow to build a real economy.
    Please watch Addendum and Moving Forward on netflix, or here