Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Etheric Liberation Facebook Page

There is a Facebook page which serves as a focal point for everybody willing to take part in the etheric liberation of the planet:


We are uniting forces  to set our planet free!


  1. Hi Cobra,

    I'm very concerned (scared) about what is happening with the bee population. Monsanto and friends are spraying a new toxin that is killing them rapidly. If this doesn't stop, we will become extinct, unless the Event happens very soon. No pollinators- no food. Can you please share what intel you have about this?

    Thank you,
    White Fire

    Article below:

  2. Regarding liberating, my personal approach is to chant the ancient name for God, HU. Singing HU uplifts the awareness and opens the heart of the person singing the word with the side-effect of uplifting all the multi-verses of which our universe, galaxy, and planet are a part. I've known of people doing this for the last 45 years or more which I strongly suspect has accelerated, or enabled, the work of the angelicas and galactics to go forward with much more chance of success than were had at the times of the last astronomical opportunities 13,000 and 26,000 years ago respectively. This, I'll be the first to assert, is quite speculative on my part. In my personal life I've seen catastrophes averted when I chanted the word inwardly. It's pronounced like the word hew meaning shade or color. The important thing, if you try this exercise, is not to direct the outcome, but to do it as a love-song to God, however you may conceive of God. By not attempting to direct the outcome, we avoid imparting the limitations of our puny minds and petty ego's, and let Divinity take IT's course. It is not accidental that we earthers are called HU-Mans. (Man here refers to manas, or mind, not the male gender.) There is more about the HU at www.eckankar.org.