Sunday, July 21, 2013

MAKE THIS VIRAL! Event Support Groups

It has been requested from the Light forces that Event support groups begin to be formed on the surface of the planet.

Those groups will be the main nodes of the network of Light at the time of the Event and will stabilize the transition. Before the Event, these groups will hold the Light for the planet and train their members in preparedness. After the Event, these groups will assist the human masses in dealing with the transition by providing intel and counseling. 


Event support groups need to be formed around the world in every country. Instructions for group formation:
1. Every Event support group needs to meet physically once a week at the same time, preferably in the same location.  Virtual meetings on Facebook or Skype are not enough.
2. It is suggested that every Event support group does the Weekly liberation meditation. Instructions for this meditation are here: 

And the video here: 
Therefore the best time of all Event support groups to meet is every Sunday evening.
3. It is suggested that members of every Event support group discuss their own preparedness for the Event and actively search for ways of contributing to the transition. Members of Event support groups can join our Renaissance, Technology, Financial, Leadership, Healing and Media teams here:

You can also join our translation teams to help spreading the message locally in your part of the world. Currently there are more than 200 people translating our message in 38 languages. 
4. Existing Event support groups are listed here:

If you find your location listed and would like to join an existing group, you can contact our Prepare for Change team here:

They will connect you with the group nearest to you.  If there is no group close to your location, you can create one and inform our team of its existence:

You can also create a Facebook group for your local group to make its coordination easier. 


  1. Thanks Cobra ! The Portland Event Support group is up and running and we will also be coordinating across the state of Oregon.

    We are prepared for change and ready for the Victory of the Light !

  2. I filled out the Participate form the day after it was announced and have not yet been contacted by anyone....?

    1. i sense that there are lot of people in the queue, and they're a little undermanned to handle them all fastly ^^ (like the FTW project at first)
      i also think a lot of time and patience (and conscious breathing) is required to put all of this together smoothly :)
      i feel there is an increasing space for reconnecting everyone, and there is a special time 'reserved' exactly for this purpose, if you are feeling inclined to utilize it.
      things go faster and smoother when i relax and let go more.

  3. Cobra,
    Can you give us a picture of the anticipated conditions
    that will exist just before, during and after the event and the expected time frame.
    I.E. will ALL of the black ops teams be handled so we don't have to deal with these guys coming to our house or covertly or overtly interfering with us spreading the truth?
    When answering this question understand that this communication IS being closely monitored for intel.
    Thank You,
    Larry Pearce

    1. Hi Capt. Light, I excerpt this from a site that Cobra gave here, i think this is enough for the beginning.


      'The Event' is not 3D Earth Revolution, it is a peaceful transition from the old 3D reality to a New World overnight.
      Every 25000 years the Galactic Central Sun emits energy. In the past 25,000 years we have been inside an energetic black hole, a space time anomaly because of the activities of dark forces. The new wave of energy started in 1975 and will continue until 2025 and is bringing transformation to our planet. 2012 marked the year that we exited this black hole. This moment is known as the Event Horizon. We are in the Event Horizon now. The Matrix has collapsed and gradually day by day the 'matrix' is now disintergrating.

      'Event Flash' will happen extremely fast. From the time of the Flash to the Event it will take 15 Minutes!
      There will be no announcement to the Event. There will be no media involved. This will just happen. This will be a complete surprise to everyone. This can happen at any time. When it does we will feel a strong energy. At a certain point, energies of the Galactic Central Sun will burn through all obstacles of the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes and all negative entities will be removed. They will be replaced with angels and spiritual guides. Cabal companies will be bankrupt, physical cabal will be arrested.

      In the early hours and days of the Event, there will not be any outside sources to tell you what to do; this will be a time when you must listen to your true heart feelings and Intuition. Remain calm and give people information - they will listen.
      In the first few hours of 'The Event' the Galactic forces will take over the satellites and communication stations. You will be able to receive intel as to what is going on around the planet. Credit cards will not work. The banks will close. There will be no way to transfer money at this time. It would be good to have cash, gold and silver coins. Because supermarkets can literally be emptied in the timeframe of 45 minutes after the news gets out, you would be wise to have a week’s supply of everything
      Within a few days there will be a new financial gold-backed system. After 'The Event' there will no longer be any homeless people. Homes will be opened up for everyone who is in need of one. Everyone with valid bank accounts will absolutely have full access to their money as soon as the banks re-open, but for the first few days the money in your bank account will be frozen.
      We will have new governments worldwide. The only tax in the future will be a 14% tax on new items. About 100,000$ will be given to each person. Some who have debt, will have to pay the debt from this sum. You should be able to buy a house for 10,000$. You will not need to have concern about health issues costing you money. There will be enough for everyone to have proper housing, food and a fairly comfortable lifestyle, but not enough to spend the rest of your days sipping cocktails by the pool. Country debt and house debt will be forgiven, mortgage debt will be cancelled. Retirement accounts, health insurance, and social security will be arranged.
      Mind controlled persons will be healed. New projects will be getting underway in every area of life and everybody can be involved. Immediately after 'The Event' factories will be built to provide New Advanced Technology – cars run on distilled water, levitating cars, almost free production of energy, heating and engines. The earth will be purified quickly.
      There will be 3 to max 5 hour workday. Education will be totally transformed. It will be much more fun and much more holistic. We will start to learn the true history about our planet. Our perception of time itself will change, people will be given spiritual education. Humanity will be under Spiritual Guidance. We will begin to create our own reality.

    2. Can you post the web address where you found this?

    3. Read here, some of these links

    4. Thank you Ananda for reposting :)

    5. Ac Tah, the Mayan Spiritual Leader, said early in the year, when the great flash comes, the event, you should have a paper and pen handy, for during that short window, of 8-15 minutes, a great enlightenment will occur and ideas and memories will come to you in a surge. You should write down everything you think and feel at this time, for when the window closes you will not be able to remember all that came to you (unless you have a photogenic mind, with total recall). It is during this time that you will remember who you are, and why you are here, as well as the many possible inventions and ideas that will be accessible to help heal the earth, animals, birds, fish, people. In 2012 Ac Tah and his helpers went to all the sacred pyramids in south and Central America, to raise the power to keep the window open for a longer period (up to 3 months), and they were starting at sacred sites in the U.S. at the beginning of this year.

      Unfortunately, we have heard of a great deal of damage being done to the most sacred of Mayan pyramids and temples this past Spring. I am sure this was no accident. So we will not know if or how much of the power was destroyed. Keep in mind all these pyramids and sacred sites are connected all around the world.

      Love and Light.

  4. Is there anyone in Louisiana that wants to form a groupwith me. I'm near Lake Charles.

    1. Greetings and Blessings LB,

      I've been looking on Facebook to see if there was anyone from Shreveport who has started a group. I saw on the site that someone from Kenner, LA was listed. I'm very excited that someone from Louisiana is responding to this call and look forward to hearing from you.

      I AM called Pamela

  5. this is interesting,
    but how can I know that this is all really *real*, and not just some created human's imagination / fantasy / wishful-thinking?

    are you sure it's not only your imagination or what you *WANT* to feel / imagine only?..

    where/what is the solid proof?


    1. As you raise your vibration more and more you will *feel* and know 100% for sure what is true and what is not. Namaste

    2. How can I raise my vibration then? what are the practical & *real* steps?


    3. the easiest to ask yet hardest to do, for me, is:
      - what makes your heart sing? :)

      here are some more pointers, which you may already know:
      - non-violent communication, being mindful of your sensations in every moment (mindfulness), meditation, yoga, energy work, affirmations, social feedback, group activities, vocal practices, grounding exercises, food upgrades, health upgrades, social upgrades, connection upgrades (nature, working environment), etc.

      what do you feel raises your vibration?

  6. Prepare for Change is also on meetup. 13 groups have started from such diverse places as China and Greece to the US. To see if there is a group in your area or to start one, go to

  7. Este cineva din Iasi Romaniea,interesat sa formeze un grup cu

  8. Only time will tell right, in d mid time I will get prepare with some food and extra water, and some cash. It is always a good idea to meditate to clear d mind.

  9. Is there anyone one the Côte d'Azur in France who wants to start a group? Il y a personne sur la Côte d'Azur qui veut former une groupe? Lois de Nice

    1. Bonjour a tous , je suis sur marseille , je vais bientôt m'inscrire cette semaine sur prepareforchange ; en Paix

  10. This is what I sent to PrepareForChange/Register on July 17, but I don't see it posted anywhere.

    Prepare for Change
    Cobra and Cobrasss
    My name is Karin Lacy. I presently live in Mount Shasta, California.
    For over a year I've been receiving the email updates of the Cobra Blog.
    Last month I had the opportunity to participate in the Mount Shasta Conference with Rob Potter and Andrew Bartzis and over thirty members of soul family.

    I want to introduce my Dome Village Katrina project in response to Cobra's latest call "Prepare for Change".
    I don't know which category would be best for it, probably 'New Renaissance'.
    I am looking for three or four co-creators for manifesting a small self-sufficient dome village, as a model of living in the Golden Age, here in the Mount Shasta area.
    Co-creators must be self-sufficient and have experience/skills in the construction industry.
    Below is the link to my 1-page "Wanted Flyer' from 12/09 which is still valid and says it all.
    Anybody seriously interested please email me at

    I have a suggestion for another task force category, probably 'Healing'.
    Last June, when we expected the mass arrests I wrote a letter to the President offering my help in reintegrating the members of the dark cabal back into the Light.

    You can read the letter to the President here:

    When Cobra asked how we want to support the Resistance Movement I sent him my letter to the President with my suggestions. I said I want to be of assistance in any way I can.

    I can't wait for the great times to roll in!
    I'm ready to roll up my sleeves!
    Victory to the Light!
    Karin Lacy

    1. thank you for sharing! :)
      i have experienced more and more people joining groups from the most unexpected places.
      this conjurs a picture in my mind of people of the old world and the new world joining together, where the best of the old and the new can be used simultaneously, becoming fully empowered to very quickly break down the old, and to joyfully create the new.

  11. Could someone explain what the image on this posting is ?

    It looks a little bit scary to me. -thanks for help

    1. when i read your post, and then look at the picture, i feel some sort of feeling of isolation, or even being captured, and being unable to move.

      if i look at the picture without any of my past-life experiences, i see a motion where all things are coming together, and a solidification of intent, strength and space/manifestation - a peacefield of unification in synchronized action.
      the colors feel like they're signifying a raising of vibration rapidly through this motion.

      what does it look like to you?

    2. Looks like an explosion of new life, being created from the atom to me... It is all a matter of perspective.

  12. Bonjour Cobra,

    Pourquoi n'avons-nous pas reçu de réponses suite à nos inscriptions ?

    English : Why have we not been answered due to our listings?

    Comment faire des groupes si nous ignorons quels sont les membres intéressés localement ?

    english How groups if we do not know what local members interested?


  13. With lots of Love :-)


  14. Hello Cobra,
    Please check this video:

    and the following doc:

    I think this is an ET-human DNA-experiment to prepare for the shift and develop a radiation-resistant human capable of cleaning Gaia from available and future radioactive pollution just by consuming it as a food. Also, such humans shall survive any nuclear disaster if Gaia may decide to do some surface-cleaning herself.

    These guys are looking for projects to help humanity and may be very helpful with their unique DNA and extrasensory abilities. Fukushima may be the first place they need to be. I contacted them and advised to participate via, but you/your people may wish to contact them via skype and email provided in the doc. above.


  15. With much Love and Gratitude

  16. Cobra, are you skilled at psychic warfare?

  17. Is this planet a prison or school for souls? This is impotant question

  18. Where can I find The Community Leaders Brief mentioned on the prepareforchange website?

  19. I would love to help, but I am in a small rural town. So there isn't likely anyone else here participates on tis forum. If there is anyone in the Tiffin Ohio area, please contact me. I know I am still getting taken by The Elders about every 3 weeks and the dark forces are still trying to get my permission to take me. But I refuse and tell them to go F themselves. So things must be ramping up now. Do hope the end game that is really the new start happens soon. I want this to be over and the truth come out.

    1. I live in Ohio...southern Ohio....where is Tiffin? My town is very small too. I do not get any support from family or friends. They think I am just nuts.
      jean ann

  20. Hi to everyone, Even if you are not from Greece or close to my area maybe you know people who live in Greece also near to my area Loutraki who interesting to be part of this clobal victory of the light, so I just create a prepareforchange facebook group which is this also a meetup group and I am memeber in the Leadership section oat the So if you know anyone please feel free to inform her/him about preparefrochange suport group in Greece to contact me. Love and Light Vicky

  21. Jag bor i Borås om någon bor i närheten så meddela mig.

  22. hi, cobra. love you and your work. WHAT has been going on this past week or so?!? i've either been 'transmuting energy', or i'm starting to think there's something majorly medically wrong with me! yes i'm going tomorrow to go get blood work done, finally. i HAVE been patient and positive for years. however, it's been getting harder to buy gas and healthy food, i moved in w/my brand new boyfriend b/c i can't pay rent. i need to find a job ASAP but 'the mysterious energies' these past few days have me feeling extremely horrible and i can barely function. seriously, i've done so much 'inner work', etc.. i don't want to be a sob story, but it is SO past due for something to give. my perseverance is waning, yesterday was the first time i was like, 'screw this ascension stuff'. thank Jesus i actually feel better today and have some strength back. (rant over)

  23. Sending love to everyone at this site. My sincere gratitude and appreciation to Cobra for creating this site for our awareness. Blessings and Love.

  24. Hola Cobra quisiera saber de algun grupo que este funcionando en Argentina o en idioma español quiero colaborar todo mi amor a ustedes.-