Thursday, November 14, 2013

A New Cobra Interview in Italian / English

This new interview was created for the Italian population, but can be interesting for people worldwide. It was conducted in Italian and simultaneously translated into English. The interview begins at 4:40 minute mark:

You can read the transcript here: 

Or here: 



  1. share enjoyment and enlightenment. for AION portal activation activities.

  2. ill wait for the transcript of your interview. that was brutal!

  3. Here are my notes from listening to the interview. Don't take it as 100% accurate because I only listened once, lost track a few times and didn't always understand what people were saying. Anyways, thanks for the information Cobra/the people who interviewed you! Keep up the good work and good luck!

    Cobra said: Contacted in 1970s (77?) by Pleiadans and Resistance movement who told him about some of the developing situation and how to protect himself. He communicates with the Ets and Resistance through both physical and non-physical means, but cannot elaborate more.

    He says Earth was occupied 25,000 years ago but the divine cosmic timeframe is causing it to come to an end. The cabal is just “a group of people controlling the rest of the planet through the financial system and media.

    Lot of progress lately clearing non-physical plane, when that is done there will be great progress in physical plane such as Eastern Alliance encircling the cabal and individuals feeling inspired.

    Asked to comment about the timing of the event:
    We have free will, almost impossible to make time predictions for when times will happen. Things will happen, but noone is able to exactly say when.

    Asked something about dispersions and sharing, says they need more of surface humanity to cooperate with liberation and to raise their consciousness and awareness.

    Prosperity fund distribution watched over by the “resistance movement”. Resistance movement are people living under the surface of the planet who are trying to overthrow the cabal.

    Lots of material about conspiracies and truth information to be disclosed at time of Event and translated into many languages. Interviewer mentioned a 16 hour film that lays out everything.

    Comet JSON harmless, claims about it being a spaceship is disinformation.

    Underground cabal bases have been eliminated worldwide for several years now.

    Nov 23 worldwide meditation will be a breakthrough for the planet, need as many people as possible (especially in Firenze Italy) to participate.

    Monday 11th thru several days an intense operation of the light will happen. If operation is successful there will be interesting news next week.

    1. thank u for your work. we really should focus more light on incoming shift.

    2. Great info, to bad they can't release the 16 hour film and ALL the truth now to help wake more people up and move this EVENT forward.....

    3. Is there a non Facebook link to this transcript?

  4. CIAO!!!!.....(that's all the Italian I know).


    During these days very special healing energies are coming into our Earthly sphere, because Unukalhai – one of the most important stars of the Stellar Nation of the Female Serpent – starts a cosmic dance with our Sun between 12 and 16 November. This will activate such healing and self-healing energies which we need during this period, especially considering our last stellar message for the Scorpio New Moon.

    “… Unukalhai, the Alpha star of the Caput Serpens is the heart of the Serpent, which has a beautiful energy. This stellar space carries an exceptionally strong and pure healing aspect. Using our earthly terms, this is where the herbal medicine, the connection with the holy healing essence, the phytotherapy, the homeopathy, the Bach Flower Therapy and the Aura-Soma can be related, beside the healing quality of the medicine woman and the initiated priestesses. Characteristically and specifically, the revealing and resolving of the emotional roots of the physical diseases belong here; and in fact, even the antidotes of different poisonings can be found with the help of the Unukalhai’s stellar ray, by the means of phytotherapy or homeopathy.

    Unukalhai represents one of the most wonderful and purest qualities of the healing archetype, who can reestablish the inner harmony of the body and the soul by the tools of the herbal and crystal essences.

    So if the ray of Unukalhai projects into your Antares-Code chart, it is important for you to realize that you are a healer, who should try to find the most suitable therapeutic method by which you can help others, with the priestess-like healing power that resides within your soul….”

    Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Aniko Gresko: Stellar Nations – Soul Families, Volume I, chapter of the Stellar Nation of the Snakes – The Female Line (page 420)

  6. There's always the first for everything...this is great news.
    "So far in Massachusetts, two owns have enacted legislation to effectively prevent the Federal Government from using the NDAA in their respective towns. Oxford, MA was the first, when it passed an Anti-NDAA Bill on October 9, 2013. This came just two days after Albany, New York became the first city in the country by passing Resolution 80.92.13."

  7. Binary coded crop circle in Italy reads "Ea Enki" and "E=MC^2"

  8. Thanks to Jenny Diesel-Bell who provided a transcript for the interview.

  9. Oh Alcyone. What Glorious Masterpieces will You bring us in the New World!

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  12. I apologize for the missing links, the first one is for the Italian crop circles,here goes:

    And in regards to the helio-centric planetary alignments on Nov 23 2012, here's a chart and a thought-out interpretation that sounds very plausible:

  13. You can read a transcript in english to the interview here :