Sunday, November 3, 2013

October Monthly update by Cobra

You might want to listen to the October monthly update Cobra interview with Alexandra Meadors here:

Or here:


Victory of the Light is near!


  1. Thank you COBRA, and the Galactic Federation of Light! The precious moment is absolutly near!

  2. Thanks very much for your endeavour, Cobra!

  3. Cobra, can you comment on the LAX shooting? Do you see this event escalating into something in favor for the Cabal or Archons?

  4. MarceloNovember 2, 2013 at 4:34 PM
    Who is telling the truth about Pope Francis and the American Generals fired by Obama? Cobra or Matthew Ward? Please, read the last channelled message from Matthew and the last interview with Cobra.

    1. Observe both comments with discernmeant and decide upon your own truth. Namaste

  5. Thank you so much Cobra and Alexandra.

  6. May the force be with you, warrior of the light!

  7. im sorry to write this down here but i think i could use some help to see things from other perspective and to see another options. im currently only one in family of four working and making small money and theres this debt, morgage and everything, basically my father screw some things up. i try to focus on now and see how i can help but still my parents seems to be trapped in "money dont grow on trees" "the drowning one is catching a straw" kindof stuff, theyve been there for long time and thats why theyre struggling and cycling in this pattern.. and im desperate to help but i think if they dont change the point of view it will get worse. they tried to talked me into borrowing money but no company nor bank is allowing me to do so..and i know its not right thing to do. and i dont know what to do now.. please help and send me positive energy and point of view how can i get a breathe of fresh air into this situation.. thank you

    1. I have some prayers that might help if you are interested. It is not an immediate fix but the prayers will eventually change things if you say them everyday. Do you have a facebook account?

    2. oh thank you that would be helpfull. i dont have facebook unfortunately but hit me up with email thank you!

  8. the lax shootings is faked/staged just like boston, sandyhook, aurora, oslo and utoya, Tucson, 7/7, 9/11 etc. etc.
    please tell me you know these things cobra.

  9. Hello Alexandra meadors and Cobra! I would like to ask you guys to talk more about the non-physical situation in the next interviews! I like the interviews, but unfortunatly you two talk very little about the etheric situation.

    Cobra himself said that the biggest barriers for the event now are the etheric negative forces, but we have very little information about the war that is going on in the etheric plane.

    PLEASE, we need to know how the etheric war is unfolding! With details, if possible. We don't want to know ONLY about the physical situation for the liberation of the planet. Even more, because cobra said that the "main arena" is not the physical plane, but the non-psysical ones!

    I sugest that 50% of the interview talks about the physical situation, and the other 50% about the non-physical situation. Not 95% talking about the physical situation!

    How is the mobilization of troops? How many reptilians still left? How many ankle-biters left? Is the casualties number being too high? What will be the next major battle? When is, at least expected for this war to end? Where are being taken the captured reptilians? To a primitive planet? What planet is this? Why is the technology of the ankle-biters superior to the technology of the light forces? Were not it supposed to be equal?

    When the non-physical ankle-biters are removed, nobody will not be able to activate the black awakening (trigering of mind controled people to start a havock in our world), and the event will be able to start.

    So, as we can see, the non-physical planes are the key, please, report more about this!

    1. Well written! I also wish for more updates on the situation of the non-physical planes. The rest is just details and not so important.

    2. Yes - well written! I would also like to receive more precise detail on the status of the clearing of the astral and etheric planes, as well as the detailed status of Stardust 3.

  10. Hopefully something big and obvious will manifest soon for all to see!
    Love and light to us all!

  11. Victory of the LIGHT!
    Events at the White house:
    Victory of the LIGHT!

  12. Victory of the LIGHT!

    Once a while back, there was the question if Humanity would be accepting of 'off world' beings. I would imagine any 'off world' being may or may not look Human or could have Human features.

    So, here is an interesting story of one persons find here:

    and here:

    The first time I saw the original Wingmakers web site and the chamber paintings, I had the same reaction seeing these drawings.

    Cobra: Any comment? And thanks for letting one express a few things.

    Victory of the LIGHT!

  13. Hi,

    I highly agree that we need information about the state of the etherical planes.

    I have some suggestions to improve the situation. The Aion protal seems to be another collective "vote" or "will declaration", and if more people
    join the meditation, more positive energy can come in that will fasten the transformation.

    The current description of the meditation reads:
    "3. Visualize the moment of the compression breakthrough, the Event flash, the moment of the planetary liberation happening NOW"

    I think if a different formulation is being used, more people, who do not know about the Event, may be able to relate to it and hence participate in the
    meditation. On their soul level, they may fully agree, but on their conscious level, they may not be able to relate to such a formulation. It is of
    utmost importance that the Resistance movement themself does everything it can to promote this meditation and make sure that extremly many people participate.
    I therefore suggest perhaps two versions of the meditation, one which is more easily accessible by a general meditator.

    Secondly, I have watched that there isn't that much communication going on between "internet lightworkers". I think this is partly due to the communication
    means currently being used. The Facebook groups, for example, promote a certain way of communication. Someone posts a "newsflash" about some
    light-filled stuff, and then someone else "likes it". There is not much communication going on, more a series of isolated news. I therefore
    suggest that the Prepare for change website hosts a forum, where people can talk more directly with each other. Also people who do not have any interesting
    "internet lightworker news" to post will then more eagerly join the conversation, and most importantly, answers to statements will have more room.

    Thirdly, I would like to make you aware of a very simple, age-old breathing technique that I learned from the internet. When breathing in, imagine clear,
    lightfilled "ascension energies" flowing into your body. When breathing out, imagine that all dark, hindering energies leave your body sphere
    and are dissolved. That's it. If you practice this meditation for a certain amount of time every day, you will feel positive changes in your overall
    energy level.

    Also as a note, when breathing in and out, the body may naturally want to teeter/move back and forth. Allow this natural "flow" to happen, which will help
    the relaxation.

  14. Hungary Kills The Rothschild Banks: Ordered To Vacate The Country

  15. Cobra, i'm wondering if you still have your (three) implants on the etheric plane? :)

  16. or visit