Monday, February 17, 2014

BXL0alpha decrypted


  1. is this good news or bad news? ... what does it mean?

    - from Indonesia-

    1. This is VERY good news!

      Great job, guys and girls, thank you very much, everybody :-))

  2. What a lovely message to wake up to. Much gratitude.

  3. What an encouraging post to wake up to. In gratitude, Ally

  4. Champagne - alcohol free edition ♥

  5. Great job!

    @NikiWonoto: well, if it failed partially before and now it is decrypted, it´s obviously good news.

    The death of 5 top-bankers get´s up to the mainstram media, to RT. But they suspect suicides. They say this guys worked too much even on weekends. No one suspects gold price fraud. But just wait until end of february whether Kerry´s begging tour in China, gulf states, indonesia and south korea gives the FED Gold - or not.

    As Cobra said, now they cannot cover their unability to maintain their fraud system. I am very curious what is going to happen soon.

    Even the palestinian guy offers a common palestinian-jewish state to Netanjahu. Could be this one of the surprising developments in that region Cobra pointed to in his january update interview?

  6. good news.
    because 10 Feb it was fail:
    and now successful!

  7. How exciting!! Thank you so much, Cobra.
    Visualization is VERY powerful, it knows no limits - it is the means to manifestation of one's future. Even in the physical realm, our bodies emit ultra-violet Light frequency, auras. We are able to change our frequency and increase the strength of the radiance with proper breathing, meditation, living water, clean food and being vigilant and conscious of our thought forms that reject any doubt and fear, even at the darkest of hour of upcoming revelations of the whole truth. We are literally transmitters of photon energy, the vibration of our bioelectric field can have a radius of many, many miles :)

    As always, Victory of the Light! Gaia and humanity are approaching the cross roads. The dark ones will have more of the darkness they so desire and continually manifest, but the path of the Light is victorious, non-stoppable - it is just and absolutely glorious!

  8. Faith, Love and Light always! Every increment brings us closer to our inevitable victory! Thank you for this news and everyone's work and sacrifices.

  9. Ameeeeei!!! Uhuuuuuuuu!!! Vitoria da Luz, já!!! :D

  10. wowww!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU Cobra, RM, LightForces E V E R Y where, WE LOVE YOU SOO SO MUCH and remain ETERNALLY grateful for your selflesness and for helping planetary liberation for all. May ALL beings be FREE and HAPPY!! The ANIMALS, PLANT, crystal, mineral, and elemental kingdoms also THANK YOU so much. Cosmic Hugs xo


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