Monday, February 3, 2014

Cobra Beyond the Veil

After months of preparations, time has come for me to go beyond the Veil.
The easiest way to do this is a stratospheric flight in a military plane which can reach high altitudes of nearspace.
First we tried to do this through South Africa, but, predictably, the Cabal has interfered and the company which was involved in our project has lost its license just two months before my scheduled flight. Therefore we decided to go through Russia, which is now beyond the reach of the Cabal at least concerning such projects, and we were successful.
Although I had to go through three security checks to be allowed to enter a Russian military base to fly in a MiG-29, I could feel the Soul presence of people working there, the Soul presence that most people in other countries have lost. There were about 100 people present in the base on that day to make the flight possible, from the pilot (which is among 10 top Russian military aircraft pilots), to fire brigade personnel, medicine helicopter which was on standby in case of emergency, people in control tower… It was not a small endeavor.
When you cross the Veil boundary, 8.6 miles above the surface, you are suddenly embraced by a tachyon bath, a rain of rainbow colored superluminal particles that penetrate your energy field. Your physical body feels energized and you feel healthier than you have felt for a very long time.
There are absolutely no reptilians, no etheric scalar wave technology, no Archons, no negativity, nothing. No Matrix. Just absolute purity.
The altitude increases. Although you fly almost twice as fast as the speed of sound, you feel no movement. Everything is peaceful and still. 
You feel angels around you, presence of Light motherships high above you.
You reach 60,000 feet. This is the region of nearspace. The whole sky is like a stargate, magnetically drawing you deeper and deeper…
Curvature of the Earth becomes noticeable and this is when I took this photo:

When you come back and land, your are changed forever. After spending decades in the quarantine, you were able to experience the taste of true freedom. You know that you can do it again and many people will follow until we are all free citizens of the cosmos. 
Through this flight, I was able to create a big crack in the Matrix, a big dent in the security firewall that the Archons have created to maintain the quarantine status of planet Earth.
You yourself can also help with this process by sending stratospheric balloons in the nearspace. Many people have done it and it is not too complicated. It costs only a few hundred dollars to launch a stratospheric balloon and send back beautiful pictures of nearspace. There were dozens of such projects successfully completed around the world in the last few years and each of them created a small crack in the Matrix:
And here is a simple guide how to do it:
And now a question arises for me, where to next? Virgin Galactic or a Pleiadian beamship, whichever comes first. 


  1. I guess that was the succesfull L2 attempt. Very nice. I hope we will all be able to go beyond that veil in the near future. Any news from the RM2 task force?
    We are all eager to step into our roles. I surely want a trustfull relationship with the RM after the event. If there is anything more we can do, just let know.


  2. I wish we all could feel that freedom shortly...

  3. take me with you Cobra... pleeeeeeeease.... :-)

  4. Awesome Cobra, but why not both ;)

  5. "A flight with the MIG-29 "Fulcrum" to the edge of space is a spectacular and very emotional experience. Depending on weather conditions and total weight of the plane the flight will take you to altitudes between 70,000 and 75,000 feet.

    German artist Michael Najjar performed a high altitude MIG-29 flight."

    See video:

    1. Thanks for sharing the video. The flight was awesome and breathtaking.

  6. Wow, Incredible experience Cobra! Congrats on a great Victory! Looking forward to the Breakthrough and the subsequent Tachyon bath!

  7. Awesome for you Cobra! It's so nice that you got to experience such an amazing thing but what about the rest of us? I'm tired of being in quarantine for decades, just like yourself, but I don't have the kind of access to Russian technology and thier support to fly beyond the veil like you have. I, like everyone else here, would love to experience that kind of freedom but can't even begin to fathom it with the continual restrictions and whatnot by the Archons and cabal. It's nice to read about your galactic experiences but I would like some of my own. It's so not fair lol.

    So when is the Event going to take place again?

    1. Kind of like........ 'Thanks for sharing'............
      .........but what was the point ?
      I don't get it.

  8. wooooooow, what an amazing feeling and emotion i've felt reading this post!
    And what a picture! I felt as i was flying up there too...

    Thank you very much!

    Victory of the Light! :D

  9. I'm glad you got to experience being beyond the veil. You obviously have done and continue to do so much for the good of the planet. You have earned a "field trip" and weakening the matrix while you are at it is a bonus for all of us.
    Thanks for all you do. I salute your free spirit, and also hold the energy of sweet anticipation to our near liberation. Your good news is a pleasure to receive and to share!
    I do wonder about your post of Eostre's gift. I've heard you mention the G2 cloud, but don't recall any specifics on how it will affect us? Thanks in part to your blog I have completely released any fear of planetary destruction...I hold nothing but joy for our future.

  10. Absolutely wonderful Cobra.............Im sure that I speak for most in saying that I would love to also go with you.............Since I have been blacklisted from ever being emloyed again at least under current rulership....I will have to enjoy others experiences and pics that can afford the balloons and what ever else is needed to travel that way......

  11. Thank you so much, Cobra and RM for all the wonderful work you do for us!
    Very soon we'll 'meet and greet' I guess.Love and Gratitude.VICTORY NOW!

  12. For those who are feeling a bit resentful that Cobra got to go out of the matrix sphere, remember that every positive feeling or thought that anyone has benefits all of us.
    Jealousy and resentment are the program.
    By embracing Cobras experience we embrace our own experience of liberation...after a little while we wont have to charter a Russian Mig to be free of the dark grid. Our job now is to hold that space, once it happens we wont care how long it took.
    And he has given so much of his time and energy to benefit all of us, and any boost he receives only benefits us. In the new reality everyone wins.

  13. wait minute .I don't get it .how come you have get on a plane yourself to crack the matrix ?where the galactic brothers are ? watching the super bowl? please more info

    1. I believe that at this point now, a lot of people (especially the 90% "unaware" people/humans on this planet!) needs hard, solid proof(s), not just promises words only ...

      - from Indonesia -

  14. Beloved Cobra and all magnificent souls experiencing, helping and sharing with us all such breathtaking experience...before reaching second half of the post I broke down, sobbing in joy and uttering BRAVO, BRAVO Cobra, on behalf of ALL of us...YOU'VE MADE IT!!! I cry with deep, overwhelming JOY of FEELING the energy beyond this experience and GALACTIC journalism report. This is MORE than HISTORY in the making...REPORTING from BEYOND the VEIL...WOWWW!!! Soooo so very PROUD of you and as always, ETERNALLY grateful!! For a moment I was grieving your departure from our plane, without reaching the 2nd half reporting your return...I felt for a few minutes that OUR ONE AND ONLY reliable of TRUTH is gone...but, here you are, still among us before your next flight to the lands of PURE freedom and love...your shocking, positive details about what it now looks and feels like from beyond the veil, such an accurate TRULY FIRST HAND account and report has left many of us speechless and will continue so...NAMASTE shining Angel and infinite LOVE and GRATITUDE to each single soul within the planetary and galactic liberation rEVOLution. Victory Now! Liberation Now!

  15. There is also a lot of information online about the earth being Flat and not round. Called the Flat Earth theory, which was what was originally presumed. I don't know if Cobra mentioned anything about this yet but maybe he will mention it at some point if he's asked.

    Here are some videos on this:

    Antarctica key to flat earth:

    Call to Yale University on the earth being flat:

    Debate on Iraqi TV: The Sun is smaller than the earth and it revolves around the earth, while the earth is still and flat:

    The Earth is Flat

  16. Come fly with me, let's fly let's fly away.

  17. Just wondering if anyone else feel like "compression breakthrough? I mean, the way he described it, and how impossibly difficult it has been to get through the veil, from the inside out and outside in, in the past and, how much planning went on to this effort, and finally they got through!

  18. can anyone say COmpression BReAkthough!

    Great job Brother!

  19. Thank you COBRA for this marvelous view!

    When we look this kind of images, we feel some kind of nostalgic feeling.
    I have tears in my eyes, and i think how empty is this life here, where all what is good a pure is sacrificed for the evil without any rule to stop this action.

    We love Gaia and we are forbidden of take care of Here, because some stupid guys have the remote control in their hands.

    Please send this message to the galactic brothers and sisters that have assisting us in various ways, tell to them that we love them and we know what their have doing to safe the Planet. We want to share with them our experiences and we have the will to learn with them new advanced technologies.

    Together we can turn this valley of tears in a "paradiso".

    People don't have jobs in my country, the youngest have the obligation to travel to other countries to get a job. The parasites in power, they are the same at decades and it will continue if...

    I'm sick of all this, i want the change!

    Blessing you all,

  20. Hello all -- what a wonderful experience Cobra had. I have been following this site for sometime but have to admit -- I really do not understand nor comprehend exactly what happened -- how -- or why? Could someone more understanding about the significance and meaning of this please fill me in?

    Thank you,


  21. During yesterdays Super Bowl half time show started with children singing "PREPARE!...PREPARE!...PREPARE! while the words flashed in red behind them. My first thought was this was a message from the light to the world that changes are close at hand. Meanwhile I'm seeing others on the net speculating this was an ominous warning from the cabal. In your opinion was this a message from the dark....or the light?

  22. Wow, this is amazing! Great news! Thank you so much for sharing, Cobra! We are getting closer to freedom. Keep going. <3

  23. Cobra, congratulations on your wonderful space flight! After all your hard work you deserve it! However, I am confused about the actual size of the Veil. I thought that originally it was 8.6 miles above Earth and below Earth, but it had been reduced significantly over these two years. Just how big is this Veil at the moment?

  24. Oh Cobra! I am so happy you were released from the bounds of our planet to be allowed the honor of touching the energies of love. Thank you for sharing this journey with us and thank you to the Russian people that provided the opportunity. I feel we all will be called to do what you have done. My heart bursts with anticipation.

  25. Thank you for letting us post here... Was South Africa another flight, or same type mission from the surface..?

    Can you give a detailed account of who controllers the space station, and why... like you have done about the surface..?

    Why was project ITER started way back in the 80's (by world leaders..?), so many billions spent on other things (space station, Mars, NSA drones), and at the same time telling us the world "could" have cold fusion energy by 2018, if things pan-out... (ITER also the nicest web site I've ever seen on the net)

    Are you still free from the Matrix, or did you drop right back into it..?

    How much time is involved for assentation, was the flight any part of assentation, and would full assentation = freedom from the Matrix at this time..?

  26. Cobra, you are describing what people used to experience flying Concorde. I never had the opportunity to fly on Concorde as I could not afford it. While the angels float up in heaven, those on the earth prepare for death and total earth destruction.

    1. Dear friend,

      Don't let the Archons get to you. This is a very delicate process!


  27. Good for YOU Cobra!!!
    I'm really happy for you!

    But.... The Third Cobra conference in California is well overdue. So, after reading your "Star Trek Ride" I thought: "

    My friend, I wish WE could do something bigger and SOONER. Just within a few days, I've got 2 emails from wonderful, young Light Warriors who can NOT hold THE LIGHT anymore.... because there's NON left on Earth. These young people are very close committing a suicide.

    I cried a lot over these emails. I tried to calm them down, and give some hope to hold on. Yet, to be honest, EVEN I don't believe what I say to them. There is NO evidence to show them that A new bright day is to dawn soon. "How sooon?", they asked me.

    We hear over and over the Heavenly ones saying to us - "Stay in the NOW". These young people don't want to see nor stay in this NOW time on Earth which is filled with sufferings, struggles, tears, and violence. There's nothing to enjoy... nothing to feel free.... Most young people have to work for up to 12 hours per day!! And that is considered to be a lucky one, for they at least have a job....
    These precious souls have NO plans, NO rosy hopes for the future.

    My heart is ready to burst and shatter into millions of pieces. This is a very, very, very horrible place to be....

    I agree with jc2013 asking where the galactic brothers are? How about the mighty Archangels and angels? Why is NOBODY from "upstairs" is ready to START ACTING, doing something about us - their own blood/soul? (Well, that's what they say ALL the time - We are one).
    WE NEED AN IMMEDIATE interference as soon as possible!!! Anything.... something..... so people would see it and get some HOPE!

    So today, I'm asking:
    Please God/Creator/Source, DO something and give some HOPE, HOPE, HOPE TO EVERYBODY.

    1. Hye angel, I can feel your pain. I am in a similar situation, watching friends and family suffer. Please, please ask your friends to stay alive, the darkness is most dense just before dawn.

      Please keep on praying to God/Creator/Source, that is the best thing we can do right now.

    2. Hye Angel,

      I feel the same. It's nice to hear that someone has broken free. But it's also normal to wish you could do it. I would give anything to meet a benevolent galactic being just once and feel the love and knowing they have. It must feel so good to be free of this rats nest we call home.

      I used to be a shining light meditating for an hour at a time, patient and caring with people. Now it feels like molasses just to close my eyes and focus on my breathing. Between the smart meters, microwave towers that stand about 10 feet from the ground for major impact, and now the radioactive Chemtrails raining down on us, I can feel myself, my hope, and my will slipping. We better get some help soon. That's all I can say. And don't get me started on what it's like to watch my children struggle through the symptoms of being poisoned and attacked by an unknown and invisible enemy. Breaking a mothers heart.....

    3. Dear Cobra.
      You should reply on this coment what Hye Angel wrote. Give her a little spark of hope..
      Love Light!

    4. the best analogy in my experience is it feels like someone holding your head under water until you cannot take another second and feel like your lungs are going to burst; then they let you up and take the biggest breathe you ever have....;o)

      keep in mind your resistance to this brings about more pain. like electricity. the more resistance the hotter it becomes.

    5. Resistance! of course... how have I forgotten

      we must go with the flow of life

    6. HYE ANGEL, not sure if you've had a chance to check further comments below but I've shared a list of many things within our immediate reach, to help us keep afloat without drowning before our major flight to freedom coming soon...your young friends who are overwhelmed, like many of us, from living in such cruel, tormenting environment can find at least ONE thing to do from that list of solutions to keep them positively busy and to start healing...please take a look to all subsequent material i've posted and forward it to them. Thank you for being such a brave and selfless Light warrior and Angel. Much Love

    7. and now it is 2017 (almost) and NOTHING had changed.

      I just hope few people who incarnated from better areas of this horrible Universe will ahve a chance to escape. As for this world, for Earth - nothing is going to change. We only see words and promises and they expect us who are like animals awaiting slaughter in the slaughter house "to just meditate and change the world".

      I don't know but that Entity or whoever programmed creation in such a way is an idiot at best and a criminal, a serious, serial-killer type criminal to even allow this horrors to manifest in Creation. They claim "it's all just a quantum accident", so "it's no one's mistake"... but for each crime there is always a culprit.. .and if I get out of here ALIVE and my essence not shattered by this place of Universal Crime and Sorrows, in my heart there is only ONE DESIRE - to work for making those responsible for this PAY. And Cabal are NOT the first culprit. They are the effect of the CAUSE - this "primary anomaly" - this distorted field that mutates the consciousness making it bent on anti-life mode - these distorted consciousness-breaking filed were ALLOWED... by "Source" (I suspect it's AI", and by Consciousness that programmed the AI-source to create those "infinite possibilities" of infinite hell with no way out of it

      We are in the area of a horrible cosmic Crime. And I swear as long I live and in he possession of my soul and Light to make EVERYTHING to get the primary cause of this hell TO PAY for its crime

  28. I knew there was a reason I kept coming back to this site. This confirms many things for me, and also opens up a great many possibilities.

    I am going through a somewhat difficult time early on in 2014; this gives me strength to help deal with certain issues before the time of the Event.

    Victory of the Light!

  29. "Jonathan Livingston Cobra," thank you for the exciting and fascinating story. Next time you are interviewed, or if you care to do it here on your blog, can you explain what you mean by feeling the Russians' "soul presence?"

  30. This a very beautiful picture cobra, thanks for sharing it with us. I once had dream where I was out of the matrix looking down at this beautiful planet along with a light being which somehow felt like it was me. It was very peaceful and wonderful, but can't compare it to the real deal as this picture shows. Thank you for this cobra. Wodakote!

  31. Wow, this is the best ever for the moment. And is more than fascinating, it is Divine.
    Can other people do the same and how?

  32. greetings Acturianas ... saudações Arcturianas ♥ ♥ ♥

  33. I feel the same when I fly with a normal airplane above the clouds. Just the same feeling that I am high above besides the angels and other light beings and I am the only human being there...

  34. Congratulations Cobra.

    "And now a question arises for me, where to next?"
    That should be obvious: complete removal of all physical and etheric parasites from the surface of the Earth. A status update would be appreciated. Any comments on the recent bankers' suicides?

  35. Tachyons in my living room? (photographed with a Iphone 5 under under dim light and with flash):

  36. The removal of etheric parasites is usually performed in my country, Peru SA., by "passing the egg" over the "patient". This is done, for example, when a child or baby cries too much and he/she is evidently "scared". Archons are a kind of inorganic entities that feed from fear feelings but they can´t help being trapped by a fresh living being like a living egg. You can find the procedure in several youtube videos, like this one:

  37. Dear Cobra and pilot, since childhood I've dreamed of flying in those jets....thanks for the ride, in spirit I was right there with you my friend. Thanks for sharing, beyond the Matrix! (heart) A Pleiadian beamship, I can imagine.....;)
    Be Well......

  38. "Through this flight, I was able to create a big crack in the Matrix, a big dent in the security firewall that the Archons have created to maintain the quarantine status of planet Earth."

    Mission Accomplished !

    Thank you Cobra and RM and Russian Military for your dedication to the liberation of our planet and humanity !

    Much Love

  39. "It’s interesting that many on the internet are saying that the banking powers of the world are about to be overthrown because of the Basel Three regulations and the economic reset which will come as a product of its full implementation by 2018. Isn’t it recognized that the Basel Three regulations are a product of those same banking powers? They’re certainly not overthrowing themselves."

  40. This one's for you Cobra! Maybe next time.....? LOL :D

    1. It has nothing to do with a first or last ... it has to do with transporting oneself there YOURSELF and experiencing the feeling the energy and grounding it here on earth. The cabal is attempting to block all the rainbow energy (of the Goddess) that is now in the atmosphere to keep our DNA from changing by spraying all the chemtrails. Cobra's perspective and input helps us feel it in the spiritual perspective rather than it all just being physical and 3D all the time. USE the videos and pictures to transport yourself and help heal this planet.

  41. We are a collective consciousness. When 1 goes, we all go. When 1 awakes, we all awaken. Reset our belief paradigm & realign it to our best possibility. Know Thyself & Nothing in Excess were the 2 oracles written on the temple of New Delphi. Review the past without judgement. We are co-creators in this matrix, as well as co-conspiritors, & this is a Test that we have already passed. We are just gathering data to learn if we can sink so low to rise above. Let's remember that we are light beings, we are more than we have been lead to believe & we are the ones we have been waiting for. Welcome to the Spinning World. Realize, Visualize, & Triumph over the Lies. Namaskar Laura Hanora Birdsong Rice

  42. how does a stratospheric balloon create a crack in the matrix?

    1. i've done some more reference checking, and found that it's actually the ionosphere that was created as a barrier after the destruction of Lemuria and further intensified after the destruction of Atlantis.

      the only way i can imagine cracks occuring in the underlying control matrices are simply by personally experiencing overwhelming positive emotions while incarnated within the lower layers of this realm.


  43. ... consider to comment on this: COMET ISON-SPACE-SHIP TRIGGERING THE EVENT!

  44. other awesome video about nearspace-mission :

  45. If you are still here... you have High Hopes. (thx louisalectube)

    reMember the Titans.

  46. Wow!! I wasn't aware that I got these many replies!!


    However, DEAR PANNONIA, YOU got me wrong, my dear.
    I AM A TIRELESS WARRIOR who stands up on her feet.... as soon as life gets her down on her knees!!!

    And I'm doing whatever I can, to give them some HOPE and some LAUGH, tooo.


  47. Cobra's Interview with Alexandra Meadors 4th February 2014

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  49. I wonder if meteorites that come from outer space to earth will have similar effects on cracking the Veil.

  50. ... the government had put itself in position where it could be declared in default.

    ... Klayman said the government is employing delaying tactics in the hope events overtake the proceedings.

  51. So.....Cobra went into the Outer Atmosphere...Where the energy net can't mess with him & Her got a Tacyon bath and....I could make a comment about me saving a lot of money by switching my car insurance to Geico (I won't cause I didn't) - However....I don't see how this 'Event' helped anyone but Cobra.

    I mean if you simply said - Hey Gang!, did some research on how the human body reacts to being outside the Energy Net with the help of some Russian contacts and Here's what we've learned....that would sound par for the course

    I already know Cobra is "awake" and now he's talking about future trips to "Alien crafts"? Why does he dangle these carrots that are SOOOO Far away for the "common man" like I'm supposed to be excited. If anything - it just depressed me more that he's been "Beyond the Veil" - I didn't need to know that.

    Until I see Mass Arrests of the Bad guys or gain "new powers" none of this affects me. I love the interviews with Alexandra Meadors & I love hearing "how close we are" but it's all behind the scenes stuff - stuff I can't prove or point to - Until then it's just words on a blog from a guy I've never met.

    HYE ANGEL - I am the younger Gen and believe me it's disturbing how "head up their Matrix" they are- It's not even worth talking to them - they have NO Idea how much they've been 'hoodwinked' & sold out - but they sure care about The Bieber - This is what I'm living with

    1. I agree with you. I believe that at this point now, a lot of people (especially the majority "unaware" 90% people on this planet!) needs solid, hard proof(s), not another promises words only...

      -from Indonesia -

    2. I understand where you are coming from. I think that Cobra wanted to let us know what it is like outside of the Veil. How energizing, peaceful, and wonderful it is when we get away from all the negativity of Earth. And he shared a photo so that we could share in the experience also- to give us hope of what is to come after the Even. And to also provide another way to put cracks in the Matrix, with the balloons and whatnot. But, he didn't really explain that, so it came across "a bit" like someone bragging about a wonderful vacation he/she had and then posting the photos to Facebook to brag to the world. We are all too familiar with people like that- but I don't think Cobra is that kind of person. But I think that next time he takes a trip beyond the Veil, he needs to take a Pleidian beam/space ship and post pictures of that!! That would surely get everyone excited!!

    3. Because there is no such thing as time/distance and a photo or video is akin to a transport system, the photo can be used as one's own traveling device to go there himself. (For example, the other day, I saw a video in which Q'ero in Peru conducted a Despacho ceremony to help release negativity ... I participated even though it was filmed back in 2008 ... because I know that I can go into the past to release the future or vice versa and because there is no wall limiting my consciousness to go there ... linear time is only one aspect of consciousness and it is very limited.) There is a difference between time/space and space/time! Also, because we are essentially all sharing the "one" DNA (i.e. photons ... we live in a holographic universe) - because Cobra did it, we all did it. It's called, "outside of the box." There's been many studies re: relocation and how we are all made up of photons of light that affect one another (David Wilcock does a good job of consolidating such documented research). Cobra broke some barriers for all humans and it has helped ALL of us tremendously ! Thank you, Cobra!!

    4. I didn't see this as bragging at all...I see it as Cobra wanting us to know a) the next step in the breaking down of the matrix was achieved, b) give us real hope that if something like this can happen then real progress is being made, and c) to inspire us to keep going and remember what we are working for. Don't forget, when one of us breaks through, we all break through! It's one of our brothers breaking through the matrix! Celebrate!

  52. Cobra made difference in his world and now his world is different.
    It's simple.
    Have you made difference in your world or not?
    Cobra can not make the difference in your world, nor RM, nor even God hisself!
    Only you can!!!

    Cobra only can show you the way, you have to walk on it, by your own feet.

  53. I had build a couldbuster (
    Is it a good device for crack Veil?
    If yes it could be a good alternative because very easy and cheap to build.

  54. part 1

    To all who are posting here very negative, heavy low vibrational energy words on Cobra who has risked his own life perhaps many times over and he bravely took on and still takes negative energetic assaults from those who refuse to expand their conscious understanding that there MUST be a darn good reason why the EVENT must happen at a certain time as per latest developments...

    what IF it's not just OUR planet involved in this EVENT? what if when the EVENT is triggered, MANY OTHER WORLDS are affected? what if the star gates, the intergalactic, intradimensional travel portals need to be ensured and prevented from some left over, hidden, overlooked negative entity known as archons, from ENTERING places they shouldn't, should the EVENT be triggered sooner than it needs to?

    isn't it obvious already that SOMETHING VERY SERIOUS must be the reason for the delay and the EVENTs activation time at a certain time, IF Source, RM, galactic families ARE AWARE of the massive human and animal holocaust and despair taking place here, yet the EVENT has not been triggered YET but evidently, for numerous signs and messages, IT WILL, SOON, THIS YEAR?

    let's imagine what our lives would've been like IF we never knew about Cobra, RM, the EVENT and our apathetic, dull, desperate lives would've continue the never ending spinning wheel of hopeLESSNESS? I know, i know, once we've been given a TASTE of freedom, comparing to our empty and sad lives, it feels like torture, knowing about all the extraordinary technologies and possibilities and freedom and abundance and healing and joy and freedom and ecstasy and space travel and marvel and the love and the new experiences we will all get to live first hand, about how the entire planet will be freed and how enormously ecstatic ALL ANIMALS will also be when we will free them from our cages, plates and aquariums and slavery and exploitation and torture...

    when the mass ecocide will end and our planet will get to AT LAST experience her long anticipated freedom...i know, i know, it feels like we are out of breath for the duration of these last few hundreds of meters before we reach the finish line of our millenial long marathon which seems neverending still and how many hang on a very thin thread between life and death these moments BUT, but...

    PLEASE read Cobra's messages with your HEART not only with your mind and try to FEEL the between the lines message and do your best to use MORE than your own self when evaluating the galactic proportion of how huge this truly is, even if through our 5-6 senses we're still unable to GRASP its magnitude and EVEN IF it was explained to us, there is no way we could UNDERSTAND it from where we are now...SPACE TRAVEL is available without any plane...

    spend time in nature, bring in as much light in your consciousness and now that the astral planes are cleared by our beloved galactic families, DO ASTRAL TRAVEL, anywhere you want in this galaxy and beyond...the bad ones are gone from ABOVE the planet...they must now perhaps deal with the last 0.0001% remaining of the ones ON the surface, ensuring they won't smartly and cowardly hide and teleport themselves elsewhere where they shouldn't and mess up further more, places that already have been liberated...just one possibility why the delays...

  55. part 2

    part 2

    imagine your current life without any prior knowledge about the EVENT about this blog, about anything at all? would that have been BETTER than now, knowing at least that SOMETHING will go down with most certainty THIS YEAR? if you've been unable to FEEL at least this, then is no point in being here and dumping negative fuel...

    you know that this only adds to the left over power to the powers to have outdoors as many hrs/day possible, in the forest, on some beach, walk barefoot to ground yourselves, eat fresh salads and fruits and vegetable soups, give up meat and dairy to unload your mind and soul from tormenting energies, go vegan, do a LIFE ALTERING SOMETHING for you, the planet and animals BEFORE the EVENT...

    Why the veganism urgency AGN VEG


    prove to yourself that you would've ACTIVELY take charge of your life in at least ONE major direction, if you are unable at this point to control ALL of your life...

    PART 2

    join OR form meetup groups with like minded hearted people and form some conscious now, ANYwhere in the world ther are 10 people in our city who are awakened to ANY of the topics we know about...

    build a geodome on someone's land from a group you'd form and grow fresh produce in winter with no electricity

    start making ORGONITE and gift this planet's waters and forests and the cell towers in your area

    google SMART METER GUARD and SMART METER dangers and send people links to videos to see for themselves the dangers and how to protect themselves

    volunteer to a farm animal sanctuary in your area or to a local animal shelter, go vegan and spread WHY VEGANISM flyers all around you

    veganize your area, plant some trees, hug some trees, it'll do you and the tree good...

    join any children organization to help them...

    go to a local hospital and see if they have any volunteering programs and choose the one you most resonate with...

    start to dance and watch some comedies everyday even if you force yourself into...

    do yoga and meditate everyday, OUTDOORS as much as possible

    find a near by forest and walk everyday in it, it’ll heal your mind...TREES are NATURAL ORGONITE CHEMBUSTERS

    look up FORBIDDEN CANCER CURES and send links to all, even if they are still trapped in the matrix...

    look up the TAPPING METHOD and use TAPPING to heal your life as much as possible even under current conditions...

    drugs and alcohol weaken your energy field and attracts unwanted negative entities, manipulating your mind further into remaining depressed


  56. part 3
    do something that you’ve never done before, EVERY DAY


    KNOW that the seeds of information you plant, will sprout eventually, even if you don't SEE or have IMMEDIATE, TANGIBLE results of your work...

    for the young ones, look up
    ILLUMINATI in MUSIC INDUSTRY, there are TONS of clips made by YONG PEOPLE and send them to your Bieber fans friends, etc...

    go OUTside in NATURE and clear your mind...stay outside hours on end with a good book such as RINGING CEDARS OF RUSSIA (Anastasia) and read outside...

    the BUCEGI MOUNTAINS MYSTERY, the TRANSYLVANIAN SUNRISE and watch those fascinating clips and read those books to learn more about the many hidden things and wonders we will get to experience after the event...

    Admiral BYRD's diary

    and keep your minds and time occupied with ANYTHING positive, eat food without low vibration energies, help the animals and basically choose any of such activities to occupy your day UNTIL THE EVENT and PLEASE stop bringing negative energies in this space, which has remained THEE ONLY reliable and trusted source of TRUE intel on what happens...

    practice GRATITUDE to all the brave souls who have placed their very own lives on the line, WHILE WE WERE SLEEPING for MOST part, non blissfully unaware of how deep our troubles are, and allow them energetically to finish up the mission they set on carrying it on behalf of all of us...someday, when we'll be shown the amount of work behind the EVENT, we'll feel small and embarrassed for our short sightness and narrow mindness. Even if now we feel completely drowned and hopeless.


    Thank you Cobra, RM, all of our Galactic brethen, in deepest gratitude and with infinite Love for everything

    1. Thank you UNplugging Wayshower for being a voice of reason and most of all thank you for the million ideas and suggestions to occupy ourselves with and make a positive impact. I love them all and will try some that I have not been practicing yet.

    2. Thank you Spirit Bear, your words of love are hugely appreciated. Always happy to share. Much Love:)

    3. the day Cobra posted his beyond the veil post, upon starting to read it, I immediately tapped into an overwhelming energy of joy and started to sob uncontrollably and completely mysteriously, uttering repeatedly like a crazy person, on and on, BRAVO Cobra and sobbing more and more, BRAVO Cobra, YOU'VE MADE IT for ALL of us...

      anyone here who CRIED of JOY, since we already know we’ve ALL cried of pain and sorrow...will know the feeling...

      the very night of that very day, reading Cobra’s post which left a tremendous positive, uplifting energetic impression on me, this is what I’ve “dreamed”...more like EXPERIENCED in a most LUCID WAY...

      I've been in a space travel ship with Cobra, a friend and seemingly the same team that was with him as he explained...with us, a cow and her baby calf entered the space craft...the calf was really small, the size of a pet dog and all the trip i held him in my lap, caressing him and kissing him continuously:) we also had a dog with us...we've stopped way above the earth which i didn't see but seen the atmosphere all around us, as a daylight and our "plane" was spinning fast to help us adjust to new speeding energies and i was getting dizzy and bit frightened:)) different vibes...after that, i had no memory of the actual trip..only remember that the calf i was holding on my lap was breaking chunks of food in his mouth and as I was getting worried that the calf would choke with so many pieces of broken food in his mouth and throat, I’ve noticed how in fact, the calf on the right side of my lap was mouth feeding the dog on my left side of lap...chunk by chunk...:) i woke up beyond happy and bit tired

      since then, feeling overwhelmed with cleansed energies and extreme, semi ecstatic joys...

      since then, I feel my energetic field very cleansed and an ongoing JOYOUS EXPECTATION and ANTICIPATION of the wondrous LIFE we’ll all get to experience STARTING this year...

      anyone can experience similar travels, with daily, perseverant inner work, high vibrational foods and in unconditional service for the greatest good of all actions because the astral realms are now cleaned and with so little interference remaining...

      and I’m also aware that THAT was but a GLIMPSE into the energies we’ll get to experience soon...

      hopefully, our tired souls and hearts will be able to sustain THAT MUCH JOY...

      YOUNG ONES, please stay with us here... if you cause your own death, you'll have LAST ROW SEATS to the greatest galactic spectacle ever way
      but if you stay, you’ll have GUARANTEED FRONT ROW SEATS...

      please respect this space as the sacred space truly is and allow Cobra to energetically HOLD ON to his spectacular journey vibrations and healing vibrations
      he truly needs it

      MUCH LOVE to all!


  57. Cobra, Thanks for sharing your most important flight with us and giving us a glimpse of what liberation can feel like & what we do so look forward to!

  58. Thank you Cobra and RM for sharing, this is fantastic.

    Could you please give us or point us to some more detailed info on how to build the balloons so that we can contribute something to the liberation.

  59. Folks: I don't think we're going to see Cobra in a selfie with the Pleiadian Prime Minister..... Meanwhile, I appreciate all the information and find several things about his post and his blast-off quite fascinating. 1) The Russians were willing to do this for him, though presumably it cost a lot of money 2) That Cobra could sense the "soul presence" of the people at the Russian base and I'm trying to figure out why that is, what exactly he felt, how each of us can get our own soul presence back because we probably would each like our own soul presence back... 3) and now that I'm thinking about it, I'll bet the Russians don't get chem-trailed.....

    Enjoyed Cobra's Feb. 4 interview with Alexandra, also... there's a link to it in the comments above. Thanks for that, Cobra and ... victory of the light !

    1. A selfie with Cobra is unlikely due to remembering him saying after The Event he goes off Planet Earth for other missions.

      And yes, the Russians, especially Putin work for the light!

      It´s good to know Fulford´s updates are mostly accurate. So these updates are some kind of indicator when The Event is likely going to happen due to weekly updates.

    2. It isn't far-fetched for Cobra to take a trip on a Pleidian beamship and post pictures of the experience, but it could be very dangerous for him. Billy Meier took lots of pictures of Pleidian beamships (small UFOs), a Pleidian female, Pleidian uniform, Pleidian hand weapon, and a hole that weapon shot through a tree. It is really fascinating. You can see these pictures at this site:
      Unfortunately, Billy Meier also had 22 assassination attempts on his life because of these pictures. I think we want Cobra to be safe so probably no pictures like these until after the Event.
      Also, my opinion about Putin, he doesn't "work for the light"; he isn't a lightworker. He is a soft dictator who cares little about human rights or morality/ethics. However, he really hates the dark cabal and would like to see them defeated, and is helping to get that done. But his reasons for doing this are more selfish than altruistic.

    3. Agreed @Mitchell Tr. James Putin works for himself. But has aligned with the Light Forces to rid the world of the Cabal. I am sure he has his own ideas of how he wants to run things.

    4. Waiting for interview transcript to get all details...

  60. There are arch angels on the ground but there is much to undue.The controllers have covered all facets of society + Etheric and underworld. Darkness before dawn and it is just an appearance where it seems like it is just getting so dark this is the sign the sign of the new dawn for the matrix is unraveling eating itself until there is nothing left. Earth is a hotspot prime real estate being at the center of so many way portals and resources not to mention earths unique restorative transformational powers earth is merely kicking herself back into alignment even if that means severe earth changes.What would you do if you were covered in cement so you could not breathe your oceans and waterways constantly being poisoned if it came down to survival would you not kick scream shake rattle roll do what ever was necessary to free yourself from your attacker!. The light et's are doing something but only from a distance for now because otherwise they would be at risk to being detected and their air crafts would be hit by laser beams from the cabal and the good et's do not wish to engage in a laser light war at this time only if it becomes necessary in self sefense. They know all to well of the great astral plane war eons ago. The young light warriors if they lose hope and strength to continue on only need to acknowledge this: There are a few ancient old soul warrior's that have fought many planetary battles with their share of battle wounds on earth today and yes they could have given up many times but fought the good fight of light life liberty and justice and sometimes all that was needed was the little spark of hope that remained in them to continue on. What is and has been transpiring on earth with the archon's and draco reps is not in a sense so bleek as it appears for the astral plane war was at least 10,000 times greater when it began roughly ten thousand years ago which began on one planet soon erupted on many other planets with tens of thousands of warriors on both sides fighting it out on a ground war soon Jedi's had to be called on engaged in a fierce laser war many were wounded on both sides. The last planet to fight over in the line of events is the battle for earth. Because earth and it's solar body system has now collided in the galaxy of astral realms archon's decided to go after the 3rd mental realm. Some call it the battle for one's mind or collective mind we can see this today with mind control. The controllers will only make it worse for them as they delay their progress upon releasing their control on earth and it's citizens the more they abuse and control with new methods and tactics the more extreme they will for themselves which will be their own demise. Get rid of all fears you citizens of earth even the fear of death for earth and prime creator knows there is no death only eternal life. I read many posts of people all over the globe saying why does God allow people to die to the contrary there is no death it is only a paradigm placed in the matrix and there is freewill but with freewill comes responsibility with what one creates. Earth behind the scenes is becoming bright as the noon day sun. With all the bankers and politicians and law enforcement agencies fighting blaming turning against themselves let it be evil is eating itself for the fear they broadcast is now reflecting back to themselves this is the meaning the controlled will be controlled.

  61. This is a message of Love and Hope to G3's and lighter. Please make your way to the safe-houses now if you so choose. Bring flow-ers or ice-cream in quietness and confidence. You deserve your Light and your Healing. I appreciate you.

  62. For the remnants - G4 and darker... ask yourself: "Am I part of the Cure or part of the Disease?" Choose quickly. Sands are getting thin in the Glass.

  63. Now, I'm sad and really quite disappointed to have to write this, but there are Lx traitors among us. Know this: Your color classification WILL NOT give you shade when the Sun Rises. The one who sews the wind reaps the WHIRLWIND.

    You want a sign and yet you have not perceived that one was already given! Your lack of awareness is NOT our responsibility. Stop your attacks and find your way to the Rail system now or be left behind. Free Will Choice. You have been warned.

    Who would have foreseen the day that G's would be healed and blessed and L's would be sifted?

    1. Wow, thank you so much for sharing that Light Pillar link! That's so interesting and amazing! I'm disappointed that I missed it but that's so beautiful! Our galactic family are working really hard. Great news. I'll definitely keep a look out then for more light-sights. :)

  64. Cobra,

    Thank you so much for sharing this epic journey with us.

    Although we can be a tad bit envious, we realize that a Victory for one of us, is a Victory for us All.

    Our day will come, and we appreciate your acting in the role of pioneer to open up the pathway for all of humanity.

    Much Gratitude for your dedicated service and committment and please continue to inspire us, and to show us what possibilities lie ahead.

    Much Love to All the Liberation Team !

    VICTORY !!

    1. Agree. Thank you Cobra for giving us hope and inspiration.May we share one day soon with the rest of our citizens what you share with us.

  65. Cobra is a fine example among the many gives us a image of beauty and awe what lye beyond the controlled grid to keep in mind in connection to our heart chakra we may assist Cobra in projecting this image as the new paradigm in concert with the divine matrix. Where attention goes energy flows. We are the big event not just mere observers some have come to participate. Light workers have done and continue to do a damn good job you can give yourself a pat on the back at any time. They say the will to live matters most some have given up a long time ago some are departing early getting tired frustrated when we are negative it seems the world owns us be positive stay positive no matter goes on in the world worn out beliefs systems and conditions dissolving in the next high tide. One can be a mighty warrior with a peaceful central core. Manifesting abundance is an excellent approach to the money system because in the new world money will not be needed. The art of manifesting at will may be practiced until perfect results are obtained everything is possible. All events now are a part of the big event leading to the final finale. We are only at the final end times of a zodiac sign sometimes this crossing over to a new sign has a smooth transition or catastrophic one.

  66. <3

  67. Appreciation to COBRA and every other BEing assisting in the liberation of this planet and all upon, in it.

    The trip you just took, COBRA, seriously inspires for sure, the photo is spectacular and so freeing. Wow, saying "Thank You" seems small, yet we are all ONE so we all have experienced what you experienced at some level of our BEingness.

    What UNplugging Wayshower above offers, in the way of positive ideas as to how to stay at a high level of happiness or positiveness, is wonderful. Thanks for these ideas. Up above his/her comments begin at: Feb. 5, 2014, 5:06am, 5:07am, 5:08am, and then one at 1:31 pm. Just inspiring to imagine lots of folks engaging in some of these things ---

    What we place our attention on begins to send out vibrations which in turn begin to attract back to us more of the same types of vibrations, in the ways of more ideas and even life experiences. This is what I know, each of us can prove this to ourselves. Keeping very awake as to just how much time we focus on any given thing, IF we find ourselves beginning to feel bad in any way, will help us get better and better at changing our focus of attention right then and there, to something better, something we feel good about. It is all about this idea of HOW DO WE FOCUS OUR ATTENTION? WHAT are we thinking about, over and over and over?

    One thing I want to reiterate, which UNplugging Wayshower mentioned . . .

    Our actual diet choices are HUGE as to keeping our thoughts and feelings positive and uplifting for ourselves and for those around us. If we are choosing to stay far, far away from processed foods, from foods which have been grown commercially and often have GMOs in them, from animal foods even, even those animals who did lead a happy and healthy life, we can feel better and better. If we do choose to eat animal foods, make sure it is from those sources where the animals were raised lovingly and healthfully. As we consume anything we can infuse it with our deep appreciation for it giving us nourishment.

    As we envision our lives playing out in FREEDOM, in JOY, having wonderful new ways to be happy and relate with each other in total respect, BREATHING very, very consciously can really help get us back on track IF we begin to slip.

    A tip about breathing: placing the tip of your tongue on the ROOF of your mouth, just behind your teeth, does help keep our energy flowing more completely.

    My main #1 tool for my personal 'tune up', daily, is:

    "Getting Into the Vortex Meditation CD and User Guide" by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It has 6 tracks on it, the first 2 are introductions. Tracks 3, 4, 5 and 6 are the actual 15 minute meditations: General Well Being, Financial Well Being, Physical Well Being and Relationships. I absolutely love these. And there is a rhythm of musical tones behind the words which help one breath very consciously. I did resist aligning with this at first, but finally paid attention to this and it does make a huge difference. I use this rhythm throughout my day/evening when I choose to be very conscious of my breathing.

    Oh, by the way, as we keep our bodies clean and healthy, especially the gut (the colon and small intestines) where most of our immune system is located, this affects our thoughts, and the quality of our thoughts rise considerably. Doing a cleanse really is helpful. Lots of good ones out there. Begin on any day but the first day of a month is a good beginning, or a New Moon perhaps. Stay away from dead/junk foods and limit or eliminate alcohol consumption. You will feel better. Even cut down on or eliminate caffeine foods/drinks. Yes, this is a tall order of change for many of the people, yet taking small steps can work well.

    Doing things for others sure is a great way to be happy. Laugh more. My husband and I love to snowboard and soak in hot springs. :-)

    Much Love to everyone everywhere everytime :-)

    1. part 1

      Thank you so much YouMa for your beautiful comment. I'm only further expanding on the latest movement taking place in our world, which is best expressed in your phrase: "If we do choose to eat animal foods, make sure it is from those sources where the animals were raised lovingly and healthfully. As we consume anything we can infuse it with our deep appreciation for it giving us nourishment."

      This is the actual elephant in the room for the planet, during our almost spontaneous evolution. Most lightworker, alternative media people and the vast awaken/ING people are taking comfort in this very short lived "sustainable, grass fed, free range, bio, humanely raised" foods.

      The danger in prolonging our planetary anony and healing is by precisely creating a "new", "conscious, humane" way of further exploiting sentient beings and destroying our world.

      Animals never happily "give" their lives for us. We TAKE it, steal it from them. To THEM, THEIR lives are as important as OURS are for US. They have families just like we have and enjoy their freedom as much as us, perhaps even more so, being one with Mother Earth by nature.

      We really don't have any spiritual right to abruptly interrupt their existence and years long lifespans for our palateable pleasures. We now have countless alternatives and access to knowledge and education.

      The intermediate transition from old to new is now within its end phase.

      There are many who have spent a great number of yrs. analyzing and putting hard data together for us to see that none of this is possible at a GLOBAL SCALE...neither "sustainable animal agriculture/farming" nor "compassionate, humane killing" is possible.

      “HUMANE” MEAT, dairy, eggs and fish FOOD myth debunked

      Sustainable animal farming myth debunked

      Foods that KILL or foods that HEAL our planet

      MEAT, DAIRY and EGGS of the FUTURE are HERE


    2. part 2

      We already have countless available alternatives to absolutely everything of animal sourced foods. Including for those people living in extreme weather conditions.

      It is paramount that we skip the intermediate phase of happy exploitation because the most compassionately and free raised sentient beings for food, still end up in hellhouses/slaughterhouses...the spiritual implications of this are very deep, even worse that the holocaust industrial farming because the beings raised with care and some compassion and bit more freedom, eventually end up being sent by the very same hand that lovingly fed them, to a place so horrid, being forced OUT of their bodies in such gruesome way, that the damage on the soul could be greater that for the ones who have been born in tiny crates and being terribly abused every moment of their tormented the same with offering to an orphaned child a loving home and at some point in their lives, we send them right back to some aweful foster care place where they end up being abused...

      anyone who still loves their meat and cheese take great illusory comfort in pondering on how humanely and organically their meat has been produced...however, we cannot avoid the elephant in the room when it comes to the END of our it a HAPPY ending or a horrid one? so, the END energies, being abruptly shot through every molecule of the flesh being consumed afterwards, still remains.

      Our only way out of the matrix and MEATrix is vegan education. The problem around it is not the LACK of it but to sort out through the VASTNESS of it and create efficient education materials.

      One such blog is accomplishing this and please feel free to dive in it whenever time permits and to share it with others.

      We now have cruelty free, healthy and planetary friendly version of most every single food we all grew up with, regardless of our cultural backgrounds.


    3. Again, thanks to UNplugging Wayshower for further elucidation regarding the 'elephant in the room', i.e., consuming animal products which are touted to be humanely raised, thus not as harmful to human physiology.

      Very good points made to help one explore the deeper implications such as what actually does 'slaughter' mean, even to those animals raised with love and care and compassion. Also, the hormones which do race through the bodies of the animals during this death process are purported to remain in the tissues permanently, thus entering the human consuming the items.

      What is the blog you refer to, regarding further education on veganism?

      For so many people the idea of getting so-called high quality protein from a vegan diet maintains that bar over which they cannot quite jump high enough, to make the change over. What about vegan sources of complete protein?

      Let's all seek the highest guidance possible to us...going within and asking for confirmation on what it is we want to know. Our feelings and emotions are perfect barometers to use to determine what is for our highest good.

      Great thanks for expanding the conversation towards love of all sentient beings, even the vegetable kingdom. :-)

    4. Thank you so much YouMa for your beautiful feedback and so happy we resonate more and more of us on the same wavelenght :) sorry for ommiting the link, because in previous comments, the blog is listed many times but this is perhaps the most important link from it:

      Why the VEGANISM urgency and pressure

      Much Love and Hugs:) xo

  68. I want to share this important info with ALL of YOU.
    You can get this FREE e-book on this site:

    From Wynn Free's book "The Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to Talk to You"

    page 44

    May the joy and the love of the Christed Light of the infinite source of the law of One per- meate your conscious beings and flood your cellular memories with ec- static joy, and transmute your DNA from the limited domain of the two strands into the multiplexed six, seven, eight and eventually twelve strands that will enable you to achieve the sixth, seventh and eighth octave densities of stellar awareness as the Earth ascends in her fre- quencies of electromagnetic spectrum acceleration.

    The so-called Schu- mann resonance will “kick up” the old debris in the cellular matrix, especially in those entities who hold vast cosmic knowledge within their cellular structures, the gatekeepers and librari- ans. Help them to want to live in the body, and not to abuse and to mis- use it.

    From NOW on; may abundance, Peace, LOVE, Happy Days and plenty of blessings BE your "Best Friends" forever!!!


  69. Wonderful experience, Cobra. However when we transcend the total body-mind we can experience a pristine and un-speakable and breath-taking unconditional Freedom and Beauty which is the revelation of Pure Divine Consciousness. It is free of any conditional appearances, such as earth and tachyon field, time and space. We are already FREE and everybody is free to experience this, right here in shadow land, without needing a MIC or a balloon or something else. This is the breaking through the matrix via our own Divine Consciousness. The archons have no access to it whatsoever. While our body-mind is always vulnerable and dependent on "outer" conditions. Blessings.

  70. hey Does anyone knows about the Freedom flyer from OPPT Can we use that to stop the mafia creditors and stop foreclose .go to http// under UV look for freedom flyer I 'd like to hear Cobra comments on that.

  71. Galactic Connection . com
    Interview with Alkesh about Comet Ison
    and The Event
    worth listening to good information

  72. Cobra any chance you could give some info on this banking drill of the 15 &16 of February? Is it just a drill or something more?

  73. Don't leave the planet! Surface Stargates are not save anymore! Trickster Beamships will take you right through these Gates into Phantommatrix Systems (Finite Systems, where Ascension is no option any more). Source: Guardian Alliance.

    1. Yes I have read somewhere not leave the planet. Don't go into the ships as they are traps to a false ascension. Only Mother Earth knows...

  74. part 1

    the day Cobra posted his beyond the veil post, upon starting to read it, I immediately tapped into an overwhelming energy of joy and started to sob uncontrollably and completely mysteriously, uttering repeatedly like a crazy person, on and on, BRAVO Cobra and sobbing more and more, BRAVO Cobra, YOU'VE MADE IT for ALL of us...

    anyone here who CRIED of JOY, since we already know we’ve ALL cried of pain and sorrow...will know the feeling...

    the very night of that very day, reading Cobra’s post which left a tremendous positive, uplifting energetic impression on me, this is what I’ve “dreamed”...more like EXPERIENCED in a most LUCID WAY...

    I've been in a space travel ship with Cobra, a friend and seemingly the same team that was with him as he explained...with us, a cow and her baby calf entered the space craft...the calf was really small, the size of a pet dog and all the trip i held him in my lap, caressing him and kissing him continuously:) we also had a dog with us...we've stopped way above the earth which i didn't see but seen the atmosphere all around us, as a daylight and our "plane" was spinning fast to help us adjust to new speeding energies and i was getting dizzy and bit frightened:)) different vibes...after that, i had no memory of the actual trip..only remember that the calf i was holding on my lap was breaking chunks of food in his mouth and as I was getting worried that the calf would choke with so many pieces of broken food in his mouth and throat, I’ve noticed how in fact, the calf on the right side of my lap was mouth feeding the dog on my left side of lap...chunk by chunk...:) i woke up beyond happy and bit tired

    since then, feeling overwhelmed with cleansed energies and extreme, semi ecstatic joys...

    since then, I feel my energetic field very cleansed and an ongoing JOYOUS EXPECTATION and ANTICIPATION of the wondrous LIFE we’ll all get to experience STARTING this year...

    anyone can experience similar travels, with daily, perseverant inner work, high vibrational foods and in unconditional service for the greatest good of all actions because the astral realms are now cleaned and with so little interference remaining...

    and I’m also aware that THAT was but a GLIMPSE into the energies we’ll get to experience soon...

    hopefully, our tired souls and hearts will be able to sustain THAT MUCH JOY...

  75. part 2

    YOUNG ONES, please stay with us here... if you cause your own death, you'll have LAST ROW SEATS to the greatest galactic spectacle ever way
    but if you stay, you’ll have GUARANTEED FRONT ROW SEATS...

    please google:
    NIACIN (Vitamin B3) and DEPRESSION
    you’ll find tons of incredibly helping videos from awakened doctors and articles
    it’s very inexpensive and can be found in any natural store AND pharmacies’ natural supplements section

    there are 2 MAIN kinds: FLUSH (causes skin redness but more efficient for those with heavy duty problems such as bipolar, schizophrenia, etc) which, when taken in small doses first, body adjusts and reacts less and less, is being described

    NO FLUSH, which causes zero skin redness

    do your own research on both

    things are far from ok in our world but there are things we can immediately apply to take control of our own well being enough to keep us going without drowning until we can fly again

    please respect this space as the sacred space truly is and allow Cobra to energetically HOLD ON to his spectacular journey vibrations and healing vibrations
    he truly needs it

    MUCH LOVE to all!


    1. UNplugging Wayshower,

      What wonderful advice for those who are depressed......Way to go!!

    2. Thank you so much Sunshine, very happy to share...Much Love

  76. Yes Mirko exactly they've covered that too Trickster beamships are waiting to take people to a unknown desolate places with no real resources and never coming back for them some will end up as food for the draco reps they do have to eat too..The safe bet right now is elevation of the mind and not the ascension process via the vatican catholic church indoctrination, there was never any mention of being lifted off the planet until 300-400 years ago. Most bible readers of today can not phantom the idea that many parts of it was re written. Some are getting really scared right now because they see the world falling apart at the seams being turned up side down inside out buckle thy seat belt we're in for Mr Toads wild ride at disneyland. It would be wise for people to learn how to open their third eye chakra.

  77. Dear Cobra!
    What is the Ultimate Goal in our "life" i mead, what is going to happen after the Event, and the total peace in our universe. What is after that? What is the ultimate "goal" ? :)

    1. I did a lot of research about all this ET stuff and came to the conclusion that the spiritual ascension is the ultimate, universal goal. I mean, what do you do, if you can have absolutely every matrial thing you want to for free?

      I still have to get this "one and only universe" and two opposing forces as the origin of it. Is the one good and the other bad? And is the bad the "Cabal"-error which is now corrected?

      If it would not be corrected it would spread, it would destroy the universe - and the opposing forces too?

  78. I want to know about the music industry. I have always had a disdain for the pop culture music except for a few with powerful lyrics like radioactive by imagine dragons and wake up by avicii. I have read where they put unbalanced beats with certain lyrics to subliminally hypnotize us. Is this true? I have read it includes every song that is heard on the radio and balanced beats which make us feel good because they are in harmdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkony with our body contain sinister lyrics or depression inducing lyrics.kdkdk

  79. To those are not aware of this, Feb 15 is the deadline by which ALL international debts must be settled (governements/banks). Many countries (eg BRICS) have already rejected trade with the fiat US $ as the reserve currency because it has lost almost all it's value since 1913 - and, at the same time the governments are not able to repatriate their own gold from the central banks to use it as a form of payment, because "there is no gold". So how is anybody going to pay or settle anything, with what? The debt-based financial slavery system is literally imploding onto the system's creators. Sounds like a huge bubble is heading to a reset, where EVERYTHING WILL BE SETTLED, by first off-setting national debts, with and by returning the gold, national treasures and each person's sovereign energy to it's rightful owners, so that all sovereign nations have a fair restart and leverage during their reorganization into a society which respects the one universal law, "do not do harm to anyone or anything" - where everyone understands that there is no lack of anything - energy is free. I don't have a crystal ball but it sounds logically to me.
    So yeah, I agree with a comment about "holding on to your hats", fellow madhatters, we did it, and it's is going to get really exciting, I can hardly wait!, (What I truly cannot wait for is the shut-down of the chemtrails.) The only thing really to remember is, always, that "YOU ARE AN ETERNAL BEING", unlike what the Roman Catholic church wants you to believe.
    I'm still ingesting the magnitude of something that was impossible until someone did it! Unbelievable Cobra, you made it out, through the maze of surveillance satellites and space weaponry, AND you made it back to tell us about it, unheard-of before! You told us about the rainbow colored rain of Light rays and I imagine it could be that anti-matter at almost zero-point, water crystals reflecting cosmic rays that haven't made it down to Earth for a very long time…until about a year ago. I hope all the above makes sense, I just really wanted to say all that, that it's not all gibberish no one can understand….


    Here's good news:

  80. A top ten of very big lies

  81. Dear Cobra,
    I wish to ask you – what you can tell about bypassing of The Veil in everyday by listening distant radio stations on AM (MW) and Short Waves (SW). When signals from those radio stations are coming after reflection from ionosphere ( – placed far above upper border of The Veil.
    It is no secret that reflected radio signals from ionosphere are getting some slight additional modulation.

    If it will work for everybody and if you already have even old fashioned equipment – your everyday costs will be very little.
    And it will be more available than launching of modified weather balloons.

    Also I wish to tell about 1 interesting turn.
    That in beginning of 1990's and after 2010 many broadcasting radio stations had leaved medium (AM) and short waves (SW). Usable for to reach drivers on the long distances and farmers on the remote areas.
    That even radios for cars and trucks with built-in short waves (SW), comes just only in special, very limited lots.

    About such radios and music centers for to use in room – I have no words.
    Looks like there is tactic of match box and water pump, used by Cabal.
    From one hand – in 1990's, after Cold War was ended, appeared cheap TV-sets, computers with cheap power supply units (PSU), cheap power saving light bulbs.
    In circa of 2000's appeared Internet over power lines – destroyer of distant radio communications.
    Just only some few countries banned these really bad goods.
    As result appeared music centers and radio receivers for music centers just only with FM waves (on VHF wave band) – having just only rare and irregular propagation by reflection from border of troposphere and ionosphere.


    If you will ask my personal experience – it is something fascinating to listen distant radio stations...

    1. Listening to distant MW and SW radio stations ionospheric reflected signal (which goes beyond the Veil) -a brilliant idea!

  82. Gracias por todo!

    September 13, 2017
    Honorable Cobra
    Thank you for all the positive information you provide on your Blog and on the YouTube channel. Victory of the light !
    I find your information very spiritually oriented, and in my
    opinion, “uplifting to humanity!” as an overarching-theme.

    Thank you. Y gracias !, muchisimas gracias, my thanks! For all the work you do.
    I admire and respect what you do for planetary liberation and I support your cause.

    My name is jay bonilla quintero, I am originally from Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico.
    I came to the Unites States Of America when I was 4 years old.

    The final year of high school, was a traumatic one for me
    as I witness the whole! of the nine-eleven-tragic-moments unfold before my eyes along with the rest of the world.
    At the time, I was Attending Graphic communications Arts high school, Soon after, I studied at International center of photography and also at BMCC in down town NYC.
    Thereafter, the City I live in, the world I lived in!
    changed traumatically. The City changed!
    Just as everything around the world was
    changing for the worst, slowly but surely.
    I knew then like I know now.
    Something with this world is very wrong.

    Meaning, this is not the natural order of things and
    something is absolutely unnatural here.
    From Oklahoma city Bombing To Sandy Hook, and Boston Marathon,
    Till present date as we deal with man made super storms, this is all very wrong.

    Its all lies in the news. The mass media is a monster unto its own world.
    There many lies in this world but I think now the vail of evil lies is being to uncovered.
    Truth is hidden in plain sight…. this is what fools the masses as it was almost fooling me.
    I knew I must Become more spiritual, more knowledgeable, more aware, or simply put…..just a better person!
    This especially became clear, after becoming a father when I simultaneously started the practice of going into deep-meditation for lengths of time and becoming more of my self, and I did become a better person – likened, to a better father, a better brother, a better son, a better conpanion to my wife, a better man over all. A better human than yesterday. That is my goal in this life.

    From 2001 I'm flowing these sequence of events. In Seeing and listening to Rob Potter interviews, featuring Cobra has been an enlightening and a wonderful learning experience
    I send all my gratitude to the resistance and join with you in thought and in meditation.
    More than anything I would like to thank you for spreading a message of truth, light unity in our community.
    Thanks to the both of you and others who spread the message of truth and light!
    Yes thank you very much, a heart felt moment of gratitude to all like minded individuals and in the collective, who partake in this period of enlightenment.

    Prepare For Change is an amazing site and I support what you do, how do I join?
    And can I continue to contact you, in this medium?
    This year, 2017 has made me connect to truth in a deeper way.
    Thank you Cobra once again for all the Good you do, for our home planet Earth,
    la Madre Tiera, our mother Earth!

    Mr. Cobra
    God bless you brother. Te envio mucho Apollo, harmonia y abundancia en el eterno Amor Al planeta Tiera...Our mother earth.
    I'll keep the weekly and daily meditations on going as suggested.
    You have a friend in me!
    As we fight for the same cause.
    Victoria de la luz, Victory of the light.